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ThkNcw York SVtbime says: " Wot
son has glvcu Sownll aovcral Bovoro
drubbiuga alrcady. Iu tho light of tlio
latoat rovolotlona rogordlng tho second
man on tho Chicago tickot, ho wlll bo
prcparod to II ly him alivc. Tho Trib
une la glad to bo tho inontis of nffordlug
AVntBou so good nu opportunlly for
ndding to tho gayoty of uatlona."
Ex-l'itKSiDENT IlAiinisoN luforms
tho public, through hU aecretary, thot
hls tituo is bo much oecupicd ho wlll bo
unablc to mako carapaign apocchca.
Thls announccmont wlll bo rccoivcd
wllh rcgret by IhouBamla of his fcllow
cltlzous who havo boen hoplng to honr
his lucld nnd cloar-cut utteraneca on
tho great quostions now bofoto tho
country. -
Theiik ia a demaud for Tom Itocd in
nlmoat ovcry stnto, anya tho Boaton
Globe. Iteed hns not yot spokcn lu tho
catnpaigu, outaldo of Maluo, but lio ls
probably proparitig somo apocchea that
wlll both atuuao nnd Inatruct. Iteed
uovor mndo apoechoa in tho wholosalo
manuor of somo polltical oratora; but
ho was never known to apeak without
aaying aomothing,
SenatoiiSiierman and ox-Congreaa-man
Butterworth, aays tho Now York
Tribune, aro goiug to oxpound aouud
nionoy doctrinoa in tho Far AVest,
and othor competout apeakors aro
likely to bo aont to that part of tho
country latcr on. Thcro is a rich flold
for miaaionary work out thoro, and tho
apeechea of Shorman, Butterworth and
othors cannot fail to bo effectivc iu
making votea.
Tnu Boafon Heraldmya: " Wo doubt
if thcro ia a compotont political ob
sorvor in tho country who doea not t,n
ticipatiS ropublican victory in thls olec
tiou. It ls tho buainoes of tho dcmo
cratic populiat lcadcra to dcclaro to tho
contrary; but tho more intelligent
nmong thcm know this is coming as
woll aa do tho rcst of ua. If wo judgo
tho prcsont by tho past, it ia not unrca
eonablo to anlicipato thatit will tako on
very heavy proportiona."
Tnis Boaton Advertiser truly aays:
" Every day tho country haa frcah proofs
of tho contraat botween tho knowiedgo
and state8manship of tho sound-monoy
candidale on the one hand and tho
frothy declamatiouaof the choap-moncy
candidato on tho othor. McKinley ia
ablo to tnake spoeches evory day, and
often many timea a day, without com
mitting one blunder, without uttering a
aingle platituue, and without rcpeating
himaolf in the ca8ence of what ho has
to say; becauso ho is, in tho lirst
placo, a man of imtnenso intcllcctual
capacity, aud in the second placo, has
bcon, during all his maturo life, a closo
and cager aludcut of all departtnents of
tho great scionco of civil legielatiou and
Tlic Trliiiiipli of n Cnusc.
The verdict of Maino is even more
emphatic than that of Vermont, aud
more aigniiicant, for iu Maino thero
haa been for yeara a populiat elcment
worth counting that ccrnes down trom
the days when tho grcenbackera hcld
the balanco of power and in a fuaion
with the democrats wero ablo to olect a
goveruor. In Vermont, on tho con
trary, the populista havo been bo fow
and far between that they have not
boen worth considoring iu forecastiug
rosulta. In Vermont the linca aro ol
waya clearly drawn, and a Vermonter
ia aeldom in " tho iniddle of tho road."
Tho democrats of Maine have been
buoyed up by tho hopo that nover
comcs to tho Vermont democrat ovon
iu drcama. It was natural to expect
that this year the "regulnr" demo
crats would mako tho great light of
thelr lives. In Maino alono among
tno JNOW iiugianu states ia tuero a tree
eilvcr aentiment viaiblo to tho naked
With thia to build on, with tho dem
ocratic candidato for vicc-president a
cuizen oi Maino, it was a reaaonablo
concluslon that tho Maiue froo-ailvor-
itca would preaeut a front that would
bo at lcaat impreaaivc. As it is, they
nppear to havo thrown only a fow
thousand votes more than Mr. Johnaou
received inl894, whon tho bulk of tho
dcmourats look to tho wooda. Asautn
ing that tho renublican plurality is in
round numbora ilfty thousand, it breaka
all Maino records, for tho createst
heretoforo was that of Govoruor
Cleaves iu 1801, 38,078. Thtiugh many
wui aay to-uay tliat tUov liau long loro
seeu tho reault, yot fow extlected in
reality any Buch plurality as haa beou
rolled up for Mr. PowerB. That gen
tleman himaelf sald about tcn days ago
tnat ne esiimaieu tno ropublicin plu.
rality iu Arooatook at 1.C00. Yeater
day Aroostook gavo hira fully 4,000
Aroostook'a actiou is of peculiar alg
nilicanco for tho roason that it ia t
great farming Bection, and tho farmers
la8t vear having raised moro potatooa
than they could Boll, woro reckoned
upon by tho frec-silverites to voto for
tho flfty-three-cont dollar. Tho Now
England fariner has had hard oxporl
oncea of recont years, but ho 1ms a hard
hoad and you cannot pereuado hlm that
the way to doublo tho valuo of monoy ia
to cut lt in halves. The othor ngricul
tural couutios in Maino wont tho aamo
way. Indcod tho ropublicana swopt
ovory county, and not a singlo domo
cratic candidato for county oillco haa
been choson. Nelthor will thodomocrats
havo a sonator, tho Bonate bolug ro
publican throughout. Thoro aro 141
uiorabors of tho Maino houeo of ropro
sontatlvea and tho domocrala havo
plckcd up tou or clovon in dlstrlcta
whoro tho ropubllcans woro dlvidod by
locat conlcats.
Tho dcmocratic cnudldatcs for con
grcaa woro Bnowod undor. Spoakor
Bocd and Mossra, Dlngloy, Boutollo
aud Mllllkon havo votos in which tho
bollota east for thoir oppononts nro lost.
