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VOL. 84. 4:J0i).
The Watchman Publishing Corapany
At Montpelier, Vt.
(Ifttcrut Kttitvr.
Ailt icullHrtil h'tlitvr
Montpvllcfi Vt,
. . Newport, vt.,
Trrmb 92.00 ii .Ti'iir: $1.00 fnr six months:
liftv cents for three inoiitlix .
jnit frintlni Departmenti
The Watchman joli ptlBtlBg departmcnt
has latelybeen thorooghly overhauled, new
Ud uttractlve Itytu of type added and fn-
oUitiM for doing aU klnda f prlntlng prc-
vuled. Anything in the way i( COmmon
printing from a label to poeter, r lo the
Baai gradea of commerolal work, Includiog
uote, letter aml Mll'heada, atatemeBta, clr-
culars, business eards, olHclal rciirtw,
books ancl pamphlets can be promptly fur
nlahed in a quallty of worktnanehip aml at
prices that will insuri- sutisfaction. Wl
solieit the orders o( the people of Washing
ton ami adjoining countlea.
Bminesi iiud AmaMBeut
Wkhstf.r's adverti.seiiiciit.
Fi.nb worsted Prince Alhert suits Rt
Knight' ", Witterbnry.
Nkw cotton underwear just received at
L. P. Gleason & Oo.'Bi
Chkaoo oli'TE.n meal, wholesale and re
tail. E. W. Bailcy & Co.
Parasols aml Hitn umbrel las. I.arge
assortinent of ohoioa styles at Gleason's.
I.ook at the twenty-live-ocnt ladies' .fersey
uudervests at Knight's.
Ik you have a job of printing of any kiud
scnil to the Watchman otliee.
Hail's Hazar drkss rORMI at WebstcrX
Tiik Ony.x fast blBCk liosiery is the beBt.
For Hale at Gleusoo's.
Laiiiks' gBUBB uudervests for twenty-tive
cents at KBigbt'Bi Waterbury.
Programmks of all kinds, wedding eards
and invitations at the Watchman job offloo,
Indiqo bli e suits, guaranteed fast color,
for ?K at Knight's, Waterbury.
1). I.. Fi'li.er iV Son have in tbla issue a
new advertiseiueut of seasouable farin tools.
Kead it, faruiers.
Thkrk will be an auction sale of housc
hold eiTects at Mrs. J. M. Polaud's uext
Friday afternonn, May 17.
Drop in at Knight's, Waterbury, and see
his new line of eutaway suits. They are
A NICB Kstey organ, cost 9135, for .sale
cheap. Inqnlre of Q. W. Colby, No. .12
Barre strect, Montpelier, Vt.
L, P. Gi-eason & Co. are showing a large
variety of pure silk, taiTeta and lisle thread
gloves, and jersey underwear.
1'roplb deairing a good paint for build
IngB, at a low price, are referred to the ad
vertiseiueut of the Patrons' Paint Works.
H. S. Loomib, having told bii bualni ss to
Peter Mltchell, desircs those who are owing
him to oall at the old stand aml lettle tbelf
Dom hstic Monthi.y at Webster's.
Wiikn you are iu Waterbury call at
Knight's and see those worsted eutaway
suits at 10, SlSand $20.
L. P. Glea.son & Co. have for sale the
Comfort coraet, the ESqnipoiio waUt and
the great dollar Health COrtet.
Thk Missea Kisk have at tbeir rooius, 27
State ntreet, a line asaortmeut of milliuery,
and are receiving new goods eve: y fuw
days. Call and see.
" Hocrs and Komanck," by V. Itnrrctt
Jobnion, a New England itory well worth
reading. JUBt published. Sold at Long's
book-Htore, Montpelier, Vt.
Ik the persou who fouud a suiu of uioney
ou Saturday afternoon, May 11th, iu or near
Butler'a Itore, Montpelier, will leave it with
Mr. Butlet they will be suitably rewardecl.
Thk (icdil Medal Sarsapurilhi. wbiob bai
been lia Ing sueha booin, ll gaiBiBg a wide
spread reputation an a reinedy for blood
dllBBBBB Sold at J. V. Habeoek's drug
store. "That Khkm'iiman! " by A.robibaJd
Clavering (iunt)ier, author of " Mr. Barnet
of New Vork " and " Potter of Texas."
Mailed on reeeipt of priee, tifty cents, by
t. F. Long, Montpelier.
Wantkd. More men to sell our fruit and
ornainental stoek. We can give you a good
paying situation at once. Address for
tenns, K. H. Hiehardnon ft Co, Nursery
men, Gelieva, N. Y.
To LvMBBBMBM: Wanted, toc ontraet for
the eutting of a large qBBQtltJ of hemloek
tiniher and peoling the bark, one inile from
Hidley Statiou. nqulra of l.uther Davil at
Waterbury, or Artliur RopBI at Montpelier,
BaXBABO SCMMBB .V keep up their un
rivaleil ilisjilay of dry goods suited to the
season unrivaled in variety, quulity aml
low pricen. Head w liat they Hay this week
iu their new advertiseiueut on the lifth
V wouhl all attention to I)r. Swett's
Koot Heer package advertiseiueut for iuak
ing a Btrictly teinperance aml healthy bev
erage. It is inade from siinple iueIieinal
roots and berries, never doing harm, but al
ways lieueliting the weakest.
MissS.A. B, Wai.ton is thn local agent of
the llealtb Fooil Coinjiaiiy of New York.
ItH goods im lude peided wheat Mour and a
loug list of other eereal products, in the
manufaotnre of whlob special eare iBteksn
to preserve their health-givlng properties.
