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Unn Teir 81.80 O
2 ElBht Month 1.00
, SlxMonths...
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g S3.00 n Tcnr.
VOL. 944872.
Cotfon Blankets.
White, Gray and, Tan, With
Colored Borders,
and secure an extra quality
for the price.
L. P. & H. C. Gleason.
for Fall and Winter Weav
coming in evevy day.
The Stein Blach Clothes
and Guyer Hats will be
among the fivst arrivals.
The holdcr of a matured Endowruent Policy in the Equitablo Society
Bentla the following graphio illustration of his feelings: "Twenty
years ajjo whcn I wbb induced by a porsistent agent to take out my
Endowment IVlicy, the premium looked very large and appcared to
me liko this:
While tho Endowment, looked at through thejwrong end of the
telefcope of twenty years, appeuroJ like this:
Sl ,000.00
Now, my policy haa tnatured, and coming just when'I neod monny,
t ntiii ol my policy lookslike this:
While, looking back at the annual premiuras I have paid, aud retiliz
lii g that they are arnouiita that would have"beei) savod m no other
way, this is the appearance they huvij:
W. H.
100 Church Street,
Kimball Union Academy,
New buildlngs, IncreaBed facllitleH, dollght
fnl surroundlnga.
Four yeara' conrso of study. Young mon
and women fltted for the beHt collegea.
Elocutlon, Physlcal trainlng, muslo.
8tnilentH of llmtted mBua rocelved ou llio
6100 "a yor plan."
Fall teriu beglns Septumber 13, 1899.
Setul for catalogiiH.
Prosldcnt Board of Trustoos.
Sopt. 13.
Kodol Dyspcpsia Cure
"Dlgcsts what you cat.'
Mark Down Sale!
We Cive You Trade Win
ners in Everv Department.
Montpelier, Vt.
ONLY S25 00 A YEAR, party
nietnllic circuit, measured sorvico for
n telopliono, nt placo of busincHS or
Can you afford to be williout it P
Managor Wlll Furnish All
(SJiaicjjman lonriml.
1'UnLienBU xvur wicunkbdat nv
Tho Vermont Watchman Company,
At MontDoller. Vt.
Uuslncss Jlcro Mcntion.
I want to lot tho pooplo wlio suffer frora
rhoumatlam and BClatlca know that Cliam
berlaln'a Paln Balm rellovod me aftor a
nmnborof other tnedlcinea and a doctor had
fatled. It Is tho bost Unlmont X have ovor
known of. J. A. Dodgen, Alpharetta, Ga.
Thousands liave boon curod of rheumatlam
by this romedy. Ono appllcatlou rolioves
tho paln. For salo by 0. Blakoly and W.
E. Terrlll & Oo.
Fhefabb roa SpniMa. Don't lot this
Boason ovortako you boforo you havo at
tonded to tho lraportant iluty of purlfylng
your blood wlth Hood's Sarsapaiilla, By
taking this uiodlclne now you inay savo
BlcknesB that wlll inean tlino and monoy as
well as sufforlng lator on. Ilood's Saraapa
rllla wlll givo you rlch, rod blood, good ap
potlte, Rooil dleestlon and a sound, healthy
body. It 1s the croatost and best sprlDg
modlclne bocause it ls tho Ono True Blood
Purlflor. Its unequallod rocord of marvol
ous curos has won for lt tho confldonco of
tho wholo pooplo.
not, drlnk Graln-O inade froin pnre Rralne.
A lady wrltes: "Tho flrst tlmo I made
Graln-0 I dld not Uke lt bat aftor uslng lt
for ono week nothlne wonld lnduco uo to
ro back to coffoo." It nonrlshos and foods
tho systeui. The chlldren can drlnk lt
frooly wlth creat bonollt. It ls thostrongth
enlng substanco of pnro gralns. Got a
packago to-day from your grocer, follow
the dlroctlons in maklng lt and you wlll
havo a dellclous and healthful tablo bover
age for old and young. Flftoon cents and
twentyflvo cents.
Do you want anythlng ln tho llno of
ilrngs and medlcines no matter what? If
so call on Frod A. Alnsworth, proprietor of
tho now 'Wllllanistow drug-store, on Depot
4treet, ono door east of J. K. Lyndo's storo
f, perchanco, he may not havo czactly what
yon doslre, ho will alm to aupply lt in tho
ihortost possible tlmo. If good goods and
honest prlces and square dealing will do lt,
he ls bonnd to secure a fair share of publio
patronage. Sewing.machlne supplloB and a
popnlar llno of statlonory are speclalties.
