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Gilt Edge Life
Tho bcst insuranco in tho world
1b whnt wo 8ol'. Tho form
of our policies nnd tho rc
cord of our compauy will
stund strict investigation.
Assots, Over $13,000,000.00,
NATIONAL Life Insurance Go.
S. S. 1IALI.AIID. Gcnl. AcV-i UAIHtK, VT
Innll partB of tho world. JUDGE
MENTS for salo at our dllce:
ErncstM.IIoward, Stockbridge 77 31
Ortgorr Aldtlch, Barre 17 21
I'rank Yatter, Barre 23 91
S. 11. TlUer, Burlington 56 61
Fetcr rarrott, Bethel 119 11
Fred Beeley, Barre 82 39
JohnF. Kelley, Burlington 20 06
Nelson I'hllbtlck, Topsham 54 56
8, L, Itoyce, Barre 12 91
C. C. Qulraby, Barre V 23
Ora Oregwnre, Barre 15 (9
Sldney Martel, Barre 18 30
J. J. Smlth, Barre 29 41
Wlll Mlnard, Barre 29 99
For furthor information, call on or
addreBS W. M. OltlMVAY, Mnnagcr,
nooais t, afa ani 4,
Lnwrenco Building, Montpelier, Yt.
Blanchard Opera House
We4nosday, May 5.
(Latest Editlon.)
SEE tho Carrlaco ltide and lts Mlshaps.
SEE the l'unny White Horse nndita Ludlcrous Con-
tortlons and I.lvely Capers.
SEE the Trlck Wngon and Lively Octopus.
SEE the l'earf ully and Wonderfully Mndo Shlp turn
ovcr aud OTor wlth lts passengers.
SEE the Morm at Sea. l'oor McUOBzle.
SEE the Mlschlcvous Studenta and the Statuary.
SEE the Oreat Duol Scene.
SEE tho John llyrne Troupc of Acrobata ln the
(IrRHtest Acrnbatle l'erformance ln the world.
Tons o( the Most Intrlcate Sconery used for
thls Olgantlc 1'roductlon. Tho yunnlest Show on
:urtu. ine wnoie is 1 aiuuuuy auu uonesuy i-re'
sented at Each l'erformance.
rrlccs, 3". fiO, TnCcntn nnd 11.00. Sontl
on Snloiit Klilo's Storo Momlay, Mny 3.
Alao dealers ln nilllard Clotli, llalla, Cuea, Tipa,
Ohalk and llllllard McrchandlBe of everydescrlptlon.
C Tciniilo 1'lnce, nciir Washington Strcot,
lVnereast ?irs. luttie Jduior, my wire, nas left my
hed and board wlthout just cause or provocatlon, all
persons aro forbldden to truat her on my account,
as I Bhall pay no debta of her contractlne after thls
nn iiuvi.' iimirM)
IMalnfield, Slay 1, 1697.
o, isti. aeaieu prupusais wui uo receivea &i iina
bulldlnc untll 2 o'clock r. M.. 5Iar 14. 1897. for fur.
nlshlng fuel, llghta, water, lco, mlaccllaneoua aup
pllee, waahlng towola, baullng aahea, and aprlnkllng
etreets for thls bulldlng durlng the tlecal year cnd
lng Jnne 30, 18W, or Biicli portlon of the year aa may
uo ucumii-u iiuviBuuie. iiie riKiic 10 rtjeci any ana
A. J. SI11LEV, Cuetodlan.
The place owned and occupled by the late
Jatnes Page, at Lower Cabot, consiBtlng of
bouso, barn and two and one-half acres of
land. The buildings are in good repair and
tho land is in a high state of cultivatlon.
or iuriner particuiars iaqulre of
J. M. FISIIEK, Admlnistrator,
May 4, 18U7. Lower Cabot, Vt.
The underalgned, tiavlng been appolnted by th
Ilonorable Frobate Court for the nintArt nf WMin.
ton comrateeionerB to recelve, eiamlne and adluat
all clalmt and demauds of all peraons agalnat th u ea
fate ot WILMAM l-AHSos, late of Middlesex,
ln aald dlatrlct, decoaaedi and all clalma ei-
iuuiieu iu uubui luureio, uereuy givenotlce that we
wlll mcet for the purposea aforeaald. at the etore of
J. II. Danlele, In the town of Mlddletex, lu aald
IMatrlct, on the 20th day of May and 28th day of
October next, from two o'clock p. m. untll
rnonthi from the 2fitii dnv nt An a t, iou t
tho tlme llmlted by sald Court for aald cre'dltorl to
I'.cocu, men tiniius vu us iur examinauon and
i8Da,ed !Vtihthl. Sd dayof May. A. D,
51-53 J UXIUS II. DANIELS, I vuuiiui.iuumi.
The underalgned, havlng been appolnted by the
Ilonorable l'robate Court for the Dlatrlct of Wash
ington comralaalonera to recelre, examlne and ad
luat all clalma and demanda of all peraons agalnat
the eatate of AMltKV J. CAMEKON. late of
Middlesex, ln ald:i)latrlct,deceased, and all clalms
exhlblted ln cltaet tbereto, heroby glye notlce that
we wlll meet for the nurposea aforesald at the
realdenceof tho late A. J. Cameron, ln the town
ofMlddleaox, In aald Dlatrlct, on the22dday of
o'clock F. M. untll fnur n'clnnlr p. m.. nanf..i.i
daya, and that alx montha from th2latdayof
Aprll, A, D. 1897, Is the tlme llmlted by sald Court
ut baiu uremiura iu preseut ineir ciaims to us for
examlnatlon and allowance.
Dated at Middlesex, thls Ist day of Majr, A. D.
91 93 j.' w. KOAn; i Commlsaloners.
STATE OF VEHMONT, Waahlngton Dlatrlct. as,
In Ihe matltr of aEOHOE E. miEELER,
Iniohtnt Utbtor.
Take notlce, that a second mectlng of the credltors
Bplvent debtor. I appolnted by tb Judse of said
Court to be held at a Court ot Insolvency at tho
iyti7'MT.A-U.lbfl.&t ten o'clock A. m at
whlch tlme and place sald debtor wlll beallowed to
araend and correct hla schedule of credltors, and
rerlfy the same by oath. 1 u
.HMJ.,' Montpelier, thls 4th day of May.
