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llalloy and A. W. Sllsby. DoleRates to tlio
county conventlou: Halo G. Balloy, D. Wi
MoAlllstor, F. W. aeorgo, Wllllaiu Rolllna
nml E. W. Sinlth,
Olilldten's day wlll bo obsorvod at the
CongreRatlonal oliuroh noxt Snnday. Tlio
pastor wlll spcak In tlio mornlng to tlio ohll
dron. In tlio ovenlng thero wlll bo connert
exerclses and Bpoaklng by tho ohlldren,
Chlldron'a day was obsorvod wlth nppro
prlate servlcos fast Sunday.
MuoU lutercat la folt amonR our cltlzona
lu tlio casoot BortOrockett v. Cltyof Barre,
now ou trlal at Chelsea.
Mlss Anna Carpenter, u former teachor
lioro aiul now teaolilnR ln Barre, Bpent Sat
urday and Sunday wlth Rosn Bolea.
Mrs. 0, 0. Lord and clilldreu of West
Topsham woro ln town sovoral days last
week, Mr. Lord spendiiiR Sunday wlth
Dr. Uunt of Montpelier was called to
town last Wcdnosday to councll wlth Dr.
II. L. Watson of West Topsham ln thn caso
of Mrs. Bert Rtchardson. Thoy nro ln hopos
that In tlmo sho wlll rpRaln hor uaual
Knst Orange.
Tho roada aro belng repalred, Wlll Cralgy
of Orango runntng tho road.iuachino.
Uov. Mr. Jonca, Froo Baptlst, preached
last Sunday. Tlio sorinon was followod by
a communlon servlco.
Chlldrau'B day 1s tobo obsorvcd next Sun
day wlth approprlato exorclscs nt tho
church at half past threo ln tho afteruoon.
Mrs. Rowe of Wnlt's Rlvor was n guost at
M. R. Ilamlltou'H last Saturday. 1
Mlss Edlth Davls Is spondtnR tho week at
Green Mountaln Semlnary, Waterbury Ceu
tor. Mr. nnd Mrs. Boll of Hardwick
aro vlsltliig tho Hutohlnson famtlles.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Scott I'aluo spent last Frlday
wlth frionds iu Barre.
L. Uart Croas of Montpelier was in town
Tho Ladlos' Ald Socloty meets wlth Mra.
Fred I'errlu to-day.
Rev. J. Edward Farrow of Wllmlugtou
was lu town the last of tho weok,
Uov. J. Nowton Porrln of Williamstown
vlslted at Doacon S. B. Galo'n last week.
Tho Washington County ConRregatlonal
convontlon liehl hero was woll attonded.
About thlrty attended tho concort by
Sousa's Band at Montpelier Monday ovou
lng. Help Is at work puttlnR in a new culvert
near tho 8. B. Galo woods on the Montpel
ier & Wells River rallroad.
Mus. It. DbYoukq of Mlddloburg, Iowa,
wrltes: "I have used Ono Mlnuto Couah
Curo for slx years, both for uiyself and
ehlldreu, and I consldor lt tho qulckest act
lnc and rnost satlsf actory cough curo I havo
ovurused." W. E. Terrlll & Go., Mont
pelier, Vt.
North Pomfret.
MIss Edna Spear is aRatn at lionie.
Mlss Lou Wood Is houie from Maino.
GeorRe Green is now runnlng a hulled
corn cart about town.
Another carload of cattlo was sold and
went out of town last week,
OwinR to tho slckuess of tho teacher, the
school in dlstrict No. 3 dld not koep after
Weduesday of last week.
Summer boarders havo begun to arrivo.
Mr. Charak and a little daURhter arrived at
Justin BuRbee's last week, Mr. Charak ic
turnlng to Boston after a two or threo days'
Randolph Conter.
LomuelsMurphy, for a long tirne laudlord
of the Randolph Ilouse, died Kriday after
uoon, after a long illness.
Mr. Gee, who had leased tho Damon
farm agalu thls yoar, left lt last week, as
dld also Mr. Ryder, who leased the David
Ilowe farm for threo years and has occu
pied lt about a year.
