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VOL. 87.-4486.
New Spring Garments !
Are now showlng a com
plete line of
Ladies' Spring Garments !
In new and choice
The New York Cloak Manu
facturers, from vvhom we have
made large purchases this sea
son, are known to make the
best-fitting garments, and the
most desirable in style and
tjuality, of any in this country.
We would also make special
mention of the
Elegant Dress Silks !
Now on sale. Every paltcm
is warranted to give entire sat
isfactioii, and the success of
this make of goods in former
seasons is so well known that
we need only say that the as
sortment is larger and the Silks
more beautiful than before.
New Wool Suitings!
And fine Cotton Dress Goods
will be shown in great variety
during the coming week. Also
new Wash Goods of every de
scription. Waists and Gorsets !
We keep always in stock the
Ferris Waists for ladies and
children, Equipoise Waists,
Her Majesty's Corsets, and
twenty other leading makes of
Corsets and Waists.
Cloves and Hosiery!
Also new Centcmcri Kid Gloves
and Onyx Fast Black Hosiery,
known to be thebest in market.
Have you seen the new Figured Silks
uow on exhlbltton at store New
case of best I'riuls at 4 1.2 eents.
Tbe Watchman Pablishing Company
At Montpelier, Vt.
AKTHUR KOI'KH. Montiell.T, Vt.
General Etlitor.
T. H. 1IOSKINS, M. I) Newport, Vt.
Affrirultural Kditor.
Terms 82.00 a year; $1.00 for six months;
tifty cents for three months.
Corner of Main and East
State Streets,
Montpelier, - - Vermont.
6 Six Menths or Longer.
0 Less than Six Months.
Are tlte rateB of interest paid in tlie
First National Bank
Ciipltal puid iu $250,000
Surplus 50,000
Allitional llubllltyof Stock-
holilers 250,000
MukliiK n totul
Guarantee Fund of $550,000
Kor the socurity of deposltora.
OHARLKJ DEWB1 . Preeldent,
FRKD B. s.Mn ii, Vlee-Prealdent,
J. Ci noi i.iiton,
P, A. DW1NKI.I..
ItitnktiiK hoiirt from niiie a. m. to three
1. M AU btinijlUHH COIltlllfllttul.
V. I-.. IScVton, CJiiMliiei".
Town Camuses.
Montpelier. The repablleftn voters of the town
Of Montpelier are notltlcd to meet in eauciis Ht 'ap-
itnl Hitlt, Montpelier, on M I Aprlt 11, A. D.
IHI, tit ieven o'clock v. M.: (I) To elect ttght rtele
gttBfl aud elght alternates to represent sald town In
the republlean ntute eonventlon to be held 11 Mont
pelier, April 13. A. D., 1803, to elect fottt delepttes-at-larne
to attend the republiean natiointl eonventlon.
(9) To elect elKbt delenatPB and tight alternates to
reprenent sald town In tlie republlean eonventlon
for tlie aeeond connresHlnnal dlstrtct, to be held In
Montpelier. Aprll 13, A. 1. , to elect twodlatrlct
dtlOfftttt and tWO altemates to attend the repuhli.
can national eonventlon. Tbe delcKaten will be
elected liy ballot Kiid the ballot-boxes will remaln
npen one honr. FlB OBDBB TowNtdMMiTTRit.
Itfiitn. The republlcfin voters in tlie town of
llerlln ure hereby nntiflod and roquestod to ineet In
caucus at the Town Hatl, on Saturday. Aprll f, at
three o'eloek r. M.( to elect three deleHtes and
three altcrnates to the repnbllcan state eonventlon
at MODtpoUer, April 1?, L888, for the electlon of fonr
deleKHte-at-large and four aUeriiatefl toattendtbe
republlean national eonventlon at Minneapolls. Also,
at namo tlme and place.to elect three deleKHteH and
three altemates to the republlean dlstrfet eonven
tiou at Montpelier, Aprll 13, IW2.
KitHt MontpHr. The republiean votern of
Eant Montpelier are reipuested to intet at the Htll at
Kat Montpelier 00 Friday, April B, at two o'clock
r. M.. to cboose three dtltgfttM and three alter
natett to attend the itate eonventlon to be held at
Montpelier, Aprll 13, at ten o'eloek a. K. also to
ehoone three doleKates and tbreo alternatea to at
tend the dlstrlot eonventlon at Montpelier, April
II, at two o'eloek p, M.
