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Ono Yenr 81.B0 O
" IClKlitMontli 1.00
q Slx Month 70 O
a If not VnU ln Ailrnnco, "
g W3.00 n Tenr.
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IPAl'EIt, 111 K
O l'UJI.ISin!DF01t,MjHl h J
VOL. 944874.
ew Goods for
Are Arriving-
We have spared no effort to secure
for our customers this season's
Choicest Styles,
L. P. & H. C.
for Fall ancl Winter Wear
coming in every day.
The Stein BlocJc Clothes
ancl Guyer Hats will be
among the first arrivals.
ONLY 825 00 A YEAR, party
raetnllic circuit, mcnsured service for
a telopbone, at placo of business or
Can you afford to be without it P
Managcr Wlll Furnlsh AII
will soll at their farms at Lyndon
Gcntcr, Vermont, on Soptomber
27tb, at 10 o'clock, tbirty eigbt
hend of
being all tho thorougbbred stock
of this breed at Speedwoll Farms,
with tbo excoption of tbreo teams
of drivers resorved for carriago
This will bo n rare opportunity to got
a raro stallion or maro at your
own price.
Catalogues furnislied on application to
Lyndon Center, Vt.
Kimball Union Academy,
New bulldlngs, Incroasod facllltles, dellght
ful surroundlngs.
Four years' courso of study. Young men
and women fltted (or tho best colleges.
Elocution, Physlcal tralnlng, rauslc,
Students of limlted inoans recelved on tho
$100 "a yoar plan."
Fall term beginB September 13, 1809.
Send for catalogue.
Prosldent Board of Trustoos.
Sept. 13.
The Manufacturing rinnt of Smitli, Whit
comb & Cook, located in tho City of Barre,
Vt., consisting of the foundry, machine shop,
grist raill, saw mill, wator powor, pnttern liouse,
oflice building, store houses, and other build-
ings, meaning all tho real eatuto iiow owned
nnd occupied by thom, togother with all the
machinery, tools, pattorns and stock.
Tho niacliinory in foundry and machino aliop
are all nuarly new and of modern design.
Tho locntinn is ono of tho best in New Eng
land, nnd the plant is now runnhig to iU full
In about tbreo wooks, soveral tablo
and chambor girls. Addross
Sop. 20 Montpolier, Vt.
Wbere will you buy your new
stove ? TJpon tbe stove dopends
tbo appearance of tbe room, and
upon that depends your bappi.
A good stove lasts a long
wbilc. It is best to get tbe best
at the best place. That meaiis
Peck Brothers,
just beginhing"to
see their mistake
in paying their
You pay $12 a month, 8144 a vear,
taking out S25 for water rent and
taxes, leaving a payment of 119
toward a nico little bome.
If you pay 816 a month or $192 a
year, 825 for taxes and water rent,
leaving 81G7 for a payment toward a
bome. Pay this for oight years and
you have paid for a housc that cost
over $1,800.
Call in our offlco or writo for full
Rooms 2 and 3,
Cordon's Block, Barre. Vt,
Havinc leased tbo Commerclal Houae
Stablea, I ara now preparcd to accom-
niouate tno pubiic witn a flrst-class
livery,food and boarding atnble at pricos
right. Fifteen ycara fxpcrionco in one
of tho leading stublea in Boaton and two
years service withE. J. Galo attbo City
Ilotcl Stablea aro a auflicient guarantco
tnat my aianio will bo conducteu in a
aatiafactory manncr.
Translont and Boardlug Jlorscs wlll
recoivo tno ncst or cnre.
Commerclal Honse stabie, no. Maln sl, BAEEE. yi.
Tbo annual meetlng of the memborH of
tho Vermont Mutuul Flre Insuranco Ootn.
pany, for tbo olectlou of Dlreotora and tbo
tranaactlon of aay other legal busIneHH, wlll
be beld nt Its oflice on Wtdncsday, Octob'r
18, 1890, at 2 o'cloolc r. m.
By ordor of tho Dln ctora,
JAM158 T. SAHIN, Secretary.
Montpelier, Vt , Sept. 1, 1899.
Special iNotice.
Whereaa, my wlfe, Mra. Allco A. Nye,
ba left my bed and board without dui)
cauae or provocatlon, I hereliy forbld all
peraonB harboring or trustlug Imr on my ac
coun', as I shall pay no billa of her con
tractlng after thla date. OIIAB, I. NYK.
North Montpelier, Vt Sept. 5, 1899
The Vermont Watchman Gompany,
At MontDellor. Vt.
Iliislness Moro jMeiitlon.
tlavo your fnrn ropatrod and roinodoled
now. Ooo our new stylea, Bklns and llulngs.
jv. u. npiro, iurrier, Aionipeior, vt.
Fon Salb. Fourteon extra ahoats, White
uuesiers auu iierKsuirea, at uommorclal
Ilouflo Btablos, Nelsou Downing, proprletor,
uurro, vt.
