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VOL. 84. 4310.
rriu.miKD KVRitr wkdnmimv hy
The Watchman Publislring Corapany
At Montpelier, Vt.
AIlTllt'll ROPKfl Montpelier, V.
(trnerui Kitilur.
T. II. 1IOSK1NN, M. II Newport, Vt..
A'trn nlttirul Kditor.
Terms S-'.OO a year; 81.00 for six nionths;
lifty cents for three tnonths.
lionew Ynur HabMtiptloaii
Renewal blanks have been sent to large
inimber of subscrihcrs whose subsiTiptiotis
have expired. Many others will discover
by a glance at the labels on their papcrs
tliat their snhscriptions are due. Wt re
iuHt of Moh one a prompt rsnewal. The
um. are imall, but the aggrcgate is large.
Send thcm along.
joii PrlntlDg Department.
The v.t nMAN Job printiBg department
has latelybeea thorongbly overhauled, new
and attractive stylcs of type added and ta
olUtles for doing all kinds of printing prc -viileil.
Anything in the way of MIDinOII
printing from ii tabel to u poater, or in the
liner grade. ol commerclal work, Inolnding
note, lettet and bill-hcads, stntements, ir-
culars, business cards, otlivial rcports,
hooks and pamphlets can be proinptly fur
niHlieil in a ipiality of workinanship unil at
prices that Wlll insurc sat isf uct ioi i . We
.ollcit the order. ot tbe.peopleot Waahing
tou aud adjoining counties.
Watchman PUBMSHINO Company.
Basinesi nnd Amasement
Nkw good. at Wheatley'.,
BiUUIAlX. in lace aml Swiss BoanolBgl at
Fine worsteil Priuce Albett suits at
Knight'., Waterbury.
Special bargains in cotton aml Jersey
uuder wear at Gleaso.n'b.
Nioht-roiies, sixty-three cents aml I6V-enty-four
CentB, at Webster's.
Look at the twcnty-tlve-cent ladies' Jersey
ondorveet. at Knight's.
Buy the Onyx fast-black hosiery at Q-LKA-son's.
It will uot crock or faile.
Chicaoo olvten meal, wbolesale and re
tail. E. W. Bailey & Co.
Ladies' ganze undervests for twenty-tive
cents at Knight's, Waterbury.
Proorammes of all kinds, wedding cards
and invitations at the Watchman job otlice.
You will tind the latest novelties in sum
mer dress goods at Gleasoji's.
Indioo ulue suits, gnaranteed fast color,
for H at Knight's, Waterbury.
Call and see the new shade hats and the
ehildren's daisy ha's at the Misses Fisk.
Wheatley is still Hellinga Foster lace kid
glovefor eventy-tlve cents. .Justtry t! eu.
Drop in at Kaigbt'8, Waterbury, and see
his new line of cutaway suits. They are
No better cycle glides the highway u'l-r
thau Coluinbia. ( all for catalogue. II. C.
Webster, agi'iit.
Laihes' .iackets for 3 that are all wool
at Wheatlcy's: also misses' jackets, in llght
colors, for 83.
Dr. Gilbert inakcs the beit artiflcial
teeth. and HUl teeth in the best luanner.
No. 88 State street.
I'eoi'LE of Barre and Montpelier, read
Marvin & Wilsou's advertiseincnts ou the
third, iifth and seventh pages.
A mce Kstey orgao, cost S13B, for Mle
cheap. Inqnire of Oi W. Colby, Ko. .VJ
Barre street, Montpelier. Vt.
L. 1'. Gleason it C'o. have receiveil this
week a good assortment of ready-nmde
waists for ladies and children.
I'EOi'LK desiring a good paint for bulld
ings, at a low price, are referred to the ud-
rertUemeat of the Patroaa' J'aint Works.
n. S. Loo.mis, having sold his business tO
1'eter Mitchell, deeirei those who are owing
biai to call at the old staml aml settle their
When you are in Waterbury call at
Kalght'i and see those worsteil cutaway
suits at 10, 18 aud 8'J0.
Kxi ei.sior water from Saratoga Spriugs
purc, fresh, sparkling and ffenUlMbjf the
glass or gallon, at Krauk S, BaiOOIB'l drug
and l igar-store.
A new line of sumuier dress gooils at
Wheatley's. Just see those white goods,
heni iettas, albatross, niohair and cashuieres.
They are oheap.
Wanted A good Auiericau gtr to do
geaeral housework in asmall family in Bos
tou. Oood wages. Aildress E. A., 'J'J (iray
street, Boston, Mass.
Tiik Misses Kisk have at their rooins, .'7
State street, a line aNsortmeut of millinery,
aud are rcceiving new goods every few
days. Call and see.
" Kocks and BoMANCE," by F. Barrett
.Johnson, a New England story well worth
reading. Just puhlished. Sold at l.ong's
book-store, Montpelier, Vt.
A hne new line of slippers aml Oxfords,
in kid, bright linished Dongola, russet
leather, etc, for ladies, misses aml ehil
dreu at Griggs', Waterbury, Vt.
Akahs, the Montpelier clothier, ilrops iuto
r 1 1 y 1 1 1 1 tlus week, aud seekers for hargaius
in ready-made clothing of all kinds and for
all ages should drop in at Adains'.
Wanted. More men to sell our fruit aml
ornaiueutal stoik. We can give you a good
paying situation at onee. AddreHH for
tertus, K. B. Kiehardsou & Co, Nursery
men, Geneva, N. Y.
