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: Mrs. Nol-
llo I'ell aml two boiib of St. Albans roturnod
to tliolr liomo nf tor a wook's vislt Iioro,
Mlas Funnlo McDulTeo roturnod last wook
from tbo Wost, whoro slio has boon Blnco
last fall II ctor F. Ilrltt of Boston, a
formor roslilont of tlils town, ls Btopptng at
N. B. UoRors' for a fow days.
Barrows & 1'ock of Montpelier liavo Itoss
onsllafgo cuttora In stock. Wrlto for prlcos.
ICnst Cabot.
Mr. and Mrs. Davln of Nortlillolil. wlio
liaro boon vlsltlnK tliolr dauelitor, Mrs. II.
S. Barr, havo roturnod to tliolr liomo.
1 Mrs. Jennio Walah of Washington,
D. 0., ls vlsltliig frlonds boro. Mrs.
Waltor Laooy has roturnod to hor liomo ln
Adams, Mnss. Mrs. Hugh Dunn lias
boon iil for sovoral days. 1 Mr. and
Mrs. M. 0. Ilookor of Washington, D. 0,,
and Mrs. Goorfjo Klddor and dauRbtor
Blancbe vlsltod at IC. II. Clark's last wook.
Mrs. Martlia Hugbos and daiifihter
Edlth havo roturnod to tholr homo ln Eag-
land. : '. Mrs. May Gray nnd son frorn
Massacbusotts aro vlsltlng at Q. B. lilll's.
Tho rogular meetlng of Btow Post wlll
occur noxt Saturday.
Hon. J. L. Martln of Brattleboro ls to bo
one of tbo spoakors ln town noxt wook.
The board of clvll autbority meot at tbo
Town Hall August 27, to revlso tbo obock.
Moscow Lodgo of Good Templars aro to
liavo a plcnlc ln S. II. Fostor's grovo on
Among those vlsltlng ln town aro Mrs.
Edlth Board, Mrs. Vlola Billlngs of Mont
pelier and Mlss Ida Bomls of Boston.
At tbo ropubllcan caucus on Saturday,
W. E. Bllss was placed in nomlnatlon as
tbo ropubllcan candidate for ropresentatlve.
A. W. Pelrce, prluclpal of Goddard Som
lnary, was at h. A. Kent's ovor Sunday.
MIsb Franklo Kent, wltb frlendB
from Marshfield, ls taklng a carrlago drlvo
to tbo nortborn part of tbo stato. ;
Edward Foster and party, wbo havo beon
vlsltlng at S. H. Foster's, havo roturnod to
tbeir liomes. ss H. E. Burnap ls ln
Korth&eld, ln the lntorest of tbo Gorn Can
nlng Company.
East Calais.
Mrs. A. N. Bllss left last week for a vlslt
to bor old hoine ln Mlchlgan.
Mrs. Jallus Berry of Waitsfield bas been
at D. B. Dwlnell's the past week.
Mlss Goldthwaltn wlll exohange noxt Sun
day mornlng wltb a lady proacberfrom East
At tho ropubllcan caucus, last Saturday,
W. E. Bllss recelved tho nomlnatlon for
town representatlve.
Harry Gilman was knocked down by a
young lady on a wheol one ovonlng last
wook, recelvlng several cuts on tho face.
IIo narrowly oscaped a broken nose.
Tbo party at Camp Wllbur roturned liomo
Monday, after two wcoks of Ufo ln the opon
alr. It consistod of Mr. and Mrs. H. N.
Pearce of Bloomington, Illlnols, Inez Pearco,
Mary Dwlnell, Kate Bugbee and Georgo
Wheelock, 01a Leonard and Ivan Gray of
East Calais, Ltllian Wells of Cabot, Luna
Moorehouse of Plymouth, Massacbusotts,
and Flora Allen of Calais.
North Calais.
Mlss Fannlo I. Corbln of Spencer, Mass.,
ls vlsltlng at S. H. Foster'B.
There ls to be a cotilllon party at Mo
morlal Hall on Frlday evonlng, August 28.
Muslc by Cbase's Orchestra. AU aro ln
vlted. E. L. Foster and wlfe and Dr. Vanderpool
of Newark, N. J., roturned to tbelr hotne
on Monday, after a vlslt of two weeks wltb
relatlves in town.
The little son of Bon Lowery, who has
been slck, is itnproving. Mrs. Myron
Daley ls under tbo doctor's care.
Robort Lowery has moved hls family from
the Martln tenement to tho bome of Olar
ence White, hls fatberin-law. Mrs.
Walter Daley and her son have been vls
ltlng frlonds in Hancock. Mr. and
Mrs. Aro F. Slaytou of Hyde Park havo
been vlsltlng in Sodom.
The fall term of Cholsea Acadomy wlll
open on the 31st lnst,
Mrs. Dana Allen has boen declared ln
saue, and was removed to the Waterbury
Asylum on Wednosday of last weok.
A democratlc caucus, beld on Saturday
evonlng, nomlnated Willlam Robbins for rop
resentatlve and approved tbo nomlnations
for justices made by tbe ropubllcan caucus.
Ablathar W. Beckwlth, an old and re
apected citlzen, who remove-1 to Vershlro a
short tlme slnce, died thnre quito suddenly
on ThurBday and the body was brought
bere for burial.
At tbe auctlon on Wednosday, the farm
of the late Lyman Donlson was sold to
Jobn A. Blakely for 8399. He also bld off
the standlng crops at $30. Other artlcles
sold falrly well.
Edward, tho young son of Harrio O.
Fllnt, got a bad fall last week by tho Buck
bridge, striklng his head on a Btono and
cutting quite a wound in it. He now ap
pears to be all rlght.
Kev. W. R. Davenport of Barre, who ls
spendlng hls vacatlon ln town, preached at
the Methodist church Sunday ovening, and
is expected to occupy the pulpit on the
mornlng of the 30th lnst.
