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To tho Ittittcr nnd (Jliceso Mnkers
of Vermont,
Tho Vermont 13uttor nnd Chocso
Mnkers' AsBociatlon waa orgaulzcd at
Bt. Albnns, Jnnunry G, 1608, nnd will
liold thclr llrst mceting nt Montpelier,
Mnrch 8 nnd 4, 1808. Tho bucccbs of
this mceting, nud ntso of tlio assocla
tion, dcpcuds lnrgely on tbo hcnrly co
opcratlon of nll buttcr nnd cbccso mnk
ors in tbo stnto, in fact, nll wlio nro in
torcsted in nny wny in this lino ol busi
ness. Tbo programmo for tbis mcct
ing will bo vnricd nnd intcrcsllug;
Bpenkcrs of noto will nddrcBS these
mcetings. pnpors will bo rcnd by mom
bors of tbo nssociution, cach pnpor lo
bo followcd by diecusBion. Evcry sub
jcct undor discussion will bo something
pertninine to crcnmery or cbccso fnc-
tory work. Libcrnl prizos will bo of
fercd by tbo nssocintion. Tbcro will
nho bo. sido prizes givcn by diffcrcnt
mnnufncturers of crcamory nnd cbeceo
fnctory supplies. Tho nsBociatlon hns
mndo nrrnuEeiucuts for rcduccd rntcs
nt nll tbc botels in Montpelier, and bnvo
dono, nnd nro doing nll in tbcir powcr to
mnko tbis meolinc, na wcll nstbo futuro
of tbis nesocinlion, Bucccssful. Evcry
buttcr nnd cbccso mnkcr 1b cnrncstly
rcoucstwl to iom uio nssocintion, nt
tcud tbo mceting and scnd a enmplo of
buttcr or checso to comnoto lor tno
prizes. F. H. Bickford, Secretnry,
.bradford, 't.
Somo Advnntngcs of Dnirying.
1. Tbc flret ndvnntngo of dnirying
is tbnt it tnkcs less fertilily from tbo
eoiltbnn otber brnncbcs ofinrming. A
lon of whcnt tnker $7 out of tbo fnrm
nnd eclls for Icbb tbnn S1G. A ton of
buttcr tnkcs CO ccnta' wortb of plant
food from tbc fnrm nnd sclls from $400
to SG00. Commcnt is needlese.
2. Buttcr is n condcnsed product.
Nolbing cnn bo mndo or grown on tbo
larin Tvnicn brings ns much per pounu
Furmcrs remoto from tbo mnrkct nnd
communiticB fnr from railrond scnd
buttcr from Ibe fnrm or crcnmery witb
tbo lenst poEsible expensc. Tbc dniry-
rnnu can conucnBO tons ot louuer nnd
crops grown on the fnrm into duiry pro
ducts nnd eend tbem to mnrkct in com-
pnct nnd portnble form.
3. Buttcr is n OuiBbeil product. It
is rcndy for tbc consumcr either in tbo
privnto dnny or locnl fnctory or
croamcry. Tbo only oxccption is whero
crcnm is scnt long distnnccs to a cen
trnl stntiou fromakinimingstalionsacat
tered over n lnrgo sectlon of country.
But tbis cxccption only proves tbe rule.
4. Dnirying brings in n constant in
comc. Tbo mnn wbo eclls crops of any
kind bas to wnit untill be cnn mnrkct
his product one year. Tberc is littlo
satisfaction in tbis. It is unbusiness.
likc to go witbout casb for wccks, and
thcn to bavc a lot of money come in at
ouc time. Tbo daiiyman bas nn incomo
nearly or quite fifty-two weeks in a ycar.
5. Dairying gives constant, remuner
ative emplojment. The grnin or po
tnto grower must spcnd n Tnrgo part of
tbc year in cnforced and dcmoralizing
iddlcneeB, but tbe dniryman finds proflt
nblo work tbrough tho yenr, and his
work is most profitable during tho win
ter time.
0. On tho dairy farm tho work is
botter divided. The grnin bnrvestcomes
so cIobo to hnying tbnt it often geta
mixed up witb it, to the detriment of
both; but whcn corn is grown and put
mio fciio ior ciairy ieca, anu not 0
mucb or no grain rnieed, the harvests
nro severnl weeks apart.
7. Skill and braiu work get bcttor
pny in dairying than in nny other brnnch
of fnrming. To produce flno dniry pro
ducts rcquircs somcthiug besides hnrd
work. The dairyman must havo knowl
edge and skill and excrciae grcnt care.
8. Thcre is moro room nt tbc top,
greater opportunities to improvc, than
in any other farm work. Cows produce
from 1C0 to 500 pounds of buttcr per
year, and buttcr sclls from 10 to 00 cents
per pound. No other branch Bbows
anythiug liko thie, or givcs such n
chnnco to rise.
9. Tnke tbo country tbrough, tbero
is no kind of farm work so wcll suited
to women as dairying.
10. Dairying leads to thoughtfulneBS
for the comfort of animnls, nnd thus
tcnds to mornlity. To do ber beat tbo
cow must be made as comfortablo as
possible in every wny. Sho will tolcrnto
no ucglect or cruelty. She is n teachor
of gcntlcneBB and kindncss.
11. Dairying ia the most progrcSBivo
branch of fnrming.
12. Dairying pays better than nny
other branch of fnrming, both aclually
uuu iiiuoiiccuvuiy. .uxcuango.
Seed corn is liablo to injury during
tho wiutcr unleas it ia Btored in n dry
plnce. Tbcro is cousidcrnble moieturo
in corn, nud it can bo affectod by frost.
