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itosTiM Kn NMW MM rl
Washington strent, In fror.t df tlm .Veion
oflioe, nml Stopped t talk with S. I). Crunc
n a iimtter if baatMaa, Tlie Istter iiml
liartllj uttereil a wonl hefne Mr. IIhsHiikk
exelaimeil, " I amlll - ratH. mn." IIc wotiltl
havefallan to tha pavauMot, aioapt for in
Ktant Mtton hy Mr. Crane. Ba was oatrled
into th AV:r orth-!', wIhth ho expire: lie-
lore ii. .1 help oonld kmd bia, An
ambulanca oonveyad tha body to an Mder-
tnker'H Where il M prsparod foi htiriaJ. tt
wasihfn taken to tha tvi- kan home. Tha
ilecoase.il leaves b wife an I three iliil.iren.
Tbe sal event wai witinnit prt'iimn tury
Hijrn. Mr. rlastins hail been COUiplaiolnR,
H is true, for Hevernl ilayn, bllt was ai'.ln to
traneact bualneaa as usua, tha iurllapeettion
belUR trivial, it was thoiuht, in natiire. 1
hail enjnveil tlm best df health for lnanv
yoars. liti whh tha eblent son of Hon. H,
HastinKs df Waitsfield, ml hail llvad In
Inrtlannnolis for tha iast tlvo years. He
was in tlie launilry biiNitmss by hinisel nn
til a year Of so since, when" he hihI Mr.
Oomitoch oombined, TU-, Mrm liad baan
ddiiiK a proaperoui bnelneea. Mr. Haetloga
was viry nineh reapeoted by all vtho khew
liiiu, anu bia inddaO ileath is ileeply le
ploreil by inany frieutis, botb K.isl nml
An " old IMka ooooert " will ie gHftrain
the new Hchool-house liall tr.innrrow (TlinrK
day) evetiinn, by the Washington Cbofal
I'nidti, aHHistd by tba Williamstown (: lee
Clnbi Tlm ptoffratntne win oonalst of botb
anrient aml iiiddcrn selettkiiis of tniislc, the
antertatotnenl beinR opaned with the grand
" Iialllujali Chortia," wnli soniH Bfty
voioes, and c uding wiili "Anld I.itng Kyiic."
It is experteil that Miss Braab, the Nopraiid
df Uollego street Cdnei'M2aiiinal clinr!h,
HuriiiiKtdn, wii! iin ona of tbaaololati ol
the ooouloiii wfalla Profaaaot w. HCtada
will lead the Wiliiaiiistdwn tflee Clnli. lt.
Warncr will nonduol tlic oboi lB, and tli
Waablogton Mala Quartatta will alBgaooM
new MHgli An dld-tiine lappar will U
L'ivt-n in the toM hall, which promlaoa ta
ba an anjoyabla taatora of tba oooaaloOi ami
Dumbera frotn tba ranoandlnn towni havc
Hiniried tlieir ltitontlon of bOlDg praaent.
TlekatatOtba hall tcn I'eutn: a lpper, tif
teen oeuts.
V. i I I , Hisl M ,
Ubarlaa lN'rry ha aold hin bouae in OUf
viilaue ti ,T. M. Baohntt. IJh bouabtabulld-
ing lot df Mr. Heckett in tlie HOttMaal part
cif the villane.
The Hodd famlty, on the Davtd Burnbam
place, have kept it a urnggle with diph
tberia the la.st, week, two or tbraa cf the
cbildrati havfng tba dlnaann
Diphtheria hrdke out la:H week in Konry
Erskine's family, on the east aidn df the
towu, and bia yonDgesl ob) Id, a girl of i.nir
vearf . wa-s Imried Sunday. Xo more of .:he
i blldren are aick.
Stone-cntter Qeorge ESdwarda has pr
i hased the Kuel Oovel) tlac.e, a little way
out of the village, on the Brookfield roa.
It contatn Home twentv nrtnt of land, an-3
wai sold for $1,."KK).
The Conirregatidnalists are to faave charKP
of the Ohruttnaa exerolsea, tbla year, to oe
lield next week Thnrada.v evenuig at the
town hall. Tha citi.vns of the entire place
are cordially invited t.. cotne to exer
ciaaa, and bring their gjft.f for distiilmtiim.
An effort is making for good mtwic and
dther appropriate entertaimnent on the oc-
Perkin.s Baws Ratled for Kurope, Satnrday,
from New York. i lll- Brock Flint hsw es-
aped a threatened attack of inflamuiation
Of the howels. Mr. and Mr.s. Jaanei
M. Beckett left lant week foi a winter in
Waol ingtor, D. C. i. George Marr and
George Hibertson were laiii aside from
work a part df la.st week by cold.s.
Jobn Lvnde, Jr., goes to BostOO, thi.s week,
for a New York ootnpany, engaged in pre
paring dictidnaries. C'arl fieiimlict has
aocepted the offer inade take oharge of
'he lanndry in the insane anj luin at Water
bury, Worcester.
The pfonpect for luinbermeu in thi.s lai -tion
is oot encouraging.
There is to ba a proinenade at the town
hall, Satnrday eveuing, Deeetnber 1!).
The seventeen years old daughter of
deorge Richardson died Sunday uiorning,
after an UlneH of several months. He has
i:ow buried hve children.
A btiifalo roba was taken froui the wagon
of L'rial Ainsworth, whlle at cburob, Sun
day evening. His natue was on the inside
of the rotie.
Summnrjr of 'ews.
