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uUftiU NOT HHTIsi:.
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T- . 1,A''',;NT l!HJJH 2
c . so.aii: Do, in tiii; o
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r) "WATVII.1IA!!" 1MIKS HtJT q
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VOi . 01 17 17.
NUMBElt 37.
6eR & G." Corsets,
Ferris " Good Sense " Waists,
" Her IVSajesty " Oorsets,
"Equipoise" Waists,
Thomson's Glove Fitting Corsets,
W. C. C- Corsets, " P. D." Corsets,
W. B. Corsets,
Are sold by L. P. & H. C. GLEASOR1.
fFumace, Steam
Don't wait for extremo cold woathor beforo or
doring repairs or changes. It can bo dono bottor
and cheaper now.
All shop and job work undor personal super
vision of Mr. JOHN W. PECK.
in groat varioty; also RANGES of established ropu
tation, all of which. wo can guarantoo in every
particular. Plumbing and Hoating our Spocialty.
PECK BROTHERS, - - - 60 Main Street,
Are Yoia XTsin Tlie Best?
E. D. HYDE, Local Agent, Montpelier, Vt.
To Tliose Tliat Weie Bom Barefooted!
Tliis is thc timc wo talk about School Shocs for tlio Hoy.s aml
Uirls. Louk iit Uiosc prices :
Itcijs' Grnln Z.nce SUuog, watorproof, Mes 13 tii 'A , . , I'rlco 1.00
Tho simiu alioe, tirvH 3 to B 1-8 I'rlco SI.2S
Mlsfecs' "VUcol" lvld, a wnturproof klri, lieavy solua, biittiin buot, I'rlco 81.00
BIIsscs " l'eiinnnt" Scliool SIiocs I'rlco 1.SS
AVo t'lin slnnv the best llno of l'ntmors' llools thin fall thnt wo ovor luul.
l'rlces mucli lowor than last year
Men'H Solld Qraln I'.iiots, uot hoavy I'rlcu ISS.OO
Seo our new fityles In Jfcra'd Sliocg. W"It paya tci trailo wlth us."
No liouse can do business
on paper. Call on us for
Colelratecl Climax!
then avg will givo you prices
whicli ahvays prove satis
factory to custoiners.
F. C. EATON . . . Proprietor
ja.xxxx-u.ctl nvtootixxs-
Tlia nmiu,il mpotliiK of the inembori of tho Ver
mont Milton flro liuimuicB OomiMiiy, fer tho
elcctlon of dlrectori nmt the traimictleii nt aur
other lonal hua.iieas, wlll bo helil aflu olllco hi
Montpoller, Vt., on Yeihinlny, Octobor K, 18IIII, ut
two o'clock r. M. lly order of tho illrectors.
., . i, . cJVM1!.t' T4 AI'INi Stcretary.
Montpelier, Vt., September 3, Ibw.
Okdru your onviiloiit'M, noto hoads, 1)111
heails, HtatomentH, ota., o( the Watciihan
Job oQlce. Htock aml workmanHlilp alwayit
tlto bost, (iiIcoh tliu loWPHt.
and Hot Waferi
"With your Bread? If not, use
ik EF" F f Bk 5 3
"OEllESOTA" Mour
malies the vight kind of BREAD.
nuiti.ixcnoN, vt.,
iye Specialist!
-wir.i. ni: in
Stowe, at Hotel, from Aug.
26 to Sept. 5, inchisive.
Examination feo always
$2, except wliere work is
done, tlicn examination is
avana in Ashes!
Multltudoa of pooplo aro roducing
our Havana Cigara to aBhea every
Thousands Aro Deail!
Suro they aro tho bcat for tho
Hundroda aro clylng for want of
monoy to buy ono.
KOIt 8AL1! J1V
C. H, POWERS, Burlington, Yt.
Montpelier Daily Jonmal
Vermont Watcliman,
Tnos Jay evenltiR, Ootobor 0, tbo flrst nutn
bor of thn l)Air.Y JouiiKAh for tho boshIou
of 1800 wlll bo isntiod.
Tlils lasuo wlll contaln tho IlloRruplilcul
SkutchoH of tho chlof ofllcors of tho now
Stato Govornmont aml of tbo memborn of
tbo nuw LoRlslfilure, wlth tmich otlior ln
torestluR matter portalnlng to tho inooting
of tbo Qeneral Assombly.