Pkoi'LR looking for refrigerators should
go to O. N. Cross, the manufaeturer of the
Greely. They will pay only oue protit and
get a refrigerator that has no tqua) aml is
good for thirty ilve years. Ile has a uiee
liue of them at No. M Kant State atreet,
Tiikrk are uiany veteranB who have claiuut
for pensioug pendlng that would do well to
coDBiilt JaineB K. Curran, who haH had over
six ftm' expi't ience as a IpBOlBl exatniner
nnd is thoronghly faniiliar with all the laws
and rulings of the departinents. He maken
increase and rejected i laitns a speeialty.
Advice free.
Nkw parasols, Webster's.
OBDBBJ by inail for job printing protnptl.v
Qlled at the Wni mman oflOti
This is spring-eleaning time. No better
proof of the fact is neeiled than the tbrongs
of hnusekeepers who are seen every day in
the busy ware-rooins of Palne's Kurnlturo
Conipany, 4S Canal street, BoHton, maklng
their seleetion of Biich new articles as are
neeiled to replaen the old furniture, whii h
has had its day.
Thk. tirin of M. Marvin & Co., who are
local agents of the llelaware County I.and
ttuprovBinaBt Companjrol imiiana, a notloa
of whlob appears elsewhere, is cotuposed of
Morton Marvin. Horace G. Marvin, Charles
E. Wllson and lfenry A. Cobb, all well
kBOWB citizens, having thn conlldence of
the people of this commnnity,
Wrinoinii-M achink. It washes every tbinp,
from a lace collar to the coarsest tnaterial.
Washes better than can be donc by hand,
and in one-third (ha time and with onc
cpiarter the labor. A great success. A few
salestnen wanted. Address C. j. Hoberts,
general agent, Montpelier, Vt.
" SrKNcKii Cocntv, Inihana. Kahmkr's
Mvtuai. Hrnkfit Association, May 1, 1889,
Mr. 11. w. tnfj&rtoli Dbab Sxb: Ploaae iblp
at once withiu order. I used yottr paint
skvk.n years ago on a house in this neigh
borhood. II looks well yet. Vours truly.
R, I,. Tullis, secretary." See adverlise
ment of Patroni' Paint Works. Eilitr.
Hoi sK.-ci.KANiNd tiine is here, aml in the
general ploklng-up do not delay, but iead
yoiir tuaga.ines, papers, inusic, etc, to the
Montpelier Book-blnderj of M. W. Wheel
ock and have them relurned to you neatly
bonml in anv styleyou wish.from the cheap
est pamphlet to the tinest art publieations.
in full Turkey mOTOOOO with gilt BdgBB, if
desired. Mlailng nnmberi aml parts sup-
plied. Bend all orders or iBqulre as above.
GsoRiiR A. Ainsworth, Williamstown
and llarre, dealer in pianos, organs and
sewing-mac hines. ltarre heaibinarters, Per
ley Chaudler'a jewelry-store. He has the
BgBBoy for the White aewing-macnine.
" which was awarded the highest preinium
on sewing-inachines at the great centenntal
exbibtt at Cincinnati, Ohio, l,sK, for siin
plicity of construction, d'lrability of parts,
adaptabillty of adjustment, Ught and quiet
For Salr. An excellent farm is ofTured
for sale in Williamstown, Vt., about two
iuiles frotn the village, ''omprising two bUB
dred forty acres of land in a good state
of cultivation, with suitable buildings
thereon. Will keep a large stoek of cattle
and a teatn. It has a very tine sugar or
chard of some fiftBBB hundred to two thou
sand inaples. This farm is well watered,
has good past urage, etc. It will be sold to
correapond with the times. Kor further in
formatlon apply to D. W. CnmmlBgB, Mont
pelier, Vt.
The New Enqi.and Mutual Life Insur
anck Comi'Anv issues life-rate eudowment
DOUoiei at the old life-rate premimn. An-
nual cash distrihutions are paid upon all
pollolOBi Every policy has indorsed thereon
the cash-surrender and paid-up insuraiice
values to which the insured is entitled by
the MassachtisettB statute. PamphlBtB,
rates and values for any age sent on appli'
oatlon to James E. Curran, Montpelier, geu
eral agent for Vermont.
Thk. six and one-half per cent tirst
DQOrtgage and six per cent registered
OOBpOB bonds, interest payable semi-an-nually
by Peok Cumniins, Montpelier,
prouipt payment of both interest and prin
cipal guaranteed by the Pierre, Uakota, Sav
ings liank with a i'ihl capital of ."1(1,000 and
BUrpllU of over 18,000, are for sale by and
full particulurs on BpplloatlOB to A. (). Oum
mins, easteru manager, who invites exatn
InatiOB Of above-named sei urities and the
BiBthodl of making and paying same.
Mkssiis. A. S. KlOBOLI, secretary, and C
F. Hatbaway, manager of the llelaware
County I.and I iuprovement Conipany of
the famoni Natnral Gai Olty, Musole, ad.,
paid the otliee a call to day, and their de
oriptlOB of this wouderful agenoy is blghly
lntereitlng, aml certainly 1 espeaks for
Mum ie a brllllant future. These gentle-
men camc to us blghly recommended, aml
nnquettioBably represent a very itrong and
responsible OOmpaUy, who own the choicest
property in and about Muncie. These gen
tlemen will retnaln in our village but a few
days, but. will be pleased to talk with all
who would like to know soinething of the
history and nature of natural gas. They
have a beautifully illustrated pamphlet,
giving a coiuplete but true history of
the developinont and growth of the
natural gas territory. They have ap
pointed M. Marvin & Co. of this village
as thelt New England agents, to whoin the
public is referred concerning the price of
the above-named company's Btock aml
Thk Karmerb' Tki'bt Company. This
coinpany was incorporated in lHWi aml has
been in aetlve buslnesB slnre. It has a paid
up oaptta of tifty thousaml dollars auil a
peclal guarantee fund accumulated which
BIBOUnti at tbla time to about twelve tbuu
sand dollars. While the control of the
company is in the hamls of well-known resi
denta of Vermont, it relies exclusively on
western security in the matter of iuves!-
ment, aad nakeaBo Loan whloh tha mana-
gers can not ascertain by perHOiial invcsti
gatlon tO be sccured beyond all uueBtion.
