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IBlalcbmait $nurnal.
ABTHUR ROPEB. Oonoral Editor.
Clnbbltiff Llst.
Tbe followlnjr olTors aro for tho bonoflt
only of aubscrlbors to tlils pnpor who pay
tvll arroarngos and a year's auhgcrlptlon In
ndvftnco. Ono or moro of tho publlcatlons
inajr bo ordnred, but tlio monoy (or cacli, at
tbe club rato, niust lnvnrlably accompany
the order, wlth all arrears (1( any) duo ou
tbo 'Watchman and a full ycar tn adyanco.
J'riet. Itale.
AKMrlcan Kltolien Magailne
Aaaerlean Oardenlng ,
Anaa, Tho ,
Attantle Monthly
Baaton Jonnml
Boatcra Datlr Jonrnal
Barton Dally TrTlr...
CfeBtvrj MagaElne
CaHlTator and Conntrj OentUman..
Dmorit' Maftatlns
Xtvtt Where (montbly.)
Tum Paaltrr (leml-monthlj)
FcTnni, The
Fnink Lcglle't IllaitratedWeekij..,,
Tfank Lcalle'a I'opular Monthly
Oodey'l Lady'i Hook
Ilarpr't Magaxlna
Ilarjver'a WeeMy
naxper'a llazar
Uarper'a Kom d Table
IToard't Dalryman
fndependent. New Tork
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Uttell'i LlrlnR Age
McClnre'a Maftatlns
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" " Sundaj edlUon
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Ou Little Men and Women
Oar LltUa Odm and Nnraery
Fatcreon'a Magaalne.....
IVptilar Belencn Monthly ,
Inkirol Rerlewt ,
Betontlfle Amerlcan
Sarlboer'i Magazine ,
a. Nlehohu Magailne ,
Tsmonter,The ,
1. M
2. C0
Tbe abovo rat-os aro subject to cbauRe
wMiout notlco.
Notwithstandino tho persistent
tfforts of a portioa of the democratic
press to prevent contributiona, tho
Prosident'e manly appoal for donations
for tho relief of the poor Cubans. who
are euffering for tho neceeeiticB of life
by reasou of tbo condilions on tho
island and not for any faults of their
owd, haa touched the charitablo bearts
ef tbo country and substantial relief ie
fouring into Cuba by ever Btcamer.
Arrangements bavo been mado for
Mlsa Clara Barton, Presideut of tho
American Red Cross, to go to Cuba
with a Btaff of assislanta to belp the
TJnited States (Joneular agenta in dis
tributing the aid among tbe euffering.
Tho Presulent is much gratifled at tbo
prompt responBo of tho country to bis
appeal for aid.
Pkesident McKinley is thorough
ly alivo to tbe meaning of tbo present
attitude of tbo grcat powers of Europe
towards China. Ile knowa that they
are after commerce aa well as territory.
Tbo United States wants no territory
aa far away as China, but it does want
to kecp tho valuablo Chinceo trade it
already bas and to add to it, and, whilo
ot intcnding to gct mixcd up in any
Kuropean deala or tquabbles, it does
intend to lake wbatever stcps that may
fce neccBsary to protect An.crican cqm
wercial intereBts in China. The Unlied
8tntc8 haa treaty righta in China which
must be rccognized by any power that
acquirea territory by any meana in that
country, and with that end aolely in
tiew, tho President and hia advisers
aro watching every movo mado by tho
powera of Europo in or towards China.
In other worda, wo have nothing to do
with tbo relationB of Cbina and other
Bationa so long as our treaty rights aro
The United Siatea Treaaury atarls
into 1898 with a moro pleasing outlook
than it haa bad at the begiuniug of a
jear for aomo timo. There was a sur
plus of about $1,750 000 for tho month
of December, and it is reasonably cer
tain that with tbo exception of the pre8
ont montb, and posaibly April, wbon
heavy quarterly pMymentson accountof
penaions have to bo niade, every raonth
of tho preaent ilscul year will show a
urplua. It ehould not bo forgotteu
that tho payraent8 mado on account of
tho purchaso of tho Union Paciflc Rail
road wero not included to raako that
Deceniber BurpluB. Whilo thia coudi
tion is grntifylng to President McKin
ley aud overy Itopubltcan, it la eape
cially gratifjingto Chairman Dingley,
who predicted many montha ago, wben
the cxtra BCBsion of Congrcaa was con
lidering hia tailff bill, that tbo govern
ment'a flnanciul coudition would im
f rovo, juat aa it bas done uuder tho
opcration of that bi.l as a l tw.
btat salvo in tho world for cuts, bruiaes,
ores, ulcera, salt iheum, fever Borca,
tetter, cbnpped banda, cbilblaina, corua
and all ekin etuptionp, and poBitively
curea piloa, or uo pay requin d. It is
guarantoed to givo perfcct antiaf&ction,
or monoy refuuded, Prico twonty-nvo
conta por box. Por ealo bv n. Itinkilv.
