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VOL. 92-4754:.
Fink Whito Swiss Mull.
New Lacos and Einbroidorios.
Gauzi: and Tafibta Ribbons.
Okqanuiks and Qrcnndines.
" IIaskell " Tallbta and Glaco Silks.
Beautiful Embroidorod ChifTons.
"Demiy" Shirt Waists
" Ladies' Tailor Mado Suits.
Peiifect Fitling Jackots.
Sauatoga Wrappors.
Silk and Wool Dress Novelties.
Ciiamois Gloves.
L. P,
H. C.
Quick Meal and Insurance Gasolene Stoves ' !
Blue Flame and Lamp;;0il Stoves!
White Mountain lce Cream Freezers!
H. W. Johns Asbestos Liquid Paints !
The besi of materials and worknien for Plumbing, lleating
Steel and Tin Rooling, Eave Spouting, etc, at
PECK BROTHERS 60 Main Street.
Tho rcliablo kind that looks well moro than one eonson, don't blistcr
and spreads evoti, eives Bstisfaction in evorv way. Everythiug ia the
paint line, and of a qualily tbat is unexcelled.
The ice cream sca9on U near at hand. Perhaps you would like to know
where to buy a reliuble freezer. We sell theni cheaply.
(Successor to Montpelier Ifardware Co.)
L. & M." PAINT
Is Tlxett 3E5Lix3Ld.
And it Costs You Less than $ I . I O
per Gallon. Sold for 20 Years by
BARROWS & PECK, 64 Main St.
ONLY four weeks more (week
ending June 19) does our offer
of a KNIFE witli each suit (casli
sale) holcl good. Our regular pat
rons seem well pleased with tlie
gift, and we have gained maiiy
new customers. You pay no more
for the goods, and you get a clioice
of knives witli a $10.00 suit and
upwards, that will please you.
"Baldwin" Refrigorators and "Reliable" Gasolene
Stoves are all Standard Goods. Poultry Netting,
Screens and Screen Doors, Cotton and Rubber Hose,
and White Mountain Freezers at
64 Main Street,
MSTA11T1S1I1!1 1800.
Oldest Fttinlly l'npcr In Centrul Vorinont
I.enclIiiK Iti'inilillcnii l'njicr ln tlio Stntc.
Torms :
Ono Yenr 83 OO I Uno Vcur Sl CO
SlxMuntlis 1 OO I Klnht Molltln, 1 OO
Tbo dlscount for advanco payinent makos
n juat dlstinctlon betwoon casli and credlt.
Wo prefer 81.00, casli ln hand, to 82 00 on
tbo crcdlt plan. Tbo Subscrlbor, nlso, wlll
naturally profor to savo 50 cents by paylng
iu advanco It is vory large luteroBt on tbo
For the beuoflt of any who may, for any
roaaon, neglect to reuew ou explratlon of
subscrlptlon, we make tbo subjotned ar
For renewalt one month after cxptratton o
patd lubscrlptlon for the ycar, 81.05; tico
monthi, S1.C0; three month), 81.03; our
menlij, 1.C7; and so on.
To Youug Mcn nud Wonien.
The Watcuman offers any young woniau
or young inan an adnitrablo oppottunlty to
obtaln, by tho oxerclsoof a little onorgy and
enterpriso, a practlcal buslnoss educatlon at
one of two of tbe beat buslneBS colleges in
tbo country, viz: Tho Albany Buslnoss
Colloge, Albany, N. Y., and Sponcer's
BuBlneas College, KingBton, N. Y., a de
llghtful town on tbo Hudson, below Alba
ny. Each 1b a scbool of high repute ln its
class. Tho advertlsenient settlng forth tbe
propositlon of tbo Albany Bchool will be
found on page flve; of tho KingBton Instltu
tlou, ln the roading notice on pago eigbt.
A raro chanco and a favorable Benson to
improve it.
ltuslness .Mere .Mentlon.
Bkst carriages at O. G. Downlngs.
O. E. SiiKrAHD, auctlonoor, Marahfleld,Yt.
Gkohok 0. 1'UATT advertisos on this page
painta of ull klnds, varniaheB, etc.
Buii.dinq lot for sale, also f urniahed rooma
for runt. Euquire at 19 llailey Avenue.
