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A Llfo Scntcncc,
Thov had como out toeothor on tho
lawn from tho roorn that was too Btnall
1n hnlri twn mnn nnd tlioir ailCCr.
Mildouhnll'B euddon rago had kopt
hlm qh vot from realizing tho full
moaning of tho torn lottor whicli hnd
fallon from tho laco at IiIb wlfo's bosom
na sho loft tho dinnor-tablo thrco mln
utos hoforo. Sho hnd swopt away,
trallluc hor silks af tor hor, unconscious.
Evory frosh thought flushed hlo faco
anow, nnd his llngors couvuhlvciy
crumplctl or rollcd tho Bcrnps of papor
itini uo ciung lo witn Dotu uanus.
"Oh, you Bcoundroll Oh, you foar-
ful scoundroll"
Tho half-llght from tho drawn blinds
foll on tho lottor tho foolish lottor. in
Kingsmark'a handwrlting and foll,
too, on Kingsraark's white, hardoncd
fnco, that accmcd topeorwith n pltoous
cviosity at what bo llttlo Hmo ago was
t' ,& facc of hla f riond. His frlcnd, his
deur old frioud, whom ho had bo basoly
botrayed and thnt not for lovo's Bako,
but in tho cllmax of n Borios of wcak
conccssions to tho foolish paealon of
his fricnd's wifo.
Tho brokon voico wont on, sounding
wcarily liko tbo voico of ono who has
spokon a long timo.
"And if nny ono hnd told mo, Jnck
only flve niinutes bnck boforo I that
you oh, you Bcoundrell"
At tho frosh blazo of wrath, Kings
mark put up his arm instinctivoly.
"Koop off," ho said, apeaking for tho
flrat timo."
Tho action put a now thought into
Mildonhall's madnoss. With a scroam
liko an animal in pain, tho big yellow
bearrlcd man throw himsolf upon
Kingsmark, and hurled him to tbo
ground. Ab thoy rollcd ovcr togolher
Kingsmark folt hands at hia throat.
His oycB awam in hia hend tho clutch
rclonscd for nn instnnt, and bcforo it
tightoned ngain, his fingers found what
thoy sought in his broast pockct.
Mildenhall was knccling on bim and
laughing hystorically, spccch was im
posBiblo to King8mark bo tried itj
thon forgotting ovorything but that life
and sonacB wero leaving bim, ho struck
upward with all hia obbing force.
A trcraor ran through tho flngers at
his throat, and their claap waa loosen
cd. Ho strugglcd to his knecs.
Evelyn Mildenhall seemed to bo sit
ting againat tho tulip bank, with hia
bead thrown back and hia bcard
pointcd upward, juat as it UBcd to do
whcn bo lot off hia great poal of laugh
tcr at Bomo lcst of his fricnd's.
"Evelyn I" No nnBwer. Then the
blood rushed into the forehead of tho
man who realized now what ho had
donc. Ho atcppcd back into tbo houso
nnd throw on his hat and invcrncsa.
When ho roturncd, ho learned ovcr Mil
denbnll nnd stroked his hnir witb his
hand. Tho mnn waa dend, but tho man
who had killed him could not think of
that now. All his Benaes wero strango
ly alive to trifles.
Through .the open window he could
sec tho dining-room as they had lcft
it tho chaira thrust back, the cigar
box open on tho tablo, tho wino Btill
in tho glasscs. Ono of the two who had
Bat there was dead the ono who waa
nlivo hardly knew which. The turf
waa wet. Had a Bhower fallen? At
dinnor sho had complained of tbo hcat,
and languidly predicted rain. Milden
ball'B head, lying back like thnt, muat
bo cruabing ono of tho tulipa. Natural
ly an unobaervant man, Kingsmark no
ticed for the flrat timo that tulip-cups
Bhut at nigbt.
Something was shining at Milden
ball's broaBt. The silver figure of a
contadina hafting tbo stilotto that slew
him. Why was thcrc not morc blood?
Kingsmark had bougbt that stilotto
and the silver candlcstick now on tbo
tablo within, the day tho two came
away from 1'isa, at tho end of thnt long
holiday in the sun. Ho could loave
it there eafely. No mnn hnd lookcd nt
it ainco but he nnd tho dead man who
now bad it in his beart. He took hia
eyea from tbo bilt, ahut thcm, and turn
cd away bia bead. Whcn ho opencd
them again bo Btooped to pick up
aometbing white from tho turf a torn
letter on whose turned-up corner ho
read "Darling Hetty."
ThruBtinging this into his waistcoat
pocket, he went down tho avenuo with
hcad bont, his boots cruncbing tho
moist gravel on tho path, now lit up
and spangled by the moon-light.
