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Thk Stanley Opora IIoubo at St. Jolins
l)ury was partially destroyod by flre, Tlio
loss is oatluiatcd at 83,000, fully intutred.
Tiir blacksmltk shop of 8. 0. Wblto at
llrlalol was destroyod by llro last Wednos
tlay nlplit. Tlioro was no lnsurance and
Mr. Whlto's loss ls heavy.
Koorh Donauur, a brakoman on tlio
Cfliitral Vorniont rallroad, liad ono foot cut
olT last week at Essex Juuctlon. by falllng
lietweon two froight cars. Hia hoine Is ln
Nortl fleld.
Tiir tug stoainer, ''John A.," was snnk
in Liko Meinirotnaor last week. Tlio
Bteamor was ownod by l'routy & Mlllor and
was usod by Ihom in tliolr luuibor busiuess
at Newport.
Pknsions liavo rocontly been grantod to
tbo followliiR Vermontors: I'atrick Staplo
ton, deceased, Wallingford j Incroaso, Lov
crott Allen of Wallingford: orlfihml, wldow,
Georglana StnltL, Montpelier.
Oiimand W. FtRTCHHK, a jirotnlnont
morchant and cltlzyn o( North Chester com
inttted siilcldo last wouk by liaugiug ln lds
storo. Mental dorangeineut caused by 111
noss ls tlio allegod reason (or tlio rash uot.
VmiiK bnntlns last wook ou "Florlda
niouutalu," noar Uonninjrton,aparty of boys
catuo across four blaok beus. They huo
coodod ln kllllng ouo that wtlghed one
linndred and forty pounds, and was in
primu condition.
Mits. IiOUisb D. Drlono, wlfo of Willlarn
DelonRof West Cornwall, sliot borsolf in
tlio right templn last wcok lnfllcting a fatnl
wouiid. Mrs. Delong was Blxty years old
and had been mifTerlriR for Honiotimo with
inental derangement.
Jknnik, daughter of I. I. Butterfleld of
Randolph, was married last wook to a full
iledRud Ohlnanian, Tlio cereinony was rter
foriuod by ltov. Q. V. Morrow and tlio affalr
has causod no ond of talk in tbat vlllago.
Tlio Uelestlal cut off hls quouo boforo tlio
weddlnc ; thus barring forever hls return to
lils natlve land.
KiaiiT candldates, four men and four
wouien, wero baptlzed in tbe Mlssisquoi
rlvor at Richford last Suuday week. Itov.
S. S. Garvlu of tlio Advent cliurch per
fonnod tbe rlto. Tlio rlvor was flllod witb
lloatlng lco aud tlioro was talk of prohlblt
lng tbo ceremony on tbe ground tbat it was
tlangorous to bealtb.
Genrkal Ciiahles E. Hovry, who died
last weok at Washington, D. 0., was a na
tlve )f Thetford, and a graduato of Dart
mouth Collego. llo was one of tbe origina
tor of the Norinal School ldoa in Illlnois,
and was presldent of the Noriual School of
thatstato. He was Bevonty years old and
bad llved for many years at Bloornington,
St. Joiinsbuiiy Is suffaring from an epi
denilc of dipbthoria. The publio echools
bavo been closod and thoro are at prosont
between forty and fltty cases in tbat village.
Tbo town is in a fever of oxcitement and a
pest house has been instituted in Fairbanks
village. Scores of houses are quarantined
and Dr. Berry, a woman Bpeoialtst, a mem
ber of tbe board of health of New York city
has been called tbero as an oxpert in the
dlsease. The death rato tbus far bas not
been largo.
Hknuv Malonky of Bennington, forty
years old, wus found dead last Thurdday
inoming in a barn about a mllo from Ben
nington village. Lylng on bim was a heavy
oak door that he probably pulled over ashe
wont into the barn. Investigatlon sbowed
tbat his ukull was fractured and a sboulder
broken. He bad arranged a place in the
barn in wbich to sleep. He was on tbe
streets early In tbe evening in an intoxicated
condition and was trackod tbrough tho snow
to tbe barn. He was unmarried, but leaves
a father, a brother and two sisters.
Hon. Crosdv Miller died laBt week at
bis bome in Pomfret, aged eighty-slx years.
Mr. Mlllor was one of thepromlnent cltizens
of Windsor county and bad beld nearly all
tbe ofllces of trust and responslblllty in bis
nativo town. He was atate senator in 1851
and 1852 and Berved four terms as repre
sentatlve from Pomfret, commencing in
18G0. For ten years, from 1872, be was as
slstant Judge of Windsor County Court and
was for many years a member of tbe State
Board of Agriculture. He bas also been
truBtee of the University of Vermont and
member of tbe Board of Uontrol of the State
Experlmont Station.
ConroiiAL John F. Tholan of Captaln
Dodd's troop at Fort Ethan Allen is tbe
legatee of a lortuno of $140,000, left bim by
bis recently decaascd uncle, John F. Flnch
of Malvorn, Pa. The legacy is pirtly in cash
and partly ln cbolce real estate in the vlcinity
of Pblladelpbia. The nucleus of tbe fortune
felltotbe late Malvorn capltallst from an
Engllsb relative, and good management
doubled it. Tbougb of Euglish and Gerinan
ancestry, the corporal 1b American born.
