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Four-I.oafrd dover.
Forttinf wllt not pninfl wlth nrt'klnn;
I hnvo nouht tt nlnl I knnw;
1 Imve kwkvtf Fof fmir loHfcil rlover
All thv tilll-olilr on nml uvcr;
By thelirouk nml tn tln mcinlow,
In tlie ftluiRliliip, in the Nlindow
I nlnill never si'ek tt ttiorc.
fortuni wiu not aoue wiih istMafi
llprc lirnlile my nM'll lnor
I WIU rt, tny spflrrli 1ft over,
I 0M1 llnil BO rour lpaTpil rlnver ;
Oll, thrmiKll tliP (tpcpltllll inpiiflow,
T f i tlir nnslilni', tti tliP BtiHitow
I sluill npvpr seek tt more.
Fortunp vfll not romc wlth nreklnn,"
So I DlttM witli dUWUCAfl pypn;
Kyp tlmt rhzp tlip hllMnnH nvpr,
PSlli Hlirt rpnt on fniir-lpnfpil r!uvpr,
Clonp bitMf my dOUKIil irrnwiiiK,
Clnsp Ht hntnp my fortnm' ITOWlDffJ
1 n iny hotlll I wln my irlf.p.
Tlir Banana.
The bannna bclongs to tl e lily fam
ily, and is a developed tropical lily,
frtni which, by ages of eultivation, the
sceds have bcen eliminated nnd the
fruil, for whieh it was cultivated,
grealiy cxpauded. In relation to the
bearing qualities of this f rui , Hum
boldt, who earlv saw the wonders of
the plant, said that the ground that
would grow ninety pounds of potatoes
would also grow thiitv-three pounds of
wbeat. Iml that the annie grrund would
grow 4,000 pounda bananas, the pro-
portions thus being, to whtal one hun
dred thirty tltree toone, and to potatoes
forty fi)ur to one. The bauana pos
sesscs all of the t Stentlsls to tl c suste
nance of life. The tavage of the sea
isles and the jung!e owes what he has
of pbysical strtngth to thi9 food.
Wheal alooe, potatoes alono, will not
do tbi?. When takeu as a bteady
diel it is cookcd baked dry in the
green state, )ulped, and b iled in water
as soup, or cut in allces and frled. 1
do not know whose bcauty I admire the
most thc ujtijestic cocoapalm, with ils
heavy crown of great frlrged leaves,
or the graceful banaoa wlth its great
leaves, vshich are kix feet loiiir and tvvo
feet wide. The leaves of the banana
are tender, and the strong Winds of the
tropica the hurrlcanea soon tear thc
leaves in strips, thereby addiug to
their grace and bcauty. The banana
is a fruit that bear t and blrd, at well as
man, aic fond of, and the owner, when
be lives in a aparti ly-seltled COUntry,
uiust needs proteot his plantation by'a
feuce of snme tLorn p'nnt. Cor
rtspondent GoldthicaiVt Qcoyraphical
A Social Fox Unloosed,
'You do n t think that his rcal
opinion; it was n mood, was it not?"
"Oh, yes, it was a mood, and he had to
'unload.' " The listeuer was struek by
the rcsponse. How rcuch of the fric
tion, the annoyancp, of life eomes fiom
the dirposition of most persons to " un
load " their tnooils! In honits we sr e
it constantly; an atiuos-phere of itnpa
tience nffteting the whole family bc
cause of thc mood of one; a diapoBltlou
to critlclse, audden'y arising from the
tbougbtleas mood of ouemunber. It
afftcts buainesa relatiooa, social rela
tions; oommittce mettlnga havc como
to uaulit tecause sorne member was in
a mood, and "uuloaded," notreal opin
ions carefully tl ougbt out, but ibe
mood of tl e moment. We must uot
confuae bad temper and moods.. One
is posilive, the t ther Degatlve. One
can beaccounted for, for a bad temper
is the one possession that (nnnot be
hidden; like tunthlne bthiud tbfl
clouda, tt forcea a consciousness on all
beboldera; tbe elemeota of uncer
taintymuatbe oocaldered in all iuter-cour.-e
with the nian of bad lomper,
Carry an un brella that will at swer for
either raiu or aunabioe when deallog
with blm; expect ihunder alwaya, and
be pn pared for raiu. A person of
moods, which are n ally nothing but
phyaieal or mental conditions uncou
trolled.it a barder pertou with whom
toho'tl lotercourae than the bad-tem-pered
person, Uaually tbe persou of
iii(i(nl dot s not olTeud to the point of
rouslng his owu conscicnce, tbougb 1 e
may rouae your temper and givc you
opportunity for cbaracter-building. Tbe
bad-tempcred persou knows his wcak
ness, and tloes not trade on a false con
ceptiOO tf his character. But mtods
are a cloak that the owr.cr wrapa about
him, and either laugha at the arrows
pointed at him, or, in hlgh aatiafactioD
with himself, his cloak bocomes an ar
mor from which ylance alike the rea
100, tbe eainestuess, tlie i Il'ection, of
those about him. When onte those
who must le mbjeot to I is moods
have leamed to st paiatc the man from
his temporary menta condition, they
are able to wait until reasou bai re
sumed its sway befoie beiug moved to
aclion. ilo ds are the result of lack of
lelf-conlrol, and tbould cause as much
contrition as yielding to temper arouses.