His old frienu
Long ago they had sworn that tho
one who dled flrst ahould return to
mect and greet tho othcr on his way.
Kingsmark wished that thia could bo,
for tben his Inst mcmory of his frienu
would be a reproachful face better
mcmory than tho white throat thrown
back in the moonlight.
He sbuddcred and reachcd out his
hands as ho wnlkcd, aa ono doca etrug
gling to break a nightmare.
Somo ono waa Bpcaking. Ho bad
walkcd into tho little lnno of light caat
by a policcman'a lantern.
"Good-night," he answered in his
"Looka likea moro rain, air."
"I foar bo," aaid King8mark, and
burried on to cecapo the coming Bhow
er. Hia old friendl Ile almoBt felt the
nccustomcd arm thrown across his
No thought of flght; ho was tired,
nnd to-morrow showecl dimly nt tho
end of the long sleep nwniting him.
Mildenhnll bad always walked this
road with him, and now, Mlldonball
was dead. Kingsmark wiahcd ho waa
dead, too but perhaps that waB only
part of tho cravlng for sleep which op
pres8cd him. But it was his flrst dell
nito thought Binco Mildenhnll, cigar in
mouth, had pickcd tbo torn letter from
tho floor undcr the ompty chair nt tho
tablo head.
Anothor policomun waa standing nt
his gato when Kingsmark flttcd hia
latch-koy to tho lock. KingBmark
wondored nt tho atrango voico witb
which ho gnvo good-night to thia mnn.
Whcn ho had ligbtcd a candlo in hla
bcdroom, ho loanod hla handa on tho
drossiug-tablo nnd lookcd long nnd
curlously ut tho whlio fnce thnt starcd
nt him out of tho mlrror'a dnrk depths.
It waa intorcating to aoe tho faco of n
mnn who had Ho throw himsolf
on tho bed at tho last pitch of exhaus-tion.
"On fluard."
When discase
slioots tlic flrst
nrrow the trulv
tvlsp mnn v
f coine instantly
LU , . wlll not wait for
lSF-Oxvm not licsitate
w nnlil tlin full
force of discase
nncl mlsorv nml
dcath comes crasliing about hltii,
When n man bcctns to fcel "out of
sorts," when his appetite is failing and his
cnergy is not up to tho mark, when he has
biiious attacks and a fecling of lassitude
nnd inrapacity, if he is wise, he will take
Dr. 1'icrce's Golden Medlcal Discovery
riRht away. It will britifr his appatlte back
again, and what is tnore it will brinjr back
his dieestive powers, It will give nll the
nssimilative functions the edge nnd power
to extract nbundant nourishment from the
food he ents. It will makc cood, pure,
healthy blood and send it coursinfr rapldly
through his veins and arteries into every
ergan and tissue of the body, It will put
flesh on his bones and force in his musclcs:
it will give him strcngth and courage and
cheerfulness, in a word it will give him
complete health.
It excretes from the systcin every par
ticlo of dead, useless, flabby tissue. It
even reduces the weight of the corpulsnt
man at the same time that it builds up his
ftrength and working power. The weight
it adds to people who need it is the kind
that comes of pure blood and every organ
doing its work properly nnd thoroughly;
what pugilists call ' fighting weight."
Knockknock knockl What was it
was somo ono making a coflln? Ham
mer hammer hammer; No; it was
somo ono at tho front door, and a bcll
was clanging loudly in the empty
Kingsmark instinctively toro off his
coat and put on a drcBsing-gown be
foro ho wont down.
Aa ho sbot back the heavy bolta of
tbo front door ho waa conacioua of
voicea without.
"Well, what'a up?" he waa aurpriaed
to hcar himself aav as ho saw two no-
licemen standing on tho doorstep. Tho
night amelleu sweet of wet cartu nnd
"Mr. Mildenhall, sir ho'a dead, sir
"Good God!" Klneamnrk lcaned
againat tbo door-poBt, flgbting for
breath to aay, "I killed him."
"xcb, sir. in ms tront earden a
knifo in hia bcart. air," put in tho othor
JvingsmarE ruboca nis nanus acrosa
hia eyes and looked at it ns if he ex-
pccted to seo aomething on it.
"I waa apleop," he aaid.
apologetically, "wo camo to you through
you being so well known to be bia beat
mcnu nnu nnving becn scen witn
himlnatof all."
"What?" snid Klngsmnrk.
"Why, sir, sure you'ro heavy witb
sleep, or you'd remembor mooting us
as ububI, audus giving you good-night,
sir don't you recrjllect?"
