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Tlic Foumintion of Agrlciiltuio,
Tho farmora of Vermont nro now
cngngcd in preparlng thoir lnnd for
crops nnd putting thcm in. Tboy la
bor under ouo dleadvantago which fnr
mota furtbor eouth bavo oxcmptlon
from in a groat moaBuro, tbo limo for
proparing tho eoil for crops is usually
vory shott, nnd tboro is a constant
tcmptation in tbo spring to noglcct
what is really tbo foundntion of nll roal
fiucccBs in ngriculturc, tborough prop
nrntion of the eoil. A grentdcnl of tbo
BUCCC88 or failuro of tho cropB of Ver
mont farmers in tbo comingsoason will
dopend upon tbc tborougbncBS of tbo
tillago beforo tbo cropa nro put in. In
tho cqbo of bocd crops n good denl cnn
bo dono by doop cultivntlou just nfter
plnnling, nnd thie ia elwnya to bo com
monded oxccpt undcr rnro conditlone.
But let overy fnrmor wbo rcada tbia ro
mombor tbnt tho flncr tbo soil, tho bot
tor tho crop. Or put in nnothor form,
tillogo is mnnurc. And this ia alngu
lnrly ovcrlooked by our fnrmera. Thcy
will go nnd buy oxpensivo fcrtilizera
nnd put tbom upon poorly propnrcd
lnnd, thus wnating good monoy, to say
notbing of tlmo epcnt usolcesly, and
tbo diBappointment nnd loss which aro
prctty suro to rcault. Try n eimplo ex
pcrimcnt: Tako n pieco of lnnd nnd
upon onc-balf of it put a good dreasing
of feitilizere, but do not harrow mucb
nor try to mnke tbo eoil flne. Prcpnre
tho otbcr balf for crops by tho moat
tborough tillage, that is plow wcll,
twico if tbnt will mnko tbo soil flncr
thon harrow all you think you can af
ford to, thcn harrow aa much moro, but
put on no fcrtilizera. Trent the land
tbo sarue in all other rcapoctB and aoo
whetber tillngo ia not manuro. Thcn
don't let up on tho cultivating of tho
corn and potatoca this ycar.
Puah the weeder nnd tbo cultivntor
for all they aro worth. Not deeply af
tor tho planta get up, but do tho deep
work beforo the cropa are put in and
boforo they como up.
It waB Jethro Tull in 1733 who Urat
nnnounced the valuo of tillage. His
book "New Ilorso Iloeing Huebandry"
is one of tho most valuablo ever writ
tcn in ite direct rcsults upon sgricul-
ture. In fact tbc niodcrn practical and
Bcientiflc world ia just coraing to appre-
ciate tho work of Jethro Tull.
It will bo a great day for the farm
era of this country when they plnco ns
grent vnlue on tho physical condition of
tho eoil aa they do on ita richnesa in
plant food. In truth tho former ia of
greatcr importauco than tho latter.
Good cropa cannot be grown on a hard,
lumpy soil, no mntter how rich it iain
plant food. For auch a soil cannot ro-
tain moiBturo, and moisturo or watcr ia
the baais of all plant growth. How
quickly hard lumpe dry up! And when
rain comes, tho lumpy soil does not
retain it, but lets it all ruu off. Then
tho incllow soil holda more air, and air
is of tho grcateat importance in plant
growth. Then the flne rootlots of tho
planta can go all through tho fino soil,
tboy can take lirm bold of tbo ground,
nnd all tho .procoBeea of plant growth
are bettcr carried on in mellow than in
hard soil. Therefore whntovor olso
you give your crops, givo them n flne
eoil to grow in. It will pny you n big
interest to spend timo in giving tho
soil n thorough preparation. Don't
think tho harrow is a tool of little con-
aequenco. If your land is hard and
.gets lumpy, mako a drng, woight it
wcll nnd wear down the lumpa as much
ae you can. Itemember tho flner tho
eoil, tho better tho crop.
Lake Moret Cheameky, Faiklee.
Statement for Marcb: Milk recoived,
135,8GC pounda; cream received, 3,598
pounda: buttcr made, 7,235 pounda:
avernge teBt, (Babcock) 4.00; paid pat-
ronB lor Duitcr, nineteen anu ono-nair
conts por pound; paid for milk per one
hundred pounda. .807 conts: received
for butter, deducting freight and com-
miBBton, $i,oo4.du; running cxpenses,
including reservo for ront, tubs, otc,
8235.14. .
