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VOL. 84. 4313.
raitnnt kvkhy wnntAT n
The Watchman Publishing Company
At Montpelier, Vt.
AHTIHU HlU'l.S Montpelier. Vt.
. .Newport, Vt.,
Affrirulttttitt Eiiitor .
Tkrmb 92.00 year; 81.00 for six inonths;
Hfty oenta for threa monthii
Itcnrw Yoiir InbMrlptlonai
RtUffll blnnks have been sent to a large
number of aubacrlbera whoae attbacfiptiona
baveexplred. Hnjr othera wiii diacover
byaglunce Ht tha labels 00 their papcrs
iltat their aubaeriptiona are due. We re-
qucst of each OUfl a pronipt rcticwul. The
siiins are small, but tho aggregate la large.
Sellil tllt'tll lllollg.
Bnslneu and Amnaement
and Collara
stripes at
T. H. LANCB oi Cabot biiys all gr udes of
i.akisk aaaortment of bnndkerchlefs nt
Fkkncii llunnel dress shirts at Knight's,
Ladiks' and childrkn's jersey waists at
(iHKAT bargains in colored skirts at
Nkw rtbbone, ruchlngs, lacei
at Gleaaon'a.
Octino klannkls in fancy
All-wooi, business snits at Knight's,
Waterbury, fcir .x.
A dress for $1. Bee Barnard, Sumner &
Co.'s advertisement on the 91th page,
Iti v tba White lewlng-maohlne at i P,
( lleaaon St ! i.'e.
Thhkk pairsforSI. BM Barnard, Sum
ner & Co.'s advertiseinent on the tifth page,
Another lot of those twenty-flve-cent
lmlia gau.e vests for ladies just received at
Knight's, Waterbury.
Cottos i'npkkwkak for ladies and ohil-
dren at L. P, Gleason & Co.'s.
F you want a dandy nccktie drop In at
Knight'ii Waterbury.
Call and seo the new shade liats anl the
obildren'i daisy ha's at the Misses Flak.
You m buy at Knight's, Waterbury, an
IndlgO blue suit for jsx.
People deairing a good paint forbulld
ings, at a low priee, are referred to the ad
vertisement of the Patrons' Paint Works.
Fink open-front, white dress shirts at
Knight's, Waterbury.
Thk new bymn-booka for Bethany church
have come and are ready for distrilmtion to
ubsoribera at George w. Wilder'a muslo
store. Excblbiob WATBBfrom Saratoga Springa
purc, freab, aparkling and genulne by the
glaaa orgallon, at Frank H. Baacom'a drug
and cigar-atore,
YOU t'an buy WOOl dress gooda at Wheat
ley's for twenty-tive cents a yard. These
gOOda are thirty-six inehes wide and are
the new aprlng oolora.
Pbopli deairing Qrit-olaaa teama at raa
onable pricea wlll do well to call at the
Uvery-atable of 0. (i. Downingi rear of
Union Card Coinpany, Main street.
(i. W. WlUn has in stoek at liis mual0
store several seeond-tiaml organs, made by
Maaon & Hamlin. Batey and Qeorge Wooda
Co., whloh he arlll aell at. nni lout prici .
IIkad llie advertisement if ,1. (). I.iv- l
iiiRstone, agent for the Keering mowers, in ,
another eoluntn, Vn examination of thia
maohlna wiU prove its luperiorlty to ull j
H. P. White, adminiatrator, East Calais, j
Vt., wiU seii at public auotlon on Baturday, .
Jnne 1.1, 1889, at nine o'olook A. M. , the real I
estate and peraonal property of the late T.
Cellnda Jack.
To Lumiikiimkn:- Wantedi tocontraol for
the OUttlng of a largo qnantity of heinlook
timber and peeling the bark, one inile from
Itidley Station. Impiire of I.nther Davis at
Waterbury, or Arlhur Ilopes at Montpelier. I
Harnaiiii, Si mnkr & Co.'s spei'lal non- '
orooklng itooklBgt, thTaa pairs for 91. are
hnving a (jreatsale and inany iiuitators, hnt
notbtng has ever apiroaehed tliem in ex- !
oellenoe for the money. Baa advartlaemanl
on the tifth p nje.
Thkkk are inany veterans who have rlaitns
for penaiona pending tbat would do well to
consult .Tatni's E. Ctirran, who has had over
tx yaarn1 experienoe ai a apaolal exatniner
and is thoroughly (amiliar wlth all the lawa
and rullnga of the departments. He luakes
snred, I6SS.8T. l'rolit, bestdes the benelit of
the risk twenty-four ynara, 94:i1.W. .1. H.
Seaver, agent, No. 19 Stato ntreet, Mont
pelier, yt.
Ii ka iv-M ArtK blonse waists for ladies anil
i hildren at (ilenson's.
Knkiiit. at Waterbury, sells the eele-
l.rated BfoMIHan panta, He has thatn in
si.es from tbirty to forty-eight Inofa waist.
Thk marrlaga Mrvloa thtl eveninc at the
Chureh of the Messiah of Mr. Eerrln and
Miss Sabin tl strietly private. Only those
invited wlll be adtnltted.
Thk attention of farmen is oalled to the
advertisement of Itarrows .t I'eek in regard
to the Walter A. Wood horsc-rake. Call
and exatnine theli stock of fans implementa,
Mtaa Maroakbt Howamo ORAia of New
Vork is at the l!i erside. Sho was unable
to begin lier I'ourse of liistorical readiiiRs
as announced on aocount of aavere iiiness.
it is hoped by hei phyaiclan that aha wlll
be able to tneet her audienees in Montpelier
and Barre next waek, Nubaorlbara wlll re-
ceive due tiolice.