It. 0. Dleuier, wlillo roturnitiR from the
creamery Saturday moruinR, drove into
a lot near R. M. Damon's and went to
sneak to somo one, leaviug his team and a
three-year-old boy. Tlio horses ran, throw
Iur tho boy out, severely brulsiuR and cut
ting his head, hut it is hoped uo permauent
iujuries were luilieted.
As announced last week, tho thirtieth
anniversary of tho Normal School and the
nlnotioth of tho Orange County Qrammar
School will be hold Juno 14-18, beglnniug
wlth tho sermon befora tho RraduatlnR class
by Rev. C. II. Richardson of Norwich on
Sunday evenlug. Monday, Tuesday and
Wodnesday, examlnatlons; Wednesday, at
two p. si.f ineotlng of tho Alumnl Associa
tlon, wlth roports, remlnlscencos, poem by
Mrs. Luna I'eck, readings and ruusic; at
eiRht r. m., B exhibitiou, wlth several novel
features. Thursday, at half past ten a. m.,
RraduatlnR exerclseB, wlth address by Rev.
I. I'. Booth of Morrisville; at half past
twelvo r. m., alumnl dlnuer, wlth short
talks from niany of tho thousand graduates
of the Normal School, all of whom aro in-
viteu to bo presenti at eight r. m., concort
by the Montpelier Glee Club. The next
term beRins AuRiist 27, and for tho beneflt
of the public, and prospectivo studeuts tho
rules for admlssion aro appenilod: "(a)
Holdera of teachers' certlflcatea ahowinR an
average of seventy-flve per cent will be ad
mltted wlthout examlnatlon. (&) Graduates
of academles and IiIrIi schools approved
by tho stato superlntendent wlll be ad
mlttod wlthout examtuation, (c) Appllcauts
for admlssion raay attend any public exam
lnatlon held by a county examiner, and
their papers wlll be forwarded to tho board
of examluers and Bupervlsors for actlon
thereou. (d) Tho board wlll couduct ox
aminatlons on the Wednesday of gradua
tlou week. (e) A member of tho board will
be present ou tho llrst duy of the fail term
for tho pnrposo of examinlnR candidates for
admlssion. The examlnatlon will be in
Bpellinc, arithmetic, physiolocy, Rrammar,
ReoRraphy, Vurmont hlstory, Uulted States
hiBtory and clvics."
Children's day will bo obsorved at tho
ConRreRational church next 8unday.
Mrs. A. L. Wheeler was called to St. Al
baus on Frlday by the serlous illness of
Mlss Ethel Eddy.
MIss Snsan Atkins attended tho Epworth
Leaguo conventlon at Montpelier.
Rev. Henry WalbrldRo of Rochester, N. II ,
was iu town Monday. Mr. and Mrs,
Frank Rlco of St. Johnsbury aro vlsltlnR
rolatlves iu thls villago. zz Mlss Mlua
Brown of Harro is at GT A. Youur'k,
Mr. and Mrs, Algomon 8paldlnR and Mr.
and Mrs, E. Spaldlng of Bt. Albans aro vis
ItinR ln town. Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Fltts weut to Windsor Weduesday.
South Ityornto.
M. F. Sargont flnlshed sbwIur his lumber
last Saturday.
Dr, J. B. DarlliiR was throwu from his
waRon last Friday, breaklUR two rlhs and
hrulslUR liliu qultu badly.
Tho lumber, stono and other butldlnR ma
torlals aro all ou the Rround for the Gibsou
barn. A ganR of wood and Btone workmen
bpRan operatlons TucBday mornltiR. Tho
slzo of tbe barn wlll be forty-two feet by
elghty-four feet, two (loors auil a basement.
Communlon sorvlces will bo observed at
tho Reformod l'reshyterlan church next
Sunday. Tlio usual proparatory sorvlces
occur on Thursday aud Saturday. Rev.
Mr, Kalloush of Topsham wlll asslst.
Mrs. Henry Cummines is visitlnir rola
tlves ln Jellerson, N, II. Auna Wob-
ster and hor slster, Mrs. Johu Lord, have
gono to Concord, N. II., to visit frieuds.
1 Marv Chase cavo a leoturo ln Acad-
llall on Frlday eveulng. Sultlect,
AIlss Jlarlow ol
provotnents ln Its bulldluR to accomuiodato
tho library.
