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8 In every town
L and village
z&rfSlL maybehad,
that makes your
aiir I horses glad.
I i . t.iitpllaiioe with :in almost unaui
m i wish of thu Uepnbliran voters
of tir city of Barre, N. 1J. Phelps
u utihi'iitod t heooino ii outididato
fof ittate Sonator from Washington
ciOuuty and his nanie will be present
fil at the Itepublican county convon
Mon to be hold.in Montpelier .Tuno
Wll'ur Shopard of tlils oity ia a
catdidate l'or high sherift' of tho
'tuiity and will have tlie undivided
sni'port of tho Barre dologation.
Li ua Mao, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs tt. nrge K. Ohurch of West Tops
ham and T. G. Oarswoll of this city
vitxi marriod tliis week at the homo
of the brido. Botli of thoso young
penph are well aud favorably known
in Barri'. Tho briuo is a graduuto of
iTnui Mountain Seniinary at Water
bury Oentur and has, until recently,
bnt n ste nographer in tho gonerul oiiico
of thi" Ci'iitral Vermont Haihvay at
St Albany The groom has boen
rm.minnit in niilitary affairs and was
for soni' time ca)tain of tho Sponcer
ritlcs of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Cars
will will rosido on Koitli Avpiiuo at-tt-r
thfir returu from their wedding
'ol. FranU U Groone, editor of tho
tit Albans Messeniior. will bo Mo-
This Statement Will Inleresi Scores
of Montpelier People.
Tho faotB givcn below aro worth a
por'uBtil by all who aro unxiouB about
thcir physical condition or are siiui
larly altvmtod to this resident of Mont
pi'lier. It is a local oconrrenoo and
can bo thoroughly iuveBtigated.
Mrs. Sarah Downing, of No. 12
Barre streot, suys : "Tho pain noross
my baek was vory sovero, espocially
aftor ii. hard day's work, and if I stood
for any length of timo it niado mo
rostloHs and norvous and at night so I
could not sleop. A kidnoy woaknoss,
whioh was also distresBing and ati
noying, bothorod nie. I used various
rouiedios bnt got 110 rolief from them.
I road of Donn's Kidnoy Pills and my
grandson got a box for mo at W. K.
Poolo's, Druggist, Montpelier, Vt.
Thoy did mo a great deal of good in
every way. My baok was strongor and
I could sloep at nlght. ' Tlio kidnoy
scorotions woro also eorroctod. My
daughter also used them with good
iosults. "
For sale by all doalors, prico (50o a
box. Fostor-Milburn Co., Bull'alo,
N. Y., sole agents for tho United
Statos. Remombor tho nanio Donn's
and tako no other.
London, May 81. Tlio birthday of
King Edward, (who was born JNov.
l), 1841,) was olllcially celebrated on
Friday, it having beon dccided as an
nouncod in the Oillcial Gazotto April
1K ll.nf Ulo !Tn -luuf T-'u lint-nl llnv vcn
morial Day orator at Barre city aud t0'b) cuiebrfttc.(i in London and on tlio
Pnsideiit A. D. Browiiof Norwich homo ,.tntions May 30, as boing tho
rniversity, Northflohl, at Last Barre. , mogt suitabi0 tim0 for n military dis-
Tln rxeri-ises in tliis oit.v will bo of
a similar nature to tlioso hold in for
Mt r years.
Vlvin F. Smitli, oue of the oldest
pt rsons in Barre celebrated tliis weok
llore III Nnttircil Thmi U'oinnn, Hnya
iin OliHorrntit lt)Kaiirnitir,
"Of coursc," Bald nn nvenuo rustnu
rnnt Ureper, "I thlnk my btislnesB gives
ino tho tiest opportunltlos ln tho world
for jndglng limniiti nature. My obscr
vatlons havo led mo to the coiicluslon
lliat womon, ns norvous na thoy aro
supposed to bo, nro inoro good naturod
than tncn. Tho lest for HiIb tralt comea
nt broaltfnst tlmo. Now, I Biipposo
thnt my onstotucrs nro nbout iib choer.v
a lot ns fre(tiont nny rPBtnurant In tho
city. A good lnnny of them aro nows
papor mon, who, as a UBiial thlnj:, tako
llfe ns lt eomoH wltlioul tnuoli com
plnlnt. If you talso them ln the evon
luc or latc nt nlglit, you will flnd tliem
the lnost eompauionablo lot lmaftlnabfe
But lot ino tcll you thcro Ib n dlfferencr,
ln tlio moinlnp;. ,
"As frlendly ns 1 ain wlth most ol' tho
mrn who oomo ln hero, Ihere is imt
oiit" whom I wotild care to provoko be
forc he pots his brenkfast. Most of tlio
'Ulelis' aro made concoriiinK the llrst
monl df the day. The wnlter lt t o
h1ov ; tlio stmk Is too rare; the Bteak Ib
too well done; .the epgs nre not frled
propcrly or nro bolled too little or too
inuch. But b.V tho time the nverage
mnn hns hnd a cood mcnl and n eup
of hot cofrfc 'Itlcl.nrd ls hlmBoIf afmln.'
"New, wlth womeii lt ls dllTerent. I
don't know whother It ls bccnuse thoy
wake up less hunsry thnn incu or
Viowsof Somo New 15iiKland Sulierln
tondontB on Oorporal Pun-ishmout.
Tho sovoro punishmont of a pupil
by tho principal of a IiIrIi boIiooI in
Now York and his smbxociuont arrest
has led to koiiio discitssloii by leadiiiK
edueators, of oorporal puiiinliinuiit ln
tho schools. Tlio mothod of the prin
elpal aforesaid has boon critioisod be
causo ho used a pioco of rubbor hose
lipo, whioh was jirobably thn flrst
tliiiiK ho fonud handy at tho time,
aud whlch ho laid on with sueh
for tho subduint; of tho unro
gonorato youth that ho left marks
that woro apparont for nomo tlmo if
thoy did not rosult in pormanont, ln
jnry to tho boy. His mothod is known
as tlio "rubbor pipe cnro" and has
buon used in some othor schools.
Somo Now Kngland sohool supc.rin
tendontB have beon asked to givo thoir
oiinions on corporal punishmont. A
portion of tho stntemonts receivod
aro horowith rIvoii aa taken from a
Now York papor.
