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ARTHUR ROFEB, Qonoral Edltor.
President McKinley seldom
makoa promlBos ln connectlon with
nppointmonta, but ho has mado ono
that wlll ploaso ovory patriotlo Amorl-
cau; that ia, to appoint young Phll
Shorldau a cadot to Woat Polnt as bood
as ho roachcs tho ago of ollglblllty
which wlll bo Bomotltno noxt yoar.
Says tho Now York Stm, with ita
customary iuclBlvoncBs: "Mr. Charlos
Stowart Smlth wrltos to tho Evening
Fost that If tho wool tarlff of tho Ding
loy bill ia passod it will bo an act of
bad faith to a largo numbor of good
cltizons who contributod liborally todo
fray tho exponsoB of tho prcsidontial
oloctlon.' Aro wo to infor from that
a largo numbor of good cltlzoriB ' mado
thoir pccuniary contrlbutionB to tho
campaign againet ropudiation condi
tional, and that thoy holped dofcat
Bryan on tho undorstandlng that thoy
would bo rowarded by tho repudiation
of tho Republican platform in caso of
Mr. McKinloy'a oloctlon? Wo alwaya
supposed tho contributora woro aeeklng
to provout tho ctttaatropho of buccosb
ful Bryaniam."
Pkesident MoKinley's appoint-
monta havo boon uniformly good
Even bia blttorest political opponenta
hnvn found it extremelv difllcult to
criticise any of them, and his appoint
meutof Bonjamin Buttorworth to bo
Commissioner'of Patonta ia commended
bv cverybody. Maior Buttorworth, as
Commissionor of Patenta, ia tho right
man in tho rieht nlaco. Ho ia an ablo
lawyer and a Btatoamon of wido oxpe-
rionce. Having boon Comniisaioner of
Patenta onco beforo, and had servico
on tho House committeo on patcnts, ho
is thoroughly familiar with tho impor-
tant dutiea of tho ofllco. Ho ia quito
largo enough for a cabinot position, or
f or that matter for tho higheat position
in tho country.
Under tho pscudonym of " Green
Mountain Maydo," with ita Buggestions
of rural freshness and simplicity, a
cultivatod contributor, who haa soen
much of this round earth, has now and
then aent vory delightful veraea to tho
Watciiman. Written not for famo or
pelf , but from the depths of a bouI in
love with naturo, aho veils her person
ality from tho public gaze, but it is duo
to lines liko "Spring'a Horalda," on
pago three of this issuo of the Watcii
man, that thoy roceive aomo fitting ad
vertisement, even at tho risk of shock
ing tho scnsibilitiea of tho author. Tho
carol of birds and tho air of " ethereal
mildnoaa " tho " Maydo " haa intro
duced into her wolcome to the songstora
venturing back to thoir haunts in Ver
mont are pleasant prophecies of a com
ing that is at preaentlargoly a matter of
faith, but a faith that, in tho fullncss of
time,will bo glorlouBly vindicated. The
"Heralds," it ia cloar, know their
friond and havopipcd into her ear thoir
flrst soronade.
Representative Grosvenor of
Ohio ia a good lawyor, and the follow
ing opinion from him on tho decioiou
of tho Supreme Court, which bo many
peraone, eapccially democrata, profeaa
to think ia opposed by tho amendmont
to the tarifl bill making the dutiea im
poaed by that bill go into effect April
1, and upon the right of Congreaa to
pass auch an amendmont, ia both timo
ly and intorosting. After citlng other
miBunderstandings, Mr, Grosvenor says:
" Simply and solely what tho Suprome
Court did hold was that the Wilaon
law, which wont into effect on the 28th
day of August, and was aaid to tako
effect from tho flrst day of Auguat, did
not ropeal tho McKinloy law until tho
day when it was passed; and how any
body could havo had a doubt about that
is a mystory to mo, but tho Suprcmo
Court did not hold that tho long lino of
retrospectivo legislation in the Wilaon
law waa not approved. That law bris
tlea with retrospectivo legislation.
Whiskoy in bond and not in bond that
had boon manufacturcd and deposited
in the bondcd waro house or waa on
that day deposited at a tnx of ninety
cents, was immediatoly raiaed to 81.10.
Now bonda wero required, the whole
system remodolod, but no lawyer in tho
United States ever diaputod tho powor
of Congress to pass just such an enact
mont. Tho best ovidonco of the popu
lar estimato of this retroactlvo amend
mont ia found in the fact that tho vast
body of iraporters.who preaumably havo
tho vory best legal advico at their com
mand, havo all accopted as conclusivo
that Congress haa that powor."
Frcsh Wods for Cuba,
Gonoral Riua Rivora, who succoeded
General Macoo in tho command of tho
Cuban army in tho provlnce of Pinar
dol Rio, was Burprieed and capturod by
tho Spanish forccs, March 28, in tho
Rio Rondo dlstrict. It ia bolioved that
tho position of Gonoral Rivora was mado
known to tho Spanish commandor by a
Cuban traitor. With tho gonoral woro
his staff and a amall forco, numboring
about ono hundrod. His camp waa
aurrounded, a florco acllon onsuod,
Gonoral Itivora waa rondorod holpless
by Bovoral bullot wounds, and when
tho Spanlarda ponolralod his position
his chiof of staff, Colonol Bacalloa,
was attorapting to convoy his disabled
commandor to a placo of aafoty. Both
woro capturod. Goncral Rivcra haa
boon trlcd by drum head court martial,
and condcmncd to bo ehot.
To atav tho hand of barbarlBtn, and
to inculcato aomo docont rogard for tho
practiccs of war botweon pooplos not
whollv and boaottcdly barbarian, intor
cosalon has boon mado for tho lifo of
tho unforturiato commandor. Ilia caso
haa boon mado tho subjcct of rea
olutions in Congress, and onlreatioa to
tho Queon Rcgent havo boon cabled to
Madrid. In a country in which bull
flghtlng is tho reflnomont of public
pastlmo, an appoal to humanity may bo
waatod, but conBldoratlona of public
policy, affectlng Itho boaring upon
public aontlment in tho Unitod States,
of tho savago act of shooting a prisonor
takon in battle aftor ho was disabled
by wounds, may lead to clomency. Tho
probability ib, howovor, that not a
Spanish thumb will bo raisod on tho
Bido of humanity and that Freedom's
gladiator will blto tho dust at tho bo
host of tho maddoned Bpcctatora of tho
contcst in tho Cuban arena unless
tho United States shall Intorposo and
domand that tho war Bhall bo couductcd
in accordanco with tho rules that pre
vail betweon civilizcd nationa, Buch
rules aa this nation falthfully and hu
manelv obsorved in tho troatmont of
it8 robellioua citizena taken with arma
in their hands a gonoratlon ago.