IIavb you bought your BUiumer suit? See
what Adains the clothler Bays on thls page,
Tnit best buttor, the fresbest ogga, retail
prlces aaino as our jobbing prlce. lirooks &
Notb tho bargains and beautiful goods
advertlsed on ,this pago by L. P. & II. 0.
I'lace your accounts witb Einery & Co.,
for prouipt collectioua. See adrertiseniont
ou page one.
Tms Vermont Farm Machiuo Conipauy of
Bellows Kalls has a eatcby adverviseiuent
on page eigbt. Don't lnlss it.
llKitu. "Wklch is irepared to do all klnds
of heavy teaining and trucklng. Leavo or
ders at the Excbaugo Hotel stables.
Only four weeks more does the knlfe
oiler at A. D. Farwell's hold good. Mr.
Farwell haa a new advertlsenient on this
BAimows & I'kok advertiso on this pago
lawn inowerB, refrigorators anil a varietyof
Htaudardsummer goods; also the celobrated
"L. & il." paint.
Miss Mkinkcke has just receivedtrimmod
sailor hats at specially low prlces, and is
sbowing a cboice assortment of (lowers.
No. 12 State street.
For ItKNT. Tenement on Cedar Btreetj
seven rooms; furnaco, hot and cold water,
L. B. Uuntlugtou.
Lost, on Wednesday, ten dollara. Tbe
fluder wlll be rowarded by loaving tbemoney
at tbo Watchman olllce.
Tni! only perfect carriago axle, runs 1,000
niiles with one oiling. Best carriago on the
market. C. G. Downlug.
AYi! are constautly repleuishiug our Une
of mllllnery . and uiilllnery novelties.
Children's bonnets a spocialty. The MlBsea
A sunruiSB salo that is indeed surprisiug
in the low prlces quoted, aa advertiaed on
pago llve by tho Barnard, Sumner & I'ut
nam Uo. of Worcester, MaBS.
TuK"Wot Powder GunB" sold by Bar
rows & l'eck, for Bnraying potatoes or other
plauts with l'aris Green or other powders,
are wortb your whlle to examine.
Thk Greely Kefrigerators, made by 0. N.
Cross at DG East Stato street, have no equal
in the market to-day. Look thom over and
be convinced of tho truth of this statemeut.
Investoiis dealring safoty. of princlpal as
llrst condltlon and interest secondary should
inveatigate the loans oilered by the Pierre
Savings Bank througb A. O. Cuinmius,
Miss II. Julia Cuoss bavmg receutly re
turned from Bostou, where bIio was under
the best muslcal teacbers ln that clty, is
now prepared to give instruction in vocal
music or on tbe piano. Apply at SG East
Stato stroet.
You will llnd a spocial flne lot of cut
llowera for decoration at Ernest Jacobseu'u,
the llorist. All orders carefully attended
to and dollvered freo of charge. Mont
pelier Greonbouse.
Dr. R. 0, Flower's Quick Rheumatlc Cure
will cure you of I'heumatlsm, ueuralgla, la
grippo and colds iuimediatoly when every
thiug elae fails. For sale by n. A, Slado
and all leadiug drugglats.
Wk havo a fow more bargains in second
haud wheolB that we will close out at low
prlces. We also have a completo line of
new wheela, includlnc Daytons. Arenas.
Uhampious, BerckleyBaudTempests. Give
us a call. Capltal Electric Uo. 10i State
A Fbkk SciiOLAiisiiiP Any young lady
or ceutlemau who wishea to take u coin-
murcial, bteuograpblo or telegraphic course
at a llrst-class busiuess college cau do so
wltbout coatlng a cent for the scbolar
sbip. Seo reading notice, Sponcer's Busi
ness College, page eight.
A obntlbman llving uot far from Mont
pelier who lias trled uearly every tailor in
northeru Vermont, sajs that D. V. Huloy is
iho only mau who ever gave hlm a perfect
ilt. Anotbor gentleman in Barre who had
given up all bopea of a Ilt tried Mr. llaley
and acknowledges that be iltted hlm to per
fection. Havino removod my boat, llvery and feed
Btable to the grove south of tho creamery
and tbanklug the publlo for their very llberal
patrouage ln thejiast, I bope to see them all
in the f uture us I cau buttor accommodate
them ln my new place. First-clasB boat
llvery. Iloraes cared for by tho day or
week. U. G, l'oor, Mlrror Lake.
