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Ono Yonr 81.60 O
2 KlKhtMonlh 1.00
WEEK1.T rt
l'Al'JSK. T11R ?
Slz Month.,
ii not l-niu ln Ailvnnco. o
O S8.00 n Yonr.
A o I'uiiMsnniiFoiiHMIrl r o
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VOL. 94.-4:873.
Shirt Waists
A few of this
Waists, worth
are yet in stock, and will be sold at
the loiv livice of
P. & H. C. Gleason-
for Fall and Wintev Wear
coming in every day.
The Stein Block Clothes
and Guyer JETats will be
among the first arrivals
Tho holder of a rnatured Emiowment Policy in iho Equituble Society
eenda the following graphic illustration of his feelings: "Twcnty
years ago when I wae induced by a poraiatent agent to take out ruy
Endowrnent Policy, tho prcmium looked very large and apptared to
me liko this:
While the Endowtuont, looked at throueh thejwrong end of tho
tolescopo of tweuty years, appenred like tliia:
Sl ,000.00
Now, my policy has matured, and coming just when I need money,
i ii f ' of my policy looks liko this:
While, lookiug back at the annual pretniums I have pnid, end realiz
itit: that thoy nro amounts that would havo'benn snved in no other
way, this is the appearancc they bave:
W. H.
100 Church Street,
Talcum Powder
For Infants nnd Adults, can be used for
sore feet, ckapped skin, fortoilet powder.
10 centa per box.
The Creat Enlish
Pile Remedy.
A sure and speedy cure for all forms of
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For the Blood,
Stomacb, Liver and Kidneys tako Dr.
Mcrk's Ilub and Tonio Bitters. If you
need mediclne try them. 25 centa.
Do you want somethinej
to cleanclothes, remove dirt, greoBe spota,
etc, quickly, we bave a preparation that
ic uneqnalled. A trial will convince you.
10, 15 and 25 centa.
Creara of Rose and Almonds for the bands and
and face, 1C centa.
Call for Dandruffrin if you want dandruff re
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We havo n full line of Toilet Soaps, Perfumes
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108 Main St, near Argus Office.
E. E. BLAKELY. Managor.
Use tpi. i and
You can teleplione 100 words in
ono niinutc ensily
A niGSsnge by tulcpliono brings
innnediato nnswcr.
NIGIIT ItATH ono hairtho day
rnto, oxccpt wlioro tbo day ratc ih
16 contB or Ichs. Vory convenicnt
for socinl conversntion.
season's High Gvade
$1.25 to $2.50 eacli
Kimball Union Academy,
New buildings, Increased facllities, dellght
ful aurroiwdlnga,
Four years' courso of Htudy. Young men
and women Ilttod tor the best colleges.
Elocutloa, Pbysical tralnlng, lnuaic.
StudontH of liinlted ineaus recelved on the
8100 "a year plan."
Fall term berlin September 13, 1899.
Send for catalogue.
Prosldent Board of Trustoes.
Sept. 13.
You nav 812 n month. 8144 a vnnr.
v - 1 J - - j
takinc Ollt S2f! fnr wntnr rnnt. nnrl
taxes, leaying a payincnt of 119
towara n nico little Jioinc.
If you pny $10 a month or 102 a
I'ear, 825 for taxcs and wator ront,
kaving 8167 for a paymont toward n
liomc. Pav this for oicbt vnarn ntid
tl o tj '
you have paid for a Iioubo that cost
ovcr .'5i,ouu.
Call in our ofllco or writo for full
v rticulars.
Rooms 2 and 3,
Cordon's Block, Barre, Vt,
Spocia.1 IVotice.
Whnrnas, my wifo, Mrs, AIIco A. Nye,
has left my bml and board wlthout tlm
caiiHH or provocatlon, I lieroby Jorbld ull
perHons barborinR or triiHiltii; hnr on my ao
oount, bh I Hhull nayuobllla of ler oon.
traotliiK after this dat. OIIAS, P. NYE,
North Montpelier, Vt Sopt. 0, 1899
rcnLisnKD avxnr wxDniteDAV ht
The Vermont Watchman iCompany,
At Montpelier. Vt.
Iluslness Moro Slontiou.
I want to lot the noonlo wbo suffor from
rhouuaatlsio and sclatlca know that Glmm-
berlaln's Paln Balm reliovod me aftor a
numberof other modlcinos and n doctor bnd
fallod. It ls th boat Untmunt X havo over
known of. J. A. Dodgen, Alpbarotta, Qa.
Tliousandn bave beon ourod of rhoumatlsm
by tbls romedy. One appllcatlon relleves
tho paln. For sale by 0. Dlakely and W.
