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Woman's Wok
m preparing appetteing and
wholesome food is lightened by
this famous baking powden
S &
Absolutely pure. It adds
healthful qualities to the food
Baking Powdef
The "Royal Tinker and Pastry
Cook" most practical and
. iluable of cook books
to every patron. Send
. . uddress by postal card.
Itfelvin E. Clmrch returned to liis
old homc lioro last wcek after an ab
sonco of somo montlis. Ho hopes to
striko a job hcre.
Lewis M. Seaver went to New York
Dity last Saturday on ono of liis peri
odicnl bnsiness trips.
The AToiizo Hateh Electro-Photo
Musieal Company arrived liere ou Fri
day, according to prograin, for an en
tcrtainment in tho evening, but wero
disappointcd in not fliiding tho uced
ed gas for thoir light that had been
ordered to como here. As a conse
qnenco tliey conld not oxhibit.
Jarnes Lahey 1ms rcnted tho farm of
Horaco E. White for tho coming year.
Mr. Wliite will movo to his new liouso
in tho villago ncar Mrs. Orcutt Ab-
bott's placo.
Frank Lougee, of quito largo expo
lience as an einployo in reforiu schools,
;is iiow in such a school, in West Rox
bury, Mass., and may remain tliero
.for a timo.
Rpv. Anna B. Aldrich, of East Mont
pelier, preached at tho Lenteii ser
vico at tho Universalist church horo
last Thursday ovening.
Tlio aged mothor of Mrs. Charles
Gnild is getting up from an attaek of
erysipolas. Sho lately had hor oighti
cth birthdaj-. Sho draws a pension as
tho widow of ono who sorved in tho
war of 1812.
Jorry M. Hutchinson 1ms bouglit of
O. U. Lathrop tho old Jool Bass, Jr.,
house, nenr our villngo comotery. Ho
will oecupy it till his fino new houso,
.ncarby, can bo comploted.
An out of town man wlio was lioro
Tccently told us that Iio had dealt to
somo oxtont in old furniture, otc. ,
and montioned prices that ho liad
gotton for cortain articles. An old
timo woven woolon coverlot for a bod,
"brought 30 or moro, For old looking
glasses, somo twenty-four to twenty
soven inehes, in lcngth, with painted
A 3(i-incli grniiite cloth in all colors that will mako bcautiful drosses
for chiklien, nnd Ladies' Wrnppors, at - ... 29c
A 38-inch navy or gnrnct all wool Ktnmim. This is n new cloth nnd
vc-ry popnlnr just now. AVould bo good value nt 05 eents. At - 50c.
A 38-inch all wool Frincilln in all colors and blaclc. This is the lowcst
pricc that wo bavo evor quoted on this khul of oloth. At - - 87 c.
A 15-inch gray Cmnol's Ilair Cheviot. Tho correct cloth for tailored
suits or fino dress skirts. At 95c.
A Gu'-incli IIclton, ull colors and blnck. Pov watorproof and dust
garments, or a stonn skirt. At ----- . 50c-
Please notice the Price and Width.
Samjiles by mnil and onlcrs ca efully attonded to. A now idca jwper patturn i'rco
with nny of tlio nbuvu dress goods.
Successors to Gllley & Abbott,
I 14-1 18 Main St. - - Barre, Vermont
Light Biscuit
ainty PasttfieS
Finc PftfJnp-s
There are cheap baking powders,
made from alum, but tliey are e.x
ceedingly harmful to health. Their
astringent and cauterizing qualities
add a dangerous element to food.
pictures at tho top, ho would got $5
to 8 at times. .ror certain old lour
posted bcdsteads of only ordinary
lieight of posts, ?5 had bcen obtained.
Wo are nll familiar with tho highcr
prices obtained lor old taU clocks,
and maybo sucli articles as old uu
roaus. Our conversation was in tho
presenco of townsman Lucius S. Si
mons, who told us of valuablo rclics
of tho past in his own possession
ono ot tnem a teapot somo iiunurcds
oi yoars old.
Mrs. Susio Bencdict Erskine, who
has liad sovero sieknoss at hcr.now
liomo in Albany, N. Y., in thetyear
past, is to visit lioro ior a timo m tlio
iannly ol licr motlicr-in-law, Mrs.
Hcnry F. Erskino. Her many old
liomo friends will welcomo hor roturn
to them.