Meadow Bkook Ckeamery, West
Glover. Statement for February:
Cream received, 42,503 pounds; butter
mado from samo, 10,300 pounda; paid
Eatrona for butter, oigbtcen nnd one
alf conts por pound; paid for butter
fat, 21.27 conts por pound. Statement
for Mnrch: Crcnm recoived, 67, 226
pounda; butter mado from samo, 16,293
pounds; paid patrons for butter, eight
oen and ono-balf conts por pound;
patd for butter fnt, 21.12 cents por
Dcafucss Cannot bo Curcd
by locnl npplicntions, ns thoy cnnnot
rench tho diBcased portion of tho car,
Thero is only ono way to curo dcafncss,
nnd that is by constitutlonal remcdics
DcafneBS is cauaed by an intlamed con
dition of tho mucouB liningof thoEus
tacbian tubo. When this tube is in
flnmcd, you hnvo n rumbling sound or
impcrfect henring, nnd when it is en
tiroly cloBcd dcafneas is tho rcsult, and
unlcss the inflammation can bo tnkon
out, nnd this tubo restored to its nor
mnl condition, henring will bo dcstroyed
forovor. Nino casea out of ten nro
cnused by catarrh, which is nothing but
nn inflamcd condition of tho mucous
We will givo ono hundred dollnra for
nny cbbo of denf ness (cnused by catarrb)
that can not bo cured by Hall'a Cntarrh
Cure. Send for circulnra, freo.
Toleuo, Oiiio.
Soldby druggiats; aeventy-flvo conta.
Ilnll'B Famlly Fills nro tho bcst.
Fotntoci: Enrly or Lnto Plniiting?
Mnhy will plant oarly this yoar on
nccount of tho scarclty this apriug of
potntoos for onting. In tho citics tho
prlcos will bo kopt down by southom
BbipmontB. Evon aa oarly aa tho tnld
dlo of Aprll, Florlda potntoos woro
quoted in tho Now York mnrkots, nnd
Boutbcrn Georgia bogins to shlp oarly
in Mny. But tho wcathcr durlug
Aprll has boen bo cold in tho South
that potntoos bavo como along vory
Blowly, and tho crop will bo two or
thrco weeks latcr than usual in moat
parts of tho South. In aome plncca tho
Bocd haa beeu dostroyed, nnd nouo cnn
bo got to plant ovor. This will tend to
holp tho northorn growor. Tho South
ia going into tho growing of Irlah po
tatoca moro nnd moro. This Benson n
largo nron wns plnnted on nccount of
tho cxpcctcd high prlcos. Tho Btnto of
Georgia nlono haa usod thirty cnr londa
of Mnino grown seed potntoos. Tho
South has ono advantago in that n acc
ond crop can bo grown from plantinga
mado in Auguat. Ordinarily, howover,
vory fow Irish potatoes aro grown in
tho South for homo consumption. Tho
swcct potato is considcred bo much
botter, and certainly thoro nro vnriotics
grown which nro of tho vory flnest fln
vor, but which do not flnd tboir way to
tbo North aa a rulo.
Thcro soema to bo an increaso in tbo
prnctice of tho lato plnnting of potntoca
in the North, and it haa its advantngca
nnd ita ovila. In tho flrst plnco, when
potntoca aro put in vory carly boforo
the ground gets warm, tho sced oftcn
spoilB as it haa in aomo aouthern atatea
already tbia yoar. If tho soil is wot
and cold, and does not warm up soon
after planling, thero will bo a failuro in
tho early planting. Thon it ia not eaay
to give tho soil the thorough propara
tion it necds whcro tho aeed ia put
in vory early. If tho land is plowcd in
tbo fall, then plowed again after boing
well harrowed in tho epring, say tho
last of April, then harrowed overy ten
days for six wceks, tho land will bo in
tho very bcst possiblo condition for
putting in tbo crop. Tho wocds will
have got diauouraged and givcn up the
fight, tho soil will bo very mellow and
just right for growing a good crop of
potatoes. This plan of twico plowing
and thon harrowing onco a week or bo
for sevnral weeks is ono of tho aecreta
of growing good crops. On somo soila
it will do aa much good na a ton of com
mon fertilizer per acre.
The objectiona to tho lato plnnting
aro, tho difllculty of kcoping tho seed
and tho greatcr liability to tbo nttacks
of insocta and diaoasc. Tho way to
kcep the aeed ia to placo tho potatoes
in tho light cnrly in the epring, not in
tho direct aunlight, but whoro thoro is
plenty of ligbt. Spread them ono deep,
and instead of tho long sprouta which
grow in cellars, thero will bo a green
bud, and tho growth of tbia will bo so
bIow in tho ligbt, tbat the potato can
bocutupand planted witbout injury.
Thia motbod of sproutiug is coming to
bo widely used by potato growers.
