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( I.OVF.'fl C1IASK.
It mnst be nweet to be In lovo
At le,ut, ao Kll Ihe mMdena prove IU
Alai I nt heart'a fo hard," ahe ilghed,
1 fcar tht love wlll never moYo Itt
JVjr, ont of booka, I rannotflnd
A ilogle loier to my mlnd.
I'tb ihonght of all the lada t know,
And on each one have long reftectcdt
Hot ilmw I flnd they all lnive ( nlta,
rertorce lve every one tf jeeted."
Bhe leaned agtln.t the wlndow there,
A chatmlng picture of detpalr,
BntgVowlng weary oon,ihecrl'd,
Hcr dall looks, changlmc n'l to lanthtor,
" Cnpld, I'vo chaaed yon long enonah
J tblnk It'e yonr tnrn to comeafler 1"
Hmt thoxe who knew the mald aver
That It waa 7 wh followed her. 7f ury.
" Our TlinnksKlTlnp."
A strong faoel You may well say
that ma'am, and the picture don't half do
hor justice, either. I reckon it would be
hard to find a woman now like tho 0110
who owned that face, and her lifo was a
story just llko tboae .vou road in books.
If you don't mind 111 tell jou about
hcr," tho old man closed bis eyes a mo
ment, aa if he would recall from h!s inner
Ihoughta the years long since passed, and
while ho waited l s'udied uiore closely
the face in the picture before me.
Many years must have come and gone
lince the artist had given the last touch
to his work, but it smiled upon me in
euch a living way, and stood out so plain
ly upon tho cauvas, that it needed no
word to tell that it had been the work of
a master hand. A massive frame of
heavy gilt that had grown but little
dimmed by time, and the laccs resting at
her throat, gave evideuce of wealtb.
It was a young face, a strong face,
aluiost a handsome face, but its great
charactoristic was intellectual force, and
intense will-power. This gavo her a sort
of fascination that held the obseiver wbo
had seen it odcb until he must look and
look again. It was not the kiud of pict
ure usually fonnd in cottages. and seemed
ont of keeping with tho old man, who sat
on the vine-covored porch, dreaming the
autumn days away.
I had lost my way in rambling throngh
the outskirts of Tullfthoma (one of the
loveliest of all our New Eunland towns,
and almost as well known aa a resort as
for its collecrc), and had stumbled upon
this cottage before I was aware. The old
man, venerable with age, and alone, at'
tracted me. I asked permission to rest,
and white waiting for a drink of spring
watermy eye retted on the picture I have
mentioned, and oaused me to ezclaim,
" What a strong face." He was now ready
for the Htory, which I will give in his
own words.
" You see," he began, " we had been
married ten years, and never a chick or
child had come to us. It was getting sort
o lonesome for us, to sit down morning,
ooon and night, iust us two, and we be
gun to talk of adopting a child, just for
company, wnen a pair ot twins came.
They were born Thauksgiving morning,
and, though it is nigh on to forty year
iince it bappened, 1 can see those two lit
tle heads a lyin' on one pillow, just as
plain as if it had been to-day. Oue was
a boy, 'That'a for company for you
Ephraim,' my wife said : t'other was a
eirl, Tbat's for company for me,' she
added. ' What shall we call them ? '
" ' Something that means something," I
"'Just so I think,' she said. And af
ter thinking and praying overit, we made
up our minds to call the boy Welcome
and the girl Thanksgiving. Tbat's her
in the picture, and everyono'U tell you
apeak the truth when I say she was sb
smart a girl aa ever drew her breatb.
Welcome was always delicate, but sho
was strong and well, and knew more
than any girl I ever saw. We lived over
the mountains, in a neighboring county,
then, where schoola were poor, an1 chil
dren conldn't have a chance to nse their
brains ; for, you see, if a body can't be
taught how to use their intellects, it's
worse than if they dida't have them, for
they just keep a workingiuside with noth
ing to do till they wear a body out, body
and sonl. So, wben the twins were ten
years old, I said to my wife :
" Samanthy, do you know what we'ro
doing V
"'No, Ephraim,' saya she, and she
looked up suddenly.
" ' We're making idols of these blessed
twins, and not doing our duty by 'em.'
"Tvo thought the same thing,' she
" ' What'a to be done ?' saya I.
" Pray about it,' she aays. Samanthy
was a wonderf ul woman to pray about
" ' Something else mustbe done,' saya I.
" What's that ?'
" ' Sell this place, and move to Tulla
homa, where they can have good schooling.
Who ever kuew a child to teach herself
to read when she waa three yeara old,
like onr Thanksgiving ? And we niight
bctter starve their bodies than their
minds, for the minds last forever.'