In tho good work of yestorday tho
aotind-inouey domocrats dld thoir duty
nobly, a fact choorfully ndmittcd by tho
ropublican loaders. A thousand or
moro votod for Ollfford, boing cotn
pollod to writo hia namo in on thoir
ballots, but tho uiajorily caat thoir
Btrongth tlircctly for Mr. l'owors. Tho
rosult in Mnlno is " moro thau tho
victory of a parly; lt is tho triutnph of
a causo." Tho party which Btood for
tho good causo and which by lls princi
plcs aud lts platform wou tho aupport
of thousands is, howovor, cutitlcd to
tho crodit duo to lts pntrlotic wlsdotn,
Ita courago and lts constaucy. Tho
iaauo was clearly prcsontod to tho pco
plo of Maino, it was betwoen honost
tnoney nnd tho Bwindliug dollar, nnd
tho pcoplo of tho stato havo rccordod
thelr verdict. Had Maino aud Ver
mont simply stnycd iu tho ropublican
coluuin by thoir normal pluraliliea thoir
olectiona would havo had little aigulfi
cnuco, but tho ouormoua proportions of
tho votea thoy gavo honcst monoy indi
catcs that lts support reachcd boyond
parly liues and ls typical of tho attiludo
of honoat mcn ovcrywhcrc. Maino
pointa tho way to do it. Bostou Trau
8cript. Au Objcct-Lcsson.
Tho Nntionnl Guard of Colorado has
bcon callcd out. Thero is riotiug at
Lcadvillo. Tho railroads runnlng
toward that clty had to bo patrollcd to
keop tho trains carrying troopa from
being wrccked. Ilouaes wero burnod,
flromon who tricd to subduo thu llamcs
woro shot down, mluers imprlsonod by
strikera on attempting to fleo from
burning buildinga wero flred upon,
and explosiona of dynamito killed or
wounded many poraons. Altogothor
Leadvillo has been having a llvely ox
hibition of tho uprising of tho maascs
ngainst tho classes which Mr. Bryan
hns bcon talklng so much about for
eonio weoka.
At this distanco from tho scono of
trouble it ia difllcult to get at tho ab
stract juetico of tho controversy be
tweon tho mine-owners and their em
ployes. But that quostion is not preae
ing at present. The importaut thing
is that tho minors and the owners can
not agreo, and, after a period of s traiued
rolations, the former havo undertaken
to dofend their opiuions with gunpow
dcr and to forco them on others with
dynamito. It is said ou behalf of thc
owners that the sheriff , the governor,
tho courts aud tho novvspapers nro iu
league with the atrikers, aud that thoro
ia no usounder those conilitions of their
making any concesaionB, for they would
only bo oponing the way to greator do-
manus backed by llie samo lntlucnces.
Accordingly they have rofused to treat,
arsou and murder havo followed, and
the governor, whatever his sympathies,
has been compelled to call out tho
troop?, and tho stato of Colorado will
have to pay tho cosl ot it all.
sucn au outbreaK ia creatiy to be uc-
plorod. No part of our common coun
try can bo civon over to violenco aud
disordcr without affcctiug tho honor
onu good name of tho wholo nation.
Our glory has been that wo wero a aelf
governing and law-abiding peoplo, not
a collection of barbarians who uettlcd
thoir difforences by forco and burued
down a neighbor's property iu tho ou
deavor to collect a debt or obtain a
gratuity. Troubles guch aa have dis
turbcd Leadvillo are at onco a blot ou
the country's famo aud a cause of dis
trust. Tho question ariaea lf thia new
millenuium which Mr. Bryan proachea
ia the bucccsb it is cracked up to ue.
Colorado ia full of adherenta of hia
creed, who look to tho time whon overy
poor peraon ahall have all tho monoy ho
wanta and all men shall dwell in plenty,
happineas and brothorly love. Out in
Colorado they have been puttinc that
creed in prnctice. It is truo thoy havo
not had Iree suver, but the suventcs
havo controlled tho stato "overnment,
nnd tho principles of tho Chicago plat
form havo beon applied through sov
oral years to domestic affairs. And yet
wo see a riot thero, aud, morcover, seo
tho nuthorities calling out troops to re-
strict tho right of thc peoplo to enforce
tneir wui againet corporations and piu
tocrats in a way that rocalls tho Chi
cao doings of 1894.
Then, it will bo remembored, work
mon had troublo with their employers,
aud riota rcsultcd. In that cnao the
riotors happoned to do moro thau dc
etroy property which, in fnct, tho
stato authoritiea, in contraat to thoso of
Colorado, pcrmitted them to do quito
freely. They stoppod tho mails aud
lnteriorea with luterstato commorco.
Then, when the law olllcors of tho
Uniled States tried to prevcnt thia ob
struction of Federal law, they rebelled
ana compelled tho prcaident to boiiu
troops againat them. That action of
the govornmont in enforcing Federal
law was condemned by tho convention
which nomlnatcd lirvan for nrcaideut
Tho plank denouncing that "arbitrary
interf eronco by Federal authoritiea " is
one of tho moat conspicuou? in tho
democratic froo-Bilver platform. That
platform ia eaid to havo tho cordial sun
port of the majority of tho votors of
Colorado. In that caao thoy ought to
rebuko thoir govoruor for calling out
troopa. Tho Leadvillo riotors nro doing
no moro itiau tuo uiucol'o noters dld
Thoy aro only broaking stato law whoro
tho others broko Federal law, and " ar
bitrary iutorferonco" by stato troopa
to enforco stato laws is as much to bo
dennunced as "nrbitrarv intcrforenco '
bv United States troopa to enforco
Uniled States laws. If tho pooplo of
Colorado liko that sort of thing and tho
candidalos who prench it, thoy ought to
bo conalstont, aud hall tho Loudvlllo
rovolutionista as vlctiras of plutocratio
oppression. xuey aro uaving an object
lo88on in warfaro of wago-oarnora
agaiual tho truata tho miuing truat
which favors freo Bilvor. Thoy havo
all boon onthuaiastic ,for that crufado,
and they ought not lo back out and got
squcnmiHh nver a little proliminary
drill. Now York Tribuuo.
nuOD'S PILLS curo Livor Hls, Bll
lousnoss, Indlgoatlon, Hoadacho.