Mlrtll8x. The republteaiiH of Middlesex are
notltled to ineet at the Chureh at the C'enter on
Monday, Aprll 11, at two o'clock P. H to ohoOM
three delenaten und three alternatea to repreaetit
them In the state conventl n and in the secnnd
dlHtrlct ctinveiitton, both to be hebl at Montpelier
on Wednesday. Aprll 13, 1 to elect delt'Kates tothe
national republlean eonventlon, to be held at Minne
apollB, JuOfl 7. A full attendanee is eamestly de
IMtiinflelfl. ThO republlean voters of this town
are requested to meet at Town llall on Saturday
eveniiiR, Aprll 9, at seven o'eloek, to ehoone two
deleaten and two alternatea to reprenent tbein at
the OOmlQg distriet eonventlon to be held at Mont
pelier on WedneBday, April II.
Waterbury. A eaueun of the republiean voters
in Waterbury will be held at the VUlftge Hall on
Monday. April 11, IBB2, at four o'eloek i'. M.. toelect
four delcateri to the second eonressiotial dlatrlct
eonventlon, to be held at Montpelier on Wednesday,
April 13, 1892, for the purpose of OlMttng dofogfttOI
to tbe republiean national eonventlon at Minne
apolU.dune 7, lHH'J; also to eleet foai delejrates to
tlie state eonventlon, to be held at satne place and
WUUam tO WTl Th republlean voters of this
town will hold a OAUCOI at Town llall, next Monday
evening, to eleet delOgBtOS to tbe state and illstrict
couventlons. A full attendanee is desirable.
I'Kit OitPKR Town Committkk.
Waol a sood Husiness Educatiou,
Wanl to learn Shorthand & Typewnuiiu,
want toimpve in renmanstiip,
wisd a Husmess Assislant,
wisbacw or BooK-keeper,
Wish a Sborlliand Wntfir.
ReialoDB durlitK the BprinK and suinuier inonthi.
Heud for cataloicue.
Iluininess Mere Mention.
liAKUK liuu of Lowell carpets at A. J
To Rknt Two large unfuruislied rooms.
No. 1 74 Maiu Htreet.
Now is the time to make arrangemeuts
for the spring term of kitnlergarten.
Ladies, don't forgot Mrs. S. L. Oladdiog'l
millinery opening this week Friday and
Saturday. No. .14 Maiu Htreet.
Tky Oold Medal Sarsaparilla, ronibined
with red dover, the popular blood reiuedy
aud spring mediciue. Sold by all niedicine
dealers. Opknino of tritniued hats and bODDetl at
C. A. Best's, Tuesday and Wednesday,
April II and 13. A conlial iuvitation is ex
tended to all.
D, W. Tkmplk & CO. have the best line
of spring garments tliey have ever been able
to show. Those who huy early get the
choicest styles.
Aut'TloN. G. A. Bruce will sell at the
resideuce ef the late Aiuasa Cmnmings all
his personal property on Thursday, April
21, at twelve o'olOok noon.
Worstkd tea-gowus, Jersey ilresses,
print aud giughatn wiappers, piint waists,
mulliD underwear, hosiery, gloves, small
wares, etc, at A. J. Jlowe's.
IJousk kor Salk In the village of Mont
pelier, fonvenieut ti si hools, arranged for
two tenements with about live rooms each.
Apply to Stephen Thoiuas, ( lothes-pin
THI ladies are very eordially invited to
atleuil the spring opening of trltatned bStl
and bODDeU at tbe Itore of Mrs. I. 0. Vail
ct Co., Monday and Tuesday of next week,
April 11 and l'J.
SoLPIKUH, soldiers' widowsand depeudent
relatlves, entitled to peusions uniler the new
penilOD law, sbould send t(j T. J. Deavitt,
Montpelier, Vt., for a eiri ular eoutaiuing
the law iu full.
A hi'Iiiikk stauip, with your n ime and
address, ean be useil ou sugar aud butter
packages, either wood or tin, aud is just
what every fariner in'eds. Call ut the
Wati iiman offiot or onler by iuall.
Fok Salk! Kour large milk-paus, for a
dairy of twenty to twenty-live OOWI, with
euolers aud both water and milk pipes.
ilaving retlred from dairy business, will
sell cheap. A. K. Warren, Jferlin, Vt.,
Mareh 2.1. 1802.
Thk Ladies' Society of the Church of the
Messiab will give a soc-iable iu their vestry
on Tbursday, April 7. Supper from half
past live to seveii o'clock. llaked heans,
brown bread anil maple syrup will be added
to the usual bill of fare. AdmiHHlon, llfteen
Thkkb are luauy veteran. who have
clalms for peusionH peudiug that would do
well to eou.ult Jamen E. Curran, Mont
pelier, Vt., who haa had over Bix years' ez-
peTtenM as a Hjiccial cxamincr and is thor
oughly familiarwith all the laws and rullngs
of tbe departtnent. ITe makes increaHe and
rejected claimH a specialty. Advlce free.
Nrw mii.i.inkry at Mrs. S. L. Olkddlng'l.
