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VOL. 86.-4457.
Every week new
Furniture is ar
rlviog dtrect from
m n n u f acturer,
and ittchides the
Novelttol in all
Lines, ns well
n s t li c Stuples.
In Leather Upholstered and
Plush Fancy Rockers
and Chairs.
5 SS
PARLOB Sl'ITs at Jlaiiufac-turer-)'
Prices. (Jham her Suit-',
grcnt varlety, frotn tnedlum
price up to the most elegant
oik'8 in AnUque,Slxleenthcen
tury and O.d Eagltsh flaieh.
Sideboard, Hnok cnses, Dcsks,
Hat-trees, Mirrors, Ciothei
I'oles, Parlor and F.x'ension
Tables, Feathers, Pillows,
Spriu' llcds an 1 Mattresees,
all grades. Thc lkst Goods at
Mochrate Pricea is our m tto.
Gleason's is The Place
For House Furnishiuga. S.iti-facliou
CLEASON & co.,
Corner Main and East State Streets.
Self-inkera, Type and Band Datera,
Stamp Ink, Ink Pads, Indelible
Ink with Stampa for Marking
Linen. Stampa mounted
on Mouldinga or with
Handles. Pen and
Pencil Stamps.
Stamps of Every Description
For all kinds of usea.
Do not send your ordera to the city
and pay two or three pricea for pre
cisely the aame thing you can get of
(ienerttl Job I'rintem, Dealern iu SUtionery,
rtiul Miikttinof Itiililicr StMttpti
Administrator's Sale!
A maiiBttrd I two-tenutmnt houne ; ene iilteh
ruuf two -tenement hotme, built slx yearn, ln good
repalr; one new twontnry houHO, with t wtmty oIkM
roonUi nultable for two fiiinUk'H, w lth rimii Ihk water
and closets. Tlie uhove pronerty 1b altuated on
l.allr Kflt A1BO IweilTV lcl U . f IOtH, BIIlUll
inMTiirc nt-nr nmiini'iii nuagfi vwieeier rariu m
MarHhtteld. lot of land In Peacham, nniall fnrni In
Orange, leaae land, slx hundred feet Ineh ittwin
j)le, two hulldlng srrewi. Tlie above jirunerty
miiBt be iold to cloott eBtate.
ALBEKT .IOHONNOT, Adniinittrator.
Montpelier, Vt., JJeceiubur 8, 1W0
rrni.iPUKit kvkkv wkinkpiav ky
The Watchman Publishing Corapany
At Montpelier, Vt.
AltTlllH ROPM Montpelier, Vt.
(letteral Ettitor.
T. II, 1IOSKINS, M. I) Newport, Vf.
Ayrictillitral Editor.
Tkrms S'.'.OO a year; S1.00 for hIx uieiitha;
Hfty cents for three months.
Cunviissers Wiuited
FOR THtfl I'Al'Klt, OlXMUUl (iuant's (or
othkh) mkmoihh and cosmopolitan
Red the anparalleled offerof the Watch
man, ComopoHtan MagaMtnt md, sithn
Orunt's, Bborautn'ti Hharidan'i or MoOlel
lu'i Metnolrt pifl two. Bo uruat an op
portimity to Imy th hust of UtMWtnN at.
iiR'icly BOtnlllSl prioeH WU nover bafON
praaentsd. To ranvBHer we luake the
(oUowlng Uberal offem
the Vermont Watchman, Vermont
Chboniclb or New Hamfihibi Jour
nal, hiugly or in thc COmblnation, we
will giv.' a copy of either of the ahove
uamed Meiuoirs antl the COtmopotttitn
for oue year.
For FrVB RBICTLV .nhw BVB8CB1BBR8, aiagly
or in the eoiuhination, a copy of the
Cotmopolttan aicie.
copy of eitlier paper and elthei the
Bolton Jutirnal, or A' W Yurk Tribnm,
ttttfot and HsfmtTi f'urm Poullty, or
Mrs. Logan's Home Magaxine for oue
Here is a tino opportunity for any y0UBf
uian or wonian in any neiffhborhood or
Hchool diHtrict.
BnilUMI Mere Moiitlon.
KuiHT-nooM llat to reut. J. 1'olaml.
RVBBBB Stamps at Watchman offlce,
ltuv the White sew inu-machiiie of Ij. P.
Gleason & Co.
If you have a Job of printing of any kind
send .o the Watchman otlice.
A PLAY will he (iveu at the Uuitarian
vestry Friday evenlBg, with mualc hy the
Banjo Cluh.
Proorammks of all kinds, weddlng cards
and iBvltatloni at the Watchman joh oflice.
To Kent or For Sale. Two very de
sirable houies, with barB, Hhed, and gar-
den. tnquire of Joha E. Hubbard,
Ordkks hy niiiil for joh prlatlBg promptly
tilled at the Watchman oflice.
