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ARTHUR ROPES, Gouoral Edltor.
Cektain of tlio Stato contorupora
rlos, couspicuous for thoir cnpnclty to
taoglo mnttcra up, nnd put thlug
wrong if thoro is n wrong wny, bavo
bcon flrlng all around tho facts por
talning to tho pubHcation of tho Mont
pelier Daily JouiinaIj. That pubH
cation, for balf a century, bas bocn
issuod from tbo Watcuman ofllco dur
ing tbo Boaslona ot tbo Legislaturo. lla
pubHcation will bo rovivcd nt tbo up-
proacbing meoting of tbo Gonoral Ab
aombly. Ab alwaya in tbo past, it wlll
bo publlabod by tbo Watcuman com
pany, managod by tbo Watcuman
managomont and cdltod by tbo Watcu
man cditor. It haa cuatomarily bad a
legiBlativo roportor. Thia poraon will
bo, for tho onaulng acsaion, Mr. John
E. Harris, wbo will mako tho "Legisla
tivo Notea" columna Hvoly and entor
tainlng for mombore and tho publlc
gonorally. Soo proapoctua on pago ono.
Peculiakly cowardly, aonaoloBB and
atrocloua was tho murdor of Elizaboth,
EmpreBB of Auatria, at Qcnova, Switz
erland, on Saturday. Tho wrotched
dooddoca not riao iu tho acalo of infam
ioa to tho bad cminonco of aasaaaination.
Tho oruprcaa bad wrongcd no ono, ber
namo waB aaaociatcd witb no act of
crueltv or onreaaion to mnn or mau-
kind. Slio bad ahunned tho court and
bad Hvcd a lifo of partial aocluaion,
gratifying hor lovo of outdoor purauita
and frcedom from tbo con8trainta
imposcd upon royalty. Tho ompreaa
had bcon ataying for aomo wooks at
hor favoritc resting placo, Montreux,
near Genova. On tho morning of Sat
urday aho had rnado an excuraion to
tho city attendod by a limltod auit.
As aho was rcturning to tbo pier whoro
hcr boat waa moored tbo murderor
stoppod up aa if to addrcaa hor and
twico pluugod a atilotto into hcr breaat.
Sbo mado ber way to her boat, believ
ing horaelf little hurt, and ordored tbo
captain to procced on tho roturn to
Montreux. Sho aoon became uncon
acioua, and tho boat put back. Tho
real nature of her injuriea waa diacov
orcd. Sho waa romovcd to tho hotel
ahehadbut justquitted, whoro, witb
out rogaining consciouancas, aho aoon
cxpired. Thia doed of horror, perpo
trated upon a womau, an unoffcndlng
and blameleaa womau, whoae only
fault waB royal connection, ahowa how
cruel and pitilosa, with all tho cruelty
and ruthleaanoaa, but nono of tho gal
lantry, of aaavago beaat, is anarchiam.
Thia brutal and cowardly murder ougbt
to bo the vaulting crimo that over
leapa the sympathy of oven tho ig
noblo claaa from which the murderer
aprung, and to sound tbo deatbknell of
that organization of conapiratora
againat lifo and publlc order.
amendinotita of tho ballot law aug
gcstcd rcccntly by tho Watcuman.
Tho uao of tho equaro aud tho dlrcc
ttotiB for uiarkiug tbo ballot that aro
appllcablo to tho Stato aud county
tlckot, aro nonsonao nnd lond to con
fuBlon aud orror whcn nppllcd to tho
reproaontatlvo tlckot. In tho bulk of
tbo roproaoutativo ballots printod in
tbo Watcuman ofllco tbo aquaro and
tbo dircctlona rolatlng to ita uao woro
omlttcd for tho rcason tbat tboy toudcd
to ontrap tbo votor, to lcad hltn into
juat Buch irrcgularitlca ns aro llluatrnt-
cd by tbo doublo marklng of ballola at
tbo Middlcsox clectlon. Had tho
Bquaro bcon loft off tbo ballots, and
tho dircctiona for marking conflnod to
tho almplo rcquircmcnt to placo a croas
(X) in tbo margln oppoaito tbo namo
of tho poraon votcd for, thoro would
havo boon no Buperfluoua marklng, and
no ground, on thia scoro, for an olcc
lion contcst, with ita accompanying
ovila. Tho protcclion a eccrot ballot
tbrowa around tho votor ia doalrablo,
but what bccomes of this palladlum of
tbo woak or tlmid votor whon Tom,
Dlck nnd Uarry aro admittcd bcbind
tho railing, Into tbo bootba, to "nsslst"
votora in marklng thoir ballots, or on
Bomo othor protonao? And what aro
thcso hclpors rcally in tbo bootba for,
in moat casoB, unleBs it bo to auperin
tend and inBuro tbo dolivory of certoin
gooda, to wit, tho suflrago of tho nsslst
cd votora? In many, and pnrticularly
tho Bmallor, towna tho accrcoy in vot
ing tho law waa dcBignod to lnsuro ia
oponly vlolatod by tbo admlaaion to tho
aacred prccincta bcbind the rail of por-
Bona who bavo no lcgal right to go
thoro whilo tho voting ia in progrcBB
Tho objectof tho law ia dcfeated, and
proviaiona that wcro doBlgned to pro-
tcct tho votor aro omploycd to mako
moro certain bia obcdionco, iu tho ubo
of bia voto, to tho will of anothor,
or hia complianco with n corrupt bar
gain. Thoro ia work for sotne mau of
Benao to do in prcpariug and securing
tho cuactmcnt of nmondmonta to tbo
ballot law that aball removc cortain ob-
vious defecta.
for tbo iuflucnco that cnudur aud honcBt
convlction bualulutid by ablllty to 1m-
prcaa bia vlowa upon bia aaaociatoa
wlolda, will bo Harlnn W. Komp, rop
rcaonting tbo city of Montpolior.