E. Torrlll & Co.
Prkfaub fou Sprino. Don't lot this
season ovortako you boforo you havo at
tonded to the Important duty of purlfylnK
your blood wlth Hood's Saraaparilla. By
taking this inodlclno now you may save
slcknoss tbat will meau timo and money as
well as HUflorlnc lator on. Itood's Karsapa
rllla will glve you rlcb, rod blood, good at
petlto, pood dlROBtion and a sound, boalthy
body. It ls the greatost and best sprlng
mediclne becauso It is the Ono Trno Blood
Purlflor. ItB unequalled record of marvel
ons cures bas won for it tho conddonco of
the wholo people.
not, drlnk Graln-O made from pnro Rralnn.
A lady wrltos: "Tho llrat tlmo I mailo
Graln-O I dld not liko it bnt after uatnc it
for ono week nothlng wonld induce me to
ro back to coffoe." It nonrlBbes and feeds
the nystom. Tho children can drlnk lt
freely wlth creat boneflt. It is tbestrengtb
onlng snbstanco of pure gralus. Get a
packopo to-day from your grocer, follow
tho dlrectlons ln maklnc lt and you will
havo a dellclous and healthtul table bovor
age for old and young. Flfteen cents and
twenty-Qvo cents.
Do you want anything ln tbo llno of
drngB and modlcinos no matter what? If
so call on Fred A. Alnsworth, proprletor of
tho new Wllllamstow drug-store, on Depot
stroet, ono door east of J. K. iLynde'B storo
If, percbanco, he may not havo exactly what
you doslre, be will aim to supply lt ln the
shortest possible tlmo. If good goods and
honost prlcea and square deallng will do it,
he is bonnd to securo a fair sbaro of publlc
patronage. Sewing-macblno supplles and a
popular lino of atatlonery are speclalties.
Glve blm a call.
IUvinq a Gbbat Rwn on Guambbrlain's
Couqii Bbmbdt. Manager Martin, of the
Plerson drug storo, lnfonnB us that ho ls
havlng a groatrun on Chamberlaln's Cough
Remedy. He sells flve bottles of that medi
clne to ono of any other klnd, and lt glves
great satisfactlon. In theae days of lagrlppo
there ls nothlng liko Chamborlain's Cough
Remedy to stop the cough, boal np the sore
throat and luucs and glvo rellof withln a
very sbort tlme. The sales are growlng,
and all wbo try it are pleased wlth itn
prompt actlon. South Chicago Dally Cal
umet. For sale bv G. Blakelv and W. E.
Terrill, Drugglsts.
Tlie Berlin Schools,
Tho followlng orders havo been adonted
for uso in tbo Berlin scbools. Teachers will
be requlred to follow them falthfally, and
any scholar retuslng or neglecting to com-
ply suall oo roporteu to tne Buperlntenuont.
Every second Friday suall be given up to
a revlew of the precodlug two weeks work.
At tho cIobo of tbe term tbere shall be an
ezaminatlon on the entire work of the term
and uacb echolar must have recelved a
mark of .65 to allow them to procoed with
their grado.
uotweon the revlows. or once In two
weeks, a nart of eacb Frldav aftornoon
shall be dovoted to the reading of origlnal
composition and dcclamatlon. For tbo
Hnko of varloty tbe school may bo made up
of two dlvlHlons, one division reading com
poHltions and the other givlug duclaniatlon.
a vory serlous ancl general delect tias
been noticed in tbe enunclation of the pu
pila in our hcIiooIh. Teachers have it in
tbelr power to correctln large measure this
defective babit of speech. As a corrective
teachers will be requlred to glve a short
daily drlll in the alphabet, workiug (or a
well modulated voicu and a clean cut enun
clation of the vowels and cousonants. A
little close observatlon on the part of the
tflAcher will soou discover the correct
p(icing of tho elements. Tho speech of ru
rul communities is in marked contrast to
that whicU is obtaluod ln educated circles
ln cltle-i and vlllages and you have it in
your power to Bave much of the humilla-
tlon tliat wtll como to our pupils who may
be obliced to seek a Ilvelihood in other lo-
callties. J, J. Goodacrb,
Mrs. Howard Arms and dauchtor have
returned to Bristol, Conn.
A. 0. Canerdv is iironarluu to build a new
residence on Main Btreot.
n. R. Coburn and familv have moveil In.
to Rev. Mr. Tenney's bouae.
Rev. L. II. EUIot will nroach in Windsor
and Ascutneyville next Sunday.
