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Ono Venr St.BO
IMght MnntltB 1.00
BlxMVmtln r,
lt not l'nld In Aflvnnco,
WS.OO n Yonr.
I'AI'Jilt. T1IE
VOL. 94---4917.
One lot of
79 cents eacJi.
Reduced from $1.25 and 1.50
One lot of
Zmvns, Organdies
and Challies,
0 1-2 cents.
Were 12 1-2 to 18 cents.
L. Pe &
Uere ia a good Plainfield rarm, situated 011 what ia cal'ed the Brook road loadiiig from
Plainfield villurre to Washington. Place 19 only a miles from crearaery and Plainfield post
oflice. Contnins 100 acres land, about -10 of which nro tillngo, nnd 75 woodland, halance pas
turago Good sugar orchard of over SOl) maples. Buildinga nro in good ropair. Thero are two
houaos on Uiu place. One is n story and half biick nnd contains 11 roonis, tho othcr containa (i
rooms. Both are in good lepair. Barns aro also in ffood repair nnd cousiat of one 3Ux40 with
basement, and one 30x40 with 110 basement. Place should keep 20 cowa and team. There ia
probably i.000 rnu of hard jvoo d 011 place. Price ia only S3,000. If you do not care to put
much money into a.placo tliia will interest you.
Farmowned by H. R. Leonard, Washington, Vt. Place ia known aa the Donniaton Flint
fnrni or Pitsloy place. Contains abont 173 acres, divided into 00 ncres tillage. 45 acrea wood
land, nud 70 ncrea pasturage. The cow bam is 30x40 f eot and there ia nlao n horsa b.irn which
hna a basement under it. Running water nt tho cow bam. Place ia situated '$ milea from
creamerv. 2 1-2 miles from graded or 1-2 ruile from district school, and 1-2 mile from tho post
offico. fhere is ruoro than enough hard wood on the place to pay for it twico. Housa contains
0 rooms in fairly good condition. There ia 11 two-story house 011 place which ia not much good
only for the lnaterinl in it. Assessed for 5700. Price S'WO. Terms 2."() cash.
Store and Shop. A general store, located in South Cabot. Connected with tho storo ia a
good tonerueiit coutaining G rooma. Also bam conuected. Buildmjra in good repair. Also
blnckstuith shop, nearly new. Good place for a man with a small capital to inake money aa the
nearest '.toro it 4 milea awny. Publio telephono is in the store. Price for store, tenement nnd
blacksmith shop, witli 1-4 ncreof land, only 4000. Will sell separately if one does not wish
botli. Other informatiou clieerfully given.
Livery Stnble, Blacksmith Shop aiyi Teneniont. Livery will accommodate 15 horses and
is incood repair. Good blacksmith shop connected with tho livery i3 nlso in good ropair. Both
are all right and ready for bueinesa. If you have n littlo money nnd are willing to put in somo
good hard work you can mako money by buyiug thia. The loeutiou is one of the nioat dosira
ble. Other informatiou clieerfully given.
Old e8tabli8hod Grocery Uusiness. Located in Barre City. Carriea a stock of about
$3,000. This ia also a good opportunity to mako money.
We will be pleaaed to answor nny correspondotice regarding the above proporties if it ia not
convenient for yon to call at our oflice.
If 7011 have property which you wouhl like to sell we will be glad to hear from you
regarding it. Thero will poaitively be uo cost to you unless a sale ia mado. LET DS IIKAK
Rooms 2 and 3, Cordon's Block, Barre. Vt.
Offico at Residenco, 107 State Bt.
Oflice boars: 1 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. u, 3
We treat all forros of
Rhenmatlsm nxcapt Acute.i
General Nervoos Dlsuases,
Bplnal Troublea,
Bratn Fag and Insomnla,
DleeaseA ot tbo Cliest,
DijoaBea of the Circulatlon.
Dlaoases of Women not Snrglcal,
Bar, Hoao and Tbroat.
J Gnlvanic and Suinsocnnl Cur
i! rent3 ia fonn of Electric
f Baths in Cbronic Elieuma- $
tism of tho Joints.
Troated by Eleetrlo Baths.
Approxlmatoly as follows:
For a dlotanco of
5 Wlllos or loss, . 10 cents
5 Mllos to 10 mllos. 10 conta
' 10 Mllos to 20 Wlllos, 20 conta
20 Nllles to 30 Mllos, 20 conts
30 Mllos to 45 Mllos, 30 conts
Itntes for U'realor itlHtiincus In proportloii ,
Apply for ncliediile of rati'H to
Serviceable Stockings
for Children.
2 vaivs for 25 cts,
All sizes. Fast colors.
28 inch Laivns.
New patterns.
4z 1-2 cts. per yard.
And Blind to His Own Interest
A mtm raust bo to tlirow our Real Estate
opportunities over hia ahoulder. The cheapest
way to Hvo on tho tup sholf is to own a honio
and to savo tho dilTorence betwcen ront anil
the sniall aruount required for taxea nud iu
surnnce. Through ua a good propcrty niay
nlao bo sccurod which will pay a handaotue
atmual dividend aud increase in value.
Clairvoyant and
Magnetic Healer.
Treats a!l classes of diseases
without medicine.
Prof. Wilkins will tell you all
about your case without ask
ing a question. Consulta-
tion Iree. lerms reasona
ble. Call and ste him at
his new office in Opera
House Block.
Days: Monday, VVtdnesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Rest Home, 25 Kent Street.