Thk approaoh of anmtnei auggeata fout
purehases whioh the avorage man mtist
make toaatiafy bii famtly. These four pur
ehases are a batnmock, a seersueker roat , a
fan and a pia.za ehair. Pot the hist-nameil
artlele he ean not do better than visit tlie
spaeious warerooms of Paine's Furnitnre
Company, 19 Canal street, BOBtOD.
A FACKAOI to make live Rallons of Ir.
Swett'a Etoot Heer, twentyflve cents; by
mail, thirty-one cents; four packapes, Sl.Od,
prepald, Compoaed of largaparilla, Hfe of
man, juniper, etc, eto. An agreeable drink.
whiie aoting gently and beneflolally on tba
stomach, liver and kidneys. Pnl uponly at
the New Bngland Botanic lepot, 240 Wash
ington street, Hoston, Mass.
Hksiof.s tlie speetal bargains Itarnard,
Snnmer & Co., Wori'ester, Mass., offer,
tbey oontinue to stock their wareroema wlth
an unrlvaled llne of staple and aeaaonabla
goods. tf the ladies do not get all tlie in-
formation tbey daalre from the advertiae
meni on the tifth page of tliis paper, tbey
should send for hlli Hour, tlie thlrty-tWO-
nase DUblioation of thia houie, Benl free
on application.
It is a strong foature of tho guaranteed
inortgnges and bonds offered by A. O.
Ciimmins, eastern manager of tlie I'ierre Sav
ings Bank) Pierre, Dakota. that the officera
are much the largest stockholders of the
bank, and have livcd long in the district
where the loans are made and are tbufl able
to deolde peraonally unon the mcrit. of all
loans, not dependlng upon the judgtnent
of Bubordinate agenta,
Thk Nkw Enoland Mutval I.ikb Tnsur
anck Company issues life-rate endowmeut
poliolea at tlie (dd life-rate preininm. An
nual cash diatributlona are paid upon all
policies. Every policy has indorsed thereon
tlie ;.sh-sui. ndcr aixl paid-up Insurance
values to whloh the insured is entitled by
the Ma; sachusetts statute. Pamphlets,
rates and values for any age sent on appli
cation to James E. Curran, Montpelier, gcn
eral agent for Vermont.
Thk HoT-WxATHBB IIemkdv. The sales
of the Gold Medal Baraaparllla has In-
creased beyond all expectations, being just
what people demand in hoi weather to
ward olT disease and to keep the blood purc
and healthful, With red dover added, thia
makea tlie moet popalar remedy f tlie
timea. Beventy-flve cents for large bottles;
Inoreaae and
Advice free.
rejeoted olaltna a ipeoialty,
iturlington County
1889. Mr. " H'.
(irange, N. .1., Man b
IngtrtOll, VtOt Sir : Our grange hall was
painted w ith yoiir paint, about lifteen years
ago, and s'ands good yct. Vours frater
nally. Alliert IlaineH." See advertise
ment of Patrona' Paint Works on third
page. K4Uor )
Vriniino-M ArniNK. It washese erything,
from a lace collar to the coarKcst material.
Wasln s better than can be done by haml,
and in one-third the time and with one
quarter tbj labor. A great succeHH. A few
salesmen wanted. Address C. I.. Koberts,
general agent, Montpelier, Vt.
Wantkd-A DOaltiOn in a grocery store,
at Montpelier or Barre, by a ilngle man
twenty-eight years old, a foriner itudenl at
tlie Vermont Methodist Seminary, and a
young man who has had a nuniher of years'
experiem e and Ihoroughly understands
every part of the business. Impiire of
Ilev. A II. Truax, Montpelier, Vl.
Endowmknt rOUOT No. 4:i,H:i'.l was issiicd
by the Connecticut ICntna) i.ifo uauranca
Company Kebruary 'J7, 1865, to mature May
(i, IHK'.i, at whioh time the company paid in
oaafa to the Inaurad, Inolnding sm pani
Kebruary '.'7, 1H89, 1,06T,09, Total of pre
uiiuuis paid to tlie company by the in-
six bottles for ?4. Sold by all medicine
dealcrs. Prepared only by .7. V. Babcock.
druggtit, Montpelier, vt.
Kor SALK. An excellent farm is olTered
for sale in Williamstown, Vt., about !wo
iuiles from tlie village, cotnprising two hun
dred forty acres of land in a good state of
cultivation, with luitable buildingi thereon.
Will keep a large stock of oattle and a
team. it baa a very flne sugar orchard of
some lifteen hundreil to two thousand
ntaplea, Thia farm is well watered, has
good pastnrage. etc. It will he sold to cor-
reapond with the tlmea. Voi (urther infor-
mation apply to I). W. Cummings, Mont
pelier, Vt.
Thk adTertlaement of Mr. John ! Jatnea,
Wlohita Falla, Texaa, has been runnlng in
thia paper for several montha, As Mr.
.lames' advertisement appeals somcwhat
to tlie confldenee of investors, it is proper
to slate that he has hehl some otlices of
trust and responsihility in that state, of
Whioh state, thougli a Virglnian by birlh,
he has been a resident for over Iwcnty
years. He was for several years president
of the Panbaudle Mational Bank of Wloblta,
nntii bia Loau and real estate bualneaa be
I gan to demand all bia time. Thia bualneaa
he has conducted successfull v, aud it is
steadily extemling. Among Mr. .lames'
customers in Vermont aru the First Na
tional Bank, Bennington, aud I.. W. Kim
! ball and Joaeph Wilder, Brattleboro; in
New Hampshire, the I'nion (iuaranty Sav
ingi Bank, Oonoord , with othera in Maeea
' c husetts and Connecticut. Business in
trusted to Mr. James' hands will have his
careful attention.