" ' You're right, Ephraim, you're al
ways seeing what must be done. We'll
sell this fall."
" And ao we did, and we came to this
very cottage, and settlod down where we
could send 'em to school, and began to
take college students to board. Wife
was a good cook, and we soon had as
many as wo wanted. Oue of 'em waa a
poor chap, who offered to teach the twina
for bis board. It was getting cold
weather, and this was just wbat we
wanted. So he took them under his
charge, and they learned so fast, he faid
they'd soon be ready for oollege. Ono
d&y he camo to me and said :
" 1 you know you've got a wonder
fnl daughter, Mr. Woodward? Some
day her name will bo known all over the
world aa a very learned woman. She
ongbt to be aplendidly eduoated.'
" Do your best, Collins, and 111 buy
her books,' I Baid. Sj then he let her be
gin Laliu and Greek, and when he gradu
ikted, she was tifteen yeara old, and ready
for oollege, only women could not go to
oollege then.
" ' They can't keop me from stndyiug
at home, anyhow,' she Baid to me. And
111 keep up with Welcome in all his
studies just as if 1 were in college.'
" That year a young man came to board
at our house named Cyril Hazlitt. His
fathor was one of the richest men in New
York, but no one would have guessed it
to see Cyril, for be was quiet and well be
baved, and uncommon iund of his books.
No sooner did he get acquainted with
Welcome, than be found out how Thauks
giving stndied every night, and kept up
with bim, just aa if she was golng to grad
uate. Thia made him take the notion of
giving up his rooma in College Hall, and
hiring our parlor, ao he could nelp her,
for be had bad a belter fit than moat of
the fresbmen, and didn't need to stndv
qulte so hard. In less than a month he
waa just llko one of ui, and be and Wel
como were like brothera. Collpge fellows
nsed to mako fnn of him for being at our
nno bo muoh. and tried to teasn him,
clllng him otio of tho triplets, but ho was
too senstble to care, ana woni on just, iub
same. I can see tlioso three youngsters
now, Bitting in that very fliiting-room,
Btudying night aftor night. Il'a hard to
think it was so Jong ngo, ouimey ro wbii
ing for tho old man, all of 'em, over there."
" What becamo ot nim i i Baaea, ior
ho had wandcred off in a revorio ngain,
and I was obliged to apeak to rouso him
from it.
" Oh. ves. Thal's tho story. Just as
he was getting roady to graduate, and was
wriling his spoech ior commenoement,
tho war broke out. He was determined
to go from the flrat, but we kept coaxing
him to watt, nnd welcome loid mm li ne
wonld wit till vacation, be would go too ;
so he quieted down a spell, and said but
little about it. l noucea inanRBeivinp
grew pale, and did not eat well, but 1
thought it w.as Btudying too hard, or wor
tying abont Welcomo's golng to the war,
or BomethiDg of the kind, but I never
dreamed she cared for Cyril, till ono night,
wo were all sitting on the porch, and wo
Baw some one running toward tho hou'io.
It waa a brigbt moonlight night, m light
aa ever a night could be, and bb soon as
ho was near enoush we saw it was a stn-
dentho took his meala with us, named
Sam Fallowa. He had no sooner come
within calling distance than he ahouted :
Have you heard the news t xnere'a
been a batllo I Our side haa lost. I am
" ' ao am l,' satd uyni, jumpmg up.
'"And I.' aavB our Welcome. Thanks
giving jiiBt shut her hands tight together,
and said not a word.
"' 1 have waited too long already, and
shall go at once.' As be spoke he came
forward and took hold ot 1 hanKBgiving's
hand, and brought her right up before
me, and then he spoke out so all could
" Mr. Woodward, I must ask yon what
I never meant to ask till I waa ready to
take hor to a home of my own, but these
are dangeroua tiraes, and Berious time?,
and I must apeak now. I love Thanks
giving as I lovemyself, and I would raarry
her before I enlist. As my wif ) she could
come to me if necessary, and if worBt
comes to worst, she would have my prop
ertv. Can we be married at once V You
know me, and you know whether I could
makn her happy V
" Poor child I Though she was nineteen,
I thought of hf r as a child, and I saw in
the moonlight her face grow whiter and
whiter, and I believe she would bave failen
down if ho had not put bis arma around
her, and kept her up.
" Well, they were married late that
night, and next day nearly all tho senior
clasB started lor washington, and we
were left alone wife, ThankBgiving and
I. That dav, a low-covered buggy witb
a jet black horse came np from town, and
the man who left it said Cyril had told
him to brine it up for his wife.
