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Strimbcrrlcs for Mnrkct.
It cortalnly docs not pny woll to grow
Btrnwbcrrica for mnrkct iu Ihc ordlnary
way. You tnlght mnko n ccnt n qunrt
or lcss, but that hardly pnya. Tho only
way lo mnko markctiug strawberries
pay, is to grow blg berrics of good
quality, nnd bccnuso h.lls aro bettcr for
big bcrrlcs tbnn mntlcd rows, hills
sbould bo tho mothod of growing for
markct. Mako tho ground around tho
bill vcry rich, kcop nll runnors cut off
and nll wccds nwny, thua gottlug tbc
largcat poaalblo aized borry. Tbon
pack in full-slzed packagta, and bavo
overy berry in ovcry packngo na good
ns tho bcrrica ou tho top. Put your
nnrne and nddrcBB on ovory packago,
nnd you will couimnud tho vcry highcat
price. Thero aro plenty of amall bcr
riea on tho markct, but you muat havo
n better articlo than anybody cUc, or
you wi.l gct tho same low prico thnt
others do. Try to accure tho nearby
local markct, ratber than ahip to strnn
gcr8. I'roduco voiy Ilno, largo berricn,
Bcll only Inrgo onca, put thcm up in an
nttracttvo ahapc, Bccuro, if posBlble,
regular cuBiomera for them, nnd you
ought tomako moneyfrom Btrawbcrrlca
The ao-callcd mattcd row ayatcm pro-
ducea bcrriea cheaply, but thoy aell
chcaply, too. Ono of tho grent sccrcta
of profltnblo production ia tho produc-
ing n bottcr articlo than that which ia
UBually acut into tho markct. Thia is
capecially truo of thoso who aell in tho
local and homo markct. Buehela of
strawberriea mny bo Bold for cight to
ten centa; but if you can produco and
deliver bcrrica that aro much larger,
give better mcnaurc, put them up in a
more attractivo ahnpe, and aro a good
Ealeaman, you may aell berrics for
twelve, aixtecn, or oven twenty nnd
twenty-flvo centa. Thia ia an cxnmple
of tho vnlue of intelligence. Aa we
said Inat week, tho man who uaea hia
intollect ia tho man who will auccecd.
It ia tho man who reada, who thinka,
who plan8, nnd who usea good judg
mcnt who will gct on in farming in tho
future. He muat work, but it ia tho
man who worka wiaely whoae worktella
the moat. A man with a mnchine nnd
& horae or two can do vastly more work
than the mnn alone. That mnchine ia
tho product of braina, intcllect, intelli
gence, nnd tho mnn who uscs tho mn
chine mnkca hia horae do what he onco
would hnvo had to hnve dono or hired
done by bnnd. Mind muat come to the
front in fnrming, nnd the mnn who haa
the beat mind nnd uaea it the best will
make the moat aucceaaful fnrmer.
Lntc Forage Crops.
Most fnrmcra gct through haying
about July 20 to 30. Then thero is
time to put aome forage crop, but few
know what to put in bo late. Few
Vermont farmera care to sow turnipa,
it i3 too late for millet or Ilungnrinn,
and they do not know whnt elao can bo
put in after July 20 or August 1. A
late bulletin of Cornell Univeraity Ex
periment Station givea eomc moat vnl
uable information on thia poiut, It
suggeats a new late forage crop, pca8
and barley. Wo had intended to aow
barley and rye, but did not suppoao
peaa would do well whcn eown bo Into.
It Bcems, howovcr, thnt they will, nnd
thnt we cnn get a lnte forage crop by
Bowing pena nnd bnrley nfter tho mid
dle of July. Tho bcauty of tho combi
nntion ia that tho frost will not hurt
either, nnd that thoy can be fcd late in
tho fall afQ- ;!en com haa failod.
Anothp.r crtp !or late sowiujE 1b crim
B6n dover. Mnny havo piemnturcly
rejected thia valuablo plant becauao it
did not livo through the Bpring nnd
reach maturity. I3ut thia is u mistako.
If it makea a good fall growth, it hna
atored up n good aupply of nitrogen, ia
tall enough to make aplendid foddor,
and ita roota and atubblo aro moat val
uablo fertllizor. Of courao it ia bottor
to hnvo tho dover lnat till tho next
early eummor, but porhaps it will bo
aa valunblo in tho north for fnll feed ns
it ia in tho eouth for othor purpoaea.
Thero U nlwnya need of plenty of fall
iccd, Bomething after tho froats havo
ruined the com na to ita grconnesa nnd
Bucculcnce. If crimaon clovor will 1111
thi nlnco it will bo of immonao bcucflt
to thfe fiirmors of tho north.
Aa to flat peaa, aacalino, kaillr corn,
teoainte, ctc, not one of them coraeB
anywhero ncnr peaa nnd onta, corn,
and the othor plants we hnvo men
tioncd. Sorghum haa n value, but it iB
not equal to corn. Ono of tho plants
which hna n vnluo but haB not dono
well in tho atato ia Alfalfo. Thia waa
trlcd a f ow yenra ngo by a numbor of
farmera, tho scod bcing aent out by tho
experimentatntiou. Nonoof itficemed
to do well, but it may bo that thia wns
owlng to tho lack of tho propor bactc-
ria in tho aoll. Posaibly if tho land
should be inoculatcd with tho Alfalfa
bacleria, it would boar good cropa of
thia plant. Ita roota go very doep,
twonty feot in somo Boils, bo thnt
droutha do not nffcct it. It tnkoB com-
pleto poBBcaaiou of tho aoil bo tho roota
of othor plnnta aro killed.