Thk Kakmkrs' Tri'st Company. This
company was incorporaleil in 1988 and has
Itei'ti in uIIm 1, iwim.su uince. Ft hss n nuiil.
up oapltal of Hfty thousand dollars aud a
spei iai guarantee fund aocuntulated whioh
aniOUnta at this time to about twelve thOU"
land dollars. White tlie control of the
poinpany is in the hands of well-knowo real.
denta f Vermont, it raliea axcluaively on
western seciirity in tlie matter of invest-
ment, and makaa no Loan whloh the mana
ger s can not ascertain by ersonal investi
gation to ba secured beyond all oiiestion.
Safety has
With this end in view the company will
guarantee the payment of six, and in inany
oaaea aaren, per cent Intercst to pnrchaners
oi its lecuritiea, ballevlng that thia is all
that the safcst Une of invettmenta and oon
servative managament wiii warrant, The
Parmera' Truat Oompany has aegotiatad
about six bundred loana, aecurad on real
estate. lu each case investors have raoalved
their Intareat promptly and the prim ipal at
maturity. The compauy has ac(iiiiel no
land by foreclosure. Theae are facts wlilch
tnveatora are invited to investlgate. Ixians
are constautly on hand from two huudred
dollars and upwards and are for sale at the
Offloa tn Montpelier, Vt. Corresponii with
K. A. Uwinelf, president, or George W.
Wing, treauurer.
Montpelier nnd Vicinlty.
Khkd LONO returns this week to Boston.
Bobaci mahmn left for Portland, Maine,
I,. W. BRBDD returns to Itoston the lasl
of this week.
o. .7. vaii. is bulldlng a doubla tenement-
hoHse on I.oomis street .
Mns. .7. P. Klandkrs returned hvst Eri
day from Malone, N. Y.
Mns. Smith S. BaMABD is expeeted from
Jeffersonville this week.
(i kokok Whki.an is news agent on the
Montpelier m white RlTar railroad.
Ma, and Mns. Qidui w. Wroo want to
Boston last Thursday for a brief visit.
Thk Ohlldren'a day conoart of the Baptist
church will be hehl next Sundav evening.
B. M. Bhmpabd bought a flne Blaokhawk
horse last week of BlfaU Cohurn of Cabot.
Thomas I'kmiuiokk. teli'graph operator at
East Granville, was at hotna over Bunday,
A MKi.TiNii of Wabun Tribe of I.'ed Men
will be hehl Friday night lo nominatc otli
cers. Mns. M. I). (in.MAN and Mrs. E. E. I! 1
havegone to Quaen City park for a ahort
Thkkk will be a band coneert at the
Pavillon bandatand Friday night at elght
Wii.i.iam Bkst, express agent between
l.ancaster and Boston, wn.s in town over
Mb. Fbcd Cahpbbxl and wlfe of iioston
are visiting Mr. CampheH's sister, Mrs. C.
W. Looklln,
JoHN Ai.mon will play clarinet in tlie
band this summer; likewise Mr. ltanson of
St. Jolinstiury.
Chandi.kr W. PAUt has sold his farm on
the Worcester l.ranch road to James E.
Boltnea t.,i 92,000,
GlOBaa BAOLBT is attending the en
campment of tlie Sons of Veterans at Ben
nington this week.
An epidemic of mumps is raging in full
blaat on the HiH. Btgnteen oaaea were re
ported Baturday night.
CntjDRItt'a DAY will be observed at Trin-
ity ohuroh Bunday, Jnne 23, by a Bunday-
sohool coneert in the evening.
Thk tirst ilegree was conferrcd upon four
oandldataa at the Friday evening meeting o!
Thomas Wildey Encaiiipinent.
J. B. Smith. who is to be forenian of the
Be lin Granite Coinpany, has moved his
fainily from Boston to Northfield.
A lakok maple tree iu front of Harry
I.owe's. ou Main street. wa.s blown ilown in
the thnnder-storin of Sunday night.
Thkiik will be Chihlren's day services in
the school-house iu the Jones' brook neigh
borhood Sunday afternoon, Jnne 3S.
Thkkk was a large attendance at tl ut-
door coneert given hy the band at the I'nion
Sohool atand last Wedneaday evening.
WABB Kostkh. I0n of Joel Foster of this
village, was ehosen mayor of Douglas, Wy-
oming, at the recent municipal eleotion.
Childbbn'a day was ohaerved last Bunday
at the Church of the Messiah by a dedica
tion service. Two chihlren were dedicated,
Stii.i.man Ciiask will remodel his barn
Into a dwelltng-houae for H. Ii. Nowtos,
who has purchaaed the adjoinlng lot of
0. M. COBB of Woodstock is working for
the Lane Manufacturing Company and will
play the clarinet in the Montpelier military
Thk Vermont State Eclectic Medical Bo
Olety hehl its annual meeting at the I'a-
vilion on Wedneadayand Thursday of last
Thk Hotne Missionary Society of tlie
Methodist church will bofd asocial tea with
Mrs. John Voodry. Court street, Thursday
PBOFXAIOB Ski.ioman of New York, who
is occupying the Bhepard bouae f(r the svni
mer, baa sent to New York foraoarriage
and thjee horses.
Thk railroad coininissioners rendered a
decision yesterday against the Central Ver
mont in the case of that corporat ion agalnat
the Barre railroad.
Captain O. i. Ci.ahk expeota to give tlie
militia some practice in target-shooting m
1 the near tuture. Several new recmita will
prohably he received in ,1 few weeks.
PbOFBIIOR (I. F. Kknaston of Indiana,
a former resident i ,f Washington county and
a graduate from the Seminary, eailed for
Enrope on Wednenday byateamer " City of
j Paria."
Thk memhers of Mount ion Command-
! ery went to Burlington yesterday to attend
the Masonic meellng. The Commandery
bolda a special festival in the hall of Wash
i ington Lodge at half-past seveii o'clock in
the evening.