"As for tho Hudson mothod of ptui
ishliid with a rubbor pipe, fow had
ovor heard of it. Scarcoly a superin-
Gentral Vermont Railway,
nniintMicliiK Mrc)i S, IWtf
rrnlns Colnu South nnd East Will
Lonvo Montpollor as Follows:
W ;(p0 A. M MAII., fur Fllrlibiirii. IIokiiiii, Sjrlnir
irt hiiiI Nt w York I'jirliir c;ir to l!t,n
W.3'i IV M FAST TUAIN. lor IIimIhii ln lowell,
inil New Vnrk Bprhulli'l'l nr Ni-w linlnii iunl
4Vnrc(5stcr vln N'Hlnia. Pnilnr rar to llnstnn.
S.W. 1'. M. I'ASNKNUKU. ror Whllf lllycr .(r
13:4 A. M.. ilnlly KXIMIKHS, l'or U..M011 vlu !,..
11 ntnl all poltiu ln Nw KnBtaii'l, Nw Vorh nt
.ontli. rtilltiiHn Hli-ci'rn to Norton nml lo prititf
VM. Trnlna ColriB North and WoDt.
i .Mi A. M., lall) KXlMtKHW for Monircnl himI iln
veal itinl wet'k la)s for (yiliinl'UrK. UU'lil'ord huO
Utnwa. li'i'pllij? nr. Montpelier lnntlon Ut
:o A. M. I'AMHKNnr.lt for lliirlliiirton. Ilnl
nii.l. St. AIIihiis. MonlrMil, Ultuiva aml Itlrhionl
oaklna ''onncrilons l'or Troy. Alliauy niul Nw Vork
JMY. M. rASSKNIIKH, lor llurllliKloii, St. Al
'.rini, Moutri'al, Hoiifi'M V01.1t, aiul Ittti'iron).
I'arloronr 10 M .tilroal wliliniit cliiinm.
1" M. KXl'KWS l'or 111 rllitjcli. St, Alhnm
unl Monlrvnl. l'ulliiiiiii tli-c plntf orfrom Monlilltr
limcttoii to Clilcaffo wltliont cliangt'.
Throiixli tlckfls to('lilcam aiul jill iolnU Wefl
tor aale at tlio prtnclti.il statlonft.
Suburban Traln Sorvlco.
I.cuvc Motitii'ller at il:ll, :Vl A. M.. U "
iihi, iii?u v. m. Arrlfc at llarn' limiif tiilniitv mIV r
leiivliiK tlint.
Leare llarri' nt l'J:OI a. m.. M:S3, a. M.i 11:01 M.i
l!05, San r. M. Arrlvc nt MontHltr. tweiity niln
iln arttr li uvliijr lliiii'.
Tialli" li'nvf for Wllllaniiltiiwii at W:M !'. M. aiul
liW f M.
All pniui'iiKii tralna will atop at lln' I'lonwi
Work lo tnkf or U-hv? paappntirs wlicti atgnftllMl.
0. A. I.AKd, Airent.
E. II. KITZHIJOII, Vlce I'rci., Ociioral Manairer.
i. W.CUMMINUs.Uoneral I'wnmt Avriii.
p;ay. On tho otlior naiiti, toreiRU sta
tious will celobrato it Nov. i), tho ac
tual anniversary of His Majosty's
General interost in the colobration,
hi" . iBthy-seventh buthdny. Mr. -as apiiarontly not seriously dimin
Smith's irroat-Knuidfatherwns ;i sol- ished bv the oxuectation of tho irreat-
Ut r of the Hovolution. His father 0r series of ovents surroundint,' tho
w is in the war of 1812 and fonr broth- coronation. The towns throuRhont
r and two sons sorved ln the war of tho kingdom were paily decorated and
rlu rt bolllon. bo-llapged today and the shippinp at
Tht case of snmll pox discovered the various ports mado the payost dis-
this week in Barre has beon kept in play of bnntinu.
striet nuarantine and so far 110 new Tho chiof celebratiou of tho day was
fa-.es have boen reported. Tlievictim the eeremony of "Troopinp the col-
is Miss Mary Patterson, a younp ors" 011 the horsoRuards parado hcro,
woman of twenty-three years who and tho prosontation of colors to tho
eaim- from Sweden to this conntry to new Irisli puard. Stands covered
rcsidt three days before it was discov- with crimson cloth wero erected 011
ered that she had small pox. Tho thrce sides of tho parade piound and
house in which she is will bo closoly were occupied by thousands of priv-
quarantined aud ollicers aro stationed ileped speetators, includinp .Tosoph
there day aud night to prevont any II. Olioato. and Mrs. Ohoate and tho
unauthomed person enteriup or leav- secretary of tho United Statos om-
ing. Thoboardof healthacted prompt- bassy, Henry White,
lv in tho matter and 110 attempt has Tromoudous oheorinf; greeted tho ap-
beon mado to eouceal tho fact that the poaranco of tho King, and his brilliant
yoang lady is ill with small pox. escort, which inolnded many notables.
At a meotiiiK of the Barre Mor- Tho crowds preseiit bared thoir hea(
-1 i...i.i wlulu His Ma.iestv nroceedcd to tho
d"v evenlnT Z Sta i salutinK lint Aftor an inspoction of
noy discounttsa f or olerks unani" tho line of troops and 1 tho , l'1on
monsly adopted. A lotter was ro- of tho colors, tho coromonies e ndod
i.... -,. .....i -it t ji with a roviow ol all tho troops 011 tho
wayaskhiBif accommodations could sround. Tho wcather was otand
bo tountl ln Uarro lor an ovoraii aim
wrappor factory. Tho matter was re
ferred to tho committee 011 new indus
trics with instructiciiis to roport lator.
tondont was found who was rcndy to
whether nn empty ntornach nfTects tholr sanction punishmont upon nny part of
nerves to a less degree, but those who tho body oxcept uiion tho liand nnd
pet tholr broakfnst hero Beldom nnnoy most of them ropnrd tho Hudson ous
us wlth complalnts."-Washington Post, tom as ' ' degrading. '
. rpj10 guporintondont 0f tho Hudson
sohools himsolf, )T. G. Morrill, admits
that "punishmont 011 the hand is prof
erablo, becanso it is moro dignifled. "
Mr. Morrill said : "Thoro has boen
a groat deal of misroprosentation
and oxnpgoration coucorning Hudson
schools. I approvo corporal punish
ment whon applied with discrotion,
and though punishmont upon tho
hand is . proferablo because moro dig
nifled, yet I think thoro nro cases
who'ro tho pood old-fasliioned way is
most olfectual: It cortainly seems to
mo that tho mothod now in uso is
proforablo to knocking a boy down. "
Soo. Hill of tho Massachusetts Stato
board of odncatiou said: "You ask
1110 if I approvo of corporal punish
mont. I discourage it aud, personally,
sueceedod in rofraining fromits ubo. "
,T. W. MoDonald, oue of the agents
of tho Massachusetts state board said :
"I boliove that toachors should have
tho powor to inllict it, but that it
should be rosorted to only on very
raro occasions. All coriioral punish
mont is cruel. Ofton, wlten it is real
Montpelier & Wells River R, R.
