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VOL. 87.-4507.
nro ihOWlDg tuis week
boiud cxtrn good v.ilues in
Navy Blue Storm Serges.
Also Navy lllue India
Twills, Ilenrieltns nud
othcr all-wool goods.
Lace Curtains.
The largesl variety we linve
evcr shown, incluriiug
many choice patterns, at
low prices.
Aberdeen Blankets
Rt !?1 ,00 per pair. Look at
theui. Plymouth lljck
Cotton, 5 cents per yard.
Ladies' Night Dresses
Special 5argaias at 50, 75
and 81.00.
New Laces.
Tlie popular widthl and
stylcs. Her MajeBty'a
Corsets. Centemeri Kid
Gloves, Equipoiae Waists,
Ferris " Good Sense "
Chenille Table Covers,
new palternB just re
ceived. Standard Giug
haius 7j ceuts, Standard
1'rints 41 cents.
Home Made Comforters.
A few Kenuants of Wor-
sted Good at half prices.
Corner Main and East State Streets,
raitnnD irui wRtNKsiAv by
The Watchman Publishlng Company
At Montpelier. Vt,
(lenrral Ktlitor.
IIOSKINS, M. I Newport,
Atrictiltural Edilor.
AKTHfll 1KI1
T. II.
Tkhms S'J.OO H year; 11,00 for hIx montliH;
tlfty cnntH for three nionths.
0 Six Months or Longer.
Oq Less than Six Months.
Are the rates of Interest jmiil in the
Cupltal pald
AlUtiontil llabillty of Stock-
holders 250,000
MakitiK k total
Guarantee Fund of $550,000
Kur tlie security of deposlturs.
CBABXEI DKflKV, President,
I'ltEl) E. smith, Vloe-Pretldent,
P, A. dwhtoix.
r ii ikli . hours from nttie A. M. to threc
P. M AU bllHiueSS coundelittal.
F. 1 j. 13a, ton, Casliier.
The "funny men," so
called, what will they do with
the new (jnick-zoinding
Waterbury watch ? It spoils
one ol their best jokes. It
winds in about fivc secnnds.
Like any rood stem-winder.
Coin-silver and gold filled
cases witli icwelcd move-
ment now make it elegant
and bcautiful, lt wasnlwnya
an accurate timekccper.
It i a low-priccd watch
still: fai Litter than any
cbcnp SvvfctS watch.
iioi . i. .!.. K.i.i tftnileuMa'i itylei
nr uld e . 1 i tieUri. ii.
Rally at Graniteville.
Thore will be a NpubltOU Mdly and Bag
raislug nt the Barre ipiarrles this (Wcdnes
day) evening. Addresses will lie inade by
Hi rum A. II uso, Btq.j and otherB. The
Montpelier Military Band will furnish
muiiO. Tlie regular 6:80 train ou tlie
Wells Rlvel railroad will carry those from
this town desiring to attend for ten cents
the round trip
Hllsinexs Mete Meilliou.
First National Bank
tii.-"m:w PBAOriCAL" metUod for
teuclii IK hliurMiiind Mtd tlltj liuitl IBMUoUl of
bookkrlD8 ar,: Utunht at the
i 9H n o t ui t-i
Thirt inHtitution 1ms hecouie eonspicuouu
foi ftdUOfttina young meu and women prac
tloally Htid for Niipplylng liusineHH houHes
prouiptly with well (iualltled bookkeepers,
HteuogrupherM and Imsiness misistantH. Cor
respomlenee invited. For catalogue, addreaH
CAHNELL & GUTCHE88, Albany, N. Y.
Glbason St Co. have a new ailvertisenient
ou this pae.
Clean your elothes with Castilian Crcatn.
For sle at ). F. Long's.
T. S. BitorHY & Co. advertise cloaing
barfiaiuH of the seaHon, on page eight.
Ske A. I). Fanvell's aunotineeiuent of
eirly arrivals of fall styles in clothiug, on
page eiht.
Cool soda, with delicloiiH syrups, soda
with iee-iream, niineral waters on draught,
at Babeoek's.
The i learanco sale of boots and shoes at
Marviu St Wilson'H ll of interest to all.
8ee page elght.
The date of the auctiou sale of the Cutler
farms, advertised on page seven, is changed
to Ootober Ll.
The Barnard, Bumner & Putnam Com
pany, on age llve, have an aunoiiuceuieut
of ipeolal interest to the ladies.
Wanted. A girl to dogeneral housework
on B farin in a family of four. Uairy of
seven COWi. Address, liox 8M( Montpelier,
Evekv one ihOUld look over the prospecttis
of the Bnrdatt Business and Shurthand Col
lege, Boston. It is mailed free to any ono,
aud is an exeeedingly interesting pulili
catiou. Soldiers, sohliers' widows and dependent
relatives, entitled to pensions under the new
penalon lawj ahonld send to T. J. Deavitt,
Montpelier, Vt., for a olrcttlar containing
the law in full.
