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tor, lio sayt, boinp; largcly ln tlio lim
.iority. Sovorul milHons of miorobcn woro
fouiul upon a ploco of carpot ono luoh
Miunro takon from tlio floor of tlio
Ilouso of lloprcsentativon. Tho pro
portion of miorobon fouud in tlio Sciu
nto and IIouho of Itoprosontntivos wns
nn sevon in tlio foriuor to twoiity-thruo
in tlio lattor, tlio diHparity boing duo,
Mr. WoortH Riiys, to tlio iinproved sys
tom of veiitilatlou in tlio Sonato oham
bor. Digesfs )
wliaf you j
Tlio Kiiul You Ilavo Ahvnys Bmifrlil, nncl Avliieli lin bucu
iu uso for ovor .J0 yenrs, lins lorno tlio nlKimlnro of
. JffiiJ sounl supervlsloii sineo ils iiifancy.
v tafyrxJMcJUM Allow 110 0110 lo cleool vo you hi tlils.
All CoimtoiToUs, IniUations aiul " Just-r.s-goml" aro Imfc
Expoilmciils tlmt trlilo Avith nml cmliingcr llio licalth of
Infsmts nuil Cliiltlroii Expcricnco ayainst Uxncrlincnt.
Cnloria is a Jiai'inlcss sitbstiitito for Castor Oll, Parc
jroiie, Drops aiul Soothlng Syruys. It ls lMcasant. Ifc
ooiU.inN ucitkci Opiuni, Mor)liino lior ollior NnreoUc
iil-Uinee. Us aj;o is its guimuitec. It dcstroy.s Woinis
and tillnj: Feverisltncss. It cmos DiarrlMwa and Wintl
Oolir. It rclloves Tcctliinir Troubles, curcs Constipation
aiul Flatu'.onoy. It asslinilatcs tlic Food, regiiltitcs tlio
StoumHi aiul bowels, glvliiff licaltliy aiul naturnl slcep.
Tlio (JltiUUon'.s Panacca Tlio Motlicr's Frieml.
f J
Bears tlie Signature of
A Logacy of the Crip
Is oHou 11 niu-dowii svsleiii. Wonkness,
norvninuoss, lnok of appollic, ouorg.v and
aitiliUliiii, wltli disordotvd livof iiml kid
tiuyrt oftun follow an 11II aok nf tho wrotoli
((I dlsouso. Tlio groatost nocd then Is
Hloolrio Illltors, llio oploiiillil totllo, lilooil
purltlci nd ivulator of Stiilnuoli, Uvit
and Kidiu'V'. Tlimimiiida liavo pnivod
tliat llioy "wiiiiiloi'riilly sli-mithoii tlio
iiorvos. h'nlld iii tlii- svj'loin, and roftoro
lo hculth and uond siltl(.t uftur au altiicU
of tJrlp. If iiilToiiiiK, (ry IIihih. Only fiOo,
I'orn-cl fnlhfiioiioii Kiairaiilocd liy l.
Weekly Market Report.
Boston Produco Wlnrkot.
Commoii relrat
Clnilci' uxlrm iml tiroinU
MhmciMit.i cluxr iunl ilrnlKlit
.MIolilir:ili, eli'nr nml itrnlfilit
New Vurk clcnr nii'l ilrallit
Ohlii nuil f t . I.c.nlt clcnr
OI1I11 iiml t. l.imls llniltilit
Ohln iiml &t. I.mil imtont
Wlfcoiifiln tunl M (1111. l.ttcnt
(Imiiiilntol. luirrcl
('oiiimut, barre1
ItnK tuc-nt
2 40
6 W
3 00
3 5"
3 30
2 (in
3 00
3 70
3 !M
' a oii
1 3 ?n
' 4 IKI
4 -a
4 04 t.. q f.
J 7 2 fi
l "1 87
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Troo 1.
Truo 2.
Trco !5.
Trco 4.
Darint: tlio nast four years tlio Vor
liiont Kxporimont statign has conduct- .
td a sorics of oxporiments doaliiif; .
witli tlio llow and composition of sap j
iu tho sugar maplo. In spito of tlio ,
poor scasons a largo amount of data .
lins bcon secnrcd bearing on many
points of practical as wcll as sciuntiflc i
intorost. j ,
Amoiifj tlio findings aro some tliat
tlirow light on tlio (luostion, wliich
xido of tlio troo Rivos tlio most sap?
In tlio scason of 11)01 fonr trcos woro j
solectod for this work and tajipod at 1
tho usual lioiplit on tlio north, east,
Kouth and wcht sidos. Tho treos pre- !
Hcntcd as nearly as possiblo all condi- ,
tions of oxposuro. Tho rcsnlts ox- 1
liresscd in pounds of sugar obtained
may bo soon from tho following table :
North South. East. West. '.
It is thus seon tliat tho dirt'eronco
in favor of tho south and east sides
of a troo is quito pronounced, amount
ing to tliroo-tonths of a jiound. Sirni
lar trials comparing north and south
tappings mado in 181)9 and 11)00 also
givo rcsnlts that favor tlio south sido.