Peopi.e dediring a gool paint for bolld
injjs, at low prioeSi are referred to the ad
vertisenient of the Patrous' Paint Works.
Stamps and ladellble ink sets for mark
in linen, at Watchman otlice
Mb, Qbobob ll. Heykule is in town and
will have time to tuue a few planoi only.
Ordetl should he sent to Long's bookstore
at ouco.
Knvelopks, trritlng paper of all kinds,
plain, or printed, at Watchman offlOO.
J BLiciousBOda-waterat Babcock's. Moxie
on draft. Orange and lemon phosiihate.
Obooolate and oream of tiuest quallty, Ice
creuui soda.
FlQUBIMQ and writing pads at Watchman
otlice, very cheap. Just the thing for stu-
dento. and for the coanting-room or busi
neu otlice.
Special Sai.e. Two hundred tons
eftan ipring aek bran $x ,80 ier ton. Our
option of delivery Octvbtr or Norcmber. E.
W. Bailey & Company.
Obdbb your envelopeii note heads, hill
heads, stateiueuts, etc, etc, of the Watch
man Job Offlce. Stock anl workmansliip
alwayi the beat, prices lowest.
Soldikus, soldiers' widOWl aud depeudent
relatives, etititled to pensions undfil the new
pcnsion law, shouhl send to T. J. Deavitt,
Montpelier, Vt., for a elrcular contalning
the law iu full.
Obdbb your envelopeii note heads, hill
heads, stateiueuts, etc, etc, of the Watch
man joh offlce. Stock and workmamhip
alwayi the hest, prices lowest.
" South I )akota fanc lands can now be
DOUgbt at $:t to 6 an acre that will this
year yield SlO to S.'O worth of graiu. I be
lieve the hest investiuent in the worhl to
day is the richsoil of .South Dakota." .licr-
ioun lnv4ttnt nts.
Gkt a Bdbbbb Stamp and save time aud
lahor iu a hundred ways, liko dates, ete.,
etc, you have to write and rewrite daily.
The Watchuian PnblllUng Company tnakes
the stamps aud has a full Une of staui))
goods aud luppllei, Best of work.
A. U. Farweli., iu the Opera-house
bloek, announces that he has in stock for
the fall trade all the newstyles iu suits aud
overcoats. These cool eveniugs suggest
that it is time to eall at some such excellent
cloildng estahlishmeut as Farwell's.
Wakted. By a young man, a place to
work for board and go to school. Has
worked on a farm, is strong aud willing to
do any work he is ahle to do. Apply at
Watchman otlice.
Miss Anna Ayen, who for the past two
seaaons lias been with Mrs. I. C. Vail Co.
as triminer, will agaiu be with theiu this
coming season, and us soon as possihle after
September 3 will have a liue of pattern
hats of her own handiwork for the inspec
tiou of the puhlic.
The Longiuan & Martiue. pnru prepared
paiuts have been sold hy Barrows & Peck
for more than fifteeu years, and have proved
to the large number that have used them
that they are cheaper and more durable
tlian any other paint. Every can warranted
to give satlsfactlon.
Mhs. 1. C. Vail & Co., wish to call the at
tention of their patrons and friends to this
fact: That, in additiou to their ulllinery
huslneis, they have added that of dress
wakiug, In all its hrauches; aud after bep-
teCCibet Jl will be prepared to do nnything
in this liue in the same satisfuctor.v inanner
as In their other business.
Oriikk OOt envidopes, BOte heads, hill
heads, statetuents, etc., etc., of the WatcII
man job oflice. 8tock aud workinanship
nlways the hest, prices lowest.
Mns. I. 0. 'aii of the flrin of I. C. Vail K:
Co., Is in New York for the purpose of lmy
lng inillinery and all other goods in their
line, Inolndtng (ancy goods, infants' wear,
and a full liue of fancy-work niaterial,
Wbtcb, at a later date, they will be pleased
to show their cttstomers.
(Irant's, Shehman'r, Shehihan's or Mc
Ci.ki.lan's M f.moirs, in combination w ith the
C'lsmopolitan, a strictly lirst-class monthly
mngazini', BDd the Vermont Watchman, the
lcadiug republican weeklyof thc state, pub
lished at the capital, all for only SS.80,
" A inunlticent offer " Indeed! Sei adver
tiseinent on the second page.
I)R. E. M. McIntosh has closed his oflice
at .'t State streel, and will devote his entire
time to the practice at the Offloe of Mrs. I)r.
Clark, '-'4 Main street, Montpelier, where he
will attend to all kinds of dental work.
Special attention given tothe treatmenl BBd
preservatlon of the tiatural teeth. Extract
Ing done by I)r. Clark's painless method.
OllDER your envelopel, note heads, blll
heads, stateiueuts, etc., etc, of the Watch
man Job ofllco. Stock and workinanship
alwayi the hest, prices lowest.
