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Uno Yonr S1.S0 O
O HlcUt Montli ' ""S
"sizMxntliH 78 J
) If not I'nld In Aitvnnco, o
O S3 oil n Year.
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VA I' K 11. ' Xll K o
"WAltllM N" 1S i
O I'Ultl.ISIilIK 1
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VOL. 934800.
vvith the choicest of Trimmings. Special
exhihit of "HASKELL" SILKS on our
center counters this week.
L. P. & H. C.
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Set a Momiment, Headstone, or Marker, or anything in
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CHAS. A. SMITH, 22 Main Street.
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This is a
some of the
reproduction of my new sign, and tells
things I keep. Remember I have the
Hubbell Plow and Monarch
Successor to Montpelier Hardwaro Co.,
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Weeder besides all kinds of
Montpelier, Yt.
Vermont Watchman Co.
The Vermont Watchman Company,
At Montpelier, Vt.
Iliislncss Moro Mcntlon.
O. E. Subfahd, auctlonoor, Marshflold.Vt.
Thk n. W. Johnn palnta aro advertlsed
on thla page by Pook Brothera.
Nkw and improved farm maohlnery Is ad
vortlsed on thla page by Barrowa & l'eck.
Sciiool sults for boya aro tho loadnr ad
vertlsed on tbls pago by Adatns tho clothlor.
Misa Mbinkckb wllldlaplay trlmmod hatB
and bonnots Aprll 15 and 16, 12 Stato streot.
Fon Salk. Seven bnndrod bushela wood
as'nea, uj Qharles Lombard, Plainfield, Vt.
Wantbd. Nobranka proporty, Hsted for
aalo, rent or oxobange, by Jolin J. Glllilan,
inTeatment broker, Lincoln, Neb.
The farmora of Montpelier and vlclnlty
wlll bo intereBted in wbat Goorge O. Fratt
baa to aay in lils apaco on tbla pago.
Staflb and faney goods at low prices aro
advertlsed on pago llve by tho Barnard,
Sumnor & Futnam Company. Qlvo thelr
rapld inalt order aervlco a trlal.
ArniL styles in faablonablo dress ccooda
can be found at the 'storo of L. P. & II. O.
Gleason. Read thelr advertlaemont on this
Sbbd Fotatobs for salo: Three bundred
bushola Ilebron and Stray Boautles, mlddle
bIzo, kept ln good Bhape. Addross, 0. II.
Dtley, Cabot, Vt.
Faiim fok Salk. Sltuated ln the town of
Woodbury on tho road leading from South
Woodbury to East Calais and known us tho
Gldoon Babln farm. For further lnforma
tlon call on or addross B. M. Daniels, South
Woodbury, Vt.
HonsBS for Sale. I wlll have a carload
of horaes atrivo at my stable Sunday, Aprll
17. and tbev wlll be on sale untll sold. This
to bo a load of tho right klnd. Come and
aoo them. E. L. Putney, 13 East Stato
street, Montpelier, Vt.
Mns. E. M. Kobbrts would respectfully
announce tliat sno naa piaceu on Baio uio
largest and flnost stock of spring anu sum
mer mllllnery ever seen at her atore and
wlll hope for a fair share of the patrouage
of Montpelier and vlclnlty. 40 State street,
Montpelier, Vt.
I was reading an advertlsement of
Chamborlln'a Collc, Gholera and Diarrhcoa
Remedy ln tho Worcester Enterpritt re
cently, whlcb leada me to wri'.e tbls. I can
truthlully say I never used any remedy
equal to lt for colls and illarrhcca. I have
never bad to use more than one or two doses
to cure the worBt case witn mysoll or ctm
dren. W. A. Stroud, Popomoke Clty, Md.
For sale by Colllns Blakley and W. E. Ter
rlll & Co.
Pbnsions of 80 to S12 a montb aro pald
soldlers, rich or poor, wlth sllght dlaabil
ltles, contracted ln or out of servico, under
act of June 27, 1890. Thoso now penBloned
under tbla act can coinplete any susponded,
delayed or rejected clafm under the old law,
and receivo tho arrears. "Widows ontitled,
without regard to cause of soldlor's death.
No charge unless successful. Address, T.