Easy totako,onsy tooporato. 20c.
V - L J
Flfty Years Ago.
Who could Ituagluo thnt thls sliould bo
Tlic plncc wlicrc, ln elglitccu nlticty-thrce
That white worlil.wouder ol nrch aud
Bhould shndow thc natlous, polychromc . .
llcre nt thc Fair wns thc iirlie coiifcrrcd
On Aycr's TIlls, by the world prcfcrrcd.
ChlcaBo-llke, they n record show,
Sluce they starlcd 50 years ago.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills
have, froin tho time of their
propnration, been a continuous
Buccess with tho publio. And
that means that Ayer's Pills
accomplish -what is promised
for thom; they curo where
others fail. It was fitting,
therefore, that the world-wide
popularity of those pills should
bo recognizod by tho World's
Fair meal of 1893 a fact
which emphasizes the record:
50 Years of Cures.
In County CouiiT-MAitoit Tkum, 1897.
Jennie Wood vs. Fred Wood.
Whereas, Joniilo Wood of Marshfield, in tho
County of "Washington, haa thls day nled ln tho
oflice of tho rlerk ot tho CountT Court for the
County of WiiahluKton, lier llhel for dlvorco nKftlnst
tho 18th day of May. A. V, 1 S 1 . ho wnn law-
j rcti woon. soiuuir iorm. m Btiusinnce. iiiui ou
n v mnrrieu to b.iiu irea ooi: tnui aiie. on
lier part, htul ftilthfully kept nnd porformed hor
sald innrrlaRo contract, Imt that tho sald Fred
ood, on hia tmrt. liau not kent and nerformed tho
samo, for that tho nald 1'rotl Vood, dnrintf sald
covorturo, had trcatodtho pptltloner with Intoler
ablo aoverlty, and for moro than tliree conaecullvo
rcarfl naa wuiiuiy acserton thopetltionor; ana pray
nettmt for tho cjiurgs ufores.itd tho Court would
crai-t her a 1111 of dlvorco from tho sald Fred
Wood: and alno praylnR for the custody of lier
honnlnor chlld; whieh Bald petlllon ls now pendtng
ln sald Court.
And. ichtreas. It Is tnado to annear that tho satd
tho process of this court cannot bo servcd upon
lilin; lt ls tht'refore, ordered that tho said 1-red
Fred Wood now roaidoA witliout tlils stnto. whoro
Wood bo nottlu'd of tlio nendencv of sald llbel.
aud glvon onportunlty to mako defence thereln, nnd
before tho Houorablo County Court, noxt to bo
Biimmoneuio aniibar atm m.iKo auswor to tno samo
neiii ai .iioniiiuiior. iuiiii nnu ior ino i-uumy
of Washtnntoti, on tho second Tuesday of Mnrch,
A. I. 1K'J7. at nlne o clock a. m.. bv tho tmbllcatlon
of the BubstuncQ of Bald Ubol toKether with thls
order, three weeks succcssivoly ln tho iermont
Watchman Jk .Slatc MnrnaL h wecklT nowsnner
puhllslied Kt'Montpellor, ln sald county the last of
wjiicn iuuiicaiions suaii uo at ioksc six woqks
prevlous to sald second Tuesday of March, A. 1).
ltl()7. which aliall bo diiHiiied Butllcleut notlco to tlie
sald Fri'd WooiU
(Jlven imder mv hand. at Montuelior. lu the Countv
of WashttiKton, thls 14th day of Sopteniber, A. I).
lfi. FliANK J, MAHS11ALL, Uevutu Cleri.
.!. T. IjAMSON, Attornevfor Petitioner.
For Hcrses, Cattle, Shoep, Vtgs, Hegs,
SOOFngn Uoiilt niiTrrntnipnt uf Anlmnln
anil C'luirt Svwi I'li u.
ccnns FrvurH'nneeHtiniiN.liillnmiimtlim
A.A.iMlnnl lUi-niiieltlN, Dlllk l'cvrr.
JI.I1.--M rillllN, J.ltllllMll'NV, Rlll-llllllltiBlll.
(!.(,'. --Dinll'nilXT, jNiihiiI DlHcliurm'M.
H.l).UotH ov riilm, VirniH.
CntiL'lir'. Ilcnvi'H, l'lifuiiinnla.
l'.l''.--(ilic or CriiM'H, llcll j nclic.
I i.:.--llHciirrliiiris lli'iiiurrliiitfeM,
ll.ll."rriii!try inul lildiify DIhciihcm.
.l.Krniiiv DlHniHiH, iHiiuvri'.
J.K.1)1hI'ubl'h of JHucelion, rarulyHlfl.
SlngloEottlo (overDOdoscs), - - .UO
Utablu C'nNC, wllh Rpcclflofl, Mnnuftl,
Veturlnary Curo 011 nml .McHllcttur, S7.00
Jnr Vclorinury Curo Oil, - - l.UU
SoM by Dniiret-tit or rnt prrpatj 4nj nbiro RnJ In hj
qDinlll' on rf(-t'lil ol irkr
llCarillll.lS'HKl). CO., 1 1 1 . 1 lSMIllluu 81., Xew lork.
ln U80 30 jpnra. Tho only pucccsaful rcraedyfor
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
nnd rrostration, from over-work orother causes.
jfl pcr vial, or Svialaandlnrce vial powder, lor5.
bolJ by PrufRlBU, or nerit 'ut-hlj t-n rectlt o( j-rlce,
UCJH'IIItKYb' JQLD. CO., 1 1 1 k 1 1 a Ullaio fat., .New York,
cures qulckly. That ls what lt fras
made for. Prompt, safe, Btire, qulck
reiier, quick curc. l'leanant to tRKe.
Chlldren liko lt and adultfi llkc lt.
MotheM buy lt for thelr chlldren.
