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Jlnro l'atlciicc,
PrcBldout McKtnloy waa tho guost of
honorlftBt Wcdncaday ovcnitiKat a ban
quot iu Phlladolphla nt which woro
aoatcd tho commorcial londora of tho
Unitcd Stntcs. In rcaponding to tho
toast, " Tho Frceidont of tho Unitcd
Statca," Mr. McKinloy spoko for ton
ratnutca. Tho kcynoto of his addrcsa
wna that if wo will only bo pntlcnt, and
not dlsttusl tho futuro, tho Btar of proe
pority will suroly continuo to aaccnd.
Tho prcaidcnt eaid:
" Ladics nud Qontlomon For tho
cordialily of your rcceptiou, I nm in
dccd gratcful, although from iny rccont
exporicnco in thle city, it is noteurpria
ing. A rccont viatt to your cttygavo
mo an opporluntty to fool tho warm
hcart touch of tho pcoplo of Fhiladol
phia and to cnjoy their hoapitallty.
" I muat toll you that froui flrat to
la8t I havo boon dooply impreaacd wlth
tho sccncs wltncaBcd in 1'hiladclphia
to-day. I havo sccu tho rcmarkablo
apcctaclo of tho ropreaoutativca of nll
tho Amorican rcpublica with tho pro
ducta of thoir skill and their soil in ono
great warehouao. Tho flrst grcat con
vention of theao ropublic8 wna organ
ized by tho diplomacy of that aplondid
Amorican, Jame8 G. Blaiue. Sovon
ycars ago ho brought tho govcrnmonls
of thia continont togethcr and taught
tho doctrino that gcnornl rcciproclty in
trade rcquired reciprocity of Informa
tion. " And it was his gonius, with that of
many gcntlomon I aco around thia
board to-nlght, that orlginated tho Bu
reau of Amorican Republica locatcd in
tho capital city, and which I beliove
will yot play an important part in our
trado relationa with tho govornmenta
aupporting it. My f ellow-citizena, thcro
is no niotivo to mako a product if you
can't flnd aomobody to tako it. Tho
makcr muat flnd tho takor. You will
not employ labor to mako a product if
you cannot flnd a buyor for that pro
duct after labor has ruado it.
" Gontlcmon, I am glad to meot tho
repreBcntativeB of tho Amorican rc
publica hcio to-night. I am glad to
moot rcpreaontativcB of tho govern
monta of all tho world hero to-night. I
havo mot tho manufacturera of Phila
delphia and tho State of Pennsylvania;
I mot you in tho daya of your higheBt
proapcrity. I cannot avoid mceting
you if I would, and I would not if I
could. But let mo tell you, my coun
trymen, a roauacitation will not bo pro
motcd by rccrimination. Tho diBtrust
of tho preeent will not bo rcmovod by
diatruat of tho futuro. A patriot makea
a bettcr citizen than a peaBimiat, and
wc bavo got to bo paticnt, for much aa
we may want to removo out of tho old
houBe, wo cannot do it until tho new
ono is flniahed.
" A tariff law half made ia of no
practical use exccpt to indicato that in
a little white a whole tariff law will bo
dono, and it ia making progrcaa. It ia
rcaching tho ond, and whcn tho end
comea we will havo confldence and in
duatrial aclivity. Lot ua kcep atout
hearts and ateady hcada. Tho country
is not going backward but forwaru.
American energy has not been dc
atroyed by tho Btorma of the paat. It
will" yot triumph through wibo and
boneflcont legielation.
"Philadolphiana havo in tho paat
shown what buay induatriea and what
cmployed labor can do to mako a great
city and a contented population. Thoy
do not mean to accept the preeent con
dition aa permanent and flnal. Thoy
will mcet embarraBsmentB ns thoy havo
bravely mot them in tho paat, and, in
tho ond, will reatoro tho aplondid induB
tries and the magnificcnt labor to proa
pcrity, and, gentlemen, Philadelphia is
but tho type of American pluck and
courago everywhere throughout our
great United State8."