" In the next mail came a letter, telling
her to ride every day, and show how
brave she was by keeping cheerful, and
well and happy. It was a hard matter,
but ehe was no common girl, and every
morning at sunrise she wonld Btart OR on
a ride with either her mother or me, and
then come home and work all day as if
she were paid for it. We knew wbat it
meant, tbat ehe made herself tired so as
to sleep nights, and so we let her work as
mnch as she likd. One day a letter
came from New York. It was from Cy
ril'a mother, saying they would be thore
next day to call on their son'8 wife. J
saw two bright red spots comeon Thanks
giving's cheeks aa she read it, but not a
word did she fay. She brought in fresh
ferna for the sitting-room, and made the
house look aa cheery as if it was summeo
time, and wben it was time for tbem to
come, she took a book in her hand, and
sat down by tho window to wait.
" I knew whnt she thought, and I knew
she wisbed they had not come at all, but,
as yon fair), ma'am, she was a strong
oharacter, and never hnng back from what
she thought right to do. So when the
carriage drove up, and an old gentlenan
with a gold-beaded cane asked if Mrs.
Hazlitt lived tbere, she went forward and
bowed, and said that was her name,
There were three of the strangers, his
father, mother, and sister, and they all
looked at Thanksgiving as if they wanted
to Bee ust wbat Ktnd or a girl sbe was,
and not over friendly, I thought at first,
out in a moment tney put tueir arms
around her, and klssed her, and began
talking about Cyril, as if it did their
bearts good to tell how much they loved
him, and how proud they were of bim.
When they got through I said : " We
know all about him, and we set a sight of
atoro by him, bnt we have a bny of our
own lust as good, wbo is with bim now,
if he's alive." At this they all bnrat
out laughing, and we were just like old
" They stayed a week at the hotel, conr
ing up every day for Thanksgiving to go
dnving with them, and when they went
away they took her with them. Wife
and I did not dare to say we could not let
her gp, for we could see sbo was getting
paier and paier every day, so we never let
on bow lonely we'd be without her, but
when sho waa gone, we felt aa if tho
world bad slipped.from our feet, and we
were all alone. She wrote to na every
day, telling us all abont the places she
was visiting: Nisgara Falls, tbe sea-shore
and tbe Ureat Laices, and by and by, wo
got kind of used to doing without ber,
and lived on her letters. We never saw
hor again till Cbristmas, and flhe came up
to stay a montb with ua brioging that
pictnre for a Christmaa present. She was
just tbe same ahe always was, only ashada
more stately. Sho was dressed like a
bigh-born lady, I oan tell yon, aud if her
husband had been afe, and her twin
brother, I know she would havo been aa
happy as a queen
" She told ua all abont tho bigh eociety
she had seen, and how tho rioheat and
bsat of the ladiea gave up their fiue
dresses and pleasurings to scrape lint
and mako comforts for the soldiers, but
sho did not tell us what I found out after-
ward, that she had given her time to hos
pital work in New York, so as to know
Letter what to do, if sbo waa needed for
the eoldiera. One night a telegram came
to her, saying:
" tf am ill, como to me. Welcomk.'
" ' This meana Cyril,' sho said, and left
on tho afternoon train, for New York.
You oau imagino bow our hearta quaked
with foar at the thought oi our boy'e
dangor. Fattb, ma'am, is a great thing,
but It does not tako away human love.
We waited for another message. It came
next day, and told us both boya were sick
in the hospltal. Thon we prayed for
strength and tried to be patient. Tbe
third day came tho word :
"' Moet me on the train at midnight'
" fahould we mebt both or one ? Wo
dared not think, and agaiu we waited,
and aa wo waited, prayed. They both
came, our boy Welcome and his twin aie
ter, Dut ue waa lying wun bis lace up-
tnrned in his ccfiln, aud nhe, almost as
wbile, could not spoak. Ho was the firflt
of all tho collego boys to die, and his
gravo is near tho gato of tho college
burying-ground. I somehow can't remem
her nll that follownd. It seemed aa if I
lived in a tcrriblo dream. Wife mourned
over Welcomo and tried to f avo Thanks-
glving'a life, as tho fever fought for hor.
w eehs passed, and ehe got well. J hen
I knew all. Sho had found husband and
brother in tho hospital, the one getting
better, tho other dying. Sbo had never
left them till Welcomo died, and thon
aho oaruo to tho old home. Cyril'a pa-
rents were with him, and whon sho was
onco inoro able to move about, ho wrote
tbat ua was golng into battle and would
not fear deatb if only he could have seen
her first.
"'I must go now,' she said; I am
ueeded elsowbero, and if yourhoarts acbe
at home, you must remember how maoy
other hearta are aching and breaking. I
am thanktul Welcome went and died for
his country. Sa must you be.'
