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VOL. 85.-4.W5.
Tbe Watchman Publishing Company
At Montpelier, Vt.
AKTtirH BOPB8 Montpelier, Vt.
tleticrttl h'titor. ,
Newport, Vt.
Aiiririiltimil l.ihlor.
Tbbms 82.00 a year; Sl.lK) for six nionths;
tiflv ccnts for tliri't" months.
Oihtiary noticcs, M Well as all OthtTf ,
must have a responsible signaturo tO seeure
thoir pnbltcation. BVji rach Botloei 11 vs
ccnts a linc is chargcd to tliosis who arc
patrons ot tho Watchman. To all othcrs,
regular rates for reading noticcs.
Town Canomei.
Knst Montpelier. The repubtlMa votcrs ol tho
tOWQ Of BMl Montpelier nro reinetcil to meet Kt
the OtaOtob ut the Centor 0H I'rhhiy, Aiimmt U,
Rt '2 : IMl r. M., for the purpose of nomlnStlBl u QSfldl
dute for town representtitlve; hImo llvejutlees of
the peace. l'Klt OBDMR TOWS I'nMMI TTKK.
Marshfield. Thi repabUeani of HartbflSM srs
herehy notltloil to meet nt the Town hOUSOlO SlM
townon Monday, Septemhcr I, UM,S4 tlM o'cloek
r. M., to nonilimte u caOdldStS for town repre.sontn
tlve; SlM n houril of JiiHtlees.
l'Klt llllliKU TOWH t'oMMlTTEK.
Middlesex. -The republloan voter of MlddlciSeS
nre notllleil to meet nt Middlesex Center on Sntur
dny, AilKUSt tt, At '.':0ll o'cloek 1 M., to nomlnate u
town repreenttlvc Kllcl scven Jiintleelof the penee,
to he IttppoTttd nt the next (tiite eleethm.
I'mi cntiiKit Town Committkk.
Business nnd Amusemeiit
Buy your tine carriages at I). A. GuptU'l.
Heminoton type-writers to reut by Perry
& Demeritt.
Tinsmith wanted iininediately by Bar
rows & Peek, Montpelier, Vt.
KvAXt eline at Blanchard's Opera-house
on Monday evenlngi Beptember l.
Mis FlSK will be hoine frotn Boston to
nii'At auil will bring a line of fall hats.
A OOOD Hoap ll woman's best frieml on
wash-day. Always ask for WorUl Soap.
Wanted A girl to do liousework. Good
pay to rifjlit one. Address J. V. X., Mont
pelier, Vt.
Get a poliey coveriug loss by wiml-storm,
tornadoes, rycloues or hurricanes, of A. C.
Brown & Son, at a very small eost.
Pkhky Jte Demf.ritt's is the place to buy
uiachiue oil, cotton waste, belting, laco
leather, bell hooks, pullies, shaftiug, etc.
I'kopi.e desiring a good paint forbutld
ings, at a low price, are referred to the atl
vertiseuient of the Patrous' Paint Works.
Kinderoarten will openon Monday, Sep
teniber 1, at Mr. Taft'.s, 14!l Main street.
The afteruoou will be devoted to a conuect
ing elass.
J. O. Griqqs, Waterbury, has this week
received hia new fall tock of meu'a kip
aud oali boOtS, A large line, and ptloei to
Ittlt the times.
Just Out! "One Man's Struggle," by
Kev. G. W. Gallagher. Buy it. Price oue
dollar. For sale at D. F. Long's and G. W.
Wilder's, Montpelier, Vt.
It is as lmportant that parties not owning
any real estate Bboald insure their persoual
projierty with A. 0. Brown & Son, where
they are sure of getting lowest rates.
The South Northfield earding-inill is run
ning, in eharge of Bobert Andrews, ru
cently boss oarder in Gould's mlll. Wool
can be left at 1). Dewey & Sou's store,
Did you know that you conld get a poliey
with A. C. Brown & Son on your dwelling
house at about one-half which you have
been paying? That is what they guarantee
they will do.
Soldieks, soldiers' widows and dependent
relatives, eutitled to pensions uuder the new
pension law, should send to T. J. Deavill,
Montpelier, Vt., for a eireular coutaiuing
the law in full.
Look at the line of ladies' and misses' kid
button boots at Griggs', Waterbury. Latest
styles and new, fresh goods, selected frotn
the best manufacturers in the eouutry, and
priees all right.
Attention ! A rare eham e to engage in
a good-paying liusiuess requlrlng but a
Hinall capital can be seeured by applying,
wlthout delay, to J. H. Seaver, N'o. 4 Charles
street, Montpelier, Vt.
Chelsea Ai aiiemy otlersgood advantages
to faithfui itudentt ol Umited meanj. Lo-
cation pleasant, instruetion thnrotigh, ux
penses Hinall. Fall tertn beglns August -'.").
Kor partii iilars address Johu M. Comstoek,
A. M., prim ipal, Clielsea, Vt.
A (ikeat deal of furniture in eity houses
nowuduys is mado in eouibiuation, two or
three dilferent articles being united in one
piece of furniture. The best place to see
OOmbiMtlOn furniture is at Paine's furni
ture warerooms, IH C'anal street, Boston.
Parknts and students are referred to the
advertisetneut of that excellent school, the
Green Motiutain Setninary, Waterbury Cen
ter, Vt., in this issue. Miss Colley is a
capable iustructor aml an energetic man
ager, aml is supported by a cotnpetent boaid
of instruetion.
" Belmont County (Ohio) Gkank. Mr.
i). w. Ingtrtolli Deak Sm i aratnMdyonr
Uqnid Kuliber I'aiut tOD years ago, anil
again three years ago, and 1 inust say that
it always gives the best satisfaetion. With
good wishes I reniain, fraternally yours, L.