J. Deavitt. Montpelier, Vl.;i
Thk Tribijne Almanac Tho Trihune
Almanac ls a cyclopedla of polltlcal, flnan
clal and general informatlon of a publlo
character. This compllatlon ia an absoluto
necessity to the farmer, the artlzan, the
merchant, the profesalonal man, or any
other man or woman who has any use for
the varled informatlon, succinctly and ac
curately complled for tbla publlcation. In
writing or in dlscusaing mattera of current
publlo interest thero 1b no need of guesalng
or of goneral atatements, wben bo many
mattors of faot can be qulckly found in tbls
valuable work of reference. Price 25 cents.
Sent free of postage to any addresB on ro
oelpt of tbls sum, by the vermont Watch
man, For a larger liotlce see advertlsement
of the Tribune on page three.
Do you want anything ln the line of
drugs and medlcineB no matter what? If
so call on Fred A. Alnswortb, proprletor of
the new 'Williamstown drug-store, onDepot
8trjet,one door east of J. K. ILynde's storo
If, perchance, he may not have exactly what
you deslre, be wlll alm to supply it in the
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Give bim a call.
Rhbumatism Cubkd. My wife baa nsed
Chamberlain's Paln Balm for rbeumatiam
wlth ereat rellef , and I can reeommend it
as a splendld llnlment for rheumatlsm and
other housebold use for whlch we bave
found it valuable. W. J. Cuyler, Ited
Creek, N. Y.
Mr. Ouvler ia one of the leading mer-
cbants of this vlllage and one of the most
nromlnent men ln thla viclnltv. W. G.
PhlDPln. Edltor Red Creek Herald. For
aale by Colllns Blakley and W. E. TerrlU
& Co.
Allce Lamphere ia visltlng ln East Mont
pelier tbls week.
Frankle Kent was ln Marshfield last Bun.
day and Mouday,
Oynthla Nelson, widow of the late Georgo
Nelson, uiea at ner nome on monaay.
Rev. J. A. Dlzon of Cabot ls to dellver
the Memorlal! dav laddress for Stow Post,
G, A. R. Mr. Dlzon la an eloquent and ln-
teresting spoater
Webster Cate, the operator at the Calais
oreamerv ls dolnB satlafactorv work. Mr,
Cate and family llve at L. A. Kent's and
the boy mentloned ln last week's lssue ls
thelr four year old eon.
Darlua Hawkina bas the lumber noarly
all ontont at bls inlll, and bas run tbrougb
mnch more then the uaual amount at thla
place, bavlng aawed abont one hundrod
tbousand :"t and from flfty to slzty thous'
and sblngle.
Ira Kent a Ufe long realdent and imuch
respecteu citizen oi our town, paaseu peace
fully away at the homo of bla son, L. A.
Kent, last Thursday mornlng. Mr. Kent
was nearly nlnety-flve years old and was
the oldeat peraon in town. The funeral
waa from tho bouse Saturday at2 r, m.,
Reva. J. Edward Wrlgbt and Elizabeth
Goldthwalto conductlng tho servico.
I. R. Kent waa home from Boaton to at
tendjthe funeral of hla grandfather. Among
othors of the relattves and frlenda from out
of town were, M. A. Kent, D. B. Kent,
Madlson Kent, Gurtls Eaton, J. O. Llvlng
Btone and Edwln Robinson of Montpelier,
0. V. Kent and wlfe, and CyruB Dlckey and
wife of Northfield, Dora B. Ide of Marsh
flnld, Harry McCloud and MelvinTucker of
Hardwick, and Wllllam Kelton of Glover.
Knst IJrookllold.
Mra. G. B. Carponter and chtldren uro
visltlng at Irvln Bowen'a in Chelsea.
Wlll 0. nolmes and II. U. Mattison of
Chelsea woro guestR at J. 0. Qoltnoa ou
Sunday, The Easter program rendur
ed by the chlldren of tho Sumlay-school on
Sunday waa very interonting, , W, II.
Bprague was in WoBtfleld. Montgomery and
8t. Albans on buslness last week, J. II.
Bprague was ln charge of the storo durlng
the formerN abseuce. MlsseB May
and Allce Edwarda of Lowell. Masa.. wore
guestH of Mrs. V. B. Carpenter last week.