Temper finds an outlct, and escapes;
but moods may hold a man a slave, yet
social trainlng prevent him from yield
ing to their txpresBion. Moods make
slavts; they chanj;e a man's mental
relation to the world. Tltty muke him
atjraiitfor the morceut; they mtike
enemies of frienda; they rob life of its
purpose, at d when in possession play
battledore and shuttlecock with lotric
and love. Ilnppinens and freedom come
when tbe mood is comjuered, whtther
it be a result of the condition of the
Itomach, tbe head, or the heart.
'hrittian Union.
Too much boillna takes away the
strength. $its of horferadish ani
spicea, with a handful of stigar to ( ncl
gallon of picklea, assist in prerervlou
its strength, as wt H ns greatly improv
ing its Mavor. (iinger is the moit
wholcsomc fpice for piekles; cloves
are strongest. then allspicc, cinnan o.i
i n 1 mace. Mustard sccd is also vcry
nico. If piekles are raised and pre
pared at home in brine, an oaken cask
should be UFed, and they abould be
kiptwell eoveied, with plenty of sah
at the bt ttom of the cask. In makinL'
brine for piekles, it should be sufti
dently strong to bear an egg. A pini
OfiatttO tvery gallon of water is the
usual proportion. We give a few re
cipes: BWBKT CANTAtOUPK PlCB tX8. Take
six sraall cantaloupcs ; quartt r and
cover with vinegar, add to each quarl
of vinegar thrr c pounds of sugar, a lca
apoooful each of clovcs, mrcc and cinna
mon, Drop in the melons; boil flftccn
GtNOBfi BWUT I'lCKt.Ks. Out wat
ermelon rinds in faney sliapes. Soak
thcm in salt and wa'er thrce days. To
eiglit pounds of rind, ut live pounds
of sugar. Make a syiupof vinegar and
lUgftr; spice well. Take tbe rind from
tbe brine, boil it in strong ginger tea,
let it sland over nigbt, and heat again.
Take it out and drop it into the boiling
sjrup; seal.
quarter and core swcet Bpples, slick
two cloves in each quarter and boil in a
lyrup niade of one pound of sugar to
each quart of vinegar. Add some
sticks of ciunamou and whole allspice.
When the apples are done, pour into a
j,ir. l'our 0H the syrup antl add more
to it if neceaaary, nnd boil anl pour
over the apples hot for two mornings;
then press under the syrup witli u
plate, tie a cloth over, and they wlll
ket p well in a eool place.
bundred small, freah cucumbors in salt
water; let tbcni Btsnd three days. Boil
ten minutes in balf a gallon of good
vinegar, one ounce ench of mustartl
seed, junl er berrit s and celery seed, a
dozen green peppers, two pounds of
brown sugar and a nnall liimp of alum.
Pour tbe vinegar wbile hot over the
piekles for six mornings, heatiug each
time; mix a quarter of a pound of mus
tard with the vinegar, Put tlie picklea
in bottlea and seal while hot.
Swekt Watermelon Rind Pick
LE8. Weigh twelve pounds of rind
and put into a kitlle, cover with salt
water, boil balf an hcur, draiu and
wash. Put one quart of strong vine
gar and three pounds of brown sugai
with spices into a kettle, let it come to
a boil and drop in the rind, boil balf an
hour, put into a stoue jar. Add two
pounds of sugar to the syrup, with the
juice and peel of two lemons. Boil
tbick, and pour into the jar over the
lind. This is one of thc mCBt delicious
of sweet piekles. Ripe cucumbers may
be used in the same way. Split them
open and remove the seeds.
pcck of tomatoes, twenty-four onions,
quarter of a pound of white mustatd
seed, four tahlcspronfuls of ground
ginger, thrce of mustard, onc ounce ol
who c allspice, balf an ounce of cloves,
two lablespoonfula of lilack pepper aud
two of sugar. IY.ro and slice the toma
tocs thin, and chop the onions One.
