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VOL. 87.-4324.
Dtttresslttfl Miln Dfim from Btithi
Ctmd ln 0 V.'iM kt MikIi;
tfoalthy mtkI i; Mutifui by
Cutlf.ira ttentedlM
My bnbs boy hnd beon mi(Ti rlnp from Mrih with
MMM nort Of Utl trrUptlotl, Thi' ftociofl I'l.llcit tt
MtMBi Uirt liltlt- Doch WU Olif i jiw um! - d
tn ta of tvd. ln
rintntri nY-h. 1IU
H II1K mid MCrOM itrid
i. ' faii thlgbi
wbirevcr Um fat
fle d mudfl i fbtd
were jnsi itac iMDt,
For four wwki ftef
bl btrth be affertd
W Itb thli t 1 1 .u n,
BIh) lltltll I tfot U
t t, tn i I; . ii nt r n
utak thrre wm little ilctp
-7 V.- y furanyoue. tn Hra
C-L-. i weeki he cotn-
Itl. Iilv rtir i d. III
wit olne teekti nld Pbbranry lei, nnd yow ougbi
io wm bli nhlu now, mootb, even, nnd u beftutiftii
nhtk nnd wblte color. Iloln ei bcalthyei bo oai
m. Tbe CUTlctWA Rfcot.viiNT bn given liim
t'Mi", vlifor nnd itrenpth j nnploM bli portrftU.
Thftnki to tbe tntnoue i m i?ra Kcmkpii i. Tbeg
catm.n tw poken of too htgnly.they biivcdone all
thni bM been d ilrnid fot tlu ra
VM. A. U.l(l.w;ii, 1MK l28dSt.,New York.
Krom tbe ir i w nootbi noy hnby ralTered
with tho (l'.imu i oti ber le.ce nhri Gody. Dootortd
wilhout hvhM. IV. ( ( LTTICURA Krmim iks- Ponnd
tht'in in everv reepect nt.efnctory. The ehltd bti
now a hiMUlilut tkln Rttd l- ciir i-htvrfully
roroiniti'THi tb6 IflftQ t't all mntlt.Tfl.
UR1. J. ROTUBNBKUO 166J Kirni Ave. N. Y.
CutScusa ResoCvemt
Vhe new Bl(Md KOd BklO PutlAcr, luti-rnallv, and
OtrrtODRAi Ibe great Bkln Cure, uid UTicuiu
rnAi. Mi'exquUlie 8kln BetuttHi'r, itxtfratlly, ln
taoUy rellsvfl stid ipecdlly cure every dlvettN nnd
bumor of Um iklo, tciilp.and i lood(wtib u of
hair, from toianoy to oge, rrotn plroplci tn lorofulii
Bold everywhere. Price, Clticuiu, 60c.: Hoap,
Do.l RbsolwkTi H. Prejwrfd by the I'OTTXa
)"" How to fnrc Sktn DlscaMN1" fit PffM
IW HTtlitrAtloni, atni teitlmonluU, muilod frto.
Bkln nnd Pcnln pnrlAcd nnd benutlBed
by CuncuRA boap. Abtolately pure,
ln oitn mlnnte tli OnMcnrs ntt
Paln PUwti" rell . rbenmatte, tcl
itlc, hip, kldny, ehott, nnd mutotilat
patni at tl w. jititu'-HCM Prliw, 26o.
0 Six Months or Longer.
0 Less than Six Months.
Are tht ralt'H of IntcrcHt pftld ln tho
or THE
Fifst National Bank
Cttpitiil piill in $250,000
Surplrs 50,000
AddHional UablUtyof 8took
holders 250,00
Miiklng a tuttil
Guarantee Fund of $550,000
Kortht MCUrity ol (lepoHltori.
0BAKLE8 dkwky, PrMldent,
FBBO B. 8MITH, Vive Preddent,
ItHtikln linuri ftm nine A. M. to tliree
p. M. All huitiuefln cnnttdfiitiHl.
1. Tj. Katon, CiiMliiei-.
"Old thlngs
have p.issed away."
The new quickeinding Wa
terbury watch requiresabout
five seconds t) wind. It is
cased in coin-silver, and gol J
tilled, cases.
Stem-set, and jeweled
moN-ement, make it a perfect
timepiece. Far better than
any cheap Swiss watch.
It is still a low-priced
watch, but never "given
Bvery fflWlff tflll it in rurlous
d f'-Ti". ' otli for wttM ft-.d
geutlom-i. 2
Thi "NKW PBAOnOAl." metbodfoi
teacliitiK nlionlimiil KUd tli liest uii'tliuilH of
bookkt)ini; uru taulit at the
TIiIh liiMtltiitinu haH bMOBt OODiplOUOQI
for dnoMlng young tncn atnl women prao
tii'Klly Btld for luppl iiiK tiiiHineH.s boUSA,
promptlj witii wc ii qiuulflad bookkMpanii
itcnugmphari ami bimtovM iMlatast Cnr
mpondi ooe tn vlMrt. Foroutftloana tdilreu,
CABNELL GUTCHE88, Alliuny, N. Y.
ASHistt'il liy
Mr, Gharles D. Clark,
(KMUtfl P)
Will ajipnar at
AUTIItrit ROPU Miintiiellrr. Vt.,
(Imrral Etlitor.
T. Bi IIOSKINS. M. I Newport, Vt.,
Agricaltinal KJtlor.
Tkhms J2.no a .vcar; 1.00 for ix IB0Bthl
llfty ct'nts for tlircii montliH.
The Watcbman Publishing Company
At Montpelier, Vt,
Clubblng List.
