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VOL. 87.-4523.
TerrfWo Striferlngl of Little Baby,
Sevrn Ooctors aii1 Two Hospltul.t
Fall. Cured by Cutlcura.
My Imby boy, B BOBthl old, nroko ont Wltb
OtOtDft. 1'he U'hlni( iind burnint whk iiitnn ,
Um Mions pr:ul tb his 11m bi, breaat, face, uui
boAfl. u.itil h IVM iinarly coveml ; Uf torturirm
aMUtf wt-ro piubla to bchold; he hud no pMvi
day, Ue was under Uttat
imnt at dltftTtllt ttlDM Ut
two honpitnls nud by cevct.
dnctors in thlfl city iHthoul
the leiint btBtal ; vi i
prencrlptlon of tho dortnic
wan faithfully trleii, but ll l
grew worne all the tll I
about por wt'i-k foi
DltdltrttlWi nnd was elfc
ttrciy dloonrfdi J por
Chancd C'UTirl'IU, Cl.Tl
'tritA. BoAPand CUTtCVlU
Ueholvfnt antl folluwto
Iho (iirvctlons to tho lotter. Itellef WM lmmoUlato,
I'm pti Ct'critiA wcre eurtedjindl rect and llMp
1-ntttedU Hi iteadlly impKVeil and In ntnc w 1
v ifl intlrely rurrd, and has DOW M Otetf a ikiii
Im : -i fair a boy um any mother rould wlih to Mf
n-"tinuuud every uiotbor to uso it for every Babj
80 W. I.
4 & $
Cuticura Remedies
The gteatlOt sklii r.ure, blood puriflor., and hut
nmaalM f mod.rn timn. iimtantly rellero :!.
nmnt , iic form. of HMIDI and psoiin
utnl .peetlllv, permanently, economlcally, aml
f.llibly cure ovory ipede. of torturing, dlcllitui i
hchlng, bnrnlng, blMdhsg, caiy, eraMadi i
pimpiy dUMUO. and humorBof tho .kln, .ealp, !
blo.nl, wlih los. of halr, frora infancy to I
Whetbet lmpli .crnfiilotia, or hereditary, !
bll olhcr luclhods atid boit phyaiclau. fall.
Bold cvcry whcro. "rico, CtTicriu.SOc.; Bo
2ftr ; UiaoLTaMT, $1. Pnpned by Um Pon
&& f'-nd for " Bow to Oure Skin DlseaM!.,"
-, 60 LUtutrmtioa,, aud loo iMttmaiiuli
niMl'I.ICS, Mackhcad", rrd, rough, Ohappod,
(if oily akin curL'd by CuTUH.itA Hoai'.
&VJ Fullof omfnrt for nMI'alnfl, Ir'
dtibi' Cuticum Antl-raln
'X- m23 tbo lii ?-t and only paln.k!lHng -tr-Hn?
ri mti-r. N' w, inatantaneous, and infalli
Our Stock of Furniture
is too well known to need
enumerating. We will only
add that our assortment of
TABLES is much larger
and more complete than
ever, and prices right. Give
us a call and be happy.
Or. Maln and K. Statc Sttt (
Mtmtjicliur, Decetnbor U )
0 Six Menths or Longer.
06 Less than Six Months.
Are tbc rate8 of interent puiri In tliu
or THE
First National Bank
Capltal paid In $250,000
Surpliis 50,000
Atlditlonal liablllty of Stock-
holder 950,00
MakttiK a total
Guarantee Fund of $550,000
For tlie lecurity of ttfpoaltorii.
ll. ll) K. 8MITII, riM-FTMidnti
w. B. ADAMH,
hankliiK bour. froni nlne A. M. Ip threa
P. M. All i coiillili'utlal.
F1. TLm Knton, Ca.Mhier.
Alady's finewatch four-teen-karat
gold filled ; jew
elled works ; stem-wlnd-er;
stem-set; a warranted
time-keeper ; a gem tu luok
at: This is the NEW
" Waterbury."
No cheap Swlss watcb can
compare wlth this perfected
product of American ma
chlnery and brainsj they
keep quality up and prices
down. Notacheap-looklng
watch, hut a low-priced one.
AKTBOB ROPKS Montpelier, Vt.,
Grneral Kdilor.
T. II. II(SK1NS, M. 1 Newport, Vt ,
Agricnlliiral Edttor.
Tkkms J2.00 a jcur; 81.00 for six moutlm;
llfiy MBtl for tlirno uiotitha.
The Watchman Pnblishing Company
At Montpelier, Vt.
Clubblng Liit.