A.I. 189T. HlltAM CAULETON, Judge.
In Worcester, Arrll US, by ner, P. 0. Carpenter.
Ned Ilarrls to Flossle II, lluck.both ot Worcester
ln Cambridge, Aprll 22. by Rev. U, O, Howard
Ueorge II. Deayltt to Ida M, llolmei, botb ot Water
ville. "DEATHS,
InWeit Corinth,! Aprll; 18, Chauncey Bohonon
In West Corinth, Aprll 29, John Mcgulre, aged 64
years, 4 months.
Rov. Orlo Barnard and famlly lolt for Bt.
Albans Bay yostorday.
Wllbur 11111 of Moretown proacliod for tho
Motliodtflts liiBt Sunday.
Mr. and Mtb. Luclan Whlto spent Sunday
at Waitsfield with relatlves.
Tlio oloctrlo slgnal 1b now ln posltlon at
tho dopot crosslng and works to tbo Batifl
factlonof all.
Krod Stono was qulte badly lnlurod ono
day last woek by tho breaklng down of n
wagon. No bones woro broken.
Tho danco at the hotol last Wodnosday
ovoning receivod only a Btnall attondanoe,
but was hlghly onjoyed by thoso prosont.
Not only aotito lung troublos, whloh may
prove fatal ln a fow daya, but old chronio
coughs and throat troublos may recelvo Itn
mpdlato rollof and bo pormanontly curod by
Ono Minuto Cough Curo. W. E. Terrlll &
Oo., Montpelier, Vt.
Chester Wood and a (orco of men aro at
work on tho creamery buildings.
Threo brothors ol Martln Plko wlth tholr
famllies vislted blm tho flrat of the week.
Nelson Sanborn and Arch Batcheldor aro
repalring and tnaklng addltlons to tholr
Mtnn Tnc7. Bnmia haa beon ontrntred to
teach tho summer term of school ln tho nil
ton dlatrlct.
A sneclal meetlnc of the commlsslonerB,
L. 0. Batcheldor and Ilarrls Eaton, on tho
eBtate ot Orrln Potter, was held at tho ofllco
of 0. E. Woodward, Jr.,ou Wednesday.
J. V. T.mnnsnn of Cabot and W. II.
Scott of Barro were ln town on Saturday,
the formor to tako evldence ln a foreciosure
case, and the latter as counBel for Georgo
TIbt. .T. A. Sherburne of Barro wlll
preaoh at Plainfield next Sunday, ln place
of llev. Jr. A. u. uooper wuo goea 10 oi,
Johnsbury to aupply for Bev. Thomas Ty-
rie wno is 111.
On Baturdav last Georee Johnson was ar
rp.atnd as be was about to leave the Btato,
for debt ownlnR L. F. Fortney. He was
tftken beforo Judcre W. 8. Martln at tho of-
fice of 0. E. Woodward, Jr., and a hoarlng
had to seo U he be liold for tnal May 10.
The court returned blm to tho oQlcor who
for want of bail commltted Johnson to Jatl,
wbore bo now langulBlies
D. E. Snlcer of Barre, formerly of thls
place, wuo successiuny vt reBtiea ut me Ain
ImrHt Htreet crvmnaalum ln Manchester. N.
II.. last Wednesday ovenine, reiurneu to
hls home on Frlday nlght, having won new
laurelB niuch to tho gratification of hla
frlends. Ile exprcsseB hlmsolf aa belng
verv cratoful for the courteBlos rocelved
from tho peopla of Manchester and ospo-
cially for tuo klndness snown uy oiessrs.
Choney who aro promlnently connected
wltu tno association
When the Bprlng tlme comes, "gontle
Anule," llke all othor senslblo perBons, wlll
cleanse tho llver and renovate tho Bystem
wlth DeWltt's Little Early Rlsers, famous
little nllls for the llver and stomach all the
yoar round. W. E. Terrlll & Co., Mont
pelier, Vt.
lilclcer 31111s
A. II. Illcker Is runnlng hls logs betwnen
tho two ponds. . Gen.A. Ilarleigb nill,
an old resldent of Groton, and ono who
wrote tho Illstory of Groton for tue Ver
montGazetter, 1b very low with cancer of
tho Btomach at Old Orcuaru, ile
William Wilson, formorly of this town.
but now a resldent of Ityegato, was thrown
from hla carriaco and kllleu laat baturdav
He was about eiEhtv yeara old. E. D
IUckor haa mored to tho place he bought of
A. U. Ilooper, and Alr. liooper lias moved
to tlie larm no Dougut in i'eacnam.
G. A. Tiiden and son llarry aro in Boaton
thiB woek. Evangollst Shaw preached
at the ConErecatlonallst church on 8unday
evonlng. : Thomas Wilson, a former
resldent of thls town, died at hls home in
Poultney early last week.
The Ladies' Circle meets pt its rooma this
week on xnursday. un nexi week xnurs'
day evening, they will servo ice croam and
cake. a utorary program wiu oo givon.
Melrin Snaldint: and Domls Mann
were married on May 1 at the parsonago by
Rev. M. Ii. Wrleht Rllas Amy Us-
good ol Randolph commenced school on tho
warren roau ima week. a ntiio
daughtor, Agnes, of Fatrick Shehan, a
former residont ol thls town, wis burieu ln
KortbUeld last baturday. Tlio cream
ery started on Saturday wlth cood husineas,
::: Lloyd Fllnt was tmite soverely hurt
wlillo rluint: ms uicycie on iTiuay nicut
Misa Cornolla Goss of Moretown and
Mlsa Ellza Sossions of Middlebury, were
the gueata of Misa Myra Ilutterfield last
woek. j , Li. lierrick naa reiurneu ai
ter an extended absence. Rev. Mrs
Eule IC. Jones Bupplled the pulplt for Rev.
Mr. Downey on Sunday. Mr. Downey is
qulto iu wltu eryBtpeiaa.
East Roxbury.
The machinory for tho creamery arrived
and was put in nlace on Wednesday last.