I want to lot tbo neonlo who suiTer from
rheumatlsia and aolatlca know tbat (Jhaui-
berlaln'a Fain Balm rellevod me attor a
number of otber medlclnes and a doctor bad
falled, It la the best llnlmont X havo over
known of. J. A. Dodgon, Alnbaretta, Ga.
Thousanda bave beon cured of rheuinatlsm
by this remedy. One application rolievoa
the ipaln. For salo by O. Blakoly and W.
E. Terrlll & Co.
Frefabb fou Sfrino. Don't let this
aoason ovortako you boforo you bavo at
tonded to tho important duty of purlfying
your blood wltb Hood'a Sarsaparilla. By
taking this mediclne now you Jiay eavo
slcknesa that will mean tlme and money as
woll aa auffering later on. Hood'a Sarsapa
rilla will gtvo you rloh, rod blood, good ap
petlte, good dlgestlon and a aound, bealthy
body. It ls tbo greateat and beat aprlng
meulclno beoauae it is tho One Truo Blood
Purlflor. Its unequalled record of marvol.
ous curea haa won for tt tho confldenco of
tbo wbolo poople.
not. drlnk Grain-O maile from pure cralns.
A lady wrttea: "The flrat tlme I made
Grain-0 I did not liko lt bnt after ualng it
for ono weok nothine wonld induco mo to
go back to coffeo." It nouriahes and feeda
tno Byuem. Tno cniluren can urink lt
freely wlth croat benoflt. It is thostrencth-
enlng substanco of pure gralns. Get a
package to-day from your grocer, follow
tho directlons in tnaking it and you wlll
havo a dolicloua and healthful tablo bever
age for old and young. Fifteen centa and
twentyflve conta.
Do you want anythlug in tho llno of
drnga and medlclnea no matter what? If
80 call on Frod A. Alnsworth, propriotor of
tho new Willlamatow drug-atore. onDenot
atrdet, ono door east of J. K. Lyndo's store
ii, percnance, ne may nocnave exactiy wnat
yon dealro, bo will aim to aupply it in tbe
jborteat poaalble time. If good goods and
honest pricos and square deallng wlll do it,
he is bound to secure a fair abare of publlo
patronago. Sewlng-macblne supplles and a
popular llno of stationery are speclalties.
Glve him a call.
Havinci a Grbat Rvn on CnAMnsnLAiN's
Codqii Bbmbdt. Manacer Martin. of tho
Flerson drug store, informs ua that he is
havlng a greatrun on Ohainberlain'B Cougb
Remedy. Ho aella nve bottlea of that medi
clne to one o( aoy otber kind, and it givea
great aatlsfactlon. In tbeso daya of lagrlppo
there ia nothing llke Ohamberlaln'a Oough
Remedy to atop tbe cough, heal np the soro
throat and luuca and glve rellof wlthln a
very short tlme. The salea are growing,
and all who try it are pleaaed with its
prompt aotion. South Gbicago Dally Cal
umet. For aale bv 0. Blakelv and W. E.
Terrlll, Drugglsts.
Tho Northfield Fair.
Tbe twentyaevonth annual fair of the
Dog Rlver Valloy Fair Asnoclation will be
at Nortbfleld Tnesday, Wedneaday ancl
Thuraday, September 19, 20 and 21. For
the accommoda ion of thoae wlsblng to at-
tunu tue oentral vermont rallway will sell
round trip tickots to the fair ground from all
pointa betwoen Ktcumonu anu tjuaton, at
the followlng low ratos: Richmond. 1.10:
Jonesville, 1 05; Bolton, Sl 05; North
uuxDury, si uo; watoruury, b 85; MKlille-
hox, S.ti5; williamstown, Sl.UU; Houtli
liarre. S 85: Jiurro. K.7U: Moutpellnr. S 50:
West Berlin, S.20; Northllold FuIIh, $.15;
Nortbfleld, S.10; Roxbury, S.30; East drau
ville. S.55: West Braintree, S65: Kandolph,
S.90; Bethel, $100; Royalton, 81.00; South
Royalton, S1.U5; Hiiaron, Uu tlio
laat two daya of tbo fair u special traiu wlll
bo run from tbe fair ground 1b Montpelier,
leaving tbo grounii at 5:30 r. m.
ArransjluK for Dewoy Day.
The burnan of information apnolnted for
tho Dowey celehration, compridug Goorge
u. airaiton, cnairman, anu ono memoer
from eacb ward, met Friday eveuing witb
the general committee for iustructiona aa to
the dutiea requlred of it aud afterward mnt
for the nurnoae of orcanizitlou. V. N.
Thoriault was chosen secretary for the bu-
reau. Tue oureau la to cauvaas eacb waru
for lodginga and meala, or botb, and a
printed form bas been adopted on whlch
will ue recorueu wiietuer lodglng or meala
will be elven bv tbe bouse-holder. or botb.
and tbe remuneratlon demanded for aucb
entertainment, if any.
it ia expecteu tnat tuereauitol tulg can
vasa wlll be in the handa of tbo secretary
within a week and it ia now expected that
lodginga will be rrqulrcd for the nlgbt bo
foro tbe celebration rather than on the
nlgbt of tho event. It Ia moro than proba
ulo tbat tbe rallroada will run apeclal tratns
from tbe city after the fireworks and that
the vlsltors from abroad will be only too
glad to avail tbomselves of the opportunity
of gettlng home.