LAHdEST stocks of bootsand shoes in Ceu
tral Vermont at Marvin & Wilsou's stores,
Montpelier aud Barre. Goods of all grades,
and prices way down. See advertiseiuents
on third, Iifth and seventh pages.
Uot, lnuggy weather and Gold Medal
Sarsaparilla go well together. Where people
are prostrated from overwork in a but sea
Hon nothiug will give vigor and strength to
tbe sy.teui like this reiuedy. Sold every-
where. Wells, Hicbardson & Co., agents
for Vermont.
To BuMHERMEN : Wanted, tocontnn t for
tbe OBtting of a large quantity of heBlloch
timber aud peeling the bark, one inile from
Kidley Station. iBQBin of I,utber Davis at
Waterbury, or Arthur Ropea at Montpelier,
MissS.A. E. Wai.ton is the local agent of
the Bealth Food OotapaBy of New fork.
Its goods include peeled wheal Hour and a
long list of other cereal products, in the
inanufacture of whleh special care is taken
to prescrve their health-givlng properties.
Kvery lady should read the advortise
ment of Barnaril, Sumner & Co. on the
Iifth pace. Their stock of suinmer dress
gooils, silks and woolens. is si .XteBelve
that every one will llnd something to her
taste. Send for sainples.
1'Eol'i.E lookiug for refrigerators should
go to G. N. Cross, the inanufacturer of the
Oreely. They wlll pay oaly ne proflt and
get a refrlgerator that hai aoeqBal aml is
good for thirty-ltve years. H bas a nlce
line of thein at No. ,H! East State street.
Any one seeking a safe and protitable in
vestinent for their money, before iBVettlBg
would do well to talk with M. Marv in
Co., '.'() State street, MoBtpeller, Vt, general
e.istern agents for tbe Delawarc County I.aml
inprovement Compaay of Munele, ndlana,
" Rtt,UOAIa OOUMTT, MicmiiAN , May 18,
1K8P. Mr.O, tr,Tnger$oUDAMti: Have
uscd and hafldled lugersoll rubber paints
for tbe past BtteeB years, aml consider thein
the best in tbe market. Yotirs truly, K. W.
Preeraan." See advertiseiuent of Patron'i
Paint Works. Editor.
A. K. Pratt, (, popular barber of Mont
pelier, has the pleaaure of anuouncing to
the public that be bas secured the services
of two lirst-class barbers, Messrs. F. Gar
and and II. II. Moss. lt is hardly ne.cs
MrytO.aythat ladies aud gentlemen will
have lirst-class work at his whop.
Theue are many veterans who have claims
for pensions pemling that would do well to
OOBIult James E. Curran, who bas had over
six years' experleBOB as a special examiner
and is thorotighly fatuiliar with all the laws
aml rulings of the departmeuts. He makes
increase aml rejected claims a specialty.
Adviee free.
White's UoMBIHATIoa Washino and
WaiNOINO-M achine. It washes every tbing,
from a lace collar to the ooarsest matcrial.
Washes better than can be done by band,
aml in one-third the time and with one
quarter tbe labor. A great suecess. A few
salesinen wanted. Address C. L, Itolert8,
general agent, Montpelier, Vt.
SrEAKiN; of refrigerators, an experienced
housekeeper stated that the majority of
women in selecting a refrigerator do not
lufflcieBtly consider the qBBStiOB of econoiny
of ice, on which so much dcpends. Paine's
Furniturc Company, 48 Canal street, Bos
ton, have a new refrigerator with a won
derful reeord as a saver of ice.
Mirror Lake, Berlin, Vt. Thanking
the people for their generous patronage in
seasons past, I wish to say that I shall be
pleaaed to accomtnodate, to the best of iny
ability, any who may lesire boats, meals
and horse-keeping during the week, but on
Busday my house, boat-house and plonlo
grounds will be closed to the public. Re
spectfully, C. II. Stewart.
A i'Ackaoe to make tive gallons of Ir.
Swett's Koot Bcer, twenty-tive cents; by
mail, thirt.v-one cents; four packageB, 91-00,
prepald, Compoaed of sarsaparilla, life of
man, juniper, etc., etc. An agreeable drink,
Wblle aotlng gently and benelicially on the
itomaoh, Uver and kldneys, Pal uponly at
the New Knglaml Botanic Depot, L!45 Waih
IngtOD Itreet, Boston, Mass.
Mahvin & Wilson. the eaterprtalBg deal-
ers in boots and shoes at Montpelier and
Barre, show the po.b of young blood in
their business. They have a OOltUBB ad
vertiHement on the third, Iifth aml seventh
pages of this taiue of the Watchman. Any-
body Beedtag any kind of foot-gear can
have their wauts aupplied and save money
by bnyiBg of this flrui. Itead their adver
tisemeuts. My store is full of new spring goods in
the hoot and shoe line, all bought from good
reliable factorle., I use the best of my
judgmeut in buying aml selecting these
gOOda, aud ask fair, living prices for the
saine. I carry many kinds, si.es and
wicltbs uot usually found elsewhere, and in
vite the public tu look thein over. The
prices will talk for themselves. ,1. C.
Griggs, Waterbury, Vt.
The New Enoland Mutual Like Insur
ance Company issues life-rate endowinent
policies at the old life-rate premiuin. An
nual cash distributions are paiil upou all
policies. Every policy has imlorsed thereou
the oaeh-eurrender aml paid-np tBiuranoe
values to whieb the iusured is entitled by
the MassachusettH statute. I'amphlels,
rates aml values for any age sent on appli
cation to James E. Curran, Montpelier, gen
eral agent for Vermont.