Tlie (ollOWtBg offcrs aro for (ht liem'tlt
only of abvOrltMTI to thi papr who pay
all arrenraiJt'M ail a year'n HultHcrlption in
dvaDoe, One or more of the publioeAloni
niay 1 crclricd, bttt tlio iiioik'V for cacli, at
tlm olttb rafe, mtMt iBTSVAkbly ai company
tlif order. Tlie " clali-rat " i alwaya J2.0fl
lesH tlinn the afflonnt - ' in In tlie neconil
onlniiin 01 BStirMi
Aniprlcan nftnef
Arvna, TIip
AtUtltiO Moiithly
ttonton AilvortHnr
Mtwtoti .Fournal
Botten I'oHt (dem)
Cnrf.nl Bt.tory (oiarterty),
(Vntnry MEglliM
Cbrintlan Unlon
I'otta'e llpartli
Peniori'Rt'i Maptzlne
Karm I'onltry
Knruni, The
PMitktrr ivia
I'rtrr. MHl I'ttptr
l.iO 2.M
"i Ofi 8.00
400 .V2S
M 2.M
.m 2.4
... . 1.00 2.IW
1.00 2.80
I.M .100
4.00 H.80
2.W 4.10
M 2.90
t.m 3.00
m 2.s
5 00 ti.10
Frank LmII', llhntratertWeekly, 4.00 5.M
Frank Utilt.'l PopnUl Monlhly.. J.00 4..10
Krank LmUc'I SVJKtef MaRazlne. 2..W 4.10
Cood Hoimpket'pliiK 2..V) .'1.75
9od.y' Ladr'i Booi 2.w a.no
Harper'. rfflrWl"t IKI "',0
Flarper'a w. ekiy "0 o
Harper' DUU "0 VJ0
llarpi r' Youiik Peopll 2.00 3.60
lloine M.Kallne (Mr. Lntjan) 50 2.15
Hnimehnld I.M 2.8S
Independ.nt, New York J.KI 4.60
Kate Fleld'KWx'hlnKton 2.00 3.00
Uppineett'i HMfulM o 4.1o
Mtrror and Farm.i l.oo 2.50
Moitetl RMOrd 1 00 2.7
National Trlbvne. WMhlnston.., 1.00 2.0,
New Holland Uanudn. i.ot 4.50
New York llerald IM 2.S5
New York l're. dally J.00 4.00
New York Trililllie 1.00 5.50
: New Y.'rk t.eilirer 2.00 3.50
I N.w Tork World (d.m) I.N 2.H0
j North Am.rloan Rsri.w 5.00 6.10
our little Men and Women IM 2.80
Onr t.ittie onea and Rnnerjr IM 3-10
ponltrjr and Horae Keview 50 2.25
Panny 1.00 2.60
Peteraon', Magaalna 2.00 3.55
Popniar Betanea Monthly ft.M .lo
Pralrte Kariner 2.00 3.60
Borlew of Rerlewi s oo 4.10
Rliml New-Yorker 2.00 !.0
Seleutltle Amerlean 3.00 4.70
1 Serihner'. Mnu'ailiie 3.00 4.50
St. Nleliohi" Mairazlne 3.00 4.50
The Home-Maket 2.00 3.00
Troy Tlme. 1.00 2.75
Womanlrlnd l.ot 2.50
Wlde Awake 2.S0 3.60
To meet the. ilemand of many mbsoriben
" for a gooil Htor.y paper," wi have added to
our list the hest of all ntory papern, the
New York Kedier.
To a!! boay readen who winli to bo well
informed, but who have not tbe time to
read all the paper, aml periodioalf , we :an
not too biRblv commeud the Revicio of
RaoieiU (monthly) aml Current BtttOtJf,
a quarterlv reniater of curront eventi, in
our club list this year for the 1irt time.
Tiik combtnBjtton with tbe New York
l'rest adaily newHpa)r of the front rank,
is a rare one. In news and editorial writ
iiiK tbe Presn i one of the mosi popular
papcrn in tbe oountry brighti anterprUing
and Bplrited, We oommend tbi offer to tbe
attention of all who want a clean aud able
oity newspapOI with thuirstate paper. Send
for Nauiple inpy.
Tlie Law.s of Vcruioul.
Sbhsion of 1892.
" I'ocket edition," now ruaily, euibraees
all. the jiublic act. It is printed ou good
paper, ln olear type, bound in oonvenlent
and durable fom)i indezedi and is certiHed
to hy the aecretary of itate, No otherpah-
Lioation will be maile for several weeks,
aud none at all of this kind. Prlnp Inrtlo
topies l.r eeuta; teu copieH, $1.(X). Aibli
tional ooplefl at sauie rate.
Wah hman I'ub. Co., Montpelier, vt.
BlMlmil Mere .Heulion.
I.aws F Vkhmont, Skskion of 1N1I2. The
Watchman I'oc ket Kilitiou is uow reaily
for dellvery, Bingle oopiee by maii, to any
addreM, lilleeu ceuts.
1' D. coKSKTS, at Wheatley's.
Dkkssmaki.vo ut the storo of Mrs. I, 0,
Vail & Co.
Satin kiuuons, for holiday trade, at the
Misses Kisk.
A hamwomk oak siileboard for 815, at
UleaMou & Co.'s.
Ci-kan youi olotboj w ith Castilian ('reain.
For sale at 1). K. Ijonij's.
t 'uiNA ezblbitlon aud nalu at Mrs. A. O.
OununllW'i Friday afteruoon.
Makkkii Down! Hals and fancy featbers
at tbe Missi s Kisk, 'J7 Slate atreet.
I.aiuks' wool pants and vest froiu twenty
nlne cents to one dollar each, at Wbeat
ley 'h.
Kvkhy one wants a si:arf-jiiu or a brooc.h.
Pbilltpi & Luoai will sbow jiist tbe one you
I wii.i. Itanip free (Ibia week only) all
llnen towels boubt al inv store. D. S
Wa.ntku. Vegetabla cook at once. Kx
perlenoe uot ri ipiired. Inquire al Watch
man pflM
QaOMI B. Hkvkui.k in Uiwn. (Jnlers
for tuntng left al I, uig's bookstoro will bo
attended to tirst.
SoI'vkmk ipooOJ aro still tbe rai;e. A
new aml flne varii ty rau he seeu at tho
store ol Pbllllpa it I.110U8.
Ti'Fis t'oi.LKUR Kleo club, one of the lin
ehi in ibe coiiulry, at ltlanidiaril Opera
boUM, .Mouday eveuliiK, Jauuary 2.
FOE an enUtQeratlon Oi many things that
rould prove aenilbla OhriHluias ijifts, see
A.danm' advertlaepaaat on page eigbt.
Burruu, , i n , and olh-fkks! a
lai jjo lot of theiii, aud very protty ones, at
(inK"', No. 31 Stowe street, Waterbury, Vt.
S0LDIKH8, sobliers' wldowsaud dependeut
relatlves, entitled to penatons under tbe new
peu.iou law, Hbould neud to T. J. Deavltt,
Montpelier, vt., for a olronlar oontalnlng
tbe law 111 f 11 II.
