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broach o( tlio poaco cosob. It U very ovl
dotit thnt thi) ofllcors lutotid to onforco tho
prohlbltory law.
Tlio Graniteville Baso-ball Olub played
a ono-stded ganio wlth tho East Barro Olub,
at East Uarro, on Saturday nftornoon. Tlio
scoro was tblrty to nlno ln favor of Qrauito
rlllo. Any good olub, wautlng a gaino for
nny Saturday aftornoon, should sond tliolr
challougo to W. W. Bcott, tnnnagor, Gran
ltovlllo, and lt wlll bo promptly ausworod.
Tlio olub has good gromids to play on, aud
all vlsltors wlll be courteously troatod.
West JJorlln.
0. W. Koyes has palutod hls bulldlngs.
Mrs. J. It. Coffrln of Nortliflold ls stop
plng wltli lior son Jamos for a fow days.
I'realdlng Elder Booinan proacliod at tlio
MotbodlBt clmroli laat Sunday at half.paat
ten o'clock, aftor whlcb lio baptlzod four
young ladlea and two young mon, and bold
a sacrataental servlco.
Olioster Turner was takon to tlio Asyluin
at Watorburv a fow days bro. IIo bas boen
in poor lioalth for somo titno. His coudl
tion was bucIi tliat Drs. Mayo and Eomp
advlsod hls ronioval to Waterbury.
The Grango hold lts nnnual Clilhlron's
day baakot picnlc last Saturday ln Araos N.
Chase'a grove. Botwcon forty and flfty
spent a pleasant afternoon. Askort pro
gramme, conslstlng of rocltatlons and mu
slc, was obsorved, after whlch a goueral
good tlmo was onjoyod.
BAnnows & Pkck of Montpellor are agents
for tho Granlto Stato Mowing Macblno, tlio
best inowor tlio farmor ovor usod.
Tbo ladles of tlio Congrcgatlonal clmroli
gave a lawn party on tbe Rrounds noar tbo
cburcb last ovonlng.
The truBtoos of tbe Bradford Publlc Lt
brary bavo just purcbasod a supply of tbe
latest aud boBt publlcatlons.
T. A. Hunklns purchased of L. W. Doo
last week tbo large pair of gray horaos.
Tom tblnks be bas Rot about as good a
team as tbere ls in town,
Tho strawberry season wlll be ashort ouo
on account of tbe lack of raln. Tboso hav
lnR tho largest flolds say tbey wlll get ouly
about half as many berrlos as last year.
Whllo Frank Mlller was at work at Cuni
mlngs' inlll at South Corinth a slab ilow
froui tbe slab-saw, strlklng blm just over
tho rlRht eyo, inakluR qulte a cut and caus
lng conslderablo paln.
Mlaa Ida V. Woodbury spoko at tbe Con
RreRatlonal cburcb last Sunday ln tbo in
tereat of tho Amerlcan Misalonary Assocla
tlou. Iler address was vory intorosting.
She ls an ablo speakor.
Mr. Hobbs of Polkatn, N. II., was ln town
last woek buylng cows. Ho and M. G,
Flanders bouRht twenty-one, wblch tbey
will Bhip to uiarket, togethor wltb an extra
lot of hoRS, sheep, etc.
A ropubllcan caucus was bold at tbe
town bouse last Saturday evening, when
the following delegatea wore elected to tbo
Orange county conventlon: A. M. Banks,
H. E. Parker, L. J. Brown, A. P. Wortben
and Burt Wlswall. It was voted that tbe
delegates cboose tbelr alternates.
E. 0. Woods and famlly of Concord, N.
H., came to town last weok to spend tbe
sumrnor wlth hlB wlfe's fatber, E. H. Wel
ton. Tno youngeat cblld, about cleven
weeks old, was takeu sick and dled Sunday
morning. It will bo taken to Concord for
Mrs. Mary L. Roble, now of Morrisville,
but formerly of Corinth, bas been viaitlug
her daughter, Mra. D. K. Androas. She is a
bright and intelligent lady of elgbty years.
Mrs. Mary Hatch of Lowell, a sister of
Mrs. Androas, has also beon viaitlug at tho
Newton I. Iloward, a former rcsidont of
Bradford, wbo has lived in Iowa for the
past few years, and who has been travellng
extenslvely through tho western Btates, is
stopping with hls slsters, Mrs. Lucv Smith
and Mrs. Eastman, for a few weeks. He
says he bas not found a better stato than
Vermont, nor a pleaaanter vlllago than
J. H. Benton, Jr., of Boston has pub
liahed ln pamphlet forru hls scholarly ad
d.ess delivered at the dedication of tbe
Bradford Publlc Library, July 4, 1895, and
bas glven 450 copies to tbe library. Mr.
Benton ls entltled to great credit for col
lectirg and arranging, in Buch a conciso
forin, bo many intoreatlng facts connected
wlth the different library asaoclations that
havo been forined in town. He brings out
the fact that the flrat chartered library in
the state was the Bradford Soclal Library,
chartered in 179G one bundred yoarB ago
and glves short sketches of all the thlrty-
Lovell HMaixioiidL Bicycles!
E. D. HYDE, Local
four Blgnors of tho potitlon asklng for tho
cbartnr. Mr. Benton attondod school ln
Bradford whon a boy, aftorwards studiod
law ln town and thon oiillstod in tbo
Twolfth Vermont Rcglmont in 1803, Ho Is
now ono of tbo foremost and BUccosaful
lawyors ln Boston and ouo of tho trustoes
of tho Boston Pitbllo Library.
Whon W. B. Sly of Topsham wout to bls
barn. about four o'clock last Monday 1110m
lng, ho mlsaod a yoko of oxon that bo bad
loft in tbo yard tho nlght, before, IIo bo
Ran to look around and found that hls
cattle-obalns woro gono. Golng to tbo nas
turo, two moro pairs of oxon woro mlsslug.