Handicappod no longor by Grover
Clevoland, Spoin'a lato holpful ally in
hor murdoroua career in Cuba, this
government will bo false to humanity,
false to ovory precept of Chriatian duty,
if it dooa not, in Bomo offoctivo way,
intemoso to end tho bloody atrocitiea
porpotrated at itB own thrcshhold.
Fortunately, and happily for tho good
famo of the sacred cauao of Freedom,
the mon at tho head of Cuban af-
fairs havo ateadfaatly refusod to retal-
iato for Spanish savagery by shooting
prisoners taken in battlo, though thoy
would tind in tho hiatory of wars be
tweon Jonlightenod peoplo precedontB
to juatify euch a courso. So tho shoot
ing of Rivora can dorive no defense or
justiflcation from tho acts or policy of
Gonoral Gomez in this respect; on tho
contrary, if a Spaniard'a heart were
evor actuated, in tho troatmont of an
enemy, by conaiderations of humanity
or eenoroaltv, Gomoz'a courae toward
his Spanish prisonors would plead auc
cessfully for Rlvera'e lifo.
It is timo the wholo dreary drama of
blood and barbaric cruelty in Cuba
wero onded, and it would be glory
enough for President McKinloy'a ad
ministration if, by a wiso and courag'
eous interference, it coulu make an
end in this westorn hemisphero of the
bloody countorpart of the Armenian
and Crctau diagraco in the eastern. It
would be an impeachmcnt of tho wis
dom, the moral ana lnteliectuai re-
sourcos, tho courago and humanity of
American atatoamon to suffer thia Cu
ban contest "to drag its bIow longth
along," without an attempt and a auc
cesaful attempt to arreat its progress
and restore tho bleaaings of peace, with
the eBtablishment of good government,
to tho devastated island.
Tho Treaty Anierlcanized,
Tho Arbitration Treaty bo laboriously
fabricated by Olnoy and Pauncefote,
and which many aomewhat emotional
pcoplo regard as one of tho grandcst
achievements of the timea, and believed
would forever banish war, and even
rumor8 of war, betweon tho " two great
Engliah-speaking peoplea of thoglobo,"
in tho fervid vocabulary of its dovotees
has beon " omaBculatcd " by tho Senato
to tho oxtont that it is not now a mon
aco to American interosts. And it can
hardly be regardod aa contributing any-
thing of apprcciablo value to the safe
guarding of thoae interests, totho cauao
of peaco, or aa materially changing tho
atatus oxiating prior to its ncgotiation.
Ab amended, " any differonco which,
in tho judgment of oithor powor, ma
terially affocts its honor or its domcstic
or foreign policy, Bhall not bo referred
to arbitration undor this trcaty except
by apecial agroemont." It ia further
Btipulatod that each qucstion proposed
to bo submitted to arbitration under
tho troaty must flrst bo sent to the Sen-
ato for action by that body, aa in tho
caso of an original troaty. That is to
say, oach queation whfch it ia proposed
tosubmit to arbitration must flrst bo
approvod by two-thirdB of tho mombora
of tho Senato. This amondmont waa
adopted by tho dociaivo voto of 54 to
13, a voto that indicatea how important
it was rogarded. Tho voto indicatcs,
alao, tho full strongth of tho troaty as
originally drawn. Had a voto boen
takon on tho instrumont aa sent to tho
Senato by tho Presidont, it could havo
rocoived tho Bupport of only tho thlr-
toon Senators who votod againBt this
amondmont. Tho troaty, unamonded,
novcr had tho ghost of a chanco of
boing ratifled.
Anothor amondmont, to clear up an
amblguity as to tho tribunals to bo os
tabliahod, providoa that thoro Bhall be a
Boparato court for each caso that may
bo Bubmittod, To oliminato from ar-
bitration all qucstlons rolatlng to tho
bondod indobtednesa or othor BocurltioB
of tho StatoB, an amendmont waa
adoptod providlng that No clalm of a
clllzon of Groat Britaln against a Stato
or Torrllory of tho Unitod States shall
bo a subjcct of arbitratlon undor this
trcaty." This amendmont was offored
by Sonator Bacon of Georgia, and is
dosigncd for tho prolectlon, primarily,
of tho Statoa of tho lato Confodoracy.
It waa carrlod by tho slonder mojorlty
of flvo votors. Articlo oight, which
providcs that tho PreBidont may up
point a judicial ofllcor of any Stato or
Torritory, ia casoa in which auch Stato
or Torritory in intoroated, was Btrickon
out altogothor. The articlo making
Klng Oacar of Swedcn and Norway tho
umpiro in spociflcd caacB in which tho
arbitrators cannot aggreo, Ib stricken
out. Jurlsta of reputo aro to bo bo
lecled by tho PreBidont as arbitrators
for tho United States, inatoad of jua-
ticos of tho Suprome or Circuit Court.
Tho troaty, thua amendod in Ub moro
important foatures, has boen committod
to a probationary poriod of rost, oxaml
nation and roflcctlon, at tho ond of
which it will como up for the flnal voto
on tho quoBtton of ratiflcation. Thirly
oppoBlng voteB will dofoat favorable
action, and its frionds aro not at all cor-
tain that tho requiaito two-thlrds ma-
jority can bo securod. Tho namoa of
thirly-two Seuators aro givon who aro
counted as opposed to tho troaty in any
form, with a possiblo oddition of aix
othcra. Among this latter contingont
aro 8omo who objectto any formol com
pact with a Government aoloatto honor
and manlincBB, so inaonaiblo to tho
common dictates of humanity aa to on
gogo, with tho crowncd bulliea of
Europo, in flring upon Chriatian peo
plo in Creto, a bloody buslnesB hithorto
left to tho monopoly of tho "unapcaka-
blo Turk." If they voto for tho treaty
at all, they profor to wait till tho ochoea
of tho Engliah gunB that onviron Croto
and monaco Greeco havo dicd away.