Tbbbb are nrany veterans who have
clatmi for pensions pendlog that would do
well to consult .lames E. OnrraD, Mont
pelier, Vt., who has had over six years' ex-
perlenoe as a ipicial exaulnei and li thor
ongbly famillai with all the lawiand rnlingi
of the department. Ile makes iucrease and
rejecteil claiins a specialty. Advice free.
Chamiieri.ain's Eye and Skin Ointmknt.
A certain cure for chronic aore oyes, tet
ter, salt-rheiim, scald head. old chronic
sores, fever sorcs, eczeina, itch, priiflfl
scratches, sore nipples and piles. It is 000 1
ing and soothing. Hundredl of cases have
been cured by it after all other treatmenl
had failed. It is put up iu twenty-flve aud
flfty cent hoxes. For sale by 0. P.lakely.
When you desire a pleasant physic oue
that will cleanse your syst-m and give you
the clear-heatledness and huoyancy of
youth try St. Patrick's Pills. They are
the most pleasant cathartic and liver pills
iu use, and afler having once tried them
we are contident that you will nevi r be
satisiied with any other kind Twenty-live
oentl per box. For sale by C. Blakely,
Montpelier, Vt.
Oeoroe A. Ainbworth, Barre and Will
iamstown, dealer in pianos, orgaus and
sewing-machines. Comiietition in quality
and prices of goods oballenged. Batiifao
tlon guaranteed. Barre headquarters, Per
ley Chandler's jewelry-store, T.i North Main
street. Correspoudence promptly attended
to. Inspectiou of goodl cordially invited.
N. B. He sells for SJ.'io a vihratiug shuttle
sewing-machine which the uianufacturers
guarantte as heing "the best that can be
Barnard, Sumner & Co. are to have
their grand fall opening this evening, the
10tb Init., 10 that It will bardly he possihle
for many of the reader.. of the Watchman
to he present, uuless they had previously
heard of the date. The tirm will, howcver,
he pleased to receive visitors at any time,
and if it is hupossible for any to go to
Worcester in person, orders by mail will be
promptly attended to. See the advertisc
ment of tlds week iu regard to black dress
goods. A fine variety ll ofTcred.
Womdbbfui. Kkalism. Every atom of
scenery used iu the prodttotton of " Bhe
Oouldn't Marry Three," is specially built
for the'play. There are over three tons of
it; it is worth going lniles to see. Oue of
the most notable icenei in the play is a pic-
ture of the Oornlih Coait, with praotleal re-
volving light-house and moonligbt on the
ocean; also. the view of the Carboy's Ab
bey with orumbllng walls and cliuging ivy,
a tcene io beautiful as to baffle description.
Iu the last act of the play is shown an ex-
act repreientation of Dingley Tunnel.one of
the most itnpendoUI and natural railroad
scenes ever produced, Every oneof these
novel elfects are guaranteed by Manager
HaMenforder, and will be seen here in the
prodnotlon of " Sha Oouldn't Marry Three."
Tkn Vk.ars in Floiiida. " Putnaui
County, Fla., Auguit 1, 1891, Mb.Editob:
DearSiri1 have a'trtuup card ' iu Mr.
Mllls, who tells iue that ten years ago he
used the O. W. rjgeriol Liquld Knbber
Paint from Hrooklyn, N. V., and tliat his
house looks better to-day than others near-
by palnted two and three timei since; tliis
U a remarkable reoord for durahility, even
under favorable circumstauces, but particu
larly so in this clltnate, 10 trying on paint,
where it has heretofore been unih-rstood
that paint could not last over two or three
years. The natural result of this practical
test, proof of the truth of the claims made
for the paint, will be thatevory level-headed
property-owuer iu Florida will use this
paint ,in, I no other. Believiug that it is a
inan's duty to ' Let the ligbt shine' when
he has found a good thing, I have written
this letter. Fraterually, George A. God
frey. (See advertiseinent of Ingersoll's
I-ipiid Itubber Paiuts. E'Utor.)
A trem enuous sensatiou would have
been created oue hundred years ago by the
sight of une of our modern express traius
whiz.iug uloug at the rate of sixty iniles au
hour. Just think how our gd-andfathers
would have stared at such a spectaelel It
takes a good deal to astonish people now
adays, but some of the marveluus cures of
conBUinption, wrought by Or. Pierce's
Ooldeu Medical Oiscovery, have created
widespread ainazement. Uousumption is at
last acknowledged curahle. The "Ooldeu
Medical Oiscovery " is the only kuown
remedy for It. If taken at the rlght time
Wbloh, hear iu mlnd, is not wlien tlie lungs
are uearly gone-lt will go right at the seat
of the disuase aud accompllsh its work as
uothing else iu the world can. It is the
only mediclne of its claas, sold by drugglsts,
under a pofflffl gUOMHtt that it will benefit
or cure iu all cases of tlisease for which it is
rocouimended, or inouey pald for it will be
promptly refuuded.
Montpelier nnd Vlclnily.