Aftt r the tomatoes are slict d, pack t! eru
in a jar, putling a thick lajerof fali
bttween each layerof tomatoes, cover,
and let them stand for twenty-four
bouts; then pour off thc l'quor, and put
the tomatoes, onions and spice into a
large kettle in alUrnate layers. Otver
tlie picklea well with vinegar, put cover
on the kettle, and C( ok gently for
ihree-quartera of an hour aftor "it has
come to a boil; tfthe pickle sicms too
lhi( k, ald a little more vinegar.
Cuci'Mum: PlCKLES. Soak cucum
bers takeu from the vlnej put in a ket
tle aud cover with vinegar: add to each
gallon balf a teacupful each ( f mustard
seed, cilery s ed and bruisid ginger
root, two lablepoonfuls of black pep
per, balf an ouuce each of cloves uud
mace, one pod of red pepper, a teacup
ful of grated borteradUb, and three
pounds of brown sugar. L t it boil,
put it into a jar, and U t it slaud over
nigbt: pour the apiced vinegar back
into ibe ketile aud let it come to a boil;
iheu pour it over the cucumbers
again. Ttuy will be rcady for use in a
week. Another way: Wash the
( iicumbers well and place thetnin stone
jars; to evcry gallon of vinegar add
balf a teacuprul of salt, one ounce eacb
of ginger root, allspice, cloves, cinna
mon and black p pper. 13oil tbe vine
gar and spices togcther for three morn
ings and pour it over the piekles hot;
cover them cloit'ly, They will be
rcady for use in three days. Jurul Life.
Tnere is nothing that adds more to
the relish of the winter bill of fare than
a nice lot of piekles, and tboi e who can
raise everything neeessaiy for tht in
cau have a great variety. Never, on
any consideration, use biass, cojiper or
bell-metal kcttles, the verdigns pro
duced on them by the vinegar being of
a most poisonous uaiure. Keltleslined
with porcelnin are the l est. When it
is necessary to boil vinegar, do so in a
stone jar on the flre. Tjie also woodeu
sooons and forks. A small lump of
alum added to the viuegar iu which
piekles are sealed renders them crisp
and tender, aud, if, covered witli cab
buge or grnpe leaves, a freih green
color will be iupartid. In makiog
piekles, cider vinegar is best. The viu
egar should only boil five or six miuutes.
BPICED BLACKiiKUiiiKs. Tbese are
apl etiziug with meat, With nine
pounds ol bsrrles, use three of sugar,
one pint of vinet;ar, one tablcspoonful
of cinnamon and one of cloves. Cook
balf an hour.
Blaokbbbrt I'ik. a blackberry
pie which cau be enjoyed tven by a
dyspeptic is made as fo.lows: Fill a
laige puddiug dish with berries which
have been carefully looked over. Add
a cupl'ul of granulated augar,and gill of
water, then sprinkle Hour over the top.
Cover with a thin, delicate crust aud
buke one hour.
Pbbsbbvino Blacebbrbies There
aie numerous methods of preseiving
blackbetriea, tbe simplest being to can
them, u-inga quarter of a pound of
sugar to a pound of fruit. They pre
serve their shape aud appearance best
when cooked in the eans, tbe syrup
being made separalely and poured into
the 0na just before they are ready to
take up.
berry eordial whieh will keep sweet
wilhout brandy or wine, is made in this
way: Simmer the berries until they
break; strain, and to each pint of juice
add a pound of white sugar, ont-half
ounce ciuuamon, one-fourth ounce mace,
two teaspoonfuls exiract clovcs. Boil
twenty minutes, and do uot botlle until
cool. Orclmrd and Qurdin.
Ayer's Pills
May nlway hc rollpd apnn n n cprtsln
ctirc for llvpr trntililps, BOHtUSSMtSH, nlck
beadeehe, bnievmessi ilytpspsla, (suHHee,
and rhffnrasttitWi Onliks nost settaitlesi
Ayer's 1'llls strctiRtliPii tli! BtetMeki ltver,
aipl bOWSlS, nnil rsStOra tci IIipsp orpnns
their normal and regnlai nptton. Takeu in
sensnn, they rlipck IIip pNSjieSS of cplits,
fsvsrSiSnd malarla, Being puraljrvagatsblt
amt susjaMoSjted, Ayers Pllls arc
The Favorite
famity nedielne, white travelersi iintii tiy
sea and l.uni. flnd Hiem tn ba IndlapenMHti
" We seli itpirp of Ayn's Pills than of all
OthSrklndi put together, and they ctvp pcr
fcct satlsfaptlon." ClitUtenBSn & llaarlow,
Diufilats, Baldwln, WlSi
"i iiavc used Ayer's PIIIr tor tiio pssl
tliirty yoars. and COItahlsr tliem an InVBlashle
Family Medicine
I know of no better reaiedy forllvertronbles
anit dyspspala." Jantea Qttlnn, Hartfordi rt.