Tlio Universalist ladics were tho
first this year to havo a now sugar
social, in coimcction with a promo
nado at tho town hall advortised for
last Monday ovoning.J
Frcd Bailoy, who has just sold his
farrn on tho East hill to Hadon Jef
fords, advertised a lot of stock, otc,
for nuction salo at tho farm on Tues
day of this wcok.
Our creamory patrous realized twenty-four
and ono-half conts por pound
for buttor fat, for January and twon-ty-soven
cents for tho samo for Febru-
Miss Uho Tarboll is visiting tho
family of an unclo in Springfleld,
Mass. Sho will roturn in timo to
tcach in our quurry distrct tho com
ing season. Miss Mao Morso of Ba
korsllold will also roturn to teach in
tho samo district.
James S. Hopkins, after whom tho
camp of Modorn Woodmon horo is
namod, gavo tho fratornity a niaplo
sugar party at thcir hall in tho J. K,
Lyndo blook ono ovoning last wook.
Will J. Young has rcturnod from
his trip to Sidnoy, N. S., whoro ho
has a sister. It looks as if ho would
Values in
continuo work with tho Grearson
Bockett compaiiy horo for tho prcsont.
Tlio Uoiigregatioiml ijadics navo just
boon makiiig f urthor iinprovomonts on
tnoir parsonago and wiu yot mako
Mrs. William Grearson, for whom
scarlot fovor was fcarod last. wock, cs-
capod with oniy a soro throat.
Tulius Montini, tho young Italian
book koopor for Fontana Brotliors, has
just consontcd to tako a class in tho
study of Italian, which at prcsont in
cludos Dr. E. B. Watson and wife,
and Iiov. 13. II. Strong and wifo. If
any othor of our oitizcns dosiro to
loam tho languago, it will bo a raro
opportunity for them to do so now.
Will our ministors now, bo thinking
tho former days wcro bottor than
thcso? An old citizon glves us this
reminiRconco of formor days horo. A
miiiistcr in ono of our churches. thcn,
had loft tho practico of law and takcn
up prcaching. Askcd by ono of his
parishoners wliich profession ho pro
forrcd, ho roplicd that "as a lawyor
all tho bad things wero brought to
him, whllo now nono of thom camo to
Our Bclgian farmor, Tlioodoro Alox
andor, has sold ovor 100 bushols of po
tatoes in Granitovillo at oighty conts
por bushel.
Elmor Farnhani, and family havo
returned from a yoar's absonco in tho
vicinity of Pittsliold.
It is said that tho Italian anarchist,
from Pattorson, Now .Torsoy, who
spoko to our Italian citizons ro
contly, would roturn horo within two
or throo months.to hold a discussion,
liro nnd con, with anothor Italian
from abroad, who is a groat spcakor,
and tliat thoy may bo horo n woek or
moro and twico as long in Barre
Wo hardly recall a time, in lato
years, whon thore has boon so grcat a
call for tenomcnts horo as now. Tho
granito businoss is flno, with a largo
Italian olomcnt among tho workmon
at tho shods, now familcs aro coming
in and a dosirablo houso for rent flnds
plenty of applicants for it. .
Rov. D. H. Strong was called to tho
East Hill in Brookflold, somo oight
or ten miles away, last Thursday
evening, to marry a couple, tho groom
boing a son of Silas Nowell of East
Wo lately had tho plcasuro of a visit
to tho room of Carlo Abate, tho Ital
ian rnodolor, who has a diploma from
an Italian academy. Ho had just fin
ished a plastor modol for a statuo to
crown a monnment to bo mado horo
this season by tho Italian firm, known
as tho Willamstown Monument Com
paiiy. It is to bo of light granito nnd
typical porhaps of a wifo at tho gravo
of her husbaud, with a wroatli of
ilowors toplacoupon it. Signor Abato
has takon anothor model in hand for
a statuo. Wo havo been told ho is an
expert workman in his art.
Tho Congregationalists havo voted
to havo a now hymnal for thoir Sun
day servico and will got tho ono pub
lished by the Coiigregational Publish
ng Society.
Mrs. .Tudson Seaver, after ycars
lived in our village, goes this weok
to livo on tho East hill, with hor son
Vcteran John Bacon decidos to go
to tho Soldiors Homo in Togus, Mo.