The fotlowlng offen are for tlie beneflt
only f Iubt0rib6rl 10 thls pApet WhO pa.v
all RMTIgSI and a year's lubioriptlotj in
ulvanre. One or tnore of the pnbliMliOIM
may be onlerecl, hut tlm motiey for eaohi at
theolttb rate, tunMt invariahly aicoinpiiny
the onler. The " chih-rat " Ih alwayM S'J.On
leHS than tho RtnOUHt giVttl in tbt IMOttd
tolnBUI of li(j'irt s.
tlnt Paprr
2. M
3 00
1. m
3. B0
4 .00
2. K0
3. M
4 80
AmprieHii Kiirnicr I-'O
Areun. The 4.00
Atlimtlc Krtthlr 4(MI
Bttrjrtand 90
llontoii Ail.ertl.rr l-"0
Hotton .touriml 1.00
iinston Joornal ((tallt ) i "o
BtMM Pwt C'em) 1.00
Ctarr.n1 lllntory (qoHrtrrljr) 1.90
OMttui Utfulnt 4.oo
Clilrivttn IntPr Orcan 1.00
Dhrl.tUn Uiilon 3.00
CoAtoopolttjin 2.90
Cotti!e HoHrtli 1.80
DwnorMt'i Hniitm 2-"
Knrm Ponltrr m
Korum, The 8 00
Frniik LMllt't llltutrtdWMktjr, 4.00
Krnnk Lmlle'i Popolai Hanthly., s.oo
Knink LMll.'l ittUday ViiK'i.l".. 2.90
800d Hoosekpt'plliK 2.80
tlodey- l.mly's llook 2.00
Htiriier's Iiig:irlne 4.00
Illror, Vekly 4.10
Hfirper's Hnznr 4.00
Htfptr! Yotmtt 1'eople 2,00
lloine MHk'njltio (Mr. LOftan) 80
lnilpiilpnt. Now York 3.00
Knto HcM'i Washington 200
Upplnoott1. HmmUm 3.00
Mlrror mwl Fannor 1.00
HtUlenl ltcrord I 00
Ntioimi Trlbun., Wuhlnffton... 1.00
Now Bngland Hagailn 3.00
New Vork RcnU LOO
Now Y. rk I're., ihillT 3.1)0
Now Ynrk TrttnUM 100
New York Lw)Rr 2.00
New York WorW (ilem) 1.00
North vniorionn ltovlew 6.i0
Our I.fttlft Meii and Women UtO
Onr Little On.i and Nursory 1.90
Potdtrj niol Horse Tlovlow 80
P.nsy 100
PatMton'i MaKastn6 2.00
t'opular Solorcce Honthly 8.00
I'rnlrle Fnnor 2.00
Kcvlow of llrvlcwn 3.00
Ruriil Now Yorker 2.00
scioiitiflo Aroertoan s.oo
Scrlhnor'. MnKnr.tno 3.00
st. Mlehotai MatpuHn. S.oo
Tl.e IIome-Makcr 2.00
Troy Tlmo. 100
Votnnklnd 1.00
WldfAwake 2.30
To meet tlie demand of tnany Ktihseribers
" for a gool story paper," we have added to
our list the best of all atory paperft, the
New York Ltdger,
To all liusy readers who wish to be well
Informed, but who have not the titne to
read all the paperi and pertodlcals, we ean
not too hitihlv oomtnend tho Review of
Rvtitvi (tttontbly) and Curreut Htstory,
a qtiarterly roKlster of current events, in
our olub Hst this year for the Hrst tlme.
Boston Daily Journai.. Having re
ceived many itKpilries for the Bolton Ihtilv
Journai, wo have raade arrangemf htx, as
will be leen by reference to the ahove list,
for clubblng that paper with the Watchma.n
on very favorable terms. Subscriptions to
botb papers inuHt be foi a fnll year paid in
Thk OOtnblnattOD With the New York
Pttt$t a datly newtpaper of the frottt rank,
is a rare one. In news and editorial writ
Ing the Preu is one o( the inost popular
papers in the eouutry bright, euterpriHing
and iplrited, We oomtnend tbtioffet to 'he
attentlou of all who want a clean and ulilo
elty newspaper with their state paper. Send
for sainple copy.
Nrw York Tkiuunk W now offer the
Xiw York Trtbiinr (weekly) in oombloation
with the YYatchman at the reiuarkably low
rate of for the two an ari anK'inent
but recently OOniUtnmated, Two papers of
the Hrst rank for a trillo tnore than the eost
of one. The coiuhiiiittioti glvei to every one
the means of belng tbOrOUgbly well in
formed in state and national atTairs.
(.'HioAoo Imkr-O han-. The Colutnbtan
BxpOtltton will be of great interest to our
readers. To keep theiu well infonneil OD
all niatterH relalinj; to the tfreat fair, we
have uiade olubblng arrangeiuunts with the
Btbove journai one of the best published
In ChloagO, Artists and reporters will do
vole themsidves to tho work of doseriliii;
the exposltion. That departmont will bo
Tlie LaWN Vcrniunt.
Sknsion of lS'.ri.
"Pookat edltion," now ready, mbfBOM
AIt tb publiO aOU It is prinled on good
paperi In clear 'ype, bound In oonvenlent
and dnrable torm, Indesed, and li oertlned
to by tho seeretary f state, No otherpub-
lieation will ba tnadt for severai weeki,
hiiiI none at all of tlils kind. PrlOe ttloglt
OOplei 1B eenls; ten eopies, fl.(R. Addi
tional eopies at satue rate.
Watiiiman Po, Co., Montpelier. Vt.
Monday, January 2.
llewiiehiuK uncl Oni.i.il tlollege HongH.
Tit keis 011 s.tle at Long'l liookstore.
JltK KLKN's A liMCA Salvk. The best salve
in ibe world for CUt DfUhMMi sores, uleers,
all rheuui, fever sores, tetter, ehapped
bnndn, obilblaluii oorni and aUikinerup.
tlonii and posiiivelv OUrei ptbw, or BO pa.v
rcqulredi t U guaraotaad lo glva fatlwao
tlon, or uopey reluodd I'riee twanty.live
eents per hox. Koi sale by 0, Uhikely,
Uontpeller, Vt.
Iiamonl rings from !") upwards; dia
BOUd Htndri, tmi -je.wols, Heatf.piua and
brooobet ln fuel I'lnllips & Lucus are head
quarlers for diumouds.
