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Loft ovor yolks of eggs, if pnt at
ouco into iv tuuiblor of coltl wator,
-vill koop frcsh imd soft for many'
days. If dropped .into n oup and cov
orcd tho yolks will bo unilt for uso
tho sccond day. Tho loft ovor whites
of eggs may bo mndo into macaroons,
Msses or usod for meringuos. Tho
whites of two oggs with a quartcr of
a pound of sugnr and tho samo quan
tity of almond pasto will niako two
dozcn macaroons. Whoro hard boilcd
yolks aro wantod it is much bottcr to
brenk tho oggs, soparato carcfully tho
jolks from tho whites ntnd drop tlio
yolks into wator that is boiling hot;
cook slowly i'or twouty niinntcs. In
this way you savo tho whites for an
othor purposo. Whites tliat aro boilcd
with tlio yolks aro valuclcss and tho
dish has cost doublc Ladies Homo
Mntliora I lUotliorn ! Motlicra.
IIow niany ohlldron nro nt this sonson
foverish nnd oonsllpiitod, with Imd slutn
aoli nnd houdiioho. Mothor Gray's Swoet
Powdors for Childron will al.vays curo.
If vmrnis nro prosont thoy will .certuiuly
romovo thom. At all dniggists -5 ols.
Snmplo mniled FliEH. AiUlrcss Allon S
Olmstod, Lo lloy, N. Y.
Thero is need among farmors of a
brnaler concoptioii of thoterm tillage,
and why tlio soil is tilled. Many n
farmor lad plows tho lield and pro
parcs tho socd bcd and nivcs lntor cul
tivation becauso thero is a vagno idoa
that such procoduro is cssontial to
growing a crop. Whon corn is plongh
cd tho provorbial throo timos it may bo
"laid by" and if thoro is not a good
crop Providonco, tho woather, or
chinch bngs, or all throo, aro blanicd.
Tillago promotos tho plant growtli
bi cause it liboratos elomonts necessary
to plant growth. Thon it playsavory
important part in conscrvingnioistnro.
Fn nucnt stirring of the surfaco soil
pmteots nnd sliados the subsoil with
a dut inulch, and ovaporation is loss
rapid. Thon ovory farmor knows
when the surfaco soil is hard and coin
pact that the wator rnns oil' such
gronnd aftor da.xhing rains. When
digging pntatoi'h nfter a hard showor,
or weedmg attor a heavy rain, on
ground that lms not beon woll stirred,
tln-farnn r will oxpross somo surprise
that the -nil i- not wot to any depth
He h!is lailed to fully coniprohend
tln fact that the loose suri'ace soil
ni.ro ri udily rakes in moisture from
tln liti . d .-ummer rain. Tho farm
or who u"ilri;vraii(l.s this iiut will givo
hi.- eroj - the tillago tliat will not only
t'fiiisi rv ht moistnre in tho subsoil
but will ,i1mi onstiili lia'uu to storo
-ui'plio- i i tln d'.ought i iviod. This
unrirr-,t ihn nt this f.-roat fact in
-1m ,ijrn ! t 1 1--1 1 nrld w ill :iNn h ad
'ii 'ln i . i (jl; nt l.irm i:i,iolm:i ry that
" i i II' 'lvi'ly 1.1 oniii),lish this
ju.rinisi 'i I, loul ust'il mu I lic cap
i 'I' t m i ri r''orongli!y i n-y uioh
I tho ., ;1 t M'ii tl'o io , of tho
ioi' a 1 i ' h' ro(iuir''d diqith.
K1.1..I . il,!
The Croat Dismal Swamp
' i Vir i , lnoodiiijr t-iuiincj ul Mu-
lai ' sii." u- i i-. lnw, wi't or mui'sliy
m.miiil i i i w lific. 'i'hoso Kenna oauso
wi i!iin i l.iiu iimi fovor, aohes in tlie
I. pii' - :iti. i ii !(, nnd inny iiKliioo dnn-tjir.iii-.
i, ii .!(.--. 'Iiut Klectiio llitters
w w r fuii tu .lc-tro.v llioin uml ouroinu-
lai ai tronMo- Tlu-y uill guruly prttront
typliuid. V Incil inaiiy roniodios for
niftuii ia aini atoinattii and lAver troulilL'H,"
wnto!. .I.ilui rimrl;B(on, of Hyeavlllc, O.,
"' "it novi-r found auytliln; aa good us
Elfotrii- Hlttein." Try tlicm. Onry W)c.
At C. Hlakoly. Ouaranluo satialactimi.
m tm
In ordor to securo the fall and carly
wintor layors oggs shoud bo sot early.
Amplo tinio will thus bo allowed for
tlio ohicks to got ahead boforo tho
qold weathor sets in, and to pass ovor
tho hardest part of thoir livos boforo
tho days get very hot. It pays to set
eggs ovcry inonth from January nntil
May, providcd the propor caro is tak
on of tlio difforont fowls rospoctively.
In this way hardy fowls aro seoured
and tho hardest work is through with
boforo summor, A suiall incubatcr
and soveral small broodor houses will
bo all that is requircd. By bringing
forth early pnllots a rogular supply of
oggs is insurcd, ns by tho timo tho flrst
hatchod slacken up on thoir laying
tho noxt ones start in, and bo on down
tho lino, nntil all tho old birds havo
flnished moulting, In this way aro
8ystomatio ogg farms opcrated and a
supply is pretty gonorally givon.
Hons aro a profit for throo yearsjand
aftor that it is best to markot thom.