Ai'mi.n Ifn.L of Brattleboro fell froin
Lay loft, and was badly injnred.
Jume I'hask. of Lyndonville wa.s kii
by a horse, and bia skull fractured.
Thk annual meeting of the State Orange
was hcld at St. Jobnsbury last week.
Jauvis PaATT of West Windsor fell from
a ledge last Weduesday and was killed.
C'lyde. four year-old son of W. M. I'ol
!ard, was drowned at WeatOn last week.
A son df Warren Bailey of Plymouth was
fatally linrt by a falling tree wblla ohop-
THE bouae, baru and sheds of Ilenry 0.
C'urtis of Westfield were burned last week
A FALLiNd llmb broke the skull of .fustin
Slatk of StralTord last week, and his re-
overy was considered doubtful.
L. P. Xokton of Bennington, has won his
libel suit against the lli uiihiiiton liiormer,
receiving a venlict of i'WXJ and ooata.
Thk Orleans county nmsic festival is to
he held at Newport, January 12-15, con
ducted by Professor Henri (1. Blaisdel.
Tiik Rutland C'ornet batnl has obangad
its natne to the Howe Scale Couipany band,
and will tbereby reoelva tba mpport of that
Thk store of W. K. Nelson at Rutland was
again hruken into last week Sunday night ,
but noihing of value taken. Tlie polloe are
Mks. Susan p.wne of Burlington beoame
dizzy, fell ddwn stairs with a bod df ooal,
and received a bad out over one eye, besides
VariOUI bruiscs.
Bbnjamin BcoriKLD, aged sixty-six years,
was buried at Saxtou's BJvaC last week.
He was a, prominant manufacturer and an
txtensive local lawycr.
(Ikokok Houston has brought suit for
S.I.OOO against Brush & Curtis of Hardwick,
for injuries reeelved last, winter, wblla in
tba amploy of that oompany
Soi ikty in Kutland is perturbed because
of the niesalliance of .Miss Mai y, daughter
of the late Jdel B. Harris, who recently
elopad with Jaines F. Sweeney, herfather's
(iKoruk K. t'ooKK df St. Albans, frelght
brakeinan un the Central Vernidiit railroad,
was itruck by a bridge uear Bethel, la-st
week Tuesday moraing, aml probably fa
tally Injurad,
Mahtin (iKKKN, who nbot Browuell Niles
and George Harwooii on Pownal tnountain,
has heen adjudged insane and was taken to
the asylum at Waterbury. It is tbOUgbt
that N'iles will recover.
A piquant triai was bagun in Bennington
county OOUrl last week the SlO.OfX) suit of
Merritt F. Kudd against Jamcs K. Itdiinds
for alienating the affeotions of Mrs. Kudd.
Kudd is a farnier, Mrs. Kudd is an attractive
but tickle WOman, and Kdiiud is a gay or
gan agent. Kudd was awanlcd SfiO).
m ini'K S. DlXOIf, ex chief juslice of the
supnuue oourl of wlfOOnain, who dled in
Miluaukee last week, was bofO t'hitten.
dan oonuty, and was educated at Norwich
Lfnlreraity, Ha stmlied law with Judga
I.uke I'dland, aml went to Wisconsln in
lHoo. In Is7.ri he refused a oertaJn eloctlon
to the United States senate on the gfound
that he "could DOf atTord it."
Thk jury, iu the case of Kugeiie t'hilsdii,
railway euginecr, Indioted 00 a charge Ol
uianslaugbter for causing the collision of
trainson the Rutland railroad near Krooks
ville, Noveniber ;), hhh, in which several
fiersomi were killed, broiittht Iin a verdict
ast w ek at Kutland that ba was guilty of
criiniual negligauce, and rr otmncnded the
prisoner to the liiercy of the eourt. ICe was
ralaaaed on bail U) allow the legal points in
the case to be heard before the next aajalon
of tha tipreme c ourt, The oniy witness In-
trodMMd foi the dafania was the englneer
biuiself, who tHHtilled that he was very sick
dii htl Idcoiiiotive. which was strange 0M,
on a road over wiiich he hal nevcr run a
miie. and was aaalgnad to tblt spcciai train
In the night. time on " wild duty " against
his own flgoroH i prdtest.
TM directors df the (Central V'ertndnt
Knilroad ('ompany tnet last Wcdncsday
tmrriing, and eh'cled Itradley B. Htnallcy
Of Itiirliugtdn to lill the vaxsincy in the
boanl caused by the d!ath of eX'Govemor
Smitb. Colonal Bklward ('. Btnith, leoond
vice prcsldent, was then chonen president,
vicOdver DOf (knlth, deceaseil. Tlie satne
aotioa was taken at a sabeaqnent niaatlng
of tiie directdrs of the Consolidated Kail
road 't'otupany of 'eiinnt. At the ad-
joutwed annual meeting of tlie itookholderi
cif the Central Vartnonl Kailnwd ('onipany
the folldwltig bdil-il df directdrs was elcctcd :
K. ('. Smith df St. Albans: Jaines K. I,ang
don Ml Berlin; j. t, Hcargcatit df Miintreal;
B. T. Oheney of Bolton V. B. H. Bing
bamf Stowe; Robarl Wrightof MontreaT;
B. B. Sinalley BurlliiKtdii. The con
siilidaled Kailroail t'liinpany of Vernidnt
leotafl these directdrs: K. t". luitb, Jaines
K. I.aiigddii, I.. ,1. Beargeant, B. Cheney,
W. ..!. Biugliatu, Jdhn Ml and B. B.
Sinalley. The aboVt twci roads, the Ver
mont Canada, and tlie Mdtiipelier 8c
White Kiver road were cdiisolidutcd, aml
the New London Northern leaaed for a tei m
of ninety-nine years.