Bafety baa been the tirst ooBalderatloo,
With this and in view the conipany will
guarantee the payment of six, and in many
cases seven, per cent interest to pun liasers
of ita securitieB, helieving that this is all
that the safest line of iuvestmcnts and cou
servative manageiuent will warrant. The
Earmers' Trust Company has negotlated
about six humlred loanH, Becured on real
estate. Iu each case investors have received
their interest promptly and the priueipal at
maturity. The eompaDy has acquired no
land by forecIoHiire. TheBe are faetH which
iuvestorB are invited to iuveBtigate. Ixiaua
are oonitantly on hami from two huBdred
dollars and upwards and are for sale at the
Offloa in Montpelier, Vt. Correspond with
F. A. DWlBall, president, or George W.
Wing, treafliirer.
Monlpellrr nnd Vlvlnity.
BVBHaiOB It. IIaii.ky is in Boston.
BOi Towner goes to Boston this week.
Tiik grass in the statc-hotise yard is belng
Miss Cakhir Ckoss Is visiting in St
D. S. Wheati.ky has returned from
Franr Doxardb ti sxpaoted baob from
Fort Payne this week.
.Iames C. Com.rn has tnoved into the
Horace Scribner boiiBe.
A scin was born to Mr. and Mrs. William
T. Dawey Prlday, May 0,
E. F. BUCOIUJM has started the h unda
tions for a new house on ltarre street.
Thk ladles library guild cleared about
flfteen dollars from the " Cosmorama.''
COLOBBL R, H. Hirk.r is making exlen
sive repairs on his State street residenee,
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sinith S.
Ilallanl at .lelTei sonville Snnday, May VI.
Thk work of moving the old post-otlice
bnlldlBg was OOmmBBOad laat Wednesday.
I. . Baiit Cbobi wenl to Mootreal the tirst
of the week for a visit of two or three days.
Mk. axd Mhs. GlLBBBT DwiBBLt of
Marehfleld visited in town the tirst of the
Ai hora loihir of Masons installed its
newlv-eleeted board of otticers Monday
II. McDONALD has gOBO to Barre and is in
the granite business in company with M.
W. Cross.
Tiiomas Wii.dky eiicainpment will eonfer
the inltlal degree on three candldatea Fri
day aventng.
T. W. WooD, the artist, has been elected
vice-president of the Academy of Design,'
New 'ork city.
Waiian trlbe of Ked Men has procured a
line set of rDRtic chairs for the stations iu
t he lodge room.
MBa, E. A. FlENDRI.I., sister of Mrs. G.
W. Colby, has started for bai honie in
Belena, Montana.
Evenino prayer at Chrlat ohnrob will ba
gin at half-past seven o'eloek, instead of
seven, as tormerly,
Fot'R ladles and one gentlemau were bap
tized at the evening service at the Baptist
churcb last Sumlay.
F. M. KBNOALIi of BurliBgtOB, assistant
eashier of the Iloward Naiional Bank.speiit
Sumlay with his parents.
Kkv. .1. II. Bekman, president of the
board of dlreotora of the aemlaary, waa ia
town the tirst of the week.
Rv. W. A. Evans of Bemlaary Hill ex
peota to jireach the memorial sermon at
Shady Itill Sumlay, May 86.
Mhs. IIoonky is having a portico additiOB
built to her house on Clay hill. A new
sidewalk is also being put in.
Newton Bkkks' " Lost iu LOBdOB " com
pany beld the hoards at tlie Blanchard
Upera-house Tuesday evening.
GEohoRW. Fox has pnrohaaed a lut on
Barre street and is pattlBg in the fouuda
tions for a four-tenement house.
The mission-box, prepared by the
woman's auxiliary of Chrlat ehurch, has
been sent to Fort Bennet, Dakota.
Kkv. Samokl .1. BARROWB of Boston, ed
itor of the Chrlttian Regttter, praaohed at
the Churcb of the Messiah Sumlay.
.1. K. FuiaLBBTOM will return to Fort
Payne, Ala., on W. I. Rloa'a ezouraioB,
which leaves Boston next Saturday.
Thk regular convooatioo of King Solo
mon chapter, Hoyal Areh Masons, will be
held at Bfaaoalo hall Thuraday evening.
Thk Montpelier base-ball nine will play
the Goddard Scminary team at Barre Sat
urday afternoon, al half-past two o'eloek.
Miss LlLLIAN MORBOW left M onda.v for
Cbloago in oompaay with Mrs. 0, 0, Field.
Miss Morrow iutends to remain in Chicago.
William Millxr has had aeveral oar-
penters employed about his plaee iluring
the past week making nuinerous alterations.
Miss Mi.nj.ik Mahsham., who has been
visiting her aunt, Mrs. lfenry Fullerton,
has returned to her home in East Brookfield.
BBT. A. .1. HODOH will hohl religious
aervloaa in the churcb at East Montpelier
Ceoter next Sumlay afternoon at three
The Grand Arin.v fair commlttee is aend
ing out a large number of tiekets dailv.
