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the Finest
aund CaJ&e
It is conceded that Royal
Baking Powder is purest and
strongest of all baking pow
ders,absolutely free from alum,
ammonia and every adulter
ant. "Royal" makes the best
and most wholesome food.
Loonnrd Rolation and Miss .Tosio
Doiiahno woro mnrried liist Wednesduy
by Rov. WiUiiim Sehofleld, of our vil
lngo, at tlio rcsidonco of tlio lnttur.
A daughtor wns born .ltist Wcdnas
day to yonng .Tolin Wilfoie.
Edith M., only duughter of tlio late
Luthor imd Mrs. Alioo Brown Wuldo,
died last week at tlio homo of her
graudfuther, Denison Brown of North
field, imd hor body wns bronght hero
for burisil in our villnge cemctory last
Friduy. Althonjh ior somo years she
ias bt'im a pnrtial invulid, sho was in
truite fair henlth up to tlio llrst of last
WPi'k, wln'ii slio was fatally tukon
with hoarlot fovcr. Slio was twelvo
years of ngo. It was of tiiis little
miss tbat a fow ycars ngo wo mudo'nn
itom, wbilo slio was living in tlio
South. Hnving dono something that
cnlled for roproof by hor stepmothor,
slio folt that it ought to bo takon into
considoration by hor mothor that it
was "so hurd for hor to bo good in a
Georgia clininto. "
Ono of our farmors latoly paid $75
for a huudred bushols of potntoos de
livered in our villago.
Charlcs "M. Edson is drawing ico
from his pond onthoWnltcr Williams
placo for tlio lator supply of his cus
tomcrs. II o seenis likoly to hdve this
old to hinisolf, this yoar, having, it
is said, bought out his compotitor, Er
vin H.Murtin. Ho ought nowtomake
a living profit on ico, having boon
compollod in lato years, to soll for flf
teon conts a hnndrod pounds.
At tlio bi-monthly meeting of our
library association last wcek 150 books
wero taken out. Tho recoipts of tlio
meeting, iiioluding a sharo sold tho
daughtor of Lowis,M. Seavor, wero
Archio M., yonngcst son of Charlcs
0. Staples, after a long, sad, suffor
ing illness from rheumatic troubles,
died last Thursday morning at tho ago
of nenrly fonrtoon yoars, and was
buried from his homo ou Sunday af
tornoon. In this groat sorrow that has
come to his parentSj they havo rioh
consohition that thoy liavo '! d
nothing of the mo.st loving curo and
dovotion to thi boy so doar to thom,
to rostoro hoalth to him.
Noxt Friday ovening, Jau. 24, thoro
is to bo a sooiablo in tho town hn.i,
given by tho school ehildrori, to whieh
tho entiro town is invitod. No chargo
is to ,bo mado for ndniission and no
collcction is to bo askcd for, nor will
thoro bo any rofreshnients, oxcopt for
tho inner man. Wo shall look for a
largo and intorested andience.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilman I. .Tackson,
formcr townsfolks now of Barre, havo
gono to Talapoosa, Ga., for Mr.
Jackson's honlth, that requires a
warmer elimato in wintor than Ver
mont alfords.
A Sale on
Next week we take
and it is desirable to close out all odd lots this
week. We have done our part and more. . . .
Only ten CoatB nn'l Cnpen lcft, so
wo can't show you much of any ns
Borttnont, but wlmt wo liavo you can
buy at lmlf price.
We liavo fifteon Children's Long
Conts, nfjcs 2 to 10 yenrs, rcgulnr
pricea from 82.00 to 87.50. You cnn
buy thom this week al half pricc.
S3.00 Eloctrio Senl at
4.00 Eloctrio Senl at
4.50 Electrio Seul nt
114-118 North Main
Lewis JI. Seavor has recoived word
from Chicairo, of the doatli of V. L.
Seavor, tho ouly e.hild of his lato
brothor. and our former townsinnn,
Ezrn Seavor. Hodipdon.Tan.il. IIo
was forty-threo years of ago. lle left
a wifo and daughter.
Mrs. Orange Bunnister, died last Fri-
day atter an illness ot two wooks,
from lnilanimation of tho bowels. bhe
eamo hero from Northfield, as the see
ond wifoof Mr. Baiuiistor, the llrst one
havinc beon a duughter of tho lato
.Tohn Staiilos. Slio loaves a husband
and tlireo childron. Slio was a good
woman. Hor ago was lorty-livo years.