" h com tbat time she never camo home
wbile tho war lasted. I used to see her
name in tbe papers as a wonderf ul woman,
aa brave as she waa good, and good as eho
waa brave, then 1 would remember what
her first teacher bad said of her, and aay
to myself, Yea, it'a juat as be said, only
she ia noted, not for intelleot, though ahe
haa it, but for ber great beart, wbicb is
better. Her hands, never used to con
stant labor, were bo tender tbat Bbo had
to barden tbem ny salt and water to make
them tongh enough to bear all sho went
tbrougb. ller huBband bad been pro-
raoted lrom grado to grarfe till he was
called Coloncl Ilnz'itt. He had been
through forty battles uutoucbed, but at
FrederlcKsburg ho tell. A Bharpsbooier
pierced his lungs with a bullet, and for
three days he lwv among the wounded.
She saw him in her dreams lying there,
and started to find him. With a permit
in ber hand sbo went berselt to the lield
of battle and poarched arnong the fallen
for ber husband. At last she found him,
BeDseiess, ana as u aeaa. aao maae them
carry him to the hospltal, and ordered
tbe bullet removed. Tbey took it out
nnder his left shouldor and gave him np
to die. Sbe never left him till he was ont
of danger, and aa soon as he could be
moved, took him to New York. He waa
never well af ter. A cough Bottled on him,
and consumption did what the bullet
could not do. When she was twenty
three she was a widow. I know what
you think, ma'am, you think sho was bet
ter ou tban many ot tbe widows tbat year
and so sbe was, bnt you must romem
ber that she had bst a brother, as dear to
her as herself apartof kerself and you
must know she never had frienda like
other girls, for ahe had always lived at
home with us, bo sbe was more alone tban
otber women.
" Did she como home then ? No in
deed. She took the fortune he bad Mc
her and gave ber days and nights to help
ing poor soldiers' widows. Wberevi r the
could hear of oue that was needy, there sbe
would go with kind words and a purse of
money. I conld never tell you all she
did, and unleas you heard ber in the dead
ot nigbt groan out tbe name ot uyrii
or ' Welcome,' you would never dream
ehe was a broken-hearted woman. In fiva
years ahe joined them. Her last words
were.'U Uyril O welcome I and then
she dropped asleep with a amile on her
lips. Wife went next, and now I'm tho
only one left behind. I sit bere every
day in the snnilgbt and tninK now muoh
brigbter it ia with tbem over tbere, and
wonder how much longer I must wait, for
1 ve been alone a long time ; thon l look
at tbe picture there and say to myaelf,
Surely I can be patient and prove my
seif worthy of being the father of our
Thanksgiving." Mrs. Margarct Peeke, in
A Llnie-Klln Obitaarj.
The peach-stones ceased rattling ronnd
the hall, tbe windows went down, the
munchiug of peanuta waa hushed, and
Brother Gardner had a firm hold of the
platform witb his toea aa he arose and
began : " A reaident of my nayberhud
died de odder day, and dia ebenin de com
mitte pinted to writo an oulogy on bis
character war chowin me a draft of what
dey had prepar'd. Da eulogy am in seck-
fihuns, an I will qnote it to yon : He was
a man wbo did not gib to de poor wid
ono ban an Btnal from de tas-pajera wid
de odder. While he did not purfess to
be a perfect Christian gentleman, be re-
membared dat only one soat belonged to
bim wben be trabbled. lie made no
great adoo about his bonesty an yit bo
remembered when an whar he borrowed
a sbovel or a hoe. He did not call hisself
better dan his fellowmao, an yit he bad a
kind word for a boy wid a soro toe, an a
ton of coal fur a nabur wid a brokeu leg.
If he did not sing his bymns from de
bousetop9, neither didde world h'ar what
he said when he arrove bome an found
his wife sick abed, de bired gal gone an
de baby bowlin wid a paper of pins in hia
mouf." Detroii Free Prett.
Mr. Fleiszio wanted to leavo tho city
by tbe last train and, not knowing wben
it left, sent his servant to Bee, saying :
"John,go down to the depot and see
when the last train goes, and hurry back
and tell me." Jotm weut off aud did not
return for moro tban two boure, whon he
rusbed back into tho room all ont of
breath. " Where in tbis world have you
been all this time?" demanded tbejnas
ter. " Train just left, sir this very min
ute," waa Johu'a broken reply. German
A few short weeks ago aud the pitcher
of a base ball club couldu't walk down
tbe streot without having a brass band
and a crowd of admlring citizena cbasing
after him, beggitig for hia antograph.
