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Wixmaxd Wintfymmx.
Ex-(Jov. Wllltnm E. Kusscll Dcnd.
Ex-Govornor Wi'llam E. Ituaaoll of
Mnssnchuaotts arrivcd nt St. Adolnldo
do I'nbos, P. Q., July 15, nnd pitchcd
hls leut for n fow dnys' flshlng. IIo
wns nccorapnniod by his brothor nud
Frnucls Pcnbody. Wliou thoy rotircd
nt nlght tbo cx-governor wnsnppnrontly
in good hcnllh nnd apirlta. Upon his
cotnpnnlous trying to arouso him ou
tho following morniug tboy dlscovorcd
that ho wns dead. Dcnth muat hnvo
rosultod froni bcntt dlacnao. Tho poal
tion of tho body nnd tho oxprosslon of
tho doad raau'a faco showcd that hls
dcath waa palnloae. Tho fncta In Gov
ornor Russoll'a caroor niay bo brlofly
summarizod asfollows: IIo wns n nn
tivo of Cambridgo, boing boru thcro
January 0, 1857, tho youugcst son of
Charlcs Thcodoro Iluaaoll. Ho ontorod
Horvard Collego at aixtoon years of
ago, mnkiug a good rccord nnd graduat
ing In 1877. Entering tho Boaton Uni
vcr8ity Law School ho distinguishod
hitnsolf aa a atudont, rccoiving tho flrst
aumma cum laudo ovor glvcn by thia
school. IIo was ndmittcd to tho Suf
folk county bar in 1880, and tho ycar
followlng hls political caroor bogan
with IiIb olcction on an ludopendont
tlckot to tho Cambridgo city councll.
Ho waa afterward cboson uldortuau,
nnd tho activlty and nbillty displnyed
by tho young man na a roformor of
munlcipal affairs led to hls olcction In
1884, at tho ago of twonty-sovon, na
inayor of tho city. This position was
hold by him for four succcsaivo tertus.
Mr. Rusaoll'a noxt olovation in political
lifo was to tho govcrnorship. Ho was
choaon to that ofllco in 1891, acrviug
for throo consecutive torras. Dcclin
ing to atand for a fourth tonn ho ro
turncd to thc practico of tho law. Ho
was conspicuous at Ghicago among
tho eastern dolegatea who triod to
stotn tho frcc Bilvor tido. Mr. Russell
wns niarricd in 1885 to Miss Mnrgaret
Mnnning Swan, daughter of tho late
Joshun Swan of Cambridgo, by whom
ho is aurvivod. Thoro aro two chil
dron, both boys.
Sixtecn to Onc.
Many peoplo nsk ua to cxplaiu whnt
10 to 1 mcau8.
They aro flgure8 of wcight. By tho
mint act of 1834, which, oxcopt an ro
garda silver dollara, is still in forcc,
ovory ownor of gold bullion nnd of ail
ver bullion was permiltcd to tako it to
tho mint in unlimitcd quantitics and
havo it coined, frcc of oxpcnsc, excopt
for rofining and for tho alloy uscd, into
silver dollars anu gold cnglcs nud irnc-
tions of nn eaglo, nt tho rato of sixtcen
timca ns many dollars for n givcn
wcight of gold ns for nn equal woight
of silver. That ia to aay, while 23.2:
graina of purc gold went to tho dollar
in gold, 3714; grains of puro silver were
required for u silver dollar. With tho
allov added it took 25.8 grains of Btand
nrd gold for tho dollar in gold, and 4124
grains of standard silver for ,tho silver
dollar. Tho provision of thia law, as to
silver, was ropcaieu in 8J, and inis
proviaion tho silverites now demand to
navo re-enacted.
As a matter of fact, nn ouuco of sil
ver waB worth in tho markets of tho
world, from 1834 to 1873, moro than
onc-Bixtccnth of an ounco of gold, tho
valuo in Europo bciug at tho rnto of
154 to 1. Conscquently, our silver
coiu waa exported aa fnat ns it was
coined, gold becamo tho only coin in
circulation, and in louJ smnll cliango
had bccomc so scarco that congress
authorized silver halveB and quartors
of n dollnr to bo coined, on governmont
nccount oxclusivoly, of less weight
than tho proportiouato parta of u full
dollar, so that two halvcs and four
quartors containcd only 381 graina of
standard silver, lnstcad of 412J grains
At tho preaont moment, tho markot
valuo of bilver bullion relativoly to that
of i'olil bullion is as about 31 to 1.
That is to say, ono ounco of gold ia cx
chanffeabloin tho markot for ihirty-ono
ouncos of silver. Ilenco, if the law
of 1834 relating to a'tlver woro re-en
actcd, the dollar would sink in valuo
vcry ncarly one-half, becauao under
free and unlimitcd coinago, Bilver coin
would bo worth no moro than silver
bullion. The reaaon that tho silver
dollars now in circulation rcmain cqual
in valuo to dollars in gold ia that tho
quantity of thcm ia limited, and they
nrc rocolveu by tno Eovornment on
tho ennie footing aa gold in paymont of
dutlcs anu taxcs.
