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Ono Tenr 81.60 O
2 Klslit Montlu 1.00
5 Blx Montlu 78 g
If not Pnlil ln Advnncc, o
O S2.00 n Tonr.
' WKKKLT W.- 2
, 1'A l'Kll. TII K "
Vllllllf-ll i
VOL. 9tt 48G8.
Are now offered at greatly reduced prices.
Silk Waists, Dress Skirts, Bicycle Suits, Belts, Buckles
and Ribbons.
The Latest BACK COMBS and Hair Ornaments.
L. P. & H. C. Gleason.
We are maJ&ing esjiecially
loiv j)viccs on Straw Mats
to close them out.
The holder of a matured Endowment Policy in the Equitable Society
sends the followlng graphic illustration of his feelings: "Twenty
yeara a:o when I was induced by a pcraiatcnt agent to tako out my
Eti'Jowraent Policj , the pretuium looked very large and appeared to
me liko this:
While the Endowment, looked at through the wrong end of the
teleBcope of twenty years, appeared like this:
S 1,000. 00
Now, my policy bu mutured, and coming juat when I need money,
the reault of ray policy looks like this:
While, lookiim buck at the nnnual preniiums I have paid, and rcaliz
inc that they are amounts that would have been eaved in uo other
wny, this is the appenranco they have:
W. H.
100 Church Street,
Notlco of Assossmcnts.
Tho Directors of the Union Muttral Fire
Insuranco Company hereby give notico that
tlioy liavo tnade assessments on all the premium
notes glven hy raeraberB thereof to said Com
pany, in the amounts and on tho datea aa
Scpt. 1, 1898, 3-4 of ono per centum.
Oct. 1, 1H9.S, 1-2 of ono per centum.
Nov. 1, 1898, 1-4 of one per centum.
Dec. 1, 1808, 3 4 of one per centum.
Feb. 1. 1899, 1-4 of one per centum.
Jlar. 1, 1899, 3-4 of one per centum.
Apr. 1, 1899, 1-4 of one per centum.
May 1, 1899, 1-4 of ono per centum.
Juue 1, 1899, 1-2 of one per centum.
July 1, 1899, 1-4 of one per centum.
Jtily 15, 1899, 1-2 of one per centum.
Making 5 per centum
for the year ending August 1, 1899.
And the Directora hereby glve further notice
that said assessnienta are duo and pnyable to
tho Treasurer at the offico of said Company in
Montpelier. Vt., Septeinber 11, 1899.
Aug. lti Per order of the Directors.
For Sale or to Rent on Shares.
Location, Stowe, Vt.
No, 1. Four miles from H. K. Station, Will
keep twenty four cowa aslde from young stock
and farra teamg. Good buildings nnd fenceB.
Forra nlroady stocked with cows, toamn nnd
tools. Itunning water and good augnr plnce.
Creamery checkg for '98, ono thousaud dollars.
No 2. One ralle from stu'ion. Will keep
twenty head of stock including tcam. Ilna
two thouuand sugar trees nnd complete outfit
for sugaring No stock or fnrming tools upou
this Iplace. Will stock with young cows in
spring if dosired. Hnmiing water.
No. 3. Small fnrm. Will keep elght cows,
Good buildinga. Itunning water. Will stock
with young cows if desired.
Wild timber and wood lots will be sold with
any one of tlieso farms or separately,
Aug. 10. Burlington, Vt.
Veranda Chairs and
Fine new lot of Baby
Carriages and Go
Carts (last full line
this season.)
Handsome, well made
House Furnishings of
all kinds.
Gleason's Corner
Montpelier. Vermont.
Ilavinc lcnsed tho Comraorclal IIouso
SIuDIkb, 1 am now prepared to accota-
uiouaie inu puuuc wuii a lirsi-ciaaa
llverv.feed and boardlntr stable nt nrlrna
rlL'llt. Piftnrn venra fvnnrlnnfn in nni
of the leading stablea in Hostou and two
jTOinovimu vYiiu lv, j, uaio at tne uity
llotel Stablea ato u aulllctent guarantoo
that my stable will be conductod in a
sntiafnctory manner,
Translont nnd Uonrdliif Horses will
recelvo tho best of caro.
oivaSaix nelson downing
Ccmmeicla Honse Stabxe. u HaU st,, BAM. VT.
The Vermont Watchman Company,
At MontDelier, Vt.
Huslncss Mcre Mciitlon.
Do you wlab tu ront or buy a fartn? Road
me auvoruaeinent oi lii. u. ra. iiinguain
oisowuoro in tnia paper.
Edward II. Nyo, practlcat plano tunor,
twenty years' ezporlenco, ten wltb tho
Ilenry K. Mlller Plano Company In factory
anu waro rooms. urders lelt wltli w. u
Nye for slx weeka. Edward I). Ntk.
