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VOL. 87.-4522.
Sc0iU Slotucs.
STATK. c K VKBMONT, Wasliliurtnn Dt.trlet.
lO l'rolmte Cnurt, held at Montpelier, In said Ille
irlrt.onthe IJth dav of liecemher, A.I. Iw.: .
F W Hlnjton. Aninlulxtrator f the estato of
fillve E Arnoltl. lato of Warren. In snld Il
iriet deeeaHed, presents hia adinlnlstration aeeount
lnr eiamiuiiliuu and allowaneo, and inakea njM'llfH
ttnn for h dacree "f dlstrlhutlon and iartltlini "I tne
eHate ol all deceacd. Wherenpon. It l ordered y
tald 'nirt ttuit aaid aeeount uiid s:ild iiiMc nt lin 1m
referred liiu seasluii thereuf ,t lie held af the I'rnhati
Ufflct, iimald Montpelier, nn the ;lith day of Doeem
her A. I. 1SW2. for heartiiK nnd rivcl.lon thereon:
Anii.ltlK 'inilher ordered. thnt nutlee hereof be glvei.
to all uermtn. Interested. by puhlli'iillnn of the saint
Ihree weeka suecesnlvoly lll the Vrrmont Hii'rmlari
,1- .Siafe Journiil, a newHpaper puhllKhcd at Mont
peller, lirevlmis to said tline appolnted ror heartuK.
ihnt th"y may appoar al naid tlme and plaee, and
show r.iiW. Ifiiny Ihev niaj have. hv uld acomini
shnuhl nol he altoweil and surh doeree innde.
Jty the Court. Attest,
v...: ' HIKAM CAKI.KTON. .llldRe.
A STATKOF VKKMoN T. Washington Histrlei, M.
lu l'robate Court. tielit at Montpelier, In naid llla
trlet. oli ttie lllth dav of lleeelnht'r. A I). IWJ:
rjbarle. v. Kent, AdmtnUtntor of thoetnt of
.lolm V. II. Kent. deeeaied, vthn an ICxeeutor of
the last will and testaluentof Aaron l'ueker, hlle of
Calais, In said llltrlct,deceacd. present. the adinln
iHtratlou neeount of said .InhnV. K. Kent for ex
aintnatlon nnd allowanec. Wherounon. It I or
dered bv said Court that said aioount he relerrod to
i session tbereof, to he held at the I'robale
liflce. In aid Montpelier, on th WU day
if leeember, A. II. IHS-J, for hcartng and dectstnn
thereon: And, It l further ordered. that mv
llre Itereof he nlven to all persons Interesled by
puhlleatlon of tlie salne three woeks successlvely In
IhB nrmont tmekmm t stau Joumal, n newspaper
publlsheil at Montpelier, prevlous to said tltne an
nolnleil for hearlni;. that thevinay appoar at safd
tlme and plaee, atol ih.W eausc. If any they inay
have. why said aeeount whould not he allowod.
By the Court.-Attem.
.'i IIIHAM CAKI.KTd.N. .ludue.
Great Display
AKTIIUK ROl'EH Montpelier, Vt.,
Oeneral Kditor.
T. II. IIOHKINN. M. D Newport, Vt.,
Agriculturat F.Mtor.
Tkrms J2.00 a ,
Hfty cont,-
:ir; $1.X1 for 8ix inonUm;
tnr tbree months.
Tbe Watcbman Pnblisbing Corapany
At Montpelier, Vt.
j STATK 11K V KIIMnNT. U'HBhliiirton IHtrlt, n.
In I'relmt ( tnirt. holtl at Kontpttfler, lH nald Dln
trlrt.on tlif 7th of nrcfinber. A. I
Jolm W. Orcnnry. AdTnlitintrntnr wttD the Mll tm
neied of tio pstnti of EjfMbfth Taylnr, lnte of
WKHBflt'ht, in naiil MMrict.fleri'itiu'd.pn'suntR hU
inlnlotnttloi. urronnt for exntnliiatinn nnd nHnwiinro,
Httrt nmk1!! applli-atton for a decree -f Mistrthu
MOIl nnd pnrtltion of the tsstate or nii oo
eeaied. Wherenpon, it m onlered hy ah.i1 Court
thnt nald account atnl said apitlit ntlini ln re
ferred to a scsnion thereof, to he hold Ht the
Probate Ofltt e, tiiBatl Montpelier, on the Jd day
of January. A. I. INt, for heartnjr aiul deelstoii
thereon. And. It in further ordered, that notlee
hereof beKiven toall peronn Interettted by puhlica
tion of the Utni three weekn Bueeensively tn the
Vermont Watvhwan f' .S'frtfc ,onrtial, a newnjMier
puhlished at Montpelier, previous to naid time iti
polnted for lieartnR, tliat they inay appoar at Hald
tJme and plaee, atid nhow eaiine. If any they inay
have, why nald aeeount should not he allowed and
pthTi decvee made. Ht the Oourt. Attest,
tl.24 lllKAM OAHLKTN. .1udu-
STATK F VKRMONT. Vahlnton IHMtrlet.M.