Patients taken at home for
care and treatment.
Situated ouc-balf milo from South
Barro station, post-ofllco and school
Contains 72 acres of land, suitably
divided into tillago, pastnro and
woodland. Hunning water at house
and barn. Good fruit and sugar
orchard Tcrins easy. Would ox
chano for a villao homo
Sept. 20 South Barre, Vt.
A TAMILY Library
The Best in Current Literature
$2.60 PER YEAR; 26 CTQ. A COPY
aic!jm;-m $aunra:l.
The Vormont Watohman Gompany,
At Montpelior, Vt.
Husluuss Jloro Moutlou
great dlscomtort and loss, but fortunately
lt ls seldom known. A vaat nmount of
mlsery in causeil at thla Benson, howovor,
by Itnpovnriahod blood, poor nppotlto and
Ronoral deblllty. Thoao condltlons may bo
remodlcd by onrlchlns the blood and tonlng
the stomaoli with Iiood's Saianparllla. Tlils
medlclno sooms to put new llfo Into tbo
wliolo phygical aystetn, slmply beoauae of
Itn wonderful power to purlfy, enrlcb and
vltalizo the blood, creuto an appetlte and
lnvigorato the dlgostlve fanctlons. We
advlno you to got a bottle and try lt lf you
aro not foeltng just tigbt. It will do you
moro good tbau a siz weeka' vacatlon. It
ia the bo t medicine tnot.oy can buy,
A Summbr Fbast. The sutnmer nn
nounceinunt ot features which tho Bostou
Journal ln maklug Is particnlarly entlclng.
Next Sunday beglna a sotlea of Btorlos by
Seuman McManuo, tho (auioua Irlah wrlter,
wbose work has attractod bo wldn atton
tion ln thU country w thln the paat year,
and wboBu storlea appear frrqaontly lu tbo
high-clajH magazinea. A partlculnrly read
ablo Hories, too, la ibat ot illustratod artl
olefl about some of tho most fauioaa of New
England sumtnor rosorts; nrtlcles that toll
lntorostingly of the poople wlio are the cou
tral figurea In tho BUininer colonles each
yoar. lbo aorlos lncludes, among other
places, Uublln, N. II., Manchester, Pever
ly, Kuwport, Illnglmm, Nahant, Mount
Desort, Mo., Boxford, Glonceater. The
balf-tono llluatrattons, which have done so
much to mako the Journal famons among
uewspaporH, will be continued durlng the
Arabolla G., wldow of the late Eraatus
Hubbard, dlod Monday afternoon at her
home on Maln street, agod elghty-four years.
Evor slnce the death of Jobn K. Hubbard,
hor beloved aon, Mrs. Hubbard has been
gradnally failing, although hIio wasconfined
to bor bed only a week. She was attackod
by no nartlcnlar dlaeaae, it wan almply a
gradual letting go of llfo and death catne
Mrs. Hubbard waa born in Ghelsea,
Novembor 2G, 1815, aud waa a danghter of
tho late Ampllaa Itlako. She marrled Mr.
Hubbard May 2, 1837. After thoir marriage
Mr. aud Mrs. Hubbard llvod two years ln
Chelsea, andthencame to Montpelier where
Bhe had slnce resided. A quiet, gentle
soul who loved ber homo and famlly aho
made many frlends durlng tbe actlve years
o( her llfe, and much aympathy had been
lelt oi late lor uer m nor ago anu lonoll-
ness Mrs. Mury B. Feck of Montpelior, a
half-sister. la tbe only surviviue near rela-
Fnnoral sevlcea will be bold Wednebday
afternoon at throe o'clock from her late
home, Hev. J. Edward Wrigbt ofllclating,
nnd the bnrial will bo ln the famlly lot iu
Qroen Mount Cemetery.
Goshen, III.
Geneasee Pure Food Go., Le Roy, N. Y.:
Uear Slr-: Some days alnce a packaee o
your GKAIN-0 preparatlon waa left at my
ffice. I took: lt liotno anu gave lt a trlal,
and I havu to eay I waa yery much pleasod
witu lt, as a Buoatltute lor colreo. We uave
alwayB used the beat Java and Mocha in
our famlly, bnt I ain free to aay 1 Uke the
UllAlN.U aa well as tho beat cotloo I over
ReBpectfnlly yonrs,
A. 0. Jackson, M
Tho celebratlon at Cabot proved a grand
auccejB. iSverytuluR pasaod oll ln Uno
tyle -knd was prouounced by all preaent
to ecllpse all predeceBsora. The atreet
parade aud processlon waa even moro tbau
was ezpected or an(iclpated equallng tbose
of even largn towns in pageuntry and at
tractlveneas, conslderable sklll and taste
being notlceable.
uulto a number oi coou-natureu take-olls
protented themaelvoa. Among the features
ol the parade was the elegant blcycle buggy
and tnrnout of Mrs. Julla Horrlck, the
trlmmlnizB, tiBDnlnee. otc. belnc arraneed
ln artlstio atyle and grace which was lndeed
strlking and handsome. Our saddler, P. D.
iittLllll, also nau an equlpment well wortby
of mentlon and a rirst place. Tho arrange-
ment lor the ulsplay ot bla profesBlon was a
float wltb a tall beautifully covered struc
ture. draped in colors. buntincr. etc.. which
made a marvelous effect.