In tbo Sonato aro many mcn who
havo won diatinction in tho affairs of
tho Stato. An luBpection of tbo Hat of
mcmborahlp will lmproaa ouo witb tho
fact that tho body tbat will aaaomblo in
tbo caat cnd of tbo Capltol will bo ono
of unuaual nbillty. Tho conatitution of
tho Loglalaturo, in both brancbea, Jua-
tifloa tho boliof that tbo maximum of
good nnd tho tninlmum of ovll dcducl-
blo from Vormont's cumborflomo legiB
lativo BVBtcm will bo rcalizod from tho
now law-making body.
Wnr aud Allinnco.
Tho Election.
Secretaiiy Algek haa rcqucated,
and tho Preaident haa conaontcd, that
an inveatigation of tho commissary,
quartormaster and mcdical bureau8 of
the army during tho lato war be made.
Tho Preaident haa appointedtoconduct
the inveatigation n commiaalon of nino
mon: Lioutouant-Goneral Schofleld, re
tired, Genornl and ox-Senator John
B. Gordon of Georgia, General and ex
Senator Manderson of Nebraaka, Gon
oral Gronvillo M. Dodge, Colonel Jamcs
A. Sexton of Chicago, tho nowly
olected commander-In-chief ot tho
Grand Army, ex-Secretariea of War
Kobort T. Lincoln and Daniel S. La
mont, Pro8ldent Gilman of Johna Hop
klna UnivorBity, and Dr. W. W. Keen,
a aurgoon and pbyalcian of Pbiladel
pbia. It ia noticeablo tbat tbo secre
tary'a requeat and tho Preaident'B or
der do not includo tho cbief of tho war
department, Goneral Algor hlmaelf,
witbin tbo scope of tbo inveatigation.
The aubordinatoB are to bo bauled over
tbo coals, but CongreSs will undoubt
odly provide for tho roaating of tho
cbiof incopablo. It ia rcmarkcd,' further,
that tho commiaaion is mado up of men
of alngularly higb ability and qualiflca
tions for their dutioB, tho only oxcep
tion boing in the clrcumstanco that but
ono doctor haa beon Bolcctod on n
board to invoatigato mattora portaining
vory largely to medical quostionB, and
thia ono a friend of Surgcon-General
Stornborg, ono of tbo ofllcors whoao
department is to bo invoBtigatod and
whoao managomont of bia buroau haa
been vcry aharply critlclaod. If tho
mon aelccted accept tho Proaldont'a
commlsaion, thoir gonoral charactor
aud political aaaociation givo aaauranco
that tho Ghief Exocutivo'a in junctlon to
aacertain and report "tho full and oxact
truih" will bo obaorvod in its lottor and
spirit, Lator roporta aro to tho effect
that Lincoln, Lamont and Gordon havo
declined to eorvo, and that atlll othera
mny decllne. Tbo Pro8idont may flnd
it diillcult to aecuro a comrulsBlon of
men of Buitablo ability and charactor.
A Snmplo Cnsot
Tho slateraout, in anothor column, of
tho circumBtancca that wlll form tho
grouuda of a contoat ovor Mlddleaox's
Boat in tbo houao of reprcaentatlvea
i ix.oLaoizeB tbo necd of eomo of tbo
Goloncl Smith'a plurality aoems to bo
about 23,057, tho total Republican voto
beiug about 38,200, tho Domocratic,
14,503. Thia reBult is vory gratifying,
from overy point of view. TheRepnb
lican plurality ia far abovo tbo flgures
for ou yeara, and cloao on to tho nor-
mal majority in the ycars of a national
election. In 1890, Carroll S. Pago'a
plurality waB 14,103; in 1892, Levi K
Fuller's, 19,702; in 1894, Urban A
Woodbury's, 28.521; in 1890, Josiah
Grout's, 38,571. Woodbury's plurality,
1894, waa aa unuaual for an off ycar as
waa Grout's in 1890 for a prcsidcntial
year. lioth woro entirciy aDnormal,
and dorivcd tbeir inapiration wholly
from the dominance of national issucs
of tho Hvcliest intorcst and grcntoBtim-portance.
The Democratic voto in 1890 was 19,-
299; in 1892, 19,210; in 1894, 14,142; in
in 1890, 14,855; in 1898, 14,503, or aome
5,000 lcaa in cacb of tho laat threo elcc
tions, than in 1890 and 1892. The
Mugwumps, and othor peculiar folk,
gifted with tho raro faculty of extract
ing sunbeams from cucumbers, or gold
from seawatcr, aco tbe aigna of coming
political rcvolution in tho flgures of
tho rccont Domocratic voto, nnd aro
thanking God and tnking courngo tbat
thoy shall yet see the fulQllment of
thoir malevolcnt hopea and ovil propho
cioa reapecting tho fato of tho Ropub
licana. Hope on, propheta of evil.
Personally gratifying to Col. Smith is
tho vory handeomo majority for him
in hia bomo borougb.
Tbe off year ia gonorally tho timo
wben tbo votora of Vermont relax from
tho sovero tonslon of tho prcaidontial
year. Thoy improvo tho opportunity
to kick ovor tbo tracoa ad libltum, to
givo local iBBues tbo right of way, and
to Bcttlo accumulating political acorea.