Columbia Councll No. 17, Junlor Order
United Amerlcan Mechanics, has boon or
ganized here wlth the followlng officers:
Counclllor, G. E. Hatch; vlce-counclllor,
V. A. Oorwin; recordlng secretary, O. D.
Tracy; flnanclal secretary, A. H. Morey;
treasurer, F L. Beckwlth; conductor, F.
T. Beckwlth; chaplain, Orcutt Blxby;
junior past counclllor, H. O. Blxby.
Rev. B. B. Sherman ls taklng hls vaca
tlon, and ls at prenont wltb hls family at
The New Life Option Policy
National Life of Vermont
IS --
IT crants aolld protcctlon upon mutunl plam at the
lowest Ruarantoeil cost.
IT U Iraraediatolv pajableonproof nf iloatli,or,al80,
It a tond, at tho uml of tlie apecllled torm.
IT piovlilca for puyment of tlie lnsurance proceeda
ou wrltten order of tho lnsured.
ITI lnconteatablo altor two yeara from dato of
ITla automatically non-forfoltable, after threo
,year, for face amount.
ITguaraiileeiinoat llberal, cndoraod caali. pald-up
.Bnd ratemled Imuraiice valuea.
IT la collateral for loana wlth the Company up to
mt,'0.';m" ocnroilhj tho guaranteod caih value,
ITpartlclpateg lu aurplua dUtrlbutlona, aa olt'Cted
by theliolder, and allowa hlm all tljouaual moth.
, "d of autplua adjuitmont known to iniuranco.
IT placea no reatrlctlona on realdenco or trayel,
ITla not prejuUlced by any occupatlon, lucludlnR
mllltary and naval aorvlco ln tlme of war, after
two yeara f tom date of llsuo.
IT la econornlcal, Incouteatable, non-forfoltablo nnd
ndjuttable a policy of guarantoea.
S. S. BALLARD, General Agent,
turned from roak'g Inlnml, :
II, L, Blxby's. Ho preaobod at tho Wost
II111 mootlng-houso Sunday aftornoon. In
consequonco of his absonco, thoro was no
mornlng aorvlco at tho Congregatlonal
church on Sunday last, and probably there
wlll bo nono noxt Sunday mornlng. Tho
Sunday.scbool and ovonlng sorvlcos aro
malntalnod as usual. llov. Franklin S.
Hatch of Monson, Mass,, a nativo of
Cholsoa, ls oxpoctod to proach on tho 30th.
Itov. Mr. Ilatch, by tho way, has just pro
sontod to tho publlo llbrary twonty bound
and ton unbound volumos of tho Atlantlc
Tho ropubllcan caucus on Saturday
provod a vory llvoly affalr. G, L. Stow was
chosen chalrman and J, M. Comstock sec
retary. A rosolutlon was passod that a bal
lot for roprosontatlvo shonld bo bad wltb
out nomlnations. and that any votor intond
lng to support tho ropubllcan tlckot at tho
Soptombor oloctton should bo ontltlod to
voto ln the caucus. The first ballot rosultod
as follows: 0. S. Emery, 74; 0. P. Dlckln
son, 69; 0. W. Goodwin, BO; G. h, Btow, 3;
Calvin Goodwin, 1; N. G. Mooro, 1. Flve
otbor ballots wero taken, tho slxth rosult
ing os followB: 0. S. Kmory, 71; 0. W.
Goodwin, C9; 0. P. Dlokinaon, 30. As
thore was stlll no cbolce, a motlon to ad
journ stnc dtc was mado. By a dlvlslon of
tbo bouso thls motlon was carrlod by a vote
of 84 to 82. Durlng tho ballotlng tho fol
lowlng nomlnations for justlces had been
made: O. S. Emery, H. Ii. Blxby, G. Ij.
Stow, Oalvln Goodwin, M. O. Gates, Wil
llam RobblnB and W. S. Hatch.
Mrs. Julla A. (Hood) Rogors of Lowell,
MasB., and her son Cecll aro at W. F.
Hood's. Mrs. Eulio E. (Dutton) Lane
of Adams, Mass,, 1b at W. A. Hood's.
George Fullor of Lowoll, Mass., ls
vlsltlng hls brothor, Edwln D, Fuller.
Archlbald 0. Mllls of Alton, 111., ls
at J. B. Atwood's. Edwln D. Denl-
son and family have returned to Lynn.,
Kast Corinth.
Harvov Wlllov liaB leaaod his farm to a
man from East Barre.
Tho croamery nald its natrons sovonteen
cents for July butter.
J. E. Ohamborlln of Wrentham, Mass..
was ln town last week.
Dr. S. F. Pfohl of tho Boston Emercencv
Hospital 1b sponding a vacatlon in town.
Tho renubllcan flaK-ralains was held on
TueBday, and lator a ropubllcan rally is ex-
pecteu to do noia.
B. T. Holland, cenoral suporlntendont. ls
maklng extenslve preparatlons for the
coming fair, whlch ls to be hold Soptombor
2, 3 and 4.
North. Duxbury.
Itov. John Buckham of Salem. MasB..
Fred Wlllard of Burlington, Mlsses W. P.
Wheeler, Grace L. Hanson and Mary
Stover oi Haverhlll, Mass., wore the gueBts
of D. Stovens at Camp Wlllard last
week. Mrs. Hannah Durkee of Kortb
Fayston is vlsltlng rolatlves in town. :
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kennedy, Mr. and
Mrs. J. J, Sowlos of Barre. Mr. and Mrs.
Goorge Palmer and two children of Jones
ville, Mrs. Frank Felt of Montpelier and
Mr. and Mrs. Willlam Kennedy of Ohlo aro
tbe guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sainuel Ken
nedy. Jobbo Thomas of Moretown
viBlted at tho home of I. W. Thomas last
Kast Montpellor.
Fred H. Sibley was nomlnatod for ropre-
sentatlvo at tho caucus last Monday.
Mlss Amy Cleveland of Somorvlllo.