Taklng anotbor man with blm, ho started
in purBiilt nnd tracked thom through West
Newbury to Bradford dopot, whoro ho
found thetn iu tbo cattlo-yard. A young
man had brought tbo cattle, and a lottor
sfgnod A. D. Nolsou, Orango, to M. D.
Flanders, tolllng blm bo had sont tho cattlo
by his brothor'a son, and wished him to pay
tho young man wbatthoy wero wortb. Mr.
Flanders mlstrusted somotblng wrong and
queBtloned him Bharply. It is suppoaod tho
young tnau bocamo alarmod and took tbo
nlne o'clock traln north, and when Mr. Sly
arrivod, a half hour later, bo was not to be
found. Mr. Sly was, of courae, glad to flnd
tho oxon, whlch he took homo.
Amono tbe onterprlaing firms of Brad
ford is that of Doo Brothers. Tboy carry a
Bomewhat varied stock of goods, and tbe
country purcbaaor will flnd ln thelr Btoro
many of tho articlos for whlcb ho would
have to look among a number of other
tradesmen. Tbey carry a fine lino of clotb
lng, Rentlemon's furnlshlng goods, boots
and shooa for ladies and gentlomon, and
ladles' garinents. Tliey alao havo a good
atock of jewolry and do repalrluR in thia
Une. They sell houso furnlshlng Roods, aro
agonts for tho Columbia and Hartford
bioyclos, make a Bpocialty of blcycle re
palra and koep n good asaortment of blcycle
suitB. Thoro aro over 200 whoels ln Brad
ford, of many kinds. If a wbeolman re
quires any artlclo of blcyclo furnlshlng, or
ropaira of any klnd for hls whool, Doe
Brothers wlll belp him out. This flrrn bas
beon in buslneaa ton years, lts membors
aro popular young mon, onterprlaing and
bouorable, and tbo Watciiman oordlally
commends thelr oatablishmont to tbe at
tentlon of tho peoplo of Bradford and thia
part of Orango county.
Goorgo K. Cburch of Weat Topsham
stopped with hia daughter, Mrs. W. A. Cor
liss, over Sunday. George Ilardy and
hia aunt, MIbs Jenklns, have moved into
the houso rocontly purchaaod of Mra.
Frary. Mr. and Mra. S. J. Albee re
tnrned Tbursday, aftor a week's vlalt with
thelr aon, F. J. Albee. Mlas Edith
B. Jonoa ia vlsitlng her slator, Mra. Tbomaa
McKonzio ln Itockvlllo, Conn. ,
Mra. D. F. Dearborn ia atopping wlth her
son, O. II. Dearborn. E. W. Goodhuo
and wifo are spendlng tbeir vacatlon wltb
Mr. Goodhuo's fatber. Mra. T. A.
Cbase and cbildron, wbo have boen viait
Idr frlends and relatives at Guildhall, re
turned laat Frlday. C. F. Smith and
H. M. Dufor wore in town last weok look
ing up bualneaa for tbo Mutual Llfe Insur
auce Company of New York. Mr.
Darrah of Whito Rlver Junction, who has
boen rocontly ongaged by tbo Connecticut
General Life Insurance Company, waa ln
town a few days last woek. A. F.
Itoberta and famlly visited at Hauover, N.
H., last week.
Dr. Goodricb and famlly aro Bpeudlng a
few days ln town.
Tho concert at tbo First cburcb, Saturday
ovening, was well atteuded. Tbo Binglng
waa good.
Mr. and Mra. H. B. Coloman have re
turned from thelr trip, having onjoyod a
pleaaant time.
Georgo and Floyd Lyman came from Rut
land, last Monday, to vialt thelr grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Peck.
Chlldron'a day was enjoyed by qulte a
company of children,! althougb the attrac
tions in other places took away many who
would otberwfse have partlclpatod.
The Ladies' Aid Society will hold a lawn
party at the Raymond cottage next Satur
day evening, to wblch all are cordlally In
vlted. The entortalnment will conaiat of
music, recitations and ilre-works. Ice
cream and cako will be served.
Several membera of Winooski Lodge of
Good Templars visited Calais Lodge last
Saturday nigbt.
Ned Farrlngton was sick wlth the measles
and obllged to return from Montpelier be
fore thegraduatingexerciaos had ended.
Mrs. Edna Grant of Manchester spent a
1896 Fattcrus at Keduccd I'l'ices,
S100.00 I.OVEI.Ii DIAMOND S75.O0
S85.00 LOVULI, SPECIAI., 803.00
75,00 LOVliLL KXCIiL $00.00
No. 60 Main Streef
Wliat &l
Loaf of
Bread you
oeresota 77
Are You Familiar with " CERESOTA?"
Aerent, Montpelier, Vt.
- Burlington, Vt Millers' Agents
fow days with lior lnotbor, Mrs. John
Hlmonda, at Lnwer Cabot.
Mlsa Bortha Ossood closud a BUccosaful
term of Bchool on Burnnp Hill, laat Frlday,
wlth lltorary oxorclsoa. Addln Stone,
Loulee Stone, Maud Stono, Eddlo Burbauk,
Eva PowerB, Glonn Powora, Edna Lyford,
Illrnui Jonos, Helon Jonoa, Forreat Tob
botts, Flosaie, Sadio aud Olarenco Jonea
had only ono abaent mark, on account of
slcknosa. Glonn Carpontor was abaent tho
last throo days on account of moaales.
Tboro woro no tardy luarka during tho
term. Thls ia tho sovonth torm Loulao
Stono, agod twolvo, baa attonded scbool
wlthout a mark, sbo llvlng noarly ono mllo
from scbool.
