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Tho Uoy Urntor Introtlitccs llinisclf.
I im 1)111,
11111 tho Metaphor Mnnlpulator.
When I talk tho unlvcrao llatena,
And tho little atara
Btatid ou tlielr lioada In ccatacy.
My volcoli aa
Tho boundleaa ocoan for doptb,
Atiilmy throat
la llko uuto a lcathor-covorotl
Huctlon pump.
Sly vocal elionla aro
Trlple expanalon, double back-actlon
llollan harpa.
And tho wlndaof Ileaven mako thelr
Ilome 1 n my lunga.
My mornlng repaat la frlcaaaeed
My noonday mtal la a plato oC
Ilaahodbrowu almllea
Vltli the quotatlon marka extractedl
And at ovontide I dlno
Upon a pot-roaat o( KngUali langungo,
Served wlth
l'eagreon oxclamatlon polnta.
I am
Tho only liuman phonograph,
And whon I talk
All the sllver ln the bowela of
The carth rolla oror
Ou lta alde and yearua to bo
I am
The Moutb of llholorlc,
Tho worda, groat, garlah worda,
Fall from my llpa unceaalngly untll
The llniltleaa renlras of apace
Are f ull tlioroof,
I thlnk worda, I apoak worda, I
Kxudo worda,
Worda, worda, worda,
Worda, worda,
Alwaya worda, worda f oreyor and ever.
I am '
1)111 the Slmlle Sockdolnger,
And I'ln a Spokeaman
I'rom the Headwatera of Talkafew Croek,
Metaphora aro ray atrong ault,
For when I aeo
An outcaat metaphor runnlng
Around wlth the kneea eut of lta
Little trouaora, you bot
I grab It
And preaerve lt for
Futuro referenco.
Burn-a-holo-ln-tho-Attnoaphere lllll,
And I'm going to talk
Trom now
Untll lialt paat two next century.
Make way for
BIU, the llearer of Hand-me-Down Mctnphora.
Make way for me, I aay,
And ttim on
The Llfe Saylng Deparlmeut.
For I am about
To looaen up my thorax for all
That'g ln mo. Now York Sun.
Brynu and Scwnll 'olilled.
Willinni Jonnings Bryan and Arthur
Sewall wero forraally notiQcd, on Wed
nosday ovening, Auguat 12, of their
uomination by tho dotnocratic party
for tlie olliccs of president and vicc
prcsident, at a tneetiug in tho big
Madiaon Squaro Garden, New York.
It waa a uotablo political cvent, and a
remarkablo climax to tho remarkablo
tour of tlio preaidontial candidato acroes
half tho contincnt, An army of un
numbcrcd thousands fllled tho stroeta
for aoveral squares about tho building,
in a vain hopo of Becuring admission,
Mr. Bryan's address dealt almost eu
tircly with the flnancial question, lt
waa rnorc argumcntativo and less
elcquout than his bistorical Chicago
speech, which wo.n for him a presidon
tial nomination, and only in a closing
appcal to tho cilizena of Now York did
ho 8peak in the strain which had cap
tured tho Chicago convention, Ho was
surrounded by many of tho silver
leaders, sotno of whotn had been rival
aepiranla for his placc on the tickot.
The dcmocratic leadera of New York,
with the oxcoption of tho former state
treasurer, Elliot Danforth, who presided
over tho nieeting, and Congreastnan
Williani Sulzer, who organized the firat
Bryan club in tho atate, woro absent.
Mr, Danforth told the people that ho
knew thuy did not want a speech. and
ho waa not going to disappoint them.
Ho preaented Governor William A.
Stono of Missouri, chairman of tho
committeo of notiflcation.
Governor Stoue eaid that the acts of
the Chicago convention were thoBo of
the truo doraocratic party. Tho oxi3t
ing national adrniniatration waa created
bv the deraocrata in 1892, ho aaid,
almoat wholly on tho tariff iaauo, al
though thero wero thouaanda of dcmo
crats who then bolieved that a rofortn
in our monctary syatom was of far
greator importanco than a rofortu in
our rcvenue polieies. Democrats hod
expcclcd that Mr. Clevoland would
bring the tariff to a specdy aettloment,
but in that, aaid tho apoaker, thoy wero
doomed to diaappointtnent, tho presi
dent thruatiug it aeide, and beginning
" to oxerciao the great powers of his
ofilce to commit tho country to a flnan
cial ayatem inauguratcd by tho rcpubli
can party, and which tho democratic
party had tirao and agaln condomned
in both atato and national convontiona."
Thero wero hisaea when ho spoke of
the BritiBh gold atandard in forco in
Amorlca, and moro hiascB when ho
spoko of MarcuB AuroliuB Hanna. Ho
found ayrnpathy in hia audicnco with
his roferenco to bond iasuea of the ad
miniBtration. Toward tho end ol hia
apeech tho audlonco bcgan to grow Im
patient, and tho spirit of hia aBaemblage
wbb ahown in crioaof " Bryan, Bryan."
Pooplo jumpod to their foet and ahoutcd
with a viiu. Choer followed cheor, and
for a minuto or two pandoruoniurn
When Chairman Danforth introduced
Mr. Bryau thoro carne a dcmonBtration
that far excoedod the proviouB onos.
Tho eutire audieuco roae, on tho plat
forra. in tho boxoe, in tho gallorioa.
Pcoplo woro shouting liko mad. Mr.
Bryan tat down woarily, but in a scc
ond jumped up ngnin, with handa up
ralsed for Bilonce. Tho crowd, how
cvor, did not ccbbo until it felt liko it.
Mr. Bryan then Btepped to tho front
and centor of the platforni. In hia
hand ho hold a raauuscript copy of hia
spoech. His fnco waa palo, but ho waa
cool and calra. Ho lookod vory inuch aa
he did iu Chicago on tho day hc mado hia
famous Bpeech. Ho began to Bpeak
elowly, but was obligod to stop, for tho
domonstrntion waa ofton renowed.
