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'lalfjjman 4' mrnl.
The Watchman for 1892.
Vkaii or THX S'iatk Cami'ahin
TBK National Cami'AKin Sk.k
BIOM OF Lkoislattisk PRBBt
ikntial Ki.kitton A Ykah
Full ok Qrkat Evknts,
Thcre will he inU'iisc int.'tcd in tlic
issue of the political oiiteata. You
will want the Watchman, Pnbliahed
Bt thc Oapltal, it haa opportUDltlM for
iresentina news and inaltcraof itilcrest
not iiosscsaed by papan less favorahly
fltua cd. Its farra dcp.mnicnt, coa
dueted by l)r. HoektQI, ia wilhuut a
rival io New Bogltnd for thc Vermont
farnicr. Its editor is a practical aml
succcsbful farmer, on Vermont soil, iu
Vermont cliiuate, uiuler tbe sarue cou
thtious as tbe average Vermont farmer.
lle is a thinkinjr, obierving man, widoly
read and verscd iu agricultuial cheiniB
t:y. He is a cleor, strong, forcible
Writer. He has the farmer'a welfare at
heart, aud is liis atrongeat, most intelli
j:ent aud tuost resolute champiou. For
the Vermout farmer his department ia
the beet ia thc world, and aloue ia annu
a.ly woith many times the lUbtcriptlOD
iirice of the paper. Excelleut Homei
6 1 ller, and Miscellaneous Dcpart
Lueuts. See clubbiug list for political
and o.her pnpjrs, at merely uominal
The Watchman publishes every
week a largc aniount of varied and iiu
portint matter, political aud geueral,
iustruetive aad cutertaining. Daring
the couiiug year it will devole much
&)acc to the issuus of the state and na
tijual coutests. State aud loeal news,
unJ disi;ussions of state and local af
fairs the spccial province of a state
paper will have Locreased atteution.
"We assure our farmer readers that
yreater care will be takeu to publish
weekly full and trustworthy market re
jorts a matter wliich has sometimes
yielded to other demindj for spice.
The cost of publishiug tbe Watcii
Jian is very great. The cost of its
Agrieultural Department aloue is
ir.eater than the eutire cost of the
average state paper. The coBt of the
editoiial, the political, local aud geu
ural news, and thc miscellaneous de
partments, also vcry largely exceeds the
cost of the average of state papers. No
expense has beeu spared to make the
Watchman all that a bigh-class politi
cal and family newBpaper should be.
A good paper, like a good horse or a
good machine, costs money and is
cheaper at any pricc than a poor papor.
5at we uiakc tbe price of the Watch
man relatively very low by the arrauge
mentswehave for fuiuishing other pa
pers at mcrely uominal rates.
The cxpresBiousof approval aud satis
facliou the Wati iiman is coustantly re
celving are gratifying to the publisbcrs.
Iu al! possible ways they will aimto im
prcveand streugtheu the paper iu all its
departments, both as a compreheusive
fctate jijurnal of high cbaracter and as
an cxponent of local interests. So we
appcal to old subacribera for tbeir re
ucwed BUpport aud bc.spcak tbeir iu
tlividual effjrts to obtaiu new sub
icrlbera, To this cud we muke thc fol
To an subscriber who, ou renewing
hie BUblcrlplioo, will send u we
will mail it to him another year, and
also to a 6TMCTLY nkw BTJB8CRIBXB
wbose addreil he may give us.
BlNCE Boger Q. Mllll could not have
the speakership, his frieuls are working
to elect him to the I'uited Statis seuate.
The PratMrat'i Mcssmrp.
Thl prtstdeot'l nicanage wns ri'ceived
at tlic Watchman offlofl Wedneiday
iu. I'1 and ptihliBbcd loaD extra tdilloD
carly Tnui'sday morning. With all
great polllloal and eoniittuttoual quet
Uoni praelloally lettled, ilateiinarithtp
haa bcconic vcry largely a matter of
builneii managemeDt, and the dutlei
of tbe Ohlef exccutive are very like the
duiies of tht preatdent of a vaat com
nerotal ooooeni. Bo the preildenl has
to do with quea'.loni relatlng to trade
and commerce, buslneM and flnanoe,
and bla BDDUal niessHge is a Btatmnent
of the busineBS affairs of the govcrn-
menl to thc repreaeDtativea of thc peo
ple who OOOtlilUte the govi rnnicnl.
This is the prcsidenl's last aunual mes
sagc preeedtDg tfi(! Dext nati nal elec
tioa. Il has sometimes happeticl Ihat
an occupant of tlic chair of tlic cbief
execulive, amhitious of rc-electi has
Improved this opportttoitji to " aound a
bugle nole " that should rally p ilitical
supportcrs to his standard. Impartial
readers willsearch I'residcnt Harrison's
message iu vain for any evidcnce of a
bid or of an itching for rcnomination.