Montpelier, Vt.
KunnKK STAtirs mado to ordor by tho
Vormont Watcliiuan Uouipanv
REV. T, 0 WITT 11L1M1,
The Most Eminent
Recommends Dr.
Rev. Dr. Talmage Finds Help in the Use of Dr.
Greene's Nervura and His Commendation
of this Grand Remedy Will Influence and
Encourage the Weak, Sick and Suffering
to Use It and Be Cured.
Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage, undoubtcdly
the greatest living dlvinc, occupics in the
hearts and minds of tbe pcople a position
of pre-einlncnt cstcem and regard. No
other preacher is so witlely kuown, no
other clergyman is so distinguibhed
throughout the world. A great orator and
writer, his sennons have tbc widest dis
semination, until there is scarcely a family
where his name and works are not known.
When such a man, a rccognized leader
and teacher of tbe people, testifies by his
written tcstimonial that Dr. Greene's Ner
vura blood and nerve remedy has helped
him and tliat be recommends its use for
invigoration after over-work, to restore
tbe strength, energy, nerve force and
vitality of the system, when for any
reason they are lost, weakcncd or im
paired, tbose who are sick and suffering,
who are weak, nervous, witbout strengtli,
energyand ambition, who arc discouraged
and dlsheartened by repeated failures to be
cured, in fact all who have necd of a
strength-glving and health restoring med
icine, cau take renewed hope from tbe
words of this great preacher, that Dr.
Greene's Nervura is the one remedv
among all others to give thctn back tbe
nealtn anu strengtli tney liave lost.
Rev. Dr. Talmage says :
1400 Mass. Ave., Washington, D.C.
I commend Dr. Greene's Nervura blood
and nerve remedy for invigoration after
over-w ork. I have us.ed' the Nervura for
that purpose.
T. DeWitt Talmage.
Ilope of cure should not be lost while
Dr. Greene's Nervura remains untried;
no one should be discouraged or despair
of a cure who has not yet soiiRht in this
wonderful remedy relief froin the pain of
rheutuatism and neuralgia; restoration
from nerve-weakncss nnd nervous prostra-
fCaveats, and Tradc-Marhs obtalncdand all Pat-
jent busincsiconducted for moderate rcns. 5
SounOrnccis Oppositj; U. s. PATENTOrriccJ
and vc canscr-urc patcnt m less timc than thoeS
jrcmotc from Washington. S
i Scnd model, drauing or photo., wlth dcscrip-j
itloru Wc advisc, if patcntabla or not, (rce ot J
reharre. Our fec not due titt oatent Is securrd. 2
S A PAMPHLE.T. " l'ow t0 Obtain l'atents," with j
Scost of same in the U. S. and toreign countnesj
rtcnt iree. AUdrcss, i
opp. patcnt Orncc. Washington d. C
cures quickly. That 1b wlmt it ytu
mado for. Prompt, aafe, sure, quick
relief, quick cure. Pleannnt to take.
flllHdrnn lllrn 1f nn.l ,l..Hn 111,, l
Mothera buy it for tlielr children.
nL'vSr.a',rl!y P- - foltt ACo..makprof
HBWltfa Lttilo Curly Jilsero, tho lamoni
211 ROB'T M. READ.
l&aBS (M.D., liarvanl, 1870)
17r Trrniiint Strctt, llihliin,
Sontl for Pamphlot.jl'SSS'.'frT,.
unii'tt iiuiimi
11 to I ii'i look. KiiikImth
anu 11 'IhlajH i'Mi'itud.
Annual JIootin-.
Tlidttnckholileraaf tlia ('niiltal nvlnu lliink and
Trmt CcnniiHi t nru ho nliy noiinoil tn iiuitln tlif
ro.;im of hhIiI llank, In MoiHiiuilnr, Vt-rimuil, im tht
13th day of .lanuary, at to nVluck In I h Hfier
lioon, to ctci't ii'vi'h Tiikihh fr tlni yviir ci.iuhiK
nndlo truunHrt niiv ntber itronr Iiunikh4
Montiieller, Vt., Dicmubor Ititli, 1'J7.
Preacher in the World
Greene's Nervura.
tion ; renewed strength from the weak,
tired feelings, run-down and cxhaustcd
sensations of general debility ; a cure from
tbose conditions which causc indigcstion,
dyspcpsia, kidney and liver complaints,
femalc weakness, etc.
You can be cured if you will use Dr.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy.
Strength of nerves, strength of musclc,
strengtli of body, renewed power, ambi
tion and endurance are its wondrous gifts
to nerve-weakened, run-down, dcbili
tated, nervous, tired out and cxhaustcd
To the despondent and discouraged it is
the hope of renewed life, a new world,
as It werc, from which pain, suffering
and despair are banished ; to the weak,
tired and prostrate, it is a tower of
strength ; to the nervous, sleepless, irri
tablc, brain-weary and nerve-racked, it
gives natural, refrcshing slcep and strong
and steady nerves; to the low-spirited
suffercrs from nervous prostration and
female complaints it is the entrancc upon
a new cxistence of robust liappiness: in-
deed, the sick and suffering will find in
Dr. Grecne s Nervura a ventaOlo fountam
of health.