Thia fnct ia UBually ovident in Bbarp
conteats for reprcBontotivo, and in a
longtboned roll of domocratic mombers,
numbcring 42 in tho Legislaturo just
choaon. And yet thoro havo boon
otbora, witbin tho prcsont goneratlon,
in which tbo Btandard of tbo faithful
had a conaiderably largor numbor of
followora. Among tho prominent mcn
of tho Stato who bavo beon cloctcd to
tho Houao of Itoprcsentatives aro Kit
tridgo Haakina of Brattleboro, a vete
ran legialator, who by common aasont
i8 alroady assigned to tbo Spoakor's
chair; Franklin D. Hnlo of Lunenburg,
tbo rotiring auditor, ono of tbo Stato'a
brightoat mcn, and who will bo one of
ita wiscBt law makcra; Cuttia S. Emery
of Cholaen, clcrk of Orango county, n
formor morabor an'd a man of oxperl
onco in auch varieu niinira na wlll con
stltuto blm an cQlciont sorvant of tho
pooplo; Orrico Ballard of Goorglo, tho
enfant terribU of tho Houbo in 1894;
W. Soward Wubb of Sholburno, tho
mombor in 1890, to whoao crcdlt has
boon placcd many benoflcent deods
dono for tbo Stato of hia adoptlon. Out
ot tho maaB of two hundred or moro of
tho now mon who tnnko up tho mombor
ahip of tho Uouao wlll como many now
roputationa, aud foromost among theao,
for good judgmont, fldollty to tho ofllco
of ronrcaontativo in ita truoat aeuao
Hall Caino, thodlatingulahcd Engllah
nuthor, arrivod In Now York on Satur
day of laat week. Tho objects of bia
vlalt aro, primarily, to aaaiat in tbo ro
hearsala of tho plny foundcd on "Tho
Chrialian,"n rccont novolof hia nuthor-
ahip, and to rcnow tho porBonol friond
ahlpa mado on tho occaaion of a forraor
viait threo yeara ngo. Intorviowed by
n Triluiie roporter Mr. Caino waa ai
lont on tho litorary and dramatlc pur-
poacB of hia vlelt, but talkcd witb frco
dom and onthuaiasm on intornational
quostiona. "I congratulato myaolf at
tho outsot," bo aaid, "that I nm happy
enouch to como back to tho Unitod
Statea at this timo of your grcat pcaco.'
Contlnuing, bo aaid:
"Wo tblnk 1d England, tbat tho Amori.
can-Spanlsh war bas beeu ono of tho rnost
remarkablo ln the lons and strango hlstory
of warfaro. Wo tblnk lt showa for tbo first
timo ln tho liiatory of tbo worlil tbo tro
mendous flchtlnc power of doinooracy. Wo
think tho great dlCforonoo ln tbo rosults haa
beon duo to tbo groat ilifloronco iu tbo mon
Ou tbo Spanish sldo, as always bltberto ln
tbo wars of old monarcblcal countrlos, tho
insplrlng spirit bas been duty, and duty
alono. 'Tbolra not to reason wby, tbelrs
but to do and dio.' Tbo Amorlcau soldler
bas beon figbtlng for a priuclplo wbicb bo
understood and sympathized witb aud
meant to couquur. Evory man has been an
imliviclual ontlty, an lndepontlont unlty
submtttlng to routluo for the genoral good,
and overy man bas stood on his own, as
muoh as if he was a possiblo future I'resi
dent of tbo Unitod States. This is of tbo
ossenco of domocracy, and for tho flrat timo
in tbo hlstory of tbo world, perbaps, it bas
been brought into full play agaiust the old
order of warllko ideas.
"Engllsnmon are of ono mind ln boping
Amerlca wlll retaln the Phillpplnes and
joln tliom in a work for civllizatlon in tbe
Far East, but they fully undorstand that to
keep the Phillpplnes may involvo a radlcal
chango of national pollcy ln America, and
they soo that it ls a complozquestion which
must be taken up and settlod from tho
Amorlcau, not the Engllsh, polnt of vlew.
Thoy wlll respoct tho Amerlcau decislon,
whatover it may be.
"Englishmon rejoico in tbo ora of good-
foeling botween England and Amerlca, and
wisb to prolong it. They conslder tbat
good feellng is inore important than any
formal allianco. They want to have any
controverslal quoatlon settled so that thoro
wlll be nothing loft to disturb tbo rolations
of the two countrlos in tbo future. They
want to havo all tbo lssues ovor which tbere
liaa been dlplomatlc correspondence buried
out of slght. They are willlng to havo the
Olayton-Bulwor treaty ahrogated or revlsed,
and a canal bullt by the Amorican govern
ment and controlled by tbe Unitod States
preclsely as the Suez Canal ls controlled by
tbe Engllsh.
"Tho work ot tbo Amorican uavy hascon-
vinced Engllsh naval experts that England
has nothing to foar from European fieets.
Whatover may havo been tho defects of tho
Amorican transport service and commlasa
riat in tbe mllltary operationa ln Guba,
Englishmon with long memorles bavo re-
called their own blunders and failures ln
tho Crlmea and have been slow to con
domn. They have been filled with adml
ration for the prlvato soldler wbo has
shown hlmaelf a brothor-ln-arms of the
Engllsh lnfantryman of Waterloo, and of
the cavalrvman of Balaklava.
"They (many of tbem at least) are strong
for a formal allianco between the two coun-
trlea. The feellng in aome quartera ln Eng
land on this subject Is strong and profound.
It ls based on a convlction that unlty ot
race is a good ground for unlty of Interests.
Eagllshmen seo tbat England may havo
moro than Amerlca to galn by a formal al
lianco, that tho dlfllcultlea for Amerlca and
the responslhllitles lncurred by Amerlca
would be greator tban her advantage. If
that ls tbe couclualon ot the Amorican peo
ple tbe Engllsh wlll stlll bo satlsfled, as
long as tho reglmo ot good falth contlnues
which wonld make auch an allianco roal, lt
it woro practical.
