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" Soch a Large Skeln."
It U nnly knot ftt tlme. little nmn,
It It nnly onn knnt, then nnnther;
Mnko bdlrre It plr. let the cot run wy;
I'ut your lioart In yoiir work, little Itrnther.
" It It tnoli a lnrni. tkeln." Then heirln freth HRnln.
Eoh iipw mlniite niiiy N lxKlnnlnn;
When ynu'vt. merely bSgSBi It ean only lo fun
.ftiHt to wjifc'ta how tlie Mr Itall m wlnnlng.
BoM rfu'il OBi little mnn ; lf ynn want to, yon onn
Not u SSM " e'er lieard cnmplnlning;
And perhfti when you're tall.yoa'll reinemlter tbe
Aud tlic koln at Rood toldlerly tralnlnfi. tHttM.
The Touch of a Flower.
One, two, threc fourl Mr. Sheppanl,
the ihipbuUder, slarted from his aeat at
the otlicc tablc as the tall clock rang
out the hnur, closed the books that lay
around him aud crossed the room to an
open window, through which the brccze
from the rivcr eame up to cool the .lune
air. The noiso of clinking iron and of
workmen's calls floated up to him from
the great shipyards below. His, all his,
the piles of steel and copper, the un
Qnlsned hulks of many vcshcIb ycs,
even tlie great iron steamer so near
eompletion, from whose sidcs resounticd
the blows of hammers. The workmen,
a thousand or morc, wcre his also, to
work, to toil, to slave in winter's cold
and summer's sun that his wealth
might grow from great to grcater year
by year. What matterto him the noisc
and the lieat? At the shipyard gate
his daughter waits in the carriagc, and
he would join licr and roll away swiftly
from the tumult and unsightliness to
the coolness of tlie green parks.
Sdine one eame in to ask a final or
der; in the five minutes thus ronsumed
Gwendolen and the roses did theirpart.
"Tbonias," she said to the coach
man as she waited in the open barouehe,
fair and white to bco in her summer
toilet with the bunch of roses on her
breast, " can the meu doWD there stop
hamniering if they're awfully tired or
" La, no, Miss Gwen!'' answered the
coauhnian, with an amused smile.
" They're just like machines tliem
selvcs; it's work day in and day out
steady, or no bread for 'em."
Just then a tired, haggard-looking
workman eame very near tothe shining
wheels as he half staggered liack to his
place among the others. Miss Gwen
leaned forward, and before Thomas
could enter a vigorous objection her
clear young voiee was saying:
" I'm sorry you are tired. Would
you like my roses?"
The young girl unpinned the bunch
on her breast and held them, sweetand
fair, out to the bewildered man. Hut
he took them with a muttered blessing.
" Papa," she said, a minute later, as
they rolled away toward the boulevards,
" I'm thinking."
Mr. Sheppard smiled back at the
earnest face raised toward his.
" When we go to Newport," she
asked, a minute later, " what does
Hays do with all the llowers?"
" I'm sure, Gwen, I can't auswer
that; I suppose they bloom and die.
He always has orders to keep up the
house and grounds as well as if we
were at home. Are you thinking of
any of your pet plants now?"
" No; I was thinking how many
must be wasted in your garden. O
papa, could I could j give them to the
men? Not I, you know, but some
body. That man was so glad to get
tbe roses home! "
Then the whole little story eame out.
At first Mr. Sheppard laugbed and
leased and called the whole thing im
practicable, absurd, and told Gwen to
foreet such nonsense; she need not
worry her brain about the workmen, so
long as they put money in her pocket.
I5ut the days went on, and so did Gwen's
pleadings go on with them.
" Just let Ilays cut the llowers he
don't really need, papa, and you get
two or three of those boys that run
errands to give them now and then to
tbe men when we are away."
" A pretty story for me to be giving
my mt'ii bourjuets!" said Mr. Sheppard.
Nevertbeless, one day he did call Tim
and Chipi and Iien, three of the most
reliable dock-boys in tbe yard, and sent
them up to the great house on tbe
boulevard with distinct orders to carry
out the wishes of Miss Gwen.