c'apt. OhaSi MneHor, of ths steamahlp
" Kcdicia." saysi " I'or spverai yeara i have
rellcd more upon Ayer'a Pllla than suythlni
pIsp in the medlelue cheit. to ragutata my
bowelSi amt thoaa ol tha snip's erew Thesa
Pllla sra not levere In their actlnn, bnt do
their worh thoroughty. i hava uaed thom,
and with ood sffoet, for tha otira of rhen
tnatlsni, kidiicy trottblea, and dyspepsla."
Ayer's Pills
UE any 0TAy
fcr IHTEB'.'AL m EITES1TAL w. '
In laio
Originated by an Old Family Physlcian.
Xliintf Of It '" """ f"r ,ll"r" Oi.in KlKlity
rntton after ficnrmt (on llttvp ls.-a nml lipftied It.
Kvpry iTmTWef itaould havo a bottla In his ntPlwC
FwpfW Sllffprfr Kr""' Hlnnmatl.sm,
Nitviiui Ucnilnrhp, mphthi'i -ln.t , iii:li-.('iitnrrh. Hrnn-
cllltls. AKlhinn, Ch'iliTii Mnrliii. I Harrlin n. I n.
Siirpnpii In IfcHlynr l.linlw. snrr .Idlun ,r straln
wlll aud lu this old Anodyna relletandipecdyeUK.
Every Mother Anodyne Qnlmenl in 1 1
ni ttiM for ( roup, coids.
Sore Throat. TnnMHtK Collc. Outt, liniiwa, 'rmnps
and 1'altiK llntiO- to oopur in any fiunlly wllhotit
notlOO. l'lavH nmv post a llfp. Itcllpvrs all SmniiKT
Coinplalnta like inaKlc. frlpp, :w i't. i i ! .. it
tUs ttj BSpfiaa PUu, I. S. Johnson Co.. Uotou.Masii.
Or. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Botd by all IriiKuMtB ntnl DtAlffl in Mctllcfnu,
IIBalllisiisf I
StHni tn the undsrtlgiiMl for nmp ind punDhleti
irnioti uiiiihfMriM jfon hIhuii niniiit. rtiftot Boutifl
and thf new HtMir nf w .-1 .n t.,n Hllllne thp fiiture
HetropolU, Popnliitton, 7ft) iwo, 2,lwi, Com
blCtfl iysti'in ol clci'trir Iftilil1; witr iirks, ten
iniit" tweWofooi ildflWatlTui ix tnllvi Kraded
trMttj luis licr litiif-tnokt-l liitrlmr (n lUgff1
Bnntid, Kmir mreatvst i rmii coutliietital rtlwayg.
Th CaiuiiiIiii) Pftclflc ftnd irrnt Nnrthem rittiwHyH
un' j ti nt oomptotM Imti. Tpt NortDOtn I'jn'iiir i.i
ontf ir hwoy Htui 'i,i' I'ninii paolflo im comtng
III f.tnt ;t iiifn niitl nmney ran bltjUL Nmv tn tlio
nme to luy IoIk utnt l'Kks ainl rt iiHzr on tht1 rrHt
rirtl' In vhIhhh.
v- arc the ferjt'Mt owttorii Loti rtuigc from j?7,
tn Hl.'.HH. l.nts tlVf tn tlMI hlnrkx froill WJlter ffOtltj
$s hihI IIO(i oltulce, f IWi to iWW. Termit One-tblrd
aowoi bohuioO one rewi lo , i i monthly pny
munt. you n't exirtly thf Htno tortni hh iclven nt
nir nffloe here nml lo Hliiltio. Bj remlttlng ten loi
lnrai by lr;ttt, rceint'r( ttr or trli-Kra.h, wlll
lejoot tnr you tbe but iuinii lots.
i(KKKiiKcKs: Kverv h.tnk man bottnoM Brtn ii
Reattlo, Wiuhlngton Natlonfii Itanki Hon. K. O.
iinvta, Prosldfint nnd BXAelBtstnt upltod sttes
rrouurer U H. UHffltb, KMllty aml Hnnkin K'o.