Noither tho preaent nor tho paat de
portmont of tho powor with whom this
convonlion has been arrangcd ia reaa
Buring. No troaty will bind hor when
her national intereata aro unfavorably
Young Men's Clulstlnu Assoclation.
" The Ononlnc " to which tho youne men
and their ftlends in Young Mon's Ohristian
Assoclation work have beon looking forward
to for so long a timo will occar next Friday,
Saturday and Bunuay. The compietlon ol
the gymnaslum, bath rooms, lockers. etc,
with the lmprovements made in their for
mer quarters, tnake it a very attractlvo
place for all men to spend their lelaure
nours, ln improvement of mlnd and body.
The exercises, as wlll be seen below, prom
iHe much in tho way of enjoyment and ln
forinatlon. A thorough knowledge of tho
wlde-reachlrg intluence of an " up-to-date "
Assoclation wlll be glven, ln the hope that
it wlll be practlcally doinonstratod in our
own clty. The great interest taken ln the
work by the pastora of dlfferent churches is
ahown by their cordlal co-operatlon.
TT.Mnw At.,MO ill,t . rn.in.
chnrch, rresldent Charles H. More presld
ing. Slnglng, chorus cholr; invocatlon,
Itov. W. A. Davison; solo, Misa Anna R.
Johnson: scripture reading, Dr. E. M.
Smlth; slnglng, chorus cholr; remarks, Kev.
Alfred H. Webb; slnglng; address, Olaua
Olandt, Jr., international state secretary;
slnglng, chorus cholr; benedlction,
Saturday, Aprll 10, wlll be observed by
keeplng " open house " under the ausplces
of the woman's Auxlllary, Mrs. F. A. Sher
burne, president. Ladlea especially in
vited. Befreshments wlll be served. Mu
slo by the Montpelier Orchestra in tho even
ing. This wlll bo a good tlme to inapect the
new quartera, and meet the new general
secretary, Walter Thorpe, and phystcal dl
rector, Francls St. Lawrence.
Sunday afternoon. Anrll 11. threo o'clock.
boy's meetlng ln the vestry of the Baptist
church. Short "chalk talk" by General
Secretary Thorpe. Mason S. Stone, State
Superlntendent of Educatlon, wlll alao
speak. Ilearty slnglng; every boy from
elght to sixteen years of age shonld be pres
ent. Mass meetlng. for men only. in the Asso
clation gymnasium, at half past four. Bev.
Dr. Jamea L. Hlll of Salem, Masa., author
and lecturer of wide renown, and trustee of
Urllted Society of Ohristian Endeavor, will
give a stlrrlng address on "Toam Work."
SlnclnE led by chorua cuolr ol (Jhrlst Uhurch.
Bev. A. N. Lewis, the rector, wlll also
Union sorvlco in Bethany Church at half
past seven o'clock, President Charles H.
More preslding. Addresses by Dr. Hill,
ur. aeavor, ana otuerB. upeciai music.
Como oarly to secure a good seat.
Itev. Dr. Hlll of Salem, Mass., who Is to
be the principal speaker, is widely known
ob a writer and speaker upon tho rellgious
and social questionB of the day, ho having
glven up his regular pastoral dutles, in or
dor to give his whole tlme to work !in this
larger fleld. It Is hoped there will bo a
largo attendance to lioar him at tho Sunday
Warron Bowen Is preparing to do quito
an extenslve job of repalrlng on the barn at
the Burns placo.
Wllllam Morrlson has been dolng quito
an extenslve barber's buslness latoly, and a
good number of the male portlon of tho in
habltanta are belng relieved of their wbisk
ers. Iiast Wednesday the community was
shocked on hoarlng that Unclo Robort Mc
Lam had fallen auu was noarly kllled. He
had boen claphoarding on the hulldings of
Georgo 1j. McLara and fell from tho staging.
He remalned ;unconsclouB for a timo. Ilia
head ls covered with scalp woundB and ho
is unable to move lt.
Mrs. G, A, Currler who has beon working
at Mr. Metcalf's in Corinth, Btarted with her
husband to come homo last Sunday. Be
foro thoy had gono far the sleigh was over
turned and they wero both thrown out and
Mrs. Currier's leg was broken above tho
anklo. Dr. Darllng of South Ryegate re
ducod tho fracturo. Mrs, Currler wlll bo
movod home soon,
Cohb ron Sick IIkadacub. Thousands
of ladleB suffor from slck hoadacho caused
undoubtodly by dlsordered Uver or stom
ach. Tho best romody that cau-be ohtalued
for this dlstreBslng complalnt ls found in
Hood's I'llla. Those pllls are so mild and
gentlo ln action, yet so thorough, that thoy
give porfect satlsfaction. Thoy cure slck
headacho, iaundlce, sour stomach and all
llver 111s. Thoy break up colds and fevers
and provout the grlp.
Washington County Court.
Stato v. Isabolla A, Marsh and Wllllam
Mr. Plumloy flnlshed his olostne areu.
mont for tho Stato nt abont 3:10 o'clock
Saturday afternoon.
juuo kowoii cuargou tuo ury in part as
" Tho rospondonts are Jolntly oharged ln
soveral connts in this Indlctmont with the
murder of Qoorse Marsh by means of polson,
and they are charged ln all the counta as
princlpals ln the alleged crimo. Tho bur
den is on tho stato to mako out overy essen
tial f aot necossary for conylctlon. As mon
do not ordlnarllv commit crlme. the nre-
Bumptlon of tho law is that men aro lnno-
cent of wrong-doing, and that prosumptlon
remalns untll it ls ovorcomo by tho testl-
mony in the caso and tho Jury ls satislled
beyond a roasonablo doubt.
"YoumustQnd nroof that satlsQes vou.
so as to excludo overy doubt. Tho stato ls
bound to nrove overy fact essontlal for con
vlctlon, but it ls not necessary that it should
provo tho truth of ovorythlng tendlng to
show this essontlal fact. It is essontlal that
you fltnl that George Marsh dled by ar
somcai polson.