"But in any case I tblnk Amorlcans
would do well not to lend too ready an oar
to thoso who say tbat the Engllsh deslre
for allianco, whero lt oxists, is foundod
solely on BelMnterest. It ls foundod on the
most genulno sympathy and good feellng.
Also I thlnk Amorlcans ought not to walt
(as Mr. Stanloy advlsos) unttl trouble over-
takes ono or tbo other of tho two countries
lovers of poaco deslro a provontlvo ratber
than a caratlvo meaaure.
"Engllsbmen feel that an Anglo-Amerl'
can allianco would bo a tremomlous factor
ln promoting tbo world's poaco. When tho
great natlons bavo unlted thomselves by
race, tho rlaks and dangers of war wlll bo
reduced. Mon wlll not feel that tboy bavo
a rlgbt to ilght for nothing, And then tbo
right to flgbt wlll alwaya bo controlled by
tho doinocracles. It ls oloar that tho oscape
from war ls in tho gonoral Bonso ot tho poo
plo, and univorsal poaco, lt lt over comes,
will come by prosBuro of tbo pooplo.
"Thoro was much talk iu England at tho
momont of my leavlng ot tho Ozar of Kus
sla's proposal for a reduction ot national
armameuts, and the gonoral feellng among
Englishmon was tbat lt would bo crlmlnal
on Eugland's part not to agreo to a confor
onco for tbo dlaousslon ot tho questlou. Ot
courso, tho proposal Is not a uow ouo. It ls
only tho sourco ot it tbat ls uow. Aud per-
aps thoro ls somothlng Illogical and ovou
grotesquo In suvb a proposal coming flrat
from tbo Bovorelgn who bas tbo largost
standlng army in tbo world. But English
mon fool that nothing ahould bs allowod to
stand In tho way of auch a roductlon of
nrmamonts, lf safo aud practical, and cor-
talnly tbo oxpotlonco of Amorlca ln its lat
ost war wlll bo (and no donbt haa alroady
boon in tho Czar's owu mlnd) an orgumont
ot tromondous wolght. Witb ono ot tbo
smallost standtng armlos, and not tbo most
remarkablo of navlos, you havo won this
great victory. Oloarly, thoroforo, lt ls not
tbo dlfforonco botwoon tho appoaranco a
uatlou's armamonts mako in tho budgot ro-
turns, but tbo dllToronco ln tbo men, which
ls of tbe flrat and utmost consequonco."
Anothor ominont EugHehmnn, Mr.
Josoph Chamborlnln, Groat Britnln'a
colonial socrotary, ia ln tbia country,
accompaniod by Mra. Ghambcrlaln,
who ia nn Amorican lady, tho daugb
tor of Mr. Endicott of MaBaacbusottB, n
mombor of Mr. Clovoland'a cablnet
during hia flrat torm na Prcsidont. Mr.
Chamborlin'a viait ia purcly aoclal nnd
for rcst. NovortholoBa, tbo preaenco
bcro of ono of tho foromost of Eng-
land'a publlc mcn, tho nuthor of tho
famoua Birmingbnm apccch in May,
cnnnot fail to oxcito grcnt political in
loreat nnd to havo nn important bcor
inc upon intornntlonnl nuoationB. Ho
thua roitorntoa viowa formorly oxproaa
"Wben I declarod ln Blrmingbam ln May
that oven war ltsolf would bo cbeaply pur
chased if, ln a groat and noblo cause, tbo
Stars and Strlpos and tho Unlon Jack
should wavo togotbor. I bad no mental
rosorvatlon, and I am happy to say tbat I
volcod tbo sentiments of 999 out of 1,000
Engllsbmen. England is ready, (and tbls
was sald witb omphasls upon oach word), to
meet tho Unitod States moro tban balf way.
It is for you to determlue how closo tbo ro
latlona botweon tho two countries shall bo-
como. Tboro aro no groat obataclos to be
orercome ln brlnglng tbo Engllsh-speaking
pooplo ln allianco. When your Senato de1
cides that lt ls to your interests to joln witb
us in securing cortain bonoflts to both na
tlons, tho allianco wlll bo an accompllsbod
fact. Why should not we bo alllod? Our
interests aro common, as is our languago.
Wo aro both strlvlng for tho botterment of
tnankind. England glorled lujyour snccess
in tho lato war, or should I say tho preseut
war? Our sympathies aro yours. Now lot
us havo a little better uuderstanding all
around nnd wo cau snap our flngers at
hostllo intriguos."
Middlesex Contcstcd Elcctlon
J. H. Daniela, tbo Democratic nomi
noo for Ropreaontativo of Middlcsox,
waa dcclared clcctcd on tbo tbird bal
lot, at frccmen's mccting, Beptcm
bor 0. Leroy A. FHnt, tho Ropublican
nomineo, will contoat Mr. Daniel'a
right to represent Middlcacx in tho
Legislaturo recontly chosen. Tho
grounds of the contoat nro derived from
tho circumatancea of tho balloting.
The Ropreaontativo ballots woro .print-
ed in thia form:
If it is deBired to voto for tbe poraon rocu
larly notnlnated whose name ls nrlnted bo
low, mark a croas (X) ln tho aquaro at the
head of this column. If the poraon a name
you deslro to voto for is not prlnted, write
hia namo ln tho hlank space and mark a
croas (X) in tbe square at tho right of tho
ballot opposito auch wrltten name.
For Hepreientatlve to tho
Vote for One,
L. A. rllnt, Mlddtoiex,
Tno othor part of tho ballot, prosent-
ing the candidacy of J. H. Daniela,
Democrat, waa in tho aamo form,
the worda "Democrntic Party" taking
Tbore woro two regular nominntiona,
the Ropublican and tbo Democrntic.