Tho health of Mamlo Nolson Is about tho
Charlos Rolfo spomls Sunday at his homo
from Bothel.
Mrs. Albcrt Dean of Koono, N. II., is vls
ltliig at S. A. Doau's.
Fred Slack had his Ior rosot at tho hos
pltat ln Burlington, IIo is dolug well.
Fred Fuller attoudod tho county confor
onco of Cougregatlonal churchos at Wil
liamstown. Tho hotol atid tho houso formerly occu
pled by John Klbby aro bolng paluttd, un
der the dlreotion of Hoti, Aaron lClng.
Tho grlp has taken a new hold, havlng
atnong lts vlctlniB Mrs. Flalo Duveli, Ilonry
Ilowland and Mrs. Edward Rowoll aud her
Rev. J. 1'. Demerltt attends tho gradua
tlon exerclscs of Roblnsou Semlnary at
Exeter, N. II., thls weok, whoro MlssIIelen
Rrnduatcs and is ono of tho speakers,
Our band proapors flnoly undor lts loador,
Arthur Folsom, as lts outdoor concort Sat
urday ovonlng showed. With unlforma
comploto lt wlll comparo favorably with Its
Tho measlea atart as tlumgli atmlng to
selzo nll vlctlma, Those already sccured
nro Roy and Dalsy Rolfp, Glon nnd Emina
Rowell, Ilelon Tuckor, Mabel Wrlght aud
Dalay Dlamoud.
Lymau D. Hentli, aged seventy-slx, an
old and rcspected citlzen of Warren, dled
suddonly last Sunday mornlng.
Kust Wurreu.
Tho patrona of tho creamery hero wero
pald fourteen ceuts for April buttor.
Tho wiro is belug strung on tho new tole
phono poles, and tho llno wlll soon bo ln
worklng order.
Suprcme Momcnl of a Lniincli,
Thut n lnttnclt ls n nmttor ot innthomnt
Ics, ns woll ns of great sklll nnd labor, Is
shown by tho fact that tho iniin of hcinnco
who has tho matter in clinrgu nlwnys
iimkos n sot of cnloulatlons showlng tlio
straln of thu sblp nnd lts proci&o cniidltlou
nt practically ovory foot of tho journny
down tho ways. If n boat phould gofc ln
tlio way, or If it should tuko an unusual
loiigth of tlmo to knock out tho koel
blocks, or If any ono of half a do.on thlng-!
should caufo sorlous delay, tho sciontlllo
nian knows Just how long ho can wait nud
Just liow far thu llnilt of safety uxtonds.
Tht'ro ls always ono supremo moinent
ln a launcli, and lt is at nttinotlmtuscapcs
tho nverago hpoctator. It Is when tho vos
sol gots falrly woll iuto tho watur. Tlils ls
wlion an lnipovtnnt fautor known ns tlio
"nioment of buoyancy" coines Into play.
If you can iniagino n vosul sllding down
an lncllno wlthout nny watur Into wlilch
to drop, you can seo that tho vcssul would
tlp down suddonly nt tho cml wliich has
left tho ways aud would riso nt tlio end
stlll on tlio lncllno. Uut rcally lu succoss
f ul launclics tho storn of tho vussel ls grnd
tially lifted u p by tho wator, nnd thls
throws tho wolght forwnrd on that prtrt of
tho shlp stlll rostlng on tho ways. Tho
forco of tho watcr is called tho "liionumt
of buoy'anoy," and tho naturnl tondunoyof
tho shlp to drop to tho bottom of tho
strcani Is called tho "moinoiit of wolght."
Now, tho inoiiient of buoyancy inust al
ways bo greator than tho monieiit of
wolght, but it nmst not bc vory intieh
greater, for if it wero lt would throw tixi
inuch welght forward ou tlio part of tho
shlp stlll on tho wnys and nilght break
thum down or injuro tlio platus or koel of
tho shlp. When tlio great Engllsh battlo
ship Rainlllies was iauuched, thls dld
rcally happcn, and so great was tho stralu
noar tho bow that parts of tho cradlo woro
nctually pushcd rlght Into tho bottom of
tho vcssul. It Is thls dangcr of disastcr
that causcs tho scicntlllo launchor to mako
tho nuMtcaruful caleulatlons as totho con
dltlons MiiTouiulliig tho shlp nt ovory foot
of hor journoy into tho watur. "Launcli
lug n Grcnt Vcssol," by Franklin Mnt
thcws, ln St. Nlcholas.