On typical sap days it sccms untiues
tionably truo that a south oxposuro
-vvill yiold tho most sap. On a cloudy
lnv when all sidos of a trco warrn
up eqnally fast it is moro nearly an
ovon thing. 1
A rcviow of tho flgurcs alsocalls at
tontion to a remarkablo diireronco bc
tweon troes. Numbcr 4, from which
tlio groatcst yiold of tho riohcst sap ,
was obtained, vas a largo vigorous
trco standing in tho open. As is well
known such trcos givo largo amounts
of rich sap. This is duo to tho in
creasod leaf area aud f ull oxposuro of
Hunlight. Tho green leavos in suu
linht. dnrine the summer season mako
Btarch from matorials gathored from
air and soil. This starch is storcd
throughout tho troo and is tho sourco
of sugar in tho spring. Sunlight, ox
posuro and leaf area aro thoroforo
important faotors in maplo sugar
Tho porcentago of sugar in sap from
dift'oront sidos of tho sanio troo is
fouud to vary but slightly. Vormont
Exporiuiont Station.
wliich may bo lacking in tho food.
It is roally a doublo loss to allow a
fowl to utilizo tho fat of its body for
supplying animal heat, as tho farmer
must regain overy pound lost beforo
ho will securo an increaso ; henco no
fowl that has reachedacortain woight
should bo nllowed to fall off a singlo
ounce. Foed for heavior woight and
hold on lo all that has beon gaincd
whon foeding for market. Tho birds
requiro moro food in sovcroly cold
weathor than in warmor seasons, a
portion of tlio food going to tho erea
tion of warmth. Ulean, warm and
dry qunrters will lessen tho domand
for food, as sholtor protccts against
wind and storms. Tho laying hcns,
howovor, in tho wintcr time, should
havo moat as well as grain. Too
mucli corn or whoat refards laying, as
tlio hens broomo excossivoly fat and
aro then in no coudition for produc
ing eggs. If fowls aro to bo mado fat
they should bo soparated f roni tho lay
ing hens. Moat and ground bono aro
tho matorials that servo to promoto
ogg iiroduetion, becauso they supply
substanues not so abundant in grains.
An ounco of loan meat threo timcs a
weck to each hen will not bo an ox
pensivo dict, as tho production of eggs
will bo largoly inercascd by its uso.
Livcr, blood niixed with mcal, and
tho cheap portions of bcef answer as
woll as tho best, but tho fat portions
of tho meat should bo removod. Tho
bones will supply limo for tlio egg
Washington, Fob. 0. Klliott Woods,
loading arehitect of tho Capitol, wlio,
in additiou to his regular profossion,
isa baetoriolonical oxnort, has discov-
ered that tho Capitol building is full
of gorms.
Mr. Woods says that tho Capitol is
tho liappy homo of tho niiorobo, and
tliat among tho gorms that dwoll in
the building aro thoso ot lookjaw, tu
berculosis, tyjihoid and grip, tho lat
mii.i. kki:d.
MhWllllKS, SHckt'il, )it lon.
Ilriiii, fackfil, whilcr
llran, riicked. tprlliK ,
Cuttonsceil nioal
KnsR-rn. cholcG fri'fli
r.astcrn. Tnlr Ui ixxl, ilo
S't.uml X. lt.,clmlci! rruli.(l"..,
21 S1 to 22 00
23 Sll 21 00
.'I M ' 22 00
26 7'i " 27 00
28 to S0
20 " 21
M " 30
SICHITHT yclliiw
No. 3
Uuoil, no grixlo
Aroostook llcbron!
New IlamlHilrc lli'lirons
Vt'iiiKtnt llt'brons
Nn. 1, ellpiH'd wluli'
No. 2, cllppnl nhlU'
Ni. 2 white
No. 3 wliltL'
lliJiTtt'il nliito
Mny, N. V. nml Oim., rliolcc to fmicy.,
Iliiy. N. Y.ainl C'unmla, fulr to (?ooil.
Ilay, ("istcrn. ordliiHry to fair
llay, cafttcrn, cointnoii
IIa, cHfitLTii, choleu tlnc
Hay. eastorn. coinition tlnc
ll ick.s lili
Sliort eut ch'iir
I.can cnds
I.a il-
C'lty ri'ndorcil. purc, lli
Wfstcrti coinitoiind
l'nru kfttlo, n'lidurcd
Slnoki'd llanis
lloston, small, 10
Iloton, iiM'dium
Ituston, larp;o
Ik'Cf, cholcc, II)
1 lcc I, ItKlit cholcc, lli
llcii.hcavy sood, lli
lUcl, Kood. lli
lUcf. hlndquartC'rn, cholcn
Ilccr, lilndinartcrs, ciiniinon tOKOod.
Itccr. inrcqiiartcrp, cholcc
Itccf, lorcitiartcrs, cotnnion to pood. .
Mutton, c.tra
Mutton, cnmnmn togooil
f.anibs. ch. cnt. II
.nmhs, cotnnion to (food, Ib
Veals, cholcc castcrn, II)
Vcals, lalr to pood ,
Vcal!. conunon
fiS to 70
(' 70
(,(l " (A
k3 " (ii
to f.O
" 6"
to M
" M
" to
" M)
" 45
IH 00 to 19 00
17 00 " 18 IK)
1.1 00
12 (10
II 00
11 oo
12 10
10 10
14 00
11 10
13 (0
13 00
l.T0 to II! 00
1G 60
"17 to
- " 18 75
8 lo 0
C 7&
" 11
8) to' 0
b " 8
V- - ?
