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VOL. l)d-4875.
Early Buyers
Secure the Choicest Styies.
for Autumn. This season's approvcd slyles in cvery Hne.
L. P. & H. C. Gleason.
for Fall and Winter Wear
coming in, cvcry day.
The Stein Block Clothes
and Guycr Ilats ivill be
among Ihe flrst arrivals.
ONLY 825 00 A YEAR, party
nictuUic eircuit, measurcd servico for
a tclephone, ut placc of business or
Can you afford to be witliout it ?
Manager Wlll Furnlsh All
will sell nt thoir fitnns at Lyndon
Centcr, Vcnuont, on .Septerabcr
27tli, nt 10 o'clock, thiity cight
hcad of
boing nll tlio thorougbbred stoek
of this breed nt Speedwoll Fnrms,
with tlio cxception of threo teauiB
of diivcrs rcsorved for carrhtgo
This will bo n ruro opportunity lo got
h rnro stallion or maro nt yonr
own price.
Catnlogues furnibhcd on npplication to
Lyndon Conter, Vt.
Tlie Annual Meetlng of tlio membern of
tlio Dnion MutualFire Itisurnuce Company,
for ttlia electlon of dlreetors for thu your
ensuing, Hlnl for tlio tranenctlon of nny
otlier legal business, will bo held at lliu
ofllcrt of tlm company, In Montpelier, on
Wt'duesdny, October 18, 18'J'J, ut 1 o'clock
P. M.
I'or ortlor of tlm DlroctorH,
HARLAN W. KEMP, Becretnry.
Montpelier, Vt., Sept 0, 1890.
Ilavinc lt'iiscii tlio Comnicrcinl Iiouse:
StnblcH, 1 iim now nruniircd to iiccnm-
moihito tlio publtc witli a llrst-clusa
livery,fep.(l nnd bourdini: stnble nt price9
rieht. Fiftotn ycnrs t xpi'rioneo in one
of tlio louditig stablfB in Iiostoii nnd Iwo
ycarsBPrvico with 15. J. G.ilo iit tlio Citj
IIoU'l Stubles uro 11 Bt.lliciont guarHiilec
llmt my atnblo will bo comUictcd in n
BatiHfnctory mnunor,
Trnnsleiit nml Itoariling Horscs wlll
rccclvo tlio liost of care.
Coinmetclal llosse Siatiie, No. Malnst, BARRE. VI,
Garriages auii Horses For Sale
Kvorytliing Now and in Good Shnpo.
Taylor Stroot, opposlto C. V. Stction.
Tolephono 131-12.
ls tlio motto of u lcading gan
lixturc manufacturor.
Our claim is not so broad, but
vo can fumisli tlic bost Oas
light in Montpelier.
No gas coiibunici can nflbrd to
usc uny otlior. Four tinics tlio
light with lcss llian ono-half the
coiiBiunption of gns of nny opcn
ilanic burncr.
Peck Brothers,
You pny 812 a liionlh, Sld-l n ycar,
taking oufc S25 for water rent and
(axep, lcnving a payment of 119
toward a nicc little hoine.
Il'you pny 81G a month or 102 a
vcar, S2f for taxcs nnd water rent,
k-aving 81(17 for n pnyincnt townrd n
Uomc. Pny this for cight yenrs nnd
you havc paid for 11 Iioubc tlmt cost
ovcr $1,300.
Call in our ofTico or wiito for full
Rooms 2 and 3,
Cordon's Block, Barre. Vt.
Tlio Miuiufiietiirinir Plnnt of Sniith, WhJt
comb it Cook, localoil in tliu Gity of Ilnrru,
Vt., coiislstint; of tlio fouiidiy, macliino aliop,
Krist mill, saw niill, watvr powur, pattorn Iiouse,
oflico liuildini;, storo houso-, nml otlier build
ingH, iiieanint; nll tlio reiil cstato now owned
nnd oecupiod by tliem, together with nll tlio
in.'icliiiiery, toolx, patterna and Btock.
Tlio iiiauhinoi'y in foundry and macliino sliop
nre nll uoarly now nnd of niodorn ileHign.
Tlio location is ono of tlio best in New Kiik
Ininl, nnd tlio plant h now rininlng to iU full
Tlio huuunl iiioi tlnn of tlio uit'inborn ol
tlio Vormoiit Muttial Piro Inauranco Com
patiy, for tlio oluclion of Dlrectorti unil tlio
tratiHuctlon of any ollior legal IiiihIuhhh, will
be linlil nt IU olllco on Wedut'Bilay, Ootob ir
18, 18UU, at 'i o'olock v H.
Uy onlor of tlie Dln ctOM,
JAM 108 T. BAI1IN, 8ecrotary
Montpollor, Vt., Snpt. 1, 1 809.
Jn about thrco weeks, Bovcral tnblo
nnd clmnibor girls. AddrosH
Sop. 20 Montpelier, Vt.
Kodol Dyspcpsia Cure
"Dlaests what you cat."
roBUsiiKi) kvkut wbdkesdxt nr
The Vermont Watchman Company,
At MontDcllor. Vt.
ltiislncss fltoro Mcntlon.
Ilavo your fura ropatred aiul rotnodolod
now. Soe our now Btylon, nklns nnil HuIiirs.
A. U. Spiro, furrier, Montpolnr, Vt.
I want to lot tlio peoplo wlio nuffer from
rliouiuatiHui nml aolatica luiow tbat Clinm
burlalii's l'aiu Diilni roliuvod mo aftor a
nuiubur of otlier mcdiciuuH and a doctor had
falleil. It Ih tlio best llnimont I havo ovor
kuown of. J. A. Dodgen, Alnliarotta, Ga,
TlioiiHnndH liave bron ouroil of rlioiimallsm
by tliU reuicdy. Ono appllcatlon rellovos
tlio paln. For snlo by O. lllnkoly and W.