Ten thousaml extra tiekets have just been
IIaiiky M. CUTLBB did not begin work at
the Naiional Life otliee OB his return from
Boston last week, on accouut of sligbt
Prokkssoh ,1. A. HkMokr and E. II.
Bdgertoa wenl to Marshfield nahiag Satur-
day, but are reported to bave returned un-
Thk n.embers of the Montpelier lnilitury
baud are diseussing the advisability of re-
peatiBg tbe grand concert of April jt aone
time iu the (all.
Mr. anii Mhs. Cari. II. Smith returned
lasl Thursday from their wedding trip to
Boston, aml are to begin housckeeping al
it'J Sehool street.
p. E. Stii.sk played Brat rlolin in tha
Orohaatra at the Barre Opera-house Moii
day evening and last eveningat the Blanch
ard Opera-house.
QOXTB extensive repairs are to be made
this week ou t he Baptist ehurch. The out
llda is to he paiuted and the grouml about
the ohnrob graded.
K. P. Gkay has bonght two lots of land
helonging to tha William Gra.v estate one
on Clay Hill and the other near the ma-ehine-shp
for JSHMI.
K. II. Towne is again manipulating the
shears at Woolson's tailoriug Bltabliahment.
Ed. does not expectto return to Fort Payne
till after tho hot season.
A POBTT of itiueraut inusieians visited this
mctropoiis Monday aml parambulatad along
the avenues, halting anou to discourse
sweet inusic unto the uatives.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of
last week were exceedingly tropical. The
tbermometer registered ninaty-flve aml
ninety-six degrees in the shade Thursday.
At the meeting of Vermont lodge of Odd
Fellowa, Wednesday evening, ll. I.. Sandeis
was electeit nolile grand, to till the vacaio v
oauted by the resiguatiou of F. II. Basi om.
(1. II. Gokrnsky eommeneed work tliis
week on the large portico which J. C.
BoughtOB is having ailded tO the ,1. MOBTOe
Poiaml raaidauoa, raoently purohaaed bj
The party of Mumie excursionistB left Sat
urday afternoon. Collins Blakely, who
West with tbe company, will uiake a trip
through the Western BtBtaa before his re
turn. Joiin 1IKMER1TT has a large eollectlon of
rare old vioiins. Biperte who bave eicanv
Inad be instruiuents and played upon them
pronounoe it the linest collectiou iu New
Mrs. A. A. Sweet, aged ninety-two years,
died laat Weduesday, at her home on Rchool
Btreet. Funeral serviees were held at four
o'eloek Friday afternoon, Kev. C. S. Smith
Jok G. Brown shipped four car-loada of
lnuiber to Laneaville last week, to be UBed
In eoiiBlructing 0, W. Porter's Btone-shedB.
Another load will be sent this week, coin
pleting the lot.
Thk. Apollo mlBBtrela held their tirst re
hearsal at the Blanchard Opera-house Mon
day evening, and it, was BBOh a success BB
to warrant a tlrst- lass entertainment to
morrow night.
Thk male qnartette that haa fnrniBhed
musie at the Churcb of the Messiah for
several weeks past will sing for the last
time next Sumlay. Tha regular ehoir will
then resume its plaee.
Thk Vermont Mntflal Wra tnanrance
Company has Rcnt an agent to DaBVtlla tO
adjnal the laauranoe olairna on the buildings
hiirned last week, many of them belng in
sured in that company.
Skvkuai. from this plaee attendeil tbt
dedication of the Congregational ehurch at
St. Albans on Tuesday. W. II. Hopkins,
nepbew of Colonel II i. Hopkins of Mont
pelier, was ordaioed to the ininistry.
Grorok Buainkrd is impro ing his prop
erty on the corner of I.iher'v aml St. Paul
streets, reeetitly piirehased of E. B, Meader,
by bnilding an addition to the barn aml
making new driveways and sidewalks.
At the last regular ineeting of the direct
ors of the Vermont Mutual Fiie Insuiance
Company, held May I, Melville E. Smilie
was I'hosen a direi tor to till the vacanev 00"
casioned by the death of Charles T. Sabin.
Twei.ve freight-ears from the works at
I.nconia, N. 11., passed through here last
week, to be used on the Barre railroad in
carrying granite. The cars were eqnlpped
with air-hrakes aml all the luodern con
veniences. Tiikhk will be no preaching serviees at
the Baptist ehurch next Sumlay. owing to
the abseneeof Bev. G. T. Baymoml in Bos
ton. Sumlay-school will be held al the
uanal honr and the ChristiaB Bndeavor
service Ht a ipiarter before six in the
The steam saw-mill aitnated in Barrla
Gore, Washington county, belonging to H.
T. Lalrd .V Son, was totally destroyed l,y
tire last Saturday. Tbe loss was ..-.,nn0: iii
sured for S",0(KI in the Vermont Mutual.
About I00.IKI0 feet of lumber were bnrned
With the tnill.
BiaHOf DbGoBSBRIAMD of Burlington was
present last Sumlay at half-past ten o'eloek
mass at St. Aiigustine's churcb and at tbe
close made a few reiuar' s to the congrega
tion. In the evening Bev. Futher Mc
Laughlin preached au ehiqueiit sermon upon
the Virgin Mary.
Colonri. and Mrs. Frkd E. Smith were
mentloned last week among those intemling
to go to Mum ie, Iml., on last week's ex
Onralon, but did not go, and had no iBtBBtiOB
of so doing. The names were given to the
Watchman by the manager of the excur
tton, probably through a mistake.