Then na to insects, otc, they mual be
sprayed nnyhow, nnd tho lnto planted
will require very little more timo than
tho early. Probably tbo coming way
will bo to plant n few very early for
homo usc, and tho main crop in June.
lYiiitownshiug Slnbles.
On page eighty-soven, we spoko of
the henltbful effcct of whitowashing
cow atablcs, nnd nlao ndviaed tho uao of
n small pump.as a great aaving in labor,
in applying tho wbitewash. Sinco tho
publication of tbat item, wo havo re
ceived soveral inquiries, asking whero
the pump can be procured, and tho
mannor of making tho whitewaab.
The pump used is what is known ns
a apraying pump for throwing a apray
ing mixturo on fruit troes. The wbite
wash should be mado very thin, nnd
strnined through n wiro mesh, suitnblc
for strnlning milk. A abcet of such
wiro mesh fnstened on tho bottom of a
tin pail, holding ten quarts is nbout tho
right Bizc. When flrst npnliod it will
not ahow white, but tho color will np
pcar aa it drioB. Two men, ono to
pump, and tho other to hold tbo hoso,
whicb is about ten feet long, will, in
tbia way, whitowash more aurfaco In an
hour than cnn be done witb a brush in
ten hours. Besides, tbo liquid peue
trnteB overy nook nnd crovico. Hoard'a
Buckxen's Arnica Salvk. Tho
best salvo in tho world for cuts, bruiacs,
aoros, ulcers, aalt rhoum, fovor sores,
totter. chapped bands, chilblains, corna
nnd all akin eruptions, and poaitivcly
curcs pilcs, or no pny roquired. It is
guarantocd to givo perfect satisfaction,
or monoy rofunded. Prico twenty-flvo
conta por box. For Balo by G. Blakely,
Montpelier, Vt.
Particularly throat and lung dlfllcultlos,
ignorantly attributed to other ciuibcs, is
tho result of unsanltnry conditions of
walls and ceilincs. Think of havinc bed-
rooms covorod with layors of moulding
Uourpasto to feed vcrmln, with paper to
hido them and to absorb tho moisturo of
resplratlon, and an animal gluo culturo
ground on its faco fordlsenso germB;
this having etrong colora added liko a
but ht? iotd
lamer for 25
wnre tor
110 iijiei oi
M itrlei of
Trtti lblUi
tt, SpriDs-Ito&d
Fo. tt.
fiorrr lltriiei.. Tttct, f 10.00.
Cttilojuo ef tU our
Sond all Ordors to
THE N. Y. TRIBUNE ALMANAG i cnco'for Governmental and Polltical In-
formatlon. Containa the Gonstllution of tho ITnitcd Slates, tho Constilution of
tho State of Now York, tho Dingley Tariff Bill, with a comparisonof old and now
ratos; Prealdcnt McKinloy's Cablnet and Appointoos, Ambaaaadora, Conaule,
otc; tbo personncl of Congrcas, namca of principal ofllcers of tho dlfforcnt
stateB. commandtng ofllcers of tho Army and Navy, with thoir salaries; Tables
of Public StatisticB. Election ItoturnB. Pnrtv PlatformB and CommlttecB, com-
pleto articles on tho Curroncy, Gold and Silvor, and a vaat amount of othor val
uablo information. Tho standard Americnn Almanac, nuthoritntlvo nnd com-
plete, correapondlng in rank with whittaker'B Almanac in iiUropc.
Sond all ordera to THE VEUMOT WATCHMAN CO., Montpelier, Vt.
Worth Kcinembcrliif,'.
It would bc worth milliona of dollars
to the annual revenue of tho dairy
farmers of tho United States if tbo flrst
pnrngrnpb of the articlo on "Tho Utlli-
zation of liy-l'rouucts of tne Dairy ln
duatry," in anothor column, could be
workod down in tho daily conviction of
every man who kcops cows.
Tako this ono aentcnce: "Tho kocn
compctition in our timo rcquirea tho
Btricteat economy in manufacturing."
"Our timo" meanB to-day. Wo must
handlo tho quostion by tho necessities
of to-day. It is a fact tbat thousands
of farmers should bo hcartily ashamed
of, that whilo the prico of dairy prod
ucta bas gono down, they aro going
along making milk just as cspcnsivcly
as evcr. They cannot. sec the buaiuess
principlea involvcd.
Thoy aro making no cfforta to right
ly improvo their cows. Very likely
thoy will put a beefy, Short horn bull
at tho hoad, to produco daugbters moro
beefy than thoir mothere, and which
will givo lcss milk than their mothors,
and milk worth less per hundred than
whon their mothera woro born.