"Wo hnve Bold tnany different coueb
romouios, uuc nono nave Riven uolter satta
faction tlian Chauiberlaln'a," eaya Mc
Holzbauer, druKRist, Newark, N. J. "It is
porfoctly safe and can ho relied upon ln all
casea of courIis, colda or hoarsenoaa. Bold
oy u. liiaKeiy anu w. a. xerriii & uo.,
PitRrAHR foii SrniNo. Don't let tbla
season ovortake you beforo you have at-
tended to tbo lmportant duty ot purifylnf;
your uloou wltu lloou's barsaparllla. isy
taking tbla modlclno now you aiay aovo
sickneaa that will moan tlmo and monoy aa
well aa BUfferlne later on. Ilood'a Saraapa
rllla will glvo you rlcb, rod blood, good ap
potlto, pood digeBtlon and a sound, bealthy
body. It is the greatest and bost Bprlng
medlclne becauao it Ih the One Truo Blood
Purlllor. Its uneauallod record of marvol-
oua curoa naa won tor it tne connuence oi
the wholo people.
not. drink Grain-O made from puro eralna.
A lady wrltea: "Tho ilrat tlme I mado
Graln-O I dld not like lt but aftnr uaing it
for ono woek notbine would ind'uce me to
eo back to coffeo." It nourlshea and feoua
tho aystem, The children can drink it
freely with creat bonefit. It is thostrenetb-
ening substanco ot puro graina. Get a
packace to-day from your grocor, follow
tbo diroctlona in making it and you will
have a dellcioua and boalthful table bever
age for old and young. Fifteen conta and
twenty-five conta.
Do vou want anytblng in tho lino of
drngs and medlclnea no matter what? If
ao call on Fred A. Ainaworth, proprietor of
tbo now Williamatow drug-Btore, on Depot
atreet, one door east of J. K. Lynde's storo
If, percbance, he may not have ezactly wbat
yon doalre, bo will alm to supply lt in the
shorteBt poaalble tlmo. If goou goodg and
boneat nrlcoa and sauare doalluc will do it.
bo is bound to aecuro a fair sbare of publlo
patronage. Sowing-macblne supplioa and a
popular line of atationery are apecialtloB.
Glvo blm a call.
An Epidkmio of DiABnucoa. Mr. A.
Sandora, writing from Cocoanut Grove,
Fla., says therehas been quite an epidemlc
of diarrhcoa there. He had a severo attack
and was cured by four doaea of Chamber
laln'e Colic, Cholera and Diarrhcoa Remedy.
He aays ho also recommendod it to others
and tbey aay it is tbe beat medlclne they
over naed. For nalo by C. Blakely, W. E.
Terrill & Co drugglata.
A Tisit to nn Ostcopnth.
A Watcumaw roporter dropped into the
oateopathic aanitarlum of Dr. . E. Beeman
at 64 State gtreet the other day for a treat
ment. It wag bia llrat, and he, Hkethe pub
11c in general wbo bave not lnforined tbem
aelvea in regard to the sclence of oateop
athy, awalted hla turn with a curioua mix
ture of doubt and curloalty; but aa ho
glanced about tbe cozy apartmonta of tho
uoctor and obaerved aoveral others in wait
ing wbo were elthor reading or ploaaantly
ongaged in converaatlon, he became im
preaaed that this aanitarlum waa more like
an ldeal home than a doctor'a workahop.
Thedoctor, atter a little timo, made hla ap
pearance and greeted the roporter kindly.
Tho reporter told tbo doctor that ho waa a
doubtor of the aclenco aa ho never believed
in cure-alla. Tho doctor laughud and hla
reply domonatrated to hla visitor that ho
had been aitting in judgmeut upou a matter
about whlcb ho waa iguoraut. Tho doctor
Btated that tbe repoiler'a miataken idea in
regard to tho scienco of oatoopathy wbb a
most common ono with thone wbo had
takon no palna to inform themaelvea and
who knowing nothing about tho merita of
tbe Bcience were inoat prono. though ofton
honeatly, to condomn it and ita followors.
He aaiil that the outeopath does not claim
to be acure-all but that oatoopathy ia baaed
upon an accurate knowledge of the auatom
ical atructure and phyaiologlcal func
tioua of tho body organiam. Naturo lma
placod witbin the body certain vital forcoa,
vitallzed iluida, proceaaoa and activitlea
wlilcli, in uuauimoua accord with one an
other, malntain tho normal equilibrlum ot
tbe body meoliaulam and any interference
with theao Iluida and forcea breaka the liar
monloua worklng of the buman machlno.
Oateopatbio manlpulatlona alm to reatore
theae to tlielr normal condltlon, bo tbat tbe
body may rogain ita normal condition,
Dr. Beeman in hla treatment of the wrlt
er, demonstrated beyond a doubt tbat bo
wag as famtllar with thebonea, muacles and
organg oi tuo numan nouy and tuelr rela
tlon one to the other aa ia the jeweller with
tne mecuanism ot a watcn.
The increaae in the nractice of Dr. Bee
man ia a toatimonlal to tbe boueUta derived
from hls treatmenta, for during the month
of July whlcb Ia not yet gone twenty-tbree
new patlenta have been added to wbat waa
before a large Uat. The doctor takea aome
recreatlon but lt la becauae be is obllged to
ln order to keep blmself in proper pbyaical
condltlon to carry on hla work, but during
ofQce hours hla aanitarlum ia one of the
miBiest spota ln tnla Bection anu oftentlmea
hla bours ot recreatlon are encroaehed upon
by calls to attend outslde patlenta.