Mkssks. J. W. Ei.lis and Alhert Jcihon
nott of Montpelier were in town to-day on
business. They took OOOaalOB to comment
ailmiringly on the beautiful fonntalB aml
the improved park, aml anggeated that
Montpelier, with it present aplendld waler
system. OBght to be provided with a foun-
talaof almflar dealgn. S'f. Mhmix Mt tienger.
At the annvial ineeting of the Montpelier
Bnilding Association, May 3, the following
board of offloera was elected: Direeters,
Thomaa Marvin, W. E. Adams, C. H.
Heath, Clark King aml I). (i. Kemp. At a
ineeting of tbe direetors I)r. Kemp was
chosen president aml It. K. Peek clerk and
treasurer. The l ominittee on rentals con
sists of Clark King, W. K. Adams, Thomas
Marvin aml I). G. Kemp.
Tiik railroad eominissioners went to
Barre Monday to hold a hearing ou the case
of the Central Vermont V$. the Barre
railroad, in relation to the injunotion re
eently procured by the foruier road enjoin-
iug the latter from oroaalng depot aqnara,
Barre, at grade. The Central V ermont sc
cured a continuanee of the hearing till
Thursday, May 23, aml, after looklng over
the gronnd, the oommlaaion adjourned.
Fot'R head of cattle, which were being
diiven through this plaee last Thursday,
were oercome by the heat and oue of thein
was uuable to move on. The cattle were
being tuken from Barre to Edwin Wood
bnry B farm in Berlin. The sun-struck ani
mal remained on State street, in front of
Bixby's drUR-atore, all the afternoon. I)r.
Niehols diil all that WM possible to relieve
its anfferinga, but it died before morning.
Thk Montpelier base-ball nine went to
Northfield Saturday and defeated the looal
team in a llvely game, by a seore of lwenty
two to thtrteen. The Nortbflelda opened
up well aml aoored moal of their rnna in the
tirst three innings. After that the Mont
pelier steadied dOWB and walked away
witb their opponents. The featuraa of the
game were tine battery wtirk for both teains.
the tefl field play of G. Tilden of the North
Aelda aml tbe nmpiring f Baaford. A re
turn game will probably be played at Mont
pelier Saturday afternoon, May 25,
K. I. Blackwbll was muob annoyed
laat week by the presellee of eertaill Inld
nigbt ptowlera who persisted in hanging
about the preinises Thursday night. He
turned on the eleotrlo lighta and saw a
man's face at the window, and later at the
front door. Mr. Blaokwall then telephoned
for the poliee. These noctiirnal visits to
reaidenoea withiu the village limlta are be
coming altogether too treqnent, and if the
next reeipient of their uttentioiis should re
spond with a dose of cold Iead it migbt
teaeh the raseals a valuuble lessou.
It 1b credibly reporteil that the Central
Vermont baa completod its plana for a rail
road to the Barre granite iiuarries, The
road will leave the main line to Williams
town about two miiea abova Barre village,
ollmblog the hill in the direotion of Will
i in Btown, then niake a turn and OOntinUB
the aBceiit directly towards the ipiarries, till
the highest of them is reached. Williaius
town will thus be left at one side of the new j
railway, work on which will soon be com-
menced, It is also aurmiaed that work on
the exlHnsion of tbe main line down thiough
ile gulf will be begun soiuewhat later iu
the season.
Foli.owinii is a list of the stamllng eoin
mittees of Triulty Christian Eudeavor So-
olaty, appolnted Bunday ev ening, to serve
for six inontlis: Lookout, Misses Anna
Streeter and Bdtth Kent and Mr. M. K.
Bnrnham: prayer-meettng, Misses BllaHall
aml Minnte xouag and Mr. W. E. Taplin;
social, Misses i.inu.. Hobba and Joai a Truai
aml Mrs. W. 0, Taplin; Bunday-Bobool,
Mrs. Addie BobOBOB, Miss Fllell Voung,
aml Brnoe MoDonaldj mlaaionary, Mrs
George Boberta and Miss Mary Hayden;
fioraf Mrs. M F. Burnham aml M laa Mattie
Bullookl muaic, Miss dosio Truax aml Mrs.
W 0. Taplin.
The Apollo Club minstrel eutertainini ui ,
at t he opera-house to-tuorrow evening, prom
ises to be oue of tbe linest ei.tertainiuents
of the season, aml will umlouhtedly draw a
OTOWded house. Among the special fea
tures anBOnnoad on the programme are:
PtooolO solos by Mr. G. ll. VVilder; violin
solos by Professor P. E. Stone; pedestal
olog by Mr. Johp Boberrer; aalaouona by
the Apollo mandolio, RUitar aml banjo olub
Fim iu a ( liinese l.aundry, by One I.ung
boweand Mea PlnmGlyaaoni grand marob
and drill by Apollo guarda iu Bomau cos-
tnme, lf you want 'o paaa an enjoyable
evening drop in aml see tlie Iiojb perform.
Stoi k iB being subscribed to the Me-
ohanioa1 BaUdlBg nnd Construction Com
pauy, acorporation to be organied for tbe
purobaaa of real estate, araotlng buildings,
fumiahlng, leasing and Belliug the same,
huying, selling aml working granite aml
other BtoneB, in tho state of Vermont, with
ita priueipal otliee at Montpelier. The capi
tal stoek is to he in shares of 8100
each, aml may be extended to (100,000.
The liulk of the stoek has already been sub
icribad, and lliere Ib no doubt that the full
ainouut will be quickly taken. Montpelier
men are taking Btock liberally, aml the
iBdlcatlona are that the company will be
forined for business aml will be an itnpor
t int OOntrlbntOT to loOBj prosperlty.