Thcy sometimos lay woll at four years,
but tho numlior gradually doroases
aftor tho third year. Aftor tho seo
ond year it is bost to kill olf tiio oldest
birds and koop tho yonug ones for tho
noxt yoar's layors. If ohicks aro to
bo hatchod for carly markoting it is
wiso to hntch thonj out soon, but larger
ilooks shonld bo hatchod out at ono
timo and not so oloso togthor. This
will koop tho poultryman as hnsy ns
ho dosiros to bo, and with no holpit
is donbtful if ho would manngo sov
oral difforont ngcs of ohicks togothor
with nowly hatched ones ovory two
wooks. If pullots aro to bo hatched
as lato as May tho small breod should
bo preforrod, as thoy niaturo early.
Porsons who dcsiro to kcop poultry
for plcasnro osclusivoly aro not so
numorous as thoso who keop thcm for
profit ; in fact, many cannot all'ord
it. But novcrtholess thoro is no pur
suit on tho farm that adds moro plcas-
uro to all mcmbors of tho fainily than
poultry. Tho caroful, matronly hon
cannot bo o.xcolled nor is naturo illus-
tratcd moro beautifully tlian with tho
hon and hor tiny brood, caring for
thom. Tho plensuro dorivcd from
poultry is ono that brlngs into oxist
onco othor iniportant mattors. Tho
oconpation of raising poultry isnot an
insigniilcant ono by any moans, for
thoro is as much art in broeding poul
try for bcauty and porfoction as thoro
is in brceding tho thoroughbred horso
or tho .Torsoy cow or tho Shropshiro
sheop, for tho nieans embloyod to per
foct tho fowl aro such as can bo ac
(Itiired by porsistcnt practico only.
Tho bost nnd handsomcst nro tlio only
ones that should bo bred for ploasuro,
for thoy iucreaso tho onjoymcnt by
nniformity in color, sizo and prolill-
caoy. A beautiful sight to seo is tho
lawn graccd by a flook of Hnmhurgs
or statoly Brahmas, and, as thoy aro
as productivo as thoy aro beautiful,
tho ploasuro is united with profit.
Tho Hambnrgs and tho Brnhmas aro
not tho only bird that aro worthy of
boing raised for ploasuro. Tho Co
chin, tho barrcd nnd wliito Plymouth
Kocks, tho activo Leghorn, tho Black
Spanish, all add boauty to tho farm
and attract notico. Tho little Ban
tams should not ho ovorlooked. Thoro
is quito an nmount of onjoymont at a
small cost when poultry is kopt on
tho farm, nnd tho fowls whon pottcd
and cared for nevor fail to gratofully
contributo to tho roplonishniunt of tho
ogg baskot at all seasons.
Poultry raisors, especinlly the fnrm-
ers, cannot allow thoir hons to havo
froe rango on nccount of tho injury
likely to bo done to tho gardon, and
this is propor ; but a snbstituto must bo
offored tho fowls. If thoy. cannot bo
allowed freo rango they should be
made to scratch for overy particlo of
food they got to all'ord the needed ox
crciso. Thon whnt would they get if
thoy wero out on froe rnnge? Green
food, of cour.se, not to inontion tho
amount of inseots nnd worms which
aro oxcollont for tho largor ohioks o.v
pecially. Tho only thiiiK to do is to
procnro all tlio green grasa and green
food of any kind, and also to supjily
animal food for thom. Seed of some
kind should bo seattorod so that tho
fowls may work to seoure it. Birds
nood plonty of ovoroiso and aro will-
in to -,ork for all thoir l'ood unt
will not do it it thoy aro allowed
lull and plonty without working for
n, and thov soon undorstand what to
vpiot if thoy aro allowod all they
waiit. Thoy will also shnw thcir
iiij.'1-at't udo for tho kindnoss of giviug
thom all tln'.v want and moro without
worUing, liy droipinp off in tlio num
bor ot vt;a- . SicknoHS is also suro to
follow, for fowls that aro too fat soon
contract diseases not known to ordi
uary, hard wovkiug birds.
Wielcls a Sharp mx.
MillioiH mai'vol ut tlio inulliludo of
mniiuiies out oll I y Dr Dr. Kiiifis Kew
Lil'e rillw tlio most diMtrossiui? inn
Sloinuoli hivor imd Howol troublos
Dyspciisia, r.oss of Appotili, .lainidico
Hiliou8iies, Fovor. Mulnria, ull fall Imfore
thtw womlor workors'. ?n-nt V Itlakolv's
orujr inre
Howitt "I'vo Iost my bost frieud. "
.Tewett "Why don't vou advortiso
for ifr" Howitt "What do you
mo.au.- .jewott "1 tnought you
said you imd lost your pocket book."
Smart Sot.
Commandcr Jatnos S. Doan of
Rontlout, N. Y., curcd by
Favorlte Rcnedy.
"No one can rcallzo tho mlsory
causod by dyspopsia unless theyhave
been afflicted with that terrible diseaso.
I sulfered fright
fully night and
day f or nearly t wo
years. My case
was pronounced
incurable. I took
all sorts of doc
tor'sprescriptions andusedallkinds
of medicincs, but
nothing did me
any good until I
began the uso of
Dr. Davld Kon
nody'sFavorlto Romody. After
. I had takun it a
little whllo tho terrible distress that I suf
fered soon dlsappearud, nnd I grow bet
ter steadily until I was ontl roly ou rod."
No tributo to the efTicacy of the medi
cine could bo greater tlinn thcso words of
Commandcr Doan.
Dr. David Kennedy's Ifavorito Rem
cdy ixjrmanontly cures Dyspepsla, Rhou
matism, Kidnoy, Liver and Blood trou
bles. For ills jieculiar fo wonien it has
no equal, If you are not convinccd that
Favorito Rcmedy is tho medlcine you
need you may havo a trial bottle, nbso
lutely freo, by mail, by sending your ad
dress to tho Dr. David Kennedy Comor
atlon, Rondout, N. Y.
Dr. Oavld Kennedy's ftoKlc Hye Salve for all
DUeases or Inflamumtlons ol tho Gye. U5c.