Tho Kimball sistors, MissIIelen and
Rov. Frnnces A., havo lately boen
visited bv a brothor, llev. .lohn Kim
ball, who comes baek to New Kngland
fioni Tltnsville. ronn.. and is to lo
eate iu Lyndonvillo, as a Universalis'
This story has come down to us of
tho bright riaughtor ot ono ol our oost
known villaKors. m an eariior iay.
Whon a child hcr mothor and an aunt
wero onoo talking over a mattor, in
hor lioariim, that socmcd to lntorest
hor little ears vory muoh. But there
wero liortions of tho talk that theso
grown folks thought tho little miss
ouglit not to licar, and theso wero
civcn in a much lowor tono of voioe,
a fact that did not escap' the notico
of tho child, av shown by hor com
mont, nairoly, " You whispor tho bad
dest part. " It may not havo been
nccossary for us to introduco this item
with that Httlo story lor wo Jiopo it
has heen apparont for ycars that our
itom- havo intendcd to whispor tho
"badilest part" of tlmigs that liappon
hero, so that thoy will novor bo heard
by the Watchman typo and get into
nrint. Sullico it to say tliat in tiiom
torests of temporanoo and morality our
commuiiHv is not asleei), ovon tliougli
violations of moral and civil laws aro
not ofton hero reeorded.
Sarah Beatrice, tho infant daughtor
of Dr. V. .T. Tindall, (lied carly on
Saturdav morinng, hor ago uemg he
tweon six and seven months. Sho
was a prottv child. Tho funeral was
, .ju Snnday, Rov. 1'Vances A. Kimball
The observanco of tho thirty-llfth
anniversarv of tho marriago of Mr,
a-'d Mrs. .T. B. Brockway by thoir
-,i.uliodist friends last Friday after
noou and ovening, was a vory success
ful and nleasant all'air. Rov. F. E.
I Currier read a llno and appropriato
Doom that had beon sohi m tor tlio oc
casion. aftor whioh he presonted Mr.
and lurs. isrocKway wiin a onair tuai
Mr Brockway caUs lns "old arm
chair. " Mr. Brockway is so mueh of
a hustlor that wo don't assoeiato him
with that old arm chair yot. Threo
rcoitations woro given by Mrs. Olivor
Dickinson, a song was sung by ilrs.
John Farnhain, a duct was given by
Odd Lots!
our annual inventory
A ,'ood 40 inch Unbloached Cot
ton, worth 7c, at only Cc.
Our best Blcuclicd Sliect, worth
G3 , at only 55c.
Twonty-tlvo dozon SnpkiiiH, woith
81.50, at only 81.25.
Ton dozon Bleaclied and Un
bloached Unth Towels at 5c each,
Ten dozon Iluck Towels, regulurly
bold at 15c, nt 10c cnch.
8t - Barre, VI,
Misscs Grcgory nnd Gurrior, violln
and organ music wns playcd by Mrs,
V. H, Ourrior and daughter, and a
recltation was given by JJossio Siovo
right, tho little graiiddaitghter of Mr.
aud Mrs. Brockway. Refreshments
woro sorved and at th closo all scom
ed doligtod with tho days' exporiences.
Ch.iiks iiihI liiiliiicd siiils iiiii licing ilis
posed of at s'linll pticos iit i I itni-r Vitts'.
11. II. Martin, ono of our leading
farniers is feoding llfty swino aud
flfty cows, this M'intor.
Rov. V. 10. Ourrior onleiated at tho
fuuorul of Mrs, llarry Fogg on Tuos-day.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Olarenco
MoDormott will rojoico with thom in
tho birth of a daughter last Sunday.
Ono of our nroiiiinent farmors tolls
us that holn is so scareofor fann work
that ownors of largo furms will liavo
to givo uji faifniiig on a largo hcalo
and do what work thoy can tliom-
Tho sub.icct of study by our Ladics
Reading Club noxt Suturday aftornoou
niooting with Mrs. B. 1 Sibley, will
be "Wordsworth. "
The rector of tho Kpisconal churcli
of Bnrro was horo last Saturday, pro
HUinubly calling upon somo who aro or
liavo beon, mcmbors ot tiiat uraucii ol
tlio churcli.