himI exOovertinr Buitoiio BotnplOi Bonttlei Klrt
Ktttlotml Uanki IflAine Nntlonal Hknh and chiitnttcr
nf UutnmeroOt Dlftlno, wathtnKton
OOfllDKftTAL IIi.ock, - - Seattlk. W'ami.
when a!l otlier remedics fail as
thc only positive cure for Dyspcpsia,
Constijiation, Livtr and Kidncy Ds
cascs. Thousands gratcfully testify
that Dr. Kcnncdy's Favorite Re
mcdy has SitcJ Their Lives. To
Mothcrs and Daughters (even the
youngest) Dr. Kcnnedy's Favorite
Reraedy has Proved a Rtal Blcssing.
$1.00 bottle; 6 for $5.00. All Dealers.
"A Famity Jkwii.." A bMtttlfal nhwMBad
Uook- how 10 Oure all BIoikI and Khlnpy Dlseiwcs
- mallpu Irtp. AddraMlliaraluit thltpapir)
Ko: DOI'T, Na V.
If you are not Fortified
Against Consumption, Coughs, Colda
Scrofula, and all Wasting Dis
eases, use
gjVThe Best and Purest MedicineS
ll07V EVER MAD1:
',. cSK.f yatom, and maKo your bki
p.laan and Bmooth. TIiiik,
'Imillea and BlOtl h'H
liKh mar your iwautj vn
MMIIIMl Iiv 11
fj. OBk. hlood. nnd can l
'f, ,. ' . vBw 1 1 hm i ld tna tiort
if vo ii arc
Tho Doae i
maU oiih n "
, .i i
' . ... rk.
nn'diriin.'. Tl'S It, aiul
, . ili .
( ,i l U ,.i nnv 1 irn-'i-i.
PoN' r Wait, Qbt it a t sc
if nm fniT i liiL' from
...... Ii... .... ml u i.h io 11 c ti
old agu, B StJLPHUU BITTE11
Ihey uever Call to oure.
t. CA itI
Scnd 3 S-oeot itamua to .. i,omway .v ( n.,
BotoniMaaaitn IjcbL motUcolwork uuulUheUr
Mkiht wius, ub the marvelous suc
cenB of Hoocl's Sarsaparilla showf. It
riOBseBses true rcedicinal nierit. Bold
dy all clruKKiBtN.
oughs allLang.
2jds v Troubles.
35c. and $1 at all Druggists.
. MORGAN &.SONS, Prop'ti,
Mixi'ti with the naorntng feed preventi
Ituup aml t'hittrrtt,
Hmall 111111 ezpended for it win retarn
liiuny Ud)M tb6 cost iu tho ini n iiHt tl pro-
duotloa of Y.i. fiiolij by Beednurrtf
Ki t iitai n, DniKKlttt, nint (lOUtil'ftl D al-
j'i-9. i b, Pkg -2.X-. MH lb. Pkg. 50o. filb.
VUk. $JQQ, 1 H. lkbr. tit'iit by Ukftll for Uk;.
Administrator's Sale!
A niHiirmnl rnnf two tent'intMit lnnmc; ono pltch
mnf two -tvuciiu'iit hmute, hnilt tlx yuuri, In umxI
rt'htir, ont new two.try noujio, with twonty -ounl
roonui initMbie for two i nnih h, with rauninj itmoi
aml i-loteli. Tlie ftbOTO irnnfrty 1h lt uut i pn
Harru ttri'ut. AUn twenty IiuIUIIiik )nt, auitill
iHrturt Ufnr I'hitittlrlil vill;iK Whi'fler farin In
NlHrthlleld. lot nf Uinl ln Piionin. IIDll ftsrm In
"iniiiif. lettse ltttitl, ir DtlllOfja t t Inch itetun
plue, two huilillnK ncrewii. The ttbuve i . i - . n
UQUHt be tiohl to i-loiie entHte.
Montpelier, Vt., December V, IMMI.
Biliousness, Dyspepsia,
Indigostion, Discases of
tho Kidneys,Torpid Llver
Rheumatism, Dizziness,
Sick Hcadache, Loss of
Appetite, Jaunclico, Erup
tions and Skin Discases.
FrtMi Ma i" r bottle. y all Hruiciiixtii
HtNRI, JOHNSON k 10KD, frtpi., BilHington, i.
m j u i mihi n mi ininiiitiio
CurefnrrUeH. rrk'L$l. lly
l rup'KiMMor 1HU miiiiKS
frfe. AMn--s-AN4KKSlS
liox 410, Wcw Vui Oty.