In tho hiatory of this silver dollar
which tho Unltcd Statos coased coiulng
on privato account tweuty-threo yoars
aao, tno lnllatiomst, tlio ucmnaogue
nnd tho plrntlcnldebtorscc their chanco
Becauao tho silver dollar onjoyed tho
privllcge ot coinago onco upon a timo
when tlio bullion ln lt waa worth moro
than tho bullion in a gold dollar, tho in
tUtlonists attomptto glvo rcspectabillty
to thoir highwayman demand that il
shnll bo readoptcd as tho Btundard, or
In othor words, that sotnotnlng worth
iifty-threo conts ehnll bo pronounced a
According to their plnn, cvery man
who to-day owna n dollar, theroforo, or
who under ngreoment expccts to re
cuivo a dollar, would havo it cut in half.
Debtors would poy half they owo, and
tho agltators would raiso tho mischiof.
Now York Sun.
If Brynn Woro Elcctcd.
If Bryan woro olectcd 4,875,000 sav
inga bnnks doposltora with 81,810,
000,000 of dopoalts, 1,800,000 holdors
of buildlng asaociation aharoa with
8800,000,000 ol loana. 8,702,293 rogulnr
lifo inBurnnco pollcloa with 85,500,
000,000 of Insuranco nnd 3,038,815
morabora in nsaoBSmortcompnnica with
67,482,000,000 of lnauranco wlll llnd
tholr invcstraoiit8 paynblo in sllvor do!
lara worh half tho valuo of tho gold
dollnrs In which thoy uro now paid.
In nll taklng tho flguroa for n ycar ago,
19,000,000 of aavlngs bank dopoaltors,
buildlng aaaociatiou holders nnd lnaur
anco policics worth $15,058,000,000
would loso half tholr valuc if Brynu
woro clectcd.
Of tho 5,000,000,000 railroad bonds
ovor ontvhnlf aro pnyablo in gold, and
olther wholoaalo dofault muat bo raado
or rnlcs ralacd nnd wagcs rcduccd to
provido doublo tho sum now nocdod
for intorcst. For yoars mortgngos and
coutrncts havo apcciflcially domnnded
gold, and ovory dobtor who has ro
coivcd n lonn on this baala as is truo
of a largo shnro of "Woatorn loans
muat provido $2 whoro ho haa hithorto
provided 81, for tho dollara ho will ro
ccivo for hia labor, hls products or his
proflts wlll bo paid in 50-conl dollnra
it Brynn woro olcctcd.
If Brynn woro olectcd tho curronoy
in circulation to-day, $1,000,000,000,
would ahrlnk to 650,000,000 at a blow.
All tho gold in circulation, in nll July
81,500,000,000, would inatantly disnp
poar and bo nt n promium of 200. Tho
remalndcr of tho curroncy, 81,100,000,
000 silver and papor In all forms, would
loao hnlf ita valuo and shrink to 8550,
000,000. Ronts would raiso bccauao
proporty can protcct itaolf; intorcst
would riao bocnuao cnpital can mako
ita own tcrms; goods would riao bc
cauao ovory doalor and shopkoopor
could mark thom up, but tho monoy in
overy man's pockot and tho wagca in
which ovory man is paid would bo loft
at half tholr valuo if Bryan woro
Docs any aano man auppoae that
Bryan will bo olccted whon this kind of
thlng will follow? Philadelphin Press.
Ex-Govoruor Flower on tho Isstic.
I loft mv national nolitics bchind mo
for this campaign, having buried it in a
cornor of my backyard up in Jufferaon
county. Itis n busineaa issuo which is
prcsontcd for our considoration, and as
n bUBincaa man l'm going to mcet it in
a buaincaa way. It may be eaid that 1
am not rogula'r in my democracy, but I
contend that whon a man follows tho
dictatcs of his conscicnco at such a
criais as this ho is bottor than regular.
I am not in favor of this third-lickot
idott. It is favored by mcn who aro
gold nionopoliste. Tho silver mono
metolllets want onc, too. That won't
do, for ninety per ccnt of tho business
rucn of tliiB couutry oro bimctalllsts ou
the basis of an intcrnntional ngrecmcnt.
A platform which exactly repreacnta
their ideas has bcen ptoraulgated at St.
Louis, and there ie n candidate runuing
on it.
I think 1 know tho busincss mcn of
the couutiy prf tty wi 1 , and when such
vital interost8 alfecting the proaperiiy
of tho wnolc country nud nll tlio peoplo
aro thrcatencd as i8 the cnsc juet now,
I don't beliovo they will flro their om-
munition in thc air. They will nim di-
rectly at the mark, nnd their votos will
count bu.ls-cyes on tuat St. iiouia tor
get which haa been aet up for thom.
I bchevo that as this is not a partisnn
qucation, but one purely of patriotism
nnd the presorvatiou of all tho buslncsa
lutereats ot tlie couutry, all ouaincss
meu should do all in their power to
Bprcnd tho Beed of n hbernl aountl
money cducntion.
lrom wliet 1 navo seen aince I got
back to New York, I behcvo that if tho
electlon wero to be liclcl now, aevouly'
flvo per ccnt of tho deraocrats in up
country diatricts nud flvo per cent of
tne renublicans would voto for I5ryan
Thi8 percontnge will bo grently reduced
when tho non-partisan huaiuees raon
cet to work. This busineaa movement
will tako tho politicians off their foot
when it cets atarted. Wo'll havo thoso
farmors cducatcd bo that thoy'd rnthor
take a doao of jalap tban freo coiuuge
for tho ills they nrc complaining ot.