Teamster Jerry Fillold hanled a loud
of ico from 0. M. Kdson's jiond, last
Saturday, with ono horso, that weigh
od t, 100 pounds.
Miss Lizzio Lano has returnod to .T.
B. Brookway's family from a fort
night's visit in or about Middlebury.
Mrs. .Tason Johnson was at our vil
latre last Saturday for the iirst timo
nftor hor ruuaway somo days ago. Sho
has not reeovorcd from the groat and
iminftil shock to hor nervous systom
bytliat exporioneo on tho east sido of
our town, whon slio was rlding witn
hcr vouug Kraudson and driving lior
solf. 'L'he horso ran to the village and
the I wo i)cions weio tlirown trom the
sloigh near tho Mothodist churcli. In
hor state of intlrm hoalth it is a won-
der that tho strain upon hor body did
not itself work worso rosults ovcn
than it did.
What nmy bo dono in growing, suc
cessfullv, lillies of tho valley, in llow
or nots. niav bo soon in tho drug store
of Fred A. Ainsworth, whoro snoh aro
in lilossom.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilal Ohenoy now of
Randolph, camo horo Saturday as
guosts ot Mr, and Mrs. liarvey 1j.
Wo havo just beon favored with tho
smlit ot a woll prosorved printed lot-
tor that appeared lifty-ono years ago
last October in tho Mothodist papor
kuown as tlio "Uhrisitan Messencer,"
and printed in Montpolier. It wns
irom tlio pen ot Kov. Jiowis iiiu,
tho Mothodist ministor horo at tho
timo. and records the torriblo denth,
by burning, of Widow llarmony Clif
ford, a grandmothorof tho lato Lyman
A. Work, aud in tho house now occu-
ined by tho family ot Henry Foole
Sho was somo soventy-livo years of ago
and lived nlone. Somo of tho roaders
of tho Watcliman may recall this
tragio ovont and tho thrill of horror
tlint wont through thom r.. they saw
her eharred body in tho chair in wlncli
sho had diod boloro discovered.
Rov. D. II. Strong oillciated at tho
funeral of Archio M. Staples, last Sun
day nftornoon, and Rov. F. 15. Curriir
at tlio tunerai ot Mrs. urango liannis
ter, as also ata funeral in East Brook
field, tho sanio day.
Georgo W. Lyndo has resigued his
position that ho lias iiold lor somo
years as ono of tho diroctors of tho
National bank of Barre.
Lewis M. Seavor will go to New
l ork next wcek, on ono of his poriodi
cal businoss trips.
At tho celobration of tho thirty-llfth
anniversary ot Mr. and Mrs. .1. ti.
Brookway's marriago, last Friday,
there was an expressioh in tho poom,
siiocially furnished for tho occasion,
that led Mr. Brockway to recall and
toll an ovont in coniieotion with his
woddniK day. With his brido.olcet,
Miss Katc P. Dodgo of Barre, ho had
startod in a sloigh for Montpelier, to
havo tho knot tied. In thoso days tho
ico on tho rivor, tlns soutli sido ot
Montpelier, was used a good deal for
trotting and dnvmg, and Mr. liroek-
way, at tho proiior pomt in tlio lngli
way left tho lattor for the former, and
just as ho wns about getting on to tho
ico, tho brido-to-bo was tlirown trom
tho sloigh. Ho otl'ors no other ex
planation for tho catastropho, than
tliat it was 'kind o' sidlin there"
But however it .liapponod he wnsn't
long, ns it seomed to him, iu roscuing
tho woman from hor plight. With tho
woight of threo scoro and moro ycars
on lns shouldors- now, ho tlnnks ho
could not accomplish a siniilar rescuo
in tho samo timo, if it woro nccdcd.
But tho twain wont on and woro soon
mado ono and thoir lifo journoy sinco
may not havo known moro ot acci
donts than aro common to mankiud.
May its onding bo tho best part of it
Tho morcury wont to twonty-flvo
degrcos bolow zoro at our dopot, Mon
day 'morning last.
Mrs. Lucina Martin, daughter of
tho lato Russoll Martin, nnd wifo of
llarry Fogg, died on Sunday foronoon
nt tho ago of somo sixty-nino years,
leaving a husband, son and daughtor.
For sovoral years past sho has been
sufforing from eancorons troubles.