Kluurr mtamps made to order by
Watchmau 1'ublisblug Company.
Daalnon Herc Mentlon.
P I) OOllRli at Wlioatley's.
Satin ItinnoNS, for bollday tnide, at Ibe
KlMM l''isk.
( i.kan yonr olothei With Custllian ('ream.
Kor lale at I) K. LOHg'ti
Mahkkii DoWnI ll t's and faMJ feathots
at tlie Mtisrl Plk( 27 State Itrtrat,
Kvkiiv one want a Hc itrf-pin or a hrooeh.
I'hlllip- & I.iieas will show just the one jou
I.aiuks' wool pants and vest from twenty
DlM eeiits to OM dollai Moh. at Wheat
ley's. To ItK.NT Hoiise, 12 lliibbard street.
Batb-roora, (urnaoe and as. Appiy to (i.
V. Wilder.
I WILL Itainp free (this wef k onl) all
Itnen lowell bonght at my store. i. s
BSOPBT & Co. offer holiday noveliies at
gpeelal reduotlum for this week. Beaad-
verlisemeiit on p i(o eight..
Wa.vtk.h A eapablo moliler, who ean
lake ubarge of a f' undr.v. Apply to Medad
Writihl Jt Soii, Monl peiier, VI.
Ask Pbllllpl & I.ueas to show you tbelf
hair pins, in tortolM t-hell, lolld silver and
Kold a handeonie variety.
I.AwsoF Vf.rmont. SmtONOI 1893. The
Watohtnan Pooket Bdltlou l now ready
for delivery. Sinnle eopies by mail, to any
address, tlfleen eents.
JviTn few left i f thoae aplendld Waahlngo
tnn oonnty htetorlei atOvolume otnaliy
lieitit; gjpi n awav at 11 B0, Tlie platM alone
I'ost ovit S2,,roo. Seo advertuenient on
sevenlh paije.
Oo to No. 28 State street, nnd Pbllllpl &
Luoai will show you a novel variety of new
and belUtttnl olookti in prices froin 11,30 to
$80 aaob,
BoLDMMi soldiers' wldowi and dependent
ri laiives, entitled to pensioni under Ibe new
pension law, should send to T. J. Deavitt,
Montpelier, Vt., for a olrcular oontalulng
the law 111 full.
Thkrf. is no eause for relm tanco in in-
veitlna tnoney in South Diikota in aoon
lervatlve wsy It buibown Itiifayfnfiqiiah
ities to a remarkable degrea. A, (. llari,
Preiftfml L'humhvrlain Xutionul ilitnk.
Pbillipi & i.tcAs bave a One auortment
of new and riob patterni in lilverware, botb
solid and plateil, comprisinK many rare
DliVi llieg.
An opportUnity to btiy lonie very desir
able goodl at your OWB priee will bo af
forded bv the lUOtion sale at the slore of
Weiister & Co., on Batnrday afternoon and
eveiiiuit. See patie eiht for pariieulars.
OPAL, iiarnet and all arieties of ehoiee
Btoue rings, for ladiee, ens and obildrenj
alio plai'i gold ringi, oval nndflat, oanbe
aeen at No. 28 Siate itreet,
Dor't walt for tbe winter to paM before
looklng tot oloaki marked down, but come
and see me and I wili sell you a j.ieket for
92, ?4, 8ii.no, 8 no and J'.i no nearly twenty
Bve per oent dlsoount, I). !S. Wbeatley,
ChainiI We have npck-obilni with pen-
dantl, for ladies and ebildren, also watob
obaini for ladlei and genti. Of course ym
want a oharni, too, Pbillipi& Luoii.
The Capital Bavingl Itauk and Trust
Company pays depoilton four per oent and
taxes on Htims not exeeedin l.noo, and
makei loans on home leouritiei at six per
oent, I' rents Hre and burglar-proof de
posit boxes for tive doliars a yeaf.
If you want a banjo, gnitar, or inppllei
for eiiher Instruuieut, slrinKs, timsic, etc.,
drop me a card. I am agent for tbe oele
brated Luicomb and Artui hanjos and the
Waibbum gultan, the best on the market.
E. E. Piper, ItoX 17, Montpelier, Vt.
You will flnd a full llne of ladies' and
ijenis' gold and silver watobei, Inotnding
tbe Waterbury in gold-fiiled, silver and
niekel cases, at the store of I'lnllips &
In additioti to his heavy truekitif; busi
Desl, Clark B. Bobertl bus put on the roail
a llngle team. ltain't!at;e to and from all
tralm, Care, promptness and dispalch at
live-aiul letdive prices. OtMce in rear of
Kxchaniie hotel. Telophouo eonuection.
Two fanioui preaohen have wrltten sirik
artlolei loon to boprintod in Tlv Ijtdirs'
y -. Journai one by Rev, Morgan Dlx.
1) l., on " Are Sooiety Women rnslnoere?
and the other by Kev. John R. PaXton, L).
I).,on"'Are Women More Heligious tlian
Thr bookl will tell you that the liuest
orangei in Florlda come from the ndlan
Klver OOUntry, llie llrst sliiiment Iiom
Swift's grove is expected this week, nnd
parlles who would bke adozeu or a box oan
send tbeir address to J, It. Morse. Muiu
street, or to Levl Swift, Mlddleiez, Vt.
In their idvertiling space, ou page five,
tbe Barnard, Bumner & Putnatn Uompany
announoe tbat tbeir trade durlug tbU nolf-
day season surpasses auy siuce Ihe house
was foundod. Tho nreat success of Ihe tirm
is uwing in no small degree to iis reliability
and its extrome efforU to sotve lts patrona
Kor a sore throat there la DOtbing better
than a flanmd bandae damponoil with
Chamberlaiu's l'aiu Balm. It will nearly
always effeot a ctire in one nlgbt'l linie.
This remedy is also a (avorite tor rbeumu
t i-4.ii and has onred many very severo cases.
Pifty-oent bottlei for sale by C. lllakely,
druggiet, Montpelier.