Dr. Greene's Nervura is n pbysician's
prescription, the remedy of physicinns
for tbe cure of the people. Use it if you
have need of a health and strength-glving
medtcine, and consult Dr. Grcenc, if sou
desire, which may be tlone ithotit cbni ffe,
either personally at his oilice, 3) Temple
l'lace, ISoston, Alass., or nv letter.
Above all do not bc nertuadcd to ncci.pt
some substitute bicli tbe dealerclnims
" just as good," 011 which be makcsn little
morc prolit. There is no other remedy in
the world of nnvthing like the vnlue,
poyver and ellicncy of Dr. Grcene s ser
vnra in rctoring health nnd htrciigth.
Insist 011 hnving Dr. Greene's Ntrvuni
blood and nerve remedy, nnd nccept no
No. 1 Fever, Congestion.
No. 2 Worms.
No. 3 Infants' Diseases.
No. 4 Dinrrhen.
No. 7 Coughs & Colds.
No. 9 Headacho.
No. lO Dyspepsia, Indigcstion.
No. 1 1 Delayed Perlods.
No. 12 Louchorrea.
No. 13 Croup.
No. 14 S'ltin Dlseasea
No. 10 Rhoumatism.
No. 10 Catarrh.
No. 27 Kidney Dlseasea
No. 34 Soro Throat.
No. 77 Grlp & Hay Fover.
Dr. nnmpliroys Homeopatlilo Jlanual cf
Dlseasca at yotir DruKKlata or Jlallcil Frco.
Sold by ilrucclsts, or tcnt on recelpt of fiSots,
DOcts or 81. lliiiniitiroys' Med. Co., C'or. Wllllaia
iul Jolin Sts , New York.
rfllHCQ Who Have Ussd Them
Recoiimenl as tho BE3T
fitar Crown Urand
ImineJiato rctlcf, no danscr, no pftia,
Um1 tur vcitri bv li-adinii Dcclallnt
inonlnlj. A trlft ulll Giiiivlni'n vob tlielr Intriiiatn vmIiim
lu cmt of luniireislon. Hemt i centn In atnitia t'of lamplo
and Ixxik. All Druindu or by mail Imix.
Tlio memberi of tho atlonal I.lfo Imnrance Coin
pany are hertby notltled tliat hiiiiiikI inreiliiK of
llm Compny fnr tlio nlecilon of l)u ctor tn 1111 tlio
cIum lnwi) lonn l nbout tn cxplrB nnd any vncncy
In otln r clxn-ua.Hinl llin irai.iiariloii of iiuy i.llicr
prniior liudnoiia, will Im hvld at liolrallli'e In Mont
pnll. r, Kt uii urlimk A. M. on 'l'uendaj, tlio 18th day
ul J.iiumrr. A. 11. IMiH.
Montpt-llor, Vt iHc. itf, IH)7.
lA COI.N KllUNTAIN I'KN for OHC Uoll ir
Rvnry intn Mnrraiiicil by tliti WHtclnnan
l'libllNbiiii; Uoinpany, Moiitpuliur, Vt.
nuiuireiia ot tcitu
Tho Color Kscort.
Thoro is nothing that moro condticct
lo rnnko n good, truo nod loynl eoldler
thun to inculcalc in him lovo nnd to
spect for tho fliig ho has sworn to up
hold and dcfend. To brin nbout thie
end, thoro aro coitain coromonics in
tho army that aro intondcd to impries
tho wcarcra of tho uniform with tho
dinnlty of tho 11 ag. Ono of theso ccro
monlfs ia cnlled thu "eBcorl to tho
color," and ll ia tho flneet and moet im
presslvo of all milltury obBcrvnncep.
Eveiy rcplment carrica two flnga- ouo
nationnl, tbo other tho rcglmuntal,
which cnrries tho nunibur and narac of
tho rcgimcnt. TIicbo flags nro kept at
tho reaidf nilal qunrtera of tho colonel
or at hia offlce, wbcro tboy aro zuiloue
ly cared for. It is when tho rcgiment
puradcs, and theso (ldga aro to bo
brought to tbo troops, that tho CBCOit to
tbe color in cnrricd out.
Wbon tho rcgiment haa forraod lino
on tbo parado, tho colonel dotails a
compuny to brlng tho colors and oecort
them to their placo in tho lino. Tho
conipany maichea in column of pla
toons, beaded by thn band, which doea
not pluy as tho murch down tho front of
tho lino ia made. Tho two color eer
geaute, old aud failbtul aoldiers ap
pointcd to theso dcsircd placea by rea
bou of long eorvico and mililary bear
it g, murch botwcon tho two phttoona.