The Kindergarteu Traiuing Bobool will j
opeu as usual in September. Those lailies ;
who deslre to umlerstand Froehel's methods
of ednoation ihonld make applioatlon to IUm
Aniy B. Fisk, Montpelier, Vt.
The Capltal Savings Bank and Trust
Company pays deposltora four per oent and
taxes on suius not exeeeding Sl.BOO, and
uiakes loans on home securities at six per
cent. It rents rlre and burglar-proof le
posit boxes for five dollars a year.
Is addltion to hia heavy triu'king busi
ness, Clark B. Koberts has put on the road
a Hingle team. Baggage to aud from all
traius. Care, promptuess and dispalch at
live-and-let-live prices. Ollico in rear of
Exchauge hotel. Telephone eouneetion.
Easv and ijiiiek couvertibility aud hign
rate interest securities are not congenial
bedfellows. The Pierre, South Dakota,
Savings Bank otl'ers the first uained securi
ties, hearing six per cent interest, through
its vice-president, A. O. Cummins, Mont
pelier. Auction. We will sell at auctiou, at our
store, No. 19 South Main street, on Satur
day, September, ;f, 1803, at one o'clock in
the afteruoon, tweuty secoud-hand cook
Btoves and ranges. They inust he sold re
gardless of priee to make room for new
oues. D. Dewey & Son.
Cakeless persons have made poor in
vestments in the West; so have others in
the East. Good and poor can be found in
hoth locations. Those offered b A. O.
Cutumius, vice-prosident of the Pierre,
South Dakota, Savings Bank, will bear iu
vestigation. Good news for the people of Montpelier
and vicinity ! All kiuds of garmeuts cleaned,
dyed aud pressed in tlrst-class style. All
kiuds of ladies' wearables cleaned and dyed.
Geut's garments made to order. I'erfect
satisfaction gnaranteed. 1). D. Ilaley, 55
South Main street, Montpelier, Vt.
For a lame back, or for a paiu in the side
or chest, try saturating a piece of tianuel
with Chamberlaiu's l'ain Balm and binding
it on to the affected parts. This treatiuent i
will cure auy ordiuary case in one or two 1
days. Paln Balm also cures rheumatUm. j
Fift.v-cent boitles are sohl hy 0. Blakely.
Thkke uiii muny veterans who have
duims (or pensions pemliug that woulildo
well to OOMntl .lames E. CliTrMi Mont
pelier, Vt., who baa had over six ycars' ex-
pertenue ai a tp .iai esamluor and isthor
ousblj famlUai with all the lawaand ruiiugs
of the departtnOnt. He maUes Ihomsm aud
rejei ted elainu a ipocialty. Advloa free.
Fuk Sale No. 1 plne Uth, No. 1 elght
eaninoh ipruoa ihlnglN, inouidiiigs all
kindH utid made to erdir Iioiiho Hnith.
pruM, baM. batternnt, aih. eak, uhtrrjr,
wfaita iii d, Alahama bard plne, Miohlgao
plne, Hoortng ofai) klnde. Boughtatthe
tnllU. ill be tiold cheap for OUh. Tiirnlug
doue to order. All kiuds of ji.h worh in
Ihe wood Horking llM. Telephone con
neotiont. Unitcd Siutea Clothes Pln COU
pany, Montpelier, Vt.
Mit TflOMAJ IIatte, editorof the Giaphic,
Texarkaua, Arkimsas, has found what he
believei to bu the hest r. mody in existenco
for the Bux II in expi rience is well worlh
remembering. He says: " I.ast summer 1
had a very severe attack of flux. I trled
aluioat every known remedy, none giving
rellef. Chamberlain's Collc, Cholera aud
Diarrho a Kemedy was recoinmended to ine.
I purchased a bottle aud received almost
lmmediate relief. I conttnued to use the
medlcine and was entirely cured. 1 take
plenHUie in reconimendlng this remedy to
any person MffeftHg with such a disease,
as, In tny opinlon, It, is the best tnediclne In
existeni'e." Twenty-flve and llfty-eent b0t
tles for sale hy 0. Blakely, Montpelier, Vt.
palatlal four-storv residence, No. "J:I7
Pralrle Avenuo, GhlOAgOi oion to Ver
OBten from now unlil after the World's
Fair eloses, at reasonahle rates. House
lltnkted eloso by Wabash and Cottage
Grovo aventies llno of calde cars, dlreet
from the heart of the city to Jackson Park
car fare ilve, cents. Car station at the cross
Ing of Twenty-third street. Correspoud
once Holicited. Mrs. Warren Gihhs.