Give him a call.
Hatino a GnsAT Kbn on Cilambehlain's
Conon ItEMBnT. Manager Martln, of tho
Plorson drup; store, lnfornis us that ho ls
havlng a great run on Chamberlaln's Cough
Kemedy. He Bells flve bottles of that meill.
clno to one ol any other klnd, and it glves
great satlsfaction. In theao days of lagrippo
thero 1b nothlng llko Chamborlaln's Uough
Remedy to Btop the cough, heal up tho sore
throat and lungs and give rellef wlthln a
very short tlmo. The salos are growing,
and all who try it aro ploasod wlth its
prompt action. Bouth Chicago Daily Cnl
umet, For salo by G. Blakoly and W. E.
Terrlll, DrngglstB.
Havo your furs ropalred and remodeled
now, it will be to your advantage, as my re
palrlngs are equal to new. If yon think of
gettlng a new fur garment, jacket, rldtng
fnr coat, or collarette it will nay you to con-
snlt mo as I have the correct stylea, and my
selection of Alaska seal skina, Fersian
Iamb, inink and martln, satins and sllks are
of the best in tho market. The best furs
are tho cheapest in the end. I have coon
skins, Wambat, natural black lamb, and
quuteu unlugs lor gents anu lauies lur
coatB. See my goods and prices. Satlsfac
tion guaranteed.
a. u. bpiro, d urnor,
Montpelier, Vt.
Corn on tlie Coh.
Thore wa a sound of revelrr by nlclit.
And Vormont'a canltal taad klHtlierod th
Her beautT and lier cblvalry.
Tho scone was Gdgar Gumuilngs'attractive
farm premlBes in East Montpelier, tho time
Friday evening,the occasion a corn roast,the
hostouses the Themas ladles, single and
doublo, their gueBts of the male sez, single
aud Bunodlctlno. Throo hay racks wlth
four stout horses to each took tho revolors
to the festal precincts. In Mr. Cummiugs'
orchard was the banquet lmll, nrched by
tho canopy of night, with "stars for tapers
tall," suppleinented by the wolrd light ol a
huge bounro and tho steadier gleam from a
reflector the obllging host had arranged to
aatrist in dispelling tho envlroningdarkuess,
a aervice to which Ghlneao lanterns sun
ponded from tho brancheB of the trees added
thelr humblo efforts and loanod their pow
ers of faaclnating effoct.
When the faggots had npent their rage in
flame, and were rmlucedto glowlngemborB,
aomo bnshels of tho sweet malzo and Imn
kots of sweet tubera wero produced, wlth
tho instrutnents and convenlences for roaat
ing. Thero soon aroao a sound as of innu
merable rodenta in the goodfarmer'B crib of
corn, and there were notea of glee and ex
clamationB of dellgbt. MarsbmallowB,
crackera and cheeae varied the festival
plty that theso articles of rtotons llvlog
Hhould mar a feast of prlineval Blmpliclty.
The gentlemen guests of the company
had added several cublts to the.pleasure of
this "old nccustomed feast1' by lnvlting
thereto the wandoring muslclans whose
harp and viollus havo for several days and
nighti made the town vocal wlth mln.
streiay. On tho green the Virginla roel
waa whirled, tho cake walk wts reproduc
ed, and with est and Bong tho meriy honrs
of tbo night paaaod, till tho prozlmlty of
agrave yard and the admonitlon the ap
proaoh of tho hour of mldnlght Bnggeated,
moved the party to seek the protoctlon of
their hoines. For tho courteslos of Mr.
UnmmlngB, hia sollcltudo for the pleaaure
and comfort of hls guesta, hts tlndnoss in
placlng hls very dellghtful premises at thelr
diaposal, the Themas ezpreas unliuited up
preclatlon. Deatli of Fatlier Lyneh.
Very Itov. Thomas Lynch of Fair Haven,
vlcar general of tho Catholio dloceae of
Vormont for tho past forty years, dled aud
denly in hls carrlage Satnrday afteruoon.
Father Lynch had been to make n slck call
at Iteproaentatlvo John Dolehantv's at
Hydeville, two mlleB eaat of Fair Haven.
He appeared in hls uaual health on ltsavlug
Mr. Delehanty's house. He had not drlven
far, howevor before hls Uat ifell o(I, two
young ladles ridlng by on their whoela
uoticed that thero waa soinothlng wrong
wlth hlm and called tho attentlon of the
peoplo in tho neighborhood. Thoy Ntoppod
tho horso and wore helplng hlm out of the
carrlage whon he dled.
