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VOL. 84. 4311.
rrni.iPMKii kvkiiy WSMMOAf W
The Watchman PublisWng Company
At Montpelier, Vt.
ahtiu'h ROPKI Montpelier, vt.
(leneral Kditor.
T. H. HOSK1NS. M. D Newport, Vt.,
Affrirnlttirttl f.'itilor.
Tkkms S'2.00 a year: 81.no (of six B10BtbS
Hfty cents (ir three montlis.
Kencw Yotir Siihscrlptlnns.
Itcnewal blanks lmve been MDt to a large
number of lubacribert whose robectiptloBi
have expired. Many otlierH Wlll diseover
by a glanca at the labeli n thetr ptpen
tbat their subscript ions are due. W re
quest of MOh one a prompt renewal. Tho
sunis are stnall, but the aggrcgate is large.
Send tbem along.
BmImsi nnd AmuaemeBt
O.nyx fast black boiief J at Gleason's.
Get tlie DometUc Monthly at Webeter's.
T. II. Lanck of Cabot buya ali grudcs of
wool .
Oi'lSRA in wanted. Addreai "H.,"
tiiis oflice.
Shadf. hats in large variety at Miss
New ribbOM ruohings atnl MM at L, P.
( lleason Co.'s.
Chii.drkn'r white hats just reccived at
Miss Meinecke's.
Thk. White sewing-machinc is for sale by
L, P. (ileason & Co.
Bbd, white and blue biinting, for deco
ratini;, at Webeter'i,
Fink worsted Princa Albert suits at
Knigbt's, Waterbury.
VlLOOl Columiiia for sale cheap. In
quire at Webster's ageucy.
I.adiks' Hosb. Bee Barnard, Bumner .V
Co.s offer on tlie (iftli page.
If yon have a Job of printing of any kind
end to the Watchman office,
IjOok at tlie twenty-live-eent ladies' Jersev
nndervests at Knigbt's.
Orders by mail for job printing promptly
BUed at tlie Watchman ottice.
Ladies' gauzo nndervests fur twenty-tive
cents at Knigbt's, Waterbury.
Fink assortment of ten n is slioes for ladies,
misses and children at Griggs', Waterbury.
Indigo hu e aulta, guaranteed fast color,
for $s at Knigbt's, Waterbury.
Call and see the new shade hats and the
ohildren'a daisy hats at the Misses Fisk.
Proorammf.s of all kiuds, wedding cards
and invitations at the Watchman job ottice.
Drof in at Knigbt's, Waterbury, and see
his new liue of cntaway suits. They are
Boys' and Childrkn's Scits tliat are
llightly shop-worn have beeu marked way
down at Farwell's.
l)B. Gilbert makes the best artlflclal
teeth. and tills teeth in the best inanner.
No. :w State street.
Ladiks' IIosk. Three pairs for 91.00.
Kead Barnard, Sumner & Co.'a advertiae
ment nn the tifth page.
Whkn yon are in Waterbury call at
Knigbt's and see those worsted cntaway
suits at Sl, I1S and 20.
Pkofi.e desiring a good paint for build
ings, at a low pri'e, are referred to the ud
Tertlaement of the Patrona' Paint Works.
JOB i.ots cif last season's suits at A. 1.
Farwell's have becn uiarke.d down 82,00,
18.00 and $0.00 each. Now is tbetimetor
Bzcbuiob watbb froni Baratoga Bpringa -
pure, fresh, sparkling aml gtWUint by Ihe
glasa or gallon, at Frank H. Baacom'i drug
and cigar-store.
FoB the next ten days ,1. ('. Origga,
Waterbury, Vt., will sell his best French kid
button boot for fi.OO. The fonuer prloe for
years has been S.r).(KI.
Wantkd A good American girl to do
general houaework in asiuall familyin Hos
ton. (lood wages. Addresg K A., 20 Oray
street, Hoston, Mass.
A fink. new llne of llippen and Oxfords,
in kid, brlght Hnlfbed Dongola, ruiiet
leather, etc, for ladies, misses and chiblren
at firiggs', Waterbury, Vt.
"Rocks And Koiianck," by F. Barrett
JobnHOii, a New England story well worth
reading, Jual publiabed. Sdl at Long'i
book-store, Montpelier, Vt .
IIarnahd, Si mnkr & Co., Worcester,
Mass,, are men of their word. Cul ofl that
coupon, tifth jiagi:, and senil it to them. The
goods are all they are represented.
Wantkd. More yien to sell onr fruit and
ornauiental stock. We can give yon a good
payiug situation at once. Address for
terms, E. H. Hii hardson & Co, Nursery
DMOi (icncva, N. Y.
Loht On Saturday, May 35, on State or
Maiu streets, a gobl WBtch and chain in a
paper DOI Wlth OWner'l name on saine. A
liberal reward will be paiil to the limler by
learing tlie saine at Senter Keiup's oflice.
To I.rMitERMKN : Wanted, tocontract for
the cutting of a large quantity of heiulock
ttmbtf aml peellng the bark, one tnUfl from
Hidley Station. InQUife of Luther Iiavis at
Waterbury, or Arthur Uopes at Montpelier.
Ladikk' BOU. Three pairs for $1.00.
The boae Karuard, Huiunor Ik Co. olTer
are rcgular llfty-cent goods. They are
" bang up " aml can not be duplii ated by
any other house. See advertisement on the
tifth page.