Herman Flint Iroui West Braintree la in
charee. He started up, May 1, witb 1.1
nounds of mtlk. Gold has been dia
covered on the farm of Marcus Peck. The
vein is sald to be a richer than that ulscov
ered in Stockbridge. : Weltzel Web-
ater returned home from Burlington on
ThurBdav. He is much lmnroved in boalth
W. O. Smlth, the slnger who asalBted
N. w. Hliaw in tlie meetings lield nero the
past wmter, naa neen very lll at iJ. L
Buck's the nast week. Fred Blanch
ard is gettlng out lnmber for a Bllo and for
otner imnrovementa on uls uulldlnca
School begun on Monday, wlth Cecil
iiuck as teacner.
South Ryegate.
George Crow has purchaaed 11 vo nico
cowb of S. MilU and ls going into the dairy
W. T. George and wifo are in Topsham
this weok on bUBinesa in connection wlth
tue estato of Mary Mlils, late mother of Mrs.
D. M. CorlisB will appear on tho roada
wlth the road-machino and a full gang of
men on Thuraday of thls week. Wo shall
expect to seo the roads put into a passable
conuiuon in Biiori oruor, ai little expense
Communion servlces wlll bo hold at the
Reformed I'resbyterlan church on Sundav
next. The usual preachlng aervices will be
neiu on xuursuay anu naturday previous.
nov. Aii. urowneu oi west uarnet is ex
pected to assist.
W. B, Wilson, aged sevonty-nine years, a
very active man (or hls age. was ln the vll
lage laBt Saturday dolng bnBinoss. Aa he
was on ms way nome tne lug-Btrap broke,
the horao became unmanageable, ran
againBt a fence, threw Mr. Nolaon out and
broke hls back or neck. AsBlatance waa
near at hand, and be was carrled Into a
bouao near by whero he died in about flt
teen mlnutea. Funeral servlces were held
at hls late resldence yesterday afternoon,
Rev. J. J. Ilall offlciating. This was tbe
nrat burlal In either ot the cemeterlea in
tho village for nearly flvo months.
Rev. G. F. Beecher and wifo of Brattle
boro aro Bpendlncc a few daya wlth the lat-
ters parenta, wr. anu Mrs. v. i'. Macutclien.
Tho State v. Walter ManBfield. a
charge of assault wlth lntont to klll, trted
last week at the connty court, roBultod ln
an acqulttal.
Wolcott has recovered ludgment agalnat
Stowe for 8207 and coata for the support of
tho E. D. Gatea famlly. O, Sanborn, also,
has recovered ludgment agalnat Stowe for
building a briuge, and there are at leaat two
other casea, Cr. w. G. Church v. Stowe and
II. P. Stowe v. Stowo; both tax suita, yet to
bo tried.
R. D. Bradley has purchased tbe E, S.
Luce place. P, D. Plke & Sons have
boucht tho "Beehlve" at tho lower vlllaao
and will uso It for a sloro house. i
Haymond Darrab of Sutton, P. Q,, la nt
work for 0. P. Scribner. Old Mra.
Warren of Brownsvlllo is qulto alck at the
homo of bor son, U. S. Warren,
Ilenry Tliomaa of tlio lower vlllago la put
tlng up an nddltlon to hia barn. Rov.
M. II. Ryan is expected horo early tbla
woek to aaaumo charge of tbo Methodlst
church. i T. J. Stowart of Morrisville
was ln town on Friday last. 1 M. II.
W. Burgott of Boaton, who haa tho con
structlon of tbo electrlo rallroad ln charge,
was ln town laat woek looklng after lta in
toroata. A May day llower fcstlval
waa hold at TJnlty church on Saturday, wlth
a large diaplay of llowors as a principal foa
turo. Kev. Georgo Burnham preached
at tho Mothodist church on Sunday.
Thirtv voars ls a loncr tlmn to llpht bo
painful a troublo bb pilea, but Jacob Mitch
oll. of Unlonvlllo, Pa., strtigglod that long
beforo ho tried DeWitt'a Witch Ilazel
Salve, whicb qulckly aud permanontly
cured him. It la equally effectlve ln oeze-
rua and all sktn affectiona. W. E. Terrlll
& Co., Montpelier, Vt.
Tho outhtul vlaltor at tho resldence ot
Ernest Doty la a bouncing baby boy.
Tho vounc chtld of Mllo Wlntors who has
ueen vory iu anowa Biigut lmprovemeni,
Gilman BIU has azaln takon un bls rosl-
donce among us, and ls keeplng bouao by
Misa Alma Leonard of Eaat Calais has
been oncaced for the Center dlatrlct tbo
coming term.
Tho boardlnc houso of tho Fletcher Com
pany ls rapldly nearlng completlon, and la
nuuo an lmposmg atruciure.
Meaales havo made thelr annoaranco ln
town, much to tho annoyance of those wbo
have chlldren they aro intendlng to aend to
Parties from Hardwick aro auiotly look
lng over the ground on the east bIJo of
Long Pond wltu a vlew to puttlng up some
cottageB tnis summer.
Tom Harrlgan. employed ln one of the
quBrries, died suudenly at Tlm Mtilcahay's
Tuesday, April 27, of alcohollstu. Funeral
waa held at tne nouae laat murauay.
Mra. Davld Powers of West Woodbury
waa burlod laat Wednesday, and tbe young
daugbter of F. Flsher of tbe aame place waa
burled on Sunday. Rev. N. A. Rjaa ofll-
clated at both aorvlces.
The new machlnery for the Woodbury
Granite Company haa nearly all arrived,
and ls m poaition. rne Duuuinga are near
lv comnloted coverinc the nlant, and every-
tlilnc lndlcatea a ruan oi Duaineaa ueiore
many aaya.
The Help and Aid Socioty mot with Mr,
and and Mrs. JameB Walton last Wednes
day afternoon, and had a very pleasant
meetlng. The siorm of Tueaday had blocked
up the road so that somo Bhovellng had to
be uono to got to Mr, waiton'a uouse.
South Woodbury.
Frank Batchelder and son Clem visited in
Barre a few daya last week.
Mlss Grace Bonjamln began her summor'a
work lor Airs. w. u. xown iasi xnur.-uay
Mra. Lucinda Fanisworth and mother
havo returned to thoir homo from Barre
where they have benn spending tho wlnter
wltu jsic. anu Aira. u. ii. wona,
Scliools in town commonced laat Monday.
Mlaa Mary Sabln teachea the villago FChool,
Fred Wella the Ball Bchool, aud Gloo Lilley
la to teaen in uie wuuur uistricr.