Ask I'billips Sl I.noas to sbow you tbelt
halr. pin, in tortoiaeihell eoltd Ilyer and
gobl a bandtottie yarlety.
OLIAWM a Co. are ibowlDg tbe greatest
varioty of furniture in odd pleoei or sets for
tbe Cbristinas trade ever aeen in Mont
pelier. BnTOH of Wasiiinoton County, Vt.,
by Mrs. Benenway, is adyertleed on tbe
tbird pHgo. It ( "tbe ebanoe of a lifo-
Oo to No. 28 State atreet, and Pbllllpa 4
Iiiicaa will abow you a uovel varii ly of new
and beautiful olooka, in prices frolu 812." to
80 eaeh.
Thk adyerttaement of Al. Athertou,
Waterbury, Vt , appears on tho sixtb paije.
Holiday preseuta, at reasonablo prices, in
PtQLUn Luc'As bavo a flne assortuicnt
of new aud rii h patlerns in silverware, botb
aolid aud platcd, OOmpriltnH inany rare
I.ady Ki.aunky at tbe Opora-bousc, De
oetnber 98, Irisb comedy Anna Ward
TilTany, tbe coiuedienne. See advertiai'-
mentj phro eight.
Fouh dayi rnori in wbiob to g i your
Obriatmai ilede, rookera, deeke, book.
caaes, side-boards, bat-trees, tuirrors, etc,
al Gleason !k Co.'s.
Mks. I. ('. Vaii, & Co. have a stuall lot of
obitdren'a nice winter coats wbicb tbey
wlsh to cloae out very cheap. Coine aml
see before purchasing elstiwhere.
Jl'ST a few left of those splemlid Washing
ton county hiitoriei afovolttme aotnally
being giv. n nway at 81 50, Tho plates alone
coat over 82,.rOb. (See advettiseincnt on
tbird page )
Fkank K. (iHiuog ia ready to take aub
BOriptlona for any luaga.ine or paper pub
lllbed, Any one wisbintr to lubioribe, or
renew a suhscription, can do so at tbe news
sland, 21 Stowe street, Waterbury, Vt.
Chkistmas ooooa at tbe store of I. 0. Vail
& Co. Handkerobiefa and all sorts of
baskols, besidos a tlno line of Ohriltma,
gilts of every description ; also fancy work
You may be happy yet. in securing one of
tbe forty-cight (asb prizes, from 810 to 8100,
for Poema on Eaterbrook'i Pens, Send
poetal to Beterbrook & Co., 20 John atreet,
tor eirculara.
Diamond rings from 80 upwards; dia
mond aluds, ear-jowels, scarf-pius aml
brooches -in faot I'hillips & I.ueus are head
quartera for diainomls.
Thi spcciai ofleraof handkerohiefa by tho
Barnard, Butnuer .V I'uinam Uompany are
oontinned, Beldom doea opportnntty ooonr
to pnre tbe clasa of goods now offered at
ao low prices. See page tive.
Mii.i.iskky of every deacription at tbe
store oi 1. C. Vail & Co. will be aold at eost
and less for tbe uext two weeks. People
coming to towu for Cbristtuas goods will
pleaae oome in and buy a bat,
Thkrk is no end to the beautiful thinga
to be aeen in dry gooda torea,attbbj aeaaon,
aml T. S. Brophy Co. abow an unusiially
ftttractive stoi k from wbicb to aoloct glfts.
See auvertlaement, page eigbt,
Don't wait for tbe winter to paaa before
tooking for oloaka narked dowu, but oome
aml aee 1110 aud 1 wili ael you a jaoket for
82, 84, So.50, 18.80 and 9 60 nearly twenty.
tive por ccut, discouut. I). S. Wbeatiey.
Ofai,, garnet and all varioties of oholoe
atone ringa, for ladiea, genta andohildren;
also plaln gohl rings, oval and tiat, can be
seeu at No. 28 State atreet.
In their advertiaement, on page eight
Webater & Co. endeavor to "belp out"
buycrs of Christmus gifts who are umle
oided a- to wbat. they will select. The BUg-
geationa offered by this flrm are wortbyof
oonaideratton, lti;ad them,
Thk Capltal Savings Hank and Trust
Coiupauy pays dopositors tonr por cent and
taxea on BUttia not exceeding Sl,600, and
makea loans on homo aeonrluea at six por
oent, It ronta tiro and burglar-proof do
poait boxes for tive dollars a year.
In addltion to bla heavy truoklng buai-
ness, Clark B. Koborts bas put on the road
a llngle team. llaggage to and from all
traina. Care, promptuess aml dispatch at
livo-and-letlive prices. Otlice in rear of
Excbange botel. Telepboue Oonneotlon,
Chains! Wo have neck-ehains with pen
dauts, for ladiea and childreu, also watch
ohalna for ladiea aud genta, Of oourae you
want a cbarm, too. Pblllipa & Luoaa.
Ladiks' and Gknts' (hbistmas Slippkrs
in plaln and fancy at.vlea, but no "fancy"
prices, at Sbipiuan's " Old Heliable " sboo
store. Also wariu felt aud beaver slippors
and warm ovorsboea of various kinds. All
useful aml acceptable, if not novel, as
Uhrlatmaa gifts.
Holiday Goods. A large line of useful
and fanoy articles to soloct, from for botb
old aud young. Toilot, manioure aml com-
blnatlon aeti in oak aml oellnloid oaaea In
great vai iety. We are pieased at all tlmei
tt) abow goods, whothor you purchase or
not. Call white tho aaaortment is com
plete. W. K. Terrill & Co.
Knohavk on the tablot of your braiu tbe
fact tbat tbe larger tbe rate of Intereal
promiaed, tlm greater tbe cautlon ibould
l)e in placing your money. Tho 1'ierro
(BOUth Dakota) Savings Bank otlors well
aecurod paper, boariug six and aeven por
cent interest, all of wbicb will be proluplly
paid, at maturity, at plaoe of saie.