Honry llills mot wltb a serloua accidont
laat Monday as bo was comlng from Walden
depot wltb a load of feod. Soolng a Bhower
approachlng, ho attompted to drivo undor
tho drlvoway of Nat. Burbank'a barn,
whero ho bad Btoppod sovoral tlmos bo
foro, but his horBos woro not guidod just
right. IIo ducked his boad, but hls right
shouldor Btruck tho brldgo, doubllng him
ovor, and tho horsos went through tho
drlvoway wlth blm in that posltlon, occu
pylng a spaco of only bIx lnchos. At first it
was tbought his lnjurles were fatal, but no
bones wero broken, and at last roports ho
was aa comfortablo as posslblo under tbo
All tho bulldings of IConnoth Smtth, on
top of Danvillo Hlll, woro burned oarly last
Tbursday mornlng. Mr. Smith aroao at
about four o'clock, klndled a flre, aud went
out to pasture to milk. In a few minutes
ho looked toward his house and saw smoko
comlng out of the roof and tho chlmnoy
buming out. RuBbing ln, ho snatcbod bls
wifo and cbildron from thelr beds just in
time to Have thom from tho llanios, as they
wero asleop. Thero belng no near nelgh
bora to rendor naalatance, Mr, Smith workcd
beroically to Bavo a fow valuablcs. In con
scquunce of excltement and hard work bo
was nearly prostrated for two days. Thore
was about 8200 in money ln the house,
whlch was burned wlth tho houso and
household furnlablngs.
Tbo school ln this vlllago closod last Fri
day aftornoon wlth interestlng exotclsos.
Tho higher departmont, taugbt by Mlss Ab
blo Smltb, numbereii eightoeu scholars,
aevonteen of whom had a plus mark. May
Adums, Nollle Adama, Wosley Atklns, Lot
tle Blancbard, Glenn Eastman, Artbur Gil
man, Joaaio Kimball, BertbaLawaon, Grace
Morse, Carrie Palno, Earl Ilogorsand Uarry
Walbrldge bad no marks during tbe term.
Emma Lalrd bad uono after she began tbo
term. Ada Bllledeau was abaent one day
and Allco Garnoy one-half day. At tbo
close of tho aftornoon exercises Mias Smith
treatod her pupils to ice-croaui. Tho pri
mary dopartment, taugbt by Mias Lilllan
AVells, gave a good rocord. Homor Far
rlngton, Lola Hougbton, Agnea Warren,
Earl Walbrldge, Carl Hodgdon. Earl Hodg
don, JonnioHoyt, Julla Paino, AUon Paine,
Maudo Morao and Harry Lawson bad no
marks. Thoro were no tardy marka and
only tbree and one-half dayB' abaence
during Bcboo) memborahlp. On Saturday
afternoon Miaa Wella gave her Bchool a sur
prlse party at her liome. Aftor gamos and
other amusementa, they were treatcd to
cake and lco-croani, from a tublo set out of
doors and well laden. It was a ploaauro
long to be remombered by tbo childrou.
Tho Slavton rounlon was attended by
130 laBt Saturday. Tbe dav was all that
could be aaked. Tbe place, Memorial Hall,
North Calais, was a lovely spot. A boun
tlful dinnor was sorved in tbo dining-hall.
Prayer was offered by Mr. Drown, spoecheB
wero made by George J., Captaln Asa P.
and Walter Slayton. A lettor was read
from Asa W. Slayton of Grand Raplds,
Michigau. whlch was interestlng. Tbe
songs by Mr. and Mrs. Eri Spencer and 0.
F. Dudley and wife were much onjoyed.
All unlted in aaying it was good to be
Babhows & Pkck of Montnoller aro agents
for tbe Granlto State Mowing Macblne, tho
best mower the farmor ever used.
East Calais.
Saturday nigbt was a rod-letter nlcbt for
Moscow Lodge, I. O. G. T. About thirty
five members of Winooski Lodge vialted the
homo lodge. Tho uaual forty-livo mlnutea
for tho "good of the ordor" furniabed entor
talnment, and at tbe cloae of tbe meeting
lce-cream and cako wero aerved to over
elghty. Before tho meeting cloaed a stal
wart past chlof teinplar approached tho
chlef templar's chair bearlng a largo paper
bag. The chlef templar announced that it
was tno Bixteentu mrtnuay oi ono oi me
sisters, and in behalf of the lodge bobegged
her acceptanco of tho contents of the bag,
together wlth tuetr Dest wisnes. a generai
laugh followed as Inez Poarce rose to re
celve ber gift, which proved to be fully
eigbt quartB of peanuts. Evldently tbo
glvers belleved Ithat "bread caat upon the
waters suroly will return." A further ln
vostigation brought to llgbt a box contaln-
lng an oiegant wliito leatnor lan muuen
amonc tho nuta. Tlio Blster's ago. now-
ovor. was a uilntako. it waB ner soven-
teenth blrthday aa a Good Tomplar instead
of her alxteenth.
Measles are nrovalent in one locality on
the West 11111
Chlldren's dav was obaerved on Sunday
at tlio weat iilll meeting nouse
Tho llbrarv and readlnc-room wlll bo
closed on the Fourtb. aa the trusteea be
Peve the llnrananB are lairiy ontitieu to a
hollday. All booka due that day may be
returned on the next library day without a
The vouncr neonlo of tbe Concreaatlonal
cburcb have choaen as thelr prayer-meeting
commltteo for tbe next quarter Hattle H.
Dearhorn. Maude a. Morrlll, liirueiia ai.
Cloyea, Edwtn I. Hlbbard and Hope Shor-
Rev. B. B. Sherman is ludlsposoil, and
tbere was no preachlng aorvice at tho Con
crecratlonal cburcb on Sunday. Mr. Slier
man and famlly went to II. L. Blxby's on
Monday, whero we hopo bo may rapidly
0. M. Davis bas bought for 875 all the
land south of tho MethodiBt parsonage
owneu uy Mra. uuuiey uauot. itesiuonts
ln this neighborbood concratulate tbem
selves that this meanB tbe demolltlon of the
old shop iuat above the Buck brldge, which
11 aa long uoon an eyoaore.