Prices made satlsfactory to all. Don't buy
until you exmninu my goods. No. N Main
double-colnmn advertinenient on page nve
announcing a tempting line of npring and
summer dress goodH. Send for HamploB of
anything you want.
Thk t'apltal Savings Bank and Trust
Company pays deposltors four per cent and
taxes on huiuh not exceeding Sl.600, and
makeH loann on home Hecnrities at Hix per
Oenti It rents Hre and liurglar-proof de
posit boxes for flve dollars a year.
In addition to his heavy trncking buni
neHH, Clark B. Bobntl has put on the road
a single team. Baggage to and from all
trains. Care, proniptness and ilispatch at
live-and-let-llve prioCS. Ofllce in rear of
Excbange hotel. Telephone nounection.
Thk. Watchman I'uhlishing Company
has rubbet dating KtampH with " Iteceiviul
payment" and name, from one dollar up.
Just the tbing for any btUlMII or profoi
Hional man. Also stampH of every descrip
tion at very low priees, and warranted
first class.
Conskrvativk inveHtorn who want a se
eurity paying a fair per cent and one con
vertible into cash when due, without ex
penne or ilelay, Hhould exatuine the Becuri
tios offered by the 1'ierre Savings Iiank
through its vice-president, A. O. Cummins,
Montpelier, Vt.
" A chili) of Mr. Jobn Pears had tlie
scald head, and had been under the treat
ment of physleiani without relief. It was
cured by Chamberlain's Eye and Skiu Oint
inent, and is now well and all right." 1K.
. Miller it Son, Briscoe, Iowa. Twenty
five ceuts a box. For sale by 0. Blakely,
Montpelier, Vt,
Thk train was three hours late at Ksxrx
Junotion. Six passengers strolled to the
drug-Htore of H. E. I'erry and, rathnr sar
caslically, asked: " What have you to sell?"
Perry replied: "Tbe Gold Medal SarHi
parilla, manufactured at Montpelier, seeuis
to be our ilrive at this time." Five of the
crowd took a bottle home. Three of them
had used it hefore.
For Salk. No. 1 pine lath, No. 1 eight-een-ineh
spruce HhingleH, mouldings all
kindH and made to order tiouse finish
spruce, bass, butternut, ash, oak, eherry,
white wood, Alabama hard pine, Mialiigan
pine, flooring of all kinds. Bought at tbe
mills, will be sold cheap for cash. Turning
done to order. All kinds of job work in
the wood-working line. Tclephoue oon
nections. United States Clothes Pin Com
pany, Montpelier, Vt.
Ordrrh for " Shepp's Photographs of the
Worhi " may be left with the Watchman
Publishing Co., where a sample copy of the
book OU be seen. It is a work of art con
sisting of over 4tH) full-page pictures, size
Hix by eight inches, collected from every
part of the world, handsomely boiind in
one royal oblong voluiue, size nine by
eleven inches. This magnilicent publica
tion of photographs, the reault of an enor
mous amount of mouey expended liy MessrH.
Shepp, covering all ths interesting sights of
the world an they cxint to-day, in a crown
ing lUCieM of the book-publishing business.
" For several years," says Jobn Park of
Beaver Creek, Minn , "during the winter,
I have been troubled with a painful nwell
ing of the feet, which phy.sii iaus claimed
was rheumatic gout. I was treated by some
of our best physicians, and obtained hut lit
tle, if any relief, and used many so-called
cures without benetlt. During the winter
of 1H.S7, when my feet were bo swollen and
intlamed that I coubl not wear my boots,
I coiumenced uning Chamberlaiu'H Paiu
Balin. The firnt application reduced the
Hwelling and iurlaiumation, and the use of
one lifty-cent bottle ho coinpletely relieveil
uie that I discontiuued my caues aud was
able to get aroiiud all right and wear my
boots." Fifty cent bottles for sale by C.
Blakely, Montpelier, Vt.
FlRE I.NSURANCE IN Vkrmont. Tbere
were flfty-one companies doing tire in
surance biisineHH in the Htate of Vermont
iu 1891. These companies wrote 145,486,18
iu risks, receiving in nreuiiums SlWl.'.HM,
and paid out in losses (678,607, leaving a
lialance of $3,207 for expense accouut,
whereas the ratio of expenaes to premiiims
in stock coiu)anies averaged thirty-three
per cent, which would show a deticiency
for the lat year of over 8200,000 in Vermont
alone. The above showlng is one of the
worst that has ever been known iu tbe state.
The rei'ord of lire losses in the United
Btatei for the week endlog Friday, Maroh
4, covering fires of SKi.ikki or over, was
53.020,000. Fires under $10,000, 8308,000.