A. F. Pkatt, the popular barber of Mont
jielier, has the pleasure of annOUDOing to
the pubUo that he has secured the nervice
of two first-class barhers -Measrs. F.
Carand aml II II. Moss. H is hanlly neces
sary to say that ladies aml gentleinen will
have tuHt-clasH work at Iuh shop.
Thkrk are uiany veterans who have claims
for penslons pending that would do well to
cutinult Ja K. Currau, who has had over
Hiz yeam' ezperience as a speclal examiner
and i thoroughly fauiiliar with all tbe laws
and riilings of the departinents. H. makes
increase and rejected claims a spnclalty.
Advice freo.
(i. W. Wn.DER has in stock at his liiusic
store several second-hand organs, maile by
Mason & Ilamlin, Kstey aml (leorgc Woods
Co., which he will sell at vrrii (0M pfiMfi
Mii.k-Tfstkrs. We are advised by the
maker that all orders from onr subscribers
for milk-testers have been tllle.d. If any
one has failed to recetve his, advise ns.
The diday in some cases has resulted from
an unusual press of orders, and the maker
has followed the mlller s rule flrst 0OQM
lirst served .
Whitk's COMBDf ATIOB Washing and
Wrinhino-Machink. It washeseverything,
frotn a lace collar to tho coarsest niaterial.
Waihea better than caii bc dotie by hand,
aml in one-third the time and with one
quarter the labor. A great sm-i ess. A few
salcsinen wanted. Address C. I,. Moberts,
generaj agent, Montpelier, vt.
Wn.i.ow and rattan furniture are the cor
rei t things for the next three months. In-
tendlng purohaaera ihould vlalt the exhlbi
tion now open to the publlc at the ware
rooms of Palne's Furniture Com)iany, 4H
Canal street, Hoston. They have a wondcr-
ful assortment of these goods and their
prices are lower than other leading houses.
Washinciton, Di C Tlie Ingersoll paint is
uniUestionably the best paint tnanufactured
in thtl COUntry. Thla is the testimony of
thousands of Patrons I have met all over
the country." on. McttifMT WhttthMd,
Loctxirer of Xationiil (irunic, P. of II. See
advertisement of Patrons' Paint Works on
the third page. AtftOf.
A I'Ack aok to make live gallons of I)r.
Bwett'i Koot Beer, twenty-five centai by
mail, thirtv-one cents; four packages, $1.00,
prepaid. Coinposed of sarsaparilla, life. of
man, juniper, etc., etc. An agreeable drink,
whlle aoting gently aml beneflolally on the
stomai h, UvOT and kidneys. Put uponly at
the New Kngland Itotanic Depot, 'HT Wash
ington street, Hoston, Mass.
Mv store is full of new spriug goods in the
boot and shoe line. all bought from good re
liable factories. I use the liest of my judg
inent in buying and selecting these goods
and ask fair living prices for the same. J
carry many kinds, sizes and widthfl not
usually found elsewhere. and invite the
public to look them over. The jirices will
talk for themgelvea. J. C. Griggs, Water
bury, Vt.
Gkoroe A. Ainsworth, Williamstown
and Barre, dealer in pianos, organs and
sewing-mnc hines. Barre headiuarters, Per
ley Chandler's jewelry-store. He has the
agency for the White sewing-macnine,
" which wus awarded the highest premiurn
on lewlng-macbinea at the great oentenntal
exhibit at Cim innati, Ohio, lHNis, for sim
pllolty of construction, d'.irability of parts,
adaptability of adjustment, light and quiet
Thk Nkw Enoland Mutual Lifk Insur
anc.k Company issues life-rate endowment
policies at the old life-rate premiiim. An
ntial caah distribntions are paid upon all
policies. Every policy has Indoried tliereon
the eash-surrcnder and paid-up insurance
values to which the insured is entitled by
the Maaaaohuietti itatute. Pamphleta,
rati s and values for any age sent on appli'
oatlon toJames E. Currau, Montpelier, gen
eral agent for Vermont.
Endowmknt pomcy No. 4.'t,H:i!i was issued
by the Connecticut Mutual I.ife Insurance
Company February 27, 1886, to mature May
9, 1889, at which time the company paid in
caah to the insured, Inoludlng 840 paid
February 27, 1889, $1,067.00. Total of pre
mlumi paid to the company by the in
sured. StKB.27. Protit, hesides the benetit of
the risk twenty-four years, $431.80. .1. It.
Seaver, agent, No. 12 State street, Mont
pelier, Vt.
Onr word more about the White sew
Ing machines: They have come out this
aprlng with aeveral new Itnproyementa and
are now the mosl complete of any DSBChlne
iu the tnarket, I have them for sale on easy
terms, or for spot casb. Old machines taken
towards the new ones when parties have
them. If any one who reads this has got to
have a new mai hine, please come in and
ezatnlne the White at my store. J, ('.
(iriggs, Waterbury, Vt.
More new goods at Shipinan's " Old Be
liable " store. Call and see if we can not
show yon just what you are looking for in
the llne of footwear, It is not ourpolioy
to make " leaders " of the cAeopetl goods,
but we inteud to m ike all onr prices fully
as low, to say the least, as the same quaJHy
of goods can be bought for anvwhere at the
oapital; and we also have the sale of many
desirable UnOi that can not be found else
where. lOti Main street is OUT uumher.
Sfkciai. NOTIOB. Siok headache and
canker sore mouth cured by taking the Gold
Medal Saisaparilla. The smallcst ohild
Can take this reinedy with perfect safety.