Sclected corn is hung up in n loft,
wherc it is warm and dry, and nho ex
nmined frcquently. It is important to
givo Becd corn nttention, ns falluro to
germiuato during tho spring may throw
ncxt yeni's crop back bycompelling rc
plnnling. A good nppetito is nu important.fac
tor in makiug n good cow. hhu.
Btatk ov Ohio, City ok Tolkdo. 1
Fkank J. Ciiknky makca onth tbat
bo i8 aonior partncr of tbe flrm of F. J.
CnENEY & Co., doing busincsa in tho
city of Toledo, county and state afore
anid, and tbnt snid flrm will pny tho
for cnch nnd ovory cnse of Cataiuui
tbnt caunot bo curcd by the uso of
IIall's Cataiuih Curk.
Sworn to boforo mo and subscribcd in
- , my prcsonco, this 0th dny of
5 T . ) Dccembcr, A. D., 1880
tL'B'; A.W. Glkabon,
-r- Notary l'ullic.
Ilnll'BCntnrrh Curo is taken inlornnliy
nnd ncts diroctly on tho blood nnd mu
cous surfaccs of tbo system. Send for
tcstimonials, freo.
P. J. OIIENEY & CO., Tolcdo, O.
tSfSold by druggists at sovonty
flvo conta.
Ilull'a Family 1'illB nro tbo bcst.
Tlio Tnlls of Farm Animnls A Hu-
innnltnrlnn Yiow.
Thia is n nueor sublcct. but tbcro Is
na mucb "in it" ns lu somo other tnlcs.
Wbon n boy, it wns tho faBblon to dock
tbo tnlls of horscB qulto sbort, cut cer-
tnin cords on tho under siuo ot tno
sturap, nnd thcn put it in n sling for
two or tbrco wccks until it hcnlcd.
Evor nftorwnrds tbo nnimnl cnrried tho
alump cockcd up in tbo nir liko tbo
"wuito Hng" ot a ucor or n rnomt. jua
tor, a longcr dock wns made. but tbo
alump not cockid, only tbo linlr cut
straigut ncross nt tno cnu ot tno uouo,
lcavinc whut rcmaincd lookinc llkon
broom, Public sontimont nnd tho law
ngninst cruolly to nnlmnls soon oegnn
to curtnu tms tnu cxcision, nnu uuniiy
put n stop to it nltogother. Thoro nro,
howovor. a iow ntiaiomnnincs icii wno
now clip tbo bnir atrnight ncross nt tho
ond of tbo bony pnrt of tbo nntural tnil
bccauso "it's Entrlish. vou know."
Such n tcnm passcs my door frcquently
in summcr. Tho auimals are to bo
piticd wboso tnils bnvo bccn tnmpcrcd
witb in either mnnner. Tho Creator
ordnincd tnils for horscs to brueh off
troublcaome flics, nnd it in crucl lo de
privo them of tbis mcans of protection.
1 did not lnnient wbon a ncighbor'a
"bobtnil boea." In flahtinc fltea with
hls fcet, kickcd n lcg over n holdbnck
strnp, ran awny nnd mndo kindllng
weod of the "bugcy. "Servcd hini
richt." Not one nmumcnt could evor
bo ndduccd in fnvor of docklnc n borso's
tnil or of severing n portion of tho
hnir. It wns only tho dlctum ol lasu
ion. Cuttiug the bair Equaro across is
also nn act of crueltv to animals of
which tho courts would probably tnko
cogniznnce abould complnint bo prc
An Entrlish paper aaya of tbo tails of
cows: "Thcy uro somctlmes ahortcncd
by cuttiug off tho bair straigbt acrosa
at about tbo hocks, or as higb as the
operator can go witbout rcmoving a
loint." 11 is a inzy mctuou oi leBsen
mg tbc cvils of unclcanlincss in tbe
ttablo, and is common in bndly con-
structed cow housea, whcro strnw
or othor bcdding is scarce. A dairy
mnn hnving cnguged n new cowboy to
nttcnd his pedigrecd Shorthorns waa
horrifled tbo ncxt morning to miss nll
the benutiful, swccping ringlcts, nnd to
find instcnd, in eacb stnblo, a vcry uui-
form row of plcbian "bobtails." liob
binc tbo cows is not mucb practiced in
this country, but it is somc. It is
wrong, for thia awitch waa provided for
n verv uscful purposo. A tuilker met
with n serlous occurrcnco in conee
qucnce of clipping the bnir from n
cow's tnil. iie looking bacK, tno cow
atcnpcd asido, and, at the eamo timo
getting tho right twiat on her tail
punched one of his eycs out with the
baro end. Had tbe Bwitch not becn
removed, doubtlces the eyo would have
cscaped dcstruction. It is quito com
mon to scc nn occnBional tnilless cow
in dairy sections. On inquiiy, it wns
lcnrncd tbnt the cnlves lost thcir caudal
nppendnscB wben very young, nnd nl
wnjB within n few incbes of the upper
end. The tnils get cummcd up wiui
tho glutinous cxcretions, this drying
on, lias tbo tltect ot "coruing" tbe
tails. which etons tho circulation and
tho tails rot off. Prudenco would dic-
tnto to kccp such excretiona wa&bed
off. A stump-tail cow will not do so
well in summer as tbougb ebe liau a
full switcb, becauee abo bas Icsb dc
fcnse against flics. She is displcnsing
to the eyo of cvery ono wbo sees hcr.