10JJ " 11
S,' ' 10
W "
J " $
B " 7
8 " 12
8 "
9 " 10
7 "8
6 " 6
Boston Lumbcr Market.
i.ONG I.U.MllF.ll.
lU'inlock boatils, rontEh
Ilcmlock boardi, nlHlictl
lUnilock boaitlH, No. 2
Sirucu IikiikI, ll. clcarlloor
Sprucu huards, 2ds, clcur tluor
hirucc boards. coarsc,
prncc, intr. do, carfl
prucc, tnatchcd
llox hoardg, 1 In llangor
Ilox hoaid?, ord
llox buardfl, 78 do
llox huards, 3-4 do.
lloxhoariU, 111(1. .do
Ilox boards, 5-8 do
SIiIhk'Icf, Kastcrn sancd, ccdar tx
MdiiKte-s do clcar
ShhiKlcs, do 2ds
ShliiffU'S, do fx. No, 1
ShlhKlcs, do No. 1
Claplioanls, tlo 4lt. cx
Clapboards, tlo clcar
Clapboard9,2ds, clcar
Clapboards, cxtra No. 1
4'laPboaids, No. 1
I.alli, sprucc, by cars
I.atlt, eprucc, by carjtocs
12 00 to
14 i'0
11 Ci "
15 50
10 00 '
13 00 "
13 50 "
Pi oo '
12 01 "
J 50 "
9 .11 "
8 50 "
8 O'l "
7 0 'J "
2 80 lo
2 00 "
2 lu "
1 50 "
1 10 "
81 O'l '
2rt 00 "
24 (O "
17 50 "
10 00 "
2 85 "
2 05
IH 00
14 50
12 00
I'l 50
17 00
13 50
14 00
20 00
10 00
10 55
9 20
8 7.1
8 2-1
8 00
2 W
2 (h5
2 h
1 05
1 25
32 (15
29 00
20 00
20 50
12 00
2 90
2 70
Boston Wool Markot.
X and abovc 23 to 24
No. 1 26 " 27
No. 2 25 " 26
Finu nnwabhcd 18 19
Uiinicrcliantablc 19 " 20
No. 1, cmnblntr, ?, and blood 21 " 22
No.2coinblhK,!4 blood 21 " '22
Dclalne 28 " 30
1 CombliiKJj blood 19 to 50
t'oniblllK, blood " -0
K6e Verdict About
&r Poultry Food jz?
Savod Hlm from Torturo. j
'nioi'o Is no lii'ivo iiKonlzlim tnmhlo tliau .
plltis. Tlio ooiixtanl lU liliiK aiul iHirniiiK
niakolUV liitdlonililo. Tlic toi tutv an- '
foii.liiil. DoWltl's Wlti'li Ilnzol snlvo 1
tiiiroR plloi al ""oo. I-'or nklu ilUi'tiM'ji,
cut- luiriiH lniii08, all kindi' of wmunl It
lmiii . nlltl .1 -.(Jfillll, 1 I'aiil. Ark, I
I. ... iur. T aulTi.c.il vt tlif iint.
hl.l.l(lr lllll'K 1111(1 (MIIKI UIK1
tu Ii. Ii iiu iinlll I nsod IMViU'
l it- Snlvo. A fow lii'.M-s oiiin-
ii l iiic." lluwai'i' "i omnnor
W. I '. TeiTill & Co., C. Illakoly.
nmli '
W.i. ii
,,. i.
1". H"
tlK f.-f
fuv.l ((iiituins tho matorials
s bndy for oroating warmtb,
rrints iib fuol, tho bird itsolf
ntoiauo vpooptnolo. If tho
food allowod iu of a kind and (luautity
that will supply all tho warmth nccos
sary ir oold weathor tliore will be no
loss of woight i but should tho food bo
insumoi' nt thoro will bo drawn onough
from tlio storod fat to supply that
Inclosed please find chect to piy your bill, Please tcnd me one birrel Page
Perfected I'oultry Food. It U givme good utufaction. I think it a good (ood.
Yourstruly, J, W, MORH1S, Wbsturook, Mu.
We liave trled and old nearly all of the barrel poultry (ood whlcli lias glven good
satlsfaction, Now we would like another barrcl of -50 or joo pounds. Will end
check for tame wbcn recelvcd. l'lcase hip this ordcr at once, and obllge,
GREEN II ALCill & I1UADEEN, Coknisii, Mb.
I have sold and used nearly 1 ,500 pounds of Page's Perfected Poultry Food the patt
Beason, It gives good satlslaction I keep from seventy-five to elgbty hens myself,
and have a lot ot egss this wlnter and oprlng. I thlnk when your poultry food is
nroperly used you will get TWICF. AS MANY KGGS wilh it as you will without
It. You may send me 200 pounds morc at once.
II. J. 1IOU.1STKU, No. GRAnv1u.1t, N. Y.
Page'a Perfected Poultry Food is a good seller.and mycustomers are MUCII
TI10.MAS II. MOORU, Plymouth Unioh.Vt.
We have sold about 1,000 pounds the past wlnter of Page's Perfected Poultry
Food. and ourSAI.ES ARE INCKKAM NG rmht along. We feel confident that
our salcs will be greatly increased during the uun'nj; seasnn.
UAHGLK & NOYES, Sharon, Vt,
We have lud scveral lnvolces of Pag-'s Prrfencd Poultry Food. Thesalelsln-cna-inKwith
us. and so far we liave h.t.l tio nue Ln(t. auy coinplaitii against it,
whicliwe think bl'EAKS WKI.L H)l- 11'.
M. P. 1'l.Ul.bY & CO., l'NosHtKi, 1 aii-., Vt.
Page's Perfected Toultry I'ooil Is civinit aliffacli..n to all whu have tricd it. Jly
MVUON 1'RObbKR, CiiiiaTtRTowN, N. Y.