Mass., ls spendlng a few wooks at Charles
The nilllni?bftin Renubllcan Club ls to
meot at tho Center church noxt Tuesday
ovening. Evory member Is requested to be
rorin jioiuponor.
The party at Camp Indenendent broke
camp yesterday.
Professor and Mrs. O. K. Holllster. who
have been away on an extended western
trip, returned homo last week, looklng very
much rofreshed.
Thero wlll bo a soclable in Vestrv Hall
to-morrow (Tbursday) ovening, to whlch all
are invited. All mombera, in particular,
aro requested to be prosent.
Tho renubllcan caucus. held on Monday
afternoon, reaultod in the nomlnatlon of our
cstoemed towrrsman, F. H. Slbley. for rep
resentatlve, and the old board on tho justlce
Thero was oulte a turn-out from thls vll-
lage to witness the match game of base-ball
between the Plainfield and Hardwick nlnea
on the grounds of the latter on Saturday of
last week.
Thero wlll bo a Sunday-school plcnlc at
F. M. Snow's grove noxt week Tuesday.
All are cordlally invited. Rev. I. H. Shlnn
wlll bo presont. There wlll bo a rehearsal
for slnglng at Vestry Hall thls (Wednos
day) ovening. All tbe children are re
quested to be presont.
East montpelier Contor.
MIbs Amy Cleveland of Somervllle,
Mass., is vlsltlng relatlves boro. , MIsb
Emma Baaa of Braintree ls vlsltlng here
and in adlolnlng towns. Mr. and Mrs.
H. H. Fltch have gono to Boston for an
outing, drlvlng tholr own team. 1 Wal
lace Hayford and wife are golng to New
Bedford, Mass., to vlslt a brothor.
" Boys wlll be boys," but you can't afford
to loso any of them. Be ready for the
greon applo season by having DoWitt's
Collc and Oholera Cure ln tbo house. W.
E. Terrill & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
West Fairlee.
Rev. Mr, Badger of Unlon Villago sup
plied the pulpit last Sunday.
Mrs. E. II. Nlloa and son Harry havo re
turned to Danvers, Masa. Mlss Ger
trude Varnuin 1b entertainlng a friend from
Lowell. Mrs. B. A. Chapman re
turned to Pittsfield, Mass., last Monday.
: . Tbo suporlntendont of tbe Minlng
Company was in town last wook. .
Mrs. B. A. Eastman and Mlss Mabol Lane
are at Mrs. J. G. Eastman's. r Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Eastmen are in town for a weok.
West Fairlee Contor.
A hearing was called at tho botel at West
Fairlee Village, to invostlgato the cauae of
the nre whlch dostroyed tho beBt acbool
houao In town, somo nights ago, the one at
Scrabble Hollow. Tlila bullding was situate
150 rods from any occupied bouso, and had
not beon occupied Blnco the close of tbo
sprlng term. Thero came out ln evldonco
that one dlagruntlod man had throatened
"some thlngs." As the hearing was private
your correspondont is unable to glve the
facts in the case.
A concort of remarkable excellence was
givon in the church at thls placo, August 10,
to a largo and appreclative audience. Tho
programmo conalated of vocal and lnstru
mBiital mualaaud readlngs. Mlas Julla May
of New York, whoae Buperb contraltn volce
bas made her a uulversal favorlto. nann sov
oral HOlectlonB wlth fino offnct. No one who
beard her wlll soon forget tho patbos of her
volco ln tho cbarming old Scotcb rong of
" Loch Lomonn," or the gay and brllllant
tonea of the " Creolo Lovo Song." An ad
mirable foaturo of Mlss Muv's slnr'ltirr Ih the
perfect clearneas of her onuuclatlon ; and tho
changing faces of hor audience boro witness
to bor power to sway tholr omotlons. Ar
thur Munn of Lowoll was heartlly welcomed
by hls former townspeoplo. Muslcal crltlcs
coramend hls renonant volco and hla oxcel
lont mothod. IIIs solectlona wureenthuaias
tlcally rccolved. Joaeph Viau dollghted
ovoryono wlth sevoral plocca, a moat attrac
tlvo number belng " Tho Lost Shlp," sung
wlth Mr. Munn. A protty aong, "Tho
Malden and tbo Roao," was . harmlngly
givon by Mlss Marlan Munn, Tho accom
panlmontB and tho oponlng number wore
vory accoptably playod by Mlas Viau, Tho
readlngB wore agrooably varlod lu charactor,
Mtb. Sawyer, (formorly Mlss Llzzlo Stnall),
tho popular olocutloulst, uinuaod and do
llgbtod tlm audtoiice wlth the humorouB
selootlon, "How Uuby played." Dr. Edward
Southworth Hiiwoh of Brooklyn, held the
oloae ationtlon of hls haarers wlth a vivld
presontation of tbo Btory of Allco Pyiicheou.
trom tho " Ilouso of tho Sevon Gablfs.'1
Tho oloslng reading was Longfollow's
" Robert of Klclly," whlch was givon wltb
groat feoling and dramatlo power by Mlss
Marlan Uawos of Boston. Thanks aro duo
to Gldoou Porry, wbo klndly furnlshod tho
plano, also to Mr. Hubbard, commlttoo of
arrangcmonts, and to thoso whoso tastofully
decorated tho church. An agroeable lnno
vation was tho aoclal whlch followod tho
concort, at whlch cako and lcos were sorvod
by tho ladios of tho aocloty. Tho proceeds
of the ontortalnment,amountlng to a constd
orablo sum, wlll bo appllod to repalring tho
Ida M. Thompson ls camplng at Borlln
Mrs. Ridor of Troy, N. Y ls vlsltlng hor
brothor, John Stowart.
John McKay and nlece of Brooklyn, N. Y,,
aro vlsltlng frlonds ln town.