AVhen n calf Iobcs it tail it would better
be vealed. With regnrd to sheep, their
tails have lost tbcir UBefulncsa undcr
prcsent conditions, nnd it is right thnt
tbey should como under lue rule ot cx
cision. In tbeir cnrlicr days undoubt
edly they wero wild, mountain breeds,
fceding upon tbe horbagoof dccliviticB,
narrow and often over-hnnging ledgeB
of rock on tbo mountnin side. Under
such conditions thcir tnils mny bnvo
actcd, to a certain extcnt, na balnncinc;
polcs. In tbc cntly dnys of ahcep hcrd
mg tbey ovidcntly grazed upon such
lnnda nndhnd long tnils, for tbe nncient
nursery rbyme rends:
Leavo them alono
And tliey'U como homo
DragRluR thulr tails belilnd tliotu.
If the tail could be bred off, it would
be an improvement, for it is not nced
cd, either ns n balaucing pole, or as
with horses nnd cows to switch off flice,
nor docB it furnisb any uiutton, or
wool cn'ough to pny for the botbor.
AVild sheep living on browsc nnd scnnt
herbaco probnbly did not ecour nud
dirty up thcir tnils na sheep often do
now in our fat flclds. Under prescnt
conditions long tails of Bhccp nre tlltliy
nuisnnccB, and should bo preventcd.
Tbo tails of lamba should bo docked
wben tbey aro two or thrco days of
ngo. Thcro is not pnin cuougu nbout
it thcn tocoustitule cruelty, but it is
crucl to leavc tbc dock mucb lcsa than
two inchea in lcugth. A shorl dock
cxposc8 it to annoyancoof flics, nnd to
tho wcatber.
But whnlBeuBo can thcre bo in nm
putnting tho tails of pigs? Tho Eug
lieh did this so long they camo ncnr
brceding them off entiroly. A writor
snya of it: "In some of our highly-bred
pigs tbero is at an cnrly ngo n teudcncy
to drop tho tail. If not bclpcd to re
tain them they nro often tailleBS beforc
they nro weaned, nnd during tho rost
of tbeir lives poiaess only stumpa,
which curvo upwnrd, and are some
timcs bccu cousiderably agitnted, nB if
tho plg imagincd itBclf to be switcbing
a rcspcctablo tail, ns n gontloman
switches 1i!b cano." Tho tnils blncken,
dry up nnd drop off during tbo sucking
perlod. To prevont it, tbey oil tho
tails frcquently to mnko them aupple.
The reasou thcy cultlvato tails now is,
tbat a long, curlcd tnil ovincea tbrift
nnd good brcodiug; nnd thnt ut tbo
fuira n pig lookB bo nice witb tbo bhio
ribbon licd to tbe curl of its tnil. Why
curtail a cur's tail V It eecms tho ovil
ono posacsscs somo pcoplo to mutiluto
tbeir dogs by cuttiug tho tnila off. I
nover could aeo nny sonao in thia un
lesa tho tail is cut off closo up to tho
dog's ears. A cat'a tail ia of grcnt uso.
Wben on n bny or strnw mow sho stif
fona lt, IbruBts it in and stirs tbe fod
der to muko n iiolao liko a mouso.
This is to oncourngo tho rodouts to
procecd to work so sho can find tbcm.
l'ractical Fnrmpr.
Skkkkub itlti:r gol'l uro ofleu disap
noiiiii'd. Seckers aftcr lienlth lnko
Ilood's Sarsaparilln nud find it mcets
evcry cxpectntion.
All Montpelier Pcoplo Hnyo to Do Is
to FoIIoav tho Kxnmplo of
Fcllow Cltlzons.
Fncts aro stubborn;
Somo may bo (Usptitod,
Nono cnn bo (llsprovod.
A fact ls tho opposlte of flctlon;
Ih nltvnys lioducd about with proof;
Jiaa to hi and tno toai oi lnvosuRanonj
Or lt drlfts to the tlio realm douht;
InvoHtlcnto cIobcIv tlio followlnc:
Tho closor tlio Horutlny, tlio moro couvlno-
idb tno resuit;
A Moutpellor cltlzen epoaks horo;
SpoaltB from oxporlouco and convictlon;
ltolates fncts stubborn facts.
That mny bo dlsputnd, but cannot bo dls-
Mrs. J. B. Voodry, of No. 40 Court
street,Bnys: "Mykidnoys bnvo troubled
mo n grent dcui for mnny yenrs, in fnct
my back hns nlwiys becn wcnk. Somo
ycnrs ngo I mct with nn nccldont which
nggrnvntcd my troubio nnd I bnvo suf
fored n great donl moro slnco thcn from
a ktdnoy wcnkuess which wns very
distrcasine nnd nnnoyiug ut nll timcs,
so bnd nt timcs tbnt I had limited coti
trol. Tbo palns across my back worc
very had at tiraes, so bad tbat I have
becn lald up for dnys nnd wccks per
fectly belpleas. Nighta I BUtlurcd un
told ngonica nnd I wnB in u tcrriblc
conditiou. My busbnud cot eomo box-
es of Doan's Kidnoy Pills nnd we both.
uecd tbcm witb tlio grcntcsl of benellt.
Thoy Btrengtbcned my kidnoys nnd I
nm feolinc mucb better in cvorv wnv
than I have for a lrng time. 1 have
mcnlioncd them to otliers nnd told
them they wero n splcndid klduey nudi
cine nnd I will nlwnys recommond
them na such. You nro nt liborty to
uso my nnmo ns bnving UBCd JJoan'a
Kidney 1'ills witb bcncllt."
Doan's Kidney Pills nro for salo by
nll dcnlers, price lifty conts per box.
Scnt by mail on reccipt of prico. Fos-
tei-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole
agcnts lor tbc Uuited Ktntes.