At the annual meeting if the Vermont
state A4tiicultura1 gociety, at White Itiver
Junctiou, last week, the following hoard nf
dlrea drs was elcctcd Henry G. Root,
Bennington; Wllliam R. Sanford, Orwell;
Ilenry B, Kent, Dorset Henry Chaae, Lyn
doni Jobn W. CramtoOi Rutland j 0. Hor
aofl iiubiuinl, Bpringnaldj Jamei a. Hhedd,
Burlington Lemnel s. Drew, Burlington;
Crosby Miller, Pomfret; Ilenry C. Cleve-
land. Coventry ; George Davla, Bait Wout-
pclier, Jowiph '. Parker t.luccliee; Charles
Jaines Bell Kast Hardwick; fleorge W.
Booker, Brattleboro; Bdward '. Bmltb, sr.
Albans; Ilimry II. Melntyre, West Uan
lo!ph; Ohafllea M. Winsldw, Brandon;
fQeorge K. Kwssell, BellowH Falls; Jdsiah
Qrout, Derby E. N. Bissell, Shdrehaiii;
(gilman Moulton, Itamldlpb Thaddeue M.
Cliapman, Middlebury. Tlie biiard df di-
raotora elaoted aa offioera! Praaident, John
W. Cramton, Kutland; vice-ptesidents, Jo
aph 0, Parker, Quechee, H. 0. t;ieveland,
Coientry, H. II. A'clntyre, West Randolph,
Charles Jaines Bell, Kast Hardwick; sec
retary, Henry Clark, Kutland, treasurer,
Joaeftn C. Parker, .'Quechee; liuance cotu
mittee, Oroaby MWer, Henry O. Root,
Henry H. Melntyre.
Kit Larson, Jr.. sun of the fauioiu! tCOUt,
last Thoriday killexl his wife'a fathar and
motherati hu Junta, Col.
JosK.rK McICay, in jail at I'kiab, Jal.,
charged with stage rohbery, is found to be
the son of .fc'oaquin Miller, tije " I'oet of the
Thk towu of Pinos Altos, N. M., was
burned over, .last Tlmrstiay jtaorning, only
two bulldingi being saved. No water was
Joun LvooNof Gorhaiu, N. H.. hail beeu
uiarried two wttikn last Weduesday. That
nioruing he wtui cruabed to death whlle
shackling cars.
Dakhin J. Mksvkolk was last Wedues
day aoqultted at Brnoklyn, N. Y., of the
murder of Tbeodor Larbig, a Jealous rival.
The trial was very seusational.
Italian dislike of negro laborers has
caused trouble on IJr. Webb's Adirondaek
railroad, and over 100 persons liave beeu
placed undei arreat at Topper lake.
lioBKKT K. Hjkts clainis to have heen de
frauded out of $2ri,mi by Field, Lindley &
Wiechers, the tirni wrecked by the miser
abla son of Cyrus W. Kield, and has brought
an action
AcTOB-l'L'tilUST John L. Sl'llivan is at
the Keeley iustitute at Dwigh, III., being
treated for drunkennetl, If I)r. Keeley
ucceedi with him the raputation of Dwight
is eHtablished.
Gkokok I.aniuk of Brooklyn, N. Y is
one of the latest iu the assortinent of dyna
mite cranks. He threatened to blow un
Edwin Samlers, a New York banker, aml
was put in jail.
Thk crank w ho attetnpted the life of Kus
sell Sage has beeu identitied as Henry L.
Norcross of Soinerville, Mass , pieoea of the
dead lunatic's cldthing having beeu Identl
Aed by his mother,
An expldsion and Are in the tireworks
manufaotory ol Masten & Wells, Swett
strect, Boston, last Weduesday, destroyeil
three-fourtba of the ghopg, aml killed An
drew Bohatz, an employe,
A rKKiiiHT-TKAiN broke iu two at the top
of a beavy grade, near Marquette, Miob.i
aml the rear scctioti thUttdered down upon
the city. Several df the cars Jumped the
traek aml crashed through tlie house, tlie
wreck taking tirtr. The iuuiates barely es
capeil with tlieir lives.
Thk Bamberger, Btrong & Co, building at
LiouUvllle, Ky., took fire from an exploalon,
last Weilnesday. Four tirenien were killed
by falling walls aml four Otben badly hurt.
A aecond flre burned the candy hmise df F.
A. Menn & Co. Six girls were burned to
death, and a uuinber of others suH'ereil scri-
dus Injury.
Isaac Sawtkli. will be hanged, as the iu
preine OOUrt of New Haiiipshire has denied
him a new trial. The prisoner's latest yarn
is considered improbable. Hirain was killed
in New Hampshire, aml Isaac carried the
body td a touely ipot in Malne, Beoratad it
aml removed the head iO that no e'idem'e
of his guilt couhl be discovered.
Thkkk seems to he an epidemio of inur
derous lunatics throughout the laud. Oue
of them last week attaoked Bklward Mur-
phy, Jr., the well-kniiwn deinocratic politi
olan, at Troy, N. Y. His weapon was a
batohet, but as he uaed it awkwardly Mur
pby escaped with a ti itling iu jury . Daniel
Murphy, the lunatic, was locked up.