Therk are many velerans who have
claims lor pensions pcuiiinn that would do
well to consuii .laines E Curran, Mont
pelier, Vt., who has liail over six veais' ex-
perienoe um a spe:ial examiner and is thor
OUgbiy feruillar with all thelawsaud rulins
t,1 tliM i I , ' ! i i i' 1 t , 1 1 . r i T ITe it. .1..., iii.i....-,. ,,,,!
' rejectod claims a specialty. Advioe freo.
Tiib January (bolldaf nurnber) of Qock y't
Muttizine will bo one of the tiucsl spcciinciis
of perlodical Llterature ever brought out.
The froniispieee, priuted in twelve eolors,
from a wator color palntlng by W. Gran
ville Bmltbi illuatratlng the oomplete novel,
" A Cbrlltmai WitOh, by (lernudo Aiher
ton, is a feature never before attetnpted.
There aro also many ipeolal and brllllant
featurei in tbii issue of (Todey'.i
WiiKNon a visit to Towa. Mr. K. Italton
of Luray, Ruuell oounty, Kenaef, oalled ai
tbe laboraiory of Ohamberlaln & Co., Des
Moines, to ibOW tbem his six-vear-old boy,
whose life had been saved by Chamberlaiu's
Ooogh Remedy, u baving ourtjtl him of a
very severe atlack of oroUp, Mr. Dttlton
Is cortaln that it saved his hoy's life nnd is
eotbuelaitiv in his praht of tho Ranedy.
Kor sale by C. ltlakidy, druggiat, Uoutpelier,
Kor Sai.k. No. 1 pine lath, No 1 eihi-teu-inch
spruce hangleti Dtoulttlngl all
kiudH aiul mado lo order house UnUbi
epruoe, bass, bntternut, ub. oak, oberry,
whlio wood, Alabuma hard pine, Mlchlau
plne, floorlng ofaii kinU, itougln at tbe
mills; will be sold cbeap for cash. Turuini
dono to order. All kindM of job work in
ibo wood WOPking liue. Telophouo cou-
neotloni, Tnlted Btatee Clotbei PinOon
pen;, Montpelier, Vt.
" Ckrtain hard words, mado IntO pillH,
Slmply to swell tlie uootor hills,
are not w liat cousiltute Dt I'ien o's rb a--
ani Purgati'e Pellete. Tbeyaretlnyiiugar
ooated, purely vegetable pilln, as pea.aul
as confi i tlonery to tho tasie, and atltiug
upon the stomach aud llver gemly but ef-
(eotually, and as mnurail.v as Meture ber
ei If. Kor hI k beadache, InulgeetioQ, bHloiu
uess, eoiistip.ttiou, and aii iho reaultlog
dise.ises, no l.ixiti ive i ipial to I hem has evel
been diaoorafedi
(1. W. Wii.ok.r InvitM atteutiou to a
oboloe soleeliou of valeudars, Cbiislinas
oardl, u ver.v tlno assorlmeul of fainily and
teaehers' Hililes, ift hooka for old aud
youug, Including a largo variety of toy
IiookM, gaiues, ulbumH, wrltiug de.ke and
lap tabteta, flne itatlonery, gold peni, eto,,
otc. Also a largH variety of vocal and In
Htrumental folios, new and popular muilc
and muNie books, piauos, nrgans, Kiiitars,
ban1M, mamlolius, viollns, in rdious.
phonobarpe, nutoharp,, plano itooU, piauo
Obalfe, uiusic racks and cabinots, aud other
tnniloalgooils llead of Slato street, Mont
pelier, Vt.
Anmk Ward Tikfany, tbe reoognised
leadtng Irlih ootnedy aotNM of this eouu
try, lurrounded bv a earefiilly.chosen coin
nany, will be seen at Blanohard opera
liouso on Tliursdny evening( Deoaniber 2U,
preMntlnB, for tbe iirst tlme here Alfred
K"nned.v's American Oomedy, entitled
" Ladf Blarney," wbiob has recel ved tbe
seal of appioval frotn Ibo bands of press
and public. Wliilo tbe coinic interest dom
InattSI Ihe plav, there is aNo a vein of seuii-
ment wbiob affordi Mum Tlffan; an oppor-
tnntty to display hor versaillity. As one
OrltiO has said (qnotlng from tlut famoiis
Hyron), ber performanee seemed a " pendu-
lun betweerj a mita and a tear."
" Now Is tbe winter of our disoontent "
made glorlous to all New Kncland peoplo
who ipend the winter in Klorida, where
orange groves, trawberriiri and all the del-
loaolel of a iUmmef Ollmate are now at tbeir
best. There are many ways toget there,
but one ideal route: The Clydo Llne.
Tbeir eblpi are of the most modern ooo
trUOtion, providini evory eomfort, aud
safety aud avoiding tberOUgb New Kugland
coasi. UuUine par exoellenoe. Rateeabnnt
one-half ibose ty raii, epavytbing Inoinded,
If OQr readers Will soml tbeir address to ,1.
a. Plattderi, Baetern Aeent, 201 Waahiug
Ing street, Bolton, he will lend you oircu
lars and pbotogravare of one of their new
steumeru. He sure to mentlon the Watch
MAN. Skkwerkd and Ciirkd. " Kirst I was
ikewered and than i was oared," says
Jones, nnd he laiiKhs hoarlily over
his liltle joke. Well, lot him laugb. Iiat
hlu luiib who Wlnl, llo was skowered
througb and througb by d.vspepsia and its
altendant iraiu ot ills. He was Ottred by
l)r. Pleroe'i Qolden Medtoal Dlsoovery.