A Snmplo Irco Silver Man.
"Evcrybody drinkl Corao, hnvo n
drinkl" ahoutcd nn Iowa friend of the
Hon. Ilod Boies in thc bar-room of the
Palmer Houso at tho lato couvention.
"Corao on; here's a drink for frco
sllvor. Tho moro of it tho bottor."
Tho crowd como un with tho uaunl
nlacrity of n Chicago crowd when it is
invited. Tho bill camo to just 81, nnd
tho Iownn pasaed ovcr n $20 gold cer-
"Sorry, slr," said tho bartender, "but
wo nro nll out of amall bille, and 111
havo to givo you Bilvor for thia," and
ho handed out nineteen silver cart
"Oh, yju go to holll" snorled the
Iowa mnn, forgotting all about hls do
votion to freo silver and tho better
cauBO. " I won't tako that. Do you
think l'm a drny horse to bo loaded
down with all that truck?"
" I haven't nny bills," aaid the caahior.
" Well, givo mo gold for ton of thoao
cart whcols," Bnid tho lovor of froo
Bilvor nud Ilod Boies, nnd thon ho
wondered why tho cushior laughed nt
him and told him that ho had no gold
eithor and that this was a sixteon-to
ono town.
" Thoro's n snmplo froo ailvor mnn
for you," said tho cashicr to The Sun
roporter, whon tho Iowa man nnd his
fricnda had gono out.
Agnlust tho Third Tlckot.
Wo tnko tho maaa of domocrats to bo
too intolligcnt in thoir couceptions of
deraocratic priuclplea and too Bcrious
in tholr devotiou to tho inatitutions of
tho Uuited Stntcs to Bulk whon tho
country Ib thrcatencd by domocrncv'a
bfttercst enemv, populiatn, ltoluaing
to voto for alcKinloy, tho only effectivo
Opponoul of the populistB, and Betting
up a Bccond domocratic tickot would bo
liko withdrnwing from tho homo artuy
bccaueo of dUHatUfaction with tho cou-
ernl's cpaulots, and golng off soparatuly
for dross parndo. A third tlckot might
eervo tno poraonoi comiort or ttioao
whoao hatred of MoKinloy is hotter
than thoir lovo for this couutry. It
would bo nn nlly, dircctly or Indlre ctly,
of tho popullBt tlckot. Don't lol nny
democrnt decelvo nlmaelt on tnia poiut
Now York Sun.
Giieat men nro tho coramiaalouod
guldoa of mauklnd, who rulo tholr fol
lows becauao thoy nro wiaer.
I'ollllcnl Xotcs.
VicK-I'iiKSiDKNT Stkvknson fny:
" I will cupport tho uomliiccf of tho
Chicago couvention, but, m to tho out
look, 1 am not well ouough informcd at
preaont toglvo an oplnton."
Thk McKlnloy Lduguo haa ordcrod
100,000 campnlgn bndgos for dlalribu
tlon nmong sound-monoy dcmocrnta.
Thoy wlll havo printod ou thom ncithcr
tho namcB nor tho portrnits of nny
cnudldatoa. Inatcnd thoro wlll bo nn
Amorlcan llng nud tho words: "Sound
Moncy No Ropudlntlou."
The Stnto Deraocrncy, ono of tho
polltlcnl orgnnlzationa of Now York,
through ite oxocutlvo comtnlltoo, haa
bolted tho Chicngo plntform nnd tho
uomlnntion of Brynu nud Sownll. Al
though tho organlzutlon bollcd tho
Chicngo ticket, It did not ondorao tho
nominatlon of McKinloy, but dcclarcd
in fnvor of tho nomlnntlon of n demo
crntic ticket.
Seckktaky of thk Navy HnnnEiiT
is tho flrst member of tho cnbinot to
mnko public hia nttitudo townrds tho
ticket nnd plntform ndoptcd nt tho Chi
cago convontion. When Mr. Horbcit
was nakcd tho dirccl queation whethor
ho would aupport tho domocratic norai
ncea ho anawcred: " No." Ho rcfuaed
to dlecuss tho mnttor furthor, nnd ho
gnvo no indication ns to whnt ho would
do on election dny. That will bo de
tormincd lnrgely by fuluro dovclop
ments. Neaiily all tho politicians in Wash
ington believe that tho popullats
will cndorso tho nominations of
Bryan and Scwall at their couven
tion in St. Louis on July 22. Somo
thing of n tlght is prcdicted, with a
poasiblo eplit in tho orgnuization, but
ovon in this contingency tho main
boily of tbo party would, it is thought,
support tho Chicago ticket nnd plnt
form. J. n. lurnor, mo Becreiary
of tho national committce of tho popu
listB, hns isBucd n manifcsto urging that
tnis courso snouid bo taKen ns tno ouiy
hope of dofeating McKinloy and clect-
ing a man fnendly to Bilvor.
John R. TANNUit. tho republican
candidate for govcinor of lllinoia, in
rcply to n statoment that therc is sc
rious dlsaffection among Illiuois ro-
publicana, saya: "The dieHlfection of
republicous m I'linoiB will not rcach
tlvc por cent ot tno party, anu our
gaina will be twice that number. The
republican party doea not propoeu to
relognle the tnriff aa nn isauu, but it
will nl8o afllrm all tho othcr provisions
of the St. L"iiis rlatform. Thcro is no
disposition to shirk nny of the cou
eidtrntiona of tho prcm nt cnmpalgn,
nnd tho republican party will meet
them nll . quun ly. I fcol aafo in prcdict-
ing the stnto will 20 nt least 50.000 for
McKinley aud tho tickot."
