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Do I.nTnl Alplia
"Uaby" Oroam Sepn
rntors wero llrst nnd
lmvn over bcen kcnt
bcst mul clicnpcBt. They aro
fmltnMona nnd iufrlngo-
racnta. Kndorsed by nll nu- ,
musc. Snlcstcntoonootaii
nthcrscomblncd. AllBtylca
nml slzcs 860.- to
Bavo 80.- to $10.- pcr cow
por ycar ovcr nny sctting
uystem, nnd $3.- to
jo.- per cow jiur
ycnr ovcr any lml
tatlng tcparator.
Now and improvcd
machlncs for 1808.
Scnd for now Cata
loguo contalnlng a
fund of ui-to-uato
dalry informatlon.
I lElitlnc Arouint SnntliiBo Vnlor if tho
AiiicrlcimTroops-ltooscvult'o Itouult Illd
cr In tho Vnn Tliey Suffor Scvero I.obscr.
Tl.e Btory of tho lnmlltig of the Amerlcan
army near Santiago la told on pago two of
thiB iBsue.
Admlral Cervera telegraphed to Madrid
tho Burprlslng lnforuiatlon that tho Amerl
cans had offeoted a laudlng at a place elgh
teen inilerf east of Sautiago, that he Im
medlately mustered tho crows of hls squad
rou aud proceedod to the sceno, and that
after a aharp tlght ho succeeded lu drlvlng
the Amerlcana off. No menlion of casual
tlea on elther aido la made. The humor of
tho admlral's statement contrlbuted to the
goiety of tho marinoa.
Immedlately after landlng the Amerlcana
began thelr march toward Santiago. The
head of tho advanclng column camped at
Demajayabo Wednosday nlght, June 22,
and on Thursday advanced to Juragna
whlch the enemy hastlly ovacuated. By
nieht a lunctiou had beon effected between
the maln dlvlsions of the invaders on hlgh
cround about ten niiles from the guna of
Morro castle. Beyond Juragua, tho Span.
iarda suddenly appeared In force, oxpect
ing to surprise the Amerlcan advanoo. They
were, however, dlscoverod by a recon
noltering party composed of AmerlcanB and
Cubans who opened flre as they fell back
toward tho head of the column, and tho
Spanlarda themselves fell back. Two Cu
bans were kllled. On Friday mornlng
KooseveltB rougu riders, who had asked
that they be sent to the front at once, were
ambuahed by the Spaniards, sixteen of thelr
number kllled and as many more wounded.
Among tho kllled wero Captaln Capron,
and Sergeant Hamllton Fish of the famous
New York family that f urnished a secretary
of State in Qen. Grant's cabinot. The
young man was an athleto and was one of
many of the gilded youth of Now York who
entered Itoosevelt's rogiment. Young Flsh
was in tho fore front of the fight, brave and
daring. Among the wounded was Edward
Marshall, corrospoudent of the Now York
The warshipB have kept all the coaat on
oitherside of Santiago under their guna,
and the fortlflcationa and the country
around the advanclng colnmns of the
Amerlcana are under flre. There is con
atant flghtlng on the land, and day by day
the gripof the invaders istightening around
the clty and harbor that are the objects of
their operatlons.
It la believed that the firat stand ln force
will be encountered at the intrenchmenta
immedlately east of the clty, as the Unlted
Statea scouts have protty thoroughly ox
plored the territory between the head of
the column and the Spanlsh outpoatB, and
they report that theae intrenchmenta are
heavily manned, but that there la no con
aiderable body of troopa east of them.
The InsurgentB under Qeua. Qarcia and
Castillo are in constant touch wlth the
maln body of the attacking army, and are
provlng a source of greatest atrength.
Further partlculars of tho fight on Friday
leave no doubt that the "rough riders,"
who were flghtlng dlsmounted, walked lnto
an ambush. The spot had beenaelected by
the Spaniards and Booaevelt's men were
taken at a dlsadvantage. The aeverlty of
their lossea, and of the other troopa wlth
them, la attrlbuted in part to the ntter con
tempt they showed for their Spanlsh foea.
The lesaon will not daunt thelr courage in
the leaat but will lead the Amerlcana to a
more prudent regard for their safety. The
gallantry of the troopers, under flre for the
firat time, la apoken of wlth higheat pralao
by offlcera and men throughout the army
and the cool bravory of Col. Wood and
Lleut. Col. Itoosevelt, who took their men
out of a bad fix wlth the glory of victory,
has madethem heroea.
When the nature of tho reslatance waa
understood, the men were ordered to de
ploy and flre npon the concealed enemy
from a lylng posltion, tlll relnforcemonts
could come up. Aa tho Mauaer bulletn
rlpped up the ground about them, the men
swore ln angry iinpatlence. They wanted
Xo be up and at the Spaniarda cloae ln.
"Don't Bwoar or you'll catch no fish," waa
Col. Wood's cool advice as he held the men
in cbeck and dlrected the flre. When belp
camo the AmerlcanB made a hurrlcano daah
for the chaparral, and the Spaniards were
eoon acnrrying through the thicket. The
auxiliary cmlsers sent a few rounds of aholl
after the retreatlng enemy, but the range
waa too long and little damage waa done.
When the firlng waa over the wounded
were promptly sent to the rear. There waa
deep sorrow and anger aa the extent of the
lossea began to be learnod.
The troopa are havlng the greatest dlffl-
culty ln tranaportlng the slege guns and
other hoavy war materlal to the front. It
waa known ln advance that the conntry waa
rugged and mountalnous, and covered wlth
a tangle of troploal nndergrowtb, but
revelatlon awalted them aa to the kind of
roada aouthoaatern Caba affords. The maln
road from Balqulrl to Santiago la aa lmpas-
Bable to artlllery ln lta present condltlon as
a Malno logglng road ln aummer tlme, Tt
la little moro than a footpatb, and is over
grown wlth vlnei and ahruba and brlstlea
wlth jagged rocka. The englneera are work
lng llke beavora to put lt ln ahape for the
artlllery aud aupply tralna, but ln the ter
riblo heat the taak la a hard one.
Bren the infantry find the footlng a tax
on thelr endurance, and many ot them
havo beon Bont to the tcar, havlng beon
proBtratcd by tho heat and oxortlon. In
tlio inaln, howevor, tho men ato boarlng up
well, anil thelr gonoral condltlon ls aur
prlalngly good, cousldorlng tho hardshlpa
thoy havo undorgono slnco loavlng Tampa.
At Doinajayabo tho troop3 capturod n
locomotlvo tho rallroad oinployca bad at-
tompted to dlsablo by taklng off and con-
ceallng impdrtant parta of tho maohlnory
beforo hurrylng away. Whon tho Amer-
icnns uurau ui, numu uiu iuuiuuu uuiuuuia
and mocbaulcs took tho fainlllar objoct In
hand, dlscoyorod somo of tho mlsslng parts,
contrlvod makeshttta (or othors, Boon had
stoaui up and tho englno was pufflng away
tow ards Juragua wlth a traln of oro cars
11 11 od wlth Ainorlcnn poldlera.
