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Mrs. Maynard Klser Is vlsltlng n? her old
liouio In Orange.
Mrs, llonry Nlxon and chlldron drove to
Hyde l'atk, last wook.
Bort Dobbs haa cone to work for Grear.
BOn.TJockott Granite company as a lumper-
Mra. Charles O. Mooro, now of Atlanta,
Ga., la tho Rueat of her brothor, Wllllam
Oharlea Brockway baa latoly roturned
boro frorn lloston, wboto bo bad boen otn.
ployed (or aoino tlmo.
Tho Chrlstlan Endeavorors of tbo Gongro
Kattonal cburch bold a plcnio at tho Lyndo
cottago, Uorllu poud on Tuosday.
Granito work is plontlful, but woikmon
nro scarco. Groarson & Ilockott have beon
advertlsing for slx addltlonal tnen.
Mrs. Frank Ilarvey Martln bas boon able
of lato to leave bor bod and go ont of doora
n little. Ilor caso haa boon vory crltlcal.
Frank Lathrop and Mrs. Emma T. Qrif
iln of Cholsoa wero marrlod laat wook.
Good wlshos aro horoby oxtonded to tlioin.
Mlas Klmball of Malne, n graduato of
Tuft's Collogo, proachod as a candtdate at
tuo unlveraaust cnurcu uere lasi aunuay
George W. Lyndo, ono of our loadlng
dalrymen and fanners, llndH a placo for
Houia sinall frulta on hla placo tbat ho
Mr. and Mra. Frank Louceo. who aro em
ployod at the Stato Induatrlal School in
Vergennes, wero latoly visiting Mr. Lou
gce's parents hero.
Rev. P. P. Womer and wlfo now oxpect
to spend tholr thruo weok's vacatlon In
Canaan colng to Montreal flrst and frorn
tboro to otber polnts of lntereat.
John Marr and Leon Ounnnlngs aro Bald
to have fonnd attor loavlng hero Monday,
that the lou they were seeklne ln ualllor
nla would not bo avallable for a month or
J. B. Crockwav loat hls bank book ln
Barre on laat Frlday, Burns day, contalnlng
a check for S3G and 814 ln casb. Whetber
the work of a plckpocket or not ho doos not
Tho old aoata ln tbo voatry of tbe Congro
gatlonal cnurcn aro 10 uo taken out anu
sultable chalra put ln thelr place. The
work Is to be doue by the Chrlstlan En
Mra. Freruont 0. Little, wbo recently re
turned from a wlnter ln Denvor, Colo.,
spent witb a brothor's famlly, may likely
return there later on account o( tuo conur
tion of her lunga.
J. Olarence Hersey haa latoly bought a
reaidence in Denvor, Colo. Hls brotber,
Maior llarry B. Heraey, la at tbo boad of a
dlvlsion in tbe governinent weather aervlce
at Loulsvllle, liy.
Granite cuttera Jobn Marr and Leon
Cnmmings left for Haymond, Cal., Monday
whero they hope to have a permanent job
in cutting atone for the new poat office to
be cullt ln ban l rancisco.
One of our ataunch farmera told us a fow
ilavs aco. aa be waa sittlne on a load of hay.
acl in anawer to our queation, tbat be
tbunght bay iviw now wortb S10 or 81- a
to i, but be would not aell It for so little aa
tuat even.
Mr. and Mra. James M. Bockett. now of
Boston, arrived at hla old bome here laat
8a',urday. They were accotnpanied by bis
brotber. Frank 0. Beckett. a former towns-
inan now of Washington, D. 0., wbo wlll
be here for a week or two.
Mra. Anna Benedict Franklin). Mlaaea
Belle M. Hlbbard and Cora M. Lewia are to
be tho teacbera of tbe vlllago school nezt
term. Mlas Belle D. Bmlth will teacb ln
the Charlea M. Erakine dlstrlct, and Mlss
Barab Burnbam in tbe George Wllllams
Tbis yoar will see pald one-half of tbo
town's bonded debt for 830.000 the coat of
securlng our rallroad. Deapite tbe burden
it haa seemeu to aorne ln tuo way ol ln
croaaed taxatlon, we auapect the town
would not givo up tbe benefits of the road
for what they have cost.
Next Snnday there wlll be no preachlng
at the Congregatloual church, Tbe uaual
attendants are asaured of a bearty welcome
at tbe Methodist cburch. On tbe flrst Sun
day mornlng in Auguat Rev. L. II. Elliot of
Waterbury will supply tbe Congregatloual
pulpit and will be at the Methodist chruch,
in tue evening.
Our former townBman, George Harrlng
ton. for years past a reaidont of Prlnceton,
111., is Tiaiting hero. Hla wife, a daughtor
of Mr. and Mra. Marshall Carnonter, ac
companiea hiru. For seventeeu yoars ho
was county school superlntendaut ot liu
reau county, 111, but la now connected witb
a llfe inaurance company ot Illiuois. Hla
wlfo ia Btill aasiatant county superlntend
Tho pruuential commlttee ot our new
nro dlstrlct, wbicb couinrehends the vlllagi
are delaying a little a call for a second
meeting of tbo resldents of the dlstrlct
Becent iuvestlgations are sald to have de
vuloped the fact that tbe charter given by
tbe laat loglslaturo to our aijueduct com
pany does not provide for any tranafer of
ita rigbta. therefore they could not now bo
purchased by the fire. dlstrlct if wanted,
meantlmo it ia clear that our vlllage ought
to be suppueu wlth more auequate prote&
tion agalnat llres than it has over yot bad,
It is to bo hoped that our commlttee wlll be
able to suggest some practlcaolo pian lor
at not too great an expense.