Upon arriviug in front of tho buildtng
whero the fligs nro kopt line ia formed,
tho bnnd atanda on tbo rigbt of tbe
Tho flrst lieutcnant, with drawn
Bwoid, foilowcd by tho two color aer
gtanta, who nro foilowcd in turn by a
acrgcant armcd with a riflo, cnters thc
building and receives tho llaga. When
tho color bearera appear, foilowcd by
tbo lnutcnant and tho tergennt, they
balt ut tho entranco aud form line, fac
ing tbe eecort. Arms are preaented,
and the fleld music (iho trumpetore)
aound a thrilling call nnmed "To the
color," during tbo aound of which all
stand motionloss, with arms at tho pre
tont. After tbo sounding of tho color
haa ended arms are broutfht to tho or
der, and tben column of 1 1 toons is ro
formed, the two color sergeanta takinc
placos between the two platoons, anu
thua guorded, the march ia taken up,
tho band playing a epirlted air.
Around tho shndy main avonuo of
tbo post marchea the eecott, euch ecl
dier erect and appearing aa if bo felt
that tbo fliga wero intruated to him
alono inatt-ad of to tho company of
which bo forma so smallapait. llow
cach man fteps out to tho atraina of the
march, probably Soupq's insnlring
" Stara and Stnpee Forever." Down
past the ofllcers' quartcre, the porcbes
of which aio fl led with tho wivra,
daughters und sweethearts of tho tfll
cera paradiug, ROts tho eecort.
Tho rtaptct lor tho flag ia not con
flned to tbe weorera of tho army blue,
for as tbo etcort patses cach house
theso truo and loyal womtn ceaso their
talk nnd Btand quietly ti'l the flag bas
paeeed, when the interesting discuaaion
or tho latest newa ia resumed. Past a
group of enliated men not riquiridto
attend the parado marcheB tho eecort.
Each man standa " attention," and re
movea hia cap. A group of emall boya
at play is next passed. Every ono, a
tiue eoldiet'a son, staLd, cnp in hand,
till Old Gliry bas paaecd. I bavo eeen
this same smKll boy grow up, paBs
tlirousjh the "Point" and command
ono of tho platoona in tbo eecort after
graduation and maybo in tho aame
compiny commanded by his father.
Thia march around tbe post haa at last
brought tbo eecort opposito the riglit of
tno line or naraued troope, when tuo
colonel cominands attention, and down
tbe lino pasfea tbe gluteilng guard.
On reachint; a point iu tho front of
tbe ccnter of tho paraded command tbo
eecort forma lino fuci.ie tho reeiment.
tho two color eergeante marchiug to tho
ironi till twelve nacea in iront ot tbo
ctloncl and his ataff. Arms aro then
presented to tho Uags by command of
tho colonel, and wh lo tbo trumnotera
aound to tho color " tho flaaa aro al
lowed to Uy to the breize, the lanccs
aro lowered in acknowledment of tho
" proeent, ' and now tbo mument is ono
to fill tho soul of every lover of his coun
try with a tbrill that is indescribable.
The eilk and tassled llne, caught by
the raya of tho eun, ahinu and gliaton iu
front of tho eolul ranks of bluo and
fidd uniforms masaed across the deep
green award of tho parado ground a
picture (lillljult for any pen to portray.
Alter tho eouuding of tbo color tho
two airtr anta march to their -placea in
tho purude, and tbo eecortin company,
huving faithfuilv carried out its sacred
duty, now whet ls into column of pla
toons and, tieiuiil by tbo bantl witu ui-
spiring music, procecda ou down tho
line and around in thu rear of tbo rezi-
mont, whcnco. witbout music, it goea
to its proper laco in the line, nnd tho
formai dreta parado ia begun. After
parado tho color guard cccorla tho llugs
to the plucu whero thoy aro precerved.
Lieutcnant I). W. Atkinsou, U. S. A.,
iu St. NiehohiB.
A Fnvorlto Caleudnr.
With tho npproach of a now year
most people difcover tho noed of a new
Ciileinmr. This foct accounta for tho
tiieat uumber of theao artiilea tbut bur
(len the mnils at this timc. Among
them all tho ono which suits ub hcst is
thnt published by N. W. Ayer&Son,
NewnpapiT and Maghzino Advcrliaiug
Ageut-, I'hiludtlih"ia. The 1808 cdi
lion haa just orrivod and been put in
conimieaion. 1'errapa Ub chief nttrnc
tion 1b that tho Qguros are clt-arcnough
to bu read acroes a room. It is, Low
over, a most h und aomo apecinion of tho
priutera' art, whilo its business ti.lk
ulwuys intercsta buaintss men. Wo
aro notBurprlstd to learu that tho edi
tion hns bten doubled in recout yenrs.