Father Lynch was a natlvo of the cuunty
of Meath, Ireland He was ordalued ui
Bombay. Iudla ln 1855, and that yoar camo
to Auierica. He llrst louated in Vermont at
Burlington inl858. In 180U when Ut. Uev.
IUihop De GoeHbrlHnd went to llome to ho
present at the Vttlcau coancll lio called
Pathur Lynch to Ilurlliigtoii to hucomo reo
tor of St. Mary'H cathedral aud admlulatra.
tor of the dlocese durlng tlie absence of hla
lordahlp. Ou threo aubauqeut occaHlons
Father Lynch ofllclattHl in tho aamo capac
Ity duriug tho abaence of tho blaliop.
Blnce 1800 ho had henn paator at tho Cutlio
llo church at Fair Havun. Father Lynch
waa promlnent in church aiTalra ontaide hla
own dlocese, and waa a mau ot noto lioth na
nu orator and admlnatrator.
Kodol Dyspepsia Curc
"Dlocsts what you cat."
LOOATi UAl'i'HttimiH.
Mra. Flora Huhbard 1b packlng her house.
hold goods preparatory to movlng to Alba
ny, N. Y., whoro Gharles S., her son, is on
gagod In the rostaurant buslnoss.
Mlsa M. E. Trombleo waa called to Sngar
Hill on Saturday by tho lllnoss of Mrp.
Lincoln, her alstor, wbo ls Bponding tho
sumuier at tho Sunset Hill House.
The Sundayschool of tho Church of tho
Mosslah wlll ro-opon wlth a gonoral ozer
cIbo noxt Sunday noon. Tho nuartorly
communlon sorvico wlll bo hold at 4:30 r. M,
Jamos Bnrko was convlctod ln clty court
Monday ovenlng of a thlrd offonao of in
toxlcation. Uo appealod hls caso to county
court and in tho mnanwhilo ls ln tho cus
tody of tho ofllcor.
Capt. F. L. Howo ot Northfield was ln town
Tneaday. He saya hls company wlll be
rocrulted to its full atrength and nowly
equlpped boforo the rogimont is mustorod
at Montpelier ln October.
Captaln H. G. Lull ls ezpocted to speak
at the campdro of the Orange Gounty Vet
orans Assoclatlon reunlon, to be held ln
Williamstown August 29. Tho reunlon ls
to last two days, August 29 and 30.
Panl Sgobol and wlfo havo conveyod to
Frank E. Simons and wlfe a parcel of land
altuated on tbo easterly sldo of tho road
leadlng from Montpelier to Worcester. The
conatdoration named in tho deed ia 8700,
Col. Fred E. Bmlth left this noon for
Newport to attend the annual meetlng of
the Ofncers' Konnion Society. From New
port he wlll go to Deerlng, Me., where J.
Elllott Bmlth, hls brother, is sojournlng.
Tho Bizty-Blzth annual conventlon of tho
TTniveraallBts of Vormont and Province
of Queboc, and tho nlnth annual conven
tlon of the Young Pooples' Ohrlatian Union
wlll bo hold at Bethol August 28, 29, 30, 31.
The marriage of MIbb Bertha L. Stratton
and Joaeph Viau will occur at thehomeof
Mr. and Mrs. George O. Stratton on Thurs
day, September 7. It will bo a qulet wed
dlng to which uo lnvltattons wlll be Issuod.
Uobort Merchant of Barre was convlcted
ln clty court Monday afternoon of three
llrst olfences of selllng. He was fined $25
and coat s of 520.17. He appealed hla caae
to county court and furnlshed bail for his
appoaranco in the amount of 8300.
As a result of the dlsclosure in clty court,
RobertMorchant of Barre was arrested on
charge of selllng, by OfflcBr Demerltt. He
pleaded not guilty. John Sulllvan testlllod
to having purchased ale and brandy at Mer
chant's house in Barre on Saturday.
The Ilampton Quartette attracted a amall
audlence at Bethany church Friday even
lng, bnt the entertalnmeut glren by them
waa very enjoyable. The programme out
lined Friday evening wbb carrled out. A
collectlon was takeu at the cloae of the en
tertalnment. John Sulllvan waa arreated Baturday
evening for lntozlcatlon. Sulllvan gavo
Ofllcor Wood a hot chaBo but the ofllcer's
bull dog closed tho race by nabblng Sulli.
vau by the bosom ot his pantaloona and
holding hlm untll his maater camo up. In
clty court Sulllvan pleaded guilty to a aec
ond offence aud was llned wlthcosta, 815.51.