You will flnd a full line of ladiea' aml
gents' gold aml silvor watohei, Inoludlng
Iho Waterbury in gold-filled, silvor and
nlokel cases, at tbe store of I'hillips &
Mh. J. 0. H08WKLL, 0110 of tbe best
known aud inost respected clti.ens il
Ilrciwnwood, Toxas, sulTorod with diarrhOM
for a loug time aud triod niariy ditfcrent
remedies without benelil, uiitil Chumlioi
lain'a Colic, Cbolera and Dlai rboaa Reuiedy
waaused; tbat relioveil biiu al once. Kor
salo by C. lilakoly, drnggist, Montpelier.
Thkhk are many vetorans who have
claims for pensions pendlng that WOUld do
well to couault James K. Curran, Mmn
pelier, Vt., who has bad over six yoars' cx-
perlenoe'aa a apeoial exaxniner and Utbor-
oughly fainiliar with all the laws and rulings
of tho department, He makos increaae aud
rejected claima a apei-ialty. Adviee free.
Fok Salk. No. 1 pine lath, No. 1 eight-een-iucb
apruce abiuglos, moublinga all
kinds aud made to ordor bouse linish.
pruoe, basa, butternut, aab, oak, oherry,
white WOOd, Alabama bard pine, Mioblgan
plne, flooring ofall kinds. Hought al iho
milla; will bo iold oheap for cash. Turning
done order. All kinds of Job work in
tbe wood workiug lini!. Telepbone oon
nectiona. Uuited Statua Clotbea Pln Com
pany, Montpelier, Vt.
Mn. 11. C. itoDK.N of Bait Ooventry, Vt.,
writoa undet dato of Marcb 14, 18!rj,' to Mr.
Oeorge 8. Kurblsb, l.ynu, Mass., aayiug
thal be bas used aoveral kimls ol worm
paadiolne, aml ims lound nona oipmi to
Purblab'a. Tbereaulta iiave baan ao aatla-
factory tbat one colt, who waa givcu up tu
dio at tbii age of tbree monlbs on aOOOUOI ol
WOraUi wben be commoncoil using Fur
blsb's Worm I'owders, ao far rocovored thal
it will now ruu auywbere. See advertUe.
inenl on page throc.
A dkad sbol right at tho soat id dittoolty
ia accompliabed by tho auro and ataady aiiii
of Dr. Sage's Calarrh KciikmIv. DonM l""l
around with a pop-guu, uor a " lliut-lock,"
wben this reliable " Winchoster " is wltbiu
reacbl Dr. Sago's tioaimonl of calarrh is
far lUpeiiol to the onlinary, aud wheu di
reotlOM aro reasonahly well f dlowod, ro-
auits iu a narmauant oure. Don't longei be
iudiffereut to tbu varlfled claiius of thia uu
failiug remedy. Flve hiiudred dollars is
offered, in good faitb, for au im:urablo oate
of i!Hlarrb in Iho hoad, by ita propriotnrs.
tlm World'a Dispensary Modical Assocla
tion, HufTalo, N. V. At all drugglats.
" At TRI Sion of tiik VVun K Swan," a
taie of old Pennaylranla, bj oiiver L, Wlb
aon. PnblUbed by Kstea & Lanrlat, Bol
ton. "UtinY and Rdtbt," by lllnnle H
Panll, Poblbibed by Rate, & Latirtat, Boa
IOO prico, 81. " HlLDKOAIlDF.'a HllMK," bv
Lanra B, Riobarda, Pnbliabed hy Bataa &
Laurlatj Boaton; prloe ?i. All Ihree of tho
above booka ar atoriea for young folk,
bealtby iu moral, entertalnlng in dtalojrue,
aml intoroatlng from chapter llrst to llnis.
They rnay bo prooured for holiday gifta at
I,ong'a bookstore.
O. W. W11.DKK invltea attention to a
cboice sebetlon of calemlars, Cbristinas
oarda, a yery flne aaiortment of famiiy and
teacbers' Blblea, gift, books for old aml
voung, Inolttdlng a large variety of toy
books, gHinos, nlhuins, writing desks and
lap tablets, flne atatlonery, gold pens, etc,,
etc. Alao a large varioty of vocal and In
atriimontal folios, new and popular mttalO
aml luuaic books, pianos, organs, guitars.
I banos, tnanilolina, violina, aecordeons,
pbonobarpi, autoharps piano stools, piano
1 chalri, mUIIC racks aml cabinets, aml otbor
: muaioal gooils. Hoad of Slate street, Mont
! polior, Vt.
Mh. .1. I. Hlaizk, an oxtensive real es
tate clealor in Dos Moiuos, Iowa, narrowly
escaped one of the aeverest attacks of
pneumoniu wlule in tbe nortborn part. of
tbat state dnring a recent bllEKard, aays tbe
Satwriay Jtevitw. Mr. Blalae badfoooaalon
to drlve sevoral milos during tho storm, aud
was 80 tboronghly Cbllled tbat be was un
able to get warm, aml insido of an hour
after bis return he was throatened with a
aevere oaae of pneumonia or lung fever,
Mr. Klaize sont 10 tho nearosl. drug sloro
aml got a bottle of Chamberlaln's (ougb
Remedy, ol wbicb be bad often board, and
took a number of large doses. He saya tbe
efleot was WOnderful and in u sbort time be
was broathing iuilo oasily. He kept on
taklng the medtcfne, and tbe nezt day waa
able to oome to Dos Moines. Mr. Blatse ro-
gards bis oure as almply wonderful. For
aale by C. Hlakoly, druggist, Montpelier.