Flually ho began in earnoat. Hia volco
wa8 flrm, but it atill ahowod Bigna of
hoaraoneBB. Tho ttraln of tho spccch
making from Chlcato to PittBburg had
not boon fully recovered from, and Mr.
Bryan could not mako himself heard bo
dlatitictly as in Chicago. Mr. Bryan
road from manuacript, but occaalonally
ho droppcd thu alicota of papor and
apoko oarueslly and vohomontly with
out looking nt thctn. Durlng Mr.
Bryan's spbcch ho waB frcquontly in
torruptcd by chcora of approval. Hia
roforonco to tho incomo tax was loudly
choerod, na waa also hia roforonco to
tho aalo of bonda, Tho audicnco also
manifoatcd approval nt variouj atagcs
of hia froo ailvor argumeut. When
somo of tho moro tolling points ln this
discusBion woro ronched tho audionco
yollod with all lta mlght.
In tho main, howovor, 'his apcoch
waB a dry aud unintorcBtlng discourso.
compoacd largely of moro oaaorllon aud
dogmatlsm. Ho fallcd to auatain tho
roputation for oratory hia epocch in tho
Chicago convention had crcatcd, and
his discuBaiona of national affaira served
only to convinco thinking pcoplo who
hcard, or who rcad his spoccli in tho
nowspanors that tho candidato was far
bolow tho ataturo of statesmon. Only
in hia peroration was sccu nuything
that haa givon hlm oratorical fame, and
tho offect of thla pasaago of his spccch
was dulled by tho strain and impair
mcnt much spcnkinc had put upon hia
vocal organa. Mr. Bryan cloaed as fol
lows: " Oithtns of New York:l have trnv
olcd from tho contor of tho continont
(o tho scaboard that I might, in tho
very beginning of tho campalgn, bring
you greeting from tho peoplo of tho
West and South, and aaauro you that
thoir deairo is not to dcstroy, but to
build up. Thoy invito you to accopt
tho principlea of a living faith rathor
than llston to thoso who preach tho
gospol of despair, and adviso endur
anco of tho ills you havo. Tho advo
catoa of froo coinago boliove that in
atriving to aocuro tho immcdiato rea
toration of bimotalllism thoy aro labor
ing in your bohalf, aa woll aa in their
own bohalf. A fcw of your peoplo
may proaper undor prcacnt couditions,
but tho permauent welfaro of Now
York reata upon tho producera of
wcalth. Thia great city i8 buill upon
the commorco of tho nation, and muat
Buffer if that commorco is impaircd.
You cannot soll uuless tho peoplo havo
monoy with which to buy, and they
cannot obtain tho monoy with which to
buy unlcss they aro ablo to sell their
producta at remunorative prlccs. Pro
duction of wealth goos boforo tho ex
change of wcalth; thoso who creato muat
aocuro a proflt beforo they havo any
thing to sharo with othors. You can
not afford to join tho moncy chiiugers
in aupporting a financial policy which,
by deatroying the purchasing powcr of
tho producta of toil, muBt iu tho ond die
courage tho creation of wcalth.
" I ask, I expect your co-operation. It
iB truo that a few of your financiera
would fashion a new fieuro a llg
ure reprecnliug Columbia, her handa
bound fast withlfctters of gold aud her
face turned toward tho east, appealing
for aBaistance to thoae who livo bcyonu
the sea but thia flgure can nover ex
prces your idea of thia nation. You
will rather turn for inapiratiou to tho
heroic atatue which guards the t'ntrauco
to your city a statuo aa patriotic in
conccption aa it ia coIobsdI in propor
tiona; it waa the gracioua gitt of a
Biatcr rejiublic and atands upon a
pedeBtal which was buill by the Ameri
cau pcoplc. That uVnrc liberty en
lightening the woild is cmblematic of
tho miaaion of our nation among the
nations of the carth. With a govern
meut which deriveB its powerB from tho
consent of the goverued, securca to all
the people frcedom of conscience, free
dom of thought and freedom of spccch,
guaranteca cqual rights toall aud prou.
iaea apecial privilegca to uone, the
United Statea Bhoulil be an examplo in
all that iagood, and the Ieading apiiit
in every movemeut which haa for its ob
ject tho uplifting of tho human race."
"Not a succeaa" is tho popular
vordict upon the speech that tho orator
had prepared with so great care and
had traveled eo far to deliver. Crowda
doparted beforo tho apeech waB cndcd.
Mr. Bryan iB ovidently moro at homo
in tho rough and tumble, thc cut aud
thrust, ofwestern political campaign
ing, than in tho eober and arduoua work
of carnest, ratioual, atateamanlike po
litical ditcussion. Hia apeech in New
York will offer ondlesa opportunity for
effectivo attack' and theso opportuni
ties will be improved.
Mr. Sowall'a speech of acceptanco
waa very briof. Ho said that tho Chi
cago convention waa tho greatest and
most oarneat convention in tho hietory
of the party. It waa closer and moro
in touch with tho pcoplc. The dole
cgates wero thero to voico tho aouti
menta of thoir constitucnta, the peoplo
of tho party, for tho peoplo of the
party controllod aud couductcd that
convention. Mr. Sowall declared that
uuequivocally and through aincoro con
gratulation ho cndoraed tho platform
on whicli ho had been nominated. " I
bclievo wo are right ; tho peoplo aro
with us, and what tho peoplo dcclaro
in is always right and muBt provail. I
accept the nomiuation, and with tho
pcoplo's conflrinatiou every tffort of
which God ahall rondor mo canablo will
bo oxorlcd in support of tho principlcs
Aftor tho notiflcation meeting, Mr.