Any man who can seo business prin
ciplea clearly would eay:
If you aro going to bo at the cxpouao
of feeding a cow coatly food; at tho ex
penso of furniabing coatly help to milk
ber, and raiso the fodder for hcr; at
tho expen80 of fumishiug tbo coatly
stablo room, bo ahapo thinga tbat your
breeding will give you a bettcr cow and
not a poorer ono; ono tbat will mnke
moro milk and butter, not less,
Then again, atudy thia feed quealion.
Road up on It. Spend a little monoy
and timo in looking lnto it, and get tho
oxperienco of othor and moro succeaa
ful men than you are.
It ia nothing but folly of tbo moat ox
penalvo kind to tbink that other nun
cannot tcach you anything on theso
You aro in competition with men
who are studying how to manufacturo
milk choaper overy year. Wake upl
and seo tbat you aro a mnnufacturer
and aubject to latter day competition
liko other manufacturora.
A dairy farmer is not a simplo, old
timo producor. Ho is a mnnufacturer.
Tho cow is his machino. Ho puts
feed, tbat representB labor and capi
tal, into ono cnd of that machino,
and takcs out milk at tho other. But
ho is not through yot. Ho must mnnu
facturo that milk, or pay for ita boing
manufactured into n family product.
Evorywhero be is a manufacturer.
Does ho seo it? Doea ho know it? Tho
"domnition grind" of tho timea, and
tho Bqueezod pocket-book will toll him
of it protty soon. Ho muat get down
to the market, for tbo market will
will novor yiold to him. He must im
provo his cows so aa to mako tho aamo
amount of milk with lcss cowa. Ho
muat lcarn tho best principles of feed
ing and caro of cows, bo as to got tho
moat milk from tho least oxpensivo
feed. Ho must study better than he
has beon doing bow to utilizo tho skim
milk, tho whey, and all tho by-products
of tbo farm. Ho must study bottor
methods of cron ralsinc and farm til
lngo. no is in sharp compotition with
luousanus or otnor iarmors. Doea no
know it? CaD ho seo It? Hoard'a
colorodshirt to hido tho dlrt; thon think
of "tbenasty practico" of ropoating this
pnporing without rmnoving tho old, and
u numbor of times attbat, bb many do.
Then think of a room coatcd with puro,
porous, pormanent Alabastino, which is
retinted with but little troublo or ox
nenBo,andlB purlfying and Bwoot-smoll-ing
and fllls crncko. Wall paper freo
would bo dearcr tban Alabastino, if cost
of romovlng paper is conBiderod.
direct to th cn
jetri it wbol
and fililk
itlei, ,bdt, Proa tai leoden, W k wa . 'iViii KV $L
CO. W. II. P1L1TT, 8c, ULiaiAUT, LNII.
and your Favorito Ilorao Paper,
The Vermont Watclimaii,
Cures Coughs,
Colds, Croup,
Consumption and
all Lung Diseases.
Peoplo stand by Downs' Ellxlr
bccauso it curca nnd haa curcd for
slxty-flvo ycars. This is tho
strongcc possiblo cndorsement or i
its merlts. rrico a.ic. GOo. anu
1.00 por bottle. At Druggiats.
Henry, Johnson iiLord. Props,, Burlington, VI.
We made the first bicycle ever
produced in America. We intro
duced the industry into this coun
try and have led it during every step
of its progress for 21 years to the
marvelous perfection that makes
are the best wheels in the world
at any price. They are made of
5 Nickel Steel Tubing, they are
weather proof, their bevel gears
improve with use and they are the
easiest under any condition of
road or weather.
Columbla Chalnlass Bleyclaa ito $125
Columblt Chiln Wheoli , . " 75
Hartford Bleyoloi . . . , ' so
Vtdattu ra (40 and 35
Calalogue free from any Columbla dealer, or
by malt lor one a-cent tlamp.
Columbia Dealer, - - Montpelier, Vt.
IfllllEQ WhoHavaUiadThBin
LHUItO Recommend as tha BEST
Btu Crown Brind
Immedlftt reUef, no dinKer, no paln.
Uiad for veari bv IriullniT naclatliti.
monlali. A trlal will convloce you 0 fthtlr lntrlmto vtluo
ln cic ol luiipreiiion. 8end ten ccnt fot aipje tn
iKKik. All Druftgiitiorby mU10box.
Tho Mlcblgan State Doard of Hoallh
had n paporpublisbed with thoir annual
rcport, in which tho use of paper and
kolsomlno on walls was strongly con
domucd nnd Alnbastlno rccommondcd.
And tbo stato onco publlsbod a book
ontitlod, "Sbadows from tho Walls of
Deoth," with samples of areonlcal wall
paper, and placod it ln all public libra
rios of tho State,
l'rcparo for Solllng Crops,
Now ia tho limo to makc preparation
for Bupplylng tho dairy hord with for
ago ncxt July and August when tho
paaturca havo bccomo dry and parchcd
from tho drought that comca about
thrco ycars out of four at that Benson.