Durino the eoming fall season Mrs. I. '.
Vatl .t Co. will have iu conuectlon with
thelr complete line of inillinery, a dress
maJdngdepartment. Mrs. Vailhasrecently
learued of Madamo Wingate the most ap
proved inethod of fitting. Mrs. Vail will
pand two or three weeks in New York city
in September for tlie purpose of studyinj:
styles hoth in dressinaking and luillinery.
She tnerits a liberal share of the business of
the ladies of Montpelier and vicinity.
W'HAT'S tlie use nf feetlllK boimild.
Uepft duii antf biue?
OleattM tlie blood huiI nlve It vljtor:
Miike the old nmti new.
H(Mrl IHteUfOH. To the dnm-tore
Q0 this very dtiy
Btt ft medtelne to banlah
All your Ull nway
And that tnediclne is I)r. I'ierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, the very best blood puri
fler on earth. It builds up and strengthens
the system because it cleanses the hlooil,
and that's what the system must have to be
strong and healthy. There's nothlng that
eqnali it. Abeolntely sohl on triott Your
money back, if it doesn't beneflt or cure
The Central Vermont railrond has issued
a beauiifully illustrated circular, with cuts
of all the principal public buildiugs of
Washington, and a deaoriptlon of their loca
tion, with mnoh other interesting and use
f nl inforiuatlon about tho eapital. The
circular also coutains full informatiou re
garding the National Bnoampment, G. A.
H., with rates from all points in Vermout to
Washington and return, with full particu
lars of routes. The counuauder of ench
Grand Army post in the state has been sent
a supply of above ctfculars, which can he
prooured free on applloation,
The Albany Business College, which han
becouie so favorably known for its suceess
jn teaohlng shorthand, has recently em
hodied its methods in book form, eutitled
" The New 1'ractical Shorthand Manual."
The book contaius Ui Mges, forty of which
are beautifully eugraved shorthanil out-
llneaandthe remalnder a series of lessons,
exercises and dictations, all being original
and highly practical. The book is a credit
to the scliool from which lt einanates, and
should be gladly welconied hy teachers aud
students of shorthand.
" En weury with wol'k! " tliegOOd wlfe sigheil:
" Bttt after all," she ftftld,
" It's sweet to lahor f,r thOSI we toYft
No wouilor that nukldl will wed."
A wise housewife lightens her toil and
gladdena the home circle hy her cheerful
ness. But health is the tlrst rcipiisite, and
her juat prerogative. Health foilows the
use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescriptiou,
which repalre the ravagns caused by those
peculiar diseases which afllict womankind.
It euriches the blood, cures tho cough, in
creases the tlesh, prevents hysteria, uer
vousuess and low spirits, and is a veritahle
fountain of health to women, young aud old.
Satisfaction, or the prloe (?100) refunded,
Of druggists.
Montpelier and Vicinity.
On page three of our issue to-day will be
fouud our news suiumary aud other mat
ters of local and geueral iuterest. Pressure
of other matter has reudered this change
of make-up uecessary.
Therk will be a baptism at the Baptist
church, uext Sunday evening.
Uh. Hiram Clark hat placed a telephone
iu his residence on Court street.
The full term of graded school in district
No. 5, Berlin, opens uext Monday, Sep
temher 5.
Uk. Huud, Miss Hurd and Mrs. Pettie
will leave the Paviliou for Brooklyu ou
IloN. John E. Hl'ssell of Massachiisi'tts
sp oke to a large assemblu'it iu Blauchard
opera-house last eveuiug.
ll. K. Peck has sold to Danlel Worcester
of Brldgport, Conn., a former reeident, tho
Pettengjtl farm on Berlin street. Priee,
K. G. Buown, Esi., started for Minneap
olU, Mlnn.. Monday night, after a deasant
visit with his pureuts, Colouel and Mrs. A.
C. Brown.
The Topic Club of Bothany church meets
with Miss Anua ,1. Chandler on the even
ing of Sejitemher li. The topic wijl he the
plauet Marn.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
of Tiinity church will meet Saturday after
uoon at three o'clock whh Mrs. A. J.
Hough, 0D l.iherty street.
Thk adiournad annnal ueeting of the
Woman's ubrletlan Temnerattoe liuion will
b beld iu Betbanyohap -I this (Wedneeday)
ulternoou at three o'clock.
'J'iik fooUbridge over Ihe Winooski fioui
Stale hlreel to ihu Katlonal Uuard eucauip-
tueut wae awept away hy the blgh water,
last, wuek Thursd ty ui.;'il.