Nellie I. Blxby is agaln clerklne for C. P,
DickinBon, 1 Edna M. Ilutcblnson and
Lyle Tracy have boen visiting in Mout-
nelier. but return boine this week.
Mrs. Arcblbald Mllls, Arcblo 0. Mills and
Fred E. Atwood arrivod at J. B. Atwood's
on Saturdav. : Mr. and Mrs. W. F
Braman of Montpelier have been spendlng
Bome iiaya at iura. uuuioy uauot'a
W. F. Davis and wifo have gone to tbe Pro-
lllo Houho, Wlilto wountains, lor tho sum
mer. i J. K. Darling and J. M. Com
stock attended conunenceuiont at Dart-
mouth laat weok. Jirastua Smltb vla
ited in Hanover, N. H., laat weok.
MrB. B. A. Morrlll and Maude S. Morrlll
havo returned homo from Winthron. Mass
whero they havo been for sovoral months.
Dr. G. J. Helmor, oBteopatblat, arrlved last
week. He haa rontod the lower lloor of
Mra. Ira Hood's houso, and will recelvo IiIb
natlonta thoro. 11 e oxnects two aaslstants
in a few days. Harry H. Goaa made
hls narents a flvlng vislt last woek
Mrs. R. II. Lyon and two daughtorg of
White Ulver Junction are at ut. A. .
Smlth's. ; Clmrles It. Uarria of St
Loula. Mo.. ia vlaltlng his unclo, J, B, 11a
con. Flvo of tho Gerardi famlly of St.
Louis havo arrlved at H. S. Aunla' for tho
Biimmer, and otbors wlll follow later.
West Corinth.
Whooplng-cougb prevallB ln town.
Stlllman Wlgglna Ih quito slok aud under
iuouocior s caro
Oharles Avory has recontly lost a good
uorse, Kinou uy a Kicn irom anotnor uorae
Mlss Sadle Humphrey oloaed bor school
on Frlday. Tbo closlng oxerclaes cousiated
of rocltatlons, dlalogues and niuslc, vocal
uud lustrumental. Many parents wern
The remaina of Mrs, Lucy Gilman of East
llaveriJiu wero orougnt to this place last
Saturday for burial. Sbo waH for many
yoars a resldont of thls village, but, on ac
count of falling hoalth, olght yoars ago sbo
went to East Ilavorhlll to livo wlth bor
Kast Corlntli.
Rer. A. M. Smith occuplod tho Unlvor
sallst pulplt on Sunday aftornoon nnd
W. It. Rowland has roturnod from scbool
at Barro. Mlss Laurn A. Butlor, who
has beon attondlng aohool at Randolph, ls
spendlng bor vacatlon in town. i Mlss
Ilolon M. Blako cloaed bor achool at thls
placo on Frlday, and bas roturnod to ber
homo ln Brndford. . Mr. and Mrs.
Satnuol Jones of Weybridgo aro in town
vlsitlng tbelr daughter, Mrs. E. S. Rowland.
North Duxbury.
A party of nlne from Barro took a trip to
Camel's IIuuip last Sunday, making tbo
trip to thls placo and roturn on tbolr
w 116019.
Tho wldow of tbo lato Jacob Morso dled
nt tho homo of her Bon-in-law, George
Papo, last Saturday, agod nlnoty-four yoars.
Tholntermeut wbb nt Bolton,
G. A. Conant ls soon to movo to Stowe.
wliere be bas a place to work. A. E.
Durkoo and wifo of Essex Junction spont
Sunday wlth bls narenta. Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Durkoe. Mr. aud Mrs. John
O'Noll, Jr., aro rojolclng ovor a baby girl,
born June 23. Mra. Albort Norton is
vislting relatives ln tbo south pnrt of the
town. Mr. and Mra. L. J. Durkeo
woro called to Hartford. Saturday. bv tho
death of her brotbor, James Fargo.
South Duxbury.
Tboro was a verv nleasant catherlne at
tho homo of Mr. Ebenezor Johnson, Juno
27, to colobrato bls olghty-fourth birthday.
Noarly oighty relatives and frlenda wore
presont. Mr. Johnaon ia tho son of Na-
tluintol and Lvula Jounson. who cama from
Wendoll, Maas,, over ninoty yoars ago and
aottlcd in Moretown, whore Ebeuezer John
son was born. Early in lifo bo movod to
Faj ston, and tboro marrlod aud remaincd
sovoral years. Later tho famlly came to
Boiitu .uuxuury to llvo, and slnce tho iloath
of hls wifo his daughter Mattlo haa cared
for blm. Ho bas sevon chlldren. of whom
alx woro preaent at tho anniveraary. Tbo
uiuner was aerveu m iront oi tne nouae,
under tbo blg manlos. Mr. Johnson was
soated at tho head of the table. Ho carrled
a bappy faco but a trembllng band. Ho
wore a rose on his coat which was brought
by his Bon Stephen, plucked from a buah of
whlcb tbe orlginal waa brought from Wen
doll, Maaa., over nlnety yoars ago by Mr.
Johnson's motber. After rofrcsbmonts all
listoned to romarks from Rov. O. S. Hul
bert and Mrs. Crossett, and a lotter was
read by Ilannab, u daughter of Mr. John
son, irom her unclo and ber father's only
brotber, who could not be presont on ac
count of his inilrmitles. Hls daughter Lilla
sang some of her choice songs, and the peo
plo doparted in peace, loaving bohlud tbem
a purso of twonty dollara.
MrB. Llzzio Joslin roturned to ber homo
Waltatlold laBt Wodneadav. Mias
Lilllan Emerson has gono to Waterbury to
work for Mrs. L. S. WattB. Tho fu
neral of Will Pbillips took place laat week
Monday aftornoon. Rov. Mr. Booth offl
clated, Herbert Ward and wlfe ro
turned to tbeir homo last Wednesday.