Tho aizty-alxth annual conventlon of the
Unlversaliata of Vermont and the Provlnco
ot Quebec is to be held in Bethel on Wed
neaday and Thursday of this week. The
program iucludes a largo nutnber of ad
dresaea from promlnent mlnlsters and lay
mon, as well as roports and Bermons. Uov.
Dr. Perin of the Every Day church of Bos
ton, is to ho present.
W. W. Lapolnt, manager of the Barre
opera house, returnod on Monday from
Bellows Falls whera he played the "Two
Little Vagrants" company to a 8500 house.
Mr. Lapoiut has Santanllla, the hypnotist,
booked for fivo nights, beginnlng this even
ing, and Saturday evening, September 2,
"The Finlsh of Mr. Fresh," a roarlng cotn
edy, will betho attractiou.
Mayor Senter has boon notllisd by Gov
ornur Smlth that ho has iuformed the ordi
nance department that Vermont aa a Stale
has uccepted the loan of the guna nt tho
Spaulali crulaor, Uastllla, captured by Ad
miral Dewey at tho battle of Manlla aud
whicb aro now at tho naval station at Mure
Island. The Governor has also ordored the
gUDS to be loaded and shippnd to this city
at the ezpenae of tho Stato. It is nuw hop
ed they wlll arrlve here before the Dewey
Tho evldence ol tho plalntlffs was taken
before Justlce T. J. Doavltt Monday ln the
case of Fred N. and Eunlce Woodard r. M.
Jeunie Dunwoodie. F. L. Lalrd appeared
for the plalntlffs aud G. W. Wtng for the
defendant. The sult waa to recover of tho
defemlant 825 on a receipt which was to
have been applled on a mortgage note and
which waa uever so applied. The caae was
held open for trialon Tuesday when it wbb
closed by the defendant paying the amount
Bued for. Tho caue arose from a mlaunder
atandlng in the settletnont of a resl estate
deal on upper Maln street.
The annual reunlon of the Eighth Ver
mont Regimental Asaociatlon will be held
at Montpelier on the day previoua to Ver
mont's receptlon to Admlral Dewey. Ab
all tho papers in the Stato will anuounce
Dewey Day as soon as rlxed by the Govor
nor, members will know that they are to
meet on the day before In Grand Army hail,
Montpelier, at two o'clock r. ic The ex
ecutlve oommltteo will make arrangements
for the meetlng In the afternoon aud evnn
ing. General Thomas will he present and
the largest atteudance of members of the
old Eighth Vermont that haa ever hoen
known is expocted. General Thomas ia the
perpetual presldent of thla assoclatlon.
SherliT Wedge, asaisted by OCJcer Brown
and Sberlff Traoy, raided tho premlses of
Rocco Lottl,103 Barre street Friday ovoniug,
on comnlalnt algned by State's Attorney
Hoar. Tho ofUcers fouud a barrel half (ull
ot what ia aupposed to be ale or beer. In
clty court on Saturday the charges made
were for keeping a nuisance, for keeping
intoxicating liquor wlth intent to sell, and
Stato agalnst intoxicating liquor. Bail was
llxed in eachof the three cases at S250. 8100
and 850 respectively. Thomas Marvin bo
camo aurety for Lotti and the case waB con
tlnued nntll August 31. Lottl has retalned
Lord & Carleton as hls counsol. This
place haa been under ausplclon fora long
tlme but tho time haa never presented it
solf boforo for action.
Mrs. S. J. Thurston, wldow of tho late
Jamea T. Thurston of thts clty, dled at But
ton, N. H., Sunday evening, Mrs. Thurs
ton for tho past dozen years has made her
I'omo wlth her slster in Sutton, The cauae
of her doath was cancer ln tho throat and
for the past two months the end has been
dally ezpected Her first huaband was
John Q. Uurrlor, who at tho time of hia
death, July, 18G4, was in tLo llvery buslness
in this clty in cmupauy wlth Harry Bout
well, at the atablon now owned by J. Q.
Adams, Mrs. Thurston waa buried today
boHldo her flrst huaband iuNow Loudou, N.
II. Her second husband wlll bo remem
bored as presidont of the Vermont Mutual
Flro Iuauranco Company.
