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is given to our stock now by tbo
addilion of many piccos of furni
turo suitablo for gifts. Wo may
montion particularly such artlclos
as ladies' ntid gentlcmcn's writing
dcsks, book cases, fancy rockors,
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tho pick of tho very bcet goods.
80 IWuln St., - - BIONTrKLIKK. VT.
Tlie New 11 Opin Polfcy
National Life of Vermont
-- IS
IT'prants solld protectlon upon mutual plaus at the
lowest guaramced cost.
IT U liumerilately pajable on proof of death, or.aUo,
U h i oiid, at the end of the speclQed terra.
IT provldes for paymeut of the lnsurance proceeds
ou wrttteu order of the lusured.
IT U lucoutcstable after two ycars frora dato of
ITls ftutomatlcally non-forfeltablo, after threo
years, for face amouut,
IT KDaraniecit most llberal, endorsed cash.jiaid-up
and extended lnsurance values,
ITls collateral for loans wlth the Companyup to
the Umlt pecured by the puarunteed cash value,
IT partlcltiates ln surplus dlstrlbutlons as elccted
by the liolder, and alluws hlmall tlieueualmeth-
ods of surplus adjustnient known to lnsurance.
IT places no leetrlctioiiB on resldence or trayel.
ITls not prejudlced by any occupatlon, tucludlng
mllltary aiid naval servtco ln time of war, after
two years from date of tsauo.
IT 1s economical, lncontestable, non-forfeltable and
adju&table a policy ot guarauteea.
S. S. BALLARD, Generai Agent,
Wlieolock niock, Barre, Vt.
Tlie nnnual ineethiR of the Stnckholders of the
Vlrst National Uitnk of Montpelier, for tho elec
tlon of Dlrtctori and tlie transaction of other lepal
buslnesn, will belielcl at tlie t lllce of tho ltank, 41
State htreet, Tneaday, Januury 12. IM7, at two
o'clock r. M. A (1. KA'ION, Caahler.
Montpelier, Yt., December 17, 181)6.
You will flnd a nice lino of Ladies' Warm and Fancy Slippers at 50c, 75c, S1.00
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CRQSS cft? SQr
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4.0 CEK1S tlint nro sold iu Uiocltyfor $X.OO.
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Glass Cold Creams, VinogarottoB and Flasks, witn
Sterling Mountings;
BROOCHES AND PENDANTS, with Diamond Sottings.
You ivlll llnd nll
tlicfco nrliclcs, nnd
Htoro of
Tlioro aro to be tho ujual Chriatmaa exor.
clsas at tlio cliurch, Thuraday ovonlng.
Kov. J. J. Goodacro holda uieotlnga Stm
day attornoon in tho Loomla Bchool-hoii80.
Mr. and MrB. Artliur Buck aro at Saranao
Lake, N. Y., for tho bonoflt of Mra. Buck'a
Harloy, lltllo son of 0. II. Stowart,
boon vory alck tlio paBt wook wilh
Tlio Hervlcos at Graco CliurcU Sunday
ovonlnR woro of moro tlian ordln iry Intoroat.
Captaln E. II. Nyo rotnrned froin Now
port laat SUurduy, whero lio lias boon vlalt
Iiir relatlvca for a fow day. Uo reports tho
Rlolgldng as vory good tip tlioro.
Mr. and Mrn. F. II. Bickford woro lnado
liappy last wook Tut'.sday by tlio blrth of au
olRlit-poiiiul boy wblch Fred says will bo
ablo to anslBt hlm tn tho croatnory beforo a
Kroat many days.
Gliarlea Komp of Bristol, N. II., Is
stopping wltb hia auut, Mra. W. E. Gago,
anu reraatnud over Stinilay. ilia volco waa
another addltlon to the cholr at the Congre
gatlonal cliurch.
Santa Glaua will dofor hla vlalt to West
Bradford untll Frlday ovonlnu, when ap
propriate ozorclaoa will bo lielil at tho
cliurch. Tliero will also bo a OlirUtaias
troe at the Conter tbo aame ovoning.
Mlsa Nolia Smbom lias arrlvod bomo
frotn Waterbury wboro ahe bas boon toacli
ine, and good reporta follow hor. Tho poo
plo of Bradford ull fcel woll pleaaed at hor
markod auccosa, aa hIio Is a graduato of
Bradford Aoiilomy.
Last Thuraday inornlnp, boforo dayllght,
the hired man of W. C. Willlauis hitched
ii p hia liorBo, best barnosa, aleigh and robes
and lnft for parta uuknown. Mr, Willlama
haa lookud and telvgraphed to Boveral of
tho adjoining towns but no traco of tnan or
toam cau bo fo'iud,
GhrlatmaB exorclaoB will bo liold at Graco
Clmroli Thuraday ovcningat lmlf-pastBevoii.
Tho procram Includea au oriKiual (.tory and
au origiual pooui, botli wrltltn etpeclally
for tlie occasion. Tho imiaical part of tho
prograui is reculving duo attention, and
will includo several aoloa. Tho chorus of
children nuuibora ovor tliirty.