Kditb Butlor has flnlshod her scbool
in Fayston and returned to her bome.
Kast Montpollor.
The strawberry festlval last Saturday
ovening wasfalrly well attondod. The re
celpts were about 817.
T. B. Clemont haa nurchaaed a borso of
L. S. Wheelor to put on to hia stone team,
hls bandsome mare, " Kit," having gone
Thore wlll be a grove meeting next Sat
urday on the farm of O. L. TlllotBon, to
which the publlc ls invited. Several cler
gymen will be present.
Tbere wlll be a cotllllon party at tbe Vll
lago Hall to-morrow (Tbursday) evening.
Uooil music wlll D6 furnlsheu and refresb-
monts served. A genoral invltatlon is ex-
A. Jarvis, in tho employ of the Eureka
Granlte Quarry Company, started last Frl
day for a Beveral months' trip through the
western states, selling monumental work.
O. H. Edling wlll take Mr. Jarvis' place
as superlntendont in the shed depart
mont. Mlsa Ola Dudley of Bryant's Pond.
Malne, is tbe guest of Mlss Hattle Foster.
Mr. and Mrs. u. ir. jjudley and fam
lly attended the Slayton picnic at Calais
last Saturday. Mrs. Jesse Sawtelle of
Montpelier spent last Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Reed. Mr. and Mrs. Wal
lace Clark and daughter Lena visited Mr.
and Mrs. Truman Uhaae of Northfield over
Sunday. : Dr. J. J. Willard of Pueblo,
Colorado, made a ilylng vlslt to relativeB
and friends in this village laat Saturday.
Bauhowb & Pkck of Montpelier are agents
for tbe Granlte State Mowing Macblne, the
beat mower the farmer ever used.
North Montpelier. r
Our local baae-ball nlne playod a frlendly
f ame wlth the Marshfield boya, Saturday of
aat week, on the grounds at Plainfield, the
Bcore heing twenty-two to sevon ln lavor oi
tne juarsuneias.
MIsb BlanchoSpaulding, wbo bas been in
Boston for several monthB nast as a nunil in
the Boston Tralnlng Scbool, returned bome
last week. She was accompanled by ber
uncle, Orlando Knapp.
Profesaor and Mrs. O. IC. Hollister of
Goddard Semlnary are to spend a part of
thelr vacatlon wltb Mr. Holllster's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hollister. It is tbelr
intention now to makeanextended western
trip during tbe time.
That the creamery made no mistake In
securing tho servlces of Ed. HIIUb as our
buttor-makor 1b ovldenced by tbe unquali
fied wordB of pralse received from all quar
ters as to tbe quality of our product. In
AHie Oate they have ahelper worthy of tho
Tbere was a good turnout Frlday and
Saturday of laBt week to tbo trot at Barre.
The favorito thia way, tbe paclng mare of
0. M. Clark, "Mabel W.," after winning
two heatB ln the 2: 30class, experienced somo
of ber 111 luck agaln, throwing a knee boot
in one heat, breaklng her hobbles ln a sec
ond, and belng run into, tipplng tbe sulky
over, In a third. Wltb all thoae mlsbaps,
she won thlrd money.
Pass tho good word along the llne. Plles
can be quickly cured without any oporatlon
by simply applylng DeWitt's Witcli Hazel
Salve. W. E. Terrlll & Co., Montpellor, Vt.
Several Itetna of news from this town wlll
bo found on tbe second pago.
There has boen no raln boro slnce Juno
11. Soraa farmers say they will not cnt
more than half as much hay as Iastaeason.
Old hay ia vory Bcarco, and cannot bo
bought at any price.
Samuol P. Coburn, who had beon faillng
for somo tlmo past, diod last Tbursday.
Funeral Bervicos were beld on Friday from
tbe houso of bls sister, Mra. Stratton,
where bo dled, and were conducted by
Rev. Mr. Barnard of Bradford.
The unlou plcnlo beld by tho schools of
dlstricta No, 3 and 4, last Frlday afternoon,
was a succeBB ln every partlcular. At two
o'clock tho cbildron mot :at No. 1 school
bouso and marched to the grovo, slngiug a
now plece, tbo words of whlcb woro com.
posed by Mrs. Danlella, to tbo good old
tuno " Marchlng Through Goorgla." Tbo
oxerciaea at thu grovo cousiated of deola
iiuitlons, recitatioua, easaya aud dialoguos.
Then came thu luuch, whlcb cousiated of
cake, lce-cream and lemonado, whlch was
onjoyod by tho chlldren and some of tho
olilor ones. Next ramo tbe ollmnx aBteam
boat rido around tbe lako, Whlch was par
tlclpatod lu by about slxty Tho chlldren
of No. 4 raiaoil money onougb to buy a gold
Iion, a pair of aleove-buttons and a collar
mtton, whlch was preaonted to Mr. Thur
ber, tbo toacher, in u noat little spooch by
Mias Gora Clogatou. Out of a total of twonty
slx Bcholars in No. 4, twonty-tlve was tbo
average atteudance, tblrteen of whom re
ceived no marks, Thls was Mr. Thurbor's
Becond torm hero, and lt ia hoped that he
may boo flt to roturn and toach tho fall
North Fayston.
Tho Wllllng Workors wlll moot wltb Mrs.
Albro Portor, July 10., All aro invitod.
Tbe parents aud frlends ln dlstrlct No. i
gave tho teachor and scholars a dinnor last
TburBday. Mlss Eva Froumon has taugbt a
BUccosaful term. All would bo ploased to
navo her return.
Mrs. Mauloy Clark roturnod from North
Cbelmaford, Maas., laat wook Tueaday,
Whoro sho hns bnnn vlnlllnr? linr dnmrbtnr
for tho past four weoks. Hor daiiRlitor,
Mrs. Edward Moore, accompanled her nnd
wlll rotnaln ln town for n fow woeks, vislt
ing friends and rolatlvos. s A. H.