B. liBii." See advertisement of l'atrons'
Paint Works. hUlitur.
Coneikmkd. The favorablo iinpressioii
produoed on the tlrst appearaneo of the
agreeable Uqold fruit reuieily, Syrup of
Figs, a few years ago, has been niore tlian
eoulirmed by the pleasant experieiieu of all
who have tised lt,nd the sueuess of the
proprietors and manufacturers, the Call
foruia Fig Syrup Coinpany.
Thehk are many veterans wlio have
claims for pensions iiending that would do
well to consult James K. Curran, Mont
pelier, Vt., who has had over six years' ex
perieuce as a special examiner aud is thor-
oughly htaillU with all the laws and rullngs
of thedoparttnents. Bl makes incrense and
rejected clalnm a speclalty. Advice free.
Tiik Vermont Savlngs Invcstment Com
pany is issuing the second series of savings
boBdg, aniMunting to 00,000.00, Flvo per
cent is allowed on ftllldl six months or
longcr. Six per cent on llve-year bonds.
Tnistces, A. .ohonnott, F. I,. Eaton and
Frcd Hlanchard. Nn bank can glve DStttl
security than the bonds.
The endowment funds nf (loddard Scm
inary are depositcil in the Natlonal Itank
ni Barre, Vermont, and ine pen of the
funds reaubred to be onbllihed arc: Town
o( Mount Tabor Bondj (VI.), 8,000) Town
of Johnson Bonds (Vt.), 8,000, Tht! in
cotne thereot Is applled toward tbe pnjmenl
of teachers' salaries in said Seminary.
George w. Tllden, leoKtwfj.
A certain cure for obronic sore cycs, tet
ter, salt-rheum, scald head, old chronic
scircs. fever soros, (iczeina, Itoh, prairio
scrati ibee, sore nipples and piles. It Is cool-
Ing and tootbtng, Hnndredi of eaieebnve
been cured by it after all other trcatment
had failed. It is put up in twenty-live and
lifty cent bosee. For sale by C. Blakely.
The loans offered by the Pierre (South
Dakota) Savings Hank through A. O. Cum
tnins, its eastern manager, are madeonly in
the well-seltled parts of that state, aml by
iis presldent, 0. 0. Bennett, wbobai reelded
in that cotmlry more than ten years anil is
the largest stookholder of tho bauk. One
of btl Inflexlble rules is: Never loan, no
matter how good the security, unless thcrc
is good reason to believe that botb intereS't
and prlnclpal will be protnptly paid.
Georoe A. Ainswokth. llarre aml Will
iamstown, dealer in pianos, organs and
sewing-machiues. Competition in quality
and prloes of goods challenged. Satisfae
tion guaranteed. Barre headipiarti rs, Per
ley Cliandler's jewelry-store, North Main
street. Correspondence promptly attended
to. Inspection of goods cordlally Invited.
N. B. He sells for ''' a vibrating shuttle
eewing-maoblne which the manufacturers
gmtnttfet as being "the best that can be
Babmaro, Sum.ner iV- Co. aro dolng a Bne
business in ladies' hose. " Our Special " is
the particular variety which the tlrm issell
Ingln largi! iptantities. " Our Special " is
sold at the rate of three pairs for 81. It ls
a fast black article of suoerior texture, sure
to give the best satisfaetion. " La Par
isenne " Jersey suits are still lelllng through
Vermont and New Hampshire in a way
that is very gratifying to the linn. Patrons
should remember that orders can besent by
mail and that they will be promptly lilled.
Saeety Bicycles. Standard Hatnbler,
wlthdlreot ipokesand orescent rlma; weight,
tlfty-tive pouuds; price. 12B, Llght ltam
bler, with tangent spokes aud hollow rims;
weight, tifty-one poumls; price, 180. You
bould exauiin-. these machlnes before pur
ebaalng any make, as they are the highest
grade, with ball bcarings tbronghout. They
have the best hollow ritus, best chain,
sitnplest aud best brake, are the nicest
steering and easiest-riding safety made.
Manufacttired aud fully warranted hy
Gormully Jefferv, Chieago, 111. For sale
by Perry & Demerltt.
Pakties contemplating making invest
metits, and desiring to seeure luortgages,
bonds or stocks, cau always tind the secu
rities at the olrice of the Fariners' Trust
Company, and obtain full and eomplete in
formation in reganl to the same, aml such
investments as will net six, scven and elgbt
per cent Interest. Certificates of deposit,
bearing interest at the rate of six per cent,
are issued for ainounts of lifty dollars and
Upwards, payable in six to twelve months
frotn date. Oflice in No. 4 Union block,
Montpelier, Vt. F. A. Dwinell, presideut;
George W. Wing, treasurer.
Pensions. Although Massachusetts, to
prevent her soldiers being gulled by un
prinoipled Washington agents, establisbed
in Boston an ageucy to obtain pensions free,
yet T. J. Deavittof Montpelier, Vt., is prose-
ontlng over a bundred iension claims for
partiea reeidlng in Bolton and Wolnity, wbo
preter to pay tbe lawful feu for the benelit
of his knowledge and experience to having
their claims prosecuted for notbing by the
state agent. Applicants for pensions should
consult Mr. Deavitt. No matter if your
oiaim nai ueen rcjecteu. unaer tne pres
cnt Uberal oonatrnotion of the laws and his
kllUul bandling of claims his cllenta are
often mrprUed at reoelvlng a pension, witb a
large ium in arrean, wben they bardly ex-
pected success. Advice aud blanks froe.