R. B. Tassey, road commissloner. has
hlred A. M. Beujamin witb hia team to go
wltu nim on tuo roau macuine. work com
menced on tho roada laat Monday.
Llttlo Cecil. aon of W. J. Town. acci
dentally caucbt his llnger in tho coc-wheels
of the clothes wringer laat Saturday, and
cruaucu tucm qulto uadly. JSo uones
Miss Lucv Sabln. who has been 111 since
February 11 and whose caae haa exclted
much lntorest and sympathy among her
frlends, had a correct diagonisls mado by
Drs. Fairman and Crano of Hardwick laat
week. It is hoped sho may yet recover.
A Chance of a Llfc-Tlme.
Labor is a necessity and sklllod labor ls
always ln demand.
The Vriimont Watciiman offers the
chanco of a llfetimo to any young man or
youag woman, who is anxious to be woll
equipped ln tho battlo of life. Tho condl
tlons are very simple. Arrangeinents have
been mado by The Watciiman to givo a
thorough buaincss educatlon to the person
who securea tho largest number of Bub
scrlbors to Thk Watchman before Septem
ber 1, 1897.
A life memberahlp certlflcato ln Spencer'a
Busineas College, Kingaton, N. Y wlll be
given to the auccessful canvaaser, whlch
will entitle him, or her, to inatruction in all
branchea of a Commercial, Stonographio
and Telographlc course.
The Combined Life Scholarahip, includ
lng the above threo couraes, costB S90.
Thla amouut of tuitlon ia givon to tho suc
cessful contestant, surely an oflor worth
contendlng for.
Each unsucceaaful compotltor wlll be al
lowed to retaln ten per cent of the money
he has rocelved for subscrlptions, and thus
earnest effort wlll not ho unrewarded,
Porsons desiring to compoto muBt notify
The Watchman before Jnne 10.
Any other Information, or samplo coplea
ot the watchman, may be obtaineu by au
dressing The Watchman, Montpelier, Vt.
Col. JonN Hav, the newly appolnted
United Btatea ambassador to the court of
St. Jamea received unuaual dlatinctlon on
Monday whilo presenting hia credentlala to
Quoon Vlctoria at Windsor caatle. Durlng
the moruinc a royal carrlaco drove un to
I Col. Hay'a rosldonco, with a coachman and
two lootmen in tue royai scariet nvery, to
convey Col. and Mrs. Hay to Paddlngton
Btatlon. At the statlon they were met by
the marquls of Salisbury and the mastor of
ceremonlea, Sir Jamea (Jolvllle, wbo accom
panied them to Windsor. At the Windsor
rallroadfstatlon Col. and Mrs. Hay found a
royal carrlaco ln waltlng to convey tuern to
the caatle, wbere luncheon was served.
Col. Hay flrst bad an audionce wlth tbo
marquls of Salisbury and thon presented
hls credentlala to her majeaty. The audi
once waa brief and formal, but the queon
waa apeclally gracious and exchanged witb
the ambassador mutual expresaions of good
will and amity betweonboth natlona. Mra.
Hay waa then received ln audienco by the
Sueen, belng preaented by tho counteaa of
Irroll. the lady ln walting. As the wlfe of
an ambassador, Mra. Hay took precedence
over tho Portugueao and Chineso minlsters,
who also presented thelr credentlala upon
thU occasiou.
The next annual convention ot the Ver
mont Conference Epworth League of the
Methodlat Eplscopaf church wlll be held ln
tbe Methodlst church In Brattleboro, June
22 and 23, Tbe followlng speakers have
been secured; Rev. 0. L. Goodell, D, D,,
ofBrooklyn, N. Y.; Rev. 0. O. Judklns,
A. B,, Windsor, thlrd vice-president ot tho
New England distrlct Epworth league;
Rev. W. S. Smithers, A. M., Hardwick;
Rev. E. M. Bmltb, D. D., Montpelier, the
representatlve from New England in tbe
genoral mlsslonary commlttee; Rev. Lutlier
Freeman, A. M., Newton Centor, Mass.,
aecretary of the Epworth league of New
England; Rev. O. W. Bcott, A. M., Catn
pello, MaBS,, superlntendent of jtinlor work
for New England; .Blshop William X.
Nlnde, D. D., LL. D., Detrolt, Mich.,
world's prealdont of the Epworth league,
and otbeaa, lncludlng some promlnent lay
men. Rey. L. P. Tucker of Northfield ls
prealdent and Rev. W. M. Newton of
Waterbury la aecrotary.
One nlght laat week somo rellglous partl
sans ln Jackson county, Alabama, carrled
Into the wooda, atrlppod and aevorely
wblppod two Mormon elders, Tho eldera
Bubaenuentlv annoalod to Govornor John.
aon for proteotlon, repreaenting that they
had been threatened wlth death If they ro
matned in tbe state, The govornor haa
nromlaod to nrotect them and baa Inatruct-
ed the Bheriff of tho county to mako them
hls speclal charge,
Cecil, tho flvc-yoars-old son of Goorco
Gulnan of Westfield, Mass,, was drownod
laat wook in tuo racoway of tuo aaw-mlll of
tho Briatol Manufacturlng Company. Tho
body was recovored.
Pknsions havo recentlv boon crantod to
tho followlng Vormonters: Orlglnal, Oyrus
D, StobblnB, Vorgonnos, Frank Marcott,
iirattiotioro; Buppiemontai, uanioi Ford
liatn, Watorbury; roiaauo, Jamea Horlmon,
Thk Vormont Llvo Stock Comnanv of
Brattleboro baa recelvod advlcea from John
Stovena, manager, that from 3,000 to 6,000
bcad of cattlo on tho company'a largo ranch
ln South Oakota perlshed durlng tho past
seaaon on account of docp anow fall. Tho
snow camo early in tho soason, and con-
tinuou tin tnis apring. xuo totai numuer oi
bnv.iu vj i. l i. u .nuv.u mov .nt. naa nuuub ,,vw.
Tho company waa oreanized by Brattleboro
men. anu lta oporations nad been very suo
cessiui tor Beverai yeara untu laat wintor.