Catarrb, rheumatUm, eruptloni upon the
faoe occaaloned by bad bloodioured at once.
Si venty-tive cents for the largest bottle.
.1. V. Bahcock, manufacturer, druggist,
Montpelier, Vt. At wholcsale by Wella,
Kichardsou Jt Co., Burlington, Vt., George
C. (ioodwiu Co., Hoston, Mass., and Hall
it Kuckel, New York clty.
Good, reliable, sound securities are the
Pierre, Dakota, Savings Hauk guaranteed
live year mortgagcs and registered coupon
bonds, paylng alz and one-half and alz per
cent interest, which are olTcred aml both in
tereal and prlnoipal promptly paid when
duu by Peek & Ciimmins, Montpelier.
Tbeie securities are the kind of investmentH
that BBH be safely laid away and whtch the
fluotuatlona of the stock market can not
alTect. Kull particulars on application to
A. o. Oumznini, rloeprealdeBt, Montpelier.
Anothkr eZOUrtiOn leavea for Mumie,
Ind., 00 Saturday, .luue 1, at three r. M.
Parties can join It at Greenlleld, Mass., or
Eagle Hridge. The orgaul.ation of the
Electric Street Hailway Company will take
pla. e Momlay, June .'1, aml Klias l.yniau,
J. G. lteed aml Jerome Smith of Bur
lington, John N. Woodtiu of Rutland aml
Frank II. Bascom, wlth two or three otberg
from Montpelier, are expected to go there
on that date. Mr. George M. Fletcher of
Moretown, who is there now and has writ
ten a letter (which appears in this issue) in
regard to Muncle, punhased with Frank
II. Bascom tifty-two choice huilding lots
there, on which they cxpcct to realize a
vci v handsotne increase In the near future,
The OOldngtOB (Ky.) glass works, einploy
ing tive hundred men, and the new Jfwi.OOO
manufactory for maklng tine writing-paper,
are inoving there this week.
The Farmkrs' Trvht Company. This
company was incorporateil in 1H8.1 and has
been In actlve buslness since. It has a paid
up capital of tifty thousaml dollars aml a
ipedal guarantee fund ai'cumulated which
Bnionnta at this time to about twelve thou
saml dollars. Whlle the control of the
company is in the liands of well-known resi
dents of Vermont, it relies exclualvely on
western security in the matter of invest
ment, and makes no loan which the mana
gi'rs can not asccrtniu by personal investi
gation to be secured beyond all ouestion.
Safety has been the flrst consideration.
With this end in view the company will
guarantee the paytnenl of elx, aml in many
cases seven, per cent interest to purchasers
of its securities, believing that this is all
tbat the safcst Hue of in estments aud i oti
ser'atic managcmcnt will warrant. The
I'ariners' Trust Company has negotiated
about six hundred loans, secured on real
estate. In each case investors have received
their interest promptly and the prim ipa! at
maturlty, The company has acqulred no
land by forecloiure, These are facts which
investors are invited to investigate. I.oans
are constantly on hand from two hundred
dollars and upwards and are for sale at the
oflice in Montpelier, Vt. Correipond with
F. A. Dwlnell, presidcnt, or (ieorge W.
Wing, treasurer.
Moiilpclicr nnd Vicinily.
Miss Mahy Phinnky has returned from
II. c. Scott arrived Tuesday from Chi
cago, in.
Miss O. Casavaint is teaching school in
F. H. Bascom returned last week from
Muncle, ind.
T. H. Merrii.i.. the town clerk. isatllicted
with the niumps.
E. P. .Ikwktt was qntte sick last week,
but is now better,
T. c. Flbtchxr of St. Johnabury was in
town Wednesday.
W. H. Simmonds is working in the Mont
pelier steam laundry.
H. II. Scriiinkr attends the mualcal festi
val at Burlington this week.
Mns. C. I). Mathkr of Boston, daughter
of Orange Fifleld, is in town.
Mrs. Norman 0. PBCK is conrined to the ;
house with a sprained ankle.
BJOHABD Hyde was absent from the bank
Tuesday on account of sickness.
Chii.drkn's day- will be observed at
Bethany chnroh Sunday, June 9.
Thk propoaed ezcursion to Boston on ;
Memorlal day has been abandoned.
HOMBB Heaton has sold a lot of land on
Franklin street to Phllliaa Chenette.
H. C. Hoi.mks has sold a lot of land on
Franklin street to Frank Paro for 8800.
Thk Montpelier military hand will begin
aaeriea of openalr oonoerte next week.
Chahi.es DoDOB and Mary A. Lovely
were married last week by Juatice Lord,
Captain I). F. I.ono was absent from the
store aeveral days last week by sickness.
THBBB will be a servi if dcdicatinn at
the Chnroh of the Messiah Sunday. June 9.
Miss A.nhk Wino of Glen's Falla, N. V.,
niece of Hon, E. P. Walton, is vialting in
BBV. A. J. BotJQH will preacb at Mont
pelier Center Sumlay afternoon at three
S. A. Moss of New Berlin, N. V.. a fricml
of Miss Edith Adams, is stopping at the
C. II. Uavknport, Biq.i editor of the
Brattleboro Rtfwmef, was at the capital
A PARTV of young people Wlll go to Ber
lin pond Decoration day to Indulge in a
" Msh fry."
Mus BrjBOBSS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
K. 1'. Jewett, is expected this week from
New Vork.
JOBG. Brown, who has been l ontined to
the house by sii kness linoe his return last
week. is better.