Corpsral Tholan is twenty-one years of age
and be wlll not come into possession of the
property until be is twenty-flve. Meanwbile
Iio wlll continue bis mllitary career.
A disastrous fireoccurred last Wedaesday
on the premiees of Ernost Rugg of Benning
ton. Two large barns, one witb a capac
ity for forty cows, hen)hou9e, hog and car
riage Iioubo, togetber witb all tbe contents
except tho cows and boraes, were burned.
Tbe flre was dlscovered about midnlght,
and originated in tbo bog house, In wlilcli
several bogs were killed and dressed yes
terday aftornoon. Twenty-eight cows and
several borses were removed. A number
of tons of bay, graln, farmlng irnplements
and barneBses wero burned. Tbe barns
were conslderod among tbe best and rnost
Ir. Frost Offer
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a person is ofton iD Berioua troublo beforo tho rcal cause is known. Thousaiidfl
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disca8cd until a fow weoks cr a fow days beforo dcath.
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Faco, Hands and Arms Covercd Wlth
Sorofulous Humors How a Curo
Was Effected.
" Whcn flvo years old my littlo boy bad
Bcrofula on hls faco, hands nnd arms, It
was worst on bis chin, nlthough tbo sorcs
on bis cbcoks and lmnds wcro vcry bad.
It appcarcd In tbo form of rcd jilmplcs
whlch would fcstcr, brcak open and run
nnd then scab ovcr. Aftcr dlsnppcarlng
tboy would brcak out again, Tboy caiiBcd
Intcnso Itchliif,' and tbo little suffcrcr bad
to bo walcbed contlnually to kcep hlm
from Bcratcliiiig tbo sorcs. Wo bccanio
grcatly nlarmcd nt hls condition, My
wlfe's motbcr liad bad scrofula and tho
only mcdicino wlilcli bad liolpd bcr was
Hood's Sarsapnrllla. Wo declded to givo
it to our boy nnd wo notcd an hnprovo
mcnt ln bis caso very soon. Aftcr glvlng
lilm four bottles of Hood's Sarsaparllla
tbo litiinor bad all been drlvcn out of bis
blood nnd it bns novcr Blnco returncd."
William Bartz, -110 South Wllliams St.,
South Bcnd, lndiana.
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drugglstH. Bo suro to gct only Hood'H.
HnnI'c Dillo ciirol.lverilhirajjrtot.iko,
j.isy to operato. 2r ccnts.
cotnploto.ln tbls BPction. Tho Iosh wlll ag
grogato about 87000 on whlch thoro Is a par
tlal insurauco.
Tiir annual meotlng of tbe Woman's
Forelgn Socinty of tho Montpelier Dlstrlct
was bold at. Bradford, Novombor 17, 1897, in
tbe Methodlst cburch. Tbe addrossos of
wolcomo wore glven by Mrs. Ex Qovomor
Farnham for tbo wotnen of tho Congroga
tlonal cburch and by Mrs. A. II. Webb for
tbe Honie Mlsslonary Soclety. Mrs. C. S
Ntittor of St. Albans, suporintendont of
Voung Ladies' work for New England
Branch spoke of the importance of onllstlng
tho young womon. A vory complete and
interosting report of tbe New England
Branch meotlni; at Hartford was road by
tbo dlstrlct secretary, Mrs. It. B. McDuffee.
Tbe minlsters preaent gavo words of cbeer
and encouragemont. Tbo roll call of the
socletlos was responded to by tbe roports of
work dono. In tho afternoon the old board
of ofllcers was elected wlth only one cbango.
Mrs. A. H. Baker of Thetford Conter waa
chosen presldent. A number of vory Inter
osting papors were read and an address was
glven by Mrs. L. L Beetnan of Montpelier.
In tbo ovening Mrs. Nutter spoko agaln and
conducted an annual meetlngof the "Young
Indles' Sojiety of Modelton " wblch was
very interesting and the young ladies ac
qultted theniBolves wlth crodit. Bev. A. II.
Uaker told of some of hls experiences in In
dla. The convention waB vory helpfnl and
much credlt is due to Mrs. It. B. MeDulToo
for tbo excellent program and the success of
tbo convention.
All those creeplng, crawllng, stlnglng son
sations tbat comblne to mako up tbe tortures
of any itching dlsease of tbe Bkln Instantly
are rolieved aud pormanently curod by
Doan's Olntment. Take no substltute.
Doan'a nover falls.
FoitiiAL chargea have been lodged witb
Presldent McKinley agalnat John U. Smlth,
(Jnited States ComtnlsBionor for Dyea,
Alaska. Speciflo allegatlons are made of
usurpatton of unwarranted authority, of
taking extortionate fees for hls aervices,
and other grave irrenularitleB. An investi
gatlon bas been bogun and it is probable
tbat his removal wlll follow. Smltb, who
came from Portland, Ore., was appointed
last July,
In a report to tbo state department, Con
aul Denlson at Woodstock, N. B., saya that
Blnco tbe United States tariff of 1807 wont
into effect trade relatlons between that part
of Canada and the United States have been
at a stand stlll. While freigbt rates and
tho natural inclination of the people are
f avorable to the United States, the Canadlan
manufacturers are more active than beroto
f ore, and the trade formerly enjoyed could
bo gained only by concosslons.