Tlio lecturo at VIUbrb Ilall la?t Saturday
by J. LoavlU Mlllor waa woll aitonded by a
vory appreclative bikIIhiicu and aa a whole
waa not only lntereBthiR, but very bijno
Hclal. Buiiday ovenluR Mr. Mlllor spoke tn
a largo audience at the GongreRatlonal
church whioh alao tonda to show that the
paoplo of thia violulty all approoiated bis
lucturo of tbo nlght bofore.
H. C. McDuffoe prosented to tho Bradford
Public Iiibrary, laat week, anotlior lot of
rarrf bookB, whicli lio haa beon collectlng,
inoluding "A Narttive of Gnl. Ethan
Allon's Gaptivity from 1775 to 1778," writton
by hiuiselfj Slado's "Vermont State
rapora:" Morae's Gazatoer of New Eng
land; Iltyward's New England Gazeteer;
and Morae's " Geography of the World," ln
two large volumea. As Bradford haa the
honorof having the llrst charterod llbrary
in the state, Mr. McDuffee la trylng to mako
the preaent llbrary tbo moat complete of
any in Vermont ln regard to the biatory of
Vermont and Vermontora and the early
Colonial timea. Any donation or collnc
tiou on this, hia favorito lino, will be ap
preciated by hlm and by the Llbrary Ab
sociation " Excusk me," obaerved tbo man ln Bpeo
tacloa, " but I am a aurgeon, and that is not
wbero the Uver Is." " Nover you mind
whore his liver is," retorted tbe other. " If
it waa in hla big toe or hia loft ear DeWitt's
Little Early Uisers would reacb it and
sbako lt for hlm. On that you can bet your
glg-lamps." W. E. Terrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
Bradford Conter.
Theron Aldricb bas gone to Orfordvllle,
N, II., to work at lumberlng for Goorgo
Bampaon. Hiram Fortor recently fell
whlle fixing hia dam, and cut a large gasb
ln bia acilp. Hoianow able to be out again.
FrauclB Porter bas moved Into tbo
house on the lowor plaln formerly occupled
by the late Wlllard Porter.
Mra. F. J. Partrldge and children went to
tholr bomo iu Worcoster, Maaa., last Thura
day, The First and Sicond cburcbes held a
unlon meeting at tbo First church, last Sun
day evonlng.
Edward Glysson and several otberB from
town attended the funeral of Goorge Blgo
low In Barre on Monday of laat week.
Ilarry Jonea and Miss 7.o Fullam wero
married laat Saturday ovening, tbo aervice
Store Open Every Evening.
101 Main Street.
o:o oooo oooooooo
Always travol with Cupid, and two rings
travel with tho rings wo sell tho ring il
solf, and tho ring of honesty honesty in
inaterial, workmanship and prico.
When Belcctlng a ChrlBtraaB proeont,
choose something that will give tbo rc
cipient tho greatest delight, and will bo
of lasting valuo,
Diamonds Watches
Cuttors, Lottor Oponors, Cut
innny inore, tnslcful nnd vnlunblo nl tlio
bolng porforuiod by ltov. (J. II. Morao at tbo
Mra. Annottn Grlawnld, wbo la spondlng
tbe wlntor in l'laltiflf Id on account of tbo
illnnns of hor daughter, Mrs Lcator Abbot,
mado a aliort vialt bero last wook,
Tho Bunday-school of tho Second cliurch
is to havo a Chriattnaa ontortalnmont In tho
vostry of tbo clmrcli ou Frlday ovonlng.
Thoro will bo rccltationa by nioinbcra of tho
achool and miiBlo approprlato for tbo occa
sion, besidos tho uaual attractlon for tho
chlldiou, tlio Ghristmaa troo and diatribu
tlon ot prosonts.
A tolcgram waa rocolvod by W, O. Glark
on Monday of laat wook, Informlng hlm of
tho doatb of his brothor, Gharloa Glark, at
bia hoino ln Gharloatown, Masa., on Mon
day mornlng. W. O. aud U. A. Glark, Jr.,
nnd Mias Mltinlo Glark wont by the nlght
train on Tueaday to bo prcsont at tha fu
neral sorvlces whlcb woro bold on Wodncs
day. Miaa Minnlo Glark la vlalttng ln Mllford.
Mbbb, The Orange hnld Ita annual
mootlng for tho electlon of ofllcers and othor
bualnosa on Frlday and tlio Itollef Corpi on
Saturday ovening. Tlio Good Tem
plara bad a Boctal and shlnglo party a( Cas
bIus Pock's laat Saturday oTOfllng.
Mrs. Laura Allla la visitlng at tlie homo of
hor diiigbter ln St. Johnsbury.
You'll uae one-third Iobs of Harmlosa Soap.
Tbo Grand Army post, Sons of VotoranB
camp and Morrlll Itellof Corpa, wilh tholr
famlliea, aro to moot at Grand Army hall on
Tuoaday evening, Januaiy 5, when tho
tbreo organlzationB will bo duly ltiBtallod.
At tbo llrst rogular mcotlng ln Decembor
Morrlll liellef Corpa elected the followlng
ofllcera to eorvo tho enauing yoar: Preal
dent, Mra. Abble Limpaon; aenlor vico,
Maria Dow; Junlor vlco, Lllla Davlaon;
aecrotary, J. Marla Myersj troaauror, Flor
ence O, Voodry; chaplaln, Joanotto Klm
lnll; conductor, Luollt Freeman; guard,
Luella Pdck: asaistant comluctor, Etta
Uainea; aaalatant guard, Faatlna Iloyt;
dologato, Julla Ilorrlck; altornato, Luella
Fretiman. The corps haa adiled Boveral
new mombers duriiig tho past year and is
in a vory proaporous couditlon to begin tho
work of tbe new year.