Tbe eleetrlo light plant of Cabot waa
brougbt out in good atyle, dotng credlt to lts
origlnators. The outnt Bettlng forth tbe
creamery olllclalB preaenteu a ludlcious,
laugliaule puaae, qulte uncontrollable, anu
the veblcle and occupants representing the
Marshfield creamery teat of 1,500, qulte took
tlie caKe oi lony. All tue places ot uusiness
were represented in approprlate stvlo and
get up, attestlng'to the llfe and bustlo of lta
nualnesa men. ln tue blcycle paraue Mar.
jorle Wells got tlrat prize for the best-
trlmmeil wneei; Aua rnioueau acconu anu
Ada Nelaon third.
In the blcycle race H. A. Heath received
flrat prize, tbe second one beiuz divided be-
tween tne next two uosc tiy agreemeut. All
tho other races, etc passed oll ln flneahape
witu a Eood numuer oi contoBTauts. xne
speclal featuro of the afternoon waa tho
conteat between the base ball teatns of
Woodbury nnd Marshfield, resultlug In a
victory to tho fortuer in a soore of 12 to 0.
The game was well played throughout and
lioemy watcueu oy tue crowu.
Tbe Ureworka In the evonlue brousht out
a lurge crowd who bebeld tbe flneat dle-
piay ln pyroteclinlca over seen ln town,
ISy a party who counted the number as.
asmbled lt was stated that about 3000 gatb-
ereu to witueca tne aportB. rue parauo
committeo ezpressed their thanka to those
wboao matorlally asalsted them. The day
was couBplcaouB on account of the civillty
and good bebuvlor of everybody, no cases
of lntozlcation helng reportod. Everybody
went home well pleasod and satlatled, thua
cloalng a aaccesaful day to uiorcUanta and
all ln every way.
Wlint Sliall Wo Havo for Dcsserll
Thla questlou arlses lu tho famlly every
day, Let us auawer it todav. Try Joll-O,
a uelicloug and healtbful dos'(crt. Prepareu
in two mlnutes. No boillugl no bakingl
add bolllug water aud set to ccol. Klavora:
Lemon, Orange, Ilaspberry and Btraw
bairy, At your grocere, 10 conts.
In Uennington county court Monday uf
toinooii NeUon W. Gower, who had been
cnnvlcteil uf manslaughter ln caualng the
death of Mrs. Florence I. Hall by reckleas
ly drivlng over her, was Henteucedby Juilge
Wblsou to norvo soveu years ln state'a
prlsou at hard lahor and to pay costa of
ttlal. Theau will amount to fully 8500 and
tbe costa will add about four soiUh to bla
aeuteuce. Ezceptlons will be flled and the
caBe taken to tne uupreino uourt. uower
ia now in iall In Maucbeater but will nron-
obly furniah 810,000 ball which will be ac-
ceptoa, peuillng tue uecision oi tue Bu
preme Couit,
Ofllcer Wood ls taktng a wook's vacatlon
from his dutiea, OHlcor Ilrown ls supplj
Ing in his placo as regular patrolman.
Hon. W. P. Dllllngham wont to Brattle
boro Monday to ooudact n hoarlng ln a
Unlted Statea caae bofore Judge Wheoler.
Mr. and Mra. Vlnton Wool of Bpringllold,
Masa., aro gunsta of L, P. Lawronco for a
fow days beforo going to Calais to vislt rel
atlves. Mrs. Mary Itoed and aon of South Woy
mouth, Mass., aro gnesta of Mra. J. V, liab
cock. Mra. Kood was a daughter ot tho
late Goorgo N. Clark of East Montpelier.
Mr. and Mrs. Uonry L. Farwell went Sat
urday to Concord, N. II., to remaln with
Mr. Farwell'a slstor over Sunday. Ou Mon
day tboy went to Franklin, I'a., for two
Ilobort Wholan ls contemplatlng tho pur
cbaae of au automobilo with a capaclty for
currylng Uvo poaseugera. It Is sald bo will
rnn lt for rorenue wben ho la oif duty aa
W. h. Scovllle, formorly of this city, has
been elcctod first lleutonant of Compuny C.
Eighth reglment, Masaaohusetta Natlonal
Quard. Thla company ia located at Cam
bridge, Mass.
The Woman's Chrlstlau Temporanco
Unlon will meot wltb Mra. Mary l'utnam
.Wedneaday aftornoon at 2:30. Thero will
bo a report of tbo county couvontlon and a
qulz lu tho State mlnutes.
Two more carloada of Bteel material for
tho Churles streot bridgo have arrlvod. Mr.
Uough ol tho Groton llriuge uompany is in
town making arrangements for malorial
wltb wbich to conBtruct tbe falae work of
the bridge.
Tbe Governor and Adiutaut General
have lssned goueral ordera for the aunual
muator of the First Reglment, to bo beld at
tbe Stato camp-grouud, near Fort Ethau
Allon from Saturday, Auguet 11, to Satur
day, August 18, InclnBlve.
S. S. Iiallard, tbo agent, has luat loarnod
that tho steamor Fuerat Ilismarck of the
Hainburc-Ainerican llne on which Eruost
Jacobsen, T. W. Wood, ond Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Hurgeas of thla city aalled for Ger
mauy Juno 28, had urrived ot Hambnrg.
Frank LaBountv. who waa tried in city
court Saturday aftornoon on the chargo of
lntozlcation, was found gullty and Uuod,
with costa, S21.05. Iteapoudent took ezcop
tions, senteuce was atiyed and causo passed
to anprotno uonrt upon uis lurniauiug uau
lu the auui of 50.
