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E. W. BAILEY & C0 Montpelier, - - Millers' Wliolesale Agents.
You will flnd a nico lino of LndicB' Warm and Fancv Sllpners nt COc. 75a, Sl 00
nnd $1 25. Fnncy Slippcrs for Mcn tuid Boya ot COc, 75j, 1.00, $1 25 and $2 00.
Nico Wurm Beaver nnd Juraey L-sicitigB and Ovargaltcri for LadlcB' and
Miescs. Low Overehoes and Fl cce-LhiP.d Rnbhots nt 60;', 75c nnd 1.00
Iligh Button and Bueklo OvitbIioib ut 8150,8175 aud 2 00 Lndina' und
Gehl's Fclt Shocs, with Felt, Leathur aud llubber Solca. A eood Shecpskin
Moccasiu, lined Ihroughout with honvy drilliug, prico nduced to 1 25, and
many othor attractivn nud scnsotnbb articloB of Fdotwear, which you aro in
vitcd to call and examinc, nt
100 Main Street.
Store Open Every Evening.
W f
and Clenwood
For beauty of deainn and truc nicrii
aro unaurpneaid.
Thoupnnds in uec. Their owucrs ou?
A'l Stoves, llaueen aud Heatine Out-
flts guarantccd satiafaetory.'
No. 60 Main Street
Bargains at the Barre Book Store. Christmas Cards, Books,
Pictures, Bibles, Music and Musical Instruments, Writing
Desks, Portfolios, Inkstands, Fountatn Pens, and a great
variety of useful and ornamental articles, at prices to suit the
times. Remember the place, Gould & Nichols old store,
Quinlin's Bloc7c, No, 3Iain St., Barre,
CHARLES A. SMITH, Proprietor.
Our avallable stooks buow a uecrease of uls.OOO
bushels for November, the flrat time thW bas
ever been. The stooka showed Increases ln the
followlne years a8 followa : 1895, 10,215,000 bu.,
1894, 9,810,000 bu.J 1893, 16,200 000 bu. ; 1892, Yt.-i
747,000 Stocks and afloit Dio. 1, 148,185.000,
belne 10,715,000 less than 1891; Baino date 1895;
30,000,000 less than 1894 ; 42,000,000 less than 1893,
and 27,000,000 leas than 1892.
by February, 1897. From 100,000 to 300,000 bla.
aolil for January delivery. Ou lat inatant only
2G OOObbls. packed and by Jan. 1 cannot exceed
40,000 bbls. Old pork not good for dollvery on
laoT-nntront... E. E. KNO tT.
Woodbury & Walker bldpr.,
HmlinKtou, Vt.
Old, reaponaible, regular
houaea reproaented by
dlrect, prlvate wlre.
Comotory Uoiiimltteo. Iluiltllnt; pnrtults
were granted to IMwnfd O. Vcale, N H.
Nichols, i. 3. Moado, W, L. Ifarrar, Jams
Smlth and V, 11 HilwnrdH. Tlio Oouncll
pasaed a rcHolutlon ltiHtructitiK tlio Clty At
torney to reniove, wltbln ton days, tlio
ImtldltiR on Mlll streof, oroctod by O, N.
Tbo furnlturo atoro of Warner V, Colby
baa Ioiir boon recoKiilzed as boadquartnrs
In Harro for Roods lu tbat lino, and Mr.
Colby'a stoadlly-bicrminlnc p itronase Is tlio
boHt evldonco tuutthu publlo bas loarned to
apprcclato bla nnterprlHo, aud to roly on tlio
reprosoutatlon bo roaktB of IiIh goodn. Ilia
storo, at tlio prosont, ls orowded wltb goodH,
moat Bultablo for bollilay (,'lflft, nml IiIh mi.
tlro forco la kepl btiy frotn inornltiK llll
nlRht. llo baa jtlat rccolved a largo luvolco
of fancy chulra lu varlous atylea and nmv
(lral(jna tbat muko voty acooptablo glf s.
llo alao baa a full llna of .Tup.imwt) acrooua,
plaln and colored pliotornpliB, artlstlu
eaalea, work baakota, brasa and onyx tnbloa,
foot roata. loungeH, couchoa, Tnrklab cbalrH,
wrltliiR deaka, beabba a coinpleto lino of
all atandard Kooda, alwaya fouml ln an np
to date ftirnltuia t'Htnblisniont. Stuall won
dor tbat bla atoro la a buay place tbeao daa.
Tbo atroota of Barro aro allvo wltb boll
dav t.boppora tboae daya, and one of the
prfnclpal placoa of attractlon la tbo wull
knowii dry gooda atoro of Gllloy & Abbott.