Suddenly and wlth but sbort warnlng tbe
Death Angel enterod tho bomo ot CheBtor
Walkor laat Frlday nlght and clalmod tholr
loved daughtor Winnlo aged sevonteon
years. Althotigb for a fow montha paat hor
hoalth bad boon failing, yet hopea wore en
tertalued of hor recovory. Iler funeral waa
held ln the Gongregatlonal church on Sun
day afteruoon, Hov. II. L. Hirtwell olll.
ciatlng. The Ghrlatian Endeavor Society
and lodge of Oood Tomplars attendod in a
body, each society furniahing a floral offor
iog ln teatiinony of tholr love and OBteom
for ono of tbeir worthy mombera. Sho wa8
alao a memberof tho Gougregational cliurch.
Her proaonco at Sunday-achool and olae
whero will be miaaed aa woll aa ln tbe bomo
Yon'll ubo one-third loaa ot Harmlesa Soap .
Rast Cabot.
Ethol. dauchter of A. L. Burnbam. bas
been quite 111 the paat wook. 1 Mr. and
Mra. E F. Clark of St. Jobnslniry vialted at
E II Olark'a last weok. Thore is to
bo a Chriatmaa troe at tbo achool-house.
M. S. Abbott of Barre bas been at
N. K Abbott's the paat fow days.
Oftlcers of W. K. Burnap Cami
an Kons ot
VValter Q.
Eaatman: First Lieutenant, Edward A.
Lamphere; Second Lleutonant, Will D.
Peck; Chaplaln, Dustin Georgej First Ser
geant, Lee W. Leonard; Second Lieuten
ant, Will L. White; Srgoant of tho Guard,
Frank Eastman: Prlnclnal Mualcian, Glil-
ford Bllas.
Over fifty counlos woro ln attendance at
tbe wbiat party and dance at Memorlal Hall
last Frlday nicbt. The next ono of the se-
rlos will be Thuraday ovening, Decembor
31 Remember the cantata at the Clirls
tlan church Thuraday evfning. , Tho
Ladies' Aid bave a " Poverty Party " at
Van Ornam'a Hall noxt Monday evening, to
furnlab a dear old friend wlth a now ovor
coatand spectacloa.
Scalt eruntionB on tbe bead. channed
bandB and lins. cuts, bruiBoa. scalda. burns
aro qulckly cured by DeWitt's Witcb Ilazel
Salve. It is at present the artlclemoat uaed
for pllea, and It alwaya cures them. W. E.
Terrill & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
lCust Calais.
Tho Chrlatmas exercises bv the Sundav-
school will be held at Unlon church Thura
day ovening. Ituaaell Wboolock re
turned last woek from a visit ot several
weekB with hla brotbor'a famlly in Canada.
Frank JSaatman wont to East Cor
inth last Frlday evoninc to take nart ln an
entertainment beld tlioro that ovening.
The annual iiiootlnc of the Unlver-
Ballst Society of Calais will be held at tho
resldeuce of
A. D. Poarce Monday evonlng,
January 4
Wtilttler's ulrthuay was
obaerved by Mlas Wllaon's Bchool by appro
prlate oxerclaea. Quite a good many vial
tors wore present. The Ladies' Leaguo
presenteu tlio urama " Tho Jflowor ol tho
Famlly " at Unlon church on the ovenlniis
of Decembor 10 and 11. The parts wero
well asaigued aud eacb cbaractor well aus
talned. It was a succesaful venture for tho
ladios in cbargo aud they realized a snug
little Binn. A good congregatlon at
tended the Chriatmaa aervice laat Sunday
mornlng. The sormon by Mlss Goldtb walte
was vory lmpreaaive and appoaled to all
children preaent. A tlne muaical prograinme
waa reudered.
& You'll uao one-third leas Harmless Soap
Goorgo T. Ilebard Command, Union Vet
erana' Union, bave chosen tho followlng
ofllcera for tho ensulng year: Colonol, E, F.
Peters; lleutonant colonel, B. II. Adams;
raajor, Goorgo W. Davls; surgoon, J. M.
Sauford; chaplaln, J. II. Griflln; olllcor Jof
tho day, F. E. Davlaj ofllcor of tho guard,
II. B. Lyford; adjutant, L. C, Aldricb;
quartermaater, M. O. Goburn,
Tho sudden collapao of the caae ot Dexter
v. Moore, for which seo tbo court nows. was
au untimely blight to tbe expectatlons of
many cuizeiiB wno wero wamne tneir turn
to toatlfy. ; Frank J. Thorne and wlfo
bave gone to Boston for the winter,
Artbur A. Abbott is working ln Fred E.
Atklna' harnoas aliop. s Jamea Haa-
kln, Jr., ia back in tho atoro again.