Bort Kow of Manchester, N. H., ls spend
lng hls vacatlon wlth hls fathor, Robort
Thero wlll bo a ropubllcan rally and flag
ralslng near school.houso No. 9 on Frlday
aftornoon of thls wook. W. A. Lord of
Montpelier wlll dollver tbo addross. All
aro cordlally tnvitod.
Flve of Goorge Kew's ohlldron, whllo rid.
lng down the hlll near J, S. ftewcomb's
carrlage-shop, wore run lntoby a frlghtened
horse. whlch ono of 0. H. Nowcomb's boys
was rldlng, Bmashlng ono whool complotoly
and frlghtonlng tho childron thorougbly,
but not soriously lnjurlng any of them,
Tho ropubllcan caucas last Saturday after
noon was well attended. F. A. Bragg re
celved moro than throe-fourths of all tho
votea east for candidate for representatlvo.
Mr. Bragg, although qulto a young man,
has satlsfactorlly fillod tho ofllces of select
man, Ilator and audltor, and ls now town
troasuror and road commlsslonor. If eloo
ted and ho surely wlll bo ho wlll flll tho
ofQco of roprosontatlvo wltb honor to hlm
self and crodlt to tho town,
Many a day's work ls lost by slck
hoadache, causod by lndigestlon and stom
ach troublCB. DeWltt's Little Early Rlsers
aro tbo most effectual plll for ovorcomlng
sucb dlfflcultles. W. E. Terrill & Co.,
Montpellor, Vt.
The promenade, hold last Saturday nlght,
was well attended.
Mombera of tho Grand Army Post and the
Rollef Corpa beld aplcnio and soclable last
Tbursday at G. W. Bridgeman'a.
The ropubllcan caucus was woll attended.
0. M. Sawyer was nomlnated for representa
tlvo. Mayor Peck of Burlington delivered
an interostlng and lnstructlvo addross.
O. J. Paquetto waB ln Charleston over
Sunday. Mrs. S. Hoyt was burted last
Thuraday. ; Ueorge Townsend has
moved to Barre. Mr. and Mrs. Pierco
wero ln St. Albans over Sunday.
E, H. Ashley has moved hls barber-shop
to tbe hotol.
A Bon was born to Mr. and Mrs. M. H.
Farrar last weok.
Mrs. Henry Badger suffered a fraoture of
her arm, while returnlng from the clrcus
last Wednosday afternoon.
Mr. and Mra. D. E. Ladd of the Parker
Houso, at Woodsvlllo, N. H., aro vlsltlng
at tho homo of Luclan White.
Jullus Danlels and family, wlth Mr. and
Mrs. Comstock of Provldenco, R. I., aro
vlsltlng at Newport thls week.
The entertalnmont by tho Ladles' Ald at
Holden's Hall, last Wodnesday ovening,
waa well attended and mucb enjoyed by
Professor Goorge Kenaston and family,
wbo have boon vlsltlng Mrs. Konaston's
father, Davld Ward, havo roturned to their
homo in the West, accompanied by Mrs.
Frank J. Seaver, whlle at work ln
Egan's mlll, cut two flngors of his left hand
on the board-saw last Tbursday. Dr. Janos,
wbo 1b attendlng hlm, hopos to aave both
Tho ropubllcans bavo nomlnated for rep
resentatlve H. B. Nicbols, and Gilbert D.
Mlles ls tbo democratlc nominoe. Both
candldates are popular, and It is Inferred
that tbo contost at the electlon will bo an
interestlng ono.
Shady Klll.
Georgo CummlngB is reported 111.
Mrs. Alpheus Bllss of Lowell, Masa., vls
ited ln town last week.
The fourtb annual "floral fair" wlll be
held ln tbo hall Tbursday ovening, August
27. Tho success of those held heretoforo
warrant an evonlng of onloyment to lovers
of flowors. Admlsslon freo. A litorary
and muBical programme wiil be rendered.
ContrlbutlonB of plantB and flowors aro re
quested. All are invited.
John McCllntock has onlarged bis shop,
donbling the capacity.
E. E. and H. A. Avory went to Roxbury
on Wednosday last to enlarge tho fiah
hatcblng bulldings.
Rov. N. H. Wblttlesoy, from New Haven,
Conn., Bpoko ln the Congregatlonal church
last Sunday evenlng in the lntorest of tho
minlaterial reltof fund.
Rev. A. W. Ford attonded tbo Morris
ville camp-meeting last weok and wlll at
tend tho Lyndonville meotlng thls week.
No services at the Methodist church in his
Wednosday afternoon, August 12, at the
Stocker homestoad was wltneased a doublo
weddlng. Tbe contractlng partles wero A.
A. Olmstead and Mlss Laura R. Stocker
and Ervln M. Brown and Mlss Lydla A.
Willlams. Rev. A. W. Ford performed tho
ceremony. Only the near rolatlves wero
A Mr. Brldgman, who was a resldent of
Newbury several yeara ago, was in town
last wook looklng for a favorable rosldonce.
Mrs. Horaco Keyes Ih sponding a
few days at her residence. 1 Mrs. Rob
ert Lang vlsltod hor daughter, Mrs. Leon
ard Johnson, at Hanover recently.
Mrs. Engllsh recelved a short vlslt from
her son, Rev. Willlam Engllsh, and her
daughter, Mrs. Hall. laat week. Prln
clpal Shaw and wlfe bavo returned from
ineir viaiting tour. Koiaiivea irom
Topsham have been viaiting at J. G. Marcoj's
tbe past week. Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Lang bavo a slster from Canada vlsltlng
them. Mrs. Allco Hall and Misa Mary
Jewett of St. Jobnsbury aro viaiting Mrs.
Hattie Keyes. i Mias Idella Robertson
has been vlsltlng ln town.
Newbury Contor.
Funoral Bervlces, conductod by Rev.
Leonard Dodd, were beld on Sunday ln
momory of P. A. Olmstoad, wbo dled in
New York on August 10.
Mrs. 0. W. Hills and hor nioce from
Watorloo, Canada, are vlsltlng hore.