Pbnsions have reccntly been granted to
tho followlng Vermontersi Orlglnal, John
H. Frlable, I'awlet: lncrease, Alfrod u,
iaiuuciuo, uani uvnuiu ii.ajdu , uiauu
Randolph; Gardiner It. Shlppi, Morrisville;
Rufus D. Gasklll, Watorford; orlglnal, wld
owa, etc, Dolla Faneuf, Sonth Royalton;
uiara a. uepar, lsurunRton; uuoua u. xiin
lov. Lyndonville: Bolon J. Madden, Wi
nooski, mlnor of Oscar F. Burnham, Mont
Induckmknts havo been offerod tho
Koene Furnlture Company of Keono.N. H.,
wlth a vlow of brineine about lta removal to
Bethol. II la underatood that tho company
ls dlsposed to consldor tno project favor
ably. esneclally because tho chance would
brlng tbo works wlthin easy reach of the
largo lumber tract in Pittslleld, whlch the
company owna. Under the Vermont lawa
the company will bo cranted a flvo yearB1
exomntlon. if lt establlshea a new factory In
tho Btato. At Bethol there la a plant noar
tho depot, couBlstlng of two three-Btory
buildings, eacu over ono liundred feot ln
length and forty foot or bo in wldth,
equipped wltu bouers, englne, Buafting,
electrlo llghts, hoatlng apparatua, outbulld
incs. etc. Thia plant is offerod to tho fur
nlture company for a nominal Bum per-
uapB lor notning ii it wiu move ua ousi
ness to that town,
Btatb's Attoiinev Bodb of Windham
county is on tbe war path after violatora of
tho prohlbitory law. At Brattleboro last
week a rald waa made almultaneoualy on
tho Amerlcan Houae and G. J. Burnee's rea-
taurant. At Burpee'a 100 bottlea of beer
and soveral gallons of whiBkoy wore found.
At the Amerlcan House two dozen bottles
of bner nnd SHvernl domllohna nf rnm. whla-
key and gin were secured. Threo men who
were urinking anu tue tiartenuor wero ar
rested at the Amorlcan House. Mr. Ilur
nee'a roHtauriint waa never raidod beforo
The Amerlcan Houbo has boon ralded twlce
wlthin two yeara. State'a Attorney Robb
aaya tliat liereafor lio will accopt no pleas
oi belng a common aeller, aud tliat tlie sec
ond offence of selling will mean impriaon
ment. Mr. Itobb alao aaya that he shall pro
coed acalnst tho ownera of buildinca ln which
intoxicantB aru aold aa they aro liable under
the Vermont law, although thla provlslon
naa not ueretoiore ueon oniorceu.
The Tonnessee centennial exposltion waa
ODened at Nashvillo last Saturday wlth irn
poaing ceremonles. President McKlnley
touched an olectric button at Washington
at noon tnat set tue maculnery ln motion
Tue Kentucky Senate apecial commlttee
annolnted to lnvoatlcate tho atfaira of the
state penltentiary at Frankfort has already
dlscoverod tliat tue prtson la auort a mll
llon feet of lumber, worth 817,000. It is
cuargeu tuat at leasi a uozen men are ln
volved ln tuo embozziemont.
Deputv United State8 Marshal Flynn
captured four Chinamen on the llne north
of Malone, N. Y., last Monday. They were
endeavorinc to steal Into tho United States.
He also secured a quantlty of opiutn which
they had aecretod In the llning of their
clothing, Thoy were lodged iu Malone
lall penuing examlnatlon. xuey wlll
doubtless bo returned to China.
A dispatch from Albunuerque, N, H.
sayB that Aldaco F. Walker, chairman of
tue uoaru oi uireciora; u. o. xtayea, ui
rector. and Victor Morawotz. nenoral coun-
sel of tho Santa Fo svstem. havo arrived
there to purchaso the Atlantic aud Paciflc
railroad and wlll loave for Gallup in that
county, whero Mr. Marron will sell the
Atlantic and Paciflc road and its outllt to
satlsfy a Judgtnent of the freight mortgago
bondholderB, whoso claim ia 510,000,000
witu accrued lntorest lor aimost two years
A BiLL introduced ln tno Domlnlon nar-
llament by Senator MacDonald of llrltlsh
Columbia in the Senate, maklng the 24th of
May a perpetual holiday in Canada, and to
be known aa Victoria Day, waa road a thlrd
tlmo and paaaeu on juonuay.
A fiue on Tueaday afternoon ln the
crowded charitable bazaar at Farla, France,
at wnlclt many notable peopio were nres
ont created a terrible panio. Many wero
burned to deatu and many more injured
Thirty bodieB wero recovered and thirty-
iive injured cared lor.
Wah preparatlona go on at Conatanti-
nome with unabated vicor. Two commia
BianB, composed of ofllcials of tho minlstries
ot publio worka anu oi war, nave been
formed for the nurnoao of facllltatlntr dis
Satch of troopa to the frontier. It haa baon
ecided to extlngulab the torchos in all tbe
llghthouses on the gult ot Bmyrna aa far aa
Karaburun durlng the contlnuance of the
war. It ia ofllcially announced that the
Greeks realdent in Turkey may become
naturalized as an alternativo to loaving tho
country. Thia will be compuUory for all
Ureeks olllclally employed ln xurkoy.
Five moro of tho anarchlats, who laat
Docember woro convlcted ln Barcelona of
compllctty In bomb tbrowlng ln that clty in
June, 1800, wero sontenced to death laat
Saturday. The crlmo for which theae men
are to suffer death was committed on Juno
7, lS'JO, on the occaslon of a rellcious proces
slon ln celebratlon of Corpua Chriatl, Juat
as the procesBlon wus entoring the church
of Santa Maria de la Mar a bomb waa
thrown into tho crowd that was watchlng
tho coremony. The misslle exploded, kill
Ing twelve persons inBtantly and woundlng
about fifty othera, some of whom subae
quontly died.
A DisrATCit from San Salvador states that
a terrlflo exploalon of dynamlte ln that clty
laat Saturday resulted ln tho deatructlon of
two entlro blocks, and cauaed the losa of
many llves. Four wagons were being
driven down Conceptlon Btreet, ono ot tho
principal thoroughfares of the clty, each
loaded wlth several boxes ot dynamito, In
aome unexplalned manner one ot tbe boxes
of dynamito explodod wlth a deafening
roar. In an inatant every other box on the
wagon was blown up. Thon, wlth an aw
ful craah, the dynamlte on tho threo other
wagona, whlch wero near, exploded almul
taneoualy. Thia last oxploaion waa tollowed
Immedlately by the craah of tlmbera, and
the two blocks of buildinga opposlto on each
sldo of Conceptlon Btreet foll away llke
housoB of cards.