Bryan was drlven to tho Hotol Bar
tholdi, facing MadiBon Square, whero ho
apoko again, Btandingou a balcony with
Mr. Sowall and Mrs. Bryan, who Bharod
with her huaband all tho honors and
attention of tho day. Thia Becond au
dlunce, standlng iu tho streota, scemcd
to be compoBud moBtly of workingmon,
and Mr. Brynn exhorted them to aup
port tho cauao of freo Bilver, with ono
of tho most effectivo open-air spoechcs
which he haa mado in tho campalgn.
Leaeor llghts of tho party hold ovcrilow
meetinga on tho Btroeta, and mado
epeechca durlng tho garden mceling, ho
that tho oponinc of tho domocratic ca-n-paign
in tho city madoanoxtraordinary
excitiug nlnlit.
- i O V- ii
IT MAY DO AS Mucn FOIt You. Mr.
Frod Millor of Irving, 111,, writoa that
ho had a sovero kldnoy troublo for many
years, witli sovoro paina in his back,
and also that hia bladdor was affecti'd.
II o tried many eo-callcd kiduuy cures
but without nny good result. About a
year ago ho began uao of Elcctric Bit
tera and found relief at once. Elcctric
BittorB is espcclally adapted to curo of
all kidnoy and llvor troubloa nnd ofton
givcs almost instant roliof. Ono trial
will provo our atatomont. Prico only
flfly conta. At C. Blakoly's drug-atoro,
No Womnn's Lottor Publlehod
Bxcopt by Roquost.
Mra. I'inklinm'a Tunilcr ltclntlnnt Wlth
tlio Suirorlng f Ilor Sox Womon
Who Cnntiot lllilo Thoir
Thero is a class of woinon who, from
thoir own oxperlenco, sympathizo wlth
thoir sulTorlng slsters, aud in order
that suoh siiirerlng
may bo losscned, no
bly put asido falso
tnoucsty and in
hcnrtfolt gratitudo
publish to
tho world
what ovory
Mrs, W.
L. Elliott,
Iowa, is
ono of
and has
us to pub
lish tho
facts in hcr
case, other-
wiso it would
not bo dono, i
all such ovidanco
is treated iu Baorcd confldencc, unlesa
publlcatlon is requestod by the writor.
Sho 6ays to Mrs. Plukham : " I
wish you would publish tlio clrcum
stanccs of my caso, in order that othor
women may be boneflted by my expo
rlenco. " I dootored nearly all tho timo for
two years. I spent soveral huudred
dollars without recolvlng much beneflt.
Last Juno I wroto to you and described
all my aches and palns. Such a long
11st as thoro was : headachc, back
acho, bcaring-down palns, tcrrlblo
Boreness, constliiation, dizziness, feol
Ing of extrome lassitudo, irrcgularity
and nausea ; but you unswercd my
letter and told mo just what to do. I
followed your ndvico.
" After talclng olght bottles of tho
Vogetable Compound and thrco bot
tlos of Ulood Puriflor, I am glad to
writo you tlmt I hayo not enjoyod such
good health for years, and I am ablo
to do all my own work. I cnn surely
sound tho praises of Lydia.E. l'inlr
ham's Vegutablo Compound, and a
number of my frlouds are taking it
upon my recommcndatiou." Slits. Vf,
L. Elliott, Liscomb, Iowa.
A Thrifty
Always gets thc bcst possiblc for her
money. Shc sees that every centgoes
as far as possible, Slie knotvs a good
bargain when slie sees it. She knows
that when she buys
"Hanover " Crackers
Shc gets the best value nnd the best
crackcr that skill, cxperience and
money can produce.
100 of them, pockcd in o ncat carton,
for 25 cents.
lieing taken hot from the oven and
packed inthese specially prepared aii
tlght cartons or paper lioxes, they
always reiain their delicious flavor
and crispness.
liakers and Confectioncrs,
If your Rroccr has not got them, tell hlm
to send to us, and wo will supply hlm.
ia siild unilnr pcwitivo writton Kunranti'P, by
nuthorizwl niri'tits only, ti curo Wcnk Mpmoryi
Ijosa of Hruiii nnd Nervo l'owor: Loat Mnnliood;
Quickuuna: Nifiht Lioshob; Kvil Dronma: Ijick of
Oonfidunro; Ncrvcnifni'sa; ljisltii(lo; all Druins;
IjOHaof l'oworof thotjonorutivo Uikriia in uither
eox, causeil hy ovor-oxiirtion, Youthfiil Krrore, ur
Exctissivo Uso of Tolmcco, Opium nr l.iquor,
which lomU co MlHory, ('onBuuiption, IiiHaulty
(intl Dontli. Ily mnll, fl n box; six for $r;witfi
writton RimrnnU'O to curo tr nifunil monoy,
Hamplo lmcknKO, eoiitaliitiiB livn lnya' trvutment,
with f ull ilibtructiiillB, cnuta. Ono uample
onlyeold tooach iwrBon hy muil
I.. II. OHKIJNK, ... Solo Acent,
Ilavo been proaorlbed wlth groat aucceaa for more
tliau llfty yeara by the loadliiK pliyalclana of
Kuropelutho treatmont of fenialu patlenta. Spo
clally recominended for
I'oorncaa of the Illood nnd
Coimtlttitlonul Weiiltueas.
Imported by K, 1'OUIlliUA & CO.,Not Torb
To ayold Imltatlona DLAUD la ataniped on cach l'lll.
1 y A
W ' '7
m m mew
1 . K
X Solillcr of Napolcon,
Most of ua uowadaya, whon thinking
of tho Napoloonlc wars, conslder tbcni
m part of tho rcmoto paat, aud lt ia dif
flcult to rcolizo that thoro may bo pco
plo still living who took part in tho bat
tlcs of Marongo, Jonu aud Watorloo.