Miss Leacb of Woodstock has been vlsit-
lng Miss Lottlo Ladd at the parsonage.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Crosaett have return.
ed from several weeks' vlsit ln Rhodo
Miss Jones of Lobanon. N. II.. will nmkn
her bome witb Mrs. Harry Ilolton on Ran
dall street.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Ilall of Boston. thn
guests of Dr. and Mrs, Janos, left Friday
GMrs. Forrest has sold hor residence on
Main street to U. JS. Moody, Mrs. Forrest
will soou return to Chicago for her (uture
The Christian Endeavor social Frldav ovh.
nlnc at tho Concrecational church waa n
Buccess. The raln dld uot detain many
iruui uiiuuuiuti.
The vlllage schools openod yesterday
nnder very favorable ausnicos. Prof. Roh.
coe, as prlnclpal, comes to us wlth the best
of recommeudatlons. Hls asslstantB ln the
uluerent graues aro oxperlenceu and we
predlct tbo betfiunlng of a prosperous and
prodtable school year.
The meu employed on Main street, bulld
iug tho now roadway, who soem to take
pleasuro in obstructlug tho paasago of tho
iuall carrier from the pont-oflice to the
depot, evidontly dld uot uuderstaud tbo
sltuatlon and serlousuess of tho ofTonse.
United States Dlstrict Attorney Martlu Iibh
been lnstructeil by the post-odlco depart
ment to lnvestlgato and prosecuto lf neces
sary the gtlllty par iou.
G. W. Morrow of Burlington, state super
lntendnnt of the Antl-Saloon League ad
dressnd a large audlence at tho Congrega
tlonal church Sunday evoning. Rev. Mr.
Willmnn and tho pastor, Rev. G. E. Ijadd,
couductod the opening exerclHes. After tho
addroas a local lcaguu was organlzed wlth
tho following oflleers: J, 8. Batcheldor,
presldeuti Rov. J. K. Willmati, llrst vlce
prosldent and chalrtnan of commltteo on
agltatlon, B. II. Demeritt, socond vlco
prosldent and chairman of commltteo on
Ieglslation; 0. 0. Graves, tbird vlco pros
ldent and chairman of commltteo ou eu
forcement of law; M, II, Moody secretary
and J. J. Oolby troaaurer. The next union
meetlng will bo bold Thnrsday ovenlng,
Ootobor 6. In the meantlme every cltizon
of tbe town shonld bo onrolled a uiemher of
tbe league. Arrangemonts will be made to
bold at least one uiass meetlng a month.
LOO Ij HAVl'HlflNaH.
Tho Ludlos' Ald Assoclation of Iloaton
Hospltal will meot wlth Mrs, 0. II. Iloaton
Wodnosday aftornoon at two o'clock.
Tbo Woman's Ilomo Mlsalonary Bocloty
of Trinlty church will meot wlth Mrs, L. A.
Buswell at 25 East Stato stroot Wodnosday
Tho September term of Washington
county court, will conveno at two o'clock
Wodnosday aftornoon. It ls a grand Jury
term and nromlses to laat untll nearlv
L. E. Doton tbrosbed throo hundred and
ton bushels of oats in soven and ono-half
hours for Ilonry S. Town, on Monday.
Tho graln was raised on four acros of land.
The yield and tho throshlng record aro
opon for competltlon,
Mra. A. J. Phllllns and son Rodfleld and
Mlaa Ollvo B. Stout arrivod at Boston this
morning, in good hoalth and splrlts. Rod
fleld will roach Montnolior earlv Wednes-
day morning. Mrs. Philllps and Miss Stout
will arrivo Wednesuay ovenlng.
Llont. W. J. Mooro of Companv H sald
today that Gen. T. S. Peck bad intlmated
there was now moro than an ovon cbanco
for tho Vermont regimont to be taken to
Washington to partlclpato in the parado
to be !made there upon Admirol Dewev's
One of tho leadlng foatures of tbe Wi
nooski Vallev Agrlcultural Fair to be beld
next week ln Waterbury 1b a wrostllng
matcb for a purse of SCO botween David E.
Spicor of Barre and Jerry Donahue of tbls
clty. Botb men are well-known atbletes
and a bot contest ls expected.
J. S. Vllos has rocelved a thlrtv-horso
powor Westlng.houso electrlo motor to
placo in tho Colton & Moro cranlto sheda.
to take the placo of Berlin water power.
iio uas a motor ot twonty-norao power on
the road to placo in tho sheda of Lynoh
Brotbers. Ile ls confldent that bo will now
have wator onougb at his plant to furnlsb
ln tbe f uture a twonty-four hour servlce
wlthout lntorruptlon.
Harry Gabroe of Waterbury, who was ar
rested sevoral woekp ago on the charge of
being lmplicated ln a bigbway robbery and
who escaped from tho lockup in that place
the same nlght, was arrested agaln in Mil
ton Friday afternoon bv Denutv Shorlff
Jobn Mears. Gabree was dellverod to Sher
lff Graves who brought him to Waterbury,
and delivered bim to Jallor Tracy wbo
brought his man manacled to Montpelier.