K. Torrlll & Co.
not, iltlnk Qraiu-O made from puro gralns.
A lady wrlten: "The flrst tlrno I loinlo
Gralu-0 I did not liko it but nftnr usluc lt
for ono week nothinc wonld Induco mo to
ro back to coffee." It uourlaheH and feods
tbo Hyjtotn. Tlio cbildron can drlnk lt
freoly wltb groat bonetlt. It is tlioBtronRth
cuing substanco of puro gralns. Qet a
packago to-day from your Rrocor, follow
tlio dlrnctioiiH in niaklnR lt nnd you wlll
havo a dolicloua and hoalthful table bevor
no for old and youug. Fifteen cents and
twentyfivo conts.
Do you want nnythine ln tlio llno of
driiRH and ltiedlclnes no mattor what? If
40 call on Krod A. Alnswortli, proprlotor of
tlio now Wllliamstow druR-store, on Dopot
itroot, ono door east of J. K. Lyndo's storo
If, porcliauco, bo may notbavo ezactly what
you dosiro, he wlll ntm to Hiipply it ln tlio
ihortest poxsible tlmo. If cooil goods and
honest pricos aud Hquaro doallne will do lt,
bo Ih bound to securo a fair sharo of publio
patrouiiRo. Bowlne-iiiachlno suppliea and a
popular lino of statlonory aro spoclaltlos.
Glve liim n call.
ITavinq a Ghkat Run on Uiiambbrlain's
Couuh Kiimkdy Manacor Martin, of tlio
l'iorKon ilru storc, lnfornn us tbat bo ls
haviiiK n KrHntnin on Chauiberlain's Coucb
Hetuedy. Ile hoIIh tlvo bottlea of that modl
cine to one of any ollior klnd, and It filves
Rreat satiHfactlou. Iu tlioio days of loRrlppo
thero ii notblnp; llko Ohainborlaln's CourIi
KeniHily tn nlop tlio courIi, lio.il up the nuro
tliroatand luugfl and givo roliot wlthln a
very short llmo. The fnlon are Rrowliifr,
and nll who try it nre pleased with ita
protnpt action. 8outh CIiIchro Drtily Cal
uiuet, Kor aale by 0. Blakely aud W. E.
Turrll), UrupRlutH.
Kxciirslou (o New York.
Tlio Cnntral Vurmont rnllway wlll run lts
annual fall oxcurHlon to' Now ork from
Uarco, Montpollor and all Intermediate sta
Houh to Hartland on Monday, Soptember
20 Tlio faro for tlio ronnd trip wlll be 85.
Tlio routo ls vla tbo Central Vermont to
New London, tlionco by the elegant Btenm
er "Olty o( WorcoHler."
A Hpcclnl tralu of tbroiiRli coachos will
run to Now lyndon wltbout chanRe, as fo'.
Iowh: Lioave Harro 1:05 p. M., Montpelier,
1:25; Northlleld, 1:57; Kandolph, 2:43; Hoth
fl, '2:55; South Royalton, 3:07; Whllo Rivor
Jnnction, .1:13; Ilarlland, 1:04; arriving at
l'almer7:53 wliere suppor can he had, ar
rlvlm nt New London 10:35 p M , arriving
at New York 7 A. M, TueKday. Tickets
will bo fjond Rolni; only on special traln
Septeiiibor 25. ariiviiiR In New York Hep
tpinbor20. Good rtturnlnc to leave New
York not later tliBn October (S to atrivnnt
Htartini; polnt not lator than October 7.
Soo tlyers for furthor particularH.
Elcctric Itoail Sucd.
1'aporH were Rorved on Miniday bv Dhiiu
ty ShorilT Tultlo on the clork of the Dnrro
and Montpelier Tractlou and Power Com
pany ln a Hiilt for tireacli of contract brought
by J. 8. VIIoh. The auionnt of dainaeoB
t'laiuiKil iu the writ Ih $20,000. Certaln
projorty of tlie company wan attached and
t' e Hiilt is roturnablo at the prenont term of
W BlilnRton connty court, althoucli It will
not be trlcil untll tbo March term.
Tbo validity of the contract hetwpen Mr.
VIIbs and the eluctrio road wlll he tlio
(luention at. Ihhiio. The fornior clalmn a 11 vo
yer contract tbat hai hoen broken.
.J. V. JiHinson of iMbot Ib cnniiBel for Mr.
VllcH. and R. A. Hoar of Harro for the
Tracilon Company. Mr. Vilog has prevl
oiiHly btoucht two otlier hiiIih BRaliint ihe
companv for power furnlHhod, for 81 200
auu lor souu. ln roRanl to tuese latter suitB
the company olaiuiB iu defenco that the
tiaiance duo ls on tlie otlier slde of tho
Tlio Slatc Ilouso I'cncc.
Kditor of Jlatlu JournaU Mucb is beiuB
Btiid about the retuoral of the fence, aud
rninor lian lt tliat nnr city ratliers concluded
to tako ft away befoie Dewey Ilay.