The Daily JouitNAt contalns tho offlcial
report of lfiIslativo l'rocoodlnga. It cou.
tiiiiis, nlso, full reportH of boatluKS beforo
comiulttocs, aml all otlier uiattors of lu
torOHt about tho Liegl.slaturo. It 1m pub
llahotl at the cloia of oacb ilny'a eesslon, aml
bas, coiiHcquontly, tbo earltest, aH It 1ms al
wayg tboWcf aml most accuratc, roporls of
ovorythlug connecteil wltb tho Qeneral
Tbo Daily Jouhnal Ih, thetoforo, tbo
firit chotce of Mombots of tho Lnglslature,
aml Is lmllnpotisablo to all Vormont peoplo
who ilcslro to havo THE NBWS from tho
Tbo Jouhnal wlll ulao bo a complete fc-
eral newipaper, glvliiR tho local, state, na-
tloual aml forelgn nows, aml dovotlnf; par
ticular attoiitlou to tbo orouts aml progroHH
of tbo Katloual CanvasB.
Ti: JtMS:
SIhrIo copy 11 60
O ubs of 11 vo coplos each 1 00
Cluba of ten coples or moro, each 00
All HulHcrlptlous at the abovo rates aro
taken for u aeaslon of tha usual lcngtl).
Thb Vkiimo.nt Watchman (woekly) for
tbo sesslou, tnouty-llvo couta. Tho Watch
man wlll coutalu tho roportu of legislatlvo
iloIngH, comlntiHod from tbo Daily Jouhnal.
Spocial ratea to luembers ordorlng tiuau-
tities of tbo Watchman for tbe sesslon, or
of auy alnglo lasuo.
Watchman 1'unLism.Na Company,
Montiiolior, Vt.
ISnslness .Moro Meiitlon.
Usk lcss aoap.
O. K!Hiiepakd, auotloiioor, Marahtloltl.Vt.
A. D. Fakwell advertlses tho Ouvur bat
on thla pagd.
Read wlmt Ailaina tbe Clotbior aava on
thls pago rogurdinK clothing.
Pauis veils aml fall " Taiua " lust onenoil
at tho Mlsses Fiskh', 27 Stato streot.
Notk the seasouable iroods advertiaed on
thia page by h. P. & II . O. Gloason.
E. D. Hydk Ih tbo local acent for " Coro-
sota" llou., advertiaed ou thls page.
Oo to Eble's book-Btoro for the new book
by Frank W. llaatiugs, " Wod to a
To Rknt. Tenement for a small famllv.
IiKHiire of Mrn. B. F. CummlugH, G0 East
bttito Htreet.
A new Uuo of fall and wlnter novoltlea U
advertiaed on thia page by " The Bichard
hoii," Burlington.
Iv in ue'ed of boota or shosa. look over tbe
advertlsemont of tho B. M. 8hepard Com
pany on tuiH page.
D. A. Quptil can furnlab aafea of all alzoi
for farmera, merchants atid bank vaulta at
the very lowest prlcoa.
On paceflve, Gilley & Abbott, Barre, ad-
vertlao (irena gooda, capea and ladlea' gar
luents for tbe fall trado.
Fink New Pianoh i'ok Salk alao
gecontUhaml pianos for sale or to rent at
O. W. Wildur'a mualc storo.
F. t). Eaton. nronrietor of tho Granite
Oi y Olothiue Company, llarro, haa a new
advertlaeuient on tbla pago.
Miss Mauy A. Phinney wlll recelve nn-
Plla in vocal culture ulter Si3nteuiher 1. No,
4 Sprlng streot, Montpultur, Vt.
Those dealrlug to iolu the Cbautauciua
uiaba ior 18'JO-uy whi pieaso nolliy Mra,
uariow 31. auiitu, o uarro streot,
Fon Sale. Mra. Julla M Durant's liouse
ou Main streut. For further particulara in
qniro of T. J. Doavitt, Montpelier, Vt.
Iv you aro luterosted in tbe stock market.
read tbo "Suro Tip" glveu on page llvo by
E. E Knott, the Burlington atock broker.
Ir you aro In Jioed of anvtbinir In steam
or hot-water heatlng apimratus, read tbo
advertiHemeut of Pock Ilrotburs ou tbis
I have a nuantitu of law-tabht. nollthlnv
machtnes.milleys. thafttni. Itunnert.etc. etc.
ichlch mutt be soltl. l'erry ilannf'icturinu
uompaay, uy n estey js. Lalra, Atsianec.
White to or call on A. O. Cummliis.
Montpelier, togardiug funds you havo for
iiivestment, and periuit lilm to explaiu
wbat be has to offer. You cau bo suitfd at
all tlmes.
They Have Stoodthe Test fok Yeahs
School, county and towu bonda, from llvo
to slx per cont intorest, in suma ol $100 to
?M,uw. ino samo ciaaH ol oomla liought by
savlngs banka. Inqulro of E E. Itlakely,
" Fhom allacconnts Cliambiirlaln's Couuh
Heinedy ia a Godend totbe aflllcled Theie
is no advertlso'nent about thia; wo faul just
llko saylng It." The Democrat, Carrolltou,
Ji.y. jor saie uy tj. maneiy, uniggtat.