The placo is flvo milos from Augusta.
In a rccent conversation with a Vor
mont votoran ho tolls us that ho has
spent somo four ycars in tho Homo, and
that at ono timo whilo thoro, thero
wero 2000 voterans boing carcd for.
Ho spoko well of tho institution.
Tho salo of tho old granito shcd re
contly mado by tho Grcarson-Beckott
Co. to Angelo arilla, will sond rccent
occupants, Miko Elliott, Willard
Walkor and porhaps John Dow nnd
Will Longoo to tho Lyndo granito
shods in Mill Yillngo to work.
If only thoro woro moro granito
shed room for rent here, and moro
toiiomonts for workingmon, what an
increase of business wo miglit sco.
In tho going oif of our snow, and
tho April-liko weathor, tho matter of
a largo amount of maplo sugar to bo
mado this soason hore, is a doubtful
Mrs. Leavitt S. Hayward is improv
ing in health in Northfield, and sho
may roturn homo within a short timo.
Tho wifo of Lawyor W. 6. Whito
and childrcn wont to Middlesox last
wook for a visit with homo friends.
Horaco N. Farnham is in tho west
again, for moro horses.
Thoro was an oxcollont run of san.
horo, Friday and Saturday last.
Mrs. Ella Bencdict Griflln is thoucht
to bo doing woll at tho hospital in
Burlington though not ablo to sit up
nny yot. Ilor troublo is called tubor-
Mrs. Azro A. Reod and now born
son, aro, it is hopod, doing woll.
Mrs. J. W. Tindall is to havo a
class of ladies in physical culturo.
turcady llttoon persous aro lound to
join it.
Rov. Frances A. Kimball is to as-
sist in Lonton sorvicos in Lyndonville
and Glover this weok. Rov. Ellio K.
.Tones of Barro will nreach at tho
Univorsalist cliuroh horo on Friday
evening of this woek,
Miss Ellon Folsom is on her wav
from Massachusetts to our placo for a
stay with rolativos boforo roturning
to hor missionary work in Iiulia.
Landlord G. D. Harrini'toii thinks
this wook will end his stay Iiitc, unless
ho succcods in Imying tho Mouumout
Ophir S. Martin is gotting throuch
tho wintor in good conditionof hoalth
und liis caso may provo anothor liko
Ulmton Uranrs, wlio Has had such
good licalth in lato ycars ufter nrofuso
iiomorrhagos from tlio luugs.
It is said that tho largo old ,Tool
Bass .Tr., houso, that .1. M. Hutchin
son, has just bought, will bo convort-
on nito an ituUaii hnardlug liouso.
Mr. Bortoliui, ono of our worthiost
Italian citizons, is abont to ongago in
tho granito buBinoss for himsolf horc.
Ho will havo as a partnor an Itnlian
friond in Barro who will como horo.
Wo hopo thoy will achiovo tho succoss
Mr. Bortoliui is worthy of,
Mosos Parsons, now in his ninoty
llrst vear, foll down stairs last wook
but oscapod with no brokon boiiRs.
Frod Bailoy has boucht ft farm in
West Borlin closo by tho railroad sta-
tion, to whioh ho will soon move..
Roturn S. Divvla and son havo hirod
Pau Miuard as n farm hand for tlio
season and tho lnttor will oocupy thoir
Troubles that Lead to Insanily
and Suicide Result from a
Diseased and Disorgan
ized Nervous
The Great Banlsher of Nervousness In
all Its Forms
Aro you a victim of molancholin,
and do you brood from day to day?
uoes tno snrioic ot tne steam wliistio,
tho rattlo of whoels or tho clancor of
bolls causo you to stnrt and sbivor?
It tlils ls your condition, bo assurod
your caso is oxtromely critical.
It is iltting that you should invcsti
gato your condition at onco. If you
aro sloepluss, doprosscd in spirits, if
your mental movemonts aro slow, if
you nro subjoct to terrifying lialluci
antions and an aversion to food, wo
say with all carncstness, bowaro of
insanity and suicido.
Tho scienco of mcdinino has, thank
Heavon, furnished a means for tho
banishmont of all tho troubles refor
red to. Paino's Celory Compound is tho
grcat restoror and bnildor of tho weak-
ened and shattercd norvous systom.