W. F. Davla and wlfo bave cone to Jack
aonville. Fla whore Mr. Davis la steward
of St. Jamea Ilotel through tbe winter
Beason. 1 Eunie A. Noyes bas been ap
polnted town llquor agent. . Clarence
Gorllss and wlfo are at J. B. Corliss' to stay
througb tbo winter. . Gail G. Hood is
at bome for a tbree weeka' vacatlon from
Wells College. Mra. Abblo L. Davis
becan. on Monday. a term of Bchool tn dia
trict No. G. White a number of boya
wore allding near scbool-bouse No. 7, on
Frlday, a sloil was overturnod and Boveral
boyB wore tbrown upon each othor, wlth
tbo Berlous reault of breaktng tbe leg above
tbe kneo, of Simon, aon of Marcollus C. Al
len. Tlie limb was aot by Dr. Gosa, und tlio
boy la dolug woll. Prlnclpal W. II.
Gummlngs of Meridou, N. II., with bls
daughter Julla and Miss Wbeoler ot Con
necticut, la at A. II. l'owers througb Ghrist
maa week. Tbo OhrlBtmaa aorvlco
and troo at the Metbodlat church will bo ou
Thuraday ovening, and at tbo Gongroga
tional church on Frlday nvenlng, tho latter
beginnlug at balf-paat bIz o'clock,
Kaat Corinth.
Tho Youncr Peonlo'a Clirlstiau Unlon of
tho UniverBallBt society will glvo on Now
Year'a nlght a concort conststlng ot lnatru
mental and vocal inualc. Tho followlng
local talent will appear: Goorgo DeVoll,
lleury Cbaae, W. II. Fauuco, Miaa Ger
tmdo Ghaao, Miaa Maud Flslier, Misa Hut
tio Tlioinpaon, Tlio eutortalnment will end
wltb a promenado. A box mippor will be
served, tbo Unlon will provlde coffee freo.
Admission ten conta.
The entertainment and danco given by
the East Corinth dramatlo club ln Bchool
bouae ball paaaod off in a very Bucceaaful
manner. Evory ono that attonded waa
hlgbly ploasod. Frank Eaatman, tho glftod
olocutlonlat and lmporsonator, aaslatcd the
club. Ha ronderod Boveral plrcoa ln oxcel
lont atylo. Hla roiidoring waa recelvcd
wltb groat enthuslasm and bo waa fro
quontly oncorod. Tho club foola grnatly
lndohtod to hlm. Tho inatruinontal miialo
by Milon Ilambloton and otbors waa hlghly
appreclated; tho vocal muslo, conalsting of
aoloa by local talent waa hlghly cnmmem led,
eapocially tho solo by MIbs Fiahor.
Wost Corinth.
Artbur Blako bai flnlahtid bls work at
East Barre and roturnod bomo.
Mr, Hobnrta of Lowell, Maas., was a gtiost
at Goorgo Maynard's on Sunday.
A valuablo colt bolonctlng to J P. Wlg
glna dlod laat wook, Gauso not known,
Wllllam Burrougbs, formerly of thia
placo, but for tlio paat tbrno jhiub a roal
dent of Matne, recontly vialted hia trionda
nnd rolatlveB bore, roturnlng laat woek.
ICust Montpollor.
Several couploa from Montpelier and
Barre attondod tho slxth annual danco laat
Thuraday evening. Blaladell'fl orcbestra
of Concord, N, II., diacouraed aome lino
muaio and a moat enjoyable tlme waa had.
. The Eureka Granlto Quarry Com
pny bas clo:od Ita Bhod dopartment untll
after tbe holidays. Mr. and Mrs. O.
II. Edling will ap'nd Chriatmaa and Now
Year'a wltb Mra. Edllng's parenta at Suna
peo, N. II. 1 Cbarles N)rtb was ar
rostod Sunday nlght by Policeman O. A.
Keed and Second Gonstablo J. II. Boro for
lntoxlcatlon. Ho was takon to Montpelier
and lodged In Jill. Monday ho was brought
bofore Enqulre Wheelock, pteaded euilty,
and waa flnod S19.21 for a aocond offenso.
A. F. Stovena bas been 111 for a fow
days but la reported better.
You'll uae one-third less of IlarmleBa Soap.
North Montpollor.
Dr. J. II. Mayo, chairmun of the board of
examlning plijHlclaria, ponslon dopartment,
waa here upon ofllclal bualuoas one day last
Tho quilt and apron festlval at Unlon
veatry, held laat Saturday evening, under
tho auspicoB of the Ladies' Aid Society, was
a auccoaa. Tho charmiiig oporotta, "The
aovon old maida of Lavender Town " waa
woll rondored and elicitod well morited ap
plauao from tho audience. Tho lucky tickot
lioldera on tlie quita wero G. L. Short and
Gharloa N. Willlama. Much praiao should
be given to Profoaaor and Mra. O. K. IIol
liater and Mrs. J. W. Buttorlleld for tbo
auccess of tbe eutertalnmont. Thu groaa
recelpts woro about S35
George W. Ghaao, a hlghly reapected clti
zon of Calala, dlod at hia liouio near tlila
vlllage Tuesday of laat weok. Ilia funeral
waa from hla late bome Frlday, Hov. J.
Edward Wrigbt of Montpelier, aaslated by
Kev. Josepb Cobb, ofllciailng. The Inter
nient waa at our vlllage cemotory. Wyo
ming Lodge, No. 60, F. and A. M., of
wblch bo waa an bonored member, took
cbarge of tbe burlal services at the grave.