Hayos of Hardw'ck is spendlng a few days
in town. Mrs. M. Ingram of Barro
vlsltod hor slstor, MrB. B. M. Rlckor, last
Frlday. i George W. Talsoy wns ln
Marahfield last Frlday. Mrs. Frank
B. Cbapinan of Cbicopeo, Mass., ls vislting
at Manloy Clark's. John Darling and
wifo and Mrs. S. N. Eastman attonded tbo
graduatlug oxerclsos at Montpollor last
weok. 1 Aloxandor Cocbrau was In
Montpollor last weok Monday. M. D.
Coflln, R. D. Sberry and R. N. Darling wero
tbo dolegates to tho ropubllcan conventlon
at St. Jobnsbury last Friday. 1 Alox
andor Cochran was in Whitefleld, N. H.,
last TburBday. Virgil Ayor of Barro
was ln town last Frlday. H. O. Clark,
wbo baa beon Bpendlng a fow daya ln town,
roturnod to Hardwick last Frlday.
Itlckor 31111s.
Wo havo had but llttlo raln and bav muBt
be llRht. 1 Wllllam Wooks of Iowa and
Goorge Stewart wero vislting nt J. C. Har
vey's tbo past week. A. H. Rlcker
wiu nniau snwing uis stocK o( iumuor thls
weok. Ellery 0. Falge flnlshod work
lngontho rallroad last wook. A. H.
itlckor wiu aturt up ina boumn-mlll next
See Becond page for deferred items from
thls town.
A few from hero attonded tho muslcal
featival at Irasburg laat week.
For partioulars regardlng the Fourtb of
July colebratlon boo largo poaters.
Cbarlos Batcheldor and Mlss Edith Dan
lols wore marrled laat Sunday. Congratu
latioua. The masquerado glven by tho band laat
Saturday nlght waa well attended. Tho
costumos wore uniquo.
Mrs. C. L. Fronch has put a now porcb on
the front of her storo, the second story of
Marshall's block ls up, and Pat McGlnn
and Mrs. L. D. Hathaway havo palnted
thelr houses.
Professor Parsons is vislting frlends in
town thia week. Will Clark ia the
Sosaoasor of a new Plerco bicycle. 1
essle Sanford ls vislting in Rutland and
Manchester. Jesaio Kont ta vislting
her motber. .May Sanford 1b em
ployed in tho post-ofllco. Ira Drew
waa ln town last week. , Ned Mack
was at homo laBt woek. Jay Hersey
baa commenced work on bls now houso
A strawberry featival will be beld at the
Metbodlst cburch to-morrow (Tbursday)
The scbool ln No. 2, taugbt by Ola Bux
ton, althougb very small, shows no tardy,
absent or dlsmlsaal marka for the entlro
B. M. Shepard and wlfe, Mrs. Smith and
her grand-daughter, Mlss Florence, from
Burlington, were at O. E. Shepard'a over
W. R. Aldrich of Barton and W. S.
Drenan of Hardwick wero in town last
week in tho lntorest of a Frimary Languago
Chart, for uso in tbo schools. It is a flne
work and should be in our schools.
Our town may feel gratifled at the reault
of tho county conventlon in puttlng in nom
lnation for aaaistant judge Mr. Mark Meara
of this villago. A succeBsful merchant and
buslness man, he will not only honor blm
self and tbe town in the posltlon, but the
county as well.
School closed in dlstrlct No. 11 Juno 26.
Twenty pupils were enrolled. Average
dally attondance, 19 33-80. Tbose having
no marks wore Bernlce, Susie, Earl and
Pliny Kiser, Beulab and Cora Goodale.
Etta and Mvrtie Klnc. Bessie Pltkln. Maud
Townaond, Hattle Dow and Eddle Rusb-
Tho sohool plcnlo last Friday was a de
clded succeaa, all the schoola but two belng
present, and tboso two not belng closed at
that time. Lanosboro school closea thls
week, and the school in New DIscov-
ery bas throo weeks. Tbere was a
largo gatherlng of parents and frlenda,
which was gratlfylng to those connected
wlth the Bcbools. All tbe schools dld tbem-
aelves credit, and lt would bo a hard taak
to partlcularlzo. The schools have been a
success throughout the town. The attond
ance bas been much better than heretofore.
but very few marks appearlng ln the regls
ters, and tbe average attendance ln several
cases belng Iess than one below the wbole
number oi scholars.
The village schoola closed last Frlday.
Tbe followlng is tbe record of attendance
lor the upper departmont, Luile A. Jones,
toacher: Whole number of pupils, slxteen;
Average uauy auenuance, u i-u. xiiose
having no marks during the term wero Her
bert Austin, Maud Bulkeley, Joslo Bulke
ley, Llzzie Duncan. Howard Haylett. Clln
ton Hlll, Maude Johnson, Lilllan Sleener.
Nettie Somervllle, Clair Ward. Cbarllo
Goas was not absent, but bad one tardy
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Foss laat Wednesday.
A. J. Lawrenco of Fblladelphla, Pa., ia
vislting at j. w. uatcnoiuers
Mrs. Emily Lazello of West Randolph is
vlalting reiattvea in town.
George E. Kellogg, an ox-pollceman of
Brooklyn, N. X., ls vlsitlng L. K. Dow.
Harry Batcholder, who bas comploted
ins couogo course ai weaieyan, ia at nome,
Carl Foas, Wlllio Wbltcher aud Beaale
Lazello aro at homo from the Montpelier
ueminary ior vacauon.
Moat of the farmers bavo begun haylnc.
and report that they will not be ablo to
secure more than half a crop.
Tho nartv from hero camnlncr at Wood
bury Pond will bo incroased by a number,
wuo mtenu ro go aoout Jiny 4
Statlon-master Harry Cuttlng returned
from Lakeport, N. II., whero be has spent a
iwo-wooKa vacauon, iasi I'rniay.