A Nnnjrliiy Little Compt.
Thorn wun n llttln compt wlio Mverl nonr tho Mllky
Way !
Sho ovvi to WtHdtf oiit Rt fttghl tM Jtunp nhout
hihI plny.
The mothflr of tho OOQMi wn n vory gOtkl old ufnr;
Hhe used to "rold htf rerkled rhlld for vi-nturln
out too fnr.
Slio told hor of tlie ore, Stm, who loved on trtrn to
ni p,
And who aiked no btttCt pflKtltue tlinn In gObbUog
pometi tip.
Hii t lnntcRfl of rowlng MtlUOttl nnd of MiowImr
propcr fear,
The foollnh little ronift edi'd up nc.irer nnd more
She nwltrhed her HRticy trnll ftlMtfl riKlit where the
nun could fiee,
Aud Mlrti'd wlth old Mfeffi mul wnai U hold M bold
could he.
Rhe hiiiKhed to "corn the fpilct ntwrs wlio uever
frlnked nhnnt;
She Mtld IherewHd no fttn ln life unlens you ven-
turel out.
She llked to nnike the plnnetn ntRre, nnd wWlied no
hetter ntffth
Thnn Jut to nee the telenropen ittmod et her from
the enrth.
She wondered how no miuiy ntars eould mnpe thn'
nlKhts and ilayi,
And let the Mekty-faced old inoon Ret :i11 the love
and pralfie.
Aud an kt talked aud tOMtd her head and iwltrhed
her shlntnK trall
The fttald old mother ntar Krew ad, her i-heek Krcw
wRii and pale.
For ittl had llved there In the wklefi i nillllnn years
or tnoru,
And ht had heard iray OOtnttl talk ln just thin way
Aud by and by then eatne an end to this jray comet's
Shc went a tlny Ut too (ht- and vantshed ln tlie
No more she 6wIiirs her lblBtll trall before the
whole WOftd'l slKht,
Hut qnlei starsshe lauKheii to seornare tWtaMIHg
every nlKht
;tla Wht$ttr IViteox, in Xetr )'vri W'orht,
ee's E
Extract of Malt and Compound
Syrup of Hypophosphites
Tiimo sxnl tSoda.
If your Drugglst tlncs not keep it.
sfciid 00 lo MHgi'e Emulsioo Cotn
pany, Lawrence, Mass., and tbey will
seod yu six bottles,
a man doomed to denth. Thc grand
poeol i he beftd, tiint looh of tf mnercd
defiance, not ol scorn, that ca'ni deter
mloatioo of tl ( fiice, at once tc uched
all hcnrlB. Tlie coniniipsion for the
KalbaD Halci was givsll two years ago,
and as soon as pOSSlbla tbt ilgure will
lio nust in hronzo nnd aent to New
Voik. Plans for Ihc pcdestal hovc
bcen already siiagcslnd by Mr . Stim
ford White. The slaltic will be somo
eight feel high, aud ihere is DO Qttestiotl
hut that im iipproiriate setting woulcl
l0 forlhcoming. It is fortiinate that
New York is to have such a noblt
work, for it will not alone Impart higlier
urt instruetion, liut Xathnn Ilale will
iitipn Sl on Amcricans yet to eorrjc the
otory of Ibe dtvotion of their fore
fnthers. Ifnrpcr'x Weekli.
Timely tVord of Wnining.
" When hastenlriK through a busy
street in Brooklyn, X. Y., a few years
rgo," wiitcs a correspondent, " 1 was
halieti hy a young nian whose face I
did not recall nt tlie time. ' But,' said
be, 'l have sotneihing in niind that I
have r.ot bad opportunity before to
thatlk you for. Several yc ars ago 1 WSS
a clerk in a ccuutry store, nnd you
passed nie in it, aud discovered "the
character of the book I wns readint-,
and, apeaklng tbese wonls in a low loae,
passed out: ' When Danks was ar
rested, he had one hundred eliven of
tht sr in his bouse.' I reoalled Dinks'
ihraiy of yellow-covertd litcralure.
!Ie had once been my seboolniate, and
Was a line scholar, hut did not lind Uae
ful employmeoi. Ile becarue dishonest,
an expert Ihitf aod burglar, and was
tht n in jnison. After you had passed
from Sigbt, I Ihrew that book into the
lire, and gave my mind to what I was
paid for doiug. I DOW own an honor-
able, paying business, andhavenevir
read one of the timc-fllching i ffalrs
since. It is the waroing I want to
thank you for.' "
Di'lls for niurcnra, Cblmm Scboola
t'.'rA.'."rllln C!oppnr'nd Tln!