E. E. Ulakelv has declded to undergo au-
otber surgical operatlon upon hla iujured
foot. He will onter the Hoaton hoapltal
about tbe tnlddle of the inonth and will
have the heel of hia foot removod cloao to
tho ankle joiut. Aa lt ia now lt iuipeiles ula
walk aa tbe muscles of tho heel are useleas.
The Montpelier orcbestra of Qfteen plecei
has been encaced to furniah musio for the
seml-centennial celebratlon ot the Mational
Llfe Insurance Company uext Wednesday,
Thuraday and Frlday. The baud haa beon
engaged to nirnisn music ut tne ciam uaice
wblcti la to be given under the same auspl-
ces Frlday afternoon.
Among tho out-of-towu muaiclana who
will play with th Montpelier orcbestra
thla week attho varloua Natlonal Llfe func
tions are J. A. Heardon of Urockton, Mass.,
tlute and piccolo; Hort Watermau and aon
of Burlington, violins; Carl Beedlo of
Keone. N. II.. 'cello. Thua augmeuted the
orcbestra will be seoond to uoue.
The commlttee of one hundred on India
famlne relief, of New York city, has Bent to
thla city circular letteta in the form ot an
appeal for contrlbutlona from lndlvlduala of
from two to five cents per day for tbe ald of
the 60,000,000 famlne strlcken people of In
dia. Thouaands, lt la sald, are atarvlng
every twonty-four hours.
Thore will be an all-day moetlng on Wed
nesday, July 11, at tbe Erangolical church
at 00 State street. Servlcea will be hold at
2 aud 7:30 r. m. From tbls tlme on tbere
will be au all day meetlng once a montb.
On Sunday, July 15, Chlldren's Day will be
observed. Approprlate ezercisea will be
held by the children. All aro welcomo.
J. V. Brooka and daughter Ruth went to
Boston Sunday night. Mtas Kuth will go
to Wlntbrop Beach to remaln with the fam
lly of C. H. Deming, while Mr. Brooks goea
to Halifax, N S., to attoud tho meetlngs of
the Natlonal Instltuto of Instruction. At
lta close Mr. Brooka aud M. S. Stone will
go to tho Malue woods on a flshlng trip.
Francla Gravolln waa taken before acting
Judge Laird in city court Monday evenlng,
charged with a tblrd oifenco of intoxloatlon.
He pleaded uot gullty, but was convlcted
and flned, with coata, $37.00. He appeatod
hla case to county court, and ball in the
Bitm of JIOO was fnrnlshed by Oughtney
Jaugraw. It la understood that u guurdtan
will be appolutod for Gravolln.
The Montpelier frlenda of E. H. MUIer,
tbe Itepreseutative from Dummeraton iu
tbe LegiBlature of 1808, who often had the
pleaaure of llstoulug to his cultured barl
tone volce durlng that aession, will be
pleaaed to know that Mr. Miller has been
nomlnated by the Uepubllcana of Windham
county aB one of tbe Senators from tbat
county in the comiug Leglslature.
W. E. Adams left Monday afternoon for
an extended weBtern trip v hich will Include
the Faeifio coast and last two mouths.
From Montpelior Mr. Adams will go to
liuffalo, thence to Duluth by water, then to
St. I'aul, Mlnneapolls, YellowBtoue I'atk,
Seattle and Tacoma, Fortland, Oregon and
Ban Franclsco. Ou the return trip he will
mako loug stops at Salt Lake City and Dou
ver. Tho Sunday-achool of the Church of tho
Mebsluh has a vacatlon tlll Sentember 2. In
vlew of this fact tbe paator glvea a cordlal
iuvitatlon to tboae members of the cbool
who reiiniu ln towu to atieud tbe Sunday
morniug suivlce. That servlce to-morrow
will be esnncially devoted to the vouui.
The Suuday.Bcbool plculo will be beld ln
Dowoy I'ark next Wednesday.
Rev. W. W. Foster, ono of tho oldeat
inembers of the Troy Oouference, dlod aud-
denly ou rnurbUay at liis uome at ltounil
Lake, N. Y, Dr. Foster was aeveuty-niue
yeara of agn, eutBred the Troy couferonce
lu 1848, hla first appolntment belng at Hines
burg. He had also had pastoratea at
Whiting, Panton, Bridport, and at Oheablre,
I.aueaboro and New Aahford, Musa., the
lacter placo belug hia lnnt. He waa a faitb-
ful paator untll hla retl ement from actlve
servlce ln 1801
George M. Oarpenter received word Frl-
day eveuing inat au eieotrio on wnicti iua
wlto anu ilauguter uertruuu wore rnung ou
Woshlngtonjatreet, Boston, waa struck by
a awiUly tuovlng plece of flro upparatus,
and Mlsn Gortrude was badly Iujured. Thla
youug lady la pleaaautty reiuembered lu
Montpelier wbere Bhe speut the suinmer
two yenra ago. It ia not thought ber inlu
rlea will be fatal aud it 1b hoped they will
not be ot a laatlng oliaruotor.
Someslz hundred poople from Barre and
thla city attonded tho auminer tbeutre at
Dewey park Monday eveuing. The Carle-
tou combluatioua, whleb ctoated a "frost
at tbe tbeatre, havu goue Bomuwhere,no oue
carea where, ond the new mauugemont haa
put ou a company ot alx poople thla week
which, lt Monday nlght'a performance ls a
crlterlon, la bound to be very popular. The
apeclaltles nro of as hlgh an order as auy
vauduvllle evor seen lu thla soction aud
havo made a declded hlt.