Ono after anothor thoso cancors havo
boen romoved, but others would como
and at last, after hor long, bravo, jia
tient strimclo, hor body succuuibed to
diseaso. Death inust havo beon a
sweot releaso to hor, and her friends
may well boliovo it was gain indecd,
to hor. Sho was buried from hor
homo on Tuesday aftornoou.
Olayton II. Martin is roimrtod as
without much chango sinco his surgi.
cal onoration week boforo last. His
eondition soems to bo vory sorions.
It is said tho oncino at tho Fontaua
Brothors granito iihint, will soon bo
put in ruuning order aud that Donnis
Carlin will bo wiinted as enginoor.
goodly numbor of our Ohristiau
Endoavorors wont to tho Ohristiau
Endeavor mootings at Barro last Wed.
Miss Luoy II. Paino of Bethel wont
from horo last week to Washington,
in tho interests of tho CorroBpondonco
school, of Springllold, Mass. Sho
will rotnrn hero boforo many days.
Aftor his loiig timo iuvalidism, in
which his lifo has boen nlmost dos-
paired of at times, Prostou Oross is
gainiug in flosli, at his old homo in
Now Brunswick and ho may yot bo n
vlctor ovor his throatonod consiunp-tion.
Thron funnrnlH Innl. Hniwlnr mwl (1m
dcatit of a fourtli porson the samo
day, was a most unusual occurronco
Tho annual mcotiinr of tho Will-
ianistown leoturo association will bo
hold at Lyndo's hall, ou Saturday
evoiiing, .Tnn. 25, at oight o'clnck.
'L'ho eoutinued succoss of tho associa
tion is largoly dopondont upon tho
porsonal lntorost of each aud ovory
individiial in town. It is oarnostly
deslrod that such au intorost will bo
nianifested by a good attcudunco at
tnis niooting. xno presonco or ovorv
soason ticket holder is especially ro
(litestod. WATERBURY.
Martin Ilonan, a highly cstoomcd
olti.cn of this town, died on Friday
after a brief illness. A wifo and a
daughtor, Mrs. D. T. Ilarvoy, survivo
iiiu. Tlio luneral will bo hold on
A. A. Gile of Bostou has been a vis
itor in town tliis week.
Frod Leaso has gono to Bothol to
spond tho wintor with Mr. and Mrs.
llarry Leaso. IIo will go to Cali
fornia in tho spring.
D. T. Hnrvoy's houso on Union
streot has boen wired for eloctricity.
It is now oceupicd hy Ned McGrath
and is tho loeal olllco of tho Consoli
datod Lighting Conipany.
Mrs. II. Cass has returnod from hor
visit in Manchester, N. H.
Waltor Corliss of Waitsfield and
Miss Catherino Wheeler of Duxbury
woro married this weok, Rov. F. B.
Koiiogg porlorming tho coroniony.
E. T. Ilouston is visiting at, his
homo in Stowo a few days.
Now is your good opportutiity if yoti
wish n fur jnrknt nt a grently rcduccd
p'k'o. Ilomer I'itts is whoro you will
ihnl tliom.
Mrs. A. C. Koherts, sitccossor to Mrs.
S. M. Yoik, will bo iu Watorbui y ou
Tliuisdny, Jamiary to do work. Any
ono wisliiug work done can lunvo onh rs
at tlio post-oriico.
F. M. Small, stato Grnngo doputy,
organizcd a Grango in Moretown on
Friday ovening.
E. E. Evans is enjoyiijg a trip
through Massacliusetts.
John ahd Cushman Gcary have re
turnod from thoir visit in Hyde Park.
Tho Congrcgational Sunday-school
has elccted tho following ollicers: B.
R. Domoritr, snperintoudunt ; W. H.
Trowbridge, assistant; Miss Oarrie
Wells, trcasurer; Miss H. M. Thomp
son, librarian.
Miss Bollo Cooloy is visiting in
Soutli Ryegate.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. Flannory aro
re.ioicing over tho birth of a daugh
tor. C. N. Perkins has purchascd tho
Lavanay farm of Fred Powers and
will soon oecupy it.
Mirfs Emina L. Davis has sold hor
millinory storo and will roturn to her
homo in San Francisco.
A. S. Atkius is employed as flrcman
on the Central Vermont railroad.