Twice a week all that hot summer as
the tired workmen passeil tbrough the
gates homeward, the three boys, with
many a smile and joking word, gave
out the llowers " for Miss Gwendolen,"
and many a blessing from lips unused
tn blessing fell on the head of the ohlld
away by the sea.
l'eople said those tlowers worked
wonilers all that year. When the inut
terings of strikes and uproar ran rife
tbrough the land, all was quietuess and
peace at the shipyards. I'erhaps just
perhaps there tloated the sweet in
eense of those summer roses to quiet
troubled hearts. The rich man him
self learned his lesson as he watched
the men start homeward with the bit of
brightness they carried. He learned
that all men, great or humble, rich or
poor, have souls that can be helped to
hlgbei and nobler living or driven
doWD to degradation and despair.
money? I'se dun forgot to keep out
any cnange, an' I dussn't stoop, 'count
ob de crick in my back."
Carefully raising a clcan calico skirt,
she exposcd to vicw a white cotton
stocking, with a good-sizcd lump just
above the ankle.
"Dar 'tis, boney; dat's whar I allus
carries it, an' I'se nebcrlost a ccnt yet."
Although the car was full of people,
and among them one or two fashion
able young men, it was characteristic
of thcse girls that they could not refusc
to do a kindly act, but bending toward
the old negrcss, Miss Ilarrison care
fully unwouud the long knit garter, and
Miss Davis plunged ner little gloved
hand into the novel portemounaie and
drew out the desired change.
A few years later Miss Davis became
the wife of Licutcnant H. M. G. Ilrown,
so lately distinguished for braverv on
board the ill-fated "Trenton" at Sa
moa. Among her wedding gifts was a
simplc little vinaigrette, presentcd by a
friend wlio had mct with ilnancial losses
and was at the samc timc caming lier
own living. Several costly jewcled
vinaigrettes had been given by wealthier
friendB, but it was the humble little
silver and glass bottle which Mrs.
Hrown carried on her wedding trip,
that her sensitive friend might see that
altered circumstanccs made not the
slightest diffcrence in her regard, and
the small love token was looked upon
with morc favor than the costlier gifts
of courtesy. It is certainly in accord
ance with the lltuess of tliings that
women with characters like these
should be holding the (irst placcs in
the land; one a member of the execu
tive faraily, and the other a favorlte in
Bociety, and the wife of a noled naval
officer. Itail Expres$.
Talmnge on Boys.
I am sorry to say that boys are not
generally undcrstood. Uetween six and
fourtcen years of age the masculine
nature is a mixture of mischief and
BensitivenesB, and spunk, and fun, and
trouble, and pugnacity, which the chem
istry of the world fails to analvie. A
little girl is definable. She laughs when
she is pleased, cries when she feels
badly, pouts when she is cross, and
eats when she is hungry. Not so with
a boy. IIc would rathcr go a-nutting
than to eat, forgets at the lish-pond he
has not had his dinncr, often laughs
when he feels badly, and looks sub
missive to an imposition practiced upon
him, till he gets the perpetrator alone
in the middle of the road, and tumbles
him into the dirt till eyes and mouth
and nose are bo full the fellow iraagines
that before his time, he has returned to
dust. A boy, under a calm cxtcrior,
may have twenty emotious struggling
for ascendency. Kspecially do I feel
for a boy who has ruore fun aboard
than he can master. How well I re
inember the country school-house where
we all had to be sedate, though one
boy would make a face enough to put
the whole school in danger of running
over with giggle. It is an awful thing
for a child not to dare to laugh when
the merriment rises, and wells up till
the jacket gets tight, and the body is a
ball of fun; and he kuows that if out of
one of the corners of his compresBed
lips a snieker Bhould escape, all the
boys would go off in explosion. I re
member times when I had at school
such responsibility of reprcssion rest
ing on me and proved unfaitbful.
The PreNident's Dauxhter.
Long before the present Mrs. McKee
was married or her father had become
president of the United States, she was
visiting in Ualtimoro, at the home of
Senator Davis, whoBe daughter Kate
was Miss HarriBon'a moHt intiniate
friend. Hoth the girls were noted for
tbelr quick sympathies, kind-hearted-ness
and lovely dispositions, and the
following incident serves to show that
the reputation was not unmerited.