Thk work of moviog T lu r building in the
rear of the old noat-offloe from South
Main to Ilarre street was commenced last
Friday. The itlnerant edlflce orawled
i along at a moderate pace, and apenl the
Babbatfa in front of the Cohlen Kleece
i 't'HKKK was a livaly diiturbance in the
. Nicholas auctiou-rooms last Saturdav night,
due tn the presence of certain imli vlduali
who eudeavored to amuse themselves by
tipping over tlie coiinters aiul assisting in
the bldding. The olfen'ders were tinally
ejected and peace reatored,
coi-onki. Frkd E. Skttb entertained
about twenty of his ralativea yesterday af
ternoon, the occaaloa being his blrtoday
anniversary. Aftc-r dining at the Pavillon
the company adjouriied to his residence
on Elm street, where the afternouii and
j evening were pleasautly spent.
Thk Montpelier base-ball club plays the
t niversity of Vermont team at Burlington
t his afternoon at tliree o'clock. The nille
I leavea on the 9i 4fi train, and a good orowd
' ought to accompany tbem for protection
against the natives. The I'niversity will
put its strongest team in the tield aud will
make a deterinined elTort to "eat" the
Gkobiik Sandkhs and I.evi I'ersons he
caine involved, last Saturdav, iu an alterca
tion, whioh tinally rcsulte'd in an inter
change ui the coiirtesies of war. I.evi im-
mediately enterad a oomplalnt of aaaanlt
against his adversary. The case was tried
the same day before Justi e Smilie. Judg-
rnent of guilcy of dlaturblng the peace by
uarreling was rendered agalnai tha da
fendant, and a llne of $1 and costs, ainount-
Ing in all to $H.7,'i, was Impoaed. Irome-
diatcly after, Sanders entered a similar
complaiiit against I'ersons, hul a " nolle
prosequi " was entered.
TiiKHccond annual raUUlOn of the Fiftb
Kegiment, Vermont Volunteers, will be hehl
.ii lliiiliugton on Thursday, June 20. The
execiitive coinmittee have thOUghl hest to
changc the date of the reiinion to the '.Dtli,
as the Stannard iiioniiment is tn be dedi-
occur at tlie same time and place. Out
of respect to one of Vermont 's greatest
lieroes it. has deolded to comply with
the requaat, The time was oxteniled for
four weeks to enahle ngents in tlie larger
tOWna and cities to cllspose of their tlckets.
Owlngtoa large sale of tlckets the com-
mittee has uded to its list ten more
cash preserts of 8100 each. The tlckets
already sold will be gOOd for the postiione
ment. and the tlckets llrst issued will cop-
tlnne on aala, good July 18, i" and is.
Wii.i.iam Fishku dlad last Sunday tnorn
ing, at two o'clock, of mi'mbraneons cronp,
after a brief illness. Mr. Kisher was born
in Reading. Vt., In 19B3. Ife had been a
resident of Montpelier iintil about Ihree
years ago, when he went to Chicago, where
iie hehl a pOaitiOH in a hardware store.
Previons to his oomlng East, about tliree
weeks ago, he had been iu a hospital in
that city, sulTering from rheumatism. Last
Thunday he was Sttddenly taken with sore
throat, whloh developed into a dlphtharetlc
ditlicultv, and he grew steadily worse, aud it
resulted in his death Sunday inorning. The
deceased was a young man of iileasant and
engaglng manners and will lie sincerely
mourned by his niiiny friends. The funeral
gervicea were held at the tomb Sunday
afternoon, Rav. . w. Gallagher officlAting,
Messrs (ieorge Bmllie, E. I. Hyde, Biehard
Hyde and Kred Bancroft Were the bearers.
nream-whlte faiiie, handaomaly embroid
ered in silk, and carrled jacquemlnot roses.
The two iiridesmaids were dressed In
cream-whlte Chlna silk anil tisb-net, anil
carrled Ptnk roses. Mrs. J. W. Ellis,
motherof the hride, wore haavy hlack silk
and carried hellotropes. Immediately after
tl eremony at the ehiireh over two hun
dreil invited gnests gathered at the resi-
danoe of the brida'a jiarentson Barraatraet,
where the wedding reception was held.
The house was hrilllantly lighteil and deeo
rated with banked ferns and tlowers. Mr.
and Mrs. Scott stoocl, during the reception,
in an evergreen hower nnder an nrcb, from
whleh was SUapended R bOW and arrow.
In the dining-rooin lces, cake and COffee
were served. The eouple took the early
Dortharn train Friday morning ani wiii
make a wedding tour to Lake Champlain.
Lake George, Saratoga, New Vork and
Niagara, after which tliey will take up
their residence in Chicago. In the marriage
of Miss Ellis Montpelier loses one of its
i most popular and highly-respected young
! ladies. If other proof were wanting, the
i inany beautiful antl costly wedding pres
j ents WOuld testify to tlie high esteem in
which the eouple are hehl by their large
oircle of frienda, Tliey carry with thein to
i their western bome the hest wishes of the
entire OOtnmnnlty for a h'm ntttuti' across the
matrimonial sea.
been the tirst conshleration. 5- "" '"aI ""' "'' 'oinmittee Has
, ., ... made arrangeineiits with the si-veral rail
road Unea for a reduotion of fare. The
Central Vermont, Bennington . Rutland,
Burlington & Lamoille and Uontpelier &
Wells Biver railroada wlll aell round-trlp
ti kets for fare one way. Tiikets are good,
goingi the 19th and BOthj returning, the
SOtb or 'Jlst. Those persons who wish
rooms eugageil at either hotel or private
house will do well to noiify E. H. Trick,
Brandon, at onoe.
Thk Grand Anny fair of Brooks Post, No.