J-tlltu II rrM fl. HtltluKIH'H.-lit frt'H.
VANOUZEN & TIFT. crncinnili, O.
Tbe Russlan KnonU
A knout is uot rnerely a lash or wbip,
but an ingenious atnl refloed it stru
ineiit of torture, consisting of a very
long aml narrow strip of leather with
thin edges. This leather is first boiled
and soaked iu a preparation of iron, iu
order to make it hard aiul heavy. Be
fore allowing it to harden, howt ver, the
thin edges are doubied over along the
whole lenctb of ilie knout, and in aucb
a manner as to make them very sharp,
so tbat the knoui on it ct DCave side is
like two loug, flexible kuives. The
knout falls (on its concave side) on the
naked back of tbe vlctim, and tbe tharp
bordera cut into the llesh like kuives.
Should the executioner perfitrm his
task couscfentiouly, the victtm uauatty
SWOOUS away,a!tt r the third stroke, aud
often dles under tbe lifth. Peler the
Great Bxed hy a " ukase " ihe maximutn
Dumber of strokes ut one huudn d one,
and when that nuniber was ioflicted it
Waa usually upon a dead hocly, since it
is next to Imposalble for a buruan being
to mrvlve tuore than twenty honesl
strokes of tbe kn ut. Therefore, it is
very rare for ihe regulation nutnber of
atrokes to be infiicted, unless with in
teut tO klil. Cincinnnti Vonimtrc'ud
Tlie Nathan Hale tatue
Nalban Hale, who was haoged as a
apy by 8ir William Mowe on September
22, 177i, has more Ihan oue statue
erectetl to his memory. Even without
represeotatlve broDze or marble, tbose
worda of Halo's, 1 only regret tbai 1
bave but one life to lose for niy coun
try," must ever remain Imperisbable.
liorn in Coventry, Conn., in 1755,
Nalhan Hale graduated nt Yalein 177.'i.
But for the rivolution he migbt have
preached the AVord of Qod. Tne stoini
arose, men were swept from their
pencefui n'oorinirs. and entering
tbe artny in 1775 as a lieuten
snt. in brief time Natban Hale was
made a captain. Afti rtl e disastera on
I.' ii,' Isliinit. exuct information of the
British bad to be obtaiued at any cost.
Under the InstructloQS of bl com
mauder, Ueorge Washington, Captain
Hale made his way through Ihe enemy's
lines. Hale wascaplured, and gave his
life for hiscountry. Exactly wberetbis
hrave man died is kuowu. Patrlotio
meuioiies are rarely at fault. It was
loo fearful a traizedy to bave been for-
gotteu, aud so the place hallowed by
the lai-t agoi.y of Natban Hale is at the
corner of City Hall Park iu New York,
about where Chambera street crc sses
Broadway. Indicatlng, then, ralher
than precising the exact spot, some
where about tbe soulheast corner of the
city hall grouuds n statue of Natban
Hale will be set up by the Sons of the
Kevolution, in autumu of 1802, The
work itself has jusi beeu creatcd, and
the Nuthan Ilale is still iu plaater, It
stnnds now in the Paris salon, and its
nohility at once made it couspicuous.
All Amcricans had at heart the story
of the man who died for their country,
but to tbe re-t of the world the bistory
of this particular miui was unkiiowu.
(tuick of appreoiatlon, those wbo were
not Americans felt thnt they were un
der just such a spell as alone a great
art work produces. This statue awnki ns
not Bympathy, normere pity, but rt ver
euce. No ditllcult aunlysis was neces
Bary. There wib no allegory to be
solveel. There stood a man with arnis
pinioued, his feit tetbered. He was
clad as were tbe uicn of a ceulury or
more ngo. He waa a priaoner. It was
Francla Joseptl aml Kugenie.
At this moment two historicnl aml
royal peisonngcs who are crcssing the
slage of the worltl foem to he stamped
by the fatality of the nncienls. They
Bre like two evi cations of .Kichjlus or
Eurlpides. They sugaest Uvtipua and
Jocacta. One is the Krnperor Francis
Jt sepb; thc c thcr, the Empress Euge
nie. On both a crushing fatality seeius
torest. One, mounted on the throne.
saw herself precipltated from it in ihe
midst of its grenlest lustcr. Struek to
the heart by those morlal blows, Heicha
hofen. Spicheren, Sedan, she saw her
hu-band led away a prlSODer after hav
ing surrendercd his army to the victor;
she saw her palacc invadfld by the
threatenlng mob; aml deserted by the
flood of couit ers, she was acc.ompanied
to her exile only by that American citi
B6D, by that Thomas W. Kvans, who
alone was fallhful in misfortuue. he
saw her husband, prostrated hy paiu
and adversily, die ingloiiousln that ex
ile; aml linally her son. her onlv sou.