Uk k's BlAUTITUL Evanoklink. Ever
delightful "Evangeline," sweet and wel
cotne with its inusic, gorgeous with its bi il
liant costumes, and altogether the most
popular of all of E. B. Bioe'i tuneful and lav
ish productious, coines to ltlam hard Opera
house, Montpelier, for one evening ouly.
The great east of artilta will present Miss
LUllan Walters, a heautiful young artiste
from the ltico and Dixey's " Seven Ages "
Company, at Bvangeline, and ibapelyand
winsome Qeraldlne MoOann from Dixey's
" Adonis " Coinpany, will appear as dash
ing (labriel. All the faiuous features of the
play, witb its weallh of costumes, stage full
of special scenery, the sportive whale, gaily
dressed artists, the lonely lisherinau , and
tho tnarch of tho Ama.ons, will be pre
sented. " Kice's Heautiful Evangeline"
can well be said to be the household aml
favorite extravaguu.a of this eouutry, and
each year adds to its attractions aml wel
OOme, See advertisement on pagu eight.
" BuHiNo the epldemlo of BllS in this
couiity, last stimmer, I had hard work to
keep a sunpiy of Obamberlain'i Collc,
Obolera and Dlarrbcoa Bemedy on band.
l'eoplo often came ten or twelve iniles in
tho night toget a bottle of the Kemedy, 1
have been seiiing patent medlolnei for the
lasi ten years, aml limi llial it has gneii
Hontpeller nnd Vlclnity.
i.isi eii of Sioux Clty, la.,
is lu
liml Ihat it has
better laciMfaotion in oaseaot diarriio a aud
llux than any other medicinc 1 have ever
haudled." .. . Btnhatn, Drvggtit, OoU
conda, Pop County, Over Bve bundred
boltles ol this Kemedy were sold in that
oounty during the epldemlo referred to. It
was a perfeet succhsh, and was the ouly rein
edy Ihat did cure tho worst cases. l)ocns
of persous thero will certify that it saveil
their lives. In four other epideinh s of
howel OOmplalnt this remedy has been
eipially successful. Twenty-tlve and llfty
oent bottles for sale by C. Blakely, Mont
pelier, Vt.
Hbhki Htoi
I). F. LoHfl has roturned from Hoston and
w. ii. pim.i.irs of Bennington is visiting
ll. ii. Sorlbner.
Mns. Hami LiOwi returned from Rjri
beaob yesterday.
AitTiit it Wuiii'oMii is In Boston on a
two weeks' vlslt.
Mns, A. Ueeii nnd Mrs. ,f. M. I'oland
are visitors in town.
Ai'ohtney Am.auI) is clerk al the Anieri
can house, Swanton.
Si mnek fCrUBALL is butldlng a dwelling-
house on Spring street.
Pitoi essok JoRM .1. tiOKO of .lackson.
Fla., Is visiting relatives In town.
Mlt. ANlt Mns. AsA BlANORABO have gone
to Kye beach for a two weeks' stay.
Miss Maktha BOLDIW, daughter of Wil
lard Solden, is visiting her pUBBtl.
MRS, Kmh.y T. BABIN aml Miss Sabln re
turned from Cottago City on Monday.
Mn. ani Mhs. F. II. Pt Ki EU and little
daughter are spemling a week at Putney.
Mns. M. W. Wheelock returned on
Monday from a ibOTt visil at LyBB, Mass.
Some forty "fresh-air" pigs returned
from the eouutry to one stnblo in town last
T. t'. BABJLOWI and George W. Heed ar
rived Tm?sday evening from their tishing
trlp to Maine.
Kdith, the eightyear-old daughter of
Herbert Wheelock, broke her left arm by a
fall on Monday.
Mhs. ('haki-'ee and daughter Mary are
visiting Mrs. Wooster Sprague, the molher
of Mrs. ChalTeo.
Thomas Carkv, who dled in tbe Brad-
shaw block, Berlin side, last week, was
buried on Friday.
May V . Ghiki in, who has been visiting at
the home of E. P. Walton, has returned to
Somerville, Mass.
Hen.iamin Dalev Iish received the con
tract for grading the grounds about the gov-
ernment buildlng.
JoBM (.'. Wilson of Brighton, Mass., is
makingaten days' vlslt with bisbrotber,
Charles E. Wilson.
Mns. GBOROK II. Pkck and Miss Llzzle
reiurn this woek from Cottage City,
Martba's Vlneyard.
Henuy LlBBBN, clerk of the I'nion house,
lost his poeket-book , l ontaining about 830,
on last week Ihursday.
A. T. Kkith went Monday to the home of
his son at Malden, Mass. He will also visit
his daughter at Walpole,
S. C. Shurtlekk, Esij., went to Saratoga,
N. Y., yesterday to attend the annual meet
ing of the Amerioan Bar Assoolatlon.
A ni mher of Montpelier people are inter
ested in the coinpany which has been formed
to boom the town of Enterprise, Miss.
H. II. ScHiiiNER returned on last week
Friday from a two weeks' vaoation spent at
St. Hyacinth, P. ., Nantucket and Boston.
Mns. M. S. C. TOBHBBOf . x Cynge, Kan
sas, Brrlved on Friday and is warmly wel
OOmed by her old friends aud former mdgh
bors. M. W. Breweh of Chieago has been visit
ing his mother, Mrs. M. W. Brewer. It is
Dearly eight years siuce he was in Mont
pelier. Edward E. Towner made an address at
the conveutiou of the White River Chris
tian Endeavor Union atBeihelou last week
Thk Colby Wringer Company has re
ceived, by assignmeut from Charles K,
Btinson of Boston, Mass., a pateut for a
olothes wringer.