The balloting reaulted na noted below.
Wholo number of votes countod 18G
Necessary for a cuoice 94
u. a. riint nad vj
J. II. Daniela 75
J. W. Maxham 18
Scattering 3
Votes not conntcd : Threo blank, six for
FHnt four being double marked, and two
raarked out of place. One for Daniels, marked
after uie words, VUemocratio i'arty."
Whole number of votes counted 188
Necessary for a clioice 95
Li. A. l lin t liaa Ul
J. II. Daniels 82
J. W. Maxham 11
Scattering 1
Votes not counted : Thrce for FHnt two
ilouhled marked, ono witb strnight mark and
cross. Uiie tor JUaxliam witliout cross.
Wholo numberof votes counted 175
Necessary for a clioice 88
L. A. FHnt bad 82
J. II. Daniels 69
Scattering 4
Votoa not ccunted : Two for FHnt marked
out of place. Two for Daniels marked out of
place, Ono scnttenng, not marked.
Tho forogoing ia tho record of tho
balloting ns mado by a prominent clti
zon of MiddleBcx, who ia n mombor
of tho board of civil nutbority, nnd os-
alatcd in counting tbo votoa nt oach
ballot. Tho doublo ninrked votca for
Mr. FHnt which wero not countod, bad
n croBB (X) marked in tho equaro at
tbo hcad of tho tlckot, nnd uIbo in
tbo Bmall square nt tho right of tbo
candldntoa namo. Tho ono voto
witb tho "Btralght mnrk nnd crosa,"
speclflod nmong tho uucouutod votes
for Mr. Flint iu tho accond bnllot,
wna mnrkod witb n croBa in tbo
equaro at tbo top of tbo bnllot; tbo vot
or of tbat bnllot had nppurontly bogun
to mark a cross in tho body of tho bnl
lot, nnd had mado ono llno of tho croee.
Dlacovoring hia orror, Beemiugly, ho
had mado uu offort to ornao that llno,
leavlng only a falnt romalndor of tbo
mark bo had mado.
Wna tho board of of civil nutbority
lognlly juatlflod in throwing out tho
votoa caat for FHnt ln oilhor tho flrat or
accond bnllot which aro roportcd aa
boing "doublo mnrkod," nnd thoroforo
not countod? Dld tho doublo mnrklng
invnlldato tboao votoe? In reanoct of
tbo mnrka tho votor mnkea on a ballot
to indicato hia choico tbo law Bnya: "If
foranyrcnson it ia impoaslblo to do
tormlno tho votor'a choico for nn ofllco
to bo flllod, hia ballot aball not bo
countod for auch ofllco." Dld tho
doublo marklng in tho four votoa caat
for Mr. Flint, on tho flrat ballot, ronder
it "impossiblo to dotormino tbo votor'a
choico" for tho ofllco of RoproBonta-
tlvo? Wns not tbo choico of tho four
votora mado doubly clcnr? In tho caao
of tho votca for Mr. Flint caat in tho
accond ballot nnd not counted waa
thoro n shndow of n doubt na to tho
votor'a choico for Ropreaontntivo?
Tho pretonso of nny lllognlity in tbo
four votoa east for Mr. Flint but not
counted in tho flrat bnllot, or tho threo
in tho eocond ballot, is in tbo bighcat
dcgrco nbaurb. Mr. Flint waa lognlly
clcctod on tbo flrat ballot, nnd again
on tbosecond ballot. Tho board of civil
nutbority acoma to hnvo taken ita or-
dcra,on tbo flrat and sccond ballots, in
roapcct of tho double-mnrked ballots,
from n Democratic mombor of tho
board. IIo was tho aolo law and judgo
in the mattcr. Tho law of tbo Stato
was not rofcrred to in considerlng tho
mattor. A copy of tbo Stntutea wna
not ln tho placo of meoting. Tho elec
tion of Mr. FHnt wna at flrat concoded
by tbo board, and was on tho point of
being announccd when the flgurea
woro rccallcd and tho lcgnl isauo of tbo
ballot deBtroycd by throwing out tho
"double-mnrked" votes caat for him.
An opportunity Bcems to havo bccn
diacovorcd, at tho lnat momont, to de
fent the clcction of Mr. FHnt on tbo
Blimalcat kiud of technicality. Tho
quirk tho democrntic Solon bad doviaed
to dcfcnt a choico on tho first ballot,
prevontcd tho nnnouncoment of an
election on tho sccond, also. On the
counting of tbo third bnllot thia mernber
of tbe board had dopartcd for hia bomo
and bia place waa taken byanother,ulso
n democrat, who had not provioualy as
siatcd in tho counting. Qn tbia third
ballot thoro was, at loaat, ono voto
"doublo marked" for J. H. Daniels.
Tho democratic membcr now eiting
with tbo board inaiatcd that tho ruling
of hia predeceaaor wns nll wrong nnd
thnt thia voto ahould bo counted. So
tbo nction of tho board, in tho mat
tor of tho double-morked votea, which
had twico counted out Mr. Flint,
waa now roversed nnd Mr. Daniela
wns countod in. Tho democrat sit
ting with tho board of civil authority
on tho counting of tbo third ballot
admittcd that Mr. Flint waa legally
clcctcd on the flrat and sccond ballots,
but in bis judgmont tho dcclaration of
tbo board of civil authority that an
othor man waa olcctcd sottleBtho wbole
mattor nnd tboro is no remcdy; that is,
tbat tho dictum of tho board of civil
authority ia auperior to tho conatitu
tion aud tho laws. A hearing in tho
caao will bo had on Monday next.