A DKt.iit kkat k atteiupt to murder Obarlea
Newton of Malden was tnado by an un
known aaiailaut, who II appareutly insaue.
The young uiaii bad beeu pestered by the
Btranger for tbraa weeks, aml last Friday
tba man pounoed Upon him, revolver iu
band, A strungle anaued, and Newton es
oaped with a bullet iu his arui. His assail-
aut escaped,
Somk TKX) Austrian aud Italiau uiiners at
Denvar, Col., struck ahout two weeks ago,
and slnce they weut out have been very
uuly. i.ast Friday a sheritT aml twenty-tive
man arrlved to guard the mlneri, aml were
attaoked by about 900 armed atrikara, The
sheritT's posse took possessiou of the mines
and threw up redottbta. The governuient
then oalled out the militia.
It is now positively asserted that George
E. Barr, proprietor of Hotel Warwick,
Springlleld, Mass., aud his wife were uiur
dered, and that Barr did not kill her and
then eommlt lUlolde, They were found
dead in tlieir room, she with four bullet
holes in her aud be with one, as tirst sup
posed. A tlve-chainbered revolver lying
near showed, ou the face of the tnatter,
wife murder and sulcide, But now a secoud
bullet hole has beeu found in Barr's head,
aml botb of them antaring babind the aar,
Barr liad iiiarreled with a guest of tlie
bouae, wno bad beeu paying (00 tnin h at-
tan tion to bia wife; It ia suppoaed that Barr
lUrprUed the OOUpla the night of the trag
edy, that the man shot the enraged hus-
band,and then, Mra. Barr having fainted,
Snlabad the jub by killiug her.
It is nrobable that Mr. Herhert of Ala
hauia, llie old-tiine i hairinau of the nuval
oommlttee. will he reappolnted. He Is one
f the noat Intalligant aml sealoui frlendi
the navy has ever liail aiuong publlo tneu.
I r is not expected that Speaker Crlsp wlll
be able to aiinoiince his coiuinittees for a
week or ten days, aml poeaibly not untll
afler the Christinas hiilldays. There are
inany new inenibers from sectlons of tlie
oountry outaida of the Boutharn llnaa, aml
it Is untlerstood to be the pdlicy of the new
speaker to give the Kast, West aml North
west sulwtantlal recognltion. The cnminlt
tee on eoiiiage will probably be a perplex
ing one to select.
Anoi T the imly husiiiews dnne Tuesday df
last, week was the rcceptiiin df tbe presi
dent's IMaaage, ifter which the hoiisc ad
Journed Untll Satnrday, with the nmler-
tandlng thal a furtber aqjournmenl ihould
be taken untll Wcilnesilay.
Nkahuy seven hundred bllll were intro
duoed in the senate on Thnrsday, ainong
them several from Benator Peffer. The t r
rltorlesof Arleona and Mexloo will mak
an eamest appeal foi admlislon to the
Union. Commissloners from the Hiltlsh
West indles are negotlatlng with Secretary
Blaine for reciprocal tradc relatlOM,
Sknaiou PROCTOR was asslgned to the
place in tbe scnate's jnilitary oommlttee
made vacant by Benator Stewart's t ratisfer to
the approprlations couiuiittee. Mr. Proctor
is also c hairiiian of the oommlttee to estah-
lish the universlty d the United Btatei, aml
he is a ineinber df the OOmmltteea on the re
vislim of the laws, ImmlgTation, prlvato land
claiins. drganiatidii, conduct aml cxpendl
tures of tbe exeoutive departments, Sen
ator Morrill is glven the chairiiianship of
tho couiuiittee on lluitiioe aml his other
appointanenta are; Pnblle huihiings aml
grounda; additioimi raeommendatlons for
the llbrary of oongreaa (aelaot); olvll servioe
aml retrenohmenti
DVMM a row at Waterford. Ire,, last
Sunday, Michael Davitl received a bad out
on the forehead.
Adoi.ph Ai.iikkt, a nrdininent banker df
Oarlltz, in Prnsaian Biberia, li charged with
euibczzling over t wo million inarks. He Is
believed to be on his way to the United
Knolant was visited by a lierce gale, last
Weduesday night aml Thnrsday, causing
disasters along the ciast, and alsii in inany
districts iu Ireland. The Norweglan niail
steamer, Frithjdf. was wrecked nlT Hauge
sund. Hu.vzA MtaHM tribeamen having men
aced the Chalt fort near Qllgit, the garri
son of which is eoniposed of Cashincre
iroops wini isntisn ntlicers, desperate tight.
ing OCCnrred. aml the hostiles were defeated
with beavy loss.
Thk outlook in Russia coutinueit very
gloomy, and cvcry one is preparing for a
sad winter. Taitb in the minister of tinance
uaa been badly sbaken, and it is sald that.
he was Inatrumental in causing the czar to
fail to meet the emperor of Gerinany.
IjIKL'Tk.vant Manskiki.p, au aeronaut,
mel a terrlMe death at Bombay. last Thnrs
day. His balloeo burst whan he was 100
feet in the air, aml before Mansaeld could
get out his parachute he hail reaohed the
grouud, where he was a hattered out shape.
Thk. Frenoh senate deoided last Wedues
day by a siguiticantly large vote that the
Catliolic clergy inut respect the republlc
andaubmit to its laws. M. Didedes. ribed
the bishops as wiirlting td estahlish the
temporal power df the papaoy. It was high
time, he sald, that the governuient put a
stop to Sttoh anareby .