Those deslring entertainment, who write
the secretary ln advance, will be furnislied
asalgnmont cards aed upon their arrival In
tbe city thoy wll. present thom at tho bu
reau'a hoad quartern whicb wlll be in a tent
near tbe Oentral Vermont statlon. They
will bo conducted to tboir quarters by one
of tbe several meBaengers whlch are to be
employed for that purpoae. Tbe canvuas of
tbe city by tbe membors of tbe bureau is to
be begun at once. As soon aa tho scheme
has been Bystematlzed due notlce will be
glven to the realdents of tbe State through
the State papers eo that all Intendlng vlsi
tora may be lntelllgnntly Informed aa to
wbat la requlred of them In order to secure
comfortablo accominodatlons.
The aublect announced for Rav. O. O
Judkln'a dlscourao at Trlulty cburoh Sun-
tiay oveuing waa -a wurntug irora New
llainpstiiro um uome weolc." Mr. Jud.
klnB remarks were baaed on worda fotuid
ln Jaraes 3, 10: "For wbere nuvylog and
atrlfu Ia thoro ia coufusion and every ovll
Tho Bpeaker waa at hla ;old New Hamp
Bblro boinn during tho flrat observauoe of
"Old Home Week," Wllb inauy otberB be
expected It would be at least a partlal fall
urii, but lt pruved to bo an enjoyab'o and
brilllant bucopbh flina of tho granlto stato
from every part o( ooutitry llockod to
thelr old homos in rfapouBii to tbo call from
Governnr Knlllns, back to tba placeB from
whicb dated their groatost huccobb or fallnre.
Witb tbeae thouKb'a aa au lutroduotiuti
Mr. Judkliis oloqueMly euloglzed tbo New
England Home, tilahnratlng tbo followlng
contral tboughtH: Tbe home ia Important
becauao it ia the secrut of stato llfo; tho
home is tho life of tlio ohurcb; tbo aohool
depomla upou the bome II it la to bo tlio
aafeguard of our llberty.
In cloalng he conalderod tho cbaractorla.
tlcs of a good homn aud wbat oonatltutoi
aucb, namlug aa tbreo cardlnal vlrtuea mu
tual lovo, mutual reapect, and mutuat ad
mlratlon for the aged.
Lowla B. Ilall, managor of tho NaUonal
I'retM was in town tuls mornlng and made
tue jouiinal olllco a pleasant call.
The Baptlst Uontral ABaoclation Is to
bold its annual convontlon at tho Baptiat
ohurch ln this city on Wednesday and
Thuraday, for whicb an lntereatlng program
ubb oeon prepareu.
Kellar, tho magician, wlll bo at tbe Barro
opora houao Thuraday evening of this
week. Thoae who are unablo to soo him at
Montpelier Wodneaday ovonlng will flnd
him woll worth a trip to Barre.
The Woman'a Ohriatian Tomperance
Unlon wlll meet wlth Miss Lonoru Wltt at
vviit nionn nrj....i.. t.i
"... . tuyjVf II DUUDOUDJ HliDIUUUU Db uttll
past two. Ofllcers for tho State conventlon
to be beld at Barre September 20 and 21,
will be elected.
Tho suit Ibroucht bv Mrs. Minnlo Morso
Bgalost the Massachusetts Mutual Accldent
Aaaoclatlon, to recover on a polloy hold by
tho lato George E. Morso. her busband, has
been compromlsed, sottled and dlBContln
uod. Georeo E. Smitb. formerlv olerk for Fred
W. Blanchard. who went to South Krnm-
ingham. Maaa., last Saturday to onllst for
tbe Phtflpplnes, ls expected home to-night,
aa be falled to pass the requlslto physlcal
Bainuel Colo. a netlt lurvman from
Marshfield, was taken vlolentlr 111 ln the
court houao this atternoon wlth cholera.
Dr. Goodale waa Bummoned and tho sick
mau was remored to hla lodcincs wbere hla
auflerlnga wero relleved.
A mink riuinlnc about on Maln streot
Tueaday causod couBlderablo oxcltemont.
Qulte a crowd engaged In Its capture whlch
was accompllshod ln a short timo aud tho
anlmal was made a prtaoner in the storo of
e . w. uiancnaru.
McKannon Brothers & Co.. of Burlington
are Bbowlng pamplos of hlgb grado planos
at Ehlo'a book storo. Ghickering & Sona,
Wegman. Brisas and otbers are oxhlbited.
A. W. Allon Is in charge. The muslcal
people are invlted to call.
An interestlns out door service wsa beld
Sunday atternoon at Laugdon ledge, under
tbe auspices of tbo Young Men's Ohriatian
Aaaoclatlon. E. A. Wllllams of Brldge
port, Conn., spoke on "Wanted. Men."