111, wliich waa to take place June IK, 19 and
.'0, has been postponed, by request. Ulltll July
16, 17 and Is as inany of its agenta aud
patrons desire tO Bttand the UUVeiTlng of the
Stannard luonumeut at Burlington, June
20, aml the reuuion of the Setond, Nintli
aud othur Vermout regimeuts, which will
rOLIaOWnta is the programnie of the
annual cointnenceinent exereises at the
Seminary. which begin to-day: Wedneaday,
June 12,7:80 p.m., Junlor prise declama-
tions aml recitations. Friday, Jnne 14,
8:00 P. M . , reception to graiinating i lass.
Bunday, June 18, 10:30 a. m., annual ser
mOO by the princitial. Mouday and Tues
day, June 17 and is., oral examinations.
Mouday, June 17, BrOO p. m., anuiial reoltal
of inusic (lepartinent. Tuesday, June is,
2.-00 p. m., annual meeting of trustees; 7 ::)
r. h , seuior prie declamationa and recita
tions. Wedneaday, June io, OrfW a. m.,
annual meeting of Aliimni Library Associa
tion; 10:00 a. m., class-day exereises; 13:00
M . . business meeting of Alniuni Assocla-
tionj 1:30 p. m., annnal dlnnai at Pavillon
hotel; H:0ll p. m., address before alumni,
by I'rofessor I). Dorchester, Jr. Thursday ,
June 20, ! t : ; tf A. M., cominencement i xer-
oiaea; l :oo p, m., art exhlblt,
i hk game of ball between the Burlingt
fjtllversity team and the Montpeliers
the Seminary grounds. Monday afternoon,
came to a most antimaly end. During the
earlier part of the afternoon the heavens
dislilled coplouslv upon the already moist I
earth, and it lookeil for a timeas if there
would he no game. But before four o'clock
the clouils had taken iinto themselves wings
and the Montpeliers took the Held. For I
the lirst two InnlngB the ball was wet and
it was impossible for the pitcher to control '
its erratic Rtght. The Burlingtons scorecl
two rnns in the lirst inning and seven in
the second. After this the Montpelier bat
tery settled ilown to business and the visit
Ora were nnable to get a man across the
plate. The Montpeliers were steadily
gainlng on their opponenta when. with the
score seven to six in the last ball of the tifth
inning, the hreak came, The umplre had
been getting in his deadly work against
the bome team all througb the game, and in
this inning. with Montpelier at the bat, no
one OUt and two men on bases, he perpe
trated a most villninous decision that '
caused the spectatora to groan in agony,
A prompt protest was entered against the j
decision, whereupon the burly Burlington
captain ordered his neta otT the tield iind
refused to continue the game. Theuinpire, I
after waiting the prescribed time, awarded !
the game to Montpelier, nine to nothing.
The action of the Burlington team was
childisb in the extreme and was due solely
tO their desire to escape the defeat in store
for them. They were evidently diaap
OOinted in flndtng that they had at last run
up against a team which was no "snap"
for tliem, and took that way of extricating
themselves from the hole in which they
were located.
Chii.dukn's dav was observed last Sun
day at Bethany church, forenoon and even
ing. The church was beautifully decorated
with evergreen, banked fems and tlowers.
In the morning the Bunday-BCl 1 oocupied
seata in the boay of the bouae and the paa
tor delivered a brlght and Intereatlng ser
mon eapecially for the obildren. Theeven-
j Ing service consisted of a coneert by the
I Sunday-aohool. The school marched in a
' body from the chapel to the auditoriuui, and
after prayer by the pastor anil singing by
the ohoir the following programme was
rendered: Reaponalve reading, school:
choruB, "Qod'a Hand Over All," sobool;
recitation, " How Beautiful This World of
Oura," Miss Laura Ropeaj reaponalve read
ing, class of young men; song, " Foreal
Kairies," ohorUS of little girls; recitation,
"WhyWe Give Thanks," tliree chihlren;
oolleotlon; reaponalve reading, class num
ber 10: song, " Bring Buda aml Brlght
Bloom, seven young girls; recitation, Miss
Mary Osgoorl ; " Bongol the Pansies," ohorua
of ten little girls with pansy wreaths, alter-
natlng with a ohorua of boya; recitation,
"Jeana' Little Lamba," thrae little girls;
ohorua, " Buramer Is with I's Agaln,
sobool; reaponalve reading, class number
1.'!: song, " Summer is Calling," solo by
Josie I'ierce and chorns by Laura Bmltb,
Carrle Deavitt aud fda Giaborne; recita
tion, Miss Anna Guernaey; solo by Btella
Crandall of Berlin, with ohorua by ohoir;
Song, " Beautiful, Heautifiil Lilies," lohoolj
reaponaive reading, class number 21; recita
tion, M1.8 rXIU Meinecke; " Ileather Bells,"
solo by Btella Crandall and chorns by
tWenty-tWO girls: remarks by the pastor;
" Fatber Keep Our Hearta," acbool; bane-
dlotion. Every number on the programme
was excellentiy rendered, and the coneert
was greatly enjoyed by the large audtenoe
present. The solos by little Stella Crandall
aml the " Song of the l'ansies " were par-
tloularly Rne, N. w. Erink, the super
Intendent, preelded. The ucoeaa of the
oonoerl was due to the etforts of the coin
mittee in chargt Mrs. N. W. Prink, Mrs.
W. A. Briggs and Miss Mary Macomber.
Thk marriage of Miss Carrie Burton Ellis
of Montpelier aml Mr. Henry Clay Boott of
chicago took plaoa last Thursday evening
at Ohrlat church. The audltorltim was
beautifully decorated for the occasion with
ferns, eerrreens aud llowers. At tl n-
trance of the central aisle, in the rear of the
church, was a hamlsome evergreen arch and
at tho front a lloral gate. At the chancel,
u here the ceremoiiy was performed, was a
graoefnl arch of evergreen, from the cetiter
of w hich the wedding-bell waa suapended,
The windOW in tha rear of the chancel was
profuseiy decorated with rloweri and potted
planta in bloom, aml ou each side of the
steps were placed banked ferns aud plants.