W. F. Medcalt and A. D. Ueed weio
in Groton last week and Mr. Medcalf nur-
cbased a lnrge palr of horspi to work on tbe
roau macmue tuia aummer
looaz itjti'i'iMiNas.
Harry Lowe was ln Now York last weok,
B. M. Biiei'Ard ls ln tho Boston marketa.
Clarenoe II. Bbnter is 111 wlUi typhold
Mator Srntbr roturned from Now York
on Monday.
A. L. Wkbks of St. Albana waa ln town
ou Tuesday.
Citt councll moots to-nlgbt in Mayor
Sentor'a ofilco.
0. H. Cross ls visltlng ln Boston and vl
clnlty thla weok,
R. 0. Bowers baa beon ln Now York
durlng tho past weok.
Mr. and Mra. Cwntqn E
Town left for
Alaska last Wodnesday,
Miss Nbllib Jkuomb has been aorlously
111 durlng tho past woek,
A DAuonTEB was born Good Frlday to
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ryle.
Miss Helbn White of Burlington. ls the
guost of Miss Marla D. Whito.
A. A. Tiffany and W. D. Allen of St.
Albans were ln town last Frlday,
F. E. Lewis of Middlesex is rocovorlng
from a aerioua illness wltb the grlp.
Rev. N. M. Shaw, tho evangollst, is work
lng in Now Hampshiro thla montb.
Jambs E. Dotle baa purchased of H. S.
Freoman for 81,800 a houae and lot on Kent
Georqe E. Macombbr la at homo from
tho Albany Buslnesa Collego for the Easter
Chauleb W. Hollis of Braintree, Masa.,
waa a guest of 0. E. Porrin, hla ,uncle, ovor
last Sunday.
J. M. Healbv of tho Argui staff was the
guest of Wlllls Olark in Burlington over
last Sunday.
Patriok Daley left on Monday for Chl
cago, whoro he wlll work at hla trade aa a
atone cutter.
Thb Anne Dlllon house and lots on
Barre street have been purchased for S3.000
by F. L. Gray.
Collins Blakelt attonded a moetlng of
the stato board of pharmacy beld last Thurs
day at Rutland.
Mus.T. S. Brofht and Mrs. O. G. Bar
ron of Boston, aro ln New York and Wash
ington thU week,
A son was born last week to Mr. and Mrs.
Danlol Folsom and a daughter to Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Smith.
Col. C. H. Jotce of Rutland has beo
visltlng MrB. M. D. Fowler, bls Blater, dur
lng tue past weeu.
The BaptlBt ladiea served a New England
bolled dlnner and Easter Bupper in thelr
vestry last evonlng.
Henrt Deayitt has beon at home from
Poughkeepsle, N. Y., where bo ls teachlng,
durlng the paet week.
The stores and nlacos of buslneas woro
closed yeBterday during tho boura of the
funeral of Sumnor Klmball.
Mr. ano Mrb. Edwin Lanb and Hodo
Lane have gone to Ayor, Mass,, for tho
boneflt of Mr. Lane's bealth.
John L. Cook and Miss Nora Brlnkwater
were marrlod last Wodnesday by Rev. W.
A. Davlson at hla residence.
The ladiea of Bethany church cleared
nearly S50 from thelr supper held last
Weunesuay oventng ln tne cnapel,
Thb marrtase of Perley Joromo of Mont
pelier and Miss Ida Somers of Moretown,
will be aolemnized next Tuesday.
Geokqb H. Almok returned from New
York last Sunday. Mrs. Almon will come
to Montpelier in about two weeks.
Josbfh E. Almon and H. H. Plummer of
New York were in town last Sunday to at
tend the funeral of E, M. Guernsey.
Dr. K. Lonqfellow Cleavbb bas rented
rooms of tbe Mlsses Camp on School street
and will board wlth Mrs. I. 0. Vall.
Thb annual moetlng of King Solomon
Ohapter, Royal Arch Masons, wlll be held
at Maaonic ball on Thursday ovenlng.
Mrs. Elvira Dotbn, mother of Mra. I.
H. Fisk, has been quito serlously 111 durlng
the past week at the home of Dr. Fisk.
Mrs. "Williah Robinson of Noyan, P. Q.,
has been visltlng Rufus G. and Frank W.
Robinson, her sons, durlng the past week.