Aiir vou a Bufferer froui tbat terrlblo
placuo, Itchlnc l'llea? Doan'a Olntuient
will brlng you lustant rellef and perxnanent
Emorgcncy Crops.
Not for mnnv vcnta, if ovcr,
thero bccu auch continuous nnd pro
tractcd rnlnfnll at tbis ecneou of tho
yenr aa wo hnvoexpcricnccd durlng tho
montns ot juny auu juno, nnu inero ex
isle grcnt auxlcly in rcgard to tho cf
fect of so much raiu aud cold weathcr
upou tho cultlvatcd cropa. Thero ia
Uttlo nlurm about tho hay crop, and
yet n pcraon ia occaalonally mct who ia
alwaya lookiug lor troumo nnu ia uiBup
polutcd if it isu't found; who acca in bo
niuch ralny woatuor grcnt mjury to mo
hay crop and prcdlctB that tho graaa
will bo "thln nnd apindling" on thia nc
count; but thero isn't much causo for
nlarm in thia dircctiou. Probably if
wo hnd tho makinR of tho weather for
producing n mnximum crop of hay wo
ahould havo mixcd in moro sunshlno
during tho pnat month, and yet wo pro
dict whcn tho timo for making hay nr-
rivoa thero will bo tho licavlcat crop
grown iu rcccnt years. But it is to tho
crops upon cumvnteu lnnu to wnicn wo
wl8U to can epeciai aticniiou.
Owine to tho exceasivo rains thoro
aro mauy ficlds of corn nnd potntocs
thnt havo failed to grow nnd hundreda
of ncrca intended for thcao cropB that
hnvo not been in condition to plant
with anv cron from this samo renaon
Thia will mnko a aorioua deilcioncy in
tho fnrmera' feodinc aupply unleea
eomcthing ia dono to, in aomo dcgroo
at leaat, tnko tho placo of thcao cropa
by tho growing of nll tho rorago pos
siblo through tho medium of oata, bar
ley and tho millete, and under tho cir
cumatanccs wo havo callcd theao emer
cnnp.v nrnns. Each of thcao will mako
dried fodder of tho very beat quality,
and when grown upon land flttcd in
cropa. Threo tona or moro to tho acro
of dried fodder ia not an unuaunl crop
and thoro ia yet nmplo timo to grow a
full crop of either of tho above-namcd
plants. Tho millets bcing eapecially
hot wenthor nlauta do not need to bo
aown under any circumatanceB unlil
the flrat of July, and oata or narloy
will havo plenty of timo to maturo bui-
flr.lnntlv for fodder. TheBO cropa will
not nuito take tho nlace of a eood corn
crop, for that, when cured in tho ailo, is
tho ideal cron of New Eneland. Tho
ncreapo of reccnt vears should bo
doubled and tho crop mainly grown by
mnchinery. Tho next beat cropa nre
those wo nnve nnmed, nnd every rod of
land intended for corn or potatocB
ahould bo at once aeeded to ono of
theae crona.
If theao cropa aro aown in auch a way
aa to produco a maximum yield it will
bo better to plow and aeed to graaa
after tho cron ia taken oll than to un
dertake to aeed with tho crop. A catch
of errnBB can freauentlv be aecured with
either of theao cropa when aown early
in the seaaon and aeeded thlnly, but,
except on very moist land, would not
be advisablo now. Tho extra amount
of fodder that can be grown without
any regard to tho grasB crop will go a
long way in tho expenBo of plowing
and aeeuing later in the season when
tho Btand of grass will be practically
aasurcd. In farming, as in other mat
ters, it is better to do one thing well
than to half do two things, which flnds
an application in this matterof growing
forage crops. Wo havo Been a light
vield of fodder and a poor atand of
graaa in trying to nccompliah both at
ono seeding, which will usually occur at
thia aoason's Bowing, unleaa the land ia
exceedingly rich or moist. Mirror and
Cntch Crops.
On almost overy farm in tho country
thero are spots overy year which do not
produco anytning becauao ot aomo ac
cident of wcnthor or aeaaon. Very fre
quently aomn catch crop that can be
put in late in the seaaon may bo used
o occupy theae apota with beneflt to
the farm, by keeping down tho growth
of woeda, nnd UU a caah proflt to tho
In a wot acaaon. auch aa wo frcquent
lv havo. thoro nro often apota in land
not very well drnined, whoro corn nnd
other enrly plnnted apring crops cnnnot
bo put in. Such plnces becomo work-
able later and vcry often mustbo driven
across rogularly in cultivating tho crop
grown in tho main part of tho fleh1
thuatakin:::u;uum0flg fltjy olh
ynrc of the flcld and roturning nothing.
Thero aro Bevoral cropa that may bo
used as catch cropa to occupy placeB of
this kind. As late as tho last of Juno
wo may plant sorghum to be used aa
fodder, or green food for tho cowa and
hogs, early varioties of potatoes, Hub
bard BquashcB, or late cabbage. Tho
cabbago will do woll if tranaplanted as
late as July 4 from seed sown in May.