In 1'robate Conrt. held at Montpelier, ln and for
uald Plntrlet. on tbe lutlt davof Deeeinber, A. I. IH92:
A copy of an InHtruinent. purporttnn to he the laat
wlll aio'l testament of Horatlo Hill llutehtn, late or
Cambridge, ln the OoHfitl of Middlenex and l oin
monw -ealth of MansarhiiBetts, deceaned, and of
the probate tbereof by tbe l'rttbate 4'ourt. ln
and for nald I'ounty of Mlddlenex, dnly authen
tleated. belnp prettented to thl cafd 1'robate t'ourt
to,be allowed in the State of Vermont an the
lant wlll and ttMtaineivt of nald deeeased, It U
ordered bv nald t-ourt that all p rnoui cou-
erned tbereln be in.tltied to Hppear at a nettHion
f naldConrt. to be held at tho l'robate Offlre. in
e-aJd Montpelier, on the 5th day of January. A. I. 1WI3,
and show eause. If anytbey inay have, jpdntt tbe
allowanre of fald -opy uh nueh lat wHl and
tcstament; for whieh purpoe It U further or-
ered that notlce of ttUl nderbe pntWtnM three
w'eks nu'Teflnlvelv In the I'mnunt Wntctttmtn m
sratr Jturntti, a newspaper prlnted at Montpelier,
in thtn ntate, preTloun to said thne appolnted for
liearliiK. dJ tbe t'oitrt - Attest.
tt-U HIRAM 0ARLETOM, Judjre.
io STATK (K VKKMoNT. a.sblmrton Dlstrlnt. hh.
Iii l'robate Court, held at Montpelier, tn nald Dls
Irlct, on tbe liitb dnv of net'einber, A. I). lsitj:
Willard C. Watker, Kxeeutor of the lant will
nud testanient of Sylvanun Daniels, late of Mid
dlesex, in ald Iintriet, deeeaseil. prenents hin -adminlBtration
account for exatnination and al i
lowanee, and tnakod aiplleatlou lor a de-
f nf dtntributlon and paititiou uf the el J
tate of rtaid deeeased. Uhereupnn, It Is or- i
dered by naid Court that naid aeeount and sald
Hpplieatfon be referred to a sertnion tbereof, to 1k 1
held at tbe l'robate Oftlee. in nald Montpelier, on the ;
'th dav of Deeeinber, A. l. I s J . lorheariiiR and de
lllOD thereon: And.it tn turther (trdered, that m
MOA hereof 1m niven to all pernmn iuterented hj
puhlleatlon of the name three weeka nueeesnlvely ln
the Vtrmpnt Watrhtmxn A- at(Ut Jourual,n new-npapet
publlNhed at Montpelier, previoun to naid tlme ap
pointed fir heaiinff, that they inay appear at nald
tiine and plmoe, and ahow eaune, if any they inat
l.ave, why Uud aeeount hhould not he allowed and
mch deeree inade. ltv the Court. A;tont,
K.W lflliAM CAHhKTON. .linUie.
STATKtiF VKKMONT. Washimcton Dtltrlot, 8s.
lu l'robate Court. heldat McmtpeHer. ln and ftr
f-aid Dlntrlet. on the l'-'th day of Deeemher.A. D. I8W,
PraneU 11. Coiitter, Aitiuinintrator ot the entate of
i.uke Lawrenee, late of Woreeiter. lu Naid hi.itriet,
deceased, inaken applieation to suid Court. wlrh
the couneiir and apiirotiatioii in wriliiiK of thu
heirn of Kuid deefuheri lesidiiiK lu the ntate of Ver
mont, for lieenne to nell all of the real entate of naid
4eeeased, nituated in Voieeter, in said Dlntrlet, to
wit: Hoine plaee, IneludinK the hotnestead thereln,
representlllK that the nale tbereof wotild he hene
fieial to the wtdow, helrsand mlnor ehildren of naid
deeeaned. and thone iuterented iit hln entate, in rd r
to ronvert said real entate Into money. Wliereupon,
it is ordt-red by said Court that naid applieation be
reterred to a nennion tbereof. to be held at tho l'ro
bate Odiee. ln said Montpelier, on the 80th day of
Heeember, A. 1. iwi. for hearinn and deoflton
thereoa: and. it tn further ordered. that all persons
Intereste. in- notirled hereof by publicatiou of uutiee
of uUn uppiK .uioii and order thereon ttiree weekn
succeBBlvely lu the Vermont Watt hmau t .SiuteJourtiat,
newspaper puhlished at Montpelier, ln thls state,
and whieh eireulaten In the neihborhood of those
luterested, before naid tlme of heariiiK, that they
may appear at naid time and nlaee, and, if they aee
tause. objeet thereto. Hy the (Jourt.Attest,
The most complete as
sortment of Useful and
Fancy Articles, suitable
for Christmas Presents,
we have ever shown.
Also Plain Baskets in
great variety. Choice
styles in
For the Holiday trade.
Extra values in SILK
Material for
Japanese Silks, Rib
bons, e t c, e t c, a t
Table Linens, Towels,
Silk Umbrellas, Aprons,
Montpelier, Vt.
Clubblng LiKt.
Tlie followlnc offers aro for tlio boneflt
only of inbioriberi to tbll paper who Pfty
all arrearaKi aiul a year'H submTiption In
advance. One or raore of the publloalions
may le ordnrod, but tbe money for eaoh, at
tbe club rato, mut invarlably aecompany
tbe onler. Tbe " club-rate " ts alwayn 8'J.OO
i.ss tban tbe aniount Riven In tbe second
culutuu of tlgnreH.
Amertcan Karuier I.l'i
Arena. The 5.0
AtUntlo Moulhly 4.00
Ratiyland M
Donton Advertt.er 1.00
Roituu Jouroal 1-00
( urrent lllatorr muarterlj) 1JM
Century M u 4 00
Chrl.tlan Unlon 3.0.