As one tblnka of all 111 health, sufferlng
and loaa to the worthy young mechanlo,
Will Lund, ln late years, and considers that
it haa all come about through a vlcious lit
tle norse, a broncno, tuat be was trylng to
mako serve a good purpose for hlmBelf, the
thonght la bardly tolerable that such terrl
ble conaequences ahonld follow having such
a cheap anlmal. Mr. Lund is thls summer
feellng Bomewbat better, and is engaged
witb a brotber ln tbo poultry busluesa, baV'
ing bought an lncubator and two broodera
He bas obtained chickens from one-half of
tbe thouaand eggs he bas put ln hia inco'
bator. We wlah be mlght redlscover, aa t
poultry man, tbe goose that layB golden
Tbe Ladies' Ald will meet tbls afternoo
witb Mrs. George Uolmes,
Mr. and Mra. C. H. Ilalnos have returned
from a viait wlth relatlves in Cabot.
Tbe young people of the vlllago enjoyed
plcnio on Bunset IIIU Monday afternoon.
Rev. Geo. E. Ladd returned from hls
weeks' outlng in tbe Adlrondacks Monday
Mrs. F. B. Glle and son, of Concord, N.
are tue guesia oi jur, ana Mrs. u
Tbore wlll be an Epwortb League Boclal
at tbe Methodist church parlorB next Frlday
evening at o o'ciock.
ln conaenuence of the breakaco of tb
crank tbat ralsea the awnlnc at Moody &
Luce's store, a large plate glass wlndow was
A derallod frelght car in the yard laat
Hunuay, causeu conBiaoraoie irouuie an
necessltated a wrecklug traln Monday to
put thlngs to rigbta.
W. E, EggloBton, of Rutland, wbo la mak
ing a trip through tho State on his whoel,
spent two days last week witb hla old col
lege frlend, W. II. Trowbrldge,
Rov. Mr. Drew and Mrs. Drow and Itov
G. a. Ladd and wlfe, wlth soveral otbors
attended tbe baskot plcnio of tbe Montnel
ler Minlster'a Association at tbe Barro
quarrles Tuesday afternoon,
The contractora wbo aro to bnlld over tbe
uam at Bolton Falls are Dusblnc nrenara.
tions witb tbo utinost dlspatch, and already
have a large forco at work. Charlea I'almer
baa secured the posltlon ot tlmo keeper.
Wllllam Mullln, of Worcester, Maaa., pro-
prietor oi tuo croamery, naa purouaseu oi
Geo. W, Randall the lot on Itandall street
whlcb he bas occuoled slnce 189-1 under a
lease. The condltlon of the sale ls that the
creamery sball be removed wltbin two
years. Thls wlll please the resldenta of
tbat street, as tbe presence of a creamery ls
not deslrable.
C. F. Eddy ls ln Boston tbls week,
MIbs Carrlo Groen la ill wlth tho grlp.
Mrs. Luko Qavaze of Proctor ls ln Waits
Mlss Betb Rlcbardson la to teacb ln
Misa Hlcharda of Boston is vIbIUue Mrs.
Olara Brown Miller.
MrB. D. B. Dwlnoll and chlldron aro vls-
ltlng at J. E, Borry's.
Mr. and Mra. Jack of Barro aro spendlng
fow days witb Mr. and Mra. Clay, i
O. M. Eaton and famllv and aoveral
otbors, go to Highgate ou Wodnosday.
Mra. A. B. Enrleht. wlfe of Hov. Mr. En-
rlght of Eaaex, is vlsltlng in Waitsfield.
Jobn Brown ls ln noor hoaltb and con-
templates an outlng in northorn Vermont.
Tho Ald Soclotv mot witb Mr. and Mra.
Clay laat Wednesday. It was lndeod n
plendld occaalon.
Rev. Mr. Ganley of tho Congrogatlonal
church la to exchango witb a brotber from
tbe nortberu part ot tbo State in Auguat.
MrB. Joaenb Palmer la in a crltlcal con
dltlon as tbo rpsult of an operatlon, lor-
formod ln the Maaaacbusetts Goueral IIos-
pltal at Boston.
Dr. IIowo was ln Watorbury on Monday
witb II. F. Stoddard to consult Dr. Ilonry
Janes, who removed a tumor from tho back
ot Mr. atoitilanl's nanu.
Mr. and Mra. Kowcomb of Atcblaon,
Kau., are ln Waitsfield witb Mrs. Ilarrlet
Newcomb. brlnciuc comfort and cboer to
onoof God's chosen onea.
Mlaa Flak'a meetincr was a creat anccoss
Bhe ls a verv otlectlvo sneaker if moasured
by bor wlnBomeness and her power to get
hold ol the syinpatbloB ol ber auillonco.
Iraavllle ls attractlng somo of tho ploasuro
Beekers thls summor. Boino people from
MaaaachuBetta have cboaen a dolightful
reating place witb Mrs. C. M. IlicnardBon
Thu remalnB of James McGlafllln of East
Warren were brought to Wattsuold and In
tnrred ln the villace cometerv on Sunday,
Mr. McGlafllln waa an old tlme resident of
Cbarlie Hnrdlo la qulte Bick agaln.
Gladys Barber of Waterbury is ln town.
J. B. Wllklns waa ln town over Sunday.
V. L. Barber and wlfo wero in town Sun
MrB. R. Sawyer was in Barre a fow days
last week.
G. B. Evans of Watorbury was in town
last Frlday.
M. M. Ball of Rochoster was in town laat
Frlday and Saturday.
Annle Dntton of Stonebam, Maaa., ia vla
itlng relativeB ln town,
A. J. Tubba has a cousln from Northfield
vlsltlng him fora fow dayB.