ItoportB from Medltorranoan polnts dttrlng
tho wook dl8cloBod tho progross ef tho
Oadlz floet toward tho east, and on Monday
tho ahips nrrlved at Port Sald, at tho en-
trance of tho Suez canal, and wero waltlng
for ordora
Four thousand mon, comprlsing tho thlrd
oxpodltlon to tho Phtllpplnea, ombarked at
San Franclaco on Sunday afternoon, upon
tho Btoamora Ohlo, Indlana, Clty of Para
and Morgan Clty. On Monday the atoamor
Valoncla recolvod hor complomont of troops,
and thoBO flve transporta, boartng tho bulk
of tho oxpodlttonary forco, salled Monday
aftornoon, to bo followed ou Wednosday by
tho atoamor Newport, npon whloh Qenoral
Merrltt la expected to depart. Along tho
ontlre extent of tho flve-mllo march from
canip Merrlttl an oscortlng squad of po
ltco was obllgod to forco back tho thronga
of peoplo to make a narrow lano for tho
progroBB of the departlng companles. The
soldtera were choered at overy atop; good'
bya and good wishoi wero shoutod, flaga
wero waved, llowora wero thrown, and
everywhere aa much feellng waa manlfeated
aa whon tho llrst oxpadltion left
Tho Spanlsh fleet roportod at the north
ond of the Suez Caual, supposedto be lieau
ed for Mantla, conststa of tho battloshlp
Polayo and crulser Emperor Oharles V,
each of somo 9,000 tons dlsplacement, the
gun boatB Osado, Audaz, FroBerplna, and
oleht tranaporta conTeylng 4.000 troops. It
la reported from Washington that the Unlted
States will checkmate tlils movo by sendlng
a lleet to attack Spaln at home, and
thua compol her to recall the Uoot that ap-
poara to be destlnod to operate agalnat
Admlral Dewey. The dlstance from Suez,
at the north ond of the canal, to Manlla is
about the samo aa from San Franclaco.
Before the Spanlsh could roach .the Fhlllp
pines, all the three expeditions dlspatched
thlther from San Francisco will have ar
rlved and Dewey could be relnforced by
the Charlestown, tho Monterey and the
Monadnock, a double turreted monltor
whlch salled on Thuraday June 23, and
whtch la rated at 14.5 knots an hour. The
Monterey salled June 7. A large forco of
troops, and arma and ammunltion for evory
emergency, barrlng dlsastors to the expedl-
tions will roach Dewey before the Spanlsh
lleet appears off tho entranco of Manlla bay,
The Amerlcan forces, lt is confldently
believed, will be able not only to defend
thelr posltion auccesafully, but to attack
the Spanlsh fleet If opportunity presents.
But the Spanlsh lleet has not gone yot; and
if it undertakes to go the dlfficultles of coal-
ing in the neutral ports whlch are all Brit-
iah, and the dangera that impend, may aave
Admiral Dewoy thetrouble of deatroylng it.
Thomaa Aulia, tho barber, haa returned
to Wells Klver.
Mrs. Edward Hale and friend of Now
buryport, Mass,, are ln town.
Mrs. Lucy Keyes ls in town, the cuont of
iur. anu Airs. xiiomas ii.eyes.
Mrs. Roner and dauehter of West Loba-
non are wlth Kev. anu jurs. J. u. Morrill
Mrs. Roper gave a very lnteresting dis-
course in the uongregatlonal churcu on
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Marv Parker Small haa taken noa-
aession of Mrs. Corllsa' studlo, and will do
worK tnero tnis aummer.
Eleven candldatea were lnltiated lnto the
Fulaaki Grancre on Fridav evenlncr. The
new hall over the drug store will be com-
pleted soon.
The soclal commlttee of the ChrlBtian En-
deavor Soclety gave a aociable in tho vea-
trv on weanesaay evonine. a very lnter
estlng programme waa given. Cake and
ice cream were served.
E. O. Blanka of Lewlaville, Texaa, writea
that one box of DeWltt'a Witch Hazel Salve
was worth 50,000 to hlm. It cured hls plles
of ten veara standlng. He advlses otnera
to trv it. It alao curea eczema. akin uIb
easea and obatinate sores. W. E. TerrlU
& Co.
west Newbury.
Albert Fuller goes to Chelsea thla weok,
Joaenh Sawyer ia putting a new lloor ln
hls baru and lowerlng the ailla.
The farmora are getting ready for haylng
anu some are Degmmng iuis wook.
School closed here thls week, after a suc-
ceaaful term nndor Mlas i,eona Quthrio.
Mra. John Norcroas ia viaitlne her dauch
ter. Mra. A, A. Carleton, who ia not very
Addie Jewell has returned from Ply
mouth, is. ju,, anu will apena her vacation
in town.
John South has bought a new wagon
wlth Droau ureu lron wneeia, wnicn he wiu
use ln haylng.
Annle Hardlng, slater of Nellle and
George Hardlng, U spending her vacation
at cirs, k, is. iutnam'B.
Ohlldren'a day waa observed at thls place
laat Hunuay. ln tho lorenoon a apeciai ser
mon waa dellyered to the children and
there waa BDeclal muelc bv the cholr.
In the afternoon a Sunday school ooncert
waa glven by the children under the direo
tlon of Mra. JohnSmlth, the superlntend-
ent, ana an auaresB waa given oy Kev. w
II. White. A large number were prosent
ana enjoyeu me exercisea.
Mra. D. F. Clark of Montpelier waa vlalt-
lnc her parents, Mr. and Mra. Alex Coch-
ran on Monday. ; Everett Forayth of
lODBham was in town on Monuav.
Mlas Theresa J. Coohran ia vlaltlng ln Boa
ton. The Qroton Granlte Companv
haa commenced on the foundatlon for thelr
new ahed. Arthnr and Darwln Tel-
lier are at bome on thelr vacation.
F. W. Hanchett la bulldlne a new barn.
T. B. Ilall waa ln St. Johnabury last
Batnraay. mra. w. 1, xoau is very
much Imnroved and la able to rlde out.
. Loren says it took some figurlng but
hls Sunday-ichool class came out ahead,
: II. W. Goodwln waa ln thls place on
FrtEE Filij. Send vour addresa to II. E.
Bucklen & C Chicago, nnd get a freoBamplo
will convinoe vou of thelr merita. Tliase uUIb
are eaay in action, and are particularly effeo-
tive in tne cure ot uonstipauon and emck lioad
ache. For Malaria and Liver troublei they
tiave uoen proveu lnTainauio. ineyare guar
antaed to be perfectly free from overy dele
terious lubatance and to be nurelv vecetable.
They do not weaken by their action, but by
giving tone to the stomaeh and howeli greatly
lnvigorate the syttem. Itegnlar size 25c per
box, scid by uiaxeij, uruggist.
Lowla M. Seaver of Now York ia at hia
farm horo Jtiat now.
Mra. Thomaa Foland viaited hor neico in
Burlington laat weok.