"l ou Baw mo waiKinc wnu xar. Mil
denhall to-night?"
"lea, sir; ot courao J. diu. uome,
sir, rouso youraelf." Kingsmark held
his two hands over his hcad and said:
"Tell me again."
"Again and again, Bir," anawered
tho man, with somo tempor. "I anw
bim nnd you na uaunl, and I saw bim
leavo you at your door; and I saw him
go back homo nnd I said good-night,
but ho never answered. And then wo
Baw tho light and tho window open,
nnd wcnt in nnd found tho poor gcntle
mnn stono dead on bia own lawn with
his hcad among the tulips."
Kingamark's bands tightcned their
clasp. Tho dead man had kept his
promiso then, and had wnlked with
him tbat nigbt. A ghost had paccd
by hla side a ghost's arm bad lain on
his ahouldcr a ghost bad como back
tbo murdered man had savcd tho
murderor. How curioua.
Kingsmark burat out laughing, and
fcll at tho policeman'B fcct.
They rouaed him or what was loft
of him. The beat part of him lay on
tho lawn among tho tulips.
A atupid sonse of clinging to lifo with
botb bands possessed him. Mildenhall
hnd snvod hia life; ho dared not throw
it away. Ho was condemnod to live.
He went through nn inquest ordream
ed he did answering questions me
chnnicnlly with a growing wonder to
flnd his answerB bolioved. What fools
pcople werel And ho tho grcatcst fool
of all. His old f riond!
Kingsmark thinks ho wont mnd n
little nfter this. They cnllcd it brain
fever. Whon ho got better ho tried to
toll himself Mildenhnll was not dend
hnd gono to a fnr country. But even
that last rng the ono tbing that let
any meaning remaln to llfo was torn
from hlm, for Mlldonhall'B widow camo
to bco him.
"My darling," sho cricd, throwing
her nrms nround him, "how terriblo nll
thia haB been, but I am all your own
Ho did not nnawor, but sho folt the
repulsion of doninl in tho contnct of
Tho coramonplnco, pretty fnco,
frnmed in tho yellow hnir nnd widow's
bonnet, dnrkened. Thon sho apoko,
rcaBonably, softly, with tho little liap
Mildenball had lovod to hear.
"Jack, dcar, of courao its vory Bhock
ing and all that. But really it ought to
brlng ub togothor. Why sbould It part
us?" '
Ho drow himsolf up and laid hia dry
lips ngninst hor llttlo red mouth. This,
too, waa part of his llfo Bentcnce.
"Why, indeed?" ho aaid, with a
ahiver. And eat with hia head bowed
in tho abadow of tho nigbt coming.
Tho Argonaut.
No othor proparotlon haa ovor dono
bo many pcople ao much good as Hood's
Snraapnrilla, Araoricn's Grentcat Med-icino.
Now York Fnslilons.
Mnny Juno bridcs wlll wear drosscs
of aoft white Bruaaela or any othor flnc
not, mado ovor ahoor organdy, with
fow or many ruflles nccording to Indl
vidunl tnsto. Wbito chlffon, anothor
oxqulsito fnbrlc for this purpose, Is nlso
populnr nnd trlmmcd with broad banda
of RonalBaanco laco nnd cndlosa nnrrow
doublo chlffon rucblnga, n chnrming
ofTect ia producod. Tho gulmpo (or
round yoko) cfTect la nlso pro-omincnt
in bridal coatumca, and an economical
na wen na protty lucn ia to navo tbo
gulmpo and long slcovcs mado scpar
atoly, and at tho flrst rccoption aftortho
wcddlng tour, thoy aro diBponscd witb,
and tho wcdding dress worri low neck.
profor white sntin to nny othor mnto
rial, it is by no means out of stylo, nud
largo amounts may bo oxpondcd on
duchcBBO or polut laco, or n aatin cos
tumo may be vory aimply mado; al
waya with a blouBo offoct, bigb ncck
nnd long slcovcs, and olthor n equaro
or round train. Bridal aots of thrco
picccs are oxamplcs of flno hnndwork
and laco, varying in prico from 812 to
Bovcral bundred dollars. Somo partic
ularly protty aeta, ahow tho revorB of
tbo night dress covcrcd witb exquialto
hand cmbroidery, cdged with rcal Val
cncicnncs laco, nnd to mcct tho do
mands of refinod tasto, they aro deli
catelyporfumed by Murray & Lanmans
Florida water, which is aoft fragranco
remainB unrivalled, while in theso daye
of out-door aporta, no omollicnt ia ao
cfllcacioua for a aun-burnod complcxlon
aa this old-timo fnvorito.
in graduatlng drcsscs, mull, or flno or
gandy (over organdy undorskirts)
frillcd to any oxtcnt, enjoying cspccial
favor; white silk lininga with mull aro
bowovor an optional matter. Tucked
or full, gatbored sleovea aro indiapen
sablo, tho ornamentation on tho guimpo
not ncccssarilv matchinc the aleovea.