Doyon feel dull, languld, low-eplrlted; ex-
penenoe a seuse of fullness or blontinn afler
eating, tongue ooated, blttet or bad taete in
the moutb, Irregular ippetlte, dlcilneii,
freqnant headaehes, nervottl prostralion or
exbauition, hot duibei alternating with
chilly sonsations, nharp, bltlng, transient
paim here aud tlicrc, eold feet, drowsiness
afier meals, wakofulness, or disturbed and
unrefraahing ileep, oonatant and Indeicrib
ablo teellng of dread, or of Impendlng
oalamityf Theee ere aymptomi of btlioni
dv-pepsia, or torpid livor, associated With
dyspepsia, or ludlgeition Dr. Piorce's
Qolden Medloal Dhtoovery will subdue the
eause, if takon BCCOrding to directions, for
a reaionabie length of titne, or money paid
for it will be oheerfully refunded.
Montpelier nnd Vicinity.
Anntal eleotion of Odd Kellows to-nigbt.
Nki QoOOBTON is at home from Amheist
Mlss Gertrudk Mkinkckb is home from
T. J. B0YNT0N was in Burlington lant
Miss Bf.li.k IIkmiy is ill at the Seminary
boardiiiK house.
Mr. am Mrs. K. W MoRII are expected
home Sat urday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Kalks apent yester-
day in Burlington,
K. II. FabBINOTOM of Brandon was in
town last Monday.
Tbb Capital Bavingl Bank boldl it.saunual
meeting January 12.
Mns. Mii.lv Kox of Boston is yillting her
brotber, K. I'. Johnson,
Wk may now look for a dropping ofl in
Sunday-sehool attendanoe,
Carlos Bancroft is oonvalesolng from
his raiher lingoriug illnoss.
W. I.. F oo, from Bpping, N. IT., is ihe
new " loeal " on the Arqul.
On aud after January 2 the regiltry foe
on lelters will be elght centi,
Will A. Ellis spent Obriitmai at si.
Johnsbiiry, with his pirents.
The Betbany lieaditi Club will meet
uexl Tuesday with Miss White.
Mkiiad Wkight iSi So.n ship four polishine
machiues to Chicaijo tbil week.
Mns. Krkd Sylvkstkr is visiting Cap
taiu 1,. M. Hutohinion, her father.
Thk Betbany Tonio Olub moets Thurs
dayevenlug with Mrs. c. II. More.
Assistant Statr LlBBAJUAM Wood is
grow in)' souio elegaal yrav "ubinnen."
E. E. Tow.nkk and Willard Wbitoomb
ipent tb bolidayi al M luehester, N. H.
Thk I'nlversity Club meeiing has been
defeired to Monday evening of next week.
Mrs. E. W. Chandlkr has gone to Dlok
eBIOB, N. l., to resido with bor daugliters,
Or. QjtoBoa P. (1RKKI.KY, brotber-in-law
ofCharlei Oewey, is very ill at Nashua,
N. H.
L, W. PoBTCB'I new hall at West Berlin
was opened lasi Thuriday evening with a
AI'uhtnky ALLAEO and Ilenry Oravelin
have guuti to I'alaika, Kla., to work in a
RBV, A. N. iBWIS and ifo woiit to New
Saven, Conu., Hunday nlght, to ipend a
"Jlin" Markham, OOoduOtOr on tlie
" Aluminium Llne," atebis tuikeyat Wells
Okt enything in your itocklng? Any
dlautond ringi tall out ibrouii a bole iu
tbe tot?
Oanikl B. HOLT of Karjjo, N. I)., aud P.
11. Mooro of Brunswick, Maiuo, were iu
town last Prlday,
Kd Blakkly has become a oomlo IQUg
flend, The lattnt addltion to bii repertoire
is ' MiiMijj.ui Quarde,"
CHABLXI RoBBBT Dkwky from New York
aml Qeorgi 1. Dewey from Portleud were
at home over Chrisimas.
K. K. BOTLBB is to opou a fruit store in
iho basement formerly oooupied by tbe 111
siarrod Veudome restaurant,
Mk.and Mrs. (iKoiuiK Brainerd spent
Obrlsimai at st. Jobnibury, with their
daughter, Mrs. Pearl K. Blodgett.
Thk tberne of ibo lermon at ibo Baptiat
oburob, imxt Bunday mornlng, will he
' Walobwordl for llio New Year."
A frkk lupper w ill bo given to ihe mem-
heis ol tho Sunday-scbool of ibe Chureh of
tbe Meailab to-nigbt ai ttveo'olook,
Mii. am Mai II. N. TAPLIN leave for
Washington and Wluobeiter, Va., ina fort-
nigbi io ipend ihe reit of ihe winter,
Kiiward am) IIknky Okavitt are at
houte frouo tbe LTniverelty ot Vernonti and
H.in y Colton from soboo) iu Bolton,
Thk express ollico and Ihe posl ollico are
slowly reOOVeting from the Clii'istmas
traln, r. , iid a rnihing bulaineai,
Mus. Jobi Vooimv is ipendlng tbe boli
dayi in New Hanipihire aud Manaobnietti
witb her daugbteri wbo reiide there.
Thk Klng'i Daugbteri gave a Obriitmai
pariy to tbe fudunrlal bobuol, iai Batur-
day, al the lioino ol Mis. Auua OillOU.
I.ANDLoRD Vilks of tbe PavlUoB was iu
Hosion lusi. w eek, aud Mauager fToetet ol
ihe Keoley InstiliUe took a trip to New
Amonii tbe niimoroiis Chilsliuai Iree un
veiliugs was an elaborate one for Master
BnubaWi sou of Mr. aud Mrs. tieort(U B.
Thk Chauiauqiia Class will meet wilh
Mrs. C. il. 8hiiiuan, uoruer of Klui aud
School stroets, next Kriday afternoon at
i wo o'olook,
Thk non-partiian Woman'a Obrlatian
Tem peranoe Uuion will meet at Woman'i
Relief Corps hall this (Wedneaday) after
noon at Ihroe o'eloek.
Thk Woman's PoTllgn Missionary Boclety
of Trlnlty chureh will meet with Mrs. w o.
Obapman, No. Il Bt, Panl street, Sat urday
aftniuoon at tliree o'eloek.
s. C. Srvbtlbpp drove in fromCheliea
last Saturday. It was a Wlld and rocky
Joiirnoy, but, it was better than stayiug in
Chelsea, accordiiig lo S. C.