1 1 1. IX
Page's Perfected Toultry Fnod W the hct fm d for makine
henslay that I ever used. My custnmers ull rejiuii it a good
cgg producer. I have used it all wlnter, and my hens have
TOWN for the number of hcns. Ilupe to be able to handlc
morc ot it another euason.
C. F. SM1TII, Swanton, Vi.
Page's Perfecttd Poultry Food is Ihe hcst fond I
evtr uRcd, Have If d it ihc p.st wlnter, and liave re
ceived TWILE AS MANY EGGS as in (urmcr
seasons. U. U, 1'IXLEY, Norwich, Vt.
Tho stomach controlstho man. Itgovems
hlm botli physlcally and rncntally. The man
1b just what his stomach makcs liim. When
tho stomach ls rlght, tho man Is all rlght;
ho feols good.ho ls happy. ho is checrful, tho
world to hlm is all sunshine.
When the stomach ls wrong tho man is
all wrong. Hc ls out of sorts, lio ls ncrvous,
h6 ls lrrltable. ho is glooiny and degpondent,
ho is "cranky". His genoral dlsposltlon Is
such that nobody wants to havo anythlng
to do wlth hlm.
The Btomach ls tho organ on whlch tho
wholo huraan system must depend for sub
slstcnco and cxlstcnco. If tho stomach
falls, thon what is to becomo of tho rest of
tho body? Where-does tho forco of llfe
coraofrom? Doesn'titcome largoly from tho
food? You know that lf you stop eating, you
rrill dlo. Dut tho mcre catlng of food docs
not givo llfc. Food can no more gl ve lifc with
out dlgestlon than coal can givo hcat with
out combustlon. It ls not what wc cat but
what we dlgest that keeps up tho motor
torco of tho body.
Undlgested food Is not only useless but
harmful. It fermonts and tlccays ln tho
stomach, the evldencc of whlch you have ln
the distress you experlence, that feeling of
fullness, especlally after eating, llatulencc
(windon tho stomach) belchlng aud vomlt-
lng. Theso symptoms aro simply naturo's
warnings to you that uomcthlng ls wrong
and that you should do somothlng.
This dcenycd food polsons the blood,
through which tho entfro systcm bccomes
Impure and dlseased. When tho blood ls
bad lt is certaln to cause dlsoase of tho kld
noys. the livcr, tho heart, the lungs or any
or all organs whlch it Is intendod to nour
lsh. Properly dlgested food makes puro
healthy blood whicli lnturn makesahealthy
man by maklng overy organ of his body
Now howaro vo to get perfectly dlgested
food? We are all entltled to this but by lg
norlng or abusing nature's laws wo aro dc
prived of ttuiilcss wemakcotherprovlslons.
Wo can do this only by taklng tho rcmedy
whlch naturo h.n provlded, tho remedy
whlch coutalns a perfoct coniblnatlon of all
tho cloments Tvhlch niakc up tho dlgestive
flulds as they exlst in tho huinan dlgestlvo
In no other way can wo perfectly dlgest
all wc eat. Such a preparation is
KoaSofl Dyspepsia Gure.
It actually dlgests tho food itsclf and pre
pares lt to bo taken up by the blood. It
does this with no asslstance whatever from
tho dlgestive organs or thelr Julces. Food
in tubcs is dlgested ln our laboratory testi
as completely and perfectly as It would bo
In tho niosthealthy stomach. Isltany won
dcr then thatKodol DyspepslaCurelseffect
Ingsuch 8eeniingly wonderful curcs. It can't
help but beneflt. It's perfectly simplc, Just
as Bimplo as dlssolvlng a handful of salt ln a
pail of wator, becauso Kodol DyspepslaCuro
contalnsall tho necesaaryolementsto dlgest
all klnds of food.
When taklng this preparation, nothlna
elso ls necessary. You don't havo to rc
strlct your eating to a few "diets". That's
nonsense. Nature demands a varlety of
It requlrcs all klnds of food to supply tha
numerous dcmands of tho body. That's whjr
naturo gives us such a generous varlety.
Eat all your appetite calls for. That's what
your appetito Is for, to let you know what
element of nutrition you need and that'i
why your appetito or desiro for dlfferent
food changes occaslonally. Eat all you
want, Kodol Dyspepsia Curo will dlgest lt
and mako a new person of you. lt will givo
you new llfe, new strongth, new ambition
and a new appetite.
lt will onable you to enjoy llving as you
neveronjoyed lt beforo.
It will makeyou feel more llko living to
onjoy tho gnod thlngs In llfe.
A maii is 00 strongep t hsin liis stoinaeli.
After suffcrlng for scveral years all tho
tonnents Incident to that terrlble malady
known as dyspepsia or lndlgcstlon, I com
monced uilng Kodol Dyspepsia Curo. and
from tho tlrstdose I could feel rellef. I con
tlnued its uso till 1 had taken scveral bot
tles. Now I can sleop well and eat almost
anythlng that comes beforo me without ex
perlenclng thoso terriblo palns and horriblo
nlghtmarcs that follow Indigestlon. The
cold and clatnray night sweats havo dlsap
pcared and I am stcadily gainlng in
strength. I tako great pleasurc in recom
mending Kodol Dyspepsia Cure to those af
flicted with stomach trouble. Gcorge B.
Orr, Notary Publlc, McCutchenvIlle, Ohlo.