Tho wintor school on Blush hill has
oponed with Miss Frankio Smitli as
Miss Bcssio Bruco is onjoying a va
cation from hor duties at tho hospital.
Miss Elizaboth King has finishod
W'ork as operator in tho Morrisville
tolophouo oxchango and has roturned
to hor homo in this village.
Miss Bornieo Johnson is soriously ill.
Mrs. Robort Knowles is visiting in
Tho installation of ofllcors of tho
Odd Fcllows vas held on Friday evon
ing. G. E. Moody has purchasod flvo
draft horses in Boston which ho is to
uso in his lnmber businoss.
Miss Carrio Koen has been conflned
to hor homo for sovoral days by in
jnrios sustained to hor kneo by slip
jiing and fnlling on tho sidowalk.
Tho local professionul nnd Imsiness
mon aro contemplnting tho fonnatiou
of a social club similar to tho Apollo
club at Montjiolior. Thoro is a livoly
lntorost manifested in the idea.
Mr. and Mrs. Fiddock ontertaincd a
party of twenty-iivo ladios nnd gontlo
nioii from .loncsvillo'on Thursday.
B. R. Demoritt is on a business .trip
to New York, Phildelphia, Baltimoro,
and Washington, in tho interests of
tho Demerritt & Palmor Mnnufaotur
ing Compnny.
Mrs. D. W. Cooloy 1ms heen visit
ing in Rutland for tho past weok.
Oporations havo begun in earnest in
tho fnctory of tho Truo Mnnufuctur
ing Conipany. Alroady twenty-two
uuichiues havo been iustalled and ton
moro nro boing set in placo which
will givo emplovmcnt to about forty
porsons. Beginning with noxt Mon
day flvo girls will bo set to work each
day until tho full quota is fllled.
Charles Root has gono to Ormond,
Fla. , whoro ho is to bo employed in
a hotol during tho wintpr.
Frauk Kinc is recovorinc from his
long illonss nnd will rcsumo his duties
at tho Lyman markct.
Mrs. O. G. Hatch and M"rs. O.
Batos havo beon visitiiur in Bristol
for a fow days this wook.
Mrs. W. V. Brvan ontertained tho
Lndics' Aid socioty this wook.
Bert Woodard of Dakota is assistiinr
Georgo Woodard, his father, in tho
muiiuiacturo ot buttor boxes.
Mrs. Ellen Whoolor is visiting in
Dennis O'Dea of Burlintgon has
beon the gnest of Mrs. William
O'Brien , his daughtor, this weok.
Mrs. O. B. Portor of Waitsfield is
visiting in town.
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Rickor, who
havo beon visiting rolntives iu town
for tho past two months, roturned
this wook to thoir homo in Colborgon,
Miss Jossio Whoolor, who has beon
visiting in town for throo weoks, has
roturned to Ottawa.
Eldor J. M, MeLucas is attonding
tho Intornntional Advont Conferenco
at Holland, Vt., as dolgnto from tho
Vermont Advont Conforonco. Rov.
and Mrs. Georgo Tabor, Mrr. William
Patch and Miss Graco Prior aro at
tonding 'tho Advont Conforonco at
Stanstcad, P. Q.
Discoverer of Paine's Gelery Gompound to Wliom Thou
sands Owe Life and Perfect Healtii.
"Excopting its handful of magnifl
ccnt statesmon and its military he
roes," says the most recont writor
upon America, "tho peoplo owe moro
to Dartmouth'sphysician teacher thun
to any one man. "In every walk of
life, among tho highest olllco holders
at Washington, in tho homos of tho
best pooplo in tho largo cities, among
tho every day folks of tho eountry
families in comfortablo circumstances,
fiunilies that live from hand to mouth,
and could not, if thoy wished afl'ord
tho serviees of :tny but an ordinary
physieiun everywhero I havo met
pooplo to wliom Paiuo's Colory Com
pound has been a blessing. "
Tho story of tho lifo v ork of this
ginnt nniong mon has boen often told
nnd i fnniiliur to most renders. Tho
likeness abovo is probably tho best
portrait of him yot printed.'