More Hopc and Ardor.
Juat what haa cauBcd it doea not ap
pear, but a now epirit of of aggreBeive
ncss haa plainly taken holu of the
Cuban insurgenta.
Within the paat few daya a good deal
ot Bharp Dghting has been reported
from all sectiona of tho island. None
of thcae combata havo been important,
but they havo ahown a vigor and deter
mination on tho part of the " rebela "
which have given the Spaniah com
mandcrB grave concern. A patriot
force underaleader named Ruen the
other day attacked tho fortifled port of
Baracoa, actually penetrating into tho
town, whenco it waa dialodged only by
the heavy Oro of a gunboat.
This waa in Santiago Provinco.at the
extrcme oaatern end of Cuba. In tho
samo Province, at about tho aame timo,
the town of Chapona, on tho north
coaat, was aharply aaaailcd and would
havo boon captured but for tho timely
arrivai ot two amps ot war, anu tno lm
portant town of Jiguani, on tho railroad
lino caat of Bayamo, was abandoned af
ter a Btubborn Bleeo to tuo lnsurccnts
" Criato and other townB in Santiago
do Cubu Province." the Uavana dia
patchoa add, "aro aurroundod by rebels
who mako itimpoaaiblo for the villagora
to co into tho country. Tho situation
of theao towna ia precarioua."
Gibara, another port of Santiago
Province, which once had a valuablo
f ruit trado with tho United Statca, ib
now hcdged about with a lino of atcel
and flro by tho inaurgenta, who mako
repeatcd attacks on tho town'a de-
fonces. Gen. Ituberto of tho Spaniah
armv nas toiegrapneu to uapt. uen
Wovlor tbat ho cannot raiao tho Bleeo
with a forco of less than 8,000 to 10,-
000 meu.
Thia ia at one oxtromitv of tho laland.
At tho other, toward tho west, in Pinar
del Klo Province, wnlcn nas Deen
boaatinL' that ho has "nacifled," en
eacemonta aro renortod betweon tho
patriot eunboata and tho robel troops,
while Havana advices acknowledgo
that "Tho robols continuo in thoir
stronghold at Pont Vijarn, betweon
Banea and Nipo, wheru thoy havo a
largo aupply of food and ammunition
and aro oxtcnBivoly engaged in culti
vatiDg tno aou." iiancs ltsolt ia bo
cloBcly beleaguercd that a gunboat waa
lateiy compeliud to tiro upou and dis
lodgo tho inaurgonts outaido tho town
beforo tno tort wtncn incy wero walcti
ing could bo proviaioncd.
The safo arrivai in Cuba, near Ma
tanza, of tho,tug Dauntleaa withGon-
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mation at Montpelier, Vt.
oral Nunez and a largo aupply of arms,
ammunition and storea on board will
further onr.ourage the patriots. Tbia
is aaid to have been the second largeat
cargo which a fllibuater has cver landed
on tho ieland. But the Dauntleea, it
acema, can do no more work for Cuba
Libra, for wbile preparing for another
expedition it waa run down and cap
tured off tho Plorida coast on Monday
by tho United Statca blockador Marble-
It haa seemed until recently tbat the
rcvolution waa languiahing, and many
ofthe beatfrienda of Free Cuba in this
country had begun to Iobo heart. It ia
now, howover,unmiatakablo that the
patriota havo renewed tho contcst with
moro apirit than they havo shown aince
tnoy received aucn a crustnng Diow in
the dcath of Maceo. Spain aeema atill
to be as far away as ovor from conquer
ing pcace or rewinning tho allegiance
oi ner " iivor J; aithtul Isle." Boaton
Jnpan's Quarrel with llawali.
The refuaal of Hawaii to mako any
indemnity for tho excluaion of tho im
migrants taken to Ilonolulu by the
Bteamehip Shinahu Maru, or to mako
any chango hereafter in tho policy
adopted in that affair and in tho case
of tho Kinai Maru, forcea a direct iaaue
with Japan.