It is not only nccoBsnry to provido for
this oxtra food for tho bonofll of tho
milk supply at that partlcular Benson,
for if a cow ia allowcd to shrink in hor
milk product on nccount of insufflcicut
fcod it ia almoat Imposslblo to got hor
back to hcr full capaclty under any
mothod of focding until sho bas como
froah in milk again. Somotlilngcan bo
dono in llboral feodlng after aehrlnkago
but aho will not quito rcgaln tho ilow
that mlght havo boon had undor a
propcr feed during thia critical poriod
of tho ycar. Thoso who mako dalrying
a leadlng and Bpccial busincss undcr
atand very woll tho neccaally of making
thio proviaion for tbo ronsons alroady
atatcd. And, besides, tho practico of
dopending less upon pasturcs and moro
upon Bolling crops during all months of
tho summer sonson is fast boing adopt
cd; honco tho great importanco attnchcd
to this mattor.
Wo flnd in tho Wisconsin Farmer a
communlcation from E. 11. Towlo in
rcgard to tho crops to bo grown for this
purposo from which wo quoto as fol
lows: "Now as to what crops sball bo rais
cd for tho purposo will dopend largoly
on what will bo found tbo most proflt
ablo or oaaily produced in any particu
lar locality. Tho consideration should
bo to select thoso planta that will get in
condition aa carly as may bo dcsirable
for use. Wborovor tho clovcrs can bo
extenslvcly raiscd theso will mako tho
bcst of carly green feed for cowa.
Thoao farmers who llvo whero alfalfa
flourishes should havo in IhiB ono of
tho best cropa for tho purpose, particu
lurly aa it yielda bo many cuttlngs in
tho scnaon. But all cannot avall them
sclves of this most cxcollent forage
plant and Bomothing elso must bo used
instead. Oats, or onts and poas sown
togother as early aa possiblo and for a
timo at frenucnt intcrvals sav onco in
two wceks would givo a succession of
green feed until corn, tbo great forage
crop, bo far enough advanccd to feed.
Hero at tho east wo often flnd it ncc
essary to feed grain boforo tho corn
gets in condition to uso, but in Bomo
cases tho oats and peas mlght bo sub
atituted for this.
"But it is quito possiblo that beforo
long cnailago will'bocomo tho ataplo
food in summer and autumn, taking
tho placo of tho green fodder crops.
Expericnco isfast proving that this is
most oxcollent for tho purposo and will
requiro much Iosb work in feeding,
after it ib in the silo. But compara
tively fow follow this mothod now, bo
tho noxt bcst thing to do will bo to
grow tho crops and feed them green.
"Tho scason for feeding corn in its
green state may bo quito percoptibly
extcnded by flrst planting somo of the
oarlior varietics, to bo euccecded by
tbo kinds most gonerally grown for tho
principal crop. It will be found quito
important to adopt tho varietiea of corn
aa well aa of all other crops grown
to tho location of the soil. Somo of tho
aweot varietics will bo found profltable
tor early planting, wniio tno larger
kinds will do well for latcr. In all
parta of tho country thero will bo somo
ono best or moBt profltablo variety for
tno general crop, wliicn it will bo wcll
to usc.
This fodder corn crop, as it is callod,
is a vory profltablo one when properly
grown, out it snouiu do weu tertiiizeu,
planted and cultivatcd to produco tho
bcst rcsults. Now all of thia can bo
readily and easlly dono by tho uso of
implomonts adapted to tho purposo,
making it ono of tho most cheaply
grown on tho farm, wherover this plant
will tiourisn. it anouiu bo borno in
mind tbat quito an advanccd atato of
maturily in tho crop ia found to pro
duco dccidcdly tho best rcsults when
being fed, henco tho necessity of plant
ing auch varietiea, or aa early in the
season aa posaiblc, in ordcr tbat tbia
Btago of developmcnt may bo reached
at a timo when tho crop is nceded for
use. xnis Deing tno caso it ia not bcst
to plant so thickly but thero will bo a
fair proportion of ears. Tbia rulo will
also apply whon it ia dcairable to curo
any part of tho crop to feed when dry,
or to put in tho silo. Thia is found to
bo tho rcsult of expericnco aa well as
of Bcientiflc inveBtigation." Mirror and
Exporlmeut Stntlou Bullctlu.