One word more abotit the White sewing
machines. They have couie out this spring
with several new improvetneuts, uud are
now the most oomplete of any maehiue in
the market. I have thein for sale on easy
terins. or for spot cash. Old inachines
taken towards the new ones when parlies
have Ihem. It any one who reads this has
got to have a new machine, please couiu io
aml examiue the White at my store. J. C.
Griggs, Waterbury, vt.
The six and one-half per cent first
tnortgag aml six per cent registered
eoupon honds, iuterest payable Hemi-an-nually
by I'eck it Cummins, Montpelier,
prompt paymenl of bOtb iuterest aml jirin
cipal gnaranteed by the Pierre, Dakota, Sav
ings Baak with tpaU capital of ano,(luil aml
surplus of over 8:1,001, are for sale by and
full particulars on tp li- ation to A. 0, Olim
mins, easteru iuanager, woo invites exain
iuatiou of above-uamed securities aud the
uiethods of inaklng and paying same.
The Kahm khs' Thubt Company. ThiB
couijiany was inc orporated in lHHIi aud has
been in active bUHines.Hiuce. It has a paid
ui capital of lifty thousaml dollars aud a
special guarautoe fund accuiuulated which
aiuuuuts at this time to about tw.lve thuu
uand dollara. While the control of the
oompany is in the haadi of welUkaowB resi-
dents of Vermont, it relies exeluslvely on
western fleeurlty in the tnatter of invest
ment.and makea no loan which the mana
gers ( an not ascertain by personal invcsti
gation to be secured beyond all cnieslion.
Safety has been the lirst consideralion.
With this end in view the company will
gnarantee tbe payment of six, and in many
cases seven, per cent intercst to purchasers
of its securities, believing that this is all
that the safest line of Investments and con
servative inanagement will warrant. Tbe
rarmers' Trust Company has negotiated
about six hundrcd loans, secured on rcal
estate. In each east? Investors have r.ceived
their iuterest proinptly and the prlncipal t
maturity, Thf company has Bcqulred no
land hy foreclosure. These are faets wbioh
investors are inviteil to invesligate. LoaBI
are constantly on band from twohiimlred
dollars and npwards and are for sale at the
otlice in Montpelier, Vt. Correspond with
E. A. DwiBelf, prealdeat, r ueorge W.
WiBg, Ireasnrer.
MontH'lirr nnd Yit'inity.
Will Pratt has returned from Plorlda.
(R.NiE FinEi.n is sick with pneuiiionia
Mits. S. C. VA1L leaves this week for the
MoBTOM Marvin returned lasl night fioin
Mrs. t'uKA I'REsio.sof Mars b lield is visit
ing in towu.
E. I'. Johnson went to Windsor Mqmlay
to buy a horse.
A. .1. Stone and family returned from
Florida Monday.
Mrs. G. II. Wilder made a short visit in
Boetofl last week .
C. H. I'ossons of QleBl Falls, N. V., was
in towo Thur.day.
BdoAB J. Bolton, son of ( i. W. Bolton, is
very sick with the mumpfl.
A. Lono was ahsent from his store Satur-
day on aooouat of .ickneu,
I. R, Moultoti is ezpeoted back this week
from Wellesley Hills. Mau,
Several paities from here enjoyed an
outing at Berlin pond Bnoday.
Mits. EtoBNBBOOKof Northfield is visiting
her sister, Miss Kate Donabue.
Ex-Govrrnor RoBWBLt Farnham of
Bradford was In towa Tbureday,
Mrs. .1. I). Clark of Bprlngfleld, Mass.,
is visiting Mrs. Wooster BptBgUe.
The Montpeliers will play the North
tields here next Saturday forenoon.
Fred Lo.no of Boston, son of D. L. Long,
is in town for a visit of a few weeks.
I). C. RoBBBTSOM of Montreal, Canada, is
studying law in C. H. Heath's ollice.
Hon. and Mrs. Chari.es Dewey have re
turned from their extended western trip.
Mr. am Mrs. II. 0, Weiister start to-day
for a visit in the western part of the state.
Frank Lyon sang tenor and very accept
ably, too at Bethany church last Suuday.
0. H. IIeath has sold a lot of land on
Barre street to Francis O'Gorman for 8400.
Mrs. Georoe A. Peck and daughter at
teaded the muiical teitival, recently hehl
at Rutland.
Some unknown persons emhezzled a load
oi wood lrom william (Jould s wooil-pile
Bunday night.
A BPBCIAX oommunioation of Aurora
lodge, No. will be hehl at Masouio hall,
Monday, May '11.
The work of repairing the walks and
steps in the state-house yard was com
menced Tuesilay.
John G. Wino and C. E. Demeritt went
to Berlin pond tishing last Saturday. John
caught three little perch.
Hon. E. P. Walton is much improved
in healtb, and last Suuday enjoyed a ride
out to the LangdoD farm,
Jesse 'ilks of the PavllioB has bought a
borse of Benjamin Chester of Marshfield,
paying, it isreported, 3S0,
TBB dignitaries of the Montpelier .V Wells
Biver railroad made a trial trip over the
Barre extension last Sunday.
A LAitoE Hock of gyptiee eBoaroped over
Sunday on the Langdon road, Detweeu
Montpelier aud the Junction.
H. W. Kkmp, J. W. Brock aud several
othera coatemplate taklng a tishing excur-
sion tu Cauaila in the near future.
The household elTects of Mrs. J. Monroi-
Polaad were sold by auotion last Friday
atteraooB at berformer reaidenoe.
Kev. a. j. Hovaa wat one of tbe ipeak-
ers at the district OOBVBBtiOB of Udd Fel
lows at Lyndonville last Thursday.