Oliver Bacon, proprietor of Bacon's Oamp
at Elmore pond, who ls well known lu
Montpelier und Barre, wna nttacked by a
bull lu hls pasture Huudny uiornlng and
dangerouBly If not fatnlly iuliirod. Tho
savage anlmal flrst struck Mr. Ilacon lu tho
nlt of the stomach kuocklng hlm down aud
iireaking hls breaat bone. . Mr. Bacon waa
then repeatedly toaaed a dlatauce of twenty
slz roda and flnally thrown under a wlre
feuco. Dacon's hlrod mau seelng the at-
tack Btnrtod for tho bnll wlth a pltch fork
burylng tho tinea in hls neok. Tho bull
turnlng on hlm knocked hlm down but the
man succeedod In gettlng out of hls roach.
Mr. Bacon marrlod Mlas I'bmbo Illbbard of
tlils clty soveral yoars ago.
Abont four hundrod attondod tho plcnlo
givon on Saturday aftornoon ln Caledonia
park by tho R. 0. Bowera Granlto Compa
ny to tho pollshers and their bossea of tiila
clty, Barro and vlclnlty. Llko its prode'
coBSorB lt was a soclal success, natnro aid
Ing the efforta of Mr. Bowers and hls sover
al asalatanta in maklng the ovont moat
pleasant. A aumptuous repaat of clam
cbowder, baked tioans, etc, was served to
tho vlaltors ln a large canvas pavlllon after
which outdoor sports Biich as sack racos,
potato racos and tho llko woro Indulged In.
Tbo company broko up in tho early ovenlng
and ono and all voted Mr. Bowers a nrlnco
among entortalnera.
Mlchael Sulllvan was arrested for lntoxl-
catlon, Saturday ovenlng, by Ofllcor De
merltt. In clty court he pleaded guilty to
tho chargo and patd hls llno of 812 61. Ho
teatlfled to having two drlnks of "split"
from John Brown, a follow workraan.
Brown was brought lnto court and oznlaln-
ed that he had obtalnod a plnt of alcohol
Saturday evening by presentlng a wrltten
order at the city agency, and that ho had
glvon Sulllvan somo of lt to drlnk, not
thlnklng ho was breaklng tho law. Brown
Is a young man who haa oorno a good repu
tatlon prevloualy for industry and .honoaty,
and Grand Juror Carloton asked tho conrt
to lmposo tho mlnlmum sentonco. Brown
wbb llned with coats 823 which he pald, and
doparted from tho court room a saddor and
wlaer man.
The nartles racltic horsos. attached to
sulkles, mado themselvea obuoxlous on tho
princlpal streets of the clty lato Saturday
night and narrowly escaped dolng Borious
damage. Two women wero drivlng from
Waterbury and on roachtng uppor Maln
street encountored those racera. The thtll
of one of tho snlkleB atruck the blinder of
tho bridle, worn by tho horso drlven by the
women. lammlncr it lnto hla evo. As the
Btilky flew past, one of tho wheela caught
on the thlll of the womena' wagon, break-
ing it ott Btiort. riio racers never stoppeu
to soe whother any one was lnjnred, but
puBhed out of slght. Their identlty ls un
known. Lovi Alezander and a friend, who
wero on thelr way homo at tho tlme, ruahed
to tho reacne of tho women and got thelr
horso free from the wagon which waa taken
to the shop of Ell Catie. He waa sum
raonod from hls home to make tho necesaary
repalra as the women were obllged to re-
turn home to Waterbury oarly Snnday
mornlng. Aslde from this damage, thla
reckleas drivlng kopt those along the routo
irom thelr sleep.
Several vlsltlnr; and restdent alumnl of
the Montpelier Setnlnary have, durlng tho
sutnmer, consldered the advlsabillty of
xorming a young alumnl assoclatlon to meet
ln the fall that those who cannot be here
in tho spring may have an opportunlty to
come und meet thelr old achool frlends. To
this end a meetlng was held last week and
a committee waa cboaontoinvitethe young
er alumnl of tho Semlnary, and in fact all
thoae who have attended the Bchool, wheth
or graduatea or not, to attend a meetlng to
bo hold Monday, September 18, for the
purpoae of formlng a permanent organiza
tlou. A light banquet wlll be aerved at
which toaata wlll be offered bv renreaenta-
tives of Yale, Harvard, Amherat, Wesleyan,
Dartmouth and the Unlverslty of Vermont
who aro alumnl of Montpelier Semlnary,
after which a receptlon will bo held ln the
Somlnary parlora. The buslneaa meetlng
will be held in the lecture room at flve
o'clock ln tho afternoon when buslness wlll
be consldered of lmportance to all who have
ovor attended the Semlnary. The inove
ment toward formlng this new organlza
tlon is meetlng with favor. About twenty
havo already aignifled their lntentlon of be
lng present at the meetlng, and they heartl
ly endorse the scheme.