Gkrmaky ls alleged to have made, last
week, treatics of conimerce with Austria
and ltaly boatlle to Krance and Russia.
Thn.ugh negotlationi with other nations,
the unions, of which Germany is the inven
tor, will emhrace the whole of Kunipe ex
cept France, Russia, Kngland, Sweden. Niir
way, Spain, Pditngal and Greece. This is
regarded as aclever iuove to bamper Krance
and Russia.
A DIIPATI n from Pekin states that tlie
recent vlotoriei of tbe imperial troops sent
against the re.bels in Mongolia have brought
the Insurrection to an end. By order of Li
Hung Chang, the Chlnese viceroy, sum
inary pnnlahment is Inrlioted ou the cap
tured rebels who are convioted of having
taken part iu the massacre of Christians.
Korty-two Inaurgenta, who were nroven
beyond a doubt to have had a haml iu the
murder, been have beheaded at Pakou.
Bttstmss gotues.
Good Advkb. The editor of the H'csf
Branch (Iowa) Record gives his readers
some good advicc: " We have uscd Chatn
berlaln's Oough Keiuedy in our family in
cases of sudden cold.s and sore throat and
find It all that is olaimed for it. One bottle
or lcss, if taken aeeiirding tn dircctions will,
we believe, effect a cure in any ordinary
case and save the expense of large dootor
bills. Kspccially do we reoommend it in
families where the chihlren are threatened
with oroup, as it will afford imiuediate re
lief, if taken in time, which oan alwaya be
done if the inedioine is kept on liand, as
we are eonvineed it should be." For sale
by 0, Blake'y, druggiat, Montpelier, Yt.
Don't sulTer with indigestion. L'se Bax
ter'a Mandrake liitters.
CouauiNa leade to oonaumption, Keinp'a
Balsaui will stop the oough at once.
I.ank's Famii.y Mkdr i.nk inoves the bow-
elaeveryda . Mostpeople ueed to use it.
Dkan's Khki matk; Pilu abtolutaly oura
rheumatiam aml neuralgla. Bnttrely vegc
table, Safe.
Thk reason why Arnica and Oil Llniment
is so popular with the ladies is because it
not only is very healing and lOOtbing, but
its odor is not at all offensive.
AN ( ldO luilv WHH Sf, ! I 1 ' I 1 . ' l . i ( lit, l, uliuL,i I
" .gM.VMU.I ........
that her glossy blaok hair turiied white as
now. It was soon returued to its original
oolor by Hall's Hair Reuewer.
Rt LKsforthe oare of the sick. How to
cure disease, its syinptoms and oauses, and
other infortnation of great value will be
found In old Dr. Kaufmann'a great book;
100 pages, line oolored plates. Send three
two-oent itampa to pay postage to A. P.
Ordway ,t Co , Boston, Mass., aml reoeive a
oopy free.
Nkarly all oolds are slight at tirst, but
tlieir tondency Is to so lower the systetu
that the sulferer becomes a ready viotim to
any prevalent disease. The use of Ayer's
Cherry Paotoral, in the beginning of a cold,
would guard against the danger.
Prokkssor Barrktt of St. I.awreuoe
OOUnty, N. Y., speakiug of pulmonary dis
eascs, aayai "Not one death occurs now
where tweuty died before Dowus' Klixir
was known. Over lifty years of constant
suooess plaoes Downs' klixir at the head of
the long list of oough remedles."
When Baby was sick, we gae her Castoria.
When ahe was a Cbild, slie oried for Castoria.
When she beeame Miss, she oluug to Castoria.
Vt'hrn ahe had C'hildren, she gave them Castoria.
A GKNKRors Fihm. We are Informed
that the proprlatora, Messrs. A. P. Ordway
.t Co.. recently sent three dozeu of their
relluble inedioine, Sulphur Bitters, to the
Catbolio Home for tba Aged, whioh la
higbly appraolated by the directors and
Inmatea, "Aayeaow so shall yereap."
Eilitor Vathollt! Unlon.
" Allow me to add uiy tribute to the etli
oaoy df Kly's I 'reani Halni. was ufterlng
fromaaavara attaok df Influanci aml ca-
tarrh aml was imluoed to try your reine ly.
The result was marvelous. I could hardiy
artloulate, aml iu less than tweuty-four
hours the catarrhal syniptotns and tny
iKiarseness dlsappeared and I was able to
sing a beavy role In grand opern with volce
unimpalred. I strougly recoininend il, to
all singers." WttUatn II- llamiHon, r.iatlin
lUum f the ('. II. ffaM f,'r(nf (tptra f.'om
panif. Dst yon evar buy a hofae and not have
some tnisgivings as to his points till they
were fully tested'.' Not so wlth Ayer s
Sarsaiarllla; yon may he suro of it at tlie
stan. It never disappoltits those who give
it a fair and persistent trial.
IiiiiiiIm rlain's I io aud Skin 01 lll 1110 lll .
A certain cure for obfOBiO snre eyes, tet
ter, salt-rheiitn, scald heal. Old Obronlc
snres, fever siires, eczetna, ItOBi prairle
soratohes, scire nipples and piles. It is cool
ing and Sddtbing. Hundreils of oases have
been oured by it after all dther treatment
hal failed. It is put up in twentv-live atii'
rlfty Oent bdxes. Fdr sale by C. Blakely.