Secretary Merrlil alao spoke brlefly. An
unusuauy largo numoer ol lautes was pres
A chancre has been announced from
Waabineton In the mail route from W aita-
flehl to Middleaex. The mail will hero
after leave Waltafleld dally except Sunday
at 5:45 A. m., arrlve at Middleaex by 8:30 a.
u. Leave Middlesex dally except Sunday
at6:30r. m., arrive at Waitafleld by 8:15
p. u.
The Calais caso of E, F. Morc o vs. Harrv
Daniela for the recovorv of 7.89 ln taxes
due from Elmer Goodale for whlch the de
fendant becamo surety, was trltd in thia
city Saturday atternoon, F. L. Lalrd ap
pearing for the plalntiff and H. G. Shurtleff
for the defendant. It resulted in a verdlct
by the Jury for the plalntiff.
The salo of season tlckets for tbo Star
Young Men's Chrlstian Associatlon courae
Is proeresalne favorablv. botb at tbe Asso
ciatlon rooms, and with tlckets in tho hands
of canvasaera. It ia expected that at least
000 season tickots will bo sold. Tho date
for aelling reaervod aoats will be announc
ed after tho city has been tborouchlv can-
vaased for tbe aale of tlckets.
A horse belonirini! to K. W. Morso of
Barre ran away on Stato street, Sunday
atternoon. One of tho wbeela of tbe car
riago waa taken off by colllding wlth a
hydrant in frout of tho court houao. The
antuial waa aecured whon near the real-
deuce of 0. II. Moro. Mr. Morso waa
throwu from tho carriago wben it atruck
the hydrant and althougb atunued tiy hla
fall, was not aerlously Injured.
C. P. Pltkin and Jamea Cannlur' of tho
Lane Manufacturing company woro lnNorth
fleld on Saturda viatting tbe cauning
factory there. Thla company haa invented
and built conatderable of tbo machinery
ueoil In thla factory, among wbloh ia an
automatlo aoldering machine, oaily soldor
Ing oighty cana per miuute, und a steamer
for cooking whicb ia now ln procosa of con
struction. The four montha' term of iniprlaonment
of Charlea Johnson, tho foriner projirlolor
of the Commerclal Houae ln Barre, who
waa, at the laat term of county courr, son
tenced to the houao of oorrectlou and heav
ily flned for aelling liquor, oxpired Mou
day. He got fifteen days off for good be
bavlor. Mrs. Johnson went to Rutland
tbat mornlng witb tbe amount of her 1ms
band'a tlne, 000 G5, aud he returned wlth
her Tueaday mornlng. His Qno and ccsta
amount to $724.
C. H. Stearns of Johnson, cbairman of tbe
State committee on decoration and fire
works for Dewey day, met the local com
mittee at the Pavillon Friday afternoon.
Repreaentatlvea of flrms ln Boaton. New
York and Troy were present and submitted
designa for decorating and llluminating tbe
State Houae and alao eatlmates for the flre-
worke dlsplay. At the meetlng of the en
tlre atate and local committee to be beld at
Montpelier next Wedneaday evening actlon
will be taken iu these mattera.
F. W. Nlcbols and W. Herrick of Barre h
were in ino cuy on oaturuay ricimc a com-
Banlon wheel manufactured by tbo Punnett
ycle Company of Rochester, N. Y , wbloh
oxclted tbo curloslty of the local cyclers.
The wheol Is of tbo same length os an or
dinary, and arranged with a drop double
irame so mat two lauies or two gontlemen
can rido aldo by Blde. Between the two
ilders a third party may rlde. Tho wheel
ia bo adjusted that one or tbree peraona may
rlde as Ireely as on a alngle wheel and the
dlsadvantages of tho taudum are obvlated.
Mlaa Julla E. Babbltt. dauchter of II. A.
Babbitt, dled at the bome of bor father in
thla city Friday evening, Her age was
eiguteen years. iror tno past lour years
Mlaa Babbltt bad been a patlent nufferer
from illsoaso. She waa posBestod of a beau
tlful Ohriatian character, bearing up under
tbe tedlous monthB of her illneaswlth re-
markable cueerfulneaa. Tho funeral was
held at half-nast eloven o'clock on! Mon.
day from the bouae, Rev. Dr. Norman
oeaver olllciatlng. liurlal waa at St.
Johnsbury by the side of the mother.
Qatcs and Hayford atarted out from St.
Paul atreet Monday evening for Berlin wltb
u horao and expres wagou. Tho horse
was a kicker of tho tlrat grado. They hail
iiroceedud but a fnw teet when the uuitual's
hliid lega ehot over thelr heada, clearlng
away tho dash lioard. The occupauta llow
out on either side aud iu all slmpes, aud a
bull dog whlch wua a pisaenger dlsappeat
ed, Many remedieH woro tried to restralti
tho auimul witb no avail, for be klckod and
klcked untll bo goi tangled up iu the wag
on and tliro hlmaelf, A good slzed crowd
wltnesneil tbo fuu and (urulabed advlce.