It is renorted tbat Wllllam McDonald
bad aome articlos atolen from bia cellar ono
night recently.
George M. Aahley was obllged to return
from tbe White Monntains last Frlday. He
is 111 wlth tbe measles.
S. M. Hulbert was struck by a board from
tho matcher in H. O. Ward'B box abop last
Monday. Ho was not badly injured.
George Evans went to Burlington last
Monday mornlng, accompanled by Dr. Hay
lett, wbere he ls to have one of hls eyes re
moved. West Berlin.
Arrangements are belng made for a Sun-day-school
picnlc at Dewey Park very soon,
Mrs. JobnBton bas been fortnnate ln get
ting a widow's pennton, also a ponslon for
her three yonngest children.
Mrs. Ella Currlor for reasons known only
to berselt, bas lett tbe home ot her bnsband
and is livlng witb ber Bister, Queen Seaa.
A lady from Maasachuaetts vlsltlng at
Charles Romney'a is dolng some flno plc
turos from the scenery of Dog rlver valley.
Mrs. C. F. Smith and Mlaa Mabel Smltb
of Laport farm, Morrisville, vialted at M.
E. Colby'a laat week, also Charles LaPago
and wlfe ot Barre.
Mrs. Martha Jobnston and daughter,
Olara, are qulte slck wlth sore throat and
tbo grlp. Her son, Horace, 1b also having a
Berlous tlmo from ivy poison.
Whllo Mlss Della Ayors and Mrs. Do
cherty were comlng'down Leeland hill tho
horae atepped on a rolling atone and fell,
breaking the shafts and dasb-board and
tbrowing tbe ladies out. Tboy escaped ln
Jury. Whllo George Ayers and Albert Colo
wero working on tbe farm of J. L, Ayers
laat week about oue-fourth milo from tho
house they saw a large bear but a very fow
feot from tbem. Wblch waa the moat
frightoned, the mon or the bear?
Vlaltora in town are MrB. Hunt and Mr.
and Mra. W. F. Hascall at Gilman Emor
hou's; Mrs. F. S. Charles and daughtur
Mildred, witb Mrs. Young, at tbe Haakell
cottage; MrB. Will Merrill and two cliil
dren at Mrs. Marla Stylea, Mlas Emma
Cook at D. B. Celloy'a.
Hlal Carr Is vory ill with rheumatism.
G. W. Foater waB taken suddenly ill Sun
day night.
Tbe derrlck at Weber'a quarry waa bro
ken laat week. nts belp 1b idle untll ro
palrs can be made.
Herbert Eaatman waa obllged to cloae
bla blacksmitb ahop last week and go to hlB
bome ln Calais becauae of aickness.
The Methodist soclety has made arrange
ments to have Rev. G. L. Wells of Hard
wick preacb the balance of the conference
The Woodbury Granite Company is mak
ing preparatlons to nhip a vory large stono
soon. A car bas been bullt eapeclally for
the stone.
The Hardwick and Woodbury rallroad
bave an excurston next Saturday from
Hardwick to the quarrles. The Hardwick
band accotnpanles the excursion. In tbe
afternoon the Hardwick baso-ball toam try
concluslons wlth the Woodbury nlne. Each
team haa a victory to ita credit and a hot
game ia expected. The game will bo played
on Drenan'a fleld and the Woodbury band
will be ln attendance.
Henry A. Parker has returned from
Fitchburg, Maaa.
Etbel Church ls vlsltlng her sister, Mrs.
Orr, at Newbury.
Hazen Fhllips recently celebrated bis
etghty-fourtb birthday.
Mr. Llbbey and dangbtor ot East Pitts
ford vlslted at F, J. Woodcock's last week.
Mra. A. J, Oroaa vialted ber dangbtor,
Mrs. Wlgglns, at West Corinth last Satur
day. Elder W. C. Boutwell of Gaysville
preaches every otber Sunday at tbe Advent
Professor A. L. Fuller and famlly left
town last week, returnlng to thelr bome ln
Oleveland, Olilo.
Preachlng servlces are now beld at tbo
Vershire Center school bouseat four o'ciock
Bnnday afternoons.
A flno deer was recently seen ln the fleld
of Mr. Parker wher It was quletly eatlug
oata, and was watched for some tlme.
Prof. D, R. Bowdltcb of Rouses Point,
N. Y,, was In town last week. He bas been
engaged as prlnclpal ot Thetford acadeiny,
MrB. John Howell vlslted at Mrs. M. A'
Oook's, laat week.
Mlss Lucy Rlcb of Lowell, Mass., ls stop
plng with her slsters.
Little Evelyn Sprlngor was presentod
wlth a new blcycle, last week.
Mlas Lena Ingalls ot Randolph, Ia vlslt
lng ber grandmotber, Mra, Marblo.
Frod Stack and famlly ot Manchester, N,
II., are vlsltlng at Mrs. Wllllam Balcb's,
Davld Cook and W. G. Greenwood and
famlly ot Barre, have been vlsltlng rela.
tives bere.
ICatt Calais.
Frank Gray baa movod from the C. R.
Dwlnoll tenemont to tho second floor of
Guy Bancroft'B bonao. 1 Mlss Nancy
Parker haa movod irom Mra. Fay'a bonso
to A DwlneU'a new houao. Mrs.
Horbert Wells and two children of Boston,
aro spendlng n fow weoka wlth Mra. O. F.
Uorry at kockwoou larm. Mr. anu
Mrs, A. Dwlnoll lott bome Tuosday to
spond a few weoka at thelr cottago at Lnko
Caapian. They wero accompanled by Mrs.