Frank W. Fllnt haa roturned to vermont
aftor a wlntor in Waahlngton clty.
MIsb Emma Adama will tnko up canvasa-
ihg for books, wo aro told, for a tlme.
Somo thlrtv tlckots woro sold horo ou
Saturday for tho oxcurslon to Vorgonnea.
Mrn. TTarrv Focrt?. who 1b boine treated for
cancnr at Fonacook, N. II., ia gottlng holp.
fJnnrtrn W. (llark lmn tlin nloftfUiro of an
IncrcoaTng numbor of boardora at hia oxcol
lont tablo.
Rev. J. N. Porrln. Jr.. now of Now
Ilampshlro, wlth bla wlfo and aon, woro ln
town laat wook visltlng frlonda.
Granlto cuttor Jamea Gray, who camo
hero from New Brunswick aomo yeara ago,
rocontly marrlod a lady lu St. George, N, B.
Tho aunar nlace of Marcua A. Sinlth has
tinnn liadlv ntrlnnnd of lnaveg bv tho worina
that aro maklng such havoo of tho wooda in
various piaces.
MIhs Mnrv A.. cltuiL'htor of Henry A,
Alnaworth. now of Moline, 111., ia on routo
for thls placo for a vlslt to tho old Calvin
Alnaworth homeBteau.
.Titmnn TTannlv wnn p.nllnd to hls old hoino
in Leicester Junctlon last weok, by tho
doath of his slBtor who had beon 111 wlth
consumptlon for somo tlme.
pal of Ashfiold Academy, Masa,, will come
thla weeK lor a vacauon. xio m wnumu no
prlncipal anothor year thoro
Tlin mnmbnra of Mrs. A. B. Frankum'S
dopartmont of the vlllago Bchool had a rlde
to tho cuii on ttaturuav iasi, nov. j. u
Sherburne accompanying them.
Preparationa aro maklng to lay the pipe
from Barre to tho reservolr about to uo
built on tho Galo brook near tho S. Talcott
Ferrln place. by the clty 01 Barre
Anftln Rnturn B. Davls and son Harolu
fallfid to consummato a trado for a farm in
Johnson. They aro stlll staying in uoun
son, .tho son worklng out at naying.
Mra. nrwllln TT. nrlirtrs waa kicked by a
rnnnn nnw lnaf. Rat.nriTnV nnd tho bOnO ln llOr
leg near tho kneo was bo badly lnjured that
11 ls saiu sno may Doconneu vu mouuuou .u-
two months
TTnnrv V. Ersklno roturned from Pona-
pnnlr. N. H.. on Saturdav whore for some
montha he has beon under treatment for
cancer. Hls phyalclan thore haa glvon hlm
great oncouragemom ior a uuro
Newa comes of the death of A. McXSlchol
at bla homa near St. George, N. li of UIB-
eaao of the lunga. He camo horo last year
as a granlte cuttor, and in tho oarly part of
viue to engaae in tue granno uuuiuooo
Krnmnnt. G. Little was a delocate to tho
dlstrlct convontlon at Montpelier last week.
Rfindfirs IntBrested in hia advortisomont ln
the Watohman will noto tho corrocted
statement of "30" ln place of "20 soconds,"
otc, the fault havlng beon not hls own it ia
aaid. , , ,,
nav. P. P. Wnmnr anil wlio wero in rnu
adelphla last week for medical advice for
Mrs. Womor, and they aro to return here
thls week. Ho will occupy hls pulpit on
Hnnilftv. whon the Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper will be adminlstored at the mornlng
Rev. J. O. Sherburne gave hia hearera an
excellent aermon on Sunday mornlng, on
the mlnlatry of angela to the Inhabitants of
earth, based ou Scrlptural assertlon of thls
Insplrlng fact. George Boaworth and fam
llv wero on tho New York slde of Lake
unampiain lasi; ween.
At the Republlcan caucus on Saturday
evening Mossrs. O. U. Lathrop, U. b. Mar
tin. W. M. Seaver. W. F. Granger and J.
K. Lynde were chosen dolegates to the
Orange county conventlon to be held at
Chelsea thla week. Tho namo of George
W. Lvnde will be nresented by our ueie'
gatlon as a candldate for county Senator.
Tho crraduatinc exercisea of our grammar
school at the Town Hall on Friday evening
were largely attended. The persons re
celving diplomaa were Ernoat and George
Sherburne, Eugene Whitney, WillleiDuffus,
winfred (Jram, Theron wiinamB, uari
Mvron Little. Hilton Brush and
MIbbos Lora Martln, NelUo Blanchard and
Edlth Brush. Instrumental muslc was
furnished by the band, and two trios ana a
aong were rendered by membera of the
graduatlng class. The programme further
consisted of essays, recitatlons and an
orlglnal poem, and the encores glven them
must have been llattorlng to these young
graduates. The work of preparatlon for tho
exercisea 01 tnis evening largeiy 1011 upuu
Mrs. Anna Benedlct Frankum, who as a
toacher in the highest department of the
villago school, puts forth unceaslng effort in
the lmereBC 01 ner pupus.
A stronc Dro-natal "odor" has been CLe-
vnlnnad here ln the matter of the termlnus
of a sewer belng lald in our vlllago by J. K.
Lvnde and others. Those mterestod were
deslrous to have thla terminns at a polnt lu
the stroam in the Gen'l. E. liasa meauow at
a dlstance from the atreet, but failed to
make a mntual satiafactory arrangement
wlth the owner of a small plece 01 land
through whlch the sewer muat paBS to roach
thla meadow. Our local board of health
offlcer not wishlntr to take wholly the re-
sponaibllity on hlmaelf of allowlng the sald
terminua to be at the Poole bridge on Maln
atreet. sent for the Btate Board of Health,
one member of whlch, a resldent of Rich
ford, came to look the matter over. He
tlnaiiy aeciaeu tnac wmie tne siaie iioaru
of Health does not llke to pollute the
Btreama of Vermont wlth aewerage, the fact
that thla atream was already uaod ior lt and
that towna must have aewerage, gave hia
consent that the terminua be at the Poole
brldcre. One who waa ODDOBed to thla ter
mlnua roporta consulted a lawyer, who
saya the State Board ot Health has no
anthoritv to clve nermlBsion to locate aewera
whlle thev. of course. have the rlcht to de-
mand that they be taken out when they be
come nulsancea. But the sewer la faat be
lng lald to the bridge, and whether lta own
"gaaea" or those of the legal professlon
one or both ahall bereafter diacontlnue lta
use at that polnt ia a queation for the future
to determine. Meantime we look for a
posslbly abnormal developmentof thesense
01 smeu, ln the region moac co De auocteu
The edltor ot the Evana Clty, Pa., Globe,
writea, "Ono Mlnute Congh Cure la rlghtly
It cured my children atter au otu
or remediea failed." It curea coughs,colds
and all tbroat and lung tronbies. W. E,
TerrlU & Co.
East Orange.
Rev. Mr. Vance will close hls labora horo
next Sunday.