Kev. G. T. Kay.mond and Edward E.
Towner asaisted in forming a Obristian En
deavor Society at the Baptist chureh at
Barre last nigbt.
T. J. Marston, only son of the late Mr.
Marston of Madiion, Wis., was in Mont
pelier last week, the guest of liis cousin,
Mr. E. I). Hyde.
E. E. Blakely went to Manchester, N.
H., last week Tbursday, on a business
visit, and Collins Blakely went to Kye
beach on the same day,
A PARTT cousisting uf Thomas Gishorne,
Joseph .Almon, James OuIIeu and Joieph
Wood returned Monday from a tishing tiip
in the vicinity of Highgate Springs.
SoHB haudiome marble work, doue by a
Burlington Brm. is being put in at the
Pavilion. John W. Peck is doing the plutnb-
Ing in conneotion with the Improvements.
'A. M. CAMP, who is aconductor on a Pull
man car between Kansas City, Mo., aud
San Antonio, Tex., was in town a few days
last week, visiting his father, Erastus Camp.
Oi K genial aml accomplished townsman,
Mr. T. W. Wood, the artist, was receutly
eleoted presideut of the Ahliuo Club of
authors, arlists and publishers, in New
Seroeant-at-arms T. C. Phinney has re
ceutly improved the ventilation of the
lower rooms of the state-house, aml has
made other needed improvementl about the
BlttOHAM Marvin has gone to Barre to
work in the store of Marvin & Wilson at
Ihat place. George (iates, who had been
with the tirm at Barre, takes his place in
the Montpelier store.
The band had out-door drills on thc state
house grounds on Salurday tnorntng and
Monday afteruoou. Druiu-nmjor Fred T.
AtlStln was present aud oonduoted the
marching moveiueuts.
K. x. DbLottinvilli has been visiting
at Lawrenoe, Lowell and Boston. He will
go to New York before returning to Mont
pelier. Mr. DeLottinviili Intendi to foiiow
tht! iusurance business.
Four mounted cow-boys, with bnglei,
woke tho echoes early Monday morning,
announcing that Forepaugh's "circus is on
tho way lo Barre. They were picturesipie
ObarBOters, but no musicians.
A I00IABLI was given in tho vestry of
Betbany ohuroh by the Obristian Endeavor
Society last week Friday evening. E. Ii.
Binith gave an Interesl ing historioal leoture,
illustrated by the stereoiti,'oti.
PrOTXSSOB Chase aml wife, who havtt
been boanliug at Morton Marvin's, went to
Bar Harbor, Maine, on Monday, They will
remaln tbere about two weeks, after wbioh
they are to returu to Montpelier,
MR. and Mrs. Qboror Lherei x aud
Oblldren of BrOOblyn, N. Y.,WbO have been
risitlngMrs. i. w. Temple, Mrs. Lbereux'a
sister, have returned to Burlington, where
they had been before cotning to Montpelier.
Many membera and atteudante at Trinity
chureh arc at tho Central Vermont camp-
meeting at Northfield this week. Tbere
will be no servlco at tho chureh noxt Suu
day, as the camp-meel ing continues until
BPWARD W. Thomi'Son of Boston, foriu
erly a resideut of Montpelier, was clceted a
delegate from tho Vermont Society of the
Sons of the Revolutlon to the national meet
iug, at the annual meeting at Bennington,
last week Saturday.
Kev. J. Edward Wrioht and family re
turned from Cennebunk beach on last week
Tbursday, and Mr. Wright preached at the
Cburch of the Messiah on Sunday morning.
He is to preach at thc Morso si hool-house
uexl Sunday afteruoou.
The company of the Elcventh United
States Infantry which hail been ordered
from the barracks at Plattsburg, N. Y., to
the cainp at Bradford, reached here ou foot
on last week Tbursday morning and caiupcd
ou grouud uear the Seminary. In the even
ing Cnpit.nl (inard aud the band eSCOrted
the company to the Montpelier house, w here
an oxoollent supper was siu ved.
Mhs. ('. II. Wilson slarled on Thnrsilay
on het retttfn to her home in St. PruT.
Mrs. Wilson has a wldo circle of friends
here, among ull classes and ages, who wel-
come her visits to the place of her btrth and
sincerely regnd, her departure.
A iiorse RttROhed to a carriage contain
ing two ladies fell in front of the post-ottlce
on last week Friday afternoon, aml the
carriage would probablv have been o er-
turned had not k. B, Blakely held the
horse'l head until he was uuharnessed.
The ladies had a narrow SSOSpS from a run
awny. Al. o. Pi.ru A Co.'s minstrel entertaln
ment, Tbursday nigbt, was a bright, oleaB
stfalr, full of variety aml wbolesome f nn.
In stage arrangc mciits and geueral plan
the oompany has made a deolded lnnow
tiou on the conveutional minstrel show.
It was R ihoroughly good entertninment in
genernl aml in detail.
A si'IIool 'MRBTtMO was held at Canital
; hall on last week Wiolnesday evening,
when it was VOted to raise a tax of twenty
live centa on the dollar. Tho followingof
ticcrs were elected : Colleotor, E. M. Irish;
clerk, lliram Carlcton; treasuret, A. J.
Sibley. Thomas Marvin was elected a meifi
ber of the prutlential cominlttee in plac e of
li. P. Gleason,
" A NCXRD nine from thc granite works
o' the Wetmore it Morse t'oinpauv and
Siafford Lynoh played hall with a nine
from the Exeolsior Granite Works, Saturday
af'ernoon, on the Nicholas meadow, for a
half-barrel of beer, the latter winning by a
oore of 31 to 10." So suys the thrtt Prttt,
aml it may reailily be believed, for becr
usually does win when taken in sutlicient
The rear of the old Sloan buihlingon State
slreet has been torn down, aml the remain
ing part is being moved back. The old
Montpelier house stamls out in bold reliel.
and is not a pleaslng peetBOle. Thc cll of
the hotUte has been elapboardeil and Other
wlse repaired receutly. When thc Sloau
bnlldlBg is out of the way a lawn will be
lald aml thc groumls ahont the oburoh will
be made as neat as poesible.