Tbe docuuient is a clear, strong,
llralghtforward presentation of the
mattcrs of leading interest and im
portance to tbe people. There II iu it
n alloy of BclOJh personal ambition;
tbere is no "buucombe," no dramatic
appcal to the galleries, no trenchant
phrase or glitteriug epigram to calch
thc ear, intoxicate the reason and raise
a cheer. I'artisaus may dtjp'ore the
severely business cbaracter of the mes
sage. They may have wishcd to see in
its lines the gleam of bright rhetoric,
somelhing of thc fclicities which have
enlivened his speccheB and for which
his public addresscs have become fa
moas. Ii might have been politic to " let
tbe eagle screaru," biit the president
withstood allsuch templatious and gave
to the country a story of maivelous
material growlb aud pi'osperity, of dig
niDed, resolute dealings with foreign
nations, of the strengthening of the
country's strong right arm on laud and
sea, of plans for still further advancing
tbe national power aud elevating its
stamlard that must stir the national
eulhusiasm and arouse the naMoual
spirit more ardently than " the glitteriug
generalities " of a partisan political ap
pcal. IIow are thc calamity prcdictiouB of
thc frce traders, as to the effect upon
foreign trade of the McKtnley bill, jiut to
tbe bludi! The volumeof foreigu trade
during tbe first year undcr the new
tariff waa far greater than ever before,
and exceeds by 8100,000,000 that of
1800, and it must be remembered that
the imports for the latter year were
euormously swollen to anticipate the
advance in tariff rates. Kxports have
iucreased, imports have increased, and
all in no Btlnted sums, but in amounts
that iudicatc the existcnce of a wbole
some and powerful operating cause.
The value of imports ou the free list
exceeds by 8118,000,000 tbe value of
imports of this class for the previous
year. Thcre is hardly an argumcnl
madc or a prcdiction ventured by the
oppoueuts of the McKiuley bill iu tbe
long debale on that measure that has
been verilied by tbe facts of experiencc,
and the grand aggrcgate of the presi
dent's splcndiJ exhibit should forever
place a quietus upon thiB factitious and
irrational tariff agltation. O j the ijues
tlon of free coiuage of allver, the presi
dent adheres to tbe opinious be has
heretofore exprcased, aud enforces thera
with conviuciug logic. The political
studcut, tbe citizen sceking tbe facts
for iatelligent action at the polls, will
lind the message a mosl inslruclive doc
umcnt. While it is iuuoceut of the
Binell of partlian polltlci, it is, uever
tbeless, for the party to which the pres
ident bclongs, by reasou of its inherent
Btrength aud honaty, a most powerful
campaign d ocumeat, aud will fight for
its author aud his party.
The Li(iior Proaeoatlonia
sancc, GllDDey, htliwnOB, Wade, nui
sance, Van Dcusen, sclling, there waa
citlicr disagrceiu t)t of jury or vcrdict
of not guiily.
In 1SSK the lfgMaturc BDBOted new
peoalllta for vlolatlooi f the problb
hory Ihw. a new oouot began at this
new polot of d 'pariuri!. Tblfl fact cx
plaloi why so many iffi't)C( s are claasi-
lied as first Dffencai! Blthough tbe of
fcn kri may have been f r ycara in tbe
buslneea. Fallara to BodpitUei guiiiy
of leoood offaDcei doei Dot, Lherefo e,
necess irily imply any IflOh dereliction
of duty as has lometlmet been the iub
jeot of juat oomplaint and crltlctsm,
It is, bowi vcr, true that in tbe penal
tiis tbe OOUrl baa impoacd, eVBD in vcry
aggravatcd cascs, thc maximum pua
ishment the law provides lias uevi r
bci;n reaobed. Puntshmenl has hardly
been exemi)lary. Offendera, hardencd
by ycars ol vio'.ation of the I iw, have
been allowed to dcpart, la let) only with
Aaea that are a small tax upon tbe profits
of thc traflic. Impris mmcut has not
been inflicted exce)l whcn conflnement
was Ihe mandate of the statulc. Tlic
court has not cxerciacd the discretionary
power given by the law, cithcr to impose
heavy fines or to scud a rumseller to
thc housc of oorrectlon, so the moral
effectof proiecUlioDI has in some largc
measure been lost, and the deterrent
power of the law dcstroyed. Except
in ouc or two cascs, even tbc costs of
prosecution have not been addtd to thc
fines. In the act of 1888, amcnding
the Hiviscd Lws as to penalties in
liquor cases, the leghlature did not
deeiii it nect ssary to rcpeat in tbe
ameudatory act. the words "and costs
of prosecution " which follow the speci
ficatiou of penalties to be imposed.
Sheltcr is taken behind this omission,
and persons couvictcd of violatious of
the liquor laws have bi;cn relieved of
the costs of prosecution, which amount
to uo inconsiderahlc sum. Vct the
court in two instanccs added costa to
the (ines, and we uuderstand that the
omission in the law of 1888, to which
we have refcrred, has not been cou
sidcred by the supremc court as neces
sarily invalidating thc iniiiosilion of
costs of prosecution. Still, the people
of Washington couuty have reasou to
lake counige. A good beginning has
been madc. Much has heen accom
plibhedi Ii 't the good work go reso
lutely on. Thanks are due to Sheriff
Ilowe and his etlicieut deputics, to
State's Attorney S'.auton nnd counscl
assisling him, for their faithful and
couragcous work. Let thcm continuc
the rigid enforcement of the law. Tbe
people are with thera and will austaiu
theui. Hold fast to what has beeu
gaiued, and make it a vantagc ground
for greater victork'S in the future.
Washington CotlHtj ( onrl.
A$$t$Utni Jvdo9$i
OoiiOKXL EowAitu C. BMITH of S'..
Albaus was laat wcck clectcd president
of the Central A'ernionl railway sys
teui, Buccecdiug his falhcr, the latc J.
Gregory Siuith, for many years the
president and controlliug spirit of thu
road. C'olouel 8milb is thirtv-Beven
ycare of age. Ilis clecliou iB not an
empty houor, nor does ho succeed by
virtue of any hercditaiy right or claim.