And now he geta jostled on the eidewulk,
peoplo trample ou his tees on the opera
house Btairs, aud if he complaina he is
called " Oicar " and told to go out on the
prairie aud back hia feet around. So
goes the vanity of the world. Burlington
An observer saya: "Always stand a
wet umbrella with the handle down ; one
trial will convince you of tho rapidlty
with whioh it will drain, and your um
brella will last louger if dried quickly."
We tried that once ; tried it iu a barber
Bhop. We are fullv convinoed of the ra
pidlty with which it will drain, and if the
present poesessor wlll kindly advise us
bow it is lasting wo will spuak at more
iengtn oi me test. The Jwlge.
Ib you gwine to get an overcoat thia
winter I" asked a Uirknv of a comnanion
" Well, I dunno how dat'a gwino to be,"
waa tne n piy. " tse dono got my eyo on
a coat, but the fellah' dat owns it keeps
bia eye on n, too." newark C'alu
"What ia tho worst thing about
riohesV asked n Sunday-Bohool teacher.
" Tbat they tatca unto tbemaelves wings
and fiy away," proraptly replled the boy
at tho foot ot tbe claBs. baturdatf fiight
Absolutely Pure.
ThU ixmder nTer rnriM. A ranrvel of rnrltr. strmitth
and wtiolrftomeneM. More economlcal than ttieordlnnry
klitfs Rnrt Cfinnot te mM In rompetltlott with the raultt
ttlda of Inw trftf.thnrt wAlcrht. nlnm nr fihnnnhftt rviw-
dtn. Solii only in can$, KOVAL IIAKIN'Q I'OWUKR
U0MrAMY.li6WAllHtreet.New York,
1NGLY, and glvca unlvorsal Batlsfnctlon.
Ko famlly, rlch or poor should bo without lt.
SoldbyallQroccrs. BEWAIlKof lmltaUons
wclldoslsncdtomislcaj. l'EAltLINE la tho
ONLY SAFU labor-savlng compound, an3
nlwnyu be.im tho nbovo sjmbol, nnd namo ef
Ilnil Out of His H.
'Btennl be the mun," a1d Don Qutxote' wesry
rqnlre, "who Inventfcl nlei-p." Bancho'a gratltnde
OQin.but wliat lr onecannot for ny renton e"Jijthat
ezcellfntlnTeitlon? Jiervoune b a me had come
dliew," wrllet Mr. WlllhmCo'eman, thewell-known
who'eule druggM o( Itnff tlo, K. Y.
"I conld not t'eep. and niy nights were tllher r"wtl
ln that eort ot r wt'enanm whlch nearly craaes a m in, or
la a klml ot tupr, hauntel by tormeatlng dreims
JJ.Tlng takf n Paxker's Tonio for other troable, I tried
Italno for llila. The ieult both (urprlted and dellghted
me. My nervea were toned to concert pltch, and, like
mar'a ft men, I fell Into the ranka ot thce who altep
o'nlghtn. IibouldaddlhattheTonloipee'iUy dldaway
with Ihe condlllon ot general deblllty and d)ipeplaoC'
casloned by my prevlous lepleMoeas and gve me
Irength and perfect dlgenlloo. In brlef, tbe nteot Ihe
Tonlc Ihoroughly re-cUbltshed my health. I have nB4 d
TAEKia'a I onio witb entlre luccfss forM'a-tlckn'M and
for Ihe bowtl dltiorderi Inc'drnt to oeean voysgn."
Thlipreparallonhas heretolore been known fl Vix
iia'e ilisaiE Tosio. Ilereafter lt wlll be advertlttd
and eoldun'le' the name ot Parkcb's Tomo-oinlttlng
the word " glnger," lliscox A Oo. are Indnced to make
thlschangg by the actlon of uaprloclplrd dealrtwho
btve for yeara decelved their cuttomera by mbt tltutlng
Intertor prrpaiallina nndrr the name of imgar. We
drop the mlaleadlng word all tbe more willlngly, as glS'
ger la an unlmportant d tvorlng Ingredient ln onr Yonlc
rieatertmeinbcrthatno change bas been.orwlll be.
made ln the preparatlon llself , and all bottles rcmalnlng
lnthe hinds of dealers, wrappeil under ttie name ot
l'AixKa's Oiitota Tonic. conUln the gennlne medlulne
It the fac-rlmlle slgnatureot lllacux & Co. Is at the bot-
tom of th c uislde wrapper.
Loss and Guln.
" I ws tken i lck a year ago
Wltli Llllou fever."
" M-y doctor prononnced me cured, bnt I got
sick again, with terrible palnjs in my back and
side, and I got so bid I
Could not moiel
I slirunkl
From 228 lbs. to 1201 I had been doctoriog
for my llver, but it did me no good. I did not
expect to llv more than three monttis. be-
rhd to ute Uop Uliters. Directly my appetite
retnrnea, my ptlns left roe, my entlre pystem
seemed renewed ni if by innplc, and after
Uhlng several bottles I nm not only as sound rr
a (wiverelen but welgh more thaa I did before.