Before me, L. G. Westfall, notary publlc
In and for the couuty of IMg Stono and
Stato of Mlnnesota, personally came W. II.
Shipman, who being by me duly sworn
accordln8 to law, deposes and says: That
ho ls a resident of the Vlllage of Beardsley
and that for the last twenty-flvo years, hcre
and clscwhcrc, ho has bcen a constant suf
fercr from dyspepsia, that during all
this tlmo ho has trled varlous doctors, varl
ous remedics and all klnds of diet, with lit
tle or no relief, untll recently when hc was
lnduced by a frlend to try Kodol Dyspepsia
Curo. One bottle had such a satisfactory
cffect that ho felt encouraged to go on wlth
lt and now after taklng threo hottles he
feels about cured, can eat what ho wanta
with no bad effect whatever, that he sleeps
wcll at night and rlses in tho morniDg re
frcshcd and like a new man.
Subscrlbed and sworn to before me thl
10th day of March, 1900. L. G. Westfall,
Notary Publlc. Blg Stono County, Minn.
Gontlemen: During the last few years
my stomach was ln such a terriblo condltlon
I couldn't rotaln the food I ato. Two month
ago I conimenced uslng Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. 1 havo taken four bottles and lt has
cured me entlrely, so that I can now eat
and enjoy anythlng I want. Henry Wil
liams, Boonville, Mo.
Preparedby E.C.DeVYItt&Co., Cblcioo. The$l.00bottloconUlne 254 tlmes8rnucb(by actualmeaturementsttietrliiilzewklcliaellafor30centa.
ures all stomach troubles
Coinbtnp, brald....
ClothluK, t blood,
Cluthlng, coaro...
A flnc
A supcr
11 supcr
C sii per
C'ouiblnK. nuc
ComblnK, coliilnoii.
to 49
Vermont Markcts.
llutter, I'rt'sh Iu o Ib. boxcs, lb...,
Iluttcr. trcsh ih'W. ln tubs, Ib
Chcchc, dalry, lb
F.jor. dor lrob
I'otatot's. biishcl
Hoks, llc, II
Ilogs, drescd, lb
I.Hiubs.iier lb
Vcals. Ilvc. lb
Chlckcns, lb
Fowls, II
urkcys, lb
llutter. dalry
E?Ks. ijoz
l'otatocs, bush
Hokh, dresg.rd, lb
Vcala, llvi-. Ib
Sprliie laiubs, Ib ,
Itccf. hliulquHrttTS, lb ,
lleif, forcQiinrti'rs, lb
Fonls, lb
Hprlng cblckcns, lb
Turkc-ys, Ib
llutter, crcHincry. lb
llutter, dalry, lub, lb
llutter, cratus, Ib
tlheese, faclory. lb t... ..
t'hccsc, dalry. lt
Cheese. sage.lb
Kkks, doz 4
lTuics, live, lb
Hojrs, drcs&cd. Ib ,
Veals, Ilvc, lb .. ..,.........-
Ileef, lilndfiuarters, II
llecf, furenuarters, lb
Sbcep, llvc. lb
Sprlux lanibs, Ib
Turkeys, lb
8t. Albaus-
Iluttcr, creaiucry, lh,.,, ,
llutter, dalry lalr toool,lb..
llutter, ilalry, selectlons, II
Hulter, dalry, separalor, lb,.,,,
Waterbury -
to 21
" 21
.. 2
" Vi
" ao
" 8
" 8
" f)
" S
" 1.1
" 10
" IS
21 " 2:1
21 " Vi
70' " ,4
7 " 8
4 " Ii
C " 7
14 " 15
13 " 14
20 " 22
20 " 21
21 " 21
" I2'J
" 12K
21 " 2i
GS " 7"
6 " 7
7 " 8
" 8
' 8
3 " 8
" 3
12 " 14
12 " 14
20 "
20 " 22
20 " 22
13 " 20
21 " 22
20 " 21
20 " 2t
65 " 70
6 " 7
7 " 8
3 ' 4
3 " 4
12 " 14
12 " 14
Ilutlcr, fresh, Ib
llutter, crates, box, lb
Erks. doz
1'otatoes, bush
Iloifs, lUe, II
Ilotfs, dressed, Ib ,
I.aiiibs; lb...,
Veals, Ilvc. lli
C'likkeiis, II)
Turkejs. lb
ltETAll. DF.AI.F.IIS I'ltlCKS.
Flour.Sprllig Wheal, liairel 4 75 tn 8 00
Flour, Wlnter Wheal, barn l 4 78 "8 im
Floui, Fanilly ltoller, barrel 4 75 "8 0.1
Fcvil.cn I 1 40 " I 41
Meal.cMt 1 SJS " I 8
Ml.idlllil.'K, cwt 1 28 " I
Oals, hnsli 81 ' .'.6
Porn, m- 73 ' 7.1
n n, ct 1 H 1 25
II .ns, busliel 2 98 " 2 4"
Clork's Wlso Suggostlon.
"I lmvo lul'l i 1 'i ' ii ii I1, 'l ' 'ii
dv-t lMiil. lu b l i' t I n i- ft.n i i. I,
wri .s i'. H !' i l. i'i . ) : i s m -i
Altlflidi'... Mll-. "I i' nlil i-iil Ii ii :
t iiiio w n Uont -'iH. ii i 1 m . . r 'I
cli't'K kiiui I l' K i.l ' Ii -
ClllC Wlllcll I llHl I III ll ' ' I' 'II
I li;tw Imil iii.il.! I'n h
i im no ln i'iii iir: " ''Ii i- '
aiul iinl- if'i i -i '! i !i.'i' ilii'i --
I nii ti u-f Ii' i .i i '
it .1 I 1 !-l-lh i I'' Y ''
II IM I" iMfl. I '
w ml lutt 'Inii I " ' i i K .