As a lesideut of Montpollor for ilfty
yearn, aud wltb a profouud lovo aud uilml
ratlou for our Cupitol buildlnRx, Rrounds
and fence, I Blucerely hope it wlll
not be removed. Wliy Bhotild the city tako
part in a nclionio to rob ub of one of the
characteriBtio features of tho Siate Houho
property and ono whlch many men thlnk
would bo a terrible niistnki? Tlmn if lt was
to be ilono at all lt nliould not be done he
fore Dewey D.iy, as it would leavo tho
Krouuda badly cut up and make a bad mud
bole if we sLould bo so fortunnte as to get
a rain.
Kurther, has thin city any rlnhtto con
tract to Rrado up tho State property at a
coHtof double the valuo of material they
will Rot out of ii? Havo tlioy not Just nn
Rood n rlubt to pay the cillzens' monoy to
lovel down Mount HuuRor or toRradotlio
RrouudN of any private citlzen, as tu ezpend
it on the Stalo'a or any otlier property
they do not control. This 1b an important
mattor and we Hhould make basin Blowly.
No Iiisiiriinco Agcnt lliore.
"My frlHiids, havo you heard of tho town
of Yawn, on ihe baukH of tbo rlver Slow,
whero bloouis the Waitawhile llowor fair,
whero tho Souiotlinooiotlior Hcenti tho alr,
and tho Hoft GoeajH Rro? '-TneAiistralas-Un
Ilmlcot. Hvorjono tlioro la uniuBUred,
AlthouRh they uiean to do It, It is novor
Natlonal Llfe Iutmrntico Company of Vor
iiiiiiit. 8. 8. Hallard, Geueral Agent, Opera
HouBo'lilock, Monliiollor, Vt.
East Corinth Fair. A Corrcclloii,
Iu the publlalio 1 report of tho East Cor
lnlli fair the followlng clause occutred:
"In the rcporter'tt JudRiiient the borso that
ninrltcil llrflt preuiium in tlils class was the
buautlfiil hlack goldlURof splendld Btylu aud
action, owned by II. Ii. Martiu, It took
neoonil and niust. neccBHarily havo been u
Kood ono." What tho reporter wrote, but
whioh wassomewhat iierverlod by an orror
iu prlutitiR, was tlils; "In the rnnortor's
JudRiuent tho horHO that merlted.fr( pre
uiium Iu the claHB whuro tho iieautiful
black RoldliiR of aplnndii! stylu and action
owned by II. II, Martin took second inust
uoceesarily have heeu a roqiI one,"
Ilnrrlnou l'rosfiny of East Thetford was
Instantly kllled Frlday by a special tralu
from tho Rtnto I'alr at Whito Rlver Jiino-
tlon. Mr. I'resney was sovonty olRlit yoars
oi aee nnil a respoctoii anu proiulnout cltl
zon at East Thetford, IIo waa atruck by
iuetrain wuue no was crossiug tuo traclc,
Tho Mlssos I'alRO of Knoxvlllo.Tonn., aro
at tho I'avllion Kfving lossons In art cm
broldory. "Colbath," owned by J. M. Iloutwell,
won the 2:12 raco at tlio Hurllngton fair on
Frlday. Ilest lltco 2:101.
Mason S. Stono, Btate Biiporlntondont of
oducitlon, was takon to Hoaton Uoapltal
Saturday ovoiiIiir. IIo 1b threatoned wllh
typhold fover.
A apeclal traln wlll leavo tbo Northfield
fair grounds for tlils city at 5:30 o'clock
Wedursday and Tlmrsday attoriiootm, ar
rlvlng horo at 0:38.
The St. Johnsbury lodRO, ICulffhtB of
I'ythias, Is to attond tho Dewey celebratlon
and wlll chartor a special traln in whlch tho
membetg wlll bo quartered whllo horo.
Bpoclal rollRlous Borvlcos wlll be held In
Horlln hall Wednesday afternoon and ovon
Iiir. Tlioy will be ln cliarco of Rev. II. II.
Perry, pastor ot tlio Evangellcal cliurch.
All will be wolcome.
Rev. J. E Wrlht Is to preach nnxt 8un
day uiornlnp, tn theUhurch of tho Mosi'lab,
a sermon approprlate to the thlrtleth aunl
veraary of hia settlement. It ls hopod thero
wlll ba a largo attendanco.
MIbs WlllmaD, stster of Rev. L. K. Wlll
man of Waterbuiy, wlll lead a Borvlco of
Bong at tbo Thursday evenlng prayor moot
Idr at Trtntty cliurch. Mlss SVilhnan ls a
nuted gospol slnger, and wlll slng Bovoral
Tho wonmn'a auxlllary tn tho Kpiscopaj
board of mlsslons will liokl the annual
meeting In Montpelier October 2 aud 3.
The delegatea from Chrlst cliurch are Mrs.
Fred E. Sinltb, Mrs. F. A. AdauiB and Miss
Helen Dewey.
The Ilarre Eventnz Tclcnram of Frlday
says: "It waa a source of great ploasuro to
welcomo tho largo crowd of Montpelier
people who camo up to Barre Iast nlglit to
see Kellar. Truly Barre ls gettlng to be
the hub of Vermont."
The rntlglous servlces iu the Morse echool
hniiBe, East Montpelier, next Bundny at
2:15 r. m., to bo conducted by Rev. J. E.
Wilght, wlll be adaptrd to cbildron and
youiiR people, whose attendanco with thoir
oldor friends Isospoclally denlred.
Andrew Freodman, of Now York city,
pronldent of tho New York baso hall olub,
and ateo credltod by Harper's Weekly with
belne "Bnss Crokor'a hanily lnan," Btoppod
ut tho I'avllion for a few days whllo
on his way home from the White Mouu
talns. C. E. Bertholf of the mtd-ntght mlnslon of
Bostou spnke a farewell message at the
Youug Meu's Christlau ABsoctatlon servico
at Ltngdon's ledge jesterday. Mr. Bertholf
has heeu very actlve ln Christian work
whllo horo and will bo much mlssed.