It ia noticeablo in thia case tbat
many ballots for tho Stato and county
ofllcors, caat at MiddloBex, woro "double
marked"; tho croBB was placed ln tho
equaro nt tho head of the ticket, and
again in tho margin opposito tho namo
of oach candidato in tbe column below,
and theso votea woro counted by tbe
board that refused to count votes, sim
ilarly marked, east for the Republican
candidato for ropresentativo. The foro
going aro tbo osaontial facts in tbo
case, as thoy have boon prosentod to
tho Watcuman. Undor this ahowing
Mr. FHnt ia clenrly cntitledtorepreaent
tho town of Middlcacx in tho Legiala
turo recontly chosen.
M. F. llnrnes Addison
G. 11. Wnlkor IJridport
J. G. McCulloiiL'h North Iiomunirlon
li. I. Untclioldur l'cru
Hnrry ltlodgott St. Jolinsbury
1. li, iiall uroion
C. 1. Smith Burlington
E. C. Fav Jericho
G. W. Kayles Huntington
E. M. Bartlott iBlnmlPoiid
T. M. Foss St. Allmna
W. S. Soulo Fairfield
M. I . l'erley H.no9burgli
E. S. Flucry Islo La Motto
C. II' Stearna Johnson
J. B. Peckett Bradford
Q. W. Lyndo Williamstown
John lounp isowport
M. B. Cliafey Albany
J. E. Thompson Rutland
F. S. l'lntt Poultney
F. O. I'nrtridge Proctor
S. L.Grifflth Danby
G. C. Futnam Jr Middlesex
E. W. Slayton Worren
A. E, Cudwortli Londonderry
G. B. Ilitt Brattleboro
A. E. Wotson Hartford
F. E. Steclci Stockbridge
J. C. Enriglit Windsor
Bradford, (I A Dlr.kty,
Braintree, F I CloveliiiHl,
Brookfield.. C llohues.
Chclaeo, O S Emery,
Corinth li li berilmcr,
Fairlee, O N Itenfrew.
Newbury F K Kinibnll,
Orange, It 1 Lunl,
Kaudoltili, W ii Viall,
For Future Reforence.
Bar, Agutnaldo,
You little meailr
Malaj moke,
Wliat't the raatter with jou?
Don't you know euonRli
To know
Tbat when you dou't iea
Inallenablo rlRhti.
Tlie Amerlcan Kagle,
Tlie Fourth of Juty,
Tho Star-Spingted llanner,
And tlie l'alladlum ot your Llbertlei,
AU jou've got to do U to ailc (or tliem?
Are you a natural boru chump,
Or dld you catcli lt from the Spanl&rdt?
You aiu't blgger
Than a pleco of loap
After aday' wailitng,
llut.by gravy.you
Seem to thlnk
Tou're a blgger man
Than Unclo Ham.
You ought to be ibruDk,
Young fel owj
And If you dou't
Demalaylze yourielf
At an catljr date,',
An catob on
To your goldeu glorloua opportunltlei,
Houiethtug'i golng to hnppeu to you
I.lke a Illmalaya
Blttlng down keriwot
Ou a gnat.
If you aln't
A yollow dog
You'll take ln you ilgn
Bonie ltod, White aud Illue
Uver youratilf,
What i ou nooil, Aggte,
Ii clvlllihiK.
Aud Koldaru
Your yallt r percoou iklu,
We'll clvlllie you
Dead nr allve,
ou'd better
rrocpislou nf rrogten
And go marchlng ou to glory,
llefure yuu fall
lutoa holo Iu tho ground.
Tliat'i us
U. . W, J, h- la New York Bun,
rDemocrnts in itnlics, Proliibi
sionists iu Biunll eaps.
Toron. Xames.
Addison, P B Norton,
Bridport, C L Purish,
Bristol, Fred Lnudon,
Cornwall, L W Pcet,
Farrisbtirgli, II 1' Nuwton,
Grnnvillo. E.M IlHinenwny,
Goslien, Mymn Ayers,
lliuieock, 6 V Wilson,
Leicester, M B Ferson,
Linuoln, ii B Gove,
Jliddloburv. Robert Cartmell,
Monkton, li VSears,
New lliiven, F L Esistmnu,
Orwell, A B Busb,
1'anton. W It White,
Ripton, E C Gibl3,
Salisbury, II J Hyde,
Starksboro, 1) II Orvis,
Shoreham, C II DeloiiB,
Vergennes, T H Hindes,
AValthara, C W Sprarrue,
Weybridge, C R Smith,
Wliilint,', II W Benton,
Ef feS 3
a 3,
StraHord, J V Tyson,
Thetford, S V Stcveni,
Topsham, J R Ciildwell,
TunhrldL'O. (J 11 Allrn.
, 81
173 12 4
183 35 5
417 2 10
100 17 3
2113 1!) G
101 11 5
78 1 1
54 10 1
711 20 0
143 21 3
522 G7 14
214 10 8
134 12 1
15S Gt 10
87 U 1
82 !) 0
14!) 7 10
175 27 7
77 15 2
291 (iO 7
44 2 ..
118 8 3
J1 i) 2
3837 530 114
Arlington, E M Latlirop,
Bennington, B is llirrll.