" Woman SulTrago.'
Post MUIs ls teaohlng tho vlllago school,
.luna iMetclier uas roturned to Bos
ton to her former placo In tho Old Folks'
Homo. Mra, Luther Varrlngtou ia vls
lslug a slster lu MaBsachusetts.
Mrs. Jamos Goodwin Ituprovus slowly.
The Grand Army Post Is making lui-
Cniindinn Lcjrlslatoi-.
lc is n inlstako to tlilnk that tho nct
wlilch led to tho confcduration of tho varl
ous provlnces in 1807 has nttained no
hlghur nii'aiilng ln thu lifo of tho Cnna
dian pcoplo than that of n constitutional
unlon. It carrics with it a lnuanlng of far
dcopor lmport a unlon of hearts, whoso
olTsprlng ls ononess of patrlotio nini and
purposo. Of courso lt would bo ldlo to say
that tlio Cauadian pcoplo nro i unlt upon
nll qucstlons of vltal lntorost to tho llfu
nnd growth of tho Donilnlon. Tlio gco
graphical iutcrustsof Canada aro so vnrlud
that llicro inu&t nccossarily bo nt timos
somo friction nnd olashlng of provinulal
needs and ninbitions. Tlils is tlio caso nt
Washington. Thls is tlio caso, too, ln so
sninll n confcduration ns tho cnntons of
A stranger vlsltlng tho gnllory of tho
Caundiau houso of commons isstruok wlth
tho dlgnlty and dccoruni whlch mark tho
procoudiugs and surround uven tho wann
ust and keunoat of dobatcs. Parllainontnry
proceduro bclng rlgldly ndhcrcd to, tliuro
is littlo room for imsecnily uncounturs,
whlch usually grow out of uncallud for
pcrsonnlltlus ln tho hcat of n dlsoustloii.
Somutliuus, liowovur, when tho houso has
beon feltting for hours, woarlud with tho
prollxitlcs nnd lncohorunuli's of somu
niembur from "way baok," suddonly, as lf
through unity of duspuratlon, tho usual
dlgnlty of tho houso ls rolaxed, nnd gravo
niuinburs from such lntulluctual ccntors as
Montroal nnd Toronto play tho schoolboy
nnd outvlo ono another ln "shylng" bluo
bouks at tho licads of sluinberlng nnd ln
offoiisivo meinbors.
Of tho 1315 lnomhors that mako up tho
houso of comiuous lu polnt of ablllty nnd
glfts 20 por cent of thcni aro bulow niedl
oority, SO por cont occupy thu planu of
mcdlocrlty, 40 pur cont possoss adinitted
ablllty and tho runialulng 120 pur cent uro
ni on of couimaudlng talont. Doimhoo'H
Hiud Mnttresscs for Rlicuiiiatlsiu.
I want to oiitor iny protost agalnst uio
tprlng mattross. For a loug tlmo I havo
boon troublud moru or less with musoular
rhuumatism ln tho bauk aud linibs, nud lt
Is always worsu at nlght than ln tho day
tlmo so had, ln fact, that I am ooinpolled
fomo nlghts to got up aud wall: arouud to
Btart tho clroulatlon nnd thus rcduco tho
paln. Ibavu always slupt on a sprlng mat
tross bucausu lt was soft aml yiuhllng. Ru
contly I havo trlud tlio plaln, oldfasbloned
bod slat Instuad of thu sprlng, aud I ilnd
that my luusculnrrhuuiuatlsiii ls duo moru
to tho iipo of it soft bcd tlmn to any phys
ical troublca of my own. Tho ilnn bod
umlor inu has qulU) rumoved tho paln, aud
I sleop very coinfortnbly. I havo rocoiu
mumlud lts usu tu Mivoral frionds who havo
beon troubled as I havo bcon, and thoy ro
port tho samo oxcullcut rusultB. It is not
necossary tu niaku tho bod dlsagroeably
hard! two thlok mattrussus mako a com
fortablo bud, Letter in Nuw Vork Sun.