Bethany cluirch was cloaod on Sunday,
and the congregatlon. by siieclal InvltMtlou,
worshlpped at Trlnlty church. At tbe
mornlng eorvlcn Uev. C. 0. Jtidklns, tbo
paator, dellvored a sorinon on tho neeu and
pruutlcablllty of church unlon, that was
vory cordially recolvod both by his own
parlahlonors aud by tboso of oiher chiirchea.
Speclal miifllo was provlded at. both morn
iug nnd evnnlng Bervlnos, whloh lnoludod
baritone HOloa by H I). Hopktua, and u
cornot dtiet by lllss Nolllo I'armeutor and
L. L. Leonard.
U. W. Soules of New York, a consnlting
ongluoar employod by aevernl rallroad ays
tema, ls ln town Inapoctlng tho auxlllary
oxhauat devlce for govornlng iho oonaump
tlou ot conl which Goorgo M. Carpeutor
aud U. II. Huff of Boston havo Inventod
und for soino moutlm havo boon ln towu
experimontlng on tbo Montpelier aud Wells
Iliver rallroad locomotlvea. In a teat mado
on Monday lt was found that the oonaump
tion of coal by the usa of thla devlce was
reduced somo thlrty por cont from tbat of a
forinor test.
A jolly party left Montpelier on Satur
day vla the Montpelier and Wells Rlver
rallroad for tho Isles of Shools off 1'orts
mouth, N. II. Amnug tbotn wero Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Blanchard, Mrs, J. Edward
Wright and daughters Rebecca and Slbyl,
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Morsc, bou and nurae,
Mrs. F. D. Dewey, Mrs. George L. Blan
chard, Mr, aud Mrs. WUIIs Blanchard,
George L. Itlnamau, Mr. und Mrs. Aibert
Jobonuott, Mrs. Arabella Blaucbard, Miss
Julla Huughtou, Miss Gerrrude Meluecke,
all of Montpelier, and Ira Calef aud MUs
Calef of Washtngtou.
A conservatory of muslo on the co-opora-tive
ayatom will be started In thla city tbls
fall under tbe dlrectiou of Prof. A. J.
Philllpa and G. II. Wilder. Tho objeot la
to glvo the people of Montpelier and vlcin
Ity an opportunity to atudy volce, piau-'
aud organ and orcboatral and band lnstrn
menta at tho very lowest poaaible cost. Ono
price per leason will bo cbarged for any of
the branches Bolected. Among thetustruct
ora outsido ot those above namod will be
A. F. Stockbridge ot the Boston featlval
orchostra, vlollu und 'collo; Lee 8. Tlllot
son of St. AlbauB, cornet and braaa lnatru
ments; J. E. Bt. Clalr of Boston, clarlnet.
A first class teacher ln harmony and the
ory. The old Llpplncott novels and general
Ilterary attractioua sooms to left little to
be deslred by tho reader, but the new Llp
plncott advertlaed elaewbere in thla paper
olfers for entertalntnent literature that ia
especially brlght and cbarmlng. Among lts
contrlbatora are the notable authora of the
times who will supply lts members with
completo novels. lta twelvo yearly issuoa
conatltute twelve complote story books,
and the price ls now only $2.50 for tho year,
The Llpplncott comea twelve tlines a year.
Each number la better tban a book from
tbe librury, and tbe coat ia only about
20 peuts a number. Tho reader doesu't
havo to go after lt, nor return it whon road,
and there aro no dues. Snbscrlbe at any
tlme. A good publlcatlon for the vacatlon
season. Subscrtptlona taken at this oflice.
A woman camo in on one of tbe nlgbt
tralna Frlday night aud golng to the Mont
pelier Houae registered aa J. Roberta with
out uttachlng place of residence, and waa
aaBigned a room. As she did not put In an
appearance down Btalra Saturday, tbo day
clerk went to ber room ln the afternoon to
onqulre lf she deslred anytbing aud found
that ahe dld not. Sunday mornlng Bhe
asked that a physlclan be aent for as she
was 111. Dr. I H. Flske waa Butnmoned
and npon making an examluatlon found
that the woman was about to become a
mother. She waa Bt once romoved to tbe
Heaton bospltal wlfljro she gave blrth to a
daughter Sunday eveuing. The only addi
tlonal Informatiou learned ln regard to the
woman ls that she clalma to have come
from Prlnce Edward Island.
Notblng Bucceeds llku auccesa and succesa,
wbicb Is attained by honurable mothoda
from small beginnings, advanclng steadily
step by step, year by year, untll It becomes
a aynouyiu lu the buslneas world, com
tnauds tbe plandlts of men the world over.
Suoh auccesa has marked tbe progross of
tbe Uuion Mutual Flro InBurance Company
of Moutpeller, wblch ou July 28, uext, will
celebrate the twonty-llltb annlversary of lts
bualness career. In lis Infaucy tho home of
thia luBtltutlon w.-s in the rooms in Unlon
block, which were occupied by tho late
John E. Hubbard aa an otllce at tho tlme of
his decease. On February 1, 1887, the ln-
fant baving attained to snch a growtb, new
and more spaciou.t quarters were allotted to
ium in tne i,anguon block at tne cornor ot
State and Elm streets wbere now tbe city
clerk and treasurer's ofllcoa are located.