Aut'TioN salk of tiinber land and mill
pronertj Jamea w. Brook, admlniatrator
of ibe estate of L. T, Kinney, will aell at
atictlon, January 3, tho property known as
Kinney a milla in Marabfleld, compriaing
1,250 acres of land in one body, moltly tlm-
berad laml well oovered with vaiuabiotim-
ber aml wood. The railroad dividea tbe
tract nearly iu tbe center. Siding and shed
at the milU), The milla, niachinery, water
power, hoardiiig-house, tbree tenement
hooaea all in good oondltlon arelncluded
in tho salo. TI10 macbiner.y OOmprbttM three
water-wheela, clrcular aawmlll and a quan-
tity of wood-working machinory, saws,
planera, matcbers, etc. Ten acros ol timber
lan I, not oonnected wltb tbe mill property,
will also be aold, aml bay, loggiug utensila,
farm toola, etc, etc. For furtber particu
lars aee btllK
" I.ki tubk on Fooi.s! Aomit O.vk!" A
gentleman who leotured on toola printed
bis tlcketa as above, Bnggeatlve, oertainly,
and even aarcaatic. Wbat toola they aro
who sullor tbe inrnads of dlaeaae wben they
migbt be oured. Dr. Plerce'a Oolden Medi
0a DUcovery is aold under apositiee iuar
antei "f iis benefltlng jr ouring in every
oaae of liver, bloixl and lung ulaeaae, or
money paid for it will be cneerfully re
funded, ln all blood talnta and impurltlea,
of whatovor name or nature, it is moal iis
Ifive iu its curative effecta, Plmpdea,
blotcbea, ernptiona, aml al. skin aml aoalp
diseases, aro radh ally cured by this won
derful medlcine. Sorofuloui uiaeaae may
atfoct tho. glanda, oauaing awelllngi or
tumora; tbe bonea, caualng " fever-eorea,"
" white awellinga," " bip-Jolnt dlaeaie;" or
tho tlaauea of tho lungl, oauaing pulmouary
oonaumption, Whatever its manlfeatationi
may be, "Goldou Medloal Dlaoovery "curea
Montpelier and Viclnity.
Lutwaov Vkkmont, Skssion of 18il2. Tbe
Watcbuian I'ocket Edition is now ready
for dellvery. Single copies by mail, to any
addreas, tiftcou cents.
BCROOLI open Monday, January 2.
Mhs. J. E, Almon is convaleacent.
IlANti up your guaaetted boae, girls.
Thk banks will close on Monday at noon.
Mks. F. II. Kmkky has been quite IU with
Mbs. Hknky Coub was in Burlington last
Thuksday is ladies' nigbt at the Apullo
Ed Nash of St. Albans was in towu last
A. G. Fay is to open a law oflice at I.an
caster, N. H.
Colonkl Fkkd E Smith bas returned
from Chicago.
Cakl J. Glkason is at bome from Am
hersi College.
A skatlno riuk is being built 011 tbe Sem
Inary oampna.
Mrs. Chaklks Uf.kdIs recoveriug from a
week's illneaa.
ClTBTII F. ABBOTT and daugbter were in
towu Tuesday.
Jkssk 8. Vilks has bougbt tbe Towner
farm iu Korliu.
Mus. B. E. Tow.nkr aud child are iu
Manchester, N. II.
Gf.orok C. Aliikr is convalesciug from
bis altack of fever.
Misa LitJOT ,1. HtTt'HiNa ia bouie from
Fori Rdward, N. Y.
Mrs. t'. A. Hkst bas beeu contlned to ber
room by a bard cold.
tlut Josik Truax ia in Bropby'l store
durlng llie bolldaya.
t'ii.uNF.L A. O. Gatks of Morrisville waa
In towu last Saturday.
Kowin La.nk's bidof 85,500 for tbe Atklna
bouse waa the only bid.
Holiday ihopplng bas monopolized tbe
local ovents of tbe week.
Miss Dora Hodgdkn auil Mra. I.. D. Taft
have gonO to Deuver, Col.
MlHH DiBiiY and Gback Hawkins are
topplng on Seminary Ilill.
E. M Iuish baa been ill for aeveral days,
threatenci! with pneutuouia.
To.m McDkrmott, ill at tbe Montpelier
Houae for loutfl time, ia convaleacent.
Mrs. Gkohuk K. Taplin Ia recoveriug
from ber aerioua attack of pneuinonia.
Kldon C. Clooston baa moved from Ber
lin alde to a uow houae on Kidge atreet.
Miaa Hakrikt Husk ia hoine from Miaa
Whittciuore's acbool at Moutvale, Maaa.
Mus. K. 1". Walton baa returned from
Brooklyn, Her brotbet ia much bettor.
T. W. DOMABDI goes to Tainiia Bay, Fla.,
about January 10, to play in au orchostra.
F K. IiKmi-lk went to Boston last Satur
day night, a.'couiiauled by K. C. Bowera.
Thk MolhoiliNi ladies' aiil society has a
sociable thia eveuing at Mra. Orriu Daley's.
Thk post-otbce will be open next Momlay
from eight to ten A. M., aud from four to aix
r. m .
Fivk couploa froiu bore attendeil the
dance at Kast Montpelier laat Friday evou
iug. liKoiioK K. Whitk drove to Hyde l'ark
last Bunday, to vlslt Hon. E. C. White, bll
D. II. U0111N8ON. Central ticket agent, baa
returned from bis visit to Prluce Edwanl's
W11.1.IAU Noyks was aurprlseil, Monday
eveniug, by a visil from twouty of bis Grand
Anny frionds and tboir wivea. It was the
anniversary of hia aeveuty-aixlb birthday.
Substantial evidenc e was left. ln thl rtn
of gifts wbloh abow tho osteem Iu 1I0D
be is bold by bis couiradcs.