Fouty-kiqht men from the interlor of
Austria, who were arrested last week by
United States inspectors in the swamps of
the MiBaiasIppl, charged with violating tho
allen contract law, wore taken to Baltimore
and locked up in tbe immlgrant house of
detentlon at Locust Point. They wlll bo
sont back to Bremen on the steamabip
"Muencben" of tbe North German Lloyd
line. Tho men arrlved at Baltimore Sep
tember 0, last, and were engaged in cutting
barrel atavea.
Five hundred coal mlners at Itar Clty,
Ind., have gone on a atrlke because the
compauios refuso to put in inch and a-half
screena lnstead of three-lnch screena. State
Presldent Knight of the mlners' organlza
tion bas taken a band. He saya that the
strlke wlll be a hard one, and that all tbe
mlners in lndiana may agaln lay down tbolr
tools. Tbroe hundred block coal mlners at
Carbor have also gone on a strlke because
tbe company eniployed non-unlon men.
Great suffering exlsts among the tnlners in
that stato.
J. W. Wilbon of Loulsvllle, Ky., general
manager of the Alaska Commerclal Com
pany of San Franclsco, bas juat returned
from Alaska, baving made many trlps to
that country ln tbe past few years, Mr,
Wilson aays tbat the people ln tho East and
tbo tnlddlo West bavo but a falnt concop
tlon of tho groat number of norsonB who wlll
loln tho rush to tbe Klonillko uext sprlng.
llo says that tbo rush to tho gold flolds of
Callfornla was riothlug to what tho wlld
Btampode to tbe Klomllko wlll bo. Al
roady tliotlsatids of pooplolu overy stato aro
getting ready for tho trlp. Hls advlco to
tlioso prospoctors ls that thoy go preparod
to wltliBtand thorlgors of tho foliowing wln
tor, A Bolld gold llfo slze Btatuo of Presldent
MoKlnler Is to- be exhlbltod nt the world's
fair ln Parls in 1000, if tho cousont ot tho
Presldent to poso for it can bo obtainod,
ThlB will bo tlio m oa t costly lump of prec
lous motal tho people of modorn tlinos has
evor seoii. So says F. V. Illgby of Cblcago,
who bas boen retalned by wostern inillton
alros to furnlsb Bticli a Btatuo. Mr. Hlgby
has gono to Wasbiiiglon to get tho consont
of Presldotit McKiuloy to poae for the
llgure. As Mr. Illgby took a protnlnont
part In tbebeadquartoiB management of the
into natlonal republlcau campilcii, and has
asked for no ofllce, he is conlldentof success
ln hls mlsston. Tbe Btatuo, wlth tho baso.
will bo about sovon foot lu holgbt and wlll
coutalu bulllon to tbo valuo of $1,050 000.
A iikply from tbo Damlnlon govorliinont
has beon forwnrded to Washington ln ro
spact to the nogotlatlons wblch aro now go
iug on botwoen botb countrios. Tho gov
ornment refusoa to Bay what tbo roply ls
until bucIi tltno as It roachos Mr. Fostor'a
haudB at Washington, but it is undorstood
that it ls a refUBal to Btop pelagio sealing
for a year as tbo Unltod Stntes rcquostod.
The wholo quostlon dopendod upon tbls
nnd therefore It would appear tbat tho
nogotlatlons ure to fail ln tbolr object.
Howcver tlioro is a report tbat tho Canadlan
governmeut has proposed au alteruatlvo
proposltlon for tbo consideratiou of tho
United States wblch could bo latd beforo
CongrosH at its noxt slttlug and pased lu
tlme to deal with polagio sealing and tho
queationa of dlsputo noxt season.
Fbkd B. Krtcham of Chicago was award
ed a verdlct of S21.GG0 in Cblcago last wook
In hls sult agalnst tho Cblcago and North
wostern rallroad for $20,000 damages for
blacklisting. Tbe caso of Kotcham agaltiBt
the NorthweBtern company bas boen on
trial for nearly throo wooks, and has been
of great lntorest to rallroad mon. Durlng
tho great atrlke of tho American rallway
unlon Ketcbam was employed as a conduo
tor for tbo Northwostorn rallroad. ne
iolned tbestrlkors, and tbe ovidonco sbowed
10 attonded some of the meotingB in tbe in
torost of the American rallway unlon.
Stuco tho strlko Ketcbam clalma be bas
boen unable to securo steady employmont,
owlng to tho fact that bo was blackllsted,
Ho obtainod several positionB witb othor
roads, but after worklng ashort tlme ho was
dlBcharged, ho alleged, wlthout cbubo. Not
long ago Ketcbam secured employmont
with tbe Mlchlgan Central elovator compa
ny at Kenalngton, and moved hia famlly to
tbat auburb. Ho worked a ahort tlmo thero
and was dlscharged.