Frank W. Bond and family, who havo beon
viaiting for some tlmo ln Newbury, have re
turned to tholr home in Manchester, N. H.
Mrs. SuBan Austln of Manchester,
N. II., is vlsltlng in thls locallty.
Auatln G. French and wifo of Woburn,
Mass., wero vlsltlng boro last weok. .
Mra, Llzzlo Leavott and daughter, and Mrs,
Kate Rlch aro vlsltlng at tholr old home.
Wolls Itlvor.
Tho croauiory 1b maklng about 700 pounds
of butter per day.
Tbo proceeds from tho sale of lco-cream
ou Wodnesday evoning at tho llbrary were
Itov, R. G. Bugbeo 1b taklng hls annual
vacatlon, Uo spent last Sunday at hla
former homo in Thomaston, Conn.
Tho new lron bridgo at tho uppor ond of
the street ls coupleted, and once moro It is
safn to drivo ovor faster than a walk.
Mlas Beulah Flack and E.W. Polton wero
niarrlod August 12, at the homo of tbo
brldo'H parouts, Mr. and Mrs, 8. W. Flack,
Edwards, N. Y.
The thundor showor on Sunday uvoning
has coolod tho air bo that lt sooms aluiost
llko a cold wave, but no ono fools dlsposod
to flnd fault about tt.
Rov. Dr. Whittlesy of Evanston, 111., a
cbiHsmato of Rov. R. G, Bugboe, addressed
tbo congregatlou at tbe mornlng sorvlco ou
Sunday ln tho Intoreat of tho mlnlstorlal re
ltof fund. Mr. Wblttlosy Is an intorostlng
and oloquont epoaker, laborlng ln a good
and worthy causo. Bnd by tbo plcdgos givon,
bls labors woro not ln vnln last Sunday
Fratik Maraliall Is vlsltlng ln St. Jobns
bury and Barnet. Mrs, Lottlo Mun
soll spont a fow days last weok wlth Mra,
0. H. Carpontcr in Bradford, t Dr.
Loo took an early start for Burlington on
Saturday. Ho loft homo at about threo
o'clock ln tho mornlng, golng on boreoback,
Mr. and Mrs. Kraatua Baldwln aro
among tho boalth and ploasuro-seokers at
Old Orchard, Malno. 1 Mrs. Leo and
daughter Nolllo are spendlng the wook In
Burlington as guests of Mrs. Goorge'
Wrlgbt. Rov. Dr. Flagg of Rlpon,
Wla., dlnod at W. H. MunsolPs last Wod
nesday. Raymond Smlth ls attondlng
muster at Burlington. The Mlsses
Sheldon of Bovorly, Mass., are guosts of
tholr brothor, Jobso Sholdon, Frank
Powora Is worklng for Mr. Domlng ln placo
of E. Koonan.
F. W. Dutton spont Sunday in Burllng.
Mrs. M. S. Gllchrlst ls rocoiving troatmont
from Dr. Helmorat Cholsea,
B. F. Armltago and wifo wlll roturn to
tholr homo in Illlnols to-day.
Fred Sheldon and family of Burlington
vlsltod Mrs. Botsoy Sholdon last week.
Thero is much slcknesa here tho result of
tbo lutenso hot wave which has afllicted us
so long.
Dr. J. n. Winch was mado tho nomlnoo
of tho ropubllcan party for roprosontatlvo at
a caucus hold on Saturday ovonlng.
Mrs. F. W. Dutton ls lmprovlng at the
hospital ln Burlington, Tbo prospoct is
that Bho wlll roturn ontlroly recoverod.
Bovoral partles from Middlesex, Mont
pelier, Gouldsvlllo and thls villago aro
Bpendlng tho week on the camp ground.
Rev. O. L. Barnard of Middlesex was ln
town Monday. Rev. J, O. Shorburno of
Williamstown spont a day hore last week.
ProfeS'ior H. R. Roberts and Rov. L. P.
Tuckor drove to West Berlin and organlzed
an Epworth Leaguo last Wodnesday ovon
lng. Tbo domocrats ralsed a Bryan and Sewall
flag Frlday evonlng. The speeches wore by
Mayor Brown of Rutland and W. H. Bllss
of Burlington.
The Epworth Loaguo wlll hold its aorvlco
on tho camp ground on Sunday at half-past
flve p. m. It wlll bo followod by preacblng
by Rov. L. P. Tuckor.
Mrs. Dr. Smlth of Cornell, N. Y., is a
guest of her brothor-ln-Iaw, II. R. Iirowa.
Her late hcsband was at one tlme prlnclpal
of Newbury Semlnary.
A ropubllcan rally was beld on tho com
mon Frlday r.ltornoon. The speeches wero
by J. A. DeBoer of Montpelier, Hon. D. J.
Foster of Burlington and Hon. H. Honry
Fowers of Morrisville.
Barrows & Peck of Montpelier havo Roas
ensllago cutters ln stock. Write for prlcos.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
L. L. Knapp last Tbursday.
Tbo democrate nomlnated, Monday nlght,
D, I. Page for town reprosontatlve.
Levl Johnson has moved lnto Rov. L. F.
Fortney's tenement on School street.
The school dlrectors are repalring tbo
school-house in A. F. Martin's district.
At tho renubllcan caucus, Saturday nlgbt,
0. E. Woodward, Jr., was nomlnated for
town representatlve.
Dr. W. F. Lazelle haB recelved notlce of
hla appolntment on tbn ataff of vlsltlng pby
plcians of the Heaton Hospital at Montpelier.
The Plainfield nlno played the Hardwick
nlno at Hardwick on Saturday, tho scoro
standlng slxteen to sevon in favor of Plain
field. E. F. Leavittand Vlctorl. Reed havo pur
chased a drug-store ln Bethel. Mr. Reed
goes there to-day (Wodnesday) to take
charge of tbe same.