All druggist sull Dr. David Kunnedy's
Favorito Reniedy in tho new fiO ccnt, sizo
and tlio regalar 81.00 sizo bottlcs. ' '
Wl. .
Glvcg II In UiiiUii1II1mI KiHtorncmi'iit ti Dr.
AVllllanift' l'lnU I'llU for lnlo l't'oili
Afli'r lli'hiK lti'Htoroil to Ilonltli.
Fow men nro bottor known in his
connnuiiity than Mr. William 0. Lar
mon, vico prcsidont of tho Peoplo's
National baulc of Snlom. N. Y. On
nccount of his high stauding nnd in-
tegrity tho lollowing intorviow must
carry connviotion to oven tho most
skoptical. llo says :
"I had beon in misoralilo health
most of tho wintor, suffcring from a
complication of diseases. A hcart
troublo caused me to bo vory weak
and my blood was thin nnd poor. I
also sulfored from intcnho iiains in my
hend. Tho coudition of which I speak
liad existcd for about fivo years, dur
inc which perlod I was ofton conilnod
to my room for days nnd ovcn weeks
at a timo. Any oxortion that bor
dored on tho violent prostrated me
and I was compolled to kecp nwny
from all placos whoro thoro was to bo
any exoitemont becauso of my weak'
oncd coudition.
"I had doctored with soveral phy
sicians but tho mcdicino thoy gavo
nio did not ngrco with me, nnd I got
no better in health. Thon my atten-
tion was attracted to Dr. Williams
Pink Pills for Palo Peoplo by au nd-
vertisonicnt in a paper and I bogau to
tako thom. I folt bcttor nnd st.ronger
aftor comploting tho flrst box and af
ter I had comploted four of thcm thoro
was a most decidcd chnngo for the
better. 1 nui glad to adu mj tosti-
monial to tlio morits ot Dr. V lUinms
Pink Pills for Palo People. Thoy
havo dono mo a world of good nnd my
tnitli in tliem is impncit. "
Tho pills which Mr. Larmon recom
mcnds havo, in thousands of other
cases, denionstrated thoir olUcacy in
conquoring all diseasos arising from
iinpoverishetl blood or disordored,
weakoned norves. Tiioy aro a posi
tivo speciflc for such diseases as lo"
comotor ataxin, partial paralyis, St.
Vitus' danco, sciatica, neuralcia,
rhouniatism, nervous hendache, tho
aftor ellects of grip, of fovors and of
othor acuto diseases, palpitation of
tlio lieart palo and sallow comploxions
and all forms of weakness, either in
mnloorfemale. Dr. Williams Pink Pills
for Palo People aro sold by nll deal
orsor will be sont postpnidon receipt
of price, flf ty cents a box ; six boxes,
two dollnrs and fifty cents, by ad
dressing Dr. Willinms Medicine Co.,
Schoncctndy, N. Y. Be suro to get
tho gonnino; snbstitntos nevor curcd
An old and very suecessful fariuer
and stock raiser in England, whose
fnmo had extonded" far boyond his
country, gavo out tho informatiou
that ho had wrltteu a book to be sold
after his death, which contained the
socrot of his success. Aooordingly,
aftor ho had been gathored to his fath-
ers, tho rxecutor put up the book at
a pnblic auctiou to bo sold to the
highot bidder. It vn in a ealod
wrapjnr but tho exccutor assurod the
biddoiN tliat it was tho identical book
tlio old fnnuor had spokou of in hih
litotimo, uiitl it was in his own haud
writing audthnt lio had novor wrir.ten
any othor.
Tho biddmg var spiritod and tho
snccoB'ul bidder earriod awny tho
prize at tho cost of M guinoas. lle
hurriod homo, locked himholf in his
room, broko tho soal, romoved thV
wrapper, turnod ovor blank leaf after
blank leaf, until he found theso words
writton in a bold hnnd with capital
letters: "Manuro! Mauure! Ma-
nure!" "Only. this and nothing
more." Manure was tho socret of his
Anothor colobrated English farnier,
Jotl lro Tull, declared that tillage was
manure, Of courso, ho know bettor,
but wanted to creato a sensation aud
got farmors to buy tho horso hoes,
harrows and grain drills ho had in
vonted, nnd which woro really valu-
able lmprovements for tillago. Sir J.
B. Lawes proved that good land, with
oxcollont tillage, would produco suo-
cessivo crojis of grain for many years
without showing much sign. of ox
haustion. Ho sowcd tho samo flcld
with wheat for forty years in sncces-
sion and tho fortioth year it produced
thirteon bushols to tho acro, He fur
thcr proved that an application of ma
nuro to this samo land, added to good
tillago, mndo it produco thirty bushols
to tho acro moro than'doubling tho
Somo farmor in Amorica havo got
it into thcir hoads that clovor, cow
peas, and good tillago aro all that is
required to koop up tho fortility of
thoir farms. Thoy aro probably mis
takon. Tho history of ngriculturo
from tho earliest ages, and tho oxpori
onco of tho bost farmors in ovory part
of tho world, provo that tho uso of
manuro, both natural and nrtiilcial,
is necessary to succossfnl fnrming.
"Tho eonstant oxhaustion of tho soil,"
says an English writor, "domands a
poriodical nourishmont', and this is
best dono by nieans of kcoping livo
aniinals. "
"Farmyard mnnuro," says tho Li
brary of Univorsal Knowledgo, "is
tho most valuahlo manuro tho farmor
usoB. It eontains all tho olemonts of
plants, and without it usc, in ordi-
nary oiroumstancos, tho fortility of
the land would rapidly dotoriorate. "
Tribnno Farmor.
Diphtherin, soro throat, oroup. In
staut rolief, pbrmauont. ourb. Dr.