It was tho world fained discovory
hy Prof. Phelps of an infalliblo curo
for thoso foarfnl ills that result from
an impaired nervous svstem and im-
puro blood which has oniloared tho j
great doctor to tho world and mado j
his lifo an era in tho praotico of medi- 1
cino. i
Tlio rcgulnr ineeting of Moscow lodga
of Good Tuiujilnrs will bo liuld on Eridny
ovuning of tlus weok instuad of Saturday.
Georgo Suinnur died suddunly lnst
Wodnesdny aftornoou of lieart disonso.
IIo wont into tho liouso of his ncnrest
iieiglihor, A. I', (leorgo, and coinpliuiied
of a sevoie pain niound tlio licart, nnd iu a
fow iuimiti-s lio was d-iul. Deceascd lmd
uo family but lmd lived nlonu ut tlio
old homo wliou not in Boston wliuro ho
had businoss interusts. Ho loft ono sis
tor, Mrs. Louisa Bouiis of Murslillcld, nnd
a brotlior, Alonzo Sumut'r of Diiucuuuoii,
I'cnii. Fuiioial soi viues woro liold at tlio
homo of a uicce, Mis. Horaco Buriiliam,
on Sundnv nnd tho- body was plnccd in
tlio roci'iving vsnilt.
A Card.'
We. tlm uiideivigin'il, do lieroby ugroo
to l'ffiunl tho liioiioy on u 50 eent bottlo
ot'tiioeiio's'W'uriniited Syiup of Tur If It
fuils to euro your oougli or cold Wo nlso
gimrniiteo n cont bottlo to prove satls.
laotoi'y ) iiiDUL'y loriiiKled.
II. 11. Niohol?. Middlesex.
Clias. l) Wnnl. Middlesex.
.1 II. Dniilols, Middlesox
.1 L Spauliliii!:, Wurreu.
II. V- Storllng, Warroii.
Sovoral from tliis jdnco nttcudod tlio
Froo Bnptist nssoL'iation nt tho Mondow
Friday, .Sntiiiday and Sundny.
Rov. J. A. Wriglit nnd wifo from Riuu
noy, N. II., rt'cuntly viaitml iu town.
Ray nnd Erncst Cruns of Versliiie vis
ited thoir sistur. Mrs. Wiunio Wiggins
lnst Saturday imd Sunday.
Mis. C. M. lirowu at tlio Iluiroiigli is
quito siok. Dr. Corwiu of Cholsca was
rvocutly rallcd to sco hor.
R. II. YVilliains is gainiug, IIo sits up
sovenil lioiiis in a day.
Edwiu lllauoliard nnd brido frm Lymo,
N. II., visited a fow days last week with
his iiuclo, Adonii'iim l.itcli, wliilo on thoir
wcddiug tour to liarro.
Prof" Phelps was born in Connecti
cut and graduatod in medicino at Yale.
His unusual talont soon brought
him roputation and prominonco nmoug
his profehsionnl brethren. First ho
was electod to tho professorship of
anatomy iind surgery in the Vermont
uuiversity. Next he was appointod
lcctnror of materia niedica and medi
eal botany in Dartniouth collego. Tho
next yoar ho was ehoson profesor of
tho chair thcn vacated by Prof. Rob
by, and oceupicd tho chair, tho most
importaut ono in jho eountry, at tho
timo when ho llrst formnlated his
most remarfcablo prcscriiitiou.
In view of tho overwholming testi
lnony to tho vnluo of Paino's celery
compound that recontly ajipoared f rom
mon and wonien of national roputa
tion, tho picturo of Prof. Phelps is
particularly intcresting.
Paino's Celory Compound makcs
peoplo woll. It is tho ono truo specific
rccognizo and pre.scribed today by cmi
nent praetitioners for discuses arising
from a dobilitatod nervous system.
Prof. Phelps gavo to his profcssion a
positive curo for sleeplessnoss, wast
ing strongtli, dyspcpsia," biliousnoss,
Tho Odd Kelkws aud Rclckalis with
thoir fiunilies aud mvitcd guests enjoyod a
very pleasant tiine at thcir hall last Fri
day ovening, when tho niuiual installation
of tho oflieers of both ordera took placo.
i Tho installation was performodby Deputy
iirnim iuabior i. niyers, assisteu uy
Giand Marshall G. L. Dwinull for tlio Odd
Fellows and by Deputy I'resident Mrs.