Flags llvlne on Tuesdav from tho Union
school bullding and from tbe Montpelier
Seminary announced that the vacation soa
sou is over, and that the work of another
school year has commenced. At both theae
inBtltutions a gratlfylngly large attendanco
is reported, wlth prospoct's of substantial
additlons to tbo numbers already enrolled
beforo tho woek closes. Tho names of tho
teacberB and aaaiatantB have been pub
Ushed in these colnmns.
The two bkr guna from tho Snanlsh crul-
ser, Reina de Castella, sunk by Admiral
Dewey's tleet ln Manila Bay, wbicb have
been loaned by the government to the State
of Vermont, were sblpped on Monday from
Mare Island uavy yard at San Franclsco to
Governor Smlth at Montpelier. The uaual
tlme for transportatlon ot froigbtacrosa the
continent ls about three weeks, so it can
safely be sald that theae guns will be in
position ln Montpelier beforo Dewey day.
The jall commissloners havo refused to
accept the threo furnacea whlch the con
tractorlhas purchased for tho new jall. Tbe
Bpeciflcatlons provide that the furnaces
shall bo selectod by tho commisBloners and
tho contrastor purchased thoae wlilcli have
arrlved wlthout consultlng them ln the
matter. They reject them for tho reaaon
they clalin thoy aro Inefllclent in qualKy
and capaclty. The furnaces were pur
chased ot one of the best makers but are of
theo ioapest grado of tbat style made by
E. S. Meics Ih to AiiIhIi work thn laat nf
tbls week as clerk in Greene's pharmacy,
and leaves next week to euliat witb the
Forty-sixth United States Infantry, now
recrultlng at South Framingham, Mass.
Ho will go with tbe regiment to tbe Phll
ippinea. Bolng a praotical pharmaclst and
baving proviously been in tbe United
States' voluntoer servlce as orderlv for Col.
O. D. Clark, Mr. Melgs will undoubtedly
be given a uon-commlasioned ofllcer's posi
tion witb tho hospltal corps. He haa mado
for bimaelf a wlde circle of friends duriug
his stay in this clty who will wisb him the
best of success in hls soldierly career.
Tbe young men of tho cltv who are full of
firo on the sublect of Dewey's recention are
consldering a scheme to let tho blaze out to
mount to tne skles. A mammoth bonnro
on one of tho surroundlng hills is suggest
ed. It ls proposed to enlist in tbls llluml-
natlon every peiBon who has boxea or bar
rels or any other refuso material tbat will
blaze. Plle them high, the bighor the bot-
ter, and the bicher the moro f uel will be
needed, and add a few barrels ot tar or
keroseno lf needed to project tbe flames to
the proper height and oxtend the llcbt far
out Into tbe surroundlng darkness. This 1b
a project that peculiarly oommonds itself to
young America, and America qulte advanc
ed In years as well. Tbe project is a good
one. ISoom it.
Governor Smlth. .chairman of the State
transportatlon 'commltteo for tho Dowey
celebratlon, recelved last Saturday the rates
agreed upon by tbo general passenger
agents of tho Central Vermont, Rutland,
Boston and Malno and Montpelier and
Wells Rlver roads at tholr recent meetlng
ln Burlington but bas delayed glving them
out lor puuucation lor certain reaaons. liio
Governor and hls commltteo bave arranged
for a meetlng with the passenger agents ot
tbe roads uamed to be held at the Pavlllon
next Thursday afternoon when lt is ex
pected tho matter will be deflnltely ar
rangod and tho rates for transportatlon
mado publlc.
Fred !L, Adams wbo was for sevoral
years in tho Pavlllon, bas boughttbeEx
chauge liotul of A, J, Slbley paying $10,500
iur iiua iiuiui prupuriy, xiu wiu opon tne
hotel Boon. Mr. Adams has for somo
tlme been in the omploy of tho Wagner
Car compauy, runnlng a dlnlngcar betweeu
New York and Buffalo. It Is undorstood
that Mr. Adams ls ono of thn oldoat aud
most ofllctont men in tbe Wagner servlce
and that ho leavos solely becauso ho ls
tlred of ridlng on tralns so much, and de
sires a permanent home at Montpelier
wnero iie anu ms wiio wm ne made wnl-
como. Tho prlco pald by Mr. Adams ls
consldered choap as tlio locatlou is contral
for any klnu of bualness. It ls sald the Ex
change will bo kept strlotly a temperance
houso and Mr. Adams' oxporlence as a ca
torer glvea asauranco that tho houxe will be
well kopt. It will bo repalrod and rofur.
nlshod. Mr. Stbloy bougbt the property a
auction a few weeks ago for 87,800, and has
thus reallznd tho hnndsomo sum of 82,700
on hls Invosttnent.