On their own epecial trnin aud with
their own band, ecvcrnl hundred Cleve
land womon went to Canton ou Wed-nct-day
to call on Major McKinky.
In no olher political campaign, presi
dential or etnte, havo tho women ninni
feattd such perBonal interest. Tho
coming of hundreds of rcpresentative
women of Clevoland to call on Mojor
McKinl y was n uniquo nffuir, und ono
nbsolutely withnut prt'ccdent in Ameri
cnn political hl8tory. Tbo vieit to Can
ton wns projcctcd and orried to its buc
ceaaful ccnclu8ion by women. Noman
aud nopolilicinu had the nlightcst shnro
in tho conceptiou or execution of tho
nlan. A concrotulntory speech wns
mado by Mrs. Elroy M. Avery and a
hnppy responso by Mojor McKiuloy.
John P. Irisii, tho Cnlifornia demc-
craf, who onco ll'tcd nominee Bryan
off his fect in a debato, has bolted tho
Chicaso ticket. Mr, Irish is tho navnl
ofllccr of the port of S.m Frnncisco.
IIo declnres that Callfornia will give
15,000 mniority ngainst plntform nnd
candidate. Ile ndds: "The domo
cratic party in 1853 eatnblishcd tho
Binde cold standard aud buricd 8ilver
as unlimitcd money. The nct of 1873
simply put a new hcadt-lonc to an old
gravo. Thc Chicago plptfotm nt cvery
point aniagonizc'8 every principie neiu
by tbo democrocy sinco iwi. Jener
boh'b declara ionB concerning the stand
ard of valuo aud thc ratio botwccn gold
and Bilvor wero Ignored nt Chicago.
Thc party ho founded was Btrumpeted
to as corrupt and criminnl a combiua
tion as cvor robbcd a stuge."
Ex-Mayou IIoi'KiNS of Chicago in
eiats that lllinois deniocrnts will sce to
it that a Bound-moncy candidate is
nominnted for nresidi-ut. Ile enys
" In 1804 tho deniocrntic jiarly dcclarcd
tho war a failure, imd for thirty ytars
wo havo bcen denyiog and cxplaining.
I don't want to be kept busy for the
next thirly ycnrs explniuing how tho
democratic patty camc to d cloro ln
favor of freo silver nt Chicago in 1890.
Tho domocratic party hns always
becn for sound monoy, nud ncarly nll
tne soiiud niout-y inws ot tlie country
were tho reault of demrcralic ifforta.
Wo nro goiug to put a sound monoy
ticket in the ll' Id to snvo tho pnrty.
Tho batlle grnund is to bu in tho statea
of Illinoi8, Wi8consln, Michlunii, Min-
nesotn, Iudinna, South Di-kotn, Iowa
Kontucky, Nf'brnfkn (which I think
can bocurrifd ngnlnsl Uiyan), Mitsouri
Marylnud, West virgiida, Texaa aud
No mnn, says tho rhilailtlnhia Iiec
ortl, Iiob cvor Bcen a Quaker beggnr,
Tho members of thia rellgioua Boclety
look nflor their own indfgcnl quiotly
nud dilicntely, nnl nouo but tno com
mitteo of relief knows tho uames 0
thoso assistcd. Tho lato Josenl
.Tcanos, n Quaker of Philadclphla, left
$200,000 to bo tlevoled to tho cbarity
that bc.'ins at liomo,
Is causcil by torplil llvcr, wlilcli itrovcntf illges-
tlon aiul iiormlts food to fcrincnt and putrlf y ln
tlio stomacli. Then follow dlzzliiess, lieadaclio,
If not rellcvcd, blllous fovcr 1 1 gy
or blood jiolsonlni;. Hood's III S
l'llls stlmulato tlio stomacli, "
rouso tho llvcr, curo licadaclio, dlzzlncss, con
stlpatlnn, oto. '23 cenU. Hold liy nll (lnik'(,ists.
Tliu ouly l'llls to tako wltli Hood's Harsnparllla.
"Iwnnttotoll you -whnt Lydln E.
Plnlthnm's Vogetnblo Compound lins
dono for 1110. ITor twonty yenra I hnd
Bullored with loss of nppotito , nauscn,
constlpatiou, pnlpl
tntlon of
tho hcart, hend'
pains in ncarly
of my body.
siolnn saldlt
ncho nnd
nll parts
My phy-
wna only
but hia
medlcluo dld
holp mo nny. I
bognn tho
usoof tho
Romcdles, f
Lydla E. l'inlt
Vegotnblo Compound
havo tnlcon
four bottlea, nnd now thoso trouble3
nra curcd.
"I ennnot prnlso It onough,nnd our
dmgglst says tho mcdicino is dolnrr a
world of good nmong hls customcrs."
Bisllb S. TnoMrsoN, Now Ilcdford,
A Thrifty
Always gcts the best possible for hcr
money, Hhe sces that every ccnt gocs
as far as possible. Slic knows a yood
bargain when she sces it, She knows
that when she buys
"Hanover" Crackers
She gets the best valuc and the best
crackcr that skill, expcricncc and
moncy can produce.