BPMtDT CrniE Trhatmkst for torturlnp, dlBDfj
nrlDg, ltcliliiK. barninf-, and scaly Bkln and ecatp
dlseases wlth loBsofuiUr. Warra bathB wltliUtr
Tiocni Boap, Kcntle nppllcallons of Ccticura
(olntment), and full doH8 or Cutiodba Rkbol
VXNT,greatcst of blood purlnera and bnmor cures
T inM thronffhont the world. FOTTIB
Oxtro k Oniu. Coap,, Snl Propt., Qoiton.
a&- " Uow to Cnrc ItchlnK 8kln Diuuti," fNt.
Foreign Noirs.
Thb spread of tbe bubonio plague ahows
no aigns of abatement at Poonab, Surat and
elaewhero ln Indla. It bas extended to
Belgtum and Ahmennagur. At the latter
place two-thirda of the Inbabltants have al
ready sought aafety intllght.
A passbnobb and ballast traln, running
at a hleh rate of speed colltded at Tournay.
France, last Wodneaday. A dense fog pre
valled at the tlmo. The sbock was terriflo
and several cars were ground Into splintors.
Twelve persona wero killed outrlght and
many others were terrlbly injured.
China has appealed to Russla to oxclude
Germany from KuBBian turritory. Tho Ger
man government conslders tbe land occu
pled by tbe forcea of Germany at Ktao
Cbou Bay, Shantun Peninanla, China, to be
inaumclent for a uaval station, and proposes
to onlarge itsholdinga there, dlplomatlcally,
if poaaible.
In a apeecb dellvered last Wednesday at
Blrmtngbam, Eng., Rlgbt Hon. Joseph
Chamberlaln, Secretary of State for tbe
English colonles sald tbat ho expected tbe
greater part of the coming seaslon of Par
liament would be given ovor to the govern
ment meaaure grantlng local government to
Ireland. Mr, Chamberlaln also announced
tbat the government would introduce a
comprehenslve measure of army reforms,
basod on a careful constderatlon ot En
gland's mllitary needs, thougb wlthout at
temptlng to rlval Oontlnental armies or to
alter tbe Bygtetn of recrultlng. Ho Batd ho
conslderetf the army ought to bo strong
euougb to meet tho nosalblo, thougb lui
probablo, emergency ot a break down in the
The hoBtillty between tho Chriatian soclal
lats and tho soclal domocrats whlch exlsts
in all parta of Austria and frequently leada
to sharp colllsions between rlval partlsans,
has recently endedin a seriousrlotat Qratz,
the capltal clty of Sterla, tbe aeat of lm
portant cotton and woolen manufacturles.
Whllo tho Christlan sociallBts were boldiug
a meeting there last wook, tbo soclal domo
crats forced tbolr way in, broke up tho
meeting and pelted the Christlan aocialUta
witb beer glasses. Some of the iuvaders
tbrow chaira and several of tho Christlan
Boclallsts wore badly lmrt. Tbo promotera
of tbe ineotlng rushed from tbe hall and tho
dlaturbancea was contiuued on the Btreet
outBldo. Tho pillco and mllitary were sum
monod but were stoned by tbo rloters,
They then charged the mob wlth flxed bayo
nets, killlug ono person nnd wounding
many. Ten of the riugleadors havo bsen
arrested. Five pollcoinon were badly hurt
durlng the rlotlng. Strlugent moasures
have been taken to prevout a recurrence of
the disorders.
Artlilclnl Silk.
Artiflcial silk ia now au article of
trade and aa it ia adviaablo for buyera
to bo acquainted with tho meana ot de
tecting il tho foliowing from tho Deco
rator and Furnisher ia worthy of note:
Tho rnoat effectlvo tcat is combua
tlon. While natural Bilk burna slowly
and lurna up liko horn, at tho samo
titno omitling a characteristic odor, ar
tiflcial ailk buniB rapidly wlion onco ig
nitod and smolla liko burnod cotton.
BoniotlmeB tho two kinda of ailk aro
mixod in the samo article. Montlon ia
mado in an Auatrian paper of a fabrlc,
alleged to bo of Englieh mako, the warp
of wbich consistod of natural silk, woft
of artiflcial, Tho origin of tho httor
could not bo dotoctod by tho eyo oven
by tho niost oxpcrt connoissour. Up
on tbo combuatlon teat belng appliod,
howovor, tho matorlal burned with ox
treiuo alacrlty.
Washington County Court.
J. Ii. Pook v. M. A. I'ook. Dlvorco. I'o
tltlon dlsml8sod.
In ro Susan W. Warren's wlll, It. W.
Warren ot al. Bpts. Tho jury returned a
vordlct for tbo proponont.
Ituby Dalton v. Joseph W. Dalton. Dl
vorco. Marrlage aud resldcnco provod and
blll grantod for wllful dcsortlon. 0. F.
Glougb for potltlonor,
Tbo Jurors woro dlschargod for tho torm
last Wednesday afternoon.
Waltor II. Dunsmoor v. Frank Duns
moor. Thla waa an assault caso In whlch
thoro waa a vordlct for plalnlllTforonocont.
A tnotion was mado by plalntlff for a cortl
fled oxocutlon. Motton donlod and plalnt
lff was donlod full cost.