Tho controveray turns on a very tew
pointa. Hawaii takes the impregnable
ground, which she flnda fortifled in ac-
tuai practice Dy tno nistory ot our own
leglalation, tbat a country has tho right
to reguiato and to restrict immigration.
Japan doea not diapute thia general
prlnciple, but noida, urat, mat tno ac
tual laws paaaed violate Hawaii'a treaty
with hcr, and Bccondly, that in the in
atanco for which indemnity waa dc
manded tho laws wero cnforced with
undue harahneaa, amountiug to injua-
tico, the deciaion ot the supremo court
ot Ilonolulu being eapecially arbitrary.
But tho executive authority of Hawaii
cannot bo expected to go contrary to
tho decialons of tho higheat judicial
authority, and a8 to tho treaty Hawaii
doea not admit tbat it haB beon contra
vened. What will bo tho outcome? Poaaibly
tho Japaneao Miniator will tako himaelf
bome in dudgeon. If Hawaii atood
alono she might quickly bo forcod to
submit, us sho haa no navy, whilo Ja
pan haB a Btrong ono. But probably
aho rclieu, and not without rcaaon, on
tho fact that aho has a backor in tho
United Statea, who will not aee a ques
tion of diaputed treaty interprotation
decided ncaiust hor by bruto force.
Tho exact merits of tho caso cannot
yot bo fully judgcd of, perhap8, aa tho
diplomatic correspondenco haa not been
made public. But tho controvorsy sug
geata tho kind of difllcultica that the
little island republic will have to be
prepared for whilo aho reraains in hor
preseut politlcal iaolation. Fortunately
that iBolatiou moy not continuo very
long. Now York Sun.
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Montpelier, Vt.
MONTPELIER, Wednesday, JUNE 16.
Tho Man and tlin Kvont thct Bind Europn and Amcrica in a
Wboao bravery, valor
and valuo to lila coun
try lias beon attoated
by overy Genoral ln
tho U. B. Army duiing
the last tbirty years.
Comlnil Crowned tbo Truo Teacber and Rfinl
Ronmnco, Hoallani and Sincerityi tbo Hall Mark of tho Gonulno and Trutbful; whogo
Career is a Brlgbt Chapter in the Hlstory of tbo Natlon's Bravo, Devoted, Patrlotio Men
in tbo Service ot tbeir Country; wboso Personality bas Won tbo Admiratlon of Monarcbs
and tno People of Foreign LandB; a Credlt to America, an Ilonor to Mankind. As ia tbo
Man, so is bis Entortainment; without False Pretense, Sbam or IIumbiiR. It brinRs to
your very doors tbo men of all colors who Bulldcd tlie Kmpiro of Fnr-Westorn Statcs,
to sbow you bow they wroueht. Whethor in Kin
semi-civfllsied Bectlon of the Great West movod, Hved and had their beinir, wbile Mould
itiK a Nution's Illstory.
Allied with theao Itoroes of our own Blood and tbo Braves of a woll-nlRb extingulgbed
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and wbose llves aro in tbeir Saddles, all formlnR an EXHIB1TION WITHOUT ITS
An Ethnologicsl Display oftho Horsemon of the World,
gathered from the Four Quarters of tho Globe.
A ttitope of lliiiiiiiii Race id Golor !
Uninue and entirelv
ui mo xiuuinvu uuracoiuu oi me nunu uuu uiu javairy oi
tho Greatest Military Nationa of tho world, it stands alone.
T t r ir iTnnv miiTtt Tinnmtin a mn -n-n r
1 1. ti: i
Ogallalla, Brule, Uncapappa, Sioux, Cheyenno
and Arapahoo Tribes.