Oaiio oi' Tiianks. Mrs. William II. Mosb
deslrea to tendorly thauk all tho frlends
wno assisteu lier uurlng tlie lust lllness, and
at tbe fuueral and burial of her lato bus-
band, alsoto thauk the barbers of the city
for their ibeautlful lloral offerlnga, aud for
tbelr atteudauce at tho funeral ln a bodv.
and tho choir of Bt. Auguatine's Church lor
muaio lurnisueu.
A skkibs of batirlcal artlcles on tho " l'op
ular Suminor liesorta of Amorica." bv
JosephSmlth, to make ourplctorlal contem.
porary LIFE unusually interostlng during
tbo comlng summor montlis, Tho articloa
will be llluatrated in a unlquo mannor, and
tho pecullar cbaractorlstlCB of each water
Ibr placo wlll bo brougbt out ln bold rollof.
Thb Westfield (Ind.) JVcim prlnts tho fol
lowlng ln rogard to an old rcsldont of that
placo: "Frank McAvoy, for many yoara In
tho omploy of tho L., N. A. & 0. By. hero,
saya: "I havo uaed Ubamborlaln's Collc,
Gholera and Dlarrhcoa Itomody for ten
yoars or longer am novor wltbout it in ray
fatnily. I couatdor lt tho beat romcdy of
tbo klnd manufactured. I take ploaauro In
rocommondlng it.' " It la a spociflo for all
bowel di8orders. For aalo by 0. Dlakoly,
Montpelier, Vt.
Do you want anytblng ln tbo llno of
druga and modlcinos no mattor what? If
so call on Frod A. Alnsworth, proprlotor of
tho now Williamstown drug-storo, on Depot
strjot, one door east of J. K. Lynde'a storo
If, perchanco, ho may nothavo exactly what
you doalro, ho will alm to Biipply it In tho
sbortost posslblo tlmo. If good goods and
honost prlces and square deallng wlll do it,
ho Is bouud to aecure a fair sharo of publlo
patronago. Sewlng.machlne suppllos and a
popular lino of atatlonery aro Bpeclaltloa.
Give blm a call.
Kimball Union Acadkuv, Morlden, N.
H. Elgbty-thlrd ycar. Bulldlnga now, wltb
modern facillttos. Young men and women
flttcd for any college or sclentlflc scliool.
Collogos admlt on cortlficato. Three four
year coursos of study ; also oratory, pbyslcal
culture, muaio. Students of llmlteu meana
recolved on tho " 8100 a year plan." Be
gular rates very moderate. Full term wlll
begln Sentember 1C, 1897. Send for cata
loguo. W. DT. Cummlngs, A. M,, Princlpal.
Eagle Gamp. Instoad of boys and glrls,
adults will be recelved at Eaglo Uamp
during July. Theengagemontof Mrs. Alma
Smlth aa cook guarantcea a flrst class table,
AppllcatlonB lriust bo made soon, as only a
llmited number wlll be taken. For partlcu
lars apply to G. W. Perry, North Chester,
Piles Cured Quick. Suffer no longer
now that Neurotic Pilo Olntmont haa beon
reduced from one dollar to flfty conts, and
even thls Binall amount will bo promptly
refunded If it fails to curo, eltber by your
local drugglst or by tho Neurotlo Conipauy,
Burlington, Vermont. Bad cases of long
standing havo boen cured by this rcmcdy,
It is dliterent from the othera and seems to
get there so to spcak. Encloso llfty cents
to tbo Nourotlo Co., Burlington, Vt., and
rocelve by roturn mail, carefully wrappod
bo that no one can toll what ia in the
fackage, a large box of this new remedy,
f it does not cure ln just ono week write
and recelve your money back. Tho pub
llshera of the Watcuman wlll vouchfor tho
rellabillty of the Neurotic Co. If poflslblo
buy of H. A. Slado who haa just recelved a
fresh supply.
The Bbbt Kemkdy voii Riieumatism.
From tho Falrbavon (N. Y.) Herislcr. Mr.