- -
We Can't Talk
Withinit abOWtng the ooudition of our
teeth. Kvery langh exposes them. In
order not to be ashanied of them, jet us
nse that standard dentifrlce, SOZODONT,
which is sure to keep them w hite aml spot
less. No tartar can encrust them, no
cankei affeol the enainel, no species of
deoay Infest tbe dental biine, if SO.ODONT
is regularly uscd. It is a bdtanlcal prepa
ratidti, and its bonetielal efTeots on tbe teeth
and guins are marvelous, as it reinoves all
diseolorations and renders tbe guins hard
aud rosy.
Foi Over Fifty Yenrs.
An Old and Wkll-Tkif.d Rkmkdy.
Mrs. Winslow's Sootbing Syrup has been
uaed for iiver fifty years by luilllons of
inothers for tlieir ohildren w liile teething,
with perfect aucoeaa. It aoothea tbe child,
softens tbe guins, allays all pain, cures
wind oolie, and is the best retnedy for
diarrhiea. Is pleasant to the taste. " Sold
hy druggists in every part of tbe world.
Twenty-tive oenls a bottle. Its value is in
OalCUlable. Be sure aml ask for Mrs. Win
slow's Boothlng Svrup, and take no other
Vermont Markets.
Buttar, fraah, WBj
Hutter. eratas.jan
Qbeese. dalry, ft Vb
Kiot, V aep
Pofatoea, t bnsbel
llriK.. llve. TR Ifc
dressad, i tt
Mlieep. Hve, t fn
Bprlns liunhif, ! It,
Vaala, Hve
SiiritiK chlcketis. 'fl It,
I'limr, Snrinn V heat 't tmrrel
Plour, winter wheat.js bsrrel....
Klour, Family WbSSt, ' bsrrel. . . .
Feed, V owt
Mesl. 1 OWl
Mlddllngi. Vwt
Oat.( buslltfl
Coru, 1 biiHbel
Hran, per ewt
Ileauit, V buahel
Hutter, tab, lt
Buttar, urlnt snri fsiipy, l lb
Hutter, IWc.pmnol ttuxes, t Ib
Cbeeae, fnctery. 'ft Ib
Kkks. V dor
1'otfttoen. t hunh
Ilsts, ft litlsb
IU.ii,- "fl tiusli
Wool, V Ib
HOga, llve M 1
lluRK, (Iressed. V lb
IjilnliH, f "
1'miltry, Ib
Csttle, llve, '! Ib
Heef, dresseil, t tt-. ..."
j;t fli u
l ! K
.. M
. . !& 411
3 !a iu
' '
4 (? H
UMf 14
in i-,;,
10 i IS
S Vi 90
. -a n m
fi 7.1 1 1)0
. .. m 20
l N .,i is
I H 1 4.1
41 V ,
"0 ij 72
1 20 r I 29
2 29 H 50
20 22
20 29
22 & '
10 1 II',
.. 29
90 'ri 40
39 ( 40
IS 22
4 &
5 i&
2 5t
4 ip
. . 28
& 27
. ff 27
25 M
21 24
22 24
ls m 20
15 Sl 17
27 Si 2S
24 . 26
,' I U
iu Si n
. . m ii
12 12'i
9 g N
tt 30
." 'I lll
9 49
ri 45
ISoston Produce.
Mondav, Deoeiuher 14, 1801.
The ouotationi given below represent
pricea obtained by receivers for trholctale
lots (not jobbtng prteei) and are intemled to
represent aotual sales:
t'reamery. Nurtbern, extra, 111 Ib
Creamery, N'ortbern, extra it-i-. Ib.
Creamery. Pistern, extra, l tb
t'reamery, Western. extra tlrBtc H tb.
Creamery. Ilrdtn. t fb
Dalry, Vt. aml N. V., extra tlrnts, ( Ib.
Dalry. Vt. and N. V.. Ilrats, ( fb
Dalry, Vt. aml N. V., Inw Knuten, Ib.
Trunk. extra. l It
Trunk, extra tlr.-ta. 'fl tt,
VsrmoDt, extrs. M Tb
Varmoot, tirt, fl tb
Vermont. leeondSj nb
New York. extra. "fl It
New Yurk. BrstS, V Ib
New York. ftecoudn, l It
Sae. ( Ib
Part kliiii. ( Ib
Vermonl and N. 11., extra. V -ox .,
PtHteni. extra. 't doz
Natlve Rose mikI Hebriins, 'fl bll
n. ii. itose snd Hebrons, ti bn
gprina ohloksns, ohotcs, n lb
('liii'kelis, fiOinmOO t Kood
tawlSt extra cholcs
ktsdiunu, oholcs bjacUBlelced, f bimh.,
SfSdtUUlS, cereeneil.fi Imsh
Uediams, leoonds, V biub
Pea. York State. lilarrow h. p., , bush,,
Pes, icreeneajM ounh
Pea, neeoniln. fl builll
Ked Klilney, !
Yellow Kyec. Improved, fl bush
Yellow BySS, impr'd Beoonds.lt IiubIi...
Ilay. fauey. ft ton
Ilay, fair to Kood, "fl ton
ltay, tine. 'fl ton
Ilay, elover and dover mlxed, l ton ..
Straw, rye, Kood to pritne, "fl ton
Straw, oat, fl : on
Heef. ehOtpa, V Ib
i.H'n , ohowe, i i tb
M i on. extra, fl Ib
Mutton, OOUlmon to nooil. fl It
V l 1. KaBtem, elioiee. 'II Ib
Iu Waterbury, Dee. 10, by Uev. S. II. Wbeeler. Dor
man Ntoi'kwento Kate Kellett, botb of Bolton,
In Nortbflsld, Dec.n, liy Uev. I. I'. Bootb, .lusepli
W. lloardmau to Canle F. Flk, botb of Nortblleld.
Iu (,'belBea, Dee. n, by ltev. II. F. Howsrdi Blmer B,
Dnrkeo of Tunbridge to F.lta I.. Larkin of I'beUea.