Miss Annie Oakley,
Johnny Baker, tlie
The Last of the
Aaauring Perfect Protection from SUN OR RAIN. On tho Day
of Arrivai thero will be given a
At 10:00 A. M., by Detailed Dotachmonts from each Division (Wild Horaes,
Buffalo, Cattlc, etc, belng necessarily guardcd iu carap), " So that ho who runs
mav read." Tho tuarch will bo onlivoned by TI1HEE MAGNIFICENT
BAN1JS OF MUSIC, ledby ttio I-'amod,
At Night a Brilliant Electric Display by tho Largost Portablo Doublo Electric
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Aftcrnoon nt i! o'clock, Nik'ht at 8
General Admission, 50c,
Nuinborcd coupons, ttotually
day of oxhiuition atLostor 11. Oroono s Urug btoro, 2b btato bt
Who will posltlvely
appoar in person ln
tbo saddlo, and tako
part in bothtbo after
noon and ovenlng ox-
Entnrtnlnnr. nlinsn Kima ta n SomVinl fnr
Oricrinal in its evorv Feature: a Union
r n nr . . . i n . -
Champion Lady Wing Sfiot,
Young Wizard of the Gun.
BufTalo-Only Herd on ExMbition
o'ulock. Doors Opon an llour Karllcr.I
Children Under 9 Years, 25c.
resorvod fiontr, will bo sold on tho
Urnut's l'irst Cominniid.
In tlio gond old davs of our graud-
fathcra in Ohlo. Eonrral mmtor waa a
grcat event, aaya Hanilin Gatlnnd.
Twico each yoar, in April and in Aug
uat, tho law rcquired tho mon ot each
county to aatcinblo for genoral train
ing in "tho nianual of arma," aa it was
ofton called. And tho order waa prct-
ty gonorolly obcycd.
it was a cnanco for tho lockev to
trado horecs; an opportunlty for tho
wonion to goatip, a day of rcst for tho
hircd handa; a mceting tlaco for lov
cra; a fair and Fourth of July with
elngorbrcad and cidor for tho boys.
To tho 8oldiory it was a jolly farco.
On tho moming of Aug. 20, 1814, tho
worm-catcn drums and tho moldy flfes
awoko and uttcrcd aucli marlial noiso aa
they could, and from overy nook and
corncr of tho woodcd land, on foot and
on horscbnck, tho sturdy farmcra and
villagora of Brown county took morry
way toward uuasoilviilo, wucro, on a
broad, smootli fleld, tho training waB
appointcd to bo hcld. Each man
brought auch military accoutrcmenta aa
ho had, and varioua and exceoding aor
ry woro the uniforma which camo from
tho garret pegs and out of chcsls ou
thia grcat day.
Uuna of all eraa, ritlea of all Iongtha.
ahot guna, carbincs, lllnt-lcck muBkcta,
Spauiah blundcrbuaaca; anythlng with
lock, atock and barre! waa conaldercd
worth bringine. Thoao who uad no
gunB waggiably caught up and carricd
worn out brooms or stout cornatolke,
and ao it waa that thoy woro called "tho
cornatalk brigado."
Tho oliiccrs, pompous aa turkoy cocka
in thoir contincntal uniforma, aa
colonels and generals strugglcd with
rortitudo to kcep tbo excrctso koycd to
their martial dignity, which was a hard
taak, indced.
ilowover. tno Mexican war was brew-
ing in 1844, cxcitemcnt waa running
bigb, and an unueuallv largo lurnout of
ablo bodicd citizena tllled tho lanea and
tho bordcrs of tho training fleld with a
crowd of people, rather moro martlal
minded than of wont.
Tbo lancs in every directlon wero
fenced in with horacB, and trading
wont on in a acore of places at once.
Thirty souls went through tho crowd
sclling gingerbread and cider to tho
young beaux, and big copper ccnts
changed hands wherovor they wont.
Cider and gingerbread wcre tbo treat-
ing deucactcs of tuat day. And in tho
midat of all tho flfes squeaked and
wailed and tho drum uttcred its rattling
Thero was another matter of great
intcrest which many, both old and
young, wero diacusaing. UlyaaeB Grant,
tno tanner's son, was juat returned
from Weat Point aa brovel aecond lieu
tenant, and this was so important,
ho had been aeked to drill theregiment.