Tlibmas' Eolectrio Oil. " At"any drug
Oraiioo, N. J., Aur. 10. It has b
discovcred that for tho past two years
iUayor lionry btotson has ucen draw
ing n salary which was novor legally
votcd to hini. Tho Mayor's attentlou
has boen called to this by olty coun
oil Thomas A. Davis. Mr. Davis was
novor consnlted on tho question ns to
whethor tho law was legally adoptcd.
A conunitteo of tho common council
cortified that tho law had been adopt
cd and on tliat roport an ordinnnco
was drafted. It appcars that tho law
nrovldos that tho (luestlon of payiiiK
a salary may bo submitted to tho peo
plo nt any oicctiou nnd tliat tlio nsscnt
of a ma.iorlty of tho votors at such
an clection shall bo noccssary to so-
cure tiio adoption ot tlio law. un tlio
salary question only l,4Cfl votcrs out
of 1, 101 voted on tho salary proposi-
tion, 7l(. tor It and 70!) ngatnst it.
Tho salary is $1,200 a year.
St. Louis. Mo. . An. 10. In rcsnonsc
to au inriuiry on Tuosday as to whoth-
or it had been dccided to postpono
tho World's Fair, Vresidcnt Francis
said: ''Neithor tho board of dircct
ors nor tho oxocutive committco hns
taken any fonnnl nction concorning a
postpononient of tho oxposition. If in
tho .iudgmont of the local committco,
approved by tho national cominittoe,
Congress nnd the administration, any
postponement is thought necessary
tliat step will bo taken in tlno timo
but undor no oircunistancos would the
bonrd of directors or any ono conncct
ed oilioially with tho oxposition con
sidor for a momont postponomcnt to
11)05, which according to tho papers,
Santos-Dumont has stated has beon do
cided upon. Postponement if needed,
but not to 1U05."
Now York, Apr. 17. When tho feast
of tho passovor is cnded noxt week,
two hundred butchor shops on tho east
sido of tho city tho homo of Now
York's poor will bo forccd to closo
thoir shops becauso of tho incroased
cost of nieat. Thousands of peoplo
accustomod to meat onco a day aro
now living on cercals and bread.
Priccs havo risen flf ty por cont on somo
classes of meat and twenty.ilvo onoth-
ers. Absoluto privation confronts
many poor peoplo.
Boston, Apr. 18. Miss Ellen M.
Stone will nppear bcforc .Tudno Fes-
senden in the equity session today to
sliow causo why an injnnction should
not jssuo restraining hor Irom dehver
niK a lectnre in rocard to hor cantiv
ity in Bulgaria nnd Tnrkoy in Chelsea
this evoning. A bill in etiuity was
brought Tliursday aftornoon by
tne Americau lt ctnring Direction,
through counsel Clarenco W. Rowley,
and .Tudge Fossondou issued an ordor
returnablo Friday afternoon. Tlio
complainant allogos that it mndo a
contract witli tlio detondant through
her hrother ncting ns agent on March
a2, nnd thnt sho will violato its terms
if she dohvors this lecturo.
Omaha, Neb., Apr. 18. Miss Eliza
beth Hnllowny is about 20,000 richor
today than lnst week as a rosult of
deanng m tiio stook markot. Last
baturday she advised friouds to buv
Louisvillo aud Nnshvillo stock as sho
was doing. Whon tho high tido camo
she sold, cleaning up about $20,000.
Sho is said to have boen very activo
m specuiatton lor several months aud
is supposed to have mndo a fortuue
She is ouly twenty-flve years of ago.
Now York, Apr. 18. Henry C
Friek, the stoel maeuate. has donosit
ed at tho bankinn house of J. P. Mor
gan & Oo. , what is probably ono of
tiio most. valuable pieces ot papor m
existoneo. It is a certificato for 100.-
OoO sharos of preforred stook in the
l nitod htates Soel Corporation viold-
iug Mr. Friek div.idonds of $700,000
To olean white shoes cet a box of
camphoratod chalk, mix it, as requir-
ea, witn miiK ana apply witu a llan
London, Apr. 17. It iB learnod
lrom excellent anthority that up to a
mre nour ednoiay niglit tlioro liave
been no doflnite dovolopments in tho
matter of the Boer-Bntish nogotia
tions. Lord Milner, tho British high
commissionor in South Africa, has
donned certain iiropositions upon
which poaco may almost immediately
bo seoured but tho cabinot is said to
havo disagreed upon tho morits of
Lord Milnor's terms nt its meeting
"Sparring. for timo" best doscribes
the present status of tho nogotintions,
noithor sido boing willlng to risk a
decision which would brcak olf tho
presont conferonco. An ngreement
mny bo reached at any momont.
Tho broad lincs of Great Britain's
terms aro now known to tho govern
ment represontntivos at Protoria.
Upon" theso roports tho cabinot iB ap
parently shifting tho resionsibility of
taking advantago of all opportunities
provided no cardinal principlos bo
Thoro is good reason to beliovo that
tho Boors aro vigorously dcmanding a
roprosontativo govornment and thnt
this domand is opposed with equal
vigor by tho British roproseiitativo.
It is nndorstood that tho Boors Ktrniic.
ly objeot to tho long dolay proposod
by Great Britain boforo a ronrosonta-
,tivo govornment ho Krantcd tho for-
mor ropublics, nnd that thoy alsoin
sist that tho numbor of Boor seats in
tho council be s'peoifled. It is oxpect
ed that tho cabinet will reassemblo to
day to diseuss tho matter furthor.