Proparnd hr R. O. DoWltt Co,, mnkrrB of
fieWltf I,R li Cutlv Iilsora, tho famooi
"tlo pnls
For Sale at a Bargain!
On Northfield struets Ilouae nnd araall llulldlni;
Lot, Flrat-claaa liiTestment. A. .1. 1IOWK,
Itrnl linlaln Aceut
Instant Relief
Uo 1ml ( a bottlo, nnd 1( nut 8,itlr.ictory return
the luUuce aiul Kot Xhv purch.tso money; i u author
Ue any morchunt tu do thls.
Kuld ut all tho aturoa. 1'rlcu Mr, SOc aud gl.W.
Fred'k Dutcher Drug Go,
Tho New lititlnby.
llalow, mr li.ilie, llo atlll nnd aleep
llalow, ray Imbo, balowl
I)ad lila vlRll wlll noar you koep-
Thnt'a rlnhl, balowl
Ma'ma la olt with tho tnothor'a band,
Tho colnnlnl damea, aoroala, nnd
Tho marrlaRO bachelor Kt'lal likowlao
Tho alatoraof manljr oierclso,
Tho womnnljr riantaloana Ruldot nlao
TholenKiioof tho nntl cnllco,
Tho Roltoia cluli, nnd t urthormoro
Tho nlllanco to tax tho bacholori
Tho tennla tournament, tOROtlier
With tho woman'a buroau for plculo woather)
Tho cooklng achool for men, wlthal,
Tho meot of the dnmlng baskct liall
Tho bcofatcak poundora' clnn, na woll
As tho brotherhood of the dlntior boll)
Tlio raanxlrl iilinlani, not to montlon
Tho woman snllraRO atate convention,
Thofomalo brothorhoodof tnan,
Aud tho mnnly alatora' caravau
Tho femalo KnlRhts of l'jrtlil, too,
And tlio woman'a club of tlio old and new)
Tho confratornlty of tlamoa)
Tho Ichbuo for cliatiglnK mon'a maldon nnmoag
Tho fomale Sona of Malta, oko
Tlio cyolo clrclo of bolt andbrookj
The grand old woman of twenty-nlnej
Tlio fomalo academy of dealKnj
Somo club for reading, alnglnfr, tlilnklnRi
1'or aleoplnir, walklng, oatlng, drlnklnR
For rldliiK, drlvliiR, runnlnK, walklngj
For worklnc, reatlnR, llntenluk', talklngi
Soinctlilng or otlicr from Mnlno to Tozaa
To occupy wonion ot both aexoai
Somethlng to do or not to do
llalow, mybabe, Ho atlll, balowl
Eada la watchlnfi bero by you)
Ho cnn't got awny lf be wauted to,
For ma'ma ls wenrluK lila pantaloo
llalow, my babo,tliymother'a tho quoen,
Huah-a-bye, baby-tliy fatbor la nrcon.
-Itobort J. Hurdotto,
Dlscovory of Chloroform.
Dunma tlio 0111111011 Froncli olioin
ist, originnllj' soparatod nnd idonti
flcd tlio snbstuuco about 1831, butna
an iiiirostliotio it flrst cnnio into uso
in nnothor forni somo yeara lntor.
Tho success of othor vna no soonor
ostnljliahod, to tho woinler nnd tlo-
liglit of tho inodical 'vorld, nnd, in
dood, of tho nublio, than ontor)rising
ohoniiata east uhout for othor drnga
of liko owor, nnd it ocourrod to n
Mr. Jncob Boll that "chlorio othor"
might nnawor tlio iiurposo. Dr.
Bigolow sconia to havo triod it iu
Anioricn nhont tho samo tinio, but
without succohs. Mr. Boll, liow-
ovoi', Hiiggoatod it to Mr. Cooto, ono
of tho snrgcons at St. Bnitholo-
mow's, nnd hoinduc(;d his colloaguo,
tho great Lawronco, to try it.
So tho ilrat oporation took placo
undor obloroforni, but tho subatnnco
usod waa ohlorio othor, othorwiso
known na snirits of chloroform that
ia to aay, n mixturo of ohloroforui
nnd nlcohol. It did not ocour to nny
of thoso oonoornod that tlfo nlcohol
bnd notliing to do with tlio offcot
prodncod. That disoovory wna ro
sorvod for nnothor ohoinist, n Mr.
Wnldio, who carriod tho nowa of
whnt hnd bcon dono in London to
Sir Jainos Siinjis.ui iitEdinhurgh nnd
suggostod to him tho uso of puro
ohloroforni Sininson was ongross-
od with anu'sthoties nt tho tiinoand
had somo of tho now drug propnrod
forhimsolt; but, iiccordmg to tho 110-
count of an oyowitnoaH, ho only
canio to n-io it by u sort of nccidont.
IIo was thon oonstnntly oxnoriniont
ingon tho procluotion of unsesthosin
by nll sorts of nironta wilh tho holp
of his jiupils, Keith nnd Matthows
Duncau, both dusiinod to hoooino
famons liii-i. Tlmy used to moot of
an ovoning and tost tho various
drugs 011 tlioinsulves by inhaling tho
vapor from n tumblor.
Ono ovoning somo 0110 nroducod n
small bottlo of a hoavy liquid from
undcr soiuu lumbor, nnd thoy jiro-.-I'd.'d
to put it to tho tost with nll
tlio ri'oklcssnoss of soiontifio cnthu.
i ! -,n Thnt night tho laarm-1 cun
bi'u.11110 n scono of tlw vvildoat
1 iro:;uvtiion. Eaoli niombur of tho
; ry was f'.iuiid prostrato nnd in
,iblo 1111011 tho lloor or stnggoring
h Itihasly ;ihout tho room, u con
vmcing proof of tho oflionoy of tho
nov isgoiit. It was ohlorofonn, nnd
Simiison lost 110 limo in npnlying it
in his pr.i .;u, whonco its famo
snroad far and wido. Tho story is
suro to bu :loniod by somohody, but
whothor truo or not it is n good ono
nnd j)ro'.j;;hly not far from tho truth.