To IIop DltterB I owe my llfe "
Dubiln, June 6, '81. R. FrrzrATmcx.
How to Get Sick Expose yourself dny
and night; eat too mnch without exercle;
work too bard without rent; doctor all the
time; Uke all the vllo ostruma Rdvertlsec,
and then you will want to know how to get tcell,
whlch Is answered in three woids Take llop
'lliis pxroua i.tcr U
famous for itd quick
nnd hcortjr tv tlcn la
curlntr Lano Eaclr,
llhcumatUiu. Soiatic.-w
Crick In tho Rict, Pldo or IIIp, Keuralfjrla, Btlff Jolut
and HusclCct, Boro diot. lChlney Troublca and all fair.
or achf a either local or docp-CAtHl. HSoothwt, Ktrcnpth
ena and 6tlmaUU tho partn. Tho Tlrtucs of hopa com
tlncd with (cums clcan and roady to applj, Bujrior to
llnlmt'Dti, lotlona and aalves. Jrlce 23 cxnts or 6 for
Jtorca. llaile d on r,'. r B
colpt nf prlre, Uop
Vlutcr Oomjanv, lro
rrlctora. norton, Masa.
-H- -Q9 H?r- OQ -i-t
tVThebeetfainUy plll mado HavIi-y'Stomh and
IJver lilla. 25c. riranant In nrtlonand enT to Intc
Gradnally Bupp'nnted by llettor Artlcle,
Certaln Olil Thliies nre Uone Away.
In the genrral recepllon room of the Weatern TJn'on
Telrgraph bulldlng on llrodvr.y, New York, are ei
hlhlted the eoarae. cruds andclmnsy Initrumenls of the
lufanoy of Ihe lelfgniph. They are only nllcs now,
Mnre perffct machlnr ry baaiiieranl.d thnn.
YerRo whxtls now mylel tha oM-rntlilinrd porons
EltKterdld poinft goodservlre. There en nothlng;
elterof th'klml Kow all thst Is chsngrd. l-clenco
and atuctv Iuvh eone de iH-rluiothee et. of meillclne
nd p'alHwd HhNHO.N'S CAI'CI.NK IMirtOUt 1'LAS
rKH, whlci rmbudir alt the excelle(icl-s tlins fAr H)aK
ble ln an cxtnml rnmly. I hi old plsu?ra were alow
Ihe Capclne Is rapldj they were uneeitn Ihe Cnpclno
Istn'-e. Cheaperarilcl'a ler nlmliar nmnca. llect
fu'. therelorn. Ihat s nne th'llly druiigln dors not ile
rflVMvnn. In lhuceterot Ihe gvuulue li cuf Uieword
CAI'CINrS I'rlouJScnla.
Brabury A JoIiubou, Ch inltU, New York,
U.ti, 1.11,1.11
Htata htrtwt, Montpelier, Vt.,
Cols and makes np atl Rannenta In Ihe lateM laihlon at
h'sold Unil, lluffitlii and Ooou Couta madxand
rrpalrrd at lila tallorlng roomi, up ulis, la.JH
$5 tfl $9niwrilay at inn. Kamnlti werth H f tr.
ew dvtriintmmin.
ndcertl TTouBrt and ITomn we have de-
cldcd lo make thc (ollowlnR most maKnlflccnt offcr to
every reader of thl papcr. It ia Ihe practlcc o( thc
roIJ and allvcr rclincrs o( KnKland and Swltierland
to purchasc (rom the pawnbrokcrs all the cold and
tilvcr watchci which have bccn iinrcdccmcd,tlm-
ply for the sakc of thc colil and tilvcr cascs. i nc
works arc then told lo a cclcbratcd watcli firm who
have made a spcclahy cf this buslnrvt. The firm
place thc workal n thc liandi of iklllal vorkmcn,
who put them In rjood condltlon. Thcc worka cm
brace cvcry varicty of movcmcnt, all handsomcly
cascd. Vc have Just purcliased anoihcr larpe siocfc
(40,000) of ihe abovc watchci nt lcss than first cost
of raw matcrl.il On rcccipt r f 2.00, thc subscrlp-
.lon prlcc of Iloueo nnd Uomo, and 50 ccnis
cxtra lo pay for packlnR, postafjc, and rcf;istcrinff,
we wlll scnd Houso and Hoino for one year tCS
numbers), and or.c nf these Watchcs, tostpaid, to
any address in thc Unlicd Statcs. Walchcs mailcd
tne aay tne oraer 14 rcccivcu. 1 nc waicncs wcrc
niirchascd spccially to po with Houso and
Home, and will be furnlshed only lo subscribcrs
10 that publication. ln ordcr to intrnducc It at once
w; make this unusual offer, which could not be
made were It not for the fact thatwcbouRht the
w.itrh nt nncnuarter cntt of manufacturc.
un rccctpi 01 ou ccms cxira wc wm cnu nur
new and ciegant waicn-cmun. wun a wiustio
Charm and Don Call Attachment -Just the
thing for huntcrs and sportinK men.