In Woodbury. Dec.H, by ltev. .1. D. Ilalley, llltvcr
II. Kpeneer of t'al'ot to IManebe li. liooilell of C'ataia.
I" i$
12 ift
,i 19
1 w (S l Htl
I .'5 ol 511
. .. $1 00
l m .i i so
1 .'5 ,1 5(1
2 00 m 19
I S5 II 2 "0
I VI &1 N
17 iMliflS 00
i ueii7 un
lll Vijil.'l 110
lll MB1 00
ii Mfl 14
II IHng' 7 00
.. m
1 10
In MoiitiK-lii-r. P
4, by Hfv .1.
honiHH nrjiiiT to Mitrv A. M.
Short, bOtn of Ejim
In IkanvlUe, Uvr. , Byron IV Cole, M,
iti OnfttbttfTi DMi Ii LotIm JM0bf wife of
Hnntt'e S. Audrewa, .7.
In porlntbiPM.I of consuniptioH. MrH. StfphtMi
Mitrsli, reoently of Vtnt KHirlt'e, M.
Iu Chelsea, Dm, I0( of titmrt illieaBe, t-'rauk Smith
'I'uller, ycam. ti monthi aml 1H htyi.
Jn Harre, Ier. II, Mlat Marta Kimhall, daUghtfr of
Samuel Kimhall i m years, H inoiithH.ti itays.
In Milton, Dttp, 7, Sarah I. Stone) .lat kson, tlntiKh
ter of tlie late Wllhur stoue of Johnson, and witt- of
Tharles II. Juckson, 30.
Iu ttruml Meadow, Mlnn., Oet. I.ymait Drake
.lackstm, M ii, ehlust son of Iea. I,. A. and Kmlly
I). .lat'kttoii of Milton, 41.
Best in
y s
Superior ('ourse of I'raotioal Stuily. Kifteen
Taachera. Buslnesi iXouaea auppliad with
Oompetent Aaalatanta. Vlsitors waloonia.
pir uatalogua addraaa Carnell 6 Qutoheaa,
Albanv, New Vork.
f C0iil lloticcs.
Santa Troubled.
1 lc lms been in on t he q. t.
and looked over our sttick of
Ilolidiiy Goods iiinl realizea thal
lii- businesn is gone. Wo have
a large Btoek f Useful 1'resents
ii) our line. The time ( luy is
in tlu PRICES of LADIES'
FURS. Never lower than now.
We tln nt know whether Bill
McKinley is the cmise ofitor
not, but think more probable
it is the weather.
Montpelier. - Vermont.
I (H;.l It IV Itl ISW aVwTA'rir
i TATKor VKltMtiNT.WnnhliiKton iVlstrlrt . M .
In PritMtopottrtjMld at HontpOllor.ln and for sald
l1nt rW t . itn th llth day of Oeremlwr, A. I. HM :
.lohn A. (MlniHn. Admtnlrilrator of tlm estat Ol
UeorKe M. W. late of Calal, Iu sald IHs
trlt-f, dereased. tnakes itiipllcatton to sald Conrt,
wlth the ronsent Htid Hmlmtun In wrltltifr of iaQ
helrs of mild dceeased n HldliiK In the fltktf of 'er
mont for llrense to sell all of the real rstate of
sald dereased, sltuated In Calais, In sald IMs
trlct. to wlt : The Interest of h tld deceaaed In fann
and hullflhiKH Ihereou, lurlndliiK the homestead
tln'reln. re)reseniliiK that the sale thereof would M
henefh'lal to thn wldow aml helrs of sald dc
DOMOO ind those Interested In his estate, In order
to convert sald real estate Into moiiey. VVIieri'
upon It Isordereti hy sald ourt that sald appllratlou
he referred to a srssloii thereof. to he held at
the PTobotO Offlee. m sald Mont peller. on the 31st day
of DoeOltlMfi A. P. IMMI , i..t I ,i hikI rleelslon
thereon ; nml, It Is further ordered, tnat all persona
Interested he iiotllied hereof.hy nuhllrathm ut nottce
of sald appllratlon and order tnereon three weekt
sueeesslvely In the Vermont Wtttrhtmtn A State Jour
natt a newHtiiijier iiultllshefl at Mnut neller, iu thiR
stutf. nml wlilih efreuhttes In the tieiuhhorhood tif
thOtO ItlterMtOd, bvforo sald time ofliearinK, that
they may appeitr at sald time and plaee, and, If they
see eause, ohjeet thereto. Hy the Court. Attest.
W 72 IIIIiAM ( AKI.KTdN. .ludire.
The iiiulerHlifni-d. having heen itipoluted hy the
Ilonorahle l'roliate Court for the Itfntrlrt of Wajih
IturtOll Commissloners, to rerelve. exatnlne and
adjust ii elrtlms niol demamls of all persons aiottnst
thee-tateof Krastus H. I w lnell, te of Marshfield
In sald Dlstrh't, deeeased, and all elalms ex
hlhlted In offset thereto, herehy vive notlce tliat we
wlll meet for the purnoges aforesald at the late resh
dem-e of Krastus 11. Dwlnell on the Bd day of
.lanuary aml IU day if Aprtl .iext. from one
oVlork iv M. untll fnurnVlork p .M.,eaeh of sald days,
and that slx months from the J;(d day of OotobOf.