Ooimopolltan Ml
CottHKe Heurth 1.6
I)enioret'8 Mauazliie 2.00
Fann Toultry 6
Forum, The 5.06
Frauk l,clle' IllustratedWi'ekly, 4.W
Krank LmU.'I l'opular Montlily.. 5 0
Krank l.esllo'n Hunday Manailne, 2.60
Qooil HollBekeeplntC 2.60
Godey'a l.ady's llook '-.
Ilarper'ft MrtRazlne 4.00
Bmrper'i weekiy 4.oo
Harper's ItaKar 4.00
flarper'i, Younis 1'eople 2.00
Home MaKazlne (Mr8. Ionaii) 60
Hnusehold I.M
lndepondent. New York J.00
Katc Ftfld'tWaiMagtaa 2.o
Llpplncott'i Maazlne J.00
Mlrror and Karmer 1.00
Munlral Hocord 1.00
Natlonal Trlbune, WashliiKton... 1.00
New KiucUnd Miiazluo 3.00
New York Herald 1.00
New ork I'ress, dally 3.00
New York Trlbune 1.00
North Amerlcan Heview 6.0.
Our Uttle Men and Women 1.00
Our I.lttliMineH and Nurtery 1.60
l'oultry and llorae Heview 50
Pansy 1.00
Petersnn'a Maazlne 2.00
l'opular Sclence Monthly 6.00
I'ralrle Karmer 2.00
Review of EUrl.W. 300
thU 1'aper
9 00
Rural New-Yorkur 2.00
Hclentllle Ainerlimn 3.00
ScrlbntT'8 Maazine 3.00
St. NlehOlM Vairazlne... 3.00
The lloine-.Makur 2.00 3.MI
Troy Tlme. 10 2.75
Womalikind 1.00 2.50
WldeAwake 2.30 3.60
Thk combination witb the New York
I'ress, a ilaily newapaper of the frout rank,
i a rare one. In newn and editorlal writ
iiiK the I'rcss is one of the most popular
papera in the oonntry btight, enterprlalng
and spirited. We commend tliis nffer to tlie
attentiou of all who want a clean and able
ity newspaper witb their state paper. Send
for lainple copy.
To all buay readers who wish to be well
lnformed, but who have not the time to
read all the papera and periodirals, we i:an
not too hinhly commend the Review of
RttUvi (monthly) and Current History,
a quarterly regiBter of current events, in
our club list thil year for the tirst tlme.
5i'"THK price of tbe OottnopoUUtn was
Inoorreotly stated in the club list in issue of
December 7. This maga.ine has advanced
lts club rate to the price given above.
and aa far as possible the boaril will re
Hpond to invitatlona.
BUTVBMl Jwl uow (Iriggs hax a tlne llne
of slippers, inen'H, laillea' and chlldrcu's,
new styles and very prtty goods. Ijook at
t lie in .
Oo to No. 28 State street, and PhlUlM A:
Iiiicas will show jron a novel variety of new
and tieautiful clocks, in prlces from i ' - to
3:H) each.
Thr " Two ThieveH," not the hlstoric
forty, will be the next attractlon at the
opera-house. Date, December 10. See ad
vertisement, page eight.
Patt.t.f Lucas have a fine assortinent
of new and rlcb patteniH In silverware, both
oltd and plated, comprislnK tnany rare
IIUVl It.iuR,
Thkkr will be a eoncnrt and hop at Cap
ital Hall, Saturday eveuing, hy the Mont
pelier Military Hand anil orcbestra. Ad
mission, twenty-tlve cents.
Diamond rings from $." upwards; dia
mond atuds, ear-jewels, scarf-piiis and
broocbes in fact Phillips it l.nclls are beail
ipiarters for diainondH.
Mhs. I. 0. Vaii, & Co. have a stnall lot of
children's nice wintr coata Wblob Ihe.v
wish to close out very cheap. t'ome and
see before purchwing elsewhere.
OFAL, garnet and all varieties of choice
stoue rtnsti for ladies, cents and ehildren :
also plain Kold rings, oval and llat, can be
seeu at No. 28 State Htreet.
a iii.. Ijinr uf Ommui Oamdim at
C'rohs & Son's. Salted almonds, freshly
luaile, can be had every afternoon, if the
orders are glveu in the morning.
Shohthanii and type-writlng have come
to stay, if tlie large attendance of students
at the Burdett Husiness and Shorthaud
College, Iloston, is any criterion.
Chains! We have ticck-cliains witb pen
dants, for ladies and ehildren, also watch
chains for ladies and gents. Of QOUrle yoii
want a charin, too. Phillips & Lucas.
Pokts who write for fanie or rewaril are
requested to send a post al to Ksterbrook &
Co.i 38JobU street, New York, for clrcularfl
explalDlng their 81,000 offer. Forty-eight
You will liud a full llne of ladies' and
gents' gohl and silver watches, Inoludina
the Waterbury in gold-tllled, silver and
nickcl cases, at the store of Hbillips &
Mrs. M. j. Wkli.h, Duxbury Corners, is
nellini; felt bats anil otber winter milliuery
at surprisingly low pricos. It is really a
clearance sale for tbe remainder of this
Chhistmas OOOM at the store of I. V,. Vail
& Oo, liaudkeichiefs and all sorts of
baskets, besides a llne line of (JhristmaH
gitts of every desci iption ; also fani y work
Soi.uikks, soldiers' widowsand depeudent
relatives, entitled to peusious under the new
peusiou law, should send to T. J. Deavitt,
Montpelier, Vt., for a circiilar contaiuiug
tlie law in full.