Mlss Edith Davls is vUltlne frlenda ln
Hanover, N. H.
Mlas Jennie Colbv returned from East
Barre Saturday after a few weeks' absence.
There waa no nreachlnz here on Sunday
but the Sunday-echool convened at the
naual time.
Mlas Ethel Hamllton returned from Barre
laat Thursday atter attendlng commenco
ment at Goddard.
The vlllaeo achool cloaed last Friday.
Teacher anu pnpila had a plcnlo ln the
grove on Friday afternoon.
Frof . and Mra. S .0. Hutchtnson of Water
bury arrlved ln town Saturday to vlalt the
parenta of Mr. HutchlnBon.
Mlaa M. A. Merrlll and Frank Oolby via
ited BoBwell Orooke. their aged uncle. at
Bonth Corinth on Friday. When returnlng
on Bunday the horse fell and dled near
Fred Rowe's at Walta Rlver. "Bllly" waa
twenty-seven yeara old.
Communion waa obaerved last Sunday,
: George Worcester haa bnllt a allo.
OUJ. A IIha If aIiiJTkk
Garey and Klttlo Worcester aro home for
tne aummer vacation, urana: uiarK
and wlteare vlaltlng at A. Trescott'a. .
Mrs.Bhort ana Mra. uummings nave paintea
their nouaea. 1 rroi. weaiiau naa
moved to Round Lake, N. Y,
DeWitt' Witch Hazel Salve
Curtf PIU, Scldi, Barn.
l'aul Dllllngham arrlvod homo from Han
over laat Saturday.
Fred II. Somorvlllo la at homo from Law-
roncovlllo, N, J.. for hia Bummor vacation.
Mr. and!Mra. II. C. Fav of Olaromont. N.
H., woro tho guoata of J. J, Colby ovor last
Mr. and Mrs. Honry Marshall has secured
a posltion for the Bummer ln a hotel ln
Elizabethtown, N. Y.
Rov. Mr. Hardv of Randolph occunlod tho
Congregatlonal pulpit last Sunday in ox
chango wlth Mr. Ladd,
Guv Scott left Mondav for Nowcastle, N.
H whoro ho haa a posltion for tho summer
in tho Wentworth house.
Tlin ftinnrnl of Mrs. Morrlam. lt la exnect
ed, will bo hold to-morrow aftornoon atfour
o'clock, Rov. G. E. Ladd officlatlng.
John W. Koefo and Marv A, Healoy woro
unltod ln marriago last Wednesday at St.
Androwachurch, ltev. i(atuor iiiais omci
ating. Howard Brvant has Becured tho posltion
of porter on tho parlor car running on tho
White Alountain train notween uurnngion
and Fabyans.
Thoro will bo a JuniorLeasuoBOclal at tho
Methodlat church noxt Friday ovoning,July
1. Ice cream and cake will bo served and
all aro lnvlted.
Ilov. J. Edward Wrlcht of Montpelier la
to proach ln the opora houao in Waterbury
a,,.,.l t n ir r. a.il.tontf "Tlin
differonco botwoen Unltarlanlam and TJnl-
Tlin r.nlnhratlon at Stowo an tho Fourtb
nnxt. Mnndav. will be a grand aualr.
Electrlc cars will run overy half hour be-
ginnlng at 7 o'clock a. m. For partlculars
Boe poators and ainau uiua.
DoleL'atoa to tho county conventlon at
Montpelier to bo held to-morrow aro aa
follnws: G. W. Randall. W. P. Dllllncham
G. E. Moody, O. W. May, 8. O. Whoeler,
Goorgo H. Dalo, H. M. Dufur, O. O. Warren
and a. u. liiaisuou.
Tlin annual meotlnii of tho atockholdera
nf tlin Wnt.nrburv Puhlic Llbrarv will bo
held July 0 at lour o'ciock in tno rooma oi
tho Llbrarv. Renorta of tho naat year will
be glvon and offlcera for the comlng year
elected. Do not forgot tho tlme ana place
of meoting.
Tho new lllustrated lecturo of Rev. J. J.
Lewis clvoti at the onera houso laat ovon
lng fulFy met all oxpectatlonB. The ono for
to-nluht will no doubt brinc a largor aw
dlnnco. xuo viows ior tuoso lociures uavo
boon nrenared at creat cost and the subiect
hemgol vltai lnteresL au tuose wuo wore
present last ovenlng will deslre to go again
Mrs. Hannah F. Morriam paasod quletly
awav at the home of her dauchter Mrs. R.
M. Forreat last Bunday evening, aged uo
yoars. aixo had been laiung ior severai
daya dui ner ueaiu was noi oxpeuieu bo
boou. Mrs. Morrlam was born in uraiton,
Vt., July 10, 1803. Aftor marriago they
moved to Johnson whore they realded for
thlrty-eight yeara, Mr. Merrlam bulldlng up
a nrosneronB buslness and becoiuintr closely
identilled wlth the church and all that
tends to improvo and better soclety. Nine
children were born to them, aix of whom
are now llvlng. In 18G8 Mr. Merrlam retlred
from buslness and moved to thla vlllago,
Slnce Mr. Merriam'a death ln 1870 Mra
Merrlam made her home wlth her daughter,
MrB. Forrest. The eldest son, Everett B.,
is in buBlness ln Topeka, Kan,, Lucy M.,
wife ot Colonel Measor, resides ln Ohlcago,
Mrs. Sarah Tllllnchast ln Toledo. O.. Will-
lam F., in Minneapolis, and Charles tho
youngest, is in buslness ln Chicago. Of
grand.children there are flfteen and great
crand-chlldren bIx. Mra. Merrlam was bo
loved and respected by all who knew her,
one whom all delfchted to meet. and as ex-
treme old ago came the beauty of her lovoly
character seemeu to brighton. '
What Dh. A. E. Saltkk Says. Buffalo,
N. Y. Gents: From my personal knowl
edge, gained in observing the effoct of your
Shiloh'a Cure ln cases of advanced Con
sumptlon, I am prepared to say it la tho
moat remarkable remedy that has ever been
bronght to my attention. It has certainly
saved many from conaumptlon. Bold by w
K. TerrlU & Uo.
Waterbury Center.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Minott visited in
Hyde Park last week.
MIsb Ida M. Fuller ia enjoylng a few daya
vlslt wlth Iriends ln starksboro.
Mrs. C. H. Stone ia havlng a vlslt from
her sister, Mra. Chase, of Ilaverlilll, Mass
The widow of the lato Rev. F. W. Hamb
lin spent last Sunday wlth Mr, and Mrs. F.
E. Batcholder.
Rev. and Mrs. Duun and Mr. and Mrs.
J. 0. Freeman visited Mount Mansfield last
week, Tuesday.:
Mrs. A. G. Atherton and daughter of
Waterbury viaited Missea Mary and Abbie
uresaoy on uaturuay.
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Moody of Mont
pelier visited their couaina, Mr. and Mra. E.