A Fair Xotlco.
Our anuulty ratos nre bolng revlaed and
will bo advanced iu prlco. We quoto prlces
subject to advance, wlthout notlce. Tboso
who havo their money roady will do woll to
como now and buy at tho old prlco.
Natlonal Llfo InBurance Company of Ver
mont. S. S, Ballard, Goneral Agent, Opora
Uousv Block, Montpelier, Vt.
AKlt OHtrjlJtATs.
MUa Klora Kolloy Is toachlng In Galway,
Mrs. II. P. Kondrlck ls vlsltlng ln Leba
non, N. II.
Mrs. Petor Buchanan is vlsltlng ln Sher
brooko, P. Q.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Ilntchlns ure vlsltlng
in Burlington.
W. H. Pitkin was at hls homo In Fair
Haven ovor last Sunday.
Edwln Carleton has purchased tho J. O.
A. Bolknap farm ln Borlln.
A daughtor was born last Saturday to
Mr. and Mrs. Gharles Higgs.
Rov. and Mrs. W. S. Palmer of Norwich,
Conn,, aro gaests of W. K. Wheatloy.
Mr. and Mrs. Jobn F. Mead of Randolph,
woro guests last woek of W. F. Morse.
Mrs. Marcla S. GllchrUtof Northfield was
the guest of Mrs. H. R. Btoughton last week.
Rev. Henry Murray of Boston was tho
guest of Rev. Fatber P. M. McKenna last
Jatnes Gatnpbell was ln Boston last weok
to meet Mrs. Campbell on hor return from
The case of Stato againat Frontlnl for
selllng intoxlcating liquor, has been nol
MrB. Jobn Mlller of Barnet and Mrs.
Joalab Keenau of Ryegate are gueata ot R.
L. Clark.
Rov. Carleton Hazen of Rochester was
tho guoBt ot Edwln Carloton, sevoral days
laat week.
Hon. and Mrs. Thomas Laalor of Wash
ington, D. 0,, aro vi8ltlng Mr. and Mrs. C.
N. Barbor.
The publio llbrary, whlch has beon closed
for some tlmo for repalrs on tbe bullding, ls
agaln opon.
A son was born last week to Mr. and Mrs.
Josepb Jenklna, and a son to Mr. and Mrs.
JameB Walker.
The injunction caso of the proporty own
era on Beckley atroet will bo given a hear
ing next Saturday.
Mrs. L. H, Houghton ot Boston bas been
vlsltlng Mrs. M. D. Lamb, her mother, dur
ing the past week.
Prof. and Mrs. 0. D Mathewsou bave
been vlsitinc in Johnson and Tfvdn Pnrlr
durlng the past woek.
Mrs. Joaeph Landrey of New York has
been visitimr Jesio Cavhue. her brothnr.
durlng tbe past week.
H. R. Stoughton. Jr., 1b visiting Colonel
Stougbton, hiB father. Ho spent tbe sum
mer in tbe Adlrondacks.
Cbauncev Willev of Barre ls to be snnnr-
intendent of fioral hall at the Northfield
fair September 13 and 14.
The case ot Stato atraluat Emerson for
breach of tho peace, has boen contlnued un-
tu weanesuay, September 13.
Mrs. Homer Fitts and dauchtor returned
last Thursday from Kennebunkport, Me,,
wuere iuey uave oeen ior several weeEs.
The lnfant son of Moses Decnon of Gran
iteville, dled last Thursday. Burlal was in
the Catholto cometary Saturday morning.
Tho Barro Ilill Granlte Comnanv nut ud
a new thirty-ton derrlck laat week to re
place the one recently dtsabled by a blast.
A party of twenty-flvo voune neoolo drov
to Poor's cottage on tbe shoro of Berlin
pond last Thursday nlght for a corn roaat
and dance.
Marshall Blake of Bellows Falla and Mrs.
James Hitchcock of Ltverpool, Eng., wero
guests last week of Prof. and Mra. O. D.
Mathowson. "
Matthew Gavln was convlcted of intoxi-
catlon in Justice A. G. Fay's court laat
Wednesday, and waa flnod 85 and coats,
which be pald.
Tho suit of Jessle Frasor acainst tho
Homo Ltfe Iusurauce Company, is set for
trlal the nrst day of county court, that con
veuea September 0.
Mrs. E. C. Oolby aud Miss E. Merrllt of
East Orange have purchased of F. A.
IIiitchiiiHon for 82,275, hls house at 218
Washington street.
Miss Luna Church went last Saturdav to
St. Albans, where she haa a position as
Hteuographer iu the general ofllces of the
Central Vermont railway.