A democratlc rally was held at the Uni
versallst church last Frlday evoning. Tho
spoakors wero S. 0. Shurtleff, Esq., and 0.
A. G. Jackson of Montpelier.
Mrs. N. I. Sanborn accompanied her slster,
Mrs. Ed. Maxfiolil, to Burlington on Wod
nesday, whore Mrs. Maxfteld wontformedl
cal troatmont at the Mary Fletcher Hoapltal.
The Epworth League will hold a lawn
party ln the grovo of Solomon Bartlett, op-
Soalto the Bchool-houso, Thursday nlght.
hould the nlgbt be stormy tho party wlll
be accommodated at Mr. Bartlett's bouso.
Willlam Bartlett, ono of the oldest and
most reapocted resldents of thls town, dled
last Saturday, after a short 111003". The
funoral was attended from his late roaldonco
on Monday afternoon, Kev. J. A. Sherburn
of Barre ofllciatlng. Mr. Bartlett bad ltved
tbe greatest part of hls life in town and held
the esteem andrespectof all whoknew hlm.
Hls was a charactor to admlre.
Elbsrt Dwlnell of Montpelier vislted ln
town last week. L. 0. Batchelder and
Mrs. Helen Batchelder are viaiting in Bos
ton. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kiser havo
returned from the White Mountalns, where
thoy have been at work. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Abblati returned from their weddlng
tour to New York and Boston last Monday.
Rev. E. O. Grisbrook and wlfe are
expected homo from tbelr vacatlon thls
week. Gardner Spencor and family
vlsited in Williamstown the flrat of tho
wook. : Cailos and John Prescott and
famllles, of Manchester, N. H., are vlsltlng
at Will Prescott's,
Thk wholo systom ls drained and under
mlned by lndolent ulcera and open Bores.
DeWltt's Wltch Hazel Salve Bpeedtly hoals
tbom. It 1b tbo best ptle cure known.
W. E. Terrill & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
The domocrats have nomlnated Dr.
Fletcherjfor ropresentatlve.
Tbe Roxburys played ball wltb the War
rons at Warren laat week. Tho Warrons
won, Scoro, slxty.four to six.
Tho ropubllcans ralsed a flag here last
woek, wlth a Bpeech by exiQovernor Dll
llngham, songs by B. F. Maxham and mu
slc by the Northfield Band. The domo
crats wlll raise a flag thls (Wednosday)
Mrs. F. W. Roys has returned from the
MassachUBOttB Genoral Hoapltal very much
lmproved in boalth. Fred Ellis of
unicago ls vlsltlng at u. u. isius-.
Mrs. Amanda Spaldlng of Uoston ls vlsltlng
Mrs. N. S. Ellis. Charles Stockwelt,
formerly clerk for D, L. Nlchols, and Mlas
Lona Ellis of Rocheater wero ln town a fow
davs recentl v, viaiting relatlves and frlends,
. Mrs, Dr. Flsk of Montpelier ls vlslt
lng in town.
Kast Roxbury.
F. O. Allen threshed 345 busbels of barley
from auoui goven acros oi lanu last weeK
Little Joe and Frank Duffany aro 111 wlth
clioiera iniantum. uouuts are ontortaineu
aa to tholr rocovery.
Mlsses Ceclle Buck and Addlo Ladd took
tho teuchers' examlnation at Randolph last
woek. Mlss Lailu mado tho trip on hor
A. J. Ladd has torn down part of tho old
nouao wnere lua (allier uvcs, anu ls eroct
lng a new hulldlng. D. L. Buck ia auperlu
teuding the work.
W. 0. Wobstor wont to Fulrloo last Thura
day. IIIb sistor Allco has boon vlsltlng hor
cousln, John Webstor, at tliat placo for a
low wookb, lioui roturnod ou Baturtlay.
The ropubllcans havo a llno ilag whlch
tliuy oxpect to raiso on noxt Saturday,
August 22, at sovon o'clock, i m. All aro
Invited to couio and holp tho McKlnloy men
of tbla placo to celobrato tholr loyalty to
ino "grana oui pariy."
Jacob Wardnor was ln Montpelier last
wook Wodnesday. Ho bas many frlonds
thore, and thoy ulwuys glve hlm a boarty
welcoino, Mra. Julletto Wrlgbt and
Cllfton Klmball from Massacbusotts havo
boon tho guests of Mrs. I. O, Thuyor.
1 Graco Mead of Nortbllold vlsltod at
F. O. Allen's laat woek. Willlam
Hall of Sprlngflold, Mass,, bas boon vlslt
lng hls brothor. R. II. Hall. Mlss Hat
tlo Klddor roturnod last Baturday from tho
summor school at "St. Jobnsbury.
Mr. and Mrn. Otr.a Tlnvon nra vlsltinir ln
Lymo, N. H. Mrs. Tlmothy Blanchard
is quito 111, A. H. Btoolo and family of
Worcester, Mass., aro vlsltlng Mr, Btoolo's
South Ryegate
A. T. Gflv'n ftttlinr frntri ATntnn. 1a vlaltlnry
hls son,
Frod Dnn ntiil urlfn nrn rntntntnrf nrnr t.lin
blrth of a son,
Mr. H. Mlllnr illnil Innt. WnitnAailnv mrtrn.
lng. Hls ago was slxty-aovon yoars.
Tho thron.mnntli'n.nlil nlillil nf .Tninna
Bucbanan dlod on Wednosday ovonlng.
C. E. Goorao of Boston. trnvnllni? salos-
mau for Twltcboll, Chapman & Co., is
flpondlng hU vacatlon wlth hls; mothorand
brother in thls placo.
Willlam John Nolann. a roslilont nf thls
town for sovonty-two yoars, dlod at Barre,
on Frlday last. aged sevouty-four yoars.
Burial was at thls placo.
At the ond of thren nxcltlnr ImllnU at
tho ropubllcan caucus last Saturday, Q. A.
Whltohell was nomlnated for renroaenta-
tlvo, recolvlng slxty-throo votos out of 114.