Mrs. Grokok H. Smilik of Hardwick Ia
vlslling Mr. and Mrs. Josoph Fisbei. ber
BnalltMlRg January 1, tbe WMb ofpi iver
will be obaerved at Bethaoy oburoh 1 very
Mr. and Mrs. Frkd W. Mmrbr went to
New Jersey, last Mcnday, to speml the
JosF.pn A. Wino and Rlraffl A. Buf go
to St. Jobnsbuiy to-day, to attend Caledonia
county oonrt,
Mhs. John Dkmkkitt was just allve yea
tenlay afteruoon, and deatb waa mouiunt
arily oxpected.
A aootAx aaaembly was beld in B irltn
ball, last Friday eveuing, with inusic by
Gideon's band.
Statmn Aoknt Thompson bas recovored
from a lerrillc attack of tOOtbaobe, and
penl Sundav in Boston,
Tiik annouucoment was UnlnteUtloually
Omltted. last week, that. John fl'Gradv had
returned from tho liastile.
Edwin I.ANK of LjMMabOfO bOUgbl the
Hlram Atklna houae, on Blm street, at auo-
tion, last, week, for 0,000.
Frank IT. HontNsoN apparently did not
like Boston. He is once more obODOlna
cod-lisb for Frank M. t'orry.
I'rokkssor Gkokiik H. Ei.morf. is to get
up a " living wbist" etitertaininont for tbe
I'nitarian obnrob noxt moutb.
I'kksidino Eldkk Truax oondnoted a
(piarteriy meetlng at Gaysville, last Satur
day, aml proacbod thore Sunday.
Mus. Jamks D. I'.iker of New York waa
called to town Ust, week by tbe illneas of
ber mother, Mrs. John Demerritt.
T. F. (Jolton baa been olocted presidont,
Will Smith vice-presldont, and Med Bailov
aecretary of the Betbany TopicCluh.
John Cottkk. tbe enginoor Injured in tbe
freigbt wreck last week, has been taken to
bis bome in Northfield, aud is rapidly mend-
Thk Woman'i Chrlatian Temmranoa
Union will meet with Miss Bllca Kublee,
next Tbursday afteruoon at tlftcon minutes
of tbree.
Mrs. E. D. Hydf. bas issned invitations
for an entertalnment at ber bome, Thuraday,
wben Frod W. Banoroft will give bis ba'l
lad lecture.
Mks. H. C. Wf.rstkr, Mrs. VV. 0. Taplin
and Horace H. Serihner bavo preseuteil
four pcdestal aproads and bauners to the
local lodge of Ocbt Fellows.
Fhf.d W. Bancroft returned from New
York laat Saturday, no ot nrnnoi bimaell
as much pieased with bis vhnt, and bll kind
entertaineri at the matropolia.
Kvkhy time Dr. I.am o has been aeen on
the atreet this week it baa bw ;u oompany
with Bome luan who had a DOCM to sell, aud
was tilling the Doc. up with poiuiers.
Thk band gavo a t: 1 1 oanada oonoerl and
ball at Capltal ball list Saturday nigkt.
There was not. a spocially corpulent attend-
auc.e. Danolng began after nineo'olook,
FlrTKKN granite cutters aro albged to
bavo struck at tbe worka of Jarvis Broth-
ers, Kast Montpelier, last Momlay, OWlng
to tbe lirm's einploying tou many appren-
Tiik dear girls have arranged a leap-year
ball for December 30 at the Pavilion, As
tho invitations wero sont out before Cbrist
inas, it would seeui but wbat au unworthy
Thk ten a. m. train ovor tbe Central
Vermont now backs Into Montpelier as it
did during sossion. Tbe morniug mail to
Barre is now a " through expross " ti Vi!-
Thk Ohrlatmai featlval at. OhrUt ohnroh
will bo bold Saturday evening. Tbe church
bas beeu very prettily triminod wlth ropo
eedar, under tbe etlicient supervisiou of
Frank 11. Joiliffe.
Christmas nigbt the Bothany Sunday
scbool will bobl a aervico in the church,
and Monday evening, in the vcstry, u Cbrist
inas tree with reindeer attacbiuouts has
been arranged for.
Thk National I.ifo Insiirance Company
bas issued its calenclars for 1S93, Tbey are
haudsoiuc Utbographa, in blaok aml white,
reproaeuting tho inain ontranco to tlie 00 m
pauy'8 hoine offlce in Montpelier.
Thb Young People'l Frateruity of the
fjnltarlan church bold an experionce moot
iug, Tbursday eveuing, at wbicb each
member will oxplaiu in wbat way be or
sbe earned a plunker for tho poor.
Mrs. John H. Mi.mms of St. Albans
slipped on tlie ice and full, wbile walkiug
on fligh atreet, iu tbat towu, last Saturday
muruing, aud broke tbe tibia of ber right
leg a few Inohea above tbe auklo,
Thk Ittbjeol of ltev. G. W. Gallagher's
muruing diaoourae at Bothany church, Sun-
day mornlng, will be "A Ohrlatmai Uarol."
In tho eveniug the Sunday-school will bold
its auuuai Obnatmaa entertalnment,
Hkrt I". Wkston and Miss Sadie Nioholl,
daugbter of George I.. Nichols, were mar
riud laat Wodnesday eveuing, at tho reai
dence of the bride's fatber. Rev. G. V.
Gallagber porforniod the coroinouv.
John W. Skvkranck, oompoaltor in tbe
Watchman otlice, aud Mrs. Lydia Itusseil
of Franklin, Vt., wero marriod lasi Wednei
day by Rev, A. N. Lewis. They took a
bort trlp to Montreal aml other placea of
Thk Industrial Bobool is to roceive a
Cbristmiia treat from tho Klng'l Daugbteri,
noxt Saturday ufteruoou, iu tlie rooiua at
Mrs. Dillon'a. The little girls have ttnllbed
their bod-ouilt aud are uow maklng aprous
for tbeiuaelvea.