Lleutenant George F. Bailey of North
lleld, who has recently been asslgned to the
Forty-llrst United Statea volunteers Iibh re
celved orders to report at 1'ortland, Mo.,
for rocrultlng duty, and Ieaves for tlmt city
tonight. Lleutenant Bailey was with Com
pany F at Chlckamaugua.
The Minlstnrlal Unlon inot Mouday Iu
Rev. J. E. Wrlghl's study. Rev. J. F.
SimmoiiB of Woodstock, who preached Iu
tho Chutch of the Messiah, last Sunday,
rad a paper on the Book of Jonah, aml
Mrs. Marla Tinker revlowed Rev. Charles
M. Sbeldou's book, "In Hls Stepi."
Whlle Benjaintn Daloy's team wai draw
lug a lot of baildlng material to the Lang
don preml-es Friday K'hiue of the material
allpped uuder the liornos' heels. They ran
catteriuc tho matnrtal alotic State Btreel
ttll they woro rlually brought up near tho
Exctiuuge tlotol.
A man named Alger from Moretown
whllo drivlDC down State atreet Saturday
afternoon caught the liinil wheel of his car
riago in tho car trnck aud it locked in tho
rear wheel of Josi'pli Perkins express
wagon tlpplng Alger out anu Bpringtug tuo
rear axlo to his carrlago badly.
C. II. .TackHon of Worcester was arrested
Ftliluv afteruoou for intoxicatlon hy denuty
shorifi Kidder. Iu city court on Saturday
bo was convlcted and ln iletault ot payment
of hls fluo was sent to jill for teu days. IIo
was hIbo conviottd ol obtaining llquor at
tbe city llquor agency uuder faUo preten
ces, and seutenced to the liouae ot correc
tlon for 110 days, where bo wlll bo taken at
the explratlou of hls jatl sentence.
Frank Graveltn was arrested Frlday
evenlng by CouHtable Whittier for iiitoxi.
catlon. Iu city court he was convlcted of a
thlrd offence. IIo appealed IiIb case to
county court and his bail was llxed at S100
whlch ho ftirnished. U was iuimediately
ro arrested by Sheriff Qraves on informa
tlon liled hy Statea Attorney Iloar, char
Ing with lllegal trsfllo in iutoxicanis. His
hall was llxed at $150, ln default of whioh
he was remauded to Jail.
A carrier plgeon wlll cnnvey the HrstnewB
of the approach of the Olympia with Ad
miral Dewey. Soveral llno Bpecltneus of
the blrd have been removed from their coto
to tho Navy Yard ln Brooklyn and traiiM
ferred to tbe crulsor New York and will ao
company hor when sbo Ieaves In a week or
so to look out for Dewey. On the llrat
algltt of the Olympia, birda will be released
bearing a mesBage to Rear Admiral 1'hltip.
J. Henry Llbben. formerly of tho Unlon
Iiouse, now proprlotor of tbe Commerclal
UoiiHO, Barre, ts Iu trouble beoause ot nl
leged violation of tho prohtbltory law.
The Commorcial Houho was ratded Satur
day afternoon by ShertiT Gravoa aud Dupu.
ty Sheriff Templeton, aud a quantity of ctn,
whiskey and lager was secured. Mr. Llb
ben was put under bonds for hts appear
ance in court to-day. The result ot otlier
ralds In Barre Saturday atteruoun Is told ln
the Barre column.
The band concert glvon Frlday evenlng
was slltuly atteuded owlug to tho north
Cole atmotphero wlilch prevailed. The
and wtll have to hustlelu order to get iu
the threo remainlng concerts of tho elgliteeu
to be glven thiH bosboii as provided in tho
clty's uppropriation of 81,200 Notwllh
Btandiug the coolnesB ot the evenlng and
the suiall crowd prosent, tbo band render
ed one of tho bost programmes of tbe Ben
son. The two songs for the cornet by
George E. Whito inot with especlal favor
elicittng hearty encores.
Houaehold ftirnlture for salo. Ilavlug
rontod uiy Iiouho, aud nni to residn out of
the State, I wtll be at tuy Iiouse, 70 Eupt
Stale Btreet, Tueaday aud Wednesday of
tlils week to boII at private hbIo my houeo
liold furiilturo, conststlng ot chamher buIih,
sprlug bodfl, iuattresset, fenther lied, concli,
lounf o, chalrs, talilof, ono gaBollne stove,
clooka, Btraw mattlng, iuviilld'H chalr, elc.
Theae goodB niust bo sold at once. Any
one needlug any of tliom wlll lind lt to
tliolr advauuge to oumo aud look at. thnm
as they wlll be sold cheap. Mrs. II. E.
Tlis Montpelier Ilotisn was the flrst tn
feel tho water famtne, buvlng to go cearly
to the Junctlon Iu order to ohtalu waior for
dltiner. Tho I'avllion Is a liltle iiinro for
tuniito hecaiiso ot belug counected with
Bprincs but they are so low that lf tlioro Ih
not a raln fall, water wlll soon have to be
drawn for use at this hotel, The hrauch
llno of the Central Vermont rallwny is also
atTooted. For somo weoks tho engluo used
on the Williamstown branch has had to
coma to this city nt noou evory day to tako
water from the stand ptpe at tho statlon
whioh is supplled by Berlin water. Tho
water belng out oll tlilu englno and also
thoae usod In tbls city wlll havo to look
oiaowtiero lor tliolr supply.