Plain or fancy Btriped white aatin
saancs (tour vnrus bclne sold for n
snah) aro always used with npuro white
costume, nnd aatin riDbon bows on me
shouldors must bo inharmony. Choice
is not limited to the fabrics juat dc
acribcd, aa flno mualin, Gbina silk or
soft net aro used with oxccllent cffcct;
tho two main objccta being softness
nnd simpliclty.
aro roflled with n better result thau
flgured ones, nnd either, ono very doop
gathercd flounco having a narrow frill
as n hending, or many narrow ruflles is
a mntter of taste. TJnder all circum
Btnnces tbo odge is furnished in somo
way, and contrasting "baby ribbon"
stitched on ia peculiarly attractivo whon
it is crimson or white. Not unfre
quently, doublo frills of the material
are placcd at equai diatancea all tbo
way up, or insertion may be employed
inatead of ruflles. Tho neweBt ldea is
ono plain color for tho dress, nnd ruf
lles of nnothcr huc, nnd this was illua
trated by a palo green organdy, ruflled
with lavondcr organdy. The skirl had
thrco narrow, plalted flounccs, tho up
per ono headed by a beautiful green'
and lavender silk paasemcntcrio vino
(not band) of leavcs wovcn in tho two
colors. Tho guimpo (or yoko) was of
green, and tbo revers Qau around tbo
shouldera) waa of lavonder ruflles
headed by the vino, with 'alecvoB in
in favor of aheor mualin or organdy
underskirts in preforenco to silk (which
has just becomo ovident) and somo
whito spangled net coatumes nro ren
dcrcd ndditionally charmlng by aoft,
fleccy underakirts, with n plaiu net
rufllo and two chiffon doublo rucbings,
as a spccioa of foundation for the satin
ribbon points whicli edge tbo skirt.
Independent waista wero novcr so
populnr, particularly tboao made of
tucka througbout, and silk alrcady tuck
ed and bordered in barmonioua con
trats, sixteen and a half inchcs wido,
rotalla at $2,00 per yard. Whon ox
pcnao ia not conaidcrod, tho tucked
silk ia used for tho cntiro waists, witb
tho border arranged round tho lower
outlino of tho round yoko (or guimpo)
and brougbt down cacb side of tho
front, as a looso flowing revers; tho
border nleo meeting at tbo outer scnm
of tbo sleevo.
is to ueo plain silk for tbo back and
tho tucked at tbo front, nnd in this
stylo of waist, tho blouao cffcct ia
Bcarcoly perceptiblo. Black, spangled
net blouso fronta aro now sbown, com
mencing nt S2.7C, nnd set off a plain
waist wonderfully well, or beadcd
and spangled yokca lined witb aatin,
cover up many defcctB.
White aatin fronta croasod botb ways
with narrow black volvot, or plain satin
with aevoral tucks or rows of ahirrlng
ncross tho front, rival chiffon or aoft
silk, aro oxtremely styliBh, andncbange
from silk or chlffon.
Combinatlons of red, white nnd blue
aro Bcon on all sides, the most Btriking
being blue silk waiata witb rod vesls,
nnd bluo and whlto revers. Theae
thrco colors aro comblncd in varions
othera waya, eapeclally in mlssoa or
children'a wear, and rlbbona, knots or
small doaigna are sold by tho thousand.
Sofa cuabione aro tho latcst addition to
patriotio displays, aomo having tho red
and whlto alripca on n bluo aatin pil
low, or atara in throo tho colors workod
on n neutral tint. Fannie Field.
bost aalvo in tho world forcuts.bruises,
soroB, ulcora, snlt rhouni, fever aorca,
totter. cbnppod hands, chilblains, corns
and nll skin cruptions, nnd poaitivcly
curos piloa, or no pny required. It ia
gunrnntecd to glvo porfect aatisfaction,
or monoy rofundod. Trico twenty-llvo
conta por box. For salo bv O. BWkoly,
Montpelier, Vt.
One Minute Cough Cure, curcs.
Tbat It wtiat It wa5 made lor.
Wator Bugs and Roaches
No dirt, no lltter, it nover falls if direc
tions nro followod. Your druggist solls it.
Sont by mall for 60 conta.