As can rarelv be aaid of a neraon. bo on-
joyed tho univoraal reapect and estoom of
every ono wno Know ium, anu ln this sad
bereavemont the family haa the hoartfoft
sympathy of a larga clrclo of acquaintauces,
neiguuora anu irienua.
Mlas Blanche SpiuUUnrr. wbo baa been
ln Boston for Boveral montbs paat, at tbe
Boston Training School, is homo to atay
over Cbrlsttnas and New Years, after
which wo underatand ahe ia to return to ber
atudies. Blanche bas lota of frlenda in this
vlclnity who extond to ber a cordlal wel-
come homo. : Gnarllo and Helen M.
Knigbt, Rutb Sdow, Maud Gray and Olare
Lawleas, all atudenta at Goddard Semicary,
are homo . durlng tbe boliday vacatlon.
ProfesBor and Mra. O. K. Holllater
of Goddard Semlnary are snondlntr tbe holl
day vacatlon wltb Prof. Holllator's parenta,
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Holllater.
You'll uae one-third less of HarmlossSoap.
Mr. and Mrs. Ransom Wood and Mr.
Frank Wood of Randolph and Clarence
Wood of Barre attended tbo weddlng of
Henry E. Wood and Ida M. Thompaon.
Thero waa a nretty bomo woddlncr at tbe
reaidence af Mr. and Mra. J. B. Thompaon,
laat week Tueaday, when tbeir daughter
ida waa uniteu in marriage to iienry a.
Wood of Wllllamatown. Itev. E. S. Fiske
waa tbe olJciating clergyman.
Hucb Balrd bas bullt a Bnlendld barn.
wltb all the latest improvementB. Ho lias
alao mado extensive improvomenta on his
house, and aa tue wnole work la completed,
a large number of bia frienda and nelghbora
invaded bia reaidence, laat Frlday evening,
to givo hlm a hearty " liouse-warming.'
Cake and coffoo wore served, and all had a
jolly good tlme. McLaughtin & Ilouses'
orcuestra lurnisueu muaic.
A curioalty exiats near the resldeace of J.
P. Brownoon tho fartn formerly occunled
by Mason Boycn, but now owned by George
I'olsom, I' rom tuo uudk oi quite a large
boecb troe, about aeven foet from tbe
ground, protrudea tbreo foot of a acythe,
whllo the beel ia imbedded about slx Incliea
in the body of the treo. The probablllty la
that aome patriot uung up nis Bcytue anu
entered tbe aervlco of his country, and por-
haps nevor returneu. u. J. urowno found
the lrons of tho snatb at tbo foot of the
You'll uso one-third less of narmless Soap.
West Falrloo.
Thero Is to be a GhriatmaB treo in tbe ball
Thuraday evening. Tbo soclable at
Cbarlle Munn'a laat week waa a Biiccess.
A daughter was born, last week, to
Mr. and Mrs. Wllllam Lorov. 11. J.
Klnnoy and son Fred are
at tnoir iiiu larm
lor a low woeks.
West Fairlee Conter.
Miss Ilaven la toaching very successfully
a school of tblrty-Uve puplls at tbo Conter.
Misaes Annio aud Sadie Soutbwortb are
conttnuing tboir studies at Thetford
Mra. Robecca Ooodell baa bougbt the
George Warren placo wboro sho intends to
locate aoon with bor famlly.
Itev. Mr. Fogg baa beon Becured by this
and the Post MIIIb churches to comnlete the
year'a labora loft unfinlahed by tho deatb of
itev. lincoln liarlow,
About tblrty from tbia aocloty attonded
tbe entortalnment glvou by tbe " Willing
worners " ol tno west Falrleevllle Metu
odlat society at Cbarlea Munn'a last Frlday
The cliurch Imlldluc ia much imnroved by
lts new coat of paint, and made muob moro
comfortaulo uv the now tlie cuimney
Othor Internal ropalra are contemplated
and will be carried to completlon by the
energy and pusb of tbe Clirlstiau Endeavor
and Ladies' Aid Societiea.
Moro actlvity ln tbe lumber buBlness Ia
notlced thia, tliau for aome yoara paat. The
old Stearna mlll, run by R. G. Corey, will
got ita share, moro than 200,000 foot bolng
now ln nlght. Much tlmbor Ia nold, to be
deliverod to tbo works ot tbe Chubb Rod
Factory at Post MUIb.
Younc's barneaa ahon baa been wired for
tbe llglita. II. S. Hooker baa bougbt
out Mr. Strout and Mlas Anua Brooka baa
cbargo of that doparttnont. Don't for
get that Tuoaday, Decembor 29, Edward
Elliott la to appoar at Acadomy hall.
liosslo Titua ia at homo for a two-weeka' va
catlon. 1 On account of tbe very amall
attendance tbe promenado waa not bold.
Go ln and seo Shattuok's lino ot all
verware. Mr, and Mra. Frank Brown
aro visitlng ln East ITuverlll, N, II,, for
two weeks.
Murry Bomla lost a horae last wook,
Fred White bas blred Mra. Hobert's farm
and takea poaseaalon right away,
Judgo Mark Meara and Mra. A. G, Moars
bavo gone to Sioux Falla, South Dakota.
Samuol Colo and son bavo bougbt a bloy
ole horso cllppor and aro now roady for
Charllo Lakou and wlfo of Salem, Maaa.,
are ln town. They expect to work for
Frank White thia winter.