Manv of tho voung men had known
tho tanner's son when he waa a baah
ful and reticont echoolboy, and they
wondered how he would eucceed with
tho drill.
Rome of them had caueht a chmnse
of him in his neatly fitting, dark bluo
uniform and hia whito trousers and
gloves, and it was freely stated that ho
was presumptuous to aay tno least.
At last tbo bour camo ior tuo marcn-
ing to begin. Tho soldiery moved into
tho broad, smooth lot. Tho ofllcera
woofed and grumbled tbeir unintelligi
blo orders: tbo men marched in comi-
cal diearray in position, the waga all
carrying their brooms or cornstalks and
grinning beninu tno omcera' dbcks.
Thoy aoemed a aorry rogiment.
Then tho peopio all began to iook ior
tho cadet. Ho kept poaition in ono
cornorof the fleld, modeatly waiting till
tho general ahould call him and turn
ovcr tho command to him. Ho aat on
his horso nuito calm and craceful.
Tho signal came, tho elended, beard
leaa young fellow galloped acroaa tbo
fleld, rcigned up and saluted in aplon
did style, for it was woll known that no
ono could excel him in horsemansbip.
Tho men neored cunoualv and aome-
what disdainfullv at tho pale, slonder
youth in his long bluo coat and big
epaulettes. ne woro a cap, and arouna
his slim waist was a red aaan. iio
looked to bo only a boy, but bo as-
toniabed tbo men and won the aumtra
tion of tho boys and girls by his flne
horsemansbip and by his completo mas-
tcry ot tno men.
This flrst order mado every man
straighten up. It was tho voice of a
trainod Boldier. The old ofllcers barked
out thoir commands, but Cadet Grant'a
voice, bigh-keyed, but ciear anu caim,
cut acroas tho parade ground with tho
preciBion of a bugle.
It was his flrst command outaido tho
academy, and he folt a very humau
pride in vindicating himaelf in tho facea
of thoso who had sneered at him when
ho wont away four years beforo.
I'or moro tban an bour no put tno
men through tho simplor evolutions
and tho manual of arms. Tho farco
becamo a serious and well-ordered drill.
Tho men thomselves felt tho martial
cbaracter of tho young drillmaeter, and
lent their best ruluua to tuo prompt cxc
cution of his ordors.
Tho Bpectators voted it tho best mus
tor in years, and when it was all over
tbo old citizena and omcors came to
Cadet Grant to say:
"You dono nobly. It was a com
ploto success."
Belng human, ho rcjoiced in his uni
form and in tho splondor of command.
Belng young he found plcasuro alao ln
tho ahy glancea of admiring girla. Al
togothor it was a red letter day for tho
vouucr soldicr.
Tho famo of It reachcd tho "Gravcl
club." a self-annointod "committco on
tho universo" which inet boforo tho
court hcuso door, and that nlgbt tho
famo of tho tannor's boy camo to theso
regulatora of all thlngs human, and
thoy reluctantly admltted his abillty,
but sald:
"West Point dono it. West Polnt
mado a man of "im."
"M well yca," admltted ono who
waa tho boy'a friond. "But at tho
same timo West Polnt had aumpthlu'
to work on."
It was aeveral days aflcr this that tho
young cadet waa ridlng in tho stroets
of Cinciunatl, foellng very proud and
happy In hia now uniform and ln tho
posseBsion tof a) good horse, whcn a
ntnall Plreot boy loft the walk and rnn
beMdo his 1 orfo, Ho was a raugcd lit
tlu olf, groleiqui; of hat and pantaloona,
but hlx fuco waa nipplnyly ahrowd. Ho
ran bcsldo tho young addlcr'a hotso
loug onough to uttcr thceo myatlc
word8, worlhy Gavrochc;
"SL.liitr, will you worK? No alree.