Mauy a ilav's work Ih lnxt In uW.b-
beadache, oaused by lndlgostiou aml stom
ach trouliles. DoWltt's Little Early Hlsers
are tho most efTectual plll for overcoiulni:
1 l.rt. ...tl, . . . YT. .r. ... n "
sucu uiiucuiwua. i, iu. xorriii oz Uo.,
jiionipeiier, v..
To Memhkhs ofthe IjKoislatuhk. -Table
board furuished at Sbepard liouse, on
Scliool street. iiear Main, adlolnim: Kiilloi'ir.
llubbard Library, wlthlii short dlstanco of
State flouse. Tablo board sep.irate, or
ploasant rooms provided if doslred. For
Iurtlitir partlculars aililreBS, or iuiiulro of,
oirs. i. u. vau, ocuooi siroet, iMimt
pellor, Vt.
In a rccont letter to tbo mniiufacturorH,
Mr. W. T. Benjainin, cdltor of tbo Spectator,
Husbford, N. x., aays: " It may bo a pleas.
uru to i ou to ltnow tbo blgb esteem In which
CbambeiUin'ri iuediclnis are held by tho
pi'opie oi your own siaie, wnere tncy lnuat
be beat knowu. An aunt of mino. who ro-
sldea at Dezter, lowa, waa about to visitmo
a faw yeara alnce, and before leavlng boino
wroto liio, aaklng if thoy were sold hore,
statlug if thoy wero not abe would bring a
(iiunllty wlth her, as ahe dld uot llko to bo
witbout them." Tho inedlcinea referred to
nrn Mliutl...flnl,itu .u.l..
for Its oures of colds and croup; Cbauiber
laln's Palu Balm, for rhuuiuallsm, lamo
back, palna In tho sido aml cbest, aml
Cbamberlaln'H Collo, Cbolora and Dlar
rlima ltemody f ir bowel coiuplaluts. Thoao
medloinoH have been ln oonstaut use in
lowa for alinost a quatter of a century. Tbe
poople havo leartied tbat thuy ato artlclea of
great worth and morit, aml uueiiualed by
auy other. They are for salo hero by O,
DiuRBiy, uruggiai.
tiu: wicjiics Dorxas ciuioxivijLu
City Council moots to-nlgbt.
Mits. J. A. Wino Is aorloualy 111.
Mua. J. W. Uuocic is III. throatonod wlth
Akthuh Locklin bas raovod to a fariu in
Mns. Floiience Pohtek vlsitod last woek
n Quechee.
T. H. TjAscoh vlsl'od last weok ln Platts-
burgh, N. Y.
T. 0. Phinnry, sorceant-at.attua. Is In
B istoti MiiH weok.
Chhitkh WniaiiT gavo a wbist nartv last
Thursday oveulng.
Miss Maiiy Fisic vlalted last woek at bor
bomo In Waitsfield.
Clahknck Lkask is workinc In tbo foed
atore of E. W. Ilalloy & Co.
A. O. Cummins accomnanlod bis son Ilar-
llo to Worcester on Tui-sday.
W. 0. Bebby waa conllnod to tbo bouse
witb a bard cold last weok.
A DAUniiTEit was born on Ttiesdav to Mr.
aml Mra. Hormuu D. llopklna.
Miss Adelaide Ij. Ghiswold Is conllnod
to bor room wlth a aevero cold.
AN infant child of Mr. aml Mra. Fletcher
Wbeat was burled last Saturday.
Mns. A. N. Joiins and son of Burlington
aro vlaltlng Mra, F. II. McCluro.
Ned Colton returns to Amberst Collecn
tbis weok for bis sophomore yoar.
Mit. and Mns. E. D. I.eed of Buffalo. N.
Y., wero at tho Pavillon last woek.
Miss Mae Bullakd bus ononed a solect
school for cblldreu on Barro stroot.
The daiighter of Mr. aml Mrs. Goorce T.
Arcber is 111 wltb cbolora Infantutn.
MltS. F. N. FlELD of Snrlnufleld. Mass.. Ih
vislting Mrs. J. B. Sovor, her mothor.
The Montpelier Hardware Comnanv is
movlng to its now bulldtng on Berlin street.
The Bothany Ohristlan Endeavor Socletv
wlll glvo Boclal ln tbo chapel thls evenlng.