Grand total for the week, 13,833.000. Louei
lBM January 1, 930,874,000. Average Iohs
per day, 1408,000. Estiinated loss for tbe
year at this ratio, 9147,900,000. At the
meetlng of tbe New England lnsuranc e Fx
change. held iu Boston on Saturday, Feb
ruary 27, it. was voted to aiivance rates not
lcss than iwciity livi' per cent in all unpro
teoteil placcs (towns without water works),
throughout New Hnglanil, and the local
OOmtnlttaei Were Initructed to make the aii
vance. The Spectatur notes the fact that
tbe latest move as to advancing rates of the
New Bngland Iniuranoe Bxohange was Imi
wt;ek, wbeu it VOted to advance the rates
twentyllve per oent in all unprotected
places tbrongbout New England.
Wmi.K MinnetOta is one of the most
healthy staics iu the Union, it is one of tlie
worst for colds, owing to severe winters.
Many of the druggists there make it a rule
to give their custouiers just what they call
for; but wbeu they come back and say it
done no good they almost iuvariably ree-
otnmend Chamberlaln' Oougb Kemedy, as
will be seen liy the (ollowlng from Messrs.
Wells & Schni cler of Sanborn, Minn.: " We
have recomiiiended (Miaiuberlain'H Cough
Reiuedy after other leadiug cough piepara
tioiis bave failed to do any uood, and al
ways with the best results. Wecan always
rely upou tliat remedy, a it i. aure to effect
a cure. It has uo equal for children, espe-
cially in caues of croup or whoopiug cough
Fifty-ceut bottle. sold by C. Blakely, Mont
pelier, Vt.
Montpelier and Vlelnlty.
MtnoBBi Ooxrnwoi the iStbi
Colonkl Frrii E. Smith is in Boston.
Thr coons are dropping. Seecourt report.
W. E. Adams went to New York yeHter
day. A 0MILD of Eugene Smith i.s ill with lung
Jamks T. Sabin was in St. Albans last
8. C. Shurtlrrf went to Swanton last
Fast iat the 10th. Help the Russians
and migar off.
C. H. Choss is conflued to the house with
a severa cold.
Frkd W. Hancrokt was housed with ton
silitis laat week.
Mr. and Mrs. Grorok Atkinh are vislt
ing in New York.
Harlow Smith has rented tho tenement
at 30 Barre street.
J. V. Brookh returned last Saturday from
a trip to New York.
MissWarrkn of Boston has been visit
ing at C. H. More's.
Miss Orai r Brdahd of St. Albans is vis
iting Miss Carrie Cross.
Mastkr Kdwin Nkilson is hoine from
achool at Newton, Mann.
Miss Mamik Brush of Williamstown Is
rlliting at J. T. Sabin's.
E. D. IIydk has been suffering from an
attack of lheumatic gout.
D. K. Sortwkll was in town from Cam
bridge, Mass., over Sunilay.
Mr. and Mrs. I). W. Trmi'LK go to
Brooklyn, N. Y., ou Tbursday.
A nrw plate-glass window has just been
put. in the Itrophy dry gooils store.
C. E. Wilson arrived home, last Tburs
day, from his trip to Jackson, Mich.
Lucy S. Taplin has sold to Thomas Gis
borne land on Bailey avenue for $1,500.
Miss EllaGarand of Champlain, N. Y.,
is Vliiting Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Garand.
Miss Winifrkd Pikk of Pike's Station,
N. II., is visiting at Gorge Tromblee's.
Thkrr is to be a sociable by the Bethany
society at Dr. Boardmau's on Friday ereu
ing. Carl Bancroft is assisting in tbe book
keeping department of the Brooks & Berry
W. K. Weston left last Monday on a busi
ness trip through central and southeru Ver
mont. Mrs. Grorok II. Smi.iK of Hardwick is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Mr and Mks. L. Bart Cross and Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Brock went to Boston yes-terday.
Mrs. Julia Stevknh has rented a tene
ment in Hyde block, and is to begin house-
Mrs. Ellkn Findlk and her niece, Miss
Nellie Colby, have beeu risiting in St.
Colonel Fkkd E. Smith returned last
Saturday from a ten days' trip to Chatta
nooga, Tenn.
J. M. Boutwkll, B. B. Bailey, A. D. Far
well and Jesse S. Viles went to New York
last Monday.
Spring mud is unusually ooploui, and tbe
roails outside of the village are iu a horri
ble coudition.
Charles, son of " Greg " Smith, left yes
terday for Lake City, Col., where he is to
work in a hotel.
The Apollo niinstrel show is booming.
The first rehearsal of tho chorus will be
held this evening.
Miss Lou Shkpahd and Miss Eli.a Bur
pee of New Loudon, N. H., are visiting
Miss Helen Burpee.
Thk Ladies' Guild of Christ Church is to
meet with Mrs. Dillon oa Tbursday after-
noon at two o'clock.