Tlioy bnvo now on band afullllnoof lioll
day cooda ln addltion to tbolr regular atbck
wblcb la alwaya coinplete and up wltb the
times. Iu inakinf bla way through tbolr
crowdtd store tbo loporter notlcod a lino of
Iudlan baaketa, mndo to ordor at Oldtown,
Mo , colluloid uoveltlea, iucludliif; all klnda
of tollet articloa, bandkorcblof and glovo
casea, button bozoi. Fancy lnk atanda, ata
tlonery caaea and Japaneao baaketa, rang
iue ln prico from tlftuon to flfty centa woro
found in Rreat varloty, also fancy mirrora.
collar and cnff boxoa, card caaoa, ladlea
Bhopplrjg biiRa, ln leatber, clotb, aeal and
alligator. Tliig llrm la inaViliig a apeclal
diaplay of bandkercbtnfa, from a largo im
port ordor, ranulng from llve oents to S1.25.
Ono apecial value la gunta' batulkeiohlefa,
all llnen, at twelvo and oiu-balf centa; tbe
aamo tliliiR wltb lultial nlneteen centa,
Kld rIovch and umhrollaa, purcbaaed ape
clally for tbo boliday trado, and a llne llne
of ataplo llnen gooda, auch aa bleacb aud
datnaska, towela, etc, ahown by tbia flrm
go a Ioiir way towarda aolvlne tlio problem
wbat t parcbaao for ObriRtuiaa. Qllley &
Abbott liavo recently added to tbolr forco
a youuR lady wlio apeaka Italian tluontly,
and tlio wiadom of tbia baa already beon
amply vorltled.
To cura all old )roa, to beal au lndolent
ulcer, or to apeodily cure pilea, you need
aimply apply DeWltt'a Wltch Ilazel Salvo
according to dlrections. Ita tnaglc-llke ac
tlou wlll aurprlae you. W. E.Terrlll & Co.,
Montpdller, Vt.
Tbere wlll bo no lyceum tbia week, but
Weduesday evoninR thore wlll be a " dona-tlon-party
" at Androw MorBe'a for tbe
benetlt of Kev. N. A. Koaa. r Prepar
atious are belng niade for a fiuo tluae Chrlat
maa nlght A uiualcal and llterary entor
talnuient wlll be glvon wltb tbe uauat
Ohrlatmas treea. The Fletcher Granlto
Coinpany baa auapended operationa, for a
tiuio, at leaat, aud poaaibly all wlnter.
To coinmunlcato wltb
Addreas your lottors to
r, .... 7
FINE GOODS AND CIIEAP GOODS. Wo scll tlio saino Cnndies
40 CENTS tlint aro sold in tlio clty for $1.00.
G. H. GROSS & SON., 101 Main Street.
Always travol witb Cupid, and two rings
travcl with the rin8 wo soll tho ring it
aclf, and tho ring of honesty honosty in
material, workmansbip and prico.
Wlien atlocting a ChriBtmas prosont
cnooeo Bomotning tuat wiu civo tbo re-
cipiont tho greatoat dolight, and will bo
of lasting value,
Diamonds r Watches
uat and Bonnet Brusnes ;
MANICUKE SETS, Paper Cutters, Letter Openers, Cut
Glass Cold Creams, Vinegarottes and Flasks, with
stornng Mountings;
BROOOHES AND PENDANTS, with Diamond Settings.
You wlll Jlntl nll
storo or
tliesc nrticles, nnd innny niorc, tnslefiil fliul vnlitnbio at tlio
i8 given to our stock now by tho
addition of raany pieces of furni
ture suitable for gifts. Wo may
mention particularly euch articloa
as ladiea' and genttemen'a writing
deaks, book caaes, fancy rockers,
china cloaots, tabourotts, etc. but
thore aro lota moro beautiful thinga
to gladden tho heart of givor and re
ceivor. Decide on your furnituro needs
and buy now. Tbis will givo you
the pick of the very best gooda.
80nintnSt.. - - MONTPELIER, VT
The New Lile
National Life of Vermont
. iW Mi 'II l I'
ICnat Iiarro.
l'rofotBor W. E Oorllaa baa a largo claaa
ln vocal liitislc wblcb bo nniots here ovory
Monday evening. I'lill Bherldan oourt
of Forcatora gavo a ball and oyater aupper
ntthoOnera Houso Frlday evnnitiB. Mti
clo waa furnlsbed by Downlnc'a orcheatra.
Work waa begun laat TliOMday on
tbo cellara of tbo tbreo now houaea wblcb
Jofforda Brothera aro to erect on thplr land
on Waablngton Htroot. Sargont Brothera
havo tbelr new block wolt undor way.