Mrs. I.. W. BtXBB, widow of the latB OBp
tain taaao Riker, ia nlneiy years old to-day.
She is in good health and in the possesslon
and eojoymeBl of her raculttea, Bba llvaa
with her Blaoe, Mrs. Hiram Pieree. Not
long ago she was in one of the carpet stores
of the village assisting in tlie work of ae
lecting a carpet. Captaiu Biker commanded
a oompaBy at Tippeoanoai aad Bamed one
of his i hildren iu honor of the hero of that
historie tlght. Colonel It. If. Biker. Frank
Biker and Mrs. Ilolmes of this village are
children of Captaiu Biker.
Thk " Cosmorama " of Pro'essor Bartlett
of New York was presented at the opera
house on Thursday aml Friday evei.ings of
last week, under the auspii'es of the l.ailies'
Ubrary Guild. The programme presented
was new each evening, and aft the partici
pauts had been carefully rehearsed under
the direotion of Professor Bartlett. the en
tertainment was a most enjoyuble one.
Tlie various scenes, pictures, tableaux and
pantomlmea were admlrably presented, aml !
the variety of the progranmie held the at
tention of the audience tbroughout. The
gronpa of statuary, Inotndlng " Victory," i
" Vengeance," "Ceres," "Silenee," etc.,
were partionlarly well reoelved. Parbapa
tha most attractive feature each evening
was the grand tnareh by Mrs. Bascom's
olaaa of mvenlle daooera, This was fol-
lOWed Friday evening by beautiful fancy
daocing, conalating of waltalBg, "Military
schottischc," aml the "Newport," by little
Kate and Grace Ba.scom, aged respeetively
llx aml four years. Frlemls In tha Hudienee
preaented them with beautiful tlowers, ,
Which were aiknowledged by the little j
adies hy graceful bows. It is not too
nonoh to say that the andte&ce was capti- .
ated and greeted them with continiied ap- 1
plause. The ladies desire to express Their
, thanks to Mrs. Frisl I.ang, who piealded so
acceptably at the piano.
Thk. compllmentary banqnel given by the
I icnisoii plfgrima to Sir. Wendell P. Btce at
I the Bevere hon.se, Boston, last week Tues-
day evening, was atteuded by nearly two 1
: hundred tifty guests. Among those pres
' ent were ,1. W. Broek, Hiram AtklBS,
George Atkins, H. M. Cntler, J. G. Brown.
H. W. Kemp. T. I,. Wood, I,. Bart Cross, ,1. 1
: II. Burpee, M, M. Cutler and A. v. Per
: rin of Montpelier; B. B. Seviuour aml .1.
(J. lieed of Burlington; Alhert Ohapmafl of
Middlebury; ez-Goveroer s. E. Pingreeand
I A. E. Watson of Hartford: Colonel JulltM
; .f. Estey, F. W. Childs, A. W. Cllilda, E. P. I
1 Carpcnier, G. A.Briggs, T. B. Cudworth,
j I. F. Burnett and O. A. Marshall of Brat
tleboro; Colonel T. C. Fletcher and W. I,. ,
Pearl of St. Jobnebnry; w. h.h. Walker, I
! F. B. Jonea, E. w. Oakea, B I.. Jooea and
i C. Stone of Windsor: G. I,. Spear, J. I).
Wbeeler and Willard Gay of West Ban
dolph: G. F. Hadley aml ll. E. Pol-
lard of Chester; Charles P. Thatcher and
C.W. Fletcher of North Bennington. A
pleaaant feature of ti laaion was the
preaentatloa to Mr. Bioe of an eleganl gold
watch-chain, with apencl on one end, and
a gold diamond studded locket, InSCribed
with the Inltiala "W. P. It." Imdosed
: witb this, iu a beautiful satin-lineil easket,
; were a diatnoml eollar-button aml a pair of
gold, diamond studded sleeve-buttons.
IJr. O. I). Bemis of Jonesville, came to
Montpelier tlie tirst of last week, and started
in to bave a prolonged toot. Thursday
I morning the feative doctor was pieked up
, on the street and bronght to Dr. Lance s
! oltice to serure his assistanco in dressing
j two uglykntta-WOUBda in the left leg. The
cnta were several tnchea in depth and blood
was flowing profusely. Wheu asked to
nanie the person who had stabhed him, or
explaiu bow he received the wounds, the
doctor declared that he had absolutely no
reeolleclion of the plaee or time wheu he
! was injured. The fellow doubtless knew
i more about the alTair than he waa wllliBg
, totell, but if he did, 00 one succeeded in
! getting him to say anything. Offlcer Felt
t took the case in haml aml endeavored to
traee tlie man up ilurmg tlie successive
atagea of his Jambbree aud leam, if possi
ble, wdio did the eutting. He ascertaiued
tbe dootor'a whereabouta dnring the night
up to six o'eloek Thursday morning, but
from that time till his appearance iu Or.
Lance'a offlce he loattraokof him. Bemis
told ( lltieer Felt of a certaiii imlividual whoin
he suspected of being his assailant, but. as
ha OOUld bring no positive proof to sub-
atantiate tbe onarge, refnaad to aoonae him
openly Bemis was oertainly in a very
dazed aml bewildered condition Thursday
morning, and had probably been Indulffing
in oplum aa well as the regulation mlxed
Two traveling inusieians made their ap
pearance on the Hill Saturday noon, and in
the evening entertained the students in the
Ohapel, Miss Northey and Mr. Bigga
gave a soiig reeital at Waterbury Monday
evening. z Miss Fish returned to sehool
Saturday. President Beeman spent
Bunday on the Hill. z Mason Beeman
played hall at Burlington with the God
dards. The students were ezouaed to
attend the meetiugs in the village Sunday
evening. Nearly all went to the Baptist
ehurch to witncss the baptism. The
Band and .Esthetic soeieties held jolnt
session Monday evening. - Several
OOUples went ou a tishing excursion to Ber
lin pond Mondaj .