Jaines Bowlaud of this vlllago, atatea tbat
for :twenty-flvo yoars bis wife haa beon a
aufferer from riieumatism. A fow ntghts
ago ahe was in such paln that sbe waa
nearly crazy. Sbe aent Mr. Bowlaud for
the doctor, but ho had read of Ohamber
lalu's Paln Balm and inatead of going for
tho physlclau he wont to the storo and se
cured a bottlo of it. Hls wife did not ap
nrove of Mr. Rowland'a purchaso at tlrst,
buf. uevortheless appliod tbe Balm thor
ougbly aud ln an bour'a time waa able to go
to aleep. Sho now applles lt whenever she
feols an acho or a paln and flnds that it al
wajs givos relief. Ilo says that uo niedl
clno whlch sho had used ever dld her aa
much good. Tho 25 and CO cent sizes for
sale by 0. Blakely, Montpelier, Vt.
That breezy playwrlght of pure fun, un
mlxed, bubbllng joy and happy dayB,
Mr. Cbarles Hoyt, is comlng witli a braud
now product of hls vereatilo geuius, whicb
wlll recelve its flrst preseutation ln this
city at the Blanchard Opora Ilouae, Thura
day, Juno 3. Thls oxhibitlon of Iloytian
humor is labeled "A Strauger in Now
York," and tho faot that lt begius witb tbe
llrst word in the language, speaktng alpha
betically, showa that the autbor has not
found it necussary to chauge bis methoda.
The new pleco Is sald to be better than any
of its prouocessors. Thero aro original sit
uations, witty dialogue, spleudid ainging,
handsome women and wonderful wechanl
cal elTects. It la a muslcal farce but it has a
plot whlch ia nover lost slght of, and this is
a geuulno indlcatiou of power iu Mr. Hoyt,
for to write a muslcal farco tbat wlll be full
of specialtles and yot have coherence all
through is no small task. Few have auc
ceeded in doing it. Tho company Is tbo
best Mr. Hoyt has ever had together. Tbe
stage settings aro said to bo the handsotnest
ever used iu a Hoyt coinedy, whilo tho cos
tumes aro rlch and Btunnlng.
The bouudaries of the big farm on tbo
broad, fertile plain before the Mt. Pleasant
Houso, Whito Mountains, aud through
whlch winds the Ammonoosuc rlvor, have
been widoly extended slnco tbe closo of the
houso last seuson, and about slxty acrea
more will bo put iuto hay and graln tho
comlng aoason. The contract has just beon
let for another large baru, and a big gang of
men is at work laying the foundatiou. Tho
rocky land lylng just above tbe plain will
bo fenced for pasture and twenty eows wlll
bo kept for the Mt. Pleasant Ilouse dalry.
Speclal attention wlll be given thla season
to golf, tbe golf links of the Mt. Pleasant
Houso belngoxceptlonally well laid out. A
popular college man has been engaged to
take charge ot tbe sport. The managers of
tho Crawford Ilouse and the Mt. Pleasant
Houso are considerlng tho work of build
lug a good bloycle patb between the two
housoB, tbo route to be through the woods,
and followiug the course of Black Brook,
whlch is the outlet of Ammonoosuc Lake,
back of the Crawford Houso. Tbe orches
tra at tho Mt. Pleasant Houso, thls season
is to havo an additioual piece, maklug eight
ln all. Mr. Fellx Wlnternltz returns as so
lolst aud dlrector: The houso opena July
3, and, as! usual, speclal lnducomonts aro
offored to July guests, See advertlsenient,
page sovon.
A caud. I havo juat recelved a complete
Une of the iuiprovod Knickerbocker Shoul
der Braco for men. women, boys and eirla.
The cheapest and only reliable combined
brace and suspenuer ln the market. Call
aud examlno them. Lester H. Greeno,
Letteus to Montpelier Pkoi'Lk. Mrs.
Audrews, Montpelier. Madam: Mrs. A. L.
Reddiug of Highgate Center, Vt., writes us
tbat she dooan't use over half as much
Ilarmless as of the soan she had been ubIuct.
aud thanks us for havlng furnished her
with Buch an econouilcal soap. This is
nraise wo are not entttlod to. Tbo grocer
who lntroducos Harmless soap to hls cus
tomers is eutltled to all the croult lor the
eood that soap will do thoso customers
not we. We bavo made no Bacrlflce he
has. wo can mako as much proflt on Haruv
less as on a low-prlced soap he can't. Ilo
buys our soap; pays more money for lt:
runa the risk of belnc able to Boll it: and
advlses you to buy it in place of soap that
pays blm from twtco to four times as much
nront, uo is ooing au tms to uenetit you
Wltbout hls heln we are noworleBS. For in
Btance, at Bristol, Vt., not a grocer would
buy our Boap. As a roault tho housokeepers
of Bristol inust do wltbout a soan that wlll
savo tbe average family 850 to 8100 a year
ln dry goods bllls by not rottlng tho clothes.