But all of Napolcon's soldicrs aro not
yot dead, nnd ono mau who fought uu
dcr tho great Frcnch gcnoral is aaid to
bo living now near Clovolnud, O., savs
a wrlter iu Uarper'a Uound Tubh.
Whothor that la truo or not, it ia n fact
that only rocontly ouo ol Napolcon's
old warriorsdicdattho Soktlers' Homo,
Kearnoy, N. J.
His namo was Honry Muoller, and ho
waB born ln Germany in 1701, nnd
when tho Fronch artnioa invaded Prua
sia Muollor was flftoen years old. With
mauy of hia computriotB ho waa drnftcd
luto tho grand army, and marched off
toRuBsia to Ught thu'Cossacka nnd tho
cold. Ho waB at Moscow, aud trampcd
all tho way back in tho disaatroua ro
troat, auifering untold torturoa, nnd
Bcoing his fcllow-aoldiors falling ln tho
snow nlmost nt ovory slep. But Muol
lor kopt up, and lived to get back into
Germany, and to flght at tho battles of
Bautzen, Leipsic and llnally in tho
great battlo at Wnterloo.
Aftor Napolcon had been captured
by tho British and scut to tho lonoly
island at St. Helcna, and tho great
armica of Europo had bocn diBbauded,
Muoller took ship and camo to the
United Statea. Not long aftor hia ar
rival in this country tho Seminole and
Moxicnu wnrs broko out, and tho old
spirit of tho soldior wns renwnkoned in
Mucllor, and ho went again tothe front,
thia timo wearlng tho Amorican uni
form and flghting for tho Amorican
flag. So much warfaro had now mado
a conflrmed soldior of tho Gorman, and
bo whon tho AVar of tho Rebellion broko
out in 16G1 ho again took out his mua
kot aud fought through tho entire war.
Ono of the most wondorful thinga of
all theso exporionces is that Muellor
waa ncvor seriouBly woundcd,aud man
agod to keep himaelf in such good
health that bo lived to be ovor 100
year a old, aud apcnt hia laet days in
peaco and comfort in tho Soldiors'
Home, smoking hia long German pipo
on tho lawn under tho trees, and telling
of hia own porsonal exporionces, which,
to most of us, aro part of a very rcmoto
' " aV .
McClollnn nnd Lincoln.
At a gathoring of old soldiors in
Washington Gcnoral Sicklea told tho
followiug atory :
"It waa, 1 should think, very early
in tho winter of 18G1-G2 that, haviug
somo businesa with General McClellan,
I walked up ono foronoon to his head
quartcre, in Admiral Scmmos' houae,
oppoailo the Arlington. Thc man on
duty said he waa engaged and asked mo
to wail. I took a seat, and ahortly tho
secretary of war camo in and aaked to
see the general. An ofllcer camo out
of tho next room, eaid the general was
busy just then, and asked tho secretary
of war to tako a seat and wait. Mr.
Ctmeron sat down and we fell into con
versalion. In a fow minutes Mr. Lin
coln camo in and iuquired for General
McClellan. Tho ofllcer repeatcd what
ho hud said to ua, and that tho general
was very busy, and Mr. Lincoln would
havo to wait. Tho president sat down
with ua and siid, All right, 111 wait."
"Tho Becrotary of war romarked
that the president ought in somo way
to havo access to ono of his gonnrals.
Lincoln throw ouo leg over tho other,
aa if prepared for a long eicuc, aud
said : ' Oh, no. It's all right. My timo
ia of no special value, and the general
is attonding to our buaineas. I cau
wait as woll as not.' Aud he fell into
bi3 fomouB story-telling, showing not
the dhihtoBt impatieucont thenecesaity
of cooling hia heels in tho auto-room
of a mau who was a civilian less than a
year beforo, aud whom ho himsolf had
appointed to ofllcc.
"Tho incidout illustrated," ndded
General Sicklea, "two thlug8 flrst,
that Mr. Lincoln waa ouo of tho moat
unprotentioua of meu, and secoud, that
at that timo cverybody, includlng Mc
Clellan himsolf, expectcd McClellan to
put down the rebellion." Washington
Prayers In War Timo.
Unclo Duff, hearing tho noiso, began
to pray; Aunt Saluda joinod him fer
vently; Sam littencd stupidly nnd in
suffocating torror.
Fifteon enunon thundercd togothor,
ovor boyond tho bridgo, nnd a flight of
sholls in tho air mado a prolonged
whirring noiso, followed presontly by
n rapid spluttering of muaketry in tho
wooda at tho lowor edgo of tho planta
tion. Tho regiment wont acroas the
fiold nt doublo-quick stop, knocking
over tho fences as they camo in tho
" Oh, Good Lor', ef yo kin spa' do olo
man er leotlo lougor" began Unclo
Duff, but his prnyer wns intorrupted by
an explosion ou both sides of tho rivor,
rival battorios thundoriug at ono
anothor, nnd oppoaing lines of infantry
oxchanging long rolliug volloya.
Mra. Farrow aaw tho cavnlry scurry
away from their lurking place undor tho
river bank and tliBappoar in tho wooda,
whilo four or flvo hcavy llold guna,
drawn by nanting and ovorworked
hotBi e, truuuled rapidly along tho red
clay road, tho drivora wliipplug aud
A'tor a fow rounds thoro camo a
short lull iu tho bombardment, during
which a singular Berenlty pervaded tho
nir aud sky.
" Dar, uow, Lor' stop do wa' right
heagh, nnd loP do olo darkoy "
But Unclo Duff sprang to his feot as
nnothcr awful cannonado began, and a
shell burst on tho railroad track in
front of tho door. Ho forgot his pra or.
"Hell an' furyl" ho cricd, " dat'a
dangerous! Gi' my hat, fo' do Lor'
Baksl I'a gwino outon yerl" And ho
ruahcd through tho back door way nnd
accross tho garden to tlio woods, fol
lowed by Sam and Aunt Saluda. Lip
pincott'a Magazino.