Fred T. AiiBtin, of tbo tlrm of Auatln &
Brighum, urclilli ols, lloaton, haa recently
been uppolnted by Preaident MuKlnloy u
lleutenuut iu tbo Foriy.Bixth reglmeut,
Uiilied Statea voluut. er, whlch Is now re
crultlngat South Frauitnghatu, Maaa., for
Hervico ln the Phtllppluea. Lleutenint
Austln ia In the olty, and Is to open a re
crultlng olllco for hla rugiment ln the ar
mory, Ho ls well kuown in thla city aud
has inauy frlends hero. Hla flrm prepared
the plana aud speolticatlons for tbo prop a
ed new acbool bulldlng. IIo haa hud a do
slro to soo actlvo servlco ln tho Phllipplnes
and bo occoptod tho cotnmlaalon oiTerod
him, and during his absonce hla partnor
will conduct tbo afTalrs of tlio flrm,
Ned 0. Halnes, of tho Rutland Evenlnq
New Is In town to-day Becuriog hotol ot
commodatlonB for tbo Ifcwt form nt. tlm
Dewey celobratlon, It ls estlmated tbat at
least nity newspapor men from out of town
wlll bo ln Montnollor at tbnt tlmn. Tlm
Now York World men wlll bo at tbo Pa
villon anu tlio lloaton aiobe forco bavo
quartors ongagod at tbo Montpelier Houao.
Tholiotola and prlvato houses uro dally ro
cetvlng applicHtlons from newspapor men
from all over New Englaud and from New
York city for accominodatlons. It la sug
gested that tho State commltteo blro Ar
mory hall oraomo other sultablo placo for
headauartors for tbe vlaltincr nowsnaner
men. A hall woll llghtod and beated, sup
pllod wltb tablos and an abundanco of copy
paper would bo appreclatod by tho pencll
Rev. W. A. Uavlson lusisted on Sundav
that the truatees of the Bantiat church
should accopt his rcslgnatlon of tho pastor
ato wblch ho tcndered them somo montha
ago and whlch thoy at that timo refused to
accept. Tho trustoes were loth to accopt
tbe realgnatton at this timo but flnally com
nllod with Mr. Davlaon's renueat. He ex-
plained to them that he belleved lt to bo
for the best Intoroata of tho church that they
ahould do so in ordor that they mlght settlo
a nastor at onco who could be ln actlve ser
vice on tho field. Ho could not as he must
glvo up work for tbo prosotit In order to
care for Mrs. Daviaon at bor home ln
Worceater. Maaa. He Btatod that ho should
not B5ttIo wlth any other church whllo Mrs.
Davlaon's conditlon waa unchanged. Tbe
roalgnatlon la to take effect at tho closo of
Mr. Davlaon's three years of aorvlco witb
the church whlch explrcs on the last Sun
day in October. During hla stay in tho
city, Mr. Daviaon has been a falthful and
ofllclent pastor, oxempllfying in his dally
llfo beforo his pooplo and tbo communlty at
largo tbo Ohriatian prlnclples whlch ho nd
vocatod to otbers and has made for blm self
a host of f rlenda, botb ln and out of bls de
nomlnatlon, who wlll sincerely regret bls
departure. They also deeply regret tbo sad
cause for hia glvlng up hla work here. In
this he wlll bavo thelr heartfelt sympathy .
Tho Book of Chccks,
wblch accompanies our Llfo Incomo poli-
cies, glves ono tho senaation of an lnex
hauBtible bank account. A Fortunatus
purse, always Bometblng in lt. As truo as
you llve, as long aa you livo. Juat tho
same as money ln tbe bank without havlng
to put it there.
National Llfe Insurnnco Company of Ver
mont. S. S. Ballard, General Agent, Opora
ilouse lilock, Montpelier, vt.
Washington County Court.
The second Inlar.ctlon in tbo East Barre
and Orange water caaea was hoard Monday
mornlng ln the county clerk's offlce by
Judge Wataon. W. E. Barney and J. W.
Uorilon appeareu lor ine city ot narre, anu
Senter & Goddard, F. J. Martin, G. T.
Swaaey and R, M. Harvey for the East
Barre psople. The arguments tbls mornlng
were based on tbo supposltlon that there
was no right of appeal In tho flrat Injunc
tton. The court witbbeld Its declalon.
Court reasaembled at two o'clock Monday.
unaries uavis agaiuat w. ii. uucnanan,
troapass and trover, from Barre, waa contin
ued on terma aa to plalntiff and 85 attorney
T. J. Deavitt. asalgnee, agalnat B. O.
Woolaon, genoral assumpslt, was contlnued
without coata to either party.
George W. White agalnat Auatln Albee.
apt. general aaaumpsit, ls now on trlal.
Plalntiff reaides in Middleaex and defend
ant In Wolcott. Suit ia brougbt to recover
for the uae of certain atags and oxen. J.
H. Senter and T. R. Gordon for plaiutlft:
L. J.Tbompson of Wolcott and W. A. Lord
for defendant.