Thk Ladies' Reading Olub of Chrilt
ohurob will meet iu tho rOomi of the
Woman's Reltef Corps, Batnrday evening,
Oi cember IU, at 7: 1)0 o'eloek.
Thk Issiio of Ihe Arin last week con-
tained ploturei and deiorlptloM of tho
World's Kalr bulldinKS aml was a eredi
ahle piece of newspaper work.
Mm Ida Bobbako, formerlj teaobet of
vocal muiic at the Vermont Methodlll Sem
inary, has none to Winter I'ark, Kla , Where
ihe has a llne posltlon in a seminary.
Kkv. and Mus A. B Truax aro sincorclv
tbiiukful to their friends w bo so nenerously
temembered tbem, ami whose preienoe so
cbeered their househoid, ou Oecomber H.
Thk leap year party at West Uandolph,
last Kriday mght, was ittended by Ray and
Uarrlet lluse, ;. K, Putnam, Ned Btevem,
Loull Haihaway, Ed Blakely, and MlM
Kli.a Oeorge.
Nk.xt Monday w ill bo a holiday with tlie
Unlted Stales ofRolalBi Tbe post-ortlco Will
be opou from elght to ten o'eloek A. M , aml
from fout tosix v. m. Oarrleri will make
one deliverj at, elght o'eloek in tbe inorn
iug. .Iames B. OOITM died Ht his home on St.
l'aul ItTMt, early Snnibiy iiioriilng, after a
long illtiess of eonsumpliou. Mr. Collin
was a member of Brooki post, o. a. K., and
tbat organit atlon attended tho funeral yes
terday aftarnooDi
A, opportuuity will bo given to the peo
plo of Montpelier and lurroundlng towni to
see the "Llving Whisi " at Blanchanl
opera-houie some time in January. it will
he preiented under tlie able managemeni
of I'rofessor Qeorge Elmore,
TBB boardors at Hotel Cempton bad a
tine Ohrlitmai tree, loaded w itb tbedelloa-
cies of Ibo season. Aiiioug the fortunalo
ones wbo secured Iirst prizes were Or.
Cloaves, wbo captiired a pnmpkin, aml
Postuiaster Goodenough, wbo lassooed a
jack-iu-t hebox.
Mlll GBAGB HotJQBTOB and Miss Laura
Bopei aro imong tho later arrivals of Mont
pelier maldeni away at school. The em tci
Bted appearauce of thoso roturnlni misses
lesiilies to tbe severo asceticism practicod
at the Varloni instilutions engBgBu iu Ihe
evoluiiou of the Americau girL
Krkd w. Banobofx gave his " Bvenlng
wiih Old Bnglilb Balladi," last Tbursday
afternoon. at iho reildenoe of Mrs. E. O.
Hyde. About lifty ladlei were preeent.
Madame Hyde, Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Outler and
Mrs. Wilson reeeived. Afler tbe reiital
luuch was lerved il was a novel aud de-
llgbtful entertainment,
Thk annnal meeting of Betbany looiety
was hehl Monday evening, Josepb l'uland
preildlng, Tbeie offioeri were eleoted:
Seoretary, Kev. C. S. Bmltb: prudeutlal
OOmmittee, T. J. Deavitt, Or. II. S. Boanl
uiau, Oeorge S. Stratton; treasurer, J. V.
Babcuck; collector, WiUSmtth, Tbe meet
ing aiij iurued for two weeks.
At tbe annnal meeting of the New Eng
laml Order of Krotectiou I hese otlicers woro
eleeted; Wardeu, Nye L. Bmltb; V. W.,
Krank E. bmlthj seeretary, li. K. Towuei ;
treaiurer, Charios K. Bitswellj K. S, O.
S. Wbeatley: gttlde, Wllliam Blanohard,
entlnel, 8. W. Corso; cbaplaiu, W. K.
Walorinan; trustee, Kred Cliapman.
Oktkoit offen to Montpelier or any other
town iu the OOUntry a horrible waruing,
Tbe dlpbtberia epldemlo among the aohool
obildren there has beon traoed lo the fact that
Iheyexchauge lead pencils, all of Ihein be
ing dropped IntO one box at tbe oud of eaob
eillon. Tbe average ohtld, of course, puts
a peucll into its moutb flfty times aday.
David Barton, ihe lttnerant aspen leaf,
was tiued 810.01, last Wednesday, for tn
toxicalion. I'eter Aiuuiit aud wife were
arrested the same day, charged witii pur
veylng tbe liquor tliat caused Davy'i dewn-
fall. Mrs. l'oie claituod that all sne gave
the penoll pedler was jamaica glnger, and
after belng tried she was aoquitted, Hete's
trial is sel for Tbursday of next week.
Thomas W. Wood has preseuled to tho
Apollo Club one of his liue wator colors,
wbioh be has obrlitened "Our Hip Vau
Winkle." Tbe lubjeot U Rben Batobelder,
a famous fox-iiuulor of tliis vicinity not
many years ago. Tbe old bunter stauds
upon the brow of a bill, guu iu haud,
ibadlng bli eyei with his baud as be gasei
across tbe valley of tho Winooski. Besides
belng a faitbfiil portrait of " O.d Kl," tho
plctuio is a maguiliceut specimeu of water
color work. Tho teohnique aud oolorlng
are faultless, Tho ploture will lie valued
bigbly by tbe olub, aud giveu tbeplaoeol
houor upon its walls.
Thk Uuitariau Socloty held ils annnal
meeting, Monday eveuing, aud electeil tho
followlug otlicers: Senior wardeu, A.
Johonuott; juulot warden, H s. Loonxii;
treasurer, J. G. Biown; clork, Kred BlaBOh
ard; auditors of acOOUOtl, K. K l'eek aud
K. L BatOn; pew agent, A. O. Karwell ; ex-
eoutlve oommlttee, K. W. Morse, a. J, ddi
hy, ,1. Eii Goodenougbi A. c. Blanohard,
Mrs. o. H. Rlobardion, Mrs. K. Blanohard,
Mrs. O. W. McAllistei ; c.iiinnitlee lo sup
ply pulplt, A. Jobonnott aud Clark King;
commilleo to soluit suhscriptious, ,1. G.