0, C, Bonnott and two chlldron of Piorre,
B. D. 1 Mra. D. B. Dwlnoll Is spendlng
a coupln of weoka at Waitsfield witb ber
siator, Mrs. Jiorry. Mrs. a. u uutton
fell laat wook and apralned her ahonldor.
F. B. Fav of Cambridge, Mass.. ar
rived Monday night to spond a few dayB
wlth hls mothor. Uov. R. H. McPhor-
bou uas an appolntmeul to preacb boro
agaln next Sunday at ono r. m.
North Fayston.
Mr. and Mrs. Lenbon Johnson vlslted ln
Waterbury, rocontly. Mr. and Mrs.
Morton Davls vialted ln Montpelier and
Marahflold, thu past week. ; Mr. and
Mra. Brlggs vialted witb her mothor tho
paat woek. 1 Mlas Floronco uavis ia
vlsltlng ln Montpelier. Tho roal ob-
tate bolongmg to Albro i'ortor in tnis piaco
waa sold Saturday to Georgo Lounard for
$160. 1 Among the vlsltora in town tbo
past wook woro Mrs. Abble Stockwoll of
Woonsockot, R. I , Mra. Emma Marble,
Mra. Dr. Howe and daughter, Mlss .Boatrlce
Mlllor, all of WaltHllnld, I'hlllp Goss and
grandaon, Mr. and Mra. Ernoat Tbomas,
Mr. anu Mrs. Jobn uranillieul, Anna 1'os
nett, all of Morotown, Ichabod Tbomas and
Kast Montpelier.
Mra. SylvanuB EUIa la 111. Mrs.
Eunlco IIIU ot Hardwick bas been spnnd
ing aeveral woeks witb relativoB horo.
j,u. iiass anu who oi Minneapous
aro vlsltlng at 11. 11. Temploton's
Misa Anna Olevoland and ber brotber Uow
ard ot Somervlllo, Mass., aro spendlng a
fow weeks wlth relatlves ln thls vlcinlty.
Ada E. Temploton went to Richford
last week to vlatt her brotber, Dr. H. A.
Boeue. attor wblch sbo will return to ber
bome ln Irasburg. Mr. Tillotaon's
dangbter, about two yoars of ago, bad two
fineera nearly sovorod from bor band by
a blow from a hatchet ln tbo hands of a
South Duxbury.
Mlss M. Butler led tbo Sunday evening
prayer aervlce.
MrB. E. Seaver of Springflold, Mass., ls
the gneat ot bor slstor, Mrs. a. Mlnor.
Harry Bruce sbot a hawk laat week that
measurod over four feot from tip to tlp.
Frank Hart was called to Elmore last
Frlday on account of bis sistor's slcknesa
Mlss M. Mosstnan of Orange, Maaa,, was
the guest ot Mrs. F. Uart and Mrs. b. Bom
erville the past week.
MrB. F. Heaton of Nashna. N. H.. and
Mrs. M. Philllpa of Morotown were the
guests ot Mrs. E. Aitkina tho paat woek.
Kast Roxbury.
Fred Blancbard has purchased a new Mc-
cormick bay teuuer.
Creamery patrons recelved seventesn
cents for Juno butter.
Mrs. Waldo Rogers and sona, Homer and
Alan from Randolph, vialted ln town last
Some of the farmers bave ilnished haying
and report allgbt crop, although lt is better
tban was expecteu at tbe flrst ol tbe Boason
Mra. Charles J. AUen and children, Otto
and Albert, and Misa May Doubleday of
Bpringfield, Mass., are gueBta at F, O
Delegates to tbelOrange County Assocla
tion ot Sunday Schools to be beld at Wells
Rlver, August 3 and 4, are M. S. Colburn
Harley Sanborn, Mrs. R. Palmer and Mrs
Anna Poor.
Mrs. Ida Woodbury spoko In bebalt ot
the American Mlaslonary Association at
the Congrogatlonal church at Thetford
Hill laat Sunday mornlng and at North
Thetford in tbe afternoon,
Tho Pliiilipiilne Cominission ou tho
Tho judgmcnt of tho American peo
plo ou nltnirs in tue I'lulipptnes is
necessarily baaed upon tho facts roport
ed to it from theso islanda. Now wo
have from tho 1'hilippine commiasion
a roport whlch stnnua by Ucn. Otis
view in every particular. Tho dea
patch ia tho more iraportant since it
has somotimca been intimated that tho
military aulhorities and the commiB
aion were at croaa purpoees.
Ferbaps tho moat optimiatic of Gcu
Utis' despatcnes waa tno ono ot sev
eral weeks ngo. in which he described
tho iuaurgonts us demoralizcd from ro
cent dofcats and losscs, and said that
tlieir only large arniy waa one of about
4.UU0 in Tariac anu I'ampaimo, al
though they might aaaemblo 2,000 in
Cavito and Batangaa, white thero wero
scattcred bands of from 50 to 500 eacb
in otber parts of Luzon. But now we
flnd tbo Philippino commission declnr
ing that ttiis particular dcspatch of
Juno M is an accurato statcmont of av
fairs ub they exist today, whilo in ad
dition a number of ports in Luzon
Leyto and other islands havo been
oponed to trade, and local govornments
navo been establianeu ln seven im
portant towns. Tho commiaaion Bave
that this system of adminlatration has
beon followed by conatant deaortions
ued success, it will mark tlio beginning
ot tbo enu.