W. Ki.i.ts has gonc! to Siottx City, lowa.
F i. tiAiBD, BiQ.i was in st. Johnibnrj
oti Monda.v.
Mbi, w. k UtAMiand chlldren have ro-
tnmed from Itutland.
itK.v. A. MacOboboi will preacb at the
Biptllt ehurcb next Hiinihiy.
Mits. H. N. Tapi.in has retiirned from bW
visit at, lieverly Karms, Mass.
BBV, Jl. M. Oocoi.ASSof Putney preached
at (be Baptlit oburofa last Buuday,
Mrs. Thomas Spokkord of New York Is
viiltlng her trlendi Mrs. ,f. t;. Walker,
Mtc anii Mbi, a. o. Qillbt itarted for
Bolton on a three Weekl' visit, Momlay.
Iuimik I'l'ToN, who has been ill for some
time at the Pavilion, is gradually improving.
V.. N. Bean, recently of the tirm of Prink
& Bean, harberi, hii opened aihop In West
Leon Tanneh, Charley t.'arter and Bert
Celley went to Boston Monday to remain
Thk kindergarten, by Miss Kiske, has
opened pleasant ly, the afternoon class helng
espe.'ially larg.i this year.
Qbobob a. k.nait returned Monday
nigbl from his vaeation, ipeat prluclpally
iu the vh iuity of Boston.
B. B. Sloan went yesterday to Wood
stock, where he will ipend a week's vaea
tion with a hrother aud uucle.
Sevkn o'olook will be the hour for be-
glnning the Sunday eventng lervlce in the
Church of the Messiah for the present.
I.ATIIHor LnWtl. a well-known farmer of
1'utuamsville, dieil last week, at the age of
eighty oue years. The funeral oeeurred on
Mr. anii Mhs. Shei i.ev of Hoston have
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Uriggs
for the past week. Mrs. Shcpley is Mrs.
Brlggl' sister.
H. K. SllBBBUBNB of Barre will move to
Montpelier aboul the Hrst of Ootober, and
will take a position with the firm of Marvin
& Sherburne.
The state executive coiuinlttee of the
Young People'i Sooiety of Chrlitlan Eu
deavor is too meet at the Pavilion next Fri
day afternoon.
Mlll MAB Bullard, clerk for H. C.
Weblter & 0o.( has gonc to Connecticut to
teach a school, and Miss Emina Wood has
taken her place.
J. T. Saiiin, secretary of the Vermont
Mntual Fire Iniuranoe Company, went to
New Hampshire on last week Thursday
for a vaeation of two or three weeks.
At the anniial meeting of the St. Johns
hury & Lake Champlain railroad company
at St. Johnibury, last week, S. C. Bburtleff,
Esc., was re-elected oue of the directon,
Thk. course of the handicap bioyoll race
of the Barre liicycle Cluh, on Tuesday of
next week, will be hetw een Barre and Mont
pelier. An intereiting eonteat is expeoted,
COLONBL L'. A, WOODBURY of Burlington
was iu towu on Friday of last week, en
route to Barre, where he attended the re
ceptlon of L'. A. Woodbury camp, Sous of
Joseph Pbcob was tri.iil on Wednesday
"f lait week for drunkcnness, and Bned
Sio. oi. He dlioloied on Oltnton Town,
who on Monday was found guilty of lelllng
and was Bned 850, He appealed,
Cassius II. Heki recently sold his home
slead on Olay hill to Wifliatn N. Peck for
$1,800. Anotner reoent tranafer of real es-
tate is that of a house and farm from Btepben
W. Baicom to David B. Gray, for $HO0.
Thk Toplo Cluh is to meet on Tuesday
evening of next week at the homeofOr.
C. E. Chandler. The subject of the debare
will be: " Itesolved, that the aunexation of
Canada would he a benefit to the United
! States."
At a meeting of oltisem of Fierre, s. O.,
i recently, B. A. Cummim irai elected chair-
man of the boatd Oi trade of that city. Mr.
Oututnim1 luooeu In hii business relationi
at l'ierre is very gratifying to his Mont
pelier friends.
AMOMO the guests of the Pavilion who
have arrlved recently are Mrs. M. A. Knapp
if Pittaburgb, motber of W. Foater Smythe,
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Nichols of Cbloago,
E. A. II ill of Hoston and Miss K. A. Moul
ton of New Yurk.
CABBOLIn the only son of Martin W.
Wheelock, died luddenly on Thursilay of
last week. He was in his sixth year, "and
was a brlght and promising little lelloW,
The parentl have the sincero lympatby of
their many friends.
Thk annual meeting of the Non-partisan
Womau'i Chriitian Temperanoe Union was
held at the home of Rev. A. J. Hongh on
Wednesday afternoon of last week. He-
porta were preiented, but the eleotion of
ollicers was postponed two weeks.