Washington County Bar.
A meeting ot tbe Washington Oounty
Bar Asaociatlon was beld on Saturday In
the county clerk's ofllco to take proper no
tlco ot the recent death ot one of its mem-
tiora, uoiumuus i . uiougti or Waterbury.
Eleven attorneys were present. State's
Attorney Ifoar of Barre presided, and In
the abaence of W. E. Smllle, T. R. Gordon
of tbla clty waB choaen seoretary pro tera.
A commlttee comnriaed of F. L. Lalrd nnd
E, II. Deavltt waa cboaen to Bolect and pro-
curo uu uiipruprmio norai ouering lor tne
funeral of tho deceated, at two o'clock on
Sunday atternoon at the Congregatlonal
churcb in Waterbury.
Hon. W. P. Dllllnebaui. Judco III
Oarleton and T. J. Deavltt were aelected as
a commlttfeto nrenaro and nreaent rHnlu
tlons on tbe dlatreaalug taking ofT of their
brother attorney, at a luturo meeting of the
asaociatlon, whlcb will probably be hold
aome tlme during the Beptembor term of
county court. O, If, Dile, of Watorbury, a
partner o! tbe deceaapd, waa alao aelected
to prepare a sketca oi tho llo of Mr.
Clongb wblch will he read at tho meeting
above mentloned.
A SurYivorsblp Auuulty
depondlng upon two lives, is ono wblch be
gins at tbe doatb ot a doslgnated life, and
coutinuea periodically tberoafter during tbe
llfotlino ot tho survlvor, By bucIi a con
tract one can warrant tbat some otbor ono
will never come to want. Our preaent an
nulty rates are low and will be advanced
witbout notice.
Natlonal Llfe Insurance Company of Ver
mont, 8. 8. Ballard, General Agent, Mont
pelier, Vt.
JjUoajj ltAvi'KNixaa.
E. M. Roacoo of Now Haven la tho gttuat
oi liou. w. i: uunngnam.
Mlasoa l.aura and Arabolla Colt of Boa
ton, are vlaitlng rolativea ln town.
Wllllam A. Kneeland of Boaton ls a gueat
tor a lew weeks of W. A, Lord, hls uncle.
Judge M. E. Smllle returned Monday
ovonlug irotn a lew weeks' nutlng ln
uioucoater, Alaaa.
Mr. and Mra. E. J. Ennls today sold tholr
farin in Duxbury to B. F. Atherton ot that
piaco ior
Hov. J. Harrv Iloldou of Attloboro.
Mana.. la to nroacb ln Middlesex Auguat 0
anu 2U at two P. m.
Fritz Motzlor was convlcted In clty court
Monday afternoon ot asaaultlng Conduotor
bimmoua and waa tlned, wltu coats, $li.o.
Mlas Joaenhino Colller o( 8toneham,
Masa.. daushter of Ilarvev W. Colller. for-
merly ot Worceater, la vialtlng Mlss Kilen
"Obin" Davls. who was arrested MondAy
aftornoon for cruelty to anlmals, was con-
victeu oi tlio cuaree tnac ovening in city
court and finod, with coata, S11.07.
M. S. Stono and J. V. Brooka loft on
Monday for their annual trip to tbe head
waterB of tbo St. Johna rlver, They ex
pect to be abaont about tbree weeka.
M. 8. Stoue. Stato auDerlntendeut of ed-
ucatlon. returned Frldav evonlna from vla
itlng aummer acbools ln Essex Juuction,
Hardwick, Chester and othor placoa.
An excuralon to Providenco Ialand ia to
bo run on Tueaday. Aueust 8, nndor the an-
sptcea ot tho Sunday-Bchools and Bpworth
Leaguea iu Williamatowu, Barro and Mont
pelier. Col. Robert J. Uoffev. Bunerlntendent of
the Soldiera' Ilomo at Bennington, waa in
tho clty ovor Sunday. no waa called hero
by theserioua illneaa of Mrs. Mary Coffey,
hla motber.
Commoncine Aucuat 1 tho barber shona
will cloae Monday nlchts at slx o'clock,
Tueaday, Wedneaday, Thuraday and Fri
day nighta at elght, and Saturday nlghtB at
eleven o'clock.
In tbo caao aealuBt "Heenan" Bowers,
who waa convlcted Mondav In clty court of
intoxtcatlon, sentence ia auspended and he
bas been glven hls llberty upon paylng the
costa of proaecutlou.
Edwin 8. Parmalee of Enosburg, Falls, a
mrmber of Company H, with tbo Flrst Ver
mont regiment at Chlckamauga, baa enliat
ed In tbe Twontyalxth regiment now mo
bilizing at Plattsburg, N. Y.