Dorset, W T Tully,
Glastenbury, R B Youiiff,
Landgrove, L F Woodward,
Manchester, F W Cook,
Peru, A' G Wpman,
Pownal, J W Gardnor,
Readsboro. Jo'in t'alkner,
Rupert, S J Flower,
Searsburg, G J Bond,
Sandgate, N J Robiuson,
Stamford, Ahel Hall,
Shaftsbury, II A Bottum,
Sunderland, . I'artons,
Woodford. M C Cutlcr,
Winhall, G P Bnrber,
Total, 22C0 110
Barnet, C A Clioat, 128
Burke, H'cosfer, 140
Danville. C II Mattock), 239
Groton, J W Morrison, 159
Hardwick. G L Johnson, 1C0
Lyndon. W C Johnson, 238
Kirby C A Noyes, 41
Newark, C K liall, 41
Peacham, E M Tuft, 142
Rveirato. V J Henderson. 100
Stannard, G E Stevens, 42
Hlieihelcl, J t, 1'niLLlPS, IV-
St. Jolnisbury, T R Styles, 578
Sutton, D E Ruggles, 81
Wliee ock. I) li I.eshe. 04
Walden, J C StafFord. 07
Waterford, F W Hastings, 81
2401 844 100
3984 2354 91
Bjlton. A A Hall 0S 51
Burlington, J H' McGeary, 1408 1403
Charlotte, G A Foote,
Colchester. G D Nasli,
Essex, W F Clianin,
Hinesburch, Andrew Soiners,
Huntington, F D Falby,
Jericho, E B Jordon,
Milton.P A Bootb,
Richmond, E T .Incobs,
Shelburne. W S Wobb,
S. Burlington. II A Bixby,
St. George, E O Terrili,
UndorhiU, W J Fuller,
Westford, C II Cobb,
Williston, R E Brown,
Bloomfield. L T Wiliiams,
Brighton, E F Hobson,
Brunswick, A W Smith, .
n n i) Trtav
Concord, I P Lewis,
East Ilnven, J L Hosford,
Granby, Henry McGimiis,
Guildhall, A'elson Call,
lieniuigtoii, uny nioagen,
IjunenburKli, F I) Hnle,
Maidstone. O 11 McDade,
Norton, A E Johnson,
Victory, G A Colby,
Bakersfield, F O Tillotson,
Berkshire, B II C'oombs,
Enosburgb. W D 1'helps,
Fairfax, E 1) Sbepardson,
Fairfield, . II Flnneyan,
Fletcher, F L Smith,
Franklin. O V Gates,
Georgia, Orrice Ballard,
Highgate, U K SherUlan,
iMontgoniery, C S Parker,
Richford, " O Cummtngt,
Slieldo , FKDod'ie,
St. A, city, A S Richardson,
St. A. town, W S Clark,
Swanton, O U HeynoUU,
Alburg, II W Marvin,
Grniui Isle, Edwnrd (Jordon,
Isle La Motte. J. S. King,
North Hero, Matliow Dodds,
South Hero, Clmrles Landou,
Belvidere, L E Thonins,
Cambridge, O A Shefmau,
Eden, iMerritt Sliattuck,
Elmore. G O Gould.
Hjdo Pnrk, GB Allon.
Johnson, O N Fairiiigtim,
Morristown, G II 'lerrill,
Stowe, O K Luce,
Waterville. II A Jaokeon,
Wolcott, A I Boynton,
Vershire, Oscar Oarkton,
Washington, S E Carponter,
Williamstown, W Pratt,
Albany, J C Campholl,
Barton, O D Owen,
llrowmiiL'ton, j JI (Jillillan.
Chailcston, Will'min Nelson,
Coventry, IInll:i Thruslur,
urattsbury, r Y uavison,
Derby, F. G Butterfield,
Glover, Gabriel I'ntterson,
Greensboro, J B Cook,
Holland, J M Pnpo,
Irusburgh, F M Sears,
.Jny, U U lllair,
Lowell, W L Kinsley,
Morgan, Jos. II Gilmoro,
Nownort, C F Kanney,
Troy, J R B Hunt,
Westtielu, ,ohn ilrown.
Westmore, G L Nutting,
Benson, P J Clark,
Brandon, E C Smith,
Castleton, Jtnnei Uelehanty,
Chittenden, R O Dow,
Clarendo ', Leonard Stewnrd,
Danby, Geraldo Porter,
Fair Ilnven, W F Walker,
Hubbardton, J W Petors,
Ira, Cornelius Lincoln,
Mendon, F N D avis,
Middletown Springs,
Mount Holly, F S llorton,
Mount Tabor Melvin Barrett,
Pawlet, M C Bordon,
Pittsfield, Frank Durkee,
Pittsford, A' H' Dtckerman,
Proctor, W E Iligbeo,
Poultney, C II Diinton,
Rutland city, II () Carpenter,
Rutland, town, W W Wilkius,
Sherburne, Melvin t'olton,
Slirewsbury, V E Aldrich,
Sudliury, Kinaie llorton,
Tinmoiitb, I C Philips,
Wiilliiigford, E J Chilson,
Wells, n uiHim Lunver,
W. Haven, R C Abell,
W. KutlniKl, Ji C fish,
Barre, city, O V -Iwasey,
Barre, town, II 11 Milea,
Berlin, ' Stroii'l,
Cahot, B J Lance,
Calais, M S Ihvhaicay,
Duxbury, O W Hills,
East Montpelier J 11 Young,
Fayston, t (' t'arroll,
Marshfield. G E Ilollistcr,
Middlesex, .7 Dnnul),
Montpelier, II W Kemp,
Moretown, F L Ilathaway,
Northfield, Janies Morse,
Plainfield, O I) Klttdcr,
Roxbury, U A Titihn,
Waitsfield. J B Norton
Warren, Ezra n.ingsbury.
Waterbury, W E .Marshall,
Woodbury, C L Watson,
Worcester, Warren Ellis,
Athens, E 11' liobbins,
Brattleboro, Kittredgo Haskins,
Brookline, AO Wmau,
Dover, J B Davis,
Dummerston, E H Miller,
Grafton A G Rice,
Guilford, C F Brackett,
Halifax, L W Suniner,
Jamaica, E M Butler,
Londonderry, G GSmitb,
Marlboro, L M Ame,
Newfano, W R Rand,
Putney G II Phillips,
Rockingliani, O M George,
Somerset, M Tudor,
Stratton, E A Eildy,
Townshend, T P Barber,
Vernon, T W Johnson,
Wardsboro, J G Teblett.