Ab vice-prcBideut of tbc road fora nuin
ber of years, actively participating in
thc managcment of its affairs, he has
demoustraled his ability to perform the
duties of the otlicc to which he has
been cboBeu. We believe the people
of Vermont will fcel that the intercHts
of the state, so iulimatcly connected
with this linc ol railway, will bo care
fully guarded by tbc young president,
aud they will wiah hiiu succeBB and
honor in the high oflicc to which he has
beCD elevated.
Washington couuty has been having
a prolooged and an earucst bout with
the rum QeD 1. A resolute etforl, bcguu
and oarried ou iu good faith by citizeua
aud county oll'n:ialB, has beeu madc to
enforee the licpaor law. The fruilB of
this effortappear iu the following sum
mary of couvictions and peuallies im
posed: Cbarlea Spaulding, nuisance
(twooaaei), lelllDg (two caies), bouie
of oorrecUon (two monthi) and aggre-
gate fine of .200; McKenua, keepiog
with intcnt to sell, seutence dcfcncd ;
Mi K".uua, Dtilaaooe, QDet$lfi0; MUlcr,
nuisance, llae, $170; Millcr, keeptDg,
llue, $80; lOvana, keeping, flnf, 880;
Kvans, nuisance, line, fUO; Hobinson,
lelllng, Qoe with costs, 8,'iO; MUIer, keep
ing, Bne,80 Miller, nuisance, Qoet$t7S;
Evaus, keeping, line, 880; Evaus, uui
IBOOe, line, 81o(); Heed, keeping, linc,
880; Beed, nuisance, line, .l.r)ll; Ilouse,
Bclling, fioa, 800; K. M. Locklin, sclliug,
line, 880; McKenna, nuisance, linc,
OOOtinuedj McKennu, keeping, (iuc,cou
linued; L. J. Dvle eplllng, tine, 88o.
VerdictB of guilty were rendercd iu
thc cases of Kobiusou, nuisance, A. W.
Spaulding, nuisance, Timothy Jyuch,
nuisance, .1. A. Locklin, selling, secoud
oflenoa, all of which go to the supremc
court ou exceptions. In cases against
Petcr Dewey, nuiaauce, Grceuc, nui-
Note aud t'onimeut.
THB annual convention of thc Re
publican State Leaguc will be held at
Uurlington, Ftbruary 12.
Lokd DUFFEBIN, formerly governor
geueral of Canada, viceroy of Iudia,
and ambasiador at Constantinople, suc
ceeda tbe late Earl of Lyttou as ambas
sador at Paria.
retired iu .luly from the editorshiii of
the Boston Journal, after a quarter of
a century's service, died suddcnly last
weck Tuesday night.
The folks at bome dowu in Americua(
Qa., felt so clatcd over Neighbor Crisp's
triumph al Washington that they lockcd
thc sheriff up in his owu jail so that the
nlght'a jubilation might ruu an uuinter
rupted course.
Ai.mv lired the secoud and third shots
at Christie Warden fir fear shc might
be Buffering, and Isaac Sawteile put
three bullets into Ilirara to easc his
pain. And yct, somc people oall tbem
uufeeliug wretcbeB.
Mbb. Matthkw II. Oabfenter of
Milwaukee, wife of the late I'uited
Stales Seuator Carjieiiter, has followed
ber daughter, ber aon and herson's wife
into the ehurcb of Rome, They were
all previously comniuuicanta of tbe
l'rotestant Epiacopal oburob.
Accoiuhng to au advertisemeut iu
last Thursday'B ,s'(. Albant M tscnger,
Oolonel E. 0 B Dith, W. II. Hunt, W
Traoy Bmltb, E. Stewart Btranaban and
Obarlei s. Forbei have formed a oorpor
alion, to be knowu as the Si. Albaus
MeuengerCompaoy, Thc oapltal stock
is 870 000, divided into 700 shares.
Tbla announoement meani that radioal
changes will turn the Messenyer offlce
inside out about the lat of JaUUary,
Tbe paper cau stand a little improvc-
" THE btorv f tbe luan cODTlcted of
thc luurder of hia falhcr and motber,
who appealed lo tbe sympalbics of the
court on thc ground of his being au
orphau, has been gonerally couBldcrcd
an ovcrdrawn fancv skctch," aays the
New York,Tribunt, "15ut lsaac Saw
teile, in his late confcssion, makcs il
appear quite within tbe poBsibilitica of
actual occurrcnce. After killing his
brothcr in the louely place to which he
had decoyed him for that IoIb purpose,
he says: ' 1 then put thc ptatol to my
head to kill mysell, and said, " (iood-by,
Hiram; I'm goiug lo ahoot." Immc
diatcly 1 aaid, " My God! Thcre is my
poor old molher. I tuust live for her." 1 "
Could anything he more grotesquely
HOIfi IIpinbv K Stakt, PntUlng Judffe,
MllN. 1 1 . V . I.VKUIH,
ItdN. T. II. I.A.M K,
M . K. smii.ir, Cttrl .