A ipbciai, oonvooation of Kiag Bolomon
Chapter will be hehl at Masouio hall Thur.
day, May 23. Work M. M. degree.
The Montpelier MUltary baad is so situ-
Bted that it will be unablc to give an out-of-door
oonoert till after Memorial tlay.
BBV. -I. Kowarii WRIGHT is to preach in
the Morte Mbool-house, East Montpelier,
next Sunday afternooii at 2:18 o'clock.
At the last meeting of the balllff. the
resisnation of Hiram Atkins as a meuiber
of the boanl was presented aud aci epted.
Mr. and Mrs. P, L. Laihd have moved
from Hotel Fullerton aud taken roomsiu
11. A. Quptil'. house on East State street.
Rbv. J. e. Wbioht returned from New
Orleani last Baturday and occupied the
pulpit of the Church of the Messiah Suuday.
RBV, f!. W. Gali.aoiier, tlu; pastor of
Bethany church, is to preach in Wrights
ville next Suuday afternoou at two o'clock.
The regulai pr.aeblng lervioa at the Bap-
tist church was omitted lnst Sunday, on ac
conni of the abscuco of Kev. G. T. K.iv
tnoml. The commiltee in charge of the fair to be
given in Juue hy Brooks post has put an
agent on the road to superintend the sale of
He.nhy Vatta aml C. G. Evaus have
opened a barber ihop in the roomi at tba
PavilioB reoeatly vaoated by f. x. DeLot
tinville. .
Mr. K. W. B.N( RoKTis tosingin Burling
ton on Friday eveuing. at the last OOBOerl
given tbi.iea.onby the Burlington Muai-
eal Club.
Mu. and Mas. w. a. BaiocM and Q, H,
Wilder particiialed in a concert in the COB"
gregational church at Bellows Falls last
Friday evening.
Mr. Ceokoe BAMCBOKT of New Vork
was in town lasl week buying horses. He
purchased a line carriage horso of Ii M
Shepard for 8.HKI.
Li'oas Nicholas, George Keltou aud
Hm, ;, Wheeler are to opeu this week an
BUOtiOB and variely store in the FUhei
bloob on Maiu street.
Brooks Post, G. A. lt., will alteml me
morial servicesal tbe Oburoh of the MeMlah
Bunday, May 38, Bav. J ICdward Wright
will deliver the Mrmoa,
Thomas Mahonky, a postal clerk uuder
the Clevelaud alministration on the St.
Albans aml St. Arinaml route ha. been re
uiovud and was in town Sunday.
A lahok party went to Greensboro pond
the lirst of the week for a three days pis
catorial aiupaign. Among the nuiuber
were C. F. Lowe aud Huher Brewer.
Trinity Chhiutian Endeavok Society
will hold a social Weduesday eveuing with
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Taplin. A inort liter
ary entertaiumeut will oe furuished.
Twu base-ball uiues, uuder the manage
meut of Orrin Cross and "Tutti" Pierce,
played ugame ou the Uuion school-groaud.
last Saturday. The Tuttitcs w-re victorious
by a score of X to 17.
J. Ii. Lanodon has given to Bethany
church, as a lot for Its parsonage, the loca
tion of the two houses on St. Paul street
now OOOUpied by H. S. and J. G. Smlth.
W. C. Taplin exhibits a maple leaf that
meaaurea seven and one-half iliehes in
leagtb by nine aml one-half IncheBln width.
How is this for evidence of an early spring '.'
PBOVBMOB Hishop will preach al the
Methodi.t ohurob in West Berlin next Sun
day inornlng, and will address the people
at four o'clock on the subject of education.
A good attendance is desired.
E. E. Towner, secretary of the state
Cbnstian hmleavor iiiiion, was in Boston
last week arranging for the excursion from
Vermont tothe nationai couveBtion, which
is to be hehl in Philadcdphia next .Iuly.
Mosks Pkarson has sold the Day liroj,
I erty nl tbe I'ioneer tnil)., also a pieeo of
property bought of .lavid R. Gray, to a
company from Montpelier and St. Albans for
buibling pnrpos s. The price was ( 1,11X1.
Da. A. I!. BiniBfl and Miss Mary A.
Nortbey sang last Sunday In Christ church,
on BCOOUnl of the absenee of C. F. Lowe
aml Mrs. B. O. Miller. The regular eveu
ing service was omitted for the same rcason.
OON.TBVCTIOXOf the new Catholic church
ou Barre slreet will he begUB this suinmer.
and it will be built of Barre granite. Only
the area walls will be put up this season. in
! order that they may have time to settle be
fore tbe cuinpletion of the edillce.
Nrwton BBBB. " Lost in Lomlon " Coiu
panv played last week Tuesday night to a
siuall aud constantly diminishiiig aiidlence.
The role nf " Job," the Vorkshireiuaii, was
well sustained by Mr. Beers, but his sup
port was medlocer in the extreme.
Conkihmation coines from no less an au
thoiity than Governor Smithof the state
ment in the Wati iiman last week, that the
construction of the granite brancli of the
White Biver road will he undertakeu at
onee aml pushed rapidly to completion.
Rbv. W. ii. Hofkins, nephew of Colonel
II. I). Hopkins, who was ordained at St.
Albans last week Tuesday. has aci-epted a
call to the Coogregational church at Wood
bridge, N. J,, aml will begtB his labor.
there.luly 1. Woodbridge is on the I'enn
sylvania road and aboul an hour's ride
rroiii New ork olty.