" fhe resnondents aro charged with mur-
uer. uuruor is a wiiuui kiiung wuu
mallco aforethought. In this stato murder
by polsonlng is murder ln tho flrst degreo,
and if convlctod at all thoso respondonts
mnst be found gullty of murder in the flrst
uegree. xi tuo puinoa was 1110 uusu ui
deatb. if it was tho cause of the death, lt is
enough to establiBh under the law that ho
dled from arBontcal nolson.
" You should considor all testtmony that
wlll throw any llght upon the question; you
musi consiuer tne sympioms wuicu av
tonded theso four days. Is there anythlng
indlcatlve of the fact that Qeorge MarHli
was lahorinc under the affocts of arsonlcal
polson? Wlien you flnd that arsenlo was ln
the body of Qeorgo Marsh, that wlll ald you
in determlnlng whether theso symptoms
were caused bv arsenlc.
" You must coualilor tho condltlon of
Goorce Marsh back as far as it is detailed to
you, and declde whether somethlng olso
may haveklllod him without boing hastened
by arsenic.
" Kvery nlece of tostimony ln this caso is
of the utmost lmportance, and you must
give lt full welght untll you can say that
George Marsh did not dle of arsenlcal
polson, and lf this is so, you.need go no fur
" If two norsons commit a crlmlnal act.
the cullt of each ls os thouch it were com.
mitted by him alone. In this caso one of
theso respondents may be convicted and
one may bo acqultted, or both may be con'
victed or both acqultted. Did theso por
sonB, elther or botb of them, havo to do
wltu tne aamimstrauon oi arsenicr
"I do not ttilnk it is controvertod on
olther side that George Marsh had arsenio
ln and about the house. When was the ar
senlo taken or admlnistered, for I under-
stand It is admltted that arsenlo was taken
by Georce Marsh some timo before lie dled.
and that he took it withln thoso Iast fow
days. I do not undorstand lt is controvert-
ed. but tho resnondents say lt ls moro roa'
sonable .to think lt was taken by Georce
Marsh with suicidal purposo, and that not
because of any unhappy relations betweon
him and his wlfo, but because of his terilble
" Marsh was takon slck Friday night
Buzzell was soon aont for. and the two re
snondents had the full caro of him.
and lt cannot be dented there was opportu-
cuy. xue responslblllty ol arrlvmg at a
just concluslon upon theso questlons rests
unon you.
"It is a prlvllege which tho law givos the
resnondents to be or not be witnesses ln
their own behalf, and the faot that these
two respondonts havo not gone upon the
stand is not to havo the weight of a feather
ln uetermlnlng against them.
"ThiB case domands the most careful
conslderation you aro capable of givine lt.
You are to say whether George Marsh dled
from arsenlcal polson or whether death waa
hastened by it. Then you must declde
whether elther or both of those respondents
aluetl, aoettoa or lnstlgateu the auuilniatra
tion of arsenlc, So you may take the case.
Tho responslblllty rests with you. Tho
duty of couneol and court has been por
formed, the most Important part of your
duty is yetjto be performed."
The case was Biibmltted to the jury at slx
o'clock Saturday afternoon, and the court
suspended untll 10: SO o'clock Monday morn
The court convened at eleven o'clock
Monuay iorenoon. xo tne question pro-
pounaea to tne jury oy uieric omiuo as to
whether they had agreed upon a verdlct,
their foreman, Cornelius Eddy, responded,
" we nave." uis nnal answers, alter re-
ceiving the Instruction of Judge Howell as
to the manner of civlnc a verdlct to the
quoBtlon as to tho gullt of each respondent
were inai me responueni, isaDeua a. Marsn
was guilty of murder in the flrst decroo.
and that Wllllam 0. Buzzell was guilty in
tne nrst uegree, aiter wnicn tne jury mon
were soverally polled as to the gullt of each
respondent. Slx of the Jurymen at their
own reauest were ezcused for the term
State v. Loo Steele and Lilllan M. Ellis.
Bespondents were jointly indicted by the
grand lury unuer tne oiauKot act. tne or
fence belng alleged as having been commlt-
ted at ltoxbury August 1, 1805, that belng
the place where they are both allesed as re-
sidlng. There waa a hearing on a demur-
rer to tne lnuictment Monuay iorenoon, ln
wnicn j. u. wing appeareu ior rosponuontB
and F. A. Howland for the state, The
court rendered no declslon.
State v. Charles Clark. Larcenv. Ro
Bpondent retracted plea of not gullty and
pleaded gullty of larceny of clothing at the
Btores of Frank MoWhortor in Barre and
W. E. Adams of Montpelier. Goods valued
at less than S7. Respondent was sontenced
Tuesday afternoon to slx months hard labor
in the Houaeof Correction at Rutland.
State v. Frank Casallnl, of Barre, for an
assault with intent to commit rape was
trled on Tuesday. State's Attorney How
landland W. W. Lapoint for the state; B.
M. Harvey and W, A. Boyce for respondent.
A verdlct of gullty was rendered at nlno
o'clock Tuesday ovenlng.
Bright, sunny days are we all enioylng
but the roads are in a terriblo condltlon.
Somo of the good people of Cooksvlllo woro
obliged to labor on tho Sabbath to prevent
the hlghway through tho vlllago from be
comlng impassable.
This seems to bo a tlme of accldents as
well as slcknosB. Mrs, Gronvlllo FowerB
has fallon and injured her back and hlp
qulte serlously. On Sunday, Chauncey
Currler was callod to see his mother who
had juBt been thrown from a wagon, as she,
with her husband, was startlng home from
Deacon Metcall's. One of her limbs was
broken between the knee and ankle. Sho
was carriod into tho house of Charlos Met
calf and the limb was set by Dr. Brown of
East Corinth'.
A Bchool meetlng is callod for the even
ing of Aprll 10 at Cooksvllle, to seo what ac
tion shall be taken with rogard to repairs
upon the Academy and other matters wlll
also bo consldored. The bulldlngis certalnly
ln a condltlon very far hehind somo of tho
ordlnary dlstrict sohool bulldlngs In tho
town. Itls far from comtortable iu wlnter,
the seats are not Bultable for children to alt
upon slx hours ln a day, tho aetteoa ln the
hall aro decldedly unsafo and the outsldo of
tho buildlng is sadly in neod of palut. It
now glves tho passor-by tho impresslon that
the cuinuiunlty is untlirlfty and dovold of
publio spirit.