Its prico (twcnty flvo cente) includes
duliveiy by mail toany nudrcBs in per
fcct cunditlon.
ArorLKxv Dr. AHnow's Curo for tho
ITiiurt 1h etpially tiT. cllvti tn apt plectlo
Hyiii(itoiii8. It you liavn tinpltmeunt illzz!-iit-HH
lltlitiicm or Btuldvn runli ot bloud to
tliH beail, Ukn precati'lima acahiHt a rtieur
teiieo. ThU Krt-ut rt'tiK ily utli rt iuovo tliu
cauno. Tliti preta of thu lntiil lms dally n
lotit! Ilit of Miihlnti ilt'Ht Iih wlilcli uouhl not
b" ehroiileled if Dr. Aki'Iw'm Uurti fnr tlio
11-mri wtirti UHnil.- li). Sohl by W. K. Tor
till & Co. und Colliua lilukloy,
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Effects of Tobacco.
TI1E cxccsstvo uso of tobacco, cspcclally
by young mon Is altrays lnjurloua and
undoubtcdly shortena llfo rnaterlally.
Mr. Ed. O. nbscn, composltoron thoContr.i
Costa At, Martlncz, Cal., wrltcs; "I bavo
usod Dr. Mlles' itcstorallvo Nervlno and ro
colvcd mucb bcncflt from lt. 1 waa troublcd
wlth ncrvousness, dlzzy spclla and hlccplcss
ncss, causcd by tho uso of tobacco and Btlm
ulants. I took Dr. Jllles' Ncrvlno wlth mar
volously good rcsults, nllayitiirthodlzzlncss,
qulctlni; tbo nerves, and cnablliig ino to
slecp and rest, provlng In my caso a very
bcncflclal remedy." Dr. Mllos' Itestoratlvo
Ncrvlno H cspcclally adapted to restoring
tho nervous systcm to Its normal condltlou
undcrsuch elrcumstancca. Itt,ootlies, bcals
anu strcngtliens.
Dr. Jllles' Hcmcdlcs
arosold by all drug
glsts undcr a posltlvo
guarantco, flrst bottlo
benofits or monoy ro
fundcd. Dook on dis
eases of thohcartand
ncrvcs frco. Addrcss.
DB. MILES MEDICAliCO., Elkhart, Ind.
MnnoKenicnt of Uouto 1'lants.
L. R. Taft of tho Michigan Agricul
tural Experlment Station, writea: For
moat flowering planta tho windows
openiug to the eouth aro proferable to
thoso with n western outlook, as during
tbo ehort dava of winter tho planta in
tho latter will havo but little eun, and
tben it will bo too low down near tho
bonzon. For a fow planta tho windows
looking to tbe east may bo UBcd and
for ferns and Bimilir elmde lovinc
eorts, they are deBirable. Whilo the
nortbern windowa may bo used for
eome of tbat class of plants, it ia not a
desirablo exposure.
In caso a buy window upon the eouth
eide of the living rcom can be obtained
for fl iwera, very good resulta can be
eccurcd. It ehould bo scparatcd from
tho room by glats doora tbat Can be
thrown opeu or closed at pleasure, but
in caee they are not to bo bad, much of
tbe labor of kceping tbe planta in good
condition can be saved, if curtains aro
provided, to bo used when eweepiug.
In addition to books for banglng bar.
ets and bracket atanda for pot planta, it
will bo wellto bavo a Bhelf, from ono to
two feet in width, according to tbe
dimensions of tho window, upon which
to arrango tbe emaller plante. Thia
ehould havo sido p eces ono to two
inchea high, and a ziuc lining. Tho
boitom could tben be coverid with
coarae gravtl or flno pebblee, and a
much bettor growth could bo aecured,
as the plants in small potB would then
be lees llkcly to dry out.
A Blmplo propagating bcd can be
vety easily arranged by eupplying tbo
neceesary tlenn sand and a lamp to fur
nish bottom heat, ULless heating pipea
run elunfi under tho shelf, when they
would only need to bo boxed in. In
caeo tbe lamp is used, it will bo neccs
eaty to provide eomo eort of shield to
prevent it from eetting flro totho wocd
en shelf. A ehallow galvanized iron
pan lllled with plaster suspended nbove
the lamp and closo to the bttlom of tho
ebclf, will answer tho purpose.
If an ordinnry window is to bo used,
it will bo well lo bavo a similar ehelf at
tho hlght of the window sill. If mado
two or thrco feet longer than tho win
dow is wide, it will hr.ld a considnrablo
number of plants. For the bay window
and tho common window as well, if tho
sizo of tbo room admita of it, a plant
etand with ehelvea in the formol ataira,
or with a fht top, can bo used to good
ndvantage lo dieplay tho larger pbnte.
By having it arranged with casters, if
tho i lants tbat requiro a high temperat
uro are kopt upon it, upon cold nights
it will be an easy mutter to roll it back
from tho window and thus keep tho
tender plants from becoming chil lod.