ItARNAItD & CO.. 7 Tcinplo l'laco,
An Old nnd Well Tried Koniedr
I'or Over I'lfty Ycnrs.
llAfl been uied for nver flftv Teara br mllltnnR nf
mothert for tlioir cblldren wlillo toetliluR, with per-
fect iuccesi. it aoothei tne cmld, oftenB tho
Kums, allayB all paln, curoa wlna eollcandls tbo
beat remcdj for diarrhooa. Soldby druRKlsta ln
every part of the world. Uo aure and aak for Mra.
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Twenty-rivo Ucnta 11 llottlo.
No More G-ray Hair !
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aiorlnE Kray lialr to Its natural color; no dye, and
harmlesa. Thousanda of tcatlmonlala. 81 Iper
bottle. Drugglats, or IlltUOKLINK CO., 361 Slxth
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appllcatlon. FKEE.
often neglected. A contln-
uance lor a long time causea
some clironio Throat or Lung
almost lnvarlably lminedlato
(Sold only In bozes.
JoUn AIirruV one of our Aliat DUtlnculnh-
cil Cln inlsts, hna Mado n Kemarknblo
Dlncovcrj", Dcstllled to Ituvnlutlon
lze tlio Trentment ct llrluht'H
DlscaHO, Dlnbetcs, nnd
Klnilrcd Troulilea.
The most iiuportant cxcrctory orcana of the
boily nro the kidnoys. When they fail to er
forni their work properly serious deranKenieut
of nll ortjaiis of tho body is suro to follow. It
is impossible for the body to retain effete
mattera in its syatem and not becomo tlior-
ouRlily poisoned. Inipuro nnd impoveriahed
blood, which is unfit to nourish the body, is
tho result, nnd, unless wo Ret rid of tho poison
by the pronipt and proper action of the kid
neys, nright's disease or somo othor kidney
tronhlo will bo induced, and eventually pro
duce death.
Tlie Kro.it medical d'scovery, Morrow's Kid-
neoids, in yellow tablet form, aro mado to
meet every stn!;e of the diseaso as it may arise,
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prress or, when it is fully underway, to sup
press further increa.o and build up a formid
ablo barrier atrninst further ndvnnco of the
disease. No modical discovory of tho present
centurj, not even Dr. Koch's Lymph for tlie
curo of consumption, is doini; so much for suf-
tenng liumanity as ilonow's ivulneoms.
Diabotes is another most coiumon kidney
troublo, rankiiiK noxt to liriirht's disease in its
terrible destructiou. Tho flrst symptoms are
failuro of BtrciiKtU nnd emaciation. Tho
mouth is pasty, skin dry nnd hard, the bowels
are constipated, vomitiii); is frecuient, tho vis
ion bccomes dim, memor' and mtellect fail,
and tho temper bocomes irritable.
In iliauetes as weu as urignt s cnseaso no
medicino compares with Morrow's Kidueoids.
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Dr. Franklin's Ointment
ItchinR or any soro will qulckly dlsap
pcar by ualtiK thia Wonderful neallcg
Ointment. Manufactured by
E. S. GREENE CO., - Springfield, Mass.
After all othor remedies fail
ask your Druggist for
And use as directed.
crackors that aro coiisuincd
othor bakor llving.
Ily in n Ilcforo Action.
Tlio eatth U full ot nnser,
Tlie teaa are dark wltli wrath;
Tlie HAlloni ln their liarneaa
(lo up OKalnit our path
ICro jet wo looie tlio leglona,
Ere jet wo ilraw tlie blade,
Jeliorah ot tlie Tbundera,
Lord. Uodof llattloj, aldl
IIIrIi luat and forward bearln;,
I'roud heart, rebellloua brow
Deaf ear and aoul uncarliiR,
Wo aeak Tliy mercir nowj
Tlie alnner that foreawore Tlioe,
Tlie fool that paaaed Thee hj,
Our tlraea are known before Thee
I.ord, nruiit ua atrongtli to dlot
For tlioso who kneol balde ua,
At altata not Tlilnc own,
Wlio lack the llghta that gnldo ua,
Lord, let their falth atone.
If wronf? wo did to call them,
Iljr honorbound tlioj camei
Lot not Tliy wrath befall them,
llutdeal to ua tho blame.
From pantc, prlde and lerror,
Ilerenge that knowa no relgn
Light haite and lawleaa error,
l'rotect ua yct again,
Cloak Tliru our undeaervlng,
Make flrm thoahudderlng breath,
ln allence and unawervlng.