At the Bntranoe of each pew was a sprig of
evergreen intertwineil with daisies, aud
from the pillars lning cornucopias lilled
w ith ferns. Shortly aft'r elght o'clock the
brldal party entered the ohuroh and paaaed
up the mlddla alala, precedad by the nanera
Messrs. 0. K. Lowe, II. M. Cutler, G. II
Rolfe and ltalph Deiiny. The bride was
escorted by the liridesiualda Miss Lulu
Ellis of .Montpelier aml Mlaa ' raoe Reed of
Boston. M is- Mary Keed of BottOO acting
as maiil of houor. At the foot ,f the clian
cel steps tht tiride was met by tlie groom
and escorted to the attar, where tha beauti
ful and iiupressive service of the ritual was
pronounoed by the reotor, Mr. J. w. Bllis
gave his daiighter in marriage and the twaiu
were made one for life, Mr, a. w. Perrin
of Montpelier BOOOmpanled ""' groom as
Deat man. Mi. II. II. Scriliner presided at
il rgan during the ceremoiiy and rendered
several appropnate aelaotiona in his usual
tlnished style, among the numher being the
Brldal Maroh, by Lohangrin, and Men-
delssohn's Wedding Marcb. The ladies
would hardly OOnsiuSr this aCOOUnt coiu
pleie withoiit a word in regard to the toi-
lets. The bride wore a heavy creain-whito
silk, beautitully ilraped wtth roses
smilax, aml carrleil a bompiet oi cream
roses. The uaid of honor was utttred in
Ohil ii.i i i .
Kihki.d. By the death of Colonel orange
Plfleld a eoininanding ligure atld a famous
obaracter has dlaappeared from the atage
of mortal activlties. Gf robust physical
fraine, he had prolongeil the peraonal inan
sgement of his estate far beyond the period
when uan'a aotlve partiolpatlon in affatra
enda. Thrown from a oarriage some yars
ago, and receivlng Injurlea that materially
crlppled his . nergies and enfeebled lilm,
accluenl aeemed to prevall where time aml
the strain of a busy life had faileil to make
their powers felt, The fatal eneniy of
inany elderly people, pueumonin, assailed
blm, aiul on Wedneaday morning, Jnne B,
his vital forees sni remlereil. Celonel
Orange Pideld was deBcended from old New
Eugland stock. His parents, Colonel Sam
uei Flfleld aml Barali Davis Fifleld, came
from Hopklnton, N. II., and settled in
Orange, vt., In I79T, when this land, now
threaiaed by Llghwaya aml raitroads, was a
wilderness and the blazed tree was the set
tlers' gulda-poat. In the " forest primeval "
Mr. Kitield was born April 2. 1808, and he
had the primitive advautages for edneation
possessed by the Vermont hoys of that day.
Nature had liberally endowed the youth
with qnalitlea that fonnd a rapid develop
nient aiuid the OPPOrtunities for trallic pe-
CUllar to a newly-sottled country. He had an
aptitude for trade, and became a leading
operator in the staple articles of mer
chandise of half a cenliiry ago. A shrewd
ness that became proverbial, a Judgtnent
that was rarely at fanlt, an enterprise that
was never timld were his leading charac
teristics as a tradesman. He was for many
years postniaster at tlrange and repre
sented tbe town ln the legialature. Heim
bibed the martial spirit of his tlmea and be
came colonel of a regitnent of state militia,
and also commander of a brigade in tlie
palmy daya of the old New England mns
ter. His liusiness and Bnancial BBgacity
made him a direetor in the old Orange
County Bank, the associate and business
peer of the notable men of the county. Mr.
Fifield possessed an intelligence that was
peculiarly his own, and he had a faeulty of
diaCOVering tlie strong polnta in a case and
of atating them in language that was dis
tlngulahed by its teraeneaa, tucidity and
plotureaque force. His formulas for attain
ing luccess iu business, his uuirpie eiu-
boulmenl of every-day wiadom in striking
phrase may not ha'c been c'assic, but they
were instinct with originality and compact
common aenae. The gener.itintn among
which he lived will not soon forget his
maxlma and pungenl aaylnga, liy reasou of
their Inherent wisdom, as well as of the
groteaque garb ln which he olothed them.
In 1868 Colonel Kitield moved to Mont
pelier. In 1832 he married Melissa Nelson,
whose death occurred some years
Fonr of their six chihlren survive B. F.
Fifleld, Baq.i Henry E. Fifield and Miss
Sarah Fifleia of Montpelier, and Mrs
charles l). Mather of Boston. Funeral
services were hehl at his late residence on
Friday, Rev. (;. W. Gallagher, aaaisted by
Bev. itoward F. Hill, offloiating.
OabpBNTBB. J, H. Carpenter, aged Bfty
eight years, died in Marshfield June 7. He
wa.s a good man md a useful cltizen. He
served in the army nearly tliree years, and
Inourred diaeaaea from which he suffered
untll his death. He had held varlous town
ntii. es for a good many years. All speak of
him as a kind, exemplary man and one
who will be gr'atlv luissed. 'I he funeral
services were hehl in the I'niversalist
church, of which he was a member, Bev.
S. C. Hayford olliciating. Members of the
Grand Army post were present at the
Kroin Our Town Correspondents.
Washington County,
pended about the andience-rooms.