It is clear, thon, that General Otis
favorablo view of affairs is fully bnckod
up by tbo commi8aionera. Porhapa
tney aro au wrong; pernaps tno cnoer
ful and confldcnt tono of Goneral Otis
which makos him thmk that as soon as
tho roads allow him to movo he can
cruah tho rebolllon, oven if it 1b not
weakened meanwhile by tho commia
biou's adminiatrativo work, is not justi
fled by tbo facts; but thua far wo seo
notninE touiscrcuit nla view.
One tbing that must bo conceded is
that, until tho ralny soason put an ond
to campaigntng, liononil utis' opera
tions wero overywhero successful. Our
troopB drovo the oncmy before them in
overy battlo, and, wbilo thoy could not
provont him from rotroating, yot they
Btioweu tnoir enormous suporiority
When tbo now campaicninc soason
opons wo shall havo a far moro powor-
iui lorce in tuo ueiu tnan over boioro
whllo, if tho commiaaion is to bo be
lieved, Aguinaldo's reaources will havo
dimiuiehed. Of tho result thero can
bo no doubt. Now York Snn.
Washington, July 22. Elihu Root
of Now York, through Sonator Platt
has accoptod tbo portfolio of war. Tbis
Is on Platt's authorlty. Tho Senator
camo hero propnrcd to urgo Goneral
Francis V. Groono, if a military man
was desired; ltoot, if an attorney was
wanted. IIo was authorized to accept
in behalf of olthor. Tho Prosidont
cliooaeB lloot bocause of bis quallllca
tions to decido in questiouB of tbo civll
government of tho colonics. No
clalms oxcopt from Now York woro at
any tlmo coneldorod.
Ofllclal Orgnn of Mllltnry Powor ln
Englnnd Cnlls Caunda Down.
London, Eno., July 24. Commont
lug on tho dobatn ln tho Canadinn par
llnmont laat Saturday on tho Alaskan
boundary qucstlon, in whlch S!r Charles
Tupper hlntcd at war with tho TJnitcd 1
StntcB, tho St. James Qazttle to-day
Bnys: "Tho brisk air of tho unltcu
Stutca and Cannda is conduclvo to
strong words, whlch would novor pnsa
tho lips of a Europcnn etatcsman until
an ordor to mobolizo was on tho point
of i8suing. Nobody thinks of war in
conncction with the Cauadian-Amor-
icau dispute. Yot, slnco it is wo who
will havo to flght if Canada makes a
quarrol, wo must pload with ono of our
fcllow Bubjccts to uso a quloter stylo.
If Sir Charlos Tuppcr's words moan
anything ho dcsircs tbo presontation of
an ultimatum which could only mcan
war. Sir William Laurlor, though
calmor, was tolerably omphatic. As
things aro going now wo aro drifting to
a vory sorious diplomatic colllsion with
thoUnited Statcs which Grcat Britain
isearnestly anxious to avoid."
Better Trndo Itclntlons wlth
Unitod Statos.
Washington, July 24. TLo long
ponding reciprocity troaty nogotiations
botwecn the United Statos and Franco
wero brougbt to a cloao by tho signing
of tho documonts lato this aftornoon
It is by far tho most iraportant treaty
concluded under tho reciprocity pro
visions of tho Dlnclov law and tho
only ono affccting tho trade with
large commorcial nation. Tho nego
tintions woro markcd by rathor sharp
and long continucd diecusBionB which
continued up to the time the aignuturca
wero placed on the document. In tho
cnd a spirit of compromiso prevailed
and each sido yiolded somotbing.
The treaty will reBult in placing tho
products of tho United States on tho
Bamo baais in France as products
Great Britain and Germany. At prcs
ont thcae countnes bave tho minimum
French rate, whilo tho Amorican goods
with few exceptions, navo haa to pay
the maximum rate.
Lynchlng of FIto Ncgroes tho Cnuso
Bainbridge, Ga., July 24. Deca-
tur and Early countics aro greatly ex
cited over tho lynching of flve negroes
One has beon lynched by hknging after
hiB body had been mutilatell, two hove
been found dcad and their scalps aro
roported to bo on exhibition at Saffold
wblle tho bodles of two others woro
found lying noar tho railroad track
the diaturocd diatrict. Tho causo
tneir deatii ia in uoubt. urowda aro
Btill hunting for the flvo othor negroes
implicated by ono of tho mon lynched
in on aaaault od tho Ogletroo family
The troublc is bcliovod to have been
causcd by a gung of negroes who es
ctiped from jail last June at Augusta
and terrorized thia part of tho Stato for
soveral weeks.
Wlll Be Hold thls Aftornoon
Clorgyman Wlll Offlclatc His
Body to Bo Crcmateil.
New York, July 25. Simplc funer
al services for Robort G. Ingeraoll will
bo hold at four o'ciock this aftornoon at
WalBtou, the Ingersoll home. No
ChriBtian miniater will ofHciate, and no
funeral aermon will bo prcached. Dr.
John Clark Itidpath, who waB for many
years a closo friond of Col. Ingersoll,
will read tho eulogy writton by the col
onel at tho time of tbe death of his
brotber. Dr. Itidpath will also road
"My Creod," tho last poem writton by
Col. Ingersoll, and will afterwards de
livor a few personal remarks. Major
O. J. Smith, of Dobb8 Ferry, will read
otber sclections from tho colonel'a
WedneBday morning tho wholo fam
lly will accompany tho remains to FreBh
Pond, L. I., whero tho body will bo cre
mated. Thoy wlll bring tho ashes back
to Dobb'a Ferry, and thoy will be do
dopositod in an urn which wlll bo sur
mountcd wlth the bust of Col. Ingor
boII, to bo mado from tho aoath mask
mado to-day by Geo. Gray Barnard, tho
Now York sculptor. Tho only mualc
that will be heard at tho funoral will bo
the "Siegried Funeral March," which
in no way suggests tbo Chriatian re
ligion. Glasgow, July 25. Tho work of
dlamantling tho Shamrock, proparatory
to hor voyoge to New York, commonc
od today
Attor a fair trlal ot Du. Gliddkn's Rheu
uatio CoitK gladnesa comea, for lt oures
every form of dlseaso wliloh affecta tbo
Joints and Moscr.xs li Cuuks Riikuma-
For sale by Harry A. Klade, Montpelier.