There is war in thc prccincts of Spring
street. Ntdghbors at the westerly BBCtion
have come Into hostile conllict along bound
ary lines, over fences and stone-walls. The
gent le scx have enlistcd for thc war, and
DOme the WOUndl of war. There are suits
for trespass aml counter suits threatened
for assault aml bnttcry. All this oecurring
i so soon after the military has left for thc
mnster, showsthe neoesslty for the militla,
for its tnoral if not its physical elTccts.
OoLOXRL and Mrs. Carl N. Bancroet of
Columbus, Obio, are tbe guesta of Hon, B,
I'. Walton, Colonel Banoroft. who is well
kuown in Montpelier, is a native of Wash
ington county, and is now i hief clerk in the
United States pension agency at Columbiis,
Ohio, tho largest in the eouutry. He rc-
turns home this week. Mrs. Banoroft, past
department presideut of the Woman's Ke
liof Corps of the Buckeye State and one of
its most proiuincnt members, will spend
everal weeks here.
Tiik Mfly-seventh annual convcntion of
the Vermont and Provinoe of Qnebec Uni
vcrsalist Assooiatlon will he held at St.
Albanson Tnesday, Wednesday and Tburs
day, the 26th, 27th aml 28th instants. The
annual scrnion will be preached by Kev.
Myra Kingsbury on Wislncsday morning.
A large number of interesting toplcs will be
dJsoussed. The Central Vermont railroad
will sell tickets on these three datestoSt.
AJhans and retum for fare one way, and
:fto.o tlcketa will be good until the HOth
Thk infant daughter of Rev. J. C. Flan
ders died stuldeuly at about half-past twelve
O'elock ou Saturday morning last of cholera
infantum. She was taken sick early Fri
day morning. A service was read by tho
grandfather of the little girl, Kev. A. B.
Flanders of St. Albans, at ten o'cloek Sun
day morning, and on .Monday the remains
were taken to Manchester for iuterinent.
The child was about three months old.
Mr. and Mrs. Flanders have the deepest
svmpathy of parishioucrs and friends in
their atlliction.
along which the ascent nt tht monntain is
made was a novell v to most of thc excnr
lonlltS, aml the rldc to thc siimmit on a
plal forin car that admittcd of unrestrielcd
ohservation " was an event of nnusual in
teresl. From cvery hllUtOp in ermont the
view in tummef tlma is one of beanty aml
rich magntfloenoe. From few points of ob
lervatlon does the scenery inrpasi that
wblcb is nnrolled to the eye as the traln
cllmbe tho deolivlty of " Mlllstoni hlll."
" llills peep o'er hills " and circle awav to
the horion in great nmphithcatcrs, whlle
Oamel's Hnmp, lentlnel of the monntain
host, lifts ItS frowning outline BgRlBSl thc
Rummet sky. Fioods of verdure nn the
vales and great waves of foliagc sweep tivcr
the topmosl polBt of thc highest sutnmits.
Seen In a sninirier ilay, under the light of a
ummer un, Heoked by the ahadowi of the
ummer olouds, tbe landscapeli UBriVBled
for Its varied heauty aml iuagnillcem le.
Turnlng from thc esthetlc to thc practical,
the operations of tpiarrying granite were
watohed with Interest. Thc draft on the
vilal forces was resuppliod from well
stocked baskets, and a seuson of recrealion
and intensc etiiovuient ol the natural glories
of tho place enjoyed. The excursionists ex
pri'Ss unllmlted apprcciation of thecourtesy
of their hostcss.
Anot r as far west of Montpelier a, tbfl
Barre granite rjUSrrise aro east of it, are the
large tpiarries of soap-stotie or free-stone
pronounced by Gcologtst Hitchcock to be
the bi st in New England. The ipiarries,
located about a inile aud a half from thc
railroad ItatlOB in Waterbury, on tho
Moretown sidc of the Winooski river,
extend nearly two bnndred rods south-
erly from near the river roail, reach
ing over on to a wood-lot owned by H.
W. Heaton of Montpelier. About seventy
years ago, before tho days of railroads,
Bhlpley .: Warncr counmmceil business
here, hauling the soap-stono to Boston,
Mass., with teams. The superior iuality of
Ihe stone enabbol them to defray the great
expense of transportation and to ContiDUe the
business for many years, or until the soap
stono iiuarries ol PrancestOWn, N. II., were
Opened, which lupplled the eastern market
with nearly all the stono thc meager de
mand at that early day required, when
work ou the Moretown iiuarries was sus-
pended on scoount of tho long distance to
market. The farm was purchuscil by Will
iam Deavitt of Richmond, who moved on
to it in 1840, where he has since resided,
giving very little attention to the soap-stono
business. The demaml for soap-stoue,
however, has greally increascd withln
a few years, and, the Francestown
ipiarries having bccome nearly exbausted,
ii seems a favorable tlme to resnme work
on the Moretown quarrles, William Deavitt
has sold that part of his farm containing
the soap-stone to his sons, T. J. DeRVitt of
Montpelier and J. J. Deavitt aud D. I'.
Deavitt of Moretown, who will commeuce
work on the ipiarries at once; and, should
the iletnand require it, a stock oompany
will be formed, and the business enlarged
to meet the deinand, however large it
may be.
ported, as followsi Benatorn, pr, J. H.