JCast Corinth.
Mr. and Mtb. Rufus Ilarriman aro vlsltlng
frlends ln Topsham.
Last wook was an unusually busy ono for
the farmers who aro sugarlug,
Mtsses Marcia B. Wlushlp aud Holon M.
Blake of Bradford wore ln town a few days
last week.
Mlss Laura A. Butlor, atteudtng tho Nor
mal School at Randolph, ls spendlng a short
vacatlon at homo.
Mrm Garland Currler, whlle turnlng
around ln J, II. Metcalf's door-yard on Sun.
day mornlng, was ttpped from the sleigh
and had one of her legs broken.
Tiik annual meetlng for tho eleotion of
ofllcors of Volnntoor lloso Company No. 1,
was hold last Friday evonlng ln the Iioao
house of the company. C. 0, Bancroft was
elected l'resldent; 0. A, Bmlth, second.
Vice-Presldent: A, G, Eaton, Secrotary and
Troasuror; Georgo O. Btratton, S, A, Luko
ana uoorgo ii. vvaiton, auauors u, a.
Whlttior. Foreman: J, G. Brown, Flrst As-
slstant; Georgo O, Stratton, Second, This
company ls in a ilourlshlng condltlon,
tinaneiauy, ana otuerwiso, ana ls constantiy
addlng to its equlpment.
Tiib verdlct ln tho Marah-Buzzell mur-
dor case recalls the fact that Emollne Lucy
Moaker ol waterbury was tho last woman
sentoncod to be hanged ln Vermont, The
crlme of which she was convlctod was tho
murder by nolson. of Allco Meaker. a half
Blstor of her husband, in 1880. Lewis Al
mon Moakor, her son, was also sentenced to
bo Langod ior tho same crlme, but tuo legis
lature oi l&u commuteu uis sontonce 10 im
prlsonmont ln tho state prlson at Windsor
for llfe, whero ho dled soveral years ago.
Mrs, Moaker was nangeu Druiay, Apru z,
VnnsiONT Lodgo of Odd Fellows Is mak
ing actlve preparatlons for the ontertaln
mont of the Grand Lodge and Grand En
camnmont which meet at Montpelier Tues
day. Wednesday. and Thursday, May 18, 19,
anit w. An euort wiu ue maue 10 secure
tho co-oneratlon of the merchants and busl
ness mon for decoratlon of tho stores,
nlacnn of lniRlnfiSH and nrlvnto resldonces on
the llne of march over which tho parado
will pass the second day. Tho services of
the Montpelier Military Band wlll be Be-
cured, and tho occaslon wlll be ono of great
interest to Odd Fellows throughout tho
Tiik contunctlon of tho nlanet Venus and
the new moon on Sundav ovenlnz was one
of the lnteresttng celostlal events of the sea
son. Tho beautlfnl wanderer was noised
just abovo the slendor crescont, and aftor
tuev naa uinnou ueiow ino norizon iue iwu
old voyageura of tho skios met in a nearer
embrace. But so much of tho moettng as
was vouchsafed to mortal eyos ln this lati
tuda and loncltudo was an exceedlngly ln-
tereating spectaclo. Venus' glory ls wan
lng, and by the ond of Aprll her present
rolgn aB ovenlng star wlll bo over. She has
hflnn a mdiftnt omecL in ine winier bkiub,
and Iholr chlef glory, ovon among Buch
brllllants as ln Orion, Canls Major, Bo-otes
Taurus and other constellations, navo ue
spanglod the northern heavons.
William F. Wardneu diod on Tuesday
nftnrnnnn at his home on Summer Btroet
A rolanse from tho measlos was tho cause
of his death. Mr. Wardner catno to Mont
pelier from Bandolph about two years ago.
nnci Mftfi neen in tne emmov oi iuo uimuu
States OlotheB Pin Company. He moved
lila fnmllv tn Mnntnnllnr laat snrlni!. De-
ceased was a member of Bandolph Lodge of
Odd Fellows, and was, at tho tlme of his
death, junlor warden of Thomas Wlldey
Rnnamnmont. He had the laculty oi maK
lni frlends wherover he went, and his un
tlmeiy ueatn wm De uepiorea ny very uuauy
with whom he was, ln varlous ways, con
nected. The funeral arrangements are not
yet completed.
Thkhk was Uttlo ovldenco of hard times
around tho store of T. S. Brophy & Co. last
Thursdav. Friday and Saturday, when Mr,
Hronhv's anrlni? oneninc took place. The
ntore waa filled with ladles from Montpelier
and vicinlty, and the good tasto of tho pro-
nrletor ln seiocting sprmg anu summer
rmnds rocelved manv a flatterlnc complt
ment. A flne dlsplay of novoltlos ln wash
rrnnrin and dross troodfl was seen. alao ln
ready-made skirts, from those of iow prico
tn t.lin mnnt nxnenIve sllk carmouts. Mr
Brophy has made a speclal effort to show a
flnn llnn nf fihlffons. and all inew noveltios
in ladles' neck wear, belts, otc. A refer-
enca to his advortisement this wook wlll
glvo particulars of the cloak opening now
in progress.
Ab the annual Besslon of the Vermont
Conference at Barre draws near, much in
terest is exnressed as to who the new pastor
of Trinlty Church wlll be, provlded that
Bev. A. H. Webb adherea to his expressed
declslon, aBking for a releaso. It Is possiblo
that Mr. Webb may be lnduced to reconsid-
er his reBlgnatlon, but if not, tho ofllcial
board havo in vlew soveral desirable can
dldates, among them Bov. A. J, Hough of
Brattleboro and Bev. Andrew Glllles of
White Blver Junction. The lattor has an
nounced ,hls desire to leave the Vermont
Conference at the close of the present con
ference yoar, to contlnue his studles in a
theologlcal school in New York, but it ls
understood that he has the Montpelier
charge under conslderation. The present
conference vear closes with Easter Sunday.