Govornor lluslincll Scnds an Addl
tlonnl Itoglmont to tlmt Clty.
CoLTJiinus, July 25. Goneral Axllno
rccolved a telcgraphlc call for troops
from Mayor Farloy of Olovoland last
night. IIo sont thls rcply shortly aftor
"Tolegram recelved. GovernorBuah-
nell dlrects prompt complionco with
your rcquoat. Will havo regimont
leavo horo carly in morning."
On arrlvnl of tho Newark and Chll-
licotho companiea theao, wlth four
Columbua companiea and tho Fourth
regimont, lof ton a military traln. Other
companies will bo picked up enrouto to
Clovoland. Genoral Axliuo coos with
tho troops to tako pevsonalcommand at
A Mnnlln Corrospondont's Lottor
'' vla London.
London, July 25. A privato lotter
from a Manila war correspondent,
dated Juno 17, says: "Seems to bo no
ond of tho war in sight. ConBorahlp
is conatantly becominc moro trouble'
somo. It is lmpoaaiblo to wrlto tho
truth about tho situation. Corrcapond-
onts wore prohibited from sonding tho
nows of tho deaths of ofllcerB or tho
disappoarance of Captain Rockofellor
until long after occurrence. Cannot
wrlto facts without bcing accuscd of
treason, nor can we tell the practically
unanimoua opposition to and disliko of
tho war among tho Amorican troops."
Casos of Yollow Fovor. Koport
Early Evnctmtlon of Ctiltft.
Havana, July 24. Two Americans
devoloped yellow fever yestorday, as a
result of more rigid enforcoment of
quarantino against Vera Cruz and San'
tiogo. Tho report from Washington
that the President propoaes an carly
evacuation of Cuba by American troops
is not favorably regarded, oven by
many Cubana who realize that the timo
ia not ripe for aolf government.
Closing Sosslon of tho Pcnco Confcr-
cnco at Tho Hague.
TiiE Hague, July 25. Tho last
busiueas session of the peace conferonce
is to-day. There will be another meet
ing to-raorrow or next day when the
protocol embodying the declarations
will be signed. Of tho convontions
only the flrst relating to arbitration 5b
subatantial. Thia ia tbe only ono that
probably will be sigued generally by
tho povnra.
An AKrccnicnt Sccms Prohablo at
an Early Bay.
Washington, July 25. Secrctary
Hay is distinctly moro hopeful of tho
outcomo of tho Alaskan controversy,
Ho is alao more reticent, but it ia inti
mated tbat a temporary agrecment be-
tween Great Britain and tho United
Statca witb tho acquiescence of Canada
may be reached at any moment.
Esterliazy to Tostify nt Ronnos
Bonnpartist Plot.
Paius, July 25. It is stated ofllcially
that ex-Major Eatorhazy will bo givon
a safe conduct to Rennea to testify at
the Drovfus trial. Siccle claims it has
discovered a great Bonaparto plot,
Paul DeRouledo, Prince Ney and ex-
Empress Eugnnie nro implicated.
Entor Upon Hls Butios
on Frlday.
Washington, July 25. Elihu Root
had a conference this morning wlth
Alger. Tbo various chiefs callod to
meet Secrotary Root. After thoy wero
assembled he decided to poatpono an
introduction until Friday, whon Mr.
Root begins hiB duties.
Hong Hono July 25. Iaab.'lo Ar
tucbo, a rlval of Aguinaldo, leader iu tho
provinces of Northorn Luzon, has is
sucd a manifeBto calling tbo pooplo of
hls province to lay down their arins
and to support tho United States.
London, July 25. Tho Routor tole
gram from Capo Town reiteratos that
Krugor has resigued. Tho Diggers1
Newi denlcs tho roport.
nrise on account of itfl exoeedlug iiromptnoas
!n rollevlng paln ln bladdur, kldneys aiul unok,
In niale or female. Relievea roteution of
waUr almoat iinniediately. If you wniit qulok
relief and cure thls ia the rumedy. Sold by
Harry A. Blade, druggist, 10 Stato stroet,
Montpelier, Vt.
Public Examination of Toachers
CABOT, Auguat 7 and 8,
MONTPKIjIEU, Auguat 9 and 10,
BARRE, AugUBt U and 12,
NORTHFIELD, Auguat 14 and 1C,
WAITSFIELD, August 10 and 17.
WATERBURY, Auguat 18 and 10,
Tho uaual certlflcate of cbaractor wlll be
Examlnatlona wlll also be glvon for on-
tranco to any of tho Normal Schools.
Examlner of Teachera.
Barre, Vt., July 17, 1899. G7-C8
Kimball Unioii Acariemy,
New bulldlngs, lncroasod facllltles, dollght-
fnl surroundlngs.
Four yoars' courso of Btndy. Young men
and women llttod for tho best colleges.
Elocution, I'hyslcal trainlng, mualc.
Students ot llintted meana recelved on tho
8100 "a joar pian."
Fall term beglna September 13, 1899.
Send for cataloguo.
Prosldent Board of Trustoos.
Sopt. 13.