.lackson of Barre and Oeorgc W. Morse of
Waterbury: assistalit jnilges, II. S. I.aird
of Marshfield and D. B. Wooster of Norih
Reidj statc's al lorncv, t'harles M. Davis of
Northfield; sherlff, Oayton l'. Olarka of
Montpelier; high ballilf, 0. '. Tewksbnry
of Norlhlleld; jndgc of probale, llirntn
Carlcton of Montpelier; county oonnnis
sioner, II. Templeton of Worceaterj county
eommittee, .1. W. tiordon of Barre, F. I..
I.aird of Montpelier. George B . Murrayof
Moretown, B. P. White .,f Cslall nnd M. E.
Chase of Koxbury, which rcport was unani-
mousiv adopted.
Herbert P. Brlgham, demoeratlc nomlnee
for governor, was tben Introduoed, The
sudience had been giviui lo understand that
Mr. Brigham would discuss stato exjienses,
but they were doomed to ilisnppoinluient,
for hl mado only a few desultory retnarks
upon the qnestlon of high llcense, s. c.
BuUrtleff nexl spoke, and if he had not been
oalled upon nnexpeeledly would hSVl Inado
a fair Rpeech. Tbe eommittee on resolu
tlons, through its chainnan, A. J. Sibley,
made the folTowlng reporti
" Bewlvtd, That we, tho democrats of
Washington county, in convcntion assern
bled, fnlly approve of aml endorse the plat
fonn of thc denioeralic state convcntion.
" Retolved, That the democrats of Wash
ington county will give hearty support to all
demoeratlc state and county nominees."
Every one now believed that the so-called
speeches wero made and that the business
of thc convcntion was transacted. But no,
John Senter hadn'l had the pleasure of
bearing htmself make a ipeech, so he intro
duced an impnrtaut resolution on ballot re
form, moved that it be adopted, seeondeil
the motlon, and made a long spcech in sup
port of tho same. This resolution was im-
portant, becanse thc conventlon had adopted
tht; satuc resolution in adopting the resolu
tions of the stato conventlon. T. J. Boyn-
ton, Bsq., supported Mr. Bester's resolution
In a pleasing but not very subslantial
spcech. Thc resolution, which was adopted,
was as follows.
" Retolvtd, That we, the ilemocrats of
Washington county, in OOBVeBtton assetn
hled, are empbatically in favoi of tbe enact
mcnt of a ballot reform law by our next
legislature, which shall seeure to every voter
in thc state a secret ballot, that he may give
his suffrage w ithout fear or favor, according
to his conscience."
At this poiut thc convcntion adjourned,
proud of its day's work and oonlident that
its nomlnee for judge of probate would ho
We forgot to mention that Hiram Atkins
was present aud seemcd inolined to let the
boys run the conveutiou, evidently having
not fully recOVered from the set-back which
ho received in the last democratic stAto
Greene The ChrUtian f.cmler, in its
issue of the 7th Instant, contained thc foi
iow ing reference to thc death of Mrs. Milton
Greene, a lady whose family is known to
many readers of the Watchman: "The
deatii of Mrs. Milton Greene of Stockbridge,
Vt., which occurred on Friday, .Tuly '.'3, was
as sad as it was unexpeoted to her family.
Only the Sunday before she attended chureh.
Her funeral was held in her home, the fol
lowlng Sunday, in the prcscnce of a large
number of relatives aud neigbbors. Her
marrled llfeextended over a period of forty
four years. Her hushaud, who survives
her, has thc comfort which comcs from the
memory of a companlonihlp which has made
life rich in its best experiences aud from the
faith which looks on to a happy future. She
had ten childreu, nine of whom grew to
manhood aml womanhood. Eight of them
are still living, and all were present at the
funeral, which was attended by Rev. S. A.
Parker, who had known her twcnty-tive
years. Seldom do wo see such a family
gatberlng six sons and two daughters all
stamped with the physical strength and
cnergy, thc moral and spiritual ipialities
which were so doininant in their lnother,
wbom tbey so deeply mourn. Two of her
sons arc well-knowu Univcrsalist clergy
men Kev. It. A. Grecnc of Lowell, Mass.,
and Kev. L, L. Greene of Waketicld, Mass.
Two of tbem are loading physicians of thc
places where tbey live Ii, M. Greene, M.D.,
of Bethel, Vt., and O. D. Greene, M.D., of
Warren, Vt. She was a kimi mother and
loved her childreu wisely, for she gave them
the best opportunity she eould for their
Intellectual cultiire, and imnressed her own
religious faith on them all. In sending
the notioe of their inarriagc to the paper,
February 24, 1848, the ofbclatlng clergyman
wrote thcse words: ' lustead of the bridal
loaf, I send you thc name of Brother Greene
as a suhscriber to the Watchman.' lu the
inarriagc notioe the editor said: ' We wish
that coniile a lona and hannv life.' When
Raymond and Mrs. j read in the light of these forty-four years,
this wish has heen fullilled. Mrs. Greeue
was sixty-seven years of age at her death.
The Montpelier Educational and Benevo
lcnt Assoclation is having calls for articles
of clothiug which it is not able to supply,
and contrlbutlona are again solioited.
Sccond-hand articles of wcar of any kind
are wanted. All who have such and are
willing to give are rcquested to loave them
at Mrs. Dillou's, ou Barre street, on any
Saturday, or at Mr. G. B. B. Denny's store,
on State street, ou any day of tbe week.
The object of the BSSOOiation is a worthy
one, and we commeud it to the good-will of
Montpelier people.