Frlday wuh an uniiBUally ilnll day for
telographlo nows by llvo wlro but our un-
Btreet contumpotnry was eqial to tho emei
gonoy. On lla flrst pago, with qutntuple
head llnes, appcarod a column Btory of tho
centrnulal celebrnllun of tho Klrst Cliurch at
Guildhall uuder dato of Septombor 15, nnd
tho captlon "Special to tho Evenlng Ar
rus" Tho Manchrster Unwn of Filday,
under dalo of Septi'inber 14, contatned tbo
identlcat Btory imbllshcd Iu tho ylrr;m last
ovnnlug aud tho roasonnblo supiiOHition Is
thatBomo ono fout tho Arrus a "special"
copy of the Unlon, A geutleiuan ln Mont
pelier who taktia both the Unlon and tho
Arius quoted last evenlng a sage remark of
wiiicu Abraliaui lilncoln waB luo autlior.
Deputy Shorlff Wodao on Saturday held
a Bherlff s salo of the scenery and other ef
fecls of the Joseph Groono theatrical com
pany whlch wuh atrauded hern last Jnno
aud whlch was nttached by 1 lm to securo
tho Argus for a blll of 812 agalnst tho com
pany. E. II. Deavltt, attorney for the ylr-
fut ln the matter, waa tbo only blddor and
liuil to blil $32 iu onlor to get tlie sttill as
manager G. L. Blanchard had a blll of $20
for Btorsge slnco June whlch had to bo
llquldateU. Tho property is worlh many
tlmea tho amount bid to thoso who havo
any uso forlt.
Llout. Fred T. Austln. who ls conduct-
Inga rfcrultlug Htatlou for tho Fortyslxth
uniteti binlos voliimoern iu tuo nrmory, ib
meetlne with izratKvlntr success ln hls la-
bors. Out of tbo thirty appllcatlous for ad-
uilsslon to tho sorvloi ho has recelved slnce
coming to tlils city all but soven have been
examlnod. Nino have been accepted slx of
whom havo already boen sworn Into the
Borvlco. Asldo from tho two whoso enllat
motit liafl already heeu recorded in tlioio
columns, aro Alvah R. Badger, Jiunos R,
Uoilgullu and Frank II. Smltn ot tlils city,
and Wllliam E. Kingston ot Barto.
E. E Dodgp. ono of tho city truckman.
aud Louis Noimandie, who runa a black
BUilth Bbop on Berliu Btreet, prosontecl to
tho city council bllls of 83d and 870 rospect
lvoly for alleged dainages, BUlTered by tliom
Iu their buslnesa duriug tho conBtruction of
tho new sewer in ward slx. Dtdge held
that iu runulng hia truck team, to do buai
nesi on tbat elde of Iha rlver, he lost valu-
ablo tlme, havlng to drlvo his team arouud
by the brldgo near the Central Vermont
statlon, or over the l'ionoer hridge. Nor-
lnandio clalnieu he wai nractlcally ln a
state of blockade and lost tradn bocauso of
tho incouvenlence ot cotlinij to his sbon,
The council has luBtructed tho city clerk
to notify eacli of the partiea tlmt tlie city is
in no way llahlo for any (liuiHR.) caused by
the consttuctlon of the now sewer in ward
Sunerintondent Fostor repotta that tbe
water in Berlin I'ond at the preBont tlme
has roachud a polnt whlch is about Hvo
Inchea lower than at any tlme provious to
tlie recent rain fall. Tuo slx-lncli stouu
pump, with an estlmated capaclty of 800
gnllunB a inliiutc, has boen run flfteen
hours a day. but has not Hucceeded in in-
croaslng the supply at the reservolr. To-
uay tlio pump was starteu on a tweuty-tour
hour schedule and the HtrootsprlnklorflU.ro
to be sliut off also, as soon by the notlco in
auother column. The water luotors nre
agaln ordered off and tho use of Berlin
water ib to ue restrlcteil Holely to uomestlc
iisl'S. Tlioio Is talk of puttlng in auother
steam pump to forco water from the pond
to tbo resurvolr. Mr. tfoster atateu touay
that should the supply fall at tlio presenr.
ratlo for the uoxt livo daya tbe clly would
bo in tho toila ot a water famine.
Tlio committeo on water has been in-
structed by the city council to Investigate
owners of spring water systoma Iu the city
wuo are ualug llorlln water couuecuons
wliich the commlttee is directed to cut off.
Tho committeo has discovered that at
least two proprietors of Bpting water sys
teuis havo beeu woiklni; tbe clly and their
customerH s woll. Tho conimiltee says
sjstouis are counected with tho Berlin
water aml wlion llio spilngs Decome low
tho Berlin water Ih turiiod on supplylng
their custoiner.H with Iierllu water throuizli
spring water plpes and ulso furcing tho Ber
lin water into tbo spring, fllliug tliom, and
thiiB formiug a reservesupply. The scheme
is unlque aml up-to ilale, rivallng tlio prac
tice ut 1 (jnor deulers in tho "lettlug down"
procesa but tbo city council does not aee
tlio ftinny slito ot the scheme with tho
prt'seut. water fiiniino starlug it in tbe fnoe
aud propuuoa to put a atop to it in tho fu-
General Manager E. II. Fltzhugh ot the
Central Vermont railway arrived iu the
city on Tuesday in the privato car "Mans
field" drawn by tho eiiglno"St. Liwreuce."
Ile waa accompanied by Superiutendent F.