An assoclated press dispatch sent out
from Concord, N. II., stated that a hearing
was held that day before Chlef Justice
Carpenter of the Supreme Court, on the pe
tition of Arthur O. Prescott of Montpelier,
auditor of the Montpelier & Wells Blver
rallroad, for the custody of his thirteen
years old son. Mr. Prescott formerly llved
in Concord and during his resldence there
he obtained a dlvorce from his flrst wlfe.
He left this Bon with her upon condltlon
that she surrendor him upon request; nub
sequently she moved to Bristol where she
dled and the boy was left with hor parents.
They refused to dellver him to his fatber
who had a writ of habeas cerpus served and
the case was beard as before stated. Judge
Carpenter ordered that tho chlld be surren
dered to his father, and ho ls now with him
at Montpelier.
The Vermont Telephone and Telegraph
Company has, during the past week, put a
new metalllo circuit switchboard ln their
exchange ofllco at Morrisville, preparatory
to exchanging their lines to metalllo clr
cuits in that vlcinity. They havo arranged
with the proprletor of the house on Mans
field Mountain to run the telephone llne to
the Tlptop House as soon as the weather
will permit of its being dono. Instruments
havo been put Into offlces and houBes in
Morrisville aB follows: George M. Powers'
ofllco, H. A. Slayton & Co.'s ofllco, Dr. E.
M. Cully's house and M. M. Peck'a house,
Charles F. Lowe's houso and Emory &
Co's collectlvo agenoy, both In this city,
havo been connected with the Montpelier
Telephone Exchange. A representative of
tho Company is thla week puttlng in In
struments at tho house of F. H, Fulllngton,
at East Cambridge, at the ofllco of tho
Woodbury Granlte Company in Marshall
block ln the vlllago of Hardwick, and at
their quarry In Woodbury.
Lonq beforo half-past ten laat Monday
mornlng, it was rumored that the jury in
the Marsh-Buzzoll murder caso had agreed
upon a verdlct and when Judge Bowell ar
rlved shortly beforo eleven o'clock tho
court room was packed to auffocatlon. A
painful Btlllness provalled when Cornelius
Eddy of Watorbury, the foreman, an
nounced the verdict of gullty of murder ln
the flrst tdegroe againBt Mrs. Isabella -A.
Marsh and William C, Buzzell, tho respond
ents. The jury was polled aud separately
announced their verdlct ln regard to eacu
respondent. Not so much as the uio vernon t
of an oye lash showed any change in Mrs.
Marsh or Buzzell, who stood facing tho
jury as thoy pronouncod the fatal words
which wlll soud them to the gallows, unleBS
tho hlgher court interfores. After Judgo
Rowell had thankod tho jury for their
patient labor on this case and had excused
six of them from further sorvlco for tho
term, and the otbers untll next Monday,
the respondents were taken back to jail by
Shorlff Colllna.
East Hrookflold.
W. F. Modcalf sold o valuablo pair of
horses to Oramel Morso of Royalton last
Edward Campbell wont to Barro on Aprll
1, where ho has a yoar's engagoment with
John Trow.
W. II. Lincoln has moved on to tho Blge
low Durkee farm tn the south-east part of
tho town, aud wlll carry on the Bamu this
John K. Spraguo and Mrs. Charles
Sprague of East Randolph wore niarried ie
osntly at that placo by tne Rev. N. H. Farr.
Mr. and Mrs, Sprague wlll reslde with Mr.
and MrB. George K, Sprague.
Mlss Carrlo Lang Ib vlsltlng In Now York,
W. A, Boyco has reslcned aa cltvsrand
Earlo S, Klnaloy of Rutland was ln town
last wook.
A Bon was born .last woek to Mr. and
Mra. A. W. Eastman.
A son was born last Sundav to Mr. and
Mra. John N. McDonald.
MrB. B. W. Jones ontertalned the Phllo-
mathlan Olub last evening.
Tho public schools closed last Frldav for
a vacatlon untll next Monday.
MrB. H. A. Duffv went. laHt Thurndav to
Syracuso, N. Y,, for an extended stay.
J, D, Smlth Is in New York stato on liusl-
ness for the Emplre Granlte Company.
Georee Marr is nlnnnlnir tn nrnr.f. twn
nouses on amun meauow tniB summer.
Wllllam Darllncr of Lowell. Mnnn.. vln.
lted J, B. Darllng, his brother. last week.
It ls sald that the helrs of tlinlntn Natlmn.
lol Chamborlaln wlll attemnt to break hla
Jamos McCoy. of tho American Pneu-
matlo Tool Company, was in tho clty last
Mrs. Fannlo Jackson wlll nntnrtnln tlin
" Over the Toa Oups " club on Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Fav ontortalned thn
Progresslve Whlst Club last Wodosday
Fred Waters had one wrUt linillr lannr.
ated on a clrcular bbw last Wedneadav
ROV. 1. O. Abhev was ln Hnrllnntnn lnat.
weunesuay to attend the fnneral of Mrs. J.
M. lsham.
Lewis Brassau was thrown from a huccrv
last Wednesday, and sustained a fracture of
one anKie.
Mrs. E, L. Smtth returnpd last wnnk frnm
Chlcago, where she had been during tho
paat wiuier.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Cnttln? went last
weeK to i'lke utation, N. H., where they are
tu ruaiuu iu luture.
Mlss Edlth Blshon of the Rnaldlnr- ITItrh
School faculty, ia vlsltlng at her home in
wincnonuon, Mass.
Davld E, Smlth has nurchannd nf Denrirn
Emerson the staee route betweon Wost
xopsnam anu uarre.
Mayor Gordon has been in Burlington
uunug me pasi wook irying a case ln Uhlt-
lenueu coumy courc.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Henrv Jackson and son
Harry are vlsltlng a brother of Doctor Jack
son in fiiancnoster, Xs. II.
H, M. Stevenson of Springfleld, Mass,, is
ln town tunlng the organs at the Congrega-
uuuai anu v;aiuouc cuurcues.
The annual Fast Day sugar party glven
by the members of Company E, will occur
iibxi rriuay iu .rmory uau.
Over 1,800 pounds of maple sugar from
1,200 trees was made in the last eight days
oi oiarcu uy masa Aiien.
Mlss Eatherine Foster. teacher ln a nrl-
vate school in Burlington, was the guest of
iov. w . uumings iast weeK.