A logond lias grown uji and obtain
od gonoral ourroncy that Simnson
not only iliscovorod chloroform, but
invonto'l ainusthesia.
As n niattor of fnot, ho did noi
thor, but nono tho kiss his nnmo do
servos to ho comniomorntod in con-
nootion with both. flis high posi-
tion in tho profossion, his ardor in
resuarch, boldnuss in jirnctioo nnd
ndroitnosa in advocaoy nll combinod
to rondor invaluablo sorvino in os
tablishing tho uso of nnx'sthotics,
whioh, liko nll innovntiona, not
with imwli opiiosition.
It is amusing to ruad tho objoo
tions that usod to ho brought ngainst
thom in tho oarly days. Ono was
that thoy woro sinful nnd contrnry
to divino ordiuanco. Snnpson in
gonuously disposod of this fantnstio
soruplohy pointingout thnt thoilrst
oiwrntion 011 rectTrd took jilaoo un
dor nniusthosin divinoly induccd
whon n doop sloop wna mndo to fail
upon Adam in ordor that his rih
might bo lakon to form Evo. Lon
don Standard.
' ' i
T111: nnuio of cotton is modillod from
tho Arabio poton, whilo sllk ia dorivod
fiom tho Liitin sorlcua (softncsa).
Ohintz is 11 1'orsiun word inoanlug spot
tod, nnd taffuta ls tho l'ersluu vorb
tuftoon, to Bpin, Lluou is uu Anglo
Saxon rcndcring of linum (llux), anil
Bntiu la dorivod from tho Italiau notn, a
apcclos of ellk uotablo for ita gloaa aud
closo toxturo.
Tho Vorh To Got."
M. Dtllininol, ut incctlnn ol tlio Soolcto
Natlonnlo dcs l,rorcssi;urs tlo Krancnls cn
Augluterre, rclatetl ln itu niniislng limuner
hls InipruHBlmiH of Knglmul nml tho Kng
llsh pooplo. To lllustrato tlio tlllflloulty
oncountcrcd by hls countryincn ln gcttlng
a tliorougli grasp of tlio Kngllsli lnnguago
M. Dulimiiol roforrctl to tho comprolionslvo
usoof tho vorb'Ho gct," whloh ho Btip
poswl was duo to tlio Kligllsh hablt of
"gcttlng ou. " Iu tho followlng sontonccs
uo lcss thau nlno dlfrcront Froncli verbs
aro URcd, wlierwis ln Kligllsh thoy cau nll
bo n'ntlorcrt by tlio vcrl) "to got:"
"Aprcs avolr llano touto la Journeo, fn
tlguo, Jo rciit-al cliez mol, ct apros avolr
Boupc, jo 1110 uiIh au llt ou jo no tardal pua
a m'ondornilr. Aprcs uno bonno nutt do
rcpos lo lundoninhi matln Jo m'ovolllal
frals ct dlspos, mls mos hablts ct blontot
aprcs roous uu tclegrnmme. "
Thls M. Duhumol wild would or could
bo thus oxprcsscd ln Engllsh:
"Ilnvlng got tlrctl with Unocklng about
nll day I got hoitio, got my sujipcr, got to
bcd aud soon got to slcop. Aftor a good
nlght's rcst I got up rcfroshod, got my
clotlics on and nhortly aftor bronkfiiBt got
a tclegram."
Is lt any wondcr that forolgncrs flnd tho
Engllsh lnnguago u pcrpotual puzzlcf
Westminster (,'nzctto.
Capliirln i:icilmnts.
Tho cntcrrirlso ls or(?anl.rd for tlio
nmuscmunt of tlio imili.irajnh, nnd takcs
plnco ouly onco ln nhout four yoars, clso
tlio forost would l)o dcnudod of tho blg
gamo. A small arriy, conslsttng of about
(5,000 1111m nnd jiorliaim U cloplianta and
a fow horscs, takcs pnrt ln tlio hunt, nnd
tcnts and provlslons aro carrled just as
lf a caiiipalgn agalnst a powcrftil encmy
wero ln progress. When tho pad inarks of
an olcplinnt ato found, lio ls stcndlly trackcd
down, and an hoon as ho ls found a tralncd
flglitcr of hls (iwn bpceles ls urgcd agalust
As a rulo ho stcndlly retrcnts upon slght
of lila pursucrs, and thelr objeet ls to preus
hlm so 11s to tlro hlm out. Ho then stnnds
nt bay, nnd tho tug of wnr commoiicnH.
Tho opposlng anlmals butt nt ono another
with tho heads down, and sliould 0110 show
hls llunk ho ls qulckly hrought to enrth.
Whon llnally eoiKiuercd, tlio wlld clephunt
ls pressed by hls pursucrs toward watcr, of
which ho ls so much lu nccd nftcr hls ox
crtlons that hls hlud lcgs cau bo shaoklcd
as ho drlnks. IIo ls thon kopt attachcd by
acs to other clophants untll ho gradually
s accustomed to bondngo, and ln n fow
niontlis ho ls complotcly uuucr control.
Tho snort ls o bloodlcss ono. nnd tho clo
phants whon capturcd nro inost klndly
trcatcd. Ohambcrs' JournaL
Jnpaneso Danccs.
Tho fonn of nnuiFenient of a dranmtlo
naturo that inost lntcrests tho travclcr ln
Japan ls tho geyslm dimce, nlso tlio ka
gurn, or common rellglous danco, nnd tho
tidzunui-mal, a rcllglnus tlanc-o porformed
ln the nnelont SI1I1110 (iiimo 8hlnto templo
near Kyoto. Tlico dances are not jiarticu
lnrly nmufilng to wltness, thoughnll stghts
of tho klnd arc moro or loss amusing
when wltncssed for tho flrst tlmo. Tho
bcst gcysliti dancing takei placo ln Kyoto,
tho ncxt bcst ln 1'okyo, but so rnlled goy
slia dances may bo hccn ln sovcral of tho
largo towns.