The new membors of tho comnanv who
jolned last week aro Thomaa Ireland, Jack
uaynue, .Liiouias jtiauuie, juun iirown and
Bert Cayhuo, all of Barro.
Bert F. Leonard and Miss Liezio Lucla
wero marriod last Thursday ovenlng by
Rev. J. A. Sherburne at the bome of Fred
A. Iieonard on Hlll street.
Tbe case of State acalnst Mrs. Fred Kini?
for breach of tbe peace has boen nol
prossed, as bas tbe caso of State against
Gedry for a simllar offenco.
'Hope So." the lleet-footed borse. owned
by Miles Iirothers, won flrat monev in tbe
2:30 race at the South Ryegate fair last
weeir, in tureo straigut neats.
A. F. Sortwell of Cambridge. Moss.
president ot tbe Montpelier & Wells Rlver
railroad. was in town laat week insnectlni?
the Barro termlnns of that property.
W. H. Connor has sold to hls sou Glenn
a half interest in bls grocery buslness,
whlch will ln future be conducted under
the flrm name of W. H. Connor & Son.
Jobn MoPhee and Miss Jessle Warrender
were marrled Saturday ovenlng at tbo homo
of the brldo on First street. MIbs Nellie
Clark of Montreal acted as brldesmald.
Henry A. Dike and famlly left laBt Sat
urday for their home ln Cedar Raplds, Ia,
Mrs. Dlke and children bave been at tho
homo of Edwln Carleton for two montbs,
A grass flre on land ownod bv Ward &
Donglass on West hlll last week dld con
slderable damage and serlously threatened
the farm bullulngs of ueorge W, Bassett.
Jobn Ewlng was tuken to tho hotiBo of
corroction at Rutland last Friday by Ofllcer
rerry to servo a seutenco oi ono nunurou
and seven days for furntshlng Intoxlcating
Rev. J. Edward Wrlcht of Montpelier
ofllclating at the funoral of Mrs. Sallle Loro-
well, held last wedneaday, from hor late
home on West Hlll. Tho burial waa Iu
A pleasunt home mustcalo uudor tho
auspices of the Untversallst cholr wns held
last Thursday evoning at the resldonco ot
Dr. B. W. Braloy. Light retreshmentB
wore served.
The tweuty-flfth annual conventlou ot
the Vermont Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union will be held ln Hoddlng church
on Wuduosday, Thursday aud Friday, Sep
touiber 20, 21 ond 22.
Rev. Eflle K. M. Juuea waa In St. Jobns.
bury lant Friday to preacb at tho memorlal
servlce beld tbere that day for Rev. II. Ij
Veuzsy and Miss Calhoun, supposed to bo
drowned ln Greensboro pond.
Mrs. A. G. T.npoiut, Mrs. George Ilasaett
and Mrs. M. II. Nlohols aro atteuding the
Natlonal Rellef Corps meetlng this week Iu
i'bthidolphla. Mrs, Ijpolnt ls a delegato
from tho Vermont dnpartiuent.
D, Edgur Freuch, a brothor of Mrs. Au
gelloa Frnnuh ot Barre, dled suddeuly at
Mllwaukee of enllept j MrB. Freuch Is now
tbo only survlvlng membor of a once large
and promlnent famlly ln Barre.
Tho case of State agaliat Charles Goneo
for felonlous assault on Josephlne Duscham
came to a snddon end last Friday by tho
marrlago of Goneo and Miss Duschan,
Clty Attornoy Barney perfortnod tho coro
tnony. Miss Jullet Bowmau dlod laat woek ln
tho Mary Fletcher Hospltal. Tho body was
brought to Barro, wboro funoral sorvlces
woro hold Thursday morning at the homo
of Mra. H. If. Spencer, hor slster. Tho
burlal was ln Randolph.
Jobn Ennls of Middlesex, has purchased
tho restaurantln Morris' block eatabllshed
two years ago by Sawtollo Brotbers. Mr.
Ennls will rejuvenato the placo, and will
run a first class establlahment both for
traosiontB andtablo boardera.
At a spoclal moottng of Company E. held
laat weok, flvo now men wero elected to
momborshlp, Tho company now lacks
but two mon of tho full quota. Tho oloc
tlon of oflicors will not tako place untll
aftor a colonel for the roglinont is electod.
Thomas M. Bllllngs of Morrisville bas
been vlsltlne In Barre durlnr? tbo nast wenk.
Mr, Bllllngs ls in hls ono bundredth year,
haviDg boon born In Woodstock, February
19, 1800. Hls braln and body aro stlll actlvo
and be 1b ablo to read wlthout spectacles.