Wllliain It iblnson, a fortnor rcsldont of
thN town, dled of pnnumonia laat week In
Oreonaboro. Ira Edaou and wlfe and
Gharloa Uobli aon attonded tho funeral.
Chriatmaa will bo obaorved at tho Unlvor
aallat cliurch on Frlday ovening iu oonnec
tlon wlth tho Congrcgatlonal aocloty, and
tho Methotllst troo will bo at tho church on
Thuraday ovonlng.
Phlnnoy Bomla' daughtnr dlod laat wook
Frlday. Mombera of Mr. BhiiiIb' famlly
havo beon pick wltb cankor raab for qulto a
number of woeks. Thoy havo tho ayinpa
tliy of tbo town ln tho losa of tbeir only
Adoo ITiino. a woak-mlnded paupor ot tbo
town of T paham, abont forty yoara of ogo,
who waa carod for by Oacar Etatman, very
auddonly loft bor lodglnga, Sopternber 4,
and no tracoa of ber could bo found, al
tliough a reward of $C0 waa oflerod for tho
dlscovory of hor whoroabouta. After walt
ing in valn Boveral days for bor return,
Roarcblng partlea wero organlznd, Tho
country for a numbor of. inllos about waa
carefully oxamluod, wltb no avall. Hor
dlsappearance was aa complete aa thongb
ahe bad vanlsbed ln thln alr. Many rumnra
woro ailoat aa to ber reaaon for departinz ao
auddonly. Somo Bald aho had been wlilp
ped, and othorwlaa rougbly troated by her
keoper. White otbors foarod that slio bad
beon foully murdered and secreted, and
that ber body would bo found aftor tho ox
cltement, cauaed by her dlsappearance, had
aubsldod. Scandaloua reports wero alloat
as to hor relatlons wlth her keeper. Hor
body was found last Frlday by Duncan
Morrlson, noar a brook about ono balf tnllo
south of Harvey's Mlll, In tho town of
Orango. Tho searcliers had beon In tho
tmmedlate vicinlty of tho npot, on the expe
dlttons, and it ia a cauao of wonder that the
body waa not found beforo. Theapot wbere
tho body waa found, was very near tho
boundary lino between Orango aud Tops
ham, and waa wot, maraliy and aocluded.
A coronor'a inquost waa held Saturday, and
a tliorough examlnatlon ot tho body and
placo ia to bo given, to ascertaln if any ovl
dencHS of foul play can bo found. The re
ault of tbe lnquest la not known. Furtber
dovelopmonta are awalted wltb keon intor
oat, as a deop mystery bangs about tho
caao. It is, however, accepted by many
that sho almloasly wandered off and waa
aturvod, or froze to death.
BertTodd, Theroaa Cocbran, Eva Jonea
and Erneat Kneonan wero bome frotn Mont
pelier a fow days laat weok. A njcep
tlon waa givon Davld Elmore and wile last
Tueaday ovening, at tholr homo ln Weat
vlllo. Many frlenda wero preaent, and tho
evonlng was pleasantly spent ln danclng.
JesBio Blanchard roturnod to Fer
risburg last Saturday. Mosos Whlto
bill la now at homo and ia working for I. M.
Itlcker. - A woll-attonded oyator Bup
per waa held in tbo Iiaptlst veatry, last
week Tueaday evening. Mrs. II. L.
Gilman'a condltion is much improvod.
1 Mrs. Itoy of Barnet la keeping house
for Georce Taiaey. J. R. Darllng ox
pccta to do quite an extonaivo lumber busi
uosa this winter. Ho is to bave about
twenty yoko of oxen in tbe wooda tbia win
ter. Two children of Wllllam M.
Welcb woro oulte ill laat woek. A
, the
Hall ln Weatvllle. and lt la bopod that
nffalr may be as succeaaful aa waa thu ball
Thankaglvlng ove. Mra. I M. Rlcker
waa quite IU a fow days last week.
The friends of Mtsa Joanna Belle Sargent
and Dr. Fred J. Tewkabury, botb of South
Ryenato. havo rocelved invltationa to attond
tbeir weddlng racoptlon at the bride's
tiotuo, Frlday evening, January 1.