Almost moro lnterestlng to see, how
cvcr, nro tho rellglous danccs. In tho
kagura, for tiistnneo, tho dancer usually
wears a looso wlilto chemlso garmcnt, ft
pair of lkipping trouscrs, gencrally of a
hrlght red color, and a long, tr.msparent
covcriug fornied liko a clonk nnd orna
inented with deslgns resomhllng crests.
Iler iiair liangs down her bnek ln sluglo
tress, lloweriJ adorn hcr forolicad, and hcr
faco ls busmeared with u wlilto compound,
netlil to collHlnt chlclljr ot' wlilto lojid. Iu
her hand sho holds a buneh of small bclls
that ls not unliko a cliild's toy. This sho
shakes at intervals during tho dauco.
Soinetlmes suveral glrls dunco at ono tinio,
but ln ovcry cnso thelr moveincnts aro ao
companied by a mournful, sacred chant
nnd by a tuno playetl upon a driim and
fluto hy pricsts. It ls wrong ti supposo,
howevcr, as many Kuropcjins who havo
Yislted Japan do supixjvo, that tho mika
koodori danco is Indeceut. About tho gen
ulno geyslui danco thero ls nothing even
indcliaito or suggestlvo. Sketch.
Bogol, the lcading druggist of Sbrceve
port, La., eaya: " Dr. Kinp'a Now
Discovery ia tho only thing that cures
my cougn, anu it 18 tuo beat eeller
have." J. F. Catupboll, merchant, of
bauord, Ariz., writea: " Ur. iviug'a
New Discovery ia all that is cluimed
for it ; it never falls, nnd is a auro curo
ior consutnptiou, couglis anu coitls. J
cannot aay cnough for ita merits." Dr
King'a JSew Ui6covery tor conaump-
tlou, couglia aud coitls is not nu ex
periincnt. It haa been tried for t
quart( r of a ceutury, aud lo-dny atanda
at tno heail. lt never dleappoiula
Freo trial bottlea at C. Blukoly'a drui
atoro, Montpelier, Vt.
Dlcd Slaiuliug.
"Thoincldcnt of Hatisbon a Frcnch offl
tcr, thongh mortally wounded, rldes back
to Napolotm, reports thc caiituroof tlio clty
mid then falls froiu hls saddlo, dead is
pitrallelcd hy a story of Gcttynburg told by
lieneral Iloubledny and publlshixl ln tho
Chlcngo Timcs-Hcrnld:
An olllcer of tho tlxth WiKconsin regl
mont wiilkcd up to Colonel Dnwcs, who
Was ln command Colonel I5nigg was ln
Washington 011 erutrhos. Tho olllcer was
vcry crcet and very pale. Dnwcs nnd Dou
blodny both thouglit ho was comlng with a
rejxirt or to reeclvo orders. liut ho was
pot. IIo had a favor to ask.
"Colonel," ho said to llawes, "wlll you
tcll tlio folks at houio I died as a man nml
11 soldier sliould)"' Then ho unbuttoncd
Lls eoat. Hls wholo sldo was shot away.
ft was hls last ellort. Ho dled bUuidlng.
Lame Side
Lame Stomach
Lame Shoulder
lu fart, overy nchoJamcnoas.Bnrenoa overy where,
IiitL'nialnr l.xtornal.ran ho relluved nml cured hy
tho uso ut IhU old uud rolhiblo famlly rctuody
lt curea bltcs, burns, brulea. It la wttlinut an cqual
for collc, croup, craiiipa, illarrhaM, cuolorttuiorhus.
ln iirnctlco. ovcrworkcd musclea nro not uncom.
mou.wlilch .lohnaiin's Anndyno I.lnlincnt rellovoa
lironiptly. J. J. CASUV, 1'iufcssluiul Qjraiuau.
P,,Bost Livor rill Mado."
arsons' Pills
roslllvelycuro IillliMianeBa nnd lclc lipnilnrlm,
llvcrandbowclcouiplaliiia, Thoy cxivl all Inipurltlei
from thu bod. lirllouto woincn llud rellef from
ualngthi'ni, l'rlPe2icts.t flvel.on. l'ainihli t fiic.
I,B. JOHNSON Jt CO.,lfiCuatom lIouobt,,lloktou.
htnniinrd at Uottyslnirjf.
nr j. 0. niiKNNAtf, faiiilkb, vt.
Sona of tho Green Hlllal llit to tho atory
Your alroa wrlt down Inlottora of llame,
When, 011 tho llold of (lettyiburR Kory,
Thoy won for thomaelrea n deathlcaa famo.
FrontlnK hcr waa our army lylng)
Two ilaye lon had wo hold the nronnd,
Tlie cannonade with tho thundor vylni?
Tlll mon row deat with tho awful aoundi
For on tho llold waa to bo declded
Whcther thia nation ahould llve or dlo,
Whether tlili land ahould bo dlvbled
Ily tho llxhtnlnita that ront tho Unlon aky.
Loudor and loudor tho cannon aoutidod,
Fatter nnd fnater tlie doath hall fell)
Shella burat o'or ua, nnd round thot pounded,
And oror It nll roao the rebel yell.
For now at longth from tho robel forcoa,
Waa launchcd a bolt to dccldo our fato,
I'lckett'a column, o'cr manglod coraoa,
ChnrKliiRonwnid ln deadlleatbato.
Never yet on n llold of bittlo
Waa n brarer alglit than waa aeen that day,
When, mldat the lielllab ronr aid rattle.
Clmrgcd on our ltnea thoso mon In cray.
Onward thoy camo. not a man of thom faltored,
To whoro, under Stannard, wo atood oppoaed,
When, wlthbnt warnlnn, thelr courao thoyaltered,
Loavlng thelr llank to our firo expoaed.
Could wo awlng to the lett nnd atrlke them
Then lndeod woro the victory wont
'Tla a thing In battlo dono but rarely,
'Tla a deaperato thing, but lt muit bo done.
From Stannard'a llpa, with qulck dcclslon,
Tho order ilaahed through tho wholo brlgade.
And wo clinnged our front with aa much preclelon
Aaltlncamp upondroaa parade.