Cbarlea Erlckson. wbo ia emnloyed on
Paul Terrlo's quarry ln Sodom, had tho
little flnger on hls rlgbt band badly mutll
ated Monday afternoon by getting caugbt
between an iron bar and&beavy piece of
granlte he waa movlng.
D. J. Foster. cbalrman of the State board-
of railroad commlesionera, waa in Water
bury Monday making a prellmlnary oxamin
atlon into tbe causo ot tho death of 0. F.
Clough, and to aacertaln whotber a publtc
hearing will be neceaaary.
J. F. Scott. Bunerlntendent of the reform-
atory at Concord, Maaa., and Mr. and Mrs,
W. IS. 1'addock and dauehter or (Jlilcaco.
are gueata at the home of W. G. Andrews.
Accompauted by Mrs. Andrews, they apent
today on Mount Mansfield.
W. B. Turnev of tbla city and G. B.
Evans of Watorbury have bouKht two hun-
dred yearllnga and calvea whlcb they will
ship to Grinnell, Ia , Auguat 8. The aver
ago prlce pald for tho yearllnga waa from
$10 to $13, aad for tho calvea from $5 to $7.
Out door baaket ball nromlseg to become
a popular game at tho Young Men'a Cbris
tion Agaoclation athletic fleld. A playing
cace oi 9ux7u loet liaa been marked oll and
a trial camo waa plaved Frldav nlclit. A
public exbibltion game will bo played soon.
Tho Washlncton Countv Veterana' A8ao-
ciatlou will hold lta aecond annual rounton
at Dowoy Park, Montpoller, on Thur8day
and Frlday, Auguat 10 and 11. It ia the in
teution of the commlttee to make thia ru
unlon tho best thlng of the kind ever lield
ln the State.
The onen air sonc aervlce held on Berlin
side Sunday afternoon by tbe Youug Meu'a
uurlatlan Asaociatlon waa very well at
tendod. Servicea will bo held thero every
Sunday for tho preaent when the weathor
ia fair. It ls expected that seats will bo
provided for lailies for next Sundav.
Itev. C. O. Judklna will take hla vaca-
tlou during tho month of Auguat. Trinlty
church will not bo closed, Mr. Judklna hav
ing arranged for auppllea. Mr. Judklna
will snend a nart ot lila vacatlon on tbo
shoros of Berlin pond, and a part at Bris
tol, N. II. He can ho addreaaed at Mont
pelier untli August lu.
C. M. Sklnner. a former well known iow-
eler ln Moutpelier, ls at the Montpelier
Houae, Mr. Skinuer and bia son, Charles,
are now connocted with the banking house
ofLewiaG. Tewkabnry & Co. Tbla flrm
baa branch houaes at Chlcago and Boaton.
Mr. Sklnner ia renewing old acquatntances
in town ior a lew uays.
Denutv Sherlffs Slayton and Tracv search-
ed the premlaos of Urban Beaudette at 217
Rlver street Sunday morntng for intoxicat
ing liquor. They found a barrel of beer
and a barrel of ale. Beaudette was arrest
ed on the obarge of keoplng, solling and
malntalnlng a nuiaance and placed undor
bonds amountlng to $225,
Mrs. Frank Abair. aced thtrtv-six vears.
died Saturday evening after a long and
Eainiui ninesg irom conBumption. a iius
and, two children and a motber and fatber
Mr. and Mrs, Cbarlea Gaatro. survlve her.
The funeral waa held (rom St. Augus-
tine'H cuurou at nme oxiock xuesuay morn
ing and the burlal was In tbe Oathollo
Mrs. John Brown, alias Maudo Van Dvke
and Mrs. Mamie Cota of Barre, were ar
rested Monday evening by Deputy Sherlff
French bb a sequel to the row at Mrs. Cota's
house on Sunday. Tho former womau was
urreatod ln this clty and lodged In jall.
They were both taken to Barre tbls morn-
ing wbero a Iiearlncr In the allair waa beld
ln clty court.
By agreemont.tho nrellmlnarv hearlns ln
tbe case of Charlio Terrlo of thla city, who
was recontly arrested on the cbarge ot
steallng a Bbetland pony, wblch was to
have been held In Barre Saturday aftor
noon, was waiveu anu me uoy waa re
loaaed from custody on hla own recopni.
zance to uwalt the actlon of the grand ury
iu oopiouiuer.
X Itay partles are the la'est novelty. Bo
great is the popular Interest ln tbe new
electrlcal machlno receutly purohaaed by
Dr. H. S. Boardman, that he la glvlug oxhl
bltlona of the worklng of the Bamo almoat
ovory evening. Only a amall number nan
be comfortably accommodatnd at once, but
the doctor will ln tlme, glve all bia frtenda
an opportunuy io see ims wondorlnl tnvon
tlon, by Invltlng them ln groupg of slx.
Thomas Buck, for tho past forty
years an englneer on tbe Central Vermont,
and for aeveral yeara on tho mall tralu,
met wltb a painful accldent on Frldav in
St. Albans. Whllo at wuik In tbe engino
bouse, he foll breaklug hla hlp and flngera
of one band. It la fearnd that hla ln1urlH
will end hla Bervlcea aa an englneer owlng
to the slownesa wltb wblch men of hls ad
vanced age recover from suoh accldentB.