At the annual meeting of thc Woman's
Christian Temporanec Union thc reports of
the secretary aud treasurer were very grati
fying. Ollicers elected for the comiug year
are: l'residenf, Mrs. E. M. Denny; vice-
presidenls, Mrs. A. B. Truax, Mrs. O. II
Kichardson, Mrs. G. T
I'llcn ( Isgood ; secret arv, Mrs. .1 . M . Duraul
treasurer, Mrs. M. 1.. Ellis; auditor, Mrs. E.
P. Jewett. Thc hnard of supcrintendents
will be elected at the meeting next Tnesday
afternoon, in thc parlors of Betbany chureh,
at four o'elock. The delegates to thc state
meeting in Middlebury are Mrs. E. D. Put
nam, Mrs. J. M. Durant, Mrs. M. L. Ellis and
Miss Goodwin.
Capital Guard aud the band left for the
OSmp-ground nt Bradford yesterday morn-
out with about thirty men, and the band ' n-PBBI nine a
U.J .1... nmWaa ',,f,.,.,,lut..l.. f..r I .SelCCllOllS. tO tlll
tbe coinpany, no less than seven of its mem
bers are also members of tbe band, so that
wbile the latter Is on duty the company
ranks are thinued to that extenl. Seven
Other members had been detailed lo go to
Bradford on Baturday to assist in putting
the caiu) in rcadiness for thc regiment.
These members were Sergeant William
Woodward, Oorporali Benjamln Bloan aml
Charles Bmlth, and Privatei Ked Alexan
der, H. A. Hayward, charles Hatbaway
and Charles Koakes. The speolal traln on
which the oompany left brougbt witb it the
si. Albans, Richford and Northfield oom
panles, aml the Barre coinpany also went
on tho same traln, which was composed of
eight cars. Friday is governor's day al the
Oamp, and many Montpelier people will
probably beon the grounds that day.
The Central Vermont railway has ar
ranged an excursion to Ausablo Ohasm,
.. Y., for points on its line belwcen Montpelier-
Inoluding Barre and Williston.
Thc day is lo-morrow (Tbursday), and the
fare for thc routid trlp, Inoluding admissiou
to the Ohasm, is only 81.30 from all stations.
The excursion traln leavos llarre at S:(H) and
Montpelier at 8:98 a. m. Theride from Bur
lington is by iteamer " Kciudeer " to Port
Kcnt, tbenoe by rall to tbe Ubaam, arrivtng
at 1 1 : 3ti. Returning, leave tbe Ohasm at 4: uo
f, M., arriving at Montpelier at 7:30. The
rate is exceedingly low, the tiiue aiuple for
" doing " the Ohasm, and the Ohasm itself
an object of suffloient interest to atlrnct
tourists from distaut parts. " Chasiu " is a
nisnuiuer. It is lu fact a veritable canyon
worn deen down In tbe rocky banks of thc
river, at tne bottom ol which llowsthe rapid
Ausable. The walls rise periendiculnrly to
a great height, presenliug the appearam e of
vasl catbedrais, of toweri aml battlements
plerct d here and thcrc by deep caverns and
preoi Itous gorges, Gallerles and bridgei
nave been oonttructed, along which the tonr
of tlu Chasiu is eusily aud safelv made,
I'.iek . 0111 luncb-bSSket and takc in this e
oursio i to so reiiiarkablo aud noted a lo
cality. Mns W. a Stowkli. iuvited her Barre
street rieuds aud neigbbors to an excur
sion to the granite iiuarries ou Friday. A
sunuy day, teiunered by delightful bree.es,
was vouchsafeu the parly. The railway
Demooratlo Couiity Conventidn.
The democrats of Washington I'ounty as-
embled in tnasa-meetlng at Capital hall, in
Mont pelier, last Saturdav, for the purpose "I
placlng in uominatton oandidates for tbe va
rious oonnty offioeBi The Montpelier Mili
tary liami appeared In front of the hall at
m. aml renilereil several
delight of the not very
large number of democrats present. At ten
o'cloek tbe band entered tbe hall aml took
seats upon thc rostrum, and agaiu rendered
some lond inusic, for the purpose of draw
ing some sort of a erowd; but it was a had
day for the demooraoy of Vermont, and
democrats oould no entbnsa.
The meeting w as oalled to order by F. I..
I.aird, Bsoj., chairmau of the democraiic
oounty eommittee, who attempted to show
that tne fariners of Vermont would be bene
tited by frcc-tradc. But evon Mr. I.aird's
facile logic, wide research and perSUBBlve
eloquence were unequal to the task, aml he
evidently felt himsclf that his i-ITort was a
dismal failure, At tht lose of his remarks
John W. Gordon of Barre was announced
as temporary chairmau of the meeting.
Upon taklng the ohalr Mr. Gordon reolted
some tlowery sentences that he had been
puiiing together during thc last few weeks,
It having heen previously arranged by the
" powers that be " that. M should preside.
George W. Bulkley of Moretown and A. I..
HeWltl of Berlin were made secrelaries; 8.
U Gilman of Marshfield, w. n. Dudley of
Berlin and A. Murray of Moretown, ice
presidents. The organization was tben
made permanent. A coiniuittee on rcs.du-
Uons, aml a nomluatlng oonunittae, cousist
ing of three members from oacb town, wss
appolnted, with orders to rcport at two
o clock r. M.
In the uieantime, ex-Congressnian I.. B.