Mr. Georok Kokinson, a former resident
of Northfield and well known throiighout
the OOUntry, now of Farihault, Minir., is
ataying with Colonel Fred k. Bmith for a
few weeks. Mr. Kobinson is in feeble bealth,
having recently sulTered a severe attack of
pneumouia, but is rapidly ImpTOVlOg, liis
daugbter, Mrs. Archlbald, aml grand
daugbteT, Miss Alice Archlbald, ar with
The Montpelier base-ball nine went to
Barre Saturday, and was defealed by the
Goddard Seminary team in an exeiting,
closely-contested game ; score 17 to 11. The
Montpeliers outplayed the Seminary team
in the tield and batted heavily, but the
latter won by a lucky buncl.iiig of liits aud a
costly error in the elghth innlng, W. A.
Lord umpired the game, to the sat isfaction
of both sides. The date of the return game
has not yet been tixed.
TBB Seminary hall team went to North
field Monday afternoou to play the Cni
versity nine. Three ii'iiings were played
in a drizling rain, at the end of which time
the score stood seven to two in favor of
the Seininaries. When game was called the
Seminaries had two men on bases aml onlv
j one muu was out. The same teams will
; play on the Hill next Monday forenoon at
! ten o'clock. As tbe teams are most evenly
; matohed an exeiting coutest is expected.
The Mteaiu saw-mill of H. S. Laird :
i Son, which was burned May 11, was in
i sured for Sl',000 in the Vermont Mutual.
; The lumber was insured for $8,000 B2,0OO
each in the Insnram e Company of North
America aud the Springlield Fire aml Ma
rine Company. Tlu- mill was a total loss
and tbere was u loss of 91,300 on lumber.
! This In.uranoe was all placed througb the
agenoy ! Benter .V Kemp, aml the losse.
wereadjusted aml paid withiu one week
from the date of the fire,
The supreme OOUrt 0OBVeed at the state
houae Tuesday momiOg, at ten o'clock,
Judges Ro.S, Veazey anil Taft being in at
tendance. Of the thirty cases on the docket
only on! was tried George If, Hathaway
v$, J. T. Babln, Therest were contlnued to
the general term, with the exOeptlOB "f
three tir four misentries. Au attempt was
made to have the Barre Railroad case tried,
but as B. F. Fitield was at Burlington, aml
unable to be preeent, this tailed. The oourl
then adjourned for lack of a quorum.
The full amouul of the stock of the Me
cbanic' Buildiag and Construction Com
pany, the proposed formation of which was
BOticed in our last issue, has been taken.
aml tbe company held its lirst meeting last
evening. Land for building purpo.e. has
already been lecured, This orgBBization
will he an important factor in the growth
and proapertty of the village. Al last even
Ing'. meeting a temporary organization was
effeoted by tbe obolce ot K. l. Blaokwell
ohairman aml J, H. Luoia secretary. The
(ollowlng director. were cbosen: II. G.
Kemp, F. A. Dwim-ll, Asa Blanchard, T.
J. Deavitt aml II. N. Taplin.
Mits. Mary Elizaheth Tromhi.ee, wife
of (i. W. Troinblee, who has been in de
clining bealth for over a veai BMt, died
Friday uioniing, aged Bfty-nve years and
three tnonths. Funeral services were hehl
at tbe house Saturdav afternoon at four
o'clock, Kev. II. F. Hill oflieiatlng. Among
thoae preeent was a delegation from the
Lane Manufacturing Company. The de
oeaaed was qulet and uno.tentatiou., but
ber beautifui Obrl.tian obaraoter will be
long remembered by all who knew her. In
her home life she wiis a devoted wife aud
mother. She leaves four daughters. The
remains were Interred in Green Mount
The adjourned meeting of the vestryid
I Christ oburoh was hehl last Saturday. An
organization was ell'ected, with the follow-
ing ofBoen: Beator aml Junior wardeai,
Bob. Charlea Dewey aml Colonel Fred K.
Bmith; ireasnrer, J, W. 1-'. Washhurn; sec
retary, O. I). Clark; delegatcs to the gen
eral oonvention, atrani Atkins, Fred B,
Bmitb, Oharle. Dewey and K. I). Blaok
well; alternate ilelegate., Willard Holden,
I O. B, B. Denuy, J. A. DeBoer and Phlltp
Roberte, The reotor called attention to
his reslgnation, andrequevted that adatebe
named for tba terminatlon of his oonneo
tion with the society. October 1 was ac-
OOrdlBgly tixed upon.
BaOOXI Post, the Woiuan's Kelief Corps,
the Sons of Veterans, tlie militia aml the
Knigbts Templars will unite in Ihe ubserv
BBOe of Memorial day. The post has charge
d the ohscrvance. aud bas appointcd a
committee of. arrangem.nt., The foreooon
will be devoted to deooratlBg the gravea of
deoeaaed oomradei, in the afternoou
the. prucession will foriu at the hcad
of Barre .treet aml marob over the u.ual
route, Muilo will be furuished by ihe
Montpelier Mllltary band. The parade
will 1- followeil by the oration by Hon. J.
K Bat( belder of Arlington al Caoital
hall. After the oration will oome the me
morial ezeroiaea by the post.
The InatalUtioB of Bav, Q. w. Qallaghei
as pastor of Bethany church will lake Blaoa
on l'hursday of Ihe present week, aml our
prayer, Kev. L. Tennev; beiiediction, by
the pastor, Rev. G. W. Gallagher.
Frank 1)ow becamn weary of the iiulet
monotony ol home Ufe last' week . aml ou
Thursday came to town to Indulge In a sea
son of refreshing recreatlon. By the aid of
pirltuoua Invlgoranta he iood loaded him
aell iuto a fairly aebulona condltioo, and
Otlicer Felt, taking note (,f tbe fact, udvised
him to retire from the public BVeBBe, or it
Would be necessary to incareerate him.