Mlss Jano Waddoll. who had a sbook
August 8, dled on tho 12th. Hor ago was
nlnoty-threo yoars. Bho bad Hvod wltb
Robert Lacklo ln Nowbury, and was tho
oiueat memoer oi tuo uoiormed rrosby
terlan church ln thls placo and the oldost
person in Newbury.
A litorary and muslcal entertalnmont wlll
be givon ln tho " old church "noxt Frlday
evonlng for tbe bonoUt of the South Ryegato
Publlo Llbrary. Tho entertalnmont is un
der tho direction of Professor F. L. Glbson,
who has encaced tho bosthomo talont to os-
slst hlm. It wlll bo a raro troat. Tho new
llbrary wlll Boon bo openod. H. W. Hlb
bard ls llbrarian and the booka wlll bo kept
ln hls store. Thore are about 125 volumos.
It Ib bopod tbat a largo numbor wlll attend
the concort. Tho proceeds wlll bolpto en
large tho llbrary. Peoplo wlll havo a
doublo entertalnmont tbe concort and
moro booka.
The noBtors are out for the elcbth annual
fair to be hold on the grounds at South Rye
gate on Wodnesday, Thursday and Frlday,
ueptembor U, 1U and 11. Compotition ls open
to tho stato and every lndlcatlon polnts to
the most Buccossful fair ln thohlstorv of the
assoclation. Muslc wlll be furnished by tho
Montpelier Mllltary Band. and the other
epecial attractlons announced lnoludo
norao trottiug, wrestung matcnes, tug oi
war, btoycle, potatoo and sack races. Spe
clal rates wlll bo mado by tho Montpelier &
Wells Rlver rallroad. T. A. Meader, tho
energetlc secretary, wlll be glad to answer
any InqulrioB regardlng entries, premiums,
Hatch Ohamberlin Islbulldlntr a creamory
for his own uso.
Mrs. A. Green has sold her tillage land to
B. F. Quimby.
L. D. Parker bas purchased tbo cannory
property at South Strafford,
George F. Ohandlor bas bought of J, E,
Harlow tho Palne lot, so called.
A dramatlc entortalnment at Town Hall
noxt Thursday evenlng. A rare troat 1b
Ransom F. Roberts haa sold hls residence
to George H. Rowell of Vershire and will
soon remove wlth his family to Claremont,
N. H.
The Iong-pendlng sult betwoen Dr. F. F.
Cbaffoe and Mrs. M. A. Alexander haB
been amicably settled. Mrs. Alexander re
tains posBession of the J. B. Hoyt pretnl-
Sidney S. Morrlll of Fnlton, N. Y.,
brother of Senator Morrlll, and Mrs. Edna
Carpenter of New Albany, Ind., a sistor. ot
the senator, are boro. Among other vislt
ors, most of tbom riatlves of Strafford, are
Frank Dow of Buffalo, N. Y., Willlam H.
Sanborn and wife of Greenfield, Mass., F.
O. Avery and wifo of Athol, Mass.. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank L. Young of Kaneville, 111.,
Willlam M. Hatch and family of Washing
ton, D. C, and Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mooro
of Pawtuckot, R. I.
Thetford Conter.
Ellhu Flfield dled August 11, at a ripe old
A qulet home weddlng took placo August
14 at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Dowuer, wlien tholr tlaughtor, Mary Emma,
was raarrled to Georgo F. Rlchardson. The
ceremony was performed under an archway
of llowers and ferns by Rev. H. G. Mc
Glauflln. Tho gifts wero numeroua and
beautiful, among whlch were a purso of
money from the mombors of the Cbrlstlan
Endeavor Socloty, of wbich the bride has
beon president for two yoars, a tea-set, a
chlmo clock, sllverwaro and many other
useful artlcles. Mr. and Mrs. Rlchardson
wlll resldo at Waterbury, whoro Mr.
Rlchardson has a posttion as attendant ln
tho Asylum.
0. T. Lucas and family, 0. D. Lucas and
daughtor, and Mrs. West and Mrs. Brown
from Manchester spent last week at Lake
Morey. Mrs. John Russell roturned
last Slonday to her home ln New York.
Rev. and Mrs. White havo returned
from Boston, where thoy went to meot
tbeir sistor, who haB juat arrivcd from Eng
land. Topahum.
J. T. Clark and wlfe of Mancbeater. N.
H., aro ln town. : Hon. Chester Dlckey
and wlfe of Washington vlsited at tho home
of Mrs. E. D. Taggartlast week. i Mlaa
Nolllo J. Dlckey is Btaylng wltb her paronts,
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Dlckey.
Wost TopBham.
Tho young people are to glve a freo enter
talnmont in Villago Hall thls week Friday
ovening, commenclng at half-past sovon.
All are cordlally invited.
Tbe domocrats and ropubllcans both held
a caucus last Saturday at East Topsham.
A. T. Smlth was chosen for town repre
sentatlve by Itho ropubllcans and John
Mllls by tbe democrats.
Mlss Grace Tlllotson went to Rockvllle,
Conn., last Monday, whoro sbo is to work.
:. 0. 0. Colllna and wife of White
Rlvor Junctlon aro vlsltlng ln town.
0. 0. Lord goos to Groton thls week, where
he ls to start a prlntlng ofllco,
Iaaac Emery of Bethel, brothor of Mrs.
Dea. Lyman, has dled.
A Junlor Ordor ot Amerlcan Mechanics
has been organlzed at the North Vil
lage. At the ropubllcan caucus Alinon Blcknell
rocelvod tbe nomlnatlon for town ropre
sentatlve. A largo company of frlends met, August
15, at Ellhu Tullor'B to celobrato tho birth
duy of Fred.
Mrs. Sherbort Ctlly and frlends mado a
pleasure trip to Montreal last wook.
Mr. and Mrs. Charloa Ojborno vlsited Mrs.
Carlio Cllly in South Royalton.