Aud we can do nothing to help them. YourH
0. II. Post & Co., Newburgh, N. Y.
ItU believed ln Dublln that among oth
ors, all of tho polltical prlsonora, including
all the luvlnclbles, wlll be pardonod early
ln Juuo iu commemoration of the Blxtletu
year of tbo reign of Queen Victorla.
City CoUNCiLmeota to-nlgbt.
Mns. C. U. Baldwin Is vlsltlng rolatlves
ln Rutland.
Thk banks of Montpelier wlll bo closod
uoxt Saturday.
E. W. Bailey of Cblcago has beon ln
town during tho past woek.
Mns. lt. A. IIowf. of Brattleboro is vlslt
lng Frank E. Uowo, bor son.
Mns, Chaiilrs A. Smith, 2d. la convales
clng from her recent sorlous lllnosB.
A child of Sylvestor Whoeler, on East
Stato street Is 111 wltb scarlet fovor.
Bennett Tuiik of Burlington was ln town
ou Monday looking altor tancy horaoa,
II. C. IIolmbs la bulldlng a Iioubo on
land ownod by hlm ofl College stroot.
Mr. and Mr9. A. F. Sortwrll of Cam
brldgeport, Mbbs., wero at tbe Pavllion ovor
IIon. H. A. IIusb wlll be Memorlal Day
orator at Eaat Barre, and F. A. Howland at
J. W. Caustic haa beon serlously 111 wltb
poritonltis during tbo paat week, but la lm
proving. Mns. Hattib P. Willaud Ia to asBlst tbo
Unitarlan choir at Barre on commencement
The Kollogg-IIubbard llbrary wlll bo
open only from slx to nlno in tho mornlng
on Saturday noxt.
BuitCHAiiD M. Smith, son of Rov, Dr. E,
M. Smlth, waa at homo from Wealyan Unl
vorslty ovor last Sunday.
Alexandbk Cruikskank haa beon serl
ously 111 with pnoumonia during tho past
week, but is convaloscent.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Winslow of Wood
stock wero tho guesta of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Winslow last woek.
N. L. Boyden of Randolph, distrlct
doputy, vlsltod Rob Morris Chaptor, Order
of tbo Eastern Star, last evenlng.
Miss Fannib M. Parmenter was given a
aurprise party last Saturday ovoning by a
large number of her young frlends.
Selah Brooks, a barber ln tbe employ of
E. J. Ennis, and Edward Nlchols aro con
fined to tho houso wltb riieumatism.
Mus. Georob O. Boycr is serlously 111
wltb hoart troublo. Mra. Frank A. Hay
den, her daughter, Is caring for her,
Robrrt Emery wbb at homo from tho
University of Vermont over last Sunday,
with D. W. Dudley, hls grandfather.
Geoiiob M. Erwin and Arthur R. Whito
will take tho clvil sorvlce oxaininatton to
be hold at tbe federal bulldlng June 5.
Mrs. D. S. Blantied wlll attend tbo
wedding of V. S. Spencer and Miss Gafllold
whlch occurs at Bradford next Worlnesday.
Howard Edson, assistant secretarv of
tho Young Mcn's Chrlstlan Assoclatlon at
Lawrenco, Mass., vlaited ln town laat week.
Miss Dana. the art teacherat Montnollor
Semiuary has reslgued, the reslgnatlon to
take offect at the close of the preaent scliool
The flve inmates of the old citv farm In
Berlin wero moved last Fridav bv Over-
Beer Georgo Wheelor to tbo farm up the
Mrs. F. B. Dimick is serlously 111 with
Bright's dlsease at tho home of her daugh
tor, Mrs. Cbarles A. Best. at No. 8 Baldwin
J. J. Eaoan. State Cbief Rancer of the
Catbollc Order of Foresters. installod tho
oillcers of St. Albans court last Friday
Puok. Edward W. Morrell coea to-dav
to Tunbridge for an lndennlte stay. He ia
rocoverlng very slowly from hls long and
sorlous lllness.