I'll atll my ahlrt flrat."
Theao worda afTccted tho world, for
Ulyasoa Grant never agalu took dolight
in a uniform.
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IfPWltfii Little Eurly Klr, tho famoni
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With the cIobo of tho preaidential
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ple are now anxious to give their at
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To meet this condition politics will
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Jlflalcd 1'inlsc.
Ho wiu Kood and wlie nud otllijr
t nurela lioulil liave dcckfd lill licd
Ho wm ono of lieaveu'a fiivoicd,
I can tralo tlm now he'a dcadl
Wlillo ho llved, of couno I couldn't
Kco lil.l vlrluca I do
filnco lie llca bcnenth tlio wlllowi,
And t Kot a fulrer vlew.
Ali, tlio world' o full of peoplf ,
And wo crowd oacdi otlior no,
Tliat lt' liard to wtlgli a rlral
And not rnto lilm rntlicr lowt
Had I known that he was fated
To bo ttrlcken In hl jrouth,
I'd lmro koio to him and told him
What I knew to bo tho truth.
Ilut t aneercd whcn other pralicd lilm,
And t rrled his ellocts down
Yea, t mockod his jounn amlltlOD,
And 1 made him out a clownl
Oladly I dliclalm each bltter
Word that I have ever saldi
Oladly I percelre his Kreatneas,
And I pralse him now he's dcadl
Cleyeland Leader.
Ncarcf aud Dcarcr.
Nearer and dearer aie tho blened dcad
Than we aro wont to thlnk,
When wltli farowells and tears we bow thehead
liesldo that tolemn brlnk.
Tell me, thou clilld ot grlef, canst thou not seo
Wlth ctearer ojes tban tben?
Tell rae lf Iotb thjr lovc-can erer be
A UiIdk of earth agaln?
Oejes tbat Godhath cteanted wlth sacred tearsl
O hearts by torrow tuned I
Ye see aod lore as never all thoie jcari,
Whlleye wlth tlesh commnned.
And are they not, then, nearer. v liom we leo
Wlth ejc no longerbllnd?
And Is not love the sweeter, If It be
Of an Immortal klnd?
Oli, ctmfortlnR, swcet thought-that thougli wo
On death-lvlded shores,
Love stlll can stretch to ns its angel hand,
And lay Its hc art on ours I-James Backham,
A Wish.
I ask not that raj bed of c!eat1i
From bands of greedy helrs be free ;
For theio beslege the latest breath
Of fortune's favored sons, not me.
Iask not each klnd soul tokeep
Tearless, when of my death he hears.
Let those who wlll, If any, weepl
There are worse plagnes on earth than tears,
I ask but that my death may flnd
The ficodom to my llfe denled;
Ask but the folly of mankind
Then, thenat last, to qult my slde.
Spare me tho whlspering, crowded room.
Tho f rlends wbo come, and gape, and go;
The ceremonlous alr of gloom
All, which makcs death a bldeous aliowl
Kor brlng, to see me cease tollvo,
Some doctor full of pbraae and fame.
To shake his saplent head, and gtve
The IU he cannot cure a name.
Ncr f etch, to take the accustomed toll
Of the poor slnner bound for deatb,
nis brother-doctor of the soul,
To canvass nlth offlclal breath.
The f uture and Its vlewless thlng
That nndlscover'd mjstery
Which one who feelsdeath's wlnnowlsg wlngl
Must needs read clearer, sure, than he,
Brlng nono of these; but let me be,
Whilo all around ln sllence Ues,
Moved to tho wlndow near, and see
Once more, befere my dylng ejei,
linthed In the sacred dews ot raorn
SBS The wlde aeilal landscape spread
Tbe world wblch was ere was born,
The world whlcb lasts when I am dead;
Whlcli never was the frlend of one,
yot promlted love It could not gtve,
But llt for all Its gonerous sun,
And llved ltself, and made ns llve.