T. II. Mkklill, Jtt., was ohMg d to deserl.
ihu uand after one day of oauip duty, ou ao
oount ot a severe cxibl, wbiou oounned bun
to the houee uutii lionda
Thk Washington conniy ituion meetlug
of (tood Teinplarn was held at Cabot ou
Kriday of laat wuek. M mtpalhu was rep
leeenfed hy eevural deWgati,
Thic Untted Siaiei diatrlot court has a
sp oial si ssion at the uouruboute. thisaf
larnoon ui imr o'olook. 'or tliepurpoM of
naturalliing uandidatea for ulticeuelu.
ahonu ihe reoenl arrlvabtat the Pavlllon
are ,irs. Lorlng. wn aud daoghter of Liot
utn, Mm. Ly neh aud daughtar of New Vork,
aud Mis. Atkiua aud l lUghter of Boetou.
On aceount of party not, lilliug the exeur
lon lo Attaabla Ciiusm, Ihis week, ll is
puatpoued UUtll Uest wuek. i'artlos Hhould
positlvely Hecuro their liiktta before Tul'i
day noou.
Mn. AM Mus lt. I'. MooiiK have returned
to their home in Baltimore, M I . aud Mrs.
Johnson, who had beeu with theiuutthe
Paviliou, has gone to l.um. Mass. Mr.
Jarvin returned home yesterday.
Mrb. H. I. Cushhan gave a very pleasant
tea iu bouor of tbe Brown UulverBity ijuar-
tette and hanjo aud mandolln clubs, Satur
day afturtioou. The college men were en
tertalned also at the Apollo club rooms
hari.es H. Sloan of Cauibridgep .rt,
Mass., has been spendlng a few days ilh
his parentB.
Meetinos In preparatlon for the trip to
Burlington wnre held at tho republloan
heiuhpiarters on State street on Saturday
and Monday evenings. The league ls
taklng hold vlgorously of the campaign
Hiram Atkins Is very dangerousl.v ill at
Catnp WatBou. At one tlum durlng the
paat week an early terminatlon of his life
was expected, He has since rallieil, but,
thotigh soinewhat linprovecl, his condltion
excltes the deep solicllHde of his frieuds.
Brooks post went to Camp Oovernor
Page In a body on governor's day, and afler
the dress parade Oovernor Page and Hon.
L. E. Chittenden of New York addressed
the comrades. Over flfty inembers of the
Woman's ltelief Coris, also, were on the
Onr of the pleasant incidents of the mi-
litia Bnoampmeni was the preeentatlon of a
handsome gold medal to I irum-major Fred
1. Ausliu tiy tlie .Montpelier Military liand.
The latter, by the way, received niany coiu
plimentl for its One phtylng aud general
good appearanoe,
Oni.y two more sesslons of the board of
civil authority will be held for correctlng
the check-list one Thursday evening, Sep
tember 1, and the last on Saturday evening,
September 3, at the town clerk's ollice in
the court house. Let every voter make
BUre that his name is on the check-list.
Mr. Monaohan, who has been making a
nuiuber of )iolitical speeidies in Vermont,
gave a lecture ou " TravelB iu Foreign
Lands," at the Opera-house, Sunday even
ing, the proceeds of which are tobedevoted
to the new Catbolie church. Tho audlence
greatly eujoyed the entertaiuing speaker.
Misses I.illian S.mith and Evelyn Iease
enjoyed a pleasant trip through LakeGeorge
lasi week, Btopping at Keneaaw on Fourteen
Mile Islauil. This is tlie Beeond party from
Montpelier that has takeu advantagc of this
delightful eXOUraion and enjoyed the lioHpi
tality of Mr. Allen, the genial proprietor of
the Keneaaw,
The society of Christian Endeavor of
Bethany church eleoted the tollowlng "iii-
cerB on" Sunday: President, H. M. Odell;
vice-preSldent, Alice Frink; secretary,
William Smith; treasurer, Ellen Baker.
The society gave a reoeption to the inem
bers of the congregation in the vestry,
Monday evening.
The demoorata put out a Cloveland and
Stevenson Ihig between the Camp and Se
lina blookl on School street, laat week
Thursday evening, before the eaucus iu the
grand jury room of tbe court house. At the
oaUOUI T. J. Boynton, Esij., was nomiuated
for town repreaentative, raoelvlng a large
majority of the votes east. After the eau
cus tbere was a rally in Capital hall. ad
dressed by T. C. O'Sullivan of Now York
Thk Peerless Manufacturing Company of
Newport, N H.. theottieers of which were
lu Montpelier some time agu looking tho
town over with a view to locating nere,
has purobased a ahop at. Barton, and a new
ihopi forty by 180 feet, will be erected at
onoe. The company manutaoturei ladies'
nnderwear and other goods. The oitleens
gave the iroperty to the company, aud the
latter agrees to employ at least 100 hauds
for ten years.