RonEHT Phinney cave a nartv for a num-
bor of lils youug friends laat Frlday oven
Ing. A tauty of eight vounc neonlo anent
Tuesday at tbo Ijiko View liouse, Wood
bury. Mits. II. C. Colton coes tbis week to
Belchertowu, Maas., to rematn a month or
Geohok A. Knapf haa roHumed bis dutlos
attlie post-oillco, but Is stlll obllged to uso
a cano.
Du. IIomkh C BuiaiiAM of Grand Han-
Ida, Mich., lias been vislting in town for a
few days. v
Judoe Taft bas appointod Hou. Horace
W. hvforil foreman of the grand iurv now
in sesslon.
Mhs. Maiiy E. Woodwahd of Saratoga,
N. Y., vlslted Mra. C. N. Arms, her siater,
last woeK.
W. E. IIaulow lias hung out au " Honeat
Monoy" ilag from hla rosidonco ou East
State Htreet.
Gitonuic V. IjIndsley Is serlously 111 witb
a complicatlon of diseases at hia boino on
rutnaui Htreet.
MH8 Lkttik Potteh and Mra. Jennio
Cardoll returuod laat weok to their bome ln
Orescunt City, Fla.
The " gentleuian from WaltHttohl " in tho
legislature-elect Is a brotlier of O. II. Iticli-ard-ion
of thia city,
Mu. and Mhs. A. C. Gilman returned
last Saturday evenlng frotn a week's outlng
at Willoughby Lake.
C. II. Baldwin bas rented F. W. Bau-
croft'H bouse ou Main street and wlll tako
possession October 1.
Mhs. Maiiy Peck bas returned from
Readvillo, Mass., whero sho bas boen
aiieudiug the summer.
Adolfhus Baknby Ia bulldinz a houao
on CUy Hill at the ruar of tho residenca of
IjOuIs Barney, hla father.
Mhs. 1'iiomas Allen and daughter weut
las' Kriday to SprlugHeld, Maia , whero Mr.
A lon wont two weeka ngo.
Miss Fannie Osqood bas closod her la-
bJrs lu tho olllce of tbo Colton Manufact ur-
iug Company for tho prepent
Mu. and Mhs. IIenky W. Cate loft on
Tuesdav for a vialt of two weeks lu Bostou,
New York and Pbiladelphla.
Weathek permlttlng, tbore wlll bo
preachiug in the church at Eist Montpelier
Ceuter next Sunday aftetnoou.
Mu. and Mrs. F. Palmeh and cblldren of
Chlcdgo have baen guoats of Mr. and Mrs.
U. U. Flold uuring the past weeK,
Misses Flohence Collins and IIattie
Peck loft laat Frlday mornltig for New
York, wliere thoy wlll vlalt rolatlvea.
The works of tbo Colton Mauufacturlug
Company weie sbut down last Thursday
wbile repairs ou tho dam wero made.
Miss Maud CuossETTand Mrs. Allce Fiak
of Burlington are taklng a course ln kinder
garten work from Mlsa Amy B. Fisk.
Miss Mauy Fisk goes ou Thursday to
Henuiker, N. II., to vUlt rolativea and wlll
go from tbero to the Boaton markets.
Mhs E. B. Dwinell left Montpelier last
Monday nlght for Elmwool, 111., where sho
gooa to vialt her son, Rov. O T. Dwlnoll.
Thb Garnot Seal Clrclo met last Frlday
wltb Mra, A. D. Farwoll to orgauize and
make plans foc tbecomtning fallaud wlnter.
Mhs. Fhed E. Pitkin Ia serlously ill, and
it Ih fearod sho wlll be obllged to undergo
a tlltllcult and dangerous aurgical opura
tion. Rev. A. II. Wkdu and Rev. Normau Saa
ver ocoupled their rcapectlve pulpita laat
Suuday, having returued from their vaca.
Thekon F. Colton roturne 1 last Satur
day evenlng from a westorn trlp in tbo in.
teroats of the Colton Manufactarlng Com
pany. The amusemont soason at Blaucbard
Opera House will open Tuesday evenlng,
Beptembor 22, wlth Iloyt's " A Trlp to
Cliina Towu."
A. F. 8ohtwkll of Cambridgenort. Masa..
president of tho Montpelier & Wolls Rlvor
raiiroad, took a party to tbo llarro quarrios
ou Tuesday afti-rnoon.
Miss Bessie Fauwkll returned last woek
from Chelsea, whero she bas been undor tbe
cnroofDr, J. II. Ilotmer. llor health is
very mucb liuproved.