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Aro a Quick, Safo, Suro and Speedy Curo Headache, Noiiralgia, Irritability.Scasick
for Pain of any kind. Thoy aro far supor- ncss, Backacho, Rhuumatism, Nervousncss,
lor to any reincdy ovor before tihed for Bhics.Seiatica.Stomaeliacho, Slcoplossness,
Brussols. Aur. IS. Tlin rlntintn nll
the nronosod revision of tho Bolrrlnn
constitution was resumed in tho
chnmbor of Ropresentntivos on Thurs-
uay. jj. urauu, nuorai, advocated a
speedy closing of tho debato in tho in
tercst of tho whnlo nnniitrr. Tlm cn.
cialists protested against tho adoption
oi tno propotni nut tlio premior inslst-
en on n uoing anoptcd.
Aftor a violent speeoh by M. Baruii,
progressionist, who declared tho gov
ornmnt was forcing tho country ovor
tho brink of oivil war, tlio premior
said tho governmont was willing for
tho sako of peaco to withdraw tho
closuro proposal. M. Vanderdoid
agrced to this nnd tho chamber uuani
mously ilxed tho hour for tho voto on
tho (iiiestion of a revision of tho con
stitution nt six o'clock on Friday af
ternoon. After tho ndjourumont of tho cham
ber a monstor socialist meeting was
lield in tho Maison du Peuplc. M.
Vandorvoldo nnd others mndo spoeches
but the gathoring wns ordorly. itiot
ing, it is roported, has occurred at
Arion, whoro soveral strikors and a
membor of the civio guard woro
wounded. .
Tho. oaso against J. W. Ketchum of
Vf rgonnes for complicity in wrecking
the Farmor's Kational bank is agaiu
sot for trial at Rutland boforo Judgo
Wheelor on Monday, April 21. ,T. E.
Oushmau and R. E. Brown of Bur
lington will roprosont the respondent.
Trial of this case has beon postponed
flve timos from tho original dnto sot.
Will this be the sixth ?
Weekly Market Report.
Boston Produce Markot.
Conmiin ttr 2 411
Omlct uxtruA antl titjcuiiits 5 60
Mitiut'sota clUHr ulld straltftir 6(10
.MIcIiikuii, clnir uml BlralKIX 8 50
New otkcl"tr aiKl ktnilvlit s 70
Ohlo anil St. r.culs I'lmr 3 7ii
lhlu miil St. I.iutn utialKlit 3 86
Dhli. iiurt St. Lniil p.ili'ut 4 li
WlM'oiiKin uml Mlun. ji.ut'iit J -3
" t m
" 3 Wl
" 3 Ttl
" 3 DO
" 3 UU
3 80
" 4 (m
" 1 IS
" 4 10
Ut'.inulatL'il, h.irrol ,
(Vmnimu. liuni'i
11 1K lllflil. . ,
MliMllui;t., .iickf'il, HT ton
Ilrim. sitokt il. wlntir
Ilr.ui, '.ucki'U. bprliiK
Cottonsi'fil iucul
Enstern. clmlcc IVesli
Kitsturn. fair to kouiI, doz
Vi. and X. II., cliolce frosli, dot....
1 tu 3 45
1 Tt " l W)
1 W ' 1 30
l" 00 io au 5 '
i 60 n on
17 00 " 17 J5
:(7 m " r, w
10 to 17
11. " 17
ltl " 17
Stcaiiiur jelluw
No. s w
(iouU. nu gruiie.
Aniostiwk Ileliruiis
Naw lliinnitlilro llutirom
Vurinunt Hcliroim
No. 1, CllppCil WllltO
No. i, cllppvil wliltu
No. 2 white
No. 3 wlilto
Uejcctcil wlilto
1IAV ANI)S'llt.tW.
Ilay, X. Y. aml Can., cliolco to fancy. ,
lliiy. N. V. nnd CanuU.i, ralr to i?ooil
llay, castt'rn, cliolco ,
Ilay, cnttern, onllnary to f.ilr
Iluy, tastcrn, coiiinioii
Ilay, custcrn, cliolco tlao
llay, custcrn, common llnu
Ifacks, lib
Sliort cut clcar
I.can cnils
Clty roiiderc'il, puro, Ib
Wistorn compouml
l'uro kcttlc, rcmlcrcil
Smokcd Hanis
II0H011, small. Ib
llottoii, iiKilhun
lloston.lurgc ,
63 '
lo Ou
" 05
to 53
" Sl
" M
" 60
" 45
17 60 to H 00
16 1 " 17 00
1.' 00
10 00
VI 00
11 00
11 to
15 10
12 00
11 10
13 00
13 00
20 00 to 20 25
20 00 " 20 25
20 00 VJ 60
21 60 ' 2J 00
to 9
" U
- " 11
Ilecf, cholco, lb
lieef, llirlit cliolce, lb
Ilfctj licavy kooiI, Ib
Ilefr, kooi), Ib
Ilctf, iilinl'iuarters, cliolco ,
llet'f, lilinlijuartcra, commoii to good.
Iloi'f, forcijiiartfrs, cliolco
llt'i'f, tiiri'iiuartcro, common to nood..
Jluiton, extra
-Mutlon, coniinon toyood
I.amlis, cli. nikt. lb
l.anihs, comnion to good, lb
Veuls, cholcc t'usicru, jb
Voals, tatr lo Kood
Veals. common ,
10 to 101$
y, 10
8 ' !)
' 10
Boston Lumbor Markot.