Tbo court calondar was callod Wednes
day afternoon. It. Cablo v. Jamos Frasor
ot al. and Grantto Savlngs Bank & Trust
Co., trustoo, gonoral assuinpalt, was con
tlnued at plalntlff's oxpenao.
Stato v. Mildred L. Browslor. An ln
dtctment lu two cotinta for tho murdor of
Anna Wboolor nt Montpelier on May 29,
1807. The provlously ploa of not Rullty
was retractod by loavo of tbo court Wotl
nosday afternoon nnd a ploa of abatomont
mado lnstead. Tbo substanco of the ploa
of abatomont Is as follows: The ploa states
that the grand jurors who found tho Indlct
inent woro duly empannoled and Bworn on
Sontombor 13. 1897. and rocltos tho oatb
taken by tbem. White no coinmont Is mado
in tho ploa, ln tbo oath is this Bontenco:
" Tho couusol of tho stato, your own coun
Bel and that of your fellowa, you shall koep
secrot." Tbo endorsomont and Indictmont
nro recitod. Tbo ploa shows that on Octo
ber 1, 1897, tho grand Jurors mado inqulry
Into tho natttro aud probable ground of tho
cbargo proferrod agalnst Mildred L. Brow
tor wblch charge agalnst bor was that of
tbo alleged crlme set forth in sald indict
mont and oxamlnod and hoard tho tosti
mony of wltnossea preaonted agalnst herj
tbat whllo sald grand iurors wore maklng
Inquirlos of witnesaos into tbe naturo and
probablo ground of tho charge preferrod
agalnst her Fred A. Howland, tho then
Btate's attornoy, witb tho permlssion and
consent of sald county court, did permlt,
procure and causo and tho grand Jurors did
permit ono Florenco A. Hlll to come into
the presence of sald grand Jurors and of
said state's attornoy then and thoro presont
with sald grand Jurors tboti and thero to re
maln whllo tbe Baid grand jurors were ex
amlnlng wltneBses witb referenco to tho
probable grounds of tho charge then and
thero preferred agalnst her, the sald Mil
dred L. Brewster, whlch sald charge was
tbat of the alleged crlme set fortb ln sald
indictmont, to take down tbe testimony of
sald evidence for sald state's attorney.
Furthor on it ls stated upon tbo testimony
of wblch wltnoases tho grand Jurors found
sald indictment. The names of some wlt
nossea who testlfled before the grand jury
aro stated. It is shown that satu Florence
A. Hlll slnce ahe made tbe notes of sald
testimony aftor the flnding of said indict
ment has transcrlbed sald notes and bas
type writton a copy of a large portion of
said testimony whlch afterwards came tnto
the possession of and was read by Bald
Btate's attorney and by Zed S. Stanton, an
attorney appointed to asslst the state's at
tornoy in the prosocution of said indict
mont. Certatn dlsquallficatlons of Florence
A. Hlll are shown. Tho prayer of the plea
is that tho indictment may be quashed.
The plea is slgned Mildred L. Brewster
and by Frank Plumley,couusol for respond
ent. A demurrer to tbe plea was sustalnod
and plea adjadged insumcient and respond
ent ordered to answer. Exceptions by re
Bpondent and orderod to paas to supreme
court before trial. A Btipulatlon between
tbe respondent and the state's attorney pro
vldes that formal and technical defecta in
tbe plea of abatement and demurrer there
to are now and shall at all tlnies bereafter
be waived, and treated as waived, it belng
the deslre of the said respondent and the
state to bring before tbe Bupromo court the
questions of Bubstance only presented by
sald plea and the demurrer thereto. This
stlpulatlon 1b slgned by State's Attorney
Fred A. Howland, Mildred L. Brewster
and by respondont's counsel, Frank Flum
ley and Lord & Carleton.
The most disastrous flre that bas vlaited
London, Eng., ln three hundred years raged
tbero recently. The flre broke out in a
large block of buildings lylng eastward of
Aldersgate Btreet and between tbat
thoroughfare and Red Crosa street Just
after one o'clock Friday afternoon. The
flames were fanned by a Btrong wind and
were fed by blghly lnflammablo stocks of
fancy goods and fllmsy dress materlals of
all descrlptions, crowulng evory lloor of
tbe slx story buildingB in tbe old streets, ln
vlew of the coming Christmas trado. Con-
sequently the confiagratlon gained headway
with alarmlng rapldity and was soon far
beyonu any possimiity ol belng chocked by
tbo fow englnes early on the spot. For four
hours and a balf the fiamos bad thelr own
way, and it was only after more than a
liumlrou englnes tiaa worked an lionr tbat
the chief of the flre brigade sont the aiifnal
that the flre was under control. It is oui
cially reported that 150 blocks and ware-
uouses were rmned anu tne aamage ls esti
mated at 825,000,000. More than 2,000
people wore tbrown out of employment.
Nearly all tbe Brltlsh flre insnranco com
panles are heavlly involved, as are many
American companiea. The old chnrch ot
St. Gllea, bulld in 1546, in whlch rest tbe
asbea of John Milton, waa badly scorched,
and the general post ofllce on St. Martlns
L.0 Grand narrowly escapod uestructlon.
A Moustcr Chcck for Dutles on Tca.