T IltKIlATION NOTICK.- I hnVB tlill dnT
J-JKivonmT son, Artliur (J. Walei.lhe rcraatnder
ui in, mne QunnR uis iniDoniy. lviu noi pay any
of hl, 1)111,, nor collect anyot lili wages attor tlila
UttlB. I'.A. IV
Cabot, Vt., 1'obruary 1, 1808.
Send all Orders to
foruintion. CouinitiB the Coiifctitution of tbc Unitcd Stutes, the ConBtitulion of
the Slnto of New York, the Dinclcy Tniiff Bill, with u compurisonof old nnd new
rntes; Presidtnt McKinley's Cabinct nud Appointcet', Arabassadors, Coneula,
ctc; the personuel of Co'ngrcse, nnmcs of principnl cfliccrs of tbo diffcrcnt
stniis, commnnding rlllcets of thc Armj
oi ruoiic &tnttstic8, isicctu n Ketuiiis, 1'arty i'jntioimB and uommutecs, com
plcte articles on the Curieucy, Gold nud S lver, nud n vnst nniount of otber vnl
unblo informntion. Tbe stapdurd Aniiricnn Aimunnc, nutborilative and com
plete, corrcspouding in rnnk wiib "WhittnkcrV Aluinnnc in Europc.
Send all orders to TI1E VEHMOT WATCHMAN CO., Montpelier, Vt.
Tho noii-rcaident pioprletors of tlio Toii of Woodbury, in tho County of Washington, aro
horeby notified that tho tnxen assefscd by saiil town vitliiu tlio yenr next prcccding tliis date,
rcmain either imvholo or in part mipaid, on tlio folIowinK dusciibcd lnnda in said town, to wit;
A crej
Divhlon. Orlnlnal Proprietor.
2ud Hcniy Clinmpion, 1
2nd Israel Smitli, j
3rd Heliodolplius Wnlbridfro,
3rd Epapluoditus Clianipiou,
3rd Isracl Cliapin,
Undivided lialf 87
Wcstor v half 110
Umliviupu halt ot
wcstcrly half 28
Quarry 70
'Jnlo Ilatliaway,
lElisliu Murmy.
Ebenczcr Wood, )
Gustavua Walbridcc, (
Timotliy lirowiison.
Samuel Clark.
pamuul Clark,
Asa Wooilwurd,
uanicl iieiijaimn,
Jolin Knickerboccor,
iHrnul Clianiii.
Euoch 'oodbridiro,
Anno Ilutliuwiiy,
llenry Cliampiouj Jr,,
Ezra I'hillips,
Jolmatlian lirnco,
Tlioinas Woodward,
Stcplion Poarl,
Uustavus Wnlhridire,
Col. Ebcnozor Wood.
Asahcl Pomcroy,
Joseph Fay,
lhnU U'.T:l.l
10 1
Ezrn I'liillips,
Dauiel Smitli.
Northwcst cor. 38
Asaliol Ponicroy,
MiniotoiH' Gmnt,
llowol Woodbrid(;e,
Sanuuil Clark,
l'ark Woodward,
Joseph Clark,
Tliomas Woodward,
Iiuildinirs on lot 73
101 )
llill lot ut outlet
of Nichols' p ond
with Kaw mill and
houso thereon 80
EastcrlliaU 79
Wcstcrly cnd 70
Quarry 01
Wcstotly half 72
Joshua L,
UU8UIV113 IVlllbl'KlCO,
Joahuii L. Woodbridgo,
Jolin C. Williams,
Tlioniua Woodward,
Stoiilien Junkiua,
Llosliua L. Woodbridgo,
ivtra i-iuiiiwl
Natlianiel Clupman,
Tiiuothv Kollct,
Joalma h. Woodbridiro,
T...ol s...:i.
Kllslia Alutray,
lCpaphroditus Oliainpioii,
Jolin Stono.
And so much of snld lands will bo sold nt pulilio nuctlon. at tlie oflico of Ii. II. Daniols, in sald
town of Woodbury, on tlio TWENTV-SIXTH DAY OF MAKCII NEXT, at ton o'clock in tlio
foreiioou, as sliall be rcijuisilo todiscliaigo said tuxt'H with costs, iinlcbH prelously paid,
nxa (3. W. DAMEI.S, Collcctor of Town Tnxcs.
Dated at AVoodbu y in tho County of Wnshiiigton on tho 20th day of Jaimarj', A. D. 18P8.
ltcstore full, regnlar nctlon
of tho bowels, do not Irrl
tato or Inflame, but lcavo
all tlio ilollrnlo illKCtlvo or.
Kiinlsm In perfert coiulltloii. Try tlicm. 85 cents.
l'reparcd only by 0. 1. llooil & Co., Lowell, Mau
CPiles or Hemorrhoida
Flssures & Fistulns.
Burns & Scnlds.
I J Wounds & Bruises.
Cuts & Sores.
Boils & Tumors.
Eczema & Eruptions.
Salt Rhoum & Tetlers.
EChappcd Hands.
Fevcr1 Blisters.
Soro Lips & Nostrlls.
SCorns & Bunions.
Stings & Bites of Insects.
Tlirce Sires, 25c, 50c. and $1.00.
BoldbydruBglsts, orecntpost-paljonrccclptof prlol
nCHrilUElS'BKU. :o., lll llJMIllltiSl.,NTork.
M. W. Wheelock's
Real Estate Agency
Havo bargalns ln houses, lotn and otlier
valuablo property. Placea wantetl for llrst
ciasa ciorKs, maie, noiei cuok, giris ior
nouso woric, launiiry worK, eic.
3f No expauso for refristerlnR.
nnd your Fnvorito Home raper,
The Vermont Watchman
Montpelier, Vt.