Hcmlock bo.iids, roujib
ili'iulock boards, iilanod
Ilcinlock boanU, S'o. 2
f-prnco IkkU, clear lloor
Spruce hoards, 2d, clcnr lloor
spruco bouuli. coarii',
spruce, nor. do, car
bpnii'e, iiiatcliid
Ilox boaiiU, 1 111. Iluniror
Ilox boards, ord ,
Ilox boards, 7-8 do
Ilox boards, 3-1 do
Ilox boards, ll-lu. .do
Ilox boaids, 6-8 do
12 00
14 I'O
11 (
ltl 00
10 0)
13 00
13 50
IB 00
12 00
0 60
0 10
8 60
8 (lil
7 05
to 13 00
" 14 60
" 12 OU
' 1U 50
" 17 00
" 13 60
' M 00
' 20 00
" 13 00
" 10 60
" 9 24
" 8 70
" 8 25
" 8 00
Slilnglcs, Kastcrn eawcd, ci'dar ex...., 203
blilniflt's, do clcar 2 80
bblnitli's, do 2ds..., , y &
bhlli(l',doex. No, 1 175
hliliiflts, doNo. 1 40(O
Clapboards, do 4 It. 11...1 1 0.1
ClajiboariU, do clear 34 10
Claiiboard. 2ds, clear.... 35 50
Clapboards, (ixtra Nv. 1 28 00
ClaPboards, No. 1 10 00
I.olli, spruce, by cars 3 00
Laili, spruce, by carnoes 3 00
0 3 25
" 'i 8.5
" 2 S5
" 1 35
" 1 3.5
' 82 05
' 40 00
' 20 30
' 12 00
3 15
' 3 10
l'llls near niy bed ns I ain aubjeet 10 rheu
matio iiains ut nlght and I llnd Ihal ono
pill will rellovo nio." Mits. L. .1. llmiici:,
Sl. Albans, Vt.
"I havo tried inany reniedlos for pain
but do not know of any tliat equnl I)r.
Miles' I'aln Pills." L. It. SnAitr.ns,
Hellows Falls, Vt.
"I niil Dover out of Dr Miles' 1 'ain Pills
as I nm subjeot to noiiralgia nnd llnd thom
to bo of grent beuollt."
Mns. (). K .Ioiinson, Norlhlleld, Vt.
"Dr. Miles' I'nln Pills rellevo hendaoho.
Miles' Pain
DR. MILES' MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Indiana.
Boston Wool Markot.
X and abovc 2t to 25
No 1 28 " 27
j!,"- 2 25 " 20
I'lno llliwaslifd 18 " 19
uiimorcliaiiliiblo 18 " 19
No. I, coinblntr, X and K blood 21 " 22
No.2 ComblllKji blood 21 " 22
Delalne 30
ComlilliKji blood 21 to 22
('"lllMllK, U blood 21 00 22
( omoniK nrani 21 22
Clolblllg, X blood 21 ' 22
Clolliititr, coarsc 21 " 22
A llno ,
A super
11 biipcr
C sniier
CoinbliiK, llne
Comblni!, common..
Vermont Markots.
Iluttcr, fresh In 5 lb. boxes, lb...,
Ilutter, I'rcsli now, In tubs, Ib
Clieeiio, dalry, lb
Knz, du2.,rrcli
I'otaloca, busliel
II0S8, llve, Ib
IIors, dresscd.lb
I.ainbs. pcr II)
Vcala. Ilvu, lb ,
Clilckcns, lb
Kowls. lb
20 to 22
13 " 21
11 " 12
12 " 14
75 " 60
5 " fl
8 " 9
5 "
5 " 6
12)1" 15
9 " 10
11 " 11
liutler, dalry
lj7KB. doz
I'otatocs, bnsh
Ilojis, dreasi'd, Ib
Vcals. llve, Ib
Sprlu lambs, lb
lleer, lilndquartora, Ib
Itcef. I'urequartora, lb ,
Knwla. lb..:
Siirliiff clilckcns, lb
Turkoys, lb
Ilutter, creamery. lb
Ilutter. dalry, tufi, Ib
Ilutter, cratea, Ib
Clieesc, factory, lb
Cueeac, dalry, lb
Clieeae. saKv.lb
Ekks, do 4
I'otatoea, buali
II0K8, llve, Ib
Hogs, ilressed. lb
Veala, llve, Ib
Ileef, liludi(iiartf ri. U
llecf, foroiuarturs, Ib
Slicrp. llve. lb
SpriiiK lanibN, lb
Turkeva, Ib ....
St. AlboJls-
Uutter. crouiuery, lb
Ilutter. dalry, fair tonoinl, 1 ) . .
Ilutter, dalry, aclectlona, II
Iluttcr, dalry, acnarntor, Ib
Watwbury -
Ilutter. fri kli, II,
Ilutter. criitc!, box, lb
Hk, do
Polutoen, buili
IIoffB, llve, II
lloga, dressed, lb
Lambs, lb.
Veala. llve. lb ,
Turfceva, Ib
21 " 23
12 " 14
75 " 80
8 " !l
5 " II
0 " 7
b ' In
f, " s
12 " 13
11 " 15
1.1 " 14
2u " 22
20 " 21
21 " 21
- " I2)i
- " 12,
- " II
12 " 15
7" " 75
7 " i
' 1 )
1; " 7
li " 7
I.' " 11
1J " 14
Vixur, Sprlng Wheat, barre!
Flour, Wlnter Wheat, barre,
Fkiur, Famlly lioller, barrol
Feed, cwt
ileal, cwt
4 80 to 4
4 80 " 4
4 60 "4
I ilii " 1
1 82 ' I 35
.Middlliifrs, cwt 1 10
0.itf, busb 5
Coni, biibli 72
Hran, cwt 1 05
IJcaus, busliel 2 00
" t 20
Wants to Hclp. Others.
"I hnd stoinueh troublo all my llfo,"says
Kdw. Molohor, propriotor of tho L'nion
uoiuiiig orks, jsrie, l'onn , "and tried
all kinds of remedles. went to sovontl doe
tors and spent eonsldernble moiioy tryint
to sot a moinont's peaco. Finally I read
of Kodol Dyspepsla Cure and havo been
uiKiiig ir, 10 my great satistaption. i never
found its etjtial for stoinaeh troublo nnd
gladly roooinineiid it in lione that I mav
neip otner sullerers." Kodol Uyspeiisia
yjuro cures au stoinnen irounios. vou
don't havo to diot. Kodol Dyspopslu Curo
Uigests what you ent. Sold by Goorgo
Dicunuu iuui u. uuiKiey.