W. Baldwlu, ReHident Engineer J. M. Mor
rlson nnil Geueral Koailuiiitnr W. 1'.
Elrod. They inot D. D. Ratilett, aud Al
bert Tuttln, trustoes ot tbe Langdou estate,
to arrange for the locaiiou aud canatruc
tlou of the Hlde tracks to be lald on the
Liogdon uieadow to accommodate the ex
tra trains on tho day of tho Dewey colobra
tiou. Mr. Fitzbugh during his conuectlou
wllh the Grand Trunk railway in Cauada
was frtquHiilly called upon to baudle
crowds of (10,000 people whlch lio did most
Batisfactorily, IIo will undoubtedly be
able to take caro .j( the visltors ou Dewey
day wltb eaae. The Langdou eatatu has
beeu most niagnaultuous In its offors ot as
slstanco ln the tiso ot its property aud other
wise for that occaaion. Tlils Ih appreciated
by the committeo aud hy the public.
Admiral Dewov's Montpelier rolutives
will go to New York next Mouday. Eil
ward Dewey and Mrs. Mary Greeley will
not go becauso they do not feel able to
Btand the fatlgue aud exciteiuent Incident
to the Dewey celebratlon Iu that city.
Thoso who will co ato llon. Charles Dewey
aud wlfo, W. T. Dewey aud son, Jniues, Mr,
and Mrs. F. J. McCuen, F. A. Howlaud
and wlfe, Gnorgo 1. Dewey of I'ortland,
Mo.. Charles Robert Dewey ot Bonsanhttrat,
N. Y., aud Mr. nml Mrs, Jnmes L. Martin of
Brattleboro. Mrs. Kate Dewey ijqutro is
already there. These relatives go ou the
Invitation of Edward Wilklus Dewey, a
member of the New York commlttee ot In
vitation. They wlll bo quartered at tbe
privato apartmenta of Goorgo C. Boldt, In
the ntmox to tho Wablorf-Astoria, whlch
has been reaerved for the Admiral and his
Tlio Unrro Spottcrs.
Exciteiuent waa Intouso in Barre Monday
afternoon when it was learned that A. E.
Rusteod and C. S. Kelloy, tbo Masaachu
settl spottors, wero respoiiBlblo for the uu
merous llquor ratds last Fi Iday and Satur
day. Talk ot lyucbiug these fellows was
freely Indulged ln but wlser couuselH pre
vailed. The spotters tlioinsolvos weru ar.
rested cbarged with furiiishlng lntoxlcatlng
llquor, but were releaaed. Tlioy loft Mont.
pellor lmrrledly this murulug over tho
Montpelier aud Wells Rlver rallroad.
ln tho ofiii agaiiiHt Ifoury Llbben, pro
prlotor ot tbo Commerclal Iiouse, Barre, ot
whlch montlon is made olsowhore, Llbben
pleaileil gullty to keeplng, nolllinj aud inaln
taiulng n niil"ano.o. ilis llnes aud costs
amoiinted to $2113.05, whlch ho paid. The
nntl-saloou longuo of Barro lius been very
Bharply crltlclsed for omploylng spotlers
from ntiother Stato, aml the good work
heretofore itone hy the leaguo In Barre Is
heavily dlscounted hecauso of this. Tbe
spotter Kolley was formerly In the oinnloy
of the Arius Iu tlils city. Ho nttempted hia
csnio tu a certaln qttarter in Montpelier
Mondny morulng, but soon discovered liii
uustaKi). no was lorttiualo to escapo wllh
out bodlly harin.
Kodol Dyspcpsia Ciire
'Dloests what you cat.'
Aiuplo I'rcimrnllon Wlll Ho Mndo fur
Acconiiiiodiitlou of Visltors.
Tho Montpollor cotnmtttoo havlng cliargo
of providing entertalnmeut for tho tliou
sands of people who wlll vlslt tho clly on
the day of the Dewey celebratlon is maklng
umplo prejiaratlons for tho ovent nnd wlll
be ablo to furnlsh monls aud lodglng for all
thoso who requlre tliom.
A contract haa already beon mado wltb
Joseph D. Valiquet, of Iloston, a caterer
who has had an experienco of many yoars
tu fecdlug largo crowds, and who haa also
the reptttatlou of glvlng tho very best of
latlBfaction to tho people who patroulz
hlm. Mr. Valiquet wlll bo able to furnlsh
meals for soveral thousand pooplo. A largo
tont wlll bo erncted on Haymarkot tquare,
cupablo of servtug tlioiisiiiils of people.
meals wlll bo furnished from 10:."O o'clock
In tho mornlng untl 18 at ulght. Tho pilce
of the meals will ho 50 centa each, and the
Meala wlll bo umplo and of good quallty.
Tho blll of fato includes throo klnds of cold
meatB, clam chowdor, potatoes, olivea, po
tato Balad, bread and btltter, tea, cbfTee,
frults, eto. In nddltion to furniihlng rcgu
lar meals, ho will also havo a lunoh couutor
whero peoplo can procuro sandwich, pies,
doughnutr, tea, coffeo, eto , at roaaouable
rates, Tlils, in addilton to tbe m.mber of
privato outurprises to feod the peoplo, tbe
servioe of tho liotols nnd boanfiiig houses
aud the moala that wlll he provided iu pri
vate fauiillos, wlll be suillcient for tho largo
crowd that ls expected.