340 poEes. A National Book of refer-
cnce fnr Govcrnmcntnl nnd Foliticnl In
nnd JSuvy.witb their snifincs; inDiea
Prescnt Owner.
Jolin Andcrson.
Waltcr I. Sawyer.
rreu isusnuy.
Fred Bushoy.
Nelson M. Daldwin.
Einei'soii Brusli,
Emersou Urush.
G. U, Powers, E. II. Blossom
anl W. II. Fiillfirtnn.
Orvis Conner.
David C. Conner.
Cnitnl Savings I3ank & Trust
C. A. Dugar.
Geo E. Downing,
Geo. E. Downing.
C. T. Jemiings.
A. E. Judovino's Est.
E. F. Kiinbnll.
E. F. Kimball nnd 0. 0.
F io ns.
J. F. Lowell.
Eliza M. Lyford.
Frank L. Lalrd.
M. It. JleCrillis.
Leroy b. Moreo.
E. N. & II. N. Morso.
Georgo C. Peaso.
Harriot F. Smilie ifc Eugenio
Y. Ainion.
Harriot F. Smilie.
Harriot F, Smilie.
W. P. Smith.
E. F. Smith.
Georgo L, Spear's Est.
Tliomas & Josoph Suitor.
Sfary Town's Est.
A. U. Tliomas, E. E. Silloway,
G.A. MoraoitT.E. AnBell.
Union Granito Co,
J, F. Whceler.
lt. E. Wnkoneld.
Fnrm Notcs.
Wnr nealnBt noxious wecds nnd in
sects ls moro impcrativo than evor bo
foro. Thoro ls bono for tho farmor, ns wcll
na otbcrB, wbo doos not know nt nll ntid
b nuxious to lonrn.
A good milklnp: strnln sccurcly cs-
tnblishcd tbrough gonorntlonB of nnccs
tors doca tiot oaslly run out.
Indicatlons aro thnt tho nriccs of livo
atock bnvo rencbed low wator mnrk nnd
tbnt tho trcnd is upwnrda.
Dalrylnir rcnuircB a closo nttoutlou
lo do tnils; any ncclcct of tbo cows or
of tho mllk, crcnm or buttor will rosult
in Iosb.
A cood summcr woodplloof ecasoncd
wood will cnablo tbo fnrmcr's wife to
bo moro prompt witb tbo family mcnls.
UnlcBB tbo cows nro managod so ns
lo yit ld tbo lnrgcst nmount of milk pos
slblo nnd of tbo bcst qunllty botter not
not undortnko dairying.
Mnny n fnrmorbns been kcptpoor by
buying moro implcmonta thnn his crops
will wnrrnnt. Do not buy tbis year's
mower until you aoe tbo crop.
Short whifOetrees, ono foot long, nro
uscful in plowlng nmong trces. Wlln
tbem n noreo cnn wnik closo to tbo trco
witbout dnngor of bruising it.
Don't bo in too much of a hurry to
gct the cows on tho grass. If tboy nro
turneu out too soon tnoy oat tno grasa
down so closo tbat it seoms to gct dis
Tho fnrmers nro cvery yenrbccoming
moro nnd moro of n rcnding cIubs, nnd
tho moro thev road tho moro nroduc-
tivn is tho farm. Tho more knowledge,
tbo less muaclo will be rcqutred.
Soo thnt tho yountr pigs cct plonty of
exerciso in tbo sunsbino and tbat tbey
havo n dry placo to sleep. Wet bcd
ding and damp alccpingquartcrs nro n
fruitful sourco of dinrrbcca in young
As a rule lnrgo sceds rcquiro n dccper
covoring thnn smnll ones, nnd lato
planting rcqulres deoper planting thnn
oarlv. as tho creator warmth of tho ad-
vanced season reacbca moro decply in
to the carth.
A dniry cow is a machino for convcrt-
mg tho farmers rnw material oi grain
and foddcr into milk, and eho should
havo the constitution and cnpacity for
tbo consumptiou snd asslmiiation of a
lnrgo nmount of food.
Hnising cnrly lambs is n prodtablo
business for tboso wbo understand lt
Tho supply bas nover cxcecdcd the de
mand and iB not likely to for yenrs to
come, according to G. A. Ilogers iu tbo
Xiew Jinyiand armer.
A. W. Cheevcr snys in tho New Eng-
land Farmer: Bring secd potatoo8 iuto
n wnrin, light room not moro than two
or tbree weoks bofore planting timo
nnd lot tho vitnl forces wnko up, but
without mnking roots to bo torn off by
Do not run closcr than six incbcs to
tbo newly planted strawberries or
raspberrics with the cultivntor, for the
newly formcd roots will surely bo dis
turbcd. Be coutent to do tbo rcat of
the cultivntion with tho boe, nnd lot it
be quite supcrflcinl.
To bnve nn object in viow in every
nnimnl nnd every crop is renlly the plnn
of evcry managcr. So that bo sclects
wben young the animal for brceding
purposea and feeda with object in viow,
and tbe ono for tbo butcher ia givcn n
different trcntment.
It costs somcthing to keop property
insured, but itia tho only safo courso
to bo pursued by tbo fnrmer. Ho can
not afford to allow his policy to lapse.
Tbe loaa of his buildings nnd contents
in these timcs would bo a calamity
which would menn ruin usually.
American farmers do not understand
tbc management of smnll pieces of
ground as thoy might, as they nre uaed
to chcap lands and lnrge farms. We
might learn somo very profitable les
sons from tbo immigrants who como to
U8, for thoy grow rich whero an Ameri
can would slowly Btnrve.