(Jlcnniiijr Fabrics,
For all nrticles which aro too delicato
to bcar Iho most caruful applijation of
water tho homo worker tuny expect
porfect bucccbs from gaeoliuc. Thia
liquid is iullimmablo, but there is uo
dungcr if it is used with reasouablo
caro. Nover uso it in a room whero
thero is un open Qre or a light n slnuly
epot out of dcors is best. Common
gasoline is best, aud tho odor eutiroly
disappears after a fuw houre' airiug.
Udo an carthen dish, pour in enounh
gasoliuo to cover tho nrticlo to bo
cleaned and presa and rlnso with little
rubbing. Tho dirt cotuea out very
easily, but badly-aoiled nrticles may
havo two bathp. Hang in tho air for
livo or eix hours and tho pieces will
look llko now. I'our off tho gosf linij
carefully, leaving tho soilcd reaidue,
nnd it may ho ueed over and over.
Thia ia n perfect clentiitie proceBa for
ribbone, lacee, artillcii 1 llowere, featli
ere, glovoe, eatin and light-colored slip
neip, dilicato ncckwear nnd number
Iobb article?, will not injuro tho most
dehcute color or texturo, nor lenvo uuy
odor if propeily nired. Laco, nct or
eilk dreeeee m(ybo successfully wathed
witbout rippiug npurt or removing
trimmlug. A little txpcriouco in usinu'
gasoliuo would bo worth dullara to
cvory lioiuowifo nnd lo oveiy womiiu
of nioderate tnenns who wislit a lo dress
wdl, biijb n writor in Qood Ifovsekeep
ing, who deecribos tho proeesB.
" Ciirn tlio congli nnd aavn tbo life." Dr.
WootiM Norwtiy l'lnn Syrnp ctirta contiliH
and eoldn, down to tlio very verfie of cou-suinptluu.
Tho Dny of Itdlefs,
Fr( m Iho great vaiicty of fabrics ect
beforc us li tctms thnt eviryagoin
every nation has been tubject lo a rc
vivnl. Wo have httl cvoiythlng, from
tho cklna of anlmala to rich droperies
thnt take ua back to tho dnya of Louls
XVI. We grow moro luxuilous in our
laHis ond moro fxtrnvacant In our
ideas ns tho jcora go by. Uut wo aecm
now to bavo nrrivcd ut a point whero
wo chnngo tho etjlu of our furnlturo
wlth tho tum of ench ecaeon. In tho
spring lt is a quef tion of eutnmor draper
ice; in tho uutumn tho ecarch is for
dtapcrles thntlmpartneonee of warmth.
As rcported in Tho Puritan, whero
momy is no object vilveta and bro
cades will bo much uerd, cepccially Iho
latter. A wcalth of the tcmpllng fab
rics aro now on tho market. Thiy
como in tll colore, including many old
lavorlhs and not a few abados bltherto
unknown. A hugo nrm-cbair uphol
etered in brocado fa luxuty iteelf.
But not alono for upholbtering is thia
rich maleiial ubi d. Fer Insidc curtoinB
it is most eullable, and Ibero aro rea
eons to belit ve ihnt it will bo moro fa
vorcd than tho chenillo portiercs at
wblch we havo gnzed long and unlov
insly. Tho brocado comcs in widths
fuflkient lor curtains and can bo bought
in deBlrrd lengtha.
For tho ndmlrer of leather upholster
ing n now product cn led pantasoto has
been put upon tho market. It Ib a
great dtal chenper than lenther, and
ihoeo who havo trled lt clalm ihat it
caunot be dlstinguithid from thegenu
ino arlicle, wiU wcar cven better nnd
do(8 not absorb moisture. Tho new
product is mudo plain or craincd to
imitnto mort cco, ecal, olligator and
hogskin, Those who desire patterns
in relief can havo them etompcd to or
der, at,d hero agoin tho proud owner ul
a coat of arms may eet hia eeal. Thie
is tho day of reliefa. Many penon8
well up in tho claeeics, or prelecding
to be, aro having their libraiy futni
turo upholstercd in pantaeoto reliefs.
Whilo it is merily a concoit, it is a
very pretty one, especially, as a young
matron eaid, whtn your relief subjccte
havo good profllce.
Tho Slcep Iuduclng Bath.
In dircctions fnr nureing tho eick, a
writer in tho Ladies' Uomt Joitrnal
eays: Frequent buthiug brings great re.
fresbment and acts bt.th as cure and
antidote for feverish conditions. The
water ehould bo topid for frco and
hands and warmor for tho reBt of the
body. Tho patieDt should bo uncov
ered but a little timo aud allowed to
mako no excrlion himself.
A footbath may bo given undor tho
clothea to ono lying in bed, and oflen
provca sootbing and induces eleep
when all elee fails. Lying on tho back,
tho knees are bent nnd the feot im
mersed up to the ankle?. To dry ihem
a towtl is beld above tbe fcot tub and
the feet are nceived in its folds as the
tub is withdrawn.