Uev. Dr. Cyrus H. Fay, Mrs. Fay, Mr.
and Mrs. Sutton. Mrs Cooper aud children,
who have been at the Paviliou aincn June,
will return to Brooklyn, N. Y., on Friday.
They havt made many frieuds among the
peojile of the village, who will regret their
departure. Dr, Fay graduated from Nor
Wioh L'niversity many years ago, and that
InstitUtioil this year conferred on bim the
degree of LL.D. It has been some time
siuce lie was in Montpelier. He will take
away with blm the pleasautest metnorius of
tbe village.
Harry, son of John Anderson, met with
a shocking death at the ihopi of the Lane
Manufacturing l oinpany early Friday morn
ing. He was employed iu the wood shop,
aud while oiliug the main shaft in the
baaement his frock was oanght by a set
orew and he was whirled rapidly arouud
the shop. One shriek and an oiuiuous
pounding told his fellow-workmeu in the
room above what had befallen llarry. The
machinery was stopped, but the poor l.id's
head was fearfully laccrated, an arm and a
leg were broken and life was extinct. His
pareuts have the warmest syinpatuy of the
people of this community.
J. V. Baucock has sold his drug stock
and business excepting Gold Medal Sarsa
parilla to Mr. Terrill, for some time in the
employ of Collim Blakely, and he will take
early possessiou. Mr. BabOOOh began in
the drug busiuess with F. E. Smith in 1854,
aud is now the fourth lu point of seniority
of service among the business men now ac
tively eugaged in trade. Mr. Babcock has
made a suceess of his busiuess. Ilu has
been a popular tradesman, aud the oom
munity will regret his withdrnwal from tho
hrauch of his business in which they have
had most to do with blm, His Gold Medal
Sarsaparilla trade has been growlng and
demandlng more aud more of his time. He
will henceforth devote his time to still fur
ther developing the possibilities of this pop
ular medlcine.
Thk Minneapolis Tribnnc, under the
beading of "Notable Artlit," prinis a sketcb
nearly a oolumn loug of Mr. T. W. Wood,
who has beeu iu that city for the paat five
or six weeks. During his visit with his
brother-in-law, Marshall P. Kohinson, Mv.
Wood has been at work upon a number of
portraitti lncluding those of Mayorand Mrs,
wlnston, of the pioture of the former. the
ZWOUIM says: " The pioture of the mayor is
by far one of the best thlugl in portraituro
iu the city." In openiug its sketch the
paper says: "Mr. Wood is known the worhl
over as the president of the National Acad
emy of Design, an ollice he has held for two
years past, after having been vice-president
of the acadeiny for eleven years. 11" is B
most delightful person lo meet and tulks of
his art and his work in a manner that WOOld
Inaplra a olod-bopper with a iiesire to know
omethlng of the beantlful," Mr. Wo xl
will return to Montpelier hoforo goiog lo
New Vork for tho wiuter.
Montpelier was altre last, nlgbt afler
news of tho f.nal aecident u. ar Ittubinond,
The telephone offloeWM orowded i y uten
and women leeking tidlugs from frlende ou
Ihe wrecked train. Anoiher cio vd OOUU.
pled the Central station, aud every WOrd
of Intolllgenoe from the aoene of tho aeci
dent. was eagorly seized. M '.ssag -s of goo I
cheer came for most: tho saddest of all
sad newi to some. For the iuj ired there s
yupatby In their miafortanej for the fam
ll'es of the dtad, the decpest leeling of e.'in
mlaeratlon, Mr. Oroaiett was a man of
niddle ago, a carpenter and Jolner. llTiUg
on the Kerlin llde. He leaves a wifo uud
six children, two of whorn are youug
misses, two are youngar daughtera. an i two,
the youngest, are hoys. He was prouiinont
in Berlin affalre, aud well known and
blgliiy eateemed on thli ilde the rlver, Mr
UruWU was a young m.tu, iinmarried, tlie
Only c'dhl of (ieorge O Browu, a wull-
kuown builder of thla village.
Joaraetba Republloan League olub ar-
riv. d at, the Central Vermout station, yes
terday mornlng, to ambark for tbe rally
at Burlington, a hnrse attaobed to a light
carriag dashcd down Eastorn avenue,
turneil up Htate street and down Taylor,
carried the carriage safely over the depot
platform under the paviliou and than rau
wlldly along the track to the railroad
brldge just east of the station. llere the
aulmal aud vehlcle eame to grief. The lat
ter colllded with tbe north side of the
brldge and the former stumbleil and fell,
lodglng on it side between the track tlm
hers and the side of the bridge on the under
lUpporta, It reipiired some time and lahor
to gal the horse out, but tbe work was suc
cessfully accompllsheil, and to the surprlso
of all who wltnessed the aecident the ani
mal was foutul to be but slig'itly Injurod.