B. Moody, last Wednosday.
After a week's vacation spent wlth hia
narenta in East Warren, Arcbie Lovett re-
turned to hia work wlth J. A. Gilmore laat
Mra. Jesalo W. Hayes and her son Leslle,
returned home last Saturday from a vlalt to
her parenta, Dr. and Mra. 0. L. Wataon at
Frofessor and Mrs. G. H. Stone of God
dard Semlnary are apending their summer
vacation at their home here, arrlvlng last
Saturday evening.
An observation car has been put upon
whloh helpa lta patrona to aee the beautltul
Bcenery through whlch lt passes.
Mlss Ellzabetb Colley haa returned from
Hlll, N. H., brlnglng a carload of furnlture
for the lodge. She now has the rooma ln
fine order for her aummer guests.
Rev. and Mra. L. N. Moody returned to
tholr charge ln Gaysville last Saturday, at
ter apending a two weoka' vacation wlth
thelr parenta, Mr. and Mra. E. B. Moody,
Tho delecrates from our local Enworth
Loaguo, to the state conventlon held at
Burlington laat week were Missea Martha
Greeley, Lena May and Bertha 0. Plke
Mlss Flke went from Burlington to Ver
gennes to vlslt frlenda there a few daya be-
iore rotnrning nome.
Wln your battlea againat dlaeaae by act
ing promptly. Ono Mlnute Congh Cure
produoea lmmedlate resulta. When taken
early lt preventa conaumptlon. And ln la-
ter stagea lt (arnlsheB prompt rellef. W. E.
lerrin uo.
South Woodbury,
ited Sonth Woodbury Lodgo ot Good Tem
plara last Saturday nlght and Btopped over
Bnndav. Frank IGonyean of Burling
ton ls the gueat of Mra. Farna worth, a aUter
of Mra. Gonyean, where she haa been for
aeveral weeks. Mra. R. W. Lance and
Kate Ball wero in Montpelier last Fridav,
Harry Bnrnham and Grace Benja-
min were at uaspian iako last ihnrauay.
Mr. ana ilrs. irranK uonyeau, Mra.
Farnawortb, Mr. and Mra Strong, Mra.
Frank Batcbelder, Dr. Hall, Mra, Leo
Goodell and Mra. Allon Benlamln had a Plc
nlo dlnner on the ahorea of Nelson pond laat
Friday. The dlnner waa partly made np ot
some nice large perch that were caught by
three of the party not far from the boat ot
an old gentleman that waa flshlng at that
tlme. , The Ladlea' Aid meeta wlth
Mra. Eddle Danlela next Wednesday, after
noon and evening. All are cordlally ln
vlted. Mra. D. 0. White haa been con
fined to her bed a part of tha tlme the past
week. Mlsa Bertha Osgood ot Cabot,
who ia teachlng at North Calais, waa the
cuest of Mary Sabln last Saturday and Bun
day. ' The vlllage achool cloaed last
Friday wlth Mary Sabln aa teacher. Batur
dav ibe aave her acholara. wlth thelr ln-
vlted frlends, a pleaaant plcnlo on Sablu
pond, All enjoyed themselves until raln
drove them nome.
"I thlnk DeWltt'a Witch Hazel Salve la
the finest preparatlon on the market for
plles." So writea John 0. Dunn of Wheel
ing, W. Va. Try lt and you will thlnk the
aame. It alao cures eczema and all akin
dlseaaea. W. E. TerrlU St Co.
B. F, Stanlea of Barro la Btopplng ln town
durlng hia vacation,
MIsb Mvra Morso comnlotes her dutlos ln
tho post-ofllco thls woek,
Misaea Mlnnle Aldrlch and Mattio Jones
aro visltlng at 0. W. Aldrich's.
An effort waa made laat wook to orcanlzo
a local lodgo of tho Unlted Ordor of Amerl
can McchaulcB,
llon. Frank Plumloy waa called to Wind
sor county court on Wednoaday ot last
wuek roturning on Baturday mornlng.
A. A. Joalln has aold hia llvorv to M. A.
Rico. In tho trado Mr. Joalln comoa ln
posaeaalon ofthogriat mlll owned by Partch
& Rico,
J. Calvin dled at hls home on Wodnoa-
day of laat weok, after bolng conflnod to
hls bod for somo days. Tho funeral was
held from tho houso on Friday afternoon.
Tho eraduatlne exerclaos ot tho Grammar
School woro hold Wednoaday evening of
last wook. The stago waa artlstlcally dec
oratod and the speakers gavo croult to
thomsolvea and to thelr teachora.
On Thursdav ovonlntr. Concert hall was
fllled at the graduatlng oxorclBOB ot tho
liigh Bchool. Tho programme waa openeu
by tho class march playod by E. J. Connoll
ln hia uaual pleaBlne manner: followlng
was a Lattn salutatory and oratton, "Tho
Growth of Amerlcan Llteraturo," by Mr.
Dunham; recitatlon, "Tho Soul of tho Vlo
lln," K. Lorena Talhot, '09; recitatlon, "Tho
BcuooimaBtor's uuosis, ivaio ir. uonnsion
09: musio. Hich School Gleo Olub: oratlon
lin 1. n,.l... , HT. .1 -.1 . nntlntlnM
"Tho uravo by a borrowiui aea," neino
M. Harrlcan. '99: oratlon. "Whithor Wond
Wo?" Mlss Houston: recitatlon, "Two
Plr.turos." Claudo A. Rovb. '99i oratlon,
"Poaco Our l'ollcv" and valouictory, juisb
Jonea. Rov. Dr. Hazen thon preaonted the
diplomaa. Tho exorclsea wero apoken of
nv au as noine oxceouinciy eoou. a ruuuu-
tlon waB glvon to tho class on Friday ovon-
ing ln Armory uau. xuo programme was
in chargo of tho under-graduatea, after
whlch a grand march waa enjoyed, led by
tho graduatlng ciaBa
. . , T 4. . , . I
ISODAlOOrO 01 iiarayeilO, IHU,, J VU
loi conatlpation uo haa tound ueyv iu s ijh-
crino, xry tueui iur hluiuuuu uuu nvui
troubles. W. E. TorrlU & Co.
D. M. Flint and wife viaited in Stowe last
Mlaa Mina Brown of Goddard Semlnary
ia viBltlng at I. U. Ualel's.
E. B. Martln and wlfo and Ellls Bohonan
and wlfo are in Boston for a few days.
The familv of D. M. Mllea ot Barre are at
hia larm on tho isast mii ior a lew weeks.
D. E. Worthlev ls 111. Edward Taylor Is
on duty at tho moat market durlng hls ab-
J. M. Atwood of Randolph waa tn town
on Mondav and viaited tho Good Templar'a
lodge, of whlch ho waa tho lnBtltuting offl
W. M. Flandera and son of Chelsea have
boon in town. Sneclmens of their work can
bo soen on the screons at tho hotel and
The band travo an onen alr concert laBt
Thursdav evenlncr and we oxnect to hear
from them again next Saturday evening at
eight o'clock.