A daugbter waa born on Aprll 1 to Mr
and Mrs. Georgo E. Stacy. l'rofesaor
A. L. Fuller ot Cleveland, Ohlo, arrived
laat weok to vlslt hla mother, who la ex
pected to llvo but a abort tlmo. Mr, Fuller
returna to Cleveland, but hia wifo and little
BOn wlll rouialn in Vershire. Mr.
Clement la to movo from Verahiro Centor to
tho brlck house on tho brook road owned
by Mr. Roblnson. A. J. Gross aud
son bavo roturned from Haverhill, Mass.
ueorge noon naa moved to corinth.
0. M. Soaver has returned from tbn nnr.
chaBO ot a eumtnor atock of goods, In Boaton,
Frank Lathron la learnlnc; tbo art of nol
lahlng granlto In tho Lyndo St Choney mlll'
A budcot of WllllamBtown news In nrlnt-
od on pago throo of thls laauo of tho Watch
man. Mrs. PatAV Etllott waa called tn lmr old
homo laat weok, ln tho Bouth part ot tho
ntato, by tho lllnoss of ber mothor.
Rov. J. O. Sherburne nnw nntnrn nn liln
fourth yoar aa pastor of tho Methodlat
church. Wo do not rocall anothor Instanco
of tho klnd hero.
Mrs. John Lvndo waa ln town laat wnnk
ctearlng tho late famlly rosldonco for lts oc
cunanoy by tho now purchaaor of tho placo,
winuaor u. uiuy.
Warron S. Covoll moved back linrn lant.
weok from Berlin, wbitber ho went nntnn
yeara ago to care for hia parents. Wo all
weicomo uis roturn.
Landlord Brown. of thoMonumont Ilousn.
wlll provido a banquot for tho Maaonlc
lodge on Wednesday ovoning, on the occa
slon of tbo lnatallatlon of lta olllcors.
Tl,n U.nn -n.4l.A.H 1 i .1 1
to occupy a portlon of tho Groaraon & Beck
ett Bheda. For somo tlmo paBt thoy have
had tho Lynde & Chenoy aheus at Mlll vll-
Mra. Chester Martln la exner.tlncr tlm
Eleasuro of a vlalt from her daugbter, Mra.
r. George E. Maloy and chlldren, now of
ai. uiouu, xuinnosota, aitor an abaence of
flvo years.
We have just been shown an autoeranh
lotter from Ollver Wondell Holmes tn nnn
of our ladlos, ln which bo wrltos that al
though ho may havo somotlmo wrltton the
word " wound " to rbvmo with " found " ba
wouiu pronounco it as ii woonu,"
Word is elven out bv tho Canltal Cream
ery Company that lf our people will sheathe
mo ii.. xi. waiaon suop anu pay tuo rent for
one year tho company wlll establlsh a
creamory liere at once. If our citizona nre-
fer, they can tako stock, to the amount of
$500, In the creamery and that wlll secure lt,
Whilo Bert Bruce and brntlinr wnrn ilrlr-
lng, on Sunday afternoon, up tho Brockway
klll, north of Mlll village, a double bicycle,
returnlng to Barre, met them frlghtonlng
iuo norao bo luat lt. turneu and ran down
tlie nill and un to Mr. Brockwav'a hnlld-
lngs, wlth tho result tbat Mr. Bruce had two
ribs torn from tbo baskbono, and one of the
uicycie riuers auuereu a severo brulae.
utuor uamago waa also done.
Rev. J. K. Thomuaon. who baa nrnnr.hnd
acceptably here to tho Congregatlonal
church for Boveral Sundavs nast. haa bocun
a Borlos ot meotlngs in the granlto distrlct
oi uarre. ne ls a Bcotcnman, born on
Prlnco Edward'a Island forty-ono years ago,
and aa full of Scripture, vlm, and down
rlcht earnestneaa as ono often seea. He
only needa to seo " a hoad " of what he be
lieves to bo " sin," to aim a sturdy blow at
lt. Succeaa to hia labora.
Tho Edson Martln farm, willnd, years ago.
to tho uso of tho Methodlat church here,
and occupled of lato by Mosara. Wesley De
merrltt and Erneat Rlddell, ia to be boUI at
auction on Thuraday of thia week. It has
long been ono of the valuable farma of tho
town, and la exompt from taxatlon. We
bollevo tbo dlaposal flrst made of lt by the
Methodlst soclety was in conBideration of a
payment ot one thousand dollars ln hand
(the yoarly lncomo of whlch accruea to the
soclety), and an annual rent of S150, for a
long term of yeara. Any bonua that mlght
be roallzod ln dlspoaing of a loaso of this
farm accruos to the holder of lt. Mr. De
moritt, wo boliove, secured qulto a hand
Bomo bonus in a tranafer.
Much interost juat now centera in the
matter of a now poatmaster hero, whether
it shall be tho present assistant poatmaster,
Georgo L. Edson, or Georgo Bosworth.
The candidatea each selected a man, last
woek, who choae a! thlrd man, to prepare
togothor a check list of porsons who voted
for Prealdent McKlnley last fall, and who
get tholr mail here. It is expected that a
vote by theso listed persons wlll soon be
taken, in accordance with a suggeation of
Congreasmau Grout, who we may well ex
pect will use hls Influenco for tho peraon
having tho larger number of votea. Our
citizenB ought to know whom thoy want to
servo them, and thoir wanta we may rea
BODably antlcipate wlll be regarded.
Unconditional aurrender, ia tho only terma
thoso famouB llttlo pllla known aa DeWitt'a
Little Early Risers will mako with consti
pation, sick headacho and stomach troublea.
W E. Terrlll & Co., Montpelier, Vt.
West Topsham.
Rover, tho faithful old dog belonglng to
C. F. Smlth, was chloroformed recently.
He was gettlng old and feehle auil.lt waa
thougbt beat to klll him. Hla famlllar fig
ure wlll bo mlaaed by every one in the vil
lage aa ho waa a unlveraal favorite.