The rig belonged to Page Itrotbers of Barre.
The horse had been left hltehed on School
street, had sliiped its hiidle and rau UD
Court street, down Eastern avenue and
over the course mentioned. lt was alto
gether the most excltlng runaway of a sea
son reinarkably prolitic in like dlsplays of
ungoverned speed.
Dr. anii Mrs. H. S. Boardman gave
delightful reOeptiOB at their home on State
street, last week Friday evening. The
house was decorated with exeellent tnste
and effeot. In tho parlor were maidenhair
ferns, with swoet peas and asters; in the
back parlor was clematls, with nasturtiums;
the library was brlghteneil with goldenrod
and marigolds, while the dlning-ioom was
filled with ferns, LttlM and asters. The
ohaodelleri were trimmad with elthar hops
or clematls, and tho hall stair-rail was
adorned with the latter. Candles burn.'d
in the candelahra of the diuiug-ruom. Dr.
and Mrs. Boardman, Mrs. G. W. Ehle of
Northfield, Minn., Miss Dwight of Con
itantinople. Miss GrliWold of New York,
Professor M. S. Stone of Eastha!iiiton,
Mass., and Mr. llarry Dwight of Coustanti-
nople received. About "50 ladies and g'ii
tleiuen were present during the evening.
Miss Bllia M. Willard, Miss Mary Poland
and Mrs. S'piires served lemonade, aud
Mis,. Mary Dewey, Ine. Blauchard and
Bessie Parwell and Messrs. Clarence E.
Moulton and George II. Ehle assisted in
the dlniOg-roOtn. over which John G. Far
Well had general supervision.
Thk concert of the Brown L'niversity
ipiartette and hanjo and mandolln clubs at
the Opera-house, Saturday eveuiug. was
perhaps the best of the kind that was over
heard in Montpelier. There certainly was
a variety and snap to the entertaiament
that are seldom seeu. The selectlons were
reudered with a precislon and smoothuess
which testilled to the carcful traiuing to
which the members of the clubs had suh
jected themselves. The efforts of tho latter
were rewarded with liberal applause, and
the extreme satisfaction of everyoua pres
ent was evident. The whistling of Mr.
Taylor and the yodling of Mr. Llewellyn
were particularly ploasing, but it is hard to
dlaorlmlnate when every selectiou was so
good. The club on Sunday took chnrgo of
the lnusic at Hethany clnirch, both moni
ing aud eveuiug, and large cougregations
were present at both services. Besides
ipiartet singing, thore was a solo by Mr.
l.lwellyn in t lie morning, aud iu 'hefven-
Ing Mr. Cbam berlin sang a solo. After tho
regular service several seleclions were reu
dered by Mrs. Boydon of New Haven,
C inu., who sang two solos, Mr, Hopkins,
Mr. and Mrs. Brlgs and the Brown quar
tette. The large audlence eujoyed this
short concert exceedingly.
The fall teriu of tho Washington i-ounty
court begius ou the second Tuesday of
September. The grand jury drawn con
sists of the following persons: Harrisou
Bancroft, Barre; Aarou Bancroft, Berlin;
B. J. Lanoe, Cabot; M. S. Hathaway, Cal
ais; S S. EToster, Duxbury; Hiram I.. Spar
row, East Montpelier: A. T. Durant,
Marshfield; Cbarlea W. Martln, Middlesex:
Georg.) O. Brown, Montpelier; Hiram O.
Ward, Moretown; Fred Parker, Northfield;
H. K. M irtyu, Plaiutield; W. I. Siiconds,
Uoxhury; It. M Wait, Waitsfield; John ('.
Gleason. Warren; E. B. Huee, Waterbury;
Cbarles A. Wataon, Woodbury; H. M. Col
lier, Worcester. The following coinprise
the petit jury: Jaiues Ingratu and Johu
MoDowell, Barre; A. C. Bullock aud Leon
ard Bancroft, Berlin; Heman Osgood and
! George W. Hoyt, Cabot: J. N. Bliss and A.
P. siayton, Calais ; E. Jacob Morse, Dux
; bury; Wallace M. Clark and Edward H.
i Gould, East Montpelier: M. S. Strong,
i Fayston: D. R. Loveland and Horaoe Hill,
i Marshfield; George O. Hale, Middlesex; A.
T. Keltb and T. K. Merrlll, Jr., Montpelier:
W. J. Hoyce, Moretown; Luther Bloh aud
D. A Farnhaiu, Northfield; Johu A. Foss
andH. Q. Perry, Plainfield; K. 0, Tracy,
: Roxbury; George A. Berry and c. f Eddy,
waiianeia; v, r . .viinor amt w, r. iiar-
mon. Warren; T. A. Jackman and J.'A.