Bosworth Hurgrlnry Cnso.
The heariugln tho case of State agalnat
Winfred Boaworth was bogun in city
court Monday afteruoon. M. M. Gordou
and F. P. Carleton nppeared for the Stato
and F. L. Lalrd for tho reapondent.
lt appears tuat wltliln tlie past year and
a half Mr. Crosa' store at Gouldsvllle has
been entorod several tlmes and pettv bur-
glaries committed. In the lndictment nu
dor which Boaworth was arrested the date
set up 1b July 31, 1899. But when he caiue
up lor nearing tne tttate exerciaen tlio riglit
of choosing any date wlthln three yeara
which ls allowed by theatatuteof Umita
tlons and Introduced ovldence in counec
tion with the burglary which was perpo-
trateu on tne store on tne nignt ot Tilav 4.
1888. Thla movo on tho part of the State
dlaconcorted the plans ofdefenco which had
been made by tne reapondenl's couuael as
ho had preparod to furnish an allbl for hia
cllent on the llrst named date.
Only two witneasea for the Stata were
examlued, Mr. Crosa, the proprietor of the
storo, and Eugeno Robbiua, hla clork.
Thelr testimony, which was corroboratlve
in all essentlal poiuts, waa ln suustance as
follows: Boaworth waa employed as a
stonecutter in Gonldaville and was a regu
lar customer at the store, where ho had a
runnlng account, aettling the stme aa he
recolved hla pay from tlme to tlme. He
waa on intlmateterms with both wltneaaea,
Bpending conBlderablo of hls sparo time
about tbo store and on occaeions when
short of money would borrow amall
auiounts of Mr. Gross or Mr. Robblns. Pre
vioua to the robbery ln May, 1898, Boa
worth had boon ovt of work and had told
the wltness on soveral occaslons that ho
waa strapped. 'On the night of May 4,
1898, ho was the last except tbo proprietor
to leave the store.
The nezt mornlng It was found that the
store had beon outorod by nieans ot a rear
wlndow. The bottom of the money drawer
hadbeen cut through and opened and about
four dollars in pennlos, flve and ton cont
piecea besldeB nearly a full box of Black
atone clgara. Among the colna takon wero
Bome mutllated onea, which were kept
apartfrom the otliers, aomo of wblch were
very famillar in thelr marklnga to the wlt
neaaea. Later Boaworth made a cajh pur
chaae at the atore for which ho paid in cotn
of tbo doscrlptloa taken, so far as denoml
natlon was concernod and each witness re
colved from hlm a coin which he was posl
tivo were two of tho mutllatodcolns taken
from tho storo on the uicht of tho robberv.
Ho also requestnd Mr. (Jross to get hlm a
padlock for a chest which he kept in a
uearby baru and from whtch he was seeu to
come forth several tlmes a day after tho
robbery, Btnoklng !gara, whtch on many
luatances as testlllod to by Mr. Croas, were
BlackBtonea. The wttnoHses admttted,
bowever, that even after they had, becauae
ot tho foregolng auaplclous clrcuinatancea
becotne convinced of Bosworth's gullt, their
fortner frieudly Intercourso wlth 1dm dld
not cease, nor dld they acctiso him of the
theft or make complalut of hlm to tho au
thoritles, but on the coutrary allowed hlm
to run an account at tho store, make lt a
vlsittng placo aud loaned hlm mouoy as
tormerly, contlnulng to do so untll the next
August when he left town,
Tho huarltig has been contlmiod untll
Wuduesday mornlng.
Wlll You (Ji-UKp This Chancp,
aud make your only chanco a thousauil
cliauces7 You can have nluo hundrod und
nluety-nlnu wlth yuit and fur your famlly,
or agaiust ynu and agalnat your famlly.
Iuaurance ilxed at a lliod prico, ono price
Natlonal Llto Insurnnce Company of Ver
mont. S. 8. Dallard, General Ageut, Opera
Uouae Block, Montpelier, Vt.
Lahor Troufolcs.