The Goddard comiiiencetnent will begin
Jnne 23, Hev. J. Smith Dodge of ('onnei tl
CUt, the most elnqiient dlvine In the Uni
versalist church, is to preach the i-lass ser
mon. Monday wlll oeciir the grand coneert.
The one feature that will attract an untlSUa
amllence is that it Is to be tlie lnst, appear
ance in coneert here of Mr. Kred M. Blanch
ard, the popul ir corn -it. Mr. Blanchard
has hosts of friepd n Ilarre and vlcinity,
and no young ii u will be more missed in
the OOmmtl j in wliich he has spent. his
early v -. than he. His excellent quali
tic e andaafad blm to many, and his
ical alillity has ever been reeognized bh
itUperlOTi Tbe eommencement this year
will prove an iiniisual one. A large num
ber of atudente graduate, severaJ rennlona
oceur, and Goddard wlll probably have tho
most notable commeneetnent in her history.
BBBLIH. Davld Robart has been taken
to the Brattleboro insane asvluin. I
Mrs. A. 1. Crandall of Pblladelnhla, I'enn.,
is spending tlie summer with lier parents,
Mr . and Mrs. J. N. I'errin. : Eunice
House aml Mary I'errin are home from
Lakewood, N. .1., where they spent tho
wlnter, H. L. Caaa reeentiy loat a
tine young eolt. 1 Clarence Stewart has
sold his eolt to J. N. I'errin.
Cabot. The dramatic entertalnment
given by the Good Teniplars, last Tuesday
evening, was well attended aml a good time
enjoyed by all. The mualo was furnisheil
by Ira H. Edson aml Miss Linnie I. Foster,
larmet aml organ. At Its last tneet-
Bab rb. The railroad oommissioners came
liere, last Thursday , for the oontlnued hear
ing ou the queatlon of oroaalng Depot street.
Mr. Sortwell and Mr. Shurtleff came iu be
balf of the Barre road, and ex-Govemor
Bmltb and (Ieorge W. Winu, Esq., in be
half of the Central road. ( lovernor Smith
asked for another continuance, as Hou. B.
F. Fifield was prevented from attending on
aCOOUnt of the death of his father. Mr.
Wing also ipoke in favor of a continuance,
tatlng that Mr. Kitield had the inanage
inent of the case, that no one else was famil
lar with it aud that neither he nor Governor
Smith had had opportunity to consult with
Mr. Fifield tO prepare for it. Mr. Wing
also stated some points of law that would
have to be considered hy the coiiiuiissioners.
Mr. Bhurtleff replied to Mr. Wing, oppoaing
a oontlnuanoe aml taking laaue with him ou
his OOnatruction of the law. The comtuis
sioners, after consulting together for a few
minules, decnleil to continue the case to Mindav
ing the Wouian's I'elief Corps unauimously
VOted their thanks to the ladies of tlie Con-
gregationa) society for tlie use of their
diniiig-room and kitehen on Deeoration
day. lr. M. I). Warren is at Burling
ton this week in attendance upon the grand
Masonic eonvention, and S. C. Voodry iw
delegate to the state enoatnpment, Sons of
Veterans, at Bennington. - Mr. Truax,
who lived on Whittier hill, and had been
sick some time, died last Sunday morning
at James Bouhlry's aud wa.s burled Mon
day. Chlldren'a day was observed at
botb ohnrohea last Babbath, Bev. 8.
F. Drew, a former pastor, is expeeted to
preach next Sabbath at the Congregational
Ohuroh. A base-ball game has been
arranged for next Saturday, between the
Danville and Cabot teams. at this place.
- Mrs. Clara Morse remains very low,
with but small chanee of recovery.
Mrs. S. S. Wiswell is gaining slowly. 1
Among the exereises at the Congregational
church, last Sunday, was a short memoriam
r-'iiil by Miss Lncia Wiswell in memory of
Miss Mattie D. Haines and Miss Shirley
Smith, two young members of the Sabbath
sehool who bave passed away during the
past year. The pastor presented a Bible to
each of eight ciiihlren whom he has bap
tized llnoa Coming here and who have now
reached the age of seven years. Thechnroh
was handsomely decorated with tiowers.
Cominu nton service will be held at
the Methodist Episcopal church next Sun
day morning. - Services will be held at
the school-ho; se on Cabot 1'lains, JHne 2.1,
at 3: 'M o'clock p, m.
Calais. As this year is the eentennial
of the permanent settlement of the town,
there is a strong movement in favor of a
grand celebration on the Fourth of Julv.
To this end, at a meeting of Stow Post, (1.
A. K., Saturdav night, Jnne H, the follow
ing committee, from different aeotlona of
, the town, was appointed: T. T. Latnphere,
I Alva Tiohout. J. W. Leonard and A. P.
j Slayton. This committee is to co-opcrate
with a committee of eitizens to ln- ehosen at
a meeting hehl at Memorial Hall, North
l Calais, Saturdav night, June 15, at seven
o'clock. The people of the town particu-
larly, Inolnding the ladies, are oordially In-
vited io attend to oomplete the coinmittee
of arrangements, eleot otHcers for the day
and diaouaa plans for the proper observ
ance of the event.
EAST Calais. Tho funeral of Mrs. A.
Dwinell will be held ou Thursday at two
j East Montpelier. L. D. Hill, who has
i been trouhled with rheumatism for several
! vears, is failing, the disease having gone to
ago. his heail and heart. Mrs. Hill is also in
very poor bealth. His danghter, Mrs.
Angier of Boston, is spending the sumiuer
with thein. Tneo Clark reeentiy
returned from a trip to Boston.