From Onr Town forrespondents.
Wf.st Cohini h. Bev. Mr. Davison, a
home mlsslonary of the Free Will Baptist
soeiety, has been holdlng meetings at West
Corinth. There was once a strong ehurch
at this plaee, but death aml removals have
MBttefi d the soeiety.
Pvtnambvillb. Cora Miles teaehes tho
sehool at Putnatnsville. A son was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Norris Edgerly May
12. .1. W. Dillon was in Barton the
Envelopes of any size or
past week.
ipiality at tlie Yvatohman joli otllen.
Sharon. Mrs. Nathaniel Mannlng met
with a serlous aecident on Monday of last,
we. k by Jumping from a wagon. She rup.
tnred a mniola in oue leg, whieli renders
her belpleaa, O, w. Morrlaon lost a
good breeding mare and eolt one day last.
week. Mrs. Zerah Watkius Is very
Morgan. Erastus Parker is quite low.
Alonzo Ewens is carrving on J. A.
Gray's Maplesden farm this year.
Mrs. George Batehelder got badly burneil
while puttiug papers into the stove, among
which happeued to be a package of powder.
Artliur Cobb expeets to move to
Island Poml soon.
East Elmore. F, I,. Merrltt lost a nieo
bog and l.evi Fisher a valuablo horse last
wek. z Sehool eommeneed last Thurs
day. with Alma Silloway as teacher.
Fire has been ruuuiug in the woods near
Morse's mill. zzz Alonzo .fennings raised
his new barns Saturday, George I.e-
Ilarn n has moved b ick to his farm. z
Blank forms of every kind at low rates at
the Watchman job otliee.
Shady EttLL. Ollve Dutton of Crafts
bury teaehes seliool in distiiet No. 12.
.1. w. Maxham aml famlly have moved to
Barre, for the purpoaa of ere, ling buildings
on land pnn hased last fall by .1. W.and
Arthlir Maxham. - Bev. ll. F. Dii key
preac hed here last Sabbath.and will preach
again next Sabbatb. A. J. Stone has
moved into Mrs. Wells' house. Mrs. K.
I.. George is keeping house Tor her son, Asa
W. George.
North Pomfret.- Captaiu Bruce has re
turned from Hakota and is soon to move to
his farin iu this town. Tho delegates
from this plaee to the ipiarterly eonvention
of the " W. B. ('. E, Unlon" at Norwich
are Mr. aml Mrs. F. I.. Davia, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Boberta and Miss G. Snow. -A
son was born to Mr. aml Mrs. C. Bodgers
April 0. Commou oats for sowing are
selling at forty cents. Wool-buyers
are plenty, ottering twenty cents lor un-
waahed wool. :
: Corn-plaiiting by ma-
SwK.Kr. Diediu Montpelier, ou tho 8th
instant, Rabaooa Pratt. wife of Captain A.
A. Sweet. Couhl lilial tenderness have
avalled to prolong her life another montb,
she would bave completed her ninety-see-ond
year. Mrs. Sweet was the daughter of
the late Bev. Bdward and Blicabeth Preble
Pratt of Bradford, Vermont. Mr. Pratt
was a youthful but aetive aoldier in the
revolutioiiary war, and subseituently a
nreaoher of ablllty aml inttueuce in Brad
ford and viololty, Ou her marriage Mrs.
Sweet came to Montpelier, which has been
her home for these many years. Of qulok
parcaptiona aml almoat uBerrlBg judKmont,
the promlneut traits of her eharacter were
geutleness, patience, tenderness, eharity,
aud a qulet persevctance that avallad to
overcoine every ditlleulty, but which was
as ailent and undeinoustrative in its intlu
ence as the light and air of heaveii. tn
ileed, as a wife aud inother the " hidiug of
power " was possessed by her in a remark-
abla degree. Though she ihraBb iBatlBot
ively from public recognition, the inttueuce
of auch a life cau never be lost.
MrnnAY. TromaB F. Murray of Noith
Fayston, aged thirty-uine years, seven
BIOBtba and fonr days, died of consuinp
tion Wedneaday night, May s, at the
bome of Allno C. Porter, whaN he had inade
his bome for the past few years. During
the last few months of his dccliuc he w as
klndly oared for by his brothar Warren.
who returned from Maine last fall to as-ii
in carliig for him, aml whoshowed a hrotlier's
love in the eare so kiudly bestoweil diiiing
the past wiuter aml spriug. Tlie doceasco
was always ready to aid aud earry forward
any eiiti rpriae which wouhl proiuote the
good of so. iet v, and will be great ly missed
by hia acouaintanees. Funeral aiuviccs
were held Friday afternoon, Bev. Mr. Howe
of Waitstield ollleiatlng.
ohinery is atnrdily galalBg in favor.
North Thetford. Rav. Harry Briekett
from the Hill was here last Sabbatb and
admiuistercd the sai raiHent in the Congre
gational ehurch. Mark Ware at the
Bow was BeriOUaly injured last week by one
of his oxen hitting him in the face with its
horns. z The famous Shepard family
gave a concert here last week. I A. V.
Jaqntth is making repairs on his store.
Howe, Cumminga aml Heath are
painting their buildings. The remains
of Charles Bmery, a former reaideat, were
brought from Topaham and Interred in
Pleasant Kidge cemetery last Monday.