Later still Huncarian grass will mako a
hay crop, and buckwheat will usually
ripon if sown during tho flrst days of
July. Any of thoBe cropB havo a mar
ket value, and ifa markot ia not acces
siblo may bo used on tho farm. Tho
squaahea aro good for the cowa and
hogs, and nothing is moro reliahcd by
sheep than cabbage, it being an idcal
winter fced for breeding ewea,
As lato aa the tonth of Auguat tur
nipa may bo sown and a crop sccurcd,
and vory fren",7,'',v tnn verv anot that
wct all tho sprlng will produco a
hlagniflceut crop of turnipa, which Will
mako goou stecic ieeu in winior. xi
these catch crops aro attended to, a con
aldernblo saving may bo effccted, vory
frequontiy wltn nut a smau outiay 01
labor. E. S. Whlttemore.
State of Oino, Crrr ov Tolkdo, 1
Frank J. Ciieney makea oath that
ho is Bonior partnor of tho flrm of F. J.
CrtENKY & Co., doing busineaa iu tho
city of Toleuo, county anu siaio aioro
Baid, and that Baid flrm will pay tho
for cach nnd evory oaso of CATAitnu
that cannot bo cured by tho ubo of
Sworn to boforo meand Bubscribcd in
my prescnco, tul8 utn uay 01
Decerabor, A. D., 1880
A. W. Gleabon,
Kotury Public.
Hall'a Catarrh Curo Ib takon internally
and acta diroctly on tho blood and rau
coua Burfacea of tho system. Sond for
tOBlimouials, freo.
F. J. OIIENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
53gSold by drugglata at Bovonty-
Which Is lletlcr, Try nn L'xpcrinicnt
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Expcrlence. ,
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Ilo succossful at liomo or you doubt lt.
Tho statotuent ol a manufacturer Ia not con-
vincloc nroot ot merit.
I!ut tho cndorsetnent ot a frioud Is,
Now, aupposlng you had a bad back,
A lamo, woak or achlng ono.
woulu you oxporlinont on ltv
You will read of inany sc-called curoa.
But thoy come trom (ar-away placos.
ita illlleront when mo enuorsoinont comoa
from liomo.
Eaay to provo tbat It Is so.
liomo ondorsoinent Ih tho prool tbat baoks
overy box of
Doan'a Kldnoy Fllle. Itoad tbls caao;
Mr. J. B. Voodry, of No. 40 Court
Btreet, for twenty ycara janitor and
cuatodian of tho Stato Capital, snys:
"From my own exporlenco l navo
evory rcason lo beliovo that Doau'e
Kidney Pills aro a good medicino and
that they will do all that ia claimed for
them. I had kidnoy troublo for aoven
years and at timca Bovoro pains acroaa
my back anu a urinary uiiucuity. ia
tho morning whon I would gct up thero
was somo difllcully with tho kidnoy so-
crotione, which though generally too
frcquent wero then Buppresaed. I got
a box of Doan'a Kidnoy Pilla at Lcator
II. Greeno'a drug Btoro, and they holpcd
mo in overy wny. I am feeling a great
deal bettcr and I will certainly recom-
mond them as a reliablo kidnoy medl
cine. Should tho opportunity occur,
and I hopc it will bo oftcn, I will al
ways do so."
Doan'a Kidnoy Pilla are for aalo by
all dealora. Prico C0 centa per box.
Sent by mall on rcccipt of pricc.
Foater-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.,
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At Moderate Prices.
Write Us for Price Llst.
Gove & Taylor
80 Church Street,
sons And daughters,
With tho cloae of tho presidential
campaign, THE TRIBUNE recog
nizcs tho fact that tho Amorican peo
plo aro now anxioua to givo their at
tcntion to homo and busineaa intoreats.
To meot thia condition politics will
havo far lcss spaco and prominenco,
until anothcr Stato or National oc
casion domands a rcnewal of tho flght
for the principlea for which THE
TRIBUNE has labored from its incep
tion to tho prcBont day, and won its
greatcat victorieB.
Evory possiblo effort will bo put
forth, nnd monoy freely spent, to mnko
NEWSPAPER, interesting, instruc-
tive, entortalning and indlspensablo to
cach memberof tho family. Wo furnlsh
The Watchman
New York Weekly Tribune
Cash in advanco, Addreaa all ordcrs to
The Vermont Watciiman,
Writo vour namo and address ou a
postal card, sond it to Ooo. W. BoBt
Tribuno Ofllco, Now York City, and a
aamplo copy of THE NEW YORK
WEEKLY TRIBUNE will bo mallod
Mnkiiiff dover Hny.
In my younger days I hnd grcnt
troublo with this crop, nnd rnroly hnd
hnd it curcd so that it would bo iu tho
best condition, nnd I nlmoat bccnme
dlaguated with it and rendy to glvo up
growing it, but aomo ten yqara ago I
foarucd how to curo dover hay ao ns to
bo euro tbat it would kcop and sinco
that timo havo hnd no mouldy ha'. Tho
sccret ia told iu two words, curo twice.