Tht'Be quarters were continued in untll a
few weeks alnco whon the demands mude
by tbe conatantly lucreaslng bualuesa of the
lustltution were met by movlng to the now,
commodlous and olegant home which had
beeu prepared lor tlie company on tlio sec
ond lloor of tho Langdon block at the cor
nor ot iuaiu anu utate Btreota,
TliOHo new nuaners comblno luxurv wltb
practlcablilty ln that tbe four large, well
llghtod oflice room?, comprlslng tho malu
cuuutlng room, directors' meetlng room
aml secretary anu asalBtant secretary's or
nces, are exquisite iu uuisu aa won as
tauinped witu tne latest lmnroveu oulce
furutture and paraphernalia which are
noceaiary adjunots for the expedltioua
tranaactlon of an extenslve and intrlcate
The finlah and wainacotinc ot theso
rooms aa well as the furulturo is of rich
heavy mahogany. The celllnga and walla,
under tue Bkllltnl uand ol U. E. uugbee,
baVe been shaded iu tlnts ao us to bleud
and barmonize beautifully with tbo wood
work. Tne Uoora are ot pollsued dunrtereu
oak with rlcu rugs acattered about here
tinuo copper.
Openlng out ot tho co'.utlug room is tbo
large stooi yauit. iu tuls commouioua
Btroug-box ligbtod Jiy eleotrlcity, are ateel
drawura arranged in blocka In wktclfaro
kept In alpuabetical order tbo varlous rtc-
ords ot tue company, sucu as premium
notes. pouctoa in lorce anu out ot iorce, etc
Tbe oard systom ls seen at lta perfection
nero zor bo weu is it arranged tuut tne nia
tory of a polioy or tho bnaiuess of tho com
pany lu a town or county can pe seen al
most at aclance.
Also connocted wltb tbe countlng room
and at the sldo and rear ot tho vault are
aute-rooma and a luratory. Ono of the
anto-rooma haa been equippodwllb cabinot
lockera m wuien uro icopt ngenta- Buppues,
UlanLB, etc.
Tbe seu.otury. Uarlau W. Kemp. Is ln
cbaige ol the olllco aud haa threu regular
aaslsiunis but at the preseut tlme thla (orce
Iiaa been lucreasod touiuoraruy by two. ln
the early days ot tbe company. without the
nnvautages ol up-to-nato taciuties, oue per
aon transactud ull tbe bualueas wltb oaao
By thla coiuparlaon aome ldea ot tho com'
nany'H nrowth can be obtalned.
ApropoB ot tho approacblng passago of
tno tweuiy.nuu year murK, a uriei niatory
of the oomp.tuy will be luterestlug. Tbe
uulou Mutual was lucorporated Novomber
!1, 1874. Tlie llrat meetlng ol tlie lnoorpo
ratora waa beld Junuary 13, 1875. but was
adjourned to Aprll 27, 1870, ou which date
tue uompiny's ny-iawa were eatauilaueu,
and E, B. Oauipbell eleoted Presldeut, aud
nnn.nu W Taull.. U , ........ r .. A .
otut meetlng. held July 28, 1875, the Secre
tary reported appucatioua for Insurauce lu
ihe aum of 850,000, thereby making U pos;
Hiblii for tbe Company to cominouce bual-
neas under lta obarter ou that day. Tho
first polioy waslssuod to Marcus D, Gilman
ot Montpelior, Busluoss was sollultod and
taken earo of under tho conasrva'lvH rule
of Biuall pollclea on only tbe most upprovod
llno of rlaks. Tho coata and oxpons'i o( lu
aurance were anntiully apportluned througb
fthsessmenta upon iiou-g, given to tho Com
pany by thelnanrnd, ond for auch umonnta
as correspondod to the Mzo und quality of
the rlak, thns making tho Companv's op
eratlons purely mutual, uud tho coata of
insurauco to tho holder, commeusurate
wkh tho actual lossea, aunually Incurred.
Notwithstaudiug tbe cuuservutlvo tiature
of lta llrat uudertaklngs, the compauy's Is
suo of policles, durlng tho Hist two years,
equalled 1,1'Jl And lt continued ln this
mannor to gradually incroase and keep l's
boldlnga uutll 1881, wben lt vory rapldly
begu to Incroase lts buslnesn. The com
pauy doi-s bualuesa only wl'.bln the State,
iiavlHR upon lta botrd ot dlreotora a ropro
soutatlvo from the severul countlts. At lts
llrat aunual meetlng, held Ostober 7, 1870,
tbe followlng were olectnd dlroctorB for
Washington county, all from Montpelier:
M D. Gilman, Sumuel Wells, Jutnos V.
Brook, E. W. flatlny, W. F. Braman. At
thia meetiug also Mr. Campbell of Wind
ham county was electod presldeut, M. D,
Gilman waa olecti il vlce-prosldont, and W.
F. Braman, eocratary and treaaurer, Mr.
Gilman, havlng realgned, was succoeded,
as vlce-nresldent, by Jauies W. Brook,
August 7, 1877, who wbb lu tnrn followed In
tbat olllco by W. O. Forrin, Oc'ober 17, 1877.