Oacar Llndsey waa arrested ln Barre Sat
urday evening chargod wltb a breacb of
tue peace as was aiso itaipu Aja, a Bpan
lard. Tho boarlng ln tho case ls contlnued
untll Thuraday ln Barro clty court. It la
said that Oacar went to tho houso whoro
AJa resldea and Inslsted that hls wlfo, Wbo
uas ooon staying ttiero, alioulil return to
thla clty with hlm. An altorcatlon ensued
whlcb devoloped In a flgbt and tho arroata
were tne reault.
The aldormanlo commltteo on the
Cbarlea stroot brldgo on Tuosday awardod
tho contract for tbo bnlldlng o( tho brldgo ts
uio uroron uruigo Aianuiacturing uompany
of Groton, N. Y. II. R. Ilrigga repreaent
lng tho company, ls In tho city. Tho brldgo
Is to be a stoel truBS Btructure of 200 foot
spau wltb an elgbtoen foot blghway and a
nve loot walk. llio commlttee would not
glvo out today tho contract prlco nor the
nme aet ior puttiug tne brldgo ln place aa
tbe llnal natiera In the deal had not been
Clty. Attorney Carleton on Mondav aerved
paners ln an ejectmont ault agalnst tho Mont
pelier and wells Ulver lta Iroad Comnanv
whlcb aro returuablo at the Beptembor
term of Washington countvJ court. The
sult ls brougbt pursuant to instructlons
irom tuo city couucll anu la to galn poaaea
slon of land whlcb tho clty haa aold to T. J.
and Mlchaol Kollehor unon whloh in now
located a car shod bolonglng to tbo railroad
0. H. Stewart. of "Stnwart'a" famn nt
uorun Donu. uroko nia lecr tfrldav ovonlnir.
Mr. Stowart waa rldlng ln an expreaa wag
on, One of tbo llnea fell to the ground and
In reaching for lt ho Iost hla balance, fall
tng In such a way aa to break both boues in
ono leg juat above the ankle. This accl
dent ia nrocullnrlv unfortunato for Mr.
Stewart juat at this tlme, aa hla cottages
auu IUIUI uuunu UIU UEUWUUU W1L11 Buuiuier
boardors, making hla peraonal attontion to
hls buBlneaa almoat a nocosslty.
Dr.O. L. Watsou broncht to tbls oflico a
remarkable and raro apecioB of worm. It ls
fully four incbea long, as largo aa a man's
flnger, and Ia evldently glfted with blnd
slght, aa, to all appearancea, lt haa an eye
at the end oppoaite its hoad. No ono to
wbom tho doctor has showu tbls creaturo
can locate lt ln the worm kingdom or glvo
It a name. He la undocided whetber to
place lt among Frofessor PerkinB' collec
tlon In the cablnet at the 8 ato Houae or put
lt on exbibltion at tho city liquor agency aa
a warnlng to thoae Inclined to an exceaa in
tbe uao of intoxlcatlng liquor, even to tbo
notnt wbon thev are aotnetiinea "aeuln'
thlnga atnlgbt.,'
Dr. Mlnor O. Baldwln. solo orcanlst at
the World'a Fair, Chlcago, and the Traus
MIbbIsbIppI expoBltlon at O taha, gave a re
cital In Bethany churcb Sunday evening.
Dr. Baldwin waa tbe gueat of Secretary F.
II. Merrill and waa inducod by blm to re
maln in Montpelier over Sunday. Hla re
cltal was thorougbly enjoyed by a large
congregatlon. Hla ablllty as an organiat la
unqueationed. To say that he is "maater
of hla iuBtrumont" ls trito and lnslptd. Hls
playing ls aa wonderfnl as It Is enjoyable,
and be is evldently entitled to tbe hlgh
rank he holda among the world'a great or
gunlsta. There is a prospect tbat an even
ing wtth Dr. Baldwin may bo enjoyed ln
Montpelier ln the near tuture.
W. A. Shaw. obaerver at tho Northfield
slgnal station f urnlahea the followlng me
teorologlcal Bummary for tbe month of
Auguat, covering a period of twelve years;
mean temperature 63; warmest montb, ln
1893, with au average of GG: coldest month
in 1897, with an average of C0; highest tem
perature, 91, Auguat 10, 1893; lowest tem
perature, 33, August 27, 1894; average pre
clpltatlon, 4 34 inchea, greatest monthly
preclpltatlon, 6.98 inches, in 1890; leaat
monthly preclpltatlon, 1.S9 Inches, In 1889:
greateat amount of preclpltatlon ln any con
Becntlve 24 hours, 2.11 inches, Auguat 2 and
3, 1894; average number of clear day, 7;
partly cloudy daya, 14; cloudy days, 10;
highest veloclty of wind 48 miles an hour,
from the west, Auguat 10, 1892.