This marvollous prescripion of Pro
f essor Edward E. Phelps, M. D. LL. D. ,
begius its work dircctly upon tho
norves by bracing thom up ; it strongth
ons tissuos and muscles ; it causcs puro
lifo giving blood to llow frecly to
ovory part of tho body, carrying
health, vigor, jov and happiucss into
each honr of lifo. Bowaro of remo
dies that havo no morit or reputation
to rocommond them, thoy simply ag
gravate oxisting trouble.
Ask your druggist for Paino's Colcry
Compound, tho medicino that never
Captain Bill Smitli farmhouse.
Williamstown neonlo will bo inter
ested in tho fact that tho communi-
cntion pnblished this weck in tho
1111.1 .3 .-! . .. n
iiiuucaiionai vjoiumii" is irom tno
pen of their school supcrintcndont,
Lawyor W. C. White.
Mrs. 1'arshley Iias returned from lier
visit to iNewport, iS. 11.
Several new telepliones havo bcen put
in iiere.
Wobb Powers is working for Frcd
1 owers.
Mrs. Ely has goue to Gardincr, Mass.,
to visit licr sister.
Miss Darliug has rctiirned from Copper-
neld and opened her liouse liere.
Silas Titus is in very poer licalth.
Mrs. Lucy Brown has moved from West
Fairlee to her farm here.
Frank and Frcd Ackerman were called
to Templeton, Mass., last wcek by tlio
death of thcir father, Saiuuel Ackerman,
formerly of this place.
A Card.
We, tho undersigned, do hereliy ngroo
to refundtlio monoy on a 60 eent bottle
ofGreoiio'sWnrrantedSyrui) of Tnr lflt
alls to curo j-our eough or cold. Wo also
giinrnnteea 25 cont bottlo to provo satis
factory or moiiey rofunded.
II. U. Nieliols, Middlesox.
Clias. O. Wnrd, Middlesox
J. II. Dntilpb, Middlesox.
J. L. Spanlding, Wiutoii.
B. 0. Sterling, Wanen.
Sugaring is progrossing finely nnd
our sugar makers aro oxpectiug n good
Rov. F. R. Galo oxpects to preaoh
in tho Baptist church tho first Sunday
of next mouth, April (!, tho weathor
pormitting. Wo trust thoro will bo a
good attendanco.
Arthur A. Nowcomb nnd Ervin
Wakoficld of Lisbon, N. II... Dr. and
Mrs. L. A. Nowcomb of Montpelier
and Emost S. Nowcomb of White
Rivor .Tunction spont last Sunday at
thoir old homo with thoir paronts.
Thoy sampled tho sugar in tho difl'or
ont camps near horo.
Quito a numbor of our peoplo at
tended tho danco at Mrs. Isham's hall
in Stowo last Friday night. Tho
danco was givon by tho Woman's Ro
liof Corps of Stowo and wns a dooided
succoss. Tho olectric railroad ran a
ear back hero after tho entcrtainmoiit
which was a great acconimodation to
tho party from this placo.
A Card.
Wi.tho undirsigned, do horeliy ngroo
to ri'fiind tlio inonoy ou a 50 eent bottlo
ot Greoiio's Wamintod Syrup of Tnr If lt
falls to eiuo your eoiigh or eold. Wo also
guaraiiteo a 2j eent bottlo to provo satis
fnetory or monoy I'otiiuiled.
K. W. OUniiui, Mnrslillold.
E. R TA'avHt.Plainllo'nI.
F, T. Carr, Kast Montiielior.
A. A. Hlis.s Sodoui.
Dalloy & Jncobs, Podom.
Diiriiliain & Uonjaiuiii So. Woodbury,
Will Thayor is at work for Don
Mrs. William Cooloy is quito ill
with tho grip.
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Jackson havo
boon visiting in Plainfield.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Cooloy last Thursday.
Robort, son of W. II. Sandors, wns
iilaying with a small oiroular saw
last Saturdav whon ho out tho foro
llngor of his loft hand quito sovorely.