It, W. Howe, HhtrUr,
.ki. s. stanto.n, Btatt't dttorntf'
JORM II. Mimms, Reportir,
Btate v. Jemei II. Kelley, a Jurjr was
emjpanaled In tliis , Tunsda.v afleriKHHi
of last weekj and the rest of the iuron wcrt,
disohafged for the term, The 'eoti in thli
oMB) ai apneared bf the evldenoe for the
HtHt(., were aa followe: xherespondenl llvei
ou n fara new Northlleld village, Mh
htred inen was one Oharlei Bowe, aii.is
Oharlei Bdwardej the ttrst uhuh is his
riht annte, hut ainoe Infanof im has boen
llvtng iu the bome of Wllbnr K. Bdwardi of
Roxbury, Althongh never legallyadontedi
lui tias Blwayi been known iu tiit town by
tlm natne of Uharlee Bilwarde, On tiie
niyiit of May 83 lat, Mr, Bdwarde, in oom
imny with hh reapondent, atarted to go to
loxbury to wt pnoephatei if they eontd
nnd it to Iteel, Abont snven milei froin
Northfield, t tiio honie of one Brignanii
they atole h erhlp, whioh s then broken
nnd thrown awy. wik.h they got to
Roxbury vlllage it w as efter the itoree wnni
elosnd. The.v hitrhcil tlirir lcaui nnili'i' tlic
bIiimI of the storw of A. M. Tilden iinil mttt
to the railroail track to thn liulhliDga known
as tin Wnrren ihede, Bdwnrdi entered
the eeotion tool-honee of tht! Cootral rail
way, aml took from there a largn wreuch.
Then they went to the torehouae of il.
V. jyford, broke in, and took a (iiantity
of butter tuba aml a large baekut, Then
tiiey wenl to the storc of Tilden ft Bon.
dowu the hntehway and eadeavored to get
Into the ceilnr. bul found it Ipoked, They
took a vlse, the property of B M. Spaulding,
tliat was belng lised In lay ing Hotiie wati-r-works,
at that store. They took froin the
Btoop of Mr. Tihlen's store a hag of meal,
and put it into their expreia waffon, Frorn
there tliey went to the BpauldlnB harn and
took a seoop shovel and wrem li. Then
they went 10 Bpauldlng'l I'arriage houee
and took two liridles; then to the carriage
bouae of Krank Bpauldlng and took two
blanketf, On their way baek to Northfl ld
they itola lap-robee, blanketa, arhlpe, oats,
Beed-corn, eto, Wben they got baok to the
reepondent'e barn, the etun was unloaded,
they took a driuk of aloohol eaohi aud then
they went to the store-house of Fred Houe
ton, took two lias of phoephate and oarried
them to the harn. That oompleted the
nlght'a work, In this oaae the reapondent
was tried for steallng the brtdlea from
Simulilin'H liarn at Roxbury; the evidence
as to the other erttoloa was Introduoed as
oorroborating evldenoe of the steaiing of
the liridles. The luain witnens for the
prneeontion was the young man, Bdwarda
or Ilowe, who turned "stat.e's evldenoe."
The aeveral ownera of the dlfTerent articlea
IdentlAed them, and most of them tixeil the
time of dleappearanoe ae on or abontMay
'J'J. The property was OOtained at the re
Bpondent'a on eearoh warrants. The re
spoudent denied the i-liarge and that he was
with the young man Kdwards on the nlgllt
in qtteetlon, He did not know liow the
things got in his harn except that Kdwards
mual have i n t. theui there. The jury
returned a verdiot of "guilty," aml lound
the valun of the liridles less than seveu
dollars, makiiif; It a BtiadenManor, In pass-
iii(j aentenoe the oourt ordered the payment
of a tine of $'20 aud costs this course being
taken to give the respondent a chance to re
tricve. The other indicttuentsare still pend-
ing. ,f. H. Benter aaaiated Siate's Attorney
Htauton 111 the tii'oscciition ; (ieori;e .
Wlng, T, .1. Boynton aml J. M. Davta for
tlie respondent. Before the Kelley case
oame on for trial the court was given
to understand that the respondent had
seouredi and had got conoealed upon
his person, a loaded revolver. Judge
Btart ordered that it tie taken from him.
Iu his hip pooket was a loaded revolver,
whlob was delivered up to the eounsel for
the respondent, by him, ou their request.
During the trial Kelley was closely watched
by the ollicers, during the recesses of OOUrt,
as nobodj kuew what his intentions were
in the matter.
Theee divorce cases were disposed of:
Carrie K. Hussell v. L. I). Buasell. Bill
granted for Intolerable severlty. I'arties
Tived at Wolcott and then Montpelier.
Abbie T. Itrewer v. 1). W. Hrewcr; for re-
fusal to support. DilUngnam & Huse for
Itbellant in each case.
In the cases of State v. I.yuch, V. Locklin,
v. Spaulding, and v. Roblnson, exoeptiona
have lieen filed, and thoso cases will all go
to the supreiue court.
The respondent, Barnard H. McKenna,
who was oonvioted two weeks ago, and
went away on a vlslt to Montreal, was In-
duced to snorten his Oanadlan viaii by .John
Tuttle, at the Instance of J. H. Benter,
COUQSel and bondsman for McKenna. The
latter was hrought into court on Kriday,
wheU he had a serious attaik of heart
trouble, He was hrought in agaiu Batur
day forenoon aml scnteuced to pay a tine
of glBO, The other three cancs were con-
tinued for aentenoe, on aeoount of the
representations made to the court byooun-
sel and memhers of the har not of eounsel.
State v. BrastUI M. Locklin. This re
spondent pleaded guilty to one otTence of
selling. Tht.- oooasion was one testlfied lo
by a witnesa iu the trial of the case against
.1. A. Locklin. In inoviug for seutence,
State's Attorney StBUton stated that the re-
snondenl had been in the bualnessten years.