Ho talks lnteresttngly of Henry Clay and
President Jackson, botb ot whom he met,
Mr. Bllllngs practlced law ln Albany, N.
Y., durlng the early yeors of hls llfo,
but for the past tbirty years has been a so
llcltor of penslons, a buslness that he does
not propose to lay down untll bo reachos
an ovon contury of existonce.
Watorbury Gontor.
Miss Collev has oncracred Miss Katharlnn
Landt to asslat In teacblng the fall term.
Arthur A. Newcomb and Ervin Wakefleld
of LtBbon, N. U., aro vlsltlng in tbe place
ior a lew uays.
Mrs. K. 0. Wells and her two children.
Miss Allce and Maater Wllllam of Redlanda,
uai., cauou uere ono uay last weok.
Miss Colley'g famlly have bad a dellcht-
ful Bummor, and reluctantly turn their
backa upon the Lodgo to go to their clty
The entertainment trlvon for the bonorlt
of Rev. Mr. Smltb at Seminary hall, laat
Tue8day ovonlng, was very successful and
Mrs. W. M. Parker of Llsbon. N. H.. and
Miss Clara M. Eaton of Manchestor, N. II.,
are taking a carriage drlvo tbrougb Central
vermont anu spent a lew uays ln our place.
Miss Kathie Dllllncham bas returned to
her school ln Whlto River Junctlon, Her
siater, Miss OUa, bas gono to Worcester,
Mass., to vlalt hor slster, Mrs. S. 0. Smlth.
Judee A. M. Jackman. formerlv of Barre.
but who now resides in Bridgport, Conn,,
and hls son, George Jackman and wlfe,
wlth whom he now lives, vislted at Jobn
Jackman's a portion of last week.
Mrs. Howard. and the Mlssea Brlebatn of
Boston, who havo been spendtne tbe sum-
mer at tbo lodge, returned to their homes
last Monday. havlng accordlng to tbelr own
statement, enjoyed a moat "delightful sum-
mer." r
The company that has been at the Lodge
this season has wlthout exceptlon been
remarkably pleasant and congenial people.
The utmost harmony has prevailed among
au, ootu at tne iouge anu among au the
0. H. Stone has returned from bls vislt to
Worcester and Boston. Mass. Hls son.
Professor Stone of Goddard Seminary, witb
hls wlfe, who havo been spending tbelr
vacation at Newton, Mass., retnrnod witb
him. They roturned to Barro, Monday.
Miss Colley gavo to her Green Mountain
Lodcre vlaltors a flno ovenlng. Thursdav.
Auguat 31, by allowlng thom to Invlte some
of their new made frlenda for a muslcale.
Alfred Cato of Worcostor, Mass., dellghted
overyone by bls marvelous rendering of
swoet muatc upon guitar and mandolln,
accompanled by Miss Scribner of Stowo.
He waa oncored agaiu and agaln, untll ho
refused to appear. A quartette conBisting
of Mr. and Mrs. Newhall, Mr. and Miss
Smlth, Bang tlnely. "Tho Glris" from
Hartford. Conn,, Uoaton, Newton and Now
York Bang from the opera of Peter Parlev.
When callod out agaln thoy sung the wholo
of tbelr selectlon, and recelved no further
requests. Mias Mlller of New York, sang
wlth effect two solos, accompanled bv her
siator, Mrs. Philllps. Frank W. Gile sang
two aoios, to tuo great onjoyment or au.
Dean C. Hayes manlpulated hls grapho
phone, whlch nover ceases to bo a means
of wonder and entertainment to all. Mias
Colley invlted tho company to her dlning
room, where all were seatod and served,
as she and her slster so well know how to
do. W. E. Marshall soomed to have paper
bags around hls plate, at table. Perhaps
thoy wero samples ot good road beds.
E. E. Wbttman spent Sunday ln Man
chester, Vt.
Mlsa Edttb Chamberlln returned to her
school at St. Johnsbury on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. R. Craig spent Sundav
wlth their daughter at Wells Rlver.
Several from bere attended the fair whlch
wns held at South Ryegate laat week.
Mias Ellen McDuffee. wbo has been vlslt
lng ln town returned to Montooller Mon
Dr. Fred Fletcher spent Thursdav ln
Concord, N. H., being oalled there on busl
ness. J. B. Gago of the flrm of Clark & Gace
spent Sunday at hls former homo ln St.
W. A. Llbby, troasurer of tho Farmors'
Exchange store, was ln Canaan Thursday
on bualness.
Miss Lllllan Martin has returned from
Old Orchard where she has beon emploved
durlng tho summer.
Harry Crandall, who has been spendlne
sevoral days ln town returned to bls home
at Manchester last Friday,
Miss Lena Allen left Mondav for Fltz-
wllllam, N. II., where she expects to spend
several weeks wlth relatives.