Tho cutters at tho Capltal Granlto Corn
pany's Bhod havo boon orilered to qult
work, and Motiday thoy went out. Tliua
aomo twenty skillod wurkmon, ablo to oarn
good wages. are dobarrod from working at
thelr trade In this shed, orlu fact any other,
for uo meuiber of tho Manufacturors' As
soolatlon, of which T. W. Eagau, tho mau.
agor of tho Capltal Granlte Company la a
meuiber, wlll hlro theso men who aro or.
derod out,
Tho trouble aroso over ono man, who,
somo tlmo last Juno, hlrod to Mr. Eagan as
a flratclass cutter. After he had been at
work a few days, Mr. Eagau becatuo con
vinced that he was not an avorage cutter.
Uo said as niuch to tho man and lntlmated
to hlm that he sliould havo to dlschargo
hlm, as he could not affurd to pay hlm even
tho mlnlmum Union achedule prico of
twonty-nlne cents per hour. The man beg
god the prlvllogo of working, atattng that
he had not worked at hla trade for the paat
ten montha, at tho aatne tlmo dlsplaylng
tho palms of hls handa which woro badly
bllstored. He offered to work for twenty
flve cents per hour it Mr. Eagan wonld give
hlm work. Mr. Egan consented and tlme
rolled on, the man accoptlng hia pay at the
rato named and appeared contonted. But
about tbo latter part of July, tho man notl
11 od Mr. Eagan that ho should demand
twonty-nlne cents por hour at the next pay
day. Whon offered his check on tho basin
of twontyflve cents per hour he refused to
tako It and Mr. Eagan decllned to pay hlm
more. Tho man took hls trouble to the of
llcor a of tho Union and tho matter was re
ferred to the grlevanco committoo, which is
made up of an equal number from the
Union aud the Manufacturera' Aaaoclation.
The committee waited on Mr. Eagau who
lnformed the members that ho was willlng
to ablde by thelr arbitratlon in the matter,
thla being the uaual courae in auch dlffer
encos. But the Union half ot tho committoo was
unablo to come to an agreement wlth the
Aaaoclation half and flnally lnformed Mr.
Eagan that he muat grant the dlasenting
cnttor's request, or hls force ot cutters
would be ordered out. Mr. Eagan said he
was willlng to ablde by a decialon of the
committeo aa a wholo but would not sub
mlt to the dlctation of a dlvided commlttoe,
and as a resnlt his men are out and hts
buslneaa crippled. UIs only remedy ap
pearB to be to submit or to get the Assocla
tlon to declare a general lockout untll his
mon are aent back to work: and lt ls said
that this lattor courae is being ndvocated
among the inanufactarers.
The men ordered out ure loud ln thelr de
nunciatlons of the men on tho Union com
mittee who brought this thiug to pass.
They say the man over wLoui all this
trouble ls being made la not a nrat ciasa
workman, never joinod tbe Union untll af
ter he had started this trouble and that Mr.
Eagan has acted honorably wlth this man
and all others ln hls employ. They say
they attended the meetlng of the local
branch of the Union last Saturday night
and triod to oxplaln the sltnatlon to the
members preaent but wero not permitted to
bo heard.
They declare the Union is being run by a
rlng which abuae lts power to fnrther its
aplto and aolllah ends while they, the lay
members, are powerleaa toola, and should
this boycott last they will havo to abovel ln
order to support thelr famillea.
wnen askeu wny tuey uidn't ooit in tuiB
Inatance agalnat the order ot the Union,
the men stated that for varioua reasons this
would be ot no avall.
The altuatlon la one to bo regretted by
both partlea involved and it ls hoped that
an amlcablo eettlement may be arrlvod at
at an early date.
The grievance committee comprlsed of
Chairman Williain Alezander, A. E. Bruce
and JainoS Brown of Barro from the Manu
facturer's Asaociation and Chairman P. F.
Glynn, M. J. Doyle and W. II. McCormlck
of the local branch of tbe Stonecutters'
Union met on Tuesday at tho otllce of the
Capltal Granlto Company tor the purposo
of arhttratlng tho difllculty between the
company and David Moylo, the workman,
on whose account the cutters ln that shed
were ordered out Monday afternoon.
T. W. Eagan throw open tho company's
books for tho inapectlon of the committee
aud from them lt waa ahown that Mr.