Thk second rehearsal of the musical con-
vention will he held next Monday evening
in the L'nitarian vestry.
Mrs. Minnik E. Marsh of Plainfield takes
the place of Mr. Saunders an iustructor of
uusic iu the Union School.
Miss Nellie Dkwey of West Berlin sang
coutralto iu Bethany choir, last Suuday,
and is to ning next Sunday.
The ChautaiKiua Clann will meet at Mrs.
R. C. Bowers', East Liberty street, on Fri
day afternoon at two o'clock.
Thkrk are uite a numlier of good-looking
men iu town uow. The winter crop of
whiskers has beeu harvested.
J. D. Brown shipped seventeen borses to
New York last Monday, aud C. V. Kent
carred a valuahle eipiiue for Boston.
The front row in the orchestra circle was
well tilled during the Waiie trial yesterday.
The testimony bonlered ou the piimant.
A spkcial meetlng of the local board of
underwriteri will be held at the otllce of H.
W. Kemp on Thursilay at ten o'clock A. M.
Mrs. Hknhy Wrioht of Wright's Mills is
ill with piieuinonia. Mrs. William Culver
of Pntnatnsvllle is ill with throat trouble.
John Rowki.l left Friday noon for East
Kingston, N. H., called there by the illness
of his brother George, who died on Monday.
The annual Easter sale held by the
piscopal ladies usually the last of April
has been postponed until some time in Oc
tober. On next Sunday morning Itev. G. W. Gal
lagher's subiect will be " Propbecy." In
the evening (iis topic is " Dangers from Ad-
James l( Lanudon hail to come up from
his Berlin farm aud speud Suuday nlght in
town, as the high water extinguishod his
P. B. Frazkr .t Co. have just set up a
large family monunent of ilark Barre grau
ite for S. T. Noyes ou his lot ln the Cutler
Mhh. Lester Greknk has beeu home
from the liospital at St. Albans for sevural
days, inuch nnproved iu health. She went
back laHt Monday.
Fred II. 1'krky and W. E. I.aird went to
t'oncortl, N. II., last Monday, to look over
the eledric light plant of the Concord &
Montreal rallroad,
Mns. Kdna Kuuinhon died early last
Wednesduy lnoruiiig, aged seveiity-nine
years. The funcral was on Friday, Rev. A.
J. Hougb offlolating.
A ladv on Seiiiinary llill picked pansies
from her garden, last aiituinu, every week
Itntll I'bristmas, aud foiind them in hlos
som again lasl Sunday.
Jkfkkrson Bhi'i'K has leased to Heruard
Greenwood, clotbing dealer, tbe Htore be
low tbe Watchman ottice, long OOOUpled
as a saloou. I.et the work of redeuiptiou
go on.
CiiAiii.Ks A. Smith was the williiig victini
of a mrprlie Pkrty at his house on Barre
street last Friday evening. A handsoiiie
Olook was among tbe tokeus of esteeiu of
fered. Thk high water washed out the track of
the Montpelier & Wells River railroad near
the (Oundr; in Barre, last Sunday, but it
was repaireil Monday hefore travel was Lot
peded. Thk Ladies' Reading Club of Christ
Obnri h will meet with Mrs. G. B. B. Denuy
ou Saturday evening, April 0, at 7:10
o'clock. It is desired that every uiember
shall be preseut.
At Christ church the daily services dur
ing lloly Week will be as follows: Mon
day aud Tuesday eveniugs, 7:30; Wednes
day afternoon, 4:10; Tbursday evening,
7; 30; Good Friday morning, 10: 30; evenlug,
7: 30; Saturday, 3: 80. At every service, tx
cept on Thursilay, a sertnon or address will
be delivered. Saturday p. m , baptisms.
The stockbolders of the Montpelier Build
ing AHSociation met yesterday and ratilled
the sale of tho plant by the directors to
StafTord, McGlynn & Carey. Tho price is
understood to be $4,000.
" Any news to-day?" asked the roporter,
as he met John G. Farwell on his way to
his seat, in the jury-box last Monday morn
ing. "Yes; A. P. Huntington Is palntlng
his resldence on Beaoon Hill."
E. R. Houohton is home from Amherst
and Miss Orace Houghton from Smith Col
lege, for vacation. Miss Bessie Farwell and
Miss Mary Wilson will be home from
Bisliop HopkiusHall this week.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Howe left last even
ing for California, to meet Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Hobart. The party will visit Alaska
and other points on the Pacific coast, and
will be absent about three months.
A farmkr from a neighboring town was
fined, last Monday, for Intoxication. His
disclosure entangied A. J. Glysson and
George D. Reed, who were Hned $01 .ri7 and
8107.27, respectively. Both appealed.