L. P. Glf.aso.v & Co. have an eye to the
needs of tbe people at holiday time, and
their aunounci-meiit this week will be read
Witb interest, by the ladies. See llrst col-
uiun, this pac.
FlBST National Bank, Montpelier, gives
four por cent on depoaita rcmaining six
months or longer; three percent on deposiis
remalnlng leM lliau six months. See ad
veitisciuent, jiage eight.
Millin kky of every description at the
store of I. C. Vail & Co. will be sold at cost
and less for tbe next two weeks. People
Ooming to town for Cbrlltmai gonds will
pleaie come in and buy a hat.
Don't wait for the winter to pass before
looking tor cloaks mai keil down, but come
anil aee me and I wili sell you a jacket for
8-', S4, 8ti.5u, $8 .50 and 8U .11) neai ly tweuty
tive per ci-nt dlaoount, D. S. Wlieatlcy.
Many new and beautiful things for the
attention, and wbether you come in person
or send yonr orders, aatlsfaction will be
giiarautecd in every caac,
Hoi.iday QOOM. A large llne of useful
and fancy articles to aelect frowi for both
old and yoting. Toilet, manlcure and coin
binatlou seta in oak and cclliiloid cases in
great variety. We are pieased atalltlmes
to ahow gooils, wbether you purchase or
not, i all whlle thn assortment ia com
plete. W. K. Terrlll & (o.
1'AiiTK 1'i.Ak attention is called tn the ad
vertlaenient, on this paire, of the OoMtttW of
Washington county. The work is one of
great value, and will grow more valiiable
witb tbe passage of time. Tbe opportnnity
to possess one of tbese histories should not
be allowed to pass iinimproved by any one
who doea not already own tbe vuluiue.
Thkrr are many veterans who have
claiins for pensions pending that would do
well to oonmlt Jaines K. Curran, Mont
pelier, Vt., who bas bad over six years' ex
pcrience as a special examiner and li thor
oughly familiar witb all the laws aiul rulings
of the department. He makes increase and
rejected claima a spei ialty. Advlce free.
A visit to the store of WebsteriV Co. may
itd you ln -oiuiiig to a deinsion as to whal
you will buy for some member of your fam
ily, or a frieud, as a Clirlstuias gift. The
store abounds in useful and beautiful things
suitable for tlie season, and it doea not re
Montpelier and Vicinltj.
Tlie Watciiman I'oeket BditlOD, wlll be on
sale at. the Watchman counting room,
Thursday, December 15. Also at tbe Mont
pelier book stores.
Wku where's the sleighlng?
S. WiHTTimi waa in BottOB laat week.
S uools cloae December 18 for the holi
days. Mrs. John Drmkkitt ia lll wlth lung
Okohiir ('. Al.BKR (a lll
Tll stores are
IIahrv A. i mir has hung up a da.7.llng
new aign.
.Iohn 11 . Srm kr waa in Rutland most of
last. week.
K. 1'. Strvrns of St. Albana was In town
lasi Friday.
Srnator J. O. Sanford of Stamford wa
iu town yeaterday.
Mr. and Mks. K. W. Thompsun
Smiilay in St. Albana.
Thk auetion of the Hiram Atkins house
Is to take plaee to-inorro.
ToM McDrrmott is ill witb typhoid fever,
witb typhoid
donning their Christmas
iiuire a fortune to bay one of tbem, elther. : at Montpelier house
Kead the advertisement carefullv
Wyman fi Wai.i.ack, Waterbury, are
aelliiiK 840 coon coata for S3T, and their 815
coata at g:tO, S'JO coata at, 815; also coata for
even leaa money, good value. Kxtra heavy
cotton at aix centa: best, prints, five ceuta;
ten and twelve atul a hali-ceut giughaiii at
eight and ten cents, and a giuieral reduction
In all ilepartmeiits, as they wiah to cloae
their entire stock.
Wiik.n on a visit, to lowa, Mr. K. Dalton
of Luray, Kuasell county, Kanaaa, called at
the lahoratory of Chamberlain fi Co., Des
Moiuea, to show tbem his six-year-old boy,
wb(M6 llfe had been aaved by Chaniberlain's
Cough Remedy, it baving cured him of a
very severe attack of croup. Mr. Dalton
ls certain that it saved his boy'a life and ia
enthusiastic in his praise of the Remedy.
For sale by C. Rlakely, druggiat, Montpelier.
Buy your carpet for springnow, and aave
money by going to the cloaing-out aale of
Wyman & Wallace, Waterbury. Carpets
from twenty-rive cents up; good-wearing
carpet for forty and Hfty centa; extra au
ners, best, sixty-two and oue-half cents.
Don't wait. They are going very fast, and
best patterns are the firat tobe takeu. This
is truly a grand opportunity.
For Sai.k. No. 1 pine lath, No. 1 eight-een-iiich
Bpruce shingles, mouldings all
kinds and made to order house tinish,
spruce, basa, butternut, aah, oak, cherry,
white wood, Alabama hard pine, Miidiigau
pine, tiooring of all kinds. Rought at the
milbjj will be sold heap for cash. Turning
done to order. All kinds of job work in
Ihe wooo-working line. lelephone eou
neetions. United States Clothea Fiu Com
pany, Montpelier, Vt.