The last whtst party of the seaaon glven
by the Daughtera of Rebokab, wlll occur
on Thursday evening ln Odd Fellow's ball.
Dr. C. E. Chandlbr performed an oper
ation on the eyea of Goorge Banlster of
Warren on Tuesday at the Ezchange botel.
Thb soclal bop glven Monday ovenlng ln
Armory hall was attended by flfty couples.
Frof. and Mra. George H. Elmore furnished
Miss Annib R. Johnson, vocal instructor
at Montpelier Semlnary, ls at Heaton bos
pltal, under treatment for nervoua prostra
tlon. Thb lury ln the Brewster case attended
dlvlne Bervlce at Bethany Church laat Bun-
uay morning in cnarge oi ueputy biierut
Eiqht new membera wore Inltlated into
Court Ethan Allen, Foreaters of America,
at the regular meetlng held last Thursday
Thb engagement ls announced of Harvey
L. Welch, formerly of Montpelier, now of
Grand Raplds, Mich,, to Mlsa Stella Guest
oi tbat city.
Mr. and Mrs. GsoRas W. Bonnbtt bave
purchased of F, B. Martell the barber ahop
ln tbe basement of Unlon block, and bave
taken poasession,
Six addltlonal beda for Heaton Hospltal
arrlved from Boston last Saturdav. and
were at once placed ln posltlon by Prealdent
Qeorge i. xapiin.
Therox F. Colton ls to make bla head
quarterB ln Ohlcago ln future, from whicb
olty he wlll travel for tho Colton Mannfao-
turing Company.
J. 0. Gillettr of Waterbury, Conn.. the
well-known horse buyer, 1b at the Mont
pelier Houae for a few weeks, accompanled
Dy Mrs. uiuette.
Mrs. E. P. Walton ls vlaltlng ln Worces
Columbus. O., where she ezpects to make
her home in future.
Mns, Lbna Hartwbll, who has been ln
the family of Edwin Lane slnoe last Octo
ber, has gone to Barre to engago ln the
dreBBinaklng buslness.
R&v. J. Edward Wrioht 1b to preacb In
Middlesex next Sunday at two p. m, Sub
lect: "Whlch Church Shall I Joln? a
Young Person'a Perplexlty."
Cabsius IT. Reed has sold to Wllllam E.
Hatbaway for $3,000 bla farm sltuated
about threo inllos below Montpelier. Iui
uiodlato possosalon waa glven.
Hon. II. A. Husk went to Brattleboro on
Tuesday to represeut tho Coutral Vermont
rallroad at a hearlug boforo Judge Wbeeler
in unueu aiaios uiBtrict court,
Grant Rbvnolds, a formor rosidont of
Montpelier, lost bls rlcbt haud at West
Canaan, N, II., last Wodnesday by gettlng
it caugui in a pianing maciune.
Thb Thames Olub was entortalned on
Monday ovonlng by Mra. 0. F. Lowe. Tho
noxt meetlni! wlll be on Tueadav ovonintr.
Aprll 10, wltb Mrs. II. J. M, Jones.
Mator E. M, Sutton of Burlington was
at tho Montpelier Houae last Thursday.
He camo to Montpelier to confer wlth Mayor
Senter, but that offlclal was out of town.
Pbter J. MgEnrub, formerly nlght clork
at tho Montpollor Houso, has boon appointod
by Chlof of Pollce Tuttlo to tako tho placo
of C. E, Domoritt on tho clty pollco forco.
Onlt routlno buslneBB was transactod at
the quarterly meetlng of tho dlrootors of tho
Vermont Mutual Flro Inauranco Company,
held last Wodnesday af tornoon at the homo
Dr. S. E. Lawton, superlntendont of tho
aaylum for tho insano at Brattleboro, bas
been at tho Pavlllon for soveral daye. He
ls summonod by tho atato as a witnosa in
tho Brewater case.
Thb ladiea of Ohrtst Church bavo evory
thing In roadlnosa for tbelr Eaater aale
whlch opona tbls aftornoon at tho parlsh
house, to contlnuo through Thursday aftor
noon and ovonlng,
Thb membera of Mount Slnal Temple,
NobleB of the Mystio Shrlne, wlll go on a
pllgrlmage to Whlto Rtver Junctlon on Frl
day, Aprll 22, where a large clasa of candi
dates wlll bo inltlated.