Don'tH ror I.ltcrnry Iloje liinern.
Don't tell the editor whnt y. ur fnin
lly or frlends or Uterary ncinlntnnces
wiy of your mauuserlpt.
Uon't urpe the editor to buy your
mauuserlpt brenuse you nced the mon
ey to help you In contrlbutlug to tbo
Biipport of your famlly or ln inal:lnp
your way throuph eollego.
Don't asBinue a Jaunty, sarenstie or
lnslstent tone wlth the edltur. Don't
coyly nsk hlm to "permit this llternry
dove to nest ln your ollve tree or vtn
return lt to tho nrk ut tbe uboe nd
dress." Don't try to tcniper the neverlty of
his Judgment by sendlng hlm prossed
flowers wlth your mauuserlpt or to
lmpress hlm wlth vour llternry powor
nnd oxperlence by telllng hlm thnt you
"wrlte 011 the sptir of tuc momcnt and
nover correct,"
Bear ln mlnd, lu Bhort, that the best
way to Bubmlt n tnanuscrlpt la sltuply
to subtnlt lt nnd let lt BpeaU for ltsolf.
Franklin B. Wlley ln Ladles' Iloino
In Klli-ct Dec. 11. 1WII. Traliu leavlnn
as tollowa Uolnic ens :
8:oo a. nn. maii.
('. V llloli A. M
Coiinects at Wi-llt Itlver wltli iicconiiuo.l.illon ira';.
uortli, uii.l wlth inall traln south over l'asinuupslc
DlvlslDii Uotton .v M:inu 11. i(. Aim connrcta wnn
iccomtuoilatloii traln north, vln White Monmaln
Dtrlslon. an.l wlth iiiaII traln south, whlch has ttirouifh
traln tenlrv froin Wells Itlver to lloston, vlii I'ly
niouth, C'ouconl, Manchtisler, Nanliua an.l lowell
rrlvlnK at ll..t tt 1:80 1- M.
IO P. M. Express.
(O V. stallon 1:10 r. M.)
Coiinecta at Wells lilver wlth exire inut inal
iralu north over easautnpslc DlvlHh.n, II. & M. U. lt
800 I.lne e.xpruss to ft. l'.uil nml Mlniieaolls
Weatern cxi.rem to Chlcairo an.l uliiht express 101
I'acltlc Coast poluls vln C. P. liy. ThroiiKh tleepiim
cars, Wells Itlvir to St. 1'aul, Montreal to t lilcnio.
lally excepi .Hatunlays. Montreal to l'aclllc I'oaii.
n.l tourlsl cirs lo r.iclllc Coast Weilnes.l.iys (,011
nects wlih mall traln lor Ms'mi. Mttleton. Whlu ih-l.t.
l.il.iH.iA. I.;iiieiiMter. flro-Nrnn kii.1 llerllli. Ai.i
'unnecls wlthexprea traln for jloston vla lMyiin.iith,
srrhlim at ItoMon at 8:1m f. M. Tliroiifrii paih.r cr
Wells Itlrer to itostou.
4: 1 O P. M. Accommotlatlon.
(I.envos from M. A W. H. stallon only.)
Concects al Wells lllver wllh traln north oer
I'assuinplc Dlvlklon, It. A M. U. lt.. tor all stallons
tx twoen Wells Itlver aml Lyndonville, wlth accoin
uio.l.itlon south r.ir all statlons hetwecn Wells Itlver
aivl White Itlv.-r .lui.otlon. an.l wlth acroiiiui...Utlon
iralt.over White Mountaln Ulvlsloii, II. M. U H.
forWvhon. I.lttleton. WhlUHcl.l an.l I,an.-atei .
Tralns West.
Uave Wells Itlvrr-T.IM, ln.05 A. M. :i 4" IV
Arrlvc Montpelier-!) U.;HA.M. Ml I'.
Alnnyii nyittR,
Llfc conslsts ln n ecrlea of chMigea ol
Ussue, und the hiiinan economy Ib slrn
ply, bo far iib Its trmterlal part Ib con
eerned, a mnehlne and irlmarlly Ue
Iiends 011 food iib tho most Importnnt
fnetnr In l;eeplng It lu worklng order.
WI11 n It Ib said that we comincneo to
dle w. kooii iib we nre born, lt of coure
tnentiB thnt eertnln pnrts of the body
Ininiedlatol.v lienln to prrlsli; thcir e
Istenee Ib ephemenil; they cntne nnd
go. nre replenlshed nntl deeay. They
nre the tlylng pnrtH of thnt s.vstein of
llfe wl.lch mtty limt a little whlle, but
Whlrh must eventunlly yleld to the ln
exorablo lnw of nature. Tho nalla, tlie
halr, ete.. arc obscrvnblo ns an ItiBtniiee
of this dee.'iy. Th Knino rule appllc
to every other organ and llsBue of the
body, though It Is ;iot pnlpable to the
naked eye. Tho Bkln Ib nhvnyB peolttiK.
Thn food thi Is tnken ln the 0110 hour
uoiirislien the sygtem nnd oJectB that
whlch wps taken the hour liefore
HiMv Illrdx MlKrtitc.
Mnny of the sninller nnd weaki-r
blrdB, llke the tly rntchers, vlniw.
wren?, klnglets nnd blueblrdB, ln orth r
10 nvold thelr onemleB, the luiwkw.
miiko thelr long fllghts by nlght, stop
plng for rest and food ln the dnytimo.