You assume no rlak when you buv Cham
borlaln'a Collc, Cholera and Dlarrhcoa Rem
edy. 0. Blakely and W. E. Terrill & Co,
wlll reiunu your raotioy l( you aro not satis.
fled after uslng it. It la overywhero admlt-
tou to oe tue moat Miirt'ess-iui romouv ln uso
for bowel complalnta itiid the only one that
never lails. lt ls pleasant, sale and rell
Diunk GnAiN-O after vou bave concluded
that you ought not to drlnk coffeo. It Is
not a medlclne but dootors order lt, because
lt ls ueaituiui, tnvlgoratlng anu aypetlzlng.
It is made from pure gralns and baa tbat
rich seal brown color and tastea llko tho
Dnest gradea of coffee and costs about i as
mucu. (jnuuron iiko n anu turivo on u uo
cauae lt is a genuine food drlnk contalnlng
nothing but nourisbment. Ask your gro
cer for Graln-O. the new food drink. 15 and
25 cents.
factory employingover ono bundred hands,
the management obllged oacb employee to
take "77" as a preventive during the epi
demlc, witb tbe result, tbat not a single one
was absent on account ot tbe grlp, whllo
many establlshments wore crippled by the
absenco of employees. If you wlll carry a
vlal of "77" in your pockot and take fre
quently, you wlll escape tbe grlp. "Seventy
sovon1' prevents pneumonla and "breaka
up" colds tbat "hang on." At drugglsts or
sont prepald; 25 cts., 00 cts. and S1.00. Dr.
HumDhrov's Book sont free. Humnhrev's
Medlclne Company, corner William & Jobn
streets, New Tork,
Hold Yook Bkbath. Dont Cooon.
Tbero la notbing more irritable to a cough
tban coughlng. Constant cougblng ia liko
scratchlng a wonnd: bo long as it la dono
the wonnd wlll not neal. When tempfled to
cough draw a long broath and hold lt untll
it warms and sootlios every air cell, and
some bonerlt wlll soon bo recelved from
tbis procesa. Tbe nitrogen which ls thua
retiued acta on tho mucous membrano,
allays tbe desire to congb and gtvea the
throat and lnngs a chanco to heal. At the
Bamo tlme the uso of Dr. Ilutnphreys' specl
fic "77" wlll aid nature ln her efforts to le-
cuperato. At drugglsta or aent poatpaid;
nrico 25 and 50 cents: Iarra Docket flaak
81.00. Dr. Humpbreys' manuai at druggistB
or sent freo. Humpbreys' Med. Co., corner
william and John streets, New York.
Is it Riaux for an edltor to recommend
patont medicines? It may be a nuestion
whetber tbe edltor ot a newapaper baa tbe
right to publlcly recommend any of tho
proprletary meulcinea wnicli llood tno
market, yet aa a prevontatlve of auffering
we feol lt a duty to Bay a cood word for
Chamberlin'a Collc, Cbolera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. we uave kuowu anu usecl tnis
medlclne iu our famlly for twenty years and
bave alwavB found it rellable. In manv
caaes a doae of thia remedy would aave
hours of sufTorlucr whilo a nhvsiclan ls
awalted. We do not belleve in dependlng
Implicltly on any medtclno for a cure, but
we do belleve that if a bottle ot Chamber
lain's Diarrhooa Remody were kept on hand
and admlnistered at tbe inception of an at
taok mucb auffering mlght be avolded and
in verv manv caaes the nresence ot a Dhv-
slclan would not be requlred. At least this
nas oeen our ezperienco uurmg tne past
twenty years. For sale by 0. Blakely and
W. E. Terrill St co., urugglsta.
W. D. Powers of North Dakota came
bere recently to flnd whero he waa born
sevouty-tbreo years ago. IIo left here
when he was slx years of iage. He located
hls birtb.place by the cellar hole and. some
roao busbes which bave llved and bloa
somed all tbe years.
The remains of tho late Mra. H. N. Jack
son, wbo dled at tbe home ot her grandson,
Rev. W. P. Jackson of East Barre, were
brought here for interment laat Wodnosday.
Sho was born in tbls town and was burled
bere by ber own request. Her malden
namo waa Mirlanno Huse.
Mrs, Frank A. Galoand famlly of Lowell,
Maaa., are at tbe Gale bomestead for the
summer. Mrs. Ella Gale Honghton ot
St. Louia, Mo.. ls atopping witb Mrs. F. A.
Gale. Mrs, R. E. Beard and daughter,
Edna, vlslted ln Northfield last week.
Mrs. Lutber Gulld of Coventry re
cently spent a few days in town witb her
brotbers. Sho bas gono to Calais to be
treated for cancer by Dr. Farnswortb.
West CorlntU.
There waa a white frost in somo of tho
meadows bere last Tbursday morning.
Mra. ISesslo Cunnlngbam ls working
al Mr. Litoh'B. 1 Soveral of our vlllago
peoplo saw a deer ln tbe road one day last
weok. It dld not seem at all alarmed but
walked out into a fleld and flnally Jnmped
the feno e into Mr. Stlll'a pasture and dls
appearod. W. Kennlston ls a little
better but ls not able to sit np. W. R.
Weston ot Montpelier was here recently.
Ile bas sevaral pleces of work to be brought
here tbls fall. : Gerald and Lena Wlg
cins have been vlsltlng thelr grandparonts,
Mr. and Mrs. Oroaa In Vershire tbo paat
week. Mra. Mary Butters of Lowell,
Mbbs., la visltlug her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
O. Hall.
Walts IMvor.
Mrs, E. II. Worthen of Manchester, N.
II la stopping at D. 8. Folsom's.
Mra. Bydney Wallaco and Uaby Dodge are
ln Waterbury for a few weeks. '. Prof.