Thomas B. Rkkdthe 13th. Now if Hirain
al Raschid could only eugage His Royal
Jigglets, Orover Cleveland, to address the
conclave of the Faitbful on May .1, Mont
pelier would tie overwhelmed with honors.
Frkd W. Bancroft goes to St. Albans
this evening to give his " Evening with old
English ballads." He is to take the part of
Frtdtrlck in the " Pirates of Penzance" at
Hartford, Conn., April 10 and 20.
A nervy oent from Bear Swamp wan
dered into Jangraw's barber-shop, yesterday
afternoon, and helped himself out of Gil.
Luce's cigar-hox. llis remaiiiH have prob
ably reached the Missisquoi river by this
Thk Ladies' Guild of Christ Church spent
a pleasant afternoon with Mrs. O. I). Scrib
ner last Tbursday. Tlius far the attendanee
has beeu unusually large, and the work
taken up during the Lenten season is nearly
Mr. and Mrs. Wkslky E. Taplin are
parents of a girl arrived yesterday. The
smile that illumined the counteuance of the
happy father rendered even more glowing
the colors on the wall-paper he was show
lng custoiners during the day.
Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Dalky returned
from Washington on Thursday of last week.
To that city Mr. Daley had gone to meet
Mrs. Daley on her return from Florida,
where she had been spending the winter.
Mrs. Daley is much improved in health.
" Have you been lUted?" Charles DeF.
Bancroft asked a man yesterday. " I think
I am listed in Barre, but perhaps I sbould
have been in Montpelier, was tlie reply.
" Well, 1 11 take you.anyway, saul Charlie.
" Where do you live?" " In the BradBhaw
block, across the river."
E. S. Wiiitman, a former resident of
Montpelier, is now engaged in miuing in
the recently-discovereil gold and silver
Helds in Colorado. He and J. C. Hale aud
John Buckley own the Occidental claim at
Cripple Creek, which assays one aud one
half t two ounces of gold.
Charles N. Phillips has received a let
ter from his brother, Andrew J. Phillips of
Chicago, giving the details of the death of
the latter's daughter, Helen. The little
girl was ill with rheumatic fever four weeks,
heart trouble being the immediato cause of
death. The remaius are to he brought to
Montpelier in June.
William Morrison returned last Satur
day nigbt from New York, where he had gone
to meet his brother, just over from Edin
burgh, Scotland. A couple of confidence
men tried to piek William up for a jay.
Their sclieme was a long way ahead of tlie
old-time gold brick racket ; but William has
had his eye teeth cut.
A conobsted brooklet and an inadequate
sluicelet turued the road up Clay Hill into
a rushing, roaring torrent, last Sunday, and
for a moment it looked as though Bethany
steeple would be washed away. A corps of
workmen, under Road Commissioner Rob
erts, haatened to the watery scene, and
averted auother Joliustown disaster.
Stonb has beeu rattling down from the
ledge on Elm street, to the danger of pas
sers by. Road Coimuissioner Roberts and
his men have been carting it away and
fixiug tlie ledge. Ainong the street im
provemeuts booked for the near future is
the reuioval of the stone hitchiug-posts on
Main street and the paviug of the gutters.
Qcite a OUmber of " down-towu " people
wended their way up the hill to the Sem
inary, last Friday eveuing, and enjoyed the
concert given by the Apollo Banjo Club
under the auspices of the Ladies' Literary
Society. Master Arthur Dewey got away
with a banjo solo. and ProfeHHor H. P.
Townseud read several selections. G. K.
Putiiam, banjo artist, was uuable to be
preseut, owiug to illness.
Mrs. Ellkn M. Skaver, depp.rttnent
president of tbe Vermont Woman's Relief
Corps, has appointed the following aids:
Delia M. Needbam, Rutland; May A.
Plerce, Vergennes; Louise W. Clark, Brook
fiehl; Mellie F. Wells, Cabot: Sarah A.
Bryant, Windsor; Louise Skinner, Barton
Landiug; Julia A. Cbild, Lyndonville;
Hattie B. Thwing, Bellows Falls; Myra
L. Stone, Brattleboro; Ellen B. Leacli,
About tifty singers were in attendanee at
the rehearsal last week Tuesday evening,
and so muob interest was manifested that it
was deolded to meet one evening iu each
week for a rehearsal, closing with a musical
convention to be held in the Opera-hotise
about the last of May. C. F. Duilley of East
Montpelier is to be the ilirector. The next
rehearsal is to be at the ves'ry of the Church
of the Messiah, next Tuesday evening, a'
tialf-past seven o'clock. All intercsted are
invited to attend and take part.