"Heenan" Bowera. who was arreated
Saturday evening for intoxicatlou by Ofllcer
Brown, ploaded gnllty on Monday In city
court to a third offonco. Suntence waa do
ferred. He discloaed upon Ellianan An
drews, a city truckman who haa anothor
case of pockot peddling pending agalnst
hlm. Andrews was arroated and lodeed lu
jall. Ilia house waa aoarcbed by Ofllcer
lirown and bottloa wltb a little liquor ln
them were found. In city court on Mon
day ho ploaded not guilty but tho evldonco
waa overwhelmlng and bo waa convlcted of
selling and keoplng. He was sentenced to
thlrty dava in Rutland and S200 tlno wltb
costa of $20.90 for both afTences.
Rov. Dr. J W. Hamilton of Clnclnnati.
correapondlng secrotary of tho Freedman'a
Aiil and Southern Bducation Society spoke
at Trinlty church Buuday evening ln the
Intoreata of the aociety he representg. Dr.
Hamilton waa defeated for biahop by Chap
Ialn McCabo at tho general conferonce in
1890, but Btanda an excellent cbance for
electlon to that ofllco In the general con
feronce whlcb moeta at Chlcago in 1900. He
ia a magnetic, forceful orator, bia stylo ls
lngeniona and vigoroua, and hls deep, rea
onant volce can be hoard by great congre
gations. Dr. Hamilton was ln Europe dur
ing tho most exciting period of the Span-
lsu-American war, anu nis uescrlptlon ot
the receptlon of the newa there of Hobaon's
brave act, and tbe deatruction of the Snan-
lsh lleot was particularly thrilllng. A
pleaaing feature of tbe service Sunday even
ing waa the solo by Mra. George E. Mills.
llorrlblo Accldent.
Sbortly before threo o'clock Tueaday after
noon a half dozen children were playing
unuer me xanguon leuge oppoaite tne gas
houBO on Berlin street, among them two
girls aged elght and threo years and a boy
slx years old, belonging to John Hlll, who
woiks tor tne uoiton Aianuiacturing uom
Witbout an iustants warnlng aeveral tona
of rock slld down, bnrylng the tbree Hlll
children. The oldeat girl and tbe boy were
kllled and their bodles were horriblymau
gled. The youngeat glrl had ono arm cut
off and sbe waa otborwlse bo terrlbly Injur-
eu tiiai uer recovery is not expecteu.
An aiarm was quickly aounded anu ln an
incredibly ahort tlme a half hundred men
were ltftlng tho huge rocks from the 111
fated children. Tbe slght that met their
gaze made tho strongest nervea qulver, The
body of tbe dead glrl waa llterally cruahed
to a jelly, and the limba of tbe boy were
banglng ln shreda.
Tbe bodles were tenderly carrled Into a
bouso near by, and Beveral phyBicians wore
Boon on tbe scene. Tbe griof of the atrlcken
parenta waa pitllul to wltnesa.
Pockot Pcddler I'nrdoned.
Thomas Manning of Brattleboro, wbo
waa Bentonced Febrnary 8 to over 600 days
in the house ot correctlon at Rutland for
pockot peddling, haa been pardoned by
Governor Smlth.
Tbe pardon la based on the ground tbat
tbo soutenco waa exceaslve. A curioua
fact, of whlcb few people were aware.de
veluped ln the conrse ot tho case when Gov
ernor Smlth called the petltlonors' atten
tlon to tbe fact that a now law paased by
the last Logislature eatabllshod a board o(
pardons couslstlng of tbe chlef judge of the
supreme court, the lleutenant governor and
the boards of directors ot tbe Smte's priaon
and houae of correctlon. Cbief JudgoTaft
retusf d to organize tho board on the ground
tbat tbe act waa oloarly uncouatltutlonal,
becaiiBe the constltullon reats the entire
power of pardon with tbe Governor; be
may take ndvlco from whotnsoever ho
pleaaea, but even an advlsory board could
uot bo forced upou lnm by leglslatlve au
tborlty. The governor on looklng up tbe
matter, concluded .tbat tho chlef judge was
nght and so went abead wltb tbe caae and
granted tbe pardon.
Tho Spnnisli (Jiiiih.
The Dailt JounNALof Frlday nubllshed
the jolnt rosotutlon of tho Leglslaturo rc
queatlng tho Stnte's detegatlon tn Congrosa
to procuro for Vermont two or more cnn
non capturod at the naval battle In Manlla
bay, aa trophlea of Dowoy's victory. Tho
ruaolutton dlrectod that theso cannon be
placod In tho Capitol grounda, and tho
Stato audttor waa dlrected to paas tbe btlla
of oxpenae incurred In carrylng out the pur
poso of tbo reaolutlon.