A. 1, h!d, Ih the time llmlted hv ttd t'ourt for sald
rredltors to pregent thelr clainis to ua for examlna
tlon and allowatire.
I iteil at Marahtleld, tlils I'Jth day of Deeetnher. A
l. IWT. attd S. I'lTKIN. I (. . .
-it-2 , f'lKK Commissloners.
The annual meetlmr ot the
aterhury Nallonal Runk for the eleetlou of IM
stoekhohlors of the
the elfi-tloti ot Iti
reetors for the eustthiK ypttr wlll he held at sald
itaiia in watertmry, on iueinv. .tarmary U. Ih
itt one n'l'liM'k P. M. CHAI1I-KS WELLS, Canhier
aierhury, vt, , iecemiier I'J, lM.
aflBOBOa LELAND'tl Kstatk.
The underslKUfd, havlnu heen appoluted liy tho
llonorahte I'rohate Court for the Instrlnt of Wash
hiKton, Commissloners to rerelve, examlne and ad
just all clnims and demands of all persons against
the estate of (MOTgt l.eland. late of Herlln .
in sald LMstrlct, deeeased, and all elalms ezhthlted In
nlfset thereto. herehy give nOtiGfl that we wlll meet
for the purposes aforesahl at the uftlee of Ifoiner W
HMtOpi In Monlpeller, In sald Dttttlct, on t lte Mh
day of .lanuary and :td day of .ttine next, from
ten o'eloek a. m. untll four oVloek p. m., each of
sald davs. and that slx months froti the 4th day of
Deeemher, A. D, iw, ls the time llmlted hy sald
Court for sald rredltors to present vhelr elalms to us
for examiiiatlon and allowaure.
lated at Herlln. thls "th day of I eemher, A.
I. lw. lloMKK W, IIKA I ON, , . .
"t' T.' AMIKKT KHIONNUTT, I ' ""unlsslfniers.
I'l.ATII l nrHrtieiillv un I V I S'l'M VKT Ti-.f
lnw, Us large aml almost eertaln ; loss ImprohaMe. Ex-
planatory letter malled hy addresniuK
THK MUTTJAL S V N IHC ATK, (i Wall St , New York.
We have just received direct from the nianufactiirer
in Europe, a beautiful line of Souvenir China, eonsist
ing of J3read and Butter Plates, Bouillon Cups and
Saucers, Dessert Plates, Milk Tumblers, Bon Bon
Trays, Creani Pitchers, Engagenient Cui)s and Saucers,
etc. This China is very choice and the Montpelier
views beautifully cxecuted. These goods, together
with our large assortinent of Holiday Goods, Central
Draft Metal Table, Banquet and Piano Lamps, should
prove very mteresting to any desirous of purchas
ing a useful or ornamental holiday gift.
We take an invoice about the middle of January.
And will niake prices to do it ; but don't expect us to
cut prices on a small quantity. If yon wish enough
to niake it an object for us,
Come and See What We Will Do for Yon.
It will be the closing sale of Toys, China Dolls,
Fancy Goods, Writing Desks. etc
You can save nioney by coming to us.
H, G. Webster & Co
18 State Street.
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitober! prescription for Infants
nml Cbildreu. It coutuius neither Opiiiin, Morpliinc nor
otber Narcotic substauce. It is a liarmless mibstituto
for Paregoric, Irops, S( liin- Syrups, aiul Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its giiarantee is thtrty years' use by
Mlllloni of Iotbers. Castoria lestr4)ys Worms and allays
feverisbness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrboea and Wind Colie. Castoria relioveH
teetbint; troubles, eures oonstipation and rtatuleucy.
Castoria assiinllates tbe f4o4l, rogulates tbe stoiiiach
and bowels, (riving bealtby and natural sleep. Cas
toria is tbe Cbildreu's Paiiaeea tlie Motber's Frieud.
"CtistorlA Is an exeWleut nnNllcine for chil
dren. MotluTS have reieutedly Uilii 1110 of its
good eff;t upon thelr ehildreu."
Dr. Q. C. Osqood,
Lowell, Mass.
" Castoria ls the bent reiuctly for ehildren of
whleh I ain aeiiualnUHl. I hoiie tlie ilay is not
.ar dlstant when inothers will eousl ,er the real
Interent of their ehlhlren, aml uae Castoria In
iteail of thevnrioustiuaek uostriunsw liii li un'
destroylng thi ir loveil ones, hy foreing opium,
morphlne, - ...il, n.r syrnp snd other hurtful
aKi'iitn doun tlieir throats, therehy neudi 9f
thetu to preniature (jraves."
Da. .1. F. Kinchklos,
Conway, Arlc.
" Casniria Is so well adspted ni ehildren thsl
I rfAAmmtfrl it as nuperior toauy prescription
ktiown to in' . '
H. A. Archsr, M. D.,
111 So. Oxforti St., Urooklyn, N. Y.
"Our physlelans in the ehildren 's deart
mmt have spokea highly of Uielr experi
enee in their ouUide praetiee with Castoria,
and although we only have ainong onr
iiiedieal supplies what is known as regular
produets, yet we are free to confesa ttjct tbe
inerlts of Castoria has wou us to look wlth
favor upon It."
Boston, Mass.
AU.SN C. Smith, JVri.,
Tho Centanr Company, TT Murray Stroet, New York City.

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