Whnt I mcnn by thia nocds a Uttlo cx
planation. In good hay weather lt 1b
possiblo to get clovor hay so well dried
in a sluglo day that it fccla dtytothc
haud, nnd no water can bo wrung from
it by twiBting n wisp of lt, and moat
farmera aftor thcao tcsts will put it into
tho bnrns, but it will invnriably bccorao
damp nnd clammy and beat if this is
dono. No mattorhowdry dover will got
in ono day, lt is not safo to mow it away,
and tho fnrmer who wanta good hay,
frco from muat and mould, ahould put lt
un in cocka and lot it atand ovcr to tho
aocond day and then sun and air lt
thoroughly, and whon it drica the ao
cond timo it is j.orfcctly aafo to put
away. I usually cut dover in tho after
noon, whcn it is frco from cxtcrnal
moiature. If tho next day provos a
good hay day wo stir tho swnths juat
boforo dinncr, turn it ngnin betwocn
ono nnd two o'clock nnd then bcgin to
cock lt up bo ns to flnish bcforo tho dow
laua. lt ougut to nll bo iu tno cock by
5:30 o'clock. Tho next dny, if fino,
wo opon tho cocks juat boforo dinner,
turu tho hny ngain betweou one nnd
two o'clock, and thon bcgin at onco lo
put itin tho barn with confldenco that
wo anau navo goou, awcct nay.
If thero aoema to bodangorof rain
tho morning after tho clovor ia cut wo
do not disturb it at all. Clovor can lio
out in ono or two days' rain beforo tho
swnths aro dislurbcd with but little
datnage, or it will enduro nuito an
amount ot rain in tho cock with but
little iniurv. but wo drv it and get it in
as eoon as possiblo when good weather
comoa. i BOiu ono year a carioau ot
dover hay in Cincinnati, getting tho
top prico for it, which waa cured in an
exceedinely wet eeason. Wo begnn
cutting tcn acres thnt yenr tho Otli of
Juno, and it was tho 0th day of July
bcforo we nnisnou, anu tncro was
acarcoly an acro of it that did not get
wet at aomo Btage of drying, but by
careful utilizing of all tho BunBhino
thero waa we got tho crop aaved in good
Ono can do a fairly good day'a work
in tho corn fklds, and savo tho hay at
tho samo time, as it is not beat to do
anything in tho hay lield boforo tcn
o'clock in tho morning, and ono team
can cut in two or at moat three hours
in tho ovoning bb much as can bo carod
for tho next day. Waldo F. Brown, in
(Jincinnati weekiy uazette.
Cow Lore.
Intelligence in cowa counts, as it
does with human beinga. When at the
noled Smith and Powell stock farm of
Holsteins, in Onondaga county, N. Y
a fow years aso, a notewortby incidcnt
occurreu wnicn weu muatrates tno an
ference in intelligence of pure-bred cat
tlo and scrubs. Thoro wero but few
fencea on the farm and tho cows wero
herded by a couplo of amall boys
Thero wero about 100 in all. The paa
turo was in rear ot a broad cxpanse of
growing oata and rcachcd by a roadway
along tno grain, wnicn was untcnced
Tho cows marchcd along this paaaago
way twico a day, and I could not see a
spot whero thoy had stcpped a hoof on
tho oats ground, and was told they
nover did it. How many boya would
it require to koep 100 acrub cows with-
ln tne bounds ot sucii a paaturev Tlieso
cows hnd been tnught their pluco nnd
they know it as well ns a mnn could
Scrub cattlo havo not brains enough to
narbor sucii a uogreo ot lnteiiiKoncc
The butter-maker's residenco was on a
corner of tho highway and tho road
leading to tho cow barn. Tho flower
garden in front of tho house wns not
fcnced and the cows had to paas thoro
in going to and from tuo pasturc. Sit
ting at an open parlor window with tho
butter-maker, and seeing tho string of
cows ""rjroachi"'1' near, I asked: " Aro
you tiot going out to protect youc flnw:
ers?" " O, no," ho said, " they know
better than to uarm tnem." xnc cows
had to turn a squaro corner thero.
Some of thom camo within flvo foet of
tho flowors: but thoy did not deign
even to look that way. It ia doubtful
if acrub cowa could over bo taught
theae thinge. Tho wild blood in them
would asscrt ilself somotimea, and thoy
would brcak away from any reatraint.
A acrub will oat dry atraw sometinies
when not hungry, if she thinks sho is
stealing it. Docility is a badge of gen-
tlc breeuing, in oeaai as weu as man.
As this is tho timo of year when a ma
jorily of dairy sires in tho United State8
aro selected, why not get tho best in-
tolligcnco, as tuoir got wut aiao bo bost
in production, and thoir coat now but a
triflo moro than scrubs? Dr. Galen
Wilaon, in Practical Farmer.
Jottiugs from tlte I'nnucrs.
Peaii GitowiNO. Any good ap-
ilo aoil will grow pears. Tho best
s a rich loam with a clay sub-
aoll. Cultivato well. I havo boen but
Uttlo troubled with dlaoaso. Moat of
my fruit is aold to a homo markot. l
pick out all culla and boII nothing but
tho best. This seaaon I tried holdlug
in cold atorago and wbb very fortunato.
Tho prico advanced from S1.50 to 83
per barroi. ino iruu Kopi ponocuy.