Baiicelona is tho contor of tho
mnnufacturo of cigarotto papor. Two
houstB alono produco 180,000 rcams a
year, vuluod at 800,00.
Docm lt l'ny I
Doea It pay-alt thla burrten and worry,
All tho IcarnlnR ncqulred wlth palti,
All the plannlnK and norvoua wlld actlon,
The reatloaaneaa followlngnaln
To bo f rco from thla biirden and worry,
To have knowledgo without fear nnd paln,
To bo peaceful,far-aoelng, aweot-tcmpered,
And calm ln tho preaenco of Kaln,
We muat know tho puro aecret of Nature,
Llko her, bo obedlent to law,
And work ln the ItRht of the promlao
Of blotaed roaulta Chriit foreaaw.
Then cach day,
And alway
Llfo will pay.
-Kllzaboth l'orler Oould.
Odd Fcnccs.
Tho iirusuutugusuuins tobo onoln whlcli
puoplu vlu wllli L'ucli utliur ' to duvlso uurl
ouswurk." Unu mlght maUu n unlquu
aud intuiTslitig culluctlun by gathurlng
vluws of frunks iu luncu building, ln which
nothlng shutild bo so couimonplaco nn u
"worm" iencu. Thu Uostoii Journul suyh!
"Not mauy niilus froni New 13odford Is n
sulid funcu, witli u uurlously curvod upiiur
liiin, nnd liuru nnd ihuru n liumbor lmlniud
upou lt in whliu. On uxuinlmitton ltpruvcs
to bu Imllt uf thu iov doors from n dls
mautlud clnucli."
Thu liatli (.Mu. ) Tlmus givuH im nccuunt
of n man nttneliud to tho llfo snviug sta
tion at rinmll 1'otnt wlio lius auassud
ouougli .wurds of tho swordflsh to bulltl
plcUut funcu IU feut ln lungth.
ln thu anuiuut town of Nowcnstlu, N.
II., tliuru is n liuuno wlioso ynrd is luulonud
witli u tuueu uoiiBtruutud of thu pow doors
of thu old Urnttlo Struutuhtlrch of Dostuu.
Tlils funcu oilcu fult thu Jar of thu sulld
cnuuun Ijall that struuk thu old ohuro.i
full iu tho faco iu tlio lluvolutiunury dnyn.
Ills Dry Smoko.
Confiidcrnble fun may bo nnd iu lorp?
woather by guttlng into a nonsmoklng
oarrlago, wlth im uullglitod olgnr ln your
uiouth. I trled it tho othcr dny, with lin
moiiHO succi'.H. At llrht, wlicn Iuntcr. d,
tho trnvulors ull scowled at nionnd seuincd
dlsinollnoil lo shift thcinsulviw, bo ii5 to
mako room for mu, but by sheur wulght I
furcud tlium to. Onco seutcd, I pul'cd
forth n liugu vulumo of brcnth, which, in
tho fog liunging on thu air, lookud oxactly
llko smoku.
At llrst I was nfrnld theru wns no ono
prusont wlth sulllclunt publlu spirit to
clianiplon thu right of tho uonsinokurs, but
nt thu hoeoud pulT a goiitlcnmn ln tho o;i
posito oornur, who woro blnok shlny lug
glngs nnd had n gold lockut hunglng froi.i
his chuln, snld, "Tlils 1h not a sinoklng
carrlngu, slr." "You uro very right," I
nnswuml, nt thu Miniu timo cniitting nn
othcr putl of liroatli. "I stild tlils was not
n smoking cnrrlngo," ho rcpcated. "Ah,
1 thought tlmt was what you snldl" I ro
pllcd. " Vou nru nti gontloninn, slr," snld
n tliln, Bour looking liidy nu.xt to him, np
pnruntly his wifu. "No moro uro you,
nuidam," I ruturtcd.
Tlion n fui.mlu on thu othcr sldo bugnn
to cough. "Oh, iloar, oh, dunr, that liornd
suiokol It niwnys brings on my cough 1"
sho moanud. I contlnucd to brouthu licav
ily. Thon a gontlcmau wlth bpoctnclcd,
who lookod as if hu knuw lots nbot
flnnnco, took up tho oudgcls. "Vu vill
lmf hlm turn out zonox' htntlon," ho Kiid.
To whloh I rupllcd tlmt I did not undur
stnud Guriiuin.
Tlio noxt biution was duly ronohcd, and
then thu foruign gcutlomnn and two
othurs callcd for tho guarJ, llu camo uji.
'What ls itr1 "This porson lnsists on
smoking." "Mornlng, guardl" I said.
"Kindly oxninluu that clgar multull mu if
lt hns buon liKhtcd." Tho gunrd lookod
nt it, roturnud lt, wlth a "No, slr," aud
slamined thu door, nnd somo ono muttorud
somuthlng nbout it's bclug a sllly mon
koy's triok. Pick llo Up.
Tho Ctittlug Up of Mcnt.
At tho Tcnohurs' oollpgo rocontly n prno
tlcnl domonstrntlon in tho soIlmco of cnt
ting up munt wns glvon. Somo .t tho
chcnpor outs woro shown to bu qufto as
nutritlvo ns tho nioro uxpunslvo onos.
Thoy nccdcd only tobo cut lntothinRllccs,
poundud to bronk tho flbors nnd thon slm
morod or stowcd to produco both n pnlutu
blo nnd nutrltlous dish.