The caucus for nominatlon ot a poatmas
ter will be held ln tho village ball on Satur
day next. The contestants are G. K.
Church and Luther Hlght. Mrs. C. O.
Lord and two chlldren of Groton aro vlsit
Ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Wllda.
Mrs. E. M. Colllns went on Friday
last for a visit of aeveral weeka ln Whlto
Rlvor Junction, Hanover, N. H., and other
places. Charles Poole has sold his
farm to Frank Mllls.
The Weatfleld (Ind.) JVetoa prlnta the fol
lowlng ln regard to an old realdent of that
place; "Frank McAvoy, for many yoara in
tho omploy of tho L., N. A. & C. Ry. here,
says: "I havo used Chamberlaln'B Colic,
Cholera and Dlarrhcca Remedy for ten
years or longor am never wlthout lt in my
famlly. I conslder it tbe best remedy of
the klnd manufacturod. I tako pleasnre ln
recommendlng it.' " It ia a speciflc for all
bowol dlsordera. For sale by 0. Blakely,
Montpelier, Vt.
Kixi. tue WolfI Dr. Ollver Wendell
Holmea ln one of his books aaya, " Cougha
are ungrateful thlnga. You flnd ono out ln
the cold; you tako lt up, nurae lt, make
everythlng of lt, dress it up warm, givo lt
all sortB ot balaams, and other food it Ukes,
and carry It around In your boBotn as if lt
wore a miniaturo lap-dog. Aud by-and-by
lts llttlo bark grows sharp and savago, and
confound the thlug you flnd it ls a wolf's
whelp tbat you bavo got there, and he la
gnawlugin tho breaat wbere ke haa been
neatllng so long." Anglor's Petroleum
Emulslon wlll; klll that wolf. It ls wlthout
an equal for the curo ot throat and lung
troublos. ,
No Onk Dies. No one dles of pulmonary
dlsoaao who takea "77" ln tlmo. Tweuty
Ser cent ono ln flve dle of pulmonary
Iseasea colds, grlp, pneumonla, conaump
tion, who could bo saved by tho tlmely use
of " 77." Dr. Humphrey'a famous Speciflc.
Since ''77" came into general uao tbe fa
tallty haa docroased and it only remalna tor
lta adoptlon aa a natlonal remedy, to rob our
cllmate of its terrora. For aale by all drug
glats, twenty-flve conta.
Tue Best Hk.medv for Rhbumatis.m.
From tho Falrhaven (N. Y.) llegttter, Mr.
James Rowland of this village, states that
for itwenty-ftve yoars hla wlfe has been a
BUfferer from rheuinattsui. A few nlghta
ago ahe was ln such paln that sho waa
nearly crazy. Sho aent Mr. Rowland for
the doctor, but he had read of Chamber
laln'B Paln Balm and lnstead ot golng for
the phyaiclau ho went to tho store anu se
cured a bottlo ot lt. nis wifo dld not ap-
Crovo ot Mr. Rowland'a purchaso at flrst,
ut nevertholosa appllod the Balm tbor
oughly and in an bour's tlme waa able to go
to sleep. Sho now applles It whenever sho
foels an ache or a paln aud flnda tbat lt al
ways givea rollef. Ho says that no medl
clne whlch Bhe bad used ever dld her aa
much cood. The 23 and CO cont alzes for
salo by 0. Blakely, Montpelier, Vt,
All Flrat-class Oroccrs Sell It.
Erery package guaranteed as represented or your
money refunded, CAN YOU ASK M0IIE?
Trlce no more than the "Just as good."
E, W. IIAILET & CO., Montpelier, Vt.,
Lovell Oiamond Bicycles!
Lovell Diamond, Models 32, 33, 34, 36, List $100.00, at $80.00
Lovell Excols, Models A and B, List $60.00, at $50.00
Lovell Excels, Models A and B (1896), . . List $50.00, at $40.00
The Vermont Dairymen's Association
Has had more than one President.
Here is one who made choice upon the merits, and
not because he was agent.
Who knowa a good thlng when he aees it, and who seizea a good thing when he knowa it.
CIRCULARS all about good things for dairying FREE.
Vermont Farm Wlachine Co.,BBLaso54fM'
Distiiiot or WAsniNaTON, ss.
In l'robate Court, held at Montpelier, In and for sald
Distrlct, on the 3ddar of Mar. A. D. 1S91:
An Instrument and codlcll thereto, purportlnir to bo
tho last wlll and testament of MOSES A. l'ALIElt.
lateof Waitsfield, In sald Dlatrlct, deceased, belnK
presented to the Court for l'robate: It Is ordered bj
sald Court, that all persons concerned thereln be
notlfled to appear at n sesslon of sald Court, to bo
held atthe l'robate Otrlce, tn sald Montpelier, on the
2lst dayof Mar, A. D. 18'r7, and show cause, lfany
they mar have, agalnst the probate ot saldlnstrn
inentand codlcll i for whlch purpose It ls further
ordered that notlce of thls order bo publlshed threo
weeki successlvelr ln the Vermont Watchman .t- State
Joutnut, a newspaper prlnted at Montpelier, In thls
state, previous to sald tlme appolnted for hearlng,
Ur the Court. Attest.