Oue of tho most dillicult mattors In cou
nectlon wltb carlng for tho visltorB la to
provldu rooms for thoso who wIbIi to remaiu
ovor ntght, but this work has been taken
up so systetnatically that overy room aud
bed In Montpelier will be avallable. A
buroau of luformatlon haa been organlzod
and la ali eady at work ou a canvass of the
city. Thero la a member from each ward
and overy house in Montpelier wl.l be
vlslted, bo that when tbe canvass is com
pleted the buroan wlll have completo lu
formatlon aa to what rooms can be aecure.d,
tho price ot satno, nnd the localijn. Iu
cuso they flud that tlio accommodatious are
llkcly to prove insuflicleut, they will ar
rango for tho erectlon of temporary struct
tires. I'eraona from outHlile Jfontpeller
who deslro to engago rooms for nno or two
nlglits should at once aildress Wllliam N.
Theriault, Becretary. By aakln early
appllcatlon they will securo bettur accom
modatloiiH for th'jmaelves and will also
llghten tho work of the bureau. The bu
roan ot lnformation will havo an olllco near
tbe Central Vermont statlon on tho day of
tho celebratlon whero they wlll bo prepared
to furnlsh all lnformation to visltors. us-
slgn rooms to thoso who have not secured
tlitm tn udvance, aud do everything they
can to promote the comfort ot the visltots
to the city. The city council will havo a
laree uuinber of extra nollcemen on dutv.
bo tbat there wlll bo no dauger of any dla-
turtmneo, no mattor now largo a crowd
thero may bo.
Dcnth by I)ioivnin'.
Sunday afternoon peoplo wero sbocked bv
word of tho death by drowniug of Harry,
tbo sixteen years old son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Elmer E. Jacobs. who reslde at fK) l'rosnect
Htreot. With two other Isils the Jacoba boy
waa natning in uog river near Montpelier
Junctlon. IIo could not awim, aud hia
compaulona but little. He stood knne
deep In Ihe water on a rock wheu tbe other
tioya aaw nitn uiaappear in tne stream. At
flrst tlioy thoiichthe was nlaylnc a loko un-
on tliom, but when the truth appeared to
theui, tliey rau to tlio larm Iiouse of w. II
Lombard for aid. Mr. Lombard telephoned
to tbo nollco statlon and in a sliort tlme
qulte a crowd had gathered at the scene.
Constable F. R. Dawley, after divlng
threo times, mcceoilod in recovering the
lad's body, but he had than been uuder
water about au hour aud llfo was of course
Tho body was taken iu tbo amhnlnnce to
tho undertaklug rooms ot Johonnott & Hall
and tl o lad's parents were uotitied.
Tho scono ot tho accldeut is one wbere
soveral aro said to havo been drowued, aud
ls also salil to be the spot where, in his boy
liood, Admiral Dewoy uearly loat hia llte
by drowniug.
Harry Jacoba was popular wltb hls
mates aud always dutlful toward his par
ents, who have tho syuipathy of tho com
uiuulty In tbeir satl bereavement.
The funOral waa held from the lionso
nt two o'clock Tuesday afteruoou, Rev. J.
Edward Wright ofllciating. Burial was
ln the Cutler cemetery.
District MccUiig-.
A district uieeting ot the oucainpinents of
district No, 5, whlch includes thoae at Ran
dolph, Waterbury, Northfield, Montpelier,
Barre aud East Barre, will be held at East
Barre, on Frlday, Septeiuber 2'J, at half
past soven ln the evenlng.
Tho dlatrtct eucampmeut willboopmied
in form by Granlto encampment of East
Barre. The aildress of welcomo wlll be by
Rev, W. P. JackBon of East Barre aud the
response by E. A. Nutt of Thotuas Wlldey
encampment, Montpelier. The patrlarchal
degree wlll workeil by Granite encamp
mont ot East Barre and tbo Qolden Rule
degree by Excelalor eucampment ot Ran
dolph. E. F. Suilth ot Barro, grand pa
trlarch, wlll crlticise the secrot work.
Followlng tbe bauquot vlsitiug patriarchs,
graud ofllcera and othera wlll make brlet
addresses. To these after dinuer exercisea
the membera ot Rebekah lodges and nll
Odd FelluwB will be luvlted.
Transportation to aud from East Barre to
Barro will be furniabed by 1'ago Brothers
ut llfty cents each. The Ceutral Vermont
tralu from Barre will be held that night un
tll twelvo o'clock. Tbe district oncamp
ment wlll be under the dlrectiiui of Walter
F. Waturman of Montpelier, district deputy
grand patriarch, who has pertectcd tho ar
raugements. Tho Spnnlsli (Jyus.
The six-lnch ritled ICrupp caunon used on
the Spauisb cruiser, Castella, in ihe battlo
of Manlla and whlch the governmeut ship
pod from tho Mare Island navy yard threo
weoks ago, and loanud to Vermont as mon
umeuts of tho victory of Admiral Dewey,
arrived iu tlils city late Monday afternoon.
They aro btllnd to Qovernor Smlth who has
been notilled of their arrival. Tho work of
uuloadlDg tliom from the car aml placltiK
theui Iu positiou ln tho Stato houso grounds
wlll bo boguti at once.
Tho euiim are sevuntnen feet long and
welgb 21,435 pouuda. The freight chargea
from 8au Fruncisco to this city amount tu
$750 3t.
The guus show the ravagos ot salt wator
aud tho heat from tho btirnlug vossel from
whlch they were taken. Boma portlous ot
tbom are thlckly euorusted with coroslve
matter. A largo number of neopln havo
vlslted tho car in the Ceutral Vermont rall
road yiirds where thu war dogs aro lylng,
Tbe notlon, it ovor there waa oue, of flrlng
these guus ou Dewey day la dlspelled by
the fact that the hrecch-lnck and other
geariug necessary fur such a purposo was
not sent with thu guns.