" Do you oxpcct to suffor from hay
fevor this Bummor, Mra. Do Loog?"
"No, uuloss niy hUBb.tnu's buslncss
A Lost Typc,
0h, for i Kllmpao ot a naturnl boy
A boj wlth trecklod face,
Wlth foroliend wlilto 'noath tmiRlcd Imlr
And llmlu dorold of Rrncoi
Wlioio feet toe ln, wlillo his olbows flaie,
Whoie lcneen nre patchcd nll rrnya j
Wlio tnrna ns rod aa n lobitor wlien
You glvo titm n wordof prnlso.
A boy wlio's born wltli nn nppctlto (
Who scoks tho rmntry holf
To oat his " pleco " wltli roaoundlnK imack
Who ttu't K"no on hlmaelt i
A " ltoblnBon Cruioo " rondlnR boy
Whoto pockets bulgo wlth trnali)
Who knowa tlio uao ot rod nnd Kun
And wlioro the brook trout aplash.
It'a truo he'll ilt ln tho caaleat chnlr,
Wltli lilahnt on hla toualedhends
Thnt hla hands nnd feet nro eyeryjvhero,
l'or youth innat liavo room to aprond.
Ilut he doesn't ilnb hla father"old man,"
Nor deny hla mother's cntl,
Nor rldlculo what hla etdera any,
Or thlnk thnt he knona It all.
A rongh nnd wholonomo naturnl boy
Of n good oldfnshloned clny)
(lod bleaa htin, lt ho'a atlll on earth,
l'or lio'll mako n man somo day.
Detrolt Kree l'reaa,
Tlio Mottso nud tho Cniidlc.
A littlo mouso onco Uved undor n pnn
try whoro nll iimnner of good thlngs wero
stored. IIo fed ao wrll on theio tlalntlcs
that ho bccaino qulto fnt and very concelt
cd, too, for hothought that tho good thlngs
wero placed ln tho pantry for his ospeolnl
benuflt. "Thcsogood pcoplo," sald ho, "do
all ln thclr powur to mako mo hnppy. I,
too, can mako tliein happy by tastlng of
nll tho nico tliings thoy placo boforoino."
So ovcry ulght ho went rcgulnrly from
dlsh to OKh, ntbbllni; n littlo bit from ono
nnd a littlo bit from nnothcr tintll ho had
nlbblcd at all tho dalntlus, bosldos leavlng
othcr slgns of his uildnlght vlslt.
Ono vory hot suniincr'ri nlght ns ho
crcpt into tho pantry ho saw thcro two tall
whlto thlngs, wlth beautiful shlnlng bod
los. Ho didn't know that thcy wero only
wax camllos, to ho gazcd ln udnilrntlon of
thelr boauty, wondering who or what thcy
could bo. "Porhaps," sald Iio, "thoy aro
tho good pcoplo of tho houso," and ns ho
mused thus tho candlosbcgan tobcud ovcr
wlth tho heat. "Oh,"saldho, "thcy nro
bowlng to mol" so ho drow hlmsclf up
proudly, and thcn bowcd stlflly to tho
caudles, whllo thcy bcnt lowcr nnd lowcr
untll thclr hends almost touchcd their
fcot. Thon tho luouso ran off and bcgan
his round of tnsting of tho daintlcs on tho
Woll, it. hnppenod that ho folt very sleepy
that nlght, so prusently ho sat down nnd
rostcd agalnst ono of tho candles, nnd
thcro ho soon fell fastaslcop. Xow, whllo
ho slcpt tho candlo mclted wlth tho hcat
and droppcd upon hlin untll it quito cov
orud nll but his noso, but when thu carly
mornlng caino tho nirgrowchilly, aud tlio
wax Ijceanio hard agaiu, so that tho mottso
was huld u prisoner in tlio caudlo's cold
At last tho niouso nwoko nnd was hor
rlflcd to flud that ho could not niovo iinnd
or foot, for ho was complotoly covorod
wltli hard cold wax, whlch hold hlm ns
flnnly ns nn lron oaso. IIo squcnked nnd
whlmpcrcd, but no holp camo. Thcn ho
cricd: "Oh, fool thab I wns to fall into
such n trnpl My fathor has oftcn sald,
'Bowaroof tho oxaltcd when thoy boud
low to tho humblo.' " As ho snld thcso
words n sorvant ontorod tho pnntry nnd
took up tho caudlcstlok, butwhonsho snw
tho mouso's noso sho screamed nnd throw
tho candlostlck into a pall of wator, and
tho poor niouso wns drowncd, nnd that
wns tho sad ond of tho concoitcd littlo
niouso. Now Btulgot.