The Exporiment Station has just ia
sued Bulletin 04 containing tho analy
Bisand valuatious of thirty-four lcading
brands of commorcial fertilizera. This
is tho socond of throo bullotina upon
tbia aubject to bo issued during tbo
spring months. Theso, as wcll as othor
bulletins and 'reportB of tho station,
aro sont wlthout cbargo to any addrcsa
upon application. Such as dcBiro to
havo thoir namca placcd upon tho mail
ing list to recoivo f uluro issues without
furthor notico should add this state
ment to thoir rcquoBt for the bulletin.
A postal card diroctod to tho Expori
ment Station, Burlington, Vt., is suf
llciont. Be suro you aro right thon go ahcad.
Bo suro you got Hood's Sarsaparilla,
and not somo choap and worthloss sub
Btltuto. IT 16 KASY.
It 1b oasy for any ono to uudorstand
that Alabastino, tho basls of which is a
comont that whon anplied to any clean,
solid aurfaco gocs through a procoss of
sotting and grovva hard with nge, should
bo durablo, tbat is, not rub and ecnlo off,
but admit of reconting from timo to timo
without having to waah and acrnpo off
ita old coata boforo ronowlng, It is
equally plaln that all kalsominea aro tho
Curo slck licudaclie, liait
taste In tho motitli, co.itcd
toiigiie, gas In tho stomacli,
dlUrrsa and Indlireitloii. Do
not nealten, hut liave tonlo effect. 85 cnta.
Tli only l'UIi to take wltU llood't Bariaparllla.
Ycrinoiit Markotg.
llntter, frcih new, In 5 ft boiea.f? n.. 1C
Ilntter. Iretb new, ln tabi, V B...
Cneeae, dairy, V B 9
Krki, V doi
roi&ioes, i nuinei
Hogi, dreaied, W Ib ..
Ijunba. ?l 1b
veaia. uve , &
Chlckena i
Kowla 10 il
Turkeri.. , 17
llntter, dairy..,., 16 e
I'otatooa, t bnabel , , g
IIoK,clrei6d, Ub 41$
Veala, llTe.....T 11
Hprlng lamba, V rb I
Ileef, nlndqnartert, 1b 6 i
lieef, foreguartera, in... IJiii
Kowla, V ft. 'fi
Bprlnx cnlckena M
Turkera 15 i
31. Albani
ltutter. creamery (
llutter, dairy, fair to KOOd 12 1
llutter, dairy, aelectlona (
llatter, dairy, aecarator It (
llutter, frcih, $) lb.... 1; q
llutter, cratea, V box 16
Kget, doi i
l'otatoea, buabel (i
Ilaga, llve, V R 1
HoK, dreaaed, V B
Lamba 4 (
Veala, lWe i
Cbtckena Q
Turkeia 18 i
llatter, creamery 17 (
llutter, dairy, tnb 14 i
llutter, cratea i
(Jheeae.factorr 1
Cbeeae, dairy
Cbeeae, aage
l'otatoea, ?l buabel
Iloga, dreaaed, fllb
Veala, llve
llecf, hlndquartera
Ileef, rorequartera
8heep, llve
Hprlug lamba
Bprlng cblckena
Flour, RprlDK Wbeat W barre! , ( 25
Flour, Wlnter Wbeat, barrel 6 IKX
Klour, Famlly lloller, $ barre! 5 75,
Meal.Vcwt 60.
Mlddllnea.cwt fcS-:
Oati.W buabel 28(
Corn.ii buahel SlS
llran, per cwt tita
Ueane, buahel 115
Boston Froduco Market,
2TThe quotatlona glien below repreaent prlcea
obtalned dt receWtrs, tor uhtitmie Mt (n( tcMn
pricet) unieaa ottierwlce lnolcatea, ud are lntended
to repreaent artaal aiiei.
Creamery, Vt. ana N. II., aaaorted aliea, . .
Oreamery , North'u N. Y., aaaorted aliea, 17
Creamery, northorn flrata
Creamery, eaatern 18
Creamery, weatern flrata 16
Creamery, aeconoa
Dairy, Vt., extra
Dairy, N. .. extra 15
Dairy, N. Y, and Vt., flrata 14
Dairy, N. Y, and Vt., aeconda 11
Dairy, N. Y. and Vt., low grade 10
Iloxea, extra creamery 19
lloxes, extra dairy 18
lloxea, cora. to good 14
Trunk, prlnta, ex, creamery
Trunk, prlnta, ex. dairy
Tmnk, prlnta, com. to sood 14
New York, extra 8 8
Vermont, extra 8 8
Vermont, largo extra & 8
Vermont, flrata 7 w 7)
Vermont, aeconda 6 (n 7
Sage 8 11
fart aklma 4 0 6
Common extraa , 4 00 4 4D
Cholce extraa and aeconda 4 G0 5 00
Mlnnneaota clear and atralgbt 5 OOn) 5 50
Mlcblgan, clear and atralght 5 50$ 5 80
New York, clear and atralgbt 5 H.& 5 75
Ohlo and 8t. Lonla clear 5 55.5)5 60
Ohlo and Ht.;Loula atralght 5 5l 5 80
Ohlo and Bt.;Loula patent & 8 20
Wlaconaln and Mlnn . patent 6 25 8 tO
Eaatern, cholce treah
Eaatern, (air to good
Vt. and N. 11. cbolce freab.,
11 HK
Steamer yellow
No. 3
Uood, no grado 33
No 1, cllpped white
No. 2, cllpped white
No. 2, white
No. 3, white 23
Kejected white
New oata
Arooatook ilebrona
New Hampahlre Ilebrona
Vermont Ilebrona
Tea, N. V. and Vt., amall hand-plcked..