Monoy returned lf not as described.
Address Hottso & Homo Pub. Co.,
262 Broadway, New York City, N.Y.
What tho Poonlo Thinlc.
Recelvcd Houso and Home and your splen
did little Watch. Thanks. Success to your
cnterpnsc Every numbcr is an Improvcmcnt on
the last. May It tnrow its benlRn influcnce over our
entlre country. My son is fast bccominfr a man
under us inuucnce. v-. v, .owies teo.
Will send more subscribcrs to House & Home.
It is very Intcrcstinp, and your prizo Watch
kxcpsRood time. C. E.WARSING,Cr,Vi.
Thc premium Watch arrived to-day. lt kccps
limc as good as one that cost 150. Thanks.
IOHN riKEKMAN, Jk.,AVk- llrnHiwick.M V
Stands ackriowledged the
King of Sewirig Machines.
It has tho only perfect AUTOMATIC
BOGDIN WINDERcvcr mado, wlndlug every
bobblu aa emooth as n sponl of sllk.
Jt has tho bcst EM BROIDERER ln the world.
lt wlll do tho widcst rango of work, and is
Uio LIGHTEST RUNNING maehlno lnthe
maxket. Agents wanted ln unoccuplcd tcrritory.
Th WhilA machlnea are aold ln Waterbnrv. I)nx
hnrv. WalmSA'rt. Moretown. Htnwe. Ilftllon and Parftton
bv J. C. anroOS. 'WH'erbiiry, Vt. Allldtersof
Inqnlry In ngnl to the Wldta wlll rwilve promptat-
irntion. a K(KM aBsortment oi macninps con.Tnniir on
nana at my r-iore. ii, u, uiuuuoi
Instruclion Given In
J.F, GILMAN, Montpelier, Vt,
Studio in Union Block, Stato Strcot.
Etfrctitally t'lMftVea the
nHSI iMPHiKa of Ua
birrli.l vlru. cauilnK
healthv arrrelloni, al
Uis tufltmmllnn, pro
tects the nwinran
from artitlllon.l rol.1i,
oonip'elfly heala the
aorn and rratorea Ihe
.ne nf Uil and mcll.
HeneficlAl rr.nltaarere
aiuett ny n rw appuca
tloix. Alhoronehtreat'
m-nt wlllcure CaUrrh
lUt.Fevfr. etr. Un
equaled for col1 In lh
head. A grretit le tn nne.
nilTbTthe ltlefl"wr
Intn ihe nottrlii. Wlll
de ver by nmll. Fiitr
u rxv m L. a- r - age iwinix. noia uv
m mm mm . mmm mm . r. r .
druggtsU. ELTS' CUEAM HAL1I CO., Owego, N. V.
Eor Sale or to Eent.
Tbe Ab'Jih Ilerring farm, Ituated In Moretown, abont
tli mllea from Montpelier, conUlnlng about 404 acres,
more than one-balf ln tlmber. Tblt farm cut over lty
lom ot hay tbls aeaton, itock and toola wlll be rold or
reuted with tbe farm, Por fnrther nartlculart addres
JJ-tf llox 137, Montpelier, Venuont.
n m iami
M dvctitmmmin.
Insurance Agency,
Capital Represented, $150,000,000,
In these days of doubt and uncortainU
in busineas, especialiy in the etandinp and
eolvenoy of Fire and Life Insurance Com
panies, the attentlon of insurers is respect-
tully called to the lollowing Iist of reltable
and tufatantial Companios represented in
this Agency.
Life Company.
Connecticut Mut. Life Ins. Co.
of jiAHTyojtn.
A. 0. BROWN, General Agent for Vermont.
Tlilrty-flftb Annnal Htatemnt,
Aaaetii, Uecember 11, 1B80, 9,493 M
lnrplof lM.IU II
RaUo of expenae of manaifmnit to reoelpu, 7.7 per oeot.
Fire Companies.
Northern Ineurance Company
Organiwd in 1836. - - Asoeto, 82fl,225,C9G.