Tho Ladios Mito Sooioty will moot
with Mrs. W. F. Gladding on tho af
tornoon of tho first Thursday iu April
Laxativo Bromo-Quinino Tablcts
ouro a cold in ouo day. No duro, uo
Pay. Prico 25c
A. M. Bon.inmiu and wifo woro sur-
prisod Monday night, March 10, by
neany sixt,y oi tnoir noignuors and
friends who called to rcmind them
thoy liad bcen married twonty-flvo
ycars. Bosides tho rolativos and
friends from tho placo thoro was a
four horso team from tho ccntor of
tiio town. Tlio ovening was passed
with iustrumcntal music. sonc nnd
jokcs until cako and coll'eo woro serv
cd. Homarks woro mado by Rov. O. II.
uooinigo to Mr. licnjaiiiin and wifo
and adopted dauchtor. All wish thev
miglit moet thom in tho cclobrntion
of thoir goldon wodding, and dopart
iug loft as a tokon of thoir good will
ncarly $10 in monoy and othor pros
cnts. Altogethor it was a vory enjoy
ablo ovoning.
Loniso, tho littlo flvo years old
aaugntor ot Mr. and Mrs. Otis Wheol
cr, was buriod March 10. Tho funoral
sorvicos woro hold at tho houso of
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Clark. urand.
paronts of tho littlo girl and whoro
sho had nearly all hor lifo mado it hor
nomo. uov. 11. Uoolidgo preached
ino sormon. uuriai was at Ualals.
Mrs. R. M. Pray, who had tho grip
somo lour wcoks ago, seoms to bo im
proving, but vory slowly.
Dwight Coolidgo who was obligod
to lcavo his school at Hardwick on
account of poor health, is improving
Aunt Eliza Batclnddor, who with
hor daughtor, Mrs. Famsworth, has
mado hor homo this wintor with hor
son, Frank Batcholdor, was buriod last
Friday. Funoral sorvicos wcro at the
liouso, uov. U. 11. Coolidgo oiliciat
ing. Burial was in tho east part of
tho town.
Tho Good Tcmplars aro working
tho dogreoon candiadatcs ncarly ovory
meoting and havo flvo candidatos ready
for tho dcgroo next Saturday night.-
Arthur Benjmin and Wobstor Laird
aro at homo for a two wcoks' vaca
tion from Goddard Semiuary, whoro
thoy aro attonding school.
A Card.
We, tho uudersigned, do liereby ngreo to
reftind tlio money ou a &0 eout bottlo of
Greoiio's Wnrranled Syrup of Tarif lt falls
to euro your eough" or cold Wo also
gunranteoa 23 eent bottlo to provo !ntis
fnetory or inonoy refunded.
W. h I'ioree, East Calnls.
O. It Dwiiiull EastOlals.
w. G, Nye, No. Montpelier.
G. L. I'rny, Xo. Montpelier.
Tenehout Orton, No. Calais.
Geo. Kent, Kent's Corncr.
Wnllaco Estey has moved his family
from Lincoln and is to work for Os
car Poland.
Capt. James Eldrcdgo was called
hero last weok by tho illness of liis
Mrs. Abo Morgau and daughtor Mil
dred of Lincoln aro visiting at E. H.
Gladys Grifllth of Fayston is visit
ing at A. E. Eldredgo's.
David Estey 'has gono to Middle
town, Conn. , to work for a year.
Tho oldest inhabitauts say thoy nover
saw such weathor in March in Vor
mont. Snow is nearly gono and frost
is coming out of tho ground, makiug
roads almost impassablo in places.
Robins woro seen hero last weok.
To rcprescnt tho Connecticut Gonernl
Lifo Insuranco Co. Apply to E. I,
DRURY, Gencral Agent, Room 3.
Walton Block, Statc Strect. ilont
pelier, Vt.
the art of Knowlng What to Do, How
to Do It, When to Do It, and Where.
You have It and don't know it. Mil
llonalres have It and know It and uselt.
dispcnsnblo to tho young mothcr nnd
nll hcads of fumilics. It tenclics them
tho art of govorning thcir childrcn
withottt pnnishmont. Tfiught by
mnil, 10 montliB' coursc, ?1 pcr
montll. Remilnr 10 wnnlts' nnnrsp.
81 pcr wcck. Send 81 and reccivc
our nrst losson giving lnstructions ;
also, our Announccment and Specinl
oiuract nrranging to turnish matcr
ial to tcnch othcrs and form clnBscs.