The lnrger nnd bolder oties, llke the
linwks and erows, nnd those of ex
treniely rnuld lllpht, llke the swallown
and hutnnilng blids, mlgrate fenrleBsly
by day, und there nre Bome, llke the
Canada gcese, whlch travel Just when
thoy choose. by dny or nlght. Mlgrnt
Ing blwls usually tly at n height of
from ono to three nilles. and this ena
bles them to soo the rlvers, the tnotui
taln runges aud tho coast llue. By
those they dlreet thelr course, the old
blrds rememberlng the way thoy cr-me
before tttid the young ones followlng.
Womiiii's Ilome Coinpanlou.
clalnis aml ilouian.ls nf all persont njrfllnst tliecstate
i.rtll'omiK II WITIIAM. lat. or ( nlali Insal.l I)la
trlcu ileceaseili anl all cialm-. pxlilhltcil lu i.tfset
Ihercto. Iiereby glve iioltcu that we will nieet ror tne
purpnies aforesal'l. nt the ilwelllnr houtc of N. II
r'alr, Inthe town of Calais, ln salil Dlstrlct. 011 the
llth day of Jnne. aml lt ilay or Novemher next,
fioin I .rclouk I'. M. iinlll I o'clock 1'. M , ench ol said
ilays, and that slx moiiths from the Jd ilay of May,
A. 11. V.m, Is the tlmi! Illnllcl l.y al I f'ourt lor
tnl.l crcdltors to present thelr -i .iiu- 1 - for ex
amlhfillnn and alloivance
Daled at Oitals. thi- I tli .1 n .t M .v A f).
slll'IIAKMt 1-AIII I '..innils
1SAA s. TAItoli 1 1 .ners
STAtKOF Vi.iimont.
I)r-nu( 1 or WAMiiN'iirMX. h
lu I'rolMt. f'onrl tield At Motitp.-ll. r. I11 .nd fof
al.l IIMi lel. . .1 lli. IUthilaJol MnvA I) Y"l.
An liiMriiiin 1 t. pui portltiK t. ln- tln- l.i-i .ui! intl les
tatn. ut ol ijKHtlil' ('. MACKIK, late ul the City ol
Ilarri'.ln sal.l Dlstt lei.deceafeil. i.eli.K or. nt.'il tothe
Onirt toi I'loi.iii.-, lt t ordered i.v ii.t c.1111, that all
iwrsons eonci nie.t thi.ri'ln ht notlll. .1 t. ..p..'nr at a
sesston of Buld ('..url. lo he hi-l.l ftt the I'l.il. tte fllllee,
III salrl Montpelier. .n the Mll 'htv ol .lu.. . A. I.
IIKI2, aiul fht.w e.iile, If au llie lnnv h.l.. a-llnst
the jirol.ate of -al.l Instruioeut. tor wlilei.ptirpof.eit
Is filrlher 01.I1 re.l thnt liotlce of tlih or.ler be puli
llnhed lliree wuks Mieopsslf el lu the Vkhmoxt
WATril.MAN AVII STATF. .lOI'llVAI. a nenpan'r
prlnted at Montpelier, In tlils Mtni. . .r. l.-n-i t nid
tliue appolnted iorhearlnir
llv thn ( ourt - Atiest.
lllltAM Altl.l-TON, .uivr
Who Have Used Tho rn
LHuILO Recommend asthe BEST
1)11, KXA'K'A
Imnu-dlaterellcf.no daiiper , no naln.
Ul ror yeam t.y K-aJifijt gpecUlifltl. Ilundrcl of trtl
monlali. A tritl wlllconvini-cj-'.u ol thelr Intrlnilc vslue
lncftieoffupprcilon, Syid lon centi for a&mpls sdu
took. All IJrUKElrts or by mall iM box .
Thisjay':." " m-u:. n ofcax.ir.rh
always appe.es a'o abo'it tbo anme
tlmo overv ir.iri'-r, n:.d a".ffrer8
from tho cflsp-. -e i;l hp r, d to know
that there i " : absc . '"enref' rhrv
fovcr Bi,C!, tTTi'23 rnlarb'
taken piev -v the f rrn" :on of
tho cntarrhal Foer.-tioi), ai.d ton.-s
np the whole s.Vrit--m to n normal
condition. It U tho on'-. temedy
which can bf rolied on. For salo by
O. E. MeGrath Suc's'r to W. E. Terrill.
San Francisco, Cal., May 31. News
comes from Corea that famino in sev
oral districts is causing great misory
and many deaths. Tho governor of
North Ohulla proviuco reports that in
eighteen districts 41,308 persons aro on
tho vorgo of starvation. In ono prov
iuco a family was driven to kill and
eat their two youngest children.
Whang Ha provinco is in tho worst
condition. Scorcs of victims with
limbs bloatod with dropsy which fol
lows starvation aro lying by tho road-sido.
StvmiK i;vpii ln It-:;tli.
AyowtK'i u.iuoftt t.erit.lUii' c. i.rant'u-
Washington, May 31. The authorities rs or br.rk i.-rotvs. nlmi.di.M m the
do not attempt to disguise their alarm Cnucanun to a height of lr. m H"0 to
over the prevalence of cholera in the gisty feet and u dlniaeter ol a little
Philippines. The deaths of Captain Rus- 0ver two feet. lt grows sluwl.v. but Its
sell of the army and Lieutenant Uask of timber Is nlmost Im'.tstriiftlble ixeept
the marine corps, recently, makes the sit- y j;,. it js i.0nsldered superlei In
uation oneof greatest gravity. durabilit.v. np; ertnntee n:-d tuui.-h ii i.:s
- to innhognny. whleh It otl.irwlse iiue-
11LACK SEA STOUM. what resmbles. In suiiie large 'ft n sts
' of this tivo lt ls very dlllUuilt to dislln.
Coustantinople, May 31. A Terrific gulsh the llve trees from the dend ones.
atorm swept'over the lllack Sea yesterday the latter belng very liumeroUB and
causing great datnage to the shipping and Fni(i to Btand for 100 years nl'ter tlenth
eavyloss ol luo. iniriy vesseis were . Without x whiting decu.v
wrecked and 150 lives lost.