McKlnney from New Hampshire nddressed
tbe conventlon, talking about one aml one
half hours, It was evidently his lirst spcech
iu this oainpaign, for when he got terribly
muddled In trying to show how free wool
would benefit the fariners of Vermont) he
stopped, spologtsed aml jumped on t,, BZar
rison, Kced and thc so-called forcc hlll, ad
mittiug that ho was a little dull ou the
Al tbe close of this spcech ar ss was
taken DBtll two o'cloek l'. M., at which timc
this imall hm determlned sal of democrats
reassembled. The iirst tbtng on the pro
namme was thc Introduotton of Bradley B.
Siualley to the eonveution, and an alteiupt
was made to give him three i heers. Mr.
Siualley thanked tho audieuce for this
demonitratton aml took the iirst traln for
Burliugtou. At this poiut Lewis N.Jerue.
secretary of the uoiutuatlng eommittee, re-
Town Conimlltees.
We pnblisb below the repuhlioan town
committees hoscu at the county conven
tiou, .Tuly :il :
Barre.-G. W. Tilden, H. E. Packer, R.
A. Hoar, B. H. Wells, George 0. Mackie.
Berlin. John E. Benjamln, Herbert
Wheelock, W. A. Leland, Wllllatn Brown,
Lemnel Chandler.
Cadot T. II. Lance, L. P. Cole, A. M.
Calais. C. R. Dwiuell, J. F. C. Ham
mond, O. Ptitnam.
DfxiniRY. N. H. Somerville, E. I..
White, M. L, Henrv, James Bmlth, B. F.
East Montpelier. Andrew A. Tracy,
Austin Temptleton, Frank J. Parker.
Fayston. A. D. Bragg, S. J. Daua, E. A.
MARSBTIBLD. B. B. Martin, I. H. Edson,
H. H. Martin, Ed. Spencer, 0. E. Bbepard,
A. N. Flood, George E. Hollister.
Middlesex. L. A. Flinf, George H.
I. add, K. W. Warren, Don P. Sawver, G.
M. Whltney, George S. Herrick, O. B. Cnl
ver. Montpelier. H. A. Huse, C. DeF. Ban
oroft, Charles C. Kamsdell, Oughtney
Jangraw, O. D. Clark, James Canniug.
Moretown. James Haylett, Joseph
Knapp, S. D. Moulton.
Northfield. E. K. Jones, W. W. Hol
dcn, O. O. Davis, T. B. K. Hildreth, J. H.
Wincb, 0. E. Qulmby, Hollis Rioh, 0. D.
Pi.ainkield E. J. Bartlett.H. E. Cutler,
George Whitcher.
RoxniRY. O. W. Orcutt, 0. H. Rich, H,
0. Averill, E. E. Bowman, A. J. Boyce, R,
E. Kichardson, Clark Flint.
Waitsfield. M. A. Bushnell, '.. H. Mo
Alllster, J. W. Gregory.
Warren.,!. E. Eldrcdge, J. L, Spaldiug,
W. H. Cardell.
Wateriil'ry. Hcnry F. Hill, J. S.
Wheeler, J. W. Sleeper, J. S. Batchelder,
F. H. Atherton.
WoODBUBV. R. F. Drenan, R. M. Prav,
A. M. Benjamln, W. E. Fisk, G. W. Dan
iels. Worcester. C. N. Hunt, II. P. Darling,
I,. H. Bruoe.
Secretary Proctor and Geueral Scho
lield are expected lo be present at the N'.i
tional Guard encainpmeut at Bradford this
The presideut on lasi week Friday nom
Inated Hon. Abrahani X. Parker of Potts
dain, N. V., as assistalit nltoruey-gencral of
the United States.
The president on last Saturday nomi
nated Colonel J. H. Baxter as surgeon-
generalof the Onited States srmy. Colonel
Baxter is a Vermont man.
John Kuskin is sinking rapidly. Hl ll
alniost coutinuously delirious, aud during
his irresponsiblc uiouiciits hc has twice at
tempted lutolde with a razor.
Sknator MORRTbL is now at his home in
Btrafford, with all his family, enjoytng a
much-nocded vaoation The seuator is in
much bettef health than a year ago.
At the requost of her mother, Miss
Winnic Davis' inarriage has been post
poned until next June. Mrs. Davis and
licr daughter are making a lish-scale neck-
lace, which will be set with dlamonds. Tho
uecklace is to be worn at the wedding.
In Colonel Vca.ey's lirst geueral order as
coinmamler-iu-chief of thc Grand Arinv,
issued last week Friday, Colonel J. H.
Qouldlng of Rutland ls appolnted adjutant-
geueral and Rutland is made the national
neadiiuarters. Kev. E. J. Rauslow of
Swanton is the Vermont member of the
OOUnoll of ailiuiuist ratiou.
The United States oJrOUit and dislri. t
cotirts fUet at Brattleboro on last week
Tnesday. In thc dtstrict OOUTt Hoo. T. B.
Waics presented the petitlon of Booratea
Beach Bdmlttlng the eugagement iu Mon
treal by him al dilferent times of three
workineu Gordon, Paltison and Prouse
but claiming ignorance of the law prohibit
ing alien labor contracts and askiug a re
mutsion of the 8I,uut) pcnalty to recover,
which suit is now pemling in thc district
court. Ou Wcdiie.-day Judge Wheeler an
nounced his tiuding of the fact as follows:
" Wltbout an sxpresslon of aayoplnlonai
to whother the suhject matter of the peti
tlon coines withln Iho provisious of title
sixty-eight of the Revised Slatutes if tho
United States, on the appearance of the dis
trict sttorney aml hearlng proofs, I Bnd the
facls set forth in this petition to be true,
and cause the petition, with this timling,
to be forwnrdoii to the secietary of tho
treBSUry." in the olrouit OOUrt, Thursday
aud Friday, tho case of Witter 8, reoeh er,
agaiust Sowles ot als., director, was heard.
Decisiou was reserved.

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