Thk Odd Fellows have elected tbefoh
lowing otlicora: 0, P.,0. K. Bagloy; II I'.,
A. V. Templeton; 8. W., R. B. Wbitney;
J. W., J. H. Senter; treaanrer, D, W. Dud
ley; acribo, F. E. Siuith. Tbe installation
will occur Jauuary ti.
An explosion of napbtba in the bouai ol
Itobert Cook, on Hlllafdi il reet, laal Wednea-
day, caused a tiro tbat lltghtly damaged tho
building. Mr. aud Mrs. Oook were burned
about the hamls. Tbe tlre department was
on band with its uaual promptueaa.
Mbs. a. c. Bbown Invlted tbe Bbake
apeare club to meet at her bouse laal Satui
day eveniug, to coiumeiuorate tho birthday
of the poet Whlttier, Orlglnal poema on
Wbittier were read by Mn, A. O, Cum
niirji and Mra. H. N. Oroai, Olarenoe
Whlttier was uuahle to be preseut.
Thb "Two Thieves " was prodooed al
Blauchard Opera-houao, last Tburidaj
eveniug, by au itiuoraut band of ha111l.it
ters aml barnstormors of tbe moit palnful
variety. Nothing quitl ao (atlgnlng has
beeu pnrvoyod to us for a loug 1.
'Twere tiitlery to even describo tho por
Dr. Ivkmc was auiumouod to Iho Center
011 Friday to dross a wouml wbicb Uortei
A. Diugwull bad luado iu bis fool wlule
cboppiug for Austiu Templeton, The
wouml bled profusely froai a MVCred arlery
aud six atiiehea wero uec-ssary to close tbe
wouml. " He iiiust bo qutM a obopper,"
was ibe Dootor'i ooramvnt,
Jim and E.voa drove a p.iir of Mtf'k Ut
Morrisville, tbe otbor day, aud bonghl a
borse wilb four white legl aud a white
boiid. Tho rhlo bome was wild aud excil
ilig. Nuar Woicoaler tbey wero allaekc d
by a panther, or " paiutor," as ibe uatlVOI
culled it, but they drove tbelt ipUN through
the bottom ol tbe sloigh, aml made good
their escape. Olher " paiutois " bavo ap
peared ainco.
Followimi is iho programme (or t'hiiat
inua day at Cbriat church: March of tbe
Prieala, Mendelsaobn ; Aiilhem (in K tlat),
Vlnceut; Veuite Exultamus, Beetboveu;
Glorla Patrla, (HMi tone); Te Deum tn I!
mlnor), Buoki Jubllate Do., (in FhBohll
ling; Twonty lifth Hyiun, ( AdcMte Fideli m;
Kyrie ideison, Mozart (arranged by Whir
iwj); Glorla tlbl, Van Vleui Twentietb
Ilymn, Srbiiinan-Warren; Offortory, Slars
ton. Thk Deoembef number of tho Barre l'rt
byttrlan (No. 1, Vol. III )contiinsablrdseye
vlew of Barre vlllage. This number ia au
unuanally attraotlve one as to oontenti,
and is printed on lino ealemlered book papni
Rev. K. W. Cummings, tbe editor, ihoWi
oommendable enterprbia and pnab in maln
talnlng the publloation of tbe Prnbgttrtm.
and exbibita all the marks of aucceasful
journallam in bis adltorlal work aml man.
At the annnal meetlng of tbe Eastem
Stnr, last week, tboso ollicera were elecied
Georgo W. Wing, wortby patron j Mrs.
JennTa B. webater, wortby matron; Mrs.
Blla D. (Joltlni, aasociate matron; Mrs.
Lenora Oolby, oondnotreaij Mra. Buala
Templeton, aaaoolate oonduotreaaj Mrs
Viola Billings, treasiirer; Miss Sadie Wing,
aecretary, tnatallatloni will occur on Jan
uary 10, wben the appointed ollicera will bo
1'ollowino is tbe programme of Cbriat
maa momlog aervloe at tho Church of tbe
Muiitah, on wbicb oooaiion tbe oboir will
bo assisted by Mesara George A. Knapp
aml Carl Bnepardi Andante paatorale.
Beetboven: Obrlatmaa carol, Tyroleaei Old
Hundred; Te Deum iu E Bat, Baumbaohj
Qloria, I'erring; Tho Star that Now is Shin
Ing, King; The Holy Child, soprano solo,
Bbelley; Hark, Hark, with llarps of Gold,
Hanscoin; Nazaretb, Gounod, arranged by
Buck; Fostivul Marcb, Gounod.
David St. Vitus Barton, the itlnerant
pencil peddlor, shook bis way into County
cierk Bmllie'a offloe, yeiterday, and alteged
tbat be bad been robbed of about twonty
dollars. David bad been ilrinkiug heavlly
the evening before, aml wben be advaneed
so far in bis eups that bis centripetal mo
tiou overcame the centrifngal, he could
wulk protty straigbt. Ho atatod tbat he
had apont tbe nigbt with Pete Amo, Amas,
Ainat, or some otbor amoroiis Individnal,
and tbat wben bo caine to in tho morning
bis pile had goue. J. H. Lucia took tbe
oaie in band.
Dr. J. D. Lanci waaezpeoted homo from
Barre on tbe six o'clock train, last Frida.v
evening, aud bla manat-armi atarted to
drive to the itatlon to meet blm, He came
down Maiu atreet at about a three-mlnute
Olipi and iwung around tho coruer of State
street in Ityle. Tbe boy landod noar Taj)
lln'l store- loor, wbile tbe hor.se struck Teh-
riault'i job team, broke a fore legandfell,
Shortly aftorward its miseries were onded
by a blow from an ax. Tbe uiare bad beeu
Owned by tbe doc tor for several years aud
was blgbly ralned by blm,
Thkrk was a meeting of college mon at
tbe probate offloe, on saturday evening, to
oonatder tho queation of organiatng a " Vn-
versity Cluh. ' Five collegos were repre
aented Yale, Dartuiouth, Amborst, Cuion,
and Wesbyan. All preseut favored tbe
project, and the meeting was adjonmed to
Monday evening, December 26, at tiie pro
bate offloe, at lialf-past aeven, wben tbe
organlaatlon will take plaoe, In tbe mean
time, any Infonhatlon upon tbeobjeota of
the proposod club will be given by Judge
Carieton or Rev, a. N. Lewis.