'I.il l) hn-p-.)ii '
v. i:, ivmii jt! i .
from Ihc wo-t. At tlio olosi' N'o. l yi'lloiv
iiud stciiuii'i' yclliiw im liitck aro (uotod
at fil) l-:ic, wilh lowi'i' grii'lot down na to
Ititilily and oolm'
Oais. Tlioiv is ii fluw (Irituind illid it
(loc- nol luku miioli to nioot lm oi s' noods.
Tlio tfitdo nppotif.-i to hc ivi-U snppliod ror
llio pio.-ont iiud it 1 only iu tt IiiiikMo
ttiiintli way llitit piuolnisos nrobohig mado.
KorNo 'J I'lippi'd tvhlto on iri.fU tiiiiiiii Wo
I- a lnlf iiiiotutloii ut tlio flo-o, ivith tlu
iimgo down on lowcr -:nidor. Fauny
ol'ppt'd wltlto lo tin ivo aio (pioti'd at Mi to
no l-u'o.
1)iii:n-ii ii l'otn.Titv. Hoocipls lmvo lifou
lilit for tli( piist wook iiud iiltlionli fomo
lots lmvo lioou doluyed by sntv flonns
tlioi'u is onlv n iiiiiilonilo tpiiiutity duo
Tho iniirkot has rulod vory llrm iiikIit tho
liglit snpiilios, aiul olost's a (.liailo hiahor
on ull kiiidM, Imt llio liifih prioos ohook
tho doiiiiiiid iiud trndo U cpiiet. Tui'kois
lmvo bfi'ii solllii ttt 11 to 15o ".eiionilly.
with somo lnto siilos of olioico liona ut
IR WJo I'hoioosoft woslorn ohiokons vi-ry
soaroo tmd wimtod al Ho. Imt plonly of
Imi'd fttty stook nt III to lL'o. Westorn
fowls lmvo boon iu good doimiud, tivonmu
lots nt lio and oxtrn houvy nt 11 l-L'o, hut
uloso tt Imlf oout IiIkIiui'. Capoiis hold
llrm, host inai ks at 17o Uuoks iu sluady
doiimiid. (ifcst! (iiiot.
Lii.-Miir.il Ordora nro not so ploiitiful as
llioy woro, but for dlineustou lunihor
piioos uoutiiiiio llnn aud uiiolmugod
There is tt f?ood doul of talk, liowoior, for
whUili thoro is liodoiilitsouu) jiistilltuitlou,
of coiioossions 50 ronls on I'audoin, lmt a
litllti hivortliition sliows tlmt tho niill
wllllng lo acoopt thooul ratos Is not dis
poM'd as ti riilo lo (iimrautoo dolivery
withln any spooillod tinio, aud II limv ho
that a uuyor who oxpoots lils liunlior iu
ono inolith's tinio may ho o(mipoll"d lo
wait tlirt'o Itissald loo that (lio stook
olitiilnod Tor loss lliiui tlio lofiular prioos
will uot aHvaysstaiid l ijrld Inspi'otlun.
Ki.nun. Tlioro luts hoou a vorj dtill do
mand for tlour dtiiiiiK tlio wt'ok.tho wants
of huyi rsholn"; small, aud puroliaos lmvo
beon boiilluod lo inci'linK hau'l-to-iuoiilh
noods Afjonts Imvii iidvtinocd or l'odiiood
llioir niicos from tiuio to tlmo ln sympa
Ihywith whoat hut It doos niil fooin to
start llio doinaud Thoro is uo spoutila
livo foi'lliifr aud huyors aro oontont with
iiiecllng piosslng nooossltios. .Spring pa
tcnts nro ipiotitlilo at aliout ?4 to -l.'.'O lo
ouvor lni'-liiofs (liiin, but somo xpocliil
hniiids aro hold ahovo llio outsido lluurti.
Kor wiulor patonts ahout $IM' to 1 1(1 will
oovci' salos inakiiig, hut inaiiv (.'holoo
hittiKN mo hold iiiuoli nliovo llilsrauo
Tho liifih cost of wiutor lloui-s ooiuparcd
hKIi hpriiii: iiiakosn vory slow salo for
wiutoi's inlcr oloiu's aud IstraiphlH aro
hold lli iu Iml niovn slow, wlth tho raujro
nf mlcs al aliout S;10ll l !-". imo licUI
llAV ani STitAw.tlay ('oiitlnui'H iu diill
ili-umiiil, under Itligo nniviils pric-s fnvnr
llio liityrr Soinfe fauo.v otiiH -will coni
iii.iml 17, hut iiiuoli vory (sond lm i"
l'i ii. i Miul llt HS low IU 1! lo l'r. 1. '(!
uiikIi' l' me ptiiiiciiliirlv wciik AiTiiil
i.lin- nci'k 'in Imli- Mltl (:di- lol i'.port
.. ' ir h '',! -. I -, lli- IKI i- l - I l 1 .(-lli
' ' n 'i i i i i . ii 1 1." .1 l
I U I ll . i . I II i,ll' I il .il
- . ni i I h I I ii :H i'l i ii. I . i i
I,, i i ' il ii " - i. .1..
i i - i:
and no ono waiitliig slock to oarry ovor
Hut thoro wiis ti prompt rooovrry on
Monday, and siiicc tln-n 1 lu- itmikot hus
kopl oloM'ly Mild up Thoro lmvo breu a
Kood ltmiiy :1iN iiimv or loss frocn that
lmvo had to ho .-lni'Icil neconliii"; to tho
rxli'tit of (liiiimai- I-'ancy noar hy and
cnMcrii iu liuiitcd .-itpply aud liriugiug
full prii'o.