D. L. Cahteu was ln town tbe flrat of tbo
week from llallowoll, Me. llo uccoiupanled
hia daughter Dlancuo 011 bor relurn to
Montpelier to ro-enter aohool,
Tliu publio sohools opaued laat Monday
wltli a largo attundauce, aml wlth u oorps
of iuHtructors who ato enthuslastio for a
Huccessful and protltablo year,
12, P. l.iiinv, the nontraotor, comnumrod
oxcava'ious iust Monday for tbe new Imlld
iug to be erocted by tbe Young Mon's Chrla.
tiau Assoclation as a gyuiuasluiu.
IIaulik Cummins wont Tuesday to Wor
cester, Maas., where ho will onter Worces
ter Aoademy. preparatory to a courso at
tho Bostou Scliool of Tochnology.
Mhs. Elsib M. Bhuob of New York,
daughter of tho late Amasa Oiuuuilugs, is
vlsltiup; Lawsou C. Cummings, hor brotber,
and otbor relattves in thls vlclnity,
IIbnhy G. Fauwkll bas been obllgoil to
roslgu a 11 u(i positlon ln an Omaba bank be
oauso of 111 hualtb, llo aml Mrs, Farwell
wlll aoon roturu to Montpelier to make
their bome for tbo prosent wlth Mr. and
Mrs. W, A. Stowoll, paronts of Mrs. Fai
w 1'
'I s fo i.tit Diusiiin of Glens Falln, N
V - i- 1 Hnrlously brulsed last Satn;
(Ui 0, h l.rown from a taiidom blcyclo
Hbo was tidiiig witb F. P. Carloton.
The Woman's Forolgn Mlsslonary Soclo'y
met Tuesday atternoon wltb Mrs. K. D.
Piitnatn on Flrst Avotiuo. The aitbjeot
cussed was " Tho feast of Ingathnrliig."
Dh, K. Lonofellow Clkaves wnnt to
Portland, Malno, last Frlday. Ho wlll
vlsit for two weeka at hla formor bome lu
Malue beforo bis return to Montpelier.
Fuanic A. Nutt af Brookline, Mass., is
tbo guest of E. A. Nut', bis uuclo. Mr.
Nutt Ih connectod wilh tbe woll known In
surancn houao of Jobn 0. Palgo, Boaton.
Ralfh 0. Bhown, a student at the Mont
pelier Somlnary, broke hls loft arm whllo
nlaylug ball on tho campua last Monday.
Dr. 0. E. Chandler roduced'tho fracturo.
Rrv. Ij. Ii. Bekman, piesidlng oldor of
tho Montpelier dlsttlct, proacbed and cou
ductod quartorly moetlng at Soutb Tun
brldgo aml South Royalton last Sunday.
Rev. J. Edwahd Whiuiit bas au appolnt
tnent to preacb In the Morse scbooMiouso,
East Montpelier, next Sunday afternoon.
Subject: "Rosponsiblllty for Accldents."
Dk G. J. IIelmek bas rented, untll Jau
uary 1, tho George II. Whltney houao on
East Stato streot. It is undorstood tbat Dr.
Ilelnior wlll como to Montpelier noxt
W. D. Allen, tbo reprosontatlvo-olect
from North Ilero, is well known In Mout
poller, having for niany yoars boen clerk
for Marvin & Sborburno and Putnam &
An Itallan wlth a name dlQlcult to bo re
duced to " Unlted States " waa lodged in
jail laat Frlday evenlng by Ofllcor Bucbanan
of Barre. Ila is charged wltb larceny in
tbat city.
The Woman's Ohristlan Totnperance
Uuion will inoet wltb Mrs. 0. W. Guernsey
on Thursday afternoon at half past two.
Mrs. Anna Dlllon wlll conduct a Belect
Biblo reading.
Majoh Ii. M.GnouTOf Stoneham, Mass,,ls
vislting in tbis vlcinlty. llo will attend tbo
reunlon of tho Eighth Vermont reglmont, to
bo held at Montpelier noxt Frlday aftor
noon and evenlng.
By request of the Boatd of Trado, all
placea of bualnesa wero closed from two to
four o'clock, last Thursday afternoon, dur
ing tho hours tbe funeral of tho late Dr.
J. E. Macomber waa held.
Daniel Sexton was beforo Judgo M. E.
Smllle ln City Court last Wedneaday moru
ing, cbarged wlth Intoxicatlon tho uight be
foro. IIo ploadod gullty and was flned,
wlth costs, 911.01, whicu no paui.
One of the boavy gray borses owned by
the city was Htranglod in the city baru last
Thursday ulgbt by gottiug snarled up lu ita
haltor. It was valued at S200 and was the
mato of tho one that dled last Hprlng.
Wokkmen havo been engaged during tbe
past week lu palutiug and brighteulng up
tbe exterior of tho oourt bouse, prepara
tory to tho September term of Washington
County Court, which opened yestorday.