About 700sainples have been received at
the sugar laboratory. Ail except four have
oored over eighty per cent, and four have
gone abov e ninety. The fariuers say that
the preseut will be a light season. A num
lier of farmers have taken out licenses who
do not intend tosend in samples on accouut
of the shortuess of the season. The sam
ples already received reprcseut a produOtlOD
of about loil.lXX) pouuds. Dr. C. A. Cramp
ton, chemist of the treasury depaitiueut, is
expected every day.
A larok auilieuce at the Opera-bOttM
greeted tbe Boston Ideal Banjo, Mandolln
aud Gtiitar Cltlb last Saturd.iy evening
The concert was an admirable one of its
kindi Tbe digital ability of the performex.
was reinarkable, aud their playing wai per
feet. The musicthat is BV0K6Q from baujos
aml klndred injtrnnienti is of a rariety
which appeals to only a liiuited few, com-
paratlvely; but those who do Uke li bave
beard few better jierformers thau the Uos
tou Ideals.
Thk Itanchetttr (K, II ) Union last week
stated that it understood, from good author
ity, that W. A. Stowell of Montpelier is
about to sever his oounectiou with tlie Con
cord it Montreal railroad as actin super
intendeut, aud devote his time to the devel
opmeut of the Montpelier Widls Rlvei
railroad, of which he is luperlntendent.
Mr. Slowell was Interviewed last Suuday.
He smiled, and sald we could not believe
all we beard. 1). R. Sortwell contlrmed the
BUmor, bowever, and stated that Mr. Stow
ell's OonntOtion with the Concord & Mon
treal ceased last Saturday. The chauge af
(ordl Mr. Sortwell much satisfactiou.
Thk National Academy of Design, New
York, held its aunual banquet at the Aea.l
emy ou Friday evening of last week. Its
Iiresldeut, Mr. T. W. Wood, presided, with
Resident Low of Columbia College at lds
rigbt and Andrew Caruegie at his left. A
di.tinguished compauy niimberlng aliout
one buudred sat at the tables. Mr. Wood
presided witb rare grace aud diguity, and in
an exceedingly happy manner presented
the stieakers. Of Mr. Carnegie's appear
ance tbe Mailaml tttprtU says: " President
Wood said some very niee and desei ve.l
tblngs about Andrew Carnegle, who rose
looking as if he had just stepped out of tho
fratne of his own portrait by President
Wood, which hting in another gallery."
" I have noted with considerable interest,
as you may well iiiiilerstand, tbe vlgorous
warfare which you have been waging upon
the worst enemy which Montpelier has
within its limits. It has always been a
sonrce of astonlshment to me that the state,
and especially Montpelier, would so far
give Its countenance to noh a disreputalile
sheet as to make It possihle for it to live.
From this dtaUUMM it appears to me that
you are most decideilly ' on top.' It will
be a blessing to the commiinlty and the
state if you sncceed in putting a qnletni on
this eaemy of law and order." Thus writea
a Watchman reader, a former well-known
resident of Washington couiity, now living
in tbe West. He gives utterance to a great
truth and speaks the sentiments of a great
multitude of Vermont people respecting
Hiram Atkius and the Arijux atnl Patriot.
Thk Watchman of last week eontaiiied
au itetn stating that a close jail execution
had been issued against Jobn G. Wing, as
the result of a suit brought against him by
J. M. Taft of Wheeler & Taft, Barre, in
which he was cbargeil with obtaining inouev
by fraudulent tneatis. Mr. Wing took large
oxceptions to the itetn. The next day (last
week Thursday) A. D. Kimball of Plain
field, who a short time ago was involved in
a law partnershtp with Mr. Wing, arose in
county OOUTI and asked that a committee
be appointed to iuvestigate charges against
John G. Wing for obtaining money under
false pretences, for sequestering wealth
that he had collected for clients, and for
divers other serious misdeineanors. The
court informed Mr. Kimball that he would
have to reduce his eharges to writing.
Thereupon Mr. Kimball sat down and drew
up a set of Rpeclfloatlons that weresiinply
iEocking. Mr. Klmball'l zeal is explained
by the allegation that he has been teaching
school and drawing logl, the past winter, to
combat tbe effects of his late pai tnership.
Thk shoe factory project seems to have
oaughl a chill from some disqntetlng reports
respeeting the business ability of the gentle
man from Haverhill. These seein to have
been satisfactorily answered, but our peo
ple are not conttned to one opportunity. If
they are not satistied with the project that
has been under consideration let them try
another. The Watchman believes in in
dustries that are " indigenous to thesoil,"
so to speak. The grauite iudustry is one of
them. The canning industry is another.