Karwell, Kred Blaucbard, Mis. C. II. lleatb.
Adjoumed for two weeks.
Thk "experionce party" given by the
Youug People'i Vraterulty at tho Unltarian
veslry, last Tbursday evening, was well at
tended aud muob eujoyedi Nlneteen doilan
bad been earned iu uiauy ways, aud eaoh
OOUtrlbulOr uanated his or hor oxperieiice
in scooping togetber a doliar. MUi Wataon
was awardod Iho credil for tlie most uolque
oxperieiice, which Inoluded driviug a truok
team and blacking boois. Tho "expert
eueos " were intorsporsed by four tableaux;
duet, Miss Kva Bancroft aml Mis, Nellle
Colby; Orum lnajor act by DeaB BlaytOQ
that would have mado Kred Auitln pall
With euvy ; (Jiiaker soug, in cosliime, Berlha
Dewlng aud ciiarlie winBi boatlng song,
Dean Blaytoui "Old Man noaeii" uharlie
Wing aud O'-an Slaylon
Thk Free PftU, last week, containod the
followlng Intereitlng Item: " li is itated
Ihal ibe Kellogg will case iu New Yoik
ciiy has hcen dei'idod in fBVOV of Mont
pelier! This meaui over 820O,llilO for a new
public llbrary, a obipel aud a galeway al
Qraen Moum oeinetery," li also nteaui tbat
Ibe F- '. eoriespomleut is for ouce iu his
eslitenoe mbitaken, Wbere he evolvad
lUob a rciiidikahlc lid-bii of inisinformalioii
oanuot be coujt cturcd. Neltber Mr. Brook
uor Mr. Hubbard are iwan of mob an im
portaut deoliton. Tbe latter has reoently
returned from New York, ui.d siaies tbai
the Kellogg wiii case is praotloally In tbe
hauiosiluaiiouili.il it was a year ago, aml
no daotlloa Of any klud has been rell
Mus John Okmf.riti died last Wednes
day ujorolug, agnd elgbty yaan aud seven
montbi, The (uueral was held Prlday.Bev,
G. W (iallagher olliclaiing. Tbe hearem
wei e Rev. John 1'. l), in, -i ii i , Obarlel B 1 Nh
merttt, Oeorge liiker aud ueorgt L, M ub
ois. Amira Jordon was bom ln Moretown,
Mai -'i, 1813, she marrted John Demerlti
iu Il.iidwick, J uuaiy 1, 18.'C. Tbey bad
five ebildren Kev. J.ibu 1'. Oemeriil of
Kxetor, N. 11., Muriha A , wbo died iu Bur
lington, OotOMI M, 18011; Laura Klta, now
Mrs. James I). Klker of New York; Julla
A., now Mrs. Klamlors of Chicago; aud
Charlea B., tbe well-known poiiceman of
this town. Althongb far advitiond iu ajre,
Mrs. Demerltt was quite sprlghtly. Bhe
was one of thoso " dear old ladlei " tbat
one likes to meet. Her huibind, who Is a
few years older than she, will bereafter
make his home witb Mt.and Mrs. Charios
K. Oomeritt.
II. W. Kkmp was in St. Johnibnry, last
Kriday, examiniug banks. The ffepttOffean
of that, town alleges that Klisha May is
slaled to lUCCeed Mr. Kemp as national
bank examiner for Vermont upon Clevo
land'i acoBiiloB to tbe throne, Tbe Rcnnfr
lirnn IntervleWed a " local bank offlcial "
as to the woik aml fees of a bank examiner
in this slate, and succeeded In exlracting
and publishing more inisstatements than
facts. "Tho law provides tbat no feo sluill
be less Ihan 2.", and from that it rutis up lo
840;" as a inattnr of fact it mns from 820 to
fBO. There are, forly uattoual banks iu
Iho state;" there are llfty. "Tbe dnties of
the poeltlOn toke nji just about one month
in tbe course of a year;" llfiy banks me.iii
lifty dayi, and it reqnlreiaday more for
eacb to make it rupert, besides many das
penl in oorreipondenoe, so that the posi
tion demandi four montbi' work each year
rbe poettlon of hank examiner U no map,
and Mr, Kemp will retlre witb an exoeltent
DoVBTLBII niimerous of our readers re-
member 0. H. Prye, wbo worked in all the
loeal priiitiug offloei not many years Bgo,
Bome wbo may not remeiiiher Krvo may
relin-liiber his vivacloiis wife, Jennle. Tho
eoupio llved in Byde blook, aml Jane out
quite a ligure. Sbe has in later years carved
a larger and more UnlqUe flgure down
OOUntry, and tbe ipprtlng papers have d -
votad oonilderable space to unvetl ng lo r
uheokered oareer, Jennle used to llve iu
81 ng Sing and uppor New York, and asso
ciated wilh meii and w otuen of rather shady
oharaoter, One of her oonitant adoren
wai a gentlemao with tbe eu phonloui name
of "Asb Barrel Jiminy." Later sbe mar
rled Frye, wbo is now in Bellows Knlls, and
afterwani deserted him. Thon she joined
the 8alvatlon Army, and began a itarring
tour of tbe OOUntry. witb the lille of
" Caplalu Joenio." She made her Iirst ap-
pearanoe in Bllsabetb, N. J., in 1884, at tbe
head of a detacbment of Salvallou Army
lassies. She was vivaeious, preiiy, aml n
goodilnger, Bverybody in Blliabeth wai
omytOiee her, aud hear her exbort sin
uers lo repentance. Half a di zen men
wanted to many her, and linaliy she sc
lected Heury 11. Moore, aml retir-d from
the army. Bveryone wept whenibeiang
ber farewell song. Soon afferward Captain
Jennle wai arreited for blgamy, Frye, her
iirst buiband, appeared from Bellows PalU,
and testiliod against her. But the juty
were suscepiiblo yuung men, aml acipiitted
tbe fair defemlant, Whereat stroug men
wept and women ibrleked with Joy, Mooro
applied to the oourt of obanoeryfor a dl
vorce and got it. Jetinio's oareer of glory
was illgbtly dlmmed, so she married An
thony B -rger. Now sbe bai oauied BBOtber
lenaatlon by eloping from Blliabeth with
Keuben Sbafter. Captain Jentiie is thirly
yeari old. She retalni a fair proportlon of
her tormer beauty, and recently boasted to
her nelgbbon tbat sbe oould, if ihedeilred,
obarm the heart of any mau iu Elizabotb.