Miss Blanche Cautek returned last Sat
urday from Maiue, whero sho bas been
apondlng her vacatlon wltb ber pareuts.
She bas re-eutorod the Hlgh School aml Is
Hving in tho famlly of Professor S. J. Blan
pied. T. J. Boynton denies most einphatlcally
the report sont out from Barre last weok to
tho Boston papors that ho has said ho shall
voto for McKinley in November. Ho is
camping on tho trail of tbat pross corre
spondeut. W. Nelson Peck, now ln hla eighty
Hixtli year, bas voted at elther a stato or
town election in Montpelier for sixty-four
consecutlvo yoars a record unsurpassed, It
is believed, by any votor in tbis city and by
few ln tbo stato.
A ooMMDHicATioH from Oholsua rcgardlng
tbo nou-appoarance tbere, last Saturday
week, of U. A. G. Jackson and A. A. Steb
bins of thls city, wbo woro advortlsed to
speak in that village at that tlmo, bas been
conslgned to tbo waste-basket.
William Sawyeu, a brakemau ou the
Montpelier & Wells River raiiroad, was
taken to Heaton Ilospital last SAturday
wlth a badly brulsed aud lacorated arm,
OHiised by gottlng It betwoen tbo butfers
A'l llo coupling cars at Wells Rlver.
The raembers of Company II wlll glvo a
dance in Armory Hall on Tuesday eveulng,
September 10, for which tho Proflle House
Orcbeatra, witb George II. Wilder as llnte
aololst, will furnlsh music. A concert by
tbe orcbeatra wlll precedo tho dance.
By a clerlcal orror that was not discov
erod untll pago threo of thia edltton was
prluted, tbe election returns prlntedon that
paj;e glvo Grout's plurallty 500 less tban It
roally is. Tbo correct flgures aro, Grout's
plurallty, 33,204; Grout's uiajority, 30,911.
R. 0. Bowehs bid in tho property of tbo
Vermont Ouarrv Comnanv. known as
" Bowera, No. 4," at tho auction aalo last
Saturday afternoDti. Tho property cou
sists of tweuty-three acres of land aud a
quarry, and was atruck off to Mr. Bowers
for su.iiou.
Thb Baptlst Christiau Endeavor Socloty
has oieoteu tno iouowing omcers: rres
ideut. Mrs. W. A. Shav: vico.nresident.
Miss Wlunie Bllsa: recordlug secrotarv.
Miss Maud Crossett; correspoudlng aocro-
tary, Miss lieua Liroaseti; treasurer, liar
vey Burnhaiu.
Moses Denio was thrown from bis borso
last Frlday ovening while the procosalon
was pwalng tho Watchman ofllce. IIls
horao reared. throwlag Mr. Denlo back
ward. Ho receivod sevoral bad brulses, but
remounted tbo anliual aud followed the
bands to tho eud of tho routo.
C. Anqieh, a atouo-cntter in the omploy
C. P. Glll & Co.. receivod notlco last weok
from an attornoy in Moutreal tbat a fortune
of S7,000,000 has recently boen left hlm in
France. Mr. Augier at nnco wont to Mout
real to cousult wlth tho lawyer, aml, later,
wlll sau ior navro to provo uis ciaim.
Bahnaud Town, a rosldout at tbo town
farm in Borlln, bas boen spending bis sub-
stanco for inany yeara lu a valn attempt to
dlscover tbo Hecret of perpetual inotion.
IIq no k clalms that he has solved tho prob-
loni, unit invuea any ono to visit tno poor
farm and soo bis inacbiue in operation.
The excuraion tralns to Ilnrlluuton last
Thursday, to accouimodato tboso who
wishod to utteml tho interstute fair at IIow
ard I'ark, were slimly Tatron!zed. Poople
Heeined to be walltng for tho state fair at
WliUo Ulver Junctlon and tho South Rye
gate and Waterbury falrs, held thls woek.
K. M. IIarvby, Esq, tbe wiill-knowu at
tornoy, of West Topsham has movod hii
famlly to Montpelier. They will rosldo at
33 College streot. Mr. Ilarvey's increaslng
practlce in Washington County Court reu
dered aucli a step ailvisablo, aud bo aud hia
famlly will be cordlalty wolcomod as rosb
deuta of tho Capltal City.
A. O. Cummins spont a day nt the Otatn
Experlmont Station, Burlington, lust aprlng,
olnaining informatiou regardlng apraylng
frillt trees to provent wormy apples. Tho
spleudld fruit bo Is nuw galhering glves
evldeuce tbat Professor llillshas thls tning
down to a sclenoo, and that Mr. Cummins
falthfully followed iustructlous.