Bev. L. H. Elllot, agent for the Vermont
Blble Society, spoke in the Flrst Presbyte-
rmn cuurcu laBiaunuay evening.
Harold, the lnfant son of Mr. and Mra
Jamea Adie dled Iast week. The funeral
services were held Friday afternoon.
At tho Baptist sugar party, held at the
cuurcu laat rriuay evening, "coiorea
gentlemen and ladies walted on tho tables
Bev. B. W. Jones preached at St. Albans
last Sunday. Mrs. JoneB olllclatod at the
Unlversallst church, mornlng and evening.
Judge W. E. Barney has been aeverely
ni wun me gnp uuring tne past week, and
uu cny couri ousmesB nas neen susponuea
Yiiiiam uiuey oi uucKsport, Me., a
brother of A. D. Gllley, ls working in the
store of Mrs. T. G. Whltehlll, at North
If sufflclent funds can be ralsed the Spen
cer Rlllea will attend the dedicatlon of tho
Grant monument in New York Tuesday,
Mlss Eunice Smlth, Albert Smlth and S.
nolliBter Jackson are at home from the
university or vermont, Burlington, for the
spring vacaiion.
Tho Klng's Daughters wlll give an enter-
tainment tn tho Coneroeatlonal church thla
evening for which an enjoyable programme
uas Deen prepareu.
Members of the Becreatlon Gun Club are
practlclng dally at the GunnerBrook range,
preparatory to tho tournament to be held at
iiurnngton next jrnuay.
Mrs. J, Henry Jackson gave a slx o'clock
tea and muslcale last Wednesday evening
ln honor of Mrs. 0. B. Denning before her
departure for Berlin, N, II.
The lnfant child of Mr. and Mrs. Bobert
Gray dled Iast Sunday. The funeral was
held from the house at two o'clock on Tues
day, Kev. U. W. BtaiTord ofllclatlng.
B. W. Abbey was unable to accompany
the Unlverslty of Vermont base ball team
on Its southern trlp, because of the death of
Airs. j. ju, isuam, mother ol Mrs, Abbey,
Mlss Geuova Carpenter of Brookfield will
ue vaieuictonan ana ueorge Iteeil salutato-
rian of tho graduating class from the
Spaulding High School, at the Junecom-
The case of State against John Stevenson
and Herhert MoAuIey for disturblng a Sal-
vation Army meetlng nas neen postponed
untll Friday, April 0, because of the illness
oi juugo uarnoy.
Another petition forfree delivery ln Barre
ls in clrculatlon. It will soon be forwarded
to Washington with the hope that the new
admlnlstratlon wlll recognlzo the rlghts of
liarre ln tms regara.
Rev. Dr. S. N. Jackson ofllclatod at the
funeral of the young son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jamea Adie, which was held last Friday af
ternoon. xue Dnriai was m iiope uemetery.
Henry Provonchee, Thomas Lynch, Louis
Badord and Frank Garrand were in nollco
court Monday mornlng charged with lntox-
lcation, xney all pieaaea gullty and wero
linod the uaual ainounts.
Mrs. Mlchael Keefe was arralgned In city
court laat Saturday afternoon on a dls
closuro case. Because of the illness of
Judge Barney, Justice H. W. Scott pre
slded, and the case was continued,
The asseBBors havo been on the war path
slnce last Thursday. They have dlvuloil
tho city luto threo distrlcts, and one of them
may be found every week day evening at
tho clty clerk's ofllce to recelvo Inventorles,
Rev. Thomas Mltchell wlll preach the
Momorlal Sunday sermou at Barre this
yoar. Meiuorlal Day falls on Sunday, and
the publio oxercUes, including the address
by Mayor Gordon will occur the Monday
Rev. W. R. Davenport snoko on "Com.
monplace People" at Hedding Methodist
church last Sunday ovoning. This church
will be wired for electrlo llghts bofore the
sesslon of tho conference which opens
Tuesday, Aprll 20.
W. B. Dunham, a graduate of Goddard
Semlnary and Tufts College, and later on
tho Boston Olobe, has boen engagod as an
lnstructor at Goddard Semlnary, Prof,
Duuhani wlll enter upon his work at tho
oponing of tho fall term,
Ezra Seaver of Chlcago and Lewis Seaver
of Now York have been vlsitlng ln Barre
during tho past week, They were onco
rnsldeuts of this town and tho former has
not boen ln Barre for tho paat thirty-flve
years, no found few familiar landmarks,
Tho ojectment sult of L. J, Bolster against
Malcoliu MoAuley has been declded by
Justlcu II. W. Scott in favor of Mr. Bolster.
Tho court ruled that Mr, MoAuley should
pay Bolster all ront duo, and Bliould at
once vacato tho promlsos, W. W. La
point appeared for the state and G. T. Swa
sey for defondant.
At the annual moetlns of thn ninmr r.lnl,
held last week with Mrs. H. O. Worthen.
Mrs. Worthon was olected president; Mrs,
Vlctor Blchardson, vlce-presldonl; Mrs, E,
B. Whltaker, secretary; Mrs, 0. M, Bcrlb
ner, treasuror; Mrs. J. Henry Jackson, dl
rector. No more moetings wlll bo held un
tll the flrst Tuesday ln October.
The Colonlal tea hold last week Thurs.
day and Friday evenlngs ln the Unlversa
llst church, attractod very large andlences.
uiu styio uraporlos uocoratod the vestry.
tho tables were set with old.fashloned
chlna, and tho young ladles who walted on
me lauies were arossod ln the style of a
contury ago. A laughablo farco followed
tho auppor each evonlng.
A translont anest at thn nnllrnail irnmn
becamo frlghtonod at a passlng traln last
week Tuesday ovenlng and jumped from
the second Btory of the buildlng to tho
frozon ground below. His bod was nearly
over tho track of the Montpolier and Wells
River rallroad, and tho half past nlne traln
frlghtonod him nearly out of his wlts, He
escapeu wltn a lew brnlses, out immedlate.
ly sought another hotel.