: Frank and Frod Martln of Marab
fleld vlaltod tbolrgrandfatber, JacobCutler,
last wonk. Mrs J M. Stono and aon
Kdward of Brooktleld vlaltod at George
Watotmati'a last woek, O. V. Stevons
took a trlp to Iloaton laal week, roturulng
vlu. Nowport, N. II., wbero be mado ashort
atop wltb hla brother.
Mra. Ii. 0. Lanco Ih cloalng out hor folt
1 1 ut-i at coat She bas ala i added to ber
Hlock a full lino of Cbrlatmaa gooda, droaa
linlnga, trltuiulnga, etc, drcaainakitig ln
connectlon. , ,
Tlio achool dlrcctora havo appolnted Dr.
L. W. llurbank auperintondent of achoola ln
place of Ur. Gocdale, retnoved from town,
ChriBttnan ia to bo obaorved at Lowor
Cabot undor tbo au8plcos of tlio reading
club ln tbat placo on Tlitirmltiy evening.
Tho Methodlat Suuday a'-bool at tbevlllaRo
U to partlclpato. At tho Congregational
cburcb in tho vlllage the foatlval will bo
obaervod on Friday ovonlng. A chlckon-pio
aupper wlll bosBrved In tbo veatry.
Wlll tbo good peoplo to wbom tho Lowor
Cabot Itoading Oltclo loaned their cnrtalna
Bome time ago klndly leavo tliem at the
poa'-ofllce at Lowor Cabot thla week?
Cbrlatmaa will bo duly obaorved at tbo
Congregational church on Frlday cventng,
Uecemlier 25, with approprlato oxerclflea by
tho chtldren. Cliicken-pio supper at tbo
cloao. All aro cordlally lnvltod. The
Epwortb Reading Circlo will meot wltb
Mro, Mary AtkUia next Friday evening.
Uev. Dr. A. h. Coopor of Plalnlleld
will occupy the pulplt of tbo Methodiat
churcb Sunday, Deconibsr 27, in oxcbango
with Kov. J. A. Dixon.
About alxty frlenda and relatlvea gath
ert'd at tho realdence of Mr. and Mra.
George Adatns laat, Sattir.lay evening for a
farewell vlalt, aa Mr. and Mra. Ailauia aro
aoon to movo to Barton. They were the re
clpionta of a chalr, a clock, table-jloth and
aeveral Binaller articles for wblcb tbey
were very grateful. Oake and coffeo wero
Berved and a pleaaant oveuing paaaed.
The followlng olllcera of Motrlll Post, No.
71, G. A. It., were elected laat Saturday:
Commander, H. Ij. Kuasell; Senlor Vice
Cotuuiander, E D Burnham; Junlor Vlce
Commauder. Daniel Ilonklna; Adlataut, O.
C. I'helps; Quartermaater, F. L Knapp;
Surgeon, G. Bponcer; Chaplaln, b. Is.
Blodcott: Otllcer-of-tlie Uay. A. fll. uiark
Olucer-of-the-Guard, C. Sliepard. Morrill
ltellef Corpa and Camp Soua of Veterana
are aaalatinir tbe Poat in every poalblo way,
and are in a proaperoua conditiou.
You'll uae one-thlrd loaa of Harmleaa Soap.
Kast Cabot.
MrB. W. I. Abbott ia snoudlne a few dava
In Montpelier. Mra. Wllliaui Carr ia
at work for Mr. Yaw of Plainfield.
Mra. W. Ii. Adama and daughter have re
turned from Toronto. Out.. wbero thev havo
been for the paat few weeka, and are atop
plng at her father'a, E. II. Clark'a.
N. II. Cate Ib out agaln after a hard attack
of the grip.
Olllcera elected by Stowo Poat and lte
llef Corpa for tho year to como aro: Com
mander, T. T. Lamphere; Senlor Vlce
Commander, Charlea Bumpua; Junlor Vlce
Commander, Willard Fay; Surgeon, M. P.
Goodell; Chaplaln. Z. B. Wheeler; Quar
termaater J. F. C. Hammnnd; OIHcer of the
Day, Henry Itlchard; Oftlcer of the Guard,
Lewis Strong. Stowe Bolief Corps: Presi
dent, Nervie L. Foater; Senlor Vice-Preal-dentf
Lizzle E. Fay; Junlor "Vlce-Prealdent,
laabel F. L,eonaru; treaaurer, Jennle F.