The young ladies were one dav riding
in a street-car, when an old colored
wonian entered and seated herself di
rectly oppoaite them. For a few mo
menis she fumbled in the depths of a
Oapaoloui pocket, and then felt care
fully each tinger of her cotton gloves,
White gradually a look of dismay aet
tled upon her cbony featurea, and
liually deaisting her efforts, she aat
ga.ing fiopeleBaly at the toe of her car
pet alinper. Suddenly a bright idea
Beemed to strike her, and leaning
toward the two young girls oppoaite,
ahe whispered in a perfectly audible
" Honeys, wud you mind untyin' dls
yer garter, an' helpin' ob me to git my
n ii i QtJlE the Klfnraii
l: l j . : l l l tlu- lleiirt nncl
NAKK Ljrfi wortll l.lvlns.
" Tmi etin't arfnrd t be witliont H."
Four Little Sermons.
A Swedish boy fell out of a window
and was badly hurt, but with clenched
lips he kept back the cry of pain. The
king, Gustavus Adolphus, who saw him
fall, prophesied that that boy would
make a man for an emeraencv. And
so he did, for he became the famous
General liauer. A boy used to crush
the tlowers to get their color and painted
the white side of his father's cottage in
Tyrol with all sorts of pictures, which
the mountalneera ga.ed at as wonder
ful. He was the great artist Titian. An
old painter watched a little fellow who
amused himself making drawingsof his
pot and brusbes, easel and stool, and
said: " That boy will beat me one day."
So he did, for he was Micbael Angelo.
A (ierman boy was reading a lilnod-and-thunder
novel. Rigbt in the mldst of it
he said to himself: "Now tliis will never
do. I get too much excited over it. 1
can't study so well after it. So here it
goeB!" and he Qang the book out into
tbe rivcr. He waa Fichte, the great
(ierman philosopher. Do you know
what these little sermons mcau? Why,
simjily this, that in boyhood and girl
bood are sbown the traits for good or
evil, which make the man or woman
good or not.
He Had Twelve Jewels.
Lord Lonadale, who waa reputed to
have the largest family of daughters
among the Kngliah aristoeracy, waa
once laking a walk at B , a (ierman
watenng plaee, with hia aix oldeat
daughtera. Two other viaitora followcd
at a little dislance, and one of them re
marked in an undertone: " Alaal poor
man." Uut the lord, who had over
heard the obaervation, turned round
and replied with gentle emphaBia:
" Not 80 poor ae you thiuk, sir; I have
aix other daughters at home." Cronik
der Zeit.
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topie glves hini the tinest of opportunities
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the same tltns keeping true to hlstorioal ai -
euraey. Like its jiredeeessors, of eourse, its
seenes are eonneeted with tlie war of the
rebellion, and the author states frankly
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possible, anil that every one of them bad its
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THBpublishers of Sl. .Ve eieis announoe
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ume, wfiiob opens with Koveniber, 1880,
and that a new and eh-arer typn will be
adopted. Kour important serial stories by
four well known Ameriean authors will be
given duHng the eoming year.
Si KiuNER's Maoa.ine has for its leading
artiole in the September nutnbet a sketeli of
A lexandre I Ininas, with a iortrait drawn
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Ludlum, in wbiob tbe praises of golden-rod
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THB PoPULAB BcnMCI Monthly for Sep
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1SH7 and 1HHX. Sinee then the author has
revised the papers and added new material.
This new material is given in part in the
September number. Mr. Wells' discusstons
of eeouomie questions are always valuable.
Two espeeially interesting papers are those
on " The Ethieal View of 1'roteetion," by
Huntington Smith, aml " Huxley and l'as
teur on the I'revention of Hydrophobia."
Tim Koui'M for September has an artiele
on " The Lost Leader," by Thomas Hughes,
in which he urges Amerieans not to follow
Qladstone in his home rule tendencies.
The writer asserts that Mr. Gladstone bas
lost the eontidence of Knglish liherals.
"Can )ur Soeial 111s be Remedled?" by
Washington Oladden; "The Spoils of
Otbee," by Professor (ioldwin Smith;
"Henry (ieorge's Mistakes," by Thomas
(;. Sbearrnan; "The Outlook for Industrial
Peace," by Professor A. T. Hadley; " Pacta
About Kruits," by Charles F. Iteaeh, ,fr.;
and " Komaui.ini; the I'ublie Sebools," by
Itev. Dr. .1. It. Kemlriek, are other very
rcadable articles.