A stat KD OOnolave of Mount Zion Com-
mandery, Knighta Templar, will be held
Friday, May 81.
C. C. DudlbV, Mrs. F. I. Pltkln aml
othera are in attendancc at the Burlington
mnaloaj festival.
Mit. and Mus. II. ('. WbbbTBB are ia
orwell, vialting Mrs. Webater'a sister, Mrs.
V. V. Hlackmer.
I ianiki. Ci.ark, monev-ordcr clerk at the
nost-otlii e, will spend Memorial day at his
home in Groton,
Vermont Lodob, I. O. O. F., conferred
tbe second degree on two lamliilates
Wedneaday evening.
A nink of Juvenile baie-balllati defeated a
tcani from Northfield last Saturday bj a
score of t welve to ten.
An Asiension day comuiunion service
will be held at Christ church Thursday
iiiornlug at 10:110 o'l hn k.
Mrs. Fred K. Smith and Mrs. J. M.
Archibald went to Hoston last week, re
turning Tuesday evening.
BBV. G. T. Kavmond, pastor of tbe Hap
tist churcb, will speak next Sunday on the
subject of home missions.
Misses Mary and GbBTBUDX Dkwky,
who have been in Hoston for snveral weeks,
were expected home last night.
Thk scales on South Main street, helong
ing to W. C. Lewia, were repaired lasl week
aml a new platform was put in.
Mus. M. E. Tr kkr of Brandon is iu
town for a short visit, on her way to join
ber buiband at Dixfleld, Malne.
Chari.ks F. Nkwton of Montpelier and
Alta H. Bogeri of Brandon were married on
Monday at ObrUI ohurcb icctory.
Thk date for the opening of (he Canadian
Bahing oampalgn, mentioned in last week'a
laaue, is Bxed for Monday, June 3,
'I'hkre will he religious scrvices in the
school-house in the Bciijainiii district, Hci
liBi Sumlay afternoon at three o'clock.
Mrs. Fhank Snay of Rutland has come
bere to spend tbe uutntner with her huaband,
who is working on the fcdcral huilding.
COLONKI. (iKOROK W. IllKiKKR will be
bere to preside at the grand camp-flre, June
1H, the lirst day of the (iraml Army fair.
An excursion party from New York and
Hoston starts next Saturday for Munole,
Ind. F. H. Bascom gties with the company.
Mrs. G. W. Ehlk aml Master Archie Ehle
of Mliinesota aml Miss Mary E. Smith of
New York are visiting at Colonel Fred E.
Thk post-otllce will he elosed ThurHday
from ten o'clock A. M. to live r. m. The
c(n'rirs will make the UHual morniug
delivery trip, but In the afternoon no mail
wlll be dellvered, ColleotiOBa Wil be inade
as usiial.
pBOFBiaoB J. A. DbBobb and F. L, Lalrd,
Baq.. went to Marshlleld Saturday for
angling purposes and returned with mm h
Wh.i.iam i.amii, one of the Montpelier
architecta who went to Forl Payne to make
a fortune bnildlng oabini for the hooinern,
has returned.
chari.es ii. iikaton Ia the repreaentatlve
from Mount Sinai Temple, Nobles of the
Myatic Shrine, to the Imperial Council at
OblCBgO June 17.
QBOBOB W. Parmenter aml Miss Smith
of Seminary Ilill sang last Sunday in
Trinity cholr in place of B. E. Bailey and
Miss Ida llubbanl.
The marrlage of Miss I.illian, eldest
daughter of J. V. Morrow, and Arthur I,.
Stevefla of Ohlcago, tooh place in that city
Tuesday evening, May 2.'t.
Cards are out for the marriage reception
of LeonorBj yOUngMl daughter of Mrs.
Tl eron O. Hailey, aml Sainuel Bacon Coit,
at Milwankee Tuesday, June 11.
BBV. J. IIarry Hoi.dk.v of Amlnrst,
Mass.. is expected to preach for the I'ni
tarian society in Waitstleld, at the Brick
church. next Bunday at three p, u.
llatnpshire, senior vice.commander-in-chief
of the National EncaiiipiMent, G. A. Ii., will
le in attendance at the Grand Army fair.
E. O. Chknkv and Miss Edith Kenl rode
to Ptitnatuscillc, a week ago Sunday. on a
tandem tricycle. The return trip, a dis
tance of six iniles. was easily made in one
The proroeed lite of the new ( atholic
church on Barre street is being staked ofl
aml preparatinns roBda for pUtting in the
foundatlona, ander the direotion ' of f ieorge
iii luernsey,
Mr. W rioht bopet to preacb in the Morae
Rohool-houae, East Montpelier, next Sun
day afternoon, and to keep up the DteetiBgl
on alternate Bundaya tbereafter througb
the suinmer and fall.
The Capital oafe was burglari.ed to a
slight di'gree last Sunday morning. The
iarty efleoted an entranoe by breaklng the
glass iu the door and extractcd about one
dollar from the colTers.
Mount Zion Commandbbv will attend in
a body the spi vial service at Christ church
next Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. A
sernion appropriate to the occasion will bc
preacbed by Bev, II. F. Hill.
Some unregenerate youth remOVed the
utiction tlag from the store of Nicholas,
KeltOB X' Wheeler. and dei orated the door
of the .lrn. establishment with the car
dinal bnnttng, Monday night.