Fay; 8eoretary, Lura E. Bancroft; Chap
laln, Alice B. White; Conductor, Roale T.
uumnua: uuaru. uetaey ilonklna: L)ele-
gate to Encampraent, Jonoio E. Lamphere;
Alternate, tsmma o. Jaatman. -
The annual meeting of Wyman R. Bur-
nap (Jamp aona oi veterana (or tne electlon
ot ouicerB ia noxt aaturuay evening.
Remember the whiat party at Memorial
Hall next Frlday evening. Muaio for danc-
lng will be furniabed and refreshmenta will
be served. Tbe cantata eutltleu
Santa Claua' Home will be preaented at
tne unriatlan ciiurcn xnurauay evening,
December 24.
Tou'll uae one-thlrd less Harmleaa Soap
Mr. Lauoo. tbe blackamltb. came near
having a aerious accldentone day laat week
Ho with bla aon, Charlle, was comlng
around tne curve (rom tbe weat road, uown
the hill near Lee Templeton'a, when be waa
thrown out and hla horse ran. Charlle waa
unahle to galn the reina, and Mr. Colllna
stoppbd the horae at hia houae, went back
and belned the unfortunate man whoae iu
lurlos were not fatal. The Bchool
openeu aionuay wuu over twenty pupiiB
and Mra. 15. 'U. Bailey aa teacber.
Mra. M. C. Brown ia with her aon, E. E,
Brown, to remain untll after Cbrlatmaa.
mmer lieliey ib taktng a uuBineaa
courae on Bemmary uui. , isieanor
Blayton has gono to Montpelier to attend
achool at tbe unlon scbool.
Kaat Corlntb.
D. W. Hatch waa at home over Sunday,
Tbe creamery pald ita patrona twenty-one
centa for November butter.
Mra. Estelle George sold ber furnlture at
auctlon, laat week aionuay.
B. S. Norrla returned to Keeue, N. H.. on
Thuraday, where be ia to work the comlng
E. B. Corliaa of Franklin Falla. N. H Is
ln town. Tbe report ia tbat be intenda to
move back to tbis piace.
The Congregattonallata hold their Christ
mas treo in the cliurch, Tbursday evening,
December 21. AU are cordlally lnvltod to
The East Corinth Dramatio Club will glve
an entertalnmont and dance at school-houso
hall next Frlday evening, commenclng at
olutit o'clock. Frank isaatman, tne wou
known elocutloniat and imperaonator, wlll
aaaiat tbe club, aa wiu Aiiaaea Aiauu iisner,
Anna Devoll. Mr. Charlea l'aco and Bev,
W. H. Faunce. A box supper wlll be
aerved, and Malen Ilambleton wlll furnlah
musio for danclng
Scalt eruptlons on the bead, cbapped
banda and lipa, cuta, brulaeB, scaldB, tmrns
are qulckly cured by l)e W itt's Wltcb Ilazel
Salve. It la at preBent tbe artlclemoat used
lor ullea, and it always cures tnem, w. ta.
Terrlll & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
South Duxbury.
Mra. Goorce Nelson is falllna fast
Mofitlncs have been beld for two weeks at
the bome of MrB. Mattle Pbillipa, conducted
by Uoorge liucuinga. a very pieaaant
surnrlBe was clven Mr. anu jurs. v
Samuol Currlor. of tbo Etnoraoti Bchool of
of Oratory, wlll glve an en-ortalnmniit. con-
Bisttng or btimoroua, pathotlo and claasio ae
Icctlona at Vlllago Hall, Monday evening,
Docembor 21. Mr. Currlnr wlll bo aa-
alatod by Harriot M. Foater, pianlat, and
ur lv. ii. uieavea, vionniat.
Mtaa Lna Hatbawav vlaltnd hnr aiator
Ellen at Barro laat week. Mra
A t., a,l(l. Kf.,....l V, tl :,na
..iiiauiin uiiiiin ui mn uuiiinui , il., wno
tho giioat of MrH. Wllliaui Willard laat
week. Tho Montpelier Orcheatra hav
ing dlaappointed tho hall dlwtora for the
alxtb annual, to bo hold at Vllltge Hall
Thursday evening, they havo BUbltltutnd
iiiaiauoira latnoua band ot coucoril, M. li
rno cominllteo m cliarge oi iue
Ohrlatmas exerctaos aro nronarinir a beauti
ful pantomltne and othor approprlato plecos
to bo proaonted at tbat tlmo. Deacon
aud Mra A. A. Clark mado a llylnj vlalt ln
town laat Saturday on tbolr way to Walta
field where thoy wero Cillod by tbo aerious
lllneaa of Mra. Clark'a father. 1 Lena
Clark la convaloacent from typliold fevor.
ino peopie oi liist. Montpelier and
vlclnlty wlll bo clad to leam tbat W. M,
Clark wlll continuo ln the crlat-mtll. havlntr
coiumenced upon bla fniirth year. Thla ln
auri'B satlafactlon to all cuatomerB ln tbat
Nortli Slontpollor.