In my exporlenco Bartlott leads nll
other kinda. Sickol ia tho llneBt in
quality. Kioff or ylolda well but ia in
forior in quality. There is but little
dangor of ovorproduction for sonio
timo to come. II. II. Swaln, Indlana,
In Now Englaud Homestoad.
Old Peom-e who requlro medicino
to regulato tho bowela and kldnoys will
flnd tho truo romodyin Eloctric Blttera.
Thia modlcluo dooa not atimulato and
contalns no whiakoy or othor intox-
icant, but acts as a tonlc and altorntlve.
It ncta mlldlv on tho stomach and b0W'
ola, adding atrongth and glvlng tono to
ai-nVktr atflllinr Wntlirf, I II
tho porformauco of tho fuuctlonB. Elcc
trio Bittors ia an oxcellent appotizor
aud alda dlgOBtlon. Old pooplo ilnd lt
luat oxactlv what thoy uood. Prico
llftv conts and S1.00 a bottlo, at 0.
Blakely's drug Btoro,
No. 1 FevGr, Congeetlon.
No. ' 2 Wortns.
No. 3 Inrnnts' Dlscases.
No. 4 Dlnrrhea.
No. 7 Couahs & Colds.
No. O Hcndncho.
No. lO Dyspopslo, Indigestlon.
No. 1 1 Delnycd Porlods.
No. 12 Leuchorrcn.
No. 10 Croup.
No. 14 Slcln Dlscnses. j
No. 1B Rhoumntism.
No. 10 Catnrrh.
No. 27 Kidney Disenses.
No. 34 Sores Throat.
No. 77 Grln & Hay Fcver.
Ttntnixmnthta Mnnual of
Dlscacs nt your DrUKttlsts or Mallcd I'rcc.
Sokl by druL-Klst-.. or scnt on rcccipt of SjCM
tOcts. or 81- llumplireys' Med. Co., Cor. A lulam
'ua Joun S13., rnuw xorn.
The Lincoln Fountain Pen.
Fbiok only S1.00 Ukduckd from 82,60
Tbo "Lincoln Pen" has boen in uao in this
ofllce, on all klnds of work, for nearly two
years. ocores aro in uao
In tbo banka, insuranco ol-
fllcoa and bualnosa bouaoa
of Montpelier, nunureus
bavo boon aold by thia
ofllco ln all narts ot tbo
stato anil country.. It lfl
durable, good for yeara of
servlce, always ready to
"co." butnever drins, tbo
lnk llowlncunlfornilvand
in tuo ricnt inoaauro. n civoa pertect Baua-
faction. Buy one. Tho prico ia tbo only
tblnR cbeap about tbo " Lincoln." By mall
ou recoipc ot price.
Vkumont Watchman Co.
Is tbo foundatlon of tbe popularlty of
Instant Relief,
It ia tho most reliable, most efflclent
and tbe qulckest
DReliever ot Pain
On tbo market.
Fred'k Dutclier Drug Go,
St. Albans, Vt.
W. L. Douglas $3 Shoe.
Styllsh, durable, perfectfittlnc
Endorsed by over j.ooo.cxxj wearers.
W. L. Douglas $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00
Shoes are the productions of skilled
workmen, from the best matertal pos
sible at these prices. Abo $2.50 and $2
Shoesfor Men, $2.50, $2 and $1.75 Boys
Wc usc only thc best Calf, liusaln Calf, Frcnch
l'atcnt Calf, Frcnch Enaniel, Vlci Ktd, etc,
graded to correspond wllh prices of thc ahoes.
If dcalcr cannot aupply you, wrlte
Cataloc free. W, L.DOUGLAS.Brockton.Mau,
C. H. SHIPMAN, MontpoHer, Vt.
Tho Fnrnier's Condition.
Tho farmera do not realize their
favorod condition as do tho laborcra in
tho city who, in tho bestcircumstancea,
havo hovering over them tho agonizing
fear that thoy will bo thrown out of
work with nothing to fall back on. They
envv the condition of tho farmer, who,
n bo cannot alwaya navo luxuriea, cnn
depond upon having tho neceaaarleB of
Ute. Trusts anu rings may ucmoraiizo
businesB, but no comblnation of mnn
can prevent tho sun from pouring his
richofl upon tho rcaponaivo oarth. Tho
farmer can bo auro of good, puro
wholesomo food; hia stocK will not or-
ganizo a atriko against hlm, but will
sorvo nini taitniuuy in returu ior
propor treatmeut. Thero muat, too, bo
a constant dcmand for tho farmor'a
nroducts. Peonlo may do without flno
furnituro. dooks. picturos, anu une
clothinff. but thov aro not exempt from
tho domands of appotite. Peoplo oat
durinc tho hardeat tlmes, anu to tno
farmor nll humanity looka for food nnd
clothing. Excnange.
No fnrm wna over bo rich it could
not profltnbly utllizo overy pnrticlo of
tho mauuro mndo unon it. With lov-
oled, clonntiolds, thoroughly cultivntcd,
and onrichod by all tho manuro ob
talnable ono may bo roasonnbly auro
of bounteoua crops, nnd a goou anu iu-
depcndent livcliuoou.
finnn farm heln cau bo had. and wo
should not lot 'n few dollars Btand in
tho wav of nroourlnK such. Ho cau
add moro to tho fnrmor'B proflt ovory
month than tho oxcess of wacos ovor a
BhiftleaB mnu'a hlre. Ou tho othor
haud, n poor hnnd will loso this dlffor-
onco quito ns onBiiy.