Mlss Alico Walker of Williamstown was
in town on Monday taklng ordera for the
books entitled "Lifo of Frances Willard"
and "Our Conntry's War with Spaln."
Horace White is again burnlng charcoal
on hls farm. LaBt week ho drow a load of
about one hundred bushels to the Favlllon
at Montpelier, where it is to be used in the
broiung oi meat.
Warren Huntington has on exhibition at
the nostomce some new potatoes anu peas
whlch were taken from his garden. They
show that tho gardener of four Bcore yeara
gota up ln the mornlng.
J. J. Dashnar had the mlsfortune to lose
a horse last Monday. It became frightened
near the erlstmlll and ran towarda home,
Ab lt turned the corner opposlto G. A. Bo-
honan's house lt was ln aome way thrown
to the ground and waa lnatantly kllled.
At thn annual meetlnir of the Washington
Creamery Aasociatlon the followlng direc-
tors were choaen: ifrank Urdway, M. li.
Curtia, M. W. Chamberlln, W. W. Wllson
and A. W. HutchlnBon. F. C. Huntington
waa elected aecretary and treaaurer. The
directora choao M. W. Chamberlln for presl-
dent and M. 13. Uurtls lor vlce-prealdent.
Thore waa a sovero hall storm on the
west side of the town laBt Wednesday. Tho
track of the storm can eaaily be traced by
the damage it dld ln tho cornhelda and car-
dens. The storm lasted about one-half
hour, and there were placea on the farm of
G. W. Holden whore the hallstones were
elght lnchea deep. Hia garden, one of the
nneat ln thls vicinity, is neariy rnined.
The Ublef BurgesB oi Mllesburg. Pa.. says
DeWltt's Little Early Rlsers are the best
pllls he ever used in hls family durlng
lorty years oi uouaekeeping. They cure
constioatton. sick headache. and atomach
and liver troublea. Small in size but great
ln resuit. w. a. xernu uo.
St. Johnabury.
The county court haa adlourned after a
very ahort sesslon.
The coUtlcal not la now slmmerlnc nuiet-
lv and no further excitement will come np
untll tlme to nominate a candldate for town
repreaentatlve. No namea are mentioned
yet, but aomebody will be around when the
tlme comea.
A. O. Baker, an old and much respected
cltlzen ot thls town, dled on Monday morn-
lntr. llo had reslded here ior lortv yeara.
and had been In the employ of Scale fac
tory all of that time. Wo havo to reoord
alao the death oi ts. is. Bargent, iormerly a
realdent of Waahlngton county. Obltuary
notice ln anothor column.
An alarm ot flre about noon on Wednea-
dav waa caused by the buralng of a barn on
the James Gaffney place in Somorvlllo; the
barn was neariy deatroyed, Lobs covered
by insnrance. On Friday at two a. ti,, an
alarm was glven from Eaatern avenue,
whlch called the whole department; the
flro waa ln George Growa variety store, and
waa extingulsbed after a ahort but aharp
fight. The atock of goods waa greatly
damaged by water, The bulldlng was old
and oi little vaiue. irortunateiy tuere was
no wlnd and the flre gave very little trouble.
Lobs nnknown,
The craduatlns exercisea ot the St. Johna
bury Academy laBt week wero oxceedlngly
lnteresting. They commenced wlth the
Eublic apeaktng by the Btndenta ln Musio
all on Tuesday ovenlng, and lt Iwaa llsten
ed to by an audlence whlch crowded the
hall to lta utmost. The speakers in thelr
esaava and selectlons auoweu carorui train-
lng, and the audlence showed their appre-
ciation by long ana irequent appiHuse. uu
Wednesday evening waa glven the drama
of "Hager and Iahmael" at the opera houae.
Rvnrv Hoat in the anacloua bulldfns waa oc-
oupled, and a handsome sum waa netted to
tho promotera of the enterprlse. Upon Fri
dav tha rptrnlar i?raduatlnc exercisea took
place ln Musio nau wnen tmriy-eigni Bin-
denta recelved their uipiomas. ui me m-
taen atndenta to whom were glven the hon-
ora thlrteen were carrled off by the young
ladles. The exercisea were all marked by a
Berlousneaa and dlgnlty whlch apoke well
for the academy.
East Elmore.
Mr. and Mra. B. F. Morse were in Mont
pelier the firat of laat week. Mr. Morse
went aa adelesate to the Republlcan county
conventlon at Middlebury and the Republl
can Htata conventlon at Montpelier. ,
Dennla Lawson waa at homo on Sunday.
w. u. uwura uorse boi lnto tne
barbed wlre fence last Friday nlght and
waa terrlblv cnt. urrin iroater and
daughter spent Snnday wlth frlenda ln thla
place, mm There la to be alpray er meeting
on Wednesday evening wlth Onarlie Way.
For Conatlpation take Earl'a Glover Root
Tea, tho great liiood ruriiier, uurea head-
and makea the head olear aa a bell. Sold
by W. E. TerrlU St Co.
Wells Illvor.
Cora Brock la linmn fn nnnml Imr atlmmnr
MrB. Marv Vannn Tnflirnnfl frnm Malnn nti
Mrs. A. F. Mlllllknn vlattml
Bradford last woek.
Mrs. John Ballov
Slxty Club on Thursday.
Dr. Parkor'a wlfo and r.lilld
spond a few wooks wlth hlm,
Harry Clark had hia haml nnltn l,n,iw
hurt whlle at hia work ln tho paper mlll.
Fred Ballov ls homo from Mlddlnbnrv and
Horman and John Bone from Burlington.
Tho Woman'a Rollof Corna met wlth Mra.
Goodwln ono day laat weok and flnlahod
Rov. Mr. Credoford gavo tho llrst of a
Borlea of Bormonaon tho "Lord's Frayer" on
bunuay mornlng.
Fred Molvln was taken to tho asvlum at
Waterbury last wook and is consldored
nopoiOBBly lnsane,
Mrs. Mooro returned from St. Faul on
Tuesday, accompanled by her daughter,
Mra. Charlea Joy.
Dlck. Norrla and Will Marshall wero
callod homo last week on account of tho
sovero lllness of tholr father.
Mrs. Carrlo Good. Karl Goodwln and MIbh
Mabel Goodwln of Chicago aro KUOBta ot
Mr. and Mra. W. H. Goodwln.
Mr. and Mra. Georco Wheoler have moved
lnto the house just vacated by Mr, Lathrop
wuo moveu to uarton lasc weok.
Mra. H. H. Lee anenta dav last week at
Falrleo wlth Gon. and Mra. Gilmore who
havo juat roturned from Ohlckamauga.
Charlea Cameron is at work in Pray'a
store at WoodBvlllo, but attenda to the
paintera work in tue cnurcu just tue samo
Rev. Georee Credeford of Wlnthropo,
Me., was inatalled pastor of tho Congrega
tlonal church heroon June lu. ruo sermon
was glven by Rev. Smith Baker, D.D., of
iiast juoston.