Our eHteemed nplrrhlmr. 0nrtn W. niinnn.
la aerloUBly 111 wltb pneumonia with very
Ught honea of bla rocoverv. Tbo la-
dles conneoted wltb tbe "Soclal Clrcle" aro
to hold their amiual apron and qultt Bale at
Unlon Vealry hall Saturday evening, De
cember 19, at wblcb tlmo and place "Some
old ladiea of Lavender Town" are oxpected
to bo preaent. Let tbero bo a geueroua
turnout. The Co-onoratlvo Croamerv
Cotnpmy pald tbelr patrona twenty-one
cents for November butter. Charlle
little and E. J. Ilatnblet of thla villaee are
botb upon tho aick ltat. botli liavlntr been
contlned to tbo housn for aoveral daa past.
wju A. lieliey, proprietor ot tbe
ITIeranta olld proteetlon upon mutual plani at the
loweit gnaranleed coat.
IT 1, lmmedlately pajable on proot of deatti, or, alio,
. It a bond, at the eiid of tbe apeclfled tonn.
IT provldea for payroent ot tbe lnsurauce proceeda
on wrltten order of tbe lnaured.
IT la Inconteatable after two yeara from dato ot
ITla automatlcally non-forfeltable, after tbree
yeara, for face araount.
IT Knaranteea moat llberal, endoraed caah,pald-up
and eiteuded Iniurauce valuea,
ITla collateral for loana wltb tbe Companyup to
the Ilmlt aecnted by tbo Kuaranteed caab value,
ITIpartlclpatoa ln aurplua dlatrlbutlnna, aa elected
by the bolder, and allowa lilm all the uaual meth-
oda ot aurplua adluatment known to Inaurance.
JT placea no reatrlctlona on realdence or trayei,
ITla not prejudlced by any occuiiutlon.liicIucllnK
mllltary and navalaervtce ln time of war, after
two yeara f tom date of laaue.
ITila econorolcal, Inconteatable, non-forfeltable and
aajuiiame a poucy oi guaranieea.
S. S. BALLARD, General Apt,
Wheelock Block, Barre.JVt.nvri
Warden Monday evening, by flfty of tbelr
frlends and nelghbora toremind them of tbe
nuptlai tie tive yeara ago, Approprlato re
marks were made by Rev. 0. S. Hulbert,
Cako and coflee were servod and selectlona
of muBlo rendered.
Kast Qlontpeller,
Several of our alucers aro nlanntng to at
tend tbe mualcal conventlon at Groton
Decembor 29, 30 and 31.
O. F. Dudley conducta the Choral Dulon
at Barto wblcb Ia to glvo a coucert in the
Opora Houae Decembor 22. Mr. Dudley
r.alla lt one of tho heat choral claaeea he ever
conduotod. Ho alao baa a choral olaaa
at Williamstown aud alnging-schoola at
Groton, Barnet Center, Danville and Shady
Wby la lt tbat ao few of our peopie attend
churcb? It cannot be for tho want of a
good Bermon to llston to aa Kov. Mr. Cobb
preaches an excellent dUoourso overy SiiU'
day and ia deaerving o a large congrega'
tion, Come and hear hlm noxt Sunday,
and you wlll want to come agatn
fcintrii, Siuuurr i- IJiiduuu (Jk
Establishod 1842. Incorporated 1892.
Contral Massachusctts Dcpot for
Christmas Gift Handkerchiefs.
Ink ball. la to hold a serlea of whiat mttlea.
the (lrst one of tho serlea belng last Tuesday
iclit. uur uilller. M V. H. llolllator.
aa a new roller crlat mlll wblcb bo Ia verv
aoon to put into bla mlll, wltb which he ex
pocts to do good work and very qulckly,
autl wltb tneao aiiueu laciutloa bo bopea to
mcrlt the natronace ot all havini: thla lclml
of work to be done. The next of the
aorlea of whiat partiea at rink hall will oc
cur Wedntaday evening, Jauuary 13. -
1110 itiilenemlent (Jiut) wiu noid tbelr an-
uual fair aome tlmo in tho middle of Janu
ary next. More partlculata later.
MlBBea Alci and Loule Uammett oi l'blla-
delpbia, wbo have been here for Bovoral
weeka past on a vlalt tp tbelr sister, oira. li.
u. llatumott, returneu bome tlils week
Wedneaday. Tbere la to bo a ChrlBt-
raaa coucort at Unlon church thla vlllage,
Sundav evenlntr. December 27. wblcb ia
aure to be very intereatlng and entertalning
anilito wblcb everyone la cordlally lnvlled.