At the annual meotlug of 1878 W. G. Fer
rin was olected prosldeut aud Hugh Ilonry
of Chester vico-presldont, tbo latter being
aucceed.'d by Mr. Brock in 1879, ln which
year, also, the cllloo ot aecrotary aud trcas
uror wm divided, A. C. Brown being elect
ed secretary. Mr. Brown realgued May 12,
1881, boing followed by Charloa II. Ferrin,
who held tbls poBltlou untll tbo aunual
meetlng of 1881, wben lt was agalu unlted
wltb tbat of tho treasurer's oflice, held by
Mr. Braman. In 1880 achange was made iu
the board ot ofilcers. Meaara. Braman and
Brock realgned. Charles II. Heath waa
elected vlce-prealdent, John H. Sentor, sec
retary, aud Harlan W. Kotnp, treaaurer
Mr, Heath waa aucceeded by Marcus M.
Cutlnr in 1888, who was hlmaelf aucceeded
In 1880, wheu he waa elected prealdent by
James W. Brock.
The followlng are th0 preaent ofilcers and
dlrectors of tbe company : Ofilcors: James
W. Brock, Montpelier, prealdent; Herbert
F. Brlgham, Bakersfield, vlce-prosideut;
Harlan W. Kemp, Montpelier, Becrotary
and treaaurer; Ralph B Denny, asslstant
secretary. Dlieetore: Washington county,
Ja-ues W. Brock, Arthur D. Farwell,
Hiraui A. Huso, John H. Sentor, Har
lan W. ICemp, Ibomas Marvin, Frod
Blanchard; Addison county, D. D. Uemon
wav: Bennington county. T. Hozlo Hall:
Calodonia couuty, G. M. Campbell, Francis
Swltser: Chittenden couaty. E. Henry Pow-
ell; Essex county, Franklin D. Uale; Frank
lin couuty, Uerbert SF. isriguam; uraud isle
county, George W. Beardsley; Lamoille
couuty, Heury M. McFarland: Orange
couuty, Curtla S. Emery; Rutland county,
John N. Woodfin; Windham county, John
H. Merrltteld; WindBor county, Fred G.
The growtb nf the company nmco lta or-
gauizatlon iu 1870 iaexhlblted by comparlng
the premium notes representing tne capl
tal of tbe company ln force then and now.
Premlnm notea ln force at end of the firat
year amounted to 887,880, and on May 30, 1900
ei.381.38H. rtie amount ot Dusinoss in iorce
May 30, 1000, waa 13.02G policlea, lnaurlng
810 088,000 in protectlon of which tbe com
pany noiiia tne promium uotes namou and a
net aurplua of 842,550. The company'a net
bnalneaa galna lor the year endlng August 1,
1899, were 958 po'lclea, 81.201 433 galn ln
amount of lnaurance and 8115,140 ln tbo
amount of premlnm notea.
Thns by careful and conaervatlve businesa
methods and lta policy of solection, inBpec-
tion, avoldance ol ovor-maurance anu cus
tom ot adlustment without litlgatiou the
company haa continued yearly lts progrea
alve work untll today lt standa among tho
llrat ot lts klnd among succeaatui com
panlos. "After sufforlnE from Diles for flfteon
years I was cured by nslug two boxes of
DeWltt's Wltoh Hazel Salve," wrltes W.
J. Baxtsr, North Brook, N. 0. It keals
everythlug. Hewaro of counterfelta. W.
E. lerrlll & uo.
Ronreaoutatlvo J. W. McGeary of Bur
llngton, ono of tbe delegatea at large from
Vermont to tne uemocratlc natlonal cou
vontlon at Kanaas City, waa at tbe Pavillon
today. In conversalion with a Jgubnal
reporter Mr. McGeary expressed hia entire
satlsfaction witu the Uemocratlc tlcket. aud
predlcted lt success at the polls iu Novem
bor. He ezpressed hla belief tbat Hteven
son's namo on tho tlcket will enable the
Dmocrats to carry Illlnols and Indiana.
It will be a battle all ulong the llne."
aald Mr. McGeary, "but I honestly bellevo
tuat Mr. Mciuniey ls not bo popular as ue
waa four years ago, and that Bryan has
more frlenda than he had then."
In regard to the cIobo vote on inaortlng
the IS to 1 plank lu tbe platform Mr. Mci
Geary sald tho South and West were aatls
llod with it, and tbat meaut euough elec'
toral votes to elect Bryan.
Mr. McGeary ia countlng on at least aev-onty-flve
Domocrats in the House of Reprea
entatlves this fall, and belleves onough Ro.
fmblicans will he wltb them to pass a hlgh
lcense hill. He belleves, at all events, tbat
no falr-mtuded repreaeutatlve should vote
ogalnst a refereudnm blll, tbat would glve
the people of the S'ate a real voico on tbe
Mnking a Will Lcarcs
tbe property to your famlly. lnaurlng your
II,. ... , I . I, .. ., - . Oll... I . 1
. I . .. II ,.,!, .1... ... n . I ... I .1.
tun iiuituj' .u mio iuu uiuucj iu uu niviii
Natlonal Llfo Insurance Company of Ver-
. i ' a 1 ) 1 1 . l . l . .. .
uiuui, o. UAimru, ucudihi Atiuut) uuv
Langdon block, Montpelier, Vt,
Mr. and Mrs, Felton returned from thoir
weddlug trip last Saturday.
Rev. J. L. Morrlll aud wlfo go to tho coast
o' Malue tbls week for a two week's vaca
Rev. L. H. Elliot will oconpy tbe Congrc-
gational puiplt nezt ouiulay.
One moro houae ln town has reached lta
contury mark. Tho house occupied by S.