Rome G. Brown, a rlstng attorney of
Mlnnoapolia, Mlnn., baa been visltlng Col.
and Mra. A. C. Brown, bls paronta, durlng
the past weok, whllo on hla way home from
a buslness trlp to Now York.
Maj. J. II. Mimms of St. Albans and Capt.
0. M. Brownell of Burlington were ln con
sultatlon wlth Col. O. D. Clark last Frlday
relallve to tho calling out of tho First Regl
mont ln case of war wlth Spaln.
The first base ball game of the soason
waa playod laat Saturday mornlng on the
Beminary campna between the Montpelier
Huatlers and tho Somlnary Junlors, rosult
Ing ln a victory for tbe formor by a score of
21 to 1.
Georoe H. Wilder wlll play two flute
solos at tho concort to be glven ln Water
bury to-nlght for tho bonofit of tho band ln
that vlllage. Sevoral from Montpelier wlll
go down to bear hlm. Miss II. Julla Cross
will slng.
Eqbekt Roberts laat Sunday rescued
from drowning a threo-year-old glrl of Mr.
and Mra. Joseph Cervlna. Tho child fell
Into tho rlvor and would auroly have per
lshed bad not Mr. Roberts bravely plunged
in to her rescue.
Rev. Elizabeth II. Goldtuwaite of
Calala fllled Rev. J. Edward Wright'a ap
poiutment at tho Morse scbool-bouso, East
Montpelier, last Sunday aftornoon, thus
pormltttng Mr. Wrlght to attend the funeral
of Edwln M. Guernsey.
Mns. O. G. Miles, formerly of Montpelier,
dled on Monday at Lynn, Mass., aged slxty
two yeara. She was tho mother of Mrs. M.
W. Wheelock and MrB. F. R. Dawley. Mr.
MileB waa for many yeara employed at tho
shops of the Lane Manufacturlng Cempany.
A horse owned by E. W. Bugboe mado
things llvely on Semlnary Hill last Wodnes
day. The animal waa left nnbitched and
ran tho lengtb .of Collrge street, bringlng
up ln tho door yard of R. M. Harvey wlth
disaBtroua reaulta to the buggy.
Thk Minlsterlal Unlon met wltb Rev. J.
Edward Wrlgbt last Monday. The Easter
aervice, and a sermon by Rev. Ellzaboth H.
Goldthwalto, were dlscusaed: and a paper
upon "The Book of Danlel" waa read by
Rev. Dr. I. P. Bootb. Tho next meetlng of
this Unlon ia to occur May 9.
Tue Woman'a Chrlstlan Temperanco
Unlon wlll meet in the ladles' parlor of
Trinity Church this afternoon at balf past
two. Rev. Andrew Glllies wlll give an ad
dresa upon "Hyglene and Heredlty," and
MrB. G. B. B. Denny wlll condnct readings
upon tho aame subject. The publlc ls in
vited. Dootors C. E. Cuandler and A. B. Bls
bee wore at Watorbury Monday evening to
perform an autopsy on tbe body of Joseph
Jacobs of Roxbury, an inmate of tbeBtate
asylum for the lnsane. They found that
tbe patlent came to hls death by scalding.
It is probablo the matter will be inves-
Jcdqe MDN80N board last Saturdav after
noon the case of Luman Holden, who has
been ln jatl for aeveral woeks on a cortifled
ezecutlon for obtalning one dollar under
false pretensea. Tbe court ordered the
certiflcate vacated Aprll 22, provlded Hol
den ls willlng to take the poor debtor'a oath
at that time.
Rev. J. Edward Wbiqht proposes to con-
duct a short Berlea of balf-hour readings
upon Evolutton in connectlon with tbe
Sunday-ucbool aession of tho Church of the
Messlah, beglnning next Sunday, and con-
unuing aDout six wookh. au wno may
wlsh to attend these readings will be cor
dlally welcomed.
Alezandbb McMillan, an old offender,
waa arreateu Sunday attemoon by Uilicer
Wood for intozication and disturbing tbe
peace. The drunk was tho only charge
inat was presseu against mm m cuy oourt.