A party of little girls, who were enjoy
ing a picnic recently on Hubbard hill, were
Interrnpted by a young rowdy, who fright-
cned the girls by his rutlianly performancea
aml tinally chascd them down the hill.
An unsuccessful attempt was made last
week to lease Nicholas' meadow for base
ball purposes. The proprietor values the
right to the grounds at SllHi, and the hase
ballists concluded to " keep off the oraaa"
until real estate in that section dcdines in
Cards are out annoiinciug the marriage
reception of Miss Carrie Hurtou Ellis and
Henry Way Scott of Chicago, 111., Thurs
day evening, June li, at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis on Barre street. The
wedding ceremony will take place in Christ
church at eight o'clock.
Thk reoent rains washed out the Btreets
and sidewalks in many places, aud there
was much complaint last week of the
wretohed ItBte of the higbways. particu
larly on East State street and First avcnuc.
The work of tilling in and grailiug thedi
lapidated localities began on Monday.
The Mechanlca' Building and Construc
tion Company eleoted the following offloera
last Thursday evening: President, I). G.
Kemp; vioe-preaident, Asa Blancbard ;
clerk and treasurer, E. D. Blackwell. An
assessiiient of Bfteen per cent upon the
capital stock was levied, to be paid before
June L'.-..
The I'niversity of Vermont base-ball
' .nn plays bere against the local teani
Monday. June 10, on the Seminary grounds.
Wednesday, June 1'.', the Montpelier play
a return game at Burlington. The 1'ni
'crsity nine is probably the strongest
nine in the state and an effort will bc
made to put a team in the tield that will
make them hustle to v. in.
Tuinitv CHRI8TIAN BnDBAVOB Society
held a pleasanl BOclal, Wednesday evening,
Wlth Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Taplin. A short
litcrary programme was preaented, oonsiat-
Ing of recitations by Messrs. (ieorge New-
ton aml Livingatone of the Hill, and yocal
and inatrumental muaio. Bev. A. J, Sough
entertained the company by reading one of
his Intereating poems, entitled " The Coun
try Parion."
Labt Baturday Tbompton, Witberell &
Co. of Boston brought suit againsi George
I.. Nicliols, dealer m clotlnng. .Mr. Nicliols
stock in trade aud house were attached, and
his store is now in the hatuls of the sherilT.
On Momlay a second attachmonl was made
by another Hoston flrm. Mr. Nlcboli is
Bguring up his account s to ascertain his ex
aot huaineai itatua aml bopea to make a iet
' tlement with his creditnrs.
James EwiNo recently bought a horse of
Alanson I.uce of Berlin, agreeing to pay
ST.'c Jamea failed to keep his agreement
and Alanson acoordingly brought suit
against him. The hearing was held before
.lustice l.ord last Momlay morning, J. (i.
Wing appearing for the plalntiff aml F. I..
LaJrd for the defendant. Judgmenl wai
rendered in favor of the plaintilf for 8".r,
and the defemlaut promptly appealed to
connty oourt,
AUOB AND Wii.krkd. childreii of N. W.
Frink, were dri ing down Elin street Sun
da BftetnOOB in Mr. l-'riuk's teani. WbeB a
pari of tbe barness gave way aml the horse
ran away. I n going around t he eorner of the
oouriuonae tne cBrriBge was ncai iy over
turnedaBd Alice waa tnrown out. Wilfred
pluokily olung to the linee and the horse was
atopped by by-standers at the Pavilion.
Alice wnsslightly bruited by her fall, but her
iBjuriea were not scrious.
A dklkiiation of eleveli persoiis froin
Trinity Christian Endeavor Society went to
Jonei Hrook, Sunday afternoon. toassisi iu
the services at the schiiol-house. The
preaching service was followed by a short
oolal meeting aml Bunday ac,bool About
Hfty or sixty were in attendance aml much
Interest was luanifested in the meeting.
There will be a Sundav-sehool next Sun
day aml preaching services aml a Sumlay
lohoo tbe follOB ing Sunday.
Ki.kazer Bi DODOB hartered hoises last
week with Peter Badeau of Winooski, giv-
ing fifteeB dollars to boot. Mr. Dodge IOOD
learned that he had the worst of the hargain,
as the auiinal was much im liued to halk.
Tbat was bad enoiigh. hut when he found
that B. M. rlah had a lleB on the horae and
was about to scrvc a warrant, Kleacr insti
tUted a VlgOrOUI kick. PetBr agreed to set
tle tbe oeee by taking the horse back and
the olTer was aicepted. The only result of
the transaction was to lcave B deflcit of lif-
tcen dollars iu Mr. Dodge'a pookel money,
At the aniiual meeting of I lelta Chapter
of Hose Crolx, held at Burlington on Friday
evening, May 24, the following ollicers were
eleoted! Frank 11. Bascom, , M. W. and
P. M. ; George C. May, M'J ,8. W.; James
E. Currau, 82 , J. W.j Jerome B. Smith,
:t'J , G. (.; Sayles Nichols, 89 . treasurer;
Warren G. Heynolds, ,'t.l .gecretaryi John
A. Clapp, .'I'J , II. ; Jerome W. Goodell, : ,
M. of C; (ieorge H. Whitman, 82 , 0, of
i. Bev, Howard F. Hill, 88 , who was the
M. W. and P. M declined a re-eleetion.
The oftleers were installed by George O.
Tyler, 88 , comuiander-iu-chlef aml deputy
for the district of Vermout. This chapter
has two hundred memliers and 8l,.Vi in the
The annual meeting of the Washington
Oounty Conference of Congregatlonal
Church ei will be held at Plalnlleld June 4
aml 8, oommenclng Tuesday at ten a. m.