That's n novol occupation," ojacn-
lated Mr. Dininore, looking up from
his nanor. "What is?" asked Mrs.-
Dinsmoro. "Wrlting flction. " New ized that the powor to inflict it rests
YorkWorld. iu tho teacher's discrotion, tho necos-
tVr. o i7"-rn'iiT r r B' or suc'' t""'0!'011 s obviated.
Tll drcml of u is sulllcient. But I
It is doing humnnitv a servico to co,lsi(1(!r aat tllu itloii of blows
call attontipn again to that admirahle on any other part ot tho body than
sories of books known as tho "Self tho hand is oithor dangurous or de-
and Sox Sorios," issued i by Tho Vin reading. Blows on tho palm with a
Publishing Company, Philadclphia. f . . in(lictcd witi101lt, in.
Thiscompany has solved the problem orBUI 00 m"ct1?" vft,,ont ; ln'
of how books may be writton on avoid- 3nry. Tho mothod ot beating with a
od subjects, whioh ovado every causo. rubbor plpo as you describo is degrad-
of otl'enso, dlsarm every criticism and
secure univorsal commendation, Al- ' . . ... Tnll(ir nf vor
rcady cight books have boon published stllte sinI,t- Ra,yri or'
in this series, iucluding "What Onght mont said: "Whilo tho Vermont.
to bo Known " by young boys anu State law does not lorbid corporal
girls; young mou and women, young pUl,isilm011t in tho schools, the regu-
vvof "foneTho' EZk Wion. in somo of tho schools forbid
published, " What a Woman of Forty- it. I boliove it is not permissible in
Five Ought to Know, " is by Dr. Em- tho Burlington schools, for instance.
ma F. Angoll Drake, a graduato of L llcar of vory fow c.asos iu vormont
ZooSof -hools of the infliction of corporal
medical school and hospital. It is punishmont duriug tho last few years.
the sequel to tho 1000 prizo hook by When rosorted to tho blows havo al-
?, snine .a"1''0 "Y,1'-, n u"8 waJ"s 1,0011 struck upon tho hand. A
illca of any and all these niost admir- forul j usually used. Wo aro vory
able books tho reader should sond a slow to puuisii girls. ln no caso wouiu
lotter of inriuiry to tho Vin publishing wo inflict punishmont any whero olso
Co.. Philadolnhia. Thoy aro mailed fi,
to any addross in tho United Statos tl . , , ,' . ..
for S1.00 eaoh. i that wl,iPPinB a hoT aftor tho m'1110r
... in which you describo would tend to
Happy Time in Old Town degrado him. "
Wo.felt vory happy," writes R. N. Supt. G. II. Whitchor, Durliam,
Only ono romedy in tlio world that
will at onco stop itchiness of tho skin
in nny pnrt of- tho body; Doan's Oint
ment. At any drug storo, 50 ccnts.
Piutermaritzburg, Natal, May 31.
Govurnor Mr.Callum in a speech here
yesterday, said that tlie Doers wanted six
times more than England was prepared
to grant. ' ' '
Bovell,' Old Town, Va., "When Buck- ' Now inarkct and Alton, N H. , "Any
len-s Aruica biuvo wnmiy cureti our kln(1 of corporfll 1)uui8hm0nt ls dog
lt dnliL'ht.s all who uso it for Cuts. ' (U,1G alld l,ril.tal- 1 lievor ll0iird of
Corns, Burns, Bruisos, Boils, Ulcers, tho uso of a rubbor pipo. Thero aro
Eruptions. lntallible lor i-'iies. uniy no rattans in any of my schools. And
yet, of course, thoro aro cases whoro
an nppeal to forco is absolutoly neces
25c. at O. Blakeley's drug storo.
sary. I tell my toachors to get along
Tho Uonublican cauous for thu oloe wltliout it just as long as possimo imt
tlon of dologatos at tho county con- whon it becomes absolutely necossary
Kome, May 31. Governor Taft is ill
with a cold, but it is believcd his case is
not serious.
Tho gnut ouro for O.itarrh, Elay
Fovcr Oold lu tho Hoad, Deafnoss
and Headaoho.
Almond Snuff oloars tho i hoad of
foul mucus. Hcals tho ulcors of thu
lnad and throat. Swootons tho hroath
itn 1 rostoros tho sonsos of tasto, siuoll
and hoaring. Doos not causo snooz
ing and ls vory ploasant to nse. Sold
at all drug storos or will bo sont by
mall on reooipt of 25 conts. Stamps
takon. Honry, Johnson & Lord' Pro
poritlos, Burlington, ,tV
UlvlKlcti of Lnl'iir.
Ilolonellow lung did you stni' ln
Pnris on your trlp to 1'rniifcV
Emiiia-Uh. ii week ultoithtr.
Uelene Uut mirely you eould not tukt'
ln everythlng ln nueh n nlu.rt time!
Kmma-Iiiit we d'.d. .-.!l the s.ime
You tee, tlu re v. cri ililtf ol i Mam
ma took ln the p'.ciur gtillerles. I stud
led the Hhui'B ihki lluiiitn. nnd pf.fm t'S
nmltntl lln I I rolor in the ealtn.
IMnmti lllnllP.
She (til'ter the tr' :iei- Vou dreudful
follow! hy did iiu smlle diiring tho
Ile I euiildu't help It. Thero whb
Miss Addle Pose nlnglug "Hnd I the
wlngs ot n dove." The luental plcturo
of u 200 pouinler trying to tly wlth n
pnlr of four Inch wlngs was too much
for mo.
Whon tho flrst baby howls nt nlght
wlth tho colle, the father nnd motlior
look reproaehfully at etu'h other, ub lf
to sny, "You got me Into thl8l"Atch
Ison Olobe.
Tho produetlvencss of Formosa ls bo
great that It ls bellcved that tho pres
ent populntlon of 2,500,000 could bo
rnlsrd to lO.COO.tKKl wltliout exhaiiBtlng
the fertlllty of the soll. '
vontion was hold in Armory hall on
Thursday evonlng and was largoly at
tonded. W. A. Lord acted as cbair
mau and E. D. Field as secretary.
Bocauso of tho contost botwoon F.
L. Laird and F. B. Thomas as caudi
datos for Stato's Attornoy tho ohock
list and challonges woro used.