D. B. Looke and famlly of Winchendon,
Mass., are at thelr summer home on the
hill. Mrs. 0. E. Wllllams and daugk
tnrs of Randolph, are visltlug at a. B.
Mtles'. Mrs. 15. G. Mlles Ts in Mont
pelier for a fow weeks.
ln ovcry town, for tho M & VI. Ituhbfir
Collars, Cuffa, Fronts and Ncckties.
125 Btyle, wM o and fancy goods.
Ooly warranted good on thu market.
For cntulngui!, ! rm, ctc, ai'drrsa
E. E. DAVIS, Gen. Manager,
No. Montpelier, Vt.
Gonernl Auent wa'itcd for Caledonia
C 'titiiy. Aug 8
Raro Chanco to Securo
Cheap, an Iron Fence.
Bultable for a cfinetfry, park or other
publio or prlvate grounds. Tbe fence now
aronnd Bethany church yard, Montpelier,
conslstlng of forty lengths of nearly ten feet
each, sizteen plcketa and two bars between
oacb poat. Tho posts and nlckets are east
witb leavos and scroll work, and tho entlro
tenco Is qulte oruainental. Each post ls set
on a granite baae sunk ln the ground.
There are two large and two stnall pates.
Addresa CARL03 L. SMITII,
No. 0 Harre St., Montpollev, Vt.
6 Per Gent Interest
We pay 6 per cont Interest ,i anma of
$25.00 or over. No expense to lveator.
Absolute aecurlty. Wrlto for partlcula-
7S N. Y. I.lfo Hldir., Knnitas Citr, Mo.
SEASON 1899.
Sir Calen.
Chestmit colt, 15 1-2 hands, weigh
ing 1,030 lbs., foaled Jnne 2, 1805. Sire Galen
rrince, 2.19, by Judge Folger. 5,51f!, by Young
Wilke), 2.28J, by the great Geo. Wilkea, 2.22.
Dani Estafana, u most promising young brood
mare wliose pedigree tracos twenty-threo times
to Justin Morgan, through Buch liorsea aa Dan
iel Lambert (twice), Black Hawk 5 (8 times),
Sherruan Morgan Woodbury (5 crosses), Bul
rush (3 crossea), backed by several of the
strongest and most popular strainsof the thoro
bred, which Sir Galen very strongly resembles.
Sir Galen and his two first foals were sliown at
tho Northfield Fair last September, and were
awarded first, and first and seo nd respectively
in a large field of the get of the leading sires
of this vicinity.
Sir Galen -will be allowed thirty niares at
610.00 to insure.
For cardsand particulars addresa,
Garriages aud Horses For Sale.
Everything New and in Good Sliape.
Taylor Streot, opposito C. V. Station.
Telephono 131-12.
Died An
Old Bachelor.
Ile woukln't my hor a nice house.
I don't blanio her when housea
aro as cheap as thoy have thom
at tho
Tliey havo farms, houscs, builcl
ing lots, toni'iiients to rent and
rented. Wo will take care of
your property whilo you are
having your vacation ; satisfac
tion guarantccd. If you aro out
of employment or need help wo
can assist j-ou.
Rooms 2 and 3,
Cordon's Block, Barre. Vt,
State op Vkumont,
In 1'rotaate Court. beld at Montpelier, ln and for iald
Dlitrlct.on tho2'th (lar of July, A. I). 1899:
Au Imtrumeut pnrportiog to be tbe hut wlll
and teitaraent of .IOII.N IK. 1IU1IIIA11D. late ot
Montpelier, ln lald Dlitrlct, deceased. belne pre
euted to tbt Court for Probate.lt li ordered by ald
Coort, that aU perioni concerned tbereln be notl
ded to appear at a leislon of lald Uourt. to be beld
at tbt l'robate Ofllce, ln lald .Montpelier, on the 18th
day of Auxuit, A. I. lsm. aud ibow caute, lt aoy
tber may Iiaye, RRalnlt the srobate ot atdlnatru.
raent; for wblch purpoie lt li further ordered
tbat notlce of thls order be publlihed three
weeki nuccenlrely In the Vermont Watchman Jt State
JournaU a newipaper nrluted at Montpelier, ln thli
ttato. preyious to ald tlrae appolnted for hearloc.
Ity the Court. Atteit.
679 IllltAM CAKLETON, Judge,
Statx or Viiuioht,
In l'robate Court. held at Montpelier, ln and for
ald Dlitrlct.on theKd day ot July. A. D. I8MI
An Imtrumeut purportlnit to be tbe lait wlll
and tettameot ot ELLA M. MOItSE. late of W orcei
ter. In lalil Dlitllct, deceated, belug preiented
to tbe Court for l'robate, It li ordered by lald Court,
tbat all perioni concerned therelnlbe botlfled to ap-
Eear at a teiilon of iatd Court, to be beld at the l'ro
ate offlee ln lald Montpelier on the l!th day of
AuRuit. A.U. Has. and ihow cauie.lf any they may
haie, agaluat the l'robate ot aald Initrument, ror
wblch Durooie It li further oraered. that notlce of
thlioriler be publlihed three weeki iuccenlTely ln
the Vermont natchman .C Stati JournaU a new
paper prtnted at Montpelier, In thia State, preyloaa
to iaia time appoiuieu iui ueariuK.
Ilr the Court Atteit,
flKAM 0AKLUTON, Judge.
In I'lalnfleld, July V), by Itey. L. Y. Fortney.Lean
A. KIiik to Mln Marian h. Johuion, botli ot Nortll
At Moretown, July 9, lleuiy A. Woodward, Jr
At Moretown. July i Kinlly, wlfe ot nenry a
Woodward, Sr., aged 43 yeara,

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