100 ol thcm, packcd in a nent carton,
for 25 centu.
Heing taken hnt from thc oven and
packcd intlnse speciallypnparedah
tiglit caitons or paper boxes, they
always retain their delicious (lavor
and crispncss.
Ilakcrs and Confectloncrs,
H your Rrocer Iiqs not got them, tell him
to send to us, and wc will supply him.
1$ Wi$ wbat you?
Havc you n fccl
ing of wtlnlit ln
thc Sfocnacli
lllontini; a f t e r
eatlng Belch
in of Wlnd
VomltlnRof Kood
Heartburn Had Taste In the Mouth
lu thc Slornlng I'alpitatlon. of the
Ilcart, dne to liistension of Stomacli
CankcrcdMuutli Oasln tlie Howcls
I.oss of Flcsh Fickle Appetitc
Dcprcsscd, Irritable Condltlon of the
SHnd Dizzincss Headache Con
stlpatiou or Uiarrhcca? Tlicn you liavc
. ln ooe of Its many forms. Tlie one posltlre ,
' curc for this Utrei5lng compialot Is
by mall, prcpjld, oa rccelpt of 25 ceati.
riiini.K!i Titsp.r. Ilotpl Iimierlftl. Nflir 1
iorK,say8i"i Bunereii iinrnuiy irum uyb-
tto)i.sln. iiit Ackor's TubleU, takeu alwr
' inenls, UavocuiuU nie,"
1 Acker Medlclnc Co., 16-18 Choratcrs St, N. T.
Nothing has ever becn produccd to
equal or compare with Humphroys'
Witch. Hazol Oil as a curative and
HEALiNG application. It lias becn
uscd 40 years and always aflbrds rclicf
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It Cnres Hait Uur.u.M, Tcttcrs, Scurfy
Eruptions, Chanpcd Hands, Fcvcr Illisters,
Sore Lips or NostriU, Corns and liuiiions,
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Thrcc Sizcs, 25c, 50c. and fl.co.
SoMbyI)ru(gi9U,oreeut post-imiiiou rocelptof prlce.
IH'JI rilllKla'MED. IO., Ill Jb lianillUuSI.,Nlw York,
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tlniii IKty yeart by tlie loadlng iilijrilclani of
Europo ln the troiitment of foinale putlents. Sinv
clally recommendeil for
l'ooriuiHH uf thii lllood nnd
UiiiinUtiitlunitl Wiillluicds.
Importod by J5. FOUOKUA & CO.,Now York
To arold lmltatloD iilauo li itHmpedon ettcli l'lll,
OKDBuyour onvelopos, noto lioads, blll
lioads, statements, oto., of tho Watciimam
ob olllco. Btook nnd workmanslilp always
tlio best, prlces tho lowost.
Eiiropciin Lottor.
SKVlLiiK, Spnlu, Juuo 7, 1800.
Somo ouo hns sidd that dancing la to
Spaiu what muslo ia to Italy. Young
and old, fat nnd thln, thoy nll dnnco
whenovcr occnalon proacula itaolf. On
doys of llestu tho cllcking of caslnnets
and tho pottorlng of feot aro honrd
ovctywhorc. Ghlldron who can hordly
walk danco by Inttiuct. Tho gypsy
dancos aro justly noted for tholr grnco
nnd nbnndon, nnd tho populnr cafes
chantant8 might bo moro npproprlntoly
nnmed caes dansants. But not only is
it tho gcnernl form of nmuscmenl; tho
Spaniards havo followed tho exomplo
of tho nnciont Grocks nnd Jews, intro
ducing it in their rellgioua cercmonica.
Wo wero fortunnto ouough to wltnoss
ono of Iheeo cclcbrntlons in tho cnthc
dral hcrc. Of tlio cnthcdrnl ltsolf nn
Itnlinn wrltor of noto anye " It was so
grand that I nover spoak of it without
unconscloualy nssuming tho tono nnd
mannor of Salvinl in Samsou." I am
aorry to say wo could not sharo hia on-
tuualaara. An eartnquoKe somo years
ago solnjurcd It that tho intcrior is dia
Qgurcd with ecoffolding; and thoso who
aoo it now rcmcmbor less tho lofly
nrches nnd tho dark bcnuty of Murillo's
chcrubs than tho rough beatus and lad-
Uers tnnt brcnk ovory vistn. As tno
Bceno of tho religious dnnco, howevor,
it wns Bomcthlng nover to bo forgottou.
Tho church was uark lt was twl-
light, and only ouo chapel was illu-
minatcd. A crowu 01 Kneenug women
fllled tho aislcs. A fow prieata stood
oround tho altar, and beforo it woro
two rows of boys, nbout ton or twolvo
years of ngo, drossed in tho Spnnish
costumo of tho middlo nges, with tights
nnd plumed hats. Tho music of vio
lins broko tho profound ailence, and
tho row8 of boys bogan to advauco nnd
retrent, to miuglo nnd bow, in n aort of
contrn dnnco. Pre8ontly, without paus
ing iu their alow, graceful movcmonts,
thoy sang n low, harmonioua chant.