Tho exlatonce of thla reaolutlon, tho pro
prloty lmperativo tu tho hlgheBt degroe
of aotting up tho truphles on the grounda of
tbe State Houae, torrltory over whlch tho
clty has no jurisdlctlon and could not enter
for this or any ahnllar purpose, every pub
Ho conaldoratlon, aoetned torequlro that the
State sboiild take np and complete tho
work ao congldoratoly and happily begnn
by ox-Mayor Guernsey, and whlch for good
and BUfllcIent reaaona he had paased into
the hand8 of tho clty to carry on to lta com
plotlon. Montpelier would bo clad and nroud to
tako the guns and lncur the oxpenae of
transportatlon to this clty and properly
mounting them. But for tbe reasons glven,
and otbers that will rnndllv Hnrr?nat tlinin.
solves, ber people are convlnced tbat tbe
right tblng to do Is to pursuo tho courso re
ceutly suggeated ln thla paper, procure tbe
tranafer of tho gunB to the State whlch
will bo puroly a formal matter and place
wltb tho Governor the buainess ot trans
ferrlng tbom to Vermont and tholr mount
ing on tbo utato Houae grounda.
Montpelier haa no proper placo for the
tronhies. Ono of the terraces ln front of tbn
Capitol is tho one pro-emlnontly fltting and
approprlato placo to mount the guns. Make
the kennel of tho war dogs tbere, wbere
every vlBltor to Montpelier on entorlncr ber
gatea may aoe them, and where oll may go
anu wiu no coming ln an ondleas proceBSlon
through all futuro tlme to careaa them and
recall the glorles of that famoua victory.
Behlnd tbom in tho portlco of tho Capitol
will be the memorlal ilguro of tho Hero ot
the battle, tho contributlon of hla brother
Vormontera, and Vermont's legondary
Horo, Old Ethan Allen, wltb uplifted arm
will pronounce hla benedlctlon on the ar
rancomout "In thn name of tbo Ornat .Tn-
hovah and Contlnoutal Congreaa."
Accordlngly Mayor Senter has wrltten
Gov. Smlth, turning the wholo matter over
to the Stato, and thla actlon the people will
all approvo.
Death of Mrs. Dennls Lnne.
Orloaca E.. wldow of thn lato Dnnnla
Lane, founder of tho Lano Manufacturlng
Company, naaaed awav Sundav nleht abont
midnlgbt, Irom the eflects of a sbock re
ceived last Thuraday. Slnco that tlme sho
bad conacloua moments, and recognlzed
members of hor famlly, but nohope was en
tertalned of her recovery.
Deceaaed was born In Plainflold seventy
four years ago. Her maldon name was
Freeman. Bbe was marrled to Mr. Lane at
Montpelier July 28, 1844, and alnco that
tlme tbla clty bad been her home. Slnce
the death of Mr. Lane in 1888 sbe had lived
very quletly at home, but her generoua
heart atlll prompted to kindly deeds. While
Mra. Lano leavea a very largo clrclo of
frlenda to mourn hor death, perhapa, out
slde her own home clrclo, none will mlsa
her more or longer revero ber memory than
those In bumble clrcumatancea whoso ne
cessltlea and sufferings sho had bo often re
lleved. During her long llfe she had been
dolng, almost dally, doeds of charlty and
mercy that while tbey were unrecorded
hero, were notlced bv the All Seelncr Onn.
Often theae kindly deeds were done with a
request that nothing bo said about tbem.
In Mrs. Lano's death the poor and needy
have lost a trno friend, her children mourn
a devoted motber, and the community ia
made the poorer by her departure.
She Is survlved by four children. all of
wbom were with her durluc her last dava.
They aro Mrs. O. G. Barron, wlfo of Col.
uarron oi jsaoyans, Aiuort u. Lane and
Mra. T. S. Bronhv of MontDelier. and Dr.
George L. Lane of Boaton.
Her funeral will bo held from her late
home at two o'clock Wedneaday afternoon,
Rov. J. Edward Wrlgjit olllclatlng, and tho
burlal will be in Greon Mount cemetery.
Russel Calef of Barro waa ln town over
Mlss Inez McAUister haa been visltlni? ln
Chelsea, tho past week.
George H. McAlliater and wlfe of Mont
pelier are vlsiting in town.
Mlsa Beaaio McDonald la vlaltlnrr In
Northfield for a short tlme.
Mlsa Mabel Jefferda vlsited frlenda ln
Calaia a portion of last week.
J. C. and Mlss Lucle Calel havn rrnnn tn
Saratoga for a few days' atay.
A. F. Moaaey ia at work for Huntington
& Eastman at their meatmarket.
The little son of C. II. Johanneaaen has
been quito 111 for tho paat few daya.
The Ladiea' Aid Sociotv moeta with Mrs.
Henry Rlchardson Frlday afternoon and
Repalrs aro belnc made on tho South
Washington school houae. 0. H. Smlth and
son, Everett, dolng the work.
Mra. John Emery and two sona of Wor
ceater, Maas,, are at D. S. Emery's. They
expoct to remaln soveral weeks.
Orvls Smitb of East Barre, is putting on
tbe flnlshing touch In tne way of ahellac
and varnlah to tho lnterlor of the Baptlst
Tbe Sturtevant slstera ot Hartford, as
sisted by Mlsa Alma Clough ot this place,
will glve a song recltal at the TJnlversallst
church thia evening.
S. W. Bnzzell, who has been driving a
meatcart for Huntington & Eastman, baa
closod hls labora for them and bas moved
his famlly to Waterbury.