With right mnnngemont a sow should
produce two litters of pis?s each ycar,
and twoor tbrco aowa will usually sup
ply all that tho nverago farmer will
cnro to feed nnd fnttcn. With cnre in
broeding nnd in fostcring tbcso cnn bo
so distributcd thnt somo will bo pre
pnring for tho mnrkct nt all seasons.
Tho most profitable sheep in tbc
hcrd so loutr as they contineo stronc
nnd hearty aro tho old owes. They pro-
auce stronger lamos, witti botter vitnl
ity and rear them better thnn young
owes cnn do. So long ns tho lamb crop
bas much importnnco it will pay to
keop tho old ewes. Noto tbose that
aro tho bcst nud watch for iudications
that tho Benson of tboir usofulness is
bcst anlvo in thoAvorld for cuts, bruises,
aorcs, ulccrs, salt rbcum, fcvor sores,
tottcr. chnpped hands, chilblains, corns
and all skin eruptions, nnd positivcly
curcs piles, or no pny required. It is
gunrnntoed to givo porfect sntisfaction,
or monoy rofunded. Price twonty-five
conts por box. Por salo bv C. Binkely,
Montpolicr, Vt.
- .
Using bnm cellnre for either fertiliz
ers or ns n placo for stabling cnttlo, is
rapidly pneslng out of public favor.
A collar is au unfit placo especially for
dairy cows. Ncitbor should inilcli
cows bo kept iu stnbles over a dnmp,
filthy cellnr, contnmlnnting not only
tho Btock, but tho foeding stuff nbovo
it, writos n correspondent in tho New
England Farmer.
Tho word " mulch " expreBBos vory
much to tbo experlonced plnnter. A
mulch nbout n nowly.tranBplanted treo
or n bod of roses, conaiating of partly
dccayed manuro, will do moro to keop
tho ground moiat and looso nud in con
ditiou to oncourngo growtb thnn lf n
mau abould atand ovor tbem coutlnu
nlly with a wnter pot. It ia tbo bcst
method known.
LnfE's a liuiiDKN. If tho stoniaoli ls not
rlRht. Is tlioro nausoa? Is thoro constlpa
tlou? Is tho toiiRiiu coatod? Aro you llRlit
licaildd? Do you havo slck hcadaohes? Any
nnd nll of thoso donoto Btomach and llver
illHordor, Dr. Abuhw'h Llvnr IMlls act
qulckly and will curo most Htntiborn and
uhronlo cases, Korty lu a vlal for toii coiUb.
-08. Bold by W. E. Terrlll & Oo. and Col
11ns Blakley
Vermont Mnrkots.
nutter, rroih new, ln s n boxea.1 B.. 20
Ilatter, freab new, In tab,,( n...,
Cheeao, dalrj, V ft, 9
Kkkb.W doi..
I'outoc, Vbaahel
Ilofta, llre.Ri
Hok". dreaaed, V Ib
LRino,, id , 4 m
VeHla, llve ii
Clilckena 12K
Kowla 10 fi
Turkera , , 1; W
nutter, dairr 18 W
J'otKtooa. V bualiel ..
IIOKB.droaaod, lb Oi'ff
Veala, llre T lk.
HiirliiR lamba, "il Ib 4 &
Heof, Iilnd(ugrtora,W Ib.. 5 t
lleet, forequartera, V B
Kowla, V ib
Sprlnit chlckona , 11
'lurkoia , 15 (p
St. Atoani
ltutter, croamerr p
Ilutter, dnlrjr, fair to Rood 15 ip
llutter. dairy, aelectlona
Ilutter, dalrr, aeparator 19
Ilutter, rreab, il Ib 20
Ilutter, cratea, V box 18
Kkki, V doi
l'otatoes, f buabel,
Hoita.llve, V lb
IIokb, dreaaed, )l lb
Ijunba 4
Veala, llve
Turkera 18
Ilutter, creanierr 21
lluttor, dairy. tub 18
Ilutter, cratea
Cheeae, dalrr
Cbeeao, aage
l'otatoea, ?l buahel
IIOKa, dreaaed, l lb
Vealr, llve
lleef, blndquartera.....
Ileef, forequartera
hueep. llve i,
Sprtui; lamba 0 4
Turkeya vo 18
SprlnR cblckeua 10
Klour, SprlUK Wheat V barrel 2.V7? 8 50
Fleur, Wlnter Wlieat, t barrel C U3 6 25
Flour. Karallr Holler, barrel 8 750 &0
Feed, 1 cwt 75 80
Meai.cwt lofo B2J
MlddlliiKB.IIIcwt tOA 0
Oata,buaiiel 28
Corn, V buahel H& 41
Hran.percwt Wft 75
Beana,?) buahel 1752 00
Iloslon l'roducc Mnrkot.
HTIIib quotatloua glren below repreicnt prlcea
obtalned br recelvtra lor untletale Mt (not jcMni
pricen uuieea otherwlee lndicated, and are tnteuded
to repreaent actnal adea.
Creamerr, Vt. and N. II.. aaaorted ataea, .
Creainerj, North'n N. Y., aaaorted aUea, 2
Creamerj, nortbern flrsU
Creamerr, eaatern 1
Creamerr, weatern Hrata 1
Creamerr, aeconaa
Dalrr. Vt.. extra
Daliy.N. Y., extra 1
Dalrr, N. Y. and Vt., nrata I
Dairy, N. Y. and Vt., aeconda I
Dalrr, N. Y. and Vt., low gradea 1
lloxea, extra creamerr 3
lloxea, extra dalrr
lloxea, com. to good 1
Trunk, prlnta, ex. creamerr
Truuk, prlnta, ex. dalrr
Trunk, prlnta, com. to Kood 1
New York, extra..