Mrs. John Brown, who haa been very ill
sluco laat aummer, remalns in about tbe
Bamo condltion. Her caae ia peculiar and
aeveral medical men who have been in con-
aultatlon on the caae, admit that tbey aro
ballled, and regards her allment aa very ex
ceptlonal. Mra. Wllaon haa been auf
ferlng for some tlme paat from a varlcoae
ulcer Lf tho lowor llmb. Frank Froat
and wlfo woro out of town a few daya laat
week It la understood tbat Col. Prea
ton Poat, G. A. R. of Wella Rlvor, ia to meet
a part ol tbe tlme in thia placo in Knlghts
of Pytbiaa ball. Such meetinga bave been
wlahed by old aoldlora about town, who
bave been mombera of the poat, for a long
time. Dr. George B. Hatcb of New
bury haa recently purchaaed a building lot
of I. M. Rlcker, and ia to orect a two-atory
block, 30x70 feet. Tho ground floor ia to bo
uaed for a drug store, and also an oftice for
tbe St. Androws aocloty. The aocond floor
la to bo flttod up for a hall for Knlghts ot
Pytbiaa The building of a ball in
Weatvillo ls propoaed and ia being puabed
Bomowhat. It is underatood that it will bo
bullt by a stock company. The building is
to be two atoriea, the ground iloor to bo
mado auituble for dancea aud ontertain
niouts, and the aecond tloor to bo llttod for
au oatlng aaloon. Harlow Renfrew
waa quite sorioualy Injurod last week
Thursuay, by belng klcked ln tho abdomon
by a horse. It ia hoped that the Injury will
not prove fatal. Rev. John II Evans
waa given a donation by hla frlenda laat
Thuraday. Tho receptlon tendered
Stephen Wolch and wlfo, laat week Wednea
day afternoon and ovening, was well at
tended. Iu the attornoon the frlenda ot the
couple were entertalned at tho realdeuco of
tho groom'a father, Josepb Wolch, and ln
tho evonlng at the reaidence of tho groom'a
brothor, Seth Wolch, wboro tho young poo
ple apent a very pleaaant evening ln danc
lng. Morrla Vance and aon furniahed
the mualc. Refreahmenta conalating of
cako and coffeo wero aorved. . Artbur
Telller, who haa boon attondlug vermont
Acadomy at Saxton'a Rlvor, 1b home on a
vacatlon. The fancy bazaar wblch
waa held laat Thuraday and Frlday after
uoon and ovening was a very succeaaful af
falr. A literary programmo waa ronderod
Thuraday evonlng ln a very oredltable man
ner. Frlday evening thoao preaont enjoyed
au oystor aupper. After the aupper tho
fancy articlea which had not been diapoied
ot, wero sold at auction. Aallk qullt uotted
qulto a sum of monoy, which waa preaeuted
to Mra. W. I. Todd. The ladies who wero
In cbargo of tho bazaar are to be congratu
lated on tlielr fluauclal auccoaa, as tho
amount realized waa about $S0.
Thb length ot llfo may bo lncreaaed by
leaaeulng ita dungora. Tae maiority of poo
ple dio from luug troublea. Theao may bo
avorted by prouiptly uning One Mlnute
Cough Oure. W. E. Torrill & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
Cliarles Rolfe ls Btopplog at bomo and
maklng blmself useful in varlous ways.
Thero will be a Chriatmaa festlval at tbo
Gongregatlonal church, Frlday evening.
All aro cordlally invlteu.
E. J. Bugbee, prlnclpal at Weymoutb.
Masa.. and wlfe aro spendlng a vacatlon of
a weok wltb tbeir paronta, Mr, and Mra,
Artbur Adams.
Mra, Gyreuo Colby takoa the place of Mrs.
Gliarlea Donsmoro ln tbe family of Floreu
tlna Moody; Mra. Moody tlndlng It necoa
aary to coutluuo longer ln Derry, N, II., by
reaaon ot the llluesa of her aon.
Tho peraonal proporty of Aaa Koyes, con
alstlnu of beloncinirs to blacksmtth-Bbonand
reaidence, waa aold at auction on Thursday
under tne aumimatration oi Aiuert viu
ney, and brought a good prico. Mr. Koyea
dled recently at tho tioldlora' Home.
The marriage of Jamea S. Farnbam, a na
tlve of Tuubridgo, and now an englneer iu
New York clty. to Miss Nol Doualdaou ot
tho samo clty, la aunounced. Tho evont oc
curred ut Lexlngton. Ky and hla mauy
frlenda here will rejoice wltb bim.
Two trampa, well loaded wltb wbiakey,
called at Artbur Adams aud ordored llquor
of varlous kluda uud tobacco. Mrs. Adama
lntortned them they dld not deal ln tho ar
tlcles, and Induced thom to reat content
wltb a little plaln food and a wlab for tholr
Captaln D. W. Curtla of Fort Atkinaon,
WIb., recently paid a brlof vialt to his na
tlvo town and many frlenda, among whom
la tho Rov. J. P. Deinerltt. Botb served ln
tho Twontynlntli Wiaooualn Iufantry untll
tbo oloso of tbo war, tbe latter aa quartor
maator. Thu reclinout haa n noblo record
and theao two aoldlora clalm a slmro ln Ita
Dress Patterns at Christmas Bargain Pricesl
Novelties, Frlctt ey atid G ld Mt-dul
J'atlnrn ill tho ni-wc t siylca, Hutideotno
'M IMECE3 of II lugh, II liry Surfuco Qo k1 Oamcl Halra, B iurotto, Bouclo
nnd Crepon Surfuces, will bo oflercd at 1MMENSU ItEDUCTIONS, as wo aro
nnxioua to imlnad thpm.
inch Biack All Wool Indiu Twili, or 8 vnrda of 40-inch Black All VVool Uon
rietln, eiihcr o fu 1 Droas Paltorn, for 84.00 a dress. O: 0 yards of 69 inch
S ortn Sergo, tcady spongod. for 83 48 Oi 6 yards of Sj louaid, Ileavy 64-inch
bponged Sngrt, for 84 50. Eithbr a full dress nioce.
COLOHED GOODS at a goncral mark-down all nlong tho Hne, to closo out
boforo Boaeon ond. Handome All Wool Imported Novelties, 81.50 goods down
to 81 00, and 81.75 and 82 00 goods to 81.25
All roady to pui iu tho stockiiig. Fow tbincB are moro ucceptable tbana Dress
Pattorn to a mother or grandma.