Then liko llglitnlng tho order, " Flre,"
Itan tho longth ot tho foromoat ranka)
And at the word doatructlon dlre
beaped from our rlfloa Into thelr flanka.
Another Tolley, nnd then nnother,
Flaahedour rltles agaln and ngaln;
WI1II0 ln thelr front, through the dln and pother,
Wo hcard tlio rlfloa of Hancock's mon.
ilravo they woro, nover men were bravori
Nobly they bore tho battle'a brunt,
llut tho mon nc'er Hvcd who would not wavor
With n murderoua Uro In llank and front.
llackward thoy fell o'cr the plaln, defeated;
Tho North waa aaved from Invaaton'a ahame;
And, wherovertbe tale ahall be repeated,
Let honor be pald to Stannard'a namo.
Sona of tho Oreeu Illlll I cherish tho atory
Your alrea wrlt down ln lettora of llame,
When, on the flold of aettyaburg gory,
Thoy won for themaolvoa a deathleaa famo.
Old Shipmntps.
It does not seem natural for an old
warnor to dio otitsldo tuo econe of
nctual atrlfe. Nel8on in Hardy's nrmB,
Wolfo on tho I'lnins of Abraham and
Lyon at the battle of W'lleon's Creok
fulfllled theirdestiny; but todiein bed,
afler escuplng tho atorra of ahot and
ahell, the perih of flood aud fleld, that
aeema puerile.
lot thero wa8 notmng puerilo about
tho Admiral na ho luy dyiuc on tho
great c.uiopied bed in that aunny room
Tlio outnne 01 n is tortu couiu bo aecn
underueath thocoveringa; tho withorod
hands lay on tho couiiterpanc; aud tho
areat head, covered with auow-whito
hair, reated on the pillow.
But hia doom hnd been pronounced;
tho toll, grim doctor, who atood impa8
aivo by tho windovv, had announced
that death waa ouly a fow hours off
Thoro waa a nurac in tho room with tho
doctor, and two city ofllcial8 atood
decoroualv at ono aido. Tho Admiral
had relations, but nono wero within a
thousand milea, aud ho waa known in
thia inlaud town ouly by roputo. Ho
would not havo been known evon then
had it uot been for the bright young
reporter of tho Star, who hnd amelled
out hia namo 011 tho hotcl reister and
vaiuly tried to interviow him.
"I'm retirod," anid tho Admiral,
grullly, althougli not unkindly, "and 1
don't know a blarued thing about poll
tics. Aa for war no, airl I will not
talk. Why sliould I? Every third lieu
tenant and gunner'-j mato haa had hia
aay, aud thero's nothiug moro to talk
Aud ho stuck to it, although the ro
porter mado a very pretly etory of a
coluiuu or moro out of what tho Ad
miral did not 8ay. Ho wa8 on hia way
South to paaa tho winter; thcre was
rheumatiam iu hia bonea, and hc felt
that ho ought to huiuor hia old framo
afler maltrentiug it to many years.
" IIo leavea on the morning train,"aaid
tho Star. But ho did not loavo. Death
badc him hujt.
If a 8hade of fear ttruck that tout
old heart, hia bronzed facu gavo no algn.
Tho wall-paper portrayed an intermin
ablo array of impossiblo shephcrds
watcbing aheep; a loud clock tlckod on
tho ahelf; aud outaido thcre aouuded
the apaemodic rattlo of paeaing wheels.
Then thcre carae a rumbling word or
two aounding aomowhero in frout of
tho houae. The laudlord'a voico waa
henrd ln reply, aud then moro rumb
ling. Then a paiue, followed by tho
landlord'a fnolateps on tho atairs.
" IIo aava it's a atrnnger to me hia
nanio'a Huckiua, ho eoya," camo in
Btraniiulaled whispora from the land
lord to the doctor " and lio wont8 to
aee tho Admiral." Tho doctor made n
gesture of frowniug diaaeut.
u Ye9, I know I told him tftat," re
turnod tho hndlord, ahuflliug uuenaily,
"but ho wou't go 'way 8aid he'd
walked fourtoen milo from Boan Ridgo
jiift to aoo tho old man that'a what 7ie
called him," ho haalencd to add apolo
goticnlly. "Toll him," begau tho doctor.
"What is it?" oskcd tho Admiral,
turning hia head alightly.
" A man Huckiua Bill, from Boan
ltidgo," oxplained tho laudlord.
" Knows me, dooa ho?"
"S-iya ho dooa. Yea, air. Saya ho
waa a aailor-man got aaUor'8 cfothea
" A aailorl Wtll, woll," aald tho
Admiral, ahortly, " if ho wnnts to auo
1110, why not?"
Tho landlord looked at tho doctor,
and tho doctor nodded ocqulcacouco,
allliough with a frowu, and tho land
lord faded away. Tho clock ticked n
few more noiay minutea, and thon tho
door oponed to udmit the eallor-man.
IIo waa an old fcllow, with scauly hair
briiHhed neatly, cloau-aliaven faco ahow
ing n equaro jaw, blg hluo oyea and a
akin liko old aolo lcatlior, tough, brown
aud wrinklod, IIo woro n man-o'-war'a
niun'rt auit, faded, but brushed aa clean
aa nlady'a glovo,ond hia ahoea woro pol-
lahod liko mlrrore. A bright whito
kulfo lanynrd croaiod lila shlrt front,
and thoro woro n fow fndod lettora on
hia cop, which ho took off on onterlng.
Tho Admiral lifted his oyoa alowly
nnd lookcd at him.
" Woll, my man?" ho aald at lcngth,
with tho aatno intonatlon ho hnd U8ed a
tliouaand timoa nt sen.
Tho 8allor brought up hls hnnd ln n
"It'a hira," hoaald in n honrao voico,
that amockcd of foga and aalt alr, " It'a
Old Bluol"
Tho doctor nnd tbo nurao lookcd
ahocked, tho city ofllclals nwcd, and tho
landlord ahlvcred. On tho admiral tho
effect waa clcctrlc.