Pliotograpii Frnmes.
Among the photograph framea made
at home none ls moro artistic than that
covcred with linen which bas previoue
ly been embroidercd in Bome pleoBing
design. A cbarming frame of thia
claea may bo made in a pale ehade of
ivory linen embroidorcd with conven
tionaiized corudowera. Tbe back may
bo mado as daiuty and beautiful as the
Anothor prolty frame is of white silk
backed with nhi'e brocado and worked
with quaint balf moons and eprays in
pale coral and green ailks, interspereed
with tiny etcol fpanglea. Anolber ia
covered with ye low aatin, in which
quaint devices aro reodered in multi
colored ailks.
Gucsts from Wny Back.
Tho clerks at aeveral of tho hotels
te'l amusing storics about some of the
guests who come in from tho rurol dis
tricts. An aged couplo came into tho
Moaer and wanttd a room. Wben in
formed tbat there was none, tbe woman
turncd to tbo man and snapped out:
" It serves us rigbt. We will havo
to wnlk tho streots to-night."
When asked for an explanation, the
mau eaid that thoy ' bad arrjvcd tbat
morning and pbld for a room nt some
houBO iu advance for a wcek. Ile eaid
they forKOt to tuko tho numbur and
streot und bad looked for threo boura
for tho house and then given it up.
They hnd not the slighteat idea where
tho ploce whp.
A man from Arkansas told thobousc
kecper at tho Moser tbat he was going
out and might not bo back for euppor,
but eho need uot wait for him.
Anothcr mnn camo into tbo St.
James and, eeeing au advertisemrnt on
tho blotter in tho rogisterhoaded, " A
friend in need is n friend Iudced,''
asked for tho nddrces.
"That'atho man l'vo been looking
for," ho said. "I was robbed lastnight,
aud I want to borrow money to get
homo on."
A man at tho ftc zicr opolog'zed to
tho night clork for keoping him up un
til elcveu o'clock. Ho said ho hadn't
noticed how Into it was.
A well drcBsed man nt tho St. Nich
olaa told the clerk that there wna no oil
in bis lamp. It wouldn't liubt. A
bell-boy went up and turncd on tbe in
candcscent nud told tho guesl thnt ho
hnd foreotton to tutn up tho wlck. Ho
nckuouledged that he had.
A mnn nnd woman wero rcglstering
nt tho Moeor when a hackiuan camo
aud asked them for his money for haul
ingthom up from tho Union station.
" Why, you nin't goinsj to chnrgo
us, nro you?" asked tho man.
"Sure," crlcd tho hnckman.
"Duln'tjou nk us if wo wnutcd to
tide?" dcmandid tho mnn.
Tho hackmnn eaid bo had,
"Well, thon,1 exelalmed tho man,
" wliat do you want pay fot?"
Tho clerk oxplaincd mattcrs nnd tho
vlsitor to the clty pnid tho bill. Ho ro
mnrked thht thnt wns tho flrst timo he
hnd tvcr known of nt y ono boing invit
ed to tide nnd then nekod to pay for lt.
St. Lou.s Hepublic.
Onc Minute Cough Cure, curc&
Tliat Is wlmt It was mado far.
No kcrosene, naptha,
Coal oil, corrosive alkalics,
Or any aclultci-ation in
Welcome Soap.
Demancl thc
Clasped Hands
On every cake and wrappcr.J
New York Fasliions,
For theaier or general eveniug wear,
bluck taffeta eilk costumes nro in trobt
fnvnr, tho akirts made with n circular
or Spanlsh (louncc, hnving mnny rowa
of blnck lacu Inacrtion over n color; tho
waist on tbo eamo gt neral iden nnd aro
in fact reproc'uctions of ftimnicr orgnn
dies in eomher huia. Bh;ck Brusaels
net dreseea (alwna over MIk) trimmcd
wlth ribbon velvet or aatln rlbbou nro
vciyuecful; n protty illuBtration hav
ing Bevcntcen graduatcd rows of velvet
on tho Bkirt, tho ono ncarost tho waiu
beinir " baiy ribbon" width. Grad
uatcd velvet ribbon is blvo on tho
eh evea, but on tbe full front, haif inch
wido velvet 1b run doeo tofrother. A
benutlful yellnw surah silk negltno cos
tume has uiue tucked panols on the
eklit, commeucing n 1 Ulo leas than
half way down, bordered on three sidos
by white laco with n double edge, and
cnding in a deep llounce, whicb has
three rows of whlto laco lnsertion.