Thu rnck of niutton, whloh costs but 3
or 4 ccnts n pound, cnn bo stowcd wlth
snvory horbs or vcgotnblos nnd niakosa vnl
unbln dlsh for worklng pcoplo or ovon
othors less ln nood of protoln in lnrgu
quantitlus. Tho shouldor of luutton, only
7 conts n pound, proporly cookcd and soa
sonod, ls no mii.in pavt of thu nnlmnl aud,
indood, it would scom that thu vnrlous
outs whleli proontcd solld portionsof lloh
with a fair pvoportlon of fnt lnoorporntod
in its flbros and lying around nnd botwoon
tho lnyurs of imisulu wlth nainos suoh ns
chuck, rnck, horschou, ucck, briskct,
knucklu and shouldor olod, woro (jultu as
rioh ln prntcln and othor constltuonts for
nourlshniont as thoso cuts cnllod by moro
faiiilllar aud oxponslvo naiuoH ns slrloiu,
eaddlo nnd porturhou.u.
Tho toughiU'ss of nioat doos not nffect
lts nutritlvo jualltlcs, Thu bhouldcr olod
by nnnlysls contnlns ciultu ns much pro
toln as tho slrloln. Tho sldo of vcal va
rlcs loss than chops nnd a log of mutton ls
uuifornily rlch ln iirotoldos.
It ls it lospn lonrnod wlth proflt by
many that prlcu is not tho standard of nu
trltlon. It uioans slniply tho toudurnoss
aud ln sonio casos dcllcnoy of llnvor.
Tho nds-aiitngo of buyinj; n wliolo quar
tor nt a low prlcu nnd hnvlng thu butohor
sond n part at a timo, ki'eplug tho rost in
his lcuhotiso, is cconniny and inoronsod ton
dornuss if your buteher ls honcst. A wcok
or ton days is not too long to keep a qunr
tor of beof or a sldo of lamb. Thu former
mny havo a pot ronst nnd a ploco comcd,
hosldcs tho stoaks and soup parts, whllo a
sldo of lainh cau bo dlvlded Into ohops,
roast or shouldor stow and so on costlng
from fi to 1) ccnts n pound. Part for part
bought at n timo doublcs nnd troblcs tho
If a flllut Is doslrod lt Is cheapor to buy
tho qunrtor and liavo thu sovurnl parts
stored awny, ono of thom coruod, aud sunt
ns ordorctl than to buy cach sopnrato. Iloof
ospcolnlly ls bottor for standlng ln loo, and
tho dltToruncu iu toudurnoss ls so uotlcablo
that ouoo trlod by n housokcopor lt bo
oomos n regular prnotlco. It ls a pity thu
Amorican pnlnto uschows stows and mlncu.
Thoy nru most uutrltlous niSthods of prep
aratlou of mcnt nnd can bu oxoollontly
mado of tho uhoapor outs. Thc.trlmmlng
of Fronch ohops can bo out froo of fat, tho
romnlnlug bits of llosh thon out Into tlny
ptooosand slmmorod tlll soft (moat should
nover boll) aud ohoppod wlth bread, oruinbs
or BOino snvory vogutablo and mado luto n
tasty pasto or croquotto. NowVork Tlmos.
Tiik ntmoaphoro, if comprcsaod,
would mako a son tliirty-flvo fcot dcep
around tho globe.
Cnuso of Wrlikles,
If n yi'iirf Minn with u gt tumoh of vio
lots ln hl.i lnii tuiiholo pruM'iitn hlniHolf nl,
your door alul oxhlblts a cnrd dcscrlhlng
himsolf as "fnco maiilpulator of hur grnco
tho I,ady Wllllnin Uorosfonl," do not dh
miss hlm wlth luirsh words. You nmy,
through tho Blstorof your brothor-lii-lnw's
aunt, know that I.mlr Durosford has long
slnco liad a supurlutoiKlunt of lior tollot,
who looks nficr tho malds nnd inimsmii-os
of tho hniifchold, As tlio man hns good
idons and has ndvlscd olhur lioniitlos con
ccrnlng thoir looks, ho is wurth llstonlng
to, ovon If tho Durosford part of It ls npoc
ryphnl, "Tho irlnclpnl causn of wrlnklos," biivs
this man, who, though badly wrlukli'd
himsolf, knows all nbout tho cronsos of
tho faeu, "Is ln a faulty way of slouplng.
If woinon would sleop rlglit, thoy would
novor havo wrlnklod forohciids."
"Almond Kyiw and Duttcrlly That Slps
tho Mornlng Duw" knows moro about coni
ploxlons than tho swcot young nian's
wholo famlly. I'robably you do not know
who Almond Kyos, otc, ls nnd nmy
not, thoroforo, fcel full fnlth ln hcr lnfnl
llblllty, hut whun you know tlmt sho wns
thu chaiiiplon mlddlcwolght boauty of
Cantim, I'oking nnd Slmnglml nnd wns
cho.,oii bocmisi' of thu clcarnoss of hor col
nr and coinpli -lon to bo tho thlrd wlfo of
tiir yiiuiig c Kirymi nriy bo di)oed
to profn by hcr oxporlonco. Mrs. Kwong
.'',v. in o Ml s Alnioml Eyos, cto., novur
!'. i'! low 1 1 1 lnT llfo. Instuad hhe
r '.fp in'ol; whon sho rotlrcs n
roiiiu.'M ii.ui, uf pcrfumod wood nnd In
.. ' oul'.' avolds rtimpllng hur
i' i. uy 'kin iu thr wrlnklos of
i. ).. ,i :.. l'in, whloh has boun rosponsl
ili' f.ir tlio liii-fot'ttinos of iilno-tunths of
v.Yiti-i'ii I iMtnliM, but also prosorvos tho
I'l.iiniiMin. ,(-. of hur cuilTuro, and a man
w.nild !i...u lo got up onrly ln tho morn
ing linlu.l to catch tlils lndy ln curl
This inattur of n soft plllow mny scom
llko u jokc, but whon you flud tho llttlo
llnos botwoon your oyos and at thoir cor
ncrs porsistuiitly rofuslng to borubbud out
you may lUton to tho volco of this lattcr
day prophut, who ralsos his wamlng flngor
to savo you from a drondful fnto. Thu soft
plllow ls only n mattor of hablt nnywny.