The old way of dellvering mesaagea by
poat boya compared wltb the modern tele
phone, lllUBtratea the old tedloua methoda of
breaklng " colils compared wltb tbelr al-
tnoat inatantaneoua curo by One Minute
Cough Cure. W. E. Terrlll & Co., Mont
pelier Vt.
ivortn iaysion.
W. S. Cutpinau baa been in town the
nast week. Mra. C. B. Poiter haa
gono to Waitsfield to vlalt her aister, Mra.
M. Uarroll. : Mra. U. r . Posnett liaa
nnrchaaed a Packard organ from J. P. Don-
ovan of Montpelier. Leater Portor
and Gene amltli buve gono to Lynn, Masa.,
into tho restaurant bualneaa. Mra.
Ellza J. Andrews. wlfe of Georce Andrewa
of Duxbury, dled Monday of Brlgbt'a dia
eaae. She waa the oideat daughter of Mr.
and Mra. John Neill.
West Fairlee.
Ned George ia home from St. Johnabury
Academy for a few daya. Charlle
Htevens oi .East Barre baa been ln town tbe
paat week. Wllliam Paul and Almon
Johnson have had new furnacea put into
tbelr houaea and C. W. Bliaa is aoon to have
ono. John Cook, who haa beon aerl-
usly 111 wltb typhold tever la convalescent.
wuuam liowroy or wnite itiver
Junctlon apent Sunday in town. Mra.
We buy theso goods by hundreds of thousands, and can
offor you best goods at the very lowest prices.
lMctorlu Ilninlkaruhlnfa
Kor tho little Kolki, beautlfully colnroit atnl faH
color. All tho nursery storlei anrt dltttea, band
aomely llluatrated, very amualnK, ,
Sc each or SOo a il-izon.
Lidles' plaln white liematltcheil llindkerclil.ifa or
wltlionon Uc work cornera, or wltli colored be ii
atltched borrtera, 5o ech
Oentlemeu'a henntl chsd pUln whlto or with
colored bordera, Urxe alzu, 5c oich
See wht wonderful lUndkerohlofa you cin et
for IX"
I.a"(ll08' Swlaa embroldered, opoa or ctmo ntyte.
BColloped edi?e, each
Ladiea' plaln Llnen, oxtra llne qualltr, lKinett to
Irincii hninitltclied. I.'W': each
Oentlemen'a l.tnen hematltcheil, oxtra uno, larKer
than uaual. Iheae hanilkerchiera have alwaya been
20e,any wldth hein, Waeach,
Oentlemen'a unlaundered, all Ono llnen, beautiful
evon hematltch, plaln whlto, or mitio with colored 1
bordera. apecial vaiue lor unriaunaa, ijaui;ii
Christmas Gift Handkerchiefs at 25c each.
At thla nrlce we nronose to ecllpae all former I
aeaaona by our auperb olturliiRS. 1
Ladiea' Swlaa or Irlsh hand embroldered, Lawn or
innn. fttuir n nr diitible uattern of embroldery.
posltively thouaanda of dllferent patterna, polnted or
acollop edge, 5c each
Oentlemen'a flne Llnen, full alze. hematltcneil lil
to Xlnch wlde, hem. Theae aro a splendia every
day llandkerchlef, Hne regular weave and a re,il
beauty, Me each
Our Ladiea' or Onnts' Ilandkerchlara at 5UC eacn
coinprlae the very flnest and mot elaborate dealgna,
both ln 8wia Lawn nnd Irlah Llnen, and the flneat
pure llnen hematltchod of the moat perfect deacrlp
tlon, auy wldth here you want.
Inltlal Ilaiulkcrclilcrs.
Note our nrlcea on all thoae Oooda, they aro lower
than ever before quoted, eapeclally for all Sllk
Lyon Is 111.
Mrs. H. L Gilman was nulte 111 a. few
daya laat week.
The Ladiea Aid aocloty is.to hold a bazaar
Tbursday and Frlday.
The renatra on .Tamns-Hurtoa's resldeuce
are nearly completed.
Jeasle Blanchard expects to return to her
school at Ferrisburg,, veiy soon.
A number of voung peoplo attendeu a
promenade at, Weat Barnet laat Thuraday
Mrs. Lelghton and, aon ot Newbury wore
gueats at F. P; Do wna' a few daya laat week,
Miaa Mtldred Weld of New Haven, was
ln town last week, vlsitlng at F. M. weld's.
Tho work on tbehorse sbeds for the Meth
odlst church ln Westvllle,. was recently fln-
Robert Heath's daughter, Annie, who
was badly ahaken up by a fall on tbe lce, la
well agaln.