Westminster, D C Wright,
Wilmington, C M Wnre,
Wliitingham, M. A Brown,
Windham, L B Chapinau,
Amlover, J G White,
Barnard, O O Adarus,
Bethel, 0 11 Tvpper,
Bridgewater, R D Bridgo,
Cavendish, V II" Whllcomb,
Chester, R W Waterman,
Hartford, E J Wnllace,
Hartland, J II Eastmau,
Ludlow, O II Howard,
Norwicli, II T Lewis,
Plymouth. D C Fenn,
Pomfret, G W Hnrding,
Readiug, E R Buck,
Rochester, II M Wing,
Royalton, J II Hewitt,
Sharon, Chnrles Downer,
Springfield, R W Whitnoy,
Stockbridge, R E Wilson,
Weathersfield, A II Wheeler,
Weston. W S Sliattuck,
West Windsor, C M Slierman,
Windsor. G T Hazen,
Woodstock, Rev J F Simmons,
155 150 12
(18 22 2
01 21 4
221 48 3
137 89 7
52 32 2
20!) 79 20
88 20 4
C05 01 10
113 0 2
130 08 5
153 82 8
130 22 4
55 53 3
110 43 4
50 01
107 37 8
2119 903 101
2517 404 34
100 20 9
200 199 7
IU 11 4
131 48 7
148 59 2
320 19!) 7
08 27 2
70 20 1
70 25 1
135 20 . .
102 27 1
95 0 . .
193 51 2
111 21 2
174 100
202 45 0
224 (13 7
825 711 10
135 55 2
55 1 1
138 02 1
04 30 2
83 21 .
109 07 4
80 59 2
72 10 1
258 241 2
4470 2210 70
52!) 300 27
151 120
173 b7 2
208 52 . .
147 90 7
84 5n 1
114 24 . .
82 10 1
100 33 4
110 02 3
5S5 32!) 17
122 77 2
277 228 O
93 58 o
79 115 4
142 30 3
15? 27 2
237 93 3
121 34 . .
101 30 5
3075 1803 97
'53 11 1
310 152 17
47 9 ..
55 17 1
114 32 2
128 24 2
83 54 1
110 44 2
103 18 4
.227 21 G
(U 12 . .
70 13 4
G 10 1
441 229 13
14 1 ..
19 5 . .
119 8 3
92 9 7
100 01 . .
144 24 22
107 55 4
152 117 2
90 10 . .
2709 892 72
95 !) 1
7 1 ..
117 34 . .
219 91 4
70 30 . .
110 39 11
203 29 4
281 100 11
89 18 1
301 57 3
135 01 1
112 8 1
74 4 ..
80 18 2
202 13 3
110 13 1
115 57 1
275 37 9
115 18 3
152 19 2
148 11 G
51 4 3
"Xi 48 2
229 44 3
3537 709 72
51 23 2
173 112 2
10 13 ..
113 40 5
M 24 4
30 9 3
20 0 3
42 53 2
15 20 1
87 10 1
15 28 . .
41 9 1
18 0 2
727 3G1 20
127 84 . .
191 57 5
278 09 11
202 5 1 5
155 180 ..
110 52 1
159 31 10
201 47 . .
202 103 ..
202 20 4
289 140 3
151 83 3
853 342 12
184 01 4
203 237 10
3090 1580 Gfl
183 55 1
7!) 04 . .
79 20 . .
03 31 1
03 34 2
407 213 4
03 11 . .
113 20 5
101 31 1
79 9 4
223 93 3
224 !!3 7
2;) 39 1)
190 115 8
100 20 3
153 11 4
lltO 385 41
3 sp s
Ailc.llon 3.617 J30 111
lleimlngton 2,'.b0 1,154 5J
Caledonia 2.401 8M 1M
Chittenden 3,194 2.3M St
Eaaex 11 361 !
Franklin 3,610 1,680 M
Grand lile M 213 U
Lamoille Mtu 3St 44
Orange S.441 803 104
Olltam 2.5IT 464 S4
ltutland 4,470 2.210 .6
Washington 3,b74 1663 97
Windham 2,709 6W J
Wludior 3.S37 7M 12
Aggregate. .33,210 14.563 858
Smlth'i plurality
Smlth'i majoilty
1, 32
2. (63
42,657 14,160 1,072
North Montpolior.
MlssMary J. Allenlsawayon a vlslt to
relatlves during her vacation.
Our creainery patd its patrons twenty
and a hall conts per pouud tor August but
ter. Tho Ladlos soclal cirolo wlll meet in
veBtry hall on ThurBday afteruoon. All
aro cordlally invited.
Leon Outlor aud aoorgo Butterilehl aro
among tbe new students t Goddard seinb
uary this fall Jrotn this vioinlty.
Miss Edltb Day of Wakefleld, Mass., wbo
has beeu hero for soveral days past, tho
cuest of Mlss Blauche Bpauldlng roturned
to her hoine this woek.
Miss Mabol Browu ol Northfield aud
Mlsses Merlilen Bradford aud Blancbo
Moorcroft of Barre wore ln tho vIIIoro Mon
day on a vlslt to relatlvos.
J. II, Hentz aud faiully of Phlladel
phl aro .horo ou a vlslt to Mrs. Henta's
slster, Mra. L. O. natnmott, Btopplng on
ou their way back Irom tho Adrlondack
Mountaius whoro they havo benu for
soveral wepi s past. Harry nutubers
inany f ' ero wbo oxtend to hltn a
hoart, . .jo.

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