Frank was disobedient aml failed lo adopl
the suggestion, although he made, a felnt to
do so. Otlicer Felt saw him soon after on
the OOmef of South Main aml Itarre streets,
conversing with agroup of men, and started
for him. Ilow then ran down the track
aml gave him the sllp. He had purchased
! a hplig knife at Wheelock Ik Dawley's, and
anuounced to the bystanders his inteiition
: of carving the wisb-hone out of any otlicer
who attempted to lay band. on him. Mr.
Ilow then perambulated down State street
. aml ran a DMok among tbe Klker houses
aml terrorized the neighborhood to tils
, heart's content. One Mrs. Barrett was cut
on the hand by llow's bowie, but her
j sereams so aronsed Ihe reveler that he
1 wlthdrew, aml aaoaed bimaelf by breaklng
wimlows in Ihe house below and' carousing
on the piazza, till furced to move on. At
i this time two of his Middlesex neighbors
drove up, aml seeing the condltlon he was
in, attempted to sei-tire him DOW obieoted
, aml chased one of tlietn with the knife,
while the other DHBB brougbt up the rear in
1 purault of iiow. The noise made bv tbe three
I attraoted ihe atteatloo of John L. Tuttle,
who was at work on his cemeterv lot, aml
be catne over tbe hill to leam tlu'- cau.e ol
di.turbanoe, Taking in the situation at a
I glanoe, Mr. Tuttle headed off tbe flying In-
ebriate, Dow led his purauer. a good
chase and might. have es. aped, had he not
( Itumbled aml fallen while running down
the road. The Miibllesex man, who was
olOM at his heelfl lost no time in jumping
on his back. Ilow proved game to the last,
; aml refnaed to .nrraader his knife till a
vigorous iugular constriction, admloUtered
by Mr. Tuttle, caused him lo cbange his
mlnd, Otlicer Felt came along in a team
soon after and took Mr. Dow to the COOler
and placed him on Ble, On Friday he wa.
brought before Ju.tice W. A. Lord, charged
with iBtoxloatioo. He wiseiy ooocludeu to
plead guilty, and was tincd l(i.."d. Mr.
j Dow di.olo.ed on George lieed and Henry
Bmith- The former was tried aml aoqilitted
aml in the ca.se of the latter the grand jury
entered a nnlv ,ro.secf,
The Apollo Club minstrels hehl forth to
a crowdaid boue at the Blanchard opera-
bOUM Thursday evening. The eiitertain-
meat had long been in preparation, aml the
bigh reputntion of the Apollos as musical
i artistsgave assuram e that a prograiniue of
nnu.ual ezoelleace would be preeeated.
The oumber of people who betook them-
ielve. lo the opera-house Thursday evening
showed that they anticijiated an entertaiu
meut of a bigh obaraoter, and their ezpcc
tations were not disappolated. From the
lirst number to the last the entertainment
was a oomplete auooeai, The large ohorua
of thirty voices was particularly line aml
the Belection. by the quartette Messrs.
' Banoroft, Chapman, Shepard, Kemp which
! was enthusiastically encored at each ap
pearance. The rirst pait of the programme
was opened by the grai d operatic ovei ture by
the Orcheatra and ohoru., uuder the leader
ship of Mr. F. W. Bancroft. Mr. Herbert
i Chapman sang " Tell her I love her so," in
a inanner that mU.t surely have charmed
i her heart had she beeL present, and Mr. C.
F. Lowe gave his tamboriue a breathiBB
spell while he sang " Meet a coon to-night."
Mr. George Knapp's expressive rcudering
- of " Farewell, sweet Marguerite," brought
forth an elmore and louiUets. Mr. George
H. Itolfe caroled forth a lay upon tlie
theme, " Bittlng on the goblen fence," tlie
end men joioiag in a dam e at the end of
each canto. Mr. B M. Shepard gave a line
renderiag of " The aallor'i toaat, aml the
: audience liked it so well that a repetition
was called for. Mr. W. C. Berry next sang
his toplcal song, " It's only a ouestion of
time," aud was uproariously recaUed, till he
i finally announced that be had reacbad tlie
end of his lyrical rope. The siuging of sev
' eral of the most popular negro melodies hy
I tbe cbora. closed the tirst part. The six
end men did good exeOBtlOB hctwcen acts,
and, with the a-sistam o of Mr. J. M. Bout-
weli, lBterlooutor, "ground " upeverybody
! that came in their way. The bones wi re
manipulated by Messrs. w. c. Berry, c. E.
Wilson and W. L. Glysson, and Messrs. C.
! V. Lowe, Q.H, Rolfe and I.. H. Greetie made
life a burden for their tambos. The Becond
liart opened with a Belection by the Apollo
mandolin, banjo aml galtar .extette
Messrs. Glysson aml Rolfe, maadolias; At
kins aud Berry, banjo. ; Lowe, guitar and
Ferrin oello which was proinptly encored.
Mr. (i. H. Wilder rendercd a piOOOlO BOlO in
his usual im omparable style, aml, ofcourse,
receiveil a recall. The sluinp speech by
i Mr. W. C. Berry, was in all reapeota
worthy of its dletlngulehed author, aml waa
delivered in a touohiag style that at time.
moved the hearere to tears" The theme of
the speaker, ae uearly as we oouldjadge,
eemed to be the analugy betweeu the
poker-player and the laad-boomer, The
audience testllied toits appreoiatiOO of tlie
aabie orator by frequent burat. of vooifer
I ous applauM, The quartette leleotioiu
which followed were most heartily re
ceiveil. The programuie was next en
livened by woino coinical specialties. One
Lung Lowe aml Mee Fun Glysson .hOWed
ihe audience how the hcatheii t'hinee
amuiea bim.el( when busineai ia ilow,
aud Wilson and Itolfe gave their liisii
songs aud grinds. The banjo solo by Mr.