Burleigh, Waterbury; George Ballautine,
Woodbury; Qeorge P. Moore, Worcester.
At Camp Watson, on Sunday, Uev. A.
N. Lewis held service, and preached
from the text, " Couie ye yourselves
apart iutoadesert plaoo aml rest awhlle."
The sermon was upou "The Beuerits, Dan
gers and Temptatious of Campiug." The
preaoher showed the neoeaalty aud bene-
tits of the auuual OUttng. aml urgedthata
man should not leave his religiou or his
mauners hehiud hlm when he goes upon his
suminer vacation. He also urged a better
! ohservance of Sunday as a day of rest, and
paid the followiug deserved tribute to the
fouuder and proprietor of Camp Watson:
" It was to ald iu ratifying this auuual neeil
of 'a desert place to rest awhile,' that this
camp was projected and titted up by its
large-hearted fouuder. All cannotgetaway
from thelr homea and busiuess; but here is
a spot so near that those who are tied up to
their daily duties can visit it daily or
weeklv, witbout 1-iaving home for a pro
longeii abseuce. I cougratulate the genial
proprietor of this camp upon the actpiisition
of this beautiful summer-home, to which
both he and his frieuds cau ' come ajiart
aml rest awhile.' I cougratulate hlm upon
the wonderful suceess which has atteuded
his enterprise. But most of all 1 cougratu
late hhu upon his praisoworthy provision
fur the rellglOUi ohservance of the Ijord's
day, a provision which is too often neg
lected iu estahlisaing summer resorts. We
have a right, therefore, to ask aud expect
God's blessiug upon this place, which has
beeu so notably improved aud beautified.
We have a right to hope for the permanent
suceess and prosperity of Camp Watsou.
The services have all beeu well atteuded.
The mualoa portion of the church service
has been Well reudered by a volunteer choir,
aud the ofTertory (for diocesau missious) has
averaged nearly a Sunday.
Qoreruor MoKtuley at Burlington.
The republloan mass meetlng at Burling
ton, yesterday, was a great suceess. Dole
gatloni were preaent from li parts of tho
s'ute. Qovarimr MeKlulay arrlvid a' about.
one o'clo, k, and at two o'clock was its
oortad to ine speakera' atand on Ihu wts
urly f rout of the Vmtoher library, wheu tha
nuakiug Itegan, An lninieiiae uonoounta ol
people wwi iu attendauce. Kiu, li. 11.
Powara prealJed. Aiuoug ihe proodueni
oli v. iui ot tlie siate who ware pres. ut were
Seuator Prootor, Ooveruor Page, Culonola
Kull ir uud Btranahan, Uuueral UcUolloi gh,
uuil many othera f tho leadiug and ludu
ti.d iiien of Vuruiont. Q ivernor McKluldy
was greatetl ii.h I'jnueuse anibualaaiOi
and made a m Mt uonvtuclng arguwnt.
Uuil, J. L. Qlltll h folluWbd Ooveruor M
Mclviuluv .
The Special Train from
the Burlington Rally
Collides with a
Janus Crossett and George 0.
Brown of Montpelier Killed.
Tbe sjiecial assenger train returuing
from the Burlington repuhlican mass lneet
ing over the Central Vermont rail way col
llded with a freight train between Wil
liston aml Richmond last evening. Two eu
gines, three passenger cars and three or four
freight cars were wrecked. Janus Crossett
and George O. Brown, Jr., of Montpelier
were killed. The top of Mr. CrosBett's
head was cut off.
G. M. 8pencer aud S. A. Batchelder of
Plainfield are badly bruised. Lester H.
Qreene, Harry McAllister, Edwln R, Morse
and Stephen lt. Colby, are Injured, but not
Richmond, Aug. 30, 11:50 v. m. E. R.
Morse, Montpelier, badly cut about the
head and hurt internally. Mind afTected.
Has been taken to Williston. Charles A.
Smith, Montpelier, bruised, and taken to
Williston. Brakemau of freight will
probably die, making three deaths in all.
Three passenger cars were wrecked. Aeci
dent probably due to freight, which did uot
ohey red Sag signal, on regular traiu south,
to stop at Jonesville.
McAllister, Morse and Colby have been
taken to the hospital at Burlington.
The conductor ha 1 just ordered the first
two cars to be cleared of passeugers, as
those cars were to be left at Richmond. The
killed and injured wore in tho second and
thlrd cars, only two persons being in tho
first. These two had a miraculous escape.