The Senlor Christlan Endeavor Society
flmwkv oflornnnn lni7lnr a TTr rrnr,rt at
tendance , and wil contlnuo the meetings
Tho ofilcors of the Junlor Christlan En
deavor Soclety for the next slx months are;
I'residont, Mlss Allda tlowo: vlce-preBldent,
uuy uuamuernn; secretary, iaura uiark;
treaaurer, iiazen iiiuuarci.
Curo that cough with Shlloh's Cure. Tho
best cough cure. Relieves croup promptly.
One mtliion bottlosBold last year. 40 doses
for 25 cts. Sold by W. E. TerrlU & Co.
MrB. Sargent ls qulte 111.
C. II. Currler spont laat Sunday at Jiome
Mlss Symea haa returned to her home ln
H. W. Chalmers and wife are in town
visltlng frlends.
MrB. Wallace Chalmers haa been vlaltlng
frlenda ln town.
Joaiah Fage has lnst returned from a fish
lhg trip to Danville.
Mlss Edith Taplln ia home from Man
cheBter for the summer.
Rev. Mr. Cudworth preached in the Motli
odlst church last bunday.
Rev. Jacob Mllla of Iloleua. Mont.. mado
uia mends a snort cau last week.
S. Clark Hood is at home from Montpelier
Beminary to spend uis summer vacation
Arthur M. Lanc, who has been attendinc
school at St. Johnsbury Academy, spent
last uunuay at home.
The ladles of the Reformed Presbyterian
church will glve a social at the home of
Mra. John Long thla evening.
There will be a flag-ralsing and basket
plcnlc at tho school-house ln dlstrlct .No. 4,
uaiusna juiu, on xnurBuay anornoon.
Mra. John Lang attended the eraduatlon
exercises oi at. jounsbury Academy laBt
week, where her son ls attendlng school
The Free Baptlst church. throuch John
Vance, Nettle Smith, and Cora Wood as a
commlttee. naa auontea annrnnriatn resnm
tions on the death of Eunlce Wilds, ln
wnicn ner uuristian cuaracter, mterest in,
and fidellty to the work of the church and
Bunday achool, and her labora ln the cause
of mlssionB are recognized. The resolu
tlona alao embody alncero sympathy for the
oeroaveu lamny. wen.:
Mlss Ada Nlchola is visiting in Water
13. luvett oi uoston is visitinc at F. w.
S. Butterfleld returned on Saturday from
Mrs. Mary Eddy and Willlam Keyes are
qulte 111.
Mr. Kolloirc of Burlington was ln town on
Mrs. L. E. Kent of St. Albans visited
Charles Dickins ou Saturday.
Mrs. Wilson Snow of Sharon is the cuest
oi uer brother, Bamuel apauldlng.
G. A. TUden was in Northfield last week
to attend the funeral of Calvin Cady.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wllllams and little
daughter of Barre visited at G. A. Roy's on
Friday and Saturday.
North MontpoIIer.
Mlss Maud Gray and Ruth Snow. Goddard
atudenta, are at home to apend tho aummer
vacation. Leman Brokley is apending
a few daya wlth his mother, Mra. Charlea
Wllllams. The ladles connected wlth
the social clrcle are to hold thelr annual
strawberry festlval at vestry hall on Thurs
dav evening. Durlng the evening they
will present a very lnteresting programme.
Everybody invited. Mr, and Mrs.
Howard Seaver ot Middlesex were gaests
ot Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hamblet severai days
last week. Mlss Fannle Walbridge of
Bennington ia here on a viait to her old
school-mate and friend, Mrs. A. F. Stevens.
Fannie numbers many warm frlenda who
alwaya extond to her a bearty weicome on
her viait here. Warren W. Adama of
Boston waa the guest of Mlss Blanche L.
Spanldlng aeveral daya last week, Mr.
Adama is a teacher in tne Boston conBerva
tory ot muslc. Mrs. Avla Buzzell of
White Rlver Jnnction viaited with her pa
renta, Mr. and Mra. G. L. Short, laat week,
returnlng Saturday. Frof. and Mra.
O. K. Holllater ot Goddard semlnary,
Barre, are apending thelr summer vacation
with Frof. Hollister's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Holllater. . Miss Julla Hol
lister ls teachlng a very satiafactory term of
achool in thla dlstrlct thla aummer,
Mr. and Mra. Homer Fitts of Barre were
Suesta of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Nye over Sun
ay. c F. L. Shortt ia on the road again
thls aummer wlth hia uaual nlce Inll cream
cheese. Mrs. Clara Shortt la at the
White Mountalna where she ia to remain
durlng the aeason aa cook at ono of the
South Barre.
A. B. Lane haa retnrned from Hanover
for hia vacation.
Willlam Ellla Bllpped and fell whlle in
the pollshlng ahop laat Friday dlslocatlng
hls rlght ahonlder. He waa asslsted to hia
home and Dr, Whlttakei'waa called.
The membera of the Juvenlle temple had
a rlde to Barre clty laat Saturday afternoon
to vlalt the templo there. Refreabmenta
were aerved and a graphophone entertatn
ment was glven. AU enjoyed a splendld
Little Arthur Ellenwood dled last Sun
day mornlng. He haa been elck a long
time and haa been a very patient little tel
low. He was never strong but waa a
bright and pleaaant cbild. and la mourned
by a larged number ot little frlenda. Hia
parenta have the sympathy ot all ln thelr
Bad bereavement.
East Montpelier.
There will be an all-day holineaa meeting
held by the Evangellcal church ot Mont
pelier at East Montpelier on July 4, ln O.
8. Tillotsou's grove. All are lnvlted,
One Mlnute Cough Cure. cures,
Tbat ls wbat II wu oscde for.
KwAWTnv. V-r . fnw O-. 10na A 1-
, Auuo, ruinarK
nhlo cure of rheunintisin through the cilieacy
of that grand old remedy, Smlth's Green
Momitain Itenovntor, is the caso of Mr. A. H.
Crav of lilL'litrato. Vt. For mnnllia Mr Pro
has bcen uiiablo to raiae hia arms to his liead,
nnd four days' uso of tho Itenovntor relievod
him, and n few ottlca cntiroly drovo away
tho rhetimatio paina. Tho following druggUta
will ref mul 31.00 if ono bottlo falls to benefit:
E. W. Gilman, Marshfield, Vt.j W. G. Nye,
North Montpol or, Vt.
I Do You know Bill Heads
Noto Hends, Lctter Hends, Stnto-
mouts nnd Envclopos inny bo ;
obtiiiiicd of tho
Vermont Watchman do, !
North Fayston.
B. Eaton's mother ls qulte poorly,
Mlss Blanche Smith haa rntnrnAd fn
Waterbury. 1 Mlss Cora Kennedy was
in town over laBt Sunday. , Mlss Elslo
Morso oi Duxbury ia viBltlng her sister,
Mrs. M. E. Davls. Mrs. Myra Flsher
of Montpelier ls visiting her son, Wlllle.