Eniily Roberts, assisted by Grnnd Mar
.shall Mrs. Murtha L. Goodale, both of
Montpolier, for tlio Robekas. The work
was douo iu n crcditnblo luanuor. Aftor
tho eorcinonios nll wero invitod to p.irtakc
of n freo bampiet of oysters, rolls, cold
luonts, picklcs, pics, cakes, doiighuuts aud
eoffeo. Full justico wns givon this part
of tho jiiograiuino. Tho remainder of
tho ovmnng was siient-in singing, protno
uadiug, eto., aud at tho late, or ratlicr
eaily liour, tho vouipauy broko up, nll
agrecing that it lmd been n most enjoy
alilo occasion.
Gcu. J. G. McCullougli of Bennington
will lecturo at Cabot in thu high school
locturo eoursu on Friday ovoning, Jauu
ary21. Gen. McCullougli is ono of tlio1
lluost in.itois iu tlio Stato, nnd tlio peoplo
of Cabot aud surrounding towns nro to bo
cougratiilated tlmt Siiperintendeiit J. P.
Lainsou Ims beon ablo to securo hhu for
tlmt ovening. It will bo au oratorienl
trcnt tlmt no ono eiin nffnrd to miss.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Carnenter are re
joicing over the birth of a daughter.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Ilowe of Milette,
South Dakota, are visiting Miss Martha
Gen. J. G. McCullougli of Bennington
will sneak In the town hall next rnriav
evenlng in the school course. lle is too
well known to receive any introtiuction,
The acricultural nieeting of last Friday
was very well attended. Much interest
was nianifested.
It is reported that J. S, Wilson is to
leave his farm and movc to Marshfield
with his mother.
Good Templars are hereby informed
livor complaint, nouralgia, rhenma-
tism, all nervous diseases and kidncy
i troubles. For all such complaints
i'aino's colory compound has succeed
ed again and again whoro overything
elso has failed.
No remody was over so highly reo
onnneiidcri becauso nono over accom
plishcd so much.
Today Paino's celory compound
stands without compotitiou for fced
ing oxhaustod norvcs nnd bnilding up
tho streugth of the body. It curos
radically and pormanently. Tho ner
vous prostration and genoral dobility
from which thonsauds of wonien suffor
so long that it ilnally gots to bo soc
ond iiaturo with thcm all this suffer
ing and despondency can bo very soon
romoved by properly foeding tho
nervos and roplaoing tho unhoaltliy
blood by a froshor, more highly vital
ized fluid. A hoalthy incrense in ap
petito and a corrospouding gain in
weight and good spirits follow tho uso
of Paino's celery compound.
Paino's colory compound is the most
remarkablo medical achiovement of
this genorntion.
that the union to bcheld at South Wood
bury will be on Saturday next, afternoon
and evening.
j The creamery made 15,027 pounds of
I uuuer in wie monin ot iJecemuer trom
i 2(5i?,238 pounds of milk and 3,172 pounds
I of cream ; highest test 0.40; Iowest, 4.00 ;
arerage, 5.0 Ij twenty-two and one-half
cents per pottnd was paid for butter and
, i5.oc ior fat.
j Mrs. B. G. Rogers visited Mrs. C. C.
, Fletcher at Swanton last week.
An error was mado last week in report
, ing Mrs. .1. P. Stone as recovering from
, illness sufficient to be up around the
house. Slie is uuable to leave her room
as yet.
Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Collins are stop
ping in town for awhile.
i Mrs. J. L. Herrick has had an offer of
S300 for hcr horse.
; Some little talk was occasioned last
week over the conibined action of several
of the taxpayers in asking the town grand
juror to enforce Chapter 199 of the re
, viscd statutes iu relation to ' Itinerant
Vendors." l'arties from Montpelier with
quite a niess of shop worn and out-of-date
artieles of nierchandise hired a room for
four days and endetvored to mhkc auction
salcs without a liceAse in violation of said
law. The citizens believed that persons
being allowed to come into town and bag
tlie peoples' monev to carry out of town
should pay for sai privilege the same as
all town taxpayers do which a licence
regulutes. The pirties left town before
any papers wcre 'served, finding them
sclves aniennble to the law.
Mrs. V. Uoger gave birth to a daugh
ter January 19.
Thla i)jnuture on uv. ry t . ot the gonuloo
Laxati ve Bromo -Quinine Tableta
ho rcmtHly tnt i nr. N u i'dIiI Iu day

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