U. W. Canin agalnat Smitb & Johnaon.
from Plainfield, to recover damages for dis
ensod meat aold, waa to-day contlnued to
tbe March term.ou torms as to platntllf,
On Information flled by Stato's Attorney
Hoar four men were taken from the lail to
court Tueaday mornlng and a copy of tbeln-
formatlon agalnat them was placeu ln thelr
bands. None of thom waa aakod to
nlead. Thelr namea and tho chargea
agalnat them are as follows: Thomas Caa
fildy, aasault witb lntent to klll: Henry
13 bree, roubery; iSdwlu Auatln, larceny;
Jobn Marah. pei1ury;ZenoM. Corry, broak-
iug jall.
An lniormauon waa aiao uieu againat
Charlea Terrlaultof Montpolier for Bteal-
ing a Shetlaud pony at Barre several weeks
ago. He was allowed to go upon hla own
recogntzance. rue otuors were remanueu
to jall.
Actlng under instructlona from the State
committee, Colonel 0. S, Forbes, the secre
tary, Bent out on Friuay luvuationa in, uo
balf of the committee to tbo mllltary, semi
mllltary, veteran and untformed bodlea,
aocietles and orders to take part ln the pa
rade at Montpelier Dewey Day. Tho or
ganlzatlons lnvited lnoludo tho infantry
battallon ot tue univeraity oi vermont, tue
battalion of Norwich Univeraity cadets,
tbo battalion of Vermont Academy cadets.
tbe Grand Ariny of tho Republic, the Sons
of Veterana, the Mllltary Order of tbo
Loyal Leglon, tbo Meilal ol iionor Liogion,
the Spaniah-American war vetorans, tbe
Oatholio Order ot Forestera, the Unlformed
Rank of the Knights of Pythlas, tbe Patri
arctiB Mllltant, tbe Knights Templar, tho
Amerlcan Order of Forestera, Masons, Odd
Fellows. Junlor uruer uniteu Amerlcan
Mechanica, and llke organlzatlona, Scbool
battaltons and otber organlzatlona who
wlah to be asalgned a placo in tbo parade
may apply to any member of the Stato com
mittee, and an invitatlon will be Bent them
tbrough tbe secretary.
A prellmlnary programme for the celo
bratlon wlll be formulated at tbe meetlng
of tho Stato and local commlttees, to be
beld next Wednesday evening. Commlt
tees of lntroductlon and escort wlll be ap-
Eolnted and a reoeption committee of two
undred or more repreaentatlve Vermont
era, who will occupy seats on the platform
wltb Admlral Dewey when ho rovlows tho
parade at Montpolier.
Tho Mullln creainery paid niuotoou cents
for Augusthuttor.
0. II. Stewart ls seen rldlng tbeao days
whlch 1b gratlfylug to hla frlonds after his
long oonflnement wlth bls broken leg.
A. G. Craudall and famlly wont back to
Phlladelphla Tueaday. Mra. G. n. Oran
dall went wltb thom for a few weeks' vlalt
wlth her sons.
Joe Norton aays bo does not want to do
any bragglng ubout hla throahlng, but
olalms bo tiad it $50 week on tho East stroet
ln llerlln last week, Ho throabed a lltllo
over 1,700 bushula and moved slx tlnies.
IIo tlireshfd two huudred and four buehols
for G II. Craudall ln thrao boura aud sovon
uilnutea and atopped tliroo tlmea to empty
ICuat Sloutpoller.
MtB. S, A, OriiiBbt'e Is at the I'.ivlllou oar
iug for Mra. Preutlfa,
Julla Gould and Emtna IUaa uro vlaltlng
rolntlvos at Randolph,
H. W. Lyford aiidwtfoof Warren have
been vlaltlng In this vlclnlty,
Joe, tho largo truatworthy horaa owned
by II. U. Templeton, dled laat Sunday.
Georgo F. Scott ls in New York on busi
noas. Ohauncoy Harris ia ln Matno on a hunt
Ing trip.
W. 0. Olda was at homo from Hallowoll,
Me,, laat week.
A son was born last week to Mr. and
Mrs. Willlam Burns.
Mlss Edlth Boyco vialtod last woek at
Sunapoe Lako, N. H.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leguard aro vlslt
ing ln Rouao's Polnt, N Y.
JuIIub Jurd of Ilrooklyn, N. Y ls vlsit
Ing Charlea Jurd, his brotbor.
Donald Tobln of Swanton vlalted Mrs. 0.
R. Scott, bls sister, laat weok.
G. J. Harris is running tho barbor shop
ot J. H. Griflln at North Barre.
Mrs. J. D. Smitb ot Now York was tho
gnest laat weok of Mrs. O. H. Halo.
Mlss Lucy Halo of South Royalton ia vla
ltlng Mrs. C. C. Grlswold, bor slator.
Tbo Central Vermont pay car made glad
tho hoarta of einployees laat Friday.
Mrs. H. C. McDuffeo of Bradford waa tho
guest last weok of Dr. L. W. Hanson.