Tho Eiiclinntcd rumpkin.
When your littlo brother or slster has a
birthday pavty, nml you wivnt n novelty as
n conturpli'co for tho teatalile, try tho "eii
clinntcd pumpkln" and m;o what ftin it
will mako l'or tho gticsts.
It ought to bo a prizo pumpkln, and a
big onu, Hcoop out all tho lnsido. That
wlll do well eiiough to mako plcs out of for
grown up peuplo on days that aro not
blrtlidays. Thon stult it full of toys ticd
up in niysterlous luoklng Ijundlos.
To each packngo tlo n brlght ribbon,
lotting tho looso cnds fall out ovcr tho
sldos of tho punipkin; thcn carcfully ro
placo tho cnp or stcin part, whioh you cut
olT, so thnt it wlll look ns lf it wero stlll
wholc, aml placo lt on your tca tablo.
Surroundcd by fc'rns nud colorcd autunin
lcavcs and dccorated with tlio tlroopiug
cnds of tho ribbons, lt will mako a vory
protty ccnterpleco.
When tlio fmwt ls ovor, sot tho childron
to guossing how niany soeds aro lu tho
pumpkln. Whon nll havo guossod, toll
caoh to tako hold of ono of tho rlbbous,
nnd when you say "Throol" thoy must
pull on tho ribbons, nnd ln that way thcy
wlll seo how niany soeds nro in tho
Of courao cach littlo gucst sccures a
protty glft. Exchaugo.
A Dog-L'ossossetl Doll,
Its mlstross was a littlo glrl who loved
Uolls as woll ns dogs, nud when out walk
ing sho taught her dog to carry her doll.
And what do you thlnk happuned? Tho
dog foll tu hivo wlth tho doll! Doggy
would carry dolly about for hours and
takolt into his keuiH'ltobolilscouipaulon.
Uut, sad to say, tho ilog's fcollngs wero
tainpeml wlth. When othur littlo glrls
luarncd of his attaohmont, thoy would
knook atthoowncr'sdoor and wiy, "Plcaao
can your dog eoino aud glvq my dull a
wnlkK' Tlio iwilt was ho becauio a gen
oral lover and would walk out wlth any
klnd of doll that camo to his door.
Uut niark how ho was piinlshedl Ho
bccaino tlio slavo of his pnsalon. Not con
tcnt wlth cavi'.vlng n dull when usked to
do lt. bo bcgnn to prowl around, nnd
whunuvcr he sn- a dolLln a ohlld's arins
ho wuuld walk up KtcaTihlly nud selzo it
nud carry lt nll. Ilu has beon known to
cnptiiru I'our on u slnglo day.
And all tlio childron of tho placo and
their fathors aml inotlicrs nro up in nrins
ngnlnst tiiat dog, and thoy tleclaro that lf
that doll possessed dog docs not niund his
ways ho wlll bo brouglit to an oarly gravo.
Pensions of SO to S12 a month are pald
Boldiera, rlch or poor, with sliglit dtsabll
lties,' contractod ln or out of servlco, undor
nct of Juno 27, 181K). Thoso now peuBlonod
undor thls act can comploto nny Biispoudod,
dolayed or rujocted clalm uuder tho old law,
and rocelvo tho arrears. Wldowa ontitlod,
wlthout rogard to causo of soldler'a death.
No charRO unlesa Buccossful. Address, T.
J. Deavltt, Montpelier, Vi.
Suffku" ln ordor to bo wiso, nnd ln
bor in ordor to have.

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