E. H. Downing has had the mlafortnne
to Iobo elght hogs during the paat few
weeka, one a brood sow valued at $25.
Many others ln this viclnity have been sick
with the samo diaease.
Tbe followlng aro tbe eloctivo oftlcers of
tbo Good Templars for the next quarter:
Chlef templar, L. W. Seavor; vice templar,
Inez McAlliater; secretary, Mabel Jefforda;
Unanclal secretary, Edward Brlgga; treas
urer, Ena Brlgga; marahall, Harry Down
ing. Danlol E. Wortbley ot thla place and
Mlas Lllltan Ohatfleld ot Randolph were
marrled at tho homo ot tho brlde's parents,
Wedneaday, July 20. In the evening of the
sarae day they gavo a recoptlon to about
flfty of their relatlvea and frlonda at the
home of the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Wortb
ley were tho reciplents ot many beautlful
preaenta. A long and happy llfe to tbem Is
tho slncere wlsb of all. They are now mak
ing a short tour through the northern part
of the State, and on tbelr return will resldo
In thla vlllago.
Knst Brookfield.
Frank Wilcox and Mlsa Mablo Black aro
In Brandon. 1 . J. M. Angell and Mlas
Sadle apent Sunday with relatlvea in Gays
ville. Mlss Mary Sweot of South Roy
alton, was a guost ot W. n. Sprague's a
nart ot last week. Mlas Mabel Wheat
ioy ol Williamstown, was a guest of hor
aunt, Mrs. W. II. Hichardaon, over Buuday.
i The OhrlBtlan Endeavor society held
a very ploaaaut lco crearu aociable wltb Mr.
and Mra. Fred E. Holinea, last Thuraday
evening. Mrs. C. U, Blckford ot Al
bany, N. Y-, la the gueat of ber daughter,
Mrs. E. C. Jackson. ; Mlsa Fannle
Flsher of Worcester, Mass,, ls a gueat at
E 0. Jackson's.
or write for booklet
on Osteopathy, which
gives you a
full explanation
and knowledge of
the scienco and
the best metiiod of
treatment known.
is peculiarly
successful in
the treatment of
nervous diseases; and
also in the treatmentlof
diseases of women,
of which
makes a specialty.
All examinationa and
by appointnient.
Offico hours:
184 Stato Street,
Montpelier, Vt
An Automatic Draft Regulator.
ITS USE To rfgiilnte tho temperature in
any building nriilically heated, nnd espec
ially the home, wliere nn even temperature
is nt all timea desirablu.
To Snvo Vitel hy nutomatically operating
the darupera of a lieater nnd thereby sup
plying dinft nnd check aa needed. No heat
is wastud, and consequelitly much fuel is
To DIspcl Danger from Flre It never
sleeps nor forgebi, it !s positive in action,
a sure preventative of over-heating and
consequent danger.
Its cost complete and ready for use, is within the
reach of all. Investigate, it will pay you.
Peck Bt others,
Kimball Union Academy,
New buildlnga, increaaed facilltiee, dellgbt
fnl aurroundinga.
Four yeara' conrpo of atudy. Young men
and women fltted for the best collegea.
Elocution, PhyBical training, muaic.
Studenta of llmlted meana receivedon the
$100 "a yeir plan."
Fall term beglna September 13, 1899.
Send for cataloguuf
Prosldent Board of Trustoos.
Sept. 13.
Tho Manufacturing Piant of Smlth, Whit-
comb & t'ook, located in the City of Barre,
Vt., consistmg of the foundry, macbine shon.
grist mill, saw mill, water power, pattoru house,
ofbee building, store house1", nnd other build
ings, menning all tho real estate now owned
and occupied by them, together with all tho
machinery, tools, patterns and stock.
The niachinery in foundry and machine shop
aro all nearly new and of modern design.
The location is one of the best in New Eng
land, and tho plant is now running to its full
capacity. tf
Public Examination of Teachers
CABOT, Auguat 7 and 8,
MONTPELIER, August 9 and 10,
BARRE, August 11 and 12,
NORTHFIELD, Auguat 14 and 15,
WAITSFIELD, August 10 and 17,
WATERBURY, Auguat 18 and 10.
The uaual cortltlcate of cbaracter will be
ExaminatlonB will also be glvou for en
trance to any of the Normal Schools.
Examiuer of Teachers.
Barre, Vt., July 17, 1899. 67-08
Boarding School for Hoth Sexes. Fitting
for college a specialty. Strong depnrtmenU in
Musio, Att nnd Uusiiiess.
Well equipped Gyiunanium. The best ac
commodntions for self-boarding studeuts iu tbe
State. A fund of 550,000 und the income used
for tho bcnefit of tho students.
Auk. ar d If.
If you wish to
eniploy n hook-
' keeper, stenognt
plier or oillan il.
I s-'s Dloullt wnie or
nAOUejey tention wUI bo
SwrMtBmilMW y?u r' rSqfe
ments. For catnlogue address Caniell & Iloit,
83 N. Pearl St., Albany, N. Y.

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