Jlnny of our studcnts nro clearing
$30 pcr wcok from thcir evening
classcs. Novcr beforo 1ms thcrc bcen
such a grcat opportunity for pcople
shiiicu in this nno as thcrc is at the
prcsont timo. Addrcss :
214 Coltimbus Avc, Boston, Mass.
Tako Laxativo Bromo Quinino Tab'
lots. All druggists rofund tho monoy
if it fails to curo. E. W. Groves
signatnro is on each box. 25c.
Howard B. Howo sold his stock,
farming utensils nnd household goods
on Wednesday of last weok.
Tho school dircctors organized by
electing E. A. Fisko chairman and ap
pointing Charles R. Maxwoll suporin
tendent of schools nnd S. J. Dana
Sugaring soems to havo begun in
good earnest. Somo farmers havo al
ready mado nearly as much as thoy
did last season.
James and John McCaughin havo
sold thoir farm, tho estato of tho lato
John McCaughin, to L. M. Cliand
lor. Jnmes and John McCaughin aro to
carry on Frcd Carroll's farm on
shares tho onsuing year.
Afowoftho many friends of Mrs.
A. D. Bragg mado hor a friondly call
on Monday aftornoon of last wcek, it
boing tho sixty-flfth anniversary of
her birth. Oystors, cako and lots of
other good things woro sorved. Many
memoiitoos of good will wcro given
hor with henrty wishes that sho may
yot enjoy many hnppy birthdays.
Frederick. P Wallis, aged oighty
years, dicd on Sunday, March 10.
Tho remains woro takon to Hunting
ton, P. Q., his former homo, for in
torment. Mr. Wnllis had boen a resi
dont of this town just four years, liv
ing with his son, Sumnor, on tho old
James Baird, Jr., farm.
Geo. H. and Vernon 0. Pierco havo
dissolvcd partnorship, Vernon having
purchascd his fathor's intorost in the
farm, stock aud farming utensils.
Georgo II. Piorco has purchascd
Will C. Colton's farm in Waitsfield,
which ho bought from Ed Dana last
spring. Consideration, $1,000.
Legal Notices.
I" l''lnloCourt,licM nt Montpcllpr. Iii nnd for
JSwi ,)"ltlct, 0,1 11,0 ""' ,,"Jr of 'e'N A. l.
lCiixeno O. Tracy, (iiianllan or l.llla r.. Trncy and
I.to o. Trncy. ot llcrlln. In snld IlUlrlct, tiilncjrs,
iiinkoi niipllcnllon lu tnld C'ourl for llcrnao to icli
nll or llio rcal tjtnle of liU nalil wards, ltuntcd
InCholei.Iii tlio Coiinty of Windsor and Statoof
J criiiont, lo wlt: 'l'hf Inlcrcnt of ld Bald wnrda In
tho laml ainl ircmlt convcytd to tho lato l'atrlck
'Ooner. now dfcenjc). by Oiorjto II. IIIHon and
HelciiM. Illlon tiy thoir dccd datidtho 29lh day ol
"'S'1' Vi i?.' I8'8' ?'"' 'C'Tdtd In Voliuno 21, 1'nge
88, or tnld Chester I.and Itccurds, lo whlcli dcid and
rcconls rcfk'rcnce ls mado rormoro tiartlcular do
scrlptIon,conslstliiKof8lsqunro rods ol land, Ijo tho
samo woro or loss, aud tho Unlhllnfrs thcrt'ou, renrc
scnllnif that the aU thereot or tlio ptirnoso or
putllni! the proccids of .such salo nt lntucst or In
Tcstliiir tho samo ln stocks or othor lcol cstato,
would bo conduclvo to tho Into cstoridssald wards,
WhiTCiipon, lt It ordcrel by said Court that said
nppllcallon bo ri'ftorrcd to n sesslon thoroof to bo hold
nttho l'rolmto Offlci', In tnld Montpelier, on tholltb
day or April, A. I, law, ror licarli.e and de
clslon thcroon, nnd, It Is nirthor ordcrtd, that all
pcrsons Intert-stPd bo nolllled licrcor by publlcatlon
of notlco orsalil nppllcallon nnd onler thcrcon threo
ooks succosslvoly In tho VF.li.MONT Watciimau
anu Statk .Iouiinai., n iiowspnper publlshcd at
Monlpt'ller, In this Mnlu, nud whlcli clrculatos ln tho
nelKbborhood orthoso Intorosled, bororo snld llmo of
henrlnu.that thoy may nppenr nt said timo and placo,
and, If tlicy sco cuuse, ohji-cttlieretn.