It was a second offence, and hla fine and
costa amounted to 316.51, Not baving any
wealth he took the alternatlve sentence of
fitteen days in jail.
The general subject for dlsouaalon at the
meetlng of tho Montpelier Aasoclation to
be beld on Tuesday, Aprll 26, in the rooms
of the Young Men'a Chrlstlan Assoclatlon
ls "Tho Epistle to the FhlllppianB.'
Among those wbo are to take part are
Revs. E. w. Onmlngs, Normau Seaver, W,
Sohofleld, J. J. Goodacre, L. Tenney, H,
L. Hartwell and A. A. Smith.
In the polltlcal heavena Mara ls in tbe
asoendant and ls dally taklng on a more
warllko aapect, but ln the pbyalcal heavena
Venua bas resumed her peacefnl relgn as
evening atar. She ia seen above the soutb
western horlzou, even wblle the afterglow
of tho sottlnc aun reddens the wostorn
skiea. She wlll rlae bigher above the horl
zon, nlght by nlght, and will be "the brlght
partiouiar atar" oi tno aummer BKiea.
The ladiea of the Church of the Messiah
cleared over 340 from thelr laat supper and
entertalnment, given last Thursday evon
lng ln tho vostry. A musical programme
conslstlng of piano duets by Mra. K. L.
Oleavea and Miss Rebecca wrlght, aongs
by Mrs. Hattie P. Wlllard and violln solos
by Dr. K. L. Cleavea preceded the preaenta
tlon of Glbaon plctures, a novel and popu
lar feature.
William P. Smith was terrlbly brulsed
about tbe rlgbt leg last Frlday wblle at
work on the electrlo rallroad, near Barre.
A large stump fell in a cut wbere he was at
work, striklng hlm on the leg and badly
laceratlng it. He waa also badly brulsed
about the bead. He waa taken to the home
of hla brotber, wbo is sexton of Greon
Mount cemetery, wbere Dr. McGutro
dresaed hls wounds.
John A. Goodwin of Frovldence, R. I.,
a former Montpelier boy, and son of Mrs.
George W. Colby, has bad on exhlbltlan
durlng the past week atthe atore of Marvin
it Sherburne an oil palntiug of ex-Mayor
Guernsey that bas been palnted slnce bls
recent vlslt to this clty. It la an excellent
likeness and a credlt to tho gifted artlst,
who has preaented lt to Mr. Guernsey as a
token of good wlll and estoem.
Box 23 was pulled last Saturday aftor
noon for a flro ln tho Oentral Vermont eu-
f;lno house on Berlin stdo. Sparks from a
ocomotivo sot iire to tho roof, but aa no lo
comotlvea wore ln tho bullding tho loss was
small. Although tho flro was outsldo tbe
clty llmlta the Montpelier llro department
rallled promptly, a Uno of boso was latd
from tho hydrant near tho Pavlllon, and
the blaze was conllned to tho placo where lt
Fast Day passed very nuletly ln Mont
pelier, and but for the (art that tho post
ofllce, banka, Inauranco ofllcea were closed
thuru was little to tndlcato that lt waa a
hollday. Good Frlday HcrvicoH woro held
at the Epibcopal and Catholio churcbes, and
at the Church of tho Messlah in the even
ing, but uo unlon sorvlco materlallzed, as
has been the ouatom lu former yeara, N. C.
Tabor gavo bls annual sugar party In tho
aftornoon and tho Urowster murdor trlal at
tractrd tho usual crowds.
Next Sunday will bo tho last Suuday ln
tho conforoneo yoar of the Vermont Mfitho
dlsts. It will bo so obsorved at Trinity
Cl.urch, In tho mornlng hosidoa the ro
porta of the heads of tho sevoral riopart
ments In tho church, Rev. Androw Gliltos,
tho paator, wlll give a gonoral resumo of the
yoar'a work. In the ovenlng be wlll do
llver tbe last ln bts courso of Sunday even
ing lectures. Tho Bubject wlll bo "What
would a Ohrlstloas world bo llke?"
At tho last moetlng for tho soason of
Bothany Roadlng, bold last weok with Mra.
T. J. Deavitt the followlng ofHcera were
elected: Presldont, Mra. J7 V. Babcockj
vlce-proaldent, Mra. D. G. Komp; secrotary,
Mrs. N. J. Wbltehlllj treaauror, Mra. H. 0.