Mlss Mary Luplon bas cloaed her scbool
nt South Barre and will spend a few wooks
wlth her Blater, Mrs. G. 0. Vincent, in Eaat
Tbo glorioua Fourtb wlll not be cele-
brated horo, hut the small boys are orcan
Izlug to make Friday nlght resound wlth
uoiae. it ia sato to say thoy wlll succeod.
Wllllam Klnnoy and wlfe of Plainfield,
N. J.. wlio navo Doon vlsitlng at w. 11
Klnuey'a, went to Eaat Hardwick on
Tbursday to atop for a sbort time wlth rela
tives 01 Airs. lunnnoy.
Tbo teachera and nunlls of tbe village
school have succoeded in raistng funda for
n llag for tho aehool bulldlng, whlch they
navo purcuased. 11 wiu ue raiaeu 1111s
week, with approprlato oxorclsos by tho
Bauiiows & Peck of Montpelier aro agents
for tbo Granlto Btnte Mowing Macblno, tho
Deat mowor tho lariuer over used.
Rov. M. 8. Kllloucb baa roturned from
Plilladelphla and proacliod boro laat Sun
Tho schools at the villago and nt tho
Four Oornors cloao thls (Weuneadayj nfter-
Horace Randall haa roturned from Bos
ton, wliere be haa been asslatlng hls
brother-In-low, J. D. Thornton. , A.
C. Wormwood whs lu Bostoa last week on
buBlueas. Miss Mluuio Randall has a
new " wheel."
We started one of the most enterprising sales ever attempted
dv a large
Worth of Legitimate Dry Goods
previous to lnventory August i, '96.
I'riccs in nll dcnartmcnta bavo beon
nlnccd at tho lowcet possiblo polut so
as to onablo us, if possiblo, to roallzo
ttio rcquircd amount. All acparttnentB
havo beon thoroughly ransaokcd for
Bargain Goods and morcilcBsly knlfcd.
Tlio cost 01 coods has been In mnnv
casea ontiroly ignorcd, tbo grcat idca
bcing to unload our eholvos Ior tbo ac
commodation of tlio Avalancbo of Fall
Goods, which is suro to como in Sop
tcmber. Wo rccommcnd tbis ealo to
all our custorucrs as a raro opportunity
to onricb tlioir porsonal and housohold
poascssions in tho Dry Goous lino at an
immonso saviug from tho usual cost.
JSvory cul advertised Is a RBAL
Writo for samplcs of anv snecinl
goods you may rcquiro, nnd get horo
this wcck if possible.
Make ready. tho brlonouB l ourth Is
Flacjs! Flags!
Wo eball carry a splendid lino of
Flags and soll them at merely nominal
(Jotton, bilk aud All Wool I3untlng.
Small Buttonhole Flags, 2x3 iuchcs;
uuiiurcii'8 uottou i-ings, on sticks, no,
5c and 10c cach.
Best Bunting Flags, 2x3 feet, and all
lari;o sizcs up to 40x24 feot.
1' lag I'olce, 1 Ixinss, nnd all otccteras
in stock for houses or public buildings.
uotton uecorativo X'lags or Tri-
colored, by ynrd, plain or starred.
Hock-bottom pnces gunrnntecd onall.
Wo nuote n few of tbo prico cuts
made expressly for this ealo:
Cotton Dress Goods.
Look at theso quotatione Why?
Wo hold 500 nicces of Cotton Dress
Goods which must bo clcared this
flere nro tho prices upon which wo
proposc to do it.
Domestic Dress Stvles and darkish
colors. Tho usual 10c quality. Your
choico from 25 styles, 3$c.
In order to stimulato our trado through two of tho dull months ln tho year,
wo bavo hit upon a plan that wo think will interest every ono of our regular
customers and win for us the patronago of many othors. Our plan is this:
Beginning Wednesday, July 1, wo shall issuo coupons on every purchaso
amounting to 81. If your purchaso is 82 you recoivo two coupons and aro
entitled to two gucsses, and so on according to tho amount of your purchase.
This contest will close on MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 31, at nine o'clock,
and tho day following wo will announce tho lucky guessers. The guesses will
bo arranged in tho order they are recoived, in order to do justice to all. When
thero aro two or throo gucsses tho samo, the guess bearing tho earliest dato will
bo given first choice so you see tho importanco of fllling in tho dato as well as
tho name and residenco. To the one guessing tho ncarest to tbo numbor of
coupons received by us during this contest we will present, as a FIBST PRIZE,
ono Music-box, valued at 8100. To tho second ncarest, as a SECOND PRIZE,
ono Dress Pattern, valued at 810. To the third nearest, as a THIRD PRIZE,
one Silk Umbrello, valued at 3. To tho NEXT FIVE neareBt wo will presont
a pair of our P. & P. Kid Gloves, valuod at 81 per pair.
Total $118
Tho MuBic-box is tho now Regina Music-box, beiug much better than tho old
styio Swiss music-boxes, as it is supplicd by intorcbangeablo raetallic tuno-sheets.
Any now music can bo had in theso tune-sheets. THIS BOX WILL BE ON
BARGAIN NO. 1. Five dozen Print
Walata, mostly llgbt colora. Our prico bas
been 25c. To close now at only 15c.
BARGAIN NO. 2. Five dozen Walsts in
Fercalos, Madras and Ditnity, costlng S1.25,
81.38 and 81 60. Your choice now at only 81.
BARGAIN NO. 3. One dozen Walsta in
flne Lawns; cost S1.75. Now reduced
to 81.25.
BARGAIN NO. 4. One-hall dozen im
ported Madras Walsts, flne and pretty as
Bllk; cost 82. Now reduced to S1.50.
BARGAIN NO. 6. Elght dozen Walsts
in flne Fercales, splendid asaortment of
coloringa, and ono of tho beat-made and
beat-fltting Walsts that has been sold at
81. Now reduced to 76c.
BARGAIN NO. O.-Two dozen Whlto
Lawn Walsta; splendid valuo at 75c. To
close at only 69c.