He thought the sentence should he severe
enoUgD to make thc respondent uuderstand
it was an expensive thing to he engaged in
this unlawful traflic. Oounsel ha ing ad
dressed the court in liehalf of the respond
ent, the court Imposed a tine of eighty
dollars, with the alternative aentenoe,
State v. William l'. Read, Reapondent
pleaded guilty of keeping a nuisance iu the
Belinaa hlock in Montpelier. The officera
lnade u visit to the lespondcnl 's place of
buslneM; when they arrived he pulled tbe
strlng tlmt operatea the " dutnp," hut it did
not work tborougbly, and liquor was Cound
on the place. The court scnteuced the re
tpondent to pay a tine of Sloil iu the nui
sance oaae and ordered thc place closed;
and a line ol eighty dollars for keeping
liquor with InteUI to sell. Flne to he paid
iu twenty-four hours, or ihe alternative
State v. Langdon .1. Davis. This rcspon-
denl pleaded guilty to a oharge ol selling
liquor from a bpttle on the fair grounda at
Waitsfield, iu Beptewber last. Mr. Btanton
aid thc reapondent waa a repreaentative of
tliat class of vlolators of the prohihilory
law known as "pooket pedcllers"; they
had no locatiou aud were exlremel.v haid to
bedeteeted; he thought this one should he
inade an example of. Mr. Benter, for the
respondent, did not tblnk the latter should
tie rnade the scipe-goat for all offendera of
iiis class; that his caae should be disposed
of as an ludlvidUBl case. The OOBrt seu
tenUed Ilavis to pay a tine of eighty dollars
without costs, with the alternative seutence.
State v. John Kvans. Respondent pleaded
guilty tO tWO nuisance cascs. He was sen
tenoed to pay a linc of 1100 in each case,
the place deaoribed iu the oomplatut to
be Oloeedi with the alternative seutence
if the tine was OOt paid iu twenly-four
boura fn theoharge against the samo re
spondenl for lllegal Keeping of Intoxioating
liipior a tine of eighty dollars was Imposed,
wnh the samc altcrmitivc.
State v. William Miller. Respondent hav
ing pleaded guilty to keeping a nuisance,
and keeping liquor with Intenl to sell, waa
aantenoed to pay a tine iu each of ihe two
DUlaanoe cases of Sn.",, and the plaOS dc-
aorlbed ordered eloaed under the itatute, Iu
the two oaaee of keepingi a Bne was imposed
of eighty dollars in each case, with alter
native sentenoea if the Bnea were not paid
iliHlde of twenty-four hours.
Betaey H. Arbuokle v, Obarlea Temple
ton. Iu tliis case a verdict was given for
the plainiilt last Snpteiuher, early in the
preseni term. Oounsel for the defendanl
made a luotioii for a new trial on the ground
Ol newly dlSOOVered evidence, aud asked to
havu the verdict for plaintiH' set aatde, Mr,
Bburtli H appeared for tlie defendanl iu sup
port of the motion, aud Mr. Lamson and Q,
S Wlng appeared for the plaintill in oppo-
sltion thereto, The court was of the optnion
thal the new trial ought not to he granted
ou the ibowing made, Iu regartl to HHttiug
aside tlie verdii t, the court said that tbe
rlghtaof the defeudant were aaved by his
BXOentlon taken to the refusal of the court
to order a verdict wben the 0BB1 waa trted,
So the cane will go to the Biipreine court on
this last polnt and on thc claim therein
made that the verdict was unwarraiitcd by
reason of BbseBOe of any evideiue whicli
WOUld instifv the. jnrv iu tindlng for the
TMB iiah HBB1 i.vo.
On Kiiday eveiilng the members of the
barinel in the oonrtnouee, to devote a few
hours to hottored memberi oalled before a
higiicr trlbunal, Btate's Attorney Btanton
oalled thc ineetlng to order, aaytBg tbose
present had inel there aud asked the pres
ence of the court to pay trihute to the
metnorles of three of thc deoeaeed memberi
of the bar lloti. PaUl Dillingham, II. m
Oharlei w. Porter and John v. Bpregue,
Kscp Mr. Stanton ihen read tbe following
BOX, PAVt ntt,ttaoBAt,
wn Kit kas. Ths Hnnofabts 1'nul FMUInihani, s inein
bar ot iiif Wiiniiintoti Coimtr itnr, hsi baen rs-
tnitveit )y (leulh frntn h rntlretnoil fellowftiK lons
snd laeesssfnl praoMoa ol hfi onoNn prqrsMlon,
sno bonorabls ,titiii- isrvloej li Ii dssmed propef
lli:it lllC Sll r V I Vl IIL HH'llll.lTH ,'XI)r.,- lillll ,I,1,'H tlllitl
Ihe feOOfdl Of tlie roiirt llirlr SpDreSlSllofl nf hlrt
lAwf or, SltlsSB loel pQbtle MFVSbti
hsfmetef us
ffMofpss, Thsl wsdeanH oonsolatlon tbat wa
BSII ln'Jir tMttmony tO Ihe purlty of liln llfs SUd
cnsraoteri his iitnn sttsfnmsnti n b uwvsf snd
mi,erl,,r niuilltlri, us mi Sd?06Ste,snd tlie faithful
tinil iitl-,r.e'l,ry m.oiner Iu wlilrli hS dttpbarMa IHs
()t1lf-t:il fllltlcfl Itl thS VHrlollN r,nii-,'4 lo whlclt lie mhh
osflsa iy tiie affrsgsi of iuh fsllowmltlssns,
lifH'ittni. Thstwssxtsnd our nmDathf snd oon.
doletii'H to tlio fuiuUy of tlie rtecertneil, HUfl rsipSCt'
fully rt'iueiit the court to onler i he f orsaotflg pro
Hlnlile ioiiI ri'Holutlou to 1,, eutereil ou tlie recorilil
of tiie court, snd ths cierk bs dlrscted to rorwsM
HU uttesteit cojiy to tlie tilliiUy.