Gleason; aaslstant treasurers, Missea Mary
Carleton and Gertrudo Loland; study com
mlttee, Mra. T. J. Deavitt, Mra. M. E.
Smlllo. Mra. F. D. Dowey, Mlsa Jennie Bal
ley, MIbb Nelllo Barrowa: aocial commltteo,
Mra. II. J. M. Jones, Mrs. W. A. Brlgga,
Mrs. G. 0. Pratt, Mra. Fred Ward, Mra. Gil
man Bllss.
The Aprll Vermonter ia a Cuban war num
ber, and ia fllled wlth articlea and llluatra
tlons of unusual Interest. A full pago por
tralt of the Cuban herolne, Evangollna
Olsneros, wltb a sketch of her Ufe and res
cuo from aSpanlsh prlaon, Senator Frootor'a
apeech ln the Senate on Cuba, and a full
doscrlptlon of the island and its govern
mont furnlshod by tho Cuban Junta, all 11
lustrated, are among tho leading featuros of
tbls interesting number. Beatdea tbeso
illtiBtrated articlea on Vermont in the navy.
wlth portralta of Commodore George
Dewey, the Malne, Oregou, Montgomery
and Olympla give tbla Aprll number an ad
ded attractlon.
Ernbst Jacobsen, the florlst, surpassed
all provlous attempta ln the dlsplay of
Easter flowerB mado last Saturday and
Sunday in the show wlndow at tbe storo of
Georgo R. Eblo. One striklng feature of
tbe dlsplay was a reproduction in blossoms
of the battleship Malne. The bull was
bullt of white carnatlons and white roses.
Carnatlons and tullpa composed the deck and
rlgglng. No one but an experlenced and
skllled florlst could have produced auch a
pleaaing ofTeot, and admlring crowds gazed
at the dlsplay all day Saturday and far into
tho evening. Mr. Jacobsen bad, aa he do
served, tbelargeat Easter trade in cut now
era ever know ln Montpelier.
Arthur H. Roberts dled Monday morn
lng of consumptlon at hla home on Balley
Avenuo, aged tlilrty-eight years. Deceased
was a Bon of Fhlllp Roberta and was a atone
cutter by trade. Sevoral years ago bo was
obliged to give up this work becauso of fall
Ing boalth. IIo accepted tho agency for
Montpelier and vlclnlty of the Mutual Bone
flt Ltfe Insurance Company, ln whlch he
has done faithful work. He waa a young
man possessed of many good quallties and
was unlveraally liked. He leavea three
brothers, Edwin C, Edward J., and Colon
C. Roberta. He was unmarrled. Hls
funeral wlll be held from bls late home at
two o'clock this afternoon.
Ira Kent. tbe oldest citizen ln Calais,
dled last Thursday of old age. Had he
Hved untll next woek Thursday ho would
have been nlnety-flve years old. Deceased
was born ln Calais in 1803, and had always
resided thore. For thirty-six yeara he was
ln partnershlp wlth hla brotber Ableal, and
slnce the death of hls wlfe, fourteen years
ago, be has llvod with hls son and only sur
vlving child, L. A. Kent. He waa an unclo
of Murray A. Kent of this city. Every per
son in Calais knew "Unclo Ira," and he
waa unlveraally beloved and esteomed.
Hla funeral waa held Saturday afternoon
from the home of L. A. Kent, bls son, Rev.
J. Edward Wrlght offlciating.
The annual receptlon of the Garnet Seal
Circle, held last evening ln Cbrlst Church
narlsh house. waa unusuallv enlovable.
Each member took an invited guest, and
the programme included selections from
soveral little folks, chlldren of the mem
bers, among them, Allce Sherburne, Fred
Keegan and Rollo Blancbard. Mias
Carolyn Rlchardson, Mra. A. D. Farwell,
Mtas Uora Jononnott, Mrs. F. A. uayuen,
JuMsa Florence smpman. jura. u. u. luieu
ardson and Mlsa Nelllo Dewoy dld much by
tbe parta assigned them on the programme
for the enjoyment of thelr guosts, and to
make tbe affalr a success. Refreahmenta
were served at tbe close of the musical and
litorary oxorcisos.