Had the two cars beeu filled with passen
gers a huudred deaths would certainly have
the history of
years oeeurred
iit.Miv WAn ienio . i i ii it foot id f ir free
trade. Thil ! ih way be talks iu tho
Cvurttf Jvumait 11 Wh if was w ho m iy be
held dlittnolly and dlreo ly auawarable for
the attempt lu the last national d uuooratle
oonTentlon to fasteu a republloan tarlff
plauk upou the democratic p.irty wo shall
probably never know; allhough it ls cerlaiu
that the group of pirty miiiagers iu tho
i onveutiou, led by tlie braius aml money of
Mr. Whltney, the last lurviving democratic
proteutlonllt of the Randall school, ex
liausted iis elTorts to defeat the sound aud
houest suhstltule uroaeuted bv Mr. Neal, of
I Ohlo, aud to rivut upou tlie party the dls-
liouest aud scandalous essay reported by
the platform coinuiluee."
If you have a joh of priutiug of auy klud
seud totbe Watchman ollice.
Summury of News.
Frkderick Eastman a youug Rutland,
Vt., fartnor, has beeu missiug from home
ilnoe August 5.
Two " permanent savings and loan asso
oiatlons of Buflalo, N. Y., have been de
clared iusolvent by the state bank ex-amlner.
Thk greatest fire In
Augusta, Ga., in recent
Sunday morning iu the heart of the city.
i no loss is over si'ou, uw.
Thk steamer ' El Callao " (Hritish) froiu
Qranada, Bolirla. brlngs the news that the
city is iu tho hamls of the revolutionists and
that the polilical refugees ara tloeiug from
the city.
An exploelon oeeurred iu the electric light
plaut at Brandon, Vt., Saturday eveuiug,
and Dolph Qermond was killed instautly
and his son Joseph aud Charles Hayles
were injured .
Advicks from Sitka, Alaska, per steam
ship " Mexico," state that the whaliug bark
"Lydia"was seued iu Bering sea while
trausferring sealskins to the bark " North
eru Light." She was liued S100 aud re
leased, Kkkd Nkwkll of Woodford, Vt., was re
cently attacked hy a hull in his father's pas
ture. The aniuial gave Fred a toss iuto the
air, wheu Alouzo Bishop, who was with
bim, grabbed the bull by the horus and gavo
Newell a chance to escape. Bishop also
got out of tho way.
Thk auuual report of statistics of labor of
New York coutains the result of a special
investigatiou as to the etlect of the taritT ou
labor and wages. .Seventy-seven per cent
of the iudustries examiued show au iucrease,
either of the wages or products or hoth, and
there were 811,717 iustauces of iudividual iu
crease of wages during the year.
Therb is a revolutiou ou foot iu Venezu
ela. Six refugees from that state recently
boarded the LTnited States steamship "Car
acaii" a.s passeugers, but they were taken olT
by a governuieiit ofBOM at the poiut of
hayouets, despite the expostulatiou of the
captaiu of the steamer.
A riASTARUi.v attempt was made to wreek
the New York and Cbicago express ou tho
Fort Wayneroad, near Enon Valley, Peuu.,
ou Saturday. lt is said that a man nained
Adams had discovered the obstructions and
was in tho act of removing them wheu he
was hOt by the thieves, who were iu hid
ing. He was ihot in the forehoad, but is
still Uvlng, The traiu had a large auuuut
of money ou board.
Thk coiniuitteo on ruunious of thetwenty
aixth national Bnoampment of the Oraud
Army has decided to group all the reuuious
togetber on the White lot, south of tbe
White House. Arouud the ellipse will bo
atationed beadquartar tenta for eaoh oorps,
for Ihe navy, ex ni isouers of WWt and olber
uraanlaatluua, lu tlie rear of those tents
v i.l b i otheis for eacb brlgade in ihe oorpa,
Tbere w ill bo larg tents for the rouuluus of
Pawoui Women with Bmall i'.im"U s.
Among fiimoua women who were motb
ereufainnll fanilllee n ;ns l.li.ubctli Lur
rett Drownlngi who i.ad only one son.
Mrs, BomurfUle, tho matbeniAtiolan, had
two daughtera aud one aou only, though
she was twicc married.
Mrne. Qeorge Baud lmd two children, a
son and a daughter) so bad Lady Mary
Montugu, whoss "lettcra" nre so miuiired
iu our own literature, aud Mme. du so
vlgne, wiitir of equally famoua "lettera"
iu I'li nolf, Mrne. de Btat l had t liree chil
dren in Uar early marrled llfei whi u forty.
i Igbl yeare old she murriwd a setcnd time,
and i heu ha i anol iu r aon.
George Eliot (Mrs. CrOll) was chihlless,
aud so was Mre, CrsJk, tbe author of "Johu
Halifax." Mrs. llaib.iuld, whose pro.se
and poetry were hoth muob admired in the
laal oentury, bad no cbjidren, and theMume
was the case with her etjually pruised con
lemporury, Mrs. Opie.
Rubobk sTAMra made to order
Watchman Pi.bllshlug Company.
by the

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