Tho whole numbor of votos east
was 441 of whioh tho list of dolo
gatos plodgod to Mr. Thomas roooived
2(5(5 votcs and that to Mr. Laird 175.
j5VWe pmniptly nbtnlu t 8 und Forclpn
V Hend modul, skctcli or pht.i.j ol lr.viritK n for
f free n nc.rt m pat ntabllUy 1-r free tcok.f.
d iiiiiiii-rirnnrrmi i n i nrirTirTJ''M"' -- ftu
UWAbH Nli UN u. u.
The inidersljrned havlnr lni app..lni..i l.j the
lli.n. Prohate t nurt for the I)Utrlct ot -i-hhiKton
Couilulsl..u r. tn recetvi . .-v.inin.. ,n-l i-dnst all
elalln ati.MeiiiuM.ls ol all jmi-i.ii- lllieeslate
ol A1.ICE M. HF.MAMI.V lat.- ..1 .....IMiry. ln
ssld Dlstrlc. ile.-ca.Ml, and .ill . Inlu vhllilti-l In
oltset lliereto. In-i el. tW' ihiit ue w 111 uieet r.r
the purtios - tn.ri -ial.1. ai th.-r.--ll.ii" ol I. .1
ilerdaintii. tu the tnwi, ot Wof.ill.iirv. ln ?al.l
Dlslrl.t. nn tlie '.lli .lav -f .li.ue und
'tf dav ol senleinlier next troni t ..'.-lock V.
M. lintll 1 o'el.i.-K I'. M, eaoh ot il'l 'I l)'s. mnl
that slx moiitlis lr..m tlie llth -Ini ..I April. A l.
9"'t, ls the time llinlled Ii) sal.l ('.. ut l l"i k.I.I cre..
Itorslopn itth. li cPilnis t" in t..r - ituluatlon
aud nllowaiu-e . . .
Ilated al I al.il- tlll ll'.lh .lav ..I Mav. A 1) 10(2
W-JI WAItllKN F. I'.I.ls-s. ( i oinnili-
IIUFU-! M I'llAY. S ioii(tb
From Boston.
I.eave K.islon 1(1:110 A. M.
Arrlve Montpelier S:ll r.
Suburban Traln Sorvlco.
Ijtavo Montpeller-'i i, 1.15. 11.10 A. M. !Mn
Arrlve Barre -6.W,
,eau liiirr-7.8ii,
6.itt 1. M.
Arrlve Montpeller-7.15,
W. A. hTOWF.I.I., tltneral .ManaKer.
F. W. 6TANYAN, Superlnlen.lent,
F. W. MOIISK. (ien'l. I'uss. Aitmt.
StaTB of VmiMiiNr,
III8TltllT OK WAtltI(,T.I.N s
In Prohate C'ourt, hetd nt Moutpill. t. t-i and tor
sald Dlstrlct. on tlie ttrd dny ..i Ma. I). IihiJ:
Mahlon S. Hathanav. everuti.i ..l Ihe last
nlll and testament ot MAI.IA 1IATI1AWAY.
lale of F.ast .Molltnell. r. lu sal.l lli-Hlct, de
ceased, prcsents 1ns a.huiuKii it..ni arcount
tor exanilnatlon and allowain-i . an.l ur.ke aptillca
tlon t'or a decree ofdistrlhutl..u and T'anlll'-n ol the
eatate of sald deceased.
Wheienpoli, II Is orilered I.v --ll.l C.url thnt s-ld
iiccuiiut and sald appllcatlon I.. 1. 1. rie.l t. u s. t-iou
tlieteol to he held at lltc I'rol.ate lithe, . in i-.il'l Molil
peller, uti the 13th ilay ol Jiiin.A II ll. for
liearlnj: aiid declsloti tln reon ; an.l. It i- tuither.ir
dered that notlce lieri-oftie (!iv. n to ill pi i-..n Inler
ehted. Ii puhllcatloii ol the suni.- tlir.e u.eks aiio-
Cl-SSlVely lu tlie VtltMOST WA f( I1M VN AND S-TATK
.lnt'ltNAL. a uewspap'l puhllnheil ut M..uiteller, lli
tlils vtate. prevloiu, lo sal.l tuni .i.i..uite.l l'..i hear
luir. that tht v mav appe.il- at mii.1 ttiui m.i .li.i.-. .ind
show came, Ifany tln- ni.tv have, wnv s.n.t accouut
siiould not he alloueil, and micIi t. i-n . n. .-I.'.
Ilj the C.iiit -AiK-t
W-JI 1IIHAM t'Alll.F.THX. ItnUe.
The iiuderslKlie.l. luvll.it liien .p,..titid li the
II. .n. I'lohate Ci.iirt l'..r tlie lll-til.-l ot W islilliiiloii,
( oniiuli.'.loners. to reeilv.-, exaiiiine. -in.t adlu.r all
clulnis aii'l deinan.l-, ..t .i'l l..-i -"ii a-' ou-i tiit state
.lf AUorF.'rUUNMS-OS litr..l Iln I I'; .'IBSll .1"
-al.' Dlsirlet. dtc. astd: .in.l ull ehiln.- xl.i'.ned ln uil-
iet lher.-to. hen I.) jrlvi notlei lh.it t nillmetl lor
the piirp..es at..ri-nld. at tl llh-- "l i 1 II- II" . d.
n tlie ( Iti ot' Il-iin. ln sil.l lltrl.'t on tlie
lltlt dm ol .lune aud i"tu !.i ..J N...-u.l.er li-xt,
irolll 1 . ' 1' ok V. M llll'll I ..'rln.-k ! M . .Cll ol Sald
lu)-. in.l tlut -ix iii.uith- i tl.e Jlst uay ol
Mav. A l- l'Wi, tlu tliu. tlii.iti.l hy ald
.iurt tor s.iid crcilltors t.. pi. . nt tl.. Ir ilui t" u
t-i exaiiiinatlon aii'l all. aiie.-
Date.l at f ityof Itarre. thi" pih .l.n .1 May. A l).
ii II KD I). ' Coinun--J.'.JI
.1. M I'hltHY. slonera.
Legal Notices.
Boston & Maine Kaikoad.
Wlntor Arrangomont.