Mr. B. 0. IioiiK.N of East Coventry writes
G. S. Furbish of Lynn, Masa,, that his worm
powders are the best. he ever used, and says
his two-year-old colt was in a very bad con
dition wben he cotiuneuced to use his worm
powders in the spring. He says he haa this
fall taken two premiums on him one at tlie
Kaatern Vermont Ureedera' Asanoiation and
one at the Orleans county (Vt.)fair. He
recomuiends tbem to all horae-owuera. See
advertisement in this issue.
" Despisf. not the day of small things,"
as the tiny pill (taken from a vial of Dr
Coi.onrl Harry K. I'arkrk of Bradford
graced the town Monday.
Colonri. F. K. Smith weut to Chieago
last Saturday for a week.
Thrrk is to be a dance at East Mont
pelier on Friday eveuing.
Mtss Mary Mci't.t'RR is in D. F. Long'.i
store dnring the holidaya.
Hiram B, Wkdok sulTered a slight shock
of paralysls last Thursday,
I'. D. ani I'. F. Bi.oikirtt of St. Johna
bury were in town Monday.
Dr. Ed. K. Mi'rray waa in town from
Worceater, Masa., laat Hunday.
li, W. I'ortkr haa opened a general mer
I'handise store at West Berlin.
E. E. 1'ifkr spends hia spare time teach
ing banjo to a large and growing clasa.
I'rofkssok S. J. Blanimrd and family aro
to board at the I'avilion for the preaont.
Juhm H. Skntrr attended tbe awell
demoonttto feed at Rutland last evening.
Auout Hfty from Montpelier attended the
Spencer RiHes' fair at Barre laat Saturday.
Washington county haa the hamlaomest
set of deputy sheritfs of auy county in the
OniOI E. HotVDUt, Esy , was called to
WaltsHeld, last week, by the illnesa of his
Missionariks from India and Cbina talked
to the people in Bethany churcb, last Sun
day evening.
John Burnf.y of Fitchburg, Masa., treas
urer of the Montpelier Slate company, was
in town yesterday.
Thk Sunday-achool ia to have Christmas
evening at the Cnitariau churcb, and will
be assisted by the choir.
Mr. asii Mrs. A. (1. Trut.an have been
visltingold friends in town, and returued
to New York on Monday.
Thk Kdith Itoss concert last Friday even
iiiK was au excellent entertaintnent. The
house was a beggarly one.
D. H. ROBIMIOR, ticket agent at, the Ceu
tral depot. is speudlng a ten daya' vaoation
al I'rince Edward's Island.
M iss
Pieroe'l Pleasaut I'urgative Pellete) said to I Bailev
tlie .lOO-poiind lnati, suiTeriuu from indiires-
tion. As a gentie, ttiorougli laxative, these
pellets reaemble uature more (doaeiy iu
their action tban anything before discov
ered. Busiuess and profcssional men,
wbose habits are sedeiitary, need some-
tliing of this kind to ward otT siek headache,
S J.
sister of Dr. C. A.
from au extended
bolidayt are juit reoeived at T. S. Bropby biliousness and dyspepsia, but whieh will
I1 STATE OF VERMONT, WaahliiKtou lllntrlct. 8.
In l'robate Conrt, helil at Montpelier, lu uud for Hald
DUtrlot, on the loth day of DMMnber, A. I). Wi:
OorrleM. Qreene, AiininiKlratrix ol the esule of
Frauk .I. Ort-rne, Isle of Waltatleld. lu nald IllNtrlet,
deccased, niakeH applieation to Hald Court, wlth the
consent and iiiiproliatlou iu wrllliiK of the helr of
naid deeeaneil, renldluK In the State of Venuont, for
IweiiHH to Hell all of Ihe real eKtute wf Hald defiflued.
nituHled iu Waltxfield, In naid Dl.triet , to wlt : F'nrin l
f ahout one hlindred and slxty aeres: aUo hoine I
plaee In vllhlKe wlth atiollt live acle.s of lalul. exrept
the widow't rieht of dower thereln. Iiut lueludlua i
Ihe hoinesleiid and reveralon of oalil dower, repre
Rentini; that Ihe sale thereof would he henelirliil
to the wldow, heirn and mlnor chlld of naid deceaned,
aud those luterested iu I i- eHtate, iu order
to convert said real etttate Into money. Where- i
iipou It 18 urdereil ity said ourl that said !
applieation he referred to a session thereof. to i
be held at the l'robate Clffiee, in said Mnulpeller. 1
on tlie 2tithdayof Deeetnber. A. I. Ihw, forl.earlnu
and declslon thereon; aud, it 1h further ordered,
that al) iMrsons Interested lie notitiil liereof. by
pulilleatlon of notlee of aaid applieation aud order I
Ihereon ihree week. Hiiccesstvoly In the KerfMfli
Waieknum & State Journal, ft n.w.P.p.1 publlshed
al Montpelier, iu thi. state, aud whieh clrculates ln
the nelahhorhood of those intereHled, hefore said
time of hearinK, that they may apiiear at said titne
aud plaee, and, if they see cause, object thereto. Ity
the Court. Atteit,
22-24 HIKAM CAHLFTON. Judae.
Jnsolbctuj) Uotires.
STATK K VKKMONT. WaaliiuKtuu Dlftrtot,W.
In the matter f Krunrls A. Alleu, juaolvciit
lu irVio'i ir iHtu cu
Kivet notlee of IiIb apitoiutuif nt tt.s nriMKUi of tlie
-The umlLrt.Ktiuil Ih r.
uBtttte of KrauctH A. AUrn of Warren, ln laid Ils-
Dfl '
on Det.tion of liln (rt'iHtor.
CHAK1.KS K. ,IOM s. - miuM.