Eaos. Itecelpts hnvo beon mtieh larger
iitau ittsi ween, nut tnero nns been a
steauy eousinnntlvo demaild and enoti'ih
buylng for storago to givo the market u
strong touo, Tho sules of fnnoy Miehljrttii,
Iudiana, eto . woro at 10 l-i'o until Mon-
tiay, wnen tiio pnco was ndvaneed to 17o
and lias rulod lirm nt tliat llguro slnee,
with other wostern at 1C l-'i to 1(1 U-le.
Somo snles of extra storage packod at
17I-lo Good dlrtles sulling generally at
llio. Kastern iu limlted supply, aud somo
of tho best innrKs brlng 17 KJe.
UiiniHB. Ueeoipts for export, lOJ
boxes. Thero has been little ohitngo in
tho coudition of tlio market diiriug tlio
nast week. Demaud is not vory activo,
but stooks aro HkIiI nnd steudily growing
siuuller, and tho inarltet lias u lirm touo.
Fino northeru fall twins nro selllng tone.
Fiiiouortliurii fall twins are solllnggon
erully al 1,'le, but somo of tho best nmrks
ure held hlgher. There is very little olf
grado stock offering.
CoitN. Tho inurket Is (UoIod hiher
both ou spot aud to sliln from tho west.
Spot offerhiKS aro sniiill, whlle smne of
tho reeont arrlvals from tho west liavu
eomo iu moro or loss lieated aud diimagod.
At tho oloso. No U yulluw aud sleainer
yollow ou truek aro iuoted at 71c, whlle
the rango ou lower grtiilt's Is down as to
(liinllty iiud color.
Oats Tho market has workod hlKlior
ill prleo duriiig tho week, but the deiuaud
is (itiiot, and arrivals are iuoderato, No
fnnoy ollppod white on po(. but this
unido Is onerinj; to shlp from tho west ut
Sl 1 ! to 55o. For No, i elipped whlle on
spot about Mo Is tho prleo ut tlio eloso,
with lower grudos raugliigdown lu prleo
its to qunllty. For barloy mlxed oats ou
spot nt tho oloso tho prleo is about 01 to
51 l-So.
Woou Not muoh changO for (ho better
oau bo' ixiportod lu tho coudition of tho
wool market. Somo of tho dealers, how
evor. havo had a little bettor storv to toll
baokaeho nnd gtoimioli palns when notli
Ing elso will." Mns, Uohaoi: M Paiisiii.i:v,
Cunter Hamstead, N. II.
"I havo been subloot to norvoin hoad
ueho for yeiiM. Wlion I feol ono eoining
on I tako ono I'aln Pill and that nlways
prevents tho nttack " Mns. Ituxn Hnoon'i),
Clareinout, N. II.
"Ilnve used Dr. Milos' I'aln l'llls for
hendat'he, sleeples'sness and nervousnoss
nnd have nevor known tlioin to fail."
Mns ISLti'iiALirr Nvn,
7 (Jarden St., Nashua. X. II.
Dizzmess, Periodio, Bearing Down nnd
Ovarian Pains, Eto. Sold by all druggists.
25 Doscs. 25 Cents.
this week than last. Thoy havo sold nmro
and tho llteee wool lioiiboa have hadtii
partlciilarly good iinitiiry for almiit all
grades ut ttio llnu. For pitlled wools, al-n,
the deiinuiil is slititly liottor. More lm
ers have oettainly been on the iiuukot,
tho sinnller inills boing well repioM'iited
in the Ust ol eusloiuers. Thoro 1m .still.
howevor, 1111 almost lotal lnok of intorost
in laige linos. Nearly all tho wook'a bnsi
ness has boon in nnall lots that aro needed
for pieoing-oiit purposes Tho milla out
sido the ooinbiiio aro all ruuuing to tho
tull llmit of tlii'ir capaoities. aud lt is uot
siiriiriaing thnt they are ln need ot the
ittw niaterial. Whlle it cannot he said
Ihat the outlook fo: a revivul of aotivt
Ititurust 011 thelr lmrt Is certain, thero is a
moro hoporul loollng in tho trndo and it is
(pilto genurally bclleved thnt the doiunnd
Is to bb better, indopeudimt ot the tinal
seltlenient of tho labor troubles in tho
uiills of tho blggest t'ousumur, troulilos
that at prosontglvo 110 indieations of end
hig. TjU.miicii. There is 1111 nir of expeetauoy
about tho market for sprticn ltnnbor, a
general foeling thnt uu advunee in iismm i.
ution priees U very nonr at hand. This
may or inny not turn out to be tme, but
it is beyond nll (iiiestion that at tho inn
nieiit thomerehant who can niake prompt
delivery can seeuro a preuiiiuii U
know that Sl ovor icgiilar rales is lioin-i
sticeossfnlly usked, nifd we hoar of mu
snle at an udviuioo of Of tlio laijii
inills iu Mnine a nuinborhave beon eln-i .1
down and there is a goed dea! of talk,
some of it of eouine exnggerati 1, ubniit 1
shortngo in logs Tlio tuitiinoly ilisapi t -ir-anee
of the suow inlorferod wilh II 10 luml
ing in the woods and tlio frosln ta aro uu
('mbtodly rosponsiblo b r -i.' n li.ss, but
just how muoli 110 ono i iiii with . , rtii. 1 it
UitKssiii) 1'iii i.riiY. Arrn 11N fnr expm t
iu ndditioii tu abovo, yi.VJ k:ii s, Tlu
proportion ot fmzen stook in tln- l 'ooipt
13 st IU larKo, audfret'h-killoil fotsl- . ontin
110 in litilit Mtpply. llosi u,t"ii. loul
sold 011 Jlond 131 ; at 1 -i to l io. but hai
gnined a little sinee, aud oloi ' 111 111 l 1 11
latlor priee. 'iiulhwostorn fowl i-n
erally held toduy at 1' 1 :U v i v b n
fresh turko mnint: or M-aiiii-.i. ( i,i
coeks lirin. 1'iozou lurk 1.111 an l
hnvinn a 110 li mte al
Uroilers iiiuv'ii; slov-h
steadv at l-o.