on whoae head cei tercd all hcr pride,
all hcr hope, perished in a barbarous
and lonesome land, far from Kurope,
far from all that could east a last ray on
his premature grave. And yet she
lives, she goes about, she talks, she
revisits Pnri", she goes to see its m nu
raeots, she even enters that Palacc of
Induatry which the inaugurated, and
which even years ago was looked upon
as a Babylonian dream,and she pisses.
an Incaroatlon of fatality, under the
astouished eycs of the people who gaze
upon her. The otber is Francis Joseph.
Ile arcended the throne amid tha noise
and trepidation of a fearful storm. Ile
lUCCessiVely reci ivcd at thc heart those
triple ponlard thrusts Mageutn, Sjlfcr
ino, Satlowa. He signed, howling with
inje, that Treaty of l'rasue which
snatched from his hrow thc German
imperial crown; then, amid the gloorny
solltude which made his domestic
hearth a dcsert, be leamed the mysteri
ous cntastri phc which deprived him of
his only son, the heir of his crown, the
only future and the suprerue hope of
the empire. M. De Blowitz, in Ilttr
pec's Ma'jazine.
Caught a Battler Barehanded,
An e'.t ven-yciirs-old youngstcr of
Monroe, Orange county, N. Y., is the
Qrt person known in that section to
have caught and ma le priaoner a live
rattler, wilhout havlng been bitten.
(Jue day last week the little fellow took
it iu his head to go up aiuong the hills,
on a plcasurc trip. Ile had no com
panions with him. The entire region
surrounding Mombesia Lnke is wlld,
hillv, and covered with woods, among
which are Innumerable rocks. The
region is infetted with ratllesnakes.
blsckheads, and copperheado, as well as
oihers of the harmless varletiss, The
only suakes cousidercd polsoOOUS are
rattlcrs and copperbeads. The little
fellow was tramping nround thc rocks
with no Special purpose, and suddeuly
ran BOrOSS a large rattli snake that was
lying. motionless on n tlat rock near
some hushes. Without s-topping to
consider the danger of a dose approach
to the serpcnt the boy walked cautiously
up and sei.cd it around the botly just
behlnd the head. The snake fquirmed
aml attempted to release itself I ut the
boy held on with grit aml dc tc rmination
until the snake c oiled itself about the
boy's body. With the snake in that
posltlon the boy walked back to the
village, and caused constcruatiou
among the natives when be approacbed
stvtral that he knuw with the snake
still squirming about him and its mouih
open to its fuil capacity. When the
boy was told that he was holdiug a
deadly rattlesuake in his hand he sud
deuly got alarmed, and would have re-
leased his hold had he m t been warned
to cling tight and svoid being hiiten.
The snake was linally secured around
the head and rendercd belpless, after
which he was uncoiled and placed in a
large box with a glass wiudow in it.
On maklng an examination it was
tound that the snake had nine ratlles
and a bulton. The snake is still con
Qued iu the box and is on exhibition iu
one nf ihe village stores. Tho way tho
people account for tho boy's escape is
from the fact that rattleanakes -Ind
their tkins iu August, at which time
they are very stupid and psrtlv bllnd.
The little boy was barefooted at the
time and that may have saved him. Oa
beariug the account of the boy's daring
exploit his mother took him to a doc
toi to be examined, thlnking he mlght
havc been bitten on the body, but she
was assured that he was all right.
A'ttc Forib Sun,
"WHAT are you crying about, my
little man?" " Jimmy O'Brieu licked me
lirst, nu' then father licked me for let
ting Jimmy lick me, and theu Jimmy
lloked me ngain for telling father, an'
now I auppoae I aball catch it agaiu
from father." l.ie.
' No, Bobhy," said his mother, " one
piece of pie is quite euough for you."
" Ii's fuuny," respouded Bobby, with
an Injured air. " Voti say you are
anxious for me to learn to eat properly,
aud yet you wou't eveu give me "a
chance to practice." . Wa$ hinjbn
COM iii.MKi). The favorable impres
sion prodaced on tbe lirst appearance
of tho agreeablc liquid fruil retnedy,
Syrup of Figs, a few years ago, has
been more than conflrmed by tbe pleas
ant experience of all wbo have used it,
and tho Buccesa of tho pioprietors and
nmnufHcturers tbe Califoruia Fig Syrup

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