Warren, Noveiuber 21, 18W2.
Tlie - Ilcm.M.Wiiv HISTOKVOI VvSHIN4i
TON OOUNTYi Vtirmom,-3 paK'i, eltantly U
luatratt il aiul hamUoiuely bouud tn cloth, Ia now
realy for ilelivory, wtth nnly a very Hmitcd HttHltMf oi
cot.iff Hpeak iiuU'k, or It wlll le too late. Toall ua
ttve V nnoiiteri, North, South, Kaat or Wi-Ht, noHurh
Christmas or New Year's Present
Can he found for only tfl.ftl), whhh always aold for
(eavolume J. HOLANll,
37 - b'H.i Mtreet, Moiiteller.
Our Stock of Furniture
is too well known to need
enumerating. We will only
add that our assortment of
TABLES is much larger
and more complete than
ever, and prices right. Give
us a call and be happy.
LiYWI of Veruiout.
SEsaioN or 1892.
"I'oeket editiou," now ready, einbraces
all the public acta. It ia priuted on good
paper, iu clear type, bouud in convenieut
and durable fortu, iudexed, aud is certltied
to by the secretary of state. No otber pub
licatiou will be made for aeveral weeks,
and none at all of this kind. Price sin'le
copies 15 centa; ten copiea, 1.00. Addi
tioual copiea at aaine rate. Addreas
Watchman I'ublihhinu Company, Mont
pelier, Vt.
Cor Mam aud E. State Hts (
Montpelier. Iieeemher 14 j
To all wlio are toukliiK for a plaee to huy
I uey wlll Uud a full llne of all klnda of Fauey (ioods,
Noveltles, Toyj, etc.ete.
, so say. Old Sauta Chtus, at
Al. Atlwton's Bargain Store,
No. 9 Htuwe Street,
Waterbury, Vt.
UuHineita Mere Mrutlon.
P I). corsets, at Wheatley'a.
Smokino jai kkts, at Karwcll'a.
Dkkssmakino at the alore of I. t', Vail
& Co.
A nkw lot of ueckwear for Chriatmaa, at
Satin uiiiiions, for holiday trade, at the
Misaes Fisk.
Don't forjjet to buy your best girl a fur
cape. Varwell haa them.
A lahue llne of Cbriatiuaa uooda at II.
M. Kales', X State atreet.
A fink line of gentlemeu'a alippera at
GriKK'. Waterbury, Vt.
Clkan your clothea with Caatiliau Creaui.
For aale at O. F. Long'a.
Maukkii Down!-Ilata and fancy feathera
at the Misaea Flak, 27 State street.
I.ADiKa' wool pauta aud veat from tweuty
uine ceuta to one dollar each, at Wheat
ley'a. Evekv one wauta a scarf-plu or a brooch.
1'hillips & Lucaa will ahow juat tlie one you
I will atauip free (tbia week only) all
lineu towela bought at my atore. D, S.
Wantkii -VeRetable cook, at once. Kx
I'orioiire QOtrequlrod. Iiuiuiro at Watch
man ollice.
DoLI. trunka, wardrobes, chilTouieres,
heds, eradles, carrlaKes, etc, at lioatoii
liuri;aiu store.
MiaaKa Aiuiik I.. AM llKaaiK I. IIainks
of Waterbury, Vt., are attendiiiK the Albany
BuiUWll t oilege.
To Hknt. llouae, No. 19 Uuhbard atreet
Hat h-rooin, furnace and gaa. Ajiplv (o O,
W. Wilder.
Souvknih apnona are atill the rage. A
new aud tlue variety can be aeeu at the
atore of Phllllpi & Lucaa.
Abk Phllllpa & Lucaa to ahow you their
bair-piua, lu tortoiae-ahell, aolid ailver aud
gohl a handaouie variety.
Towns wiahing to have the Board of
Agrlculture holil a aeriea of meetluga lu
their town wlll pleaae glve early notlce to
C. M. Winalow, secretary, Uraudou, Vt.,
& Co.'a, any of whieh would be acceptahle
to your most fastidious frieud as a Chriat
DQaB ofTefing. Kead the advertiaemeut ou
page eight.
What can make a better present for your
wife thuu a nice new aewing-machiue, and
where is there a machine equal to the White'.'
It certainly takes the lead, aud when you
waut one you can buy it from J. C, Griggs,
Waterbury, Vt.
Thk Capital Savinga Bauk aud Trust
Company pays depositors four per cent aud
taxes on suuis not ezceediug $l,f300, and
makes loaus on home aecuritiea at aix per
cent. It rents Hre aud hitrglar-proof de
poslt boxes for five dollars a year.
Thk tirtn uf Smith & Sotuerville of Water
bury have a change of advertiaemeut ou
page aix, iu wbicb. they invite attention of
lumbermen to their line of goods forium
bering. Their general line of hardware is
always complete and prices right.
In addition to hia heavy trucking buai
neas, Clark H Koberts has put ou tbe road
a siugle team. Paggage to aud from all
traiua. Care, rotuptneaa and diapatch at
live-and-let-live priees. Ofrice iu rear of
Exchange hotel. Telephonc couuection.
Invkstoks will read witb interest, may
bap prolit, the aunouuceiuen t of the
Farmers' Trust Company, ou another page.
Tlie iustitutioti is amongthe tuost cousci v
ative aud reliable iu the state, aud aecuri
tiea olTered by it arc always tbe lOUHdeat.