"Our baby wus Btck for a month with so
vero cougb and catarrbal fever. Although
wo ttled many romedies bIio kept gettlng
worso untll we used Ono Mluute Cough
Cure, It rellnved at once and cured ln a
fow days." B.L. Nanoo, I'riu, Hlgh School,
BlufTdale, Texns. W. E. Terrlll & Co.
tuh8ee Teiephone saa
You cttn toleplione 100 words in
ono iniuutu easily.
A inosKiige by tclophonc brings
iinmedintc itnswcr.
NIGHT HATH one-lmlf the dny
rnto, oxccpt whero tho dny ratc m
15 cciiIb or lcss. Very eonvenieut
for social conversation.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
Itartillclally digests the food and aidi
Naturo ln strenthening nnd recon
structing tlio cxhnusted diyestlvc or
gans It ls the latest discovered digesty
antandtonic. No other preparntloa
cnu itpproach it ln clllciency. It ln
stantly rclievesand perniancntlycure
Dyspepsia, Indlgestlon, Ileartburn,
Ffatulcnce, Sour .Stoniach, Nausea.
all otlier resultsof iniperfi'ctdigestloa.
prcparod by E. C. DeWltt &Co , Crjlcago
6 Per Gent Interest
We pay 0 per cont interejt n buius of
$25.00 or over. No exppiiso ti Tvestor.
Absolute Becurity. Writo for partlcula s.
73 N. Y. Llfo Hiilt'., Kiuiftns City, fllo.
The Interest coupons due Oct. lst, 18'J'J,
on tho (i per cent Bonds of tho Vermont
Savlngs Investment Company will be paid
at tbe Flrst Natlonal Bank, Montpelier.
F. S. TIIOMAS, Pres.
A. J. SIBLEY, Sec.
If you wish to
cmploy u book-
Sy)1 J keul,cri stenogra-
nyZOUeCjGS tention wilt ho
or liaid to lneetiiiL'
SHORTffAND ScTlGRAPtiY- your rcqulro
iiienls. For eat.'ilou'iio mldicss C'arnell & Iluit,
83 N. I'earl St., Albany, N. Y.
A Clergyman's Expprionco,
M. D. Jump, D. I).. Snrnfogn
Springs, writes: "It nfl'ords mo great
plensuro to testify to tho vnltio of
Ilenry & Jolinson's Arnicn and Oil
Liniineni, wbteh I used with theinost
sntisfnctoiy results. Not long sinco,
ns tho result of a cold and exeossivo
use of the org:.ns of tho tlnoat. I
sull'erod greatly from inlliiinniation
nnd induration of the lonsils. After
trying sevcral rcniedics I holliotight
nic of your liuinicnt, nnd by n singlo
npplication over night tho trouble was
ontiroly removed and I was ablo to go
on witit mj' work."
Is l)iiiiiaj,'iii(," Utiilei' Groiiiid Wator
P. H. Illuckley has been grnntod n por
petual pernilt by the city council to repair
water plpes ou College Btreet wheuever
damaged by elcctroljsia tho docomposl
tion ot chemlcal compounds hy elertrlciry.
Electrolysia haa riren Into au ucoxpected
iuiportanco sinco thu umploymentof pow
erful electric currenta iu the movement of
trolley cars. The returu curreut from tho
teltgraph wlro has long been dischurged
Into the groutid witliout harm, lt boluR too
feeblo to producd uuy injurlous result.
Tbo powerful currenta dii-charged from
olectrto car motors, seom llkely, by decom
posiug the water of niolst eurtli, and sut
llnc the oxygen aud hydrcgin frvotoin
juro gas aud water plpes huried iu tho
earth. This can only be nvoided by mak
lng a complute metallc returu curreut whlch
the car compauies generally are endeavji
iug to do by ruuniug beavy coppor wiroiu
the uarth or beueath tho tlef, betweeu tho
WLen tho constructlon of Ihe local road
was cotitemplated, tbe city council was
warned agalnst allowlng the company tu
build its road witliout ninnlng this copper
wlro betwoen the ralla on wliich tho cur
reut would retiru to the power houso but
tbo council paid uo heed aud tbo rcnd wus
bullt witliout lt, Now the returu current
ts imparted to tlio rutls nnd from thero tu
tho grouud tuklug ita way Iisok over thu
routo whlch otTers the least resistance. On
College Htroet Mr. Hluckloy's wator pipo
seoiiis tu have boen captured by tho lluld.
This is Ihe flrst caso of damago douo by
eleotrolysls yet reported by tlio oleettlo
road's curtont iu this city. The lead cou
nectlon whlch waa eateu cuiislug u loak in
tho water plpo la a curloslty unil Is on ex
hlhltlon at the city clork's olllco.
Electrolyala iu Ita action oals Irou nnd
load pipo untll it becomes porous aud
breaka opon, causing a loak. This prohlem
has caused a vast uuiouut of troublo ln tho
large cltles where great damago bna beeu
douo by thu largo lrou watur and gas tnalus
belng vlrtually eaten up by this ult ctrlca
actlou upon them. Experimunts uro now
belug made with gli hs piplug to ovurcome
this evil.
The conper wlro belng ruu beuoath tho
ralls obvlatea this troublo ou short llnes aa
copper olTors less resistauco to tlie returu
tng cnrreut than oltliur the earth or lrou
ratla so, uaturiilly, It follows tbe wlre to
the power Iioubo, witliout leavlug lt to
practico lts dldos ou water aud gas plpes,

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