To taate Tliy leaaer deathl
E'on now their vanguard gathera I
Ee'n now we tace the fray
Aa Thou dldat help our fathera,
Ilelp Thou our hoit to darl
1'uinilod of algna and wondera,
In life, ln death, made clear
Jehovali of the Thundera,
Lord, Ood of Ilattlti, hearl
Ilndyard Klpllng,
A Letter Kliyme ot Four,
Iluay all day long,
Uhceileatof laaaea,
Like a crlcket's aong
In the graaaea;
Wakefnl with the waklng auu,
Woiklng tlll each taak la done,
Thlnklng earneat thonghta which none
May dlvtne
That'a Cora.
IlulUea not a few,
Sllppered feet a-twlnkle,
Kyea like atara of blue
Atra engaglng, exqulilte,
Tlny frowna and amllea that fllt,
Arch, eoquettlah, Juat a blt,
That'a Flora.
Neat and aweet and nlce
Aa all care can roake her;
Prettlly preclae
Little Quaker;
Smooth brown halr and forehead pure,
Qulet atep and look demure,
Toea turned out, you may bo aure,
On the Ilue
That'a Dora.
llrlmmed with aweetneaa aa
Clorer-topa with honey,
(Scarce a bloiaom aa
Looka ao aunnyl)
Ilrave and loyal, bllthe and brown,
Laughing every trouble down,
LoTlng though tho whole world frown,
Sweethoart inlne
That'a Norahl
Margarot Johnson, ln June St. Mcholaa.
Tlio rnukco Girl in War.
Sho weara the aoldler buttoua
Of all her aweethearta true,
A button heada her hatpln,
Her braceleta of them, too;
They gleam around her glrdle,
They neatle iu her curl,
Compoao tho necklace, earrlnga,
Of our fair Tankee glrl.
Our flag wavea from her window,
It liuttera on her wheel,
Adorna her horae and carrlage,
Her poodle and her aeal;
Old Olory on her bosom
In loTO-knot fold and furl;
Her lorer U a aoldler
And ahe'a hla Yaukee glrl.
O, loyal red her llpa are,
And white her brow aud aoul,
Her chceka are anow and crimaon,
Our color, aureole;
The atara aro blue eyea beamlng,
The natlon'a prlde aud pearl,
The aoldler'a other "Olory,"
Ood blesa tr.e Yankee glrll
-Lu 1). Cake,tn New Uaven (Conn.) Courler.
Neiv liooks.
liam F. Willoughby, United Statos De
part of Labor (Vol. XIV. in Crowoll's
Library of Economics and Folitics.)
12mo, cloth, $1.75. This ia a painstak-
ing and oxhauetivc osamiuation of the
problem of tho insurance of working
mon against accident, sickness, and old
ago. Thero is no work. quite liko it. It
covors foreign syslems of compulsory
inauranco, tho various forms of insur
anco resulting from the voluntary ef
forts of employers and workingmen, the
relief departments organized by rail
way companies aud other largo employ
ers of labor, and tho insurance work of
labor unions in tho United Slates and
abroad. Tho author has had excep
tional opportunities for obtaining facts
at flrst hand; and hia work appeals to
all students of social conditions, to
thoso ongaged in tho management of
inBuranco and roliof organizations, and
to thcso who are involved in tho voxed
qucBtion of employers' liability. From
T. Y. Crowoll & Co., New York,
Lauros Q. McConachie, Fh. D. Witn
tho expanBion in recont yoars, growing
over moro and moro rapid, of population
and complicated intorests througbout
our land, "tho cumborsomo organiza
tion of alowor days" was subjected to a
strain it could not boar; and tho adop
tiou of a multiplicity of committoes,
each intruBted with somo departmont,
waa tho only practical way out of a vast
difllculty. It illuBtratos ovolutlon as
working ln a living, changing political
organiBm, and Dr. McConacbio studioB
its dotailfl with great caro. LTe writeB
with no llttlo vivacity, and with a
wealth of intoresting illustratiou. From
T. Y. Crowoll & Co., Now York.
The underalgued, liaring been appolnted by the
Ilouorablo ITolmte Court for the Ulatrictof Waanlcg
lon, conuulaalouera to recelvo, eiamlne and adlust
all clalma and demanda of all peraona againat the ei
Ute of SOl'IIIA 15. MOltS1!!. late of CabSt. la
aaid dlatrlct. doceaaedj aud all clalma eililb
Ited ln offaet thereto, hereby glvo notlca that we
wlll meet for the purpoaoa aforesald, at th
Town Clerk'a onice, In the town of Oabot, In aaid
Illatrlct. on the Mth day of June and the I Jth dar ut
Isovember neit. from ono o'clock p. M. nntll
four o'clock r. u each of aatd daya, and that alx
niontha from the lith day of Way. A. 1). 181. la
the timo llmlted by aaid Court for aaid credltora tc
prraeut their clalma to ua for examluatlon o(
ftllO WAIlCfi
, Ilated at Cabot, thia Jlit day of May. A, 1).