Tralns Loavo Wells Rlvor North
J-.2D A. M d.illy. principal st.itlons to Newport an.l
.vionireai, ( auerorooau nil.l iueoev: e.i;ci.t nn-
iilil A. M.,tlally, oxcept 5Ionday I'or.bt. Johnshury,
l.yn.lolivtlle. rewpori, tnneriirooae auu vnein-u
excent bun.lay and Monduy.
9:52 A. M., for stallous to Newport an.l SherhrookB
ai..! Outhec.
as! T. M.. l'or prlnclp.il stallons lo Newport and
Vt.it.tri.nl .
Sfjfi r. .M., for stallons to NewtKirt and Shcrhrooke.
6:40 I' M., tor st.ulons to l.yinlonvlllu.
South Bound.
liW A. M., excctit Motnlay, tor principal atatlons to
. it. .lunciiou. v orcebier, nosiou auu .--i.ii.o.-a.-i.l
1:M A. M., d.illy I'orslallousoii W. M. I)lv tot'on-
ciini. .tiauuiii-sier. .vnsiiua ..u.w-aui, .....,
nii.l It.i4l(ii..
6:30 A. M.. Irom sVoodavllle l'or sutlous to oi.Jonl
aun itosion. ,
D:.Vi A. M for stallons to W. K. Junctlon. Coiird,
orcesier utui iioston. ,
i:5o A.M., lor slatlous ou W. M. Dlv. to Concord,
Worcester and Boston.
I:i. T. M.. l'or stutlons to W. lt. Jticllou, Sprin-
t'.ehl. Concord. Worcester and Boston.
JsM r. M.for riynioiith, C'oncord, Worcestet Hti'i
Uli 1'. M., Irom Woodsvllle l'or slallons to Pli
oioutli. :50 T M..for all statlotu to White Itlver Junctlon.
Colng North on W. M. Dlv. at
7;u0 A. M., from Woo.lsvllle for statlons to Wlny
:S2 A. M., for statlons to Fahyan. Berlin, (lorham,
(irovetou and Colehrook.
8: 7 1. .M., to statlons to Fahyan, !Ut HiidOrove
0:55 l". M., torslatlotii to Whltetleltk -.t I.ancajter
10:16 A. M.. buuilajs cr.ly lor I.ancv.
. Krotn Woo.l3vllli
0n. rM.nml Tlrkot AkuiiI.
Witch Hazel Oil
Ono Application Givcs Rolief.
It curcs Pites or Ilemorrhoids Extcrnal
or Internal, liliml or llleeiling, Itching or
llurning, Fissurcs aml Fistulas. Rclicf im
mcdiate cure certain.
lt cuics Hurns and Scalds. Thc rclicf
lt cures Infiamcil or Cakcd Breasts and
Soro Nipples. Invaluablc.
lt cures Salt Ulieum, Tcttcrs, Scurfjr
Eruptions, Chappcd Hatuls, Fcvcr Ulistcrs,
Sore l.ips or Nostrils. Corns, llunions,
Sore aiul Cliafed Fcct, SttiiES of insccts,
Mosiiito Hitcs and Sunbums.
Throo Sizoa, 26o., 50c. and $1.00
Sold liy Orugglsls, tt "ctit prc-pald on fccclptofpfl
'er V.'lli.am Vu'ohnBti.. JVBW YOttK.
tiion to go ahead aud do a good job,
As for tho mothod you spcak of I
shouldn't approvo of it. While phj
siologically it may bo the best, thero
is somothiug of moro importance than
that to bo considorcd. Tho boy so
punlBhcd would lpso his self rospeot.
Ho would no louger bo youug Amor-ica.
Supt. A. L. Satford, Kovorly : "As
ono of tho speakors said today", 'It is
bottor to blistor tho soul with sarcasm
than blistor tho solo with tho has-
tinado. ' Thoro is a law against cor-
oral puuishmout inx tho schools of
Frauco and I thlnk publio sontimont
might favor such a law horo. "
Amilauso is tho tonio of succoss.
Whon a follow makos a hit lot him
kifow it in a good, rouud, royal way.
lt lio has senso lt won t turu lils
head, and if ho does got di.zy i'or a
miuuto what mattors it? Lot him on-
joy tho intoxieation whilo it lasts for
tho sorious buinoss ot lito will soon
drivo him baok to work again.
Mr. FarKono-" My doar, friond, I
iim in dospair. That girl's heart is
as hard as stool. 1 cau mako no im
prossion on it." Frioud "You don't
KO at it in tho right way. Try dia
liumds. Thoy aro hardor than steol. ' '
Amonc tho fow great joys of lifo is
that of staylng in bod (lftoon minutes
aftor wo know wo ougnt tQ got up.
puipurarro's enclish
Orlfftnnl nnd tlnljr (Srnulne.
IKK, AlTireiioie uillw i'rui
lo lti:i ial (jnlJ ruulliJ tKiiei, f4!M
with MoerthboD Tukcnoothtr. Uefuae
Punvrtiu Hubntltutlon uiitl Iiultu
tluuiu liuy of jruur Umttiax. or im 1 4c. to
lUmtK for lartlculr. Tftlmonlul
nd " IU lleT for I.ndlrm' i UUtr, bf ro
tura Mull 10,(M0 l timoiilU Holdbj
ftll Iruit)tli t'hlchopti r 'hcmloul tq.,
Meotloc. ttiU itr 11alau H.4iiirt 1MIILA.. r
DtsTitiCT of Washington, ss.
Iu I'roliateCourt. held nt Montpelier, ln nnd for
sald Dlslilct, on Ihe 1-Mli day or Mn, A. I.
t'harles I). Oay. fiuardlan of FI1ANK O EM.IS.