Sleevo caps and corsage fronta uro
lucked in ono pi co, the tucks in tho
lat'er uot extendii g quite to the edge,
which rceulta in a lluffy front, fallins;
loose over a while silk blouse. Sleevea
are gatbered very lull to bands of in
fertion in mouquotaire etylo,and wide
lnco flolBhes cuff and sleevo cape.
are very portial to plain-c lored taffeta
etlke, trimmed by narrow rinhnn with a
chenillo edgp, put on in rtfll-s ou lin
ing fancy designs. In evening cos
tumes tbe design ia a "ono iffect," in
color, and altbough independcnt waisis
fiourisli, still elegant spangled cbiffon
bodices should have satin or silk skirts
and slecves matching the color under
the cbiffon. Abovo ail things, a
" natcuy tffect" ehould bo avoided in
full dreBS coetumen.
or aa entire garmente, has moro than
verifled prediclions regarding its prob
able popularity; and certainly in pur
chasiug a flrst qualily coat or capo, it is
ibo one expenso for many wintere ul
wa5sreariy, not easily iujured, and im
narting tbut air of comfort or ileuanca
belnngtng only to a rich fur. Uabies
or children'a outdoor clothing is now
not cnnsidered completo witbout fur
borderinge; ball and opera costumes
show RusBian eatle, ermine or mink
trlmminge; ladiet' bat brims nre edt:ed
with it; narrow fur bands aro tho pre
ferred garniture for tbe new circular or
Spanish flounce now so fashionable for
Btreet, theatre or evoning costumes; in
sbort no one feels reallyst)lish witbout
wearing fur of Bome kiad.
seal or Persian lamb box cont is the
acmo of comfort, and as tbe coldest
weather is yet to come, many perous
delay buying until after New Year,
thereby tuking advantage of the usual
Jauuary rcduction in prices.
Seal is just now in great demand as
the cntch is limited and prices gener
al ly bavo bcetf ndvunci d; as an excep
tion however, Mr. C. C. Shayno ia aell
ing all seal wrnps nt former rates ow
ing to his immenee reserve stock.
Next to fur copes, come cloth or eilk
canes ltned with fur, payiuc for them
selvca a thousand timcs over in ad ii
tionnl comlort and warmth suiUblo
nlike for d--y or evening.
nnvthing uew in tea gowns, yet one of
ci'ef blup cashmere is quito nove.1 being
a eort of combinatiou t.ff.iir . The un
der dreee ie made up of white eilk and
white laco ineertion, a lucked yoke
around tho neck, a white eilk blouso
front, ond jacket fronts cdged by lace.
Over thie is an exquieite drapery (so to
epeok) of bluo caBbmere, with drcp
elits whero white silk eleeves come
through, nnd conflned nt thc ehoulders
by three plnits; 11 .wing wido open at
tbo front(to show tbe silk undor-dresB.)
nndeded nrouud by a beaverfur band.
Tbo bnck between the sboulders ia cut
in n poiut and shows the tucked yoke.
Around tho arm elita, down tbe Bides,
and tho point in tbo back, ia run ivory
white Venctian lace, about a quarter
of an iuch wido with a fancy edgo.
aro ornamented to a ridiculoue extcnt,
and their usefi luees is c:iric ituretl
when white chiffon or lace rufll -a aro
added. Tho latest fancy iB a deep ac-cordion-plai
ed ll luucoof plain, cIhhk'o
ablo silk, tbe plaits endin; iu a full
ruflle. Every kiud of silk is used, nnd
as one etyle hises favor as a dre-s ma
terial, it is uinde up into silk potticontB.
Whilo tbero is still eomo demand for
tho genulne Empiro fan, tho ten inch
sizo is most practical; consequentlv tho
ono moet goii'rully populur. 11 uck
nud uhito fans are very beautiful, mado
of black lnce-liko Ik-ures eded with
tho tiniest poelble spangles on whito
eilk gauz, with Bticks painted to match.
Stecl apauglos ou whlto aro rqually at
tractive, or thoso of crimson cut into
maiiy d.tTeretit ebapos and eizte, re
lUct tho biight cilor charmingly, or la
othor 8tylce, epaulea of varled colors
and slzus nro in set or scro 1 patterns,
ofton combined wlth hand paiutlng.
Lurgo, whito feathor fans with amber
stlcks rcmain Btandard aud aro roaly
tl o most ccouomicul, as thcv never go
out of fashion. Laco fans with ranther-of-penrl
Bticks run up to htgh Ugures,
and S2.10 is not considorcd exiravatrant
for u Vonetian laco fnn, with flgurcs
painted by n ronowned Frfnch nrtist.
Fannik Field.
CuiiKl) In llir(Mi to hIx iiIkIiIh. Dr Akhciv'h
Oin'tiK'iit Is nefiilcBn 1 ii ciirlng. Oiim hi pli
c.illun niim ltiHtitiit rtilluf. It eures all t eli
ini aud Irrltatlni; akln dlauasiH, eliHlliicr,
eczcina, eto. Tlilrty.llv einitx. Sl. 8oUl
by W. E. Torrlll & Uo.aud Oolllua lllakley.

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