413 HlltAM CAHLKTON, Judxe.
In Probate Court, held at Montpelier. In and for
sald Distrlct, on the 4th dar of Mar. A.U. l7l
Illram Wells, Admlnistrator of the esUte of
ItUTII MEItltlTT, late of Calais, In satd Dis
trlct, deceased, presents hls admlnlstratlon ac
count rur examinauou aua aiiowance, anu rnauel
anpllcatlon for a ilecroe of dlstrlbutlon and partltlon
ot the estate ot sald deceased. Whereupon, It Is
ordered by satd Court that sald account and sald
appllcatlon be reterred to a sesslon tbereot, to be
held at the l'rolte Otrlce, lu sald Montpelier, on the
1st darof June, A. I). 1S97. for hnarlng and decls
lon tbereon: and, It Is further ordered, that notlce
hereof be idven to all persons lnterested br publlca
tlon of the same threo weeks successlvelr In the
Vermont Watchman Jt State Journal, a newspaper
publlshed at Montpelier, previous to sald tlme
appolnted for heartntc, that ther mar appear at sald
tlme and place, and show cause, lf aur ther mar
have, whr sald accouut should not be allowed and
such decree made. llr the Court. Attest,
51-53 HlltAM CAHLKTON, Judge,
The underslirued, having been appolnted by the
Ilonorable l'robate Court for the Distrlct of Wash
ington commlssloners to recelve, examlne and adjust
all clalms and demands of all peraons agalnst tne
estate ot EM.A1IKTI1 WEST, late of Marshtleld, In
sald Distrlct, deceased, and all clalms exhlblted ln
ortict thereto. herebr Klve notlce that we wlll meet
for the purposes aforesald at the house of
E. A. Lainberton, !nthe town of Marshfield In saM
Liisirici, ou ine zju uar ui iunr, anu iuu vtu uay
ot October next, from one o'clock r, u. unUl four
o'clock P, M., each of sald dars, aud that stx months
from the 10th dar ot Aprll, A. 1). 1997, Is the
tlme llmlteo by sald Court for sald credltors to pre
sent thelr clalms to us for exainluatlon andallov
auce. Dated at Marshfield, thls 57th dar of Aprll, A. D,
1897. UHO. M. WEHSTElt, 1 nn,m...
SI-53 OHVISKITTM, Commlssloners,
Pocket Kodaks,
Bulls Eye Camoras,
Bullet Cameras,
The Hartredge Kodak,
No. 2 Falcon Camera,
The Hawk Eye Jr.,
The Capitol Camera,
Plates, Films, Paper,
Card Mounts, Chemi-
cals, Developing,
Printing, Copying, at
reasonable rates.
Gorner Main and State Sts.,
Wo aro pleased wlth the work of the Improved
United States Separator No. 5. It proves to be juat the
right size for our herd of 30 cowa. A yearliug bull is
used for nnimal power, and nfter a part of the cows are
tnilked the bull is put into the power and the Separator
stnrled, and at the close of tho milking wo come out
about even, and so the capacity is right. Tho work is
thorrugh and tho Separator is easily cleaned. We find
no fnult in it.
The crenm is easily handled, aud there is moro butter
than when we used tho old process. The butter sells for
30 cents per pound.
Stamford, VI., J. O. SANFORD,
June 1, 1890.
(President Vermont Dairymen's Association,
Member Vermont Board of Agriculture.)
FJORDS, Land of the IMIdniijht SUX,
EUKOPE, by tho favorite Amerlcan
Llne Steamer, " OIIIO," from NEW
Excursiona on Shore, slEhtseeinR, etc,
etc, all provlded wlthout extra cost.
Fine Promonade Decks, Flrat-claas ac
commodatlon only, Luxurlous Equlp
menta. For tickets and proRrammea
apply to TIIOS. COOK & SON, agents
for the Tnteruational Navigatlon Co.,
2G1 and 1225 Broadway, New York, or
E. E. KNOTT & CO.,
In Probate Court, held nt Montpelier, ln and for
saldI)lstrlct,outhe4tli dar of Mar, A. D. 13971 rvi
Colllns Blakely, Admlnistrator, t6onoJ non, wlth
the wlll annexed ot the estate of JOSEP1I A.
WINO, late of Montpelier, In sald Distrlct, de
ceased, makes appllcatlon to sald Court wlth the
consent and npprobatlou ln wrltlne of the legateea
and devlsees of sald deceased resldlng ln the State
of Vermont, for Ucense to sell all of real estate of
of sald deceased, unsold, to wlt.- Home place and
westerlr half of Klalto block. so called, sltuated ln
Montpelier In sald Distrlct, also about flfty acres of
pasture land, Moses E. Itoward farm. so called,
consistlng ot about ono hundred acres, and wood lot
of about one hundred acres sltuated in llerlln. In
sald Distrlct, also about tweuty-flve acros of land ln
Woodbury, ln sald Distrlct, representtng that the
sale thereof would be beneflclal to the legatees and
devlses ot sald deceased. and those lnterested ln hls
estate, ln order to convert the sald real estate Into
mouey Whoreupon, It Is ordered by sald court, that
sald appllcatlon bereferred toa sesslon thereof, to
be held at the l'robate Offlco, ln sald MontpeUer, on
the 31st day of May, A. D. 1897, for hearlug audde
clslon tbereon aud It ls further ordered, that aU
persons lnterested be notlfled hereof, by publlcatlon
of notlce of sald appllcatlon and order thereon three
weeks successlrely ln the Vermont Watchman a
State Journal, a newspaper publlshed at Montpelier,
ln thls State, and whlch clrculates ln the nelghbor.
bood ot those lnterested, before sald tlme of near.
lng, that they may appear at sald tlme and placa
and, lf they see cause, object thereto.
Uy the Court. Attest,
51-53 UIKAM CAULETON, Judge,
STATB or Vbumokt,
In Probate Court. held at Montpelier, Iu and foz
sald Distrlct. on the 4th day of May, A.D. 18971
Charles T. Jennlngs, Admlnistrator ot the estate ot
SAItAII JENNINOS. lateof Woodbury, ln sald Dis
trlct, deceased. makes appllcatlon to sald court, wlth
tlie consent and apprcbatlon In wrltlng otthelielrtot
sald deceased, resldlag In the State of Vermont, for
llcense to sell all of the real estate ot sald
deceased, sltuated In Woodbury, ln said dis
trlct. to wlti Home place, representluR that
the sale thereof would be beneflclal to tbe
helrs of sald deceased, and those lnterested
In hls estate, In order to convert sald real estate Into
money. Whereupon Itls ordered br sald Court tbat
satd appllcatlon be reterred toa sesslou thereof, to
be faeldat the l'robate Offlce In sald Montpelier, on
the 21st dayof Mar, A. D. 1897. for hearlog aud de
clslon thereoni Aud It Is further ordered that all
persons lnterested, be notlfled hereof bv publlcatlon
of notlce of sald appllcatlou and order tbereon tbrea
weeks successlvelr ln the Vermont Watchman it"
State Journal, a newspaper publlshed at MoutpeUer,
In thls State, and whlch clrculates ln the nelghbor
hood ot those lnterested, before sald tlme ot near
lng, that ther mar appear at sald tlme and place,
aud, If they see cause, object thereto,
Uy the Court. Attest,

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