Vermont, extra
Vermont, large extra..
Vermont, nrata
Vermont, aeconda
l'att aklma
Common extraa " 5C 4 00
Choice extraa and aeconda 4 00 4 25
Mlnuneaota clear and atralKht 4 2.Vrfe 4 75
Mlchlgan, clear and atralKbt 4 S(kg 4 75
New York, clear and atralgbt 4 5 4 75
Oblo and bt. Loula clear 4 75 5 10
Ohlo and St. Louls atralKht 6 VU 5 10
Oblo and St. l.ouli patent 5 20
Wlaconaln uud illnn. patent 5 25 5 50
Kaateru, choice freah 16
Kaatern, fair to Rood ..
Vt. and N. 11. choice freab I 16
Rteamer yellow..
no. 3..
tiood, nograde
No I, cllpped white.
No. 2, cllpped white.,
No. 2, white
No. 3, white
Heected white
New oata
Arooatook Hebrona 60 85
New llamiiBhlre Hebrona 75 (i 80
Vermont Hebrona 75 80
Hay. N, Y. and Canada, choice to fancr (315 M
Ilar, N. Y. and Canada, fair to good 14 JOglS 00
llar, eaBtern, choice 14 50
Ilar, eaatern, ordlnarr to fair 12 0013 00
llar,eaatern, common 11 0012 00
llar, eaatern, choice flne 14 00
llar, eaatern, common tlne 12 00
SllddUnga, a&cked, per ton 13 50318 00
llran, aacked, wlnter & 15 00
llran, aacked, BprlDK SjliO
CottonBeed meal (B50 75
l!ack,?,lbbl 115012 50
Kliort ut clear I2(0
Clcr 12 50
7.eanenda , 15 50
Clty rendered, pure 11 lb Q Hi
We,tern compouud 4 (S J
l'uro kettle rendered i
Smoled 11am
lloaton, amall ? lb (ffl $t
lloaton medlum tte 91.-
lloaton, large
3eef, cbolcefllb .. ty.(n
lleef, llght choice W lb
lleef, heavr good t lb 6 3
lleef. uood llb..
lleef, blndquartera, choice
lleef, hlndquartera, common to good 7
lleef, forequartera, choice..., 5
neer, rorequariera, common to good 4
Mutton, extra 6
Muttou, common to good 4
Lamba, ch. eaat. 11b 8
lmba, com. to good 91 lb 6
Veala, choice eaatern fl lb 8
Veala. fair to good 6
Veala, common 6
Iloston Wool Market.
Xandabove 23 H 25
No.l 28 30
No. 2 28 w, 30
Flne unwaahed m 11)
llumerchantable 19 20
No. 1. comblng. i and i biood..., 24
No. 2, comblng, i blood, tfjt 24
Delalne 25 28
Comblng, '.'blood , 24
Comblng, ), blood 24
Comblng, brald 22
Clothlug, i blood 20 W 23
Clotblug, coarae 21
A flne n a i
A auper , 4 to
II auper , 39 ja 41
O auper.. 32 w 14
Comblng, flno , 48
Comblng, common , 49
Iloston Lumber Markot.
Ilemlock boanl,, rougb, 8 SOfp 1 00
Ilemlock boarda, plaued 9 60,310 00
Ilemlock boarda, No. 2 , 8100 740
Hpruce boarda, lat, clear floor U 00.Su 00
Hpruce boarda, 2da, clear floor 13 WkrtH oo
Hpruce boarda, coarae 10 Ci 11 00
Spruce, nor. do. cara 12 M'WU 00
Npruce. matcbed 12 0013 00
llox boarda, 1 lu. llangor I00K110J
llox boarda ord 05Odl0M
aox boarda, 7-8 do , 9 0O,J.-5
llox boarda, 3-4 dj , 8fa$M
llox lioarda, 11-10 do 8 003 815
llox boarda, 5-8 do 7 00.7 50
Shlnglea, Kaatern, aawed, cedar, ex...... 2 50ft 2 78
NhlnKlea, docloar 2 I0 2 5
bblnglea, do 2ila , ,, 1 15 1 80
Miluglea, do ex. No. 1 1 25 1 M
Sliliielea, do No. 1 hV.J 75
ClapboanlB, do 4tt. ex 30 00031 00
Clapbourdi, do clear 28 0Hfl W 00
Clapboardt, M: clear 24 Stmx M
Clapboardi, extra No. 1 , 15(wSl,
Claiiboards, No. I , , loOUrflJ vo
I.Klh, npruce, bjcara ,,,,, lnviji 210
Luth, apruce, br cargoea ,,,,, 1 50j 1 78
. .. 57
. .. 36
: ii fe
1 f
M U 31
Currcnt Commcnt.
OATS. Tlio markot Ia nulnt nnd nnlnn nrn
maklng modoratoly ns suppltes aro neodod.
Conif. Tho domand lias ruleil nnlnt
durluc the week with tbo rance of prlcos
about stoady. For ateamer yollow on tracb
Diiiod tnrougn to outsiuo pointe, tbo price Is
nbout 37c.
Potatoks. The nast fow days hos soon
mlldor weathor and a bottor doraaud has
provalled. Prlces have Improveu tlirouRli
tbe better conditions, cliolco Ilobrons rang
lDg up to8Sc.
OnicKBE. Rocolnts for oznort 6.S3-1 bozes.
We aro stlll bavlng a very dull markot, and
although prlcos are bold about tbe sanio.
11111 quoiauons aro only reallzeu lor small
lota of (ancy Roods.