The New England Home Magazlne, pub
Ilahed aa a aupplement to the Boaton Sun-
dav Journal. bad ln a recent lssuo a nor
tralt anu appreclative Bketcn oi Mra. Mauu
Huntington Benjamln of Malden, Masa., a
talented reader. Tbls full page portralt
and sketch waa of special interest to Mont-
Eeller people from the fact that tbe subject
i the wlfe of Myrcn J. Benjamln, a son of
Ira Benjamln of Berlin. She la a brlde of
only a few months, and as Miss Huntington
acqulred a name on the concert platform
that extended far beyond the confines of
her clty and county. The Bketch accompa
nving the portralt well says that Mra, Ben-
jamin'a reputatlon aa a reader ls sure to be
Bomething more than lleotinp, and that "ln
private life Mrs. Benjamln ls often a central
flgure at soclal functlons at Maldon and
near-by cltles, and her native wlt and brli
Uanoy bavo made her aa much sought aa
ber splendld powera aa a reader."
Jambs S. Pierson, well known aa one of
tbe "Blg Four" Burlington capitallats who
are bullding the electrlo rallroad between
Montpelier and Barre and in other towna
ln Vermont, dled auddenlv Sunday at the
Palmer Houae, Chlcago. Mr. Pieraon had
been apendlng the wlnter in New York and
recently went to Chlcago. J. J. Flynn, one
of hls buslness partners, left for Ohlcago
Sunday evening, and will brlng the body to
Vermont. In company wlth J. E. Addicks
of Dolaware Mr. Pierson amassed large
wealth through tbe inventlon and devel
opment of tbe water-gas proceaa, now in
general use. In later yeara be has been ex
tenslvely engaged ln bullding electrlo rall-
waya ln Vermont, beglnning with the line
between Burlington and Essex Jnnotion.
It is not tbougbt that Mr. Pierson's death
wlll retard ln any way the completlon of
the line between Barre and Montpelier.
Rev. J. K. Thomfson, the evangelist wbo
haa preaohed occaalonally for the bollness
people on Berlin alde, was arreated by Sher
lff Bancrof t last Saturday evening on a body
wrlt for non payment of a tax amonnting to
83 on the Ust of 1897. Both the aberlff and
the reverend gentlemen lost thelr temper
and used auch vlgoroua language toward
eacb other that thn crowd waa hlghly edl
fled. Mr. Thompson was not taken to jail,
but ln tbe ofllce of DUUngham, Huse & How-
16 Broad Stroet, Now York.
We nllow Intorest on Deposits and Transact a
IGonoral llnnking Busiuess.
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ltonds, uml Hilvtmre money to cnrry
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aro n tnoat tryinc problem to
mothors and to us. They must
not bo tno costly, and thoy muat
be of durabl ra.iterial and
etrontfly made. We thmk we
have solved the dual problem.
Adams the Glothier,
60 State Street.
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stationery, " Regimental
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I' of papers in the popular
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F. T. Carr, Calais.
O. II. Kent, Kent's Corner.
A. A. Bliss, Sodom.
Teachout & Orton, North Calais.
W. L. Pierce. East Cahus.
J. M. Willard, East Montpelier.
W. G. Nye, Nortli Montpelier.
E. W. Gilman, Marshfield.
II. B. Nichols, Middlesex.
Nichols & Sanborn Co., Northfield.
E. L, Cross, Gouldsville.
E. F. Leavitt, Plainfield.
Evans & Bryan, Waterbury.
Town & Burnham, South Woodbury.
II. D. Vall, Worcester.
C. C, Putnam & Son, Putnamiville.
Fred Martin, South Barre.
Dr. J. II. Judkins. Northfield.
J. A. Gilmoro, Waterbury Center.
F. A. Ainsworth, WilUamstown.
lleitin KTerjthlnK.
TwentT SupoiiM
Teaclnri. J
Valuable Lectore
JLfl6(Jil6c! 1 Open durlng the en.
fMOllejjeS rrffio.ra. .d.
or VUL - dreat uabnili.
SHOtTfAND&nUGffAPJY. Hoit, Albany, N. Y.
forOltl Lluo" Llfe InBurance Pollciea,
Addreea Box 124, Montpelier, Vt.,
All II M

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