Georob 0, Stratton is nddlnc a second
atory to tho oll part of bis resldeuce on
Summor stroot, aud maklng other oxtenslvo
Dr. 0. G. Sticknby of Barro bad charce
of the meoting for iiiuii at the rooniB of the
Young Men's Uhrlstlan Assoclatlon last
Sunday afternoon.
County court convoned on Monday,
Judgo Rowoll prefllding. No buslness was
transactud aud an adjournmeut was trjade
to next Tuesday mornlng.
J. D. Willey of Eaat Montnoller la tbor-
oughly repairing hia houae and hullding a
new barn. il. u. woouwaru and J. J.
Llndsay are dolng tbo work.
The Unlted States Distrlct Court whlch
convenes ln thls city Tuesday, Juno 8, wlll
be a grand jury term. A large number of
cases are on tbe dockot for trial.
The storoe and placcs of busiuess wero
cloeed from two to four o'clock last Satur
day afternoon, during the tlmo of tho funor-
ai sorvices oi tue late is. r. loung.
Thb Union scbool buildlne has been ex-
amlned by Healtb Ofllcer Dr. II. A. FiBk
and its aanitary condltlon has boen pro
nouncod excelleut by that ofliclal.
Mns. T. S. Brofiiy returned laat week
from Boston whoro she has been for several
weeks 111 with nervous nrostratlon. Her
condition ls considerably lmproved.
Chahlib Newell, porter at the Exchange
Hotel, bas beon quite 111 during the past
week witb ueuralgla of the hoart. Fred
Rowell haa taken bis place at the hotel.
County court will reconvene noxt Tues
day, Judgo Rowoll nresldlng, and tako up
tbe clvil dockot. The prospects are that
court will contlnue well into midsummer.
William D. Smith bad a shock of apo
ploxy shortly attor noon on Tuesday and has
slnce been iu an unconscious stato. A rup
turo of a blood vessol on tho braln 1b feared.
D. H. Rouinson of New York, Eastern
Passenger Agent for the Baltimore Steam
Packet Company baa beon reuewlng old
acqualntancea in town during tbe past
Gbouob E. White, Frank L. Huntington
and H. W. Kemp went to Milton last Sat
urday and from thoro took a run through
portlons of Grand Isle county on thoir
E. B. Hammitt was quito serlously in
jured last week, whlle gettlug on a street
car in Chlcago. Thls accldout wlll delay
Mr. Hamuiltt's trlp through Vermont for a
few day s.
Rbv. A. N. Lewis, rector of Clirlst Church,
wlll preach a Memorlal sermon next Sun
day mornlng, It belng Memorlal Day.
Grand ariny men and all voterans are cor
dially lnvlted.
A stated conclave of Mount Zion Com
maudery, Knighta Templar, will be held iu
Masonlo hall next Friday evenlng. The
Order of the Temple wlll be conferred on
several candldates,
Tue meuibers of Ituth Chapter, Order of
the Eastern Star of Barre, vlslted Rob
Morris Chaptor last evenlng, whou Distrlct
Doputy JN. h. itoyuen oi Kauuoipn made an
ofllcial vlslt to tho local chaptor.
Tue subject at the prayer-mootlng on
Thursday evenlng to bo bold at the Ilaptlst
church will be " War Storios." Rominls-
cences of tbo war wlll be given by several
membors ol Brooks Post aud otliers.
Tue tirtzo debato between three mombora
of the ISaud aud threo from tho Adelpbl so
cletles ot the Montpelier Semiuary, for tho
Ives Batcboldor prlzo ot 823 wlll take place
In Semiuary obapel Friday evenlng, June 4,
Among thoso from Montpelier who at
tended the muslcal conventlon atBuillng
ton last weok wero Mr. aud Mrs, F, W.
MorBO, Miss Evelyn Lease, Miss Nellle
Dewey, Mra. Miuuie Marsh and Alfred
Anothbr largo crowd wltnessed thogamo
of baskot ball at tho gymnaalum laat Friday
ovoning. Porloy W. Iloldon actod aa
rcforoo, and D. F. Clark aa umplro. Tho
team captalnod by Socrotary Thorpo won
by a scoro of 15 to 14.