Mr. and Mrs, W. Moonoy of Mont
pelier visited last week wlth iriends ln
town. ; Mlss Thresa Ryle and Mlsa
Luna Uowo visited at tho homo of Mlaa
nowo over last Sundav. Mr. and
Mrs, J. D. Ryan of Nashua, N. H,, visited
tuo paai week witn Mr. anu Mrs. x. i -
iieaton. Mr. and Mrs. Ralnh Wrlalev
and Mlss Lena spent tho past weok at J. H.
Somervllles. School ln dlstrlct No. 4
closed last Friday. School ln dlstrlct No. 2
uniteu witu tuem m tho exercises whlch
woro of a patrlotlo nature. Tho schoolroom
was taatefully trlmmed, Admlral Dowey'B
plcturo was entwlned wlth llags and ever
greens. Mlsa Prenttsa recelved a bon-hon
dlsh and flower vaso from her scholars.
West Falrloe Center.
A pleaaant Chlldrena' Day exerclse was
enjoyed by the children of the Sundav-
Bchool on Sunday. Beautlful weather, a
fine lloral display. asslstance rendered by
Mrs. Plerco of Fairlee on the autoharp, Blng-
mg oy ner uaugutor, anu recitatlons anu
miiBlo by Miss Mamlo Woodcock of Ver
shire, all added to the enjoyment of the oc
caalon, A full house attested the interest
taken ln the children by thelr frlonda.
Miss Ellzabeth H. Bercln, ased aeventv-
four years, died at her home in Corinth on
Wednesday, June 22. lier romalns were
brought here for interment on Friday be-
slde the gravo oi her mother, who died in
1843. The Bergin family ls remembored by
some of our older residents as llvlng here
about ten yeara, some flfty or slxty years
ago. William Bergin, Sr., then occupied
the "aaw-mill" house and ran the mlll.
Willlam Bergin, Jr., of Corinth and severai
of tho relatlves accompanled the romalns to
this place for burlal.
The namea ot the pupils havlng nelther
absent nor tardy marka ln tho prlmary de
partment of the Moretown vlllago school
are: Stanley Buzzell, Theron Evana, Gladya
Flsher, Della Grifflth, James and Charlie
Hnrdle, Mary and Lawrenco Kelty, Hattie
Somervlllo, Lula Sleeper and Carroll
Fierce. Allce and Amy Clarke, Jennie
and Joseph Donahne and Garth Blngham
were present every day, but had each one
tardy mark.
Thoae in the upper department of the vll
lage school who have had neither abaent
nor tardy marka durlng the term Just closed
are: Herbert Austin, Harry Bruce, Ferd
Bulkeley. Grace Bulkeley, Josle Bulkeley,
Maud Bulkeley, Charles Goss, Harold Hay
lett, Margery Hulbert, Deliallurdle, Maude
Johnaon, Rita Morse, Ella Somerville, Net
tle Somervllle, Clara Spauldlng, Walter
Wilcox. Charlea Blngham was not abaent
but had one tardy mark. Clara Spauldlng
dld not miss a word ln spelllng durlng the
The school on East Hlll in Woodbury,
taught by Miss K. Allce Martln of Plain
field, cloBed laat Friday wlth declamationa
and dialogues by the pupils which were Us
tened to by the parents and Iriends. Tho
Bcholars who were not abaent, durlng the
eight weeks were Harold Dodge, Cora Wil
bur, Helen Jones, Besslo Lyford, Volma
WUbur, Lucy and Galen Hatch, Ernest and
Delburn Wheeler. Noue of the nlneteen
Eupils were tardy, and many of them have
ad to walk over a mlle.
O. J. Ainsworth is sick. AUen
Alnaworth haa left the Fletcher Granlte
Companv and ia worklne for the Holden
Company. The Helping Ald Soclety
will meet wlth Mra. E. N. Ainsworth next
Wednesday afternoon and evenine.
The Epworth League will hold a straw
berry festlval next Saturday evening ln the
class room. Dr. and Mrs. Arthur
Lance, Henry and Frankle Abbott, Misa
Mildred Brown and Bert Dugar of Worces
ter, are camplng at Long Pond. Al.
Thomas ls bulldlng a camp on McCrlllis'
ahore of Long Pond.
Mrs. Holt of Montpelier will apeak ln the
Bchool-honae hall next Sunday at two
Mrs. McLoud, who has been serionslyill
wlth neuralgia around the heart, la gettlng
better. Mrs. Theodore Wood la bIow
ly improvlng. A daughter waa born
Jnne21 to Mr. and Mra. Fred McDermid.
A Bad rnnaway accident occurred
near Olarence White'a laat Sunday. A colt
belonglng to Rov Dalley became unman
ageable and Carrlo Dalley was thrown from
the bnggy and badly lnjured, how badly it
is not known. She was taken np lnsenslble
and carrled to Mr. White's. Her face and
head were badly bruised. The buggy was a
wreck, but Mr. Dalley eacaped unlnjared.
Mr. John Bevlna. edltor of tho Preas.
Anthon, Iowa, aaya: "I have used Cham
berlaln's Colic, Cholera and Dlarrhma Rem
edy in my family for fifteen yeara, have
recommended lt to hundreds of others. and
have never known lt to fail ln a elngle in
atance. For aale bj 0. Blakely, and W. E.
TerrlU Co.
Ir It's a cold. Take "Seventy-aeven."
La Grlppe la a cold. Take "Seventy-aeven."
Influenza la a cold. Take "Seventy-aeven."
Sore Throat Ia a cold. Take "Seventy
seven." Bronchltls la a cold. Take "sev
enty-aeven." A congh is a cold, Take "sev-enty-seven."
Laryngltla ls a cold. Take
"Seventy-aeven," Fleurlsy ls a cold. Take
"Seventy-seven." At druggista or sent
prepaldl on recelpt of prtce, 25 centa, 60
oents or 81 Ask for Dr. Humphreya' Spe
clfic Manual of all Dlseasea at your drng
glsta or malled free. Humphreya1 Mediclno
Oo., New York.
Ax important additlon to the war depart
rnents Ust ot vesaels avallable for transport
and freight aervioe waa annonnced laat Bat
urday. Thla waa the purchaae ot eight large
ahlpa of over 3,660 tons burden each for nse
on the Atlantlo except one on the Faclfio
coaat. Seven of the elght to be nsed on the
Atlantlo coaat were obtalned from the At
lantlo Transportatton llne.
I waa serlously afuicted wlth a cough for
aeveral yeara, and last fall had a more se
vere cough than ever before. I have nsed
many remediea wlthont reoelvlng much re
llef, and belng recommended to try a bottlo
of Ohamberlaln'B Cough Remedy, by a
friend, who, knowing me to be a poor
wldow, gave lt to me, I trled lt, and with
the moat gratifylng resulta. The firat bottlo
relteved me very much and the aecond bot
tle haa abaolutely oured me. I have not
had aa good health for twenty yeara. I
give thla certlncate wltbout solicltatlon,
almply in appreclatlon of the gratltude felt
for the cure effected, Respeotfully, Mrs.
Mary A. Beard, Claremore, Ark. For sal
by 0. Blakely, W. E. Terrlll Oo.

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