FoBTT-BIQBT persons went from Mont
pelier to the White Mountaius on the ex
OUnton of the Welll River road, ou Thurs
day of Ust week. Such a trip ou such a
day deaerved a mucb larger patronage.
Those who weut report a deligbtful time.
AFTBB the concert of the band at the
Pavilion stand, last week Friday evening,
the memberi were entertained at the Hotel
Kempton, loe oream, cake and coiTee belng
lerved. The klndneu of the proprietor
was acknowledged with some of the band'l
beat muiio,
Thk Industrial School met last Saturday
for the lirst time after vaeation. The little
girls were pleased with their crimson aprons,
eager to learn their patehwork, and de
lighted with the books and ohildren'i maga
zinei that were oontributed by friendaof
the aiioolation.
NiNKofthe workmen of Fred Hall, the
stone-cutter, brought suit agaiust hiin ou
Saturday for wages duu them. It looked
for a time as though the action would be
disastrous to the business of Mr. II ill, but
a lettlemeni was made this week and work
will be OOntlBUed as usual.
At the regular meeting of the Woinan's
Chriitian Temperanoe I'niun next week
Tuesday, at three O'olook in the afteruoon,
at the Bethany church parlors, Mrs. A. M.
Medley of Byraouie, N Y., will oonduot a
" mothers' meeting." Every woinau iu the
place will begladly welcoinod.
F. E. Ounahuk and F. K Maxham, the
latter of Barre, have recently purcliased
some 1,000 acres of land on Ascutney moun
tain, iu Windsor, and they think thegranite
w ill prove to he a very tineartielu. On Sat
urday three ipeolmeni of dark green were
exlubited at the Montpelier house.
The Natioiial L'uitariau Couferenco will
be held InBaratoga September 91 M, Houud
trii tickets from Burlington via Lake
Champlain and Oelaware Hudson Caual
Oumpany'l railroad, $5; via Lake Cham
plain and Lake Oeorge, $7.50. A uuniber
of Montpelier people are expected to make
the trip.
iNconnection with the statement of last
week that the postmaster geueral had re
quested Pustmaster Morse to Inipect the
other ottices of the county, it should be said
that not only does tliu repiest call for the
giving of a good deal of time to the work,
but no provlsion is made for mileago or
auy other expeuses.
The editor ackuowledges the receipt of a
" bntton hole bouinet from Vii k's choicest
seeds." The frultage of tlie Howers is asso
clatetl with the delectahle things of oarly
ilays, aml may thu gohleu hues of the posies
faithfully symboliz.e the radiauce that shall
light the pathwav of the great-hearted
donor to thi end of lite, So mote it be.
Captain John W. Clark has recently
r. ived from the war danartmant a meilal
of lionor for gallaut couduet ou July 2H,
n was in ooniequenol OI lils service
ou this occasiou that he was proiuoteil from
a lleuteiianey to a l aptaincy and was made
Miiitant qnartermaiter on the sttT of Oan-
eral I.. A. (Irant. The lionor Is well de
served. Bbv, e. p. iti.oiioKTT of Qreenwlch,
Mass., is visiting friends in town. Mr.
Blodgett has had the remarkable experl-
enoe of heing paitor of the OoBgregatlonal
church at Qreenwlch for uearly forty-eight
years, and he stlll oontlnUM in BCtive work.
He is enjoylng his visit here exceedingly,
Next Buuday it li expeoted he w ill preacb
at Bethany chnroh,
Thk. trlendi of Alberl H. Brown and wifi
gave them a frlendty oall at their home on
East State strei't last evening, in honor of
the tifteenth anniversary of their marriage.
Tlie band and many of the ompioycs of the
l.ane Manufacturing Company were atnong
those present. The wiirthy OOttpll were
warinly congtatulatcd by all, and a most en
joyahle evening was passed.
A HAiiE musical eutertalnment is planned
for October 1. The prograinme ll arranged
for ten nutnbers, dlstribnted as follows:
Apollo Banjo Club, three; Appollo t, iar
tette, two; boy orcliestra, oue ; Mastor
Artbur Oewey, " The Mas. ot," banjo solo;
F, W. Pancroft, solo ; Viotln solo, Mr.
White, aooompanled by Mr. Taylor on
plano ; Montpelier (Jrchestra, one.
A coi'PLE of ilrunkeu Itarre men were on
their way home from Montpelier, last Fri
day night, when they got into an alterca
tlon near the eleclric light station, and one
struek the other on the head with auhiskey
bottle, Inflietlng an ugly scalp wound,
Therow was accompanied with agood deal
of noise. Or. Bailey was telephoned to
dress the wound of the injnred luau, but
when he and Ofliccr Oemeritt arrived both
tl e fellows, scenting dauger, had disap
peared. A TOONO man giving the naine of Thomas
Haley, who had been in town but a few
montni, was arreited last week Saturday
at Lllbon, N. II., for higatny, and ou Mon
day he had a preliniinary trial in the offlce
of Justice Bmitie. tn the trial itwnsshown
that the man's name was Ilale. and that he
has been married at Lake Placid, N. Y.,
before living with his Montpelier wlfe. It
is also supposed that he has a third wife.