Brneat Dodge, aon of Dr. J. s. Dodge of
Lincoln, has been sellinginedicines in town,
but spent last week visiting relatives in
Marshfield. Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Strong have been visiting Mr. Strong's
parents in Waitsfield. The Misses
Hamblin were pleasautly surprised, last
Friday, by the arrival of their sister-in-law
from Dakota, The bridge at the East
village has been bingled, J. S. Wheelock
having ohargeof the work. - - Chlldren'a
day was a success despite the rainy
weather. The coneert is spoken of as be
ing a very enjoyable affair. z-- The Qould
brothers are piishiug work on their barn.
There were nine working on it lastweek.
Tliey expect to have it completed before
having. Albert Hall has moved into
Mrs. Qoodnongh'a house. - Geo, Dan-
iels has been visiting in Woodbury.
Bev. L. Warren will preach at the Brick
church next Sunday at eleven o'clock.
The enllector "of taxes, in addition
to bta other appolntmenta in town, will be
at W. W. l'ark's store, in Montpelier, every
Saturday afternoon during the present
inonlh until four o'clock.
Momlay, June lil. al two p. m. (iovernor
Smith, who came by special train from St.
Aibans, returned inmediately after the I
oontlnuanoe was granted, Boion after two
o'clock, Monday aflei nooii, ( iovernor Bmith,
Messrs. Hohart and Fifield and the railroad
coiiiuiissioners came hy special train. and
Messrs. Sortwell aud SlinrtlelT arrived from
Montpelier over the Barre branoh road. A. !
D. Morse, president of the Barre railroad,
Waa put upon the stand, and was fol
lowed by (iovernor Smith. Some interest
ing facts" were developed in the go ernor's
teatlmony. He stated that the entire ton-
nage of frcight from Barre over his road in
the two vears past was lO.IKKI tons, aud that
Only 1,000 tons of the 4(1,00" tons went east ;
from Montpelier, the remalning 39,000 tons
going west. The governor also stated that
the people of Barre had never been deuied
any accouimodation that was feasible for
wliich tbay had asked him since the con
trUOtion of the road. After lieaiing Gov- :
ernor Sinith's testiiuoiiy, Mr. Filleld asked
the oommlaslonara to go oul aml look tiu 1
groiiud over, and they took a recess for that
purpoae, The hearlng of teatimony was
OOntinued Tuesday afternoon, w heu tbeOOm- I
miaalon Bdjoumadi aml soon after rendered
a ileclsloll wlllcll llieets tlie wlslles of tlie
Wells Biver corporatioii. Dr. J. 0.
Briggs has moved, with his fainily, to
Bomerville, Massachusetts, where he will
pnraue the practice of dentlstry. -As
Stepheii Mclntire, who lives near tha
armory, waa drlving to tlie vHlaga, laat
riiursilav, his liorse hecame tngliteneii nv
M AitsHi iKLn B, E. Bhepard is agent anil
OOrreapondent for the Watchman. New
subsorTptiona, or renewali of the old, may bat
banded to him, aml Itema of local newa aml
Intereet, James Carpenter, a soldier
of the Bleventb Vermont Reglment. died
last Friday momingi after a short sickness.
He was burled Saturday. The Morrill Post
of Cabot waa in attendanoe. Bev. Mr. Hay
ford preacbed the funeral serinon.
Wllllaiu Purks has two cows that made in
the inonlh of May 108 ponnda of butter.
J. A. Bemis made 96 pounda from twocows.
A. E. Lamberton has lost a very
promialng Van Franklin eolt. ' " There
were no services at tlie Methodist church
Next Sundav Mr. Sheiburn of
a train of cars on the Vt illiainstown liraucli
and he was thrown to the groiiud and quita
leverely Injured. - Chihlren's day was
observed in all the churches laat Sunday
witli appropriate exereises iu the inorn-
and ing and ohlldreu's concerts in the evening.
Ihe churches were all tastcluMy ilecoraled
with tlowers, aud hirds ln cuges were sua-
Cabot will preach in the afternoon.
Mrs. ciapp aml obildren are stiii iu North
field, during the absence of Mr. Clupp.
O. .t F. Wooster sold their hlack
Morgan marc to H. W. Morse of Oxfonl,
Mass. Bev. S. C. Hayford w ill preach
here next Sunday at eleven o'clock -Children'l
day is postponed until a week
from next Sunday.
Middlesex. The ground is full of water,
and the rain it raineth every day. Low
places in the giain and potato lields are
Booded and the crop innch injured. Grass
is looking splendldly and is almost ready tO
cut. : Last week's Arnut intiinates that.
tlie devil has his post-otlice address at or
near Middlesex. Well, this otltcc is in
democratlo hands. BtUl, wedonbt if he has
anv mail coiue here except tlie Arfiis.
What is tlie nse of " raisiug tlie devll," any
way .' . A good deal of trout-flabittg i
done these rainy days, ithout much reganl
to the length of the tish, the day of tho
week or the rights of the lamlholders.
Keep the law of the state, gentleiiieu, iinlesw
you have got a higher aml better one.
Northfield.- One of the most successful
entertainments of the seasou was given,
nnder the auapioaa of st. Mary'i Qulld, at
Coneert hall last Friday evening. Follow
ing is the programme I nstriiineutal solo,
Miss Anna l.iingdon; quartef , " The Owl
aml l'ussy-cat," Mrs. Catlin, Miss Mary A.
Phinney and Meaars, F. W. Bannrott and
J. W. Jones; reading, " How lle Saved St.
Michaels," Miss Bdlttl 1'errv; solo, " Tell
Her I Ixive Her So," Mr. Bancroft. read
ing, " How Ruby Played," Miss I'erry; duet,
" Dews of the Summer Night," Miss Pliin
ney and Mr. Bancroft; solo, "The Bell
ringer," Mr. Jones ; reading, " Scene from
Leah, the Koraaken," Miss Perry; solo,
" Love's Sorrow," Miss Phinney; reading,
(OOMT1MDSD OR rirru rim.:

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