Tho aound of tho little voiccs in the
great vault, tho sightof tho little creat
urcs beforo tho grcat ultnr, tho serious
etatellncsa of their movemcnts, tho
quniut costumo, tho kneeliug throng,
the Burroundlng gloom, produccd nn
impresaion na reverentinl na that of a
Tho story is told that ono of tho for
mer nrchbiahopa of Scville, who sh u!d
evidently havo boen born iu Purituni
cal daya, objccted to tho dauce ns pro
fanc, nnd ordorcd that it bc dlscontln
ued. Thia nrouacd such oppositiou,
not only from the nuthoritics of tho
cathedral but nmong tho inhabitauts of
Seville, that the question waa referred
to tho popo. The latter expressed his
inability to judgo without having seon
the danco; accordingly the entiro troop
of choir boys waa conveyed to Itomo
and thc performanco given. His holi
ness emilcd nnd thought it quito un
objcctionablc; but to pucify tho in
exorablo archbisliop, ho decrced that
tho danco ahould contiuuo only until
tho clothea tho boya thcn had on should
bo worn out. Thia was cquolly eatis
factory to thc astutc outhoritics of tho
cathedral. Tho costumea wero used
only ou special occasiona, onco or twico
n yenr; they wero cnretuiiy waicucu,
and when nn nrticlo becamo threadbaro
it wns replaced at once. So that nl
though tho dcereo is still binding, until
tho prcsent dny tho costumcs havo
never becn entirely worn out, and prob
ubly never will be.
In overy city, in cvery town, in tho
Qelds and on tho traius, wc seo Bol
diers. Tho wholo couutry scems to be
in tbo army. Even boya nro being
drillcd everywhere. Tho soldiera,
however, hnvo leas of tho military bcnr
ing than auy wo havo Been in Europo
Very difforent aro they, in drcea and
mauuer, from tho trlm red-coated Eng
li8hmen wo saw at Gibralter. Wo had
an opportunity ono afternoon white
thero to seo a crack repiment of High
landcra drill, und flnc-looking fcllows
they were, iu their spotlessly white
coats and gaitcra, and their plaid kilts
that stood out liko the skirts of n balli t
dancer when they whecled. Herc in
Spain thc soldiers appeur dtjected and
wcary oven when on droes parade;
nnd tbo music to, which they mnrch,
lnstcad of boing cheerful nnd inspiring,
has tho minor noto that is charactei
istic of Spanish aongB. Howevor op
propriato this qunlity "may bo iu a ser
euado, unythiug less mnrttnl can haidly
bo imagined. Tho aoldiers may well
think it a funeral dirge.
I'nko Lifo As It Coines,
Thoro U ouo Mn which ls ovovywlioro,
nnd by uvorylmtly is ilmlerc.stlmatud ivml
qultu too nilicli ovurlooUud in vnliintions
of clianictoi'. It i.s tlio bIu of frottiii. It
ls ns coiniiion m nlr, ns spooch so coin
iiioii tlint unleHri it nvltcs nbovo its usunl
mouotuno wo do not oyon olmorvo lt.
Wiiloli nn ordliiiiry coihIhb toKutlior ot
pooplo, nnd vu seo how iniiiiy iiilnutos lt
wlll bo beforo hoinubody fruts tlmt ls,
nmkcs 11H110 or lot-s coiiiplaiiiini; stiuci
munts of soinotlilng or othor, whluli iuo-.t
probalily nvi ry ouo in tbo room or tho
cnr or 011 11k- nti ui't oornor lsnuw bofoni,
nnd whiub iim.i i.iuliably nohody unu liolp.
Wliy wiy ai.j .IniM nbout it?
lt ls oulii; ii is hot; 16 ls wut; it is dry;
soniobody has uroken 1111 niipolntmont, ill
cookud 11 iinnl; ktuplillty or bad faith
Eoinowhiro h.is rosultid in dlscotnfort.
Tluiro wi idiuity of thiliRS to frut nbout.
It is slinply nslonlvlilng liuwilllicli nniHiy
nnco iiiul ili.Monifort. iniiy bu fouml in tho
oourhii of nM'ry day's llvlng, ovon nt tlio
Bliniili'Kt, if only onu koops 11 shnrp oyu n
that hlilo of tlilngs. Kvun Holy Wrlt snys
wo uro liovn to troublo ns tho hparUb 1 ly
liut ia.'U to thn bparks llylni; upwnrd ln
tho li'u.'U, 1 MiinUn thcro ls n bluu sky
nliovi', aiul ii.ii lons 1 1 mo thoy wnbtu 011 tlio
ruiul tln' Huoi.i r Ihi'y wlll renoli it. Krut
tlng 1h nll timo wnsted 011 tho road.
Not only dorn fruttlni,' worry us nnd
thoso iiroiind us, but roiiiointiur that notli
Iiik brii.s tbu wrluklus inuro tiulokly,
I'lilhulu.i.lilu Uliuos.
best enlvo in tho world forcuts, bruiacB,
sorca, ulcors, Balt rhcum, fovcr sorcs,
tottor, chnppcd hnnda, chilblnins, comf
and nll skln oruptioua, and poaitlvoly
curea pilca, or no pny requlrcd. It i
guarnntccd to givo poifcct BatMnction
or monoy rolundcd. Prico twonty-flv
cnt. pcrbox. For snlc hr C Jtluko'v,
Moutpollor, Vt
ThcBrcnl vltil nnd mimcle nervlnc. Ilicleclrla
eiicruy enluimgly crndlcntet innaminaUou.