Sllaa Morrison haa been worklng in
Cbarles Corruth's blackamltb ehop for
aome time.
The hlcher denartment of the vlllace
scbool has a very large nurnber of puplls
tbis wlnter.
Dr. S. N. Eastman is attendlng Wllliam
Eastman ot Topsham, who haa been aerious
ly 111 wltb broncmtis.
Stenhen Welch and wlfe of Westvllle, are
to be tendered a reoeptlon to-night by tbelr
many admlrlng irlenda.
Tbe many frlends of Sllaa Morrison, and
Mrs. Ozro Nourse were surprlaed to leam
of their uarrlage wblcb occurreu at a re
cent date.
Tho funeral of Mra. Frank Mlller. who
dled last Thursday nlght, at ber home in
Topabam, was held in the Baptlst church
laat Sunday afternoon.
Mrn. Horace Ilood's Sunday-school class
apent last Frlday evening at their teacher's
1 I ,TT 1 1 , . , , 1 . 1
resmence in weaiviue, uuu eujuyeu luoiu
aelves playing gamea and pulllng molaaaes
The muBlcal conventlon. wblcb Is to be
beld December 29, 30 and 31, promlaes to be
a vnrv lntflrestlni? erent. A number of
Blngers of ablllty have been engaged and it
ls hoped the affair will be a succesa, as waa
tbe one ueiu uere last winter.
The ladles' Fancv Bazar wlll be beld
Tbursday and Friday afternoon and evening
ln tbe vestry ortbe flietuouist cnurcu. au
mlaslon to tne aale wlll bo free, alao to tbe
entertalnment glven Tuurauay evening,
Frldav evenlne tbere wlll bo an oyater aup
ner aerved ln the ladles' patlor, A cordlal
invltatlon ia extended to all.
The nuestlon of formlng a higb scbool
lmrn Is bolnt? acltated auito a little.
trroftt, raanv nunlls would be accommodated
by sucb a scbool, and of thls number many
are unable to attend a Blmllar achool else
wbere. It la hoped that tbe mattor will be
puBbed, ana aouotiess Bome ueniute acnon
wiu uo taKen at juaruu mooiiuy.
Archlo Emerv. who carrles the matl be
t ween the vlllage and Westvllle, wblln on the
road met with an accldent from wblcb be
bannlly escaped wlthout iniury. Ula horae
became frlcthtened at a number of boya slld
lng, and madly broke Into a run, turnlng
out 01 tbe blgnway ana going over a pue oi
st.nnes The onlv occunant ot the Blelgh
Jumped out, as be was unable to coutrol the
lnfurlated anlmal. Tbe horse ran about a
mlle and was flnally stonped, after having
badly demollshed the slelgb, but did not
roceive any Inlurles ttseu.
Mra. KtlzA Rmarv. who has beon VOrv 111
ls mucb improved. M. D. Coffrin wbb
nnltn III lnat. wonk. O. G. MorrlBO
annnt Rundav with frlonds ln Llttlotou
N. II. ; N. R. Darllug waa out of town
a number of daya laat week, buying oxen to
Thk old lady waa right when she aald the
cblld mlgut dle li tuev waueu xor tne noo.
tor, blio aavetl tne niiio one a iue wiiu i
fw ilnafid nf One Mlnuto Cousb Cure. Sh
had uaed lt for croup before. W. E. Terrlll
& Co., Montpelier, Vt.
ChiUlrou'a Jap. Sllk Inltlal, very llne quallty,
marked any letter you want ln white or colora,
loweat yet, only 8c eacli
(lentlninen'a Flne Sllk Inltlaled. The srade alwaya
aold before at 37c, 29c
Thla la a aplendld barRaln.
Oeutlomon'a allk InltUled, very larpro alze, wltb
wlde hurder and lare brocade l lnltUI, open work
atyle, a splndld presentatlon handkerchlef, tba
uaual 75c artlcle, 5l)c each
The aamo Kr.vle, only largor, with larirer brocado
lace, mounted inoiioram letter, tho ordlnary S1.U0
grade. 15 centa
l'lala homitltehed Udtoi'or Kent'a flne cream allk,
bUck or white '25c,3Jkc. SOo, 75candgl.UO
(More prlce, more hauukerchlef.)