Professor and Mrs. Bugbeo are vlsltlng hls
paronts ln Hartford. Mlas Allco
Brown of Strafford Is vlBltlng frlendB In
town. Mrs. Rowell and children of
Newport aro vlBltlng at Doa. Lyman's, her
futher. Charles Fronch ls slck at tho
home of Charles Qoss.
Btopben DavU bas moved lnto tbe John
Johnson houso.
Tho lnfaut sou of Mr. aud Mrs. John
Doylo dlod last Frlday.
Among the vlsltora ln thls vlolulty are
Mrs. Nolllo Wost. Mrs. Inez Rlckor of
Manchester, Mrs, Georgo Bates, Mrs. Jumos
Morrlson and son Wlllio of East Barre and
Mlss Dolia Swlft.
Tho frlonds of tho mlnes wlll bo pleasod
to loarn that thoy bavo beon sold nud tbo
new company begau work August 10, open.
lug up No. 7, near tho old roast-bods. 8am
uel Paul, John Coado. Ambrose Brlgga,
Weslov Rlcker aud Willlam Paul are em.
iainatix uumtr i- Iittnam
C0L011ED HLANKETS. Wo wlll glvo jou durlng thls weok 106 pairs of
Oroy or Whlto oxlra lnrgo Blnnkcts (porfcot), wltb rod or bluo bordor, at 49c a
pnlr. Actunlly good valuo nt 020.
BED QUILTS. Spccinl bargnin for thls wook. Ouo cbbo of ready hemmod,
MarBoillcs pftttcrnB, Crochot Bcd Quilts, cxtra largo (sllghtly Imporfoct), valuo
08c, for only 37Jc cnch.
LINEN COUNTElt. Fifty rolh of Kltcbon Gra9h, whlto, wldo and beavy,
25 yards ln a roll, all for 75c. Extra flno lot of Stamped Linon Doyloye, in now
doslgns, 10c cach. Very handsomo doaigns.
PILLOWS. About 20 Pillows, covcrod ln Tlntcd Donlm; chcckorboard
plait, wltb whlto ono eidc. Thoso havo beon 81.25; to cloar 89c oach. They
wlll wcar ovorlastlng; vory strong.
IIAMMOCKS aro stlll in groat domand, and wlth tbo prospoct of moro hot
days, will bo welcomo company on your plazza, lawn, or outing oxcurslon.
Woven Ilammocks, wlth sprcador, 09c. Moxican (whlto), 75c and $1. Wovon,
wlth Bproador and pillow, 00c; and sovoral bottor grados, cqually low prlced.
BLAOK DEESS GOODS. Thoro is always somotbing now and attractlve
tobo scon in our Black Goods Departmont. "Llzard Cloth " is tho latest.
Roally a novelty for early autumn wcar; glossy, sllghtly embossed, liko alligator,
snako or flsh skin, with a Bcroll or trailing brocade gives it avery expensivo
appoaranco. Not so tho prlco, which is but $1.00 a yard for 42-lnch. Thoro
aro a fow now Ettamine or Grepc Grounds, with Bmall chono stylo flgurea,
at samo prico, worth notlclng.
Could not bo raore cclubrated and
popular than our
Tho bost cigar over sold for 10c.
Tho Duulap is our leador for 5c.
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer
Burlington, Vt.
,u jretliin" ot cnclf
hotoletllte; vl1l)lAlOK8." Sli
We have always made a specialty of Ladies' and
Misses' Muslin Underwear. For price and quality
there are no better goods made than the Peerless
Underwear the goods that we have always carried.
We are making a few special prices on the following :
Ladies9 Night Robes.
Two dozen Ladies' Night Itobes, full
sizes and good goods, mado to sell for
75c; now 59c.
HAltOAIN No. 8.
Ono dozon Ladies' Night Robos that
wc havo boen putting out as a lcader at
S1.38; now $125.
Two Ladies' Night Robos mado of
Lansdalo Carubric, vory flno, Blightly
soiled, sold for 82.00; now 81.25.
Four Ladies' Lansdalo Night Robos,
oxtra llne, sold for 82.50 and 82.75;
now 81.60.
ItAIlGAIN No. 5.
Ono dozon extra largo sizo Night
Robos. Thoso garments aro mndo for
ladies woighing two hundred pounds or
over, and sell for 81.25.
Threo dozeu Corset Covors, with four
rows homslitching and Ilamburg cdge;
all sizcs for 25c.
Children's Muslin Drawers.
Wo carry a full lino of Ohlldron's Whito Muslin Drawers, all sizos and
prices. from 12Jo to 45c.
Children's Muslin Night Robos in all sizos and prottily trimmod.
Our Special Bargain for Saturday, August 22:
Fivo tlozon Silk Bolts miulo of bost quality Silk Bolting, and
silvor buoklos; thvoo dozon Whito Kid Bolts, 1 1-2 inohos wido,
kid-covorod buoklos bolts that tho oyolots will not pull out.
Thoso aro bolts that avo solling ovorywhoro at 50 conts eaoh.
For this salo only 25 oents oaoh just one half price.
-THK -
Educatei practlcally and inppllos bualneas liousei
promptlr wllh competent asslatanta. Open all the
jear. for catalogue addresi
d0 jultead. i . ro8 i, moro
pat" rooney on t T1tettle
Ton White Muslin Skirts, with threo
tucks and wido Hamburg edgo, sold for
81.00; now 79c.
Eight White Muslin Skirts, with um
brolla bottoms and dust rufllo, for only
Six White Muslin Skirts, with extra
full umbrolla bottoms and dust rullle,
with tucking on rufllo; only 81.25.
Four dozon Muslin Drawors made of
best bloached cotton, hoavily tucked,
and flnishod with flnishing braid, for
only 29c. This drawor is all tbat wo
claim for it.
Two dozon Drawors mado of bost
cotton, with flve rows of tucking, and
edged witli very fino Hamburg threo
inches wido; now 50c.

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