John J. Okkkn Suiumit, South Da
kota, thresbed '..410 btubel. of wheat, 4ti7
bnabeli of tlax uud over 1,100 buaheia of
oats, and will baVfl over l,fi00 hushels of
coru this year's crop. This is pretty well
for a fartu in the liai ren waate. I'itrrv Jour
nal. Wi.ntkk may be alow -oming, but it is
bound to get here, juat the aatue; aud when
it doea come, the fur goods adv&rtised to
day liy W. E. Adama will he dreudful handy
to have arouinl. His advertisement also
tells you what will do for " that boy " of
Thk near approacli of Chriatmaa atiuni
latea all dealers to renewed activity. Few
liues combiue ao many thinga useful aud
oruamental as does a well-aelected atoek of
furniture aucli, fur inatance, aa that of
Uleaaou & Co., advertiaed elaewbere in our
Ghioua has juat received for tbe cold
weather trade a flne liue of all kluda of
wartn goods for foot wear. Leggings and
overa, aud overahoea of every deaeripiiou,
for men und boya, ladiea or ehildren. Call
aud look at them, at Jl Stowe atreet, Water
bury, Vt.
iii plain and fuucy atylea, but no " fancy "
prices, at Shipman'a '' Old Kellable " aboe
atore. Alao wartn felt aud beaver allppera
aud wartn overahoea of varioua kinda. All
uaeful aud acceptahle, if not novel, aa
4'bristmas gifta.
Fivk ooi.i.aks will buy a bang-up reliable
WOO suil at, Wyman & Wallace'a, Water
bury. They have a large atoek of olothlOB
and ar bound to make prices wbicb will
oloae il out at once. Overcoata, youtb'a and
ihildreu'a clothiug at aurprisingly low
tlguies. Dnu't iniss the opportunity.
FoH a sore Ihroat there is uothliig better
than a Aannel bandaga dauipened wiih
Ohamberlaln'i Pain Baun. it will naarly
always affaot a cure ln one nigbt'a time.
This rcinedv is ulso a favorite for rlieinua
tUn and haa cured lnauy very aevern i ases.
Fifty-ceut bottlea for aale by (' Illakely,
druggist, Montpelier.
No mutter what otbera advertiae abotit
cheap goods aud low prices, eloaing out
salea, etc, you will at all tluies tlnd thu
ptiOM at Qrlgaa' shoe-atoro aa low aa any
plaee in Waterbury or Waaliiugton county.
Alao, the goodi are new, cleau aud freafi,
and eizea aud atylea juat what the people
want. Ordera by uiail will recelve careful
not atrain and rai k the digestive orgaus ius
did tbe old-taibloned ptlla, Twenty-Iive
ceuta per vial, at all druggiata.
St'MMKK in Winter. Within ten yeara
the developmetit of Florida has been re
mark ihle. Besides its increasing popular- l
ity aa a winter reaort, due to its delightful
climate, its growth in fruit and agricultiire
haa been almost iinprecedented, until now
tlie orange crop alone amounts to hetween
:),O00,tlO0 and 4,000,000 boxes annually, not
tn mention peachea, peari, grapea, straw-
berriea and otber aelioaoies, siune of
wliirh are at the baighl of their season in
Florida when New Kngland ia buried in
now. Moral Go to Florida aud enjoy
these luxuiies! Aiul go by the Clyde Line,
the most ecouomlcal and cotufortable roiite
See ailvertisemeiit, page aeveu.
At Lono's Bookstokk vou will liud
Christmas aud New Vear's jireaeiita for
your father, your tuother, your uncle or
your aUBtj youc brotber, your aister or your
cousin; for your pastor, your teaoher, your
hoys aud girls or frieud. Vou can Bnd all
the popular hooks iu all the uew bindings.
Family and teachers' Bibles all biudings
aud prices. Alhums, lap tablets; leather
goods in all varieties; opera, tield and mag
nifying glasses; gold peus, in peail, ailver ;
and gold holders: fountaiu pens, plain aud
gold muuiiled Mabie, Todd and Hard & J
Wateriuau's make. Gauies aud toysofall i
kinds; ploturei and frames in emiless va
riety; liaaketa in every atyle and prioSj
cracker jara, houbouieres. jardiuieies; glove
and bandkerohtal sets in leather and WOOd j
and a thousaiul aud one otber things all 1
of whieh are nice and the prices reaaonable.
" l.ooK lue latbfl faeel My lialue ls ' Mitfht-have-
been '
I aui aiso called No-inore,' 'Tuo late, ' Fare- i
The post who wrote the above must have i
heeu iu the last stages of couautuption. ;
I'erliapa he haa only learned, for the lirst
time, that if he had taken Dr. Pierce'a
Qolden Medioal Dlaoovery iu hia eariier ill-
neaa he would uever have reached hia pres
ent hopeleaa coudition! What can be more
aad tbau a keen reali.ation of what
' uiight have been?" Pbyaicians uow
adnut that cousumptlon ia aimply scrofula
lu the bluod attackiug tbe lung-tissiiea. It
ia never aafe to allow the blood to remaiu
impure, aud it is especially recklese, wlieu
aucb a pleaaaut, hariuleaa remedy aa Dr.
Pierce'a Golden Medical Diacovery wlll
drive every taint of scrofula or impurity
from the ayatem, cauaing a current of
healthy, rejuveuatiug blood to leap through
the veina.