Lawn or Linen Inltlal Handkorclitcfa,
flentlemeu'a unUuudered, hand emhrotdored,
letter beautiful, rerful.ir hemstitch, l-'c each
Ltdlea' mill Inltlal, hemttttched, 12Jc each
Oentlemen'a large Inltlal, wlde hem, 12aC each
Gsntlemon'a large haudkerchlef, with hand em
broldered open work letter, 25c each
Ladles' amall Inltlal, tho new "Scrlp Capltal"
atyle. very uoat aud olegaut, eitra flne hemititcb,
any wldth, 25c each
Ladiea' large Inltlal, monogram capltal, 25c 6ach
Grntlumcu'a Sllk .llufllers.
There la onlv O.VU TIIIN'lla centlemanhad rather
have round hla collar than a SILK MUFFLEB. llat
t!a a thlug whlch can not be purchaaed.
The variety found thla Chrlatmaa la enormoua.
Satln brocade, plald allk, dark or Dght apottcd, or
plaln; black, cream or white, allk or cloth, 75c, Sl.OO,
gl.M. S 1 .50, 82.00, or 83.00. VUrlety practlcally
Windsor Sllk Tlea. Tho tiaual aaortment of all
dealrable atylea, 25c and 50c each
Llbcrty Scarfs Tor tho Ladles,
All colora, full alze, aoft and comfortlng. Uaually
83.00. Thla aeaaon, 81.25
Full size, " with or without" Haraburg Insertings, lace open
work borders, tucks and lace, 50 difierent k'nds.
25c, 37 I -2c, SiOc or 75c each.
Handkerchiefs, Baskets and Fancy Goods
In thls lino of coods adanted to the
holiday trado we have Bimply an im-
D3CU80 assorimeni. no wiu juat eu-
umerate a few of tho many pretty
thinga, for to tsll you of all of them, it
would take a Rreat many patjcs. First,
t e it ii Ll.f.
we want to Bpeatc ui xiuuuKurouieiB.
XTrt ln avrtr hnrl inn mnnv nf t.hfim.
Ti,exr - nlwnvj nooontable. und make
J J 1 .
$ good practical preaent.
I. 200 dozen Tlain White aua Uol-
ored Bordercd Handkerchiefs, good
size and quallty, big assortment to se
lect from, at only 5c each.
II. 50 dozen Fine White Embrold
ered Handkerchiefs, over 40 patterna
to eelect from, at 15c each, or 2 for 25c.
TII 30 dozen White Embroldered
HandkerchiefB. You will be surprieed
at the beautiful patterna in this lot,
ana oniy aoc eauu.
iy,25 dozen Handaotnely Em
broldered Handkerchiefs, some of which
are all Pure Llnen, at 85c, 60c, 76c
and $1.00.
V. 15 dozen Gentlemen'a Handker
chiefs, In Plain White and Colored
Border, at 10c each, or 3 for 25c.
VI. 25 dozen Gentlemen's Plain
White, Unlaundered, All Linen, Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs, made especially
to our order in Belfaat, Ireland. Thoy
aro worth 20c. Our spcclal price, 2
for 25c.
VII. 25 dozen Gentlemen's Un
laundered, All Linen, Hematitched
Handkerchiefs, with Hand Embroidered
Inltlal, really worth 25c each. Our
speclal price, only 10c each.
VIII. 15 dozen Gentlemen's AU
Silk, Hemstitched Initial Handker
chiefs, one of our best sellers at this
time of year, at only 50c each.
We wish to call special attention to
our Iudian Baskete.
While on our vacation this summer,
wo saw some of the Indians from the
Indian Village in Old Town, Maine,
and gavo them an order for Baskets to
be mado up and sent along for our
boliday (trade. As a result, we have
some Beautiful Baskets made by these
cunning workmen. The prices aro
moderato, ranging from 20c to 1.60
eacb. Just a fow Indian Canoes for
Come and see this pretty assortment
of genuine Indian Baskets.
A PARTIAIj directory of our
Fancv Ribbons nt 6 and 10 cents por
yard. Umbrellas, in Silk and Gloria,
for men and womon, from GO cents
to 84 00.
Kid Gloves, Pocket Books, Shopping
Bags, Souvenir Spoons, Pin Trays,
Work Baskets, Stationery Boxes, Mir
rora, Jewel Cases, Pin Cushions. A
creat variety of Celluloid Novolties too
iiumorous to mention. Come and see.
OgjTOur store will be open every
oveuing until January lst. Wo would
aay here that our store is thoroughly
lighted by the nsw electric systeru,
making lt as light as day ln every
nook aud corner.
Ono Lot Japanese Goods, consisting of Cups and Saucors,
Plates, Tooa Pts, Pitohors and Fanoy Sido Didhos. Theso aro all
dainty and pretty, good enough for any sidoboard or china
closet. Tho regular pricos rango from 26o to $1.00. Wo shall
oloso this lot Saturday, at just
One Half Price,

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