ISI8. llliAUMAN 0. KOOKRB, 1
07-08 JI UUTON D. WELLS, Com '
A Plcasurc at LmsL
No AIuss. No Trouble.
The Clcanest, Fastest Dye for:
Soiled or Faded Shirt Waists,
jS Blouses, Ribbons, Curtains, Under- ;
:SHnen, etc, whether Silk, Satin, :
:2Cotton or Wool.
ii ?'
ZiSold in All Colors by Orocers and'l
S Druggists, or malled free i:
for 15 cents;
127 Duaae Street, New York. I;
In Probato Court. held at Mnntmtller. 1 n nnrl frti
aaid Dlatrlct, on the 2UU day of Slaj, A.D. 1SU8:
Klljah Dann Wllliams. Kxecutor of the laat
wlll aud teatament of MAUTIIt ANN l'ERL
MAN. late of Mlddleaez. ln aaid Illtrl.
ceaaed, preaenta hla admlnlatratlon account for
examluatlon and allowance, and raakca appll
catlon for a decreo of dlstrlbutlon and part!
tion of the eatate of aaid deceaaed. Wliere
npon, lt la ordered by aaid Court, that aaid accoant
and aaid appllcatlon be referredto aaeaslon thereof ,
the 10th day of June, A. I). 1818. for hearlng and
declalon thereon; and, lt la further ordered, that
notlce hereof be glven to all peraons lntereated, by
subllcatlon of the aame three weeks aucceaalvely ln
'he lermonl Watchman & Stati JournaU a newapaper
publlehedat Montpelier, prevloua to aaid time ap-
DOlnted for hearltl?. that thnv mnT annngp o. ,.M
time and place, and, ahow cauae, if any they may
have. why aaid account ahould not be allowed, and
auch decree made. Hy the Court. Atteat,
In Probato Court, held at Montpelier, In and for
aald Dlatrlct, on the 23d dayof May, A.D. 18S8:
.,t.if6e,5i-,T5?.1.1.n!,Admlul,trator of the eatate of
IIELEN II. IIOWES, late of Montpelier, tn aald Dla
trlct, deceaaed, preaenta hla admlnlatratlon ao
count for examlnatlon nnd allowance, and makea ap
pllcatlon for a decree ot dlstrlbutlon and partltlon of
the eatate of aald deceaaed. Whereupon ll la ordered
by aald Court, that aald account and aald appllcatlon
be referred to a eeaalon thereof, to be held at the
Frobate Offlce tn aald Montpelier, on tho 21at day
of June, A. D. 18i, for hearlng and declalon
thereoni And, lt la further ordered, that notlce
hereof be glven to all peraona lntereated, by
publlcatlon of the aame three weeka aucceaalvely
in the Vermont H'atehman JL- State Joumat, a newa
paper publiahed at Mont peller, prevloua to aald time
appolnted for hearlng, that they may appear at
aald time and place, and ahow cauae, it anr they
may have, why aald account ahould not be auoweo,
and auch decree made.
lly the Court. Atteat,
08-03 IIIItAM OAKLETON, Judge.
In Frobate Court, held at Montpelier, ln and for
aald Dlstriet.on the 2Jd day of May, A.D. 1S93.
Darua A. Oray, Adinlnlatrator ot the eatate ot
LOUESA F. OltAY, late of Waterbury, lu aald
Dlatrlct. deceaaed, preaenta hla admlnlatratlon
account for examlnatlon and allowance, and makea
appllcatlon for a decree of dlstrlbutlon and par
tltlon of the eatate ot aald deceaaed. Whereupon
lt la ordered by aald Court, that aald account and
aald appllcatlon be reterred to a aeaslon thereof, to
be heidat the l'robate Offlce, ln aald Montpelier, on
the 11th day of June, A. D. lsts, for hearlng and
declalon thereon: And, lt la further ordered, that no
tlce hereof be glven to all peraona lntereated by
publlcatlon of the aame three weeka aucceaalvely ln
f he Vermont Watchman d- State Journal, a newapaper
published at Montpelier, prevloua to aaid timo ap
polnted for hearlng, that they may appear at aaid
ttme and place, and ahow cauae, If any they may
have, why aald account ahould not be allowed and
auch decree made.
By the Court, Atteat,
Statb of Vermont,
dibtbiot of wabi1inoton, 88.