Morris Atkins was most artistically ren-
dered and deaervedly recelved a double en-
core. Mr. Felix Seguin was unable lo ap
pear in his harmoolca BOlO, as announced on
the programuie, on BOOOOBt of sickuess
The vioUB solo i ' me Air Varie, (,
BeWof by Professor P. E. Stone. was one
of the best features of the evening's enter
tainment. Mr. Stone made his lirst appear
ance before a Montpelier audience. aud at
onee jumped Into public favor. The ease
with which his dillicult seleetions were reu
dered, and tbe expressiou which he put
into his ptaytBg, showed him to be a viOliB
ist of bigh taleut. Mr. John Sherrer shook
out liis heels in tbe grand pedestal olog,
aud his lively danciug was appri-ciated to
the estent of two reoalU. The evening's
entertainment com luded with the grand
maroh aml drill hy the Apollo guards, in
haudsome Komau costume. the scene clos
lugwilha beautifui tablcau. Apollo with
his lyre appeared in the background, a
yuung Etnioplan, with a tamhorine,
croucliing at his feet. In the foregrutind
were the guards, with shiniBg white 0M
t uuies and glitteriug shiclds aud beluiets.
The scene brought to an appropriale olOM
one of the most brilliant cniei tainuieiits uf
the season.
PBOVBMOB Bishoi- preaohed at Island
Pond last Sunday. The choice of
junior aud senior prize speakers was an
nounced lasl week. Miss BushBoll
has left school to teacb for the suiinner.
Mr. Goss of Moretown was onihe
II, at half-past two O'olook, of rheumatlsm
of the heart. Mr. Noble was lsirn in Frank
lin October !, 1889, He was educated at
New Bampton natltnte, Fairfax, and
siiiiiieu uiw at iiarvaru. in lstil lie was
admitted to the bar and the following year
loeatod in St. Albans. Mr. Noble was
promloeBt In local aml state politio., and
his lUOOeeB In the legal professlon won for
him a wide reputatlon throiighout the state.
He repreaeBted St. Albans in the general as
sembly of 1.SNJ, where he held the chairman
shlp of the house committee on claims, and
was also a meuiber of the judieiary commit
tee. His religious preferences worc Baptist.
I Ai.krkd Satnuel D. Alfred was born at
Springlield, Mass., June 14, 1804, BBd died
at Fairfax May .", lss:i. November 38, 1892,
he maxried Miss Polly Bmith, who urvlve.
him. His parenls died when he was ijuite
young. He learned the cal.iriet-maker's
trade, which be followed until his marriage,
when he went iuto the inereaiitile business
al Iterkshire Cetiler, and later at West
HaveB. tn June, 1843, he moved to Fairfax,
( where he remaiiied in active business until
the spring of Isr,.-,, when be sold his business
to his son John, He had ten i hildrcn bv
his iresent wife aml two by a former mar
riage. Seven are (till tlving, with BlBB
teen graadchildreB, three of whom are mar
I ried, Mr. Alfred was a very stricl man. In
: business his goods were all marked, aml he
, never raried from the price, Theyoungeat
ohild oould be sent to his store and was
j sure to get the goods as cheaply as the par
ents COUld, Said one who served a three
years' uppreiiticeship in the inercanlile
j business with Mr. Alfred, " When boys we
! Uled to Ihiiik that Mr. Alfred was all awful
rnean man to work for. But I now know
i that the three years I lived with him were
worth more to me than all the rest of my
chooiiag, I feel that to Mr. .Vlfred I ani
ladebted for all I am." Every appreatloe
who served with him has turned out a suc
1 cessful business man. Mr. Alfred kuew
the value of good credit, In 1887, when
verybody was failiog, his oldeai son was
in business in Illinois. In the fall he wrote
that he wouhl not come East, as he could
not meet his bills. Mr. Alfred wrote his
son to send on a list of goods that he wanted,
with what money he could raise. He thea
went to his owu creditors in New York, se
cured an extension, which was readily
granted, after buying what goods be wanted.
He then went to his sons creditors' paid his
bills aml ordered his goods, thus iving his
son a bigh rating, which he always lnain-
talaed, It waa a great wondet to the New
York merchauls how a western man could
meet his bills, and they BeVBI knew how il
was done. The funeral services were held
from his late home Thursday, May II, Kev.
I Henry Crocker orliclating, with remarks by
j Kev. J. G. Loramer, who said that he came
not as a minister but out of respeet to one
; to whom he owed a debt of gratitude for as-
i.tance in getting his education. Mr. Al
! fred will long be remembered as a true
friend to the right, not only by his family,
but by a large circle of friends also. H.
Beemao played witb
people generally are cordiallv inv ited to at-
tend, Ihe public exereises will coiiiimince
at half-past oue p. m., as follows: Orgau
voluulary; invocatiou, Kev. K. S. Fiske,
siuging; reading of Scripturcs, Rev. P.
McMlUan ; singlng; sermou, Kev. C. E.
Hariington of Keene, N. H., installing
prayer, Kev. W. S. Hazen; charge to pastor,
Kev. N. Boyntou of Bostou; right hand of
fellowship, Rev. G. H. DeBevolse of
Keene, N. II.; address to people, Rev. E.