HandBome All Wool Novcltv Dressos, Choviot, Sco'ch, neathcr, Bouclo,
Cauvnss and many other styles iniluded, 83 08 and 84.98 for ful Dress Pattern.
Drceees are valued at a much highor p-ice. Picase e.xa niuo them.
Ono of tho most acceptuble of Cbriatmas gifts cspccially tor ladies who havo
to bo out all wcathera.
LADIES DOrjBLE TEXrTJItE Double Cpe Watorproofsany length, capo
detachable 84 98.
MISSES' Fmcv Pa terns or solid cilor wnterproofs 82 00 to 84 98 as size.
CRAVANETTE, rain proof, but NOT air proof garraents, all colora, ailk
lincd or unlined, at popular prices. A Sppcial Baruin, SILK LINED
THIlOUGIIOUr, realiy a 810 00 narment for S7 98.
Remember your friends, and what more appro
priate than some nice piece in China, Delft or
Wedgewood. Our line of Dinner Sets, Bedroom
Sets, Lamps and Tabtes comprise many fine selec
tions, and prices were never so low on these goods.
Marvin &
Bargains at the Barre Book Store. Christmas Cards, Books,
Pictures, Bibles, Music and Musical Instruments, Writing
Desks, Portfolios, Inkstands, Fountain Pens, and a great
variety of useful and ornamental articles, at prices to suit the
times. Remember the place, Gould & Nichols old store,
Quinlin's JBlocJc, No, Main St., Barre, Vt,
CHARLES A. SMITH, Proprietor.
Handkerchiefs, Baskets and Fancy Goods
In this line of goods adapted to the
holiday trado wo have simply an im
mcnso assortment. Wo will juat eu
uracrute a fow of the many pretty
things, for to tell you of all of them, it
would tako a groat many pages. First,
wo want to spoak of Haudkerchiefs.
No lady over had too many of them.
They aro alwaya acceptable, and maku
a good practical presout.
I. 200 dozon Plain White aud Col
ored Bordored Handkerchiefa, good
sizo and qunlity, big assortment to Be
lect from, at only 5s oach.
II. 50 dozen Fine White Embroid
ered Handkorchlefs, ovor 40 pattorns
to solect from, at 15s oach, or 2 for 25c.
III. 30 dozon White Embroiderod
Haudkorchicfa. You will be surprised
at the boautiful pattorns iu this lot,
aud only 25c each.
IV. 25 dozen Handuomoly Em
broidored Handkorchiofs, somo of which
aro all Puro Liuen, at 35c, 50c, 75c
and 81.00.
V. 15 dozon Gontlemon's Handker
chiefs, in Plain White and Colorod
Bordor, at 10c each, or 3 for 25c.
VI. 25 dozeu Gontlomen's Plain
Whito. Unlaundorod. All Linon, Hem-
stitchod Handkorchiofs, madoospecially
to our order in Belfast, Ireland, They
aro worth 20c. Our speclal price, 2
for 25c.
VII. 25 dozou Guntlomon8 Un-
launderod, All Linon, Honiitltched
Handkerchiefs, with Iland istnbroidoreu
Inltial, realiy worth 25c oach. Our
spccial price, only 10c oach.
Oao Lot Japanoso Goods, consisting of Cups and Saucers,
Platos, Tooa Pts, Pitchors and Fanoy Sido Didhos. Thoso aro ull
dainty and protty, good enough for nny sitlcbonrd or china
olosot. Tho rogular pvicos rango from 25o to $1.00. Wo shall
olosothis lot Saturday, at just
One KCstlf Price,
flero wo will offur abou' .'iODrea' P.utcrnB, Hani'somo
GooiIb, al 80.00 nnd 87 00 for a full Dress
IJrocudo nn l ,Tu:nuard Figurcs.
7js Tjs 7s pjs.
VIII. 15 dozen Gontlomen's All
Silk, IIomBtitchod Initial Handker
chiefs, ono of our best sellors at this
timo of year, at only 50c oach.
We wish to call special attontion to
our Indian Baskots.
While on our vacation this summer,
wo saw some of tho Indians from tho
Indian Vlllage in Old Town, Maino,
and gavo thom au order for Baskets to
be made up aud sent along for our
boliday (trado. As a rcsult, we have
some Boautiful Buskots made by theso
cunuing workmen. Tho prices aro
modorato, ranging from 20j to 1.50
eacb. Just a fow Indian Canoe3 for
Como and seo this pretty assortmont
of gunuine Indian Baskets.
Fancv Ilibbons at 5 and 10 cents por
yard. TJmbrollas, in Silk and Gloria,
for men and womon, from 09 conta
to S4 00.
Kid Glovos, Pockot Books, Shopping
Bags, Souvenir Spoons, Pin Trays,
Work iBaskots, Statiouory Boxes, Mir
rors, Jowol Cases, Pin Cushions. A
creat varioty of Cellulold Novoltles too
numorous to mention. Come and seo.
j'Our storo will bo open overy
oveuing until January lst. Wo would
say liero that our store is thoroughly
lightod by tho inw olectric system,
making it as light as day in ovory
uook and cornor.

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