IIay ani S 1 1; w. 'J,'h
tains a stomU t'ni'i bn .
I ui.
hav, tho doiii.inil boini.'
sueh. J.ow 'i,uli' hav and
vorv dnll wnd 1. "1 to - .1. ..1 '
i.liavo to I'.' .!'' I'lod t
i'liay is .-olliii 0 JlT.ol) 1.1'
lower trriulo- tn.- i.uifro h iiou n
lll ll
Uoi oiil I
1 . .
u .-I 1 .1 iv
Itjo -11'
uu; nl -1 "1
- (jtilot, n
10 (ial
I 11
w llllo 111 I jll ", 1
aio f r 1 p 11 1
raugo ot miIo- !'
ity Swalc It.is
lur at about ri' 1
IU'TTl.K - 11.
slifiht t-lirink ui
tlioro 111 o no un I
modiiilo lio 1 ,!-
.stook tfi' 1 1 iti
aio doiioudi ul 1
t. t 1,
il 1,
10 1
to 1
. ipt- -h. .u '
uu:aiii tln
1 .ition.- a- . .
iu tlio Ml j'' '
tolv u-' d n, '
1 '01. i 1 11 1 1 -1 1 : 1 . .
m'i 1
11 1 1 -
Ih 1,,!
ru'i ' :
1,1 -f
1 II, I
thoir duilv uants Tln
iuai Ui
mr l:it
Hoady at 1-.'o lollowini;
lvooit uiili .Motidav, wlnn il'
oreumcry sold at Illo. s- ui th
ltinrkt l ha 1m .n Mnnui im i 'U-iii
Htivngtli and lhe elitoiiiu' -'ili - l..i,' Im n
ut t2 to 32 1--V, The niiti koi u. uM ol. an
up (lulckly nt .Wo but tlioio i- 1 1 1 le Imo
stook offering undor :i 1 .iin I s.. i c au
holding at fife Tho inidi r ura.b havo
been selllng oloso up to tho 1 -,i Low
grados very soareo. Uhuloo rotin,dod m
deinand nt 30o. Norlliern cinirj l ts m-11-ing
roadily ut'JU to fllo. Hoxos aud prints
well nold up.
Flouii Thero 1- no materinl innro i -
1 10
2 25
mont iu tlio deinand. piiroliasers yet being
only dlspoMjd to operateus thoy are foroed
to havo stipplles. Tho uutrkvi is llriuer,
howover, and jirioes have boen ndvanoed
15 to '0o per bbl. coinnared witli a week
ago. This litgher priee lms boen foreod bj
tho iuereiisotl cost of wheat, but It does
not eucoumge any more freo buylng as a
rule. At the cloo spriug patents are
quotahlo at about 1 to l.-o as a lull rango
of sales whllo Miine speeial brands are
held ni ovo tlielnttor tlgure. Wintor wheat
Ilours nro ulso held llriuer but the ud vatioo
in priee has been loss mttrked than for tho
spriug wlieat 'goods. At the closo about
Sltoll5 would be a fair rango of sales
for wlnter patents, white for olear nnd
straight wlnter Ilours tho rango is ubo'ut
S11.75 to 1, tho lntter for fnnoy straight
Ilours. Jiow grades are noiiilual.
Tho reeeints at the diHeront Uvo stoek
vards for the week eudlm; Anril S wero
2151 eattle, 4851 sheep. 11,500 swino nnd
2270 cnlves.
For lieof eattle tho domand was hitrdlv
so aetivo as last week and tho leoliug ns
to nriees wns inelinod to bo euslor. Sales
ineludcd: .1 beof eows. avurtiului; 070 lbs.
3 l-2e; 2, 1010 lbs. 3 I 2c; 2. 810 lbs, 3c: 2
131Slbs. Ge: 2. 1027 lbs. 5 l-2o: 2. 1110 lbs.
In milch eows a vory fairlv activo busl-
noss wns put through at prieus raugiiiK
from S 15 to 00.
l'noes of ,alves rulod llrni. ShUh in.
oludod : 17 oalves, avenu;llig 117 11)S, 5 3-lc:
21, IU lbs, 0 l-lo; 10, Vt! lbs, 5 3-io 10, 121
lbs, (le. I
SIOO Roward, SIOO.
The readei'sof this napeiMvill be liloasoil
to learu thnt thero is ill least ono droailoil
dUonso that seloiioo Inis boon uhlo to ouii
in all Its stages, nnd tliat is Catarrli. Ilttll .
t'litarrh Curo is tho uly posllive onronow
kuowu lo (he inedloitl Inilernlty. Catarrli
boing a eoiistitutionii disense, rotpilrof a
oonAtitutioual treatiii'eut. Ilull's CalaiTh
Cure Is takon lntoriiiilly, ueting direotly
upon tho blood and mtionus surfaees ot
liiesystoin, thoreby ilestroj ing tho foundu
tiou of tlio tllfcnsc, ulid glvins tho lmtiont
stivugth by Imlldliul up tho eoiistitutloit
imd usslsting ntttuto iu doing Its work
Tho proprietois havo so muoh fnlth iu its
onratlvo nowers, that thoy offerOno Iluu
dred Dollnrs for any oaso that It fails to
curo. Soud for llst tof tostluioniitls,
Address, P. J. (illHNUY, Toledo, O.
Sold by druggiati75o,
Hnll's Famlly Plys aro the bea,t.

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