Rev. A. n. Wehb will dellver at the vll-
lage hall next Erlday evening bls popular
lecturo ontltled "Llfo on tho Ocean Wavo."
Charles A. Wobb, who has beon emnlov-
ed at Old Orchard beach durinc the nast
summer months has llnisliod tbere, return
lng to hls bome Friday,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Chadwlck of New
ton. Mass,, aro spendlmr a few weeks in
town, being guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. E,
iiunKtuw ior a lew uays.
Jobn M. Rowell. who has beon snendlnr
a soveral weeks' vacation wlth relatives
here, returned to bls school at Nortbamp
ton on the early traln Sunday morning.
S. D. Tilton ot Woodsvllle. wlth a rrantr
of meu, Is repalrlng the coucreto walks on
Mulu streot and lavlns new coucreto on
Pleuaant street between J. H. Wotson's
and A. P. Chaso's.
Schools ln the Academy and gradod dls
trict began TuoMlay wlth the following
teachers: F. E. Prlchaid, prlnclpil; Miss
I.-mbol Thyug, asslstant; Emllie A. Steveus,
grammar departmout; Miss R II. Stowart,
tlrst lutermedlate; Miss M, E. White, sec
coud, and Mls.a E. N. Jones, primury.
The peopio of this vlllage bave been dup
ed by au Indtvidual olalmiug to be a crack
veterltmry Burgeon gotng by tbo name of
Dr. II. 8 Russull. Ile swung about town
wlth boastlugs of wonderful cures, getting
oue or two light joln, but showtng no re
markahle skill. A fuw weeks ago bo left
aud several would bo much ploaaod to ro
colvo their Just ditos from him,
Get your Job Printing done at thaJWATO
man Office.
J a method of eurc foundcd
on he trutli. learin'd by scl
sntllio Mudy of the humsn
body, that tlio huinan body
liailn and for Itnelf, when
properly tre.atod, tho best
Df all restoratlve nnd cura
Ive powers. Tlio Ostcopath
oaes lili work on tbo do
lnonstrable fact that tho
body :oiitalns withln Itself
when rlghtly dlrectcd tho
powt-r, In most cases, to ro
ttore itself to bcnlth. or,la
othor words, to curo dlseasc
131 State street
Montpelier, V.
Ch When wrifJng rccntion this paper.
A citp of CofFee from ono of our IN
(Coffee never boils), tastca and is hettor
tlian cooked in nny other way.
Tea from a PKARL AGATE
tea-pot is a revelation to one who is using
the out of date tin tea-pot with an inslde
the color of the stove. I'EARL AGATE
IS PURE WHITE. Iu use will glve you
tho purecxtraet of the tea aud will not
discolor. V e bave also preaerving kettles,
stew pans, pudding pans, bosina, etc. ln
same waru. Once tried you will use no
Peck Brotiiers,
ONLY S25 00 A YEAR, party
niotallic circuit, mensured sorvice for
a telephone, nt placo of business or
Can you afford to be wlthout it P
Managor Will Furnlsh All
Tho Manufacturing Tlant of Smith, Whit
comb & Cook, located in the City of Barre,
Vt., consiating of the foundry, machine shop,
grist mill, saw mill, water powor, pattom house,
office building, store bouses, and other huild
ings, meaning all tlie real estate now owned
and occupied by them, together witli all the
machinery, tools, patterns nnd stock.
Tho machinery in foundry nnd machine shop
aro all nearly new and of ruodern design.
Tho location is ono of the beat in New Eng
land, nnd the plant is now running to its full
Havine lcased tho Commercial Houao
Stablea, I am now proparcd to accom
ruodato tho puhlic with a flrat-clasB
livery.feod ancl boarding stable at prices
right. Fiftoen yeare exporionco in one
of the leadingstablos in Boston and two
years aervico wlth E. J. Gale at the City
Uotel Stablea aro a aufllcient guaranteo
that my atable will bo conducted in a
aatiafactory manner.
Transient and Boarding: Horses wiu
rocolvo tlio best of care.
Crjmmcial Hcssa stanie. Ko. Main a, BARtE, ?t,
If you wish to
employ a hook
keeper, stenogra
pher or oflioe as-
i , lt wriMJ or
fOQiOtCCJGy tention will be
noTUiTfTiTA to "ueotinB
fcwirs- vour renn
your reojiire
menU. For cataloguo nddreas Caroell & Iloit.
oo ii. i eari oi., ivinany, n. x,
Garriages aud Horses For Sale,
Evorything Now and ia Good Shai. .
Taylor Streot, opposito C. V. Station.
Telcphono 131-12.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
"Dlflcsts what you eat."

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