Pea, marrow, hand.plcked ,
I'ea, acreened
Pea. aeconda
Mealuuia, cbolce hand.plcked
Medluma, acreened
Medlnma, aeconda
Yellow eyea, extra ,
Yellow eyea, aeconda
lted Kldner
.. (
1 30
1 10
I 35 (
1 30 (
1 10
1 55
1 10 (
Oranulated, per bbl.,
Common, per bbl
2 2S0
2 50
Boston Lunibcr Market.
Ilemlock boarda, rough 8 50 9 M
Ilemlock boarda, planed 9 51W10 M
ilemlock boarda, No. 2 6 50 7 50
Bprnce boarda, lat, clear .floor 16 00SI8 00
Bpruce boarda, 2da, clear rloor 13 00n14 00
Bpruce boarda, coarae , 10 01 U 00
Bpruce, nor. do. cara 12 5013 00
Npruce, matched 12 C031J 00
Ilox boarda, 1 ln, Bangor i0 0Oll.M
llox boarda, ord 9 50io 54
iioz boaraa, 7-8 do 9 0CW 9 25
llox boarda, 34 dj 8 tftgi 9 00
Hox boarda, 11-16 do... , 8 O0J$ 8 25
llox boarda, 54 do 7 0OS.7 90
Shlnglea, Eaatern, aawed, cedar, ex 2 50 2 75
BblnRlea, do clear 2 IftS 2 25
Shlnglea, do2da 1 159 154
Bhlnglea, do ex. No. t 1 25t 1 M
Hhlnglea, do No. 1 iiA 71
Clapboarda, do 4ft. ex 10 OftrtJl 00
Clapboarda, do clear , 28 0tl29 00
Clapboarda, 2da, clear 24 oo26 uo
Clapboarda, extra No. 1 13 00.316 00
Clapboarda, No. 1 10 tmit 00
Lath, apruce, by cara 1 153 2 (
Latb, apruce, by cargoea 1 o 1 75
W 38
roverso of this, boiug manufactured
from whiting, chalks, clays, otc, for a
baso, nnd boiug stuck on tbo walls with
gluo, which whon esposod to tho air,
moisturo, otc, soon decnys, and tho
rubbing and scaling then commonces,
loaving tho wnll ln a tcrriblo condition,
Soe tbat Alnbastino is in packages
and properly labeled, taking nothing
offorod as "just as good" or "tho
samo thing." Druggista and palnt
dealers sell it,
Boston Wool Market.
X andabore ,
No. 2
Klne nnwaahed
No. 1, comblng, and K blood,,
No. 2. comblng, fi blood, ,,,
tyeiaino ............ ,
Comblng, l blood
Comblng, blood ,
Comblng, brald ,
Clothlng.Jf blood '.
w.v.uiuK, cuHrie.,
A flne..,., ,
W 45
U.auper., ,....,
O auper "' m
Comblng, flne
Comblng, common
Currcnt Commcnt.
OATB.-Tho matkot is (jniet but the prico
has been forcetl hlBher by tho advanced
coat to eblp from tbo west.
Ciiersb. Itecolpta for ezport 0,108 bozed
Tbero bas been a good fair demand for tho
past week and stooks aro beinR steadily re
duced. Eaas. Uecelpts bavo been consldorably
llgbter tban last weok and a considerable
portion of tbo arrivals is Btlll goiDg into
Cohn. Tbo demand bas ruled fair dur
ing tbo week.witb spot oQeriogs moderate.
Tbe cost to Bblp bas advanccd, and apot of
ferlnga aro bigber in sympatby.
Bdtteb. Uecelpts for tbo week sbow a
conBiderable increaso. Demand has con
tinued llgtat and tbero haa been a fmther
decline in prices, but tbe market closea
witb a little stoadler tone.