BHOBT Stories will be a feature nf Harptr'i
Magaxln for Ootober, Edward Bellamy,
Vnnie Iruiniiiiii siossun. Margarel .1. fres-
ton and Mrs. Lucy C. Llllle will each con
tribute one, Edward Bellamy'a artiole is
illed " With the Eyes Sliut." aml tlu- au
thor takes his readers even farther into the
future than he did iu " Looklttg Baokward."
1 he series ol Kussmn artieies prepared by
Theodore Child, with the i o-operatiou of T.
le Thulstrup in the matter of illustration,
will be eontinued in the (li toher number
with one entitled " Tbe Fair of Nijnil Nov-
irod." Both the artiele aml the illustra-
tions, in the variety of types aml seenes
portrayed, bear out the Vioomte de VogUe'S
lennition oi tnis annnai tair as a intcro
osiu of Russian life."
ProFISIOB JORM A. PjUNI, who wrote
an artiele on Pbaraoh the Oppressor, and
his Uanhter. whieh attraeted Wlde at
tentiou when it appeared iu Tlu Century
two years ago, eontributes to the September
number of the sante magaaine a fully illus
trated paper on The l'haraoh of the F.xodus,
and llis Sin. He endeavors, by a searob
among the monuments, to tix tbe Identity
of this famous king, aml to clcar up the
mystery of the sminng of his lirst-bom son.
The Ameriean artist, Mr. Theodore 7ores,
whose studles of Japanese life and land
seape have r ntl.v attraeted wide attention
iu New York and London, has also a paper
on An Ameriean Artist in Japan, fot whieh
a number of his oil palntingi have been en-
graved. Mr. Wores ileseiihes many .lapau
ese traits of eharaeter whieh might be
copied to advantage by nations Wbiob are
generally considered more highly clvlllzed,
" An utter absence of sham," he says, " a
perfeot freedom from all affeotation, oonstl.
tutes oue of their must admirahle qualltieS.
They show no falsti or veneered fronl T the
world, the beauty of their homes lies more
in the interior linish than in a showy out
side, and the lining of their gOWUS is often
of a more expensive and tiuer material than
the outer stulf."
SrnAKivo of mlnisters1 salaries reeails a
bOD mot of the late Henry Fait'brot her.
Meeting a minister in l'awtueki't with wbom
he was aoonainted one tlay, the diviue told
him he had rei eived a eall to another par
Isb and should accept. "A eall.'" said
Henry. " Ves, I have been lahoriug in tbe
vinevard of tbe l.ord here in l'awtm ket for
a number of years for a salary of 11,000 per
anUUtn, and have rcceivcd a very Ihitlering
otTer to go to Hrooklyn. with a salary ol
13,000." "And that is what you mean Dj a
oall?" "Yes." "well, up at theolubwe
should eall that a raise." rTOVidtnct .,"-
Tiiinos oue would wish to have exptessed
differently : Oraoei "Aml yet, daar, how
little we have seen of eaidi other lately, eon
sideriug thcTe is only a pat'titiou wall be
tween us." Killily: " ilul then, dear, it is
sueh a eoiufort to feel that yOQ are on the
otber side." Pxtnehi
Dvsi'KisiA makes thelivesof many peo
ple miserabls umi often leads to seif-
destrnotlon. We know of no remedy for
dyspcpslu more sueeessful than Hood's Sar
saparilla. It aets geutly, yet surely aiul
emclenlly, tones the stoiuach and other or
gans, removen the faint feeWug, ereates a
good appetite, cures beadache and refreches
the burdened inind. Qlvs Hood's Sarsa
parilla a fair trial. It will do yuu good.
Gl LnAMrcrl I
t ; " yt-i .1
1 J
RTRK TLV Pl r.. Bfirt tn tlio world for
I.fiumtr.v, Hnth, Toiiet, :i!;i aJiotber pnrposMi
Will not Jriitnv tii olothf liki mapt n::nt' ni'Htly
Qfjqnh. i 1 1 ni riH no lilthy njnrMC jlTltiM: MTmci-
CLKWrXr H,r HAD K. rUI?efycUr
aml pn-veiit.-ti'hapn-'d r turi huntlA. Simd svr'ti Wrap
pen or Itmm Maik rruni onr apa and g-t Ui
luii.tlomt'Jtt nt-t of canlrt 4'Vt-r M-nt out.