Clti:i:i:. -Uoooip s for oxport, 8fi'J
boxos. The arrivals for loonl itoooiiul
lmvo hoou lijilit tuid Konoially oidiiiary iu
(limlily. Slooks of Ihio full chooo iiic
boing'sleadily ivditood imd lioldors aro
vory llnn in t'lioir vlows. Fnio north fall
twins havn hoou iu slendy dotiiiind at tl
1-1 to 11 l-t!o, with simio salos townrds tho
oloso at 11 -1-1. Kuir lojrood stook iu jrood
supply and inoderato doinaud at 0 1-1! to
10 l-'Jo. Ilardly aiiythhi": duhig iu west
on! twins or Ohlo flats anl ipiotations
mostly nomiiial.
Woou Tho markot ls not ospoeiaUy in
torostlng It is aollvo iu spots lmt only In
spots iSoiuo llrtns stalo (lmt they aro
ovorwliohnod wllh ouslomors, othora aro
doiiiv; imtliluir. Thoin.th is ihat stooks
aro vory niiioli roduood in nmny lofts and
tlio supplk's offorod forsalo iu Bolton nro
roally oontorod ln n vory fow liands. Thoso
tuo tlio llruis tliaf lmvo hooiisolllii"; on llio
slowly riting markot. and salllni; down
Iholr'prollls at a vory ooml'ortalilo rato
Tho salos this wook havo hoou largoly to
tlm siuallor tnills outsido tlio blg ooinbin
ation, whieh sooius to ho too liusv digoft
iug its supply to bo iulomt'd in inueh
fnrthor piu'eliaslng just at piesont Tho
hi isk ndvniico tu low orosshrods and nied
iuiiis lu London aud South Amorlca has
dooidodly stiffonod tho markot horo on
all inoditiin ivools, and (tiito an inquiry
Ims sot ln. Tho ottly roallv largo salo
liuwovor. was a purolmso by llio Atlantlo
Mills of W)00 balos of Austriilluu morlnns
(New Kiigltind woolsj toarrivo.
1 UTTnit Heooipts lmvo boon vory
llglit for tho past wcoU and prioos lmvo
boon stoadily worklng iipward, oloslng
full L'o hlgher than a wook ago. Thoro has
boon n hoavy domand for striotly llno
frosli oroainoi'y, and good flrsts havo boon
solling fairly. Modliun and low grados
show but littlo iiiiproveinont At tho
oloso striotly oxlra nssorted sizos aro soll
ing woll at 20 l-'.V. l.argo tubs llnn at Silo.
Kluo box aud ti iiuk buttor iu xtcady do
iiiaiid al '7o. Thoro 1ms boon inorw iu
(pilry for llno .luno gnods of lalo, and
somo of tlio bosl nmrks aro briiiglug t!-o.
IIiians Heooipts lmvo not. boon vory
hoavy (or tho piist wook, hul Ihoro has
boon a full supply olToi'ing nud a vory diill
trado. Ho.-t iloiuoslio mtirrow poa lmvo
M'ttlo.l down to $1.80 as au otiMilc prioo
o.-t yollow ovos diill at S'.' "sl to S.Vi.
Choioo rod kidnoys slow al W-'-".
ag -1020 lln. -1 1-'.c: 2 bot'f cows. avorago
870 lbs, 2 .1-4c: 2 boof oows, avorago KiO lhs.
Of milch snppllos woro light. A few
Hiniro howovor, plmiigod liands at 50 to
Voal oalvos ooininandod good priccs
whonever tlio (pialitv wtirrantod tliom.
Salos: 17 oalvos, avonuio P!0 lbs, 0
0 oalvos, avi rago 110 lbs, Oo; li onlves,
avorago 121 lb", 0 l-2o; .17 oalvos, avorago
127 lhs. 0 n-lo; i) oalvos. avortigo 141 lbs, 7c
I'tirolmsi s of mixod lots of shoop and
lanibs woro mado gononillv at about 3 l-2o
por lb. Mot of (ho noods of sltiugliterers
aro lioiiig suppliod from tho West.
Iioeeipts of oattlo from (ho Wost for
shipinont lo Knglaud woro on n liberal
Tho Last Hoard of It.
"My lllilo buy took tho t'lnup ono lilgld
and onn grow so bad you ooulil lioarbiin
lni'iilho ull ovor tho luniso, ' niiyn b. 1).
Ki-vuolils. niiHllold, O. "Wo foaml lio i
wmild dio, hut ll fow iloson of Ono iniito
( 'niigh i iir' milokly roliovod hiin nnd lio
woiii to hloop, Th.it's tho last wi. Iioaiil
of tho oi'iiiiii X"w isn'l a oougli (iiiolil.o
tli.it iiliiaiili'y Ono Miniiio ('. ii i ' 1 1 1 1
- tli-.iliin v -nli iiml iu i iiiniii ili iti h.