Thb docket for the Septeuibor term of
Washington County Court, thatopenod yoa
terday, coutalua 2U8 casoa, and forty-two ou
the cnaucery 11st. Tbo stato docket cou
talua twonty-throo cases against vlolatiou of
tbo problbltory law, and twenty.nina di
vorco casea appear. Threo important casos
willcoiuo boforo tho grand Jury, uauioly:
TheMarsb polaonlug case, from Northlloldj
tbo Nokes ohlld-tnurdor caso, from Worces.
tor; tbo caso against youug Wales of Barre,
who U clmrgod wlth ttn attempt to wreok
Goddard Ssmlnary wltb dyuamlte last
Alfhed F. Booth was ordalned and ln
stalleil pastor of tbo Flrst Unlvoraallst,
Cburch of St. Albana, lu tliat church, last
ovening. Tbe father of tho candldato, Rav.
I. P. Booth, D.D., gavo tho ' Fellowshlp of
tho Church," itov. J, Edward Wrigbt tbe
"Ohargo to the Mlnlstor," and Rev. I. M.
Atwood, D I)., preaobed tho sertnon.
On Monday, September 14, tbo Oontral
Vermont raiiroad has arraugnd for apnclal
low-rate exoursious to Moutreal, to aocotn
modate those wNhitiK to attend thn great
Provinolal Exhlbltlon. From all stationa,
Windsor to Williston, iuoludlug Montpelier
and Barre, the faru for tbo roiind trlp wlll
bo only Sl CO. Tlckota wlll bo good on all
rogular or spcclal tralns September 14, good
to return untll Septouibor 10, inolualve.
A quahtktte of darklPH from Atlanta
Univorslty gavo a Haered concert at II itb
auy church last Suuday evenlng Mont
pelier has a peculiar lntoreHt In tbis Instltu
tloti from tho faot tbat Rov. J. H. IIIh1;h
Hpout tlie last oloven years of his llfe In
labotlng thoro for the upllftlng of the col
ored race. Tho congregatlon, last Sunday
ovoulng, noarly (Uled tho spaclous ediflo .
and the collection takon at tho closo was of
generous dliunstona.
The next annnal stato meetlng of tho
King's Daughters will ba held in Montpe
lier in September, 1897. Tho following
stato ofHcers frotn Montpelier were olectod
at tbo moetlng held last woekat St. AllMtia:
Seorotary, Mrs. G. B. II. Donny; asalstaut
secrotary, Miss Anna R. Phinney: trea
urer, Mrs. Florence Porter; recordlng sec
rotary, Mlas Ollvo B. Stout; oxocutlvo com
mlttee, Mrs. George 0. Alber, Mrs. F.-ank
A. Adams, Miss Ella Bailey aud Mlas Miry
Dowoy. Miss Anua R. Phlnnoy was also
eloctod secrotary for Washington county.
Cakiiib E., wifo of Daniel D. Nelson,
dled last Saturday of consumptiou,after au
Illnoss datlng from last March, aged thlrty
six yoars. Daceased was a daughter of Erl
IIlll of Middlesex. She leavea a busband
aud four small cblldren, threo slstors
Betsey, wifo of Ilenry Ologston, Ellen,
wlfo of Charles Martln, and Emma, wifo
of Orvls Siwyer also two brotbers Jobn
and Torrey IIlll. Her funeral was held
Monday afternoon from hor bome on Barro
streot. Rev. J. Edward Wright ofllclating,
and tbe burial was lu Green Mount Cem-etery
A. Wahhbn Edoeuly died early last
Thursday morning at Heaton Ilospital,
whero ho waa taken recently, aufferlng wilh
cancor in tho face. Mr. Edgerly was born
in Middleaox alxty-one years ago, and bad
Hved in Montpelier for tbo past tbirty-flve
years. llo was Ior many yoars a well-
Known locomotive aml Htalionary onglueer,
aml was always an industrious citlzen. Hls
wlfo ilied sevoral yoars ago, and ho Is aur-
vived by ono son aud one daughter. Hla
luuoral was hold last Siturdav from tbe
home of Hartwell lt. Edgerly, hia sou, on
First Avenue, and tbe burial was in Green
Mount Cenietery.
The Sontembor term of Countv Court
opoued Tuesday morning wltb Judge R. S
Taft of Burlington presiding. 0. E. Jones
of Waitsfield and T. II. Lanco of Cabot aro
asalstaut judgea, O R. Collins of Cabot
snoriir, anil Mra. t. Ij. lialrd reporter.
rrayer was olteroil uy Kev. A. JN. L.ewla.