WttnaaAs, Charlss W, Porter, a menber of tiii
bar. ilted ii. the etirly iiiKturlty of Ii i- . iwera at New
I;. : 1 Mam,., on ths lnt iliiy of Auxuit last. after
rnsny nionths of pslnfnt ilskhsii, duffne wliich im
nOWed tlie Kreatest forltt uile aud ,-ouriufe, altlioUKll
OOOSoloai for a long tluie that tlie luevltalile iuut
floou rome ; aml
!ratrsai Ths msmbsrs of thlsbaf dsstrs toshow
tlielr apprtM-latlou of tlie malily Imleuemletire of Mr.
Porter, IiIb llue KehoUrKlilp, hln unNwrrverhiK luto,(
rlty aml liln excei'illiiKly eulal uatlire;
lirlolretl, That Iu the ileath of Mr. PortSf tlie har
of thH county han loxt a most worthy lueuiher, all
sxessdlnxtr pslnstaalng lawyer. ons whoss szsmpls
Is worthy of heltiK I'luulatiul, aml whose melnory
will bs Biisrlshsd iy the iturvivhiK ihsnibsn of ths
har with m.iiiy foml rcrolleetloim Iu the years to
n$toHtd That tlie court bs fSQnsstsd to nausp
these resohltlous to he place,) unoii the pertuaucut
rsoordBi aml that a oopv tnSrSOI bs furulsheil to the
fauilly of the (lereuftefl.
JOBX V. gritAOt'B, KPli.
WHeanas, John v. Bprsans, a mstnbsr of the
iisinuulou i ouiMV liar.oit'U ai liarrc.lu iiip couuty
clotier. ls',11
somc from Franklin county Tbe dls-
oouraes, of Profeetor Oooke on " Mllk I'ro
dnete," ot R.O. Bmlth on " Feedlng Dairy
Stock," of William Chapin on " Farinlng Iu
vermont," of B, w. Vall on " Fartn Bulld
Ings," of ,f. O Sanford on" Keeping (Jp
the Fertility of the Farm," o V. I Hpear
on " The Attractlons of Vermont," were all
llstened to attentlvely and were fully and
Intelligently discnssed. No tlme was bjst,
snd aff partles wera aatlafled, Not having
tlme to wrlte a full report, none will be at
tempted, the only oojeel of this obaptef
being to notify the people that the agrii-ul-turai
trotipe is on Its aunual tonr. Tlie
success of these meetlligs depends miicb on
previous arraBgementa and liberal adver
tising. Let the people plan to get wbaf
good they can out of the 82,500 to he ex-
pended MeetiBga for Washington county
will probablv be held tbe third week In
January, at Waitsfield and Calais. Thet;
we ought to have a rousing good one t,
close with at Montpelier alsmt the first of
March. Tkansiknt BoAJtDB
uf illlllllL'toll, ou thf '.'l.lh ,luv of lll"
tiinolifit , i nat uy uie umimeiy ucani oi uroimr
BprsaUS, thc WashliiKtou couuty bar loses one of Its
promlshiK youiif; Httorneys, oue srhosndsaisd him
Mulf to tils felloW'aHsorlatwn hy his rourteous aud
sffsbjs ntsnnsr, and oue whoutu svsr bs rsmsm.
persd hy the membsn of ths bar hs au honstt, care
ful aml paiustakluK lawyer.
AMafPMi Tliat a coiiy of the ahove resolutlon he
ISnt to thi' wlilow aml pareuts of the deceased, aud
that the saine he sprcad upon the records of this
At thc OOnolualon of tbe reading of the
reaolutlona, Mr. Stanton tnoved tbat they
be spread upon the court records.
In orderinn tbe motion, Judge start said:
It, is very fittlng that tbc.se resolutlons
should he plaoed upon the records of this
court, and very appropriate that, you tneet
as you do to-nfght and pay your respects to
tbe deceased members of this bar. I had
not the honor and plcasure of a personal
BOqualntance with the Bon, Paul Dilling
ham. Wben he was governor of this state,
1 was a mere boy. My tirst reoolleotion of
him was as a grand Old gentletuan, whose
life had been oue of solid accomplisbments
and worih a life to stir upadmlratlon and
emulatlon, His life was ouc of honor and
uaetulneaa, When the end oame his reoord
was orowned with futlneas -with tbe per
formauoe of all his many duties. My ac
quaintanoe with Mr. Porter was somewbat
Hmlted, I had known him for years as a
kind and oourtOOUS geutleman. I bad
known hiui as a member of the bar, as a
lawyer of eininent ability. I esteemed him
aa an eduoated getleman aml as a genlal
frleud, He was out down iu ihe prime of
life. When I beard of his death it was a
great surprise to tne. I last saw him aliout
a year ago, iu thu capitol, at an evening
seaslon, He appeared to be iu tbe full
vigor of manbood, wit h a proaneel of many
years of life and usefulness before him .
Soon I beard be was unwell and had gone
away for his bealth; later, tbat he was
deau, and tbat his record was untimely
closed and ended. It was an honorable
one, aud I fully oonour in tbe resolutions
that have been adopted by tbe bar in re
spect of his raemory, I never met Mr.