Imperial Fire Ins. Company
Organlzed ln 1803. - - Assete, 812,270,000.
Phosnix Aesurance Company
Organlzed in 1782. - - Agseto, 55,107,125.
First National Fire Ins. Co.
Organlzed ln 18G8. AitHetg, S300,00,
Pennsylvania Fire Ins. Comp'y
Organlzed In 182S. ... AwiOtn, 1,600,000.
Philadelphia Fire Association
Organlzed ln 1820. - Aseet, 54,000,000.
Insurance Co. of State of Penn.
Organlzed ln 1704. - - Asaetfl, 8650,000.
New York City Insurance Co.
Organlzed ln 1872. - - Ajteets, $423,000.
The Eoyal Insurance Comp'y
Organlzed ln 1845. Areeta, gold, 820,000,000
London & Lancashire Ins. Co.
Organlzed in 1801. - Anaets, 87,500,000.
Commercial Union Ass'ce Co.
Organlzed ln 18G1. - - Assets, 819,351,671.
Lancashire Insurance Comp'y
Organlzed ln 1852. - - Assetn, gold, 810,000,000.
La Confiance Insurance Co.
Organlzed ln 1844. - - Aw?ets, gold, 80,700,000.
Continental Insurance Comp'y
Organlzed ln 1852. - - - Assets, .83,jt3.00p .
Manhattan Fire Insurance Co.
Organlzed ln 1872. ... Ajsuets, 8900,000.
Connecticut Fire Insur'ce Co.
Organlzed in 1850. ... Aeaets, 81,500,000.
Travelers' Insurance Comp'y
Pald-np Capital, 8600,000. Assets, 84,055,990.42.
Becnre a General Accldent Tollcy for a speclfled anm,
to be pald ln cae of death by accldent, or a wcekly u
demnlty lf thelnjury wholly dlaables the Insured from
hia employment. It wlll be wrltten for one or more
montha or a ymr, as may be denlred, and the cost la ao
low aa to place a comfortable Insnrance wlthln tbe reach
of almost every mnn wbooe time and labor areof aay
valne to bim and hia famlly. One ln atxteen of the ln
mred have revelvrd caah paymenta under their accldent
Largo risks placed at a momont's no
tice, and at eyuilable rates. Losses ad
justed and paid at this office, and due
notice of ezpiration of policies given.
Correspondence, and orders by mail or
telegraph, faithfully attended to.
General Insurance Aoent,
Montpelier, Vt.
Terms to Mail Subscribers, Postpaid.
DAIIV, ncln.lve of Snnday, per year 90 00
1A I I.Y. Inriinllnuiianday, per je.r 7 RO
SUNDAY ONLY per tear 1 fiO
DAI I.Y, rx month., lth "un.'av a 75
DAII.v, ihrraiiiOMt'a.uilhHiudtv 2 OO
HAILY, aixmnmhn llhiul Sunrtay 3 no
IAI I.Y, tliive iiion'ha, without Hunday 1 SO
UA II, V, two im.imUk, without "nndv 1 OO
UAII.Y. otie month. wlthor wlihoul Hunday.. 7
io tubicrtpUon lectlved for lets than one month.
WKKKLY, ptr year, 81. Hli monUu, CO centa.
SFMr.WF.VKr.v, per year 83 fSO
hiKII-VKEKl,Y'. "ix m nh 1 BO
:-27 .New York City.
Butter! Butter!
Having rold myatockof lrehon.e hntter, I am ready
to reclve coiisUnmenla fnnt tlHtryuien and daalers.
I'romi't relurna aud aa good piloea aa the quallly of
ihlpments wlll wairanl suaraulwd.
J. O. HonBbton. Flrat NMl'nal Hnk, Montpeller
Omrge II, Cuandier, Amo.keag Nalloual Unk, Man
cbeater, X. II,
Send for Sicnclls nnd l'rlco CurrcnU
New Ilampahlre.
Farm for Sale !
Tbe home farm of II. O. Jonea, Ute of Ilarre, de.
ceau'd, coiitl'ili s about one hniirin-d and dttv acrra.
II or whlch la .nlubly d vl Ird In o tlll.ge, p.atura ana
wood land Kald farm la illualrd about two mllei
cit.rly of Ilarre yllUe. Tlwre ti(l aunar orclmrd
oh he pl.oe, and eiceilrnt ruunlng water lo both house
aod liarn. The huil.llng ar In good rrptlr, acd lh
faiui Ii ln ahlnh atateot cu'tlVHtton. Tennaeaiy. In
ouliaot COICNKLIA h. JO.NK.S, Kie.-utrlx, or nr
V. A. A 0. 11. uorcE.
Ilarn, XovtmUr 7, IU). il-tf

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