Sold by all grocorH. Manufactnrrd only by
I ISK M'F'O ( O., HprInffrii M. Maa.
Cimc Cables.
Montpelier & Wells R. R. R.
Taking Effect July 1, 1889.
TflOTrn Mnut nrlirr Rt ! WiM
A. M . . 1:111 1-. M.
1 1 10 I'.
arrlve at Wells Klrrr t S:M
2 : a P. M . . : M
Leave Wells River ?rU a
3: IM
arrlve at Montpelier t 9:tM
i . r. v . , : io p. h .
T. M.. BtM P. M.
A. M ., tll Jft 1'. M.
Trnlns IchvIiik Montpelier at H:30 a.m. and 1 :10 P.M.
make clone connectlonn at Welln River for all poluta
Iu the White Mountalna, and for polnts north and
Houth on tho I'aanunipBtc rallrftad; also for ItoAton
and all Interunediate polnts.
Traini leve Montpellor for Barre at 7:00 and
9:15 a.m. and 12:00 aud 4:25 r M. Tralns leave
Harrt' for Montpelier aM:0fl and 10:15 a. m. aud
12 i 48 and 6i lt P. M.
W. A. STOWELL, Supertntendtnt.
K. W. MORSE. Uencral Pattcnoer Auent.
Central Vermont Railroad.
('oinmunritiK December 9, 1S88.
Traing (iinq South and EUt ivill Leave font
prlier a fnllmrs :
8:57 A. M. MAIL, for FltPhburR, Boston, Hprinfr
(leld. New Loudou and New York.
12:30 I- M. KAST TKAIN, for Boston via Low
ell and New York via Sprinvrlield.
6:38 V. M. PA8SBNOER, for White Krver
12:40 A. M. KXPUESS. fr Boston vla Lowell
aud all polnts in New Knland.
Trains tlninf Xarth and West :
2:T0 A. M. EXPBESS, fnr Montreal, Ondeus
burn aud the West.
6lfi A. M. A( i'OMMDDATION, to St. Alhaus,
Iturllnttiu and Hutlaud.
9:4ft A. M. I'ASSKMiKK. fnr Burlintrtou, St.
Albaus, Klihford, Kouse's I'oint and St. Johns.
:t : "0 1. M. PA88KNGER, for BurliiiKton, SU
Alljann, BfOntrOAli ' K,ieus)ur(i and the West.
7:20 IV M. KAST EXPKBS&. i'ulhnan Sleep
tii t'ar to CbToftftOt
Tralns leave for Barre at 7 : i'S and 10: U a.m. and
2:1V 4tlOsnd8;0OP. M. Tralnn luave for Williauis
mu n at 10:1ft m. uud 4: tu v. m.
Throagb tifkets tn ChioagO and all polnts West for
sale at tlie priuelpal stationn.
J. W. HoltART, Ieneral Manatjer.
S. W. CVMMINdS. (ieneral l'a?tencr An'ut.
Jffial Hottccs.
The underKitrned, liuviiiM been appoiuted by tbe
Honorablfl Proutfl Courtroi tbe lMstriet of Wuh
IngtODj Coininltlloiisri lo ncalTe, exantine aud ud
J iift all I'biitns aml tleniands of all MrMOIll ' -t
the . state of Aa O. W bitromb. late of Marsb
ilt'ld.ln xald IHstrlet, deeeased. aud all elaltns vx
liibiletl Iu fiffset th 'reto, bereby ive notlee that we
will ineet for tbe pnrposos aforesald at the reldenee
of Etnllv Whitconib on tbe I'.'tb tlay of September
aud 2tn day of Kebrnary nexi. trom oue o'clook
uutll four o'eloek v. M .. eaeh ef said duys. and that
six tnontbs from tht- l.'th day of Aiik'ust. A. D. Iwi,
ts tbe tlme litultt'd by said eourt for said Ofedlton
to present their oUuiHI to us for examlnatlon and
Dated at Marshfield, thts l.'th day of AtlffUlti A. I).