Mlas Blancbo Moorcroft Is vlaltlng ln
Portsmoutb, N. H., aud Melroso, Maas.
Tho box offlce at tbo opora houao has been
connected with tho telepbono exchango.
Rev. Etlzabotb Goldthwalto waa tho
guest of Rev. Efllo K. M. Jonos last week.
Mtsses Eva and Emma Heeney went laat
week to Sherbrooke, P. Q , to attend scbool.
Mlas Bortha Brown waa called to Ran
dolph laat week by tho doatb of a relatlve.
The famlly of L. M. Averill returned last
weok from Poak's Island, Mo., whero they
havo been spendlng tbe summer.
Mrs. A. D. Gllley entertained the Young
Womana' Tourlat Club laat Saturday even
ing. Elght marrlage llcenses were Isauod from
the city clerk's oflice In the month of Au
gust. John Morrlson ot Cambridge, Maas., Is
vlaltlng Mr, and Mrs. Miles Morrlson, his
Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Kendrick of Morton,
N. Y., are viBl'tlng Walter B. Kendrick,
tbelr Bon,
O. U. Halo aold gooda attho East Corinth
fair last weok and wlll be at Waterbury
this week.
Fonr persons were baptlsed by Immerslon
Sunday mornlng at Pbelps mills by Rev.
A. E. Atwater.
0. W. Clark of Morristown, haa purchased
for $500 of Smlth Brothers. a bulldlng lot
ofl Elmwood avenue.
Mlaa Ida Holden returned laat Saturday
to Cambridge. Maas.. to reaume her atndles
at Welllngton Oollege.
Eugene Sulllvan haa shlpped twelve car
loads of dreaaed granlto to Montpelier for
the State Houae addltion.
Thomaa Brown and Mra. Mary Roberts
were called to Mlnevllle. N. Y.. laat week
by the death of a relatlve.
0. B. Townaend bas recelved from bls
bou Carl who resides ln Brltlah Columbia,
two bandaome black bearsklna.
A. D. Morso and famlly returned last Fri
day from Old Orchard, Me.,. wbere they
uave oeon uunng mo summer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dwyer moved laat
weok to Franklin Falls, N. Y., whero Mr.
Dwyer ia working ln a paper mtll.
Tho local Granlto Manufacturera' Asaoci
ntlou wlll hold an Important meetlng
Wedneaday ovonlng, September 13.
Mlaa Ida Crott of Boaton takea Mis. O. K.
Holllater'a place as instructor of Instru
meutal musio in Goddard Semlnary.
Georgo T. Connor, commandor of Cran
dall Poat, G, A. R., attendod tbe National
encampmont at Philadolpbla last week.
Tho infant cbtld of Mr. nnd Mra. Wllllam
Low dled laat Friday. Tbe burlal was in
the Cathollo cemetery Saturday afternoon.
Tho funeral of the Infaut cblld of Mr. and
Mrs. Louia Leaaard waa held Saturday af
ternoon. Burlal was ln the Cathollo com
etory. Jobn E. Boyce and Mlaa Jennle Dunbam
were marrled laat Friday afternoon by Rev.
Efllo K. M. Jonoa at tbo Dnlvorsallst par
Bonago. After an abaonce of aeveral moutbs at
Old Orchard, Me., Mlss Allco Smlth has
resumed her place in the offlco of E. L.
Smlth & Co.
Among thoae from Barre who attended
tho fair at Morrlaville laat woek were Mr.
and Mra. 0. H. Campbell and Dr. and Mra.
O. W. Steelo.
The Spencer Ulfles recelved their new
guns last week. They are of the lmproved
Sprlngfleld model, wlth a ramrod and bay
onet comblned.
The ongagement is announced of Mlss
Helen K. Goldsbury, dauchter of Jobn A.
Goldabury of North Barre to John Eerr of
Qulncy, Maaa.
George Mltchell arrlvod in Barre laat
week from Aberdeen, Scotland. He brougbt
wlth blm another couslrrumont of canaries
for Charlea Coutts.
J. H. Talbot of Northfield, deputy hlgb
chlef ranger, paid an ofllcial vislt to St.
John's court, Cathollo order of Forestera,
laat Friday evening.
Mrs. W, M. Stewart submitted to a dan
gerous surglcal operatlon at tho hospltal at
Hanover, N. II., last weok. She ls slnce
reported as galnlng ateadlly.
Tbe granlte flrm of Dowers Ss Chosaer
has been dlaaolved by mutual conaent.
Edward Ghesser wlll contlnue tho business
beroafter carrled on by tbe flrm.
Tbe C. A. Oorllss house and lot on Acad
emy stroet were sold at auctlon last Wed
nesday afternoon by H. A. Rugg. J. A.
Grenlor, tbe tallor, waa tho purchaser.
Martin Tierney waB convlcted of tntoxl
catlonbefore Juatlce A. G. Fay last Satur
day mornlng. He paid a flne and coata of
$19.61. He dlscloaed on Wllllam Wrlgbt.