Lipton, tho Euglish tca morchant,
wboao namo wont round tho world in
the rccont Jubilee season boc&uae of
hia 25,000 dinnor to tho poor, haa just
added anothor itora to tho newa of tho
world. He has drawn tbe largcat
check ovcr paid for cuatoma dutiea. It
waa tor 5U,old, lla, 5d., or aomewhat
ruoro than a quarter of a million dol
lars. It ropreaented tho dulies on ono
weeK'a lmportationB, about i,auu tona.
Tho wookly consumption of tca in tho
wholo of Groat Britain is about 2,000
tona, bo Mr. Lipton haa a btisiuosa tbat
can afford a 825,000 charity ouco in a
Snodgrass My grocery bills are so
heavy that when I saw aa advortiso
mont which promiaed to toll how to
aavo groccrs's bills, I sont tho dollar
right away for tho information. Sulvc
ly What mothod of eaving did tho ro
ply adviso? Snodgraa8 It told mo to
filo thcm away carofully.
Ahl said tho blustoring lawyor,
whoso clicnt had just boen acquittcd.
Now tbat it's all over, would you mlnd
telllng tno how you reachod your vor
dlct? Certainly, repliod tho juryman.
Wo fclt suro that it ho had boon guilly
ho wouldn't havo hirod you to dofond
Mamraa I wondor why it ia that
Goorgie plays and singa bo much for
Albort sinco thoy'vo bocomo cngagod?
Sbo ncvor bcoidb toccaso from tho tlmo
ho comos into the Iioubo until ho do
parts, 1'apa I guoaa ahe wants to
mako suro that bo roally lovoa hor.
Gadaby Your halr wlll bo gray if it
keopa on. Woolfln Oh, woll, if it
koepa on 111 boaatiBfled.
HOOD'S PILLS curo Llvor llls, Dll
lousnosa, Indlgestlon, Hoadacho.
Eay to tako, oasy to oporato. 2So.
Tho Old Jlalil.
Sho gavo lier llfo to love. Hho nover know
Wlmt ot)ir woinon glre tlielr all to galn.
OtlierB woro flckto. Sho wa raBlnn truo,
Blio rhto pure lore, and faltli wltliont a ttaln.
Slio ncvor marrled. Sultor cam? and wont
The dark ojcb flaihed thelr lore on one alono.
Hor llte waa paaaod tn qulcl and contont.
Tho old lovo rolgned. No rlval Bhartd tho throno.
Thlnic you her llfewas waited? Valo and hlll
HloBioraod ln suniincr, and white wlntor cainet
Tho bluo lco BtllToned on tho itlonced rlll
All tltnet and caom found hor stlll the samo.
Her heart was full of sweotness llll the end.
Wliat onco sho (?avo Bho nover took away.
Through all hor yontli sho lovcd one falthfut frlcnd)
Sho lovos hlm now her halr 1 urowlng gray.
Ooorgo llarlow.
Alnskan Ycgitation nnd Cllniatc,
" I waa aurpriaod to flnd that a largo
uurabor of tliinga aro grown in tho
acction of Alaaka which I visited, and
I am cortain a numbor of othor tbings
could bo grown if iutcrest would bo
taken in this rospcct. Peoplo do not
acom to wish lo bothor with ngricultural
purautta. xuey aro willlng to pay $25
a ton for huy. whou thoy might raiso it
thoro thcni8clve8. It has to bo obtainod
from San Franciaco or Pugot Sound.
" i lounu a largo numbor ot nativo
borrioa growinc in tho part of tho
country I viaitcd, Thcao compriscd
blueberriea, cranborrica and 8traw
borrica. Tho latter havo tho tlnest
llavor for tho wild varioty that I ovor
" I found that southeaBt Alaaka ia
vory thlckly timberod. In tho intorior
and southweatcrn acction graas grows
luxuriantly. Most of tho limber is
" Thero is a generally mlatakou idoa
m regard to tho climato of tho eouth-
ern coaat of Alaska. The popular idea
ia tbat it is vcry frigid. The coldeat it
gota in tho coast region ia only ton or
twcivo aegreai oeiow zero. Tbe cold
est I ovor heard a roport of thero was
tbirtcou uogrcos bolow zero. Tho an
nual tomperature is not much colder
than it is hero. Of course, this ia only
the coast region whoro the Japanoao
current waahcs and warma thinga by
tropical hcat. It aeldom gots down to
zero In that region.
" Fish and gatne aro pretty plentiful.
Thoro are two eyndicatea enrraired in
tho aalmon canning industry, and they
navo tneir aionea all throngh the
wators. Washington Star.
Stcorlng by tho Noso.
Fronch nowspapors aro suggesting a
new systom for tho prevcntion of ma
rine accidonts, which proposes to placo
atrongly amelling chomicals in floatiug
reccptacies to do attacnea to tne exist
ing light buoys and bell buoya. ClilTa
and dangerou8 ahoala aro very often
hidden by thick fogs, which doea not
allow light to penotrate nor aound to
bo heard until too late, while tho strong
Bmell of somo chomical substanccs
would bo carried far away and would
indicato to tho scafarer with a keen ol-
factory boiisc at great distanco that he
ia neanng a dangerous coaat.