Haley w as bound over to tlie county court
in the suui of SoOO.
There are now uearly 400 pupill in the
Union school building. Prinejpal Itlaniiied
has Introduoed oue reform which has al
ready Juitlfled itself. The boys aud girls
march in and 0UI of the building in two
si igle tlles, so that there is auiple room for
teachers or Vlllton to walk between them
on the steps. The smaller chlldren are by
this arrangement protected from the dauger
of lerioui injnry on aooount of a ormh,
Mr. Baunderi of Burlington, thi- new
teacher of music, gave his first lesson ou
Kriday last.
An areh of red sandstotie ll going up at
tlie Baldwln street entrance to Reustone,
theestateof Professor Burgess. It will be
I fifteen feet wlde and eleven feet hlgh, and
the areh which is Norman iu style was
designed by Mrs. Hurgess. A large gate-
way With a porter'l lodge is to be built of
the same material at the carriage-eutranee
from the Middlesex road. As these itn
pruvements are made ahoitt the groiind.s it
j beoomei more and tuoie evident that Red
tone is to be a most charming and pictur-
I esque home.
A maii. ponofa will lie made up hereafter
on the Essex Junct.ion and Bolton railroad
postal route, so as to arrive at Montpelier
I on the 6 :18 evening tratn, and this pouoh
- will oontain local mail from poit-offloei
! between Bellows Falls and Essex Junotion
J via Rutland, and mail from New York
j state and Weitern states. Postmaster
Morse is also making an etfort hy which he
'. honei the New York morning daily papen
j will arrive in this pouch, At present. these
papen are receivetl at about eight o'olook,
but the proposed arrangement would get
them here before seven.
Thk. regular " service of song" was re
eumed at the Church of the Mesiiah, Sun-
day evening. Tlie church was tilled, all
its own memberi and many itrangeri belng
drawn together hy Mr. Wright's fervent
showing-forth of the existeiice of au " iu
dwelliug Ood," the reality of the " iuima
nence of God," the very essence aud core of
man's spiritual heing; aml by tlie muiio,
which was inostly new and heard for the
tirst time. The hymus were carefully se
leeted to earry ou the traiu of thouglit c'alled
out b.v the occasiou, and the choir, in their
solo work, gave once agaiu the pleasurothey
have for years beitOWed upon Montpelier.
A i'lkasant home weddlng was that of
Harlow M. Smlth, of the Argus offlce, and
Miss Mamie I. Bliii, at the reiidence of the
brlde'l mother on Barre street, on Thurs
day afternoon of last wuek. The house was
ilmply but taatetully deoorated with
tiowers, planta. etc., and a large number of
friends of the hride and groom witnessed
the Oeremouy, which was performed hv
Rev. J. Bdward Wrlght. Many beautiful
and useful presents were received, and the
young couple were warmly congratulated.
The afternoon traiu to the north was taken,
aud a few days were ipent at Swanton and
polntl in Canada before returniug to Mont
pelier. Tua reoeptlon of the Young People'iRe
ligiOUI Fratertiity of the Church of the
Messiah to the parish of the church, ou
Tuesday evening of last week, was au ex
ceedingly well arranged and etij.iyable af
fair. The members had deeorated the vestry
with excellent taste, and by plaelug parlor
chairs about the room a very cosy and home
like etfect was produced. Several of tlie
memberi of the Fraternity, with Mr. and
Mrs. Wrlght, received, aud refreshments
were served b.v the young ladies. Tlie
pleaiure of the evening was euhanced by
the music of the Apollo Banjo Cluh, which
played a uuuiher of selections. The rece
tion was u happy idea, aml the thanks of
the parish are duo to the Fia'ernity for the
manner in which it was oarried out.
Mrs. A. M. Medley of Syracuse, N. Y.,
an Mtlmabil and suc.essful evangelistic
aml gospei temperanoe worker, is oonduot-
ing a series of meetiugs in Voriuont, under
the auaploei of the Woman'i Chrlstian Tem
peranoe Union, she wiu oome to Mout-
peller next Saturday, and remain fourdays.
On Saturday afternoon, tne 19th, at 3:00
p. m. in the ladlei' roomi in Bethany ohurob,
a parlor meeting will be held. Mrs. Medley
will give a Bihle reading aud au inforinal
talk. Every woman in tlie place is cordially
invited to attend. On Suiiduy next, In
Bethany ohurob, at 3: 00 p. m ., ihe wtll do-
llver a gOIDe temperauce addrcss. Kvery
body is invited to atteuil. (Iu Monday even
ing, the '.'1st, at7:00, in Bethany chapel,
she will lecture on " Social Purity." All
are Invited to be present.