Throw lt nsldo and substltuto n good, stlff
support llku halrcloth, plnu necdlcs, bran
or soods, nnd you will vory soon flnd that
lt ls vnstly moro comfortnblo than down.
Thoro wns anothor lndy In tho far east
who had lo drown horsolf to avold boing
tho ohoson ono of thu old bnshaw of Korfo
dan. Sho attrlbutod thu glory of hor
comploxlon, which brought hcr thu nnmo
of "I)own Among thu Pului Trcos," to lior
use of n skln plllow flllcd wlth porfumcd
wntcr. Sho wns origlually ncamol drlvor's
daughtor aud got into tho hablt whllc
trnvoling wlth tho carnvan of pillowlng
hor delicious hoad on thu fllled wlno skliib.
Soft pillows will wrluklo any face.
Tako tho chook of a baby nnd soo how full
of oronses lt ls nftur n nnp on a plllow of
down. Iiay tho chlld's hond coinfortnbly
upon lts ufghan or on n roll of cloth, nnd)
lt will slcop ns woll, run no dangcr of
smothorlug nnd nwnko without wrlnklos
ln its soft llttlo skln.
Tho most ufTectlvo wny of slecplng is to
rost thu hoad upon tho plllow, but not sup
portod by thu Imud aud ann, nnd always
on a llrm, hard plllow. This posturo has
tho sunctinn of all who huvo mndo a study
botwoon tho rolation of coniploxion aud
slcop. This is not dlflloultto do. Indoed
lt ls tho most comfortnblo of nll slooping
nttltudos aftor ono gots used to 16. At ono
of tho Now York itnishingschnolstho doar
glrls aro taught to enru for thoir complex
lons ns woll ns to know that Sovastopol is
a city aud notu Pollsh prlnco. Praetlcnlly
ovory glrl that coinos thoro brings nlong n
sntln plllow htutTod wlth down. Dofure
mauy days sho will uso that for a foot
stool ond not for a plllow.
Deprlved of tho down, tho bollos that
nru to bu uro givon n Hiniill liead rost nbout
tho slzu and thohardnoss of u watormolon.
Thoy aro llktly to compluiu of tho rigld
uc3 of tho dilpllno, but thoy thank their
procoptross boforu thoy nru through wlth
llfo. Thoro i.i anothor rulo in that soini
nary that nmkcs young chooks blanch at
llrst no glrl is permittod to oat candy bo
twoon moals. Thoy can havo all tho choo
olatos and urcams thoy want for dcssort nt
dlnnor, but at no othor timo. This rulo
ouforcus ol ltself modoratlou in thu con
sumptlon of c.ilidy nnd works miraclos in
tho comploxion linu.
Thero Is a licautlful Fronchwoman,
Mmo. Fano, whoso furohoad dovolopod at
tho boglnnlng of thu prosont soason an ob
stlnato llttlo wrlnklu botwoon tho oyus.
Kvory nlght lt would bo niussigud awny,
and ovory inornlng it would roturii by tho
timo Mmo. Karro had partakou of her
lunuhcon. In vain sho consultod spooi.tl
lst.s, aud iu viiln hho ailvl-nd wlth lirv
ninld. Onu oo:ilng at a rocoptlon mnd.ini
was talklug with a uoted oeullfit. "Ma
dauio is vory beautlful," said tho ooullt,
"but what would you do if I wuru to tell
you somcthiiig that would mako you
many tlmcs inoro luvulyf"
"I should .idoru you forovor," said thu
bonutlful Mmu. 1'arru.
"Thon, iiiadamo," roplioil thu ooullst,
"wonr spoctaolos wlion you road. I von
turo tu say that by thu timo you havo iln
lshcd your mornlng nowspapor that llttlo
wrlnklu upon your brow ls a deop fur
row." A llttlu troublo wlth tho oyos is tho
cnuso of Elleu Torry's furrow, which is
consldorod bocuming to hur.
As a rulo, though, tho wny of nlopplug
is rosponslbtu for ugllnoss or boauty, if
tho word of thoso who Imvo studlod looks
cnn bo wolghml. Amollo lllvus Chanlor,
now tho Prlni'oss Troubotskol, rogards tho
way of sliHiping nll Importnnt. Iler
method of slocplng hor boauty slooii ls to
bogln an hour buforo sho goos to hod with
u liatli ln cool cologno watcr, duoponiug to
chillod wator moro hlghly purfiimed than
tho llrst. Tho alcohol cloansus thu skln
nnd tho oold watur provonts tho Imthor
from tnklng cold ln tho skln uoxt day.
Now York Jourunl.
Tiik man who saya tho right thiug at
tho right timo la tho man who says
nothing at nll whon in doubt.
There are 15 common
seats of Rheumatic
Two lilpn, two kneos, two nukles, two
shouUlerii.twoulliows.twowrUts, two linnds
lunt onohenrt when tho lnttcr ls nttuckud tt
ununlly inoves fntnl.
Ily lts nrtlon on tlio llver nnd kldneys it
ciinblcs thoso orttnns to jicrforui thulr proper
funetlous nnd cnrry olf tho urle ncld ia tho
Rold by nll druRelita and ucnoral donlcra at
Siaipcr bottlo, uracntprepaldfrum tho hnme
oUlco. TreatUo amllmokof teitlinonlala freo.
Ouo. Q. SmlthidrusKlat, So. Loiidondorry, Vt.
Hubdkh Stamps ruftdo to ordor by the
Watchiuan Publlshlnc Company.
To tho Uicycllst Bcndlng Forwnrd,
Oh, youth, who, bendlng forward, rldea apace,
Wlth raelanchoty ataniped upon your face,
1'uMulnK pleaeure wlth a frenzled eye,
Yet mocked by hor, however faat you Uy,
Aro you nwaro how horrlblo you look?