Eaolk oampera and frionds, to tbe number
of about soventy tive, gathered In tbe Uui
tarian vostry, last. Friday evening, and en
joyed a ploasant reunion. Eightcen of the
boyi in oamp last season and a large num
ber of young ladies attendod. George W.
Porrv preaTded. Tbe eveuing'a exercisos
Inolnded readinga, reoltatlom aml siuging,
particlpated in by Harrv Ovia't, Martin
Peok, Miss Mand Shurtleff, Miss Loula
Clark, Miss Lease aml Miss Blanobe Kel
ton. Miss Billings g.ive several tiue Whlatb
ing solos. A number of excelleut pboto
graphs of viows in aud around camp were
exnlblted by Mr. Parry.
Thk membera of the Chautauqua oiaai
who were able to avail tbemaelvea of the
kind oourteay of its presidont, Miss Bailoy,
wero agrceably entertainod at ber bome last
Friday afteruoon. At tlie close of the regu
lar class work the hostess intrudiicod Rev,
Mr. Gallagber, who had kindly couaented
to give an Informal talk upon Greek philoso
ph.v. He cougratulated the claaa upon
living iu an age wben womon desiroua of
aobievement in knowlodge were not de
barred from prtvilegei unknown to the
w imen of Greece. At the cloae of bis re-
marka tbe spoaker reoeived the oordtai
t banks ol ibe president aml class, who would
be glad to listeu to him agaiu wben bome
aud so. irtl dntiea aro ligbtor aud tbe class
can have a larger represeutation.
G D. Chask baaa promlalng futuro before
htm afuture whlofa promlaee to land himtn
the state prisou at, Windsor, uulens be leaves
tho siato, iu wbicb event be will probably
fetob up at some less clasaie gaol.
Chaaa had been workiug for Carl N.
Benedlot of Barre. Ho had aspirations
above a farm baml, howover; he wanted
to be a robbcr bobl. So laat Friday,
wbile Benediol aml bis wife were absen't,
Chaaa stole a gold watch and about 840 in
money, hired a team of Liverymau Gale,
aud oama to Montpelier. He ontere.l the
Pavilion between nlne and ten o'clock, had
his team stahled, and hirod arooiu. Shortlv
af terward he reappeared, olad in abrand-
new mit of tinu (abrloi, wbicb bo bad pur
ohaaed ol the Oapltal Clothtng Company.
Ho tipped tbe elevator boy, remaik-d to
the olerk that he would be baokiabalfan
hour, aml wont out. Ho has not been seeu
Thk mtitake of Larner, tho train dla
patcher who cauaed the (relght plleup, laat
week, is axplained. Laraer bad charge of
tho wiro (rom Bt, Albans to Roxburv. At
Kssex Junotion ho gavo or.lers 10 No.'ll not
10 rnn pait Roxbury w ithout furtber ordors.
i had been bis cuatom, beretoforo, to give
No. 11 old ra only tO .Montpelier Junction,
aud wh. 11 the train arrived there, to give
Iho ordor wbere to meet Irain M. Whcn the
mon of train M inquirod for ordera, ho sent
Inatruotloni offband not referring tu his
book or record to procoed to Montpelier
Junction. Ho did not discover tbat be bad
made a blundor unlil the opratOI at Mont
pelier Junction reportod No. 11 aa by tbat
ataiiou. Il oecurred to him tbeu, and be
aenl out an angine from tbe Juuciiou to
ovi.riakeNo.il, hut it OOUld not be done
before the two traini met. Larner ia uow
out uf a job. His uiis'ako bas cost the Cen.
tral between 910,000 and 820,000.
JtmOB BOM eatabllabed a striking prece.
dent iii a deoiaiOQ given at St. Jobusbury
last. week Ainong tho cases before tbe au
proine court were those of B. F. Slaulev
and Tbomai Qrlflln, botb having been ar-
reated for tbe thlrd offenieof intoxication,
Ibe penally for which is two luoutha iu the
bouaa of oorrMction, and a flni of S20ami
ooeta Botb Btantey aml Qrittu warede
trouaof Bndergolng the Keeley treatment,
aud said that tbey would be aaaialed hy
their Criendl in tbe matler if their cases
were oontinned and Bnee wltbheldi .iinige
Bon promptly ordered that in eaob case
issim ol mitiimus bo suapended, with tho
nnderitandlng thal if tho mon fullodto take
ibe treatment, or tho treatment faiicd to
work, tbey shoiild bo promptly takeu to the
bouse of correctlon to sorve iboir aeutoncea.
One of Montpelier! Jnatloea ( the peace, lt
is undaratoou, offered a muob alnuiar op-
pori uuily lo a calloiised "druuk," who iu-
illgnantly koornad it. wiiat waa hfo ty
blm without a nivnr nnailng tidrat?
Mis Alick S. McClbabn, foruierly of
Nortbfleld aml well kuown iii Montpelier,
bas gottan into trouble since ahe took up
ln 1 residen o .c M tblen, Mass . as iletailaS
by tho BoetOQ paperaof last Thuraday. Miaa
MuOleara (to naa ber maiden uauie) cbargea
rbooilore D. Fisk wil.li ln.'.um Ki.-k is a
brolber of Eugene D. Fiak, ihe Cbicano
mlHlonalra, aud ia aald to have a dozeti
wivea. He waa arreated Thuraday 011 u

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