ToOuh Keaukks. Wecaunot too strongly
urge upon our readers the uecessity of inb
OMDing for a family weekiy newspaper ol
the firat claaa sucli, for inatance as Thi
Iitdependent, of New York. vere we
ohliged to aelect one pnbllcation for hahit
4ial and careful reading to the exclusiou uf
all othera, we abould chooae iinbealtatingly
7'Ae Jiuli'fiendenl. It ia a newspaper, maga
zine, aud review all in oue. It ia a rallgioaa,
a literary, an educational, a story, an art, a
acientific, an agi icultural, a tlnaui ial, au in
Ofance and a political paper coiuhlned. It
has ihirty-two folio pages, ofteii iucreaaed
by from four to twelve, und twenty di'part
ments. No matter what aperson's religinu,
politlca or piufesslou may lie, no uiatter
what the ajM, sex, euiploynictit or coudition
inay he, 7'Ae IntiptMni Will prove a belp,
au instructor, an eilucator. Our readers cau
do no lesa tbau to aeud a poatal for a free
apecimen copy, or for twouty tlve cents the
paper wlll he sent a lliollth, euablitig one
judge of its merlt.H more erlticallv Its
yeaily aulsscription is J.'! 00, or at that rate
for auy part of a year. Address, JVu l,n,
pitUhit, P. Bol -7a7, New York uity,
FliKii JoNKa of Dover spent last Wednes.
day nigbt at llie Kevere houae, lu Troy, and
blew out the gas. In the moruiug liuwas
found aaphixiated, and it waa a long time
before be waa reatored to consciouateaa.
trip to Illinois and New York,
Chaki.f.s Litch, tneat cook at tbe Ex
change dnring session, has gone to the Pa
vilion. His plaee is taken by Miss Y'ork of
J. D. Brown returued to New Y'ork yes
terday. Eighteen valiiable horaea wbicb
he purchased in thia aection will be shipped
Bkut L.Taylor goea to New York, about
January 1, to take hoid of the Obtirvtr at
Hobokan, N. J., acroas the river from the
Thk Ladiea' Reading Club of t'hrist
Ohnrob Will meet witb Mrs. T. 0. Phiuney
on Monday eveuing, December 10, at half
paet seveu.
At the Thanksgiving party, last Thurs
day eveuing at Bethany chapel, a numbei
of "gifta were collected for the poor at
Mus. Gkohok BS, Tapi.in has been aeri
ously ill the paat week. The diaeaae is
pneumonia, uud tbe oritloal puint was
turned Monday.
Govkrnor Fcllkr has appointed George
W. Wing trustee of the Vermont state asy
Inm at Waterbury, vice Dr. W. H. Gid.
dlnga, resigued.
TWO blocks of granite, each weighing
34,000 pounds, have been shipped iu two
oari to Phlladelpbla by the Montpelier &
Wells Uiver railroad.
Amono the society iteina of the past week
inay be mentioned the fact that Miss Smith,
late boarder at Joslyn'a, haa returued to
her home iu Ludl ow.
Thk Montpelier district donation social
was held witb Mr. aiul Mrs A. B. Truax
last Thursday. Amoug the gifta waa St0
from the ladies to Mrs. Truax.
Lkon Cady of Barre has the houor of
beiug the sole occupant of tlie jail. He was
chargcd with the larceny of S71, aud was
unable to jirocure boiidsmeii lor S100-
Pkoi'i.k Lntending to load the poat-offlce
with Cbristtuas goods should get them iu as
qtliekly as poealDle. A registry fee of ten
centa will practieally inaure delivery.
Thk Nou-partisan Woman's Cbristlau
Teuiperance L'uiou will hold its regular
meeuna thil (Wedneaday) afteruoon at
three o'clock in Woman's Kulief t'orp.s hall.
Mks. ERA.sTca Caup has aold to Williaiu
Jackson u house and lot on Elm street, for
1,:00. Heury Fullertou haa aold to
Krank J. George laud ou Barre atreet, for
Thk Chautaiupia clasa will meet with
Miss Bailey, at 114 Elm street, next Friday
afternoon, at two o'clock, sharp. Rev. G.
W. Gallagber will speak to the clasa on
" Greek Philosophy."
Thk Wetmore & Morae Granite t'ompauy
iabuildiuga large kOUb for J. It. Case of
Kacine, Wis., aiul Btaffordi McGlyuu k
Oo, are tnukiug a 91,1X10 coluiuu die monu
menl for New Y'ork partiea.
Thkkr will lie a reuuion of Eagle campers
at the vestry of the Unitarian churcb on
Friday eveuing. All who have ever been at
the cainp, as pnpill or visitora, and tbe par
euta of pupils are cordially iuvited to lie
Uksolutions indorsing the adminlatra
tion of l'ostmaster (ieueial Wanamaker are
ou exhilution iu the post-otlice. The docti
inent is a clever piece of pen and ink work,
doue for tbe coiniuittee hy G. S. Wriht of
i HuisiMAS services at t'hrist cbiirch. Ou
Christmas are, at seven o'clock, the Suu
day scbool featival, with carol-siugiug and
the Christmas free. Cliristuias morniug at
o 30, morning prayer, boly coiuuiuuion
aud seriuou.
G. K I't tnam went to Barre last Mon
day to change tbe ticket ollice for the Mont
pelier & Wells Biver railroad. S. S Bal
lard ia now joint freight agent for the Mont
pelier and Barre roada and Kred W. Luther
ia joiut ticket agent.
Jamks M. Boutwkll waa uiuch disguated
laal waak when he learned that tlie laiom
of the big ateaiu ileniek at the I-augdon
uuarriua had hroken iuto a huudred piecea.
Iu liftiug a heavy atotie the chaiu broke;

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