No euy Inrontod for a plcture-book
Waa ever n more palnfnl alght than thou,
I.onl of tho bont back and tho nnxloua brow.
Oh, alt up atralght and try to wear a amllel
lle leaa lntent to plle up mllo on mlle,
Enjoy the proapoct na you rlde along,
Tho treoa, the ennahlne and the robln'e aong.
To ua who -view you acorchlnn day by day,
Uent 011 your bar in auch an awkward way,
You aro tho hcinolleat thlng on earth, my lad.
Oh, alt up atralght, nnd make thelandacapo glndt
Itobert Orant.
What's a Wlldorncss Withoul Unmo l
" JibbB nnd tho rcst of tho boys
didn't wnntto swear off pokcr entirely,
but they'd been playiug a good deal
latoly, aud to got a reat they went into
cnmp last wcek, twenty milcs back in
the wooda from Bogvillo, ao thoy
wouldn't boo a cord for a monlh."
" Yce. I aaw Jibbs in Bogvillo, yeater
day." "What? Haa ho quit tho
camp?" "No. Camo in uftcr a pokor
deck." New York Sun.
All Recommend It. Ask your
dhyalciau, your druggist nnd your
fricndB about Shiloh'a Curo for con
sumption. They will recommend it.
For Balo by W. E. Terrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
Au Object Lcsson.
Arhltfir! "Wnll. whnl's llin trnnhlftV"
Complalnant : " Wo hnd a gamo of
puui. x iu iu u uuiitu npieeu tur tuo
chipa. When we cnme to ecltlo up, nll
ho would ollow mo waa flfty-threo
centa apiece." Delcndant : " Yes :
but you don'tsay that we had changed
to a silver baeia."" Arbitor : " Oh, you
changed to a silver baBis, eh? Thnt's
all right then. Fifty-threo conts waa
all thechips were worth."
Tue Ills of Women. Constipa
tiou causea more than half tho ills of
women. Karl's Clover Root Tea is a
plcasant curc for constipation. For
Balo by W. E. Terrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
Shc Got Evcn.
Mra. Mann: " Hore'a a pie your
mother brouuht it to-day. I auppose
you will have a piect?" Mr. Mann:
"Willl? Wcll, I gucssl Ah, that's
thostuffl It you could only make pies
like mother, Heltyl" Mrs. Mann:
"Yes, as I waa goinR to aay, your
mother brought thia in to-day. She
saw it at tho baker'a as sho passed by,
and went iu and bought it. She'll bo
real glml you like it."
It Saves Lives Every Day. Thou
sands of cascs of conaumptiou, nsthmo,
cougha, colda and croup are cured every
day by Shiloh'a Cure. For ealo by W.
E. Terrill & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
From Ono I'oint of Tlow
Tho country haa chnrms to the man
who livea ln the city when ho ia accom
pauied along the atreet on one sido by
n friend with whom he ia desirous to
converse and upon the other sido by a
drny-load of irou. But, ou the con
trary, tho city secm a pcrfect heavon to
the mau iu the country for rest and
quiet, who is nwakencd at peep of day
by a grand coucert of cocks, cowb,
calfs, noighing horsea and tho early
riaen farmcr n-cussin' hia boya for not
boing " aprier, confound ye."
A Natural Beautifier. Karl's
Clover Root Tea purifles the blood and
gives a clear and benutiful complcxion.
For sale by W.E. Terrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
A Sad, Sad Fact. Thouaands of
peoplo at summer rcsorts owe billa at
There is no rbymo for silver; ond as
for that mattor, there is no rcason in its
The currency question: You havon't
a cjuarter about you that you aro not
going to uso?
Karl's Clover Boot Tea is a sure
cure for headachc und uervous dis
caaea. Nothinc relieves ao quickly.
For salo by W. E. Teirill & Co., Mout
pelier, Vt.
If jou ever noticed it, it ia only the
present timo when it is vory hard to
exort ouo's Btlf. At other tlmos one
doea not inind the most violent cxer
tion. How strangnly do llfo's prizes go,
Awarded by tha crowd j
Somo triuuipli by tho thiucs they know,
And somo hy tulktng loud.
Washington Star.
A Fact Worth Knowino. Con
Bumptiou, la griptio, pncumonia, nnd
all throat aud lunr dlseascs aro curcd
by Shiloh's Cure. For salo by W. E.
Turrill & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
Now wo know what it is that is rot
ton iu tho stato of Donmark. It muat
bo tho tlag, which ia the oldoBt national
eusign in tho world, unving beon iu
use ainco tho yenr 1219.
" They do aay 'twas Bryan's ability
tor talk ez got 'im tho nominntion,"
said Farmor Corntoasel. " Which gocs
ter show," his wifo answorod confl
dontly, "aoonoror-lator tho womon la
boun' tor take hold an' ruu thia coun
try." "Now," aaid the earnest apostlo, " If
a mau took n silver dollar and melted
it, ho would only have llfty-tbreo cents
worth of silver. What do you think of
that?" " Woll," Baid tho man who hnd
been chowim;a straw and lookiug puz
zled, ' zuear'8 1 cnn make out, ho would
bo a durn fool."
A gentleman traveling in England
somo years ago, whilo walking nenr a
railway, cucouutorcd a numbcr of in
sano pcoplo in chargo of n kooper.
Nodding to ono of tho luuntics, ho
siiid: "Whero doea thia railway go to?"
With a Bcornful look tho luuatic ro
nlicd: " It doesn't go nnywhero; wo
koen lt horo to run tralna on."
Taken in tlme. Hood's Sarsaparillft
provonts sorioua i'.lnces by kctplng tho
blood puro and all the organa ln a
heclthy condltlon.

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