Goddard Semlnary wlll soon have a crack
foot ball team ln tbo fleld. Several of tbe
old playora havo roturned, and somo of tbe
new meu glvo promiae of excollent work.
Tweuty new llat cars of 00,000 pounds ca
paclty havo recently been adued to tbo
equlpinent of the Barro rallroad. Tbeao
cars are equlpped wlth alr brakes and au
tomatlo couplers.
Peter Marrlon dled last Thuraday at
Montreal, whero he weut several weeks ago
to vlalt hia brotber. Hla fuuerul waa held
laat Saturday mornlng, from St. Mary's
church, St. Albans.
The publlo sohoola opened laat week
Tueaday whon 1,420 puplla wero enrolled.
Thla Is a largo lncreaae over laat yenr aud
1b mucb tbo largeat number over enrolled at
any ono term iu tho blatory of Barro.
Offlcor Perry wont to Rutland laat week
aud brougbt G. W. Oovey to thia olty,
Covoy haa juat completod a term ot four
uiouths nt the houao ot correotlou, and is
wanted on tho chargn ol breaklng Jall.
Tho Unlvoraaliat Young People'a Chrls
tian Unlon hold n com roaat at Ileujamlu
Falls laat Wedneaday oveuing. Tho nlgbt
wua cbilly. but henvy wraps wero carrled,
and the affalr waa thornuahly onjoyablo.
Adolphus Mlnattl, who was convlcted bo
fore Juatlce A 0. Dlcker at East Barro ot
tuh8ee Teiephone 6aa"de
You can tolepbone 100 woids in
ono minuto easil'
. . . TRY IT. . . .
A mossage by telepbono brings
immodiato answcr.
NIGIIT RATE onc-half the day
rate, oxcept whero tbo day rate is
15 cents or less. Very convenicnt
for social conversation.
Talcum Powder
For InfanU nnd Adults, can be uied for
soro fee, chnpped Bkin, fortoilet powder.
10 cents per box.
The Creat Enetlish
Pile Remedy.
A sure and speedy curo for all forrns of
the disease. 60 conts per bottle.
For the Blood,
Stomacli, Liver and Kidneys take Dr.
Mcrk's Ilub nnd Tonio Bittera. If you
necd mediciiie try them. 25 cents.
Do you want something
to clenn clothes, reniove dirS greaae spots,
etc, quickly, we liave a preparation that
ia unequnlled A trial will convince you.
10, 15nd 25 cents.
Creara of Rose nnd Almonda for the handa and
nnd f.'ice, 15 centa.
Call for Dandruflrin if you want dandruff re
moved nnd scalp cleaned It keepa the
liair f roni falling out, niakes tho lmir soft
and glossy An excellent dressing for tho
We have a full line of Toilet Soap3, Perfumea
andToilet rticles, rutent Medicinesand
10S Main St., near Argus Offlce.
B. E. BLAKELY. Managor
Taxes must be paid on or beforo October
lat to aave the 4 per cent dlscount. I shall
be ln Montpelier, at the store of Brooks &
Berry, Saturdays, to recelve t&xes.
WILBUR BROWN, Treasurer.
If you wish to
emnlor n hnnlc.
' keeper, stenogra
pher or offlce as
sistant, write or
I telegraph to ua
! and immedinte nt-
tention will be
Or "VI - . nn.M ir. minn
"..,. , rz. pnu
J U l. k lOtMiUO-
inenta. For cntnlogue addreas Carnell & Hoit,
U'l X- II 1 t'l ,11 T T-
oo ii, x eari or, ivioany, n. x .
Garriaps aud Horses For Sale,
Everytbing New and in Good Sbape.
Taylor Street, opposito C. V. Station.
Telepbono 131-12.
6 Per Gent Interest
We pay 0 per cent interest -n auma ot
$25.00 or over. No expenBe to lveator.
Abaolute aecurity. Write for partlcula .
732 N. Y. L.lfe llldir., Knnans Cltf, Mo.
Tbe Annnal Meetlng of the members of
tbe Union MutualFire Insurance Company,
for tbe eleotlon ot dlrectors for tbe year
ensning, and for tbe traneactlon of any
other legal business, wlll be held at tbe
oflice of tbe company, ln Montpelier, on
Wednesday, October 18, 1899, at 1 o'clock
v. u.
Por ordor ot tho Dlrectors.
HARLAN W. KKMP, Secretary.
Montpelier, Vt., Sept. 0, 1899.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digesis what you eat.
Itartliiclally digests tho food and altfc
Nature in strcngtbeninp and recon
struotinp tlio oxliaustod dlgestlvo or
gans It Is tbe latest dlscovered digest
ant and tonlc. No otbor preparatloa
can approach It in p.lb'lency. It ln
stantly relIe s , uinnentlycure
Dyspopsia, Indigi'stiun, Heartburn,
Flatnlenco, Sour Stomacli, Nausea,
nll otber resul ts of I niperf ect d Igestlon.
"reparcd by E. C DeWitt ACo , Crjlcaao
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
"Dlfjcsts what you cat."

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