In Frobate Court, held at Montpelier, In and for
aald Dlatrlct. on the 24th day of May, A. D. 1S!:
Charlea DeF. Ilancroft, Admlulstrator of the
eatate of AKTIIUK DENI8, lato of Montpelier,
ln aatd Dlatrlct, deceaaed, preaenta hla admlnla
tratlon acconnt for examluatlon and allowance.
and makea appllcatlon for a decree of dlstrlbutlon
and partltlon ot the eatate ot aald deceaaed. Where
upon, It la ordered by aald Court that aald account
aud aald appUcationbe referred to a aeaalon thereof,
to be held at the Frobate offlce, ln aald Montpelier,
on the 10th day ot June, A. D. 138, for hearlng
and declalon thereon ; and, lt la further ordered, that
notlce hereof be glven to all peraona lntereated by
fubllcatlon of the aame three weeka aucceaalvely ln
bt Vermont Watehman & State Journal, a newapaper
publiahed at Montpelier, prevloua to aald time
appolnted for hearlng, that they may appear at aald
timo aud place. and ahow cauae, if any they may
have, why aald account ahould not be allowed and
auch decree made. lly the Court. Atteat,
06 03 HIKAM CAKLETON. Judge.
The underalgned. having been appolnted by tho
Honorahie Frobate Court for the Dlatrlct of Wash
ington, coinmisalonera to recelve, examine and ad
Juat all clalma and demanda of all peraona againat the
eatate of DEIIOKAI1 FAINE, late of the clty,ot
liarre ln aald Dlatrlct, deceaaed, and all clalma ez
hlblted in offaet thereto, hereby give notlce that we
wlll meet for thopurpoaea atoreaaid at the homo of
Lucln II. Durrell, lntlie town of liarre, lu said Dla
trlct, on the fith day of November next, from two
o'clock nntll four o'clock r, M of aald day, and that
alx montha from the 6th day ot May, A. D. 1SD3,
la the time llmlted by aald Court for aald credltora
10 present their clalma to U tor exawlnMlon and
,oSated " Bsrre' W "th day of May, A. 1).
l8$v, H. F. WATEKMAN.I V,
07 09 o. N. WATEKM AN, f m'
The nnderaigned, having been appolnted by the
Honorable Frobate Court for the Dlatrlct of Waah.
Ington commlsalonera to recelve, examine and ad
luat all clalma and demanda of all peraona againat
fhe eatate of OKOItOK W. TUKNF.lt; late ofNValta.
Oeld, tn aald Dlatrlct, deceaaed, and all clalma ex
hlblted lu offaet thereto, hereby give notlce thafwo
wlll meet for the purpoaea aforeaald at the dwell.
ing houae of A. II. stockwell, ln the town of Walta
flpld, tn aald Dlatrlct, on the 23d day of July and
23d day ot November next, from one o'clock, r.u.
nntll four o'clock, p. M each of aald daya. and
that alx montha from the 2Jd day of May, A. D.
1883, la the time llmlted by aald Court for aald
credltora to preaent their clalma to na for examlna
tlon and allowance.
I8,.l.Whto "'Y,?7 ''. A.D.
07-09 SAMUEL SOMEU VILLE, f Commlaalonera.
Statb o Vermont,
Dibtbiot of Washington, 88.
In Frobato Court, held at Montpelier, lu and for
aald Dlatrlct. on the 2Jth day of May, A.D. 1348.
John llertou Flke, AdmlulatrHtor of the eatate
nt J01IN II. 1'lIiE, late or MarahHeld, ln aald
Dlatrlct, deceaaed, preaenta hla admtnlatratlon ac
count for exainlnailon aud allowance, and makea
appllcatlon for a decree or dlstrlbutlon and partltlon
ot the eatAte ot aald deeeaaed. Whoreuuou, lt la
ordered br aald Court, that aald account ana aaid ap
pllcatlon bo referred to a aesslou thereof, to be held
at tho Frobate Ofllce, In aald Montpelier, on the 16th
day ot June, A.D, 1R)S, tor hearlng aud declalon
thereon t And, lt la further ordered, that notlce
hereof bo glven to all peraona lntereated, by publlca
catlon ot tlie aame three weeka aucceaalvely ln the
Kfrmonr iVatehman A State Journal, a newapaper
publiahed ut .Montpelier, prevloua to aald time ap
polnted for hearlng, that thoy may appear at aald
time and placo and ahow cauae, lt any they may
have, why aald account ahould not bo allowed, aud
auch decree mado,
lly tho Court.-Atteat, HIKAM CAIlLETON.Jndge.
soap i

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