(forinerlyj of Barre In sald IH-trict, a niinor, makes
apnllcatloti to sald Court for llceuse to sell all of
the real estate of his sald ward, sltttated InTun
hrldtfe, lu thu County ol Ornniie and State of Ver
mont, to wlt: 'llie luterest of his sald ward lr the
farni ol his niother. Enima -M Dlauiond. repre
scntlmr that the sal tiierwt or the purpese ol
jiultlna theprocctds of snch alc nt luterest or In-
VCSIIIIIf III" ai..u i.i -, unl. , W....V.
would l.e conduclveto the inte est of his sald ward. ,
Wherenpon, lt Is ordered hy sald Court thnt sal.l
anpllcatloti he refcrml to a sessloti thcreof to he held
attlio I'rohateOiHce. iu sal.l Montpelier, on the Cth
.i..v .r .itn.e. A. 1). i:ar.'. tor iiearluc and de
clslnu thereon, aud. It Is I'lirthcr ordered, that all
nersons Inleresteit ne iioiiueo uereoi o ihiuiiuuiiou
id notlcn of sal.l appllcatlon nnd order thereon turee
weeks successtveiy ln llie v kioiost nAiuiaisa
AND STATK JoenNAI., a newspaper puhllsheil nt
vlontpeiier, ln tliis Mate. auu tviiicucircuiaies m mu
nelnhiiorlioo.l of thoe Intciested, hcl'ore sald time of
henrlup, lliat thev may appear at tald time and place,
and, If tliey eaute, ohjectthcreto.
By the Court. --Attest.
21--2J lllltAM CAULllON, JudltC.
Theundersltrned.havliiK hecu appolntedhy the Hqn.
Prohate Court for the Dlstrlct of Washington, comtnls
tlouers lo recelve, examlne. and adjust all claluis aml
ilemands of all pet sons apilnst the estate of CEI.I N I)A
1'. WITIIA.M. late ot Calais, lu sald Dlslrlct,
deceased; and all clalms exhlhltcd In oflset there
to lierchy l!lve notlce that we w III meet for the pui
Iioses uforesnld, at thc ilnelllnir house of S. II. Fair,
Ii the town of Calais, ln suld Dlstrlct, on the llth
day of June and 1st day of Novetnher next. from
1 o'clock r. M. untll 4 o'clock I'. M. each of sal.1 dayi.
aud that (lx tnonths Irom the 8d day of Jlay.
A. I) 19ti2, ls the time lltnlted hy sald Court for sald
credltors to present thelr clalms to usl'or examlna
tlon nnd allowance
Dalcd at Calais, this 15th day of May ' A. D. 1902.
i-IlUBAEL II. FAIU, (Coininls-2l-
lbAAC S. TABOIl, ( slon'ers.
The unilerslKned, havlnsr heen appolnted hy the
Hon I'rohate Court for the Dlstrlct of ashliiKtou.
Cotuinlssloncrs, to ncelve, exnniine and adjnst all
The undernirned liavlnu heen appolni;d I.v tlie
Hon. Prohate Court lor tho Dlstrlct of Randolph.
Commlssloners, to recelve. exauilne and adjust all
rlalnis andiletuands of all persons uxatnst AUA1I
DOWNINO, Jate of Washlnifton, ln sald Dlstrlct
di ceaied, licrel.y Kle notlce that we will nieet f.ir
th Dttrpose of cx.iinliilim and allowlu sald clalms
at the Town Hall, ln Washington, on Frldav. the
10th day ol Octoher tiext, Ir.ini 1 o'clock I'. M. untll
6 o'clock V. st. of sald day, and that slx months
from tlieinth d.iv ot April. A. 1). l'Ji-2 Is the time
llmlted bv sal.l Oourt tur sald endltorsl.. iireient
thelr cla(m to us tor exniuluatloii and allowance.
D.ited at Washlniston. this S.'nd day of Mav, A.
D,m' CHF.bTEU DICKEV, Couitnle
DANIEI. S. EMOKY, slouers
Eplrt Oct. lt). VJifi
The nndersltfncd havluir heen appolnted-hy the
Hon. l'roh.ite Court for thu Dlstrlct of ashlnirton
C'omtulsslotiers. to ncelve. examlne and ailju-t all
clalms and deni.itids ol'alt persons as-alnsl Ihe estate
of I.UCY M. LANG, late of Cahot. In sa d
Dlstrlct. deceased. and all clalms cxhlblted lt;
otrset thcreto. lierchy Kivc notlce that we wll mee t
for the purposes aforesaid, nt tlie Town C lerk
OtUce, in the town of Cahot, In sald Dlstrlct. on
the 21st day of June nnd 2nd day of Octoher next,
from 1 o'clock r. M. untll 4, o'clock r. m.. each or
sald dnvs, and that slx months from the 2m dav of
Aliril. A. D. l'Jltt. Is the time llmlted by sald ( ourt
tor sal.l credltors to present thelr clalms to u- tor
cxaiulnatlou and allowance
Dateil at Cabot, this 26th day of My. A. p. 1"H1.
.2I B. O. ItOGEltS. ( sl.ni.-rs
The underslcnid. liavltiK heen appplnted by the
Hon. l'robate Court for the Dlstrlct ol ashitit.'ton.
Commistoncr8, to recelve, examlne. and adjust all
clalms and deman.ls of all persons against the esl.t e
of IIF.U'IEN LAMBEHTON. late of Plainfield, ln
sald Dlstrlct. deceased; and all clalms exhib
ile l ln oll'set thcreto. Iiereby frlve notlce that wo
will tuect for the purposes ittoresal; , at the house
of W. J. Batcheldcr, In the town t.r Plalnlleld. ln ald
Dlstrlct. on the 18th day June and 8th day of Novc-m-ter
next, from 1 o'clock v. M. untlM o'clock v. .,
each 6t sald days. and that slx months from the 13 h
dav of May. A. D.. 1W, Is the time llmlted l.y sald
Court lor sald credltors to present thelr clalms t. . us
for exainlnatlt n and allowance.
Ilated at Plalimeld. this 2Sth tUv of Mav. A D.
9W WI1EELEH J. BATCHEI.Dbl!, I C'ommts
.S S.MIUE S. SM1TH, sloners.
Montlily Ucpulator, liaHliriiiigtitlmpiitncssto
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jvcry posslblo comlltlou aml vontlvciy
leavoB no aftor 111 oifcet upon tho IteaUh.
Hy mall, aecuroly ecaletl, t'.'.on. Allnioney
lcttors should 'jo legUtered. AiMrejs, 1IJL
J. W.EMMOSSCO..l"0TremontSt.. Uoeto"
M. W. Wheelock's
real Estate Agency
ai MniiiiinllnF Himk Ulndorv. havK bar-
Kalnsin Ii0u.es, Ints aud other valuable
propurty. l'lnees waiiled for llrft-elass
(ilmks, iiuilo, hotel eook, girls for houso
work, launilry wurK, eto.
e5rXoox;(.v.o i't rc?Uteniig .

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