,, ... Ily tlifiCourt.-Attest.
13"15 1I1HAM OAltLKlON.Judge.
Iu I'robalo Court, hcld nt Montpelier, ln aud for
snld Dlstiict, on the Wd day of Murch, A. I). IU02:
( l.'ircuce F. Wliiclcr, Admliilstralor. ofthoostnto
ori.llllell. .Incub, lato of Woreostor, lu snld Dis
trict, dcccnsud, innkes nppllcntlon to said Court.
with tho cousciit nnd nppiolmthui lu wrltlnif oftlio
Iielrsofsalil dvccatcd, rcshlhiK lu tho fetnlc of Ver
inout, tor llcoiiso to soll ull ol tho rcal cstato oTsald
dcccascil, sltuntod In Worcester, lu said District, to
wlt: IIouic plnco oxcept tho luterest or the survlv
lni? husbnnd or said decensud tlierrln, reprotcntlnK
11 1 ii t thc iale tliureur would ho bcncflclal tn the holrs
of siilil decensed. nud tboso Intorchled ln her cstato,
In nrdcr to convort snld rcul ctntc Into money.
Wlieroupon It lnrdeiod by snld Court, thut said
nppllcatliin lu: n lerred to n sesslon thereof, to bo
hcld nt the I'robnto offlco In said Montpelier, ou
tho 11th day or April, A. I) 1!HS. for hearlng
and diclslon thereon: And, It Is furthcr ordcrcd,
that nll persous Interestcd be nolllled hereof, by pub
llcatlon of notlco of snld npiillcatlon nnd order
thereon threo wceks succcsslvely In thc VF.HMONT
Watciiman and State Jociinal, a newspnpcr
publlshcd nt Monlpollcr, In this btnto, nnd which
clrculntcs ln Iho nelxhborhood of thoo Inlcrcsted,
Lerori' snld tlnic ot lionrlnjt. that thoy mny appenr at
salditluie nnd place, nnd, If thoy soo causo, oblcct
Ily tho Court-Attist.
13-15 HIItAM CAHLETOK. Judito.
Iii I'robatc Court. hcld nt Montpelier. In and for
laW District, on tho S?d duy or Mnrch, A. D,
Jereuiy S.' Chnmbcrlln, Adiulnlstrntor, of tlia
estate of HATTIE 1". HAItTLETT, lato ol
l'lalnfleld, In said District, dcccascd, prcsents lila
ndmlnlstratlon account ror examlnatlon and nllow
ance, and makes appllcatlon ror a decreo or dlstrl
butlon nnd partltlon ortho estnte orsald deceascd.
M'hereupon It Is ordered by said Court, that said
account and said appllcatlon be rcfcrrcd to a sesslon
thereof, to bo hcld at the l'robato Olllco In said
Montpelier on the 11th day or April, A. D. 1HW,
ror hcarlng and declslon thereon; and It Is further
ordered, thnl notice hereof be glven to alt persous
Interestcd by publlcatlon or the samo threo wceks
succcsslvely ln the VEIIMONT Watciisiam AND
State Jociinal, a newspaper publlshcd at Mont
pelier. In this Stnte, prcvlous to said tlrae appolntcd
ror hcarlng. that tliey may appcar at said tliue and
placo, and show causc, ir any lliey raay have. wliy
snld account should not be aflowcd nud such decree
Uy thc Court.-Attest,
13-15 UIItAM CAliLETON. Judge.
This certilles thnt wo havo thlsdiiy glven
our son, Ilerschol C'oono-, tlio roiuaindor
ot liis timo during Ma minority uutl from
this dato wo aliall claiin nono of his wuges,
nor pay any debts of his contracting.
Chajlus Cooney,
Mrs Charles Cooney.
Middlesex, Vt.
Witnes?, E. S. Cooney.
This certifies that wo havo this day
givon our son, Blnino W. Martin, 'tho
remninder of his timo during his'mi
nority and from this dato wolshall
claim nono of his wages, nor pay, any
dobts of his contracting. 'Laid
In presenco of I Jneob M. Martin,
II. P Mnitlii (Mrs. .lacob M Martin,
Mnrslillold, Vt , March 1002

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