I--'. S. I ltt).l.l I EK,
Tbe undernliftied, baviuK been aplnted by the
Honorable I'rol ate Court forthe IHstrtct of WunlllS
ton, ('oinuiisBloners te reretve. exaiuine and adjuit
all elaiin and demands of all persons asmiiMt
th- Mt4t Of arah W. Khoade. late of Watfrbury,
iu said IHstriet. deeiased. aml all clalms exhiblted
tu offitet tlnTcto, bereby give notlre that we will
liiet'T for tht pnrponps aforesald, at the oftlee of J.
0i UrUs. on the 1st day of Oetober aml tlrst
Tuesday of Kebruary next. fnnn one oYlock p. M.
until four o'elock 1. M., each of said days. aml that
nix montbl f roin the 1st day of Auust. A. D.
1N89, ts the time Utnlted by said 4'ourt fnr wM
rreditnm t nreient tbelr elalrun t us fot' exam
iiuitlou and allowance.
luted at Waii-rbury. this 7th day of Au;ust, A. I).
26-29 J. 0. tJKKidS. f 1
CI AKIHAN NOTH'K t Sell Iteal Katat.
I BTATEOK VERMONT. Wasblngtan UistrU't. ss.
In 1'robate t'ourt, hebl at Montpelier. In and for
said Istrlet,on tbe :d day of September. A. 1. lssH:
i ieorn' M. Webster. ijuardlan of t'lara Kllen
KulKht, of Cabot, In said INilrlrt, a rainor. makes ap
plieatlonto said t otirt for Ueense to sell tbe follow
iuk lif-i'-rlbed real estate of his said ward. situated
In said Cabot, to wlt: BeltiK about oae half aere of
land and the hmldiUK thereon. situated lu Cabot
VMtagf), representin-; that the sale tbereof for the
purpose of putthiK the procetdl of inOB sale at tn
terest or InvestiiiK the saine tn storks or other real
estate wuuld be eondutlve to tbe interests of his said
ward. Wheretipon. tt Is ordered by said Court that
lald aitplieatiou be referred to a seiiion thereof, to
be held at the 1'robate nftke, lu satit Montpelier,
on the '7th dav of September, A. I. 1h. for
hearltiK aun deelsion thereon; and. It in furtber
ordered, that all perions luteresteil be nottHed
her.-of, by publieatton of nottee of said apidleatlou
and order thereon thrt-e weeks sueeeislvely In the
Vermont Watrhman d- .sVufc .fourtml, a nt-wspaner puh
Utbad at Montpelier, lu thtl State, and whlen eireu
lates in ihe ni'iKbbofbood of those Interested. be
fore said time of hearlnu. that they mav uppear
at said titue and plaee, and. If they see cause, olOect
thereto. By the Court - Attest,
j v.-7 HIRAM OARLKTON. Jodc.
8TATEOF VKRMONT. Washington Histrlet, n.
In 1'robate Court. held at Montpelier, in aml for
said IHstriet. on the Hh day of September, K. K Ifwtl
l.evl W. I'llklu, Ailtutnlstrator of the estate of Aca
ti. Whltromb. late of Marshtield, tn said Dtstriet.
dfoaajad. makes applli'attou to satd Court. with
t he rouseut and apprHhatlou In h ritiun of tbe
betrs of satd deeeased, resldtiiK In the State of Ver
iuout. for lleense to sell all of the real estate of
satd deeeased. situated In Marshtield. in said Ids
trlet, tuwlt: Home farm, exeept the wtdow's riKht
of dower theretn. b it ineludinn the hoiin-Htead aml
reverslon of tahl dower, representtuK that tbe sale
tbereot woukl be benutU-ial to the wldow and helrs
of said deeeased. and ttnse luterested iu hisestatr. iu
order to cotivert said real estate luto money. Whure
upon, tt ordered by said Court that satd auplteatlon be
referred to a swssfou tbereof. to ba held t the Bro
bate otltee. lu stld Montpelier, on the tth day of s
tober, A. 1. Iskx, for hearluK and deolsion thereon:
and. It Is furtber ordered. that all persons luterested
DO nottlltd hereof by publieatton of notlee of said
anplleatlon and order tbu.eou three weeka suceaay
sUelylnthe lrwutif H'airinurti -t State Jourtml, a
uewspaner published at Montpelier, In this stat,
and whieh elreulatus lu the nelKhtorhood of thoae
luterested. before satd ttine of bearlnK. that they
may appear at said tlme tnd plaee, aud, lf they see
i-ause. oblect thereto. By the Court. Attest,

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