A cnir.n, oleveu months old, of Mrs.
Clayton P. Harroun, whoso doath and
burial Ia noted olaowhoro, diod tho next day
after tho doath of Its motbor. Double
funeral sorvices wero hold, and both woro
burled In ono grave.
Tue atockholdors ln Montpallor and vl
clnlty of tho defunct Sloux Natlonal Bank,
of Sloux Clty, Ia., are maklng tho beat of
a bad situatlon, and aro paylng ono-half of
tho Bovonty-flvo por cont assesamont rocont
ly mado on tbo capital stock.
William !D. Smith suffered a shock of
apoplexy shortly after; noon on Tuesday,
from whlch ho dled a fow houra lator, He
leavea a wldow and twoTdaugbtors, ono the
wlfo of Georgo II. Whltuoy. Funeral
arraugemonta have not boon comploted.
Thb bill-boarda for Buffalo BIll's Wlld
West Show, tbat oxhiblts in Montpelier
WedneBday, June 10, have beon orectod
during tho paat woek, and tho small boy
and hla older brothor aro anxlously awalt
lng tbe arrlval of tbo flrst advertlsing car.
Martin Green, who is under arrcst at
Burlington, charged with attomptlng to
plck tho pockets of a gentleman at Mont-
Celior Junctlon, as noted olsowbore, will bo
rought to Montpelier for trial, as theof
fence was commlttedln Washington county.
A LAitoE congrcgatlon gathered atTrlnlty
church last Sunday ovoning to liaten to the
addross by Itev. Androw Glllles on "Some
of the results of tho clvil war." A speclal
muBlcal programme was rendered under the
dtrection of Miss Anna R. Johnson, leador
of tho cboir.
The montbly buslnoss moetlng of tho
Young Men's Chrlstlan Assoclatlon auxillary
wlll be hold at tho assoclatlon rooms this
afternoon at three o'clock. Tho ladies wlll
kedp open houso from four to slx o'clock,
and each member ls at llberty to hrlng
one guest.
Thk edltor of tbe Arrut and Patriot
preaches at Middlesex to-inorrow. Ten
years ago thls Btatemeut would have cre
ated a sensatlon. And yet there are thoso
cruel enough to aay that the Arpui and i'a(
riot doeB not Improve with nge, Jack Har
rlB ln Hardwick Gazette.
A. II. Leonard, who ltves in tho " Bear
Swamp " nelgbborhood ln Middlesex, aaw
livo deer ln lils meadow lot last Saturday
mornlng. Tliey wero contentcdly feedlng,
and dld not appear badly frightoned when
drlven away. What a paradiso for sports
meut Vermont will bo In 1900.
Miss Emily CoorKR, clerk in tbo drug
Htnrn nf V. TT. f5!niliHnrr nt. Hnrrfl anlimlttnil
to an oporation at Heaton Ilospital laat j
i'riuay lor an abscesa on tho rlght slue. lt
waBnot considered safo to glvo hor ether,
but sho boro the operatlon bravoly, and bas
boen gaining steadily ever slnce
Prof. Edward W. Morrell bas roslgned
from the faculty of the Montpelier Semiua
ry, becauso of contiuued ill hoaltb. The
truatoea have acceiited hla reslgnatlon with
deop regret, and have oxpressed to Prof.
Morrell tho bope that be will oventually be
ablo to reaunio hia place in tho scbool.
Mns. Clayton P. Hauroun dled last Fri
day nlght of consumptlon at hor home on
Berlin alde. Sho waa about forty years old,
and leavea four small children. This fam
ily waa a puhlic charge, supportod by tho
city of Barro. Her funeral on Monday was
attended by ltev. W. R. Daveuport of Barre,
and tho burial wbb at her former home at
West Berlin.
O. D. Siiurtleff, overseer of tbe poor of
Barre, drove a two-seatcd carriage to Mont
pelier Monday mornlng to attend the funeral
of Mrs. Clayton P. Harroun. In attemptlug
to turn around in front of the houso on Ber
lin sido, the carriage and liorses were backed
over a steep ombankmont. The carriage
waa wrecked, and tho horaes wero badly
scratched aud cut.