Johnson at tbo Oxbow, waa bullt lu 1800 by
uoi, xiiotuns Jounaon.
J. il. Hale has gone to Kansaa City to at
tend the Democratl; natlonal convention
with tho vermont delegatlon.
Several children aro being eutertalnod ln
towu, sent uy iresn air iuuus.
Dr. E. A. Johnson of Boatou spent tho
i our 111 in town.
Mlsa Anna Morse, who apent tho wlnter
in uuicago, uaa returned.
The Fourth waa a very qulet day In town.
Mauy of our cltlzena atteuded tbe celobra-
tiona ut Bradford aud Woodsvlllo.
Mra, Kred Cobb aud famlly of Jamaica
Platn, Mass , are at hor father'a, II. W.
Balley'a, for tho Bummor.
J. F. Slator ot Lowell, Musa., Ia vlaltlug
at 8. Johusou's.
Mlas Annie Atklnsnn hnn Hrrlvml home.
haviug graduated at the Pratt Inatltute,
urookiyu, jn. x.
All who sufTer from plles will bo glad to
loarn that DeWltt's Wltch Huzel Salve will
glve them inatant and normanout rellof. It
will ouru eczema and all sklu dlaoases, Be
wato of counterfelta. W. E. Terrlll & Co.
To be closed out at
cost. We have a line
of Bicycle Suits and
Golf Trouscrs that we
do not intend to carry
over if price will sell
them. Fancv Plaid
Golf Trousers with cuff
of same material. A
line of sizes. Price
$1.50 to 3.00.
A, D, Farwell Go,
96 and 98 Main Street.
All goods sold for cash.
Store will be closed every
evening at 6 o'clock,
except Monday and
Kimball Union Academy,
Yougg men and women fitted for any col-
lege or scientific school.
College3 admit on certificate.
Three four-yoar courses of atudy; also
oratory, musio and physical culture.
Students of limitod meana given the benefit
of the "8400 a year" plan. Regular rates
very modorato.
Fall terra begins WedneBday, Sept. 12, 1900.
For catalogues address
President Board of Trusteos. 24
Whereas, my wifo, Mra. Charlea D. King,
haa left my bed and board without juat cause
or provocation, I warn all peraona from truat
ing her on my aocouut, for I shall not pay any
of her billa after this date.
Worcester, Vt., July 9, 1900. 20
Wells Klver.
Among the vlsltors ln town are Mr. amt
Mra. Goorgo Adams and children from
Waltham at H. W. Adama, Mra. Morrla of
Mont Olaro, N. J., at Mrs. Deminga, Mr.
and Mrs. Kimball of Wlaconain and Mrs.
Allen of Lancaater, N. H., at E. Baldwlns'a.
Mra. Lee and threo children have gone to
Canada to make a Bhort vislt among rela
tlvea. Mrs. Julla and Misa Kate nale of Boston
are eueata at Hale's Tavern where they wllL
remaln througb July.
Mrs. Julla Sinlth has gone to Boaton to
visit ber son.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Slack and Will Slack
ol Boston are gueats of their mother, Mra.
Margaret Slack.
Frank Dunlap nnd wifo of Sprinjfb'ld,
Musa., have come t o spend Mr. Dutiiup'a
vacatlou with bla mother and eiater at W.
H. Buck's.
Uerbert Patch and Mlsa Lucy Fortln wera
marrled last week. .
Mlsa Moody of Herwlch, Mass., is making
a short stay ln town, aa guest of Mra, Mun
sell. Mrs. Cora Learned entertained a few
frlends Thursday afternoon and evening.
George Dlmick is aoon to more Into Mrs.
Alfred Brown's houae on Maple street, Mrs.
Brown roaervlug three rooms for her own
The annual bauquet of the Flah and Game
Leaguo was enjoyed at Hale's Tavern Frl
day evening. A large number waa preaent,
and all prononnco lt one of the beat dlnners
the club haa jet had.
Dr. Muusell returned WedneBday from
Harwlch, Mass., where bo has beeu Blnce
May 1, engaged In dental work.
Atnolla and Aibert Jabn, who have beeu
vlalting for two wooks ln Maesachuaetis,
cjtno home laat week.
Mr. and Mra. J. E. Wortheu of Newbury
apent Sunday at Dr. MunseU'a.
Tho accnud regnlar meetlng of Corlnthlan
Chapter, Order Easteru Star for July aud
August, will be omltted. First regular
meetiug for July will bo July 11 at thoua
ual tlme.
Mra. Hutchina eutortalned a small party
at tea Saturday ovenlng.
Aftor July 10, untll further notlco, tho
atores will bo closed at slx o'clock, Tuesday
and Frlday nlghts.
E. G. Parker, who was stricken with pa
ralysia Mondav mornlng, May 14, died about
Uve o'clock Saturday evening. Funerul
aorvlces were hold Tuesday aftornoon ln tho
Congrogatloual church of wblch ho waa a
meniber, Rov George Oredoford ofilolating,
and burial waa at Boltonville where the liu
presslvo Maaonlo serv'ce was rendered by
Pnlaskt Lodge of which he had been cliap
laln for flfteon years.
The Apiictlto or a float
Ia envlcd by all whoso Stomacb and Llver
are out of order. But snch should know
that Dr. Klng's New Llfe Pllls, glve a
aplendtd appetlte, aound dlgeatiou and a
regular bodlly hablt that lnsures poi feot
healtb and great onorgy, Only 25c at O.
Blakely Drug Storo.

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