Bkans. Tbero bas boon a marked tm
provement in tbo condition ot tbo bean
market slnce onr last weekly report. Thero
bas been an active demand for most all
kinds and a general advanco in prices,
Flour. Tbo market has been Tery much
ezcited during tbe week, tbe sharp advanco
ln the prico of wheat having greatly in
creased the prico of Hour. Tbere haa been
more buyinp noted, but it has been largely
from socond bands.
LuMBEii. Tho market on Northern and
Eastorn lnmber is very much unsettled by
tho war. The vessel peoplo are getting
rather nervous and some are aBking better
rates. Tho call for vessels is so sllght, how
over, tbat tbero is not much chance ot the
advanced prices being obtalned. Tho trade
bore is not buymg to any eztent, and the
mllls down East aro dlaposed to go very
slow in thematter of sbipping.
Woor,. Sales for tbe week, 1,057,000
pounds. The increaso in tbe buainess of
the week is wbolly tho result of a few trans
actlouB of comparatlvely largo siza ln Aus
tralian and Cape wool. The latter was
really but a continuance of the trade ot two
weeks ago, and represents tbe cleaning up
of tho supply of the wreckod hark Culdoon.
The wool was sold in bond to go to Canada.
In domestic holdings a good amount of
seamed, princlpally small lots ot terrltory,
bas cbanged bands.
Llvo Stock Market.
Swine. Western rulo Jo higher, 4 to 4ig
1. w.j country hogs at4J to Scd. w., or o
Bekf Cattlb. Tho demand was fair and
for cholce cattle outside flgures were ad
vanced, MlLCU COWS AND El'KlNQEHS. A sloW
trade, more particularly on lower grades.
Sales from S20 to S45, unless cholce at S50
to SC0.
Prices of market beef : A fow choice, SG to
S0.7G; extra, 5S.25 to 5.75; flrst nuallty,
84.75 to 85; second quality, 84 to 84.50; third
quality, 83 to 83.50.
Siikep and Lambs. Tho market was not
sufflclently active to permit of an advance.
The Western laid down here at 4J to 51c for
y earlings, 4 to 4Jc for old sheep, and country
dealeis cannot expect better rates for tbelr
liocks. Demand moderate.
Prices of store cattle: Working oxen per
palr, 860 to 8130; farrow cowe, 812 to 822;
fanoy cows, 850 to 860; inilch cows and
calves, S20 to 848; yearlings, 88 to S10;
two-year-olds, S12,to 822; three-yesr-olds,
820 to 832; Western fat swfne, llve, 4 to 4Jc;
Northern dressed hogs, 4J to 5o per poand.
Lato Grown or Sccond-cron Potatoes.
The seed valuo of a crop of potatoes
grown in the latter part of the season
ls fully recognized by all wbo havo
thorourjjhly investigated tho aubject,
but just why the lato grown crop is
Btronger and moro vigorous than one
grown earlier is an intercsting prob
lem, nlthough tho fact is clcarly dem
onstrnted. The reaaon which appears
to me tho most evident is that tho
ripening of potatoes in midsummer is
almost invariably accompanied by early
blight, cauaing rot, a dying of thevines
and seriously injuring tho vitalily of
tho Bced. But in tho latter part of tho
Benson, whon tho weather is cooler and
when favorable conditions for blight do
not exlst, wo get the seed with unim
paired vitality.
Acting on this theory last spring I
purchased seed, which I knew was
grown in tho latter part of the previous
BeaBon, and planting it tbo first week
in July I raised a crop of flne, largo,
smooth potatoes. Now there is no
reason why every farmer may not havo
his seed of lato grown potatoes if ho
will only tako pains to do so. The
keeping of the seed until timo for such
lato planting is the main trouble, but iB
easily accomplished by sun-sproutlng
which is simply spreading tho seed in
a thin layer whero it can receivo tho
sunlight. It will send out Btrong stub
by sprouts that are not easily broken
off and will commence to grow tho day
thoy aro put into soil. That is what I
did last year and ecarcely a missing hill
could be found in the wholo fleld and
nono of tho tubors wero affected by
scab. New England HomoBtoad.
Coughs and colds. down to the very bor
derlaud of consumption, yleld to tho sooth
ing, bealing influences of Dr. Wood's Nor
way Pino Syrup.
Do not buy a lawsuit or an in
junctlon with choap kalBomines, im
ltations of Alabastine. Dealcra assumo
tho rlsk of a suit for damnges by soliing
an infriugement. Alabastino Company
own tho right, covorod by lottors patent,
to mako nud sell wall coatlngs adapted
to bo raixed with cold iratcr. Alabas
tino Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.
.. & 21
.. 23
.. 0 21
20 0 22
.. 0 21

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