The canning of Hweet-coru at this point
ought to be carried on with profit to oapital
lnvesteit ano to tne anvantage ot tlie larin
ers of this region. The manufacture of con
densed milk is another "indigenous" in
dustry. There's millions in a hraud of
" pure Vermont condensed milk" more
millions than in " Vermont maple sugar,
guaranteed the pure product of the rock
maple." The Watchman has several tiraes
before directed publlo attention to this mat
ter, and we again cominend it to theearnest
consideration of the Board of Trade's man
ufactures eommittee. We look for far bet
ter and more permanent results from an in
dustry of thla character than from any iin
ported industry like nail or shoe-making.
This matter was discussed at considerable
lengtb in the Watchman uearly a year ago
and many facts relating to tlie industry
weregiven. We believe the time of a com
mittee of the board of trade, orof citizens, in
terested in tlie industrial growth not only of
the town, but of the county also, can best be
euiployed in investigating the facts of these
or linular native inilustries; and we have
no doubt our public-spirited fellow-citizen,
Mr. M. W. Wheelock, would reuew his of
fer of land for the plant aud buildings of a
cannery for com, or condensed milk, or any
similar establishment.
" Lkt no guilty man escape." We cora
mend this lnjunotion to the police of this
village. Tbe remark is frequently made
that these otlicials are not strictly impartial
in making arrests for intoxication. Non
residetits, it is averred, are arrested and
" run iu," while baliitual resident drunka
are either let alone or taken care of. Thera
may be some ground for this complaint,
Circumstances indicate that there is dis
crimination against the stranger drunk
Witbin our gates aud the resideut inebriate.
A farmer from a neighboring town was ar
rested ou Saturday for intoxication aud put
in jail. That is all right as far as it goes
Now let the police perform their duty tully
and impartially. Ifthey tind a Montpelier
busiuess man or farmer or merchant or la
boring man or doctor or lawyerornewspa
per man in tbe oondition, as to intoxication,
which the law makes a publlc offense, they
iniiBt do their duty in each and every case,
Impartially and faithfully. That is one
tbing for which they are hired and paid.
That is an Important brancb of tbe enforce
ment of the liquor law to which sutlieieut
attention has not been paid, and it is a
brat ch to which in tbe future public at
tention will be directed. The law is uo
respecter of p. rsons and its servants uiust
beequally impartial. Details can be given
if it beoomea necessary, but it is boped
tbe uecessity will not arise. Scandalous re
ports are made of bacchanal revelry at mid
nigbt and iu the early morning hours a' tbe
Ceutral passenger station. Are the police
coguizant of this fact'.' A passenger by the
early inorniiig express north says they are,
or were, on one morning not long ago. Is
the station agent OOgnizant of this old?
Is there a nigbt watchinan at the station,
and is it known whether or not he performi
his duty? It is not safe or pleasant for
travelers, partieularly WOmen and chihlren,
to Bnd railway stations at nigbt in poagea,
tien of drunken and disorderly per. 'iis.
The ice has gone out of the streams, u.ivi
gation is opening, the danger Bcasou is ap
proachlug Let law, order and sohriety
prevail. These tbingl, with safety to lifo
ami property, are iu the keepiug of the po
lice, partieularly during " the silent watches
of the nigbt."
Sumnkr. The DuneatUMN (Penn.J Beoord
of March 11 says: "Ou the2(ith ult. AionSO
Sumner of this pla.'e re.-eived a talegram
that his son Iouue of Hardwick, Vt., could
live but a few hours. He Immediately
started for Hardwick, hoping he niight tind
his son yet alive. Arriving al his destina
tion on Saturday njgbt, February 27, he re
I'eived the sad iiitelligence that his son had
died the nlght before. Mr. Snniner theu
made arrangemeuts to hring the remaiui to
lluncaiiuon for interuient. On Tbursday
morning be arrived here, and ou Friday
services were conducted at the hou.e by
Revs. Bergstresser aud Mi'Curdy, aud the
remaius were laid iu tbe Lullieran ceine-
teiy. onne Bamner was boru iu Dunoan.
uou May .1, 1H07. A few years ago be left
this place for his father's 'old bODM Iu Ver
mont, where he had since lived. He was
tbe plOkUM of health and was siok but two
weeks. The imuiediate cause of hisdeatli
was intlainmatiou of the bowels. During
his illness he was tenderly and faithfully
cared for by the family with whom he waa
staylng. His last words were: ' 1 au not
afraid to die.' His parents and fricuiU
bave our syinpatby iu this sad alllictiou."
Dh. W. Skward Wkiiii of Shelhurne,
Son. John Bell of llelleville, Ont., Hon.
Robert Coit of New Loiidon, Oonn , atnl
Hon. F. Stewart Stranahau of St. Albans
have been added to the board of directors of
the Ceutral Vermont Railroad Coinp my.
Thb duties collected at the port of St Al
bans during Mareh amouuted tO 933,303.13,
aud the value of imported goodB was $137,.
000. Tbere were 302 horses antl 2..W0 toua
of bay amoug tbese dutiable articlea.

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