Bprague that I remember, hut these reaolu
tious you have presented Indioate be was a
young man deservlng of your respect aud
contidence. It is litting these sentiments
should he placed on the record. It is or
dered tbat this series of resolutions be
placed upon tbe record of this court, aud
that copies be furtiisheil by the clerk to tbe
familics of the deceased.
T. J. Deavltt, Bsq., then read a well-pre-tiared
paper upon Qovernor I'aul DilUng
nam It was full of Intereatlng reminla
oenoea of tbe "grand old geutleman," as
his Honor Judge Start spoke of him. The
sketofa took up tbe life of the dlstingulshed
gentleman from his earlieel days, aml dweit
upon the more rominent fcaturcs of his
professional aml private life. The paper is
in every respect worthy of reproduction in
Following this oame a biograpbioal aketoh
of Hon, Obarlea W. Porter, hy Judge Oarle
ton, which will appear, when oompleted,
iu the report of prooeedings of the Vermont
Har Assooiatton,
A. CJ I'ay, Baq,, oloaed the evening'a cx
eroiaea with remarks upon tbe brief but
preiaeworthy oareer of Jobn V, Sprague.
A recess was then taken until moruiug.
Qonrt re-aaaembled Baturday morning, to
close up mattcrs. Sentences were imposed
in Ihe liipior cases as stated ahove. The
motion in the Arhuckle case for a new trial
was denied, and exceptions allowed tbe de-
In closing this, the longest term of this
court on reoord, Judge Start eomplimented
the bar upon the high spirit of professional
OOUrtesv exlstinfl among its members, and
tbaukeo them for Its manlfeatation toward
Court adiourued without date on Satur
lay morning at 11.30.
Vermont llair) niciiVs Assooialinn.
The twenty.aaoond annual meetlni of the
Vermont Dairymen's Asaoclatioti will be
held in the town hall at Brattleboro, begln-
nlng Tuesday, January 13, and contlnulng
three days. John Oould of Ohto will speak
on Tuesday afternoon on "The rtve seerets
of good bnlter-makitig." The evening of
the tirst day w ill be devoted to papers ot.
the nianiifacture of cbeese, by James W.
Robertaon, oommlaaloner of agricuiture of
Canada, and T. I. Ourtia of New Hamp-
sbire, followed by dlsousslona, Governor
Hoard of Wisconsin will address tbe asso-
oiatlon. Subieot, "A talk tothexaanwho
makea the mllk, The State Board of Agri
cuiture will also be present to take part in
tbe exercises of the tneeting. Messrs. Rob
ertson and fiotihl are expeeted to be pres
ent during the wbole session. The aasoela-
tlon offers 300 premiun on butter and
Oheeee, B0O on cbeese, as follows:
Class A Dairy plaln, Hrst prise, Bfi; sec-
ond prizc, SI; third pri.e,
Class H Dairy sage, tirst prize, Sti; sec
oud prize, f:.
Class C Factory plaln, prizes saine as iu
Class A.
Class D Factory sage, prl.us same as in
Class II. Sweepstakes 8.
One bnndred fifty dollars premiutu on
Dairy- Class t Ten.pound tub, tirst prize,
$10 aeoond prtee, 6j third prize, ?4.
Class 2 Five pound DOX, first prize, $10;
aecond prlse, Si; third prize, $4.
Class:! Five ponnds or more, in printa,
tirst prize, $10; secoud prize, $6; third irize,
$1. Dairy sweepstakes, $3,
Creamery Class 4 Twenty-poutul tub,
tirst prize, 810; secoud prize, $0; third prize,
Class 5 Ten pounds or more, in prints,
tirst prlf , $10 j secoud prize, $1!; third prize,
$4, Creamery sweepstakes, 2; granl
sweepstakes, $5.
No person, uor tbe produot of auy lot of
0OWS, can eotupete in more than one of the
ahove classes.
The Vermont Farm Machine Company of
Bellows Falls will dupitoate all money
prizes ofTered by the association, on butter
made by the Cooley creatner process, with
the utiilei standing that dairies and cream
eries OUtaide of the state be ttllowed to ooru
pete for this premiutu, and these entries, if
aeoring the most pointS, sliall be entitled to
the dupllcate. r. M Bharplea of West
Chester, Pa , offers through the association
a prize of Sl'S fir the best essay setting
forth tbe advantagea of the separator sys
tem as compared to tbe crcamery-gatheriug
syatem in New England, These eaaayato
be aent to the seeretary on or before Janu
ary 11. Dairy and creatnerymeu of New
Kuglaud are invited to eotupete for this
prize Other valuable prizes will be an-
nounoed in the programmee, which will b
ready for distribution Deoember 30, Kail
roadsin tbe state will carry for tbe usua!
half-fare rates. For further information In
tjuire of tbe seeretary, James K. Ourtia, St.
Albaus, Vt.
Boarding Aronnd--Fifih Annual
Kxcept tbe " frnit fair " tneeting at (irand
Isle, in Oetobor, the tirst travels and labors
of the Hoard of Agricuiture for the winter
of 1801 03 were to Island Pond for F.ssex
coiinly, and South Troy for the north part
of Orleans couuty. Probably this trip of
the board will cost the state. more than any
other of the year, on account of its " inag
nlHoellt distances." Look at the car-fare of
Brother Bmtth ol Pittsford eatlmated at
oue hundred mltea to Montpelier, thirty
eight to Wells Itiver, one hundred (in New
Kamnshirel to North Btratford. aud stxteen
to Island I'ond au aggrcgate of 3M miles
Annual Meeling of Ihe Vermont
State (.range.