1 ii i i i 1 1 - i nl'i-, i ii'iii' urlp, I'l-.'ii. Ii ii-
i I i I .1 'i
i . i(. -lli
CoiiN 'l ln i o is '
tlio liado liolnt!
noods. and prioo- i
iu o considoral l.v
. . i-i li ii
hi 1 1 ,1 h
i , .ii .. -i ..I i
i, mi i I. n itl' pt I I lllillg ll I'ltlo
i -I.I..I. (iii'i ii M.'iin'aii.-Ii.im'
I lll.uli'l'.llo iloiu.llld III MI t.'K'h
i II llllM- I't'l II lll N)iN2i' ill.l
i liis, hllo i llio toi pi'ioo li'o- niil
l i lti d- l"w iit 7:i l" Tflo t'lion ni
i n ln on - Ilmg U' iioi.iHi .il (i"
-l i !, ni f.in miii! mi-1 Iil.HI do
i 1 i ". i . .' .it t ' i 1 1 ' ' ' i
': . i ,rl.. lim o boon a liltlo lltlil-
i -l HOrk. llllll I o lllllll.ot lllls
up llrm il o ' 'ii 1 1
' U. Tlio nuii'i'. i oiiso.l . T a
uiii duy, Ihc wi'tituor nol'i,- ann
.' Lll
I! 1.
I I lll .1 II
II 1 lll I I
ll." llko ll
I lll
n pi. i
u I-'
- lli! I l.ll
li'l'llll (
Over Two HundrerJ Thousand Trlal Bottles
Sent Free by Mail.
Pv spoolal arrangomont with tlio miniii
fncturors of tlmt justly famous Kidnoy
inodloino, Dr. Davld Konnody's Favorlto
Komody, tlio readors of tho Watcii.man
aud .louitXAi.uro oimblod lo obtaiu a trlal
bottloand paiuplilot of vahmblo advlco
abjohitoly froo, by simply sonding thoir
full lmino and postollleo addross to (ho
ltoiidoul, N, V., and niontionlng this
papor, tlio puhlUliors of whlch guarautco
tho gouuinouess of thts llhoral offor
Of oourso (his luvolvos onoriuous ox
ponso to tho niaiiufaoturors, but thoy
havo roooivod so many gratoful lottors
from thoso who havo hoou bonolltod and
ourod of tho various dlsoasos of tho Kid
noys, Llvor, Hladdor aud Blood, Khoinna
tism, Dyspopsia nud Oirouic t'onsdpa
tlon, aud all woakuossos poouliar to wo
nion. that thoy willlugly sond trlal bolllos
to ull sufforors.
IJpnn Invustigation it was found tliatt'Jl
por oont. of tho.-o who ha,l iisod tlio tritil
lmltlo had roooivod such bonollt from it
(hal (lioy ptirolmsod largo sizod bottles of
thoir drtigglsts
( iimKoi's not how slok you nro or liow
nmny plijlolaus lmvo fallod to hclp vou,
sond for a irial boitlo f th;s groa( nn-d-loiuo,
il ooRs j on but a n -i il oard, .niil
honotit aud oure wi 1 ni -i i i i'diiuh lio
l)ll ti'-lllt
Iti'iniMl i i- tlii .nily l.iduo
lll lt SlOtS II- .1 lHtlVl - lll
rino iu a . i iimlili r 'i ii
h i i i.i i I l li'Hii'-'. it il li i i mmIiuii ut
ni n iij or d - .llnn il, ttiitki ni
Hli'.l'i II"
llll.'l - ..1
IMl - .1"
r ri 1 1 ,
li nl
)u a
.il'ih 's
Tlii' loi oipls :il tho illlT. l'i lil lin iil ho
-tiiok liliiikols I'nrtlii' wook oii lni-: .'.ni
'.'- i i i'o;:ali'. .'!(.- i.illlo, l.'7s i-lnop,
'.'in.! - lno in I 1 1'.ii oiiIm -
TI..- i il 1 1- liiij.iuoss lasl Tuo-'l.i, ' i-ilm.i-i
c.inllticd lu lufoi'ioi' gl'Uih s, not
I" iiiiho thoio was uo doiiiiiiid f"i" i lnili'o
lmt mi aooouul ol tho liuht olToriims nf
Mioli slnok Salos hioludo: 2 oaltlo. avor
a :o 1 17'.' iiw, 5 l-ci 2 lioof oows, avorago
070 lhs. 'I t :l boof oows, avorago 1010 lbs,
.'I l-4c; 2 oaltlo, avorago lil'JO lhs, 5 l-2c; 2
oaltlo, avorago 1160 lhs, Oo; ' oattlo, nvor-
s M-otliU omoji -iii ll itan.-i
k, lllal
' I l.L p
ii lll H I
a, Kiiiuoi- ir
"i.il iimi. it
i .ti liciiti ly
ii- i uipt 'ins
i V to ll" d
i In pa-uip
. ospcoia ly
" n bv our
i id diiiii t -
a- I'ani in I'Jio
in im . a lii.i ifiii'j. -lt,
ln iinonl Jl. -ii
al inlit, llji .i.i' ' 1 1 '
urlno iiimI nl iho unploiisiuii
oiis ofTVols iii llio systoiu pri. I iccd liy iln
uo of wlnAoy, wino nt hoor. Dr. l)uid
Ko ody'iOFavorilo Hi'inoily Issold by all
dnigsloiY-ni duvot nt 810'J for a lurgo
botllo; sixboltlos for n.00.

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