Intenbive farming.
tlclug it?
Aro you prnc-
i'T was run ovor bv u lumber wacon(
Did not expect to llve. Was terribly
lilnntitil. Mv frlenda batbed mo WltU Ur.
KnlHctrio Oll. und I waa cured,
Wo bavo great falth lu TbomaH' Eolootrlo
Oll." Mrs. Wllllam F. Babcock, Norvell,
Jackaou Uo., Mlcli,
Vermont Mnrkcls.
Iluilcr, froah new, In Sft koiet.ll It,, 13
lluttcr, freah now.lu tubi, ft Ib,,.,
Checie, rtalrj, H It 9
Kkki. tl doz,
l'otatoea. 1
IIok, drosacd, lb
i,HinuB, iD ..... i iw
Veali. lifi i
Chlckens 12;
ruKlB,,,,,, IV irp
Turkcr li Q
iiuttor, dalry ...13 fff
KKRa.ldoz Ji
l'otatoea, II bualiel I..
uoKa.ureaaeu, iu 4 o
Veala, ilto , 3h
HprlnK lamba, tl Ib JHii
jt:oi, iiiuuquarierai ff id u m
Ileef. forcnuartri
Foivll, ( Ib 12
firo.. .WP
HprlnK chlckoua
Sl. Atbant
iiuuer, creamcry
llutter, dalry, f afr to uood 11
iiuuer, nairy, aeiecuonl
liutter, daltr, teparator 11
iiuuer, irean, ( iu 13
liutter, cratea, tf box 12
kkk, y doz
l'otatoea, l btiahel,
I10K8, 11TO, ff ID
Hoita, dreased, t!i Ib
Ijimba 4
Veala. llve
Turkera 12
iiutter, creameir 13
ituucr, uairy,tuu , iz
liutter. cratea
uueeae, uairy ..
Clieeao, aage
l'otatoea, i uuanei..
llona, dreased, 1 IU.
Veala, llve
Ileef, hlndquarters.,
Ileef. foreauartera..
hlicep, llve.
Hpriuc lamba
lurkeys (o
Bprlni; ctilckeLs
Flour, Kprhift Wheat V bariel i O0
Klour, W Inter Wheat, W barrel 6 Wft
Flour, FamllyiKoUcr, barroi S O0
Feed.Jlcwt.. ; 70
5 25
meai, ti cwt n
MlddllHKS.ttCWt im
Oata.tt buafiel im
Corn, V buahol 36j
liran, per cwt "tS
Ueana.Vbuabel US&2 00
Bostou I'roduco Markct.
tarTho quotatlona glren below repreaent prlcei
obtalned by recelrtrs for uhtteiale loli (no( joblini
tricei) unleaa othenrlae lcdlcated, and are Intended
to repreaent actcal itlei.
Creamery, Vt. and N. IL.aaaorted aliea, 15
Creamcry, North'n N. Y.,aaaorted aliea, 15 16
fTreatnerr. northern flrata..... (a 141
Creamery, eastern 11
Creamery, neatern Brsta 13
Creamery, aeconaa I ..
Dalry, vt.. extra
Dalry, '. Y extra 13
Dalry, N. Y, and Vt., flrstt 12
Dalry, N. Y. and Vt., second 11
Dalry, N. Y. and Vt., low gradea a
lloxBB. extra creamerr 16
lloxea, extra dalry 14 & 15
lloxea. com. to Kood 12 m 13
Trunk, prlnta, ex, creamery 17
Trunk, prlnta, ex. dalry & 15
xrunK,ipnnta, com. to goou i tp i.
New York, extra 1.
Vermont, extra & 7j
Vermont, large extra & 7i
vermont, nrata o
Vermont, aeconda & 5J 5,'.
fiatte s ft 10
l'art aklms t 6
Common extraa 2 75 15
Cholco extraa and aeconda 3 15 3 50
Mlnnneaota clear and atralKbt 3 Iftro 3 to
Mlcblgan, clear and atralKbt 4 ftfl 23
Now lork. clear and atralKbt 4 h& 4 30
Ohlo and St. Loula clear 4 13-a 4 30
Ohlo and St. Loula atralftbt 4 303 4 50
Ohlo and bt. Loula patent 4 60
NViaconam ana juinn. patent t iv t du
Eaatern, cbolce freab
Kaatern. fair to Kood
Vt. and t. II. cbolce freab 10);-
Steamer yellow.
-NO. 3..
Oooil, no grade
Orannlated. cer bbl 1 !S
Common. nerbbl 14
liaK meal 67i
llay, N. Y. and Canada, cbolce to fancy G?1B 50
Uay, N. Y. aud Canada, fair to good 15 Oi'gll 50
llay, eaateru, cbolce I5 25
llay, eaatern, ordlnary to fair 13 0014 14)
llay, eaatern, common 11 0O12 00
llay, eaatern, cbolce fine $tl5 00
Uay, eaatern, common llne (313 00
No. l.cllDDed white 2S 68 29
No.2, cllpped white 27 23
No. 2, white & 27
No. 3, white 25 20
lielectod white (3 263!