It cnres nll lt is rcrommcnded to curc. I
lind a ciue o( cholera lnt week.of a little glrl
who wns nut expectcd to llve wlicn I was
cnllcd, but by Rlvlue ber n fewdoses o( your
Anodytie I.inlmcnt nlie wnt cnllrely cutcu,
H. II I'Mi'imv, M. H., Cotdovn, Minii.
The Tloftor'i (tldnaturo anil ctircctlonl on crery bottle.
Ill'ltM l'nnil'lilt't fri-c. Snl.l cvi rvwhere. Prlcr.arcnta.
8I1 bollln.tJIKI I, 8. JOHNSON it CO., lloilon, Mlil.
Livor Pill
arsons' Pills
rotltlvcly curo lillbmBiirn nud clck lii'ndnrlm,
llvcrnnd linwclcoinplnlnlK. 'I hcy cxnl nll lininrUlc
Jroin thc Mowl. Iii'llrale nnin lind idlc f from
uslnif llirm, I'rlrp'i'.cH.t flvt' JIJiO, I'nmiililct frcc,
I.a.VIOIINSON ACO IHC'iutom I Imi-cht., lloilon.
2 Wholesomc,
nure and
full ol
is a
butwitluu 1
thc mcausof (
all. Acccptuoi
Rcml nltnl and addrMS for
lljrrtll.Sou! Co., Sjnumf, II. T,
Cures Couglis,
Colds, Croup,
Consumption and
all Lung Diseases.
Peoplo staud by Dowua' Ellxir
bccauso it cures and has curcd for
sixtv-flvc vears. Tlils ls tho
strongest possiblo cudorsement of
its merlts. Prico 2Sc. COo. aud
1.00 per bottle. At Drujjglsts.
Henry, Johnson 4 Lord, Props,, Burlington, Vt.
Tho Cilt Edgo Buiier Coor.
Gtvos Buttor
Brlgbt Goldon Color.
Jiiinga iJig rriccs. f
IT your mcr-
CllilUl Ilil, IlUt
i'it it. or if
you don't,
J-know of its
InfctAlntwsont '
us wlll brlni; '
you a luruo
llltANnON, - - VKllJIONT.
cures quickly. That is what lt was
mado for. Prompt, 3afc, sure, qulck
relief, quick cure. Pleagant to take.
Chlldren liko it and adultR liko it.
MotheM buy it for their chlldren.
VrnpnTf d by K. C. noWlft ft Co., mnkr of
floWlt o La io Early Itlaora, tbo famoos
Wlo iiini-
Saginaw, Mich.,
Is thu liandiest wbroii on oarth for hautiug
And tbo best wagon for Ronornl farin work.
The six-ineh tires run oasily ovor plouRhcd
or wet land nnd loavo no ruta Easy to
load and u iload. llrond, low platform,
thirty innlies from the nround. For illus
trated o.italouo and pricos wrlto to
A. E. COVELL, Berlin, Vt.
I AillCQ You shoulci
LfiUlLO tocuro the BEST.
ltit, iir.tfi'ii
Star Crown llranil
Hi'Ucyo wltere othcri fall. 6a ft, ure.
l ai'il iir yeari oy leamui: nprciaiiiii,
itiNd AiicniuiNi; co
p. o. nor I'lf. n. .nn
is mdd nndor posltivo writtcn Kunranteo, by
nuthorizwl nKonta only, to curo Wenlc Jb'nioryi
Loss of Hrnin and Nervo Pnweri Lot Jlnnhpod:
Qulcltuonni Ninht f.08ess Evll Dronms: lJick of
Coiitidoncoi Norvoumu; UiRsitudoi nll Uniinsi
LonBof l'oworof tliodonorativo OrKansin oither
eoit, onuacd by over-oxortiun, Youtbful Krrors, or
KxceHsivo Uo uf Tobncco, Opium or Liquor,
wblch louds vo Miaory, (Jonsuinptioii, lnsanity
nnd Donth. lly ninll, 1 o boxi eix for $5; with
writtou Kiinrnntoo to cnro or rofund mouuy.
Bnmplo pncknuo, coutnlnlnir livu diiya'trontment,
with full inatruotliins, 2S conts, Ouo eample
only sold to ouch porsuu by mnii.
Solo Aeent,
Iit7 il fl I
rtto 0
Tho I'nsHlng SIcovc.
Oli, Indloj, linvo you hontd tlio nows
That (llli inon'i lienrta wltli glee,
That mnkca them want to danco and alng,
tio mntter who may leoi
That, whon tiioy benrd It, mado them all
Ulvo ono tremenilotu about
Tho news tliat comoa from l'arla atralRht:
" Kull sleovea nro Rolnf! out?"
KolonKcr, aaiuUfichcd Iu betwoeu
Tno blK balloona of alcovn, ,
Wlll piiny mnn ln atreetcnra rlde,
Bquolched by two mortern Kvea.