Thoro are a number of Btrontr-smell-
ing salta that micht bo uscd. but it is
feared that tho distribution of tho odor
would depend too much upon the wind
Whilo sound travela, at least to Bome
extent, in an opposite diroction to that
ot tne curronts of tho atr, tho odor of
aromatic chemicals would nevor bo
wafted any other way but that tho
wmd was blowing. Philadelphia Refr
Positivoly curcd by tlicso
little Pills.
They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsla,
Indigestion and Too I Icarty Eating. A per.
fect remedy for Dizzincss, Nausca, Drowsl
ness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated .Tongua
Tain ln the Side, TORPID LTVER. They
Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetablc.
Small PHI. Small Dose.
Small Price.
Flvo Serlal Storlcs,
Fivo strong serial atorioa aro an
nounced for publication in The Youth's
Companion duriug 1898. Thoy aro
" Tho Freahman," a romance of collego
lifo, by Jcsae L. Williama; " Tho Gold
Fiold8 of tho Yukon," a atory of placer
mining ln Alaska, by Irviug Andrewa;
" Ferieda Fairfax, Writor," tho atory of
a girl who wantod lo do nowapaper
work, by Marguerito Tracy; "The
Story of a Ueo Farm," by Edith A.
Fairlleld; and "The Mating of Zimri
Bunkor," n roudng talo of horoic deeda
in Nantuckct during tho war of 1812,
by William J. Long. Thoso atorioa
mako up only a amull part of tho good
thinathat will bo spread beforo rcadcrs
of The Companion duriug 1898. Prea
out roaders of The Companion who ro
now thoir subscrlptionB, aud uow aub
scribers will receivo freo a beautiful
calondar printcd in twolvo colora, and
omboaaed in gold. The paper will bo
aont froo to uowsubacribors evory weok
from tbo timo tho subacription ia rocoiv
cd to January, 1698; tbon for a tull year
to Janunry, 1809. An illuatratod proa
pcctUB will bo sont froo to any ono ad
droBalng The Youth'a Companion, Boa
ton, Masa.
.i...,i I... ii.....
llo What a homoly girl that i8, ovor
tlioro ln tho cornor. Sho That ia my
siator. Ho Is it possiblol Slill, I'm
not surprlaed. You muat havo boon
grantcd a monopoly of tbo beauty that
was aot apart for your family.
No need to foar the npproach ot croup it
you have Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlo OU In tho
Iioubo. Nevor waa a caso that it wouldn't
oure If used at tho outaet.
Hcat, sonso of tenderncsa and Bwclling of a part,
nro all lndlcations that thoro ls nced of lnstant ropair
tho utltch ln tlmo. Wbcro tlicso symptoms cxlst on
tho left or tho rlght Bldo of tbo womb, dlscaso of tho
ovary ia scttlng in, and soon thero jvlll bo, if thero
is not alruady cstablished, a dlsehargo, triflinff at
first, but lator coplous and Irrltating. Soon, also,
thoro will bo felt dull, drngging palnaradlating from
tho ovary.
Do not. mv slstor, lot your malndy go so far, but
thoso of you who aro already suiicrmg in tiiia
way should begln nt onco a courso of trcatmcnt
wlth Lydia B. rinkhnm's Vcgetablo Compound.
It wlll rostoro tho orgnns to tbolr normal con
Tn tVitn pnnnpp.tlnn Mns. K. Tj. MyKUS.
ako, Pa., Bays: "My ovarics wero badly dis-'
eascd, and for almost a year I sufferod wlth so-
voro burning palns which wcro nlmost uncndur alilo, nnd a dull, heavy paln ln
tho lowcr portion of my back. If standing I was rnost rolieved with my foot
rcstlng on a stool or chalr. Tlio doctor told mo I would havo to tako my
bcd and kcep quiet. I had not used balf a bottlo of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vego
tablo Compound boforo it worked wonders wlth mo. I now owo my health
to tho Compound. To thoso who are sufTering from diseases pcculiar to wo
mon, I would say that Lydia 13. I'inkham's Vegetablo Compound is just what
they necd."
Mrs. Pinkham wlshes to befrlond you, and if you will writo her at Lynn,
Mass., telllng hor just how you fccl, sho will glvo you tho vory best advlco
frco of charge. Think what a prlvilogo it ls to bo ablo to writo to a womaa
who is learned in all theso matters, and willlng to adviso you without chargo.
Thoro had been a littlo family jar, and
sho was aulkiug. You havo no right to
rcfueo mo, aho aaid. Whcn I promiaed
to marry you I told you that I always
wanted my own way and you eald that
mado no difloronco. Woll it docsn't,
does it? ho rotorted. You don't got it
do you? Thua it happened that aho
called him ameati thing.
Mrs. Bridowcll I'm glad I waBn't
born in France. Just think of having
your husband sclected for you by sotne
body elsol Mrs. Oklham I knbw, but
thore'a tho conaolatiou of having some
body to blamo it on to.