New oata 24
Pea. N. Y. and Vt.. amall hand-Dlcked..
1'ea, marrow, band-plcked
iea. acreeiieu
l'ea, aeconda (4)j
Medluma, cbolce band-plcked 60 6
.iieuimna, acrevueu. ....,. ,uv
Mnritmn.. .prnnilfl . . 60 6
Yellow eyea, extra !
Yellow eyea, aeconda '
uea Kiiniey i iv v
Arooalook Ilebrona 70
New nampamre neurona wj
Vermont Ilebrona 00
MiddUnRa. aacked, per ton 11 S013 50
Urau, aacked, winter 'ffjl 75
llran, aacked, aprlUK 10 50
Cottonaeed meal 50
Pork .. ..,,
Itacka t ooi iv li!! lv
Khort cut clear M "0
Clear gU W
Leanecda 51" 00
inty renoeroa, puro , tu,
Weatern compouud
l'ure kettle rendered
Smoted tlami
isoatou, amau fi iu........
lloaton medium
lloaton, large
Ileef, cholce)11b
Ileef. lluht cbolce Hti ,
Ileef, beayy Kood V lb
Ileef, stood V lb
Jieei. nmuquariuri, vuuib.
Ileef, hludquartera, common to good 7
lieer, rorequartera, cuoice a
Ileef. forequartora, common to good J
Mutton, extra
Muttou, common to good
Lamba, ch. eaat. Vlb
Lamba, com. to good W Ib
Veala, cholco eaateru i Ib
veaia, lairxuKoow
llostou Lumbcr Mnrkct.
Hemlock boarda, rough. S??L?,iltt
lletulock boarda, planfd W3IJ W
lla.lnU ItnArill. NO. 2 7 tWP 8 00
Hpruce boarda, let, clear Hoor 18 WS19 00
Spruco boarda; 2da, clear Uoor Jf SjSlf ffi
Hpruce boarda, coaras 11 OifJJ W
Hiiruce. nor. do. cara 13 M14 00
matched 13 60a 14 00
10 51
llox boarda, ord ? 50
;ox boarda, 7-9 no j w
llnx boarda. i-i dj 8tc
8 25
7 5
llox boarda, U-llido 8 00
llox boarda, 5-8 do m
Ut.l.w.laa P..I.T1I I.M.ll. AiIhP. BI 2 50?
1 50
Slilmilea. do 2da 'v2
Shlnglea, do ex. No.
Kliliigiea, no tio.i,
Hpruce f ramea, cara, ordlnary 14 W315 00
Tlr.lnrh. do 4 ""2!? 9?
Fourteen-lucb, do n W w
Knriliarn board M OOlAI! bO
N. No, I atock, boarda 12ft ,
N. No.2,do
l'laned, narrow.
l'laned, wlde
a is
S 12
.. 3i
33 33i
33 33H
2S 31
9 2 13
i 150
i 63
fl 7
(rt 11
8 8j.'
8 m 8
7 H 8
6 7
4 j 5
I 'F
anlutari . 1A tll. HX... -v wu.
. S'
Clapboarda , do clear ' Js V. S
Clapboarda, 2da. clear.. ' ' ".
Clapboarda, extra No. 1 a.'S SJ
Clapboarda. No. 1 'iSs'xfo
Latli, apruce, by cara f '
Latb.apruce.bTcargoea lfl'
13 0ilutl3 50
UlKkS 850
lOOOlSll 00
Uoston Wool Mnrkel.
X andaboTO
No. 1
o. 3
Flno unwaihed ,
No. 1, comMng, and V, blood..
No, 2, comblnn, ii blooil
Delalno ,
CombliiR, U blood..
iuiniiiXi UIOOU..
OomblnK, brald....
ClothlnK.'i blood.,
ClothlnK, coarao...
ruLt.EI) AND Hrntiiticn.
A flne , 7
Aauper jj
II aupcr 33
O auner,. 28
Cotnblnir, flne js
Cotublng, common , si
Currcnl C'omiiiciit.
Cobn. Tbo doinand on snot la aulet. but
tbo markot IioIJb about Btoady, with buyera
paying riuotattona as auppues are neeuou.
Ciieese. Hocelnts for expott tbis week
woro 2,397 boxcs, Tbo arrivals bavo been
llboral of lato and domand bas boon so alack
tbat a Iarco sumilv baa accumulated on ro-
ceivers' bands.
Oats. Trado ls nulet ln all deDartmonts
of tbo market, but Reneral values aro about
steady. Tbo export movemout yot bolda
on well. Buyera on spot aro oporatlng
alowly at about tbo aamo rango of prices.
Eaas. Receiots bavo boon beavv and a
large proportlon of tbo arrivals bavo been
moro or lesa affectcd by beat. Tbero bas
bcon a fair deniand for cbolce frosb stock
at about formor prlcoa but for tbe general
nin ot western wo navo bau a very uuii
market for tbe past few days.