Eagan had allowed tho man four houra'
time moro than he had clalmed to havo
worked. Mr. Eagan alao called tho attou
tion of tho Uniou's committee to the record
In hls books wbere this man and another
had porformed the same plecu of work, he
paying Moyle at the rato of twontyflve
cents por hour and the latter twenty-nlno
aud one half cents per hour, and that the
latter performed hls work at a cost of soine
two dollars less than the cheeper pald mau,
Tho committee when usked lt the higher
pald man was not the cheapor man to bire
argued that this tnan had done too mnch
work for his money. Tho commlttees ar
gued Moyle's caBo pro and cou uutll after
1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon before a Unal
agreement waa reached which was as fol
lows: "Tho deciaion of the committee in tho
caso of T. W. Eagan v. David Moylo Is that
he be pald nccordlng to the blll of prlces on
what work is covered by the hill of prlces
which amounts to twenty-eight centa per
hour for the tlme he worked aa shown by
Mr. Eagan's books which 1b 180 houra.
Wllllatn Alezander, ) Chairman
P. F. Glynn, Commlttoea."
Mr. "Eagau then drew a check for the
amount in favor of tho committoo from the
Union to whom Moyle had givon an order
on Mr. Eagan for his pay and thus the un
nleasantness was settled, althongh the
Union half ot the oommlttee made larce
oon:esaions from;the rato perjhuur flrst de-
uianueu uy mem.
At the beginnlng of the coaimittee's le
Uberations this mornlng, it was agreed by
both sldes that the cutters who were out
ahoQld be ordered back to work this noon
pending the result of the arbitratlon. When
the affair was flnally adjusted, tho men
waro ut worK as uanai.
Some lgiig.
There are Blgua that Dewey ls eomlng,
And slgnB of scarcer beer;
Sero Ieaves and partrldge drummlug,
Aro DigiiB iuai Auuuuu ia uear.
There aro stgns of moro street railway,
jAud many slgns to doubt:
Ilnt the best Bign ot all la the Blgn on tho
Of the new Jall baildlug "Keep outl"
Thoro are slgns of aomo lollcate ochemlng
For votea another year;
And slgns that dlaturb pleaaant dreamlng,
And mako folks feol qultequeer.
There are slgna of a bridgo up at Charlea
Bat the beat slgn here about,
Is the Blgu that hanga o'er the new iall door
"Keep outl" 0.
West Fnlrloo.
Frod Bates has flulahed hls vacation and
has gono hack to Iloston,
Clark Barstow ls 111 but is reported somo
what botter. Dr. Ilixby atteuds hlm.
Mrs. John Cooke luvited some young
pooplo to her house last week to play whlst.
Dr, Henry and wlfo who havo boon Btop.
nlug at tho Eaglo hotol, left for homo last
Mrs. Llzzie and Mlsa Lena Whitney havo
retnrned from vlalt at Tunbridge and are
at U. M. Suiith's.
Mrs, II. M Whitney aud Miss Carrlo, her
daughtnr, have gono to vIsltMra, Whituej'tf
slster, Mra. Austln, at Tunbridge.
J9 a inethod of cure foundcd
on the tnith. Icarncd by scl
sntlllc f tiuly of the human
hody, that. the human body
. basin and for Itsclf, rhen
proporly troatcd, tho best
of all rostorative and cura
Ivc porur. The O-tcopath
liasi's hls work on tho dc
lnoustraMe fact that tho
body soiitiilns wlthln ltaclC
when riyhtly dlrcctcd tha
power, in inost cascs, to ro
store itsclf to health. or, lrj
other words, to curc discase.
lat State street
3Iontpclicr, TL
Vhcn wrltlng mcntion this paper.
tlmt you nre skeptical on the
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Wo havo a full line of Toilet Soaps, rerfunies
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108 Main St., near Argua Office.
E. E. BLAKELY, Manager.
A Clergyman's Experience,
M. D. Jump, D. D., Saratoga
Springs, writes: "It aflbrds mo great
pleasuro to testify to tho valuo of
Honry & Jolmson's Amica and Oil
Liniment, which I used with the niost
satisfnctory results. Not long sinco,
ns tho result of a cold and excessivo
uso of the organs of tho throat) I
sufl'orod greatly from inflammation.
and induration of the tonsils. After
trying several remedies I bothought
me of your liniment, and by a singlo
application over night tho troublo was
ontiroly removed and I was ablo to go
on with my work."
Haviuc leased tho Corarnercial Houso
Stnbleb, I nm now prepared to nccoD
motlato the public with a flrst.clan
livory.food anti bonrding stabie at prices
right. Fiftoen yenrs t xperieuco in ono
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cr "vi viui oo
fttnBTUiNnx,Tr)rBtDisrW " moetinc
w,..,.,h,v ..viintni- yOIlr ronuire

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