Mis-, RoOD was at home over Sundiy.
Mr. Batterson was at his sislor's in
Bradford over Bunday,
Thk yonng peoplo had a social in the din-Ing-hall
Saturday evening.
Pbopmiob Buhop'i family had a Chrlat-
mas iree 111 ineir rooms aaliirday evening.
Kkv. Jajii's Stkvkns, who has been
preaobing at Berlin ibis year, was preiented
wilh 813 on Chrisuuas day.
( hrisluias ln Monl peiier.
Very unlike the green ( 'liristtnas of last
year was tbat of '93, which was very white
and very rioree. The wind howleil, aml
blow tbe powdery snow into eddylng, blind
Ing oloudl, and tbe atmosphero" was wick
edly oold. indoors, bowever, peace, gooil
will aud good clieor reigned.
Uhriltmai lervioei were held at all the
churohos. At St. Anguitloe'l midntgbt
mass nibered in the birthday ot our Lord,
and Bunday mass was said at 8 aud 10: :u) a.
m. At tbe latter mass Kather Sullivau
preached a strung senuon. The musie was
At Betbauy the regular scrvica was car
ried out iu tlie mormng, with an appropri
ale sermon by tho paitor. The choir sang
Buck's festival Te Oeiiin in C; "And there
were sbepherds," Holden; aud "The birth
day of the King," Noidliuger. Iu the oven
iug there was a coucert by the Sunday
ohool, assisted by tbe choir aud Mr. tlol
ton'l coruet. Tbe chureh was very prettily
Tbe excellent musie at the Unitarian
oburoh Christmus moruing was reudered by
a sextette K. W. Bancroft, George A.
Knapp, Burt M. Bbepard, Carl Sbepard,
Mrs. ff, I. Pitktn, and Mis. H, M. Wltlard.
Tlie evening exercises iucluded e irols by
tbe school and choir, with solos by Mr.
Bancroft, Mrs. Pitkiu, aud Mrs. Willard,
ideas of Sauta UhlUI, by six boys of Miss
Cutler's class; reading by Harlrv Oarling;
reoitatiom, Rollo Blaucbard aud CarlTe
Rlobardion; "Uuilding of the Ladder," by
Mrs. Harlow Bmitb'i claiij iolo by Bertba
Dewlng, A letter froin Mr. Wiight was
read, aud Buperlntendent Audrews an-
nounoed that Lucy Gould had been abseiit
from Siiuday school ouce duriug the year,
aml tben ou aooount of lllneai. Tho au-
uounceiuent was also made tbat thero
would be a lUpper for tbe Sunday-scbool
tbls evening, from llve lill seven. afler
i which there would be an enterlainiiiont aud
social for tbe grown-ups. Instead of tbe
beiiediclion, the choir cbauted tbe Lord's
Prayer, Tlie chureh was handsoiuely
liimiuod wilh festoous of evergreeu, ln
cludiug two big bells.
Al llio MeUIOlUlt oburoh the pastor
preached from Lake ii: 1.1 " And ihesbep
Uerdl sail, let us now go into Hothlebem."
The muilo oomprlied a eolu by Miss Myra
B Koss, " Nignt of Nigbls," and the au
theiu, " Harkl Wbat meau those holy
voices'.'" Iu tho evening ihe regular prayer
meetlug was held.
Obrilt chureh was gaily decked for tho
ti stival. Kope eudar was t w isled aboul Ibe
I illars, aud festoonod iu profuiloB tbrough
theoenterof ihe chureh. Inihe wladowe
was oedir, and a ItriklOg contrast was the
Kiia Dewey Pltkln memorial wimiow.
w bloh was decked w ilh piuk aud white cai-
iiaiious. Baturtlay nigbt wai de voteu to the
cbildreii's festival, witb iis carols aisl
beavllj laden tree, on which was a purso
oi money for the reotor, Tho reotor gave
an address to Ihe ebildren, lu which bo al
luded to theilnlly days of the l'uiitans,
when Ohrlitmai was almoel prohlblted
Suuday tnornlng, for iho iirst time, was held
the lull Chi'islmas lervhM BOOurtllng lo the
reviaed prayer book, H.dy oommunlon
was admlulitered, aml regular Bunday-
hchool services weie held.
Muttday eveuing BI Betbany the Sunda
scliool held iis fesiival. There was a tree
bowed dowu by preaenMi a ChrUtmai oan-
tata, aml reollatloni by tbe liule folks.
ill BUilth. aud George More appeared iu
a doiible reimleer a0, aud Theioii Colton
peraonated nanti ciaus.
At Iho Methodlll oburoh the cautalu,
'Joii.v Obriitmai." wai preeented, undir
tho ifflolent luperiutendeuoe of W 0. Tap-
lltt, Walter lapliit was "Santu I'laus,"
aud Ihe other leading parts were a-ssumed
oy Anua Mayo, Mary Hough, Bert Yaw,
aml Chester Witller. Two Cbrlltmai Irees
Were slripped.
Tbe Bapthltl had Ihe traditional tree,
With supper aud locial. Tbe youug folks
I Olted aud sang, and inerrily plundered
Iho tree, A tweuly-dollar gold piece waa
presented to tbe pastor, Rev. G O Web-ster.

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