HAY. Thoro ls yot a dull demand for hay
and prices are weak In tbo face of tbe moro
liberal recelpts. Tbis doos not apply to
fancy bay howevcr, aome cars even yet be
ing Bold above quotatlona. The aupply of
tbo lower and medium gradea ls oxcosbIvo,
and prices on auch rango ln favor of tbo
Flouk. Flour contlnues slow, and tho
market cloaes easler, althougb botb wheat
and llour bavo shown bigber coat than laat
week. Buyera bavo no confldence ln future
bigber prlcen, and aro operatlng from timo
to timo in a moderate way as tbey need snp
pllea. Tbls makes somethlng doing all ot
tbe time, but the market Iacks llfe. Prices
aro not materlally cbanged.
Buttkb. Recelpts are atlll heavy, but
tbero bas been a steady fair demand for
atrlctly flne freah stock at full former prlcea.
Somo of tbe late arrivals of western cream
ery aro sbowlng up more or lesa sour and
summery, bowever, and auch lots have to
be sold at eaay prices. The market for
northern creamery has been somewbat lr
regular, owlng to the fact that comparatlve
ly higher prices are obtalned in tbe country
than can be reallzed hero.
LrjMBER, The movement in spruce 1am
ber bas been hardly any greater this week
than laat. The dealera are not very anxioua
to buy, as they aro not doing much busineaa
tbemaelves. Tbe month of June, while bet
ter than May, was, bowever, disappolntlng.
Some few yards had a good trade, but tbe
majority pronounce busineaa below tbe av
erage. What makes tbe sltuation all the
worse is tbe fact tbat so many cargoes aro
comlng here. As it 1p, bowever, tbe re
celpts aro not as largo as they were a year
ago tbis time. Prlcea, bowever, are full as
low as they were then,
Wool. The bottom of the wool market
was reacbed ln August, 189C, juat before the
Vermont electlon. At that time flne staple
Wyomlng wool was aold ln tho Boaton mar
ket at 30 eents the scoured pound. On Au
guat 29, 1806, we atated tbat prices then rnl
Ing were tbe lowest llkely to be known foi
ageneration, and expressed the bellef tbat
with tbo defeat of Bryanism, flrst in Ver
mont and then in the natlon, that wool
would steadlly improve in price. The event
bas jastified absolutely onr ludgment. Tbis
week flne Idabo staple haa been sold ln Boa
ton on a baais of 43 centa the scoured pound,
an advance of thirteon centa tbe acoured
pound over the price brougbt about by en
acted free trade and threatened free silver.
Live Stock Markct.
Swine. Country hogs ic higher at 4o
llvo welght.
Veal Calves. Prlcea were a little easler,
equal to atrong io lower.
Milcii Cows and Spni.NaERs. The better
gradea aold at S40 to S55. Common gradea
were slow of sale at aalo at 820 to $38.
Arrivals of Llve Stock at markets for the
week at Waterlown Cattle, 4,201; sheep,
9,332; veala, 1.7C8; swine, 12,908; horses,
Prlcea of sheep and lamba: In lots, 82.00
to 83.00 each; extra, 83-25 to S4.50, or from
2o to 4e per lb; lamba, oo to oc; veal
calvee, 3 to Ojc
Prices of market beef: A few cbolce.
SG.00 to SG.25: extra. 45.25 to S5.75: flrat
quality, gl.75 to 5.00; second quality, $4 to
$4.50; third quality, S2.60 to S3.50.
Sheep and Lambs. Supply about aa
laat week, with no improvement ln value.
Weatern Snrlnc lamba lald down here at
0 to Cic, yearllng lamba at 4 to 4ic, and old
aneep not lesa tuan c.
HKitr OATTr.E. Tbo market had a liberal
supply and prices sbowed no improvement
from laat week'a decline. The recelpts of
country cattlo are ratber llgbt and prlcea
thereon are governed by the rates on Weat
ern. Prices of atore cattle; Worklng oxen per
pair, 560 to 8130; farrow cows, S12 to S22;
fancy cows, S50 to S70; mllch cows and
calves, 820 to S48; yearlings, 88 to S10; two-year-olda,
S12 to 22; three-vear-olds, 820 to
SS-i weatern iat awmu, uve, ou iu
Northern dreaaed hoga, 4c per lb.
Crcnmcry lleports.
for May. Milkrecelved,'J(5y,uM pouuus:
nverngo teat, -1.38; creum recelved 10,098
lba; averngo toat, -jj.i-, uutter maue,
10,744 pounda. ExponBea, 530j.iO;
pnid pntrons ior Dutter, iu ceuts per
A little Bhrewd manngemont ia
often better than a year'B labor. Wo
ahould study the aoil we cultlvate. Let
ub alwaya euueavor 10 pinnc uiai wnicu
tho Boil will produco beat without rob-
blug it of all its Btrongth nnd lertuuy.
It takes brains to farm right.
To get tho fullcat proflt from your
hogB, butchor as many na you can at
homo and turu them largely into swoet
country lard and bacon. Many buyera
will pay moro for theae right from tho
farm than thoy would have to pay in
tho general market.
Tiik beat patont right any farmer has
is bls brnln. Ho can ubo this brnlu
evory day to his general advantage.
And thoro is no way that ho cau uao lt
to gieater advantago than by making
handy implomonta to ubo about tho
farm and garden.
tcsts conflrm provioua
Aftek Borious illncsB Hood's Sarsa
pnrllla has wondorful bulldlng-up pow
er. It purlfles tho blood ahd rostoros
porfect hoalth.
cure. uot u irom your ueaier.
flvo conts.
to you.

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