The rumor clrculated last week that there
was a case of leprosy at the Hlllside board-ing-house
croated a mlld sensatlon. The
matter was investigated by Healtb Ofllcer
Dr. ll. A. 1' isK, wlio lound a man nauieu
Thompson aud hia son ill tbere, but not
witb tho dlsease named. The lamlly leit
the clty tbo flrst of thls woek.
V. D. Nasu of Providence, R. I., a clvil
ongineer, was in town on Tuesday and but
for the Inclement woather, was Intendlng
to tako the city fathora over tho route of the
proposed electrle railway. Positive nssur
ances aro given that the work of surveyiug
and constructing the lino wlll couitntnce at
once, in fact a gang of Italian laborors is
alroady hero ready to begln work.
The case of State agatnst Mrs. Dexter W
Royco for alleged petit larceny from Mra.
J. W. F. Washburn was tried in clty court
last Saturday foronoou. Tho respondent ls
cbarged witb taklng aundry amall artlcles
of fomalo wearlng apparel from Mrs. Wash
burn whlle ln her employ. F. L. Laird ap
peared for the stato and J. G. Wing for the
respondent, who was acqultted.
Job Pblican and Jobn Noye were arrost
ed on Monday by Ofllcer Demeritt on a
complalnt Issued by State's Attorney How
land cbarglng them wltb assault and bat
tery on Clarenco Boutwell. They went to
Boutwell's houae, kuocked blm completely
out, and carrled away hia wife, who was
once known in Montpelier aa Bortha Wib
kins. In city court Tueaday afternoon they
were fluod 81 and coats each, whlch requir
ed llvely hustling to raise. Did tlmo and
space permlt a tbrllliug dlmo novel mtght
be evolved from thls case.
Barre, Vt,
To close out tho balance ot our stock.
Our Spocial Vulue for Satur
day, May 29 :
Ono caso of Summor Corsots,
woll mado, and as good a valuo
as any 75c corsot. Saturday,
only 30c a mivm
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boads, statomonta, etc, of tho Watcuman
job otUco. Stock and workinanship alwaya
the best, prices the lowest
"The P.iclianlsoii,"
Tho Lnr(rcst and Handsotnest Storo
ln tho State.
Everythlng ls provided for your
wanU nt the " Itichnrdson."
Our buyor has just returned from
New York, and will be plcaaod to show
you tho latost of the Now Senson'a
Novelties Silks, Grenadincs, Etam
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Silk nnd Wool Fabrics. Everything
tho flncst, moat completo and best bc
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Street and Carriago Wear.
" The Best Mado in France and tho
Best Sold in America," aro tho kinds
we sell. All the Nowest Shades, Iteds,
TnneGreenp, Creams, Yellows, Whites,
Black, in Plain or Etnbroidered Backs.
Each the best of its kind.
Utal oi Church Street. . . Burlington, VI.
The mercury; go by the al
mnnac. Warm weathcr is
a little lato, perhaps; but
when it does come it will
Have you dono anything
about your summer suit?
You ought to be about
it before tho best things
aro picked up.
Remember, when decid
ing on a summer suit, that
wo don't sell S10 suits, but
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In looking, you are under
no obligations to buy.
o. 60 STATE ST.
A prominent busiuess man
faintcd in bis olllce one day
not long Binco. When ho
revivod ho happoned to think
how littlo ho would leavo hia
family in caso ho was taken
away, and immedlately took
out an insurance policy.
Would it not bo a good idea
for you to feel faint? What
would bo your wife's incomo
if ;you were to iio ? Wo
have tho best insurance in
tho world.
NATIONAL Life Insurance Go.
Assots, $13,000,000.00.
S. S. HAIXAnn. Ocnl. Act.. JIAKllK, VT.
Your Accounts. Subscribe With
Who bandlo clnims of overy descrip
tion for SUBSCItlBEUS in all parts of
the world. Business dono by thls Qom
pony strictly legitimato.
Suits brought, JUDGMENTS ob
tained freo of osponso to subscribers
unless Bottlcmont is mado. For par
ticulars call on or ndtlress
W. M. OUDWAY, Managor,
Lawrenco BulldinEr, RoomB 1, 2 and 8,
Main Strcot, Montpelier, Vt
Watch thls spaco for list of JudgmontB.
Lincoln Fountain Pkn for one dollar.
Bvery pen warrantod by tbe Watcbman
I'ubllshing Conipauy, Montpelier, Vt.
iNever 1

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