Hay. The markot ls nulet. with no Im
provement ln tho slluatlon. The bost hay
ls bold steady ln price, and solls falrly well
ln a moderate way, but on tbo more common
grados tho tono ls dull and weak.
Eaos. Recelnts have been cansldflrahlv
larger than last wook nnd aro steadliy ln
creaalng whlle domand lmproves very alow-
ly. iTices navo ooon on tue uownwaru
turn and at tbo close are rullng 3 to 4c low
er than a week ago.
BuTTEn. Iteceints aro lncreaslne a little
but thero has been no eurplus of strlctly
11 no Iresh goods as yot anil prlces for top
grados of creamery aro well sustained.
Strlctly flne fresh Vermont and New Hainp
Bblre creamery bas a steady salo at 21Jc,
Bkans. Tho domand contlnues Black and
sales are ln small lots and at easy prlcos.
For best hand plckeu marrow poa S110 ls
nn outBldo price and they are offerlng to ar
rlve at S1.07i to 1.10. Yellow eyes are dull
and in full supply. Red kidnoys continue
Flouii. Tho markot yet sbows a qulet
tone, but some business ls doing within tbo
range of prlces quotcd. Tbe tono as a whole
is better tban was tbo case a week ago, and
ratber more business ls doing in the qulet
way that supplles are needed. No ono Is
buying abead to any extont, but dealers do
not look for any material declino ln prlces
on tbis crop, and will ordor quite freely
wben tbey seo wbat they consider a low
Woor,. Tbo market bas been extremely
dull and tliero are no lnterestlng features to
report. Tbe casler tono noticed a week ago
nttracted many buyers to tbe market, but
bo far as sales are concerned their presenca
has not been felt. Tbere is no doubt tbat
buyers have been looking for soft spots and
perbaps tbe smallness of tbo week's busi
ness ls due to the fact tbat tboy have not
found as many of these as they wero led to
ezpect. Tbo market, whlle not as flrm
as it was earller in tbe year, is very
steady and tlioro Ib no effort botng mado on
the part of dealers to force sales by accept
ing the low blds tbat have been made
them. :
Lumbku. It can bardly be ezpected that
the sccond week ln February would be any
better tban the llrst so far as tbe demand
for stock is concerned. Tbere Is an Im
provement, bowevor, inasmuch as thero ls
a somewhat better outlook for lumber, or in
otber words, wo aro fast nearing tbe time
wben lumber will be wanted. Tho car
mllls report a ratber better lcqulry, but
have not received many conslderable or
ders as yet. It is rather too early to ezpect
much ln tbis line. Much at preBent depends
on tbe businees outlook. Tbis ls being quito
closely followed. If it proves as good as
anticipated, then we shall see a good de
mand for lumber.
Llve Stock Mnrket.
Mir.cn Cows and SpniNaEBS. Prlces
steady at 820 to $50 unless choice.
Veal Calves. Market prlces J to Jo.
blghor tban last week, for tbo few ofFered.
Disposals easy.
Swink. Best gradea ic. bigher with
Westernat3J to 40. llvo weigbt; county
lots, Sc. dead welgbt.
Sheep and IiAmbs. In lots, 82 BO to 3.00
eacb; eztra, $3.25 to G 00, or from 2 to 5o
per lbj spring lambs, 42 to 6c; veal calves,
3 to 7c.
Prlces of market beef : A few choice, S6 00
to 0.C0; eztra, 85 25 to 0.75; llrst quality,
84.75 to 5.00; Becond quality, 84 to 4.50; tbird
quality, 83.00 to 3 50.
Beef Cattlk. The supply of NortherU
and Eastern cattle was moderate only,
Western arrivals wero for the most part
consigued to ezporters.
Prlces ofstoro cattle; Worklng ozen per
pair, 860 to 130; farrow cows, S12 to 22;
faucy cows,.850;to 60; mllcb cows Bnd calves,
820 to 48; yearlings, 88to 10; two-year-olds,
812 to 22; three-year-olds, 820 to 32; West
ern fat swine, llve, 3? to la Nortbern
dreaaed hogs, 0c per lb.
Scald boad ls an eczema of the scalp
very severe sometimes, but lt can bo curod.
Doan's Olntment, quick and pleasant ln its
results. At any drug store, flfty cents.
" Fifty Years' Improvements in
Publiehed by tho New i'oitK TrtiBUNE
32 Tngcs, 18 by 12 1-2 Inchcs.
A genernl roviow of tbo advancos nnd
improvements mndo in tbe leading
branchcs of farm indu9try during tho
last half ceutury.
Special articles by tho best agricul
turul writers, on toplcs wbich they havo
made thcir lif 0 study.
IlluBtrations of old faehioned imple
monta. A vnst nmount of pructicnl informn
tion. A vaiuable aid to farmers who dcsiro
to stimulate productiou and proflt.
Extremely intcrcsting nnd instructlvo.
Send your orders to
THE WATCHMAN, Montpelier, Vt.
with Ell, Curriago Houso and Stablo
attached. Runnlng water for houso
nnd stnblo. Grouuds neatly and con
venicntly arrangod. Shudo and fruit
troes. Lnwn in front, with torrace for
flowers. Two acrcs of good mowlng
land. PromlseB in good condition. A
nlco locution for auy one wisbiug to
tnko summor boardors. Most of tbo
furnituro will bo sold with tbo houso if
deslrcd. Tho nbove proporty is sit
uatcd nt tbo corner of Main nnd West
StrootB, Lowcr Cabot, Vt.
llitnmt vour envnlonos. noto noaus, uu
beads. HtatHinnnta. 11 to.. of tbo WATCH '
Job ofllco. Stock and workmauahip .
ne nost. pricoa tno lowesi,

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