A SEiiiKS of meetiugs is belng held in the
tOWU of Washington countv hy the Con
gregatioual state evaugelist, Kev.'E. L. Wal
brldge, under the auspices of the countv
oonterenoe of the church, and Montpelier
was visiled 011 Sunday aud Monday. Mr.
Walhridge preached Sunday evening at
Bethany churcl i the text found in Mat-
thew XVi: 90: " What is a man protit. d if
he shall gain the whole worhl aml lose his
own lOttl?" There was a large congrega
tion, aud the service was iiiito InterMtlng.
Again on Monday evening he preached to
the great satisfaction of those present. At
the service held at three o'clock Moii.U.v
afternoon Mr. Oallagher preached, taking
; as nis lext i.enesis xx.l:10: ' JNow, theii,
I whatsoever (ioil saith unto thee. do." Mr.
j Walbridge has already bean at arreu,
I Herlin aud Hoxbury, aud yesterdav he
j weut to Waitsfield for two days. He will
j also visit Waterbury and Duxbury this
On the opening day of tlie county court
Tuesday of last week A. W. Spaulding
was missiug. Nothing straugo was thouglit
of it at first, but as time weut ou his bouds
meu, who were responsihle for his appear
ance iu court, became uueasy, and their
lineailness grew to such an oxtent that,
late Sunday evening thev siirre.ndered
Charles, son of the absetit Spaulding, fear
ing hst he, too, Wonld leave them in the
luroh, At the same time they let to work
to see how the elder of the tWaiU could bo
periuaded to return, aml Offloer Tuttle
took a beellne for New York state. When
he reaohed Burlington, however, he met
Spaulding as the latter was getting otf tlie
Plattiburgb boat, andthe two returned to
Montpelier, arriving yesterday noon. HpauU
ding says he bought a place at Pl.iltshurgh
and that be had no Idea of skipping his
bonds. The bondsmen of the two men are
.). H. Senter aml W. A. Lord, and they
state that the bonds of both ainount to
at least $8,800, They are doubtll ss some-
what relleved at the reappearance of the
suipected cltent, Blnoe gpauldlng'i return
he has been m the i iMtodv of a deputy
1 IKNMAN Thompson aml (ieorge W. Kyer's
play, "The Two Sisters." was nmaiintiHl mt
I the Opera house on Wednesday evening of
L.ui 1. Tl . ... h ..
..... .. na, i oiii,hii v is an exceptionaiiv
good one. Every part is well taken. Miss
Merm k and Lillian Ilillings as Martha and
Mary lloward, tlie "two sisters " of the
play the one iinpriideut, unsiispectiug,
fon I of attention, the other coy aml circutii-
ipect. both tnnocent and Intereiting coun-
try girls seeking a UvellbOodlU New York
well sustained their iiarts iu the varvlng
scenes of the drama. Tlie tragic descent of
Martha to the verge of lelf-deitrUOtion.
Iindmg at last rescue and a haven with her
more fortunate sister, was plaved by Miss
Merrtck withapalnful ndeuty to llfe ai it
is lived by the victlmi of " man's inbuiuau-
ity to wotn in." Harry Bortou the author
of Martba'l ruln, played the villain with
lUffloienl ugliness, consuniinatiiig his vil
lainies by the murder of Uis own fatber.
Hiraiu Pepper, from Moutana, the good
Bamarltan of the play. was taken hy Aild.
Itymau and presented iu a way that was
natural and unoonventlonal, The"whtit
llng hootblack," John P. Hrawn, in the Hrst
act was frequently recalled io musical a
Whlltle ll leldom heard, Joiianna Nolan,
one of the ciueeus of Central Park, was
eapitally played hy Ltzale luglei -acharao-ter
full of exuberaul friahwlt and humor,
Rarely has ' the tunetul violln " been more
effeotively bandled on a Montpelier stage
than hy Eddie Fox in the last act of the
play. Tlie comedy of the iiiece was h.ight
and breezy aud was most cleverly taken by
John Parker as Sile Suitliu iu the Hrst aud
foiirth acts, as Mr. Boozer iu the second
and the polioe jndge in the third. Mr.
Harker's bone playiug was certainly re
markable, and he was alw.iys exceedingly
entertaining, The ' bouie-topi of New
York city," the leene of the third act, was a
Itrlking view of tlie metropolis. The tun
aud marriment, music aud Inoidenti that
oentered around Cuion H itel in the last
act alTorded a titting Ollmax to an enter-
j taiument that was exceptionally hrigbt and
cleau, full of tbrllllng scenes aud iucideuts
and runiiing over with mirth-provoking
Wbbki. An old and hlah1v.rnnofad
I reildent of Montpelier passed away when
i U';li: nr i- . ,! , m, .