Bouth Woodbury. Ezerciaea anpmpri-
ate to Memorial day will be held in Me
morial hall, North Calais, under tlie auaplcea
of Stowe Post aud Belief Corps, May 30.
j George Wing, Escp, of Montpelier will
speuk in the afternoon. All are reqoaated
j to bring luncb, aml a cup for drinking tea
and ooffee, which will be furnlahed by the
j post. S. I). Blake has just procured a
i pension of $14 per montb aud SuOO arrears
for Mrs. George H. Wbeeler of Marshfield.
I With complete equipuient of new
i type, preaaea and maobloery, the Watch
man job olhce has superior faeilities for job
j printing, im ludlng commereial work, book
and pamphlet printing.
Worcester. Memorial serviees will be
held at the grounds of the Putnamville
aohool-houae, Bev. I. p. Booth of North
field is to deliver the adilress. The
new Methodist paator has settled in his
new tield of labor aml gave a very interest-
ing discourse last Sabhath. J. M.
Gould has DOUghl a plaee in Calais aud is
j moving there. His horse ran away while
he was Loadinff BOmfl goods, but was stopped
at Putnatnsville before muob damage was
! done. Miunie Swasey has agaiu been
engaged to teaeh the Corner sehool. I.aila
! B. Owen teaehes in dUtrlot v" "
I Bohool or entertainment programmes in
! neat designs at the Watchman job otliee.
East Bozbcrt. Joho Webater and wife
of Callforoia are visiting Mr. Webster's
brother Aarou and other frieads. Mr.
aud Mrs. DbBB AUen of Concord, N. If.,
are visiting here for a few days. Mrs.
M. S. Wheatley, with her son, of East
Brookfield has been with her inother for
two weeks past. r Mr. and Mrs. Bay
moml Hall oalebrated the twenty-firsl au
: niversary of their marriage last week and
1 received several valuabte presents.
I Mrs. William Perno has been moved from O.
Boyee's to Sylvester Motlit's- Mrs. B.
v. Blanchard is at Williamstown caring for
her daughter, Mrs. Martin. Envelopes
' of any size or qtiality at the Watchman job
North Fayston. - Eugene Ingalla stopped
with his sister, Mrs. Norton, over Sumlay.
Mr. 0. A. Cburoh of Bloomiogdale,
N. Y., was in town last week for a few
days. Joho I'ryce is the gtiest of Mrs.
Jaue BoyOB, Esas F. H. Cliipman has
been in Northlii ld the past two weeks
working for his brother-in law. Mrs.
Bnnice Boyee is iu poor health. She is in
her ninety-nrai year. - limothy Chaso
is agaiu sulfering from an attack iif beart
Oentlv moved
laughter was boru t
Brj an Marble and wife re-
in with his fatber. - A
Mr. and Mrs. Qeorge
Bills, atateinents,
in any desired forin,
Thk State Board of Cattle Commissioners
were at Montgomery last week and iuvesti
gated the outnreak of glanders among J. E.
Smitirs horses. Four horses were shot and
properly buried, aml iiuarantiue aml other
restrietlonB were adopted to prevent the
spread of the diBease.
Thk hotels at Bennington opened their
doors last week, after a barrlcade of four
weeks. The liquor proseeutionB against the
Putnam aud Stark houses have been settled.
W. Nelsoii Atni
notiees, posters, etc
at the Watchman job otliee.
East Okanok. Mrs. Lewis Parker is
still very siek. Dr. Looke of Corinth and
Ir. Minard of West Topsham are treating
I her. Herbert Sanfioril has the inumps.
I - B. ll. Blake visited at East Topsham
; last Saturday aml atteuded the funeral of
i Mr. Emery on Sumlay. C. E. Parker
of Barre spent Monday at home, ou accouut
' of the illness of his inother. F. F. Brad-
i bury aoeompaniad him. i i Della Went-
j worth, who has been spendlng tlie past
I vear at .1. E. Sleeper's in Bradford, returned
last weok. Ethel, the twelve-year-old
daughter of M. B. Hamilton, wh went to
i Phlladelpbia last Beptambar with Professor
A. A. ruller s tainily, retiirneil last Ihurs
day. Envelopes of any size or quality
at the Watchman job otliee.
East Warren. O G. Fassett is seriously
siek. Qnite a number of tbe ladies,
with Mrs. OUvarOampbell aml Miss Bmilia
Gleaaon of Waitsfield, met at J. C. Glea
son's last Weduesduy afternoon, to remiml
Mrs. Qleaaon that ber fifty-alxth blrtbday
had i'iiiiih. Henrv Stearns of Boston
is visiting his son Gilhert. 1. N.
Stearns, who is attending sehool at Scm
inary Hill, ipent Snnday with his parents.
. Kate .1. Tlllotson went lo Morris
ville last week to work iu a lntlliner's shop.
Mrs. Carrie Qulmby and daughter of
Bristol are visiting relatives in town.
Serviees are to commence at 10:45
u'clock Sumlay moruings aml prayer-meet-
Inga at 1:30 Bunday afternoona untll further
notice. : Sehool or entertainment pro
grammea In neat designs at the Watchman
job ottice.
Bkaintrrk. There was some very warm
weatbar last week, the tharmometar staml
lng at nlnety-fira degrees in the shade
Friday morning before nine o'olook the
tbermometer registered niuety to uinety
three degroes, aomething unpreeedeuted in
this localily. The prospect for fruit is
not very good, not many trees showiug the
blosBom buds exrept the irrepresslble crab.
coKTmi'ap or fifth riai ;

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