Tho forenoon waa apent in calling tho
docket, and at two o'clock tho grand and
petic lurora were caiied aml lnstructoil m
their dutiea by Judgo Taft. Tho term
promiaes to be long, and sevoral important
civu anu crlmlnal cases are docketod. Tho
flrst caso heard was II. Ii. Avorill of Barro
against Eugeue Roblnson, a tbeatrlcal man
agerofNew York, a case in aasumpait to
rocover SOO damages on coutract for tho
fallure of the company manacedbv defend-
ant to apear at tbe opera houso in Bellows
I.-l,.. O 1 ,Inn . . I , 1
riun iu oupiemuer, iovo, wnere tuoy uau
neeu oiueu uy piaintiu.
Aboutouo hundred promlnent republl-
ovening by spocial traln for Cauton. O.. to
meet Major McKinley. It is expected that
aenator 1'roctor, uongressmen urout aml
Powers, Qovernor Woodbury. Lleutonact.
Governor Manaur and Goveruor.elect Grout
will be in tbe party. Tho V ermonters will
be glveu a recept.lon by tbo ronubllcans of
Cleveland on Thursday ovening, aud early
Frlday morning will procoed to Cauton to
pay tneir respecta to aiajor JUclunley. Ue
turulug, tbe party wlll reach Vermont on
Saturday at noon. Tho apecial traiu of
Wagner sloening cars will bo elaboratelv
triuuued aud tho front of tbo enclno wlll
bear a huge sign-board inscrlbed: " Ver
mont for McKinley; 30,000." T. M. Deal of
St. A'baus, Colonel E. R. Morso of Proctor,
and h Bart Crosa have bad tbo matter iu
charge. Auiong those from Montpelier
wbo wlll go aro L. Bart Crosa. F. M. Corry,
M. S. Stouo and George E. Taplin. C. 0.
Warren nmt G. W. Randall will join tho
party at Waterbury.
The Boston Olobe has recently rovived
an intorestlug incideut in which W. 0.
Woolaon, a brotber of S. C. Woolson of thls
city, iigured coiiBpicuously. Mr. Woolson
went to Califorma In 1800, and in 1802ha
wroto his motlter tbat ho was worklng on a
napkln rlng which was to ba preBented to
President Plerco that would cost thousands
of dollara. The Globe recently publlahed a
picturo of thls rins, and sald thia of it:
" One of tbo uiost cutlous as well as one of
the most valuablo of American rings is that
presonted to President Pierce in 1802 by the
citlzons of Cnllfornia. It is of massivegold,
wolghlug upward of a pound; tho clrcular
portlon is cut in'o sqnares which ataud at
rlght anglna witb eacb other, and are
embellished eacb wilh a beautifHlly
oxecuted deslgu, tbe eutlre group present
lug a plotorial hlstory of Californla from
her prlmltlvo sta'e down to tlio present
tlme. Tho soal of tbe rlng is r aily a 11.1
A labor-saver iii
scourhig all articles
iu tlie liouse, wlietlier
wood-work or brasses,
pots, pans or glasses.
It lias 110 acid to
discolor or grit to
RuuuBit Stamps mado to ordoTjlby th
Watchman Publlshlug Company.
"The Richardson."
Tho Largcst and Handsoiuost Storo
ln tho Stato.
Ilundreds of dolightcd pooplo
havo seon our now lino of Fnll
and Wintor Novoltios in tho
Dross Goods Dopartment. Thoy
avo vory boautiful aud fully w.ir
rant tho olaims wo mako. No
finer styles can bo shown this
yoar. Wo rospoctfully invito
you to soo them.
Wo aro oflbring a lino of Fabric
Gloves at greatly reducod pricos
that aro just tho thing for this
cool weather. They jiro on sale
at prices that commend thom
to you.
Mothors fitting their daugh
ters out for scliool can find many
articles at our Muslia Undor
wearCountor that may bo needed
to completo tho wardrobe. We
savo you lots of worry and hard
work. Stylish garments at roa
sonable prices.
Wo buy and sell for cash.
Head of Church Street, . . Burlington, Yf.
Any Old Thing
Will not do for us when we
buy our stock of clothiug.
Wo bolicvc that a 810 suit
bhould bo just as carefully
oiocted ns a 20 suil. Our
suits wero bouhtduriug the
flist week in July. Thocloths
wero Eelccled in tho piece,
and made up to our order by
journoymon tailors, with
special linings i u d triru
tniugs. By doiug thia way
we know oxactly-whflt we
ure sclling. It does not cost
the wearer n cent raore than
to have a ruan grab a auit for
hhn iu the dark. Seeing ia
beiieving, and to aee onc of
theso suits ia to buy it.
e Clothierf
60 State Street.
$3.00 HAT MADE.
No. 75 Main Street
1 Barre Street.
Honrs: 10-12 A. M.; 24 P. M.

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