Tin.auj . eeas uieu on iimrsitay oi
last week. Mr. Weeks was about seveuty
seven years of age, and he had lived here
since s:n, following the trade of a shoe
maker uearly his whole life. A curioui
fact in OOBneotlon with his business life was
that at one time, by reason of his pecullar
iklllln OUtting leather, he received higher
pay tliiin did any of the salaried m .n of the
village. He was a democrat in polltlcs, and
was unuaually well informed ou pubiic
matteis. Throughoiit his life bo was a
great reader. The funeral took place ou
Saturday, the service heing held at his late
home on Maiu street. aud the lnterment
heing iu the Cutler cemetery.
P.ailey. Sargent F. Bailey died iu Calais,
August L'7, 18U1, aged sevcnty-seveti vears
and nine monthi. He lived a number of
years in Woodbury, but the last nine years
of his life were speut iu Calais. Hii wife,
Oaroline (Bdion) Bailey, died May 30, 1860,
Since her death, he has' lived with hisdaugh-
ter, Mn. Chancey Haskell, who kindly
cared for hiin durini' his sickness. He left
two daughters, Mrs. C. Haskell of Calais
and Mrs. O. S. Joslin of Waitsfield, with
their families and other relatives, to moura
his loss. He was au onterpriiing oltlzen,
He said to his daughter: " I have settled
all of my business. I have peace with God,
aml I am ready togo." funeral aervicei
j were held August 99, conduoted hv ReV. 0.
Waihlngton Conuty Court.
Hoh. Hbnby R, Stakt, PratlcUny Jn l ;, .
Hon. H. W. Lykoud, , . , ' , ,
Hon. T. H. Lanck, i Auktant Judge.
M. E. Smii.ik, Clerk.
E. W. Howk, Sherfff'.
SSbd. S. Stanton, Statt'i AUorney.
Joum B. Mimms, Reporter.
State's Attorney '. S. Stanton has re-
oovered from his reoent lickueii io ai to be
able to attend to the dutiei of his oflice, aud
the grand j iry is hard at work. Theexoilus
from towu last week was a little preiuature,
iu view of the fact that the grand jury did
not sit. There ure already ou the new eu
try dooket over four-ioore of oasei ou the
oiimlnal ilde of the dooket. With one or
two exoeptiona tneie are all appeal liquor
cases, Oomiog up from justice Judgmuntl,
Betsey A. Ai'buckle M, Charles Temple-
ton: Tbe trial of this oaia oooupled the at
tentlon of the court moit of last week. and
was the only case tried by jury. It is au
I action of general ailUmpift, brought July
i IM 1 1 ....
M MHW, All" , .. nroiutM UJi'Ul a UOie
of the following tenor:
inoo.w, k. hoi rriLtaa, Aprn im,
roi v.ihiu rt'Cfive,!. I proplUl to puv HelMey Ar
lniekle nr lio.irer nevtin Im .ilrett (iollar,' on tteinena,
wltb InlereiU innBllly, L. T. MALLpBT.
(iiahi.es TBMBLBTOB.
The receipt of layinents on the note was
acknowledged, said peymenti having been
made by Slallory, loini iu cash, some in
tiay, Hour, meal, etc. Together with inter
est, there was at the time of trial about one
th lUiand ilollars dui ou the note. The
plea of the defendant wai thal he had not
wlthln six years before the htiugiug of this
suit made auy paymeut upon, or in auy
other way recoguized the note iu cpiestion.
The testiuiouy adduced ou the part of the
pleintlfl lended to show that at the date of
the note, or shortly before that, she had an
iuterview with the defendant aboui lettlng
him have some inouey, but as he found he
djd not waut to use any mouey at that
time he told Mrs. Arhuckle she could leud
it to some oue else who wauted it. Nego
tiatiuns were made through the uiedium of
charles Templeton, whiob reenlted in Mrs.
Arhuckle lending seven huudred ilollars to
L :vi T. Mallory. The old lady was very
oareful at the time of lending the money,
aud askeil Mr. Tcinpleton if he would sign
the note with his nephew (Mallory).
Templeton readily acquieiced, aud ap-
iieuded his si'nature after that of I. T.
Mallory, Siuall paymentl were made aloug
from time to tiiue hy Mallory aud a
tnemorandum oftbem was kept on smail
pieces of paper, at Hrst, and these OOpiod ou
the plalnUfrl book, The note bore au en
dorsemeut of Hfty ilollars, aud this, accord
ing to the olaim of the plaintitf, she under
stood to be a payiuent hy Mr. Templeton;
she had no persoual knowledge of the luat
ter, aud could not state. The ciicuiu
stances of this p.iwnont wore that, Iu the
suuiiuer of 1884, oue John M. Willard of
Kast .Montpelier came to her aud made a de
livery of a sealed envelope, ou breaking
which she found Hfty ilollars, a payiuent ou
the note. Willard is not now liviug, aud,
as the plaiutitT could not testify to what he
iold hur at the time he gave her the money,
there was uo available means by which ihe
could establish that fact. Her daughter,
Mrs. Worcester, aud her son, Beuuett Ar-

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