Bfld i loslng Wednesday nfteriioon. Bound
trip tickets will be sold at tlie stations on
the Central Vermont and Wells Itiver rail
roads for fare one way, not good after June
li. Each church In the conference is re-
QUeSted to be represented by laTgfl clcle
gatlon and do its part in carrying out the
programme and in taking back to their peo
ple much of help. The woman's inission
ary meeting will be held Tuesday at four
p. M. It is earnestlv desired that those in
terested, or wishillg to become interested
in missionary work, shoiild be present.
The Central Vermont Assoiiation of
I'niversalists will hold a convention at
Williamstown June a aml ii. The follow
ing speaknrs are expected: Hev. W. W.
Cutting aml Bev. I. I'. Booth of North-
tield, Bev, Myra Kingsbury of Morris
ville, Bev, Li F. Fortney of Plainfield,
Rev. l.ester Warren of North Montpelier,
Hev. S. A. Parker of Bethel, Hev. Wal-
ter Dole of Barre, Rev. II. E. Bobin-
son of Tufts College Divinitv School, Rev.
J. E. Wright and Rev. 8. C. Hayford of
Montpelier and Professor Charles Hole of
Northfield. There will be Hermons and
addresses on topics of importance con
nected with church work. A cordial invi
tation is extended to all interested to at
tend. llalf fare on the railroads.
THB Norwich I'niversity nine defeated
tbe Seminary teani on the latter'fl grounds,
Monday afternoon, by a score of eleven t
three. The Seiuinaries played well in the
tield, hut were nnable to put in their hits at
the proper time. In addition to this they
were badly handicappcd by the iBOBpBOity
of the umplre, one Prior of Northfield, The
yOUBg man was evldently badly atllicted
with ophthalmia and laryngitis, being un- I
abletogivea dedeion correctly or in an I
BUdlble VOice. A more Iamentable exhi-
bition of umpirical Imbecllity is leldoni wit- j
neaied in this enlightened niaeteentb cen-
tury. The sinall but appreciative crowd
recogni.ed his wor . at the close of the
game by honoring him with three groans,
Heenian covered tirst base in good style aml
Gleason caught well for the visitors.
Rev. (I. W. OAi.i.AdiiEit was installed as
paator of Bethany church last Thursday
afternoon. A large l ongregatiou was in at- j
tendaBce, many from the cburches iu netgh ;
boring towns being present. Thepnblioex
ercises commenced at half-past one. aml
after the invocation b.v llev. E. S. Fiske aml ,
reading of Bcrlptures by Rev. P. McMillan,
an (doqueut sermon was dellvered by llev. !
C. E. Harrington of Kecne, N. II., in a niost !
Impreaaive inanner. The installing prayer ;
by Rev, W, S. Hazen was followed by a
bright and vigorous charge to the pastor,
delivereil by Uev. N. lloynton of Hoston.
Rev. a II DeBevoise of Keene, N. H.,
gave the right hand of fellowship. and the
addreaa to the people was dellvered by Rev.
E. Hawes, D.D., of Burlington. After
prayer by Rev. Leonard Tenney, the exer-
cises olosed With the betiediction by the j
pastor, Rev. G. W. Gallagher
Brooks Post, (i. A. I!., the Woman's Re-
lief Corps and General BtepheB Thotnas
Camp, Sous of Veterans, assembled at the
memorial services last Sunday at the Church
of the Messiah. The desk and altar were
tastefully decorated with tlowers and bunt-
ing. Bpeclal muaic was turniahed by the
choir, eomprisiiig the following selectlons:
"Allelula," by Wilson; " Consolation," by i
Dow, sun,' by the male quartette; " To j
Thee, O Country," by Eichherg. Rev. J.
Edward Wright delivered an eloquent ser
mon appropriate to the occasion. giving a
rnoHt Intereating presentation of the pur
poses of the war of the rebellion and the
results of the struggle, particularly upon
the people of the South. The majority of '
the southerners, he tbought, now recognie i
their mistake in taking up arms against the
L'nion aml accept the issue of the war like
loyal men. Tho view which the speaker I
took of the future of the reunited nation
was a most hopeful one.
salesmen. Ile is looked upon as the Nestor
of a ealllng which now numbers many thou
sands. In the shoe husiness alone ther;
are l.'iOO drutnmers. Wherever he goos the;
travellng men treat him more an a parent
than OtherwlSS and nevcr tlre of his stories
about boW he traveled with a grin of shoen
on stages befire railroads reached anv town
i of importance as now, Mr Pagetells many
amusfng incidentsof people who have heanl
of him as the oldest ' drummef ' being sur
prised that he is not grav aml deereplt."
Thk board of listers has completed its
work aml tlled the books. The numher of
polls this year is ItTl , against !4I last year.
About 100 SXemntlons were made in th
case of persons beyond statutory age and
disabled soldiers. and on account of pov
erty, sickness, etc. This would swell the
numher nf taxahle polls to nearly 1,100, a
larger numher than ever before. The real
estate list is Sl.li'JT.on.-,, as . ompared with
1,(17, 70". iu lsss. The list of personal
property $1,400,408, as against $1196,601 In
Ihxh. The total grand list of the town Ifl
$83,816.13, against $38,901 last vear a de
crease of 81.OX4.S7. The decreaso in the
personal list is due to several cases of doub
lingand to the dlvisiou tif niimerous large
estBtes. Several large tax-payers have
dropped out entlrely aml a large amount of
money. invested in the new granite eom-
pany and in western and southern "boom-
ItOCB," is beyond the reach of tlie listers.