It is Imposjible to promtsc partkular features that will apptar In the
" AMERICAN MONTHLY" during Ibe coming ytar, for it is, as the
Bookman sayi, " a great monthly newspaper." As such, it prints for
Its readers an illustrated account of the notable things which make the history of
. the month, of the political, the
" We know of no revlew rubllshed. ln
. countrv or In Eurooe. whlch comblnes so success-
fu'.ly aa the Ambrican Monthly the alertness,
tlmelln;ss, and enerfy of ournallsm with tho
sound)tdgm;nt, carefully welghed oplnlon, eiact
knowledgt, and well-chon English of tho purely
'.'terary perlodlcal." The Oulhok.
?ive the best thought and informtion of the current magajines in five conti
nentsj the contributed artides furnish the character sketches of the man of the
month, and give timely discussions by authorities on any question of immediate
lerious import.
The result of this comprehemive effort to edit in one monthly voiume the
Information needed by intelligent people of "live" instincts is best gauged in
the opinions which the readers of
have seen fit to express. These
are thinking business men, clergy
men, editors, lawyert, professors,
cngtneers, the wide-awike women
of America. They write that the
'ndispensable" t "is simply invaluable"; "is a generous lifcrary in itself"; is
'' a historical cydopedia of the world " j " the best means of aid for a busy man " i
'the best perlodlcal of the kind we have ever had"i "a triumph of editorial
tnius"j"the world under a field-giass," etc, etc
American Monthly Review of Reviews
Powers of tho New Mayor,
Tho Mayor of Greater New York will
havo personal power farexceeding that
of many kiugs who rulo over atafea no
greater in population. It is literally
true this ia second in importance only
to the President of tho United Stotea.
Ho will hold almost supreme power
ovora population of more than 3,000.000
pooplo. Tho employes of Greater New
will number about 33,000 iucluding
7000 policomen and 4000 in tho do
partmont of atreota. Tho salary and
wago liat will amount to $33,000,000,
and tho total oxpcnditurc of tho city
will bo S70,000,000 in round uumbers.
Tho framors of tho charterof Greater
Now York deliberately piaced in tho
handa of tho mayor coutralized author
ity of tho most abBoluto kind. Through
his memborahip in thoso boarda and
his powor of appolutmont, ho controls
nine-flfteentha of the board of public
improvoments aud throe-flftha of the
board of estimato and appolntmout. Ho
appoints tho members without neod of
couflrmation aud has absoluto power of
removal with or without stated cauBO,
at any timo duriug the flrat aix montl a
of his term.
Beaidoa this ho nppoints a great num
ber of other olllcers, and theeo offlcors
appoints thoir own subordinatoa, so
tbat tho porsonal compoaition of ulmoat
tho ontirocitygovermontdopouda upou
tho mayor. Ho may direct tho polico
in tho enforcemont of tho laws, nnd in
timo of tumult or riot he may demand
tho uaaiatauco of state militia bcatcd
within tho clty. ln addition to his
puroly executive functiona he has au
onlarged voto powor upon tho munici
pal aBsembly, and ho oxerclaos a quali
fled voto power ovor tho stato legislation
rolatiug to tho city.
It ia literally truo that Buch powor for
good or ill waa novor boforo piaced in
tbo hands of any ouo mau in this
country. Soloctod.
Pili-Sbnsb. It Btanda to reason that Dr.
ARnew's Llver Pllls wlll orowd out ot tho
inarkot many of the nauseoun old tltnera.
A better medioino at lensthan balf tbe priee
is all tho arguinent noeded to keep tbe de
mand what it haa been phenomenal forty
doses ten cents. They oure slck beadache,
blllouaneBs, and allay all stotnaoh lrrlta
tlons. Atall drncRUt8.-28. W. B, Terrill
& Co. and Oolllns Ulakely.
Willio, what doea that man want out
thoro in tho hall? Ho'a waiting to aeo
you, but ho saya thcro'a no hurry.
"How long has he been there? About
half an hour. Who is heV Ho'a tho
pluraber. He's como to do aomo work
you spoko to him about tbo other day,
but ho says ho'll wait till you're what
are you hurrying for, papa.
Muud Ethel Garlinghorn married?
Well, wclll Sho ia ono of tho last
women in tho world I ever expected to
see etruck by matrimonial lightning.
Ironc She wouldn't have been only
sho married a conductor.
this I economic, and literary happenings
which are of value to intelliijent
men and women. The Editor's
"Progress of the World" tells suc
cinctly an illustrated story of the
month. The "Leadine Artides"
The current number
and the two preced
ing issues.
boa Oa
News and Opinions of
National Importance.
Daily, by mail, $6 a year
Dally and Sunday, by mail, - - $8 a year
Is tho Greateat Suuday Nowspapor
in tho World.
Prlco 5c a Copy. My Mail, $2 a Year.
Adiliesi THK SUN. New York.
Mr. Cumrox's wifo ontertains vory
brilliantiy, aald a young woman. Sho
Ia always bolng spokon of in tho news
papors, but hor huaband ls novor men
tioncd. Thoro aro dlfforont kinds of
fame, returuod MIbb Cayenno. It's
true that Mr. Cumrox's namo dooan't
got in tho nowapapora, but it ia to bo
found in moro ledgors than that of any
other man in tho city.
You can tell how old a troo is by its
rings. Yes; and thnt's the way you
cau tell how young a girl is, too.
25c. !

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