A drunkon row occurred last Sundav at
the home of Malcolm Gamblo, on Ayer
Btreot, ln which Wllllam Rogers, Joseph
ltogers ana Aiexanaer MoPhee were cat
with kniveB. and John McPhnn lind hin
scalp Iald open by an axe in the hands of
wuuam iiogers. Joseph and Wllllam Rog
ers and Alexander McPhee are under ar-
rest, and all ln jall at Montpelier to awalt
tne outcome ol tuo lnjurles to John Mc
Phee. Tho fact that the axe was very dull
alone prevonted a murder. A barrel of
beer that was put in Gamble's house Satur
day evonlng was the cause of the row.
E. R. Flotcher of tho Fletcher Granlte
Company of St. Albans was In town last
week in conference with the executive
commlttee of the Barre Granlto Manutac-
turers Assoclation. Men employed by the
Fletcher Granlte Comnanv at Hardwick
struck last week for forty-flve cants ner
hour for an elght hour day. It ls thought
that the mon are aware that the contract
for the Chlcago post-ofHce calls for llght
gray granlte valued at 83,000,000. None of
tnis granite is lounu west of the Uudson
rlvor, and the contract must necesaarlly
come to New England. The Fletcher Com
pany is wililng to grant the requests of the
strlkers, but the Barre executive commlttee
objeoteu as it would be the flrst stop towards
an eigui nour uay ior granite cuiters. J ue
Fletcher Company ls a member of tho New
England Granlte Manufac nrers' AbsocIo
tlon, and ls bound to abide by achedules of
prlces auopteu uy tne Barre Assoclation
and tho Barro Cutters' Union.
N. D. Fhelpa arrlved in Barre laat Satur
day evening from Peterboro, N. H., where
ne leit airs. rueips. sne ls wltn her Bister
and wlll remain for aeveral weeks to re.
cover from her injuries, which were much
more serious tuan were those of Mr. Phelps.
He ls still qulte lame and his nerves are as
yet badly shattered. Mr. Fbolps states
tnat ue anu Airs. riioips were asieep ln their
berth when the traln left the ralls and went
through the brldgo into twenty-slx feet of
water. When Mr. Phelps was rescued he
was wrapped ln bed clothing and was pln
ned down by a huge stone that camo from
the abutment of the bridge. Only his head
and shoulders were above water when he
was rescued. Mrs. Phelps was thrown
through the wlndow and her facs and
hands were badly cut. She was thrown in
to the rlver entirely clear from the wreck,
but tho shock to her nervous system was
very great.
East Barre.
M. E. Cutler has begun housekeeping in
the house thathe lately purcbased of 0. E,
Lon Taylor has moved back to Barre and
Mr. Nutbrown has moved into Mr. Dow's
house where Jesse Klng llved.
Mr. Chayer of Manchester, N. H,, is soon
to open a boot and shoe store ln Blsson's
block in tho rooms lately occupled by Mrs.
A detachment from the Salvatlon Army
from Barre was here on Tuesday evening
and gave a lecture lllustrating lt with viewa
from a magic lantern.
Professor W. E. Corllss wlll close his
term of slnging-school here on Monday
ovenlng, April 12, with a grand concert ln
the Opera House. Some taleut from out
side the place wlll be in attendance and
every effort wlll be made to make lt a suc
cess. A receptlon was glven Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Stevens by tho I. O. G. T. on Wednes
day evening of which order both are mem
bers. Chlef Templar W. N. Grearson
called them to tho chair and ln a few well
chosen remarks presented them with a ban
quet lamp ln behalf of the body. After a
Boclal evening the company departed.
South Barre.-
W. A. Lane has gone on a buslness trlp to
East Cabot, Danville and Hardwick.
Mrs. Otis Durgee is very ill. Mrs, Bert
Stafford of Barre ls helping caro for her.
The Good Templars gave a sugar Boclal at
their hall on Wednesday evening. All en
joyed agood tlme.
Mrs. John Worcester was called to Plain
field on Wednesday on accountof the Illness
of her mother, Mrs, Charles Lombard,
Rev. Mr. Colburn has flnlshed preaching
here for the present. His friends regret his
going away and hope he may soon recover.
Mrs. M. D. Warren was called to Water
bury last week by the sudden death of her
Edwin Webster of East Boston has pur
cbased the resldence formerly known as the
Wallace Stevens placo.
Frank Blanchard, Btage driver to Marsh
field, who has been serlously ill with mea
sles, is slowly lmproving.
Fast Day Bervices wlll be observed In the
Congregatlonal church on Friday evening
at half-past seven o'clock.
Soveral from this place attended the dls
trlct meetlng of the Daughters of Rebekah
held ln Barre last week and report a very
enjoyable tlme.
At the graduating exercises of the Ontario
Vetorinary College, at Toronto, on March
20, Carl W. Flsher recetved flve flrst prlzes,
Including two ailver modals, all flrst prlzes
of tho juulor class, which numbors about
Tho Lowor Cabot Reading Club met with
Mrs. J. M. Flsher on Monday ovoning,
March 29. At the olose of the reading sugar
and doughnuts wero served. Forty-flve
members were present.
Mrs. Josle Meader, Buccessor to Mrs. L,
0, Lanco, in the mllllnery buslness, goes to
market this week to purchaso her spring
and BUinmer stock of goods. She has se
curod, for the coming season, Mlss Harrlot
Little, of Boston. an experienced and well
recotnmended trlmmor.
Unconditional surrender, is the only terms
those famoua little pllls known as DoWltt'a
Llttlo Early Rlsers wlll make with constl
patlon, slck headache and stomach troubles.
W. E. Terrlll & Co,, Montpelier, Vt.
Unitarlan services were held at the
church on Sunday afternoon.
J. S. Viles has added an automatlo llght
rogulator to his plant.
The BUgar party at the hotel, glvon by the
Dnltarlans, was a success and thoso who at
tended onjoyed a feast.
WIUlo Ileonolcke, who was so severoly
Injured by scaldlng, a week ago, ls growing
worse. Dr. Ketup was summoned to attend
him ou Monday afternoon.
TnB"Klng of Liulments" should be ln
every homo. Neurotlo 011 ls positlvely the
only linlment that can be callod a gonoral
household remedy, It ls iufalliblo for all
the countless achos and palus which ilesh ls
holr to, and ls safoly used, elther lnternally
or externally, by even the youngest chlld.
It acts qulckly, relleving pain at once. A
bottlo of Neurotlo 011 costs but twenty-flvo
cents and wlll work wonders,

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