Ainong the large estates that have been lost
to the town are those of George Collamer,
amountiiig to SU.ihio. Septimus Clark, C.
W. Willanl, (i. C. Shepard aml others.
Considering the fact that so much money
has gone out of the town during the past
year to Fort Payne, Muncle, Denison and
elsewhere. it is remarkable that tlie list
hobls out as well as it does.
BBV. Mr. Evans preacbed at Shady Rill
last Sunday.
Hkkt Hailky is sick with intlammatory
PBOFBSSOB BtSBOF preacbed at West
Berlin last Bunday morning and afternoon.
Proi kssor Bishop took his class in naturai
philosophy to the electric light station last
Thk Seminary hand will disCOUrse sweet
muaio to the people of Piituamsville on
Decoration day.
Mr. RlJBLBB was OBlledhOOte to assist his
fatber in movlng the post-OfHce. He is ex
pected to return this week.
An agent from Nashua. N. H. waa at the
Seminary last week to contract for putting
iu sti'am beatlng apparatua. We umler
Stand that there is a good prospect of its
being done.
Gkiikok Chask was called home by atele
gram announcing the SUdden death of his
fatber. Mr. Cbaae was visiting in Con
necticut and retired in his usual nealth, but
was found dead in the morning.
FroHi Onr Tonn Correspondents.
Washington C'ounty.
Barre. The village, at a speeial meeting
last week, voted to put in a system of
sewers and to bond the village to the
i amount of $78,000 for that purpose. !
j Bev. o. T. Baymond of the Baptisi ohurohea
I of Barre and Montpelier preaehed the me
! morial sermon for the Grand Army in the
j opera-house last Sumlay. Nearly every
i seat in the house was occupied and the au
! dience listened to a sermon worthy the oc
! caslon. The speaker referred to the possi-
tnlities ot tlie lutiire of tlns country, wit li
its yet undevelopee resources, and dwelt
more at length on some of the dangers that
threaten the future, espeoially unrestricted
foreign lmmigratlon, with the freedoiu of the
ballot, Mormonismand the organiced liimor
power. Music was furnished by a choir of
Barre singers, assisted by Mrs. Eddy of
White River Junction and by Arthur
Wheelock, who is stopping for a few days
with his fatber, 1). Ii. Wheelock. Scripture
was read by Rev. Wal ter Dole. and Bev.
J. A. Sherburne olTered prayer. W. W.
I.apoint gave a recitation. Colonel J. H.
The hall game between niiies represent- i I.ucia of Montpelier will deliver theoration
ing Montpelier and Northtield. on the Sem- . on Thursday. The ( eutral ermont
inary grounds, last Saturday afternoon, was
WOn by tlie latter, tlirough costly errors oy
tbe home team at critical pointa. Boore,
seventeen to sixteen. The Moutpidiers
made ten hits with Bfteen totals, against
six hits and eight totals for Northtield. slole
seventeen bases to seven by Northtield and
made one error less than their opponents.
Tbe game might have been sa'cil in Ihe last
In&ing. however, but for a most ambiguous
deolslon by the umplre, Mr. Kimball of
Northtield. With two men out and two
riius needed to tie the score, Montpelier
had already scorcd one run, when Bhepard
was given out at third, although he was
clearly safe. A gcntlc proicst waa at once
entered, but the umplre was deaf to all per
suaaive appeala aml the game ended. With
the ezcepuon of this decision the umpiring
of Mr. EClmball was fair aml Impartial, his
work giving satisfaction to hoth teams,
Features of the game were the hatting of
Beeman, who pounded out two tbree-bag-gers,
aml the base-runuing of the Mont
pelier. To morrow (Thursday) forenoon details
from Brooks i'ost will go to the several
cemeteries and deoorate the graves of de
oeased comradea. lu the afternoon at haif-
past i ne o'clock the proeession will form
on Barre street. the right resting on Main
street, lu tbe following order: W. W.Noyea,
marahsJ, aml staff; Montpelier military
baud, T. B. Merrill, Jr., leader; Co. 11.
First BegimeBt, N. a. v.. Captain O. D.
Clark, oommanding ; Mount Zion Com
mandery, No. 9, Knighta Templar, W, A.
Brlggs, B. C, oommanding; oarriage with
orator, Bon. J. K. Batchelder. and cbap
lain. G. W. Gallagher; Qeneral Stephen
Tbomaa Camp, No. 31, Sous of Veterans,
First l.ieutenant Charles A. Siiiitli.com-
manding; oarrlBge with glee olnb; Brooks
Post, No. l.i, o. a . tt r. a. Mcnenna,
railroad is buildiiig an addition to its freigbt
, depot, E. M. Wheeler and wife re
turned Friday night from their wedding
j trip and have taken up their residence at her
home for the present. W. C. Nye's
Sunday-sohool class enjoyed a day at Berlin
pond Saturday. One of Rev. L. 1,.
Bceinan's sons is sick and Rev. J. A. Sher
burne had charge of Mr. Beeman 's evening
service last Sunday. O. C. Sheplee is
sick. A band-stand has been erected
on Currier park. Job printing Ol
every kind at th" Wak hman ottice. tiood
work aml reasonable prioes. Orders by
mail will have prompt attention.