" I aays to myself when I heara of
you beln' horc," coutluued tho aailor,
comlng cloaer, ' it'B Old Bluo for a
hundred dollura,and it ial I'd a knowod
thom powder-marka 011 your nock
among atuouaanti. And I walked four-
teen milo to aeo you, and aee if you ro
membcrcd Bill Huokins, aa wna maatcr-nt-arrns
on tho old ' Pionecr'?"
" Huckina?" tho Admiral ralaed hlm.
aolf on his clbow with a raighty cffort.
au, yea, 1 remomoer you now." Ho
hold out hia hand, and then eank back
011 tho pillow. Tho doctor waa by hia
aido in an Instant, but tho Admiral
waved hlm away. " You camo to aeo
me, IJIIU"'
Yea, air. Heord you waa in tho
alck-bay, and I como to choor you up a
ou. i waa laiu up ia8t winter myaolf
with a crlck in my back."
"You aro in tho Asylum, I aup
poao7" "A8ylum? Bloaayour hoart, air, nol
I rakcd up theao toga for old timea'
sake sccmed moro natural like. I'vo
got a boy that'a makin' hia two-and-a-ualf
a day atoady, and I'vo got a pon
sion of twelvo dollara a montli. That's
for a rap I got from a aholl nigh thirty
yoar ago."
" When waa that, Bill?"
"Samo day you got them raarka on
your ncck from tho breech of numbor
two gun. Don't you remombor when
wo ateamcd up tho Miasiaaippi. when
tho guua waa double-ahottcd and alap
pin' into ua overy ton feet? That waa
on tho old ' Oregon.' "
" Yea, I remeraber," aasented tho
Admiral, with gli8tening eyes.
"You waa captain then, and whon
Lieutenant Fifer aayB to you, ' You go
aft,' aaya ho, ' 'caU3o thore'a aharp
ahootera behiud that ridge,' you aays,
aaya you, 'You go to tho dovill' I waa
workin' a Itodman near by, and I
laughed right out at that, although
'twaau't no iaughin' timea then."
"No, indeed; no, iudced. But wo
ailenced the fort, didn't we, Bill?"
" Didn't wo, thouuh! Kuocked it
clean out of 8ightl You couldn't fool
with tho ' Oregon ' that trip. And two
montha later, d'ye rememoer how wo
sunk tho ' TeueBaa,' in the Gulf, after a
runnin' fight of a day and a night?"
" Quito woll, Bill. Sho weut down,
though, and wo got no prizo monoy out
of that engagemont. But the two
blockndo runnera the next week eh,
" They waa pio, alr. We'd been rich
if thcm pickin'a had kopt comin' aloug.
I waa draf ted on tho ' I'owhatan ' aftor
thot capturo, aud it waa tbreo years
'foro I aaw you again. Then 1 was
with you in the 1 Shawnce ' on the
China atation, and I waa bow oar of tho
bargo when we beat tho Frcnch flect
in tlio race off Yokohama."
" Ah, Bill, thoae were famoua timea,"
said the Admiral, gazing Qxcdly into
tho air with hia great oyea.
" Warn'tthoy, thoughl And when wo
wcnt up tbo Straita togothcr in the
' Columbia,' whon you'd juat got your
Commodore'a pennant and took chargo
of tho aquadron seems liko it was al
waya ray luck to bo ahipraatea with you,
and I didn't want nothin' better."
" And hero you are again, Bill," aaid
tuo Admiral, witn a amue.
" lea, air, uero l am, on deck
again. When I hoard you wero here,
I 8aid to Tom, my aon, ' I'm goin' to
aeo the old man onco more.' And
Tora ho's never boen to aea and don't
know much, ho aaya, 'Sho! ho won't
Bee you.' And I aaya, 1 IIo waa a 8hip
raato of mine for raoro'n flftcen yeara,
and I ulway8 did my dooty. I could
tako my tod with any bluo jackot, aud
moro'n onco it took the wholo marine
guard to get mo over tho aide, but I
"never ahirked, and if Old Blue ain't
got a good word for mo, ho ain't tho
Old Bluo ho used to be.' "
"Kight, Bill, right," aaid tho Admi
ral, amiling through the wave of pain
that rippled acrosa hia faco. "You
woro ahvaya a good eailoc, Bill, but
you'ro ou old hulk uow, liko me."
" Suro cnough, sir, we'ro laid up iu
ordinary now, air; but thero aiu't
nothiu' can wipo out thcm old daya
from tho log book, if they are gone."
The Admiral closcd hia oycs and
murmured, " Gone? Ah!"
" Yea. they'ro gone, aud wo're goin', "
eaid Bill, hia voico thickcuing, " but
wo did our dooty, aud no man can aay
' no' to that."
" Yea, wo did our duty, old ahip
mato, " eaid the Admiral, in a voico
thet had becomo thin aud weak.
" Whoro aro you, Bill? It ia gotting
dark "
Bill'a cap droppcd on tho lloor, aud
hosoized the Adtniral'a hand in his.
Tho othera drow back without a word.
"Shipmnto," 8aid tho Admiral, onco
" Ay, ny, eirl"
" l'm on my laat cruiae, Bill."
"God bloaa you, sir, you'ro comin'
stralght into port, but you ain't dropped
anchor yet."
"Justgoing to, ahipmato," eaid tho
Admiral, whilo tho great gray oyea
atnred atraight ahead.
"Stand hy," eaid tho aailor-man,
A convuhivo cloap of tho witherod
and tho brawny haud, a sigh, and Bill'a
grizzlcd head sunk ou hia breaat.
Tho long voyago waa over, and tho
Admiral had dropped his auchor.
Jamea Harvey Sraith, in Uoiuanco.
Suue to Win. Tho peoplo recog
nizo and appreclato roal mcrit. That
ia why Hood'a Soraaparilla haa tho
largeat sales iu tho world. Mcrit in
mediclno means tho powor to curo.
Hood'a Sarsaparilla curoa abaolutoly,
permanontly curca. It la tho ono truo
blood purlllor. Ita auporlor mcrit ia au
eatnbliahed fact, and morlt witia.
Hood's Pili.8 aro eaay to take, caay
to operato. Curo iudigeation, hoadacho.

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