The Vermont state grango held itsannua!
session at 8t. Jobnsbury, last Wednesday
and Tbursday. Wednesilay uiorning was
devoted to reports of offioera, that of tbe
Master, Alpha Messer of Kocbester, being
of tnarked interest. Leetnrer E. O. Lee
spoke on tbe public school question, and
Stew.trd Whitney of the desirability of li v
ing up to the obligations of tbe order. Fn
the afternoon, J. O. Sanford of the State
Board of Agricuiture gave an address on
Inoreasing tne fertility of the soil; Viotorl,
Spear of the state board spoke of tbe at
traotiOOS of Vermont; aud Professor L. K
Jones of Burlington gave an Intereatlng
talk ou plant iliseases. In tbe evening A .
F. Ntchola delivered the address of wel-
oome, with response by the Master. Aftei
au original p NBU by Mrs. Luna Sprague
Pook, an address was delivered by Heury
M. Arma of Bprlngfleld, president of the
State Datrymeu'a Association. Tbursday
afternoon educatiou and double taxatioti
were iliseussed, and tbe venerahle Jonathan
Lawrenoe gave an Intereatlng address on
the origin of the grange. The Masler's ad
dress discuased a great variety of subieote
A stcady growth in existing granges is re
porled, and one new grange has been or
ganleea, The Master speaka out boldly
in the cause of public educatiou, demands
tbe anactment of a good and etlicieut school
law in the place of the faulty and amhiguous
measure passed at the last session 01 tbe
legislature. He properlyand Instrongterms
condenins measures exempting money leud
ers from taxatioti those of the class pre
sented lo the legislature at the session of
1800, hut whioh happil.v failed of enactnient
He has a good word for the press, which
has stood by the fariners, and his volce is
still for aseparate and independent agricul
tnral college. Tbe address is a strong and
patrlotic document, and the grange is a
body of Intelltgent, patrlotic men and
Women lahorlng with singlenessof purpose
aud well-directed efforts for tbe bigbest
good nf thc state.
Hre fniurance GButraets.
There is probably no busincss contract en
tered into between oorporationa aml indi-
viduals to which so little thought is given
by tbe party of the secoud part, the assured,
as tbe contract of lire insuiance; or, iu other
words, the tetius and conditions of a lire In-
anrance polloy, A well-known writer upon
llds aud klndred aubjects has said: " It is
true, in referenoa to pollelea f Inauranoe,
more than perhapa auy other contract, thal
the party to be benetiteil thereby, fre-
quently, aud parbapa usually, is at no patns
whatever to Inform bimsell of the oontents
of the contract, still less to endeavor Iu a.s-
ceitaiu Its uieauing. A lnaioiity ot weli-
togctto poiuts not a hundred miles aparl j trained and carcful husiness inen, who have
large amounts at the nsk of lire, and
wboae Indemnity depends upon the polloies
which they hold, and upon their conformity
to the terius and conditions thereof, nevet
read the eutire contcnts of a single polloy ot
Inauranoe held by them, ot- exainined the
conditions and requlrementa thereof, witl.
a view to aaoertaln Whethet they are con-
torming thereto. it is not au unuanal thing
for a man, tbe niain bulk of whose property
has just been dcstroyed by lire, to get out
from hissate for the first time his contract
of indemnity." If Ihe ofl-repeated injuiu -
lion of lire insuranee coinpanles to tne ns
SUred, "ltead your polloy caiefully," -
more generally beeded, tbere would be
much less expensive litigation iu Ihe courts
reaulting from Insxousalila triolation of in
suiance contracts. Howevei much a con
trary iinpressloii may prevail, tbere is no
reputable insuranee company that does not
deplore the violation of any OOBdltlOBB of
their oontraot tbat will obetruot or hinder
Ihe prompi and eipiitablc payment of auy
honest loss which luay occur under it.
In a etratgnt line, and theaborteal raliroau
roilte at that. ThSD from Island I'ond to
Troy, only thirty-four miles apart, we had to
gti over one hundred miles via Sherbrooke,
Que, betidee aome twelve miles iu car-
riages. The meeting at Island I'ond was
Hiihstatit ially a failure. Althongh in a tine,
thriviug village with one of the most cotn-
modlous, elegant aml oomfortable balla wa
have fonnd in the state, good holel accotuiuo
dations, with weather and roads petfect, it
was, as au Bgrioultural meeliug, a farce.
our aeoratary was too bney loadvertiae this
gatheringi or ebie he forgoi it. Any report
will be omil ted for want of material, only
that we kept thc law to "hold one tneeting
in eaoh county." What we naid (all of it)
might not look well iu print: aud we de
parteil well satlslicd that this meeting cost
more than it oame to.
At South Troy thiugs seetued entlrely re
versed, for, althongh they had no holel aud
only u passable town hall, the leading aud
patrlotic otUaeni organlaed, oboee a oon
mtttee, and managed the arraugementa ad
iulrahly. They sent soiue 500 invitations,
prlnted ou postai oarda, to the prominent
tarmera of their OOUUty, and tbe board met
a rousing welconie and a hig crowd at every
Session, Not only were the good people of
Troy there in forco, hut those of Westfield,
Jay, Newport, Coventry, Irasburg, Albany,
Barton and other towns were tbere, with
Whkn Hev. A. II. Corllss was dragged
from his hOBM near Caledonia, Miss., on tbc
nlgbt of Deoember 1, he was not injuredby
his captors. He will reiuain there duriug
tbe year, tbe authorities of tbe couuty hav
ing promised him protection.

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