Hawes, D. D , of Burlington; siugiug;
Hill Saturdav.
Ihe Montpeliers against the (ioddards at
Barre Saturday. A prolitable lyoeum
was reported for Saturday evening by those
who altended.
YVarren. In Middlesex, May 14, of
pneuiiionia, Asa Warren, aged seveuty-uiuc
years. Mr. Warren was norn in Elmore,
but spent the most of his life in Middlesex
Left fatherless in his hoyhood, he wiis coiu
pellad to struggle through life. He had
lieen a hard working man all his years. He
leaves a widow, children and gr.ndcliildren.
Nublb. Guy C. Noble ot St. Albans, one
of the most promineut and best known meu
in the state, died Tuesday moruing, May
Orlfrin uf Xaturnl Gas.
VA.NTAllES. Bolentists advance many theories in re
gard to the origiu and formation of this
wonderful natural gas, not one of which has
it heen possible thus far to verify. One
of tbe many is that by spraying oil upon
steam a gas i. formed, and that the steam
from the heated portions of the earth acts
upon the great reservoirs of coal oil. produc
ing the so-called natural gas. But the
theory most generally accepted that of
i Professor Orton is that the gas is formed
by the decomposition of vegetable matter.
j The gas is shown in every case to be closely
related to rock formation. that are heavily
charged with organic matter, either anitnal
.,r vegetable. Gas is found in the vloinity
of l''ltshurg, where it has been utilized to a
greater extent than anywhere else. Nat-
i ural gas wells siinilar to our own have
been in constanl use In (,'hina since a date
before tbe Cbristian era.
The largest known gas wells, and also the
largestgas tiehls, are found in Indiana. The
j manufacturing city of Miincie, the largest
I city in the Indiana gas tiehls, is situated iu
the oenter of the gas district, with direct
i railroad counuiinications north, south, east
and west. The area of the Iudiuna gas
i lield is about 2,800 sipiare iniles, while that
of the PeBnaylvania field is abeul sixteen
sipiare miles. Not only are tbe gas lields
and wells larger than those of Petinsylva
nia. but the quallty of the gas is better for
tuel and lighting purpoeea than any other
known natural gas. V stranger visiting the
city of Muncle is astouished at tlie ways in
which this wonderful natural gas is used.
Tbere is not a ton of coal or a cord of wood
used iu a year for beating purpoeea in
M UBOie, A flve-1 00m house oanbe heated aml
lighted, USing the gas night and day if you
wish. for from eight to ten dollars per ytar.
Just think of it, about tlie price of oue tou
of coal iu Vermont. Mr. Darnell, president
of ihe Munole Iron and Nail Company, atatea
that they saved, inthe bareexpe'nse of fuel,
j last year 140,000, This cuncern employ.
ahoiit L'oo men.
The offet to maaufaoturer. which Muacle
! is making of free fuel, lights and land
j to locate on bringing in luanufactureHI
, now at the ru'e of ihree every thirty days,
and bids fair soon to make her one of the
large-t manufaoturing oitie. in this oountry.
The mpid increase iu her populatiOB nat
urally causes a corresponding rise iu the
value of real estate. The opportiuiities for
Inveetmeni to be found in Knnole are un-
' excelled, as she is bouud to grow, but, like
all western cities, she lacks capital. Her
natural gas seeius to be iiiexbaustble. She
is urrounded by ihe best of farmlng ooun
try to be found in the I'nited States. The
climate is good, her drainage is perfect, she
has three triink lines of railway passing
througb ii ity, giviag dlreci oommunioa
tion in six dlfferenl dlreotiooe. When we
oome to oompare Munole, with all her aat
ural advantages and euterprise, with other
western cities, that have mnr had her
vantage-groiind of natural resoiirces, lirst
and foremost among which coines her
WOUdroUI natural gas, also her climate.
draiaage, haalthfnlneai and freedom from
smoke, ashes, cinders aud coal-dusl, it la
ilmply lmpoe.ibie to portray her future
of Muncie, Iud., bas a capital stock of
fuiiy paid aml nnn m.m.abln At
a reo.nl naatlng of the itookholden (some
six tn aumber) of theabove oompany they
; unanimou.ly agreed to oontribute ooeftf tn
of their shares to the company, aml to put
tbe 1,0011 shares thus ohtaim-d on the
market at llBty-five cents on the dollar.
' Tbe money ohtained from the sale of these
1 shares is to be used for iiuproving tbo
i property, Below is a letter from tbe vice
I iiresident of the Delaware County Bank of
MnBOle, Indiana:
" Mt'NciK, May lii, 188H.
" Tu Mi If, Marvin il Co.i Gentle
men in renly to yours of the 18th, would
say that tlie Delewaro County Land lm
proveineut Company, with headipiarters in
this city, are tbe owners of about 4(10 acres
of choice land, all iu oue trai t, aml avail-
able for both business and residence prop
erty, beiug situated about one aud one
foiirtli milei from Ihe court-hoiise in Muncie.
The iudividual meiubers of this coinpauy
represeut cajiital to tbe amouiit of three
fourths lo oue million dollars. Y'ours, etc.
(Blgned) J. R, Spkanki.k. Vloe-preaideBt,
For further particulars in relatiou tothe
stock aud building lota of the Delaware
County l.aml Improveuieut Co., also for
lllustrated pampblet giving a descriptiou of
Muncie aud history of the discovery aud
growth of natural gas, address M. Marvin
& Co., 10 State street, Montpelier, Vt., New
England agents for Delaware County I
Improvemeut Company.

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