Dross G-oods.
BARGAIN NO. l.-Sixtoen Dress Pat
terus, not any two allko, beautlful fancy
mlxtures ln all-wool and silk aud wool, all
this Boasou's goodB: Four patterns marked
from 87.60 to 85, throo patterns marked from
89 to 80, four patterns markod from 810 to
87, throo patterns marked from 811 to 87.60,
two patterns marked from 813 to 88.60.
Come and make an early selection from our
ilnest Dross Goods.
BARGAIN NO. 2. Two pieces 30-Inch
Fancy Mlxturoa, thia season'B goods. Our
regular prlco bas been 25c. Now reduced
to 16c.
BARGAIN NO. 3.-Ton pieces 38-incb
Fancy Gorinau Mlxtures. flne gooda aud
beautlful coloringa. Wo have beon solling
Aa wo nlnill close our Btoro nt noon 011 .Snturdiiy, July 1, onr Spcclnl 8ATUKD.YY
JIAltflAlN wlll bo offered to our cuatomora on Frlday, July 3, nml Bbould tliern lio
nny of tlio lot left tlioy wlll lio sold tlio followlng Siiturduy foreiionn ut wiiuo prlco.
Our Speclal HnrKiilu for l-'rlduy, July a, nnd Siiturduy forenoon, July 4, will bo 100
T.ndli'n' l'rlnt AVriiiipera, lunstly dark colors, iiuulo of tlio ln'it iiiuillty of Prlnt, lluod
tlio untlru lonutli of tlio wnlst, cxtrn full sklrt, nud nlwuya rotullcd at 81.25. Our
apeclul prlco for I'rldny nnd Bnturday, July 3 nnd 1, ONLY 00 OKNTS KAC1I. Not
nioro tlmii tliroo wrnppers to 11 ciittoinor.
GILLEY & ABBOTT, - - Main Street, Barre, Vt.
Cotton Challies.
Uest styles. No common looklng
goods amongst thom. All now, cloan
and rofreshing. Any color. llcautlful
floral designs. Your choico, 3c a yard.
Fif ty stvles Shirrcd Ginghams. Very
flno solcction. Worth to-day 12Jc a
yard. Your choico, 5c.
A fow styles Printed Ducks. Always
sold at 12Jc. Your choice, 0c.
Fino shootiug. Wondors will never
ccaso. Horo aro somo moro.
A pilo, probably 100 styles, all tho
bost and flncst Domestic Ginghams,
Fino IParkhllh, Toilo du Nord and A.
F. C. brands. Theso aro good valuo at
121c. Your choice, 6c a yard.
Dimitics, tho most popular of all
cotton fabrics this year. Ono thousand
pieces. No two aliko, all colors, every
stylo on oarth, 12Jc grado. Your
choico, GJc.
Ono hundrcd pieccs Domestic Dim
itics, tho reeular 8c grade, 4$c a yard.
Fino Grado Cotton Fabrics on Wash
Goods Countors, Main Aislo, Conter of
Last Case Genuino Imported Scotch
Ginghams, best designs, small and
stylish, novor sold under 25c to 37c be
fore, now 12o.
Geuuine Imported French Fancy
Weave Printed Muslins, regular 25c
and 37ic grade. Your selection, 12c.
Golored Dress Goods.
Tho biggcst bargains iu seasonable
goodB ever offered. Your choico of all.
All Wool French Challies, tho reg
ular price of which is 37c, at 19c a
yard, cut any longth from the piece
about 50 designs.
Silk and Salin Stripo Javonaise.
Your choico of all our very elegant
showiug of tbesc regular 62c goods,
about 25 styles, 37Jc a yard. Cut any
longth from the roll.
Gorded Swivel Silks.
Bought to soll at 370. Guaranteed
all soap and water washed and per
fcctly fast color; about 20 pieces.
Your choice, 19c a yard.
tbem at COc. These we rednce to 29c.
BARGAIN NO. 4.-One piece of40-inch
Silk aud Wool Mlzture, very pretty Ior
walsts. Iteduced from 75c to 60c.
BAKGAIN NO. 5. Two pieces of 42-lneU
All-wool Black Crepons, very pretty for
sults or separate sklrts. Onr price has
been Sl. Theso we reduce to SOo per yard.
BARGAIN NO. 0. Tbree pieces of 24-inch
Flgured Ghlna Silk, black crounds with
beauttful colorinRa, pretty for walsts or
dresaos. These goods are wortb Sl. Wo
bavo reduced tbem to COc.
BARGAIN NO. 7. Ten pieces of 27-lncU
Twilled Flannol Sultlnga ln dark mlxtures.
Theae goods have always sold at 29c. We
shall cloeo tbejn at half-prlce, 12io per yard.
BARGAIN NO. 8. Fifteen pieces of 35
Incli All-wool Serges, all colors, at 2Sc.
Fifteen pieces of 45-inch All-wool Serges,
all colors, at 39c.
BARGAIN NO. 1. Ten pieces of pretty
Dress-stylo Prlnts, ln tans and pluks; reg
ular 0-cent prlnts. Spoclal price only 6c.
BARGAIN NO. 2. Fifteen pieces of
Standard Indlgo Blue l'rinta, best quality
and good asaortment of styles, ijold ln all
the storea at Co. Speclal prlco only 4c.
BARGAIN NO. 3. Teu pieces of Dross
Ginchams, mostly plalda, wortb 8o per
yard. Spoclal prico only 4c.
BARGAIN NO. 4, Twolve plecos of flne
pretty Gingliams In dress styles; strlpes and
nlalds, vory pretty coloringa; wortb 10c to
i25o. Spoclal price, Oo.
BARGAIN NO. 5. Throo hundrcd yards
of Dark Stripo Outiug Klauuols; ourrogalar
80 quality, Speclal prlco only 6c,

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