! Fred Badger has been urawtng gravel from
the bank on South Main street for Dr.
Worthen. Monday forenoon, as he ret urned
for another load, the bank, which had been
undermined, gave way, and be started his
j team and jumped to get out of the way of
! the falling inass, but was too late, for a cart
stamling near was struek and thrown
against him and he was buried under tons
of gravel. He was probably instantly
kilied, as tHs neck waa broken aud many
' of the bones of his boily, thottgb his face
; was but little disligured.
Caiiot. Mr. J. P. I.amson goes to Barre
to deliver the Memorial day address.
East Montfblibb. Otis N. Kelton of
. Montgomery spent last week in town. He
is elgbty-four years of age aml forincrly re
sided here. He reiuembers well when tbe
I church at the Center was raised, he haviug
worked ou it , aml his father frameil it. It
was over sixty years ago. The house
on the Eri Morse farm has been repaired.
j Work on the new store at the East
Village is progressing rapidly. It is already
boarded aml shingled. - i Austin Tem-
pleton is putting a hascuicnt under his
liorse-harn. C. A. llersey" is maklng
extciisive repairs on his barn. t harles
ommauding: (lisahled soldiers in carriages; ; j.s building a verauda to his house.
citiens m can lages . citi.eiis on toot. I In
usual route of proeession will he taken.
when the following order of exercises will
he oarrled out at Oapital balli Muaio by the
band prayer by tlie chailaln; music by
the glee club ; address by Bon. J. K.
Batchelder: music by the glee club; me
morial ceremonies by Hrooks Post in iiiem
ory of falleu l oinrades. exercises by the
childreii rcprcscnting the states.
The following sketeh of the ' pioueer
drumnier," from the Kansoi ' s',o", will
have a local interest. " Mr. Joel 0. Page,
representlug a Hoston shoe llrm, the tirst
mau in America to sell goods b.v saniple, is
at the Mldland, Forelgnt years Mr. Page
bas not varled four days from getting to
Kansas City on the 1.1th of May and N'o
vemls'r. Hecause Mr. Page is the pioueer
travcliug salesman of America it mUSl not
lie Ihoiight that he is an old man, for he is
not. He would pass readily for foitv-tiv
allhougli he is tiftv-live. It
' ilriiniiiier lloeral, Jolly, aml has a host ol
friends. Mr. Page becaim traveling sales-
mao more bj aooidenl tban In ten tion, Be
was raised at Montpelier, Vt., and as a
Vunkee boy went to Boston to get eiuplov
ment. He entered the employ of James ('.
Basterbrook, a shoe-dealer. One day Page
wantcil to go back to his home to see his
WeetheBTt. He asked his employer to al
low him to take BlOBfl samples of shoes, sug
gesting that pcrhaps he OOUld sell sonic of
his oldT acqiiaintances a hill of goods. The
idea of selliug goods by saiuple waslaughed
at by Mr. Easterbrook, but the ainbitioiis
young fellow was uot only allowed to take j
Ituit llowman was at W.J. Foster's
last week. - Mr. and Mrs. E Amlrews.
Mr. and Mrs. I.. S. Pierce, Edward Pierce.
Mr. Slewart aml BolBBd Qrifflth came from
Moretown, Friday, to visit friends aud
relatives at the Center, and returned the
lirst of the week. - A daughter was
born to Mr. and Mrs. l.orenzo '.. ')rmsbee
Sunday, May 19. IraC. Dodge entered
the lisi of 0ewlymade " graudparenls " the
Hrst of the present montb, Mr. and Mrs.
Benjuuilnlt. Bu..ell of Middlesex beingthe
happy parenta of a tine boy. Dou H
Dodge, carpenter aml bullder, gs to
Montpelier this week to work at his trade.
A. A. Gove returned Sumlay from a
visit to Cabot. - The Watchman job
ollice has been thoroughly replenished
Printing of aii kinds done wlth neatnese
aml dlapatoh." Chlldren'a Bunday
wlll be obaerved here June B, A full at-
tendaaoe at church aml Sundav-sehoo!
is a typical i next Sunday is desired, in order to make
the necessary arraiigeincnts.
North Momtki.ier Albert N. Bliss
will preacb here next Sundav afternoon at
1 :U) o'clock.
M ARSHFIKI.D. M . (i. Dwiucll is home
from Worcester, Mass., to erect a DBOBU
nient in memory of his wife. Mr.
Stoiie of the Cabot hotel has gone into the
Marnhlield hotel. Mr. Meader goes to
Winooski Falls. Professor Bishop of
Montpelier is expeoted to preach at the
Metbodlat churoh next Sunday. E.
D. Bemia of Boston is visiting his brother.
A. Bemia. -rr- Send youroruera for print
ing of any kind to the Watchman ottice.
i .. . i
ai i i ne stiiiipies ne waio eo, u .c, uni-iru - . . . -
l.alf th.. nrXftt. of Hh.s made iu that wav. New and attrac ive stylesof type. nnproved
Between courtiug times Page mauaged to
sell a very respectable hill of goods. That
was In 1888, and ever sinee tbat time Mr.
Page has coutluued on tlie road iu the shoe
husiuess. Besides being the pioueer, Mr.
Page ls perhapu the best kuowu of traveling
tacilities. Good work and fair prices.
Rev. 8. C. Hayford will preacb here nezt
Sunday afternoon at two o'clock.
Shady Bill. There was a light frost
Rev. H. F. Dickey
Monday ning

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