There let me gazo till I become
In soul, wlth what I gaie on, wedl
To feel tbe unlverse my home;
To have before my mlnd lnstead
Of tbe slck room, the mortal strlfe,
The turmoll for a little breath
The pure eternal course of llfe,
Not human combatlngs wlth death t
Thus feellng, gazlng, mlght I grow
Composed, refresh'd, ennobled, ciear;
Then wllllng let my splrlt go
To work or walt elsewhero or heret
Matthew Arnold,
Orango Connty Court.
Orance County Court becan its June term
on Tueaday, June 1, Ilon. Laforrest H.
Thompson presiding judge and Hons. W.
H. Kibbey of Fairlee and Henry W. Fitts
of Braintree asslstant JuiIros; Curtls S. Em-
ery, cioru; uiiaries v . amitn oi west Topa
hatn. sberiff: Hale K. Darlincof Chelsea.
etate's attorney; Miss Margaret E. Chest
nut ot Burlington, reporter; Solon K. Borry
of Thetford, hich balllff. The crand jurorfl
are as ioiiows: iirauioru, a. u. Aicuuiieo;
Braintree, W. B. Uobard: Brookfield, J. P.
Heatlii Chelsea, J. A. R. Corwln, W. H.
Einery; Corinth, II. A. Jackrnan; Fairlee,
W. ti. ixjdr; JNewoury, it. w. uuamber
laln; Orange, E.C. Camn; Randolph, James
Hutchlnson: Strafford, W. II. Haves: Thet
ford. W. A. Dodge; Topsham, A. R. Boede;
Tunl)rldge, H. R. llaywardj Vershlro, W.
F. llardlng; washington, j. n. seaver:
Wost Fairlee, William Paulj WilllainstowD,
Frank Martiu. Tbe petit jurors drawn are
as follows: Bradford, Arad Jenkins, J. E.
Sloeperj Braintree, William Perham, H. A.
rowers; isrooKneiu, a. u. iiiuoaru, u. x.
Frink: Chelsea. O. E. Bohonon. C. N. Dear-
born; Corinth, F. E. Merrill. E. B. Corliss;
Fairlee, . v. wnmot, M. L. I'roscoitj
Newbury, D. S. FuUod, O. W. Eastmanj
Orange, Charles Mills, G. J. Cook; Ran
dolph. D. II. Morse, J. B. Adams; Strafford,
O. II. Patten, H. F. Quimbyi Thetford, O.
A. Ladd, W. II. Downerj Topshain, F. K.
Page, Q. W. McDuffee; Tunbridge, A. B.
Ilayward, O. II. Granger: v"er8hire, O. E.
Stacy, Oscar Carlotonj Washington, Frank
Urilway, u. s. ismery; west Fairlee, u. w.
Smltb, J. II. Cook; Williamstown, Q. W.
Lynde, W. Z. Pratt. Tho jury calendar
contalns but slxtoen cases set in two days'
assignuiont. The flrst case is that ot Elbert
O. Crockett v. Vlllago of Barre, an action
on the case for bighway injury sustained at
a culvert on Summer street. Councll hav
iog agreed that this case may go to the hoel
ot tlio calendar, tho next case in order for
trlal waa Town of Randolph v. Town of
Roxbury, an action for tbo support of a
pauper, which is now on trial. The next
and last caso ln tho flrst day's asslgnment Is
Almon I, Dexter v. N. G. Moore, an action
for alamler. This caso was partially trled
last term but ended in a mlstrlal bocauso ot
tbo misconduct of several jurors. Soveral
cases aro to bo brought beforo tbo grand
jury, ono in wbich forty-flve wltnessos will
Boils, plmplcs and oruptions, scrof
ula, salt rbcum and rll other manifcata
tlons of impuro blood aro cured by
Hood'B Saraaparilla.
WANTKD-Salosmen. Inexporlenced preferred.
nttllon nermanent. Galarr Dald eivtrv SAlnritMv.
Nelson Bogoe, Batavla fiurserles, llatavla, V,

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