No ioiiKcr wlll a lovcr be
Ilarraaacd wltli awfut doubt
How many tiioater aeata to buy
" Full slecvca are golnj! outl "
Thcy're (tobin outl ORlrla.oh! how
It wlll rejolce inen's eyei
To ae eacli lovely creature'a arma
Itoduced to normal alzot
And yet, alaal aome may rcisrct
The Joy tlikt once liave lieen ;
For truly, wbllo they wero In atjlo,
'Twaa fun to tuck them Inl
Homenllle Journal.
Tho New Biirglnr,
Jlm: "Got do tools all horo, Blll?"
Bill: " Yep." Jim: " An do dynnmito
caia,.l3, aud do 8tuokcl''ss bomba, an do
nondotonatin power?" Bill: "Yop."
Jim: " Thon git out do Itoentgon cam-
orer ou wo'll aee wot's insiuo no vnuit
nforo wo goes nny furdor." Donvor
All B.ECOMMEND It. Ask your
dhysician, your druggiat nnd your
frienda nbout tsUiloh's Uuro lor con
sumption. They will recommend it.
tor emo oy w. ju. Ternu uo., mont
pelier, Vt.
She Should Havc Throwu It nt Hlni,
It waa just after tho honeymoon, nnd
sho hnd undortnken to get n brenkfast
f'ir him with ber own hands, in spito of
tho fact thut bIio was inexporicnced.
"I think this egtr is bad, Harry," sho
said. "How can'I flnd out for suro?"
"Taetoit,"horeplied promplly. Thnt's
why ho went to hia ofllco nungry thnt
moming. Chicago Post.
The Ills of Women. Constipa
tiou causcs moro than hnlf tho ills ot
women. Knri'a Clover Itoot Tcn is a
plensnnt curo for constlpatiou. For
salo by W. E. Terrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
I'ntriotic Ctirrency.
Light of tho household: "Papn, what
is them red, whito and bluo thinga
mnmma found in your pockets nnd
ciills chips?" Blushing papn: " Fiat
monty, my son, redecmable ut the bnnk
in gold, ailver or paper. Tho system
dntes back with faro. You know his
daughter found Moses in the bulrushee.
N"w run out aud ride your bicycle."
Detroit Frce PreBB.
A Natuhal Beautifieii. Knrl's
Clover ltoot Ten purilies the blood und
cives a clear ond bcnutiful complexion.
For salo by W.E. Terrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
1 ' ' i m
Tho Ituling Pnssioiii
Mra. Jones: " Howdoes your daugh
ter Holen got along on tho eowing
machlne?" Mrs. Brown: ''Oh, sho
had to givo it up; tho exertiou of mov
ingthc pedals was altogethcr too much
for ber." Mrs. Jones: " Whore is aho
now?" Mra. Brown: "Oh, eho'a out
on her wheel. Sho ia perfectly infatu
ated with it. She haa already mado
thrco cfntury runs in n fortnlght."
Boston Tranacript.
A Fact Wohtii Knowino. Con
Bumption, la grippo, pneumonin, nnd
nll throat nnd lung diseases nre cured
by Shiloh'a Curc. For ealo by W. E.
Terrill & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
The rolling stone gathers no tnoss.
If you would glido through tho world
smoothly be u rollina stone.
She (angrily): " What do I get by
cookiug for you? Nothtng." He:
" Dear mo, you oro fortunate. I olwayB
get iudigestion."
IT SAVE8 Lives EVEItY Day. Thou
sands of cascs of consumption, csthma,
coughs, colds nnd croup nro cured every
day'hy Sblloh's Cure. For salo by W.
E. Terrill & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
Mns. Blank: " Flow do you llkc your
nowgiil? ' Mre. Dash: " fahe's n pcr
fecl trcasuro. Broke eight dishes yoa
torday, nnd not one of them wns out
It is said that 198,000,000 newspnpets
aro circulated in tho world. Grnciousl
just think of tho opportunitics that nro
hero afforded for the romautie circula
tiou liarl
Nell: "And why nro they uevor to
bo marriod?" Allce: "Sho wlll not
mnrry him until he has naid his debts,
nud ho ennnot pny hia debts until sho
mnrriea him." Noll: "Ohl"
IvAitL's Cloveu Hoot Tea ia a suro
curo for hcaducho aud nervoua diB
eaaes. Nothing relioveB so quickly.
For salo by W. E. Torrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
An ontorprising Qrm of western cat
tlomon ls going to start n fnrm for tho
raisiug ot tho vanous typca 01 Donais.
Wlicn that fnrm gots well under way it
will vcry etrougly resemblo a popullstio
GLAisiHEit, tho aoronaut, has noticed
that tho voico of a woman is audlble in
n balloon nt tlie hoight of nbout two
miles, whllo that of n mnn hns nover
renched higher than n tuilo. This is
but nddilional ovidenco of tho woll
known fact tbatnwomnn is bound to
hnvo hor lnsl word, even to n mnn up
iu n balloon.
Wk onco kuow of twins who ro
Eomblcd oach othor so closoly thnt ono
of thcm stnrved hlmEclf to dcath, coch
day thlnking lt was himself who had
enton thrco hcnrty mcnls, when in fact
it was his brothor who was tho entor.
Tho Burvivlng twin docs not kuow to
this dny whethor lt was himself or his
brothor whodled nnd wns buricd, Bos
ton TrniiBcript,
Insist ou hnvlug just whnt you call
